One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 7/11/09 Chpt 9*complete*

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One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 7/11/09 Chpt 9*complete*

Post by Hunter » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:47 pm

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Title: One Thing

Author: Hunter

Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell

Summary: Max is a matchmaker and Liz is a non beleiver, Max is determined to make Liz beleive in love after meeting her at some club and finds himself falling for her hard...

Rating: Adult

Pairing: M/L

Author's Note: Just a fluff fic based on Amerie's song One Thing and the day we all call Valentine's day. I had posted a fic before but changed it because I wasn't satisfied with it. This is the reposted story with a different spin on it.


Chapter one

Max observed the female who was engrossed with talking to her bunch of friends. She was short, of a average build, grey eyes and wore nothing but silk. She also had a big bust which was very hard to miss even if you weren't looking. He checked out the outfit she was wearing and smirked. "La Femme, one shouldered sapphire blue chiffon dress, page twenty eight...girl's knows her thing."

"How the hell do you know that?". Came the surprised remark of Alex Whitman who sat at the bar besides Max.

"I have my sources." Max smoothly replied, lifting his glass of champagne and drinking it.

"Oh man." Alex rubbed his sweaty palms together. "Should I just ask her out?".

"No." Max said, settling his glass down.

"Why?". Alex quizzed. "I mean, we have to ask the girls out to actually be with them don't we?".

Max shook his head no. "Alex, it's time for you to stop following the stereotype and learn how really to charm a woman. "He said, putting an arm around Alex's shoulders and looking at the blonde again. "You don't want to scare her with your cheesy chat up lines now do you?".

"Erm no." Alex replied in a shaky breath.

"Good, now first things first. We sit and wait till our chances comes. Think like a tiger...wait for the right moment."

"But we're gunna waste time...other men will jump her bones." Alex protested. "I really want this woman. I'm in love with her for god's sake."

"Stop moaning." Max replied. "That put's women off."

"But they moan don't they?". Alex questioned. "I mean the nagging wife..."

Max tried not to laugh. "Boy you got it all wrong...anyway..just watch." Max turned Alex's face at the blonde. "Observe her body movements."

"Observe." Alex murmured.

"See, she's keeps playing with her hands.." Max said quietly. "Which means she's nervous or bored..waiting for something to happen. Something really...wicked."

"By wicked you mean.."

"Something that will literally make her slip."

Alex narrowed his eyes at Max. "And what is that Maxwell Evans?".

Max grinned as a bigger guy, much bigger then Alex approached the woman and started to sweet talk her. Max laughed when she rejected him and tried to move away from the begging guy whose face had turned red in embarrassment after she said something to him. "This guys stands no chance." He said to himself.

"I hope that's not me in the future." Alex remarked, starting at the scene.

The blonde found a seat and sat down, putting her right leg on top of her left. "She's in the closure stage."

"The what stage?".

"She's kind of fed up with the boring guys." Max said. "She doesn't want to go to bed tonight well.... atleast not yet."

"Aw man."

"Don't worry, she's looking around searching for the perfect candidate."

"Dude...what are we waiting for?".

"’s your chance...but compliments. Insult her. It's the best way to get a woman's attention." Max pushed Alex forward. "Go!".

"Insult her?". Alex trembled and almost felt onto a couple of dancers and then moved away from the dance floor and towards the woman. You can do this Alex...He forced himself to ease up.

When he reached the woman, he remembered Max's words and then sat by the woman who looked at him once.

Max watched intently as Alex sat in silence opposite the blonde who had her arms folded by now. "Come on Alex..." Max said, praying that his friend would have some luck.

Alex looked at the blonde again. "Nice outfit." He said. "Shame, the Armani millennium would have suited you better..." Alex picked up a glass from a waiter holding a tray and then took a sip. "I don't suppose you are a chick with an unlimited amount of cash..." He forced himself to give her a disapproving look. If this ended up with him getting slapped at the end of the night, Max was not going to get away with it.

The blonde glared at him. "Are you talking to me?".

Alex put the glass down on the table and looked around before answering. "I don't see another blonde with a hand me down blue dress so yeah, I'm taking to you."

"For your information Mister, I happen to be wearing one of the exclusive designs in the fuckin don't know what I own in my closet." She sat up straight, engaging herself completely in the conversation.

"If you say so.." Alex shrugged. "I'm just accustomed to see women in the finest piece of clothing." Alex sighed and pretended he was recalling a certain memory. "My last girlfriend...ah...what a beauty. Shame she got so dull in bed."

The blonde gasped. "Are you bitching about your ex girlfriend to me?".

"No." Alex said in a casual manner. "I'm just merely recalling the good times of my life. I'm sure you also have some...well...good times.."

Another guy, the same guy who tried to get lucky with her approached her. "Is this fucker bothering you?".

"You fuck off." The blonde hissed at the bigger guy. "Leave me the fuck alone."

Alex laughed, causing both of them to look at him. "I don't see why you're going for her....there's so many other prettier women out here."

"There is?" The dumb bigger guy asked, interested.

"Yeah, go have a good might end up with three girls." Alex winked.

"Yeah." He nodded before staggering off the dance floor.

"I can't believe you just did that." The blonde looked at Alex in disbelief. "Now he's going to bother more poor innocent girls such as myself."

"Erm..correction...dumbass will get so many slaps..his face would be throbbing for a month." Alex laughed. "Fucker's got no chance here."

"Humpfff." The blonde lay back but then to Alex's surprise she unfolded her legs.

"I wonder though, why are you here?". Alex said. "This place isn't fit for a homely woman."

"I'm not homely."

"You look it."

"I'm not."

"Did you get a boob job.." Alex said pointing at her tits. "They look so fake and...a huge turnoff."

The blonde looked at her breasts and touched them. "They're fucking real." She defended herself. "You can touch them to find out."

"I'd rather not." Alex said, making sure he looked bored.

"Please touch them." She said and got up from her seat. She pulled Alex up and placed his hands on her tits. "They're so real."

Alex rubbed her hard nipples with his thumb but remembered not to get too attached straight away and removed his hands. "Well...they feel.." Before he could continue his comment, the blonde grabbed him and crashed her lips onto his own, knocking the wind out of him.

Max cheered and raised his glass in the air before tipping the drink in his mouth. "Yaay, that's my boy."

"Typical." A woman's voice next to him said.

Max turned around to see a brunette female flipping through the pages of her diary before closing it and looking at him. "You must be?".

"Forget the introduction." She looked at him. "You really think it's easy to worm your way into someone's heart?". She had heard the conversation between this amber eyed man and his lanky friend. Never in her life had she wanted to laugh.

"Well if the vibe is right and you say the right things..then yeah." Max answered the sceptical brunette. He wondered who she was. Her hair was tied up in a neat bun and she wore a cream white blouse with a medium length dark skirt which hugged her curves in the right places. But she wasn't dressed up in club attire. It looked like she came straight from work...judging by her clothes..she worked in an office and loved her job..or hated it.

She scoffed. "Huh..yeah guys only want one thing."

"Yeah?". Max challenged. "And what is that?".

She rolled her eyes causing Max to stiffen, he had never been challenged...ever. No woman had questioned his theory which would make this feisty brunette the first. "Are you so dumb you need me to spell it out for you?".

Slightly offended, Max drew back. "You don't believe in love?".

"I'd like to think it more as..." She sighed and shook her head. "Fulfilling ones physical appetite. Just like your friend there."

Max glanced at Alex and the blonde who was making out like no tomorrow. Max smiled and looked back at the woman.

"Yes, they'd go to a room and fuck like bunnies until one of them get's bored of the other then it's all heartbreak for the one who is still holding on.."

"That's not true." Max denied.

"The bitter truth is that the Eros kind of love does not exist in the real world." She gathered her stuff. "You better believe it before you get yours broken to...that is...if you even have one."

"Ah..." Max tried not to look insulted. "You must have been pretty broken up bad."

"You don't know the half of it." She answered back while getting off her stool.

"Love does exist you know?". Max said, trying to hold her back before she left.

She looked at him with a sarcastic smile. "Huh...I bet it does." She said and turned around leaving a shocked Max gawping at her.

