I Wake Up Screaming (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 2/6/13

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:31 1/17/13

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Natalie: Oh I'm so glad!!! :P
Carolyn: Hey, we both know teenagers live in a world all their own, although most of us get over it in time...just a story!!! :wink:
Eve: How are those curtains coming? Nice to have you back for a minute! :D

Chapter: 31

Saturday Morning:

As usual Jeff Parker was the first one up but today it was a little past nine and not sunrise. He made his way down the hall and noticed Liz’s door wide open, her clothes on her bed, which was still made up and not slept in. He didn’t know how he was supposed to feel about this but he knew he wasn’t unhappy and that was alright in his book. ‘He seems like a very nice young man and Liz is no kid.’ He thought to himself and then he reached in and grabbed the doorknob and pulled the door shut. Liz didn’t need her mother and Amy bombarding her with questions at the breakfast table…let them have some privacy.

As he passed Maria’s room he noticed that bed made up also and did the same as he had to Liz’s. These girls may be in their mid-twenties but they still had nosey mothers…they should be more careful and he smiled as he continued his journey to the kitchen.

Maria thought she heard a noise in the hall and turned over to see Michael sound asleep with his arm resting under her head and she smiled and then her eyes widened...”Holy Shit!!!”

She jumped a foot and then her feet hit the floor…”Damn”, she was swearing out loud, actually loud enough to wake Michael…

“Maria, what’s wrong?”

“Someone is awake…they just walked past your door.”


“So, Michael, I’m in here with you.”

“Maria, you’ve been in here with me since you started staying here except for the past couple of nights. I don’t see a problem with that.”

“Michael, my mother will interrogate us forever if that was her.”

“Well, let her. Maria, we haven’t done anything wrong, and if we do decide to get a little close it’s none of her business. You aren’t a kid Maria.”

“I know that and you know that but I don’t think Mom knows that.” Maria was now close to hysteria…

“Maria, come here.” And Michael patted the mattress next to him where Maria had just vacated it. “Sit down.”

And Maria did.

“Listen, she’s going back to Roswell to visit the sheriff, do you think she’s doing that because she wants to visit his family? I don’t think so and neither do you. Just relax; you have just as much right to pursue a relationship as she does.”

“Is that what we’re doing here Michael?”

“Well I hope to hell it is…what else would it be? Granted, the first night you shared my bed in the hospital I was a little out of it but I knew you needed to be convinced that I wasn’t carrying a grudge…The second night Maria, that was just getting you closer to me, wanting you there more than knowing you just needed to be there.

“So yes, I think that’s what we’re doing here. I certainly wish I could be a little more physical than I have been, but just give me time Maria, I’ll get there. Honest!” Michael raised an eyebrow at his last statement and Maria smiled as she lay back down next to Michael and placed a kiss on his forehead before making herself comfortable.

Michael wasn’t about to settle for just a kiss on the forehead and pulled her into him and gave her a proper kiss that she wouldn’t forget for one very long time. Maria smiled and cozied up to Michael’s warm body and promptly went back to sleep with a great big smile on her face and Michael did the same.

About 10:00 a.m. Liz started to move and realized that she was being held down by one very strong arm and then she smiled. If her memory served her correctly she was engaged. Then she sort of scooted herself around to where she was able to look up into a pair of gorgeous honey colored eyes watching her.

“Are you alright?” Max asked…

“Yep, and you?” Liz answered and Max smiled…”Never better short stuff…now, about this wedding. When can we have it? Shall we all go to Vegas or are you into the great big church and flowers scenario.”

Liz grinned; everyone she cared about was right in this house…

“Let’s go to Vegas…we can take everyone along and have a honeymoon over the week-end. We’ll haul Michael’s machine with us and it will be great.”

“Vegas it is. How about having a Limo to drive us there? We’ll get one big enough to take the machine and everyone else. This will be great Liz. Liz, you don’t even know where I live…” Max thought out loud…

“Is that important?”

“No, I guess not. We can worry about the little things later. Are you sure?” He was so excited he could hardly put a sentence together…

“Absolutely Max, as for knowing where you live, honey I know everything that has ever been published about you. In the papers, on the internet and anywhere else I could find information. It’s you that has the catching up to do.”

And Max grinned wider than he thought he was capable of as he pulled his bride to be in for another go around before making plans for a limo.

It would take them roughly four hours to get to Vegas, get a hotel and find a nice chapel to handle everything. This was really going to make headlines he thought to himself. It was about 11:30 when the two love birds finally made it to the bathroom, one brushing teeth while the other showered.

“Liz, do you want to buy a dress before we leave or do you want to wait until we get there? Or do you have something in mind.”

“Damn, Max, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s that important…but, hey, you get the limo here by 2:00 and I’ll run out to the bridal shop down the street from the hospital, they have a dress there that I’ve been contemplating buying for a long time and didn’t feel comfortable about paying that much just for one dress…I’ll see if they still have it, it will be perfect. If it’s not there anymore I’ll see if they have something suitable. I’ll be back by two, honest.”

“Okay, do you want to pack a bag?”

“No, I’ll just close up the one in my room next door. It has everything I need. Don’t tell anyone where I’ve gone. If I find something for Maria I’ll buy that too. I love you Max, I have for so long. Thank you.”

