The Un-Fairy Tale (M/M,AU,Mature) (Complete)

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The Un-Fairy Tale (M/M,AU,Mature) (Complete)

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Fri Oct 17, 2008 6:56 pm

Title: The Un-Fairy Tale
Author: Tanya
Category: M/M – Maria’s POV. You’re reading correctly, this is my first (and only) candy fic. Some Dreamer of course, but Candy centered.
Rating: Mature
Summary: The first chapter pretty much sums it up...a short fluffy(ish) fic.
Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to Roswell or it’s characters. I just like to dust them off and use them a bit, but I’ll put them back when I’m done.

A/N – Some of you may or may not know; this story is being brought to you by special request (and donation) by Nibbles2. She won me in the Support Stacie Author Auction last month. This is my 5,000- word (a bit more than that) story. This will be posted in parts, daily. Special thanks to Raychel for helping during my panic moment for a title. The fic however, you have to thank Nibbles2 for.

Also for those of you who also don’t know, with the exception of completing Unbreakable, this is my final Roswell story. So you REALLY should thank Nibbles2 *lol*. I hope you enjoy and thank you.

Chapter One

The Pregnant Pause

I never asked for much out of life, I never expected the best things to happen to me suddenly because I had wished them. Except when it came to one of my best friends, Michael Guerin. He was that one unattainable force I couldn’t leave be. He consumes hours of my time. It was hard not to think of him, since I live with him and our other best friend Max Evans.

The mini-obsession, as I like to refer to it, didn’t start from our first meeting. In fact, I had known Max and Michael for most of my life. After college the guys moved in together, to further sow their wild oats in unison, under the comfort of their own home.

I had other friends, both girls and guys; but never best friends, and one small rescue from Max had pretty much sealed my fate. I was living with this guy, Robert, I had been dating him on and off for a year. I knew at the time I shouldn’t have said yes, when he made the suggestion that we live together, but the prospect of still living at home with my newly married mother just didn’t sit well.

I found out pretty early on that Robert had wanted more than I was willing to give. I paid rent after all, and it wasn’t as if I was looking for a free ride.

Riding however was exactly all Robert thought about. All the ways I could ride him. I now tuck all those thoughts away, but I can remember very clearly the night I left Robert’s house. All my bags were packed and I threw them into the trunk of my car, and decided for once in my life I would try and be reckless.

I stopped by the local bar to get as drunk as humanly possible. After all, what was there for me to look forward to? I was a twenty-seven, dead-end job holding, in love with her best friend, virgin.

Everything was clear to me that night; I was destined to be alone forever. My life up until that point simply was a blueprinting of what my future would be like. I’m not a pessimist; it’s just that if everything in life always turned out bad, what would you call it? Bad luck, I guess some would say, but I don't believe in luck. It always comes back to bite you in the ass, okay…so maybe I am a wee bit of a pessimist. Sue me.

Things, however changed for me the moment I walked into that bar and saw Max sitting alone, drink in hand. I thought for a second that I should leave, but almost instantly he caught sight of me. He waved me over and I went, one lead foot in front of the other. I’d scanned the bar quickly, thankfully no sign of Michael and continued on.

“What’s going on Deluca? You in a bar, I never thought I’d see the day,” Max had said with a smile on his face. Max has a great smile it reaches his amber tinted eyes. I remember thinking, why couldn’t I have fallen in love with him? It would have been easier, Max didn’t hide his feelings. If he liked you, you knew it, and if he didn’t well, let’s just say one couldn’t miss the signs.

Michael on the other hand, was a closed book. Fort Knox, if you will, of emotions. Never showed them. And he only ever lost his temper with Max or myself. I often wondered why, but never really put too much stock into figuring it out.

“Yeah, well, rough life. I figure I take up drinking, to ease the way until I’m too old to walk.” It was that statement that had Max facing me immediately. Using his exceptional woman-scanning capabilities and then asking, “What the fuck did he do to you?”

It was pointless to lie to Max; I wasn’t very good at it. With Michael however, I could lie like it was nobody’s business. Max just had a knack for reading people so damn clearly. Except, more recently, with his new girlfriend, he was having one hell of a time trying to figure Liz Parker out.

I knew, whether Michael was there or not, that he would have agreed with everything Max had said, even the part about me moving in with them.

It was four years ago to the day, and how I’ve lasted so long holding in my feelings, I’ll never know. I moved in that night and never left. Aside of the small adjustment of rooms, everything was running smoothly.

That is until today, until Michael and Max came home tonight. We just finished dinner in silence, another first.

“So what’s going on? You two are way more quiet than what is acceptable?” I laugh lightly, trying to cut through the tension. They’re lips don’t even curl a little.

“Max?” I turn to him, he’ll tell me.

“Maria, it’s probably better if we leave this one alone for the night.” Feeling offended, and just a little terrified, I let my mind sink into Max’s choice of words. And then it hits me, Max had already figured out my feelings for Michael. Well damn, damn, damn! Would he tell Michael? They told each other everything.

On the bright side, if there were one in such a situation, Michael would know my feelings, he could shoot me down and I could finally move on. Yeah right!

I push a little, “You sure?”

Michael groans as he pushes a hand through his already disheveled brown locks, “Oh just tell her, she’s going to find out anyway.”

Max looks uncomfortable, and then he says, “April, thinks she’s pregnant.” I blink, my mouth suddenly goes dry and my heart, my poor heart begins to punch against my chest. And horrifyingly, the stinging of fresh hot tears burn the backs of my eyes.