"I'm going to make you believe in love." He said, gulping the last of his drink down and vowing to find this woman again, whoever she was.

A/N: Shall I continue?
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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 2/14/09 Chpt 2 p. 2

Post by Hunter » Sat Feb 14, 2009 4:12 am

Thanks for the feedback everyone!


A/N: Happy Valentines day everyone! :D

Chapter two

Approximately 13 days later..

"I still haven't found her." Max said, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Man..this woman is really breaking your back." Kyle laughed, biting into his croissant. "You know, being the king of love, shouldn't women be hunting YOU down instead?".

"I'm not expecting them too." Max answered. "Although wouldn't mind it at all..."

"You cheeky bastard." Kyle sniggered and wiped his hands on the napkin.

"I really really wanted to meet her again.." Max pondered about the what ifs.

"Why didn't you just chase after her that night?".

"Kyle, I was almost drunk. I barely could see anything. I saw her face though. Brown eyes, brown hair. Very fair."

"Any woman can pass under that description." Kyle laughed. "You're a network specialist, why don't you do your little computer mojo or hack into the database or something.."

"That's just stupid and besides...I don't even know her name."

Once the two men left the cafe, they were walking down the sidewalk when they saw a young girl standing near a shop, looking through the window and then a loud truck horn at the other vehicles as it spun out of control. Max and Kyle watched truck knock over some trashcans and run over the sidewalk as people ran out of the way screaming.

"Shit man!". Kyle took off his shades.

Max noticed the truck was heading straight for the girl and in one swift motion, he ran, scooped the girl up in his arms and moved them both out of the way as the truck hit the window of the shop.

The truck was wedged inside the shop and people still were screaming. Kyle ran past the truck and went towards where Max was crouching to check if the little girl was okay. "Are you okay?".

"Max! You crazy!". Kyle frantically waved his arms about in the air. "You could have gotten yourself killed man."

Max ignored his best friend and looked at the small girl. "Are you going to be alright."

She nodded. "Thanks for saving me."

A blonde woman ran towards then and almost lost it when she had seen what happened. "OH Gwen!". She bent down and hugged the girl as if her life depended on it. "Oh sweetie! Where did you wonder of to?"

"Is she with you?". Max asked the tall blonde.

"Yes, we're family." The blonde released the girl and looked up at Max. "I'm Isabel Parker." She stuck her hand out.


Isabel had coaxed Max into accepting a dinner at their place as a proper thank you for saving Gwen's life. Kyle had been more then eager to go since he knew Tess would be there also.

"Max, you have to go..please for my sake." Kyle begged Max as they walked out of the elevator.

"Looks like I am now." Max muttered, he never sought to take anything from people, it wasn't his style to take things.
"Thanks!". Kyle did a victory dance. "Tess, I'm coming for you."

"Oh man." Max rolled his eyes and unlocked his door. "I'll see you tomorrow Kyle."

"Bye man!". Kyle said, entering his own room from the hall.


The next morning, Isabel had called to make sure Max hadn't forgotten the dinner. Max had got out of bed and went about his usual business. Today he needed to go to the store badly and pick up some essentials. Parking outside Wal-Mart, He rushed out of his car, grabbed a trolley and entered the store.

Throwing a few cereal boxes in his trolley, Max wasn't looking where he was heading and collided the trolley against someone...He felt the bump and heard a curse.

Liz was busy doing her shopping and felt someone hit her ass with the trolley. "You jerk!!". She turned around, sick and tired of men slapping her butt or trying to hit on her as usual. She stopped when she met the confused gaze of Max Evans, he was the same guy who was at the bar that night..playing cupid.

Max's jaw dropped and he smiled when he recognised the woman. "Hey." He said, she was dressed in a tight pencil skirt and a blouse like the other night. He loved seeing her with those kind of was oddly sexy...on her.

"Oh it's you." Liz said in a flat tone, folding her arms. "Are you following me or something?".

"No." Max shook his head. "I was just shopping."

Liz shrugged and then grabbed the cereal box from the aisle and checked the ingredients. "So are you still hooking people up that right? cuz that's what you do."

"I have been busy amending people's love life..yeah." Max leaned over the trolley slightly. "I've been wanting to talk to you."

"About what." Liz answered, looking uninterested in the conversation. But she really wanted to hear this guy's theory for some reason.

"Why you think something divine as love is nothing but rubbish."

He heard her scoff and then she chucked the cereal box in the trolley with the rest of the items. "Maybe because it's a waste of time. Why bother pretending a long term of fucking is love?".

Max pulled a face if he bit something sour. "It's not called fucking and maybe people really do care for each other". He said, following her as she began to push the trolley.

"If that's the case then why aren't you with someone?"

"Maybe I haven't found the right girl yet." Max answered.

"Maybe there isn't one."

Max sniggered. "What about your parents, they're still together after all these years aren't they?". He hoped he hadn't done the stupid mistake of offending her. If her parents were separated or possibly even not alive...

"Yeah, so what. They're still together after years. Doesn't mean love exists. Maybe they're just together because they're stuck together." She growled icily.

"That's just bullshit."

Liz stopped at the counter and unloaded her stuff on the conveyer belt, Max followed suit. "I can't understand why it's hard for some people to realise love is just a delusion, we get scared of all the bad stuff in the world so we make up the idea of love and pretend it's going to happen to us when it just destroys us." Liz told Max while she took out her credit card.

"Maybe love does harm but it can also cure." Max replied, he wasn't going to walk away with his tail between his legs like a defeated puppy dog. When it came to love, he worshipped it.

"Please, if it could cure, people would be falling in love all the time, every second...every minute of the day..."

Hours later the pair were rolling between the sheets, Max kissed every inch of her skin his lips came into contact with. He brushed his hands over her breasts and cupped them, bringing his lips down onto her soft firm breasts. She moaned under his touch and tightly wrapped her legs around his waist, lettying him deeper in her.

Max thrusted softly and deep into her, both panted as he continued to spoon her, she reached out and brushed his hair with her hand while she held onto his shoulder as they rode each other slowly. Max stroked the side of her face and held onto her hip, guiding her up and down his shaft.

When he made those grunting sounds, it turned her on and made her feel even more wetter. Her hips shuddered as he managed to give her another orgasm.

The guy could give her great orgasms, she gave to give him brownie points for that. With some of the guys she had been with, she had never experienced one single orgasm let alone a series of mind blowing orgasms, her legs were still trembling of the effect he had on her.

Their bodies merging together in a heated friction of pleasure.

Max had to admit, this sceptical woman turned him on. The moment he heard her voice and what she said...he knew he wanted to be seeing more of this woman in his life. He knew it.

And here they were, having rounds of endless sweet sex...which he would rather call it beautiful love making. He had never taken so much time with a woman before. He hadn't given much attention to a woman's body like with this brunette woman. It felt like she was built for him and he needed much of her body as possible.

Feeling her walls clamp down on him, Max picked up the pace and sought his own earth shattering release...

Once he parted from her, he got up and left for the bathroom to clean himself up. By the time he came back into the bedroom, she was already half dressed and was buttoning her blouse up.

"Where are you going?". He stopped in his tracks. He was hoping to take her again in the shower and relive their moment of passion over and over again until she cried out that love did exist..but he wouldn't relent..he'd carry on loving her till he needed to recover so he could take her again.

"Home." She answered bluntly, putting on her court shoes. "Thanks for the sex. It was great." She said, pretending it was just another fumble between the sheets.

"But you just can't leave."

"Why not?". She grabbed her jacket. "It's not like I'm your wife or something that you can just keep me like some trophy."

"I wanted to spend more time with you." Max admitted and went to put on his boxers.

"Well I don't." She returned coldly. "I can't be fucking around."

Max looked hurt. "You call that fucking around?".

"With you yes." She fixed her hair. "I gotta go. Bye Max." Liz walked out of the room and he could hear her loud heels against the floor.

At least she remembers my name..Max thought sadly.

Name! Max hadn't even asked her what he name was. Running after her, he chased her down the stairs after the doors to the elevator closed.

Once he got there, she was already walking out of the building and he sprinted towards her, grabbing her arm and spinning her around. "Wait...I don't even know your name." He said.

