Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 40 8/7/09 p. 18 *Complete*

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Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 40 8/7/09 p. 18 *Complete*

Post by Hunter » Wed Oct 01, 2008 1:45 pm

Title: Holding on..

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Roswell.

Summary: Max and Liz were best friends for a very long time until one night changed their lives forever....

Rating: Adult

Pairing: M/L

Author's note: How bad am I? I can't seem to get enough of writing lol. I had this idea in september but decided to post it in October. Hope you guys enjoy.


Chpt one.

"So that's it? We're just moving away." Liz's face fell with utter disdain. She couldn't beleive it. They were not only moving to another state or city, they were not moving to South America...they were moving to a completely different continent overseas.

They were moving to Paris.

And Liz was so settled with her life here.

"Yes. We are going to Paris." Jeff smiled enthusiastically at his eighteen year old daughter. "And besides, you have a whole new world out there watiting for you. The world is in your hands Lizzie. Don't forget that." He smiled at his sulking daughter.

Liz opened her mouth to protest. She hated it when decisions were made for her. She had everything here, her whole world was here in Roswell. Yes it may only been a small town but her life was based around her, her chilldhood, education, social life and friends..best friend..

Max Evans.

How could she leave him alone and enjoy a life in a foreign city? Enjoy wasn't the word. She could not enjoy a life without her Max. Her best friend Max.

"Dad..I have a life here. I can't possibly think of going to Paris. I'm going to UCLA and I wanna live here." Liz pouted like a little girl.

But Jeff was no fool. He knew what his daughter was thinking off. That Max Evans was always the reason his daughter was holding back. Jeff had been promoted to work in one of the finest restuarents in the world which was located in Paris thus giving the opportunity for his daughter to enrich her life as well, to get a great career and earn lots of money. That's was his dream. Any parent's dream and his only daughter wanted to give it all up for one stupid middle class boy who Jeff despised.

Max Evans would constantly hover around his property, around his daughter, trying to seduce her Jeff suspected. He had banned Liz from seeing any boys, the thought of his daughter being with a guy even as a casual friend made Jeff sick. In his family background, having boyfriends and girlfriends weren't allowed along with sex before marriage which was heavily frowned upon. He worried his pure intact daughter might break the family chain of chastity and end up commiting fornication. That was hard to keep Liz wearing her 'chastity belt' when Max Evans was around trying to charm her.

He had to get Liz away from him. He was the one boy who she spent most of her time with. It's like they were joined at the hip.

"Daughter, I have no intention of letting you ruin your life. I only want what's best for you." Jeff said and his wife walked into the room.

"Nancy dear, tell our Lizzie that a bright future awaits her in Paris." Jeff turned his attention to his tired wife.

"Lizzie...a bright future awaits you in Paris." Nancy said in a monotone, bored of this topic. She wasn't exactly too keen either, not that she had minded but her daughter didn't seem too pleased about it and she didn't want to upset her only daughter. But she was unwilling to deal with her nagging husband either. He would nag, nag nag until it drove her nuts.

She sometimes considered filing for a divorce but was only staying with him for Liz's sake. She didn't want Liz to be affected and wanted to lay out an example of a good life for her daughter so she put on a smile and went with the flow.

"Mom..please I don't wanna go." Liz pleaded. She knew it was useless argueing it over with her father about this, her dad was stubborn as hell and Liz was more closer to her mother then her father. She and her mother were like best friends.

Nancy inhaled sharply, she wish she could give her daughter what she wanted but she was too worn out, too tired from all the years of fighting with her father. She just didn't have the strength anymore to fight back.

"I'm sorry sweetie. But your father calls the shots." Nancy shot Liz an apologetic glance and looked away to miss the look of dissapointment on her daughter's face.

"You see. It's best for you Lizzie. We're going to Paris and that's final." Jeff stood tall and proud with a smug smile on his face.

Now it was unusual for Liz to scream curses at her father although she was very tempted to. But held her tongue back. She had been taught better then that. She could and would not disrespect her parents at any cost but she never wanted to be so controlled that she'd be on the verge of a mental breakdown.

She just had no idea what to do. Her life was spiralling out of control.

She really hated her father at this moment. Felt like cursing him so much.

But never did.

"Fine." Liz growled. "But I'm coming back here when I finish my education!!." She shot back before dashing out of the room.


Liz ran straight to Max's house. She held back her stinging tears as she knocked on his window. She knew this was going to be the last time she would see him. It would be their last night together and who knew if her tyrannical father would allow her to come back. He'd chain her in their very own house, making her a prisoner if he could.

Just two knocks and Max was already up at the window, drawing back the cutains and opened the window smiling when he saw his beloved best friend there.

"Liz...what a surprise." He smiled his adorable boyish smile which would melt Liz's heart. But Liz's lips remained sealed in a grim expression which wasn't hard for Max to notice even in the dark.

"Can I come in?". Liz's lips trembled as she spoke in a shaky voice.

Max frowned. Since when did she find it neccesary to ask for his permission to come in his place? They were best friends forever, they didn't need the formalities. He knew something was up when Liz wouldn't directly look him in the eyes.

He reached out to help her in, Liz took his hand and jumped in but fell on him in the process, straight onto his hard muscular chest which was bare. Max had been working out just now.

Max caught Liz in his arms before she would fall. Liz gripped onto his strong muscular arms before she could fall. Now their eyes met. Max couldn't be mistaken about the unshed tears in her eyes.

"Liz? what's wrong?". He murmered, straightening her up and cupping her cheek, stroking them with his thumbs.

"Max.." Liz gasped, almost hiccuping. She looked towards the window and moved away from Max's arms to shut the window and draw the curtains. She kept her back on him for a few seconds. Max took two steps towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Something's wrong isn't it? You can tell me." Max said softly.

From until now, they have shared every secret together. They kept nothing from each other. Well not everything. Max hid a big secret from Liz. That he was hopelessly, madly, truly, deeply in love with her. He always had been since the moment he had laid eyes on her. He was eight at the time but when he saw her for the first time, something just clicked inside him. He wasn't into prince and princess things but he'd always see her as his princess. She was always beautiful. Always and would always be no matter what.

He was so lucky to have been best friends with her. So lucky. He couldn't beleive it that they were best friends till now. That she was standing in his room with him half naked. That they could sleep in the same bed together even though their bodies had developed a lot. But how could he tell her what he felt for her?

He never wanted to ruin what they had, their beautiful innocent untainted friendship but there was also the dream of having her as his girlfriend..fiance...wife. And Max had even thought about it, he had always imagined Liz to mother his children. He couldn't think of anyone else. It was just Liz and Liz only.

Liz turned around. "Max...I just wanted to see you before I go." She sadly sighed, looking down at the floor.

"Where are you going?". Max asked surprised, they were set to go to LA a week later since they were going to attend the same university together. They had done everything together, made every step together...

Where was Liz going?

"My dad's got this big new job in Paris. He's taking mom and me with him." Liz said, anger seething through her. How her father always got the last and final say. No one elses opinion mattered to him. She wished she could take Max's hand and run forever until they found a place of their own and settled down there away from anyone and everyone else..especially her horrible control freak of a father.

"How long for?". Max gasped, heartbroken. He respected Liz's parents so much but knew how controlling her father could be. He just wished Liz's father cut her some slack and let her decide what to do with her own life. She was eighteen now. An adult.

"Knowing my father, he'd keep me chained down there for life." Liz snorted, rolling her eyes and fighting back the angry tears. Max stiffened and Liz sighed before she made her way to sit on Max's bed. Max followed her and sat beside her, taking her hands in his. "But I'll come back Max. He can't control me forever."

"I know that." Max quietly said. "I'm just bummed we're not going to the same university together." He tried lightening the mood up a bit but when Liz wasn't smiling, he stopped. "We'll keep in contact Liz. Through webcam." He suggested.

"See that's the problem." Liz sighed again. "I don't want us to reduce our relationship to a cyber affair. It just won't work Max." Liz said.

"Maybe it will." Max urged softly, pressing his hands down on Liz's. "Nothing's gunna change between us."

Or it might. He subconciously thought. If Liz was going away, He could not be happy again. He would be alone, sad and drowning in his sorrows.

And plus, he could not get the chance to tell her how he felt about her.

"I hope not." Liz yawned. "We're still going to be best friends no matter what." She said, looking him in the eyes.

"Yeah." Max nodded, dumbfounded. He should really tell her now, this was his final chance..his only chance. He didn't want to wait for an eternity to let her know how much he loved her.

Liz interwined her fingers with Max's. "You've been such a great best friend to me Max, I'll never forget you. And I'm always going to think about you and miss you." She croaked, finally a single tear slipped. "I need you so much Max. You only make me happy when I'm low."

Her father was going to dictate her life to her over there and she would have no one to turn to. Max would be an ocean and many states away from her. She would miss his warm bear hugs, his tender touches and his nice kind words of comfort. Unable to take it, Liz leaned in and rested her head on Max's shoulder, sobbing onto him.

"He's so horrible Max." She sobbed. "I really want to stay with you..I do."

Max was battling his own tears and held Liz in his arms while she cried. He patted her on her back and ran his fingers up and down her smooth silky hair which he loved so much.

"Hey..hey..I'll always be here." Max soothed her.

The two friends held onto to each other for as long as they could and when Liz's sobs finally died down, she withdrew from Max's arms to look him in the face. What could she say to him? How could she tell him to be okay while she was gone?

Was there anything else to say at all?

"I gotta go." She breathed out, realising the time. It was getting darker and her father would kill her if he knew where she was.

Liz stood up and almost ran to the window if Max hadn't sprinted up and caught her in time to stop her. "Liz wait!". Max said, holding onto Liz's arm and spinning her around. Liz turned around and froze, seeing the confusion and hurt in his eyes. "There's so much more left to say."

He let go and ran to his draw, opening the first draw and taking out a small box which contained his grandmother's ring. He wasn't able to get a hold of a new one since they were costly. But he had saved his grandmother's ring which had been in theri family for three generations, she had given it to him before she passed away, telling him to give it to his bride when the day comes. And there was no one else except Liz Parker who he thought was worthy of the ring.

Max swallowed, tonight was the night he was going to profess his undying love for her. The girl of his dreams.

"What is it?". Liz softly asked.

Max came upto her, got down on one knee as he revealed the beautiful ring and looked deeply in her eyes. "I don't ever know what's going to happen in the future but I do know this Liz Parker." He said. "I have always loved you and will always do."

"Will you marry me?". He asked, dreading her answer. It was either now or never. Atleast after tonight, he'd know where he stood with Liz.

Liz felt like someone dropped a bomb on her. This was so...unexpected. Max loved her! She had never imagined him to have such feelings for her...it was beautiful and teary this moment.

"Yes Max." Liz said, extending her hand. "I'll marry you."

Surprised, Max gasped at her answer and looked at her hand. She had accepted without question. He fumbled with the ring and slipped it on her finger. He slid it on slowely, savouring the moment.

"A perfect fit." He gasped, looking up into her eyes. He stood up when he saw love for him shining in her dark brown eyes. "Wow...we're getting married."

"Soon". Liz promised and closed the distance between them, using her hand she cupped one side of Max's face. "You have no idea of how long I have waited for this moment, I how dreamed of it so much." She admitted.

She had always fantasised about Max proposing to her, she never actually thought it would happen.

Max watched her in wonder. "You have?". Which could only mean she felt the same way about him too..and then gently brought his lips down onto hers, pressing a sweet light kiss on her lips.

Liz's heart did a leap. Max was kissing her? Max said he loved her? She was vividly aware of his lips on hers and she parted them in need of more. Oh how she longed of this moment to come!

Max was surprised when she responded to his kiss, she opened her mouth signalling that he could enter his tongue. This was no innocent kiss now..it was something more..something primal...a repressed emotion that had been chained in the heart for so long..that it was inevitable to stop it's release now.

