The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 27 COMPLETE 11-5-09

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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 20 7-19-09

Post by destinyc » Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:01 pm

Kris-Coming right up! :D
behr_able-Either that or Skin-a-max :lol:
Ginger-Glad you enjoyed it! :D
roswells_angels285-On a bed, just for you, baby! :lol: We'll see a little Michael/Max tension today.
Jan-Well I hope today's part *ahem* pleases you as well! Glad you liked the site I posted. :D
Eve-They really are having difficulty in holding back their true feelings. Max doesn't want Liz to feel trapped, and Liz is afraid of the fallout after they are discovered. :roll:
D-Ok, there will be just a bit of violence (but not in this chapter--today is for smut!) :lol:
Natalie-Thanks so much! :D
Dreamers_fan_believe-We're getting there! I promise! :D
Carrie-I hope this part is equally stimulating! :lol:
Nubantu-Glad you enjoyed it! :D
Eternal_dreamer-Back with more...hope you like it! :D
Alien_Friend-I'm glad you like Max and Liz here! :D

A/N-We're leaving for New Mexico at 6:30 in the morning, so I don't know if I'll have the next chapter ready by next weekend or not, so here is an extra helping of porny goodness to hold you till then :lol: .-Des

ch 20

“Attach file and send,” Liz clicked the on the icon, sending a short note and photoshopped picture of herself and Eileen in front of the Liberty Bell to her father and brother’s email accounts. Liz had one of the girls on their floor take several poses of Eileen and herself, and after that, it was fairly simple to cut out their photos on the computer and drop them into internet photos of famous landmarks. Cheesy and dishonest, maybe, but as long as it bought her a few more interference-free days, all the better.

After checking her other emails, mostly from scholarship offices requesting her acceptance of their offers, Liz took a sip of her coffee and looked through the growing stack of college catalogs on the dining table. “Northwestern—too windy,” Liz chucked that mailer into the discard pile as she reached for the next. “Harvard—too cold, SMU—too…Texan,” she spoke aloud to an otherwise empty apartment. Max was due back from class in the next few minutes, and Liz was trying to make some progress toward at least narrowing down her college decision.

Liz picked up the brochure for UNM and leafed through its contents. One advantage of staying in-state was the fact that her tuition and fees would be paid for, and the other scholarship money she had garnered could be put toward her living expenses. If she went to a school like Harvard, she would still need to depend on her father, and thereby live according to his rules. While she had offers from Ivy League schools that most people would give anything to attend, their appeal paled in comparison to her life now in Albuquerque. She was living the fantasy that had sustained her throughout her adolescence—a life with Max, a good school, a bustling city, warmth and sunshine. But would Max still want her here when Michael returned, when her scheme was uncovered, and when both families would be furious with him for his part in her plan? Could she bear to stay in Albuquerque if she couldn’t be with Max?

Liz placed the UNM brochure back on the stack of schools still in the running, smiling hopefully at the images on the cover. She was startled out of her thoughts by the ringing of the apartment phone. Panic shot through her when she saw her brother’s name on the caller id. Liz held her breath as the answering machine kicked on-

“Max, if you’re there, pick up the phone,” Michael waited a beat before continuing then huffed in impatience, “First thing, check and see if my Metallica tickets have arrived. I called Ticketmaster, and they said that I should’ve received them by now.”

Liz attention was drawn away to the apartment door opening, Max tossing his keys on the counter as he came in.

“Hey, baby girl,” Max smiled broadly, kissing Liz hello, waggling his eyebrows when he noticed Liz was still dressed in her red, silk robe.

“Michael’s on the phone,” Liz urged Max toward the phone as Michael’s message continued.

“Secondly,” Michael took a deep breath, “I hate to tell you this on the machine, but you’re going to need to find a new roommate.”

Astounded by this news, Max searched frantically for the handset. Finally finding the cordless phone in the kitchen, he pressed the button to talk.

“What’s going on?” Max broke in, trying to decipher Michael’s pronouncement.

“You are there,” Michael wryly answered.

“I just walked in from class,’ Max explained. “Now what is this about you moving out?”

Michael sighed apologetically, “I’m sorry to break this to you over the phone, but I wanted to make sure you had plenty of time to find someone. Maria just heard back about her scholarship, and she’s got her tuition and books paid for, but she’s on her own as far as housing. I’ve, um, kinda’ been staying over at her place pretty much every night,” Michael confessed.

Liz’s jaw dropped as he listened to her brother’s revelation over the answering machine speaker.

“And her mom knows about this?” Max questioned.

“Well, yeah, Amy and the sheriff are engaged, so she’s moved into his place. She’s gonna’ sell her house as soon as Maria moves out, hence…the need to find an apartment.”

“Isn’t Jeff going all ape-shit on you over this?” Max asked.

“Maria and I are both adults-- I pay my own way—why the hell should he have anything to say about it?” Michael replied flippantly.

“I’m sure he’d have something to say about it if it were Liz and not you,” Max said wryly, his repressed animosity over the Parker’s treatment of Liz beginning to bubble to the surface.

“Liz?” Michael questioned, wondering how she figured into this conversation. “Well, yeah it’d be different—she’s a girl.”

“Maria’s a girl—and in fact, isn’t she a couple months younger than Liz, herself?” Max retorted.

Liz joined Max in the kitchen though she could still hear the conversation through the answering machine. Growing increasingly afraid that Max would lose his temper with Michael and make him suspicious, she watched as Max’s face grew redder and the line of his jaw hardened.

“Yeah, so what?” Michael scoffed. “I don’t know why you’re dragging my sister into this conversation, but you know as well as I do that she hasn’t had any experience with guys. She’s so fuckin’ innocent that when she hits a college campus, she’ll get eaten alive,” Michael predicted. “I’d just as soon she’d go to an all-girl college too—you know, she could play field hockey…badminton…some shit like that.”

“Yeah, I just don’t see that happening,” Max said sardonically. “She is smart and capable, and she can go anywhere she damn-well pleases,” Max insisted.

Michael thought of the perfect solution, “Hey, maybe if we could talk Liz into NMU, she could take over my part of the lease,” Michael unwittingly offered. “That way you could beat the shit out of some dumb asshole that tried to get in her pants.”

“That I would,” Max smiled and nodded as Liz laughed silently at her brother’s crude remarks. She playfully tugged on Max’s belt loops while she listened in.

“Dude, I don’t know why I’m even worrying about this. My sister’s such a goody-goody, she’ll probably run away screaming the first time she sees a dick,” Michael scoffed.

Liz’s mouth went agape and her eyes went wide at her brother’s misconception. ‘Oh no,’ she mouthed, chuckling silently while her brother rambled on. With a look of vengeful determination, a wicked smile crossed her features as Max’s belt buckle hit the tile floor.

‘Liz!’ Max mouthed in warning, but his silent words were to no avail as his boxers joined his jeans in a puddle around his feet with Liz on her knees in front of him.

“Oh, I wouldn’t count on that,” Max breathed out, trying to restrain his groans as Liz wrapped her lips around his cock, taking him completely in her mouth.

Liz looked up at Max with mischief in her eyes as he spoke with her brother on the phone.

“What?” Michael replied, disbelieving. “This is Liz we’re talking about, you know.”

“Yes, it is,” Max responded through gritted teeth as he instinctively rocked his hips while Liz sucked and licked his full length, humming happily as she worked his hard flesh. “Look, man, I gotta’ go,” Max tried to end the conversation with Michael.

“Dude, I know you must be pissed about me movin’ out, but we need to discuss this—hash out the details and shit.”

“No—no—it’s cool. I’m not pissed. Whatever you decide will be fine,” Max insisted, fisting his hands through Liz’s hair as he tried to get off the phone. Even though it was her brother’s presumptive words that Liz took as a challenge, Max was definitely reaping the benefits of Liz’s oral retaliation.

Though it was true that her first experiences with sex were recent, Liz was certainly a fast learner as evidenced by her ministrations to Max as his attempts to end the conversation grew even more desperate. She certainly hadn’t run away screaming as Michael had so eloquently suggested.

“Well, we won’t need the furniture and kitchen stuff, cause Maria will have all that. Now, I will be needing my speakers—all Maria has are these scrawny-ass things.”

“Fine—take whatever you want, I’ve really gotta’ go here,” Max panted as Liz’s palms cupped his balls while her fingers traced the sensitive flesh behind. Max had to grip the countertop with his free hand so his knees wouldn’t buckle beneath him as Liz swirled her tongue around his head before dipping down to lick firmly along the vein underneath.

“And my recliner—I can’t forget about my recliner. I mean, I know Maria will hate it, it’s all worn and grubby—sorta’ smells like stale beer and fritos—but it’s just so comfortable….” Michael rambled.

“I. Don’t. Care.,” Max panted. “I’ll talk to you later,” he groaned as he disconnected the call and dropped the phone to the counter.

“Don’t forget about the tickets…,” Michael shouted, but it was too late—his last words were only acknowledged by a dial tone.

“Oh my God, Liz,” Max groaned as his suppressed climax could no longer be restrained. As Liz caressed his tightening balls and sucked his rigid shaft, Max’s seed filled her mouth. Satisfied groans issued from his throat as Liz took all that he had to offer.

As he came down from his orgasm, Liz rose to her feet and leaned into Max mischievously thrusting her tongue in his mouth in her triumph.

“You are soooo gonna’ get it!” Max growled playfully, stripping off his shirt as he frantically tried to kick off his shoes and jeans that were stopping his progress.

Liz giggled and shrieked as she fled for Max’s bedroom, Max following in hot pursuit. A trail of abandoned clothing made a path from the kitchen to the bedroom, Liz’s silky robe fluttered down to the hallway carpet.

Teasingly, Max scooped up Liz and tossed her on the bed, immediately pouncing on top of her as they both laughed uncontrollably.

“You are so bad,” Max nipped at Liz’s neck, tickling the soft skin.

“You wanna’ be bad too?” Liz’s question was thick with desire as Max worked his way down to Liz’s creamy breast, his tongue swirling around the rosy nipple while his hand slid further south, a finger parting her dark furrow.

“Oh, hell yeah,” came the muffled reply as Max suckled at the rigid flesh, Liz arching to meet lips as she held his head to her breast.

Max dipped his fingers into her wet core, gathering her slick essence before parting her folds and circling her hot button.

Liz groaned as Max continued his attentions to her responsive body, greeting the other breast with his tongue before kissing a trail down her firm stomach.

“Your brother was right about one thing, though,” Max teased as he kissed and licked his way down Liz’s body.

“What?” Liz looked down at his retreating figure in playful surprise.

“I would kick any guy’s ass if he tried to get in your pants,” Max pronounced unequivocally as he made his way to the top of Liz’s nearly bare mound.

“Anybody but me that is,” Max grinned wickedly as he dove between Liz’s legs, her laughter and squeals becoming moans as he parted her folds with his tongue and thrust into her heat.

“Oh Max…” Liz drawled as his tongue flicked against her clit while two fingers slid inside her channel, Max’s fingertips stroking the bundle of nerves buried deep inside.

Max lapped steady strokes against the sweet pearl buried in her folds while his fingers slid in and out of her tight passage.

Liz writhed against his mouth and his fingers, her hands traveling to her breasts as she rolled her nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

Max’s cock was hard once again as he watched the erotic sight before him. Though he would love nothing more than to thrust his hard shaft inside her wet core right now, the temptation to try something new with Liz was too great.

“Babygirl…,” Max cooed softly as he nuzzled Liz’s heat, “tell me if you want me to stop, ok?”

“K…,” she answered dreamily as she fisted her fingers through his dark locks.

Max smiled as he returned his attentions to her core, sucking on her clit as his fingers continued their repeated journey. Max brought his little finger to join them for a moment, coating it in Liz’s slickness.

Max drew a path with his little finger to her tight rosebud, drawing small circles around the puckered flesh. He watched for any shift in her expression, any sign of displeasure, but found Liz wearing only a broad smile.

As he continued to suckle Liz’s clit and stroke her passage, he slowly worked his fingertip into the tight flesh. He read Liz’s response to warn him if the intrusion was unwelcome, but as her breath grew ragged and her skin became flushed, she grinded against him all the more, driving him deeper.

“Max—Max, I’m…”

“Come for me, Babygirl,” Max breathed out.

“Oh God,” she screamed, as Max slid his little finger inside her body as well, her body bucking hard against his hand as her juices poured from her body. Max lapped at her sweetness while she writhed against his mouth. Slowing his movements, Max brought Liz down from her climax before slipping his hand from her body and crawling back up the bed for a kiss.

Liz kissed him fiercely as she panted, tasting her body on his tongue as she reeled from the intense orgasm. Feeling decadently adventurous and hungry to feel Max inside her, Liz rolled them over, pinning his body beneath hers.

“I want you—like this,” Liz groaned huskily, her eyes dark with desire.

“I’m all yours,” Max smiled, running his hands along Liz’s back.

Liz rocked back and forth experimentally, her nether-lips coating Max’s cock with her slick essence. Max grinned as Liz bit her lip.

Max guided her hips up, so that the tip of his cock was poised at her entrance, then with a gentle tug, pulled her back down, his rigid cock filling her core completely.

Liz closed her eyes and smiled at how deeply Max was buried inside her, how full she felt as she straddled his thighs, taking every inch of him into her body.

Max held her hips gently, thrusting a little as Liz became accustomed to the position, rocking back to pull against his length, pushing forward to impale herself on his hard shaft over and again.

Liz smiled confidently as their movements became rhythmic, Max’s thrusts growing harder as he watched Liz above him, her body sinuously rolling, grinding their sexes together.

His fingers traced the curves of her bottom, palmed the soft flesh, felt the muscles underneath flex and release while she rode him. As much as he enjoyed watching her, Max missed feeling Liz’s body against his. His hands traveled up her supple back, then pulled her down for a kiss, her hair creating a dark curtain around them.

The laughed lightly as Max’s hand swept Liz’s long locks out of her face. Her eyes were dark and hooded with desire, her face flushed with color.

Max looked at her with amazement, his amber eyes shining, “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, Liz.”

“Thank you,” she whispered in the kisses she placed against his chest before her hunger drove her to thrust hard against him once more.

As she rocked back and slammed forward, Max’s cock drove to meet her, his hands gripping her hips fiercely. Liz’s hair swayed with their movements till it was tangled, and her breath blew hot against Max’s strong chest.

“Touch yourself for me,” Max whispered.

Liz looked into Max’s dark eyes, then rose up, sitting atop him as she had before, but this time, slipping a finger between her nether lips, stroking her clit as she rode Max’s hard cock.

“Your breasts,” breathed out Max.

Liz smiled as her other hand traveled to her nipples, squeezing the rosy tip between her fingers while her other hand busied itself between her thighs.

“Oh God,” Max groaned at the sight, knowing he would never tire of the erotic vision before him.

“Come for me, baby. I want to watch you come,” he entreated.

Liz stroked harder as she filled herself over and again with Max’s thick shaft. She grinded hard against her hand and his cock until the now-familiar pulses began.

“Max…” she moaned, her walls clamping around him, contracting against his flesh.

“Oh, Liz,” Max strained against her body, his hips lifting her high as his seed filled her passage. His hands gripped her body tightly as his release shook him.

Liz collapsed onto Max’s chest, their hearts beating rapidly while they tried to catch their breath.

Exhausted, Max rolled them onto their sides, spooning Liz as he pulled the sheet over their sweaty bodies.

“Sleep, my love,” he said softly as he kissed her dark hair.

Liz nestled against him, the feel of his hard body behind hers was something she knew she could not live without. He felt her breathing steady against his chest and watched her eyes close.

“I love you, Liz Parker,” were the last words Liz heard as she slipped into a dream.
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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 21 7-28-09

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Natalie-Actually, Michael is the one moving out, and Max is keeping the apartment. Michael certainly needs an attitude adjustment. :D
Alien_Friend-Yeah, Liz did have a little something to prove in that scene. :lol: The vacation was great-thanks!
Carolyn-There surely is a surprise in the works! :wink: Michael is king of the double-standards.
behr_able-Me and my holey belt thank you! :lol:
Kris-Glad you liked it...a little different turn in today's chapter 8)
twilight-Michael is very narrow-minded here--changes will be coming his way later on :wink:
Eve-Michael's new living arrangement does present some interesting opportunities. :wink:
LegalAlien-Michael really doesn't know his sister in that respect--he has tended to keep Liz at arm's length all their lives.
Honestly, I was a little nervous how the chapter would be received, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Liz is certainly learning about sexual pleasure from someone she loves and trusts, and ch 20 did kick it up a notch. :shock:
eternal_dreamer-I'm sorry about Michael...I do totally understand when one of your favorite characters gets painted in a bad light. Let me just say--there is hope for Michael yet--don't give up!
The vacation was great--I loved seeing the real settings for so many of our stories.
Lena-I'm so glad you're enjoying my fic! :D . I'm very happy that you appreciate Max and Liz--I really want them be romantic and fun-loving. Liz does have some simmering issues with her brother that will have to be worked out a little later.
Kismet-Max is very much in love with Liz here...and Michael needs to have a big change of heart when it comes to his sister :wink:
dreamers_fan-thanks! :D
Jan-Glad you liked it! Little different part of the story today... :wink:
Sara-Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you like the next chapter :D .

Hi guys! Back from vacation...but so not looking forward to school starting soon :roll:
Southeastern New Mexico was great--Roswell, Ruidoso, Alamagordo & White Sands, Cloudcroft and Carlsbad Caverns in five days--whew! :D

Hope you enjoy!

The next evening…

“So what did you think of your shift at La Estrella de Plata?” Max asked eagerly as he and Liz drove back to his apartment. When the manager of the restaurant had called earlier that morning and asked Max to fill in during the lunch shift as half his staff was out with the flu, Max asked Liz if she would like to work that afternoon as well.

“The tips were great for a lunch shift,” Liz replied. “And, of course, getting to flirt with the cute bartender wasn’t too bad either,” Liz grinned as she tickled Max behind the ear.

“Louisa sure was impressed with you—she was begging me to talk you into working a regular shift,” Max added as he downshifted the jeep.

“What about you?” Liz questioned playfully. “There I’d be day after day, and you’d be gallivanting off from one restaurant to the other,” Liz chimed, pointing out the random nature of Max’s fill-in work.

“Oh, I don’t know, I might look into something more permanent if it meant taking orders from my favorite waitress,” Max teased, giving Liz a quick kiss on her bare shoulder before the light changed.