She gasped when she saw him in this condition. "Max..go back're..." She hoped people weren't watching but they were and some guys wolf whistled as they saw the pair.

"I want to know your name. I need to know the name of the woman I made love with at least."

She sighed. "It's please go." She said, pushing him back in the doors and leaving him.

"Cheryl?". Max raised an eyebrow. She looked like a Cheryl but he felt that it didn't quite suit her and that she was hiding something...

"Nice boxers". He heard someone say behind him.


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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 2/26/09 Chpt 3. p. 3

Post by Hunter » Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:19 am

Thanks for the feedback everyone :D


Chapter Three

“Oh this should be interesting.” Liz peered at the window, staring at the car which parked just outside her house and a dark haired man got out.

“He drives a Cadillac.” Tess said looking out the window with Liz. “God, that is expensive.”

“I’m going to check if Gwen’s ready, you go and answer the door please.” Liz said leaving Tess’s bedroom and going into Gwen.

Tess obeyed Liz and went downstairs to answer the door. She liked what she saw. “Well hello there.” She licked her lips looking at the masculine perfection that stood right before her.

Max Evans in one of those Armani suits, his dark brown bangs resting over his forehead and his whole demeanour, Tess didn’t know where to start. Liz was sure a lucky woman for riding him to glory. From what she had heard of Max Evans, he wasn’t easy. Then again Liz wasn’t either so he would be the perfect match for her.

Max forced a small smile. He knew Tess from the diner. She used to work there and Kyle used to gawp at her for hours. “Hey.” Max handed her the big bottle of chardonnay. He always carried a bottle of wine with him whenever he had a dinner invite.

“Hi Tess.” Kyle almost pushed Max out of the way. Max cursed under his breath as his eager friend grinned at Tess who smiled back.

“Kyle right?”.

“Yep, your favourite customer.” He nodded.

“Oh Kyle” Tess leaned and kissed his cheek. “How’s my favourite customer?”.

“Are you just going to stand there or let them in?”. Another female voice interrupted. Max and Kyle shifted their heads slightly and saw a tall Isabel standing wearing a deep red dress that was low cut. She had her hands on her hips and wore a look of an eagle. Sharp and focused.

“Oops sorry.” Tess rolled her eyes. While Liz was the sceptical one out of them, Isabel was the serious one and she was left to be the happy go lucky one. “Do come in.” She made way for the two men to enter. Tess shut the door after them and Isabel lead them to the table.

Kyle and Max looked around, the house had a very feminine touch to it. In the corner amidst the leather chairs and the furry rugs was a stack of boxes with Gwen’s dolls in it and a little Barbie dressing table with nail polish, little perfume things and crayons on it. It was cute.

“So’re girlfriends right?”. Max asked without thinking. Maybe this was the reason why Kyle had been unable to hit it off with Tess.

As soon as those words left his mouth, Isabel glared at Max as her ass hit the chair and Tess giggled. Kyle was grinning wondering what was going on.

Max was sure they were lesbians. Tess and Isabel lived together with a little girl who they might have adopted together. Right?

“We’re not dykes Max.” Isabel stated.

“Dykes?”. Kyle raised an eyebrow, still grinning. Damn it, why couldn’t he stop grinning like an idiot?!

A flash of horror reach Max’s eyes and he was baffled by the mistake he made. And he thought he could read people so well..“I’m sorry..I just assumed that know.” He waved his hands about, trying to gesture what he meant”.

How could he make the stupid mistake first thing straight before dinner? God.

“Well just because women live in a house together it doesn’t mean they’re lesbians.” Isabel coughed.

Kyle almost spluttered and laughed. “Gee Max, don’t over read people.”

Max shot a glare at him and Kyle stopped laughing. “Sorry.”

“No we’re Tresbians.” Tess leaned into Kyle’s ear. “All three of us girls..”

Kyle stiffened. “Huh?”

Max almost chocked. “Three?”.

“She’s coming down in a bit.” Isabel said, with a smile forming on her lips. Men were easy to play with.

“I’ll be back, just sorting out the dinner and whipped cream.” Tess said, removing herself from the chair.

“Whipped cream.” Kyle repeated dumbfounded.

Max took a deep breath. “ you’re actually are..”

“No we’re not.” Isabel half snapped and then smiled. “Some wine?”. She pulled out a French wine and popped it open.

“I don’t usually drink before dinner”. Max said.

“Coming from the man who always brings wine to dinner.” Kyle looked at him.

“So whose the other woman?”. Max asked while Isabel poured herself and Kyle some wine.

“She’s someone you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life.” Isabel smirked.

Before Max could respond, Gwen ran into the room and went to greet Max. “Thank you for coming here Max!”.

Max smiled at the girl. “Are you okay now Gwen?”.

She nodded. “Because you saved me.” She grinned. “I told mommy superman exists.”

Max blushed. “I’m not superman.”

Gwen took a seat next to Isabel. “I’m hungry.” Gwen told Isabel. “Where’s the dinner?”.

“Awww ain’t she adorable.” Kyle cooed. “So whose your mommy?”.

“I am.”

All heads turned towards the woman standing right before them.

Shit, Max thought.


All throughout dinner Max answered all the questions that Isabel and Tess had for him since they did most of the asking. Kyle had begun to flirt with Tess leaving Isabel to interrogate Max further. Gwen was happily singing some songs while eating her ice cream.

“Gwen honey, that’s enough.” Tess turned her attention away from Kyle and went to clean the little girl up. “You’re not allowed to sing while eating sweetie.”

Liz had put Gwen to bed after ten minutes and rejoined the group while they sipped some wine. Max and Liz kept exchanging glances but didn’t speak much. He hated it that this could ever happen, first he had sex with her without knowing her name, then found out that she was not Cheryl but Liz and now she didn’t seem bothered about him.

It made him angry and confused.

“So Lizzzz.” He said stretching the z in her name on purpose. “What importance does marriage hold to you?”.

Liz smiled and nodded. She knew Max wasn’t going to let her go that easily, although he was very quiet tonight. “For me, marriage is a mouse trap.”

“What?”. Kyle almost stopped rubbing Tess’s foot under the table.

“Those who are trapped inside are desperate to get outside and those who are outside are desperate to get in.” She mused.

Isabel was beyond humoured. The serious eagle eyed look was no longer present on her face replaced by a drunk woman who laughed hard at funny jokes.

Max hadn’t noticed a ring on Liz’s finger so she wasn’t married but she could have been. “Were you married before?”. He whispered.

Liz didn’t react as he would have expected. She remained cool and calm about his question. “I don’t suppose a woman like me would waste her time in an emotional prison Max.”

“Marriage is a blessing.” Max whispered back.

“For fools maybe.”

He didn’t know what else to say. He had found out that she wasn’t who she was. There was more to her and he didn’t know what was worse. That she had lied to him and resisted him or that he read her completely wrong.

“Right, I’m off to bed.” Isabel stumbled up, trying not to fall over. “You take care Max.” She told him. “Thanks for saving our Gwen.”

Tess left Kyle’s side and went to support Isabel. “Damn it Isabel you’re drunk again.”

Kyle stared at the small brunette, evidently Max and her had something serious between them. They barely talked and now he could feel how awkward they were. “Max..have you met Liz before?”. He asked.


Kyle raised an eyebrow. “Did you know...hit the sack together?”.

Liz stood up. “I have to clear up.”

“Time to go.” Max said, standing up himself. “Come on Kyle.”

“But wait..what about the after eight jokes?”.

“It is after eight.” Max threw on his jacket. "Way past eight."

Liz began piling up the dishes unsure of what to say to Max. She was happy that he saved Gwen’s life and that he had been a total gentleman but the horrible awkwardness between them was just growing.

“Max.” Liz put the plates down and looked at Max. “I’m ....” Instead of apologizing she thanked him. “Thanks for saving my daughter’s life.”

Max looked at her briefly with those amber eyes. “Don’t thank me, anyone would have done the same.” He paused. “Thanks for a great dinner tonight. I’ll see you again perhaps.”

He went to the door and opened it. Kyle followed him and mouthed to Liz. “Tell Tess to call me.”