Finding my voice, I ask the one question, the only one that matters right now, “Is it…if she is…is it yours?” While I direct the question to Michael, I stare at the ground.

When I hear no response, I chance a glance up at him; he waits, and then nods his head once. I’m not sure what happens next because I excuse myself and bolt into the kitchen.

A few minutes later, though, Max comes in to check on me. “I see you didn’t fling yourself into the oven, so it’s safe to enter,” he jokes lightly, my lips curl in a reluctant smile. I turn and see him peeking his dark head in the door. It’s hard not to love him; Liz is one lucky girl, I hope she realizes it.

“Yeah, well I shouldn’t have expected anything less. The way you two have spread yourselves over the years, it was bound to happen.” I try for nonchalance, but by the look on his face I have failed miserably. At least I wasn’t crying like a basket case. I’ll save that for later. Much, much later, under covers.

He crosses the room and takes a seat on the stool in front of the counter, plops himself down, even though I have threatened if he and Michael continue to abuse the furniture, I’m buying bean bags for every room. “No fair! I have a girlfriend now, and I don’t cheat,” he says while eyeing me warily.

“I know Max. It’s just…” I don’t know what, but he seems to understand. He reaches out his hand against the counter top towards me and I step closer and clasp his. I’m so thankful I have him in my life.

“So how is Liz doing?” I try to sound casual, trying to avoid any subject that involves he who shall remain nameless. I wonder if Liz has spoken to Max yet.

“Great! Yeah, I don’t know Maria, I’ve never felt this way about anyone…it’s different with her.” And then he gets that far away look, he always does when talking about Liz, and I can’t help but smile. Why can’t Michael think of me and look like that? Why is it so hard? Why do you always love the ones you shouldn’t?

I tell him honestly, “I’m glad. You deserve it.”

“So do you,” he says and then opens his mouth to say something else, but Michael bursts into the kitchen, holding a purple and white stick.

Oh shit! The pregnancy test Liz left in the bathroom. Well, hell, how to explain this one away?

“What the fuck is this?” he barks out, his voice accusing and his eyes a blazing brown zero in, right in on me.

“While I am not an expert in the field, I would say, in my limited experience, that it’s a pregnancy test,” I offer objectively.

“I know that!” he snaps, then adds, “Is it yours?” I swallow my smart retort, because I made a promise and for all my other faults, the one thing I’m not is a snitch.

“Yeah, so what?” I say with a roll of my shoulder. Like it’s not a big deal that I took a pregnancy test. Let’s not forget the fact that I have no boyfriend to speak of, but that’s none of Michael’s business that’s for damn sure. I glance at Max and see that he is frozen in place, searching me for signs, but I blink for what seems like the tenth time in the span of thirty seconds, and remove all emotion from my face. I just can’t look at Max, must not make eye contact.

I could lie to Michael, at that, I am a damn professional.

Michael enters the room fully, and immediately crowds my personal space, and I tell him as much.

“I don’t give a damn about your personal space,” he growls. Boy, he’s in a bit of a temper today. Obviously this girlfriend, or whatever she is to him, possibly being pregnant really got to him. Michael wasn’t ready to be a father to anyone, and he sure as hell didn’t love what’s her name enough to even try to commit. I can empathize with the horror he must be feeling, knowing yet another pregnancy test was being taken behind his back…so to speak.

Max, finally unfrozen, jumps up to stand between us, but Michael dismisses him and holds the stick up to my face. I step back and lean against the cool fridge, being in this close proximity to him, is too much for me. I end up getting distracted by his hair, his eyes, his lips, his…

“You think you’re fucking pregnant?” Comes this scathing, barking voice erupting from inside of him. I can’t help but shrink away, not from fear, but oddly enough he’s even more appealing because he sounds as if he’s protective. Of course I know he’s protective of me as a friend, but not even Max is acting this way.

Speaking of Max, he jumps back in between us and pushes Michael away from me, giving us a nice distance, but Michael tells him to back off a little. While Max relents he stands on the sidelines.

“Are you going to answer the question,” he asks and I answer, “No.”

“Bullshit! Whose baby would it be?” he asks, and defiantly I respond, “None, of your business.”

“Oh it’s my business. Who is he Maria? Another asshole, loser you’re dating?” That stung. So I don’t have the best taste in men, but that doesn’t say much about Michael, now did it? It was best to keep that revelation to myself, for now.

“I think I already responded to the question. Now, can I have my test back?” I reach out my palm, but instead of placing it there, Michael throws it in the sink beside me and leans down, our eyes meet. Max be damned, because he already moved away giving us space. The last thing I need is space from Michael, especially close personal space. Well, actually when I put it that way...

“Tell me who the son of a bitch is, or I’ll guess, and you won’t like that.”

“Are you threatening me?”

With a quirk of his lips and a lifting of one brow, I think I just fell a little more in love with him. I am hopeless.

“It’s only a threat, if I don’t make good on it. But you can be rest assured, I’ll make damn well good on it. Now tell me who it is.”

“It doesn’t matter, Michael. I’m not with him anymore and besides, look who’s talking; you may have gotten what’s her name pregnant. Talk about cat calling the kettle…” His eyes are completely focused on me and I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever made direct eye contact with Michael for longer than a few seconds. It was always so hard, with the whole heart beating out of whack and everything.