“So, maybe there’s no need to get this outfit cleaned and sent back then?” Liz pulled at the off-the-shoulder, brightly-colored blouse that she had borrowed from the restaurant for the evening, exposing just a bit more skin since they were on their way home.

“Maybe not…,” Max hinted, smiling that a ready job opportunity might be another plus for Liz staying in Albuquerque.

Max pulled into the apartment complex parking lot, taking Liz’s hand to help her out of the jeep, the ruffled skirt of the uniform trailing behind her. After reaching their door and heading into the apartment, Liz made a beeline to the kitchen.

“Baby, are you hungry—I thought you got something to eat at the restaurant?” Max questioned as he watched Liz dig around in the cabinets, her skirts puddling around her as the pink flower pinned in her hair peeked out from the cabinet.

“No, honey, I’m looking for something I thought I saw when I made breakfast the other day,” came the muffled reply from inside the cabinet. The sounds of clattering pots and pans rang out sharply in the otherwise quiet apartment. “Here it is,” Liz spoke cheerily, pulling out a blue-glazed cookie jar from deep inside the cabinet.

“You wanna’ make some cookies?” Max asked uncertainly.

“No, silly,” Liz dug out the roll of small bills she had stuffed in her bra since she had left the apron she had worn at work, popping the wad of cash onto the top of the jar. When she turned to see Max’s confused expression, she explained succinctly, “For Barcelona.”

“Well, in that case,” Max smiled as he dug in his pants pocket, bringing forth a similar roll of bills and depositing it in the ceramic container, “Spain, here we come,” he grinned, sliding the jar to the back of the counter and out if their way.

“So…what do you want to do tonight?” Max asked, wrapping his arms around Liz and gently tugging loose the snug bun pinned at the back of her head and depositing the flower in a partly-filled water glass by the sink.

“Hmmm,” Liz smiled mischievously as she debated the matter, glancing over at the board games stacked in the living room bookcase, “Naked Taboo?” she offered.

“”No way! You’ve gotta’ have more than two people, and I am not sharing,” Max grinned as his hands slid down to Liz’s back.

“Ok then…naked Monopoly?” Liz teased.

“Takes too long,” Max grumbled playfully. “We’d never finish the game,” his hands dropped down to Liz’s bottom, giving it a playful squeeze.

“Mmm…,” Liz’s eyes narrowed wickedly, “Naked Twister?”

His eyes gleaming with excitement, Max pulled Liz flush against his hardening groin, “You’re on!” He released her long enough to go retrieve the box from the shelf and give it a shake. “So should we start naked or lose a piece of clothing whenever we fall?”

Liz’s answer was interrupted by an insistent knocking on the door.

“You expecting someone?” Liz asked quietly.

Max shook his head, “Might be that crazy redhead following your brother around,” Max kept his eye on the door waiting to see if the visitor was going away.

“Could be a kid selling Girl Scout cookies—I could go for some of those mint things,” Liz considered with a slight shrug and raised eyebrows.

“Maxwell Phillip Evans,” his sister’s voice boomed, “the jeep’s in the parking lot, so I know you’re in there,” the pounding continued till Max quickly opened the door. “If you’d turn your phone on, you might’ve known we were coming!”

“Iz, Alex, the kids…,” Max greeted in shock, “Sorry, we’d been at work…What’s up? What’s going on?” a flustered Max asked his sister, who was busy dumping a diaper bag from her shoulder and handing a toddler off to her younger brother.

“Here, take Jordan, I’m pregnant again, and I’ve got to pee,” Isabel scrambled to the bathroom, frantically shutting the door before any further questions could be answered.

“Unca Max!” Jordan cheered, planting a big kiss on his cheek before wiggling to get down. Spying the Twister box on the coffee table, the two-and-a half year old shouted, “I wanna’ pway!” stripping the box of its lid and throwing the multicolored mat to the floor in a skewed heap. He immediately found the spinner at the bottom of the box and began galloping about the room, moving the arrow with a chubby finger and shouting out colors. “Bwue! Gween!” Jordan continued.

Max turned his attention to Alex who looked exhausted as he patted baby Jake against his shoulder when he began to fuss.

“Feeding time,” Alex sighed, trying to bend down for the diaper bag as he held the baby.

“Here, let me take him,” Liz offered, holding up her hands to collect the baby from Alex.

Alex did a double take, “Liz?, Liz Parker??” he questioned, his mouth agape in astonishment. “Oh my God, how are you?” Alex gushed, “Wow—you’ve grown up since I saw you last!

“I’m doing very well, thank you…you want to…?” Liz still held her hands up to take the fussy baby.

Alex remembered Liz’s offer to take the baby, and passed off the infant and laid the burping cloth on Liz’s shoulder. Alex took up the diaper bag from where his wife had unceremoniously deposited it on the floor, hurrying to the kitchen to make Jake’s bottle.

Keeping one eye on the exuberant Jordan, Max and Liz followed Alex into the kitchen, wondering why they had suddenly shown up on Max’s doorstep.

“Sorry to drop in like this, Max, but my grandmother in Santa Fe fell and broke her hip,” Alex began as he measured the formula into the bottle.

“Oh no, Alex, I’m so sorry,” Liz sympathized as she patted the baby’s back.

“Yeah, man…sorry,” Max’s brow furrowed as he listened to Alex.

“Thanks…anyway, she’s in surgery right now, my parents are on a cruise in the Bahamas, and we don’t have time to get to Roswell and back before she’s out of surgery. So, I know this is asking a whole lot, but could you please watch the boys tonight? Izzy can come pick them up in the morning, but it’s going to be a long night—I’ve got to get into Grandma’s house, locate her insurance information, arrange for rehabilitation and a nurse to come in—Izzy is going to stay with her until I can come back…,” Alex ran through their list of obligations until he was out of breath.

“Of course we’ll watch them,” Liz interjected before Max even had a chance to speak. “Here,” Liz waved her fingers toward her palm, “give me that,” she playfully admonished as Alex stood there, continuing to shake the well-mixed bottle.

“Are you sure? You’re ok with this?” Alex looked at Liz quizzically.

“I babysat all through middle school,” Liz assured as she took the bottle from Alex’s hand, sitting in Michael’s recliner that rocked, repositioning the burping cloth to catch the drips as Jake took his bottle. Only recently weaned, Jake nuzzled at Liz’s breast when she laid him in the crook of her arm.

“Sorry little guy, you won’t find anything there,” she cooed and laughed lightly, “No you won’t…now here’s dinner…,” Liz said softly as she reached for the bottle and gave it to Jake. Fussing as he was over the absence of the real thing, he finally took the bottle and its adequate contents. Liz had to suppress a laugh when Max caught her eye and grinned. “Some things never change,” she laughed to herself, Max chuckling when he overheard her.

“Alex, we’ll be fine, go take care of your grandma. Do what you need to do,” Max assured.

“Thank you so much,” Alex heaved a sigh as he gave Max a hug. “Sorry to spoil your plans tonight, though,” Alex indicated, nodding to Liz.

“Oh…yeah…,” Max blushed a little, “Liz is staying with me for a little while—trying to sort out college choices, things like that,” Max hedged, then lowered his voice, “but, um, Jeff and Michael aren’t aware that she’s here, and we’re trying to keep it that way for a few more days.”

Alex raised a wary eyebrow, looking toward Liz,“Michael’s gonna’ kill you when he finds out,” he warned in the same hushed tone.

“I’m aware,” Max nodded, matching Alex’s stance, “On my tombstone you can write ‘World’s Greatest Uncle,’” he said with wry humor.

Alex noted his toddler who was stomping around on the multi-colored vinyl mat, shouting out the dots’ colors, finally understanding why the game was out in the first place, “You were going to play naked Twister.”

Max took a deep breath, and truthfully admitted, “Yes, we were.”

“Sorry, I owe you one, man,” Alex sighed, shaking his head.

Yes, you do,” Max concurred, nodding to his brother-in-law.

The sound of the toilet flushing and water running in the hall bathroom preceded Izzy’s appearance. She emerged in the passageway, staring at her husband and brother, “Where’s the baby?” she asked with raised eyebrows, wondering where her hungry infant had gone.

“Liz is feeding him,” Max nodded to the back of Michael’s recliner.

“Hi, Izzy,” Liz turned her head around and whispered the greeting.

“Liz? Little Lizzie Parker?” Isabel whispered as she moved into the room and came into Liz’s view. “Oh my God, it’s been forever,” she gave Liz a little squeeze around the shoulders, careful not to disturb her son who was falling asleep.

“Yeah, it has,” Liz whispered back.

“Jeez, Liz, I can remember when you were his age,” Isabel sighed, trying to count how many years ago it had been.

Liz chuckled silently at her former-babysitter’s mental arithmetic, “I turned eighteen early this past spring,” Liz assured, “I’ll be a second-semester freshman this fall.”

“Oh, wow, that’s great,” Isabel nodded, still a little shocked at Liz’s presence in Max’s apartment. But on second thought, Izzy really wasn’t that surprised after all.

Startled by the sound of her two-and-a-half year old dragging out the kitchen pots and pans, Izzy remembered what she was about to say, “Um, you’ll want to burp him after every four ounces…he’s probably pissed because he’s not breastfeeding…”

“Already figured that out,” Liz concurred, chuckling.

“Sorry,” Isabel sighed. “Jake will probably get up twice tonight, so maybe you guys can take turns or something,” Isabel breathed out, hating to impose.

“We’ll be fine, Isabel…It’s ok,” Liz shifted the baby and cloth to her shoulder, patting Jake’s back until a milky burp came forth.

“Jordan will insist on junk food, but please try to make him eat something healthy if you have it,” Isabel turned to Max. “Um, Max why don’t you come down to the rental car with me and grab their car seats, although hopefully you won’t have to go anywhere with them in the jeep.”

“Hey, the jeep’s a classic…,” Max defended as he followed his sister down the stairs.

Making their way to the rental car, Isabel opened the locks and began unbelting the car seats.

“So, Lizzie Parker, huh?” she questioned, finally getting her little brother alone for a moment.

“Yeah,” Max scratched at the back of his neck while he ducked his head and looked up, meeting his sister’s stare.

“When did this all start?” Isabel inquired with a grin.

“She came in last Friday—sort of surprised me,” Max explained, “but I’m really glad she did.”

“So I take it the Parker men are unaware of her arrival?”

“They think she’s on a vacation with her roommate,” Max explained honestly. “She’s trying to decide what to do next year, and she doesn’t need Jeff and Michael breathing down her neck about it.”

“Sooo…choosing a college warrants cooking up a phony vacation?” Isabel asked incredulously, then the truth dawned on her, “Wait a minute…wait a minute…she graduates from a conservative all-girl school…no hope of any dates…Jeff and Michael when she was at home…oh my God, Max you didn’t….”

“Iz, it’s not like that, alright,” Max sighed as he raked through his hair with his fingers, “I love her—I’m completely in love with her,” Max confessed. “I’ve always loved her…”

“Does she feel the same way?” Isabel asked softly.

Max scanned the empty space in front of him as he tried to form his answer, “I think so….”

“You haven’t told her?” Isabel asked, concerned.

“I don’t want to pressure her to stay,” Max explained. “I want her to pick the school that’s best for her—whether it’s UNM or not,” Max sighed. “I really do hope that she stays, though,” Max smiled at his sister.

“Well, Mom and Dad will be happy,” Isabel added as she shut the car door. “They always loved Liz.”

“Yeah,” Max smiled, agreeing with his sister, taking Jordan’s car seat in hand as they began the trek back to the apartment. “So what’s this about baby number three?” Max questioned. “Isn’t Jake just a couple months old?”

“Almost three months old,” Isabel corrected. “I was weaning Jake, so I could go back to work…The kids were asleep…something dirty came on Cinemax…one thing led to another…and here we are—baby number three,” Isabel related matter-a-factly.

“Jeez, Iz, three kids in three years—busy much?” Max teased as they made their way up the cement stairs.

“Hey, don’t judge me,” Isabel quipped. “How much sex have you had in the last week?”

Opening the apartment door for Isabel, Max chuckled, “Point taken.”
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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 21 7-28-09

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eternal_dreamer-I'm glad you liked that scene, and yes, Max's family is very supportive and will not betray his confidence. And even though they will be taking care of the kids during most of this chapter...the little boogers have to fall asleep sometime... :wink:

Kris-Things with the kids should go swimmingly... :D

not only does Liz know what a dick looks like, she'll suck it if it's Max's
Well, yes, yes she will... :lol:
Liz will certainly use Michael's suggestion to her advantage!

behr_able-My thinking is that motherhood may have relaxed Izzy to a certain degree, giving her that freedom to be a little blunt with her brother. Glad you enjoyed it! :D

Alien_Friend-Izzy and Alex are very good together, and their kids will turn out to be pretty sweet as well.

LegalAlien-I wrote from sunup to sundown today! :wink: Hope you enjoy the outcome!

Em-Thanks so much! :D

Kismet-Today's chapter will be a little slice of the future for these two. Hope you enjoy! :D

Eve-Yeah, if Max were alone, he could have managed, but it would've been rough. Liz's presence makes all the difference. :wink: Izzy was rather upfront about number three--no use trying to hide the truth!

Carolyn-Keeping in mind that Izzy and Alex knew Liz as she was growing up, it is very natural to accept her willingly, regardless of Michael's likely protests. As for UNM--we won't know today, but it won't be too long either!

Sara-Yes, naked Twister will have to wait for another day, but there will be some naked games nonetheless! :P

Jan-No, Michael's not here, yet, but it won't be terribly long down the road... :roll:

Kat-I'll see if I can fit naked Twister in there somewhere... :lol:

Ok guys--Please pardon the difficulties on the toddler-speak. If you are still confused, just leave it in the feedback, and I will answer. Enjoy!

ch 22
After settling the kids and kissing them goodbye while delivering promises that Mommy would be back first thing in the morning, Alex and Izzy returned to their rental car, ready to head to Santa Fe and care for Alex’s hospitalized grandmother. Max made a quick reconnaissance of the apartment to try to toddler-proof it the best he could on such short notice while Liz tried to coax another burp from baby Jake.

As Jordan had abandoned the pots, pans and Twister game, he cruised around the apartment, looking for something else to capture his attention. Moving toward the tv in hopes of finding the proper button, he suddenly spied a dark-haired woman in the chair, holding his baby brother.

“Who’s dat?” Jordan pointed, turning to face his Uncle Max, preoccupied with moving large objects in front of the electrical outlets as he had no little plastic covers to insert into the receptacles.

“What?” Max asked, his attention returning to his young nephew.

“Who’s dat?” Jordan insisted, wondering who the pretty lady in pink might be.

Max smiled as he watched the three of them together for a moment and sat down on the floor beside little Jordan.

Grinning mischievously, Max answered, “That is your Auntie Liz,” playfully taking advantage of the opportunity to encourage Liz to stay. “Can you tell Auntie Liz ‘hi’?”

“Hi, Auntie Wiz—you’re pwetty,” Jordan smiled, moving closer to hang on the arm of the recliner.

“Well, hello to you,” Liz grinned in return, raising an amused eyebrow, “and thank you—you’re quite handsome yourself.”

“It runs in the family,” Max chuckled, sitting cross-legged on the floor as he looked up at Liz.

“That it does,” Liz waggled her eyebrows, playing along with Max’s small joke.

“Why’s her got da’ baby?” Jordan queried, unused to seeing anyone except his parents hold his tiny sibling.

“She’s feeding Jake,” Max explained, quickly realizing that two-and-a-half year olds asked lots of questions.

“Is Auntie Wiz gonna’ hab a baby like Momma is?”

“No…no…,” Max and Liz both responded with a nervous chuckle, their faces blushing.

“No, not right now,” Max explained to his inquisitive nephew, pulling him into his lap as they faced Liz. “Maybe a few years from now when you’re old enough to babysit, just like your mom babysat us,” Max tried to explain, but also taking advantage of the opportunity to drop a hint to Liz about his true intentions.

“I can hep, now…,” Jordan turned an indignant expression back to his uncle, “I go get dipurs and frow da tinky ones in de twash, and I can even howd da baby if I’s sittin’ on momma’s wap,” Jordan insisted, trying to make the case that if his baby-sitting skills were all they needed, then they could go ahead and make one right away.

Jordan’s words pulled at Max’s memories, finding a moment from a long, long time ago…

“She’s so pwetty, Momma,” three-and-a half year old Max whispered to Diane who was holding Liz. Diane and Nancy were friends, and when Diane had brought Max over for his usual play date with Michael, she noticed the dark circles under her friend’s eyes, and encouraged her to lay down for a little nap while she watched baby Liz. Isabel was in the baby’s room organizing the tiny clothes by season and size while Diane and Max remained on the living room couch with wide-eyed baby Lizzie.

Michael stayed in his room playing with his Tonka trucks, waiting for Max to come in. He chose to ignore all the fawning over his little sister, entertaining himself by crashing together a bulldozer and front-end loader instead.

Back in the living room, Max traced a gentle finger over Liz’s soft arm, her tiny fingers grasping his as he reached the tips of her small hand. The baby looked at Max with excited eyes, smiling at the young boy who was commanding her attention.

“Can I howd her, Momma?” little Max looked up plaintively at his mother.

“You’re still too young, sweetheart,” Diane explained gently, her hand smoothing his dark hair.

“Pweeze, Momma?” Max begged, his entreating expression finally persuading his mother.

“Well, ok, if you sit on my lap, then we can both hold her together. How does that sound?” Diane compromised, shifting Liz to her shoulder for a moment.

“O-tay,” Max carefully climbed onto his mother’s lap.

Diane cradled Max’s arm on top of her own as she brought the baby back down from her shoulder, Max looking at the infant in fascination. Liz gurgled happily as Max’s small fingers traced along her rosy cheek. When his fingers came close to her mouth, she turned her face to follow them, grasping his index finger in her mouth. Fortunately, Diane had supervised a careful hand-washing before they had picked up baby Liz from her crib.

“Momma, she’s suckin’ on my finger!” Max laughed and curled up his nose as he looked at his mother.

“Well, she might be hungry,” Diane explained with an amused smile. “Do you want to help me feed her?”

“Yeah!” Max agreed, intrigued by the tiny girl in his arms. Diane reached for the recently-made bottle on the side table next to her.

“Here you go…,” Diane handed the bottle to Max who had removed his fingers from Liz’s mouth to take it. It tickled when her mouth searched against his tee shirt, missing the fingers she had sucked on.

“Come on, Wizzie, here’s your bottle…,” Max crooned softly as the infant’s searching mouth found the nipple, sucking greedily once she had latched on.