“I love you more than you’ll ever know Liz and I’ll see you around two…I’ll make sure Michael takes a suit even if I have to tell him why. I need to run home for my suit as well but I’ll be back by two, honest. And Liz, what size ring do you wear?”

“The last ring I bought was a five, how about you?”

“A seven.” And they smiled at each other as Liz took off across the hall to pack up her few items she had brought for the week-end.”

Max made his way over to Michael’s room and found him and Maria sound asleep so he just made a loud noise as he ransacked Michael’s closet for his good suit and Michael slowly opened one eye to take a look at his friend.

“Michael, don’t ask questions…we’re going to Vegas and pack this suit. I have to run home for a bit and I’ll order a limo to drive all of us there while I’m on the way home. Tell everyone to be ready to leave by two. I’ll call the Belagio and make reservations for five rooms, possibly a suite, and have Maria and Jeff get that contraption downstairs and ready to move as well.”

“Are you crazy man, you can’t just pile all of us into a limo and drive to Vegas like that.” And Michael snapped his fingers….

“Watch me. And don’t forget the suit, it’s important.”

Michael did a double take, he knew at that instant why and he just smiled. One thing about Max, when he made up his mind it was a done deal.

“Maria, Maria honey, get up…we’re going to Vegas.”

“Ah, Michael, do we have to?”

“Yeah Maria, I think we do.” And Maria rolled over to the end of the bed and got up while she scratched her head in bewilderment.
Max ran into Jeff in the kitchen; he was sitting there with his coffee, cinnamon rolls and the morning paper and Max grabbed the middle aged man’s hand and smiled.

“Get packed Jeff, we’re all going to Vegas. The limo will be here by two.” And Max was gone from the kitchen that fast as Jeff just sat and shook his head. Liz had taken off on a dead run about 10 minutes ago and she didn’t even stop to say hello, just waved as she left. ‘What the hell has gotten into everyone?’ he thought as he made his way up the back stair case to wake his wife and their friend.

Max made one quick stop on his way home and when he barreled into the jewelry store he asked his favorite clerk if he could size the wedding set he purchased a few years back by 1:30 for pick up. The clerk looked at Max and started to say that the jeweler was off on Saturday but the look that was returned told him he’d better make a phone call.

“What size Max?”

“Five, I’ll be back in a little while to pick it up.”

“It’ll be cutting it close Max but I think we can do it.”

“No, don’t think about it, just do it…nothing to discuss here. Okay?”

“Okay Max, I guess that picture was more than a taco run huh?”

“It appears as though, and not one word of this better get leaked or there will be hell to pay.”

“I understand Max, if there’s a leak it won’t be from here.”

“Good, 1:30 then. I’ll see you.”

And Max was gone. He had no idea when he picked that set out if he would ever get to give it to the person he bought it for but if things hadn’t worked out he would have just exchanged it for another…But, he knew it would be perfect for Liz Parker, all he had to do was convince her and it really didn’t take that much convincing.

On the other end of town Liz made her way into Julie’s Bridal Salon across from the hospital and saw the dress she had her eyes set on for the longest time and she was absolutely thrilled that it was still there. Just the simplest of white dresses; a little scoop necked sheathe that could be worn with or without the silk organza, full circle, over skirt that met the hem of the dress just below the knee in front and wound around to hang just at the calf of her leg in the back. It was held together with a grosgrain ribbon that snapped in the front with a tiny little white bow that was used as the clasp. It was just her size and not many brides would like it because it was just too plain. Liz loved it. You could wear it anywhere.

Julie spied Liz immediately and smiled…

“You finally decided to get it did you?”

Liz smiled in return…

“Yeah, the folks are in from Florida along with Maria’s mom and we’re all headed to Vegas for the rest of the week-end…do you have anything simple but dressy for Maria too. She’s still sitting with that sick friend of ours and can’t get away but you know what size she is. As a matter of fact, let’s get her something really sexy…she’s going to be doing a video for a song promotion and she does this really sexy song and I think she should wear something sexy for that. That way she won’t have to worry about what she’s going to wear.”

Julie smiled at Liz’s enthusiasm…she had never seen her this animated before and she had sold her and Maria several dresses for many special occasions…

“Do you think Maria will like the idea of you choosing her dress; you know how picky she is.”

“Yeah, I know but she’ll be okay with this. Now help me find something suitable for her okay.” It was already 12:15 and time was a wastin’…

Liz and Julie searched through rack after rack until finally Liz found a dress that would be perfect…It was just as simple as the one she chose for herself but would show off every curve to perfection and the color would light up Maria’s green eyes like nothing she had ever worn…

“This is it Julie, the green one here. Can you give it a quick steam job?”

“Of course Liz, it will take about ten minutes.”

“Great, now, how about the shoes, do you have that color in a size 8 and how about some white silk ones in a 6?”

“Take a look over there and see what you think. I believe they’ll match perfectly, anything else.”

“Yeah, a pair of long white gloves and that cute little bow over there in the case with the short veil attached, I’ll take that too.”

“Liz, are you getting married?” Liz ignored the question completely,

“Julie, I’ll be back in about half an hour…have those bagged and ready. You have my information on file and I’ll sign the sales slip just as soon as I get here.”

