The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)*Complete* 7/1

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The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)*Complete* 7/1

Post by jake17 » Mon Oct 27, 2008 2:26 pm


thank you Ping for the amazing Banner!!

Title: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker
Author: jake17
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell
Pairings: M/L
Rating: Adult
Summary: Needing to escape the big city, Mystery writer Elizabeth Parker rents a house far up in the woods in a tiny isolated town in Maine. Not knowing the horrifying history of this abandoned old farmhouse she believes it will be a perfect quiet place to work. Little by little she realizes that she is not alone in this seemly serene charming home. Will she be brave enough to try and discover what terrifying secret haunts this house or will she run as far as she can away, even if it meant leaving him... forever.

Author’s Note: OK so it’s so close to Halloween I just had to write a scary romantic Max and Liz story. My muse just won’t leave me alone. I still blame Jason… :wink:

Chapter 1.

As we speed down the rolling hills of this pretty much non existent town I hope that I can finally get the peace that I’ve been craving for after leaving the city.

“So what brings you to these neck of the woods?”

‘Ok so we don’t always get what we hope for.’

Driving me to the house that promises me the seclusion I desperately need is a very bubbly blonde girl who looks to be around my age. She obviously is very happy to have someone young to talk to and is making the most of the long trek up to what I hope will be my place of refuge.

“Well I recently decided to leave the firm I was working for to work on a novel.”

Her eyes light up and I can see the curiosity rising up in her as she taps the steering wheel to the music on the radio.

“A novel? Wow that is so interesting? What kind of novel?”

I breathe a sigh of relief as I notice the dirt road we’ve turned onto to, we must be here. Hoping I can get out of answering any more questions. I ask about the house.

“So are we almost here?”

I see a noticeable change in Maria’s expression as soon as I mention the house that is starting to come into view.

I sink into my seat, as the reality of the description I read about and the actual appearance look nothing alike.


Maria flashes a little smile while consciously avoiding eye contact with me.

“It just needs a little cosmetic work, a little gardening, painting it’ll be fine.”

Pulling my luggage out of her back seat I push back the doubts that are creeping into my brain.

“It will do just fine. I’m not here on vacation, I’m here to work.”

Maria grabs one of my suitcases and walks me up to the faded red door and promptly sets it on the ground and hands me the keys.

“Aren’t you going to come in?”

Walking backwards Maria suddenly becomes very nervous as she stutters and trips to her car.

“ I have so many house to show today I really must be going. The station wagon in the driveway works the keys are on the ring I just gave you. There is a hardware store and a small food mart in town, if there is anything you need my number is on my card I gave you earlier. I really have to go I’ll check on you later in the week.”

I watch confused as the blue SUV peels out of the driveway leaving a wake of flying dust and dirt.

‘Don’t freak Parker it’s a small town. It will just take some time getting used to.’

As I open the door a strong musty damp odor hits me right away. It’s quite evident that this house has not been lived in for years.

I look around at the spacious rooms that are covered with cobwebs. There are dusty white sheets covering all of the furniture. Big brown shutters with long dark emerald green heavy drapes cover the tall large windows that are too few and far between leaving the house very dark.

The walls are covered in antique flowered wallpaper with framed black and white pictures of people that look less than happy with life are scattered about.

As I go into the kitchen I get an instant headache. They could have at least cleaned before renting the place I complain to myself as I look at the dingy floor and counter tops.

What is really peculiar is that the table is set and there are dead flowers in a vase on the counter. It almost appears as if some event happened in this room and everything was just left undisturbed.

‘Ok relax Parker what did you expect renting an old farmhouse in the middle of a desolate town in Maine. Stephen king couldn’t write a better set up for a horror movie.’

As I make my way upstairs I spot an old stuffed animal. Picking it up I smile as it reminds me of Mr. Behr, a stuffed teddy bear I still carry around with me.

Spotting what seems to be the master bedroom I throw my suitcase on the bed. This house needs tons of work but all I can think about is a hot shower and a good night’s sleep.

A wide smile spreads across my face as I see an old fashioned huge white bathtub big enough to fit two of me in.


I turn the water on as I start to undress throwing everything on the floor too tired to worry about neatness at this point.

As I step into the steamy hot bath my body instantly relaxes as I ease my way down and close my eyes.

‘Finally peace and quiet’ I whisper as I sink deeper into the soothing warm water.

As I start to wash my arms and neck with the soapy washcloth I hear something off in the distance.

I freeze and cover my chest with the tiny towel as I listen more intensely,

It sounds like someone is breathing. The disturbing part is it sounds like it’s close to me, almost next to my ear.

I start to shake unable to think or move.

Then as quickly as it came the sound disappeared.

A laugh to myself thinking how exhaustion can really play tricks on your mind, obviously I needed to get away.

As I close my eyes again dismissing the whispering as an overactive imagination and the reminisce of the incredible stress I’ve been through I start to calm down.

As I slip into a sleepy state of relaxation I am once again jarred awake by the door slowly closing. I stare at it knowing this is definitely not my imagination.

The horrible squeaking sound it makes as it slowly closes sends shivers up my spine.

In a flash I am out of the tub and in my robe. Sitting on the edge of my bed I contemplate what to do next. It’s pitch black outside and there is no way I would be able to find my way back to town.

I could call my realtor Maria but it’s so late, and really what am I supposed to say. I’m the crazy person from the big city who thinks the house you rented me is haunted.

Yeah neither option sounded feasible.

Pulling my nightgown over my head and brushing out my damp hair I start to think rationally.

This is an old house, it’s bound to make unexplained noises and as far as the door closing, this house is huge. A large draft could’ve been responsible for that.

Feeling a lot calmer I climb under the covers on the huge four-poster bed and move to my side.

‘Don’t worry Parker tomorrow will be better. You have to just give it a chance.’

Just as my eyes are about close something catches my attention on the round antique nightstand.

It’s a picture of a young man. Possibly about my age, he is dressed in a suit and tie. He is indescribably handsome with dark short hair with bangs that brush over the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. He has a look of intense sadness almost painful loneliness as he looks back at me as if he is gazing right into my soul.

He looks so kind and sensitive as he stands there alone in front of the house that at the time looks sparkling new.

I can’t help to wonder why he is so sad and why he stands alone.

As I close my eyes my thoughts remain of the mysterious stranger that has somehow stayed with me as I slowly fall asleep.

In the middle of the night I am wakened by a soft gentle caress along my long hair that is lying across the pillow.

As my eyes flutter open it suddenly stops.

Thinking that I must be dreaming I quickly drift back as I curl up and wrap the blankets tighter around my shoulders.

I smile as I imagine it's that beautiful man in the picture staying with me making sure I'm protected.


Should I continue? :oops:
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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)chpt110/27/08

Post by jake17 » Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:24 pm

Pijeechinadoll: I want to read your ghost story Ping! And have I mentioned how much I love my banner!! because I do!! thank you sweetie! :D
Lena7: "Mr. Behr." I know I just had to do it Lena! thank you so much for your sweet fb! :D
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Shattered Dreamer: omg you are so nice!! thank you! dont worry he will be making himself known very soon! :D
L-J-L 76: Ha! I love your fb's !! So excited to see you here! thank you so much!! :D

Chapter 2.

As the cool air drifts across my face I awaken to a dreary grey morning. It’s a typical October day in New England and coffee is definitely needed to wake me up.

The mountain of chores that is waiting for me is disturbing and is actually slowing my will to even start anything.

As lower myself from the ridiculously high bed, I happen to stumble onto my biggest suitcase. I smile as I pull out my Mr. Behr. I’ve had him since I was two and I just can’t seem to let him go. Sleeping with him just makes me feel loved and secure. I shake my head knowing how childish it is to have a pretend behr comforting you at night, but really I don't care I love him!