“Enough! This isn’t about me. And besides I’m sure she’s not. She just wants to keep me around, but she knows damn well I won’t commit to her.”

“Hmm…I wonder why? Could it be you don’t know how?” I retort blandly.

My words give him pause, he takes a step back and shakes his head. “I just don’t feel like it, that’s all,” he defends, very weakly.

“Right,” I say, with mock disapproval and a shake of my head.

His brown eyes narrow at that. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“It means, you couldn’t commit to being with one woman. Some men can, some can’t. It’s life. And honestly your girlfriend should understand this, since I’m sure you gave her the rules before all the debauchery started.” I wave off the statement casually; I think I’m doing an excellent acting job. Good thing I haven’t looked at Max once.

Michael actually growls and then closes in on me again, I can smell his light cologne, and all my senses are rendered frozen. I’m not scared, Michael wouldn’t harm a single blond hair on my head.

Sexy, yes he is sexy. God, could I be more pathetic?

“Maybe none of the girls I’m with are worth committing to, do you ever think that? And maybe I haven’t found one that I was willing to change for, and while we’re at it, did you ever think that I just don’t want to.”

There is something about his face, his words, it was more depth into his mind, and his feelings than I’ve ever been privy to. Something changes between us, or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just tired of waiting, maybe I just need to know once and for all.

His words leaving me speechless, give me but one retort left to strike back with. I lift my chin up and look him straight in the eyes and say, “Yeah, because everyone wants to be alone, forever.”

And there, right there in our shared kitchen, I raise myself up onto my tiptoes and kiss him.

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Re: The Un-Fairy Tale (M/M,AU,Mature) Chapter 1 10/17/08

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sat Oct 18, 2008 5:41 pm

--Nibbles2 - I'm happy to hear it. Thank you for giving me free reign. To everyone who is reading, thank you. Here is the next tidbit.

Chapter Two

The Four Letter Word Rears It’s Ugly Head

Michael still wasn’t talking to me. It was ridiculous. It was just small meaningless kiss, why did he have to get so angry about it? He was being childish. He was being an idiot. But why did he have to be so sexy about? Why couldn’t his pigheadedness just turn me off?

I thought maybe getting out of the house and having a quick lunch with Liz would help. It seemed that Liz had Max wrapped around her finger, I needed some coaching, that much was obvious. I never had a girlfriend to talk to, but over the past few months, Liz and I have grown closer. If anyone could help me with Michael, I know it would be Liz.

“So tell me exactly what happened?” Liz asks while popping a French fry, smothered in ketchup, in her mouth.

I shift uncomfortably in my seat, I like Liz, but she’s so much more experienced than me so I’m afraid I’ll sound like a moron. Oh well, into the fire…

“We were arguing because he found the pregnancy test you left in the bathroom,” I pause as her mouth drops open. Her hand slaps against her mouth as an apologetic groan escapes.

“I am so sorry! Maria, I can’t believe I forgot it there. I was just so relieved that I wasn’t pregnant.” I wave her off. It’s pointless and not even necessary.

“Anyways, Michael thought it was mine, of course. And he just blew up.”

“What do you mean? He was upset with you?” She leans closer, obviously eagerly anticipating my response. How odd. Is this what girl talk is all about? Interesting.

“Pissed was more like it. He was even growling at me. He wanted to know who the guy was, and when I didn’t tell him, he got closer and then we argued.” That about sums things up, but Liz doesn’t look satisfied. I peruse my memory and decide I’ve covered everything important, but still she looks at me expectantly.

Leaning back in her chair because it has become woefully obvious that I have nothing further to add, Liz sighs and takes a sip of her soda. Eyeing me closely, I shuffle in my seat uncomfortably; Liz has this piercing gaze, like she’s figuring me out. I’m not sure I like this invasion of privacy.

“Well, Maria you really have to grasp the concept of sharing.” She places her glass back on the table and scoots her chair closer to me. Then offers me a bright smile.

“According to Max, Michael was furious at the thought of you being pregnant with some guy’s baby. And apparently you called him out for his girlfriend, or whatever she is, thinking she was pregnant too. The fight ensued and then you kissed him! Now is there anything you’d like to add?” she asks, her brows raised and I can’t help but smile. Max has perfected that move, but Liz, poor thing she tries but can only manage both eyebrows raised.

They really are perfect for each other.

“I guess I left a little out. I just kissed him to shut him up. His voice will just drone on and on. It’s quite irritating.” I assure her and take a huge bite of my burger.

“Right. So…if you have nothing to add,” she looks at me expectantly, and I disappoint her by shaking my head. She continues, “I just want to say thank you for not telling Max about the test. I’m going to tell him, I just wasn’t ready. I’m afraid if I tell him, he’ll get scared. He’ll think we’re too serious or…”

Poor thing, she’s worried for nothing. If anything Max is afraid she’s not ready for as serious as he is. “Or you’re just overreacting. Trust me Liz, Max might have been a playboy for a long time, as you know, but he’s completely in love with you.”

She looks up surprised, “Really?”

“Sure!” I say, offering her a reassuring smile. I think I have this girl talk thing down pact. It’s not so hard. Ha!

“H-he said he loves me?” Liz asks and suddenly I freeze. Shit! Did Max not tell her? Maybe she’s just surprised that I know? Maybe…

“Well…sure! How could he not?”

She shrugs her shoulders and looks at me; those damn brown eyes, I shift away and scratch my ankle. Well hell, Max is not going to be happy with me.