Liz arms went around Max as his rested on her love handles, pulling her closer towards his hard body. Kissing her with all of his might, tongues duelling, bodies dangerously close to each other....

Max fell on the bed with Liz on top of him. Her breasts resting on his chest and her hard nipples poking his bare chest. The sensation of their bodies touching each other in an erotic way caused their arousal to rise, Liz's body flushed with heat as Max's hardness came to life.

So lost in the kiss, Max flipped them over and parted Liz's legs so he could get closer to her. Liz moaned as he left her mouth and placed open kisses on her bare neck.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, needed to ease the burning ache within her, grinding against his arousal. She was excited yet scared at the same time. Was this supposed to happen?

But it felt so good, being with Max like this. It felt too good to stop.

Max latched his mouth onto her neck and began sucking hungrily..like a blood thirsty vampire, sucking his mate passionatly. Liz held Max on top of her, allowing him to have his way with her.

Her mind was hazy.

We should stop..she thought. Their friendship was changing right before her eyes. Max loved her. She loved him too. They both needed each other to quench their thirst and they only had this night. This night so she let it happen. She let him touch her breasts, she let him rub himself into her.

And she let him undress her.

And she undressed him.

They had no words spoken between them. Just a primal need to being fullfilled. He pushed into her and she bit back a cry as the sharp pain stung her.

He stilled his movements, just realising their intimate position. He was inside her, his best friend. "Oh god..Liz am I hurting you?".

It was both if their first times and they had no idea what to do or how to do it. Liz inhaled and exhaled. "No..Max...don't stop." She lied, they only had this night to make the most of what they had left.

And she wasn't going to let some little pain stop them. A pain that slowely blossomed into pleasure when Max withdrew and plunged into her again.

"Oh!". Liz sighed in pleasure, the feeling of being filled was amazing. Max had completed her, like the final piece to a jigsaw puzzle.

Soon the two lovers began to make love finding their own rhythm, loving each other as they moved their hips frantically to meet thrusts and find their own release....

When they both climaxed, they both felt tired and fell asleep but however, Liz woke up quite early and realised what had happened between them. Grabbing her clothes and getting changed, she looked at Max one more time before escaping through the window.

"I love you too Max. Always have and always will".

And then she dissapeared into thin air.

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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 2 10/9/08

Post by Hunter » Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:38 am

Thanks everyone for the fb!

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Thanks to each and everyone of you! Love it that you're here!! Thanks for your lovely fb! I'm so happy! Thanks guys!!

Hope you enjoy the next part.

Chpt two

Liz and Max are six years old.

"There's a new boy in town." Polly twirled around. "And I'm gunna ask him to marry me."

Liz wanted to gag. She hated Polly so much. The stupid little slut. She thought. She was only eight but had seen girls like her on TV, big girls who loved to run around naked and Polly even admitted to wanting to be like that. Running around on the beach with nothing on in the water. She even came to school wearing a halter neck top that was her mothers but shrunk in the wash and a really tight pair shorts.

Some boys hated it, some boys loved it.

And to make Liz more annoyed, Polly joined in her gang where Liz usually was the leader. The little girl group consisted of Liz, her friend Jane who was sometimes Liz's best friend or a total traitor, Emma who was Liz's favourite and who played with her out of school hours. They lived closed to each other and it helped. There was also Kirsten and that annoying brat Angelica who just looked like the Angelica from rugrats. Liz totally hated her. Angelica had left school and a bosnian girl called Delilah hung out with them until she couldn't handle her emotional issues and became a nuisence.

So now it was Liz, Jane, Emma, Kirsten and that stupid Polly who was trying to compete Liz for the leadership role.

"Ooh what does he look like?". Jane said goofily. Her teeth were odd and her bushy brown hair which looked like it had shades of gray in it. Liz only put up with her because she felt sorry for her.

Her "cousin" Polly was such a user, always used people. She loved to make up rumors and crap up. Liz knew better then to beleive her. She wanted to kick Polly out of the gang but Kirsten and Jane wanted to keep her much to Liz and Emma's dismay.

So the girls made their way to where the new boy stood. "Let me see him." Liz demanded, wanting to warn this new boy about Polly's horrible plan. She loved playing with boys.

Suddenly the girls left and it was Liz who made her way alone towards the boy. "Guys?". Liz asked but no one was there. Liz muttered under her breath when she caught sight of the new boy with a teacher.

He was crying a little. Seemed scared out of his wits. Liz's heart instantly went out towards him.

"It'll be okay Max." Mr Macmanus said, trying to ease the scared boy. "Everyone's nice here."

Liz wanted to scoff. Barely anyone was nice here. It was a nightmare. She looked at the brown hair scrawny boy. So his name was Max. She'd help him settle in.

When the teacher caught sight of Liz, he smiled in releif. "Hey Liz..come here and welcome Max. He's new here."

Liz approached quietly and smiled warmly at the boy. She liked helping people. "Hey Max. I'm Liz". Liz stuck her hand out. She noticed his eyes were red and puffy from crying but she wasn't going to tease him. Her first day at nursery and school hadn't been thrilling either.

He sniffed and then looked at her. She looked very nice, her short brown hair was very straight, she had big dark brown eyes which pulled him in and her cheeks were pink and looked really soft.

He took her hand. "Hello Liz." He said bravely, already feeling comfortable.

"Do you wanna play with me?" Liz suggested.

"Yeah!". He nodded, forgetting about his worries and ran off with Liz to the playground.

The teacher smiled. Max had already made a friend.

Liz and Max were already out on the playground, running around and playing catch with the ball. "Wow! you are an amazing player!". Max said breathlessly.

He was happy he met Liz. She seemed like such a nice girl. When they decided to cool off by the wall, he asked her a question. "Can we be best friends?". He asked innocently. He wanted to be playing with her everyday, talking to her everyday.

Liz smiled at him. Her first proper friend who was a boy and who was genuine. "Yes Max..we'll be best friends." She went to hug him. Max hugged her back.

Both of them were happy.

Present day..

Liz sobbed in the bathroom as she looked at the pregnancy stick again. Positive. She was pregnant. Here she was being sick all over the place in Washington where he father had stopped to sort out some formalities. He was changing his permanant address to Paris while Liz had recently discovered she was expecting.

She wished this was a reason to go back to Max, to stay with him and raise their child together but she knew what he father would do if he found out. He'd force her to have an abortion full stop. She could picture his voice in her head.

That thing has got to go..it will destroy our lives!

He was only concerned about his welfare not any of theres. It hurt Liz so much that her father never took her feelings into account. To him, she was the honor of the family. If she stepped out of line just a little, it would taint their image. Getting pregnant out of wedlock would anger him to the extent Liz didn't even know what to expect.

There was no way she would tell him. She was considering to escape. Maybe hail a taxi, leg it to Roswell to Max, take him and fly to Panama City or something. Someplace where they both could live in peace.

She heard her father's voice from outside. "Looks like we're stuck here for nine months." Her dad muttered to her mother. "The lady whose incharge of this whole operation decided to fuck things up and it'll take atleast nine months to get it all processed. She's pregnant too and there's no one else availible for now. If they were, we'd be on the next flight to Paris right now."

Liz pushed the stick back in the box and hid it in her bag as she made her way out of the bathroom. She pretended not to see her parents and snunk to her bed, threw the bag down and sat on her bed.

She thought to herself. She had nine months left of being in the US.

What should she do??


"She's gone mom." Max sadly said as he looked out of the window. "She's gone for good."

"Oh don't say that." Dianne answered as she poured in the tomato basil sause into the pan of vegetables.

Max was so sad, it was a month since Liz was gone. He remembered their night ever so well. The feel of her skin against his, the sweet passionate kisses,..the love making...

Only to wake up and have it all gone in the morning as he noticed she wasn't there. No last words, no note, no last hugs or kisses. He sobbed so much that day. It was a cold and bleak future staring at him.

They hadn't spoken since.

She hadn't been on msn for so long or on facebook. She hadn't even called him to let him know how she was doing. "I love her." He admitted and Dianne paused for a moment. She knew Max had always loved that Liz Parker girl. She suspected it.

It broke her heart to know Max's first love was collapsing. She didn't want him to lose faith in love. "Max..she will come back." Dianne sighed, adding some masala to the curry.

"I sure do hope so." Said Max, as he stared out the rain stained window.

He hoped Liz would return to him or he'd go looking for her himself if he had to.


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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 3 10/16/08 p. 4

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Thanks to

begonia9508 -Thanks Eve!

L-J-L 76 - Well, all your questions will be gradually answered with each update. :D Thank you for the interest. Means a lot to me that you took a long time typing these questions in. Thanks :D

pijeechinadoll - Ping! Seeing you here makes my day! I love it! :D

keepsmiling7 - Lol, don't worry. Something's gunna happen. :D

Lena7 - Then you and everyone is in for a twist. :D Thanks.

- Max doesn't know where Liz is at the mo. Thanks for the fb! This is going to get interesting, I swear lol.

jake17 - you might be surprised what Jeff is like in this fic. I know, he's an ass. Thanks for the fb! :D

destinyc - Don't worry D, Liz will have to stand up to her father. She will. Trust me. :D Thanks.

Natalie36 - I know. Liz's father is a nasty bastard.

POM- Thank you POM. You give such fb that makes me happy :D

scorpio6 - thanks for the fb. Hope you're doing good Andrea. :D

you're mydreamgirl - Thanks! I'm so happy to see you here. Hope you enjoy the next part too :D

cocogurl - I know cocogurl, she's 18 but her dad is a tyrant. He'll do anything to control her. He's an evil man. I love your comments! I love seeing you leaving fb on my fic! Love that you're here! Thanks.

behrstars - Thanks :D I'm working on the banner for that story we were talking about. Thanks :D

A/N: Now I promise I'll make this real exciting. Please don't blame me if I keep you at the edge of your seats peeps. :D And some elements of this fic has been inspired by real life events.


Chpt three

Liz and Max are 7 years old.

"You're so plain Liz. I don't know what Max sees in you." Polly spewed in the girl's toilets. "You have boring brown hair and your clothes are not sexy like mine and I am wearing makeup while you are not."

"You act like one of those big slutty girls." Liz stuck her tongue at her. "You're an eight year old girl who wants to be a slutty big girl. Your hair is soo bright it blinds people and your makeup looks like halloween came early this year." Liz snorted back. That Polly girl was a nasty piece of work.

"Max should like me because I am so prettier then you." Polly stuck her tongue back at Liz. "I'll ask him to marry me and he will say yes!"

"Let's see then!" Liz challenged and the two girls ran out of the toilets and onto the playground where Max was busy playing with some boys.

"Max.." Polly said walking up to the unsuspecting boy. "Will you marry me?".

Max dropped the ball he was playing with and he was shocked. "Grownups get married. Not kids." Was his answer.

"But...we make a good couple."

"Ew." One of the boys said. "That's dirty."

"Polly kisses all the boys".

"MAX MARRY ME!". Polly shouted.

"No. I don't want to."

"You have to."


"Because I like you."

"Well...I like Liz". He said looked at Liz.

"No you don't. You don't like Liz. Liz is boring. No one wants to marry her."

"I do." Max answered.

"What?". Now it was Liz's turn to be shocked.

"I said I wanna marry Liz."

"You can't because she's ugly."

"She's not ugly." Max denied and walked upto Liz side. He wasn't sure if he should do this but he had seen it in the movies. He kissed her cheek.

Liz gasped.

"Whooo." The boys said. "Max fancies Liz!".

"You do?". Liz asked, frowning. Max fancied her?

"I don't like Polly though." Max added, taking Liz's hand in his. "I love love love Liz and I will marry her."

"You horrible! All of you!". Polly screamed, not used to rejection. "Urgghh!". She stomped away, leaving in anger.

Max whispered to Liz. "That was to make her go away. She screams a lot." He told her. "I don't want to upset you. I really love you as my very good best friend."

Liz smiled and hugged Max. "Thanks!".