And Liz was gone that fast…she had to get to the jewelers and really fast.

She managed to find one in the mall off the freeway and ran in as fast as her legs would carry her…

“I need a plain wedding band in a size 7, can you handle that.”

The sales clerk took one look at the young lady; she really looked familiar to him…where had he seen her…

“Yes maam, we have many to choose from, would you like it engraved?”

“Only if you can do it in ten minutes.”

“Yes, of course we can, what kind of band do you want? They all come in different sizes…just choose one and I’ll put whatever you want on the inside.”

“Great, I thought these things took time.”

“Not as much as you might think.” The clerk told her and finally she saw just what she was looking for; plain, platinum and elegant.

That one there in a 7 please…and on the inside write: ‘forever’.” And she smiled as the man nodded and removed the size 7 from a box under the counter and took it over to a machine where he set the ring up and another man started engraving. ‘Well that was easy enough’ she thought. She gave the man her credit card and was out the door in 20 minutes flat.

By the time Liz got back to the bridal shop the dresses were steamed and bagged and ready for her to take and she smiled.

“Thank you Julie…I know Maria is going to love the dress. Watch for it on MTV.” And she was gone just as fast as she had appeared. Julie just stood there in amazement, only Liz Parker would do something so spontaneous. Little did she know that Liz Parker had been dreaming about this for ten years.

Max was having the same kind of luck as Liz, he had called the Bellagio and booked the top floor suite, requested a small buffet for 10 to be set up in the dining area about 8:00 p.m. He ordered a two tiered wedding cake decorated in white and he wanted one bridal bouquet and one maid of honor bouquet to be delivered to the suite at about 6:30 along with three boutonnieres and two corsages, and to please reserve the nicest wedding chapel in Vegas for 7:00 p.m. It would be nice to have the Chapel of the Little Flower and Father Timothy if he was available but that would really be pushing it. After his phone call to the Bellagio he was feeling better and better, things were falling right into place. He decided that his black Armani would be the better choice for this evening and he grabbed his white shirt, dress shoes and black tie. He was out the door in ten minutes and back on his way to the jewelers; arriving right on time.

When he arrived at the jewelry store the jeweler had just finished sizing the rings and Max asked if he could engrave the wedding band for him…the jeweler smiled. That was the easy part.

“Just give me a couple of minutes Max, what do you want it to say?”

“Forever mine.” And Max smiled. The jeweler had sort of kept up with Max’s career via the rags ever since he put these rings in his safe over three years ago but he had never read where Max had a steady girl in his life that he could recall; ‘he’s certainly been able to keep this a secret’ and he smiled.

By 2:00 p.m. Max and Liz were standing in the hallway with the rest of Michael’s guests waiting for the limousine when Michael couldn’t hold it any longer…

“Alright Maxwell, what the hell is going on? Why are we in such an all fired hurry to get to Vegas man, what’s the deal?” Michael had a pretty good idea what was going on, he just wanted to hear it out loud.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:32 1/24/13

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Natalie: My granddaughter is getting married in May, they have been planning this thing since last Feb. and I personally think they are insane. I had one of those too and believe me, at the end of the day I couldn't tell you one thing that happened...if it wasn't for the pictures I don't think I would have remembered a damned thing. MY second marriage was fast, easy, and my mother and friends showed up with food and a wedding cake was sent from the girls in my office. It was wonderful. Friends and family and it was over and I remembered every bit of it.
Lizza:Here you go sweetie, I think it's a fun party. Let me know what you think.
Carolyn: Nope, my granddaughter has everyone from one end of the USA to the other in an uproar, Don and I went to the courthouse and my closest neighbors, my parents, some very good friends and my three kids were there for the "ceremony" much to our surprise and then they all converged on my house and surprised us with a reception...it was great.
Eve:That action on Jeff's part was purely fiction with a great big FICTION!!! I don't know of many, if any, fathers who would have done that... :roll:


Max looked at Liz who in turn smiled and nodded…she guessed she had just about four hours to get through the inquisition and then the fun would begin…

Max smiled and took her hand in his,

“We’re getting married at seven o’clock and you’re all invited.” Max stated simply.

Jeff sort of nodded to his ‘to be’ son-in-law and Nancy Parker gasped…

“My God Liz, how long have you known about this? It can’t have been too long or you certainly would have said something.”

“Well, let me see, I would guess about twelve hours…right Max?” Liz grinned at her fiancé.

“Yep, that sounds about right.” And Michael snorted so loud that Maria thought she should grab a tissue for him.

“Twelve hours!!! Good God Liz, nobody gets married that quickly…you have to make plans, do things…things like showers and stuff.” Nancy sputtered, “You can’t just go off like this!”

“Yes mom, see, you can and we are. We are all here together and that’s what’s important so we are planning to take advantage of the situation at hand. Now, relax and plan on having a good time. The Limo is here, let’s get loaded up.”

And Liz grabbed her garment bag that she had hung over the back of a chair and started out the door.

“Are you people coming? Let’s get this show on the road.”

“LIZ!” Maria screamed…. Liz turned to look at her friend…

“I don’t have anything to wear.” Liz smiled and patted the garment bag…

“You do Maria, you’ll love it…let’s go.”