“Good job, sweetie,” Diane said softly, wondering at her toddler’s affinity for Michael’s baby sister.

“Her’s eatin’, Momma!” Max looked back at his mom with twinkling eyes, proud over his accomplishment.

“Yes, she is,” Diane encouraged, watching the interaction between the two. She wondered at how their eyes studied each other intently, seeming to hold each others’ gaze for so much longer than any toddler and infant she’d ever seen before. Liz’s little hand reached up for Max’s face—Max bending toward her a little so she could touch him. She patted Max’s face, causing him to smile even wider. Her expression grew to match his, little dribbles of milk falling from the corners of her mouth as she grinned.

Finally, with her little tummy full of milk, Liz’s eyes began to grow heavy, her head nuzzling into Max’s small chest, listening to his heartbeat as she drifted off to sleep.

“Max, honey, why don’t you slide off Mommy’s lap,” Diane suggested as she lifted baby Liz up, “I’ve got to burp her and put her down for her nap.”

Max did as his mother asked while Diane continued, “And, you’d better go play with Michael before he gets jealous,” Max’s mother smiled, having heard the muffled crashing sounds increase while Max was busy with the baby.

“What’s jeawous?” Max inquired with a puzzled expression.

“I’ll explain later…,” Diane grinned, sending Max into the other room to play with Liz’s older brother…

“Uncaa Maaax…” Jordan climbed on Max’s back, throwing his arms around his neck, as he tried to draw his uncle’s attention back to the present. “What were you finkin’ bout?” Jordan inquired at the daze that seemed to preoccupy his uncle for a moment.

“Oh, just the last time I fed a baby,” Max explained with a twinkle in his eye, grinning up at Liz who returned his gaze with a confused smile, “except you of course,” Max reached around his back, grabbing a squealing Jordan for a combination of tickling and wrestling.

After a few minutes of such treatment, between bouts of laughter and a few kicks that just barely missed their mark, Jordan squealed, “I got to pee pee!” Max relented from the tickling as he got to his feet.

He scanned the room quickly looking for something that might serve as a small step stool for the bathroom.

“Try the phone books,” Liz suggested, seeming to understand Max’s quest without explanation.

“You’re brilliant,” Max declared, giving a quick kiss to the top of Liz’s head and then to Jake’s as well as he picked up the large phone books and led Jordan to the bathroom, the sounds of a successful potty-training attempt could be heard in the living room.

After changing the pull-up that was a bit damp from the plane ride, Max and Jordan washed up, Jordan laughing at his uncle flicking water from his just washed hands.

“Unca Max, you get me all wet,” Jordan curled up his nose, rubbing his damp face against Max’s tee shirt in retaliation. Jordan’s little tummy rumbled as he head-butted his laughing uncle.

“I’m hungwy,” Jordan realized, the plane food he had recently been given hardly palatable for a toddler.

“Let’s find you something to eat then,” Max declared with a nod, picking up Jordan like a football, his giggling ringing throughout the apartment. Passing Michael’s room, Max spied the quilt that lay at the foot of the bed and made a quick detour. “Let’s grab this,” Max gathered up the blanket with his free hand and proceeded to return to the living room, depositing the quilt in a heap in front of the television.

“But I’m not tieuuurd, Unca Max, I’m hungwy,” Jordan pulled at Max’s jeans.

Max and Liz both chuckled at his reasoning.

“I know, and we’re going to go cook some dinner just as soon as we spread this blanket out. You may want to watch some tv after dinner, and Auntie Liz will want a place to lay Jake when he gets tired,” Max crooked his finger and playfully tapped against Jordan’s nose.

“O-tay,” Jordan acquiesced, pulling at the corner of the blanket with Herculean effort.

“Dere we go,” Jordan huffed, helping spread the pallet out.

“Good job, Jordan, you are such a big boy,” Liz encouraged as she patted and rocked the baby.

Max sidled up to the recliner and whispered sultrily, “What about me—am I a big boy?” he waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“You’re a mess!” Liz giggled and pinched his ass—out of Jordan’s line of sight.

“You didn’t answer my question,” Max playfully sang out as he made his way to the kitchen.

Liz answered without comment, blowing him a vampy kiss from where she sat, Max chuckling at her response.

Jordan followed his uncle into the kitchen, wedging in between Max and the opened refrigerator.

“Hmmm, we could have hamburgers, hot dogs, mac and cheese…,” Max perused the contents of the fridge, listing potential dinner fare that his nephew might eat.

“Hod dogs!” Jordan responded excitedly.

“Are hot dogs ok with you, Auntie Liz?” Max called.

“Anything’s fine, Uncle Max,” Liz called back with a grin.

Max rinsed out the pots Jordan had earlier dragged to the floor and located a cookie sheet from the underneath the stove.

“You like tator tots?” Max asked his young nephew, looking behind him as he opened the freezer door.

“Wif ketch-up!” Jordan concurred.

“The only way to go,” Max nodded in agreement, pulling a bag of frozen tator tots from the freezer door after turning the oven on to preheat.

“What about green beans?” Max raised an inquisitive eyebrow.

“Gween beans! Yuck!” Jordan pulled a face at the suggestion.

“Well, you’ll need to eat a few of them,” Max insisted, remembering his sister’s admonishment concerning junk food.

“O-tay…,” Jordan grumbled in resignation.

“How bout we have a contest and see who can eat the most?” Max schemed, hoping his nephew would take the bait.

“I’m gonna’ beat you, Unca’ Max,” Jordan assured.

“We’ll see…,” Max playfully challenged as he scattered the frozen tots on the cookie sheet and slid it onto the rack. Max placed the hot dogs in a pot of water, wishing they had time to cook them on the grill, but worried that Jordan was too hungry to wait for the charcoal to burn down. He plopped the opened can of green beans into a saucepan, and then turned back to the cabinet to find a can of chili for the hot dogs.

“Jordan, I need one more pot from that pile you made,” Max instructed, Jordan handing his uncle the container he had pointed to. “Thanks, man. Can you put the other pots and pans back in the cabinet now?”

“Yep,” Jordan agreed, noisily shoving the cookware back into the cabinet and shutting the door, well, almost shutting the door, the skillet handles keeping the door propped open.

“That’s fine,” Max laughed tending to the dinner.

Back in the living room, Jake started to nuzzle at Liz’s neck, his little lips sweeping across her soft skin.

“You want some more?” Liz cooed, moving to cradle the baby in her arms once again. As she lay him back down, Liz noticed that his cheeks and chin were pink and irritated from rubbing against her blouse. Pulling at the crinkled, hot pink cotton, she remembered that the uniform she had used that day had been a new one, and she feared that it hadn’t been washed yet. Afraid that the intense dye and coarse fabric may be causing the rash, Liz unbuttoned her blouse a bit and pulled the elasticized shoulders further down against her arms, that way the baby’s tender skin would be resting against her chest, only the soft cups of her bra grazing his face.

“Is that better?” Liz asked softly, baby Jake seeming pleased that his face met warm skin instead of scratchy fabric. He resumed suckling at his bottle, happily content.

Max cleaned up around the kitchen as he waited for the tator tots to finish in the oven. He cleaned up the fine powder around the can Alex had earlier used, surveying the label of the package curiously. He leaned against the passageway to the kitchen, talking to Liz as he kept an eye on dinner and Jordan.

“It says this stuff has the same taste and nutrition as breast milk,” Max read the can, puzzled as to the claim, “Now I can see where they could determine it had the same nutrients, but how do they know it tastes the same?” Max challenged with a raised eyebrow.

“Hmmm,” shrugged Liz, “Let’s see,” she gathered up a stray drop against her skin with her forefinger and licked it. “Tastes like really sweet milk—kind of has a whole dulche de leche thing going on,” she surmised, reporting her findings to Max who still hovered between the kitchen and dining room.

Max shook with laughter at Liz’s taste test when his attention was drawn back to the oven and his young nephew.

“The buzzer’s goin’ off!” Jordan pointed to the stove as he bounced up and down.

“I got it…I got it, buddy.” Max assured, grabbing a potholder from the drawer. “Now stand back,” Max warned as he opened the oven door, pulling out the golden potato bits from the rack. He sat down the cookie sheet and turned off the oven and other burners, now ready to make the plates.

After using a spatula to free the tots from the shiny pan, Max turned to Jordan to ask what he wanted on his hot dog.

“Ket-chup and pickuls,” was the reply.

“Sweet or sour pickles?” Max continued, hoping he had both at his disposal.

“Sweet!” came the excited response.

“Ok, one hot dog with ketchup and sweet pickles…,” Max arranged the dinner on the plate, “some tator tots and more ketchup,” he swirled the red sauce onto the plate with flair, “and green beans,” Max finished off, placing a fork on the plate and grabbing Jordan’s sippy cup of juice he had brought with him.

“Let’s get you started, and I’ll find out what Auntie Liz wants on her hot dog,” Max escorted Jordan to the dining area, the toddler sitting on his knees in the chair before dipping a tator tot in ketchup and popping it in his mouth.

“I’m not gonna’ eat da’ gween beans till you sit down wif me,” Jordan declared, not wanting to eat his contest fare before it was time.

“Ok, just get started on everything else, then,” Max responded as he made his way to the living room.

While Max had made dinner, the sun had begun to set and was streaming in low and golden through the patio door, casting honey-colored light onto Liz. Max walked over to ask Liz what she wanted on her plate, but he was struck silent at what he saw before him.

Liz looked down sweetly at baby Jake, her now-golden tan contrasting with the infant’s ivory skin. The warm sunlight played across the pair, Liz smiling as she traced her finger along his cheek.

“Liz…,” Max breathed out as he tried to catch his breath.

“What…?” she whispered in response, wondering what had come over Max.

“You look so beautiful,” he confessed, astounded at the vision of Liz and the baby together, a small fantasy about their future playing out in his head.

Liz smiled shyly and said, “Thank you.” After moments of Max remaining transfixed, Liz said simply, “Mustard, chili, onions and cheese.”

“What?” Max shook his head, startled at her words.

“On my hot dog—mustard, chili, onions and cheese,” Liz smiled.

“Coming right up,” Max smiled and resumed his duties as head chef for the evening.

After preparing Liz’s plate and pouring her a cherry coke, Max brought it to her and placed it on the side table.

“Thank you, honey,” Liz accepted graciously.

“Do you want me to take him so you can eat?” Max asked.

“No, I can manage,” Liz smiled, “You’ve got a green bean contest to get to.”

“Here, let’s switch sides so Auntie Liz can eat, too,” Liz moved the baby and shifted so that she could hold the bottle and baby in the same hand, leaving one hand free to eat her dinner.

Back at the table Max brought his plate and drink to the table to join Jordan.

“Ready with a green bean?” Max asked with enthusiasm, holding up the vegetable speared on the end of his fork.

“Weady, set, go!” Jordan ate his green beans, counting as he went. When Jordan reached ten, Max announced with a theatrical sigh, “I just can’t eat any more green beans!” holding his stomach as if he were stuffed.

“I winned!” Jordan held up his fork in his little fist as both arms shot in the air.

“You sure did, buddy,” Max patted his nephew on the back. “Now finish up and you can watch a little Spongebob.”

Jordan immediately began a hearty rendition of the cartoon theme song, “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea—Sponge-bob-square pants….”

Max moved quickly to find the remote before Jordan got to the next chorus. Flipping to Nickelodeon, Jordan quickly finished his meal and headed to the living room.

“Jordan, have Uncle Max find your toothbrush, so you can brush your teeth and go potty one more time before you watch tv,” Liz suggested, afraid that he would fall asleep during the show.

“I knowed where my toofbrush is,” Jordan declared heading toward his bag.

“Can you bring me a diaper while you’re there,” Liz called out over her shoulder.

“Yep,” Jordan said definitively, digging into Jake's diaper bag and retrieving one of his small diapers.

“Here you go,” Jordan brought the requested item to Liz and informed her, “Jake’s gots teddy beaws on em’, but my Pull ups gots Cars,” Jordan pulled down the front of his shorts to show her, “Dat’s Wightnen McKween,” Jordan pointed to the red cartoon sports car on the front of his pull up (“not a dipur,” he insisted).

“I’ll remember that,” Liz nodded in all seriousness, Max chuckling from the table at the interchange.

Jordan ran off to take care of his duties in the bathroom, Uncle Max clearing the plates and joining him to supervise.

After Liz changed the baby and burped him, she settled him back to finish his bottle as Jordan returned, pottied, brushed and even changed into his pajamas.

“I pwomise—I had a baf dis mownin’,” Jordan stressed as he and Max came back into the living room. “Daddy gave me and Jake bafs befoe we got on de big pwane.”

“Ok, well, then we’ll have baths before mommy gets here in the morning,” Max assured, ruffling Jordan’s hair.

“I get my bwanket,” Jordan dug around his bag till he found his favorite small blanket that followed him everywhere.

“I’m going to put the dishes in the dishwasher, and I’ll be right there,” Max called as Jordan settled himself on the pallet. Max walked up behind the recliner and bent to speak to Liz, “Baby, do you want anything else, or are you through with your plate?” he asked about to reach for the dirty dishes.

“Maybe a mint to follow that chili dog?” Liz requested.

“Here you go…one for you,” Max reached into his pocket and pulled off two pieces of peppermint candy from a hard roll, popping one piece on Liz’s tongue as her hands were occupied, “And one for me,” he raised his eyebrows as he slid the remaining piece into his mouth. Picking up the dirty dishes, he filled the dishwasher quickly and started it on its humming cycle before returning to the pallet to join Jordan.

“Wook at all of those cwabby paddies, Unca’ Max, dere’s gween and puwple, an’ bwue…,” Jordan pointed to the images on the screen. “Whas’ dat one?” he turned around confused.

“Plaid,” Max laughed as he lay at Liz’s feet, his head propped up with his hand.

“Pwad’s a cowor?” Jordan looked confused as he turned back to face Max and Liz who smiled.

“No, honey, plaid’s not a color,” Liz chuckled as Jordan snuggled against Max, his questions growing fewer and farther between as the cartoon continued.

“Is he asleep?” Liz asked, Max craning his head to look at Jordan’s closed eyes.

“Yep,” he smiled back. “Do you want me to take the baby?” Max eased away from Jordan, careful not to wake him.

“Yes, please,” Liz sighing in relief at finally being able to put down the baby for awhile.

Max laid baby Jake on the pallet, covering both the boys with their blankets as he turned down the television to a low murmur.

“Where are they going to sleep tonight?” Max questioned, unsure about leaving them where they lay.

“There fine here for now,” Liz decided, “but when we go to bed, we should probably put them between us.”

“True,” Max sighed then smiled at the angelic, sleeping faces.

Liz looked down at her blouse, blotchy from feeding the baby.

“I have got to change,” Liz declared as Max helped her to her feet, following Liz down the hall.

Taking note of his presence, Liz turned around curiously, “I’m just changing clothes,” she grinned, picking up a cotton nightie and fresh panties on the way to the bathroom.

“I just wanna’ watch,” Max grinned playfully, following Liz into the bathroom, Liz chuckling at his enthusiasm while she pushed the door to, but leaving it cracked a little, so they could hear the kids if they woke.

Liz dropped her clean clothes on the counter and proceeded to strip out of the bright pink top from the restaurant, Max helping her out of the flowing garment. The blouse removed, Max noticed the white trickles running down Liz’s tan skin, the bottle’s lid apparently not fitting as tightly as it should have. Max ran his finger along one of the trickles as Liz had earlier, popping the finger in his mouth as she had done.

“Sweet…,” he concurred with her earlier analysis.

Liz laughed as she reached the center of her chest, feeling at the dampness of her bra.

“It’s soaked,” she laughed, peeling away the wet bra, the milky trails traveling down her skin and collecting at the puckered flesh she just revealed, Max’s eyes going wide at the sight. Preoccupied, Liz didn’t notice as Max’s eyes grew dark and his lips parted, his tongue darting between his teeth to wet his lips.

“Jeez, I’ve got to have a sh--,” but Liz’s words were suddenly stifled, her breath taken away as Max dropped to his knees and devoured her breast, suckling at her sweet, sticky flesh.

“Huh?” Liz mumbled the startled reply, then peeked out to make sure the boys were still asleep. Assured that they were, she turned her attention back to Max, seemingly possessed as he lapped at her breasts, devouring every trace of the spilled milk that graced her skin.

“Oh God,” Liz,” Max groaned, moving to suckle at the other breast, his hands rising to squeeze at the one he had just ministered to, driven by some primal force to hunger for her rounded flesh, the rosy nipples hardening under his tongue and his touch.

Recovering from her initial surprise, Liz smiled down at Max, her fingers now raking through his hair in encouragement, her moans now echoing off the bathroom walls. Max licked at her wet flesh, suckled at the nipples, and traced his tongue along the milky fluid’s errant path.

His arms were wrapped around her body, holding her close while he laved at her breast. Sliding his hands down her back, Max felt the elastic waistband of the full skirt, then tugged it down to puddle at the floor. Liz now stood, only in her lacy panties, Max’s mouth following the milky trails down her flat belly. Max looked up as he reached her panties, giving her nether-lips a little nibble through the fabric, receiving a sexy smile from Liz in response.

Grinning, Max hooked his thumbs in the tiny panties, placing sweet, succulent kisses on her mound as he slowly pulled them down, Liz’s breath hitching as he did so.

Liz muffled her cries through gritted teeth when Max’s tongue parted her lips, searching for the little button he had shown her just days before. Max stroked at Liz’s clit with his tongue before tracing the length of her full lips and tasting the sweetness of her heated core. Sliding his tongue in and out of her tight channel, Max gathered her essence on his tongue, bringing that dew up to her clit, making another firm sweep with his tongue.

Max snaked his hand up Liz’s taut calf to her soft inner thigh, though not stopping, seeking instead the tender, bare lips. Parting that pink flesh once again as he continued to suckle as Liz’s sweet nub, Max plunged two fingers into her hot core, eliciting moans from Liz’s throat as his fingertips stroked the bundle of nerves deep inside.

“Oh God, Max,” Liz moaned as she held Max’s head against her, reveling in the pleasure he was bringing her body. Max pumped his fingers in and out, the juices from her core slickening her passage as his tongue swirled and suckled at her clit.

Liz whimpered softly, taking care not to wake the kids as she responded to Max’s sweet assault. The strokes of his tongue and fingers spread a warmth throughout her and the humming in her body threatened to explode.