“Did he tell you?” I hear her ask and I wish at this moment the ground would open up and swallow me.

“You know Liz? I just remembered I have to meet…someone, so I’ll talk to you later. Thanks for lunch!” I call out as I throw a twenty on the table and run out of the diner.

Hopefully I can get to Max and explain it to him. He is very reasonable. He will understand how I thought he would have told Liz.

Yes. It will be fine.

So I wait until Friday to tell Max. Actually, I wait until an hour before Liz is supposed to show up for dinner and a movie night. It’s something we started when Max first started dating Liz, to help ease her into the whole situation of us living together. This way she could get to know Michael and myself.

I’m not sure why Max suggested it; after all, Michael is a big ball of sensitivity and understanding.

I watch as Max’s face reddens and his nostrils flare. Wow! Never witnessed this before. I look at Michael, who I planned being witness, so Max couldn’t kill me and bury me, but with the way Michael looks, I might have figured wrong. Right now, I should be worried about the fact that Michael might just help me off me. In fact, Michael might just volunteer.

“You told her what?” Max asks, after taking a deep breath.

“I might have said, mentioned briefly that you…love her. Is the pizza ordered?” I jump up from the couch but sadly feel Michael’s arm on my wrist. Damn him.

“How could you, Maria? I didn’t tell her!” Max bursts out, and runs his hands through his hair, an automatic mechanism to help calm himself. Too bad Michael doesn’t have one of those.

“I’m sorry! I thought you did! We were talking and I just said it. When she looked surprised I knew I had messed up, but I couldn’t take it back.”

“What else did she say?”

“Nothing. I mean she asked me if you said it, and I pretended not to hear her and then I left.” I think that’s what happened, but he doesn’t need to know that. Damn other women with their detail-by-the-detail account of things, and my inability to.

“Good going, Maria,” comes Michael’s unhelpful quip. I turn my head to him and snatch my arm back.

“Like you’re so damn perfect! I said I was sorry! I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think Max had told her. I figured he had, I mean he loves her, so why not tell her?”

“You know Maria, I could say the same thing to you, couldn’t I?” Max says standing in front of me. I shrink into the seat cushions and avoid all gazes. Isn’t it time for Liz or the pizza delivery guy to show up? Anyone that can save me from this?

“I’m really sorry, Max. I never would have…I…” I am actually speechless and Michael is quick to point that out to me. I narrow my gaze towards him and fight the urge to stick out my tongue.

I hate him!

Max shakes his head and says, “I should have told her. I just didn’t want to fuck things up.”

“I know. And honestly she probably doesn’t think anything of it. In fact, I have it on good authority that she might just feel the same way…but you have such a reputation and….” I trail off purposefully.

“Did she say that?”

“I’m not getting involved, I’m simply saying that your reputation proceeds you. If you love her, you shouldn’t waste time. Trust me, I know all about wasted time, it would be a shame,” I trail off, looking away from them both and excusing myself from the room.


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Re: The Un-Fairy Tale (M/M,AU,Mature) Chapter 2 10/18/08

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sun Oct 19, 2008 3:30 pm

--And time for another update (I think this is the quickest I've ever updated any story....of course this one is complete) Two more parts to go till the end. I hope you enjoy and thank you for the feedback, means so much since I'm very out of my element here.

Chapter Three

Refrigerator Doors and Basement Windows

“What did Max mean by that?” Michael startles me and I drop the glass I was holding into the sink.

“Damn it! Do you have to be all stealth on me?” My voice is shaky and I hate that it gives my emotions away. I don’t like showing any emotion to him.

He laughs at that, like it was funny. It figures he would find amusement in my torment.

“Are you going to answer my question?” I turn to him; he’s wearing my favorite pair of faded blue jeans on him, a worn black t-shirt and that damn irritatingly sexy smirk on his face.

Why do I have to have such a difficult life? Why couldn’t I fall in love with a bookworm, someone just very attainable? Why Michael of all the people on planet earth?

“W-What was the question?” I stammer out as he approaches me. I can’t handle this closeness to him. I press myself against the sink and watch as he leans both his hands on either side of me, and wait as he moves his face down to mine.

“I asked you, what Max meant about ‘he could say the same thing about you’? Is there someone you have feelings for? Maybe the guy you took the test because of?” I try and concentrate on his words, but it’s really hard, damn near impossible when all I can do is stare into his eyes. His brown eyes, they are speckled with yellow and little gold flints. I could stare at him for hours. I’ve never been this close.

“Breath, Maria.” I do, realizing that I wasn’t. I push him away and turn to open the fridge. I need to occupy myself and staring at him is not helping at all.

It’s nice.

But not helping.

“Did you order the pizza?”

“Yes,” he breathes against my neck. I shiver. Why is he doing this? Probably making a game out me or something.

“What is wrong with you? Why are you standing on top of me?” I ask, closing the door and spinning around to face him. This time, when he steps forward he cages me in, with his arms and his body.

How many times did I wish for this to happen? Too many, but I’m afraid that since he doesn’t understand how I feel, he can’t know how much it’s going to hurt when he walks away.

Michael stares at me again and then he whispers, “She’s not pregnant.” I blink, once, twice and then ask, “Who?”

“April. I knew she wasn’t, she was just trying to hold onto me. I don’t know why but…”

“She’s an idiot. Michael, really why do you date these girls? They are trash! You need someone who wants to be with you without any ulterior motives. Someone that likes your sense of humor, no matter how twisted it is, and….Why are you staring at me like that?” I ask, when he smiles that half smile, half smirk, oh-so-sexy lip thing he does.