Liz dialled the number and waited. Her parents were always around in the hotel room and she guessed her father was keeping an eye on her, a very close eye. She had one last call to make and was in the bathroom while she did it.

The call failed. Max was unavailible right now.

"Lizzie are you in there!". Her father pounded his fist on the door, causing her to jump. The phone fell out of her hands and smashed on the floor.

Liz's last hopes of getting in touch with Max was shattered. She scooped up her broken phone and hid it in her pocket before opening the door.

"It's all yours." Liz said to her father as she slipped past him quietly.

Jeff knew what was going on. He heard the noise and turned around. "Wait a minute..you're trying to call that boy aren't you?". He said, narrowing his eyes.

Liz stopped in her tracks. "No..Dad..I wasn't." She lied, knowing who her father was talking about.

"Don't you lie to me." Her father sneered, rushing to her and spining her around. "I banned you from talking to him remember!". He shouted, digging his hand in her pocket of her cardigan and pulling the broken phone out to throw it on the floor. "Lucky that I got there in time to stop you from chatting to that good for nothing boy".

"Dad..please." Liz croaked, almost about to cry. He was advancing on her now, Liz backing away.

Jeff's eyes flashed with anger. Why was his stupid daughter in a rush to taint their family name. "You don't care about our honor do you!". He roared and pushed Liz.

Liz stumbled backwards but managed to stop herself from falling completely. He then raised his hand. "You're pathetic!". And slapped her hard across the face.

Liz fell down on the floor in a sititng position, scared and angry at the same time.

"I outta put more disipline in you!". He pointed at her and charged at her again until she screamed out.

"Don't hurt me! I'm pregnant!". It was a slip of the tongue moment. She was afraid he might damage her little baby which was still yet to develop in her womb.

Jeff froze. "Pregnant?".

His worse fear came to life...


Max woke up and groaned when morning came. It was a boring usual morning but this time he wasn't in his room. He was staying at the halls of residence in ULCA. He was so grateful for the change of scene although he was sad that Liz wasn't there to share it with him. His roomate Micheal was already up and running, ready for the next day.

Micheal was funny and laid back. He was like a brotherly figure who made Max happy. He couldn't take his mind off Liz but Micheal did make him laugh these days.

"So Maxwell where is the party tonight huh?". Micheal said, throwing Max a towel.

"Dunno." Max groaned. "Enigma?".

"Dogma I was thinking." Micheal said. "We always go to Enigma. Oh and I got you your morning bagel, cinnamon twist and a latte." Micheal said. "Don't worry about it being cold."

Max looked at the brown paper bag near the digital clock. He smiled a little as he adjust to sitting up on his single bed. Liz would usually do things like that for him. Micheal was being very helpful and knew when Max usually woke up.

"Anyway you take the shower and I'll see you in five". Micheal said. "Bye man." And he slipped out of the room.

Max got up and took his usualy morning shower, got changed and started to eat his breakfast. His lectures started in an hour and he had some time to kill so he made his way to the library. Sitting in the library, he was at the computer on the internet gaining acess to msn.

He logged in and was disspointed when he noticed there was nothing from Liz among his new messages, she hadn't even responded to his first email. Where was she??

Max checked on facebook. The last time Liz was online was two months ago. There was no recent activity from her since then and the change in facebook was annoying. Everything was cluttered.

Max sighed and began to do his work. Thirty minutes passed, he checked his emails again. No response. He looked at his phone and wondered if she had called him. He tried calling her even though the library policy banned them from using cell phones. She was unreachable.

Max was begining to worry. But the rational part of him told him maybe she was busy settling down in Paris and didn't have internet connection yet and hadn't gotten round to change her phone's network.

He was being paranoid. But why was he was damn worried. Why?

He had a feeling something was not right...

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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 4 & 5 10/29/08 p. 5

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Pijeechinadoll - Love love seeing you here! :D This update is also for you! I know how much you wanted me to update!
cocogurl- thanks sweetie! I love both your stories too :wink:

I hope you guys enjoy this next two chapters. :)

Chpt four

Liz and Max are 8.

Steven let go of me!" Liz groaned, trying to push him off her. He had her pinned to a wall. He always despised her. She was the goody two shoes that the teachers loved and cherished while he was the 'bad boy' who was the most hated.

He was going to teach this Liz a lesson. Him and Polly ganged up, deciding it would be a good idea to hurt Liz.

Steven had bullied people before, punched their faces in and hit them so hard they ended up leaving school or not telling anyone about it. No one actually dared to report him to the teachers. Everyone was scared of him. All the kids feared him and he loved it. He wanted to keep it that way.

Liz also knew about Steven being a big bully. She wished she never got caught up in all that but even she couldn't escape from him. She was scared. Where was he going to hit her? Her face? Her stomach?

Was he going to make her face bleed like he did to that poor boy last week?

"You're gunna get it today missy Parker." He sneered. The scar under his eye scaring her.

He launched a fist and was about to attack her, Liz shut her eyes, heart beating faster hoping this was over and done with quick.

But someone grabbed a hold of Steven's fist and stopped him from striking Liz. "Don't you even think about hurting her." He said in a low cool voice.

Liz recognised that voice. Relief flooded her senses as she heard and identified his voice.

Steven cracked up as he looked at the smaller dark haired boy. "Ha Evans! what you gunna do? How you gunna save your little princess?". He shook Max's grip off.

Liz opened her eyes and saw Max standing next to Steven. Max had grown a little during the last two years but Steven was bigger, fatter and taller. She worried for Max. She didn't want her Max to end up like that poor victim of Steven's last week. She didn't want that nice sweet face dented because of her

"Max?". She whispered, so happy to see her best friend. He found her! She knew he would.

Steven looked at Liz and then at Max. This whole lovey dovey thing was making him laugh. "Ha! Didn't think you'd have the guts to stop me from bashing your sweet Lizzie in did ya Evans?".

Steven snickered and attempted to hit Liz but Max launched back a fist of his own and hit Steven hard in the stomach. All his strength put into that one punch. Steven groaned as he dropped his fist, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. He brought his hands to his stomach and crumpled to the floor on his knees. Max kicked him on the bum and Steven lay on the ground crying out in pain as Max kicked him some more.

"This is what I'll do for my sweet Lizzie!" Max cried, kicked Steven some more. "Stay away from my Liz and don't think about hurting her again." He chanted with his kicks. That boy had gotten away with too much.

It was time someone stood up to him and how dare he target Liz? "Didn't your mother teach you not to hit girls?". Max asked proudly watching the big bully sob in pain. "Not so tough are you now?". Max kicked him one last time and went to join Liz, pulling her in his arms.

"My hero." Liz said and hugged her Max.

"You won't get away with this...I'm telling the teacher." Steven swore holding onto his knee which Max kicked mercilessly. A smaller boy had triumphed over him.

"Not unless you want everyone to know that you got beaten up yourself by someone smaller then you". Max laughed, holding onto Liz while watching Steven roll about on the floor.

Steven grimaced. Max was right. His ego would be damaged forever if everyone knew. So he didn't tell anyone. Not a soul.

And from that day, He never bothered Liz or anyone again.


Liz ran her stomach over her bump. She was five months pregnant now. She had decided to stay back in Washington on her mother's behest. Her mother meant the world to her and she wanted to sort things out with Jeff, to try and change him. If it weren't for Liz's mother then Liz would have ran way months ago. But she didn't want to leave her mother in the hands of that evil tyrant known as her father. Liz wanted her mother to have a happy marriage, it was what she deserved. So instead of putting her needs forward, she considered helping her mother whom she loved so much instead.

And Liz's mother had done the same once before, she had done everything for her. If there was one person one the world other then Max who gave Liz unconditional love then it was her mother.

They were struggling. Liz's mother had gotten a job to take care of Liz's needs. She was shocked so much but wasn't going to allow her daughter to have an abortion. She was too young to go through that stuff. It was worse then going through the pregnancy.

Liz's father didn't want any part in the pregnancy. He was disgusted and hadn't spoken to his daughter properly. He had only cursed her and called her names. He even called a whore and bitch many times. Liz didn't want to speak to him either.

But he never let them go.

They were renting an apartment out in Washington. Jeff wasn't going to allow Liz to take that "THING" to Paris with them. Once she had the baby, he'd contact the adoption agencies and have them take that "thing" away before their lives got ruined.

Liz was extremely hungry and decided to have the bigger portion of the salmon. These cravings were hard to resist. Jeff stared at her as she ate.

"Selfish." He muttered.

"Excuse me?". Liz asked.

"You dirty whore. You might as well be stripping in a night club." He spat at his daughter. Liz winced.

"Leave me alone." She growled. The pregnancy hormones were giving her a high to her rebellious side, daring her to answer back and she didn't want to take any of her father's crap anymore. She was going to have this baby and go back to Max to start their lives together.

"Fuck off." Jeff swore back. Liz had grown used to his insults. He would constantly swear at her. Winding her up with his insults. "Fuck your stupid thing that's making your stomach ugly and fat."

That was it, something inside Liz snapped. "Don't you ever call my baby a stupid thing you useless man!". She screamed, heaving with anger. "At least this baby was made out of love. Unlike honor and duty. You can take your honor and your so called fucking duty and shove it up your hairy ass...all up in your fat ass." Liz yelled back. She was at her breaking point now.

Liz's mother ran into the room. "Jeff I told you to leave her alone. She's pregnant. If you piss her off, she'll get hurt. It's not good to mess with a pregnant woman!". She hissed at her husband.

"Do I fucking care? She could be dead for all I care." Jeff muttered, throwing his news paper on the table and storming off to his room. "And you can sleep on the couch you stupid bitch!". He swore at Liz's mother as he slammed the bedroom door shut.

Liz began to calm her breathing and sat down.

"Liz..you know what your dad is like. Why don't you stay away from him? You're only going to end up hurt."

"Mom..why is he even living with us?". Liz seethed. "He's no good. He should fuck off to Paris himself and leave us be."

"Liz please don't talk about your father like that. It's wrong." She said calmly. "He has money Liz." Nancy said in a low tone. "So we can fund for your education. That's why."

Liz huffed. "I don't want his money."

"Well he's your father and he has to do his role properly." Nancy said.

"What about my baby mom? are you gunna let him give my baby away to some strangers?". Liz asked, folding her arms. She was more curious then angry.

Nancy froze. She had an idea.


"No Tess. Just leave me alone." Max sighed for the hundredth time. She was trying to molest him, by sitting on his lap and grinding herself on him.

Yes, Max may have been lonely and needy but he was not going to cheat on his Liz. No matter what the circumstances were. He was going to ignore those horrible fake boobs that Tess put on display.

He pushed a half naked Tess of his lap and went to search for Michael. He was walking to Serena's dorm where Michael had hung out a lot and knocked a couple of times but Beyonce's naughty girl was booming loudly so they couldn't hear his knocks.

Max pushed the door and to his surprise was open but what he was, scarred his mind. Micheal was sprawled on the bed naked while a naked Serena was riding him. Her breasts were out and everything.

Michael and Serena looked at Max who blushed and backed out the room, cursing himself. What the fuck was going on?

They partied a lot these days but Max never once had sex with anyone else. Michael was busy these days getting the fuck laid and wanted Max to join him but Max had no interest.

Tess jumped on Max again. "Baby...I need a good fuck." She purred in his ear.

"Well join the fuck committee then!". He yelled, annoyed and threw her off him before running back to his room and locking the door. Finally peace and quiet.

Max walked to his bed and slumped down. He needed a good night's sleep. He could here the music stop and closed his eyes. But sleep didn't come to him as easily as he thought. He turned around to view the photo of him and Liz on the nightstand.

Five months have passed. She hadn't spoken to him since.

It must be her father, Max guessed. Her father wasn't exactly too keen on their relationship. Max wondered why Mr Parker hated him so much. Max took the photo and got up, he caressed Liz's face as if she was there with him right now with his fingers.

"Beautiful I miss you so much." He whispered, looking deep into the photo. "I hope you're okay. I really hope to god, you're safe and nothing's happened to you."