“Max…,” Liz entreated, squeezing her nipples between her fingers as he ministered to her aching core.

“Come for me, babygirl,” Max breathed against her mound, kisses and suckling following his insistence. Max felt the fluttering against his fingers, as Liz’s tight sheath grasped at them, her taste flooding his mouth with her sweet essence.

Liz reached for the bathroom vanity to brace herself against the tremors, her knees weak with the force of her orgasm. Liz could barely form a coherent thought as Max rose, whispering desperately in her ear,

“Babygirl, I can’t go without making love to you all night,” Max desperately begged, the thought of being unable to make love to Liz in their bed that night added to his urgency. “Please, Liz…,” he whispered.

Still panting from her orgasm, Liz’s eyes met Max’s in the bathroom mirror, a smile a nod giving Max all the answer he needed.

In a flash Max’s stripped off his shirt, and his buckle hit the floor in a rattle of metal. Kicking his jeans and boxers to the side, Max entered Liz from behind, his hard shaft slipping into her slick heat in one swift motion.

Liz groaned at the satisfaction of Max filling her body with his rigid cock. Liz experimented at first with the new position, rocking her hips back and forth, while Max held them, stroking in and out of her wet heat. Max watched his cock slide in and out from Liz’s swollen lips, his shaft glistening with her juices at every thrust.

Liz’s opened her eyes again after she adjusted to the new rhythm and angle, bracing herself as she rolled her hips to meet Max’s cock. Lifting her head, she once again met Max’s gaze in the mirror, each drawn to the other’s expression, the desire in the eyes, the parted lips breathing deeply.

Max stroked at Liz’s back, his fingers sending shivers down Liz’s spine as he delivered feathery touches, playing in contrast to the firm thrusts he delivered to her core. Watching Liz’s rounded breasts sway with the motion of his thrusting, Max wrapped his arms around her body, palming the tender flesh in his hand, her firm nipples tracing a path across his skin with every stroke.

Max watched in the mirror as Liz seductively brought her fingers to her mouth, licking at her index finger before sucking it like a lollipop. Max smiled at her intention as he watched her finger slip between her thighs. Liz stroked firmly, pulling up hard against the dark furrow, groaning as Max thrust into her even harder and faster.

“Fuck, that is sexy,” Max swore as he watched Liz touch her clit, remembering the days before when they had lain together on the couch, Liz wearing only his baseball jersey while he helped her masturbate for the first time. He thought of the intensity of her orgasm and all those since that made her beautiful face even more so, flushed with color and desire.

While he missed kissing Liz and suckling at her breasts, this position provided benefits of its own—each thrust went deep, his cock buried fully in her core with every stroke. Her rounded bottom was in full view, and his hands freely roamed over that flesh, his fingers tracing over the sensitive skin that made Liz shudder and moan.

Feeling the initial tightening in Liz’s core, Max dropped his hand down to where they were joined, their bodies pistoning together in a steady rhythm, and gathered the juices that collected there. Max brought his hand back to Liz’s bottom, his fingers splayed wide over the flesh. With his thumb, now covered in their juices, Max rubbed firm circles at Liz’s rosebud, bringing a groan of pleasure from her mouth as he did so. As Liz’s orgasm grew nearer, the tight flesh under Max’s thumb began to give way, pushing the sturdy digit in just as bit more as Liz curled both lips between her teeth, trying to stifle the scream as she came apart for Max.

“Oh God…,” Max groaned trying to conceal his orgasm as well, Liz’s shuddering walls milking his cock as he spilled his seed into her body. Max withdrew his hand as he collapsed against her back, his arms wrapped tightly around her body, his mouth kissing her shoulders, her neck, the back of her hair. Liz opened her eyes once again, trying to catch her breath as she watched the scene in the mirror.

Max’s eyes were closed as he showered her body in kisses, but in between each kiss, Liz watched Max’s lips move in silent words against her skin. His lips made those same motions again and again, repeating them like a mantra. Liz prayed silently that he was saying the words she so wanted to hear…
After a shower, toothbrushing, and putting on pajamas (which now seemed entirely foreign to the couple), Max and Liz picked up the boys from the pallet and placed them on the bed between them, Jordan snuggling next to Uncle Max while baby Jake nestled into the bare skin he found on Liz’s chest, his chin resting just above the neckline of her nightie.

“You were really wonderful today,” Max whispered to Liz, careful not to wake the sleeping boys.

“You were pretty wonderful yourself,” Liz smiled back, her right hand reaching out to graze Max’s strong arm that cradled them all. Liz’s curiosity got the better of her as she thought about the day’s events, “What were you remembering today?” she asked softly.

“When you were a baby,” Max confessed, looking once again into Liz’s eyes.

“There’s no way you could remember when you were that little,” Liz accused playfully in a whisper.

“I swear, when Jordan talked about holding the baby while he sat on Izzy’s lap, that memory just came back in a flash, I promise you,” Max insisted.

“Ok, so tell me about it,” Liz challenged with a smile.

“My mom brought me over to play with Michael, but she could see how tired your mother was, so she volunteered to watch you, so your mom could take a nap.”

Liz’s eyes glazed a little as Max described the scene, picturing how her mother must have looked, knowing from photographs how she appeared when Liz was that age.

“My mom had you in her lap, and I begged to hold you, and finally, she had me crawl into her lap, and I held you,” Max recalled.

“Go on,” Liz whispered over the baby’s head.

“I looked into your eyes for the longest time, and I touched your face, and then you sucked on my fingers,” Max chuckled quietly.

“Oh, I did not,” Liz denied though she had no proof.

“You did—I promise, you can ask my mother,” Max declared.

“Well, I hope they were clean,” Liz teased.

“They were—I swear,” Max grinned. “So, mom said that you must be hungry, and she let me feed you your bottle…,” Max startled to search the memory again, his words spilling forth, “That was the first time I kissed you; the first time I told you…,” Max caught himself as he swallowed the words he was trying so hard to hold in, “you were pretty…,” Max blushed in the dark at the substitution. Liz smiled a little at his hesitation.

“Then what?” Liz grinned, enchanted by Max’s story.

“Then mom said it was time to burp you, so I’d better hop down and go play with your brother, or he was going to get jealous,” Max added amusedly.

“Well, that was the truth,” Liz laughed with good-natured sarcasm, Diane correctly noting one of Michael’s quirks at an early age.

Max smiled as Liz yawned, her eyes growing heavy as they did all those years ago.

“Hey, wake me up when the baby gets up, and I’ll take the first shift,” Max volunteered, rubbing Liz’s outstretched hand.

“Mmm-k,” came the sleepy reply. “Love you, Max,” Liz sang out in a mumbled whisper.

“Love you Lizzie,” he repeated the familiar line, a whispered, “I love you, Liz,” following Elizabeth Parker into her dreams….
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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 23 8-8-09

Post by destinyc » Sat Aug 08, 2009 4:34 pm

Natalie-Thanks! :D

behr_able-Nicenasty-works for me! :wink:

Alien_Friend-Glad you enjoyed it! :D

twilight-A little practice for the distant future... :D

eternal_dreamer-definitely sweet and naughty. This pair does really work well together. :D

POM-The whole confessional is coming up in the near future--never fear! :wink:

Kris-I was happy with how pre-school Max turned out. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

Ginger-Thanks a bunch! :P

Eve-A little peek into the future... :wink:

Em-Thanks! :D

Liloucfer-They are a very sweet bunch! :D

Jan-There was something just a tad primal abaout Max, wasn't there??? :shock:

Carolyn-Thanks so much. I love that kids can say whatever they want, and they have a capacity to reveal certain truths that way (even if the adults aren't quite ready!). :oops:

Sara-I think they would, too! :D

LegalAlien-Well, hopefully I can appease your cravings then (wow, that sounded kind of dirty didn't it! :shock: hee hee.

And for all those who were disappointed that a certain game didn't come to fruition, well, read on...

Two a.m.

Liz Parker woke to the sensation of baby Jake’s wet mouth nuzzling at the cleavage revealed by her nightie.

“Sorry, sweetie, still nothing there,” Liz sang out softly. “We’ll have to fix you a bottle,” she groaned as she started to rise, a little stiff from having slept awkwardly during the last few hours.

Max woke at the sound of Liz’s words and the baby’s fussing. He rose on his elbow, yawning as he wiped a hand over his tired face.

“I’ll get it, sweetheart. If you could go ahead and change his diaper, I’ll head to the kitchen and make the bottle,” Max volunteered as he rose, craning his neck to each side to loosen the sore muscles.

Liz fumbled for the diaper bag, earlier relocated to her side of the bed, and changed the wet diaper. As she disposed of the soiled one in the bedside trash, Max returned to the bedroom, having set the bottle on the side table near the recliner.

“Come here, little guy,” Max cooed softly. “Let’s let Auntie Liz get some sleep.” Max picked up the baby, patting him gently to soothe the hungry infant. Reaching Michael’s tattered recliner, Max settled into the chair with baby Jake, positioning the burp cloth and picking up the bottle.

“There you go, buddy,” Max whispered as Jake latched onto the bottle, his blue eyes wide-awake and studying his Uncle Max. Jake squirmed in Max’s lap, seemingly eager to begin their day at two a.m.

“Hey, we gotta’ think about going back to sleep, you know,” Max encouraged, patting the baby’s back while he cradled him though Jake appeared unfazed by his uncle’s request.

“Maybe a lullaby then,” Max considered, “except I don’t know any lullabies,” Max sighed. “The only one I remember was about babies falling out of trees, and I just don’t think that’s a very comforting thought, you know?” Max looked down into Jake’s amused blue eyes.

Trying to come up with something to sing to the infant, all Max could remember in the moment was the Police triple play he and Liz heard coming home from work this afternoon.

”De do do do de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do de da da da
Their innocence will pull me through…,”

Max sang softly the nonsensical lyrics, hoping to pacify the baby through music. He continued to try to lull Jake back to sleep with his own gentle version of the chorus.

De do do do de da da da
Is all I want to say to you
De do do do de da da da
They're meaningless and all that's true

Jake continued to fuss and squirm, crying out as he let go of his bottle, his face scrunched and ruddy.

“You ready for a burp already?” Max queried, shifting the cloth to his shoulder, patting the infant as Jake wailed.

Max tried the next selection of the triple play, hoping his results were more fruitful this time.

Though I've tried before to tell her
Of the feelings I have for her in my heart
Everytime that I come near her
I just lose my nerve
As I've done from the start

Jake’s cries began to lessen, the change in position seeming to make him more comfortable. Max continued to sing as he rubbed at patted on Jake’s back.

“Every little thing she does is magic
Everything she do just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on

Max had begun singling softly, but grew a little bolder as the tune continued. Jake was sufficiently quieted to listen to his uncle’s version of Sting’s lyrics.

Do I have to tell the story
Of a thousand rainy days since we first met
It's a big enough umbrella
But it's always me that ends up getting wet”

Jake’s whimpers shifted to soft gurgles as he gummed Max’s bare shoulder. Max’s fingertips on Jake’s back began tapping out the rhythm of the song as he sang. Back in the bedroom, Liz stirred again to the sound of the baby’s cries, then smiled as she heard Max’s singing.

“Every little thing she does is magic
Everything she do just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on”

Jake burped loudly, gurgling happily as he squirmed. Max continued patting in case another burp was on his way.

“I resolved to call her up a thousand times a day
And ask her if she'll marry me in some old fashioned way
But my silent fears have gripped me
Long before I reach the phone
Long before my tongue has tripped me
Must I always be…

Before finishing the verse, Max turned his head to Jake-the baby looking over the top of the recliner, his eyes gleeful and his gurgles bubbling.

“She’s standing right there isn’t she?” Max playfully asked his nephew. “Even though we told her to get some sleep…she thinks she has to come in here and check on us,” Max blew a raspberry on baby Jake’s belly as Liz approached the back of the recliner.

“Mm, I was just lured in here by Uncle Max’s lullaby—wasn’t I, Jake?” Liz smiled as she spoke softly to the baby, sitting on the arm of the recliner and slipping her arm around the back of Max’s neck. Max brought Jake back down for the rest of his bottle, the baby excitedly staring at Liz as she snuggled in next to Max. As she leaned in to wipe at some dribbled milk, Liz’s cleavage spilled over the top of her nightie, baby Jake bringing up a pudgy arm to pat at them excitedly.

Max and Liz chuckled at his persistence.

“Nope, all for me,” Max teased Jake playfully, turning to nuzzle in Liz’s cleavage, making little smacking sounds as he did so. Liz giggled at Max’s antics, her nipples now stiff under the thin knit fabric.

“You’re a bad, bad boy,” Liz jokingly scolded, gently swatting at Max’s shoulder.

“Just establishing my territory,” Max grinned as he fed Jake the bottle. “Gotta’ remind the kid what’s what around here,” Max teased with a wink, placing a sweet kiss to the top of Liz’s rounded flesh, just above her neckline.

Jake continued his bottle, though he remained wide-awake, gazing at the rapt faces of Max and Liz.

“So are you going to finish your song?” Liz teased, nipping at Max’s ear as she whispered.

“Maybe later…,” Max blushed at having been caught.

“Interesting choice of lullaby,” Liz smirked with a raised eyebrow.

“All the standard ones were kind of scary,” Max reasoned, “And, hey, at least I didn’t sing Roxanne.” Max defended with a grin.

“Good point,” Liz conceded with a smile, patting Max on the shoulder as she leaned in even closer, the three of them rocking in the recliner until baby Jake fell back to sleep.

Max was awaked at 6:30 by the reverberation of his phone against the nightstand, his sister calling to warn them she was on the way. At the sound of voices and his hungry tummy, Jake pushed up on his little splayed elbow, turning his head to look over his still-sleeping older brother at his exhausted uncle.

Liz woke at the movement and eavesdropped enough to learn that it was time to get up, so the boys could be ready in time for Isabel to arrive.

“Are you ready for breakfast?” Liz softly asked Jake who dribbled on the sheets.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Liz grinned as she rose out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make the bottle.

Max playfully nudged at Jordan whose eyes remained closed even as Max sang out his name.

“Jor…dan, Jor…dan…what do you want for breakfast, buddy?” Max persisted in the gentle prodding until Jordan, still with closed eyes, uttered his one-word answer—


“Cereal, we can do,” he patted the toddler’s blonde head, trying to motivate himself and his nephew to get out of bed.

After the requisite trip to the bathroom, changing and feeding, Max and Liz decided that baby Jake could get in the bath with her since they didn’t have a proper baby tub to use while Jordan continued with his Cocoa Krispies at the table.

As Liz ran the water and slipped out of her clothes, Max handed the baby to her so he could nestle against her chest while she bathed him.

“Is it wrong to be jealous of an infant?” Max teased while Jake gurgled happily against Liz’s chest.

“You’ll get your chance soon enough,” Liz laughed as she squeezed out the warm water from the washcloth down Jake’s back, much to his glee.

“You’d better go check on Jordan,” Liz warned with a smile, wondering how long it would take to get soggy Cocoa Krispies out of the carpet.

“I’ll be back in a bit,” Max leaned down and kissed the top of Liz’s head, pulling the bathroom door closed so Liz and Jake wouldn’t get cold.

Making his way to the dining table, Max picked up a few pieces of puffed rice on his way, “How are you doing with that breakfast?” Max asked, patting the toddler’s back.

“Awmost done, Unca Max,” Jordan turned around, his face dripping with chocolaty milk. “Momma don’t ever get dis kind,” he declared with a full mouth. “Tewl her to buy me dis kind!” the toddler insisted.

“I’ll get right on that,” Max smiled, knowing it was unlikely that Isabel would approve of her son’s breakfast.

“Max…,” Liz called through the bathroom door, ready for him to take a very wet and slippery baby Jake, so she could get out of the tub as well.

“Coming…,” Max called as he headed toward the bathroom. Turning back to Jordan, he added, “As soon as you finish, grab your clean clothes and a clean pull up out of your bag, ok?”

“O-tay, Unca Max,” Jordan agreed, dripping chocolate milk on the chair as he swung around to face him.

Max could only sigh a chuckling groan as he headed down the hall.

Liz answered the knock at the door while Max finished dressing Jordan, stuffing his dirties in a grocery sack and stowing them in the corner of his bag.

“Morning, Izzy,” Liz smiled as the morning sun filled the hallway.

“Hi, Liz,” Isabel hugged Liz in greeting, then looked around for her kids, spying baby Jake on the pallet.

“There you are,” Isabel cooed as she picked up the baby, excited as he was to see his mother. His wet nuzzling along her neck and excited squeals caused her to laugh.

“How’s Alex’s grandmother?” Liz inquired as she gathered the boy’s things.

“She came through surgery ok. She’ll have several weeks of rehab, and then we’ve arranged for a home health nurse to care for her after that. We’ll be staying in Santa Fe till Alex’s parents get back,” Isabel explained as she patted the baby against her shoulder.

“Well, if something comes up, let us know, and we can come pick up the boys if you need us to,” Liz volunteered.

“Thank you,” Isabel gushed. “I guess it went well then?”

“We’re tired, but, yeah, they did fine,” Liz assured.

From the bathroom, Jordan heard his mother’s voice and went running to the living room.

“Mommmeee!” he scrambled up the couch to Isabel’s lap.

“Hey, Jordan, did you have a good time at Uncle Max’s?”

“Yep, Unca Max made hod dogs…and tator tots…”

“And what else…?” Max coaxed.

“Gween beans,” Jordan sighed dramatically, “But I winned, dind’t I, Unca Max?” Jordan exclaimed.

“You sure did, buddy,” Max conceded defeat as his sister raised an eyebrow which he smiled and waved off.

“And we watched Spongebob…and we all slept in Unca Max’s big bed,” Jordan finished.

“Cozy…,” Isabel chuckled.

“Very,” her brother responded with wry playfulness.

“So are you gonna rush right out and have one of your own,” Isabel teased, under her heap of wiggling kids.

“Ask us again in a few years,” Max retorted with a sly smile and a wink. Liz smiled as she blushed.

Gathering their things, Max and Liz helped Isabel downstairs with the kids, their luggage and car seats.

“So, buddy, you gonna come see your old Uncle Max again soon?” Max hugged the toddler then fastened his seatbelt.

“And Auntie Wiz too?” Jordan looked over at Liz who was buckling in the baby while Isabel stowed their luggage in the trunk.

“Definitely Auntie Liz too,” Max smiled, then threw his girlfriend a wink. Liz kissed the baby whose wet opened mouth brushed back and forth across her cheek in his own version of a kiss.