And by 2:30 everyone was sitting in the big stretch limo while George and his girlfriend sat in the front seat. Max had told George to bring a guest with him and he’d foot the bill so George did of course.

The four hour trip was full of questions, anecdotes and more questions and everyone but Liz’s mom was having a great time. Nancy just couldn’t wrap herself around the fact that her only child, her daughter, was getting married and there were no preparations made…this was insane.

When they arrived at the Bellagio Max had the bell man take their bags to the top floor where he had made the reservations for and he gave the man a huge tip and asked him to have the concierge meet him in the suite for instructions regarding the plans they had made for him. The bell man nodded and excused himself as Max led everyone to the elevators off the side entrance of the casino.

When they arrived at the suite the entire entourage stood in awe. It was beautiful. There was a huge great room that housed anything and everything any family or group would need. There were actually six bedrooms and Max smiled, George and Eileen could have one of the rooms and wouldn’t have to be separated from the group unless they wanted to be. The concierge was there to meet them with an itinerary of the events to take place in the next couple of hours.

The hotel limo would take them to St. Theresa’s when they were ready to leave. There was only one change in the plans for which they were all grateful, the ceremony would take place at 8:00 not 7:00. Father Timothy would be waiting for them when they arrived. The hotel had ordered two large baskets of flowers to be delivered and Max thanked him for that, something he had forgotten.

“If the ladies would like to get ready for the festivities at the church they can leave now…otherwise I will send the bell man up for them when they are ready. They will leave in one vehicle while the men leave in another…you will all return here after the ceremony where a dinner and desert of wedding cake will follow. I have arranged for a photographer to follow you for the evening Max. If there is anything else we can do for you please let us know.”

“Andrew, I think you have done a marvelous job…will the corsages and bouquets be at the chapel?”

“Yes Max, they’ll be there waiting for you, now if you want to be on time for your wedding I suggest you get moving…you have about an hour.”

“We’ll be ready.” And Max made his way to the room Maria had chosen for her and Michael. Maria and Liz were in the master suite getting dressed and Maria was quiet for the first time in all the years Liz had known her.

“Maria, what’s wrong? Don’t you like your dress?”

“Damn you Liz, you know I love the dress. How could you do this without telling me?”

“When did you want me to tell you Maria…between breathing heavy or agreeing to be his steady?”

Liz asked with a twinkle in her eye as she put a pin in the French roll she had just put her hair into before donning her little veil that came just to the tip of her nose. It was probably a bridesmaid veil but it was white and it went perfectly with the simple dress that Liz had chosen with the little overskirt just reaching the calves of her legs showing off those perfect curves that few ever got to see. The over skirt was sheer enough to show off her curvy body too and Maria just stood there and sighed.

“Well, I guess…you mean you?”

“Of course I.” Liz giggled…

“Your first time…does he know that?”

“Does it matter, it was with him and that’s all that counts really.”

“Damn! Oh Liz! You look beautiful.”

“Thank you, now poke your head out that door and see if it’s safe to go out there.”

So Maria looked out into the great room and the only person there was Eileen who was keeping an eye out for them.

“Come on, the concierge called up and said the limo is waiting by the side entrance. The others have already left with George, apparently Max knew the way.”

Liz grabbed her purse off the side board and retrieved the platinum band from its little box and stuck it on her thumb over her glove, she threw her purse onto the bed in her room, and she was ready to go.

“When did you buy that?” Maria asked in awe of the beautiful platinum band Liz just put on…

“While Julie was pressing your dress I ran to the jewelry store in the mall and bought it. They have this large selection of all kinds of bands in every size imaginable. It only took them a minute to engrave it. The clerk said that engraving these days is a snap. Do you like it?”

“It’s beautiful Liz…are you happy?”

Liz smiled…

“Maria, you have no idea how happy…I can’t put it into words. It’s wonderful, everything I ever dreamed of and more.”

“I’m happy for you Liz. I knew you liked him but I had no idea how much.”

“Oh Maria, it was something I never dreamed of having come true so I never spoke of it. It’s just too good to be true and I am so happy Mom and Dad are here to enjoy this.”

“I’m happy for you Liz…wow that didn’t take long; looks like we’re here.”

When Liz and Maria exited the car the organist from the church met her and escorted her into the bride’s room where she asked if Liz had any favorite songs since Father Timothy was going to say mass for them. Liz was shocked and Maria smiled…this was truly wonderful.

“Yes I do as a matter of fact…Sarah Brightman: Where Eagles Fly.”

Between the world of earth and sky
There's a place where eagles fly
There you'll find my heart and soul carried on the wind
And in you I believe, now and forever
Where eagles fly, I will wait for you
Where eagles fly, I will wait for you

Liz hummed softly for the woman and she understood exactly what Liz wanted.

Nancy looked at Liz for a moment and then asked…

“Honey, are you sure you want that at your wedding?”

“Yes mom, I do. I think it portrays the beginning as well as the end and Max will get it. I of course want the traditional as well but this is my choice, and it will only happen once mom, I know this deep down in my heart even if you do have some misgivings. Trust me, this decision was not made lightly regardless of what you may think. We have loved each other for a very long time and now God has finally brought us together when the time was right. Granted the circumstances could have been a little better but we’re here and God is smiling. So smile along with us mom…its right.”