As I plop him on my bed my thoughts return to the old torn puppy stuffed animal I found last night on the steps. Looking around the worn wallpaper I realize that this must have been her parents bedroom. I wonder if she’s sad that she left her stuffed animal behind in the move.

“Well I’m sure your parents bought you a new one little girl.”

As soon as my words leave my mouth the bedroom door slowly opens and the light near my bed flickers on and off several times before remaining in the on position.

“Ok bad wiring and a drafty house!”

I cheerfully push my fears away as I go down the stairs into the land of denial. It’s very comforting place for me to live in, this world of believing exactly what I want to be true. It’s where I know I’ll break through my writing block and witness my dream of becoming an actual paid author.

As I enter the disaster of a kitchen I search high and low for a coffee maker. The best I can find is a container of tea bags and the oldest kettle I’ve ever seen.

Sighing I make my tea and decide to put off all of my impending cleaning to get straight to work.

As I blow off the steam of my tea I search the living room for a comfy place to sit.

Spotting a large over stuffed chair I pull the dusty sheet off and breath out in relief. I found the perfect place to write, now if I can just open the dark shutters and let some light in I’ll be all set.

I struggle for what seems to be way too long with no luck. It seems as though the previous owners have sealed them shut for some crazy reason.


Looking over at my laptop I refuse to let anything take my attention away from the reason why I’m here to begin with.

I make myself comfortable and place my fingers on the keys, as if somehow that’s going to help the idea’s come faster.

As I reach for my tea I hear a noise coming from the upstairs bedroom. It’s loud enough to convince me that I cannot dismiss it.

“Out of all the houses to rent I have to get the haunted one.”

I nervously joke as I walk back upstairs to investigate.

The door is wide open and the picture of the handsome man is lying in the center of my bed.

“What the –

I sit carefully next to it and pick it up to get a closer look. Gently I wipe the dust off the glass with my sleeve.

His eyes capture my attention first. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a color quite like it. It’s almost a honey tone with a hint of gold. He is hands down the most beautiful striking man I have ever seen.

"Hmm why couldn’t you be staying with me in this big house. I wonder what your name is?”

Putting it back in it’s place I wonder out loud.

“Maybe Jake, yes you kind of look like a Jake to me."

After investigating the rest of the upstairs for what could’ve caused the noise I come up empty. That’s when I’m faced with a long string that is hanging down from what I can only assume is the attic.

As I reach up for the string I feel a gentle push on my shoulder making my hand miss the swinging rope. Taking that as a huge sign I run back down stairs and sit back in my cozy chair.

Looking up at the ceiling I whisper aloud.

“You’re doing this to give me inspiration for my story aren’t you?”

Once again I am determined to get some work done and ignore what is obviously my imagination and an old house.

Looking at the screen my eyes grow wide as my hands start to shake uncontrollably.

In tiny letters on the bottom of the screen is a name typed in bold capital letters.

I whisper it knowing in my heart that my question earlier has just been answered.


I close my computer quickly and stand up looking all around me.


Suddenly I hear the kitchen chairs moving in the other room.

Running to see what was happening now I stop dead in my tracks as my hand covers my open mouth.

In the vase where the dead flowers stood the night before is the most gorgeous bouquet of white roses.

Slowly I walk over to the fully bloomed petals and sigh as the fragrance floats all around me.

Leaning over I gently touch one of the roses and take a deep breath.

Closing my eyes I picture his chiseled features and his sad deep expression.

My heart races as I hear the faintest whisper waft past the back of my neck.

For you.”

I turn around quickly holding my heart as it pounds uncontrollably.

That was not an old house settling or my imagination.

One thing is perfectly clear.

I am not alone.
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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)chpt3 11/7/08

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Lena7: So happy you like this! thank you so much! :D
darkmoon: ok can you be any sweeter! thank you d. everything you say means so much to me! I hope you like this part. :D
L-J-L76: :lol: love love all your questions! Some of them are answered in this update, thank you so much! :D
martine: "writeracholic" :lol: it comes and goes Martine, but I love it when it's here. I think I need to be lost with Max as much as possible :wink: thank you so much love you being here! :D
begonia9508: Eve! There's no aliens here just a ghost. :wink: and some magic not powers but they're very close :wink: thanks so much for being here!! :D
morning dreamgirl:Ashley HI! I will definitely post on your birthday! :wink: Don't worry I know what you're looking for :wink: Thank you so much for being so sweet. Definitely check on the 18th. and happy birthday! :D
clash868: Hi, I thought I would write more as I patiently wait for another update to your story :wink: please come back soon! I am dying for more of a sin so sweet!! :D
Avalon Rose: Thank you so much for your fb! I love your avatar, so beautiful! :D
IHeartMax: Hello! OH don't worry seashell Ive got the adult part figure all out already :wink: :twisted: this is me we're talking about! thank you so much for being here! :D
dreamer19: hey K. thank you so much for your kind words!! You know how much they mean to me! :D
83 Alien Angel: thank you so much!! hope you like this part! :D

Chapter 3.

As I sit and stare continuously at the name that has been printed across the screen my imagination wanders.

My fingers trace the letters as my mind drifts to the beautiful young man in the picture.


As I whisper his name out loud my teacup slides closer to me by itself. I look to the couch beside me wondering if he is sitting right next to me.

Suddenly I hear a loud bang that vibrates through the entire house. I gaze up to the ceiling as fear runs through me. It’s coming from the attic again.

The temperature around me starts to drop and I am officially afraid. Just then I start to hear footsteps descending the stairs. A very oppressive feeling overcomes me as I look around the room in a panic.


I call out to him but everything inside me is telling me that it’s not him. The closet door begins to open as I get out of the chair and grab my coat. Just as I make it out the front steps I hear it slam over and over again. As I speed off in the lime green wood paneled station wagon something is very apparent to me. Something else is in that house and something tells me it’s not a kind boy who means me no harm.

Sitting outside the one room library I’m still getting curious stares from every one who passes by. I’m sure the rumor that they finally rented out the big creepy haunted house has reached the entire town by now. I feel like the new zoo exhibit as everyone peeks in my fashionable car.

I am pleasantly surprised to find a young man behind the desk instead of an old spinster librarian as I peak around the corner. I hope that he’ll be able to shed some light on some of the history of my new lively home.

He greets me with a big warm friendly smile as I approach him. He’s sitting back with his feet on the desk listening to music. I like him already.

“Hi, I’m Alex can I help you with anything?”

Before I can get anything out he jumps up and comes over to my side of the desk.

“How is it living in the old Evan’s house? I’ve never met anyone who has lasted through the night.”

“Oh, so you know who I am.”

He gives me a sweet smile and escorts me over to a table where we both sit down.

“Liz, everyone knows who you are. You’re the biggest news to hit us since Helen lost her patience with her cheating husband and shot his thumbs off.”

“Oh, I had no idea I was so popular.”

“Don’t worry Liz they put every stranger who comes to town through the wringer. So I hear you’re a writer, is that why you’re here today? Can I help you find something?”

“How did you know?”

“Maria’s a good friend of mine.”


“That’s why you’re here right?”

“Well, I was wondering if you had any information about the house I’m living in.”

Suddenly his eyes grew wide as he jump out of his seat again a disappeared into the back and reappeared with a stack of old albums and newspapers.

“I knew it! Tell me everything! Is it haunted like everyone says? Have you heard anything, seen anything?”

Laughing I consider whether telling him everything or not. The last thing I need is for everyone to think I’m crazy on top of everything else.

“No, no nothing like that. It’s just an interesting house. I’m curious about the families that lived there before, that’s all.”

Disappointment covers Alex’s face as he shrugged and plops the first dusty newspaper in front of my face.

“You mean family, as in one.”

I look down at the family portrait and my mysterious housemate as I read the headline.


There standing in Period clothing is the same family I’ve seen in pictures all over the house. Max looks handsome as ever standing next to his father. His expression was much the same as the other photos I’ve seen, very sad and lonely. I can’t help but wonder what is behind his demeanor.