Since that morning she left him waking up alone in his bed, he had hoped to wake up with her next to her. They had made love for the first time and he didn't want it to be their last time. He really wanted to love her over and over again. Whispering sweet words of his love in her ear as he woke up naked beside her each morning, hearing her moan his name as he made her cum over and over again and begging him to take her...what a dream he had.

He remembered giving the ring to her. They were engaged. Engaged.

No matter who or what tried to break them apart. Nothing would keep them apart. She still had that ring on her and she promised to return to him. He believed her. She would come back, back to him, back in his arms.

He believed her.


Chpt five

Liz and Max are 9 years old.

"Max..how do I look?". Liz asked, pressing her lips together. She had gotten him to come over to her place after school and she had rumaged through her mother's cosmetics and took out a red lipstick and put it on herself. She wasn't that interested in makeup, she was just experimenting with it.

Max smiled as he looked at Liz with makeup on. "You look funny" He admitted. "Like that singer on MTV.."

"Sadie Hamilton?". Liz made a face. "But she's not a brunette."

"She's not a blonde either." Max teased.

"Yeah but she's not a brunette." Liz pouted. "Anyway let me kiss you."


"I said lemme kiss you. I wanna see my lip print on your cheek."

"You want to see your lip print on my cheek." Max repeated, pretending to be bored.

"Yes. Like in the movies when the lady kisses the man she leaves her lipstick on his skin."

"You mean lips."

"Let's try your cheek first." Liz sounded excited.

"What about my lips?". Max teased.

"First cheek then lips." Liz promised. Max leaned forward and put his face near Liz's painted lips. Liz pressed a kiss to Max's cheek and waited for a second and then let go. She was happy to see her lip print on Max.

"Yaay it worked."

"It did?." Max asked. "Let me see." Max said, reaching out for the mirror which Liz had in her hand. Liz handed it to him. Max smiled when he saw a little lip print on his cheek. "Wow..that looks nice."

"It does doesn't it?". Liz felt like applauding herself.

"Lips now". Max teased, looking at her.

Liz was shy.

"You promised." Max said, reminding her.

"Okay." Liz shyly said and then leaned in the same time as him. They pressed their lips together and kissed.

"Lizzie there you are.." Jeff said walking in his and his wife's bedroom only to witness his little girl in a lip lock with some boy at the age of nine. "What are you doing?!". Jeff cried.

Liz and Max pulled away quickly, embarrassed at being caught. The red lipstick from Liz's lips was on Max's lips. Jeff was disgusted.

"Daddy." Liz gasped, grabbing a wet scented tissue and wiping her lips quickly.

"What will your mother say about this?!". Jeff growled. "Clean it up now. And you boy..you better get home before you get into trouble." He pointed at Max.

Liz handed a tissue to Max to wipe off the lipstick. "He's my friend daddy. We're only playing." Liz protested.

"He's going home." Jeff folded his arms, making up his mind already.


"I can't believe you even thought that mom." Liz said, she wasn't sure whether to be shocked, angry, hurt or relieved.

"It's better then handing your child to strangers Liz." Nancy said to her. "Your father is making our lives hell, you don't want to bring an innocent child into this hell."

"Yeah well I can't just abandon my baby." Liz strongly argued but the her mother's idea was a considerable idea. She was right, her mother.

"Liz..I know how hard this is for you." Nancy said. "But come to think of it. Your child will have a better life with their father. Not that you're unfit for a mother but you need to look after you first. Having a baby grow for nine months inside you will be a lot of strain, you need to recover from that."

"I know mom." Liz said but she was unwilling to give her baby away. "But what kind of mother would that make me? Just throwing my own child away just to have a better life for myself?". Liz asked. "Would you have given me away if you where in this same situation". Liz asked curiously.

"Wha-..no! of course not Liz." Nancy remarked, eyes widening in shock at Liz's question.

"There you go then." Liz said, drying the dish and she turned around. "I'm not abandoning my baby." She said in a determined voice and then walked off to her own bedroom, shutting the door after her.

Nancy turned back to the since. Calling a truce between her husband and daughter was impossible. She had tried so hard to make things work. So hard. But it was just not happening.

From the other side of the door of their bedroom, Jeff heard everyone word. He sneered.

His wife's idea actually had some merit.


"Okay Maxwell...here's a question for ya." Michael said, walking to his bed and sat down. He rubbed his hands together.

Max rubbed his eyes and turned away from the computer. "Yeah?".

"Say if you got with a girl...right..."


"And you slept with her."


"Then she get's knocked up and leaves the baby with you. What do you do? A..ignore it, B..take the baby in and raise it with so much love, C..throw the baby to your parents to look after, D...hand the baby to the adoption authorities or E..give the baby back to their mother?".

Max flashed his eyes at Michael. "Why are you asking me this?". Max curiously asked, wondering what the reason was for Michael’s wacky question. "You didn't get anyone pregnant did you? Is Serena..."

"Hell no man. Not me dude." Michael laughed. "We were watching a song by Lil Pop. So sad that song. People had different opinions about what should happen to the baby. I personally believe it would be best if the baby was handed back to the mother."

Max pressed his lips together. He had seen the video a couple of times. "Oh and this is nothing to do with your course?".

"Nope. Not at all." Michael said. "Serena believes it would be okay to throw your child to your parents to babysit. I think it's the mom's job. What do you think?".

Max opened his mouth to answer. "I choose option B."

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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 6 11/8/08 p. 6

Post by Hunter » Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:12 am

Thanks for the fb guys!

Pijeechinadoll – I think I’m in need of reading more stories from you girl!

I just love your Max......first of all he is resists Tess......she never gives up, does she? And he will be a good father.... when he has the opportunity to be....Loved the new chapters, can't wait for more!
Aww thanks! I love your comment! You have no idea how much that means to me.

Destinyc- I hope you enjoy the next part! Please forgive me lol!

RiceKrispy – Believe me, you’re not the only one who wants Papa Parker to get a good kick up the arse. :lol:

begonia9508- Thanks Eve! Love seeing you here. :mrgreen:

Destiny dreamer – I’m sorry I can’t answer your questions, that would be telling lol!, Hmm Michael and Maria? Might hook up or not...depends...I hope you enjoy this fic.

A/N: Okay guys, please don’t be angry with me, there will be domestic violence here and I hate to say it (child abuse). I know you all are getting fired up about Jeff being a nasty monstrous father but bear with me, the flow of this fic must be smooth lol otherwise it won’t work out.

And I hope you guys enjoy reading this. Thank you all for being here and you lurkers too! You know who you are! Thank you all!!


Chpt six

Liz and Max are 10 years old.

He yanked her braids, grabbing her down the stairs. "What did you say?!". He roared, pulling down a terrified Liz whose face was drowned with her tears.

He has hurting her, pulling her lovely hair which her mother had done up for her. He pulled her right down and she almost fell down the stairs.

"Look Nancy, your stupid useless daughter is talking to boys on the phone. Wasting my money, talking to a boy." He yelled and threw Liz on the floor.

Liz's knees grazed on the carpet and she put her hands down to support herself. Her whole body racked with sobs, tears stinging her eyes, the air getting stuck in her throat. She wished at this moment, an angel would come and whisk her away to someplace safe...someplace away from her horrible dad.

Nancy flooded the room. "What are you doing Jeff?!".

"Look at this stupid girl!". He pointed at her. "She's already thinking about getting with boys. SLUT!".

And Jeff used all sorts of curses that should not be said in front of children. Liz's hair was messy and she was shivering as she curled up into a ball.

"You shouldn't have hurt her." Nancy said, shocked at her husband being violent. "Are you okay Liz?". She asked her daughter.

Liz couldn't say anything. She cried harder.

"She's not allowed to use the phone. She's banned." Jeff said and kneed her in the back.

Liz winced as the pain hurt her. "Eat shit you stupid cow." Jeff cursed.

"Jeff don't swear at her!".

"Shut up!". He yelled at Nancy. "Or you can join her too."

Nancy's jaw dropped. When did her husband become so cruel? Was he even the same man she married?

Liz forced herself up and tried to go but her father took her arm in an iron grip and pulled her back. "Don't think about going upstairs!, you're sitting in front of me all day." He sneered. "So I can keep an eye on you." He snarled before dragging her to the lounge.

present day

Liz lifted herself off the bed and pressed her hands on the wall for some leverage. As she was nine months pregnant, it was hard to move around, even when she was held prisoner in her own bedroom, the small space was proving too difficult to move around. Her back was killing her, the doctor had done nothing but prescribe her bananas which were helping but since she was pregnant the pain would return.

"Ahhh." Liz moaned, using her other hand to straighten her spine. "Stupid back." Liz muttered. She tried moving slowly towards her bathroom. She needed the toilet a lot these days. "Oh god." She groaned.

She almost made it to the bathroom, the pain was getting unbearable. Her whole stomach was tight and her hormones were all over the place. She was cursing and swearing a lot.

Liz was right at the door when her stomach did a flip and she a whooshing sound and her trousers were soaked. That's when the pain started.

"Fuck!." Liz cried out, realising what just happened and then screamed at the intense pain.

Her parents had heard her screams and ran to the room, called the ambulance and whisked her to the hospital. Liz was groaning pain as she held onto her stomach.

They wheeled her into a room and after some time, she had delivered a beautiful baby girl. The birth wasn't so hard...it was kind of easy and fast. There was no room for those other things like the measuring.

Liz was exhausted after the birth but the excitement of seeing her baby, of having her baby in her arms. The baby was a healthy baby girl, after the doctors had bathed and her mother had clothed her, she was put into Liz's waiting arms.

Liz's nurse had shown her how to bring the baby to her breast to breast feed and Liz watched her child lovingly as her daughter was feeding.

Nancy walked into the room. "She's beautiful isn't she?". She asked her daughter, memories of having Liz resurfacing. The joy of being a mother was such an emotion that no words could describe it.

Liz smiled at her mother. "Yes mom, she absolutely stunning." Liz said, as her baby opened and closed her eyes. Liz noticed the depths of amber in her daughter's eyes. She got them from her father.

Liz wished Max was here to witness this moment. She missed him so much.

"Liz..." Nancy began. "I wish things were different."

"Me too." Liz voice was shaking. "I wish Max was here with me..with our daughter."

Nancy opened her mouth but didn't say anything. She looked away and turned to the window of Liz's hospital room. Liz had finished feeding her baby and held her baby up and used the other hand to rub her baby's back to help the milk down. Her baby gave a little burp and Liz's nurse held the baby while Liz fixed her gown and then took her daughter back.

Liz's father walked in. "How's the little thing now?". He asked, not completely addressing his granddaughter as his granddaughter.

Neither wife or daughter answered. Liz was trying a lot to ignore her father and concentrate on her daughter. Now that she hadn't had a big bump to hold her back, she could move around easily but decided to wait for a while so her body could return to it's original state before she was pregnant.

But she knew her impulsive father wasn't going to stop until he ruined her life completely. There was no way in hell was she going to give her baby up and for her father to think she was going to throw away her child the minute she was born was ridiculous, unbelievable and disgusting.

"Should have been a boy." He commented, to enrage Liz further. "At least he would have grown up to bring home the bacon unlike being a potential pregnant slut."

Nancy turned around and in a harsh whisper she said, "Don't talk about your granddaughter in that way! God forbid any curses on that poor innocent child!".

"Dad please go." Liz said, holding her baby close to her chest. "I'm not letting my daughter go."

"I think you are." He spat. "This child has no place in our family."

"What family?". Liz questioned. "You've pushed me and my mom around like slaves all our lives and you call that family?" Liz chuckled quietly so she would make her daughter cry as she tried to soothe her to sleep. "Sounds like some family to me." She rolled her eyes as the sarcasm rolled of her tongue.

"You.." Jeff began but Liz shot him a warning glance.