Max and Liz switched sides to say goodbye to the other child, Jordan offering Liz a big smack on the lips and a huge hug.

“Be good for Mommy,” Liz smiled as she and Max shut the doors to the backseat.

“Isabel, send our best to Alex and his grandmother,” Liz gave Isabel a hug.

“I will,” Isabel answered, then turned to hug her brother. “Thanks again, you guys, I don’t know what we would have done without you.”

“Oh, it’s no problem—anytime,” Max assured.

“And by the way, Alex said to tell you to carry on with what you had planned…?” Isabel repeated her husband’s instruction, unsure as to what he was referring.

Max laughed, “Maybe after a nice long nap.” He and Liz went to the steps and waved as Isabel and the boys headed to Santa Fe, then trudged up the apartment stairs with their arms around each other.

“So, nap or naked Twister?” Max questioned, looking at Liz in the warm morning sun.

“How about a nap and then naked Twister?” Liz bargained.

“Sounds like a plan…,” Max agreed, heading back inside.

“Right foot red,” Liz called out after flicking the spinner with her forefinger, both she and Max scrambling for a nearby dot, their bare limbs tangling with each other in their struggle.

While Liz was more limber, Max had height on his side as they battled on the plastic mat.

“Ooh, look at your cute toes,” Liz teased as she tickled them, her head at an awkward angle to the floor, “Your second toe is bigger than your first,” she pulled on them as if she were playing ‘piggy.’

“Quit making fun of my toes,” Max defended, curling up his toes against her attack.

“I wasn’t making fun—I said they were cute,” Liz huffed, not out of anger, but because she was upside down.

“Anyway, you’d better get your hand back where it was supposed to be,” Max playfully admonished.

Liz rolled her eyes and flicked the spinner, “Left hand blue,” she called as they stretched.

“What if it’s not my hand that lands on blue…?” Max suggested sultrily as his eyebrows waggled upside down.

“Oh-ho!” Liz laughed playfully. “I don’t think that body part’s on the spinner,” Liz teased.

“Will I win if I get it there?” Max continued teasing as he nipped at Liz’s thigh.

“You have to get it there first,” Liz grinned, calling out the next move, “Right hand green.”

Max took advantage of the move by wrapping his lips around one of the nipples now dangling near his face.

Liz gasped and giggled at his Max’s ministrations, “No fair cheating,” she teasingly admonished.

“You never said anything about nipples being off limits,” came Max’s muffled reply, his mouth still full of Liz’s breast.

“Fine then,” Liz countered, “Left hand yellow,” she ordered, but utilizing her gymnastics skills, turned her body so she faced up, giving her a very interesting view indeed.

Her tongue reached to lick at Max’s shaft, grasping his swollen head with her lips as she strained upward.

Max groaned at the stimulation though remaining in his contorted position as she licked and sucked his cock was becoming increasingly difficult.

“You’ll have to let go to call the next position…,” Max sang out, hoping Liz would continue her attentions soon at any rate.

“You could do it,” was Liz’s garbled reply, talking while her mouth was full, as it were.

“Nope—that’s your job,” Max chastised, having difficulty staying aloft during Liz’s ministrations.

“Fine--,” Liz let his cock fall from her mouth with a plop. Flicking the spinner she read, “Left foot blue.” Moving quickly, Max reached the bottom blue dot, forcing Liz into a rather awkward position as she reached for a dot further away.

Max had Liz right where he wanted her and gave her exposed bottom a great big lick, eliciting a gasp from Liz. Max then sucked on the tender lips and nibbled her clit before slipping his tongue into her sweet core. Max’s mouth and lips devoured all the sensitive flesh he found there, still warm and pink from Liz’s morning bath. Liz moaned at his intimate attentions, not wanting to call the next position for fear he would be too far away to continue.

Just as Liz’s breath began to grow ragged, Max stopped, Liz turning her head in disbelief. His smirk told her all she needed to know.

“I told you I could reach the blue dot,” he grinned.

Liz looked between her legs and sure enough, with Max’s hands and feet still in the required positions, his hard on definitely grazed the blue dot on the mat.

“I win,” he declared playfully, pulling Liz down with a happy squeal as they collapsed in a naked heap, Liz’s honeyed core once again warmed by Max’s mouth.

Liz rolled fully on top of Max’s body, her mouth again seeking out Max’s impressive length. Her lips wrapped around his cock while her tongue attended to his swollen shaft.

Max’s tongue split her nether lips, the tip of his tongue flicking once again at her sensitive button, determined to make up for his earlier teasing.

Liz wrapped her arms underneath Max’s thighs, bringing her hands up to caress at Max’s sensitive flesh, softly caressing his balls as her fingers traced a tingling path underneath.

Max’s hands played in turn, his fingers plunging into her core over and again, tickling at the bundle of nerves buried deep inside while his other fingers stroked Liz’s bottom.

Both moaning with mouths full, the cool mat crinkled underneath them, unused as it was to such activity. Their mouths devoured each other’s most sensitive flesh, licking and lapping, sucking and swirling, in a breathless joining. Liz swirled her tongue around Max’s sensitive head as his tongue drew circles around her clit. His lips suckled at her swollen lips as her tongue swept along the veins and ridges of his shaft. Max’s tongue delved deep into her slick passage while Liz took Max’s hard length down her throat.

Consumed with desire, their hips moved to meet the other’s mouth, each rolling steadily at a steady pace. Liz’shand wrapped around the base of Max’s cock, stroking him firmly as she sucked and licked. Max’s tongue lapped at Liz’s swollen clit as his fingers slid in and out of her snug walls, their pink wetness glistening in the morning sunshine.

Max continued his repetitive movements, increasing their pace as he felt the fluttering begin in her belly and against his fingers.

Liz moaned against his cock, trying hard not to release it from her mouth as she tumbled over the edge. She thrust her hips hard against his mouth, nearly smothering him in her warm, moist flesh, not that Max would’ve minded.

Liz’s orgasm brought on Max’s own as her lips tightened around his shaft—her mouth also contracting as her body spasmed in pleasure.

His seed flooded Liz’s mouth as Max groaned, finally pulling away to catch a breath as Liz’s pulsing slowed against his lips.

“Oh, babygirl,” Max sighed as she coaxed the thick stream from his body, her mouth working his cock until he rolled them over in exhaustion, crawling down till he lay in between her spread legs, his cheek resting on her thigh.

Max peppered the soft skin of her thighs with kisses while she ran her fingers through his long, dark locks. Opening his eyes, he spied her swollen, juicy lips, giving them a playful nuzzle with his nose.

“Not yet!” Liz squealed as she flinched in sensitivity, her hand reaching to cover her sensitive mound.

“I’ll be good,” Max conceded, laughing as Liz finally relaxed again.

Their breathing restored, Max and Liz continued their little attentions to the other, happy to be close once again after sleeping on opposite sides of the bed all night.

After the chaotic night they spent, the current date finally dawned on Max.

“Hey, baby, tomorrow night’s the concert,” Max rose with a start, realizing that Michael would likely be staying in the apartment afterward. “If you want, we could stay in Cory’s pool house or drive somewhere and get a room if you’d rather.”

Liz considered her options and decided, “Let’s stay at Cory’s as long as you’re sure no one will be there. We should save our money for a big trip instead,” Liz reasoned, remembering their cookie jar funds destined for Barcelona.

“There shouldn’t be anyone at Cory’s. We’d have the pool all to ourselves,” Max waggled his eyebrows as he looked up.

“Skinny-dipping!” Liz exclaimed as she wiggled under Max.

Max chuckled as he propped up on his elbows between Liz’s thighs.

“So, Miss Parker, what other plans do you have for today, apart from another nap in a few minutes,” Max hinted.

“Well, I need to look through that mountain of catalogs over there,” she groaned, jerking her head backward toward the heap of college material littering the dining table.

“Have you at least narrowed the playing field?” Max questioned with a grin.

“Nothing too cold, too wet, too shaky…,” Liz listed.

“Too shaky?” Max scrunched his face in confusion.

“Earthquakes--,” Liz answered succinctly, “not a big fan. Oh—and nothing too expensive. I really don’t want to live under Daddy’s thumb if I don’t have to.”

“Well, let me know if I can help,” Max smiled mischievously, giving her mound a sweet kiss before laying back down, smiling to himself that UNM was still in the running.
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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 24 8/22/09

Post by destinyc » Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:54 pm

behr_able-thanks so much! Hope you like the next part! :D
POM-Ok, now, you're making me feel a little old there, sweetie :lol: The first song was "De Do Do Do, De Da, Da, Da" and the second was "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic"--yep, very big in the 80's. :wink:
Kris-Well, the cute has to take a break for a little while... :roll: --you'll see...
Eve- Yeah, I really took it easy on Max and Liz with the impromptu babysitting--not exactly real life--I know :roll:
Carolyn-Thanks so much! :D
Natalie-Glad you like it! :D
eternal_dreamer x2-You know, I hadn't necessarily planned on it, but so many people wanted to see the naked Twister that I felt I was a bit of a tease if I didn't include it :lol: . Now aas far as the skinny dipping...there may be a hitch :wink:
Sara-Thanks! Naked Twister all the way! :lol:
LegalAlien-A little nice--a little naughty! :lol:
Jan-I couldn't resist the draw of the blue dot... :lol: And, concerning other are right on the money! started :roll: :? :cry: :twisted: (Repeat over and over till next May...)
Alien_Friend-We'll know our answer posting after this... :wink:

“Jeez, Michael, remind me one more time why we left Roswell at 5:30 in the freaking morning,” Maria yawned as Michael jiggled the key in the lock.

“Because if I have to go kick some Ticketmaster ass, then you’ll need plenty of time to bail me out of jail before the show starts.”

“Nice, Michael,” Maria responded with grim satire as the lock finally turned. “And why couldn’t we have taken the Jetta instead of the bike?” she rubbed her ass through her jeans, numb as it was from the long ride.

“So we can get out of the parking lot at the arena tonight,” he replied with derisive exasperation, frustrated that Maria wouldn’t have thought of that on her own. He couldn’t hide his smile, however, as he watched Maria attempt to restore feeling to her tingling bottom.

The cool air conditioning escaped through the doorway as the pair entered the darkened apartment, lit only by strips of morning sunshine peeking from the edges of the curtains. Michael tossed his keys on the kitchen counter, then opened the cabinet for a glass.

“Find us something to drink in there, why don’t cha?” Michael nodded to the refrigerator as he shrugged off his leather jacket to hang it on the coat rack in the hall.

“Hmm, let’s see…cherry coke, milk… a teeny, tiny juice box?” Maria reported as she peered into the refrigerator.

Michael stepped in behind Maria, his hands sliding down between her thighs, kneading the tender flesh he found there.

Maria looked over her shoulder, her eyebrows raised and her head cocked to the side.

“Hey, just trying to help,” Michael replied, trying to make up for the long motorcycle ride in any way he could.

Maria turned back to the refrigerator, trying to suppress a smile.

“Umm…beer…orange juice…half a bottle of wine?” Maria turned back to Michael, her forehead raised as the corners of her mouth turned downward in question.

“Ooh, looks like old Maxwell got lucky,” Michael chuckled as surveyed the re-corked bottle in the door. “The good stuff,” he reported, checking out the price tag affixed to the green glass, “she must’ve been really hot,” he smirked, sliding the bottle back into the narrow shelf on the refrigerator door. He reached into the fridge, shoving aside items to get a better look at its contents.

“Aww, man, my leftover Chinese is gone…,” he groaned sadly, a pout forming on his lips.

“Ewww! Seriously, Michael?” Maria scrunched her face in disgust, calculating how old Michael’s squirreled-away garlic chicken must have been.

Michael continued rifling through the ice box, a little indignant to find what else had been thrown out in his absence. Sliding over the carton of milk, he made an unusual discovery—

“Half a baby bottle?” he looked at Maria, baffled at the find. “Freaky…,” he shook his head before grabbing the orange juice and backing away. Maria closed the refrigerator door and joined Michael at the counter, sharing his glass of juice.

“You could have a glass, too,” Michael smirked as his girlfriend finished his drink.

“More fun to share yours,” she said with a grin and then left the kitchen.

Michael followed her lead, heading first to go through the mail carefully in case Max might have missed seeing the ticket envelope in the junk mail.

“What’s all this…?” he questioned, noting the larger-than-normal stack of publications.

“Harvard, Yale, Northwestern…?” he noted the prestigious titles as he flipped through the stack.

“I thought Max was going to med school here?” asked Maria as she thumbed through the Harvard catalog.

“He is…at least I think he is…,” Michael’s brow furrowed in confusion, sliding the pamphlets over the table to check out the universities in question. He was even more dumbfounded when he narrowed his eyes and focused on the catalogs’ small print, “Undergraduate course listings…,” he mumbled. Turning a catalog over did little to provide answers to his questions.

“These are all addressed to Liz,” he announced, shaking his head as to why they might be in his apartment. “Post office must have seriously screwed up,” he scoffed, tossing the catalog back onto the stack, shuffling the remaining mail haphazardly.

“Maybe she had it forwarded here so Jeff couldn’t toss the ‘undesirable’ ones before she got home,” Maria raised an eyebrow at Michael as he picked up a few of his bills from the stack.

“Could be,” he conceded, agreeing with Maria’s estimation of his father’s behavior. Jeff was content to send Michael to UNM though he often overheard his father throw around names like “Stanford,” “Brown,” or “Vanderbilt” in reference to his little sister. Michael recalled the despairing look on Liz’s face at Christmas when Jeff bragged to Philip and Diane over Liz’s college prospects.

“Where did Liz go on vacation?” Maria questioned, unsure if Michael had told her.

“Liberty Bell…Boston Harbor…National Yachting Museum, maybe?,” he surmised with a shrug, “some shit like that.”

“Sounds festive,” Maria smirked, flipping through the stack, looking for the missing envelope in question.

Michael’s eyes lifted to survey the room, something seemingly out of place, though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Moving around the table, he waved the top of his hand toward Maria, his fingertips pointing toward the muddled pile on the table, “Keep lookin’…,” he muttered absently as he entered the living room, cocking his head at the Twister mat that lay crumpled behind his recliner, picking up and folding the strewn copy of The Weekly World News, and finally scowling at his favorite blanket that lay puddled in front of his tattered La-Z-boy.

“My blanket!” he huffed, picking it up from the floor and folding it tenderly. “What was it doing on the floor?” he questioned as he brought it to his chest to fold in a proper square.

“Ugh, it smells like baby,” Michael’s face contorted as his stomach rolled.

“What do you mean—I like baby smell,” Maria insisted, walking over to Michael to see what was the fuss was all about.

“Not this kind of baby smell,” groused Michael, holding the folded quilt to Maria’s nose so she could catch a faint whiff of diaper and soured milk.

“Michael, you can wash the blanket,” Maria assured with playful condescension, taking the blanket from his arms and setting it on the seat of Michael’s recliner.

“Then it won’t smell right anymore,” Michael grumbled, annoyed that his quilt had been used for the obvious purpose.

“Ya’ big baby,” Maria teased, rolling her eyes as she propped her arm on the back of the worn recliner. “Speaking of smell, please tell me the chair is staying here when we move,” Maria hopelessly pleaded with a weak smile.

“No chance, Deluca, the chair goes where I go,” Michael kissed the top of Maria’s forehead while she lifted her eyebrows in defeat. “I’m gonna’ head to the can—keep looking, will ya’?”

“Sure,” Maria sighed, returning to her task at the dining table, flipping through pamphlets and shaking out catalogs.

Michael turned on the bathroom light, shoving several wet towels out of the way with his foot. “And he says, ‘I’m a pig,’” Michael grumbled as he surveyed the chaotic bathroom. Though the needs of his bladder outweighed his curiosity, Michael used the restroom and washed his hands. Picking up a reasonably clean hand towel from the sink, he spied underneath a lacy bra. Unable to resist, he picked up the frilly garment, peeking at the tag inside.

“Hmm, petite little thing,” he surmised to himself before tossing it back down and examining the rest of the small room. Michael glanced inside the shower and noted that hanging on the towel bar beside Max’s swim trunks hung a tiny red bikini. Spurred on, Michael opened the dirty clothes hamper and pushed Max’s jeans, tees and boxers to the side, revealing an assortment of odd items—a sundress, panties, a violet tank top. Digging further, Michael discovered Max’s old practice jersey that he hadn’t seen him wear in years. There was even an infant onesie that seemed to have been balled up with a ladies’ nightgown.

“What the hell?” Michael shook his head, shoving the laundry back in the basket and shutting the lid. Speaking of dirty laundry, Michael pulled up the front of his tee to his nose and sniffed.

“Nasty,” he grimaced, riding behind a semi for twenty miles this morning had left Michael’s shirt smelling less-than-fresh. He stripped off the offensive garment and threw it in the basket. Heading to his darkened room, Michael was half afraid that small children might have already taken up residence in his bed when he tiptoed in, not turning on the light.

“Shit!” Michael cursed, tripping over two heavy suitcases on the way to his dresser. He looked at the bed to note it was empty before reaching behind him to turn on the lights.

There was something familiar as Michael first noted the leather luggage, a red ribbon tied on the handle to presumably identify it on the luggage carousel. The elastic strings from the missing airport tags were broken, though the thin band remained, wedged in the handle’s hinge. A few pair of shorts and summer tees lay on his bed, some with the store tags still remaining; a small pair of running shoes sat near his closet. Michael studied the case and debated with himself as to his next move. Rationalizing that the luggage was in his room; therefore, he had every right to open it, Michael pulled the case onto the bed. Flipping open the old brass latches, he pulled the two sides of the case apart, laying them flat on his bed. Taking a breath, Michael twisted the metal stops that held down the stiff muslin covering on one side of the case. With an feeling of nauseating dread he pulled back the old fabric, his stomach churning as he noted the contents—the plaid skirt, white blouse, navy blazer, leather loafers. Panic and anger flooded his senses as his confused mind put together the pieces.