Kyle shut the door once he was outside with Max and Liz just stood there, wondering if she would like to see Max again.

Maybe she would.

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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 3/5/09 Chpt 4. p. 4

Post by Hunter » Thu Mar 05, 2009 7:42 am

Thanks for the feedback! :D


Chapter Four

A week later

The neon light hummed underneath his fingertips, putting him in a trance almost as he tried to come to terms with his existence, these days he had been feeling numb now. "I feel like an idiot." He muttered.

"Don't worry man, I just want to get this straight. You said all girls like pink right?". Asked the taller guy with the dirty blonde hair was swept across his forehead, matted onto his head like damp hay.

"I never said that." Max protested fixing up the lights to the wall.

"Oh must be me then." Micheal slapped the dust off his hands, hopping off the grey leather chairs.

"You can't be generalising women Micheal." Max found himself smiling a little.

"Well with Maria, I think she is a pink girl."

Max looked around the empty club. "Has she seen your crib Micheal?".

Micheal shook his head. "I live in the same street as the woman but she doesn't even know I exist."

"That's where I come in." Max smiled. "Don't worry pal, at the end of the week she'll be begging for another date." He slapped Micheal lightly on the shoulder.


Liz checked her rear-view mirror again. "Oh god..I can't." Liz tightened her fingers on the steering wheel.

"You can do this." The woman's voice urged. "It's easy, just like piece of cake." She continued. "All you need to do is push the brake down with your foot and think I own the road."

Liz opened her eyes and looked at the honey blonde. "I own the road?". She smiled, she liked the thought of that and she liked how confidence budded off her driving instructor.

Maria fixed her hair up in a neat bun. "Listen Liz, I'm going to say this once, you're a very confident strong woman."

Maria admitted, she had been working with her for a year now. Liz was a busy single mother who had to struggle with her rota, she only had a limited amount of time free and plus her phobia of cars wasn't helping either, the amount of driving lessons she had failed was a ticket to the wall of shame.

"But you just need to believe in yourself." Maria told her. "If you don't then you're obviously be stuck at ground zero."

Liz took a deep breath and nodded. "Yeah I guess you're right."

"Still want to continue the lesson?". Maria asked hopefully.

"Yes, I do." Liz started the ignition and was determined to finally finish the damn driving lesson.


Max stepped out onto the road after stopping shortly at the newspaper stand. Today felt just like another day. Cars would drive past, the birds picked the same direction to fly, the usual hot dogs were being sold at the vendor to the usual customers who turned down freshly brewed coffee from star bucks while businessmen and women rushed in and out with their crisp clean suits with no specks of dirt evident on them. Yep, this was the busy Manhattan, just another New York city.

And for him, he would be hooking up people all the time. Alex hadn't even phoned him once to report how he was doing with the woman he longed for. Max chuckled, he was probably busy enjoying an extended honeymoon.

Crossing the road, he reached the other side of the sidewalk and decided to purchase one of star bucks hot delights. "One Americano please." Max ordered, tucking the newspaper underneath his arm and getting his wallet out.

"Well well well, nice to see you here Evans." Doug Shellow sneered. Max cringed.

"Nice to see you here too Shallow." Max tried to hide his smirk.

"Don't irk me Evans." Doug growled.

"Wasn't my intention." Max shrugged and paid the man at the counter.

"Well let bygones be bygones, what you up to these days?". Doug asked, leaning against the counter next to Max. The two attended high school together and were not much of friends. Doug had been a jock wannabee and worshiped every football game while Max was the school's quarterback as well as it's pride and joy. He had been a favorite among the teachers while Doug had longed for Max's life.

Max was aware of Doug's resentment towards him and had avoided him much of the time.

"Working." Came Max's simple reply as he took the filled cup from the man and turned around to find a seat. Doug followed and sat opposite Max.

"I heard you were playing cupid these days." Doug grinned. "Maybe you can hook me up with Adeline Ramirez, you know Jesse's sister. Jesse works at your father's law firm right?."

"Depends." Max put the cup and paper on the table. "What do you want me to do exactly?".

"I want to sleep with her." Doug admitted. "I want to jump her bones."

Max almost chocked on his drink and dropped the cup. "What?!".

"You heard it right Evans, I want in her pants and have a great one night stand with her."

Max glared at Doug, if the cup was in his hands right now he would have crushed it. Right now he wanted to take a swing at Doug and knock him down. "How dirty is your thinking."

Doug grinned and nodded. "Yeah I know, think of all the naughty things I could do to her, damn...fuck her everywhere."

Max stood up. "I help those who are capable of loving, not sick and twisted horndogs."

Doug shot up. "Whoa Jesus Evans, no need to go psycho on me. I thought we were on the same book."

"Same book? We're not even on the same page." Max shot back, almost losing it. "I won't make the mistake of letting you hurt a woman or use her as a sex object." He pointed at Doug. "You can resort back to jerking yourself off."

Doug gasped. "You did not just say that to me Evans."

"I just did." Max spat and removed himself from the scrutinizing gaze of the filthy man. He cursed when he left the cafe and was totally disturbed by today's events.

Doug on the other hand was left dissatisfied and vengeful for the humiliation Max Evans publicly caused him when he could hear mutters and gasps from people in the room.

"You're dead meat Evans."


Liz couldn't hide the grin on her face when she had passed her driving lesson. She had given Maria a big hug. "Oh my god! I'm so happy!". Liz squealed. "I finally passed!".

"See, I told ya so." Maria smiled back.

"How can I ever repay you for the amount of times you had to put up with me?". Liz laughed.

"Well there is one thing." Maria said, she had known Liz for quite some time now and was hoping they could have more then just a driver-student relationship.

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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 3/6/09 Chpt 5. p. 4

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! :D


Chapter Five

"So we meet again." The sultry voice whispered firmly as he stepped into the elevator. Max's knees buckled when he caught sight of her, her soft ruby lips curved into a gentle smile belonging to a beautiful porcelain face. Her features were serene and she had a certain twinkle to her eyes that beckoned him to explore her.


She hadn't expected to see him again and wasn't sure if she wanted to move on without him. He was someone that she was confused about. The man was practically infuriating but sweet.

"How are you?". She thought being polite was the way to go otherwise they'd have a shouting match.

"Fine and you?". He returned the favor, he was happy to see her again and was afraid one thing wrong might separate them forever.

"Kinda bored." She yawned.

Max nodded and thought of something else to say. Usually he found talking with women easy like a piece of cake. But with Liz he was very cautions and watched every single thing he said. He felt like Alex right now. Coughing, he finally decided to say something maybe comment on how great she looked in her suit.

But before he could get a word out, the elevator shook and made a churning sound that was almost violent, sounding like the metal grazing against each other. The lights in the elevator flickered and both of them gasped.

"What the hell is going on?". Liz panicked, pressing her palms against the mirror to brace herself.

Max looked around with a panicked expression and then sought the alarm key. "Don't worry." He pressed the button and looked over to see if Liz was okay.

The red light glowed underneath the button key and then the lights went out and the elevator stopped. But the doors remained seal.

"Oh god." Liz whispered. "This isn't good."

"No it's not." Max muttered, pressing the key again. "Great." He pounded his fist against the buttons. "Now I'm stuck here with Miss I Hate Love." He hissed under his breath which didn't go un noticed by Liz.

"Excuse me?". Liz raised an eyebrow.

Max huffed and checked his phone. "I'm sorry but looks like we're stuck down here."

"No, you called me something before that." Liz folded her arms and narrowed her eyes at him, she felt like shooting heat blasts with her eyes at him. "Miss I Hate Love?".

Max couldn't see her face in the darkness but he could feel her scent and it stirred something inside him awake. "I just didn't expect to me stuck in an elevator with you. A woman who despises love is every man's nightmare." He said the same time dialling in the number in his phone and pressing ring.

"Oh you can talk can't you, you shallow jerk." Liz threw back, getting into the heat of the argument. "You don't even call after dinner and you're so called love theories are out of the window."

Max pressed the phone to his ear and waited for a response, but when he didn't get any he looked at his phone. "Shit, no signal."