"Get out of here before I call the cops dad and have you arrested for harassment." Liz warned, she had enough of her father's ill treatment. She would take her baby and her mother back to Roswell, back home where she could be with Max to raise their child.

"You better go Jeff." Nancy nodded her head in agreement.

Jeff took one last look at his wife and daughter before leaving in a huff.

He would get rid of that child one way or another, he promised himself.


Getting lost in the song was no trouble for both Serena and Michael as they shamelessly grinded into each other. An uncomfortable Max was sitting at the bar, not wanting to be among the sweaty bodies slapping against each other. The only body he wanted naked against his was Liz's. And since she wasn't here, he had no interest to party.

He was at university but his mood wasn't in it. He attended lectures, went to the gym and did his work like a good boy plus sending dead end emails to Liz when he guessed she wouldn't respond. But a guy could dream right?

He shook his head when he saw couples kissing and turned his face around so he was staring at the bottles of alcohol on the shelf behind the bar. The bartender approached him.

"Need a shot of Cuervo?" He asked, Max was looking ever so glum and sad. The bartender assumed he needed to lighten up and knew exactly which drink to make Max high.

"If it's without a worm then yes." Max said, he needed to drown his sorrows. Maybe getting a little bit high wouldn't harm him would it?

But Max regretted it soon after when he pushed someone against the wall and ripped off their pearl necklace before pushing his lips on theirs, kissing the crap of them. He had this urge..it was hard for him to control himself, he was jumping all over the place. He was sweating and his heart was beating faster. The woman wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips closer to his, enjoying a wild Max Evans on them.

Max closed his eyes and could sniff the perfume off the girl he was kissing. Flowery and floral like. Too girly for his liking but his mind was functioning right. The kiss, the hands on his body and her legs wrapping against his waist. Max was too lost.
The next thing he knew was they were in the alley way, it was dark but he could make out the big breasts of the blonde he was with. She was panting his name.."Max..Max.."

Max found his own shirt being unbuttoned. He felt his lower anatomy being pressed, this blonde was grinding herself on him.

The last time he remembered being in contact with someone like this hit his senses and he grabbed hold of the girl's bare legs, looking her in the icy blue eyes..they were not dark brown.

This wasn't his Liz.

He pushed her legs off him and he backed away disgusted, but relieved his pants was still kept on.

She looked at him in confusion. "Max?".

What was he about to do? Shaking his head in disgust, Max began chanting Liz's name as if he was possessed. "Liz...Liz.."
Tess watched him, he looked like a little confused boy.

Max was shaking. "Liz.."

"Max are you okay?". Tess asked, grabbing her ripped shirt and putting it over her breasts. "You look so scared.."
Max didn't seem to notice her and then all of a sudden ran out of the alley and onto the streets, running like a maniac.

He kept on running.....


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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 7 & 8 11/17/08 p. 6

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Thanks for the fb


Chpt 7

"She's asleep now." Liz told her mother who walked into the room. Liz had just lulled her baby to sleep and placed her softly in the cradle.

"Liz." Nancy said, taking a seat on the bed. "You should get some sleep." She began. How could she tell her daughter to not worry about the future? Nancy was angry that Liz had gotten herself pregnant at the age of eighteen but she was worried about her daughter's welfare, her daughter's future and she knew if her baby was taken away from her, Liz's future would not be bright because Liz would sink into depression and depression at such a young age could ruin her future.

"I know what you want to say mom." Liz said as she caressed her daughter's cheek. "Don't worry. Everything will be okay."

"Will it?". Nancy whispered.

The door opened and Liz's father walked in. Liz and Nancy tensed up. This time he wasn't drunk and slurring curses. He was completly sane and his mental balance was normal. He had done a lot of thinking and decided to go about this situation the clever way. The smart way.

"What are you doing here Jeff?". Nancy asked, scooting closer towards Liz and the baby as if she was like a barrier between them and him, acting as a sheild to protect her daughter and her granddaughter.

"I came to apologize." Jeff croaked and ran a hand through his hair. "I was so angry when I found out everything..I just feel so stupid." Jeff said to Liz. "I hope you can forgive me daughter for everything I've put you through."

Liz didn't know what to say or how to answer her father back. He had put her though hell, he had fucked things up in her life and even went to the extent to curse her baby girl. And on the other hand he was her father. She had a duty to show respect to him but she questioned that respect, when he had shown no mercy or respect on her during the past few months, how could he expect her to return the favour? And there had to be a limit to everything, her father's insults were limitless. Cursing an unborn child was too much for her to bear, especially when the child was related to the curser through blood.

"I don't know." Liz said.

"I'll do anything. Anything you want." Jeff pleaded and dropped to his knees, clasping his hands together as if bowing down to god. "I just want your forgiveness."

Liz wondered for a moment. Forgivness. The word seemed so easy to on outsider...someone who hadn't been put through shit in their lives..but for someone who had...it was hard. Painful.

"How about you let me go back to Roswell with my baby?". Liz whispered harshly. Maybe she couldn't ever forgive her father for robbing her of her happiness but she could forget about him if he let her go back to lead her own life without any interference from him at all which was the closest thing to forgiveness.

Jeff looked at her with tears pooling in his eyes. "You have my word. I will let you go."

At that moment, Liz was very shocked. Had she just heard right? Did her father finally agree to unchain her as a prisoner?


Max and Micheal had just made their way into the lecture hall and sat next to each other. "So what happened to you last night Maxwell? I heard you've dropped Tess down cold." Micheal said.

"There was never Tess and me." Max corrected. "Ever since that night, she won't leave me alone. She's convinced that I have feelings for her or something which I don't." Max explained to Micheal and scratched the side of his temple as he placed his elbow on the wood.

"Oh right." Micheal nodded.

"What about you and Serena..last I checked..you both aren't together anymore." Max asked Micheal curiously.

"Serena....well...." Micheal cringed. When she had told him her secret the other day, he had felt his hopes shatter. He knew she was good in bed, very wild and he wanted someone like her to get through his years at uni. He wasn't looking for a soppy romance like Mr Max Romeo who was sitting next to him still pining for a girl who was from his past. Micheal hadn't been told who she was and Max only told her that she was his best friend, the love of his life.

Micheal knew Max was some sort of tortuered Romeo waiting for his Juliet. He had even heard Max mutter soft love songs in his sleep. And the name Liz would somewhat come up in the verses and Micheal knew how much pain Max was being inflicted by.

"What about Serena?". Max asked, breaking Micheal away from his thoughts about him. "What the hell happened between you two?".

"She...is..." Micheal began..how could he even say it. And there she was. She was holding hands with one of her friends as they giggled and went to sit across the room from them. "She's a le-lesbian!".

"What?!, she's into girls?". Max asked. "Wow..I never knew that."

"Well when we were trying to have sex the other night, she just gave up, got back into her clothes and told me her heart wasn't in it. She'd rather watch Tess finger herself naked then enjoy riding me." Micheal muttered sadly.

"Urgh..too graphic man." Max pulled a face. "So Serena and Tess?".

"Nah..She hates Tess. It was just something you say..you know..she'd prefer Tess over me." Micheal told Max, lowering his eyes.

Max patted Micheal's back. "Maybe you'll find the one. Don't worry."

"What about you Max?". Micheal asked curiously. "When are you going to let go and move on?".

"I'll never let go and move on." Max answered him sourly.

Because even if Liz wasn't coming back soon, he'd hang on and wait for her. She'd have to come back. She promised.

Everyday was torture for him.


Chpt eight

"You know what to do." Jeff told the driver as he slipped out a envelope containing a stack of notes inside. The driver nodded and took the money before putting it in his breast pocket. He nodded and then silently turned away as Nancy approached them, holding many bags in her hand.

"Jeff, we need help here! There's so many things that need to be delivered." She sighed, trying to pull the heavy suitcase along too.

"Here, honey let me help you with that." Jeff said, rushing to his wife and helping her with the bags and the luggage.

"Thanks." Nancy said, frowning at her husband's over eagerness when he practically ripped the suitcases from her hands and dragged it with a mighty efforts towards the van and hauled it into the back. He clapped his hands a couple of times before rubbing it, there were red marks on his hand where the handle of the suitcase left it's imprint.

"I think we're all set to go..where's Lizzie?". He inquired, taking the last remaining bags and putting them in the back of the van.

"Right here." Liz said, holding her baby in the baby seat.

Nancy went to help her daughter to get in the car and to strap the little baby up. She opened her little eyelids and looked up at her grandmother. Her tiny thin lips parted and she let out a soft coo.

Nancy couldn't resist but kiss the baby girl. Everytime she looked at her, her heart melted.

"Come on then." Jeff said, shutting the boot and getting into the passenger. Nancy sat with her daughter by the baby and shut the door as the driver got in.

They took off onto the highway, in the direction of home..

An hour later, Jeff had stopped them, needing to go to the washroom. They stopped just outside a gas station with a complex including many fastfood resturarents, a supermarket, a couple of arcades and some toilets.

"Okay, I need to change the baby." Liz said, about to get out.

"Oh no...you stay here." Jeff said quickly. "Your mother can do that..can't you Nancy?".

"Yeah of course."

"Liz, you need some rest. You stay right here. I'll go and bring some food up for you."

"Okay.." Liz said, a little confused by her father's attitude. He was being extremely nice to her after the episodes of harshness he inflicted on her.

It was all too strange.

Nancy took the child and the bag before setting off with her husband leaving Liz alone in the van. The driver decided to stay back too and waited for two minutes till Jeff and his wife was out of sight.

He looked at Liz in the rearview mirror. She was looking out of the window and didn't seem much aware of her surroundings. Now was a perfect opportunity.

He slid the key in the ignition.

The sound of the engine startled Liz. "Umm...what do you think you're doing?". Liz asked in a shaky voice.

He turned the key and then started the car up. Putting his hand on the gear stick, he powered up the vehicle and then reverse out of the parking lot.

"Oh my god! Stop!". Liz yelled, realising he was about to kidnap her.

But he didn't stop, he sped out of the parking lot and onto the highway. Liz looked back and panicked. Her heart was racing. Some random weirdo was kidnapping her...

She found a rattle next to her and then picked it up. Throwing it on the driver's head. "I said stop!". She screeched and got up, rushed towards the driver and attempted to throttle him.

He wasn't expecting that. He almost chocked with Liz's arms locking against his neck. "Stop the vehicle now!". She demanded.

He swerved the car right to left and tried to keep control of the steering wheel but was impossible since Liz was trying to stop him. "Get off lady!".

He tried to move her off him but lost control of the steering wheel. Passing cars honked at him as the van was spinning out of control.

"Oh my god!".

He noticed that they were headed for a big truck so he did a turn which ended them in falling over the steep hill at the side of the highway..

and then there was a crash followed by darkness...


Max dropped the plate he was carrying and it fell on the floor before shattering to many little pieces. "Shit!". He gasped. That plate was one of his mother's expensive china collection.

He bent down to gather the jagged pieces up. Trying to put the plate back together. But when he reached for one piece, it pierced his skin and drew blood. "Fuck!". Max hissed, taking his injured hand into his other hand and watched the fresh red blood seep out from his broken skin. "Ahhh fuck!".

"Max! Is everything okay?". Serena asked as she ran into the kitchen in the hall they shared. She head the noise and was worried. When she saw Max on the floor with a bleeding hand, instincts told her to run to the drawer, grab a clean dish towel and went to the sink, turned the tap on and dampened the towel a little before shutting the tap off and running to Max, bending down, taking his hand and wrapping the towel around it.

Max shivered as the cold droplets of water stung his fresh wound and Serena hoisted him up and sat him on the chair. He pressed the towel tighter to his hand as she tied it into a knot.

"Max...you okay?". Serena asked. Studying him very closely. She didn't know Max that well, all she knew of him that he was her ex boyfriend's good friend who seemed to be very quiet and discreet. Everyone noticed how much of a loner he was. He never participated that much in social activities although he attended a couple of night clubs...she thought he was going to get with Tess but obviously that wasn't the case.