“You mean since they lived there I’m the only one?”

“Well no one from this town is going to move in there after this.”

Alex plops down another newspaper and my heart clenches.


“Oh my god!”

“I know, weird. They were all killed with a hatchet except for the father. He was shot to death. They never did find out who did it. “

“That’s horrible”

My eyes immediately fell to Max as Alex continued talking.

“I guess there is a cousin that lives in California. She owns the house now, Isabel I think her name is. She tried to sell it but with a history like that who is going to buy it. So she –

“Rented it out.”

“Yeah, but you are the only one who’s been brave enough to last the night. Hey are you sure nothing happened?”

I nod as I immediately put my coat on and head for the door. Something is pulling me back to that house, back to Max.

“Alex you’ve been great, thank you so much I have to get home. I’ll come back later on during the week so we can talk more, ok?”

“Well you know where to find me. Hey there’s a diner next door why don’t I call Maria and the three of us can meet there for dinner one night. You shouldn’t be alone up there all the time you’ll go crazy.”

“Sure Alex that sounds great. Have Maria call me.”

The trees fly by as I speed back up to the old house, colors of red orange and yellow flicker past me as my mind imagines what happened to that poor boy. My stomach hurts thinking that he couldn’t have been much older than me.

As I stumbled into the house with my groceries I can smell the sweet fragrance coming from the roses.

All the heavy dark feelings that consumed me are gone now. I look around not knowing what to expect.

Sighing in frustration I turn to the kitchen and decide to stop wasting the day and get to work.

The next several hours were spent cleaning. Not feeling very hungry I decided to cut up some fruit and take it up stairs with my laptop. I was determined to get something accomplished today.

As I peeled off my grimy sweatshirt and jeans that I had been cleaning in all day I started to think I was crazy. It had been hours since I heard anything. Maybe it was Maria who replaced the flowers. Maybe staring at his picture just made me want to believe something was happening. Maybe I’ve seen too many movies.

As I ease into a hot bath my mind starts to calm. I can feel my body start to relax as I sink deeper into the bubbles.

Right at the very moment I convince myself that this was all in my head I start to hear something.

At first it sounds like the wind blowing threw the cracks down the hallway but then it gets closer. My heart is racing as his deep soft voice whispers in my ear.

Elizabeth, so beautiful.”

I can’t explain how I feel as the words drift gently across my cheek. It’s as though he’s sitting on the floor right beside me. My chest starts to rise and fall quickly as I imagine him staring at me lying naked in the bath.

This is crazy. This just can’t be happening. My brain is telling me to get out. To jump up and get dressed and run to Maria but my heart is saying something different.

I can almost feel his heated gaze on me. I can’t help but feel aroused. I can picture his sensual amber eyes staring down on me watching me. My face is flushed as I feel my body begin to respond to his seductive whisper. I lick my dry lips as I gather the courage to speak.


My breath is coming in short sharp pants as I feel his hand close over mine.

“Don’t be frightened, I would never harm you.”

Not knowing how this is possible I feel his fingers lace through mine.

My eyes slide shut as I hear my name whispered again.


My head falls back against the tub as I feel the soft pressure of his lips on my neck.

This can’t be real.

I must be dreaming.

I can't help but breathe out as his fingers start to caress my arm. His warm lips gently brush across my collarbone as I begin to hear the door creaking. Suddenly it slams shut and my eyes fly open. Water slouches over the sides and I sit up and cover myself.

I smooth my hair back as I rock back and forth.

“It wasn’t real. It was just a dream.”

“I was just a dream.”
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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)chpt4 11/18/08

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Pijeechinadoll (Ping)
Morning Dreamgirl (Ashley)
Avalon Rose
dreamer19 (Kristin)
83Alien Angel
Janetfl (Jan)


This chapter is dedicated to Morning Dreamgirl, Ashley.

I found out through one of her feedbacks that November 18 (today) is her Birthday. :D I know that you wanted an Adult scene written especially on this special day for you but they are not there yet in the story. :roll:
But don’t you worry! Oh course I have found a way around this problem, I couldn't give it all away already but hopefully it's enough to make you happy :) :wink: This is all for you!!


Chapter 4.

As I climb onto the ridiculously high bed and ease into the covers I let my fingers glide down the spot on my neck that I was positive I felt his incredibly warm mouth touch my skin.

Just the thought of this heats my body in a way that not even a living Man has ever been able to accomplish.

As I stare at the plate of fruit on my nightstand I decide I am just too tired to eat.

Turning over to my side my eyes are once again aligned with his. Unable to look away I feel like he’s almost drawing me in, calling out to me.

The logical side of my brain feels the need to come up with a rational explanation for all of this.

Which is actually not all that difficult. For one I am a writer, which by nature leaves me cursed with a huge imagination, staying in an old New England Victorian home out in the middle of nowhere is not helping.

If that is not enough this house is steeped in folklore about mysterious unsolved murders and ghosts that have made people go running screaming into the night.

Throw in the stress of an ever so nearing deadline and trying to have enough faith in myself to start a new career it’s no wonder I’m hearing and seeing things.

Still I can’t help but think back to the roses that magically came to life and the words I heard whispered in that incredibly sultry voice.

Sure I can chalk it up to a much needed erotic dream in the bathtub but it seemed so real.

I laugh to myself thinking that my self-imposed life as a nun was finally getting to me.

After finding out that my last boyfriend from the city also had a wife and three kids I decided to take a break from the male species.

Getting one last glimpse of Max and his kind sorrow filled eyes I reach out and touch his image lightly.

“Max if you’re real? If it’s really you that has been visiting me and …touching me, please give me a sign.”

I’m not sure if it was all the excitement of the day or something more personal, intimate but as I pulled the blankets over my shoulder and closed my eyes I felt very strongly that I was not alone.

Whispering to myself as I drift off to sleep I ask him to come to me, to explain why he is so sad and so alone.


At some point in the night my eyes open to a world I am very unfamiliar with. I am standing outside looking up at the old Victorian house that looks any but.

It’s vibrant colors pop with Blue and violet trim against the rest of the outside that is a pale yellow. It’s nighttime and the house is alive with music and loud laughter and conversation.

The grounds are just as beautiful as the house, immaculately adorned with every color flower in the rainbow and precisely trimmed bushes and trees.

I look up at the beautiful night sky that is lined with bright stars and a huge romantic luminescent full moon.

“It sure is a beautiful night.”

Gasping at the voice behind me I turn quickly needing desperately to see if it was truly him.


A breathtakingly warm large smile spreads slowly across his handsome face as he puts out his arm offering it to me.

“Shall we go inside?”

Nodding as if I am in a trance I slip my arm under his and he instantly covers his other hand over mind.

Immediately I look down at our hands and notice that mine are encase in white gloves. Halting our descent up the stairs I look straight down onto this gorgeous pale blue gown that is trimmed in white lace. My mouth falls open in shock. Suddenly I am very aware of the corset that I am wearing that is making my breasts practically spill out of this silky tight dress.

Max squeezes my hand and gives me a comforting nod forward making me feel very safe and protected in this obvious dream that is showing me his life at one time.

I am almost ready to faint as I enter the house that in no way resembles the broken down cobwebbed filled mess that I had in a very short time grown accustomed to.

Large sparkling crystal chandlers hung from the ceiling of almost every room. Every piece of furniture looked like it was carved by hand with velvet embossed designs weaving it’s way through everything right down to the heavy thick rich drapes that crisscrossed alone the tall stained glass windows.

Classical music floated over the many loud conversations that echoed throughout each room.

I followed Max as if he held the air to my lungs from room to room completely taken by his gentle sweet demeanor and protective strong presence.

Suddenly we stopped in front of a heavy cherry wood door that was cracked slightly.

“My father’s office.”