Ignoring Maria’s cry of “I found them,” as she shook the white envelope high in the air, Michael rushed down the hall, busting into Max’s room without bothering to turn the doorknob, and catching sight of the two shadowed figures curled together in the bed, clenched his fists and shouted loudly,

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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 25 9/6/09

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D-Ah, yes, the smackdown is coming...
Ginger-Oh, yes!
Carolyn-Michael's in for a wild ride!
Kris-Yep, nastiness is on the way!
Crashand burn-you know it!
pandas-On my way!
behr_able-yes, yes it is!
Alien_friend-Michael may have discovered more than he wants to know...
Eve-She will waste no time in pointing that out!
Em-I wouldn't say over...
Dreamers_fan_believe-here you go!
Natalie-They are still naked in bed, you know...
Erica-Right, Mike wanted plenty of time to resolve the mystery of the missing tickets...
LegalAlien-It was bound to happen...
eternal_dreamer-Yeah, I hoped you guys would enjoy the dramatic irony of Michael's snooping. He will definitely get what he deserves... Eeek-sorry-with school, I can pretty much manage to update one of my stories each week. Grr...
Sara-Well, yes, the truth does eventually rise to the surface...
Abby-You can say that again!
Jan-Max is smart enough not to get out of bed...
trulov-You're exactly on the money--his sister is not about to let him forget that fact, either!
Lena-Oh No! I wish you speedy healing--I hope this part does something to cheer you up!

Ch 25
A little after 3 am that morning, Liz woke to the delicious feel of Max’s stiff cock at her backside, though the steady rise and fall of Max’s chest snuggled against her back proved that Max was still asleep. With a mischievous giggle, Liz rolled her hips, grazing her slick lips along Max’s hardened length until she slid her warm, wet sheath onto his member, swollen as it was from his lust-filled dreams. Max awoke to find his hips grinding into Liz’s bottom, his manhood sliding in and out of her tight core.

After their middle-of-the-night love-making, Max and Liz fell back to sleep in each other’s arms, grateful that they did not have work or school early the next morning. There was no way for them to know that Liz’s brother and his girlfriend would arrive in Albuquerque at such an ungodly hour on Saturday morning….

Michael’s rude question filtered through Max’s slumber, though his exhausted brain did not process the weight of his roommate’s words quickly enough.

“Wha--?” Max breathed out groggily as he steadied himself on his hands pressed against the mattress, his arms propping his body as he tried to make sense of the sudden intrusion. Liz stirred beside him, rolling over in her sleepy haze.

Before Max’s squinting eyes could focus on the tall shadow closing the distance to his bedside, Michael’s fist drove into Max’s jaw, sending the back of Max’s head crashing against the headboard. With a startled gasp, Liz’s eyes flew open at the sound of her brother’s attack against his best friend. Maria stopped short in the doorway, her mouth open in disbelief as she took in the scene before her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Michael?” Liz roared at her brother, who stood seething with clenched fists at their bedside. Liz hovered above Max, her fingers tracing gently over his swelling jaw.

“Max! Max!” Liz cried, frantically searching his face to ascertain the damage done by her brother’s fist against an unsuspecting Max.

Max flinched as Liz’s trembling hand touched the spot where a bruise was soon to rise to the surface.

“What am I doing?!” What am I doing?!” Michael scoffed sardonically. “What the hell are you doing in Max’s bed? Last I heard, you were supposed to be in fucking Massachusetts, Liz!”

Liz’s face burned as her brother rightly accused her of deceit. She gathered the comforter closer to her body, suddenly shamed at her brother’s words. Sickly fear shot through her—fear that she had simultaneously destroyed the lifelong friendship between Max and Michael and ruined her relationship with Max in the process. Silent tears rolled down Liz’s face as the walls that guarded her sanctuary with Max began to crumble.

“Michael!” Max spat out in warning, fighting the urge to rise and square-off against his oldest friend as he had the distinct disadvantage of being totally naked under the bed sheets. “If you have anything to say—you can say it to me,” Max growled, shifting his upper body to provide some sort of barrier between Liz and her vehement brother.

“Oh, I have plenty to say to you!” Michael shot back, shrugging off Maria’s hand as she tried to pull him back to the living room. “Like exactly how long have you been fucking my little sister?”

“First off,” Max replied through gritted teeth, “What Liz and I do in our bedroom is none of your god-damn business,” Max’s glare burned fiercely as he met Michael’s stare, “And secondly, don’t you dare call anything we do ‘fucking’! I love your sister, and I will not let you make her feel ashamed for anything she has done with me!”

Liz blinked back her tears, her face rising from the now-damp wad of comforter pulled up under her chin. Her jaw dropped as she processed Max’s words—he loved her—he just told her brother that he loved her! His fierce admission plus the words ‘our bedroom’ gave Liz hope even under such dire circumstances. Trembling, Liz edged her hand closer to Max, who, without taking his eyes off Michael, wrapped Liz’s hand in his own.

“Oh, so now she shouldn’t feel bad for lying to her family?” he shifted his condemning stare back to his sister who straightened her shoulders against his accusations.

“Yes, I lied,” Liz spat back, finding the strength to confront Michael as she gripped Max’s hand fiercely, “And frankly, I don’t regret a damn thing I have done, Michael,” Liz seethed, strengthened by Max’s firm touch. “When I left Winnaman, I came to the one person who was always there for me, who was never too busy for me, who was never so wrapped up in his own life that he would send me away,” Liz unleashed a barrage of barely-veiled accusations against her brother without giving him time to answer one before showering him with another. “I love Max, I’m enrolling at UNM, and I’m taking over your half of the lease,” Liz stated with finality. “Frankly, you can tell Dad whatever the hell you want to, because finally, I get to decide what is best for my life, and if you’re not happy with my decision, it’s just too god-damn bad!” Liz fired back at her brother, shocked to hear such forceful words come from his little sister’s mouth. “And where do you get off telling me who I can and can’t sleep with anyway?”

Years of repressed frustration with her brother’s behavior spilled from Liz. Max sat up in their bed, wide-eyed at the ferocious expression on his girlfriend’s face, her fingernails leaving crescent moons in his skin as she gripped him tightly. He tried to subtly pull up the comforter around her to help Liz maintain her forgotten modesty as she pointed a sharp finger at her brother.

“But, Liz--,” Michael stammered.

“Don’t ‘but Liz’ me, Michael!” Liz could no longer stem the emotional tide held back for so long. “The ‘protective brother’ routine is about eighteen years too late. You weren’t all that concerned about me breaking my neck when I was a kid,” Liz bit out, recalling the numerous times when Michael flatly refused to come to her aid, “Why are you all that concerned about my virtue now?” she heatedly questioned, the comforter threatening to reveal her definite lack of virtue any minute.

Michael stood, frozen in place, as his eyes cast to the floor. Grainy, home-movie visions of their childhoods played out in his memory—his thoughtless, younger self, neglectful of his little sister, jealous of the times when Max would abandon him to rush to Liz’s side. Countless moments when he should have been there for Liz only fueled the natural draw between his best friend and younger sibling—serving to strengthen the ties between them when Max would step in to make up for Michael’s disregard.

Michael looked back toward the couple, at Max stroking Liz’s hair, at the protective arm wrapped around his sister, at the secret communication that seemed to flow effortlessly between them. Fresh understanding seemed to seep through Michael’s anger and confusion, though his sister was still too defensive to note its progress.

“And, another thing, you can’t stand there and tell me that last night you and Maria weren’t doing the same damn thing Max and I were,” Liz countered.

“Hey!” Maria jumped in, a little off-put at the mention of her name.

“In fact, Maria’s a little younger than I am, you know. I don’t guess she had a brother who broke into your bedroom and socked you in the jaw!”

“Eh, Kyle’s not really looking to take on Michael,” Maria chimed in, “But the sheriff did make Michael explain his ‘intentions’ toward me while he cleaned his service revolver,” she offered up for comparison’s sake.

The rest of the room turned toward Maria for a moment, a little dumbfounded at the admission.

“But--,” Liz broke in, other examples of Michael’s inequity and various faults ready in her arsenal.

“Liz, baby, hang on,” Max broke in softly as he stroked her bare back and kissed her temple gently. Max could see the shift in Michael’s expression, watched the sigh settle in his chest with the acknowledgement of defeat in the injustice of his actions. Still holding Liz at his side, Max addressed his best friend of twenty-one years.

“Michael, you’re my friend, and I hope even after today, we can still be friends. You know, I’ve loved Liz her whole life; I’ve always taken care of her, and I always will. You won’t find anyone in the world who loves your sister more than I do,” Max broke eye contact with Michael to look into Liz’s shining eyes and kiss her shoulder softly before turning back to Michael who simply nodded in silent acceptance.

Blowing out the breath he was holding, Michael straightened his shoulders, tightened his jaw, and announced to Max—

“Ok, hit me.” Michael screwed his eyes tight in anticipation of the blow he so deserved.

“What?” Max demanded incredulously, wondering at Michael’s act of contrition.

“Come on, free shot. I deserve it,” Michael sighed, assuming the ready expression once again.

“First off,” Max groaned, “I am not getting up to hit you since I am still very naked under the covers,” he closed his eyes at the obvious yet embarrassing fact, “and secondly,” Max smiled as he glanced at the beautiful girl beside him, “from the minute your sister walked through the door, I knew you were gonna’ knock the shit out of me,” he said with a resigned smile, a rosy blush rising to Liz’s cheeks.

A chuckle and smirk came from Michael in acknowledgement that the matter was at rest. Michael once again turned to Maria who tugged at him gently.

“Let’s go make some coffee and let them get dressed. We can talk in the living room once they’re up,” she gently coaxed, drawing Michael out of the bedroom.

As he got to the doorway, Michael turned back, one last piece of the puzzle not yet making sense when he recalled the bits of the morning’s evidence that led him to Max’s room.

“One more thing—you two didn’t have some secret love child that we don’t know about, did you…?”

A resounding “No!” followed by thrown pillows that slid against a closing door ushered Michael and Maria out of the room, with promises of explanations to follow after Max and Liz joined them in the living room.

“So…,” Liz turned to Max, once again cocooned in the privacy of their bedroom, “You love me, huh?” she questioned playfully, looking up coyly at Max.

“Mmm hmm,” Max responded with a smile, confident that the announcement couldn’t have been that great a shock.

“You could’ve told me before you told my brother,” Liz teased with a nudge.

“I didn’t want to pressure you. You know—leaving home…dorm life…fancy school…I didn’t want to keep you from experiencing those things,” Max said with a sweet sadness at the prospect.

“Max, I’ve had all those things—for three years, that was my life. And now, what I want, more than anything--is you. Everything else—school, scholarships, a job…there all here too,” Liz traced her index finger along Max’s jaw, a sympathetic smile gracing her lips as she reached the tender flesh on his left. “I’ve loved you as long as I can remember, Max, and I may be young,” Liz conceded as she blew out the breath she was holding, “but I know what I want—and what I want is you.”

“So…I take it we can clean off our dining table?” Max suggested with a sly smile, ready to discard the extraneous pamphlets and catalogs from schools around the country.

“I called the school yesterday and accepted my scholarship,” Liz smiled slyly, fully expecting Max’s tickling fingers of retribution for keeping him in suspense.

“You did, huh?” Max’s relentless tickling garnered squeals and shrieks from a squirming Liz.

“I did, I did,” Liz confessed breathlessly, smiling in the face of her torture. “Now if you keep doing that, my brother’s going to think we’re having sex, and he’ll bust in here again.”

“He does, and this time, I’m hitting back,” Max assured, grinning as he pulled Liz up tossing her a tee shirt from the dresser.

As they pulled on shorts to go join Michael and Maria, Liz brightened with a sudden thought of her brother’s earlier offer and her years of frustration at the hands of one Michael Guerin Parker, “Hey, since you didn’t take your free shot…do you think I could have it…?”
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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 26 9/26/09

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POM-Yes, they've come clean with Michael. We'll see a bit more to come today.
behr_able-Michael will redeem himself shortly
Addicted-I really wanted to get through that angst pretty quickly. I really didn't want the tone to shift too far from where we began.
Alien_Friend-We'll see a bit more of a bridge between Michael and Liz today. Things aren't too far gone yet.
Kismet-Liz and Michael will work toward an understanding in today's chapter.
Carolyn-Things will end peacefully for everyone concerned.
eternal_dreamer-There will be mention of Jeff and what Liz is prepared to tell him, but we won't see the pair actually return to Roswell.x2
Ginger-how about a nice long chat? Will that work? :wink:
Eve-Michael is going through a bit of personal growth here...we'll discover the catalyst in today's chapter
Sara-Liz will do a little explaining right off the bat--I think you'll forgive her.
Monica-I'm the same way...I'm leaving feedback after three updates sometimes *begs and pleads for forgiveness*
Lena-More from Michael today...
Mandy-Thanks for reading!
Kris-Glad you liked Michael's return. A bit more from the siblings today...
Jan-Thanks so much! While no delightfully steamy scenes today...there will be one more big one in an upcoming chapter before we're through.
D-Hey, I feel pretty tardy to the party myself...We'll see a bit more of Michael's comeuppance today.

ch 26

Liz emerged from the steamy bathroom, her damp locks making the back of her borrowed tee shirt transparent in places. Slipping on her shorts back on, Liz traded brief kisses with Max, who had thought it prudent to avoid sharing the bathroom as Michael and Maria were still in the apartment.

Liz poured herself a cup of much-needed coffee as Maria poked through the contents of the fridge in hopes of finding something for breakfast.

“Cream?” Maria inquired, turning away from the fridge, the container of coffee creamer in hand, jiggling it back and forth with her thumb and fingers in suggestion.

“Yes, please,” Liz smiled and took the offered condiment. Maria emerged from the refrigerator with a carton of eggs and half a package of bacon.

Liz swallowed a drink from the warm cup and began nervously, “Maria, I’m sorry about what I said in there. I really wasn’t trying to point fingers, or anything,” apologizing for having dragged Maria into the fight between herself and her brother.

“I…I just wanted Michael to understand that our situations really weren’t all that different,” Liz explained. Though she only knew Maria from working summer and holiday shifts with her, Liz really did hope that they could become friends.

“It’s ok, Chica,” Maria grinned, immediately reassuring Liz with her softened expression and friendly nickname. “It’s not like you were revealing some deep, dark secret of mine,” Maria chuckled. “And let me tell you, Michael and I had to do our fair share of sneaking around ourselves before I turned eighteen.”

“Oh really…?” Liz commented as Maria poured herself a cup of coffee and joined Liz, leaning against the kitchen counter.

“Well, my mom knew, of course,” Maria confessed with a twinkle in her eye, “but she did have the courtesy to play dumb when it came to the sheriff and your dad.” Amy had made it clear to her daughter that she was in no way pulling the wool over her eyes, but would, in fact, keep what she knew to herself to avoid stirring up any unnecessary angst amongst either Jim Valenti or Jeff Parker. Amy knew enough about men to see how much Michael Parker loved her daughter, how he would do anything for her, and how Maria had been able to crack through his tough-guy exterior and encourage him to be a little less of a Neanderthal than he had been for nearly two decades.

“So what was with the caveman routine from this morning?” Liz questioned, still trying to reconcile the memory of her rather aloof brother, the clandestine beginnings of his relationship with Maria, and the burst of fraternal protectiveness she and Max had just been subjected to.

“Well, that’s probably a little bit my fault,” Maria winced. “Whenever your brother is being…shall we say…insensitive…I offer him a gentle reminder,” Maria declared with a tinge of playful pride.

“Gentle reminder?” Liz questioned with a mirthful tone.

“You know—harsh glare, verbal reprimand, stinging smack—whatever it takes,” Maria replied, nonplussed as she was through the girls’ shared laughter.

“So how did this newfound sensitivity equate to a right hook to Max’s jaw?” Liz asked, trying to suss out the connection.

Maria sighed deeply as she poured a refill for both of them, “Now, while I mentioned earlier that Kyle wasn’t looking for a fight with Michael, there was this one time—I was staying in Kyle’s room while my mom’s house was being painted—getting it ready to be put on the market,” Maria began. “So, mom and Jim had gone out for the evening, and Kyle and I were the only ones left at home.”

“The Kyle I knew never really struck me as the protective type,” Liz countered in humorous disbelief.

“I think that our parents getting married changed him a bit—sort of likes having a mom around to fuss over him, step-sister to watch out for, stuff like that, you know.”

“Ah, I get it—carry on,” Liz encouraged, nodding in understanding.

“So, Michael comes by to pick me up, and Kyle answers the door,” Maria retells with a smile. “And, you know, Kyle is in really great shape, but Michael still has half a foot on him,” Maria chuckled at the memory. “They are standing toe to toe, and Kyle asks, very sternly, where Michael was taking me that night. Michael growls something about dinner and a movie, and it’s evident that a pissing contest can’t be far behind. So, I intervene and rush Michael out the door, but I throw Kyle a little smile before I leave. I’ve never had the whole ‘protective brother’ thing before being an only child and all—it was kinda nice,” Maria smiled.

“So how did all of this rub off on my brother?” Liz pursued skeptically.

“I’m not sure,” Maria related, “but something seemed to bug Michael all night after that—sort of lost in thought the whole time. Maybe that little run-in with Kyle did more to affect him than all the gun-cleaning with the sheriff ever could,” Maria hypothesized, watching Liz as she mulled over these new insights.

“He’s out on the balcony…why don’t you go talk to him. Max can help me make breakfast for all of us when he gets out of the shower.”

A gratified smile came across Liz’s face, wrapping Maria in a thankful hug, “I’m really glad my brother found you,” Liz declared before pulling back from the embrace. “I’m gonna go talk to Stonewall Parker for a minute—wish me luck.”

“Good luck, Chica,” Maria called, turning her attention back to searching the cabinets for a couple of frying pans.
Liz closed the sliding glass door behind her, sidling up to her brother at the balcony railing. Michael took a sip of coffee from his cup without turning to look at his sister.

“Hey,” Liz said softly, looking out on the courtyard as her brother was doing.

“Hey,” Michael replied, a touch of sadness in his response.

“So, did you find your tickets?” Liz asked, trying to find a reasonably safe subject to begin with.

“Yeah, Maria found them in that heap of college catalogs,” Michael replied, his eyes cutting toward Liz.

Liz grimaced, “Sorry about that—we really did look for them.”

“It’s alright,” Michael shrugged off, taking another sip of coffee.

“I’m sorry I lied to you, Michael,” Liz began, trying to bridge the gap that lay between herself and her older sibling.

“It’s ok, I would’ve probably lied to me too, if I were in your shoes,” Michael raised a wry eyebrow, eliciting a slight grin from Liz.

“Hell, Liz, I spent an entire year bullshitting Dad about me and Maria,” Michael confessed. “Of course, he thought I was great, cause I came home every weekend to help him at the Crashdown,” Michael admitted, his ulterior motive now evident.

“Maria’s really sweet, Michael. I’m glad you guys are moving in together,” Liz smiled up at her brother.