And Liz pinned her mom’s corsage to her dress for her, which by the way looked very nice, and then she pinned one on Amy as well. The two friends left the brides room and were escorted down the aisle by Jeff because Michael was standing up front on a pair of crutches next to Max who was waiting patiently for the services to begin.

It had been one busy day. Max reached into his coat pocket and retrieved the beautiful platinum wedding set that he had purchased years ago for the love of his life and he smiled as he placed the two rings on his little finger. They hardly came up to the first knuckle but they wouldn’t be there for long. One two carat princess cut diamond set into a plain platinum ring and one plain platinum wedding band. The simplest of settings, he only hoped she liked it for it seemed so much like her. Nothing fancy or put on…and he smiled again. Michael stood there taking it all in and he was happy for his friend. This was so right, and he smiled also.

As soon as Jeff had made his way back to the rear of the chapel his daughter took his arm as Maria made her way down the aisle to take her place across from Max and Michael…then the wedding march began and Jeff reached over and patted Liz’s hand with his right one and he smiled at her.

“You look beautiful Liz; so very elegant. Did you have that dress in your closet?”

“Nope, I bought it this afternoon dad and thank you.”

By that time they were at the altar where Max and Michael stood waiting and Max Evans was crying…tears ran down his cheek faster than he could wipe them away and Liz smiled.

‘He is so beautiful and such a sweet sincere man’ and she thanked God for bringing them back together as she left her father’s arm to take her future husband’s hand and slowly walked up the two steps leading to the altar.

Father Timothy looked wonderful in his white vestments…’it must have been some occasion for him to bring out the dress whites’ Liz thought, she stifled a giggle, of course she didn’t know that Max and Father Timothy were old school chums and had kept in touch all of these years. It was only fitting that Tim perform Max’s wedding ceremony.

Little did Max know that when they got back to the hotel his parents and his sister and her husband would be there also. Their plane was landing just about now and soon they would be sharing their happy day with their entire family. Father Tim had seen to it. And Hollywood was less the wiser.

The ceremony was beautiful and Max and Liz both had tears in their eyes as they heard the communion song that Liz had requested. The organist had done a beautiful job, only singing those refrains that seemed appropriate for the occasion and Nancy Parker had to admit it was beautiful.

The photographer snapped hundreds of pictures of the happy couple and their party and was amazed at how simple and beautiful everything was. The attire, the ceremony, the flowers, the buffet dinner and the cake were elegantly simple. No expense was spared but there wasn’t anything gaudy about it.

When they arrived back at the hotel and exited the elevator to the suite of rooms Max had rented they were met with flying rice and loud congratulations from some very familiar faces and Max couldn’t believe it. Father Tim was standing there with the entire Evans family smiling just as brightly as if it had been his own brother’s wedding he had just performed. Max was flabbergasted as he hugged his parents and his sister…

“Well Liz, we finally get to meet the girl that has had my brother in a turmoil for ten years. I must say, he is persistent if nothing else.” Isabelle greeted as she hugged Liz.

“It’s nice to see you again Isabelle. I remember you from the Crashdown years ago but, you’re right, we were never formally introduced. I’m assuming this is your husband…hello Alex. Long time no see.” And Liz hugged the once gangly boy who drank orange soda and then it was time to meet Philip and Diane.

“Liz, this is my mother Diane and my father Philip. Mom, Dad, meet Liz Parker Evans my wife and your new daughter-in-law.”

“Mr. and Mrs. Evans, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m sorry we didn’t have time to get to know each other before this but I’m not making any excuses. Better late than never; these are my parents, Nancy and Jeff Parker. My good friend Maria DeLuca and her mother Amy; the other two are George and Elaine, friends of Max’s and George is also the limo driver who brought all of us here. Have I missed anybody?”

Everyone knew Father Tim as Liz looked around for more people and the only ones she could have missed were the photographer who was busy taking pictures and the wait staff who were still setting up food.

They all smiled and then Isabelle grabbed Liz’s finger to have a look at the rock her brother had put there.

“God Max, couldn’t you find anything bigger?”

“Well I tried but the jeweler talked me out of it. He said if Liz was as small as I described then anything bigger would overwhelm her finger so I settled on that one. Why? Don’t you like it?”

“I’m yanking your chain Max, you know that. Why don’t you tell Liz when you bought this for her?”

Everyone in the room moved as one as they all turned to look at Max. Isabelle was doing her damnedest to embarrass her brother but it wasn’t working…as a matter of fact he was thanking her. This way everyone would know that this had not been a snap decision on his part…

“Iz, you know damned well I bought this set three years ago. Right after I signed my first contract with Fox so why don’t you cut the crap and let us enjoy ourselves.”

Liz looked at Max with utter love, now she believed what she was actually having a tough time wrapping her mind around. He wasn’t kidding her at all…he has been in love with her all of this time just as she was with him.

Max bent over and whispered into Liz’s ear…

“You look amazing; I can’t believe you just bought that dress this afternoon.”