"Obviously." Liz scoffed. "We're stuck in the middle of nowhere, how can a signal reach us?".

"Can you stop being a bitch and check your phone?". Max snapped, annoyed.

"Fine asshole." Liz pulled her phone out and checked. Seconds later she plastered her phone at Max's face. "No signal, there. Happy?".

Max put a hand to his face and sighed. "I'm sorry Liz, I didn't mean to be a jerk." He apologised. He couldn't control himself around her, it was like all the layers of protection was peeling away.

Liz put her phone away and then realised they both were fighting like little children. "Yeah me too." She leant back and shivered at how cold the mirror was. "Holy crap." She pulled herself away from the cool surface and landed straight into Max's waiting arms.


Liz brushed against his chest and almost fell over her heels when she felt those arms of his around her. "Sorry."

She moved away from him and stood a few inches away from where he was standing. "Do you have a lighter?". He asked her.

"No." She answered, "Do you?".

She reached into her bag and tried to search for the little torch she carried with her. "I have a mini flashlight thingy."

She remembered, her daughter won a set of mini flashlights at a carnival.

"That's good." Max replied.

Liz put the flashlight on and she could see Max's face clearly. He looked really handsome and she was practically drooling over him. He had a good set of looks on him but his ego stunk.

Max looked at Liz's face. "So, how long do you think we'll be stuck down here for?".


Alex knocked on the door once again and cursed when Max hadn't opened it. "That dude must be getting some tonight." He smiled. Max Evans was so lucky, all the women wanted to fuck him senseless and were also in love with him too.

His getaway with the woman he craved for was a disaster. He couldn't beleive she was bi. He wanted one woman but to have a set of other females watching them while they had..oh god, he shuddered to think about it. He wasn't like them other guys who wanted to have sex with lots of women and she had expected him to become her bunny boy. There was no love in that.

"God damn." Alex cringed. He hoped Max could teach him some moves and earn a respectable woman.

"Dude.." Kyle had come back from his work and opened the door to Max's apartment. Lucky he had found the spare key. "Max isn't here." He said, opening his door.

Alex looked back at Kyle. He, Kyle and Max were all college buddies and were like brothers. "Hey man, I just needed some love 101."

"Me too." Kyle held the door open for him. "Come on in, the game is on tonight."


Liz and Max were sitting side by side on the elevator floor. Half an hour passed by and no one had come to their rescue. "Do you know that soon our breathing will become restrained." Liz said out of boredom.

She wasn't scientific but had read an article somewhere and found out that a certain amount of time stuck in the elevator could be very lethal. "People died by being stuck in an elevator for eleven hours. The amount of oxygen was used up."

"Yeah?". Max rested his head against the wall. "Well dying with you seems a good way to go." He teased.

"Oh Max." Liz rolled her eyes. "I just hope someone finds us and get's us the hell out of here."

Minutes of silences passed between them and Max flickered his eyes to Liz. "Why do you hate love?".

Liz looked at him, taking her time to reply. "Because..." She sighed, in this condition she didn't feel like being witty. She was scared and thought about her daughter, she had to get back to her baby and it was getting very late. "Love isn't a part of my life." She whispered, barely audible and Max's ears twitched.

Max placed his hand over Liz's and held her hand gently in his. "Love does exist you know, just believe in it Liz."

"I can't." She sighed, the heat radiated from his hand and seeped into her own. His touch felt good. She couldn't believe he was the same man who saved her daughter's life and she had slept with him. The curse of fate. She wronged him but she knew she was going to suffer if she opened up her heart again. "I slept with you Max, I used you in bed and you're being too nice to me."

"It's called being civil." Max said. "I wanted to see you again, I really did but I needed some time. You're a very difficult woman Liz."

"And you're a very difficult man Max."

"Now that's the Liz I know." He smirked, lacing his fingers with hers although he wasn't aware of their proximity.

"Doesn't it bother you that I had a one night stand with you?". Liz asked him in curiosity.

"Nope." Max shook his head. "It may be a one night stand to you but to me it was something worth my time."

"Something worth your time?". Liz questioned. "I wonder what that means."

"It means If I wasn't interested, I would never have let you in my bed." Max blushed at his own shock confession. Oh god, he was interested in Liz Parker?

Liz shivered when he ran his fingers up and down her arm. "What are you doing?". She gasped, afraid to move away.

"Something I should have done a long time ago.." Max trailed off and gentle cupped the back of her head and leaned in for a kiss.

It was warm and gentle, sweet and spicy at the same time fiery and passionate. Both of them could go on describing this strange kiss, his tongue duelled with hers and she latched onto his mouth, kissing him back just as much as he was. His hand cupped her breast and he gave it a gentle squeeze, Liz moaned into his mouth and held onto his shoulders.

God the things that were happening between them..Liz was worried that they were getting to carried away and just about to break off the kiss until the doors of the elevator were parted a littler and someone stuck their nose in. "Is anyone in there?".


"So you wrecked the buttons Max." Liz accused as the technician told them what had happened.

"Liz, all I did was press ground floor." Max defended.

"But I was there first." Liz growled.

Max blinked in confusion. One minute she was all over him kissing him like no tomorrow and the next she was being the same cold hearted bitch. What was her problem?

"I'm sorry Liz." He looked at her angrily, it was like everyone else had disappeared from the room leaving only him and Liz. "I didn't know the whole world had to be under your heels."

Liz gasped. "Fuck you Max."

"For god sake, just drop it you too." Liz's boss snapped. "Jesus, for crying out loud it was a technical error and nothing else."

"It is a technical error." Liz scoffed and flashed Max a look of disbelief before turning on her heels and storming away.

Max just shook his head and apologised for his retaliation. "It's okay Mr Evans." The stick thin woman replied. "Liz is a very fiery woman so I'm not surprised even she got you grilled."

Max just wondered about Liz, shit. He cursed himself. He hurt her again. "I have to make it up to her." He whispered to himself and chased after Liz. He caught her just about to cross the road but he grabbed her arm softly and turned her around. "Listen I'm sorry Liz but god you don't have to be so nasty about it."

Liz blinked the tears away and Max immediately brushed any fallen tears away with his thumbs. Liz's lips trembled and she felt stupid for becoming emotional with Max. It's like she gave him a piece of her that she couldn't take back and it made her feel vulnerable. She did not want to feel vulnerable whatsoever.

"I know how you feel." Max said in a husky tone. "But I just want to be friends with you."

He lied, he knew it in every part of his body but he didn't want to let go of Liz that easily. He needed her around and he realised he had been wasting a week by not even attempting to contact her at all.

The fear of rejection had once again managed to open his wounds and rub salt over them. He didn't want to let this enigmatic woman walk out of his life again. If friendship was the one thing that could bind them together then so be it.

Liz gulped. She wanted to say yes and no. Afraid of becoming friends with Max Evans was holding her back, he was a sweet guy but he was just like all the other guys, he was going to hurt her and she knew it.

But would it hurt to let him back into her life before he had the chance to actually hurt her?

Liz nodded. "Okay."

A gasp followed by a smile broke out on Max's handsome face. "Yeah?". He pulled Liz into his arms and gave her a tight hug, he couldn't contain his smile and gave god a silent prayer of thanks.

Meanwhile Doug watched Max hug a brunette from his car and grinned. "Got you now Evans." He clicked the picture of the woman with Max with his phone.

He would enjoy playing this game.

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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 3/15/09 Chpt 6 p. 5

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! :D


Chapter Six

"He actually fell for that?". Isabel asked, while sitting on Liz's bed, watching desperate housewives on the widescreen TV.

"As a matter of fact he did." Liz hollered through the bathroom while brushing her teeth and cleaning up. "He actually believed I was having an emotional meltdown." She laughed and wiped her face with the towel.

"Men." Isabel laughed.

"Yep, too easy to play with." Liz concurred as she stepped out of the bathroom in her shorts and tank top. "Shame, he's a good kisser though." Liz giggled with Isabel.

"He's hot." Isabel nodded.

“I think being friends with him...” Liz bit her bottom lip. “I want to know why he does what he does I suppose.”

“Do you want to be friends with him?”.