“Yeah, I’m happy she’ll have someone here to do all that girly shit with,” Michael teased. “Shopping…chick flicks….”

“Ice cream?” Liz smirked, adding to the list.

“Hey, I like ice cream, too,” Michael pouted at the exclusion, getting a playful nudge from his sister in retaliation.

“I thought you were supposed to be all ‘Mr. Sensitive’ now anyway,” Liz joked.

Michael shook his head and grinned at the knowledge that Maria and his sister must have already spoken about him this morning.

“Now, I will never be Max Evans,” Michael warned.

“Eww, that would just be creepy,” Liz pulled a squicked expression, even though she gathered her brother’s meaning.

“I mean--,” Michael took a deep breath, “I know I’m not always gonna say the right thing, and I know I’m gonna end up being an asshole sometimes,” Michael blew out the rest of his breath, “but, I really am trying to do better, Liz.”

Liz studied her brother’s contrite face as he continued on.

“And I’m sorry that I picked this morning to make up for eighteen years of being a shitty brother,” Michael lay his coffee cup on the chair behind him, and leaned forward against the railing, closing his eyes and wishing he could take back the things he said, the things he did.

He didn’t open them again until he felt his sister’s small hand cover his own.

“How about I give you a chance to make up for it?” Liz looked up, her brother missing the mischievous twinkle in her eyes.

“You can start by taking that hideous recliner with you when you move,” Liz smiled, receiving a playful elbow in retaliation.

“Don’t worry—the recliner stays with me,” Michael assured with a grin.

“Maybe you and Maria can find a place not too far away. It’d be kind of nice to have you two nearby,” Liz smiled.

“Yeah?” Michael said with a soft surprise in his voice. “Maybe there’s a vacancy in the complex—we’ll head over to the manager’s office after breakfast.”

“That’d be good,” his sister nodded.

“Do you think Max would be cool with that? I mean, I did deck him this morning…,” Michael grimaced at his behavior.

“You can find a way to make it up to him,” Liz assured.

“Metallica tee shirt?” Michael questioned sincerely.

With a laugh Liz replied, “It’s a start.”
Michael and Liz re-entered the apartment through the sliding door, greeted by the smell of frying bacon and eggs.

Approaching his best friend of twenty-one years, Michael ducked his head a bit and looked up, offering his outstretched hand.

“We good?” Michael asked hesitatingly, wincing at the purple swell shading the skin under Max’s scruff.

After turning off the kitchen faucet and drying his hands, Max blew out a breath and accepted his friend’s concise apology, “Yeah, we’re good,” shaking his hand, then engaging in one of those manly half-hugs that require a few loud smacks to the other’s back.

Liz and Maria just rolled their eyes and shook their heads in bewilderment.
Sitting down to breakfast, the four discussed their plans for returning to Roswell for the Crashdown Festival and the necessity of their presence at the restaurant.

“We’ve got the dinner shift tomorrow night, so we’ll be heading back before noon tomorrow,” Michael explained between bites of egg and bacon.

“Well, Max and I are working tonight and tomorrow at La Estrella de Plata, but we can be there Monday,” Liz offered, inwardly sighing at the thought of trying to hide the true status of their relationship from her Jeff Parker, figuring that her announcement of attending UNM and moving to Albuquerque without consulting her father might be enough for him to digest in a single week. Liz and Max decided that they could reveal their romantic relationship during Thanksgiving break when, hopefully, Jeff might have had time to accept Liz’s choices regarding her education and could move on to the bombshell of his daughter being more than just Max Evans’ roommate without resorting to the use of sharp kitchen implements.

Reading her shift in mood at the talk of returning to Roswell, Max reached for Liz, his thumb on her lower back, drawing soothing circles. Liz smiled warmly back.

“Yeah, Monday will work,” Max nodded, knowing that Jeff would be expecting him to help during the festival as well, even though the bartending at the Crashdown was usually limited to cherry cokes and Alien Blasts. He grinned boyishly at Liz, glad to be working with her for the upcoming week, even if it was under the watchful eye of her father. He wondered how often he would be climbing up Liz’s fire escape over the course of the holiday week.

“I need to get the rest of my clothes and things, anyway,” Liz considered, figuring this trip would be the perfect chance to collect her belongings.

“You’re not going to stay for the summer?” Maria questioned with a little disappointment.

“No, I’m going to take a couple of courses during the summer term which will give me 24 credits in the fall, so basically, I’ll already be a sophomore,” Liz reasoned.

“Always the little over-achiever,” Michael quipped, receiving a little good-natured smack from his girlfriend in retaliation.

“I mean…that’s good, Liz…way to get ahead,” Michael corrected himself, offering a hopeful smile to Maria who patted his hand rewardingly.

“Well, I for one, need to find a decent job here,” Maria changed the subject, much to everyone’s relief.

“I think there is still an opening at La Estrella de Plata,” Max suggested, then sipped at his coffee.

“So they finally talked you in to a permanent spot?” Michael inquired of Max, trying to hide his chuckle at the fact that the restaurant that had tried numerous times to get Max to take a steady position, finally succeeded.

“I told them I’d do it if Liz and I could work the same shifts,” Max explained, casting a sweet glance to his girlfriend beside him as he caressed her hand.

“I’ll definitely check it out,” Maria smiled, thinking it would be nice to work with Liz once again. “You know if we find an apartment today and the job pans out, we might be able to come back pretty soon, too.”

“That would be great,” Liz agreed, “You guys should definitely come eat before the concert tonight, meet everyone…check out the menu…leave me a decent tip…,” Liz hinted with a grin, everyone chuckling at her suggestion.

“We might just do that,” Michael conceded as he finished his coffee and crumpled his napkin onto the plate. “Well, if everyone is finished, you wanna’ head over to the manager’s office and check on available apartments?”

“Sure,” they all agreed, Max and Maria moving to clear the table, leaving the Parker siblings to themselves for the moment. The sounds of running water and scraping plates sounded from the kitchen, giving Michael and Liz a moment of privacy.

During breakfast, Michael had watched his best friend and little sister closely, noting their smiles, their secret looks, their gentle touches. He thought of their attachment to each other in childhood, and how that connection had become even more evident since Liz’s return. A deeper understanding of his friend’s behavior suddenly dawned on him.

“You know, I’ve figured something out, Liz,” Michael stated, reveling in his new-found sensitivity.

For his second epiphany in one day, Michael was on quite the roll.

“What’s that?” his sister inquired with a smile.

“Why Max always had such lousy taste in women.”

“Excuse me?” Liz exclaimed with a dropped jaw.

Her brother smiled and chuckled to himself. “Used to, I mean. Whenever he’d date, which was fairly rarely, I might add, he’d always bring home some chick who was just wrong for him—you know, too dumb, too bitchy, too trampy—whatever. He probably wouldn’t have admitted it at the time, but I don’t think he went out with anyone he’d seriously considered getting attached to.”

“Why’s that?” Liz looked to the kitchen in confusion, Max throwing her a wink as he stowed the frying pan in the cabinet.

With their complicated history finally pulling into focus, all the jealousies, in-fighting, and perceived betrayals, while not atoned for, at least understood, Michael smiled to himself in acceptance and stated simply, “I think he was waiting for you.”
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Re: The Schoolgirl (M/L Adult) ch 27 COMPLETE 11-5-09

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keepsmiling-Thanks so much!
Natalie-I'm glad you enjoyed it!
behr_able-He had a lot to make up for!
Kris-Yes, they can present a united front
Gonger-glad you liked it!
Alien_Friend-Glad you enjoyed it!
XAF-Well, we won't worry about Jeff quite so much-the girl does have options...
Eve-Michael's support will certainly be important to Liz.
Dreamers fan-Happy you liked it!
Lena-I did think that Michael had the greatest potential to be redeemed here. And Maria helps provide some of that same balance that was saw from her on the show.
D-True, the two men really didn't need any lengthy discussions to get back on track
Sara-Yeah, he proved himself in the end
eternal_dreamer-I areally wanted to give back to Liz a sense of family here. Max will speak to thaat shortly
Jan-Thanks so much. I hope you enoy the big finale here as well
Crash and burn-Sorry, I know, I'm tardy to the party
Nubantu-glad you enjoyed the little interchange
Carrie-I know you can sympathize...I'm trying to write when I can...thanks for your wonderful feedback!

a/n--Thanks everyone for sticking with this fic. I really appreciate all the feedback and support. I finally fed the muse lots of caffeine and made her work late into the night last night, so I could get this finished.

Also, to all my friends I read--I promise, I'll get caught up soon!

Some of you may be upset that I don't show Liz's confrontation with Jeff. Max and Liz will be heading to Roswell as the curtain drops on our little story, but I really wanted to conclude it there. Liz knows that she is loved and has a family to support her, whether her father chooses to do so or not. She can't control his decision, only her reaction to it, so I think you will leave satisfied that Liz will be ok regardless of Jeff's actions.

Later that night

“So how did your dad take the news?” Max queried, looking up from the tees and shorts he was folding to stow in his suitcase. Liz sighed as she flipped her phone shut and tossed it on their dresser.

“Which part—the fact that I decided on UNM or that we’re only staying in Roswell through next weekend?”

“Mmm…both,” Max responded with a grin.

“I got a non-committal ‘I see’ when I told him about Albuquerque,” Liz smiled wryly as she popped open the latches on her suitcase, also readying it to head home for the Fourth of July festivities. “Of course, he couldn’t resist bringing up my Ivy League options one more time,” she stressed the last words with barely-veiled sarcasm, “but I told him I already accepted my scholarship and took over Michael’s half of the lease—which, of course, is why he thinks I didn’t call him as soon as I arrived—making big decisions for myself and all that,” Liz waggled her eyebrows mischievously.

“And the week-long stay in Roswell?” Max questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“I told him that my new boss had scheduled me to work next Monday, so I just couldn’t spend my entire summer in Roswell,” Liz replied with a theatrical sigh. “He’ll be ok,” Liz continued as she opened one of the dresser drawers Max had cleaned out for her and pulled out the bras and panties she needed to take, “he’s already hired a couple of new high school kids last month,” she pulled from the lower drawer her shorts and tees.

“Well, I’m glad you went ahead and called him—maybe he can get over his disappointment before we arrive.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” grimaced Liz. “But he will have to pretend to be nice to me in front of the customers,” Liz sighed with a knowing smile.

“Oh, baby…,” Max pulled Liz into a close embrace and kissed the top of her head, his thumb stroking the small of her back.

“I’ll be fine,” Liz assured, reaching her hands up to Max’s face and pulling him down for a tender kiss. “As long as you’re there, there’s nothing that Jeff Parker could say to me that would ruin my mood.”

“Oh, hell no,” Max’s expression became emphatic and resolute, “The minute Jeff Parker utters a word that is anything other than supportive and pleasant, I’m pulling you out of there so fast, it will make his head spin—Fourth of July or not.”

Liz giggled as her arms tightened around Max.

“I love it when you get all growly,” Liz smiled, playfully biting at Max’s chest through his shirt with teasingly ravenous sounds coming from her throat.

Max rocked them a little from side to side, cocooning Liz in his arms.

“I know we decided not to tell your father for a few months,” Max conceded, “but if he starts giving you grief, all bets are off,” Max said with sudden seriousness, “I love you, and I can’t stand by and allow someone to hurt you.”

Appreciation and love shone from Liz’s watery eyes.

“If he wants to be part of our family, he’s going to have to act like it,” Max stated firmly. “We have Michael and Maria, my parents, Izzy, Alex, and the boys….,” Max named all those who loved Liz, happy to now tally her brother amongst the number. He stroked Liz’s hair as he continued, firmly protective, “Jeff Parker is welcome to be part of that as long as he treats you right.”

“I love you, Max,” Liz looked up with a wide smile, the confidence returning to her eyes, “and you’re right, I deserve better than being treated like a nuisance or a commodity. I need to let him know that our relationship will have to take a turn for the better,” Liz replied with a definitive nod and firmly set smile. The dryer buzzed in punctuation to Liz’s resolve. “That would be our jeans,” Liz pointed to the utility room, giving Max one more quick kiss before heading out of the bedroom. “Be right back.”
Liz dumped the warm bundle on the bed, Max immediately picking up a pair to fold and pack in his suitcase. Contemplating what else he might need for the upcoming week, Max looked to his closet.

“Do you think I should take the jacket that goes with these pants?” Max, who hadn’t changed out of his dark slacks and dress shirt with the sleeves casually rolled to the elbow following their shift at the restaurant, inquired of Liz who had nearly filled one side of her vintage suitcase.

“Why will you need a suit in Roswell?” Liz looked up with eyes narrowed suspiciously.

“I thought I might be able to talk your dad into the whole ‘Men in Black’ look, rather than that hideous green bowling shirt he usually makes me wear.”

“Hey, I have to wear that same hideous green too, you know—with antennae on my head!” Liz turned to face Max, playfully exasperated in her own wounded dignity.

Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s hips, drawing her to him.

“Yeah, but you look all sexy in your little green dress--low-cut top, short skirt, easy-access snaps,” Max waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Oh really,” Liz played along, pulling Max down by his loosened tie for a deep kiss. “And exactly how long have you thought I looked sexy in my Crashdown uniform?”

“Longer than I’m willing to admit,” Max retorted with a telling blush and a teasing tap to Liz’s bottom. “Anyway, if I wore the dark glasses, then your dad couldn’t catch me staring at you all day long,” Max reasoned with a grin.

“Fine, take the jacket, but, personally, I like the bowling shirt. It’s all soft and silky,” Liz walked her fingers up Max’s chest coquettishly, slipping off Max’s tie and unfastening his top three buttons. “And way easier to slip my hand inside and secretly cop a feel,” Liz playfully bit her lip as she tweaked Max’s nipple.

In mocking offense, Max dropped his jaw in theatrical shock, then gave Liz’s ass a retaliatory pinch.

“You naughty, naughty girl,” Max growled into Liz’s neck, nibbling on the soft skin he found there. “So just how long have you thought I was sexy in my silky bowling shirt?” Max queried seductively.

“Probably a lot longer than you’ve paid attention to my easy-access snaps,” Liz teased flirtatiously.

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” Max grinned, pulling Liz into a distracting grind, sending anticipatory tingles throughout their bodies.

“Now who’s naughty?” Liz crooned, grabbing a hold of Max’s collar and pulling him in, their tongues toying with each other.

“Let’s get these suitcases off the bed, and I’ll show you naughty I can be,” Max waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“After we finish packing,” Liz reminded with a mischievous grin. “I have to get the rest of my stuff out of Michael’s room before he and Maria get back tonight.”

“Fine then, pack quickly,” Max smiled, giving Liz’s earlobe a tiny bite before returning to the necessary task.

Liz turned the thumbscrews holding the muslin divider in place on her suitcase, preparing to fill the remaining half with the utmost speed. In that half she found garments she hadn’t worn since her first day in Albuquerque.

“You were supposed to help me burn this you know,” Liz fisted the white blouse and plaid skirt in playful accusation, reminding Max of his promised uniform bonfire.

“Awww…but you looked so cute in it when you showed up at my door,” Max replied wistfully as he took the garments from Liz. “Not to mention the really erotic dream I had the first night you were here,” he added teasingly.

“Yeah?” Liz questioned, suddenly intrigued. “And I was wearing this?” she continued, a hint of disbelieving satire in her voice.

“Well, not the shoes—those we can burn—you had on a pair of heels and these really sexy thigh-high stockings.”

“Mmm-hmm…,” Liz narrowed her eyes and smirked.

“And your blouse was tied in the middle so a little skin could peek through,” Max added, happily recalling the fantasy that so plagued his thoughts early on.

“Give me that,” Liz groaned, snatching away from Max the garments she so despised.

“Oh well,” Max sighed, “If my goddess requires a woolen sacrifice, then she shall have it,” Max theatrically conceded with a grin.

“That she does,” said Liz with playful haughtiness, tossing the offending garments back in the suitcase, though Max could never guess what Liz really had in store for him…
Dragging a sleepy Maria on an early morning trip to Target while Max and Michael were still asleep, Liz procured the items she would need to fill one of Max’s latent fantasies, swearing Maria to secrecy as she raised a curious eyebrow at the contents of Liz’s shopping cart.

Michael and Maria returned to Roswell later that day as Max and Liz prepared for their shift at La Estrella de Plata. Though Liz wore the colorful skirt and blouse she had been assigned earlier, Max again wore a more formal (but still sexy) dress shirt, tie and slacks.

They had scored an early shift that night, arriving home at a reasonable hour. The first evening stars had appeared on the drive home, and the work had been steady but not overwhelming. As Max and Liz arrived home, he in his dress shirt with rolled cuffs and a rakishly loosened tie and Liz in her bright pink skirt and blouse, Liz made her way to the bathroom, calling out over her shoulder,

“Why don’t you check the Weather Channel and see what the temperature will be for our drive tomorrow?”

“Liz, it’s July in southeastern New Mexico—hot and dry are pretty much a given, don’t you think?” Max replied dryly.

“Just humor me,” Liz called from behind the door. There were a few minutes left before the local weather came on but not enough time for Max to change out of his work clothes. Nevertheless, Liz worked quickly, changing into the garments she had stowed in the otherwise empty hamper earlier that morning. She loosened the up-do she had fashioned for work and parted her hair in the middle, plaiting each side and fastening the ends with little white bows. After touching up her cherry-pink lip gloss and blush, sliding into her stockings and spiky pumps, Liz emerged from the bathroom.

“Sunny and ninety-eight tomorrow,” Max called out blandly, without turning around from his seat at the dining table where he had picked up the remote control.

Liz sauntered into the living room, one hand stretched up languidly against the doorway. Max was flipping through the premium channels when Liz spoke from behind him.

In a playfully plaintive whimper, Liz mewled, “Mr. Evans, I failed my last biology test and I need some tutoring.”

Stalled in his search for an interesting movie, Max responded as he stared at the screen, “Liz, you’ve never made anything below an ‘A’ in your life, and what’s with the ‘mister’….” Confused at Liz’s request and falsely innocent tone, Max turned around, his jaw dropping to the floor in surprise.

Momentarily breaking character, Liz spoke as she slinked over to Max’s chair, the swish of her plaid skirt not quite making contact with the white stockings that ended on her lower thighs.

“Come on, Max, play along,” Liz grinned knowingly. “No need to be embarrassed,” she whispered, letting Max know that whatever images or memories the fantasy conjured, no guilt needed to come from it.