Suddenly the smile that I instantly fell in love with disappeared as he hung his head low and sighed despondently.

“I told you I there will be no exceptions Mr. Crawford, whoever cannot make their mortgage will be thrown out into the street and the houses will be resold.”

“But Mr. Evan’s since the factory closed most of the town is out of work, isn’t there any way we can –

“I told you before this is not my problem Lewis, find out who is delinquent of my loans and get those foreclosure notices out immediately!”

“Yes Mr. Evans right away sir.”

Unable to look me in the eyes Max once again whisks me away, this time heading through the kitchen and past the servants who are working diligently on keeping the drinks and food flowing.

After making our way through a big crowd of people our age that are gossiping about the latest scandal Max pulls me into a dark room and closes the door behind us.

Growing very scared I call out to him as I try to feel my way around for a light switch when I realize that electricity hasn’t even been invented yet.

“Max? Max? Where are you?”

Suddenly I hear the strike of a match and turn around to see him lighting a oil lantern on the nightstand.

We are back in my - his bedroom now.

I can’t help but stare at him and how handsome he looks in his period clothing.

As if he is drawn to me like a moth to light he makes his way slowly in my direction.

The once worn torn wallpaper is full of effervescent designs giving the room a very romantic feeling to it.

Silently he walks close to me and directs me to the mirror that is hanging over the dark cherry engraved desk.

My hair is piled on my head with loose big curls spilling down onto my neck. Large dangling diamond earrings are swinging from my ears, which draws my attention to the stunning necklace of a large pear shaped amethyst that is resting between my breasts.

I turn towards him finding my body brushed up against him with our close proximity.

“I’m dreaming.”

I whisper the obvious not knowing what else to say as my heart pounds rapidly as he lifts the back of his hand and strokes my cheek.


“But what I heard and saw tonight did happen didn’t it?”


“Max why did –

Holding his fingers up to my lips to silence me he moved his mouth against my ear.

“There isn’t much time, he will be coming to find me soon.”

“Who will be-

Before I can even think of what my next words were going to be Max smoothed his hands along my neck lifting my face up towards him.

Barely brushing his lips to my breathless mouth he whispered softly as he gazed passionately into my wide eyes.

“I have waited for what seems like an eternity for you my sweet Elizabeth.”

My entire body shivers as he glides his hand down from my cheek tracing a path along my jaw. With his eyes never leaving mine he flattens out his fingertips and skims down my pulsating neck between my breasts that are pouring out of this antique dress.

He is visibly shaken as his eyes fall to my full cleavage. With great care he lifts the jewel from my heated skin and holds it for a second in his closed hand.

“I gave this to you the night we …

His face turns red as he blushes and looks away.

“The night we what Max…tell me.”

With heavy lidded eyes he closed in on me and gently parted my mouth with his soft lips and caressed my tongue with slow deliberated laps.

Letting me go long enough to gasp his answer to me he breathed out with a seductive whisper that almost brought me to my knees.

“The night we made love.”

Suddenly my eyes popped open and I was back in my bed sitting up and gasping for air.

I could still feel his mouth on my lips and his hands on my body.

As I grabbed for the black and white photo of him and felt for the neckless that was no longer there my heart raced for answers.

Truth be told my heart raced for him.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)chpt5 12/9/08

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Morning Dreamgirl: Hi Ashley! I love you too!! :) Wow I loved how you analyzed this! I loved all your questions! Unfortunately I can't answer you right now. As far as Liz and Max sleeping together and the times...well lets just say love knows no rules.. :wink: I loved your fb! thank you so much!! :D
Lena7: So happy you like where I'm taking this! It's so nice to be back! thank you for everything!! :D
Jan:x2 omg I just love you to death! You are so funny Jan!! I can't believe you compared me to those writers! I just have no words for that! You are so incredibly sweet to me! thank you so much!! I really hope you like this part! I may be a little rusty, I think its been 2 whole weeks since I"ve written anything! :lol:
roswell 3053: Hello you! I"m so happy you are liking this so much! I will have answers soon I promise! thank you for being here! :D
AvalonRose: You are definitely on the right track with your quesses! thank you so much for your awesome fb! :D
destinyc: Hello destiny!! So happy you think this is lovely, that means so much coming from you! thank you!! :D
begonia9508: OMg Eve I would miss him too!!! :wink: thank you so much for being here !! :D
Hunter:x2 Monica! I miss you!! So happy you think this is romantic!! love you my precious Monica! thank you!! :D
Ken_r: x2I am so honored that you like this Ken! I was so surprised! thank you so much for letting me know!! :D
darkmoon: Ha! got you into another dreamer d! its all over! :P :lol: sorry there are no cookies here just lots of sweet sensitive ghostly Max! Tell Seki to please shut up I can hear him groaning from here! :wink: love you seki!! thanks d! You are awesome!! :D
angelina: HI sweetie!!!!! so happy you are here! love hearing from you so much! thank you! :D
clash868: I promise everything will make sense soon! So happy your here! thank you so much!! :D
83 Alien Angel:x2: Hmm LIz finding the neckless.. can you please stop reading my mind! :wink: :D You are so dead on about everything its scary! thank you so much for your awesome fb!! :D
IheartMax: All you care about is the adult scene seashell. :wink: .. I LOVE YOU!! :D :lol: We are just too much alike! You will get your smut have no fear! :wink: thank you for just being the greatest person ever sweetie!! :wink: :D
L-J-76: Hi!!!! as always I am loving all your questions sweetie!!! i promise to reveal more in the next update. thank you so much.!! :D

Chapter 5.

Fixated on the clarity of my dream and how the sensation of Max touching me was still heating my skin I nearly jumped out of bed when I heard the doorbell.

Running down the stairs my hand was still searching the bare skin where the magnificent jewel rested in all its glory.

As I open the door I see two big shiny green eyes peering over a grocery bag overflowing with vegetables and several loaves of French bread.

Rubbing my eyes I'm shocked when I see Alex coming up the walk.

“Alex, Maria… I-I wasn’t expecting …I mean did we have plans today?”

A warm smile greets me as Alex hands over a bottle of wine.

“No plans, we just thought we’d drop in and keep you company.”

Keeping his eyes on me Alex lowers his mouth to a very frightened Maria and whispers something in her ear.

With a big sigh and a sarcastic roll of her eyes Maria shoves the bag of food into Alex’s arms and walks past me into the kitchen.

“What did you say to her?”

Alex wraps his arm around my shoulder and winks at me playfully; in an instant I know we will be friends for life.

“I told her that the house wasn’t interested in devouring short blonde haired pixies, actually that’s another reason why we’re here.”

Reaching into his backpack he pulls out a very old book that is only being held together by a few strategically placed elastic bands.

“Alex I don’t think you should show it to her, you are going to freak her out.”

I sleepily slide into the kitchen chair and look up at them both completely confused.

“Ok wait two things, why are you at my house at this ungodly hour with dinner and wine and what exactly do you have that’s going to freak me out.”

Alex raises his eyebrows at Maria who silently answers him by throwing her hands up in the air and turning away.

I watch as he brings the large olive colored cracked album over to me and plops it down in front of my face.

He flips to a certain page that is being held in place by a pink florescent heart shaped sticky note and sits next to me.

“Liz, number one it’s three o’clock in the afternoon and number two does this person look at all familiar to you?”

I hold Alex’s watch in front of my face for a second completely stunned that I'd managed to sleep half the day away when my attention is drawn to a group photo. As my eyes scrutinize each person and the beautiful room they are standing in I quickly realize that it’s the same crowd that Max escorted me through in my vivid dream last night.

The back row catches my eye instantly. It’s the Evan’s family looking very much like they do in all their pictures, very proper and sober. Standing next to Phillip is Max with a very apprehensive stare that almost seems to reach through the faded yellowed paper and grasp your soul.