“Well Max, like you, I’ve had my eye on this dress for quite some time. As a matter of fact, when I went into the Bridal Shop, I was surprised that it was still there. Of course it is kind of a small size and not really fancy so I guess not everyone would like it.”

“Well, I love it, it suits you and it fits you beautifully. Now, shall we take our place at the buffet so everyone can have something to eat? I hope we like it, I left it up to the hotel to decide the menu since I didn’t really have time to give it a lot of thought.”

“It looks perfect Max, I love everything… you did a marvelous job bringing it all together. I had no idea we would be celebrating like this.”

“To tell you the truth neither did I. I figured it would be the seven of us plus George and Elaine. Father Tim was a hopeful but the concierge took care of that and my parents and Isabelle are a total shock. Tim did that.”

Liz smiled as she looked around, it was perfect, everything was perfect as she watched the room full of relatives and friends that had come to share their day; just the right amount of people, absolutely perfect. And the photographer captured that smile for the camera, this is the one that was going to sell the papers off the shelf he thought to himself, and he hadn’t missed it by much. That picture made worldwide news and Max Evans couldn’t have been prouder.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:33 1/30/13

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Eve: I try... :D
Lizza: I never could write Maria any other way, :wink:
Carolyn:That ring thing just sort of wrote itself in there, don't know why but anything as spontaneous as this was just seemed to fit... :)

Chapter: 33


The party carried on long into the night and Liz made her way into the bedroom that she and Max would share and changed her clothes around 1:00 a.m., showing up in the great room with a pair of jeans and tee shirt…she had a pair of tennis shoes on her feet and a cup she had found on the dresser in their room loaded with a roll of quarters.

“Anyone for the Casino?” She asked as she shook the cup and Max all but spit his drink back into his cup. “That’s my girl!” He thought to himself and took his suit jacket off and removed his tie as he headed to their room, returning with his shirt pulled out of his pants, the sleeves rolled up and a smile on his face.

“Let’s take this party down stairs.” And everyone followed suit. Maria had helped Michael with his therapy machine about an hour earlier and he had taken a little nap while the machine worked on his leg…she had removed the gorgeous green shoes, opting for a pair of bedroom slippers at the time but now she was in a party mood as well and headed back to their room for something more comfortable. Nancy and Jeff Parker couldn’t have been more proud. There she was, looking dog tired and acting full of life for everyone there.

Soon they were all on the elevator headed to the casino while Max held Liz close to him on the way down. As soon as they reached the lobby Max excused himself and led Liz to the front desk telling everyone to go have fun while he took care of some things. Liz looked down at her rings for the millionth time and smiled. Max caught that action and squeezed her as he approached the desk...

“Hey, I’m Max. We’re staying in the presidential suite and there’s a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done while we’re out there gambling. Can you send a crew up and take care of it for us and also, I’d like a brunch sent up about…” And he looked at Liz for help. She looked puzzled for a minute and then suggested 11:00.

“For about 11:00…is that doable? Also, the honeymoon suite is occupied by my parents and my sister and her husband; put those charges on my tab as well.”

The desk clerk smiled…noticing the rings on the two guests hands and figured out what had happened in the course of the past few hours.

“Yes Mr. Evans, that’s doable. Any particular menu you would like in the morning?”

“No, not really; just make sure to have cinnamon rolls included. Everything else is up to you. Just send lots of it; there will be eleven of us and possibly 14 for brunch. I’ll ask Tim if he can make it.” And Liz smiled, she liked Max’s friend Tim, he was one swell person aside from his calling, which probably demanded that he be just that, but she had met many that weren’t, swell that is. When Max was certain that things would be taken care of for them he looked down at his little wife and smiled…

“Do you want to gamble or head back upstairs?”

“Let’s give the cleaning people 15 minutes or so; we can grab a cup of coffee in the coffee shop around the corner while we wait and people watch, I’ll grab a keno card and play my favorite three numbers.”

Max raised an eyebrow, bent down and kissed his wife’s forehead as he led her to the coffee shop…favorite numbers? Then he said,

“Let’s go short stuff…it won’t take them long. They’ll have an entire fleet up there in no time at all.” And Liz giggled…she could hardly wait as she and Max made their way to the coffee shop around the corner from the elevator.

In exactly twenty five minutes Max and Liz were back in their rooms, after Liz collected her $125.00 she had won at Keno, and you couldn’t tell anything had taken place in those rooms at all with the exception of a pink box sitting on the buffet next to the dining room table.

Liz peaked into the box and there was the top layer of their wedding cake sitting inside with the cake top sitting next to it in another box; two doves sitting atop a little pearl like cushion and Liz smiled. How nice of them she thought. And then she looked at Max and he winked.

“Short stuff, at these prices they’d better be thoughtful and nice.” And he bent down and kissed her forehead again…

“Come on sweetheart…let’s keep on stopping those nightmares.”

“Sweetheart, I thought I was short stuff…” Max grinned…

“Only when you aren’t stopping nightmares.”

“Oh well, then let’s take sweetheart to bed studly.”

And Max laughed out loud as he picked his bride up and carried her through the door to their honeymoon bed. The entire suite was void of people and Max could only smile at his new bride…

“What made you think of the casino Liz?”