Max stared, wide-eyed as he took in the vision before him from the spiky black heels to Liz’s ribbon-tipped braids. She had returned to him weeks ago in much this same guise, though the pumps and stockings were newly acquired for this express purpose. Liz’s hair and make up were deliciously juvenile, but the satisfied smirk belied the knowledge she had gained during the previous weeks at the hands of Max Evans himself.

He understood her ruse to prevent him from changing clothes and keep him in the living room following work--his dress shirt, tie and slacks an acceptable costume for the academic.

Max sputtered as he tried to speak, finding the voice of the tutor, older and wiser, all the time knowing that the youthful Miss Parker was very much in control.

“Well, Miss Parker,” Max cleared his throat nervously, “You’ve always been such a good student, what exactly caused you to fail your exam?” Max did a fair job of channeling his inner schoolmaster, imagining what wonders awaited him if he could pull off this role-playing scenario without crumbling into a shame-faced heap.

Feigning the kittenish coquette, Liz replied as her finger casually stroked at Max’s shoulder, “I thought I could learn my anatomy lesson on my own, but I guess I didn’t study enough. I should have come to you for help sooner,” Liz pouted, standing behind Max’s chair and slipping her hands inside his shirt, running her fingers down the hard planes of his chest as she nibbled at his earlobe.

“You should’ve come to see me much earlier, Miss Parker,” Max grasped Liz’s wrists from his just inside his collar and brought her around to the front of the chair to face him. Max steeled his nerve for what was about to happen next. He swallowed hard and said as sternly as he could, “I think you need a little reminder, so that you will remember to study and pass your next exam.”

Liz put on a contrite expression for Max’s benefit.

“Yes, Mr. Evans, I suppose I do,” she challenged in the same soft voice.

“Pull down your panties, please, Miss Parker,” Max ordered, though internally, he shook with fear over the inappropriateness of his demand.

“Yes, sir,” Liz replied shyly, although the smirk that had earlier graced her lips threatened to return.

Liz stood in front of a still-seated Max, and with an affected look of trepidation, reached underneath her skirt to slide her underpants from her hips and down her thighs.

“That’s far enough, Miss Parker,” Max halted her progress when her panties grazed the tops of her stockings.

Liz stood still, shivering with anticipation, watching as Max considered his next step.

“Let’s have a look, shall we?” Max nodded slightly.

“Yes, Mr. Evans.” Liz lowered her eyes bashfully, although she could predict with great accuracy what Max’s response would be. Drawing her hands up her thighs, Liz caught the hem of her plaid skirt, and like a theatre curtain rising, bared inch by inch more of her creamy, golden skin. As she came to the area she had just bared with the removal of her panties, Liz revealed another little surprise she had in store for Max—her completely bare mound, soft, smooth, and begging to be touched.

She pressed her lips together to stifle a smile at Max’s reaction—the flushing skin and tented trousers belying and reservations he may have had about this game. Entranced, Max reached out to trace his fingers over the perfectly bare flesh, his breath catching in his throat as his thumb parted her nether lips, teasing at Liz’s clit. Liz let out a soft moan when Max hit her tiny knot of nerves, the sound reminding him of the part he had been assigned to play.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, now, Miss Parker,” Max scolded. “Bend over my lap, please.”

“Yes, sir.” Liz lowered herself across Max’s thighs, his rock-hard erection, still trapped behind the thin fabric of his slacks poking against her hungry mound. Folding her arms against the edge of the chair, Liz looked back at Max with seductive eyes. Max gingerly raised the bottom hem of Liz’s skirt, revealing her beautiful, bare bottom. A low groan emanated from Max’s throat as he gazed at the sight before him. Liz’s legs spread as far as her lowered panties would allow and the scent of her arousal made Max grind his cloth-covered cock into her mound and lift her bottom even closer.

A low chuckle brought Max back into the fantasy. Steadying his nerve, Max delivered a couple of playful swats to Liz’s bottom.

Liz giggled at the playful smacks.

“Have you learned your lesson yet about the importance of studying?”

“I think maybe you need to remind me one more time,” Liz cooed, egging Max on.

Max’s hand popped against Liz’s backside, producing little fiery shocks and the contact and eliciting a squeaky “Eep!” from Liz.

Max’s hand caressed Liz’s bottom to soothe away the sting, her back arching to seek greater contact.

“Now about that tutoring…,” Max proceeded, a lapful of Liz resting against his straining cock.

Max grazed the puffy outer lips, reveling in the smooth slide of his finger along the flesh.

“What do we have here, Miss Parker?”

“The labia major, Mr. Evans,” Liz’s core tingles at the small contact.

“Very good, Miss Parker.” Max’s finger slid further into the dark furrow, running his finger along the inner lips, wet with the evidence of Liz’s arousal.

“And here?”

“The labia minor,” Liz answered, her breath beginning to grow heavy from her increased anticipation.

“Mmm…yes,” Max’s voice was smooth and controlled, enjoying the temporary shift in control. “And this, Miss Parker?” Two of Max’s fingers breached the entrance to Liz’s tight passage, his fingertips stroking the pillowed walls.

Stifling a chuckle, Liz responded, “The vagina, Mr. Evans.”

“True, Miss Parker, and a lovely one it is too—so warm, so wet, so tight,” Max let his eyes flutter closed for a moment, absorbed in the feeling of Liz’s slick heat. As Liz opened wider to accept his intrusion, Max thrust his fingers further, hitting Liz’s bundle of nerves deep inside.

“And this?” Max smiled at the effect he produced, Liz bucking against his attentive hand.

“The g-spot, named for Dr. Ernst Grafenberg who published a paper about his hypothesis of its existence in 1950.” Liz moaned and writhed as Max continued to stroke the sensitive spot. Riding Max’s hand with unequivocal abandon, Liz added, “Hypothesis my ass.”

“Not quite, but we’ll get there eventually,” Max smirked playfully. “And bonus points for you, Miss Parker. That was a very thorough answer,” Max said coolly, his hand now soaked with Liz’s juices.

“And what about this spot, Miss Parker?” Max slid his fingers forward, reaching the pink pearl at the cleft of Liz’s sex.

“Ahhh!” Liz writhed at the contact, “the clitoris, Mr. Evans,” Liz moaned.

“Yes…so tiny but so powerful,” Max drawled in a masterful tone, rubbing smooth strokes against the small bundle of nerves as he felt Liz’s chest heave heavy breaths against his thighs. Max slipped his other hand between Liz’s legs, satisfied at the success of his tutorial. He slicked his hand with her juices, returning two fingers to Liz’s tight core while one slippery digit circled the rosebud so prominently displayed.

“And what is this, Miss Parker?”

“I don’t think it qualifies as part of the reproductive system, Mr. Evans,” panted Liz, her orgasm building as the tingling in her womb began to blossom.

“Maybe not,” Max conceded playfully, “but it is certainly too much fun to ignore.”

Slipping his finger into Liz’s tight passage, Liz’s orgasm burst forth with her heated, slick flesh pulsing around Max’s fingers. She writhed and bucked, panting as her muscles clenched around him, riding out her pleasure against Max’s skillful hands.

Max fingers slowed as the wave of Liz’s orgasm crested and waned, his fingers now soothing instead of stimulating. As Liz’s movements stilled, Max withdrew his hands and scooped Liz into his arms, turning her body over and holding her close awhile her breathing returned to normal.

When her eyes fluttered open, Liz crashed her mouth to Max’s, their tongues dueling as she fisted her fingers through his long locks. Max stripped Liz of her pure white blouse , unknotting the tie at the waistline where her golden tummy had peeked through, as per Max’s scintillating dream. Peeling off Liz’s blouse, Max revealed the thin, white cotton bra underneath, the nearly transparent fabric exposing the hard, berry-like buds that lay beneath. Deftly unfastening the catch, Max removed the youthful garment, immediately taking the closest nipple into his mouth and suckling with abandon as his far hand traced the inviting, puckered flesh underneath his fingertips.
Max groaned against Liz’s breast as her soaking-wet heat bore down against his still-covered cock, the strain threatening to embed impressions of his zipper against his rigid flesh. He slid the white cotton panties off her legs, though he let the white stocking and black pumps remain.

As much as Liz was enjoying Max’s attentions to her eager breasts, she knew her lover was also in need of release. Resuming her characterization once more, Liz smiled seductively with hooded eyes. Climbing down from Max’s lap, her knees resting against the carpeted floor, Liz reached up to Max’s belt buckle, making quick work of the leather and metal fastenings.

“I think I should prepare for my oral exams, don’t you?” she questioned with the feigned innocence.

“Absolutely,” Max’s breath caught as Liz slid the zipper down. He lifted his hips off the chair so Liz could slide his slacks and boxers off in one swift motion. Heat flushing his body, Max yanked at the loosened tie and stripped it off with a snap, followed by his partially unbuttoned dress shirt whipped over his head to land haphazardly across the room.

Liz slid off Max’s shoes, socks, and clothing, leaving both of them utterly naked as they continued their game.

Liz’s fingers traced antagonizing paths along Max’s taut flesh. Desperate for the promise of her warm, wet mouth, Max strained against the grip she wrapped around the base of his cock, a sly smile curling the corners of her mouth.

Returning to the ruse of academic study, Liz studied Max’s hardened member with a wantonly clinical fascination.

“First there is the meatus,” Liz flicked her tongue at the slit of the tip, tasting the bead of pearlescence that gathered there. “The glans…,” Liz swirled her tongue around the turgid, bulbous head, Max groaning as Liz’s warm tongue laved him. “The corona…,” Liz recited as her tongue traced around the sensitive edge, causing Max to nearly fall out of his seat as she did so, but caught himself on the edge, so he would not lose contact with her wonderful mouth.

“Mmm…the shaft,” Liz gave a long lick to the underside vein, producing plaintive whimpers from Max’s throat as he begged for more contact. After a few more passes of her tongue, exploring the texture and ridges of his thick length, Liz took pity on poor Max.

“Mr. Evans, would you like me to make a more comprehensive study of the penis?” she coyly queried.

“Yes, please, Miss Parker,” panted Max, desperate as he was for release.

Liz took Max’s entire length in her mouth, her lips puckering around his swollen member as her tongue caressed his cock, suckling on the tender flesh with each pass of her cherry pink lips.

She worked his shaft just the way he liked—the way she had asked him to teach her not so many days ago.

Her hand steadied and pumped his cock, increasingly gratified at the insistence of Max’s groans, rising in volume and frequency as she took him deeper, swallowing around his rigid flesh. Liz looked up with smiling eyes, as her hands cradled Max’s sac, gently caressing its sensitive contents. Her fingers travelled behind, tickling at the flesh beyond, Max grinning in his pleasure that she had not chosen to stop in her pursuits to name these regions as well.

Liz’s warm hand returned to Max’s balls, her slight massage augmenting her attentions to Max’s cock. She felt the tightening underneath, watched Max’s jaw clench in anticipation, and heard his breath grow raspy.

Trying to play along Max could barely choke out the syllable “Miss—,” before exploding with a great ferocity in Liz’s mouth. She drank him down, welcoming the drive of his hips as he spent rope after rope of his pleasure against her tongue. When she had taken all Max had, Liz slackened her mouth, gently cleaning Max of his spendings, placing a sweet kiss to the tip before her pulled her back into his lap.

Max could taste himself against Liz’s tongue, her mouth fiery after her attentions to his body.

Regaining his breath after his momentous climax, Max’s mischievous smile returned to his face.

“There is a second half to that oral exam, you know,” Max teased in his thinly-veiled suggestion.

“Is that right, Mr. Evans?”

“Absolutely, Miss Parker.” Max stood, with Liz’s legs wrapped around his waist, and turned, placing Liz’s bottom on the dining table. She cocked a curious eyebrow at Max when she noted her precarious position.

Max correctly noted Liz’s hesitancy as she worried over defiling the place where they ate breakfast that very morning.

Rashly, Max offered, “We can send the table with Michael and Maria—they’ll never know,” Max swore earnestly, leaving Liz in a fit of giggles as she lay back against the wood, Max’s tongue tracing the same path earlier forged by his fingers, causing Liz’s juices to flow again, this time against Max’s searching tongue, which lapped at the sweet and tangy flavor, reaching deep inside to capture every bit of her essence. Her stocking-clad legs wrapped around his body as the spiky pumps dug into his back.

Liz’s need flamed once again, and her hands twined through Max’s hair, holding him close to her hungry flesh.

“Max…,” Liz breathed plaintively and she bucked languorously against him, nudging him to the spot that called for his attentions.

Max nodded, still buried in her sweet folds, his nose teasing the little bundle of nerves that groaned for him.

“I know, babygirl,” he whispered soothingly against her slick flesh. His tongue wrapped around Liz’s distended clit, swollen with her desire for his warm, wet touch. Max suckled at the nub, lifting Liz from where she lay, driving her shoulders further into the unforgiving wood.

Max slipped two fingers into her tight channel as he attended her clit. A third joined them, if only for the sake of obtaining a coating of her slick essence. Max’s mouth and two fingers worked at her sex while the third slid behind spreading her snug rosebud just enough to fill her completely.

Liz cried out at Max’s ministrations, her pulsing core sending jolts of pleasure to her extremities as the waves of fulfillment coupled with renewed hunger stormed in her core. Liz knew the tempest could only be quelled in one way.

Liz launched herself at Max, the sudden reversal toppling them to the carpet.

“Need you inside, now,” Liz panted harshly as she rose briefly, then impaled herself on Max’s rigid member. Liz threw her head back in the relief of being filled, of Max’s cock nudging against the entrance to her womb, of the other half of her soul sliding home and fitting into place.

As Liz began to move, with Max holding her hips and thrusting up to meet her, the initial desperation passed, and they could relax again into the playfulness that had occupied most of their evening.

“So, my darling schoolgirl,” Max teased as Liz rode him languidly, “do you feel as though you have sufficiently tutored in the subjects you lacked?”

“Why, Mr. Evans, I think the education you have provided had been beyond compare,” Liz teased and she lifted and sank and lifted again, reveling in each plunge against her heated depths. “No one in the world could’ve been a better teacher than you,” Liz smiled down at Max, her fingers grazing lazy strokes against his chest.

“Damn straight they couldn’t,” Max grinned as he flipped Liz over with a squeal and drove into her heat until she cried out in completion and her walls closed in around him. Max groaned as he flooded Liz’s heat with his essence, finally calming the urgency and hunger of her core.

They lay on the carpet, sated and spent, catching their breath, when a sudden question came to Max.

“Do we really have to burn the outfit?” he asked plaintively, with eyes that could shame a begging puppy.

Liz couldn’t help but take pity on the man who had brought her so much pleasure.

“Well, maybe we could put it away and bring it out ever year on our anniversary?” Liz conceded. “But you should at least let me burn the shoes,” Liz bargained.

“The shoes will meet their fiery end tomorrow,” Max promised.

“Then the uniform can stay….”
Monday morning

“I promise, if things are too uncomfortable at the Crashdown, I will be at your house in two minutes flat.”

“Yes, I know that you will waste no time telling my dad he is being a selfish bastard.”

“I will be fine, Diane. Max will be with me every minute. Jeff Parker will not even have the opportunity to do anything nasty or conniving.”

Liz smiled into the phone, as Diane, who had learned of their homecoming via a disgruntled Jeff Parker, insisted that Liz waste no time in escaping her father in the event of his bad behavior.

Max re-entered the bedroom, returning from depositing a load of their luggage in the jeep.

“Yes, Diane, I know you think Max and I would make the perfect couple,” Liz giggled silently into the receiver, promising to reveal their relationship to Max’s parents later that evening.

“Ok, let me find pen and paper, since I’m on the apartment phone,” Liz lay flat across the bed and opened the nightstand drawer, rummaging for a piece of paper.

“What do you need, Liz?” Max asked nervously as he stepped toward the drawer, trying to shut it discreetly.

Liz covered the receiver with her hand. “Your mom wants to make sure I have her phone number at all times, in case I need her to come pick me up,” Liz sighed.

Max took the phone.

“Mom, I’ll be by her side the whole time. I promise. Yes, I’ll give her your number.” A deep chuckle rose from Max’s throat. “I know, Mom. The perfect couple. Yes, I get it. We’ll talk to you in a few hours, Mom. I’ll tell her you love her, too.” Max rolled his eyes playfully. “The sooner I get off the phone here, the sooner we can be in Roswell. Love you, too. Bye, Mom.” Max ended the call with a smile and a sigh.

“Mom can hardly contain herself, she is so excited.”

“I can tell,” laughed Liz, happy at the prospect of seeing Diane and Phillip once again.

Max’s eyes darted nervously to the bedside stand, noting that the drawer was still ajar. He hoped to distract Liz long enough to shut it and put it out of mind.

Liz watched Max’s face with curiosity, wondering why her innocent attempt to find pen and paper was met with such agitation.

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion, “So, what exactly are you hiding in here, Max Evans?” Liz pulled the drawer open a couple more inches, hoping to taunt Max just a little bit more. “Little black book, flavored condoms, what?”

“Nothing like that!” Max shoved the drawer closed and guarded it with his sturdy legs.

“Then what?” Liz’s curiosity was piqued.

“If you must know, that’s where I’m hiding your Christmas present.”

“Christmas present? Max, it’s only July! When have you had time to buy me a Christmas present?” Liz challenged, disbelieving.

“Who says I bought it?” Max retorted truthfully, trying to keep Liz guessing.

“How long have you had it Max?” Liz toyed, now curious as to what might be held in his bedside drawer.

“A while,” said Max coyly, still guarding the drawer.

Liz searched Max’s eyes as the answer came to her, considering the clues given—something he didn’t buy, that he had owned for a long time, and that fit in the bedside drawer. Liz grew excited at the prospect of the future gift, but she would let Max think that she had conceded and that his surprise was still just that.

“Well, then, Max Evans, I’m sure that whatever my present might be, it will be absolutely perfect,” setting her feet on the floor, Liz took Max’s hand and pulled him in for a deep kiss, pressing her body tightly to his.

Knowing that their time was short and the jeep was filled with their luggage, Max smiled and asked,

“So Liz, are you ready to go back home?”

Liz smiled and uttered a simple, “No.”

A quizzical look came over Max’s face, thinking that Liz might have changed her mind about going back.

“I’m ready to go back to Roswell, but this is home—my home is with you,” Liz smiled, her fingers tracing Max’s cheek.

“And it always will be,” Max promised, sealing his words with a kiss.

The End.

Anyway...leaving that out left more room for porny goodness :wink: , so on with the show...
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