“I wonder do I really have that many qualities that you can list them off?”

“Of course!” I defend and then shrink back against the refrigerator door. “So I wonder then, why won’t you answer my question?”

“It’s not important,” I rush out. But Michael leans in even closer. My breath is coming out at a panting rate and my heart, well that feels like it might burst through my ribcage.

“Well how about an even exchange of information?”


“I told you about April. Now you want to tell me about your mystery guy?” I wonder why it’s still on his mind; lord knows I’m over it. Then again, there is no guy so maybe that’s why it’s of little importance to dredge the whole thing up again.

“It was no one.”

“Do you mean, he meant nothing to you?” he asks, his eyes narrowed in suspicion, weird.

“I mean, it was no one. It wasn’t my test. There, are you happy?” I ask, lifting my chin in defiance.

I wonder what his next move will be, probably walk away, but as usual he surprises me. “Very happy.”

“What does that mean?” I ask as he pushes away and makes his way outside. It’s just started to rain; great, but I follow him out closing the door behind me.

“Are you going to answer me?”

“No,” he calls out over his shoulder.

“Where are you going?” I ask as I run up along side of him. Not very wise, considering I’m in flip-flops and a very short skirt and a nearly see-through tank top. Add water to the mix and it could be a very embarrassing situation for myself.

“To get the beer.” He strides quicker as thick drops begin to pour down around us. I splash into a newly formed puddle and nearly fall on my ass. Michael’s hand on my arm steadies me and I thank him.

“Yeah, whatever.”

“God! Do you always have to do that?” I cry out over the booming thunder.

“Do what?”

“Close yourself off? In the kitchen you were more open than you’ve ever been, now you’re just cold. Why? Why always with me? I’m sure you’re anything but cold with all those girls!” I scream out when I realize he’s at the car and I’m still a few feet from him.

He pulls open the door and grabs the beer on the seat and slams the door shut, walking right past me.

“Fine! You want to be this way? You’re always this way, I don’t know why I even bother!” I march past him and try to make a run for it, but end up falling right on my butt.


“Maria! Are you okay?” he reaches down to help me but I wave him off.

“Just go! I don’t need you!”

He doesn’t move to my surprise, and when I look up, his eyes are fixed on something. I follow his gaze down, well great my shirt is perfectly transparent.

“Good to know I’m not invisible,” I mutter out and he transfers one of the six-packs under his arm and then uses the other one to lean down and catch me around my waist. Lifting me effortlessly.

“Put me down,” I protest weakly.



“Shut up.” I’m about to tell him off, but he drops me to my feet on the back doorstep and leans fully against me.

And then he does the most unexpected thing. He kisses me.

This is like one of those perfect moments you only read in books. The rain pouring around us, his lips on mine, his body presses oh so perfectly against me. I think if I died now, if lighting struck me, I would be a very happy person.

He pulls away panting, his forehead resting against mine and opens his eyes. “Upstairs. Now.”

Is he for real?

My heart is racing, and the rain is pounding down on us, just like one of those girlie movies I’m just learning about. Of course, I realize instantaneously, that this isn’t a movie, and I’m not one of those perfect girls in the film. I only realize this because when Michael reaches for the door and turns the knob, finding it locked, he turns to me with a pissed-off-at-Maria scowl, and I realize my folly.

“You locked us out. That’s great! Just great!” he tries the knob again and honestly, I’m too hot and bothered to care anything about his tone. I’ll scale the side of the house right now to follow his instructions.

“What’s the big deal? We’ll just run to the front and ring the doorbell.” Honestly, men blow things out of proportion. It’s not like we can’t get inside or anything. I turn, my intentions are to get into the house as quickly as possible and throw myself at him.

I might be terrified.

I might even be embarrassed at my lack of experience.

But nothing is going to stop me.

“Max is gone. Who do you think is going to answer the door when we ring?”


“Max went over to Liz’s to give us space.” Well hell, I mutter to myself.

“Why all of a sudden do we need all this space? It’s movie night! He should be inside!” I panic because not only is it raining but also the prospect of getting to make out, even maybe have sex with Michael is right within my reach and now we’re stuck outside.

“Let’s go back to the car,” I suggest, but when I turn to make a go for it, he doesn’t move.

“It’s locked.”

“No, it’s not. You just got the beer out.”

“Yeah, but I locked the doors.”

“Great! So now what?”

“Stay here,” he says handing the beer off to me. This is why I suggested we have a porch built around the front of the house. In cases of forgetting your key, you can take refuge…the guys thought it was too feminine. Two to one, I lost.

“Where are you going?” I call out as he makes his way around the back of the house. A minute later, I’m shivering and still holding the beer, and he reappears a triumphant smile tugging on his lips.

“The basement window is open, I was down there earlier and must have left it open. Come on,” he says, taking the beer and my hand and I follow him soundlessly.

“I can’t fit.”

“Damn it, Maria. You’ll fit. Max and I used to climb in through here whenever we locked ourselves out. If I fit, then you’ll fit.”

“But what if I fall?” I say crouching down to look in. It’s a small rectangular window, I’ll fit, but going head first I’ll probably crash to the floor.

Standing right behind me, he leans down and says, “I won’t let you fall. I’m going first, and then you follow, okay?” When I don’t respond immediately, he says, “Trust me Maria, I would never let anything happen to you.”