“No...I mean yes but it’s kind of awkward. We barely know each other and I just want to spend time with him so I know him better.”

"I'm surprised you slept with him." She said quietly as Liz sat on the bed with her.

"Me too." Liz admitted. "I mean, I usually never do that."

"Why did you Liz?". Isabel asked her twin. As far as she knew, out of all her previous dates, none of them had succeeded in getting far to second base within two years of knowing Liz.

Liz barely allowed herself to fall prey to the desires of physical appetite but with Max, it was different. Both girls knew that Max obviously had caused Liz to react in an unusual way.

"He's just...Max I suppose. " Liz shrugged, if there was an answer to Isabel's question, she didn't want to acknowledge it just yet; not until she got around to understanding Max Evans first and what he meant to her.

Isabel was about to say something until Liz's daughter Gwen ran into the room. "Mommy!" She ran towards the
brunette. "Why aren't you ready yet?". She pouted as she placed her palms on her hips.

"Sorry sweetie." Liz said, smiling at her daughter. "I'll be ready as soon as I can."

"And you aunt Isabel." Gwen turned her eyes at Isabel.

"Huh me?". Isabel pretended to be shocked. "But I thought I wasn't invited."

"Very funny." Gwen folded her arms. "Didn't expect you both to still be wearing your sleepwear. I'm totally disappointed."

Isabel gasped and exchanged glances with her twin sister. "Wow, you daughter is learning new words and speaking like an adult."

Liz blushed, her daughter has completely taken after her grandma Claudia who loved learning new things and was a lover of literature. Gwen had even opted to read many of her grandmother's favourite novels including Jane Austen’s books. Liz was amazed how much her daughter was interested in literature.

Tess walked in the room already dressed in a short dress and a pair of high heels. "Did you know how many books are stacked on my bed?". She asked. "Your girl reads way too much." She laughed at Liz.

"Hey I love reading." Gwen rolled her eyes. Just because she was seven years old that didn't mean she could participate in literature. The women expected her to stick with her dolls and cartoons which was starting to bore her.

"Anyway, I gotta get ready. Don't want Gwen to miss her carnival." Liz got up from the bed and shooed the protesting girls out of her room.

Opening her closet, she pulled out a cute blue and white sundress with dark brown embroidery on it. It was a lovely sunny day and she was going to enjoy with her family.

Stripping out of her clothes, she slipped on the dress and looked in the mirror. She ran her hands down her flat stomach and smoothened the dress around her thighs.

Looking back at the mirror she saw him behind her. Looking gorgeous as ever, he was standing with his arms folded and smirking at her. His gleaming amber eyes making her feel a bit dizzy.

Liz blinked and looked at the mirror again, he was no longer there. She shook her head.

She needed to get her eyes tested she believed.


"Max we're sorry." Alex laughed, as he stood next to Kyle in the apartment. "I just needed to talk to you and Kyle found the key.."

Max shook his head. "I'm not happy with you guys crashing in my place like that." He said in a stern voice. "Just make sure it doesn't happen again."

"We promise." Kyle said.

Max hadn't been too pleased to return to his place and find his best friends lying on his sofas covered with popcorn and nachos which the TV was playing hardcore porn.


A few moments of silence, Alex and Kyle exchanged glances and then rushed to Max's feet. Bending down and begging. "Aw man, please don't say no!". Kyle and Alex were about to grab his legs.

Max kicked them off his feet, embarrassed. "What the hell are you guys doing?".

"We need your help so much!". Alex cried. "Oh man, we need you to get us love man!".

Max frowned and then ordered the two guys to stand up again. "Alex I thought you was with that blonde.."

"Not my type."

"Tess barely answers my calls". Kyle said. "I don't think I impressed her enough at the dinner."

Max sighed. These guys would be the death of him. He sighed. "Fine."

"Oh thank you thank you!".

The guys were about to hug him but Max held his hand up to stop them. "Don't even think about it."


"Thanks." Liz smiled as the lady handed her five cotton candies. "Here you go girls."

"Yaay." Gwen started to feast on her own pink cotton candy. The pink fluff melting in her mouth. She loved the stuff.

"I'm so glad you invited me Liz." Maria smiled. They had become fast friends and she loved that she was a part of their group now.

"Don't mention it." Liz smiled.

The five of them were lingering around the rides and Gwen had wanted to go on the cups. "Please mommy." She begged.

"I get too dizzy on that thing." Liz shook her head. "Maybe Isabel can take you?".

"Course." Isabel said and took Gwen's hand. "Come on baby."

"I'm no baby." She stuck her tongue out.

"You are now." Isabel lifted her up and Gwen giggled as she swung her around before joining the line.

"Let me come too!" Tess ran after the girls, leaving Liz behind with Maria.

Maria and Liz decided to try out the prize stalls. "This looks fun." Maria told Liz as she paid the man and got six big rings, she gave Liz three and started to throw them in hope of winning an object or two.

Missing twice, Maria cried. "I can't even do it."

Liz smiled at her blonde friend. "Sweetie, patience." Liz took her first ring and aimed it at a certain prize. "Get your aim okay Maria, don't settle for the lows. Think that you're going to get the freshest apple on the tree okay?".

Maria nodded and watched Liz. "Okay Liz."

Liz then calculated the power of the throw that would allow her to successfully claim the prize she wanted. "Keep your focus and throw accurately according to distance."

Liz throw had been successful and she bagged the prize she wanted. "YESS!". Maria jumped up and cheered. "You did it Liz!".

The man applauded and handed Liz her gift. "Wow, first time lucky."

Liz stiffened when she heard his voice in her ear. "Max."

Taking her prize, she turned around and saw Max standing behind her with a cheeky grin on his face. "What are you doing here?".

"Last time I checked, it was an open carnival." He teased.

"I suppose so." Liz returned the tone.

Max drank in the sight of her, god. An angel she was. Fucking beautiful and he was crazy about her. He knew it. She wasn't like them other girls which attracted him towards her even more.

"'re staring." Liz stated, bringing him out of his little daze. "Don't stare at what you can't have." She teased.

Maria watched the little eye to eye teasing between the two. She knew there had to be something going on between them.

"I already have what I want." He murmured, inwardly fighting the urge to grab and kiss her. He didn't know what was wrong with him. She was so fucking...urghhh so beautiful.

He just couldn't get the memory of making love to her out of his head. He hadn't even thought about getting in between the sheets with her but it just happened, his attraction to her was strong and he didn't want to ruin their new friendship.

"Is that so?". Liz challenged, enjoying this flirting game with him.

"I'll see you in the kissing booth." Max promised and brushed past them.

Liz watched him as he left , He had a nice ass she thought while Maria looked at Liz and grinned. "'re staring."

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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 4/23/09 Chpt 7 p. 6

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Thanks for the feedback everyone!

destiny - tunnel of love? LOL you crack me up lol :lol: :mrgreen:
Jessah (x3)
- Thanks for the bumps Jess! :D

Chapter Seven

"Need some help?"

Tess turned her head to see Kyle Valenti right behind her. "Yes please."

Helping the small blonde onto the rodeo, Kyle grinned. "There you go maam." In a southern accent he teased.

"Why thank you sir." Tess returned the tone. She liked this Kyle. She liked him very very much.

Micheal shook his head at the sight of them and turned around only to have a head on collision with Maria causing her to stumble backwards He grabbed her before she could fall. "Shit, are you okay?"

"I am now." She shyly admitted. She noticed the Guerin guy. He lived on her street and they barely talked much. "What a coincidence seeing you here." She remarked as he helped her back on her feet again.

"Well I was bored and since this is a very friendly neighbour hood.. I thought it wouldn't hurt to attend one of these." Micheal answered. He really had no idea Maria would be here and had tagged along with Max to see how he gave advice to the other two guys.

Shit!, where is Max? Micheal panicked. He might say or do the wrong things. Taking a huge gulp.

He asked her the question again. "Are you okay? I mean just to be sure." Micheal stuttered. He felt like kicking himself.

What the fuck was wrong with him? Sweating palms and stuttering like a girl. Max would slap him silly if he saw this.

"Yeah I'm fine thanks." Maria nodded. "What about you? I'm sorry for being such a clutz."