"No." He whispered, his eyes wide open. Something was not right. His heart was telling him to worry...he felt lost and confused.

Serena looked at Max's eyes. There was a look on his eyes...something she had tried to name. She called it the love totured Max look. There had to be a reason for him being so distant....Serena guessed he had been in love with someone and it hadn't quite worked out...but could it be possible to be in love at such a young age?

Maybe it was an obsessive infatuation that became a disaster...but Serena was really curious. "Max.." She sighed and sat opposite him from the breakfast table. "Tell me why you're so....quiet and well...a recluse?".

Max looked at her in a funny way. "A recluse?".

"Yeah." Serena nodded. "You barely hang out much."

"I came here to study..not to fuck about." Max snapped in anger. Clutching the towel tighter to his bleeding wound. "Now if you excuse me I have a mess to clean up."

Max went back onto the floor again to scoop up the broken plate. He threw the knife and fork into the sink and then tried to put the plate back together again. Serena watched him attempt a few times until she couldn't bear to see him suffer again.

"Max..let it go. It's broken for good. Time to throw away the broken plate." She said and then got up to fetch a dustpan and brush.

"No!! It can be fixed!". Max snapped. This Serena was starting to get on his nerves.

"Max..you already cut yourself once. I'm not letting you cut yourself twice." Serena snapped back. She bent down and began sweeping up the broken pieces of the plate. "Besides, this thing will break again even if you superglue it. It just won't hold."

Max withdrew and leaned against the kitchen counter, watching Serena clean up the mess. Mess.

His life was a bloody mess.

Once Serena was sure that the mess was all in the dustpan, even the little fragment of the china plate, she threw it in the trash. Max heard the sound of the china clashing against each other, being broken into smaller pieces.

"A plate can be replaced easily." Serena said, noticing the look of sadness on his face. "But a wound takes time to heal."

Max blinked away the tears. Why was he getting so emotional?

"Sorry." He said to Serena. "Sorry for being a jerk."

"It's okay." Serena said. "You must be going through a tough time right now."

"Thanks for this." Max lifted up his towel clad hand.

"No worries." Serena shrugged.

Max silently nodded to himself. "Right."

"I should apologize too." Serena began. "For prying into your personal life." She said, trying to make a conversation. This Max guy seemed like a real interesting person. Plus she always was curious to know what kind of pain existed behind his amber eyes.

"I do seem like a recluse don't I?". Max slowely asked. "How do I change that?".

Serena stepped forward. "By making new friends."


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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 9 11/20/08 p. 7

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Thanks for the fb!


Chpt nine

Liz and Max are 13 years old.

"I wish I can go to the movies with you Max." Liz sighed sadly. "But dad...he's not going to be happy about it and I don't get any allowance."

"I'll pay for you. That's what best friends are for." Max told her. "And as for your father, tell him you're tutoring Isabel Evans for tonight or something. It's not like he's going to investigate the matter is he?".

Max wished Liz's father would keep his nose out of their business. Mr Parker would constantly get in between them and hurt Liz. It wasn't fair on Liz. He couldn't imagine the terrible times that she went through. He noticed bruises from her past and cuts on her skin. They were still there but in the past she had so many. He was angry and guessed her father had beaten her up but Liz would never talk about it.

She would always try to avoid the subject. Even if she did have a big black eye.

"You see my dad....he will find out." Liz began. "He always does...he's very...I don't know.....nosy?".

"Please can you forget your dad for one day and concentrate on what you want. Liz...everyone deserves a right to happiness. Even you." Max reasoned. "Please don't let your father get in the way of that."

Liz bit her bottom lip. She thought about what Max said. "Okay I'll go with you."

With such effort, she had managed to convince both her parents about going to tutor a girl at her school who was two years then herself. Her father was reluctant at first but then agreed as long as she came home before six.

So Liz had grabbed a book bag which she'd leave at the Evans household while she went to the movies with Max to watch Spiderman.

The film was great. Liz was happy as she cuddled up to her best bud. "This is great Max." She smiled.

He nodded and agreed with her, holding the box of popcorn out to share with her.

Here they were, together, watching a movie. This was Liz's first time going to a cinema without her parents or an adult. She was tired of being watched, baby sat and put on a invisible leash. The only times she came to the cinema was when she went a few times with her parents and a couple of times with the school as a school trip.

This was certainly freedom. And she loved every minute of it although it was only temporary.

"Kiss her." Max quietly said, watching a scene where Spiderman was with Mary Jane. "He should kiss her now, right Liz?".

Liz blushed and smiled. "Yes."

The couple smiled when Spiderman kissed Mary Jane. "I love these kind of movies." Max said with pride.

"Yeah me too." Liz nodded, sipping on the cola.

When the movie had ended, the pair went and shared an ice-cream, took some photos together before catching a bus back to Max's home.

"I would have really liked you to stay overnight.." Max began as they walked through his door. "But your dad..."

"I know." Liz said looking at him.

They stared at each other for moments.

"I should get going." Liz said, finally breaking the silence. She brushed past Max and bent down to grab her book bag. She got up again.

"Thanks for the great day out Max." Liz said and hugged him. "I loved it."

"Yeah me too." Max smiled, hugging his Liz back.

"Oh Liz, you're not staying for dinner?". Dianne asked as she walked out of the kitchen holding a big pot of pasta.

"Nah, I gotta go home Mrs Evans". Liz said, shooting her an apologetic look.

"Oh that's a shame." Dianne said. Whenever she asked the girl to stay back, Liz would always chose to go home.

She wondered if everything was alright. "Thanks for everything Mrs Evans." Liz said and walked towards the door. It was five thirty and if she wasn't home soon her dad would make matters worse.

"You must come to dinner sometime Liz." Dianne said as she realised Liz barely came to eat at their house although she had been best friends with Max since they were six years old.

"See ya Max. Bye Mrs Evans." Liz waved at them and unlocked the door before leaving. Max watched his best friend walk out the door and sadly shut the door behind her.

When he turned around, his mother was still standing there.

"Is everything alright Max?". Dianne said. "Because Liz's father called, asking to speak to Liz."

Max flashed his eyes at his mother.


Present day, (5 years ahead)

Max groaned as the light hit his eyes. He heard the sound of the curtains being opened and moved to face the pillow to avoid the light. Then the sheets were pulled off him. Max moaned and tried to pull the sheets back up.

Even wearing pyjamas he was cold.

"Wake up!". The little voice chimed.

"Not now." He mumbled into the pillow. "Let me sleep."

Silence and then he felt her get up on the mattress and he didn't need a warning this time. She started to jump on the bed. "Daddy daddy! wake up!". His daughter chanted in a little song as she jumped enthusiastically on his bed.

"You need a bouncy castle." Max said, finally relenting and giving up as his daughter finally managed to wake him up. In one swift motion, he turned around, got up and wrapped his arms around his little girl, taking her in his strong arms. She giggled in her daddy's arms and wrapped her little arms around him as he hoisted her into his lap.

"How's my pretty princess today?". He asked his adorable five year old daughter.

"I'm okay daddy, but you're gunna be late for work." The little girl told her father. "And if you late for work...they goin to fire you."

Max smiled at his daughter's concern. It was cute. "And we don't want that do we?". He pouted.

"Nope daddy." She smiled. "I even picked your clothes out for you." She said, hopping off her father's lap and running towards the chair where she had laid Max's clothes. "Here Daddy...nice crispy clean."

Max smiled as he got off the bed. "God I love you." He told his daughter. He thanked god everyday for giving him a special daughter like Amber.

He didn't know how he'd survive without her.

"Thanks sweetheart." Max said and bent down to kiss his daughter's cheek. "You're daddy's angel."

"Yeah." Amber giggled and then cringed. "Eww daddy you haven't brushed your teef."

"Okay." Max said, standing back up amused at his daughter's humor.

"I'll be waiting outside. I've had my breakfast and my school stuff is weady." She said hopping to the door.

God, she's so organised Max thought. She must have gotten it from her mother's side because Max was still a little unkempt even at the age of twenty three.

He smiled at his daughter warmly before she left his room. He checked the watch. He had approximetly 30 minutes to refresh himself, get changed, grab a bite to eat before dropping his daughter to school and driving to work.

"Great timing Amber." He had to give his little girl that.


Paris was a lovely city. People were dressed in rich garments, the food was delicious and it was very local although it was a big city. People knew each other, knew the gossip and everything else.

She had spent the last five years here, making her living and she loved it. She was a fashion model. The money kept rolling in and she had been successful to every cat walk show she had been too. She had the perfect body for the perfect clothes.

At the age of twenty three, she considered herself as a very successful woman. She started being a model two years ago and had been in the industry since graduating at university.

"That's it...arm above head, face moving in the opposite direction.." The French photographer said which direction sounded like directshoon. "two inches...hip one inch."

She got into position and did the pose they all went crazy for. "Ahh.." He sighed. "Sexy." And began clicking away.

She did a number of positions and poses before they had a wrap up. "Okay we're done for the day. It's a wrap."

She sighed in relief. She was hungry now. As she moved to the tables, her fiancé took hold of her hand and leant in to kiss her. "Pierre." She smiled kissing him back.

"Beth." He whispered huskily, against his fiancé’s lips. "You looked so ravishing out there. I had to restrain myself."

She also had been engaged to a rich Frenchman named Pierre. He had the money, the good looks and she had him. What more could she ask for?

She put her hands around him. "So when are you taking me out for dinner?". She asked seductively.

"Whenever you want bebe." He smiled and kissed her again.

He had dark golden hair and deep blue eyes. He was stunning. She considered herself lucky to be alliance to this man. "I like it when you do that you know?". She pulled back to tell him that.

"Let's go Cheri." He said, pulling her hand.


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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 10 12/7/08 p. 8

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Thanks for the fb everyone!

A/N: There are alot of questions lol, but I'm afraid I can't answer them. There will be interesting twists and turns or I hope so. I hope you guys enjoy reading this.

Chpt Ten

Liz and Max are fourteen years old

When Liz wasn't looking, Max playfully reached over with his pen and began doodling over her notebook, drawing love hearts and putting an I before the hearts and his name after it. I heart Max's were all over her margin of her lined notebook.

Liz gasped as she saw what he was doing. "Max what are you doing? Doodling all over my work!". She half gasped, almost laughing when she saw what he was doing.

"Admit it Parker, you love me." He grinned devilishly, leaning more closer to her.

Liz's own breath hitched when she could practically inhale the fragrance of his spearmint breath mingled with his own taste. She bit her lip, fighting the urge to plant her lips on his and taste a sample of his pleasant breath. Her right hand clutched the pen tighter. What was Max doing?

By now, he was touching her. His fingers running up and down her bare arms, causing the hairs to stand up. My god...was he....

"Maax." Liz breathed heavily, trying hard not to display her confusion on her face. She was trying to work out what Max was up to. This is totally new. Something was up..

"Lizz." The way her name rolled off his tongue caused her to almost shiver, her body humming in response.

He leaned in closer so their lips was just an inch away. Liz found herself unable to move away. Oh my god, they were in class, in broad daylight and about to do something that would change their lives forever...

"I need your help." He said, stopping there. "With my homework." Gone was the seductive expression on his face and was replaced by a goofy grin as he scratched the back of his head. Something he did whenever he was nervous. Liz had been able to decipher every body movement of his until now.

Why he had done what he had done a few seconds ago was a mystery to her. She was left speechless.

"Erm...okay." Liz replied, blinking in confusion.

Max smiled and pulled away. The teacher had walked back into the classroom. "Thank you". He mouthed at Liz.

What the hell just happened? She thought.

Present day

"Okay baby, take care." Max said as he dropped his daughter off at school. They were just outside her classroom. Max bent down and kissed his daughter's soft cheek.

Her skin was so soft just like her mothers, he thought sadly. But the thought quickly passed when he heard his little girl's cute little voice.

"Ew daddy you're gunna give me cooties." She giggled, her little voice making her even more cuter.