I watch standing in a puddle of mud as he slips through the window with only a little difficulty. He tells me to hand him the beer, which I do and then tells me to come down.

I take in a deep breath, realizing that he has the power to devastate me forever. I lean my head in the window and look him in the eyes and say, “Okay, I’m trusting you.”


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Re: The Un-Fairy Tale (M/M,AU,Mature) Chapter 3 10/19/08

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AN - Thanks for the patience. And I decided since there is only one part left...I'd make you wait until tomorrow cause I'm evil that way. Thank you so much for the feedback and here goes...

Chapter Four

Like A Thief In The Night

I’m not sure how we ended up in his bed. But we are, and we’re naked. His hands run up the length of my legs, his lips caress places no one has ever touched.

When his body pushes into mine for the first time, I feel pain but something else. Something that washes over me, and leaves me breathless. Something I don’t think I’ll ever experience with anyone else.

It’s love like I’ve never felt. Love that is perfect all on it’s own. I’m not one for sappy love stories, but if I had to gauge the result of tonight I could honestly say, I’ve never felt anything better. I’ve never wanted anything more than to be with Michael.

His body moves above mine, his lips drag across mine. Heavy panting, slick bodies, tears mingle with just about every emotion under the spectrum pound in my veins. Nothing is better than this.

My body arches up to meet his demanding thrusts and all at once our bodies strain and shudder and then become completely still.

No words pass between us, no light banter, nothing but my utter and pure happiness. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I roll to my side facing him and watch as he labors for breath. Swiping his forehead with the back of his hand he turns to face me. Except, when I finally drag my gaze from his lips, I notice a deep frown marring his features.

“What’s wrong?” I ask and he turns away, takes a deep breath. I reach out my hand to him, I notice how shaky it is and then ask again.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was your first time? Why did you make me think you’ve done this before?”

Is he serious? Does he think it’s easy for me to admit something like that at my age? Is he truly that dense?

“It doesn’t matter.” I answer instead.

That however was not the response he was looking for, because he jumps out of bed, and I get a quick glance at his perfectly muscular backside…

“Would you stop staring at me, and listen?”

I look up at him as I drag the sheets over my naked body. My, very inadequate body, I might add.

“It matters, Maria. It matters to me. I never would have done anything with you, if I had known you were a virgin.”

I wince at his callous words, is he truly this insensitive?

“You don’t have to make it sound so bad. I waited for you, Michael.” I admit, and he’ll never know how much those words cost me.

Instead, of the normal reaction, which by now I’m not sure why I expect a normal human response from him, even if he is a man, I get a nasty scowl. He reaches down to grab his discarded clothes and tugs them on with an almost animalistic ferocity that I quickly stagger from the bed and follow in pursuit of my own clothing.

Realizing quickly that this moment, this after sex thing, wasn’t going to turn out anything like I had imagined. I decide against getting dressed, instead just keep the sheet wrapped around myself and make my way, with haste, to the door.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving. I’m leaving because I trusted you…and you…you just…” I break off, unable and unwilling to voice the words aloud; I\unwilling to let him know just how much he hurt me.

It’s my own damn fault for trusting him. I knew his reputation going into this. I don’t know why I expected anything but a fuck. It wasn’t making love; well…maybe for me it was, but for him, it was just another one-night stand. Except this one would have strings, because we live under the same roof.

I can’t think about that now.

“You, what Maria?” he whispers out, his voice gruff but still I can hear him perfectly.

Without looking back, I say, “I should have known better than to trust you.”

And with that I slam the door behind me and realize that without any effort, and because it’s wholly obvious I am a glutton for punishment, Michael still hasn’t made me hate him.


The next day, however I find myself in a foul mood. I invite Liz over during the day, while I know the guys are out playing football and I decide to tell her everything that happened last night. I also include the fact that Michael completely ignored me during breakfast.

And did I mention that I do hate him. I thought it over, and it must have been the sex that got to me, because I do hate him. Deep down, bone raging…

Okay, so maybe I don’t hate him. Maybe it’s because I know him and I know that he would never intentionally hurt me. And even though he acted like a complete asshole, it could very well be a part of his defense mechanism. Max had explained it to me one night a few months ago. It was a helpful insight to the way Michael works, he never feels good enough, and so he pushes and pushes until finally the other person relents.

He’s always been that way with Max, which is why Max had explained Michael fought with the both of us. He cares and so he fights. If he didn’t care, then it wouldn’t matter to him if you tripped and fell right in front of him, he’s step over you, because in Michael’s mind, no one matters unless he decides they matter.

Weird. And damn well irritating, but it had a lot to do with his upbringing. He was an orphan, left by both his parents when he was twelve. They didn’t want him. He was too much trouble. It was attention. Michael needs attention and when he doesn’t get it…watch out.

Which is why, in a nutshell, I can’t hate him. But I deserve something better, and if he can’t give it to me. If he can’t bring himself to apologize, then the incident, as I like to now refer to it as, shall never be spoken about again and we will go back to our normal life.

What a speech, too bad I don’t believe half of it. Which is why, Liz is here, to help explain. Give me some womanly insight.

“He’s an asshole,” she comments with a look of disbelief after I relay the entire story, including the “I was a virgin” part. And maybe I was being a bit optimistic in thinking Liz would be of any useful help.

I dig into my strawberry and chocolate sundae with gusto, not breathing just swallowing full mouths of the icy goodness.