My heart starts to thump hard against my chest as I follow his arm down to see that his hand is sitting gently, almost protectively on the shoulder of a young woman in a beautiful Victorian gown. A large grand hat is casting a shadow on half her face that is timidly looking down at the ground. I push my chair back with my bare feet and start to shake uncontrollably.

“Crap! I told you not to show her Alex! Look at her! She’s hyperventilating!”

“Shit! Liz? Liz are you ok?”

I look up at the two of them unable to speak as I gasp harder and harder for air that is leaving my lungs quicker than it should.

“Quick Alex put her arms over her head!”

“That’s for people who are choking Maria!”

“Well slap her on the back then!”

“Also used for choking, get a paper bag!”

“Alex I don’t think she wants us to pack her a doggy bag right now!”

“It’s for her to breath into Maria!”

“I don’t see any little bags, we only have the big one we brought!”

Their irrational conversation has snapped me out of my catatonic state as I make my way into the living room and into my large comfy chair that I’ve become very attached to.

“I’m ok.”

As I pull my knees up to my chest my eyes hesitantly gaze up at the backdrop to this photo that looks very different today.

I can feel Maria and Alex staring at me as I walk up to the antique mantel that is delicately carved with obvious care.

Closing my eyes I can almost feel Max’s presence behind me lovingly comforting me. So many questions fill my mind as I grasp for understanding how this is at all possible.

Turning to my newfound friends I quietly ask them the obvious question.

“Who is that in the picture? I-I mean I know it looks like me but of course it can’t be. Do you have any idea -

“Sorry Liz. I was doing some research on the Evans family and Phillip’s estate when I stumbled on this picture. I couldn’t believe it myself. I can’t find any record of who that woman is anywhere. There is no evidence of her as a resident of the town.”

“Liz honey this has to be a relative of yours it’s just too close a resemblance. We thought we’d show it to you and you could ask your family.”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible Maria, I was adopted as a baby, I have no idea who my real family is.”

“There has to be a way we can find out who your real parents are Liz.”

Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to keep up my brave façade I took a deep breath and began to tell them how I was quite sure that the woman in the picture was me.


Holding her hand out in front of me Maria signals to the kitchen.

“If we are going down this road we need wine.”

Alex followed her as they prepared a variety of cut of veggies with cheese and long slices of the fresh bread.

We ended up talking the night away. I filled them in on my dream and all the strange occurrences and they educated me on the history of the Evans family and all the old ghost stories that were attached to the house.

It was comforting having them with me. I felt better sharing my secret with people who wouldn’t look at me like I was the next resident for the Shady Acres lunatic asylum.

After saying goodbye to Alex and Maria sometime after one in the morning I looked around and decided that the next day seemed like a much better time to clean our mess.

Exhausted I began to climb the cherry dark wood stairs with visions of Max swirling around in my head.

I couldn’t help but hope that he would appear once again in my dream and hold me in his arms.

As I turned to make my way into my bedroom I reached up to grasp the carved doorknob when suddenly the air around me becomes icy cold.

I froze and became immediately sober as I watched my breath leave my mouth and float out into the space in front of me.

I began to feel a very oppressive sensation pressing down on my chest and pathetically called out for him.


In my heart I knew that he had nothing to do with this terrifying feeling that was overcoming me. Nothing about Max was scary or aggressive; somehow I knew that he would never hurt me. This, whatever this was had a whole other agenda.

Just then a force stronger than anything I have ever witnessed before burst through the attic blowing apart the trap door sending pieces of the ladder flying down the hallway.

I fell to the floor and wrapped my arms around myself and closed my eyes tight. My blood ran cold as I felt an invisible force creep closer and closer to me.

I could hear a man breathing hard and fast close to my ear as I covered my head with my hands.

“Please stop!”

The noise of the splintered wood slamming against the walls and the dark force breathing down my neck was beyond petrifying.

I cried into my sleeves silently begging it to go away like a child.

That’s when I heard its maniacal growl for the first time.

“Leave this house.”

Desperately I tried to crawl down the hall to the stairs blindly as tears streamed down my face.

Using all of my strength I finally was able to beak free of the cold dark energy that was surrounding me and bolted down the stairs.

As I reached the last step I felt relief wash over me knowing that the front door was almost in reach.

When I raised my foot to step onto the first floor I stopped as a form started to materialize in front of me.

My mouth fell open as his sweet handsome face solidified before me.

A look of intense love and sympathy covered his face as he reached out for me and grazed the back of his hand against my cheek.

Within seconds the house was completely silent.

A gentle smile covered his innocent face as he whispered to me.

“It’s over now Liz, he’s gone. I’m here now.”

As his warm skin touched my face I closed my eyes and relaxed under his continued murmurs.

“I’m here now.”
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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)chpt6 1/17/09

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Seriously everyone you have no idea how much your incredible fb means to me. Your keeping my head above water... your all angels as far as I'm concerned...thank you so so much!!!
Carrie :D

Chapter 6.

My head was filled with confusion and tremendous relief. For the first time Max has fully materialized in front of me leaving no more room for doubt.

I drink him in as if he is the finest wine that has past my lips, standing there in front of me is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. His beauty is only secondary to his kind gentle loving aura that is so strong around him it’s almost too much for me to handle.

At this moment I don’t care that I’m talking to a ghost. I just want him near me…forever.

I try to speak but nothing comes out but a raspy stutter. Clearing my throat I try and tear my eyes away from his full lips that are smiling at me with great empathy.

“Why can I see you?”

“You’ve had the dream, you are starting to believe in me now. The more you believe, the more open your heart is to seeing what you’ve been taught to be impossible.”

I look down at his old fashion shoes and an intense fear runs through me. If Max is real than whatever is in this house trying to kill me is also real.

“Max do you know who’s been trying to hurt me?”

A profound sadness envelops his entire body as he nods silently.

Suddenly the weight of the night hits me and I become extremely dizzy. I brace my hand against the wall almost falling backwards.

Concern replaces his sadness as he steps closer to me.

“You must rest now, go lie in my bed.”

My eyes widened with alarm that he will disappear.

“I will not leave your side, I promise.”

As I enter the dark bedroom panic again rips through my body remembering the terror I felt in this very spot just a few moments ago.

A soft whisper feathers my neck making me instantly feel safe again.

“I’m right behind you.”

With little concern for my sanity or the proper sexual steps between a human and a ghost I lift my shirt over my head and drop it to the floor.

My need to have him touch me is so overwhelming its almost painful. Not even knowing if this is possible I continue to undress remembering what he said. ‘The more I believe he is real …

Suddenly standing naked hearing his shaky breath against my skin I lose my slightly brave intention and close my eyes tight before slipping under the covers and pulling them up to my neck.

I can feel the bed sink and his warm hand brush across my cheek.

“You are more beautiful than I remember.”

“Then you remember? So that is …was me in the picture, in my dream.”

“Not a dream a memory.”

“Max I’m so confused please, can you just hold me.”

“I cannot hold you, not yet, but if you close your eyes and lie very still, I can make you… feel.”

I breathlessly lie there with my eyes closed as the bedspread slowly leaves my body.

Soft lips touch my neck as his finger traces my bottom lip. This has to be heaven I think to myself as he covers his mouth over mine.

Tenderly he parts my lips and deepens our kiss caressing my tongue as I melt helplessly into him.

Needing to feel him I raise my hands to grasp onto him only to find nothing.

Suddenly everything stops except for my rapid heart rate.


I sit up in bed terrified that I’ve ruined everything.

“I’m here.”

My eyes follow his sensual soothing voice to the corner of the room.

He is pacing back and forth trying to get himself under control; clearly I am not the only one who wishes I could touch him.

“I’m sorry, I-I…. what did I do?”

He stops and tilts his head to the side pleading with me to understand, but all I can see is his sultry amber eyes looking at me with a desire I have never experienced before.