"I love you." He told his daughter and hugged her, smiling. She was the best thing ever to happen to him.

"I lobe you to daddy." Little Amber hugged her father. The only one she could rely on.

When the school bell rang, it was time for them to part ways. "Alright sweetie." Max said, hating this moment. He hated leaving his daughter alone. He liked to be there with her always, protecting her from harm. "Have a good day at school and don't let them nasty boys get away with it."

"Okay Daddy." Amber smiled at her father who stood up. "I won't let the nasty boys get away wiv it."

He smiled. She was so cute.

It broke his heart to leave her. After giving his proper goodbyes to his daughter, he walked away and glanced back to see her watching him with her eyes. She was standing there, seeing him off.

I love you, he mouthed before he turned away.

Amber smiled and then hopped off to her classroom. She saw her friends and sat on their table with them as her teacher Mr Whitman came into the room.

She liked Mr Whitman. He was a very funny and nice teacher. "Okay little ones.". Alex said walking into the room. "We are going to have a very fun activity to do today." He clasped his hands. "As you know, tomorrow is world book day and lucky for us..." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of tokens. "I have many book tokens to hand out."

"Yaaay!". Most of them cheered.

"Ah wait." Alex said. "That's not all." He said and walked to his desk. "There's going to be a competition today. The best writing competition. There will be three winners. Whoever manages to write a very very good story..." He paused and reached for the silk white cloth. "They will win this." He pulled the silk off the three prizes that glistened underneath.

The children's mouth dropped.


There stood three boxes of chocolate. Different brands but chocolate had this effect on children. Alex knew they'd be gobsmacked. To bribe a child, all you needed was chocolate. Well in most cases, he thought.

But it was for a good cause. Getting these children to write their best.

"I love chocolate." A girl told Amber.

"Me too." Amber agreed.

"Right, I guess I better stand handing these tokens out." Alex mumbled and started to give them out. "Extra tokens will be given to runners up." He said, handing them out.

"Hey Amber." Alex smiled at his favourite student. She may have been very young but she was a very enthusiastic bright young student.

"Morning Mr Whitman." Amber smiled, taking the token from him.

After giving the tokens out, Alex had grabbed a pile of sheets and gave them to everyone so they can begin their writing.

"Okay..guys." He said, standing in front of his desk. "The theme...what you should write about...I'll give you three options. You can have your setting on the beach, that's one choice. The second choice is in the jungle or third choice is on holiday where you've already been or want to go." He told them. "But you must include your parents or the people who look after you. You can't go to big places without your parents or your guardians." Alex pointed out. "You're only little children." He laughed a little.

They looked at him.

"Okay let's get cracking then." He said, letting them start on their stories.

Amber pressed the tip of her pencil against the paper when Mr Whitman mentioned that they should write about their parents. She only had one parent. Her beloved daddy. While the children around her began to say praises of their mother, Amber felt hurt and jealous. She was the only motherless child on the table. They all had their mommy’s who baked cakes for them, who bathed them, brought nice clothes for them and so on.

She didn't know what a mother's love was.


"Father". She said as she opened the twin doors and walked in her father's suite. "You summoned me?".

He turned around while he was sitting in his big brown leather seat. "Sit."

She sat down. He smiled. "What is the matter father?". She asked.

"I have called you here to review about your progress daughter." He said, intertwining his fingers together. Boy, it felt good to be living posh and talking posh he thought gleefully to himself.

How he always wanted to live this life and he was living it now!

"How am I doing?". She asked in anticipation.

"Very well indeed. Because of you, I have been promoted to own the highest best selling restaurant in town. I have taken over many companies but you my daughter have bagged the best." He praised her.

She smiled. It was good to know her father approved of her occupation. He was a good man, she thought. "Thank you father."

"How's Pierre?". He asked, wondering about the man he had chosen as a suitor for his daughter. Having a control of that part of her life made him extremely happy, that she would be marrying the man of his choice and that would benefit him the most.

By no means, Pierre was a rich man. A highly rich Frenchman. If his daughter married him, they might as well own the whole of Paris. Pierre was the grandson of the mayor of Paris.

Money would be coming in from all directions. He couldn't think of a better heaven for himself.

"Pierre is doing good." She nodded. Her father had chosen a suitable match for her and she made sure she enjoyed every minute with her fiancé.

Pierre would make her happy, she made herself believe. Pierre was her love.

"Good. Then. That's all sorted then Beth." He said. "You may leave now."

She stood up and left.

His wife walked into his office. "This is wrong." She said. "How can you keep lying to her?". She cried in disbelief. She had seen it all. The way he could lie straight into their daughter's face without batting an eyelid.

"This is our life now. If you want no part in it, then leave." He simply told her.

He had everything he wanted. A loss of a wife wouldn't mean much. He could buy himself another one if he wanted to.

Her jaw dropped open. "You won't get away with this". She growled. "Jeff Parker your days will be numbered very very soon." She warned before storming off.

He smiled after her departure. "I don't think so."


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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 11 12/16/08 p. 9

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Thanks for the fb

keepsmiling7 - I love your feedback! Thanks so much for your awesome fb! :D
Monica you truly are fantastic and a lovely person to boot!!!
Thanks! You're so sweet Jan! Love seeing you here!
pijeechinadoll- My Ping! Your fb always make me laugh and I love it that you read every one of fics! I love you and I love your stories! :D Bigs hugs to you! I have a surprise for you in this chpt. :wink:

Thanks so much everyone for leaving fb! I really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy the next part! :D

Chpt eleven

Liz and Max are 15 years old

"Mind if I sit by you." The dark haired female asked Liz. Liz scowled. She couldn't stand that girl with the tiny dark curls on her head. Max might have taken a liking to her since he was her boyfriend but Liz couldn't stand her one bit.

"Fine." Liz muttered and turned her eyes back on the pages of the book called eats, shoots and leaves. Her cousin Sandra who was eighteen was already in uni and was studying English. She was obsessed with Lynne Truss' book and Liz had been trying to make sense of it still.

"Eats, shoots and leaves?". Constance asked curiously. "Wow, that's a good book."

"Yeah." Liz rolled her eyes. "How can you understand it? This woman is ranting on about commas."

"Hmm. There's a double meaning there Liz." Constance said.

Liz stiffened, was Max's girlfriend trying to strike up a conversation with her? Using Eats, shoots and Leaves as an excuse? Liz was getting angrier.

"Listen Constance, I don't appreciate you meddling in my personal life. What I do is none of your beeswax. You may be my best friend's girlfriend but we are not friends." Liz reminded her. "And I have no intention of being your friend either." She said coldly, getting that off her chest. She closed the book and stood up. "Now if you don't mind, you can do the eating shoot thing while I leave." Liz snapped and left a shocked Constance sitting there with her mouth hanging open.

When Liz was trying to cool off in the girls toilets, Constance had walked in and carefully approached Liz. "You like him don't you?". Was the first thing she asked her.

Liz stopped washing her hands and turned the tap off. "Of course I like him, he's my best friend. DUH." Liz rolled her eyes and went to the hand dryer to dry her hands. She put the machine on purpose to drown out Constance's words.

"I meant you like him more then a best friend." Constance smiled. "You love him."

Liz rolled her eyes and tried to stop laughing. "Urghh...whatever."

She stopped using the hand dryer and looked at Constance. "I love him? As in like being his girlfriend?".

"Yeah." Constance nodded.

"Why are you doing this?" Liz asked. "You're his girlfriend and you're constantly showing it off in my face. I can see why your parents named you Constance." Liz sniggered.

"Liz, I need to hear it from you. Do you love Max Evans?".

"Oh for fucks sake. I'm only fifteen." Liz snapped.

"Liz please." Constance said.

Liz bit her lip. "Yea." She said. "I love him so much that I can't bear to stand to see him with you." Liz said. "And you know what the worst part is?"


"That you're the third wheel."

After sorting things out with Constance, Liz left the girls' room. She loved messing around with that girl. She must have believed her, Liz thought. Good. Now she'd argue to Max and Max would break up with her then they can resume back to their normal life. Hanging out twenty four seven. If only her dad didn't stand in the way.

"Liz." Max said as he caught sight of his best friend in the canteen. "Have you seen Constance?".

Liz was very tempted to say no. But Max was her best friend and she couldn't lie to him. "Yes." Liz sadly sighed. "She's in the girls room".

"Oh. Okay." Max said and Liz sat down.

"So you doing to that prom?". Max curiously asked.

Another reason why Liz was staying in this Friday night. He'd be taking that bitch Constance with him while she'd be standing on the sidelines, pining to have a dancing partner. And her father would never allow her to attend such events.

"No." Liz said. "I can't."

"Aww come on. Your dad should let you go. It's gunna be fun. You, me and Co-"

"No Max. Please." Liz snapped. "I'd feel like a third wheel if I go with you and Constantine." Liz said.

"Oh." Max said. "But you're my best friend."

"I can't go. Even if I could, I'm not in the mood. What's the point anyway. I'm not even allowed to dance with you."

Taking Liz's hand in his own. "Well if that's the case then I'm coming over. We're having our own little prom on your balcony."

"What!". Liz gasped. "You would do that?".

Max nodded. "Anything for you in a heartbeat."

Liz watched his facial expression. He wasn't lying.

And she remembered what Constance told her before.

Did she have feelings for Max Evans?

Present Day

"What's wrong Amber?". Alex said, bending down to face the little girl who was sobbing in the corner.

He had been reported by a group of Amber's friends that she was crying away in the girl's toilets.

"Nuddin." Amber sniffed, quickly wiping her tears away. "It's nuddin Mr Whitman."

"Please tell me Ambs." Alex said. "I'm your teacher. It's my job to teach you and make sure you're okay." He tried to console the poor little girl.

She wiped the little tears off her soft cheeks and looked at him with her big amber eyes. Alex moved the strands of her baby hair from her forehead.

"I don't have a momma." She sniffed. "Like the other children have. They have their momma's and I have no momma." She hiccupped.

Alex sighed. He should have known that this task was not going to be easy for little Amber. He had only met her father Mr Evans. He had never met Amber's mother. Mr Evans did mention he was single parent once.

Now Alex felt guilty for making Amber hurt.

"Oh I'm so sorry Amber."

"Am I normal?". She curiously asked.

Alex frowned in confusion.

"Because I don't have a mommy. She must think I am not a good girl."

"You aren't normal Amber." Alex began. "You're a special girl. Even if you don't have a mother with you now, you are a very special girl and your daddy must be very proud of you like everyone else is." Alex said with honesty. "I'm very proud of you as your teacher."

"You are?". Amber lifted her big adorable eyes up at her teacher.

"Yes." Alex nodded warmly.

Amber smiled and took her teacher's hand. "Thank you."

Alex smiled. At least he made the girl feel better for now.


She studied the contents in the box very carefully. It was what was left of her. The cards and pieces of paper were hers', yet they seemed so alien. So different from her. There were photo's of her from her childhood and some jewellery. Surprising only one caught her eye. The ring was beautiful. It was wishbone ring with small emerald stones. Somehow that one ring had captured her attention the most.

It looked antique but it was so beautiful.

She reached out for it and placed the box on the bed as she examined the ring. The gems shone in the sunshine and she felt as if this ring was of very importance and was very sentimental.

It wasn't a new discovery, she had seen the ring many times before. It was just that today it was beckoning her to understand it's significance. She took the ring and then placed it on her finger in a attempt to put it on. The ring slid down her nail and then she stopped at the phone ringing.

She almost jumped up and the ring nearly fell out of her hands. She put it back in the box and shut it and answered the frantic phone. "Hello?".

"Bonjour babe" The smooth voice of Pierre rung in her ears. "How's my fiancé?".

She formed a little smile. "I'm fine and how are you?".

"I'm missing you." He croaked, trying to restrain himself.

She knew what it was. He wanted her badly. They had never consummated their relationship, her father had taught her that fornication was very sinful and lead you to the bad side thus she had never slept with Pierre and would not until they married.