“Maria honestly, I know I don’t know Michael all that well, but I never thought he would be that insensitive. I bet you if Max knew what he did, he would be crawling on his hands and knees for you to forgive him.” She’s right, and I know it. The problem is that I don’t want Max to know. It would be embarrassing.

I realize quite quickly that I should truly pay attention when Liz talks. She moves quickly, when I tune back into her I realize she’s on her cell phone.

“Okay, baby, I’ll see you in a few.”

“Baby? Who was that?” I ask, with suspicion as she avoids eye contact and tucks her phone into her purse.

“Max. He’ll be here in five minutes. You have to talk to him. He’ll be able to fix this.”

“Fix it? Liz, there is nothing to fix.”

With a flip of her wrist she says, “Of course there is. Michael is a man. Max is a man. In fact, Max is Michael’s best friend. If anyone knows how to get under Michael’s skin and make him pay…it’s Max.”

And that right there, makes me fall in love with Liz and her devious mind. After all, Michael needs to pay for acting like a thief in the night and taking not only my virginity, but damn near breaking my heart in the process.

Payback really will be a bitch and I can’t wait to reap the rewards.


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Re: The Un-Fairy Tale (M/M,AU,Mature) Chapter 4 10/23/08

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A/N - Thanks for being so patient with me, my time is not my own anymore so it's harder and harder for me to sit down online. I wanted to thank all of you who are reading, leaving feedback and such. I appreciate it more than you know. I hope I did some justice to the Candy fans, and I hope Nibbles2 that it was worth it for you as well.

I will say it was fun for me to focus on another couple for a change, so I have this challenge to thank, otherwise can't say I would have done it :D


Chapter Five


I watch Max and Liz and wonder when some of that fairy dust will sprinkle my way. I don’t think it’s too much to ask; then again I haven’t helped myself in this situation. I gave Michael the perfect in, and never asked for anything in return. For all he knew it was sex with no strings attached.

I should have been smarter, but all I cared about was getting into bed with him finally. And while it was good, really good, great in fact, it doesn’t make up for the fact that while he was a complete asshole, I didn’t really make my feelings known. I didn’t tell him that I was in love with him. And I sure as hell didn’t let him know that sleeping with him would be more than sex. How was he supposed to know?

Still, as I listen to Max address me with concern in his eyes, I feel like a fool. Michael knew better. He’s smart…well sort of. I didn’t have to tell him it was strings very much attached.

“I can’t believe him, Maria. Michael, well you know his reputation, but not with you. I never thought you were in any danger of him. He hasn’t even told me about it. Not, that I want an inside of your sex life…ever.” He pauses, looking uncomfortable.

“Max, stop blushing, focus on Maria here. She needs your help,” Liz says while pinching his reddened cheek.

“Okay, what you need to do is ignore him.” He looks proud and just a little smug. I chance a glance at Liz and she looks just as baffled.

“That’s it? That’s your grand master advice?”

“Yes,” he says, big smile on his face. Why don’t I feel confident?

“Max, are you sure?” Liz asks, not sounding confident at all.

“Yes. The sure fire way to piss a man off is…well…just ignore him.” He hurries the conversation along and takes a bite of Liz’s cheeseburger.

Liz and I look at each other, and then our curious gazes fall back on Max.

“What?” he says over a mouthful.

“What aren’t you telling us?” asks Liz, offering up a big smile, boy oh boy, Max is done for if that’s the way she handles him.

“A man will never give away all his secrets. It’s bad enough once you women get an inch you take a yard. So all you’re going to get out of me is, ignore him. Now I’m late.”

He jumps up from his chair but Liz’s hand on his arm halts him. “Where are you going?”

“I have…something to do. I’ll see you later.”

“Max, what is going on?” she asks him, sounding suspicious.

“Nothing,” he says and leans down to kiss her quickly, he looks up and offers me a wink before heading out of the door like he’s got the devil on his ass.

I smile at Liz. “You think it will work?”

She returns it with a shrug of her shoulders. “I think men need to be a bit clearer, but I have faith. If Max says to ignore Michael, then I would do it. What have you got to lose?”

She’s right. But I don’t like leaving things to chance, that hasn’t worked out so well for me so far.

Chapter Six

The – Not – So – Fairy – Tale – Week After

So far, operation ignore the slime ball, has failed. It’s been a week since I’ve started using Max’s advice and so far, Michael seems to enjoy us not making eye contact or any communication at all.

Tonight, oddly enough Michael and I find ourselves in the house alone together. Max has finally told Liz how he feels about her and ever since then, they have been inseparable. I have this feeling that, sometime in the near future, Max will move in with Liz.

I’m not sure how I feel about living here with Michael, but at least I do know I’d be happy for them. They both deserve it. Everyone does.

Except, it seems for me. Again, I find myself wallowing in self-pity and instead I should be downing my gallon of ice cream. Except that I have refused to leave my room until Max returns, or at least until I know that Michael either goes out or to bed.

Speaking of bed, I have noticed that for the past week he hasn’t been going out. I think it has a lot to do with Max’s time being taken up with Liz. Still, it seems odd because Max still makes time for Michael so maybe it’s something else. Maybe he hasn’t decided on a replacement for what’s her face.

It’s just after six when I hear a knock on my door. “Come in,” I call out and I’ll be damned if Michael’s head doesn’t pop in.