“My sweet girl, it has to be this way until.... you know the truth. Only then can we be together …only then can I ...make love to you.”

Just hearing him say the words makes me tremble.

“Then tell me, I want to know, I need you.”

Approaching the bed he looks very serious, too serious.

“You have to figure it out for yourself. I’m sorry there is nothing I can do about that. Until then I will protect you, I will do everything in my power to help you. I will help you remember in your dreams like last night. If you let me in I can at least bring you back in time, back when we were together …before…

Sighing he looks down and closes his eyes.

“Only you can stop him Elizabeth…only you. I am so sorry.”

Laying back down I close my eyes and do my best to push all of this aside. I need comfort, I need his love, I will face all of this in the morning. I can't even think anymore. I whisper to him feeling more confused than ever.

“What did you mean …you could make me feel? If I can’t touch you then-

My sentence is interrupted by a sharp gasp as I grab at the sheets fisting them in my hands.

My back arches into the air as his warm mouth covers my hard peak and his hand glides up the inside of my thigh.

A loud moan escapes my lips urging him on. His need to please me is only matched by my need to have him inside me.

Hungrily he slides his tongue covering me with open mouth kisses till he reaches my other breast.

Teasing my skin with slow circles he inches his way to where I need him the most.

My body is trembling as I beg him to touch me.


Releasing my achy nipple from his mouth he strokes it agonizingly slow back and forth with his tongue before stopping to speak. His husky deep tone leaves me teetering on the edge as a rush of liquid pools between my legs.

“I have waited so long for you.”

His tongue slides down my stomach leaving a trail of delicious shivers in its wake.

I cry out his name as he brushes his thumb across my clit. My fingernails dig into my hands as he slides his fingers through my folds.

“So wet…you were always so wet for me my love.”

Sliding his hands up my body he caresses my breasts as his tongue flutters through me.

“I remember you my sweet Elizabeth… I remember every inch of you.”

I could feel his hot breath on me as he murmures against my quivering skin. I pant harshly as he languidly swirles his tongue inside me.

“So sweet my love, I could never forget… the taste of you would linger on my tongue for days…the sound of your screams as I made you come would sooth my mind…making me only want you more. You have no idea how I’ve thirsted for you Elizabeth”

With one flick of his tongue across my swollen clit I fall screaming his name over and over again.

“That’s it my love come for me.”


For what seemed like hours we lay side-by-side staring into each other’s eyes until pure exhaustion forces me to slip into a deep sleep.

The strong scent of roses awaken me into another dream…or I guess I should say another memory.

We’re sitting in the formal parlor; I'm dressed in a pale yellow ball gown with long white gloves, he is in a tuxedo. His hair is slicked back making him look dangerously handsome.

“Your favorite.”

He smiles as he hands me a long stemmed white perfect rose.

I look down at my unusual attire and laugh.

“I look ridiculous.”

“You look stunning.”

From a distance I can hear yelling and cautiously look at Max.

Standing he reaches out for my hand and nods.

“You need to see this.”

The yelling gets louder as the voices enter the kitchen right behind us.

Tentively I stand and take his hand.

“I’m scared Max.”

“It’s just a memory. Nothing can happen to you.”

I nod as I turn to face the two people who I recognized immediately.

I hold the rose tight as I force myself to watch the nightmare begin to unfold before me.

Suddenly the face that I have feared turns towards us with a look of pure hatred.

“Come here my son.”

I turn quickly towards Max letting the rose fall to the ground as I unsuccessfully reach out to keep him from leaving me.

As he faces his father he turns and stares sympathetically at me.

“Remember it’s only a memory Elizabeth.”

“But Max!”

Seeing the axe high in the air above his head I scream and try to run but I am frozen, unable to move, unable to stop the horror that is playing out in front of me.

He stares at me with loving warm eyes as he surrenders to his fate.

“I love you.”

Screaming I sit up in bed as his words echo in my head.

“I love you.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)chpt6 1/17/09

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Due to a very bad back injury I haven't been able to update.

I promise to come back as soon as I can,

thank you for all your bumps and well wishes.


"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)AN 4/23/09

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Thank you so much for all the fb and well wishes ... destiny, angelina and Jessah a big thank you goes out to you! you have no idea how much I needed those sweet replies. Jessah you're a sweetheart~

Had to write this really fast, hope it's ok :oops:
thanks again
Carrie :)

Chapter 7.

With a scream that could probably shatter glass I sit up in bed shaking as tears stream from my face.

The horrifying image of the axe connecting to his head and the blood pouring down between his sweet sad eyes would be permanently burned into my brain.

I could barely walk as I got up from the bed and covered my sweaty body with a long tee shirt and made my way into the bathroom to splash some water on my face.

I stared down at my shaky hands and watched as the cool water slipped between my fingers.

“It’s only a memory.”

I repeated this over and over as I continued to cover my hot face hoping for some relief.

I was more confused than ever as I stood there mulling over the horrifying scene.

Why was I there?

Why did I need to be reminded of his ghastly fate?

My head was pounding almost as hard as my heart as I stared into the mirror over the sink at my reflection.

I opened up the medicine cabinet searching for some aspirin when I started to hear his evil voice echoing through the house.

Get out!”

This time there was no doubt as to who the beastly presence was.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I slowly closed the medicine cabinet.

My heart sank with paralyzing fear as his image peered at me through refection in the glass.

His black deep-set eyes burned into my soul with a hatred I have never known.

The bloody hole in his head from the single gunshot wound looked as if it happened yesterday.

I warned you not to interfere Elizabeth.”

I stumble backwards unable to tear my eyes away from his gruesome twisted expression.

My hand searched for the doorknob as I began to sob uncontrollably.

I couldn’t help the words that fell from my lips.

“H-How could you kill them? They were your children …I-I don’t understand!”

I fall to the ground and cover my face as the glass instantly shatters above me sending flying shards crashing against the wall above my head.

A monstrous scream vibrates off the walls as they begin to crack and shake.

Finally my hand is able to turn the doorknob and I run as fast as I can down the hall.


I can barely hear my own voice as he begins to tear into the rest of the house.

Pictures tumble to the ground as the furniture begins to bang up and down on the old wooden floors.

“Max please help me!”

Just as I make it to the staircase I feel something grab me around the ankles and slam me to the floor.

My hands reach out into the helpless air as I search for anything to hold onto as I’m pulled backwards.

“You are to blame! You are to blame!”

My fingernails dig into the floorboards as his grotesque words claw at my heart.

“How! I wasn’t even there! I wasn’t even alive then!”

I duck my head as a chair flies out of the bedroom and smashes against the wall sending pieces of wood everywhere.

The air is suddenly squeezed from my lungs as my legs are released and I am flipped over on my back.

Boney strong fingers curl around my throat as his invisible force begins to choke the life out of me.

“Elizabeth Parker you will pay!

As everything crashes around me I can hear the faint sounds of banging of the front door.


As his hold gets tighter I can now hear Maria and Alex screaming my name as they continue to beat on all the windows and doors.

“Liz! Let us in! What’s going on in there!”

My fists pound on the floor as I begin to feel light headed and weak.

As my eyes begin to close I see Max appear at my feet. He is staring down at the man I cannot see. He is beautiful ... and for a moment the last person I feel that I will ever see.

“Enough father!”

I reached out to him as everything draws to a dark back haze.


“Maria you’re going to drown her!”

“Back off Alex, this is what they do in the movies when someone overdoses and they always wake up!”

“Maria you’re in the wrong movie, she didn’t take a bottle of sleeping pills she was attacked by a ghost.”

“Well do you know how to revive her genius?”

I never though I’d be so happy to hear those two arguing in my life.

“I’m revived… I’m revived already! Please get me out of the shower I’m freezing.”


At once Maria pulls me into her arms as she attempts to lift me out of the shower only to have Alex scoop my legs up in his arms.