“Well, I had to do something to clear the place out. It worked didn’t it?”

“Yes it did my little genius. God I love you.” And Max laid his bride down on their honeymoon bed and loved her like he had written the book and Liz relished in the joy of being his wife.


The guests all managed to find their way back to the large suite at varying hours of the night and not one of them wondered where Max and Liz were, it was perfectly obvious. They all made their way into the various rooms they had chosen the night before with the Evans’ and Whitman’s in the suite of rooms on the other side of the elevator.

Around 10:30 a.m. Liz started to stir under the weight of her husband’s arm that was carefully wrapped very protectively around her waist and she had to smile. The memory of the day before coming into focus and she was happy beyond words. Life was perfect and then she felt a little squeeze around her waist and twisted around slightly to see a smiling face looking back at her…

“You happy?” Max asked groggily through a grin…

“More than I’ll ever be able to tell you Max. I am so happy I could fly.”

“Good; did you sleep well?”

“Yep, how about you? Any dreams?”

“No dreams and I slept perfectly Mrs. Evans.” And he leaned in and planted a kiss on her forehead and nodded toward the bathroom. Liz nodded in agreement and was up and running, her shapely bare bottom the last thing Max saw as he threw his legs over the side of the bed. It seemed he had a permanent smile plastered on his face; it was impossible to get rid of it.

He slowly made his way into the bathroom as he scratched the back of his neck and he found his little bride brushing her teeth with a fierceness he didn’t know possible when it came to brushing ones teeth.

“My God Liz, you’re going to brush them away if you don’t lighten up.” And Liz smiled…

“Between you and my dentist I won’t have a chance, he says the same thing with every checkup, ready for a shower?” Liz grinned as she headed to the tremendous shower stall with the numerous shower heads and started to play with all of the dials before Max even had a chance to complete his daily ritual.

He had to chuckle while watching her through the mirror that encompassed the entire wall as she busied herself adjusting everything in sight.

“Are you ready for company in there Mrs. Evans?” He grinned…

“You betcha, come on Max, it’s wonderful. It’s better than a waterfall; everything important seems to be getting sprayed all at the same time.”

Max stepped in and joined his little wife and then he felt the warm sprays that Liz was talking about and she was right, it was wonderful, she was wonderful and he pulled her in to his body and loved, ravished and washed every part of her and Liz loved it and loved him in return. Life was beautiful.

Our newlyweds spent the bigger part of an hour in that shower and by the time they left their room the rest of the group were helping themselves to a lovely breakfast of anything and everything imaginable. The hotel concierge had ordered the works along with a short order cook for eggs, waffles and pancakes to order. Liz and Max were both impressed as was everyone else and Tim managed to show up right at 12:15 ready for some nourishment as well.

Around 1:00 p.m. the photographer showed up with his CD of pictures to present as a slide show on the big screen TV and everyone was entertained as the show took up the better part of an hour and the photographer ate as he watched with the group.

Max and Liz could choose any number of the photo’s to be copied to paper and the guests all made their choices as well as the bride and groom. All in all it was a very productive day and Maria set Michael’s machine up in the great room so he wouldn’t miss anything that was going on and Max and Liz both got a kick out of this…Maria and Michael were certainly becoming very comfortable with each other.

Max made a call to his director and asked if he could have Monday off due to an important event and the director laughed…

“It’s all over the news Max; go ahead, take a week if you need it. We’ll see you next Monday; is that enough time.

Max grinned at Liz,

“Yes, I think it will be plenty of time to get things settled; thanks.” And they rang off.

“Well, what did he say Max?” Liz wanted to know.

“He said to take the week off and I think that’s a good idea Liz. It will give us time to get things settled and make some permanent arrangements for moving you in with me and the like. What do you say?”

Liz hadn’t given much thought to the fact that she would be moving and she got a pensive look on her face which Maria recognized immediately.

“Liz honey, it’s okay; if things with Michael get any better I won’t be in the apartment much longer either. I’ll be glad to help you move if you need any help.”

“No Maria, I won’t need any help, it’s just that I never even gave it a thought…not one little hint of the possibility even crossed my mind.”

Liz was almost in tears at the thought of leaving Maria with the expense of the apartment.

“Liz, with my new contract I can well afford the rent on my own if that’s what is bothering you. Honest Liz, I swear.”

“She’s right Liz, and if I have my way she’ll be moving in with me pretty damned quick, that is if I can talk her into it.”

Amy and the rest of the group were all beside themselves with these two young women…what in the hell kind of fairy dust did they have in their possession that they could bring these two hunks to their knees like this. It was almost magical.

“Well, I don’t have to be to work until tomorrow at 3:00 so we have all day and tomorrow morning to enjoy ourselves, shall we get to it.” They thanked the photographer for the slide show, chose a few poses for hard copies and one special shot for a large painting that Max wanted to adorn his living room and then they all headed to the hotel lobby to make reservations for a show that evening. Everyone was on their own until 5:00, only a couple of hours actually, when they would all meet back in the suite for some plans for dinner before the 10:00 p.m. show and they all scattered like confetti in the wind.