"Nah it's not your fault." Micheal said. "I should have looked where I was going."

"I was the one walking." Maria retorted.

"But still..I should have seen where I was going."

"Why?" Maria challenged. "Because you're the guy?"

"Precisely." Micheal stuck his nose up in pride. "It's always the guy's job to put the ladies first."

Maria grinned. "Oh wow..nice." She smiled. "Well good day to you erm Mike? Yeah Mike. Have fun." She brushed past him and he just watched her leave.

"Bad luck Mike. She just left you." He said sadly.


Alex noticed a very attractive blonde woman walking out from the teacups ride with a little girl. Mother or not, she was hot and he wanted her. He put on his shades and decided that smooth talking was the way to do. He waited till they stopped at a candy cart where she brought herself and the girl some toffee apples then he approached her.

"Damn...that's one curvy ass." He said.

Isabel glared at him. "You talking to me boy?"

Alex wanted to laugh. The last blonde he was with asked him that same question. " with the huge apple ass..yeah I'm talking to you."

"Cover your ears sweetie." Isabel told Gwen as they stepped aside.

"You are a very huge momma." Alex grinned.

"What was that? I'm sorry?"

"You one huge-" SMACK! before Alex could finish repeating his line, he received a huge smack from Isabel which sent his shades falling off and landing in the grass.

"Don't you mean I deliver a huge mother effin slap?" Isabel's words rolled with sarcasm.

A few kids were laughing as they saw the scene and Isabel pulled Gwen's hand to leave. "Come on sweetie, don't need to waste our times with smooth losers."

Alex who was embarrassed, picked up his shades and snapped at the laughing kids. "Go mind your own business!"

He decide to hide in the shadows for now and lick his wounds. How embarrassing was that?


Liz didn't know why she did this but she did. She looked at the ticket in her hand. She was going to the kissing booth. When the line decreased for her, she could see who was kissing. It wasn't Max but an older guy with white hair. She cringed. There was no way she was kissing grandpa.

She was next and was about to leave until Max stepped onto the stage. "My turn." He told the white haired guy.

The older man nodded and stood up before leaving. Liz smiled secretly as Max sat down on the stool. Liz strolled onto the stage and was about to sit opposite Max but Max pulled her onto his lap. Liz was very shy and surprised.

"Max...what are you doing?" She whispered into his ear.

"Romancing my kissing buddy." He whispered seductively. "Now enjoy." He cupped her face and slowly brought it to his.

Liz closed her eyes and pressed her lips against Max's. A tingle started in her stomach and spread all over her body. His lips were warm and gentle, giving her a reminder of the day they had made love. God, she really did miss those lips. He knew how to make a woman feel good. He was a pro at this.

She felt utter joy when he responded to her kiss. The friction of their mouths moving together was just earth shattering.

Could a woman really orgasm from just kissing?

The breeze and the kiss caused her nipples to harden and Max could feel those hard peaks against his chest sending the blood rushing to his groin. Fuck, his body was in sync with hers. She enjoyed him much as he enjoyed her.

Her fingers made their way to his hair as their kiss deepened. Max wished her legs were apart and he was between them right now so he could make the kiss so much better for the both of them. Liz was getting lost in the kiss, she was sucking fast on his lips and tongue, moaning into his mouth and the whole crowd watched the show put on display.

"Hey! You're wasting time!" An impulsive woman from the crowd shouted. "This isn't a motel!"

Liz and Max slowly broke the kiss and they both had swollen red lips, evidence of their thorough lip love making. Liz's heart was pounding very fast as she realised that they went a little hot and heavy in front of people. "That was amazing." She heard Max breath deeply.

The truth was, it was beyond amazing.

Fucking fantastic..out of this world amazing.

She wanted more, just like Oliver Twist.

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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 5/31/09 Chpt 8 p. 7

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Thanks for the fb everyone

Chpt 8

As time went on, over the three months that Max and Liz had finally spent together as friends of course, Liz slowly believed herself to admire Max for his faith in love. She of course, held onto her tough beliefs that love was just an illusion. She named what she had felt for Max was sexual attraction.

But deep inside both their hearts, they both knew it was something more then just sexual attraction. It was love. Real pure love.

Max had taken Liz out on dates, gotten to also know her other friends and Gwen also had a soft spot for him. They all were close and Liz could never feel happier when she saw her daughter and Max bond.

Isabel noticed her sister staring at them from across the playground. "Max is...a real good guy."

"Yeah." Liz sighed. "He is."

"You should really give him a chance you know." Isabel said, already knowing what her sister felt.

"I have haven't I?" Liz frowned in confusion. She let Max be her friend, she let Max walk into Gwen's life.
But Isabel didn't think so.

"Liz, you are keeping him hanging on a loose thread. He doesn't know if he's your friend or your lover."

Liz sighed again, this time it was more deeper and frustrating. "If I open my heart up again, what if he treats me like that guy did." Liz cringed, trying hard not to remember the name of her daughter's father.

"Liz, Gwen's father wasn't the one." Isabel placed a hand on Liz's shoulder. "Gwen's father was young just like you at the time and he really didn't know what he was doing or getting himself into. That was just called a failed relationship in other words, experience for the future so you know which mistakes to avoid."

"He left me and Gwen." Liz stated bluntly. "What kind of person does that to their own family? Or their own child?"

Both Liz and Isabel hadn't noticed Max approach them with Gwen in his arms. "Hey."

"We had fun momma." Gwen grinned. "We should keep uncle Max."

Liz blushed. Gwen had always tried to urge her to accept Max's proposals. Liz had always evaded them successfully until now. Max's eyes were glowing in the sunlight and Liz tried to figure out his mind.

"That's good honey. I'm glad you're getting on with Max." Liz kissed her daughter's cheek.

In the far corner, Tess and Kyle were giggling as he chased her across the candy carts with a water gun. The two were now dating and seemed like the most happiest couple ever. Alex had kept his cool and avoided Isabel whenever necessary, still giving her insults here and there while Maria and Micheal couldn't bear to look at each other after the disaster of getting caught making out in the Santa’s grotto by a group of ruthless children.

Yet Max and his theories of love seemed to work. Isabel was complaining to Max about Alex's smoothness which radiated off sexual attraction towards him.

Liz started to believe that Max's ways of love were actually valid.

"Liz?" Max smiled.


"You were just a little lost there."

Later on, the girls decided to baby sit Gwen while Max took Liz out. Surprisingly this time Liz had asked Max if they could become official and then he slipped the ring on her finger; so blissfully happy that they were going to get married. "I can't believe this Max." Liz whispered. "It's like everything I ever wanted."

They danced sensually slow like hot fluid under the glimmering lights until they realised it was past midnight and Gwen wanted Liz back. Max drove Liz home and then the pair were entangled in each other, kissing and touching each other's bodies. Liz thought about letting Max taking her in the back of his car but then she didn't want to end up in an unlikely position with him.

"Max." Liz breathed, placing her hands on Max's chest. "After the wedding." She said.

Max found it hard to stop and gave her breasts one last caress before kissing her again. "I don't think I can wait that long." He teased, tracing her bottom lip with his tongue.

"We're getting married tomorrow." Liz giggled and hugged Max.

"It's a big step for you isn't it?" Max realised and cupped her face. "But I promise you, I will never treat you like he did. I will always put you and Gwen first."

"You don't have-" Liz was about to say but Max put an index finger on her lips.

"Shhhh." He hushed her. "Just listen and let things be Liz. I'm supposed to treat you right and that is what I will do." Max vowed. "I hope you don't find anything lacking in my love."

"You do know what you're getting yourself into Evans?" Liz teased. "No other man has stayed strong enough to last with me."

"I'm not like any other man." Was his response before meeting her lips again and rubbing her arms sensually, just the way she loved it.

Leaving her once again was so hard for Max and Liz had waved him goodbye when she was about to enter her home. Switching on the light, she closed the door and entered her lounge.

Expecting it to be empty, she froze when she saw a figure with their back to her.

It was him.


"Ashley." Liz whispered, the very name sent chills to her spine. She thought she would have never see his face again. Not after what he had done to her and Gwen.