“You can’t carry her, you’re not strong enough! I got her …let go!”

“Alex she’s half naked and you are a man …or something close to that I should say. I should be helping her!”

“Something close to that? What is that supposed to mean? I’ll have you know I am all man Maria!”

“Will you two let me go please?”

With a thud I fall into the bathtub as my two protectors decide to let go at once.


“Oops! Liz are you alright?”

As I limp towards the mirror on the ground I pull my bathrobe on and pier into the cracked glass.


Imprints of his fingers are marked into my reddened skin …Max saved me.

I look over at the Alex and Maria with terrified eyes.

“How did you guys get in here?”

“We heard all the noise but all the doors were locked. And suddenly the front door just flew open. We ran in but no one was there right Alex?”

“Right, then we ran upstairs and found you lying on the ground. Everything was quiet, we knew it must’ve been the ghost.”

Quietly I sit on the bed as I run my fingers over the marks on my neck.

“I know who it is. I know who’s been trying to hurt me. It’s his father, Phillip.”

“Ok that’s it! You’re getting out of here.”

Looking over I see Maria pull my suitcase out while Alex fumbles with a hand full of my underwear.

“No, I can’t leave. I have to fix this.”

Tears fill my eyes as I stare into the sad expression left in the picture by Max.

“I did this, I caused this mess and until I find a way to fix it Max will be trapped in this house forever …with him.”

“Liz you’re talking crazy, yes you look like the girl in the picture but it’s not you.”

“Yes it is Maria, that’s why I came back here, that’s why Max keeps bringing me into these dreams. He’s showing me the past…our past.”

“Then we’ll help you.”

“We will?”

“Yes Maria! I’ll start doing research …there has to be a record of you.. I mean the you you used to be. We’ll figure this out.”

“Can’t we figure it out at my house?”

I look at Maria as I hold the picture close to my chest.

“I’m not leaving Maria …I love him."

"I think I always have.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: The Haunting of Elizabeth Parker(M/L,AU,Adult)Chpt7 5/11/09

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Ginger: Love that you think this "rocks!" thank you so much!! :D
EVe: I love scary movies! they never bother me Eve! thanks so much for being here! :D
Monica: So happy you like this! I just love you to death sweetie!! thank you for everything :wink:
angelina: so hope you like the ending! thanks for being here! :D
Ken: Love that your here ken! hope you like the ending1 thanks so much! :D
destiny: Hope your curiousity was worth it sweetie!!! thanks for being here! :D
L-J-L 76: x2 hope all your questions are answered here sweetie! thanks so much for your sweet fb!
darkmoon: happy i had you on the edge of your seat! love you!!! thank you!! :D
Caroyln: So happy you think this is amazing !!!! thanks for all your support! :D
Jan: Damn it jan! :roll: You'll understand why i said that at the end :wink: LOVE YOU !!!! :D
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Chapter 8.

As I waited for Alex and Maria to arrive I carefully look over the old newspaper clippings that Alex had borrowed from the library.






Tapping my finger on the yellowed paper something inside me clicked. It all seemed too familiar.

Like a memory I had lived but was blurred and disjoined.

I was jolted out of my daze by a loud knocking at the door.

“Liz! Let us in!”

Running to the door I almost fall back laughing when I look up to find Maria and Alex weighted down with boxes and large orange extension cords.

They brush right past me in a flurry of excitement setting their ghost hunting equipment on the table

I hold my hand over her mouth in an attempt to restrain from laughing as I point to their attire.

“Umm what are you two wearing?”

With wide green eyes Maria proudly points to her sweatshirt that says “Spirits ‘R” Us”.

Wearing matching hats that read SRU Alex holds a pair out to me.

“Umm I’m good, can I ask what this is all about?”

Alex begins to unfold the boxes with great excitement as he tells me of their new business.

“Well we were thinking Liz, if were going to buy all this stuff anyway we should put it to good use. I mean this is Maine! Steven King sets all his scary books here. There has to be a ton of desperate people willing to pay for us to come in an exercise their house! We’re going to be raking in the big bucks! We’re more than happy to include you Liz if you want to join the crew!”

Giving Alex a polite smile I shake my head as I peek inside the largest box on the table.

“No offense Alex but after this little adventure the last thing I want to do is go around chasing more ghosts. Even with your snazzy clothes.”

Maria smiles as she takes out something that looks like a romote control. “No offense taken. We understand.”

“So what is all this stuff anyway.” I jump back when the mechanical devise Maria is holding lights up like the forth of July.

“It’s called a EMF meter, it measures Electro Magnetic fields.”

“And we need this because?”

Alex giving me his professional voice explains.” Well you see Liz spirits get their energy from the electricity in the air. This measures the fluctuations that sometimes happen when there is a ghost nearby."

“OK and what about this?”

I hold up something resembling a camera. “Well this is an infrared Sensor, it takes pictures of images that give off specific amounts of heat. We also have Infrared Thermometers that measure temperature!”

“Wow Alex you are really prepared.”

“Yep, if this bad ass ghost comes back we’ll be ready!”

“Well I guess they don’t call you Spirits “R” Us for nothing!”

Maria slapped Alex hard on the arm and rolled her eyes.

“I told you the name was stupid!”

Alex proudly straightened his shirt out and pointed to it. “It is not stupid it’s clever! Who’s going to forget a name like that?”

Maria folding her arms in front of herself sighs with aggravation. “More like who’s going to try and forget a name like that.”

Over the argument i begin to hear noises coming from upstairs.

“Umm Spirits “R” Us I think we have some activity upstairs.”

Quickly Maria and Alex grab their detectors, thermometers and flashlights.

“What’s with the flashlights you two?”

Whispering Alex begins to shut all the lights off and holds his finger up to his mouth for me to lower my voice.

“They are more likely to come out if its dark!”

Knowing how violent Phillip was i feel very uncomfortable with the crew of Spirits “R” Us running around the house. I didn’t want them to get caught up in his wrath.

Slowly we walk up the stairs listening to the constant banging that was directly over our heads.

Maria tugs on my shirt. “It sounds like it’s coming from the attic.”

“Yeah I believe that’s where he spends most of his time.”

Trailing behind them I suddenly feel a hand gently move my hair to expose my ear.

“Elizabeth it’s not safe for them to be here. You have to do this on your own.”

It was Max, just knowing he was beside me filled me with a sense of calmness and courage.

Stopping the rookie ghostbusters I did my best to talk them into leaving.

“No way Liz, I don’t care if Max the friendly ghost doesn’t think its safe we’e not leaving you here. Expecially after what happened last night.”

I sigh and point at Alex. “fine but if you insist on staying you have to stay downstairs. I will not be responsible for anything happening to you two.”

Looking like two little kids who were told to leave the jungle gym Maria and Alex hung their heads and shuffled their feet back down the stairs.

“We’ll be sitting right on the couch if you need us Liz!”

I nod as i make my way into my bedroom and sit on my bed.

“Max are you here?”

Slowly his image begins to appear in front of me. His warm eyes touch my soul as he reaches his ghostly hand out to me.

“I’ve missed you.”

“And I you my darling.”

“So what now?”

Max looks very serious as he sits next to me on the bed. “Now I take you back again, back to another night. You have to see my love, You have to accept what happened so everyone can finally move on.”

I hold my face in my hands once again frustrated by his endless riddles that never make sense.

“Fine take me back, I can’t handle this anymore I’ll do whatever I have to for him to leave me alone.”

Max nods and takes me by the hand. “Close your eyes and breathe deeply Elizabeth. Remember the night of the party, the music, the people, remember me there with you dancing in my arms. Think back my love …

Slowly the dated old room I was sitting in became lighter, candles and lanterns were everywhere. Classical music wafted through the house. I suddenly feel myself being floated across the grand living room in Max’s arms.

Once again I was dressed in the pale yellow ball gown. I look down to see my white lace gloved hand lightly embraced by Max’s full lips.