Pierre was a very hungry man. She felt his obvious arousals whenever they had heavily made out. She didn't want to lead him on but she didn't want to push him away because her father would be upset.

"I kind of miss you too." She toyed with a strand of hair, she noticed she would do this whenever she got nervous and felt uneasy.

"Are you free tonight?". Came the question she hoped to avoid. They spent too much time together, getting bored very easily was something she'd fear she could never escape from.

"Um.." She glanced at her box and then focused on finding an answer that wouldn't offend him but wouldn't lead him on either. "Oh sorry Pierre, I have to hang out with my friends tonight. We're having a girl's night out." She quickly lied hoping Maria and Poppy Su Lee would save her in the nick of time.

"Oh..how about tomorrow night?". Pierre asked hopefully.

"Maybe." She said. "I'm so busy these days Pierre." She added assertively, hoping he'd get the message by now. Why oh why did she have to pretend to be enthusiastic about meeting up with him? Didn't she give him enough?

But then again, it was hard for her to say no straight up.

"I miss you already." He said weakly. "I love you."

"Me too." She answered using less words as possible. She did love him, he was nice and all but she just didn't feel that chemistry, she had heard of before when in love. It made her stop and question her relationship with Pierre at times.

"Okay...I just wanted to see how you were and since you are not avail-" A beep cut Pierre off.

"Hold on babe, I got someone else on the line." She quickly excused, relieved for that interruption. She checked who was on the other line. "Hello?".

"Hey chuck!". Poppy Su Lee squeaked into the phone. "How's you sweetie?!".

"Hey Pop's!!".Liz smiled on hearing one of her best friend's voice. "I'm okay just bored I guess and you?".

"Ah, did you think you'd get away with not coming to my BLT sandwich party?!".

She stifled with a laugh. "Oh Pops, you know I will come to your party.".

"You better!" Poppy Su Lee said teasingly. "Or I'll hunt you down!" She laughed into the phone.

"It's at seven isn't it?".


"Okay see you there then." She said. "I have Pierre on the other line and.."

"Wait a minute, I just wanted to ask you if you still have those straightness...mine got busted." Poppy said quickly.

"Oh I'll bring them when I come over to your place for the party."

"Good okay see you there and wear Chinese clothes! It's also a Chinese new year!". Poppy reminded her friend.

"Okay I will." She smiled. "Bye Pop's."

"Bye sweetie mwah."

She disconnected and went back to Pierre. "Sorry about that, anyway I have to go now. I'll talk to you later." She answered.

"Okay then." He answered. "Love you."

She put the phone down and sighed a few seconds later.

Looking at the box, she paused for a moment before reaching out for it. Taking the ring out, she placed it on her finger where she felt like it belonged.

She would find out where it came from.


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Re: Holding on..(AU, M/L, Adult) Chpt 11 12/31/08 p. 10

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Chapter twelve

The party was in fully swing,. Poppy Su Lee was greeting the arriving guests along with the help of her friends. "Beth, do you mind flipping the burgers while I go grab a soda?". Maria asked.

"Yeah sure." Liz answered without thinking and took the place of Maria behind the barbecue as Maria ran towards the table with the fizzy drinks.

Flipping the burgers over, Liz looked at the bottle with the clear liquid in. "This needs more fire." She mumbled to herself and grabbed the bottle, uncapping it and tilting it, letting it fall through the gap of the metal bars.

When the flames of the barbecue rose higher, Liz almost shrieked in terror and jumped back, sending the plate of spare ribs flying everywhere.

"BETH!". Maria ran towards the frightened brunette.

Horrified, Liz just watched the burning flames dance in the open air before her. Hands digging into the soft earth as her eyes burned in terror...


Liz and Max are 16.

"Where is Liz?". Max cried at David who was supposedly her 'date'. He and his girlfriend Constance had been hanging out with them as a double date and Max had gone out to try and call his mother since there was no reception in the bar. Ten minutes later, everyone had rushed out much to his surprise and he went to investigate, David held him back. The bar went up in flames, apparently a fire had broke out.

Max was worried when he learnt that Liz wasn't there. "I don't know!". David yelled back, feeling a little guilty for rushing out and leaving his date behind but the angry flames scared him off and he wouldn't risk his own life to pull Liz out who may have been trapped in the fiery hell.

"Call 911." He ordered David in disgust, how could he leave his Liz burning in the building alone?

Without warning, Max ripped past the arms of people, breezing into the burning building with only the thought of saving his Liz in mind.

If something happened to her he would not be able to forgive himself. He had promised to take her of her since the day they became best friends, Max would never break his promise, especially where Liz was concerned.

"Liz!" He yelled, trying to shout over the screams of the licking flames. The smell of ash filled his nostrils and he wanted to gag. He noticed the the glass with the alcoholic beverages on the bar were smashing apart as the trail of blue fire travelled like a dynamite rope being lit.

Max lifted an arm to shield his face from the blinding spits of the fire , he looked left to right, trying to make up his mind to where to search for Liz. His eyes scanned the burning room, tables and chairs were slowly being devoured. There was no sign of Liz. Think Max! He urged himself.

She might have been in the toilet. "Liz!" He called again and again just to be sure and he prayed silently that she was just okay and safe.

He jumped over the flames and ran towards the girl's toilets before kicking the door open. "Liz!". He called. Thankfully she was there, dried tears on her cheeks.

"Oh Max!". She cried, running to him and threw her arms around him when she saw him. "Thank god so much you're here. I thought we were going to die down here!". She told him, trying to contain her sobs. She would have risked being burnt to get out alive but she wasn't alone.

"What do you mean we?". Max asked, cupping Liz's cheek, looking in her dark brown eyes. "What's wrong?". He tried to search for an answer in her averted eyes.

"Max...Constance.." Liz mumbled, and looked back to show him a slumped Constance on the floor, breathing harshly. "She has allergy to smoke and she has asthma." Liz informed him panicked.

"Oh god." Max said, taking Liz's hand and walking to Constance. "Constance, are you okay?". He asked his pale girlfriend. She was so pale it frightened him and her lips were parted as she tried to breath. "We're gunna get you out of here." He promised taking one arm of hers and putting it over his shoulder. Liz helped with the other arm and together then pulled Constance up, dragging her towards the door.

Liz wrapped an arm around Constance's frail waist. "Max, she needs her medication." Liz told him as she opened the door, pushing it with her foot.

Seeing the girl in such a state worried the crap out of her. She didn't like her at all but seeing her like this made her worry and care for her. "Come on!".

Jumping over the trails of flames, the pair took Constance outside to safety where she groaned and then placed her on the ground. People began to crowd around them. David spotted them and ran up to them. "Is everything okay?".

"Where's the ambu-" Max was about to ask and the windows of the building smashed.

"Watch out!". Liz screamed as they all ducked to shield themselves from flying bits of glass.

Quickly, Liz checked to see if Constance was okay. "Breathe Constance!". She ordered, the girl tried her best to breath as much air as she could. Max held her head in his lap.

"Yeah, that's it breathe." Max agreed.

The siren cause the people to make way for the arrival of the paramedics and the firemen. They rushed upto the three and began taking Constance on the stretcher.

"She's asthmatic." Liz informed them as they strapped Constance in and began attending her. The firemen were busy tackling the fire, spraying good doses of foam.

Constance took Liz's hand in hers and weakly mouthed a thank you.

Liz nodded. "Let's hope you're okay." Liz told her, giving her a small smile.

"You should be with Max." Constance said. "You guys are meant for each other." She coughed before they put the air mask on her.

Liz gave her a questioned look and then Max ran to see if she was okay after calling Constance's parents. "How's she doing?".

"She should be fine. "Liz told him.

"You called her parents?". The doctor asked them as the nurses wheeled Constance into the back of the paramedic van.

"Yeah, they're on their way." Max nodded.

"And you are the girl's boyfriend right?".

"Yes." Max nodded. "Can we come along too?".

"Yeah okay. There's only room for two passengers so yeah." The doctor nodded.

Max took Liz's hand and they both walked into the van with the doctor and Constance who was already wired up. Max let Liz in first and then sat after her. The doctor shut the door and then they were ready to do.

"I am scared." Liz held Max's hand tighter and she rested her head on his shoulder. The doctor was examining Constance to make sure she was stable while Max and Liz watched worried for her.

Suddenly, the line went dead. The doctor was frantic. "Stand back guys." He warned and grabbed the reviver after the nurse charged them. He pressed them against Constance's chest. Constance jerked up but the line was still dead. He tried again and again relentlessly until enough was enough.

"Time of death, nine fifteen pm, Saturday fifteenth June." He said defeated.

In the background, they could hear the sirens, the heart monitor flat lining and the sound of their horrific gasps....


Present day

Amber waited until she saw her father's silver Volvo park before the school gates. Max opened the door, closed it and rushed to his pouting daughter who folded her arms. He knew he was running late and the meeting had been extended...he couldn't leave and then he felt like a shit father, ringing up everyone he knew, his sister, mom, friend..but none of them were available and he hated the thought of making his daughter wait for him.

"Oh princess I am so sorry!". He apologised, in one swoop, he bent down and took his daughter in his arms, making an attempt to kiss her forehead.

"Hmph!". She huffed, folding her arms and looking away from her father in anger. "I don't like you daddy!". She frowned, refusing to look at him.

Max felt guilty. He was tripping. "Okay..I brought you these.." He teased, taking out a couple of hershey bars from his pocket. He knew how much she enjoyed those.

"Still not happy wiv yew!". She snapped, making no attempt to look at him. Chocolate was not going to win her over this time, no no no. Her daddy thought wrong and had another thing coming. That frown of hers wasn't going to disappear over a couple of Hershey bars.

Max pressed his lips together. He knew his daughter very well and thought it was kind of cute when she was angry with him. So he pulled out another object. A beaded necklace. She loved wearing necklaces.

"Still not happy wiv yew daddy." She took a sideward’s glance at the shiny necklace he was dangling from his fingers. She wanted to have that necklace but her anger wasn't weak enough to give in. He really had to touch her heart to make her happy again.

Max smiled. "Okay, how about I sing your favourite song to you and let you watch...Finding Nemo 2 tonight." He offered. He knew how much his daughter loved Disney and Pixar movies and how much she wanted to watch the latest movies.

Now a smile broke out on her lips. "Weally daddy?!". She turned to look at him. "We goin to da movies tonite?".

Max smiled as her frown as gone but she was adorable when she was angry...just like her mother he thought sadly. It was hard to win them both other but he loved them both. "Yeah."

Now she wrapped her tiny arms around her father's broad shoulders. "I love you weally daddy."

"I love you more." He smiled, hugging his little daughter back.

She giggled as he blew rasberries on her soft little cheeks. "Daddy!".

"You like that huh!?" He smiled and lifted his small daughter in his arms and carried her to his car. "Yeah..but I gunna love heawing you sing more!". She giggled as he opened the door.

"Oh really?".

"Yeah! You pwomised!". She reminded him as he put her down in the car and took her things, putting it in the back before strapping her in the seat.

"I did?". He played with her.

"You will sing to me!". She hollered while he smiled.

He closed the door and got in his driver's seat. "Okay I'll sing to you." He said before turning on the radio.

"You have to sing loudly with the window open". She commanded. She was going to love this. He put his window down a little.

"Aww do we have too?". He pouted.


Max shrugged.

"Put your window down some more!".

"Okay." He said, obeying his little girl. He pressed the electric switch and his window was down, two thirds. "Happy?".

"Radio on."

Max put on the radio, praying it wasn't a girlie song. To his terror it was a fluffy girlie song. A thousand miles by Vanessa Carlton filled the speakers.

"Now sing daddy." His daughter's smile spread. She was going to love hearing her father sing this girlie song at the top of his lungs.

"Oh shit." He thought as he prepared himself to sing this girlie song. His daughter loved to torture him.

But he had no complaints and opened his mouth to sing along.