"Liz." He turned around and smiled. His greenish blue eyes lighting up.

Not again, Liz thought. He never smiled like that after high school.

"What are you doing here?" Her voice was cold, sharp and to the point.

She wondered who the hell let him in here because he didn't have a key to this house, or did he?

"One of you always leaves a key under the mat." He answered and showed Liz the spare key. "Would be the short, curly blond that looks like a minx."

"Tess." Liz hissed.

"Yes, Tess." He nodded and slipped the key back into his pocket.

"How long have you been spying on us?" Liz growled, balling her fists.

"About a month or so." He shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal. "I had to see if my wife and daughter were safe."

"Don't." Liz warned. "Don't you ever call me your wife again and Gwen your daughter."

"Gwen will always be my daughter Liz." He corrected her.

"Maybe biologically but other then that she wants nothing to do with you." Liz folded her arms in truimph. "She doesn't need you at all Ashley."

"Because you let another man take my role in her life." He scoffed bitterly. "My daughter wants to call another man dad." He cursed. "How did you let that happen? How could you do this to me?"

Liz wanted to laugh. "You mean how could I survive after the hell you put me through. You left me to give birth to Gwen by myself while you were too busy with WORK!" Liz shouted, loosing her temper and breathing harshly as she was at a standoff with Ashley.

Ashley cringed. "I had no idea-"

"I called you and called you even though I was in labour and about to die!" Liz screamed.

"I was about to rip apart but I fought the nurses to use the damn phone because I cared, I cared about you so much that I didn't want you to miss the birth of your own little girl." Liz pressed on.

"You sent a text a month later complaining that I was too naggy and you had more important things to do.

Then six months later, a divorce came through. You had made it clear you didn't want me anymore!" Liz poked Ashley in the chest. "I was surprised when you didn't fight for custody of your own daughter too."

"I know I made a mistake." Ashley said with tears falling. "But I want to take it all back, I want you back and I want to get to know our daughter."

Liz laughed heartlessly. "Don't Ashley, please don't allow me the pain of seeing you degrade yourself because you know I will never take you back after what you did."

"Please Liz, give us one more chance." He begged.

"Seven years later you come back?" Liz laughed in disbelief. "Dude, we got along fine for seven years without you, I'm sure we can get along without you for the rest of the years to come."

"So you're not going to give me a chance then." He sobbed. "I love you Liz...I-"

"I don't." Liz cut in. "I love someone else and he's not you." She announced proudly.

Ashley couldn't take it anymore. "I have someone on your precious fuck buddy." He sneered. "His name is Doug and he will expose him to be the fraud he is if you don't take me back."

Liz shook her head. "Yet another lie you make to get what you want. Well listen buddy, not this time. I don't give a flying fuck what you do, no one can take my husband to be away from me. Not you, not anything or anyone else." Liz declared with certainty.

"You will when Max is known to have mislead men into ruining many women's lives." Ashley snorted. "Kelly Jones, Debby Halls, Emma bridges..All of those women are victims of Max's rubbish theories of love."

Ashley hissed. "They will act as witnesses and kill Max's reputation."

"No." Liz shook her head in denial as she was pretty sure that this was Ashley's made up excuse to trick her.
"No? Well this will surprise you." Ashley scoffed. "Maria Deluca is one of those women who is going to complain against Max."

Liz gasped. "No!"

"Yes." Ashley confirmed. "And the majority will hate Max. Then Max will work so hard on fixing his life that he will pay little attention to you and Gwen leaving you both once shunned again."

"He is nothing like you."

"You're right." Ashley smiled. "He is nothing like me so that's why he will be the one to suffer public humiliation."

Liz stared at him in shock.

What was she going to do now?

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Re: One Thing (AU, M/L, Adult) 7/11/09 Chpt 9*complete*

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Jessah (x2)

Chapter Nine

Max came out of the shower to hear the phone ringing; he picked it up and was surprised to find it was Gwen on the other side. "Something's happened to mommy, hurry!" She hissed.

Max slapped on his clothes in haste and dashed outside to his car while still fixing his shoes, opening the car, he jumped in and sped off to Liz's, hoping that she would be okay.


Meanwhile, Gwen smiled as she heard her mother rush around the house trying to find her earring. "Here Mommy." Gwen handed her the earring that she was hiding for a while.

Liz thanked her daughter and put it on. She was going to be late for her salsa class today and wearing mismatched colors was not a good option.

Shoving her feet into the sandals, Liz quickly put the straps on and then checked her makeup one more time. "Come on sweetie." She grabbed her purse and kissed her daughter on the cheek.

Leading herself to the front door, Liz shouted. "Tess! Isabel! I'll be back in three hours! Take care of my sweetie!"

"Okay!" They both replied down the stairs.

Gwen smiled when she saw her mother drive off. Today her salsa class was cancelled. But she didn't know that.


Max reached the Italian restaurant where Gwen had reported him of Liz's problem. He ran into the place and scanned the room. It was dimly lit and very quite.

No one was here.

He frowned and then his phone rang. It was Gwen again and this time she told him about last night.

Max was beyond shocked to hear it. "Don't worry, I'll talk to your moth-" Max turned around and saw Liz at the entrance. "Bye sweetie." He clicked off the phone and smiled at Liz.

"Max?" Liz raised her eyebrows. Then it hit her, she forgot about this day. Last night with Ash made her worry so much that she had forgotten their wedding date which was supposed to happen tonight.

Before they could say a word, the waiter interrupted. "Please take a seat."


Kyle, Alex and Tess watched through the computer screen. "You think it's going to work?" Alex grinned.

Tess who was seated on Kyle's lap nodded. "It has to, Gwen's thinking is so sweet."

"It better, we didn't plan this for nothing." Kyle remarked.


"We do have a lot of things to talk about Max, about Gwen's father-"

"I know, Gwen told me she heard you guys last night." Max spoke. "But don't let him stop you Liz, you can't stop your life for this guy."

Liz prodded her salmon linguini with her fork. "Yes, you're right. I can't but Max he's going to defame you."
Max smiled. "I think we both need to take that leap of faith Liz."

"So what do you suggest?"

"Let's get married right now."


Four Months Later....

Mr Love Finds Lady Love

Gwen beamed at the framed article proudly. Max picked her up and they both stared at the article. "Wow, you're quite the writer Gwen."

"My article was much better then Ashley's." She grinned.

Max shook his head and was grateful that Liz had such an amazing daughter who saved them from Ashley and Doug's evil paws.

The media had taken more interest in a little's girl's story then two conniving evil jerks. He was also thankful for the amazing moment that Alex gave him where he first met Liz. If he hadn't told Alex to be a jerk to that woman, Liz would probably never notice him from the start.

Now he had two victories, Making his love believe in love and marrying her.

It was a special wedding.

The day they all tied the knot, and the day all obstacles were removed.


"Do you Kyle Andrew Valenti..."

"Do you Alex Jacob Whitman..."

"Do you Micheal Liam Guerin..."

"Do you Maxwell Phillip Evans take Elizabeth Gloria Parker to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do..." The men proudly smiled at their brides.

The reverend did the same with the brides and the church bells rang so loudly that bliss radiated from each corner of the church. It was a sunny day and love has finally shone.


What happened to Ashley and Doug was that they both ended up getting married because they both were gay. They had taken extreme lengths to cover it up by being very cruel to Max and Liz but finally accepted that they were not straight.

After their civil marriage, they finally left Max and Liz alone. They also didn't bother anyone else who was connected to them.

Isabel had finally married Alex but made Alex pussy whipped for she was the boss of the relationship; Maria and Micheal were like spontaneous combustion, they couldn't keep their hands of each other. Their relationship was known as M + M. Max had to agree with that. Tess and Kyle had a sweet relationship but Kyle was a tad clumsy and awkward at times.

While Liz and Max worked on a steady level.

Liz joined her husband and her daughter Gwen. She hugged them both. "Oh guys, I have some great news!"
"Yes honey?" Max kissed his wife on the forehead.

"We're having a baby!"

Just as Max couldn't get more happier, he was wrong. Life was full of surprises.

No scratch that, life was always full of surprises.

The End.