The Fire Within (AU,M/L,Adult)chpt 11*complete* 9/20/09

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Re: The Fire Within (AU,M/L,Adult)chpt 11*Complete* 7/20/09

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Thank you so much for all the amazing sweet fb and support for this story ...

This is dedicated to dreamer19, kristin who came up with the idea and was so gracious to let me write it... I hope you liked it sweetie, it was an amazing idea! thank you for letting me run with it :)

Chapter 11.

Her skin felt like silk as he gently caressed her body that stood before him ready to be ravished.

Closer she moved between his open legs causing the moonlight to shimmer almost magically against her creamy flawless form that surrendered eagerly to his touch.

He looked up at her swept away by how each brush of his fingers against her flesh made her breath quicken and her body tremble.

Without realizing it she was resting her hands on his shoulders unable to steady herself from his tender caressing strokes.

His eyes began to water from the searing pain caused by her grip on his skin graphs that had not fully healed.

He would have easily endured a lifetime of this pain to have her standing before him as she was …as he dreamed she would for far too long.

A single gasp from his mouth caused her to open her eyes and realize what she was doing.

Immediately she released him and sat beside him on the couch.

“Oh god …I hurt you Max! I-I am so sorry-

Tilting his head to the side he held her face with his hand and rested his forehead to her whispering with an intensity that made her blush.

“The only way you could really cause me pain is if you stop Liz.”

Before she could even comprehend what he was saying her world blurred into a fever of passion as he captured her mouth hungrily pulling her towards him.

She moaned breathlessly as he parted her lips deepening their kiss letting all the feelings that had been locked inside him for so long rush inside her.

His kisses were demanding full of need and emotion, it was almost as if he was trying to pour all his pain and suffering into each stroke of his tongue.

Pulling her onto his lap he gripped her hair urging her closer in an attempt to search for the comfort and escape he so desperately needed.

Leaving her mouth he kissed his way to her supple breasts making her arch her back forcing her further against his eager mouth.

With his hand pressed against the slope of her low back he surged her core against him.

His heart slammed against his chest. Finally she was giving herself to him. At last there was nothing standing between them.

Even threw his sweatpants she felt his desire for her and bucked helplessly against him needing desperately to feel him inside.

Wanting so much to feel him she lowered her hands to his tee shirt and began to lift it from his body.

Instantly his hand covered hers blocking her from moving his shirt any further.

His raspy breathless voice caught her off guard.

“No Liz… please.”

Slowly Liz released his shirt and moved off his lap. As she stood she took his hand pulling him up with her so he was standing in front of her.

Looking up at him she turned his face so he was staring down into her eyes.

“Max …do you love me?”

Averting his gaze to the ground he quietly replied fearful of what was coming next.

“You know I do.”

Again she clutched the edge of his black tee and slowly began to lift it up over his tight muscular stomach. His eyes slammed shut as her soft lips brushed against his neck causing his knees to almost buckle beneath him.

“Then trust me.”

Her words were soft and soothing full of love and acceptance her fingertips grazed a trail from his hard stomach to his muscular chest. Her touch mirrored the sultry stare that told him without words how much she desired him.

It was almost more than he could take as he glanced wantonly from her hooded eyes to her naked trembling body.

Tossing his shirt to the ground she gently hooked the waistband of his sweatpants and lowered them with his boxers to the ground.

After stepping out of his pants he backed up and away from what little light that was filtering threw the high basement window from the moon above.

With every step he took away from her she took one closer until he reached the edge of the couch.

Carefully she eased him down so he was sitting directly in front of her.

Stepping closer between his thighs she reached out and touched his forearms that bared the older scares of when he had protected her from the fire that fateful day… the day they fell in love.

Again he looked away unable to handle her stare at what he thought was grotesque and repulsive.

“Liz …please-

Whispering quietly she traced the jagged edges of his scars undeterred from his obvious distress.

“I thought we were going to die that night.”

Her unexpected words made him look down at his arms and the graceful fingers that skimmed across his wounds.

“I remember the fire coming closer and closer to us. You never let me go Max. You kept your arms wrapped around me…protecting me… holding me close to your body. Your only thought was to save me. It’s true I thought that night would be our last but in your arms somehow I felt safe.”

Remorse filled her eyes as she lowered her head ashamed at how she hurt him.

“I know that’s why I had the nightmares. I loved you from that moment on and even the thought of losing you was too much to bare.”

His eyes met hers shocked by her confession.


“It’s a very vulnerable feeling giving your heart to someone Max. I guess I was scared so I tried to run from it…but it only made me love you more. Can you ever forgive me Max?”

His eyes shown with compassion as he cupped her cheek and brushed a stray tear from her lip.

“There’s nothing to forgive.”

Leaving his forearms she tenderly ran her hands up to his shoulders and chest. Her fingers gently caressed the uneven discolored marks that wrapped around his back in an excruciating painful puzzle of overlapping charred skin.

His eyes closed slowly feeling the intense stimulation of his sensitive skin.

“And these …the markings of a man desperately trying to save a little girl. A brave hero who instead of worrying about his own life risked everything without a moments thought to save a child.”

Max gazed up at her in wonder. She didn’t look at him as a failure or a monster.

“I think your amazing Max …when I look at you I don’t see scares I see the evidence of selfless brave man. I think you’re beautiful.”

Straddling his lap she trembled as she sunk slowly down onto him and captured his mouth swallowing a deep long groan.

Bracing her hands against the back of the couch she slowly rose and fell against him shivering every time he entered her.

Throwing her head back she cried out with each powerful thrust as her nails clawed into the sofa.

Max lavished her breasts with his mouth whispering words of love and forever as his movements became more and more frantic.

Liz thrashed beneath him powerless as he drove into her faster and faster until they were both screaming each other’s name.


6 months later.

“Max! Michael’s here!”

Looking up into the bathroom mirror Max spit out his toothpaste and stared for a moment at his reflection.

After months of rehabilitation and Liz’s support he felt confident and most importantly good about himself.

“Max? Are you ready?”

Smiling to himself he straightened his uniform shirt out and took a deep breath.

“Tell dickhead I’ll be right there!”

Running down the stairs of their new apartment Max took Liz in his arms and kissed her hard.

Looking up at him in a slight daze Liz smiled brightly still clutching his shoulders shaken from his powerful embrace.

“Wow what was that for?”

He just smiled back as he played with the ring hidden in his coat pocket.

“No reason… I just love you.”

“Hey not to interrupt the pussy whipping session but if I bring you in late on your first day back the Chief is going to have my ass.”

Max looked back at Liz holding her tight silently thanking her for knowing that this was something he had to do …it was who he was and deep inside he loved her for understanding that.

“Are you ok?”

She nodded back as if reading his thoughts.

After many heated discussions Liz came to realize that being a fireman was more to Max then just a job.

It was a part of him and without that part he could never truly be happy.

It took a long time for the nightmares and fears to subside for the both of them but in the end nothing was more powerful then love they found together, it was her love that gave him the courage and the strength he needed to go on… to be who he was truly meant to be.

“So tonight’s the night huh?”

Max sat in the truck holding the ring up to the sunlight as they approached the firehouse.

“You’re not going to get on your knee and ramble on all romantic and shit are you dude?”

Max smiled as he looked out at the sun rising over the hillside and back at his friend.

“Yes I am Michael …yes I am.”

~ the end ~
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