“You look divine, a vision of loveliness Elizabeth.”

Warmth and happiness fill my heart as Max holds me in his arms.

As the music ended Max leads me into a long hallway much like the dream we had before.

“I have a surprise for you.”

I raise my hand to my chest and feel the large jewel that he had placed there in our last memory.

“No that’s not what I am referring to, think Elizabeth, remember the gazebo.”

Not sure of what he was talking about I follow him outside to a white large oval gazebo that was filled with white candles and gardenias.

Lifting my dress up I stand in the middle of the sweet scented circle and watched the firefly’s dance all around us.

“This is so romantic Max-

Just then I feel my hand drop downward. Max was on his knees with a large round diamond in his hand.

“Elizabeth you are the music that flows threw the willow trees, I breathe you in and feel like I’m dancing on clouds that reach straight up to heaven. I want to spend every morning waking to your pink lips and brown endless eyes and fall asleep to the steady song of your heart beating with mine. Please my love say you’ll be my wife. Marry me.”

I could swear my heart was going to pound out of my chest as I watch him there looking up at me with such love, such innocence.

“Yes Max I will marry you, I will be yours forever.”

As soon as the ring slips on my finger a strange feeling came over me. Memories began to become clear inside my head as if I was watching a movie I had already seen.

Grabbing the edge of my dress I kiss Max and tell him I need a moment to tell my parents of the good news.

“I’ll meet you back here in fifteen minutes Max …I love you!”

As I turn to run back into the house a twinge of guilt and fear rush threw my veins. I knew I couldn’t marry Max knowing what Phillip was involved in. We couldn’t be part of this family. I refuse to let Phillip ruin the happy life we were going to share together.

As I run back into the house it was all coming back to me now. It was like a damn has broke and I was remembering everything at once.

Up the stairs I run faster and faster trying to retain my courage.

Standing in front of the large wood door I knock hard before being granted entry from his harsh angry voice.


Phillip was sitting behind his large oak desk puffing on a long cigar. His eyes narrow suspiciously at me as he waves me in.

“What can I do for you Miss. Parker?”

Trying to steady my shaky hands I slowly approach his intimidating presence.

“Your son has just asked me to marry him Mr. Evans.”

My trembling voice gives away my fears as I clear my throat trying to get threw my speech. This is for Max I repeat to myself ...this is for our future.

Not that I don’t mind your fine company Miss. Parker but isn’t it customary for my son to deliver such news?”

Clasping my hands together I swallow hard and nod.

“Well ordinarily yes but in this case I have something to discuss with you.”

Phillip takes off his oval glasses and begins to clean them as he leans towards me.

“And what would that be dear.”

Just do it Liz, you love him.

“We need to make a deal you and me.”

Suddenly his eyes grow dark with rage.

“Excuss me little girl but I do not make deals with women. Why are you here wasting my time!”

“Mr. Evans I know all about your plan to foreclose on all those people. I know all about your money laundering busness. I’m not looking to turn you in or anything, I just want Max out of it. It’s only a matter of time before the cops find out and I don’t want Max involved. All we want is to be free to leave here and start a life together.”

I stumble back as Phillip stands up and slams his fists on the table.

“How dare you threaten me little girl.”

I shake my head furiously back and forth. “No I wont say anything, I just want us to be free from all of this, I need you to let Max out of the business so we can have a life together…really that’s all I want.”

A frightening calmness takes over Phillip as he folds his arms in front of his chest and nods.

”Tell me, why has he sent you up here to do the dirty work for him. Has he not the courage to face his father himself?”

“Oh Mr. Evans Max knows nothing of this, if he knew about your dealings it would break his heart, I could never hurt him that way. I swear he knows nothing, and I would like to keep it that way.”

“Fine, bring Max to the living room at midnight after the party is over and I’ll tell him that I have to buy his share of the business. I’ll make up an excuse. Don’t worry he won’t know it came from you.”

Sighing with relief I back out the door and run to the safety of Max’s arms once more.

With a blink of an eye I find myself back in the living room. It was the same dream Max brought me to. His death. Oh god I can’t face this again.

Max squeezes my hand and smiles at me. “It’s almost over …you’re remembering now. Hold on just a little longer.”

Hoping for a different out come I am devastated when I again watch helplessly as the axe came down on my lover.

Only this time I didn’t wake up.

“This is all your fault! I know your going to expose me you little whore! I am Phillip Evans and I won’t go down alone! After the police come and find my family dead there will be such an out poor of sympathy for me no one will believe your lies!”

“Y-You killed them all … you’re whole family! Oh god Max! What have I done!”

The pain was unbearable …ripping shreading my insides to pieces. He was my life, my world, he was everything that matter to me. My love was gone and it was all my fault …all my fault.

I didn’t even feel the gun in my hand as I removed it from the mantle.

I didn’t hear the loud blast as the bullet exploded from the it’s chamber and entered Phillips head.

Looking around the room at Max and Phillips bloody corpses I knew I had to get out of there … I had to get away from this town …as far as I could.

Just then my eyes fly open and I am looking at his sweet face.

He wipes my tears with his gentle hands and whispers softly trying hard to give me comfort.

“You were never able to let go of the guilt Elizabeth. You blamed yourself for his actions …for my death.”

I shake like a leaf as memories of past lifetimes play like a movie in my mind.

“You carried this guilt through every life you lived my love. Reliving it over and over again. Never been able to let it go.”

“Max I killed you.”

Holding my face in his hands he was now as solid as I was. “No my love, my father did, you were just defending yourself. He has had this power over you all these years because you let him. That’s why with each lifetime you came back. You punished yourself over and over. You gave him the power, your deep sorrow, your refusal to forgive yourself.”

He gently kissed my lips and held my hand.

"Your shame and guilt gives him the power to hold himself here, to forever torture you for a past that you weren't responsible for."

Brushing his thumb over my bottom lip he smiled lovingly at me.

"Liz take back your life, set us free."

I finally understood why I felt so empty my entire life. I always felt like a part of me was missing, this hole that could never be filled. Max was that part of me. He was my missing link...the other half of my heart that had been ripped away.

"Max I'm so sorry you've been trapped so long here with that monster because of me."

Shaking his head he held his hand over my heart. "Liz I was never trapped here. I have been with you all along, by your side. My place my heaven is with you. I could never be without you. Don't you understand true love never dies."


“Elizabeth forgive yourself so we can finally be together. Send him to the place he belongs. All you have to do is face him without fear, without remorse.”

Just then the walls began to crack as an ungodly sound bellows throughout the house.


Maria and Alex run upstairs in time to see the ghost of Phillip Evans standing before me.

Alex quickly hides behind Maria terrified with what he was witnessing.

I stand hand in hand with my fiancé as my clothes slowly turned back into time. My hair stood high on my head and was adorn with white daisy’s and a long white dress flowed all around me.

With no more guilt left in my soul I look straight into the black eyes of Phillip Evans and walk right threw him.

“I am free from you forever.”

Phillip disappated into thin air leaving Max and I embracing at last, I can finally feel his strong muscles under my hands and his warm soft face against my cheek.

Suddenly Maria raised her hand as if she were in school.

“Umm not to ruin this incredibly romantic moment but what does this mean?”

Max turns to me with hope in his eyes. “Liz I cannot force you to come back with me. It’s your choice, you can live out this life or you can come with me and share the life that we were always meant to have together.”

Looking down at the ring that was now back on my finger where it belonged I turned and smiled at my new friends.

“I love him and my place is by his side. Take care of each other, I’m sure we will meet again in another time.”

Maria and Alex hugged each other as they watched us kiss and slowly disappear.

Finally we were free from this nightmare from this house.

Love really is endless.

Love was able to reach threw the fabric of time to reunite us, I am where I belong now. Sharing my days and nights with my beloved.

As it was always meant to be.

~ The End~

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