Since I’m laying on my stomach, I only have to turn my head to address him. He doesn’t step into the, just opens the door and hovers there. I smile at him and then continue to flip through my Elle magazine. Liz says that I need to sharpen my female skills and knowledge so she got me buying just about every fashion magazine.

Although, I must say I’m pretty damn fashionable. Liz doesn’t get it, but I know I look good…sort of.

“Are you going to say something or just stand there holding up the door frame?” I quip lightly flipping another page.

“What are you doing?” he asks and I give him a look of disbelief. And that must motivate him enough to step fully inside, now he tries to hold up the wall.

What the hell is wrong with him?

“Looking at a magazine, you?”

He fidgets with his hair for a minute then crosses his arms over his chest before looking down at me. “I was…uhm…wondering if you ate dinner yet?”

“No. You?”


I nod my head and turn back to an article about fashion do’s when I hear him clear his throat.

I sigh and close the magazine, swing my legs around and look up at him, “Is there something you want?” I can’t keep the edge off my voice.

His brow creases and because I know that look, the defensive-jump-all-over-Maria look, I smile and wait for it.

“What the hell is your problem?”

“Nothing. I don’t have any problems.” I say standing and crossing the room to fix my hair in the mirror.

“Well I asked you if you wanted dinner and…”

I spin on my heels and say, “Actually you didn’t ask me if I wanted dinner, you asked me if I had dinner. Big difference, in case you missed it.”

“Whatever! I don’t know what the hell your problem is but I don’t need this shit.”

“Good, get out.”

He looks speechless, his mouth moves but no sound. Huh, well wonders never cease. I raise a brow at him and just wait.

“Look if you’re upset about the other night…”

“What would I be upset about? It was nothing, I’ve already forgotten it.” I try my best to sound bored, when all I feel like doing is crawling into bed and crying.

He looks at me, and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t look hurt. But that’s not possible.

“You’re avoiding me.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because you’re mad. And I can understand why. You…we…shouldn’t have…”

“Don’t say it,” I interrupt. What I don’t need is to hear that again.

Michael steps closer but I put a hand out between us, pausing his motions. “Okay, I won’t say it. But you should have never given me your virginity.”

“Well it was my choice, wasn’t it? Let’s not talk about this.” I try and make my way around him, but his hand stops me.

“Damn it woman, would you stand still for a minute? I have something to say.” I turn back to face him, move up just close enough to smell the mint mouthwash he just used and tell him, “Maybe I just don’t give a shit.”

“Don’t say that.”

“Why not? It’s what you want right?”

He visibly flinches, and pulls me closer, holding my shoulders and does the least expected thing; he presses his forehead against mine and whispers, “Maria.”

I find myself whispering back, “What do you want from me?”

“I don’t know,” he says and then, “I want you to talk to me again. I want you to stop ignoring me. I want you to forgive me. I want you to be mad at me. I want you to yell at me and tell me I’m an asshole. I want you…to…damn it! I want you to know that it…that you…meant…mean something to me.” Since I can’t help but think I’ve just imagined his words, I ask him to repeat it and he gives me his half sexy quirky grin and leans in to kiss me.

“Why now? Why did you wait so long? I’ve been waiting here all this time your stubborn ass just didn’t care. I thought I wasn’t good enough…I thought we’d just be friends…hell maybe that’s all you want. I don’t know what goes on in that mind of yours and…hmmm,” my words cut off with his hands covering my mouth.

“Damn it, Maria can you shut up for a minute? I didn’t think you were interested because of my past. I thought maybe you should be with someone else, someone more your type. Someone who you liked,” he laughs softly and then locks his eyes on mine, his brown eyes piercing mine.

“Michael, you’re a pain in the ass, and yeah sometimes you’re an asshole, but I care about you, a lot. Maybe more than I should.” I don’t tell him I love him, he’s not ready for that, and maybe I’m not either.

He seems surprised, and just a little bit embarrassed. Michael whispers out, “Yeah, well I feel almost the same way.”

“Almost?” I ask, wondering what the hell he means.

“Almost.” He doesn’t say more about that, so I ask what he loves about me.

“For one, your sense of humor. The way you look at the world through bright green florescent glasses. I love that you’re so busy trying to figure out the world and your place in it, that you don’t realize you’re perfect exactly the way you are.” I don’t miss the fact that he uses the word love, but I try not to put too much in it. It’s still great to hear.

Now I’m surprised. “You really think so?”

His voice lowers, “I always have.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Cause I’ve got to say you have a lousy way of showing it.” He laughs out loud over that.

“I thought it would be better for you, if I never showed you how I felt. I thought for the most part you hated me. You just tolerated me because of Max.”

I’m quick to reassure him, “No, that’s not true. I was sure you couldn’t feel anything for me, so I didn’t even try.”

“That’s not like you.”

“I know, normally I tell you to stuff it. But I couldn’t be myself with you…I cared too much.” Now, I realize I’m at the point where I’m starting to sound like Max and Liz. I’m not sure if I like that. It’s okay, but not me and it sure as hell isn’t Michael.

“Then why? Why me?” he asks now.

“Why not?” I say wrapping my arms around his neck and leaning in and kissing his lips and I decide to hold off on telling him how much I love him. I think it's only right that in my fairy tale ending, the man should act like a damn prince and tell me he loves me first.

Knowing Michael though, I’ll have to get him drunk. In the end, though, I know it will be worth it because I wouldn’t take him any other way than perfectly imperfect.

The End