Max and Liz made their way to the gift shops along the concourse to pick up some souvenirs for everyone and something special for Maria and Michael then they headed to a shopping mall to find an appropriate outfit for Liz to wear this evening. She didn’t want to wear her wedding dress, even if she could remove the organza skirt, simply because it was just too special and Max didn’t feel comfortable wearing the same shirt he had worn last night either so they were shopping for something simple yet dressy for Liz and a new shirt for Max when they ran into the paparazzi…

“Max! Max! Is it true? Did you get married yesterday?” Max just smiled as he pulled Liz close into him and held up his left hand and smiled. That should take care of that…they snapped their pictures and scattered like rats.

“Max, does this happen often?” Max smiled, ‘oh shit’ was all he could think of at the moment…the episode at Olvera Street was nothing compared to what they would be going through now.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:34 end 2/6/13

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Lizza: When you're a public desk clerks seem to notice everything, especially in a place like Max and Liz were staying...They kind of get paid to take care of their patrons, just like every other employee in the place. They are there to serve their customers. :)
Eve: I'm so glad you enjoyed it and here's the final installment... :)
Ken: I think there are some good ones out there in the film industry it seems that only the bad ones make the news and it's too bad. It's an awful message they are sending to our young people but it sells papers so they say. Glad you stuck with me though, it is kind of a dumb story. :roll:
Carolyn: I must be a terrible person or a real dud, you know I actually don't care for Vegas that much...the best time I ever had there was when Don and I took our granddaughters there for three days and stayed at Circus Circus, they made the trip for me. I've never been a gambler per se', I worked too hard for my money to throw it away, and I did throw it away. When my twenty dollars was gone I found something else to do...a real barrel of laughs here huh? :D
Eve: I think you are allowed dreams, there seem to be a lot of women who would agree with you here. :)

Chapter: 34 Final

*I borrowed a line from Behrsgirl77 regarding child birth in Confessions of a Married Man. I knew I had read the line somewhere and went looking, when I found it I reread the entire trilogy and if you haven’t read “Confessions of a Bachelorette”, “Sins of a Newlywed” and “Confessions of a Married Man” you are really missing out on a lot of fun.

They should be read in that sequence, check them out. You can find them all under Behrsgirl77 over at “Roswell the Promise” They are strictly adult so don’t read them if those kind of stories aren’t your cup of tea. LOL . As a matter of fact there are a lot of fun fics over there. The site is no longer active but the stories are preserved so have a look.

Nine months later, almost to the day….

“Damn it Max will you quit smiling! This really hurts!!!”

“Ah sweetheart, I know it hurts, but it’ll be over soon.”

“Sweetheart my ass, that’s your making love word Max and I think it’s going to be one long cold assed winter.”

Max had to stifle a chuckle, he wasn’t really in a laughing mood right now watching his wife go through this but ‘DAMN’ he was one happy camper and she was funny as hell whether she meant to be or not.

“Ah short stuff, just one more push sweetie, think about the little angel we’re about to meet.”

“Oh Max, I know it, I’m so sorr….mmmph! DAMN IT MAX!”

“One more Liz, you’re doing great!”

* “How the hell do you know I’m doing great? You’re not pushing 7 pounds out of that slit in your dick ass hole!”

The doctor was stifling a laugh and buried his head on his knees as Max turned his head…she was going to bring the house down if she kept it up.

Max had never heard Liz talk like this before in his life and Maria and Michael, who were waiting in the adjoining room, could hear her yelling through the walls and they were practically laughing their heads off.

“Maria, have you ever heard Liz talk like this? She’s usually so in control and sweet; I can’t believe it.”

Maria giggled and looked at her fiancé as she stifled another guffaw as Liz yelled again…

“I swear to you Michael, this is a Liz I have yet to meet…and I don’t really know if I want to or not. I know one thing for sure, if and when I go through this have them knock me out because if Liz is acting like this I would hate like hell to see what it will do to me.”

“I promise you I will get you to the hospital in time for them to knock you out Maria. I can’t believe she waited so long before coming in.”

“I don’t think she waited to come in Michael, I think Claudia was just in a bigger hurry than her mommy realized.”

“Hmmm, that could be.” And then there was another howl from next door and then a little squeal.

“Oh Max, I’m so sorry for being such a bitch,” Liz’s head rolled back onto the pillow and then silence.

“Liz…Liz? Liz, baby, what’s wrong?” And Max grabbed his wife’s hand.

The doctor did a quick survey and pushed Max out of the way and started pounding on Liz’s chest as the nurse in charge grabbed some paddles and started charging up the machine when Liz started to cough…

Max Evans stood there in total shock, unable to move as the entire delivery room became a scene straight out of one of those medical show nightmares. The doctor looked at Max and then down at his patient and breathed a sigh of relief. Both of his patients seemed to be doing well at the moment and the doctor continued with his finishing up while keeping a steady watch on Liz’s vitals. That was just too damned scary.

Max made his way over to Liz and grabbed her hand and held it to his heart as he cried.

“Oh sweetheart, don’t ever scare me like that again. What in the hell happened?”

“I guess I forgot to breathe Max, it’s no big deal.”

“No big deal my ass Liz Evans; I will never put you through this again, NEVER!”

“Ah, you’ll get over it Max…now let’s meet our daughter, I can hear her making herself known to all of us and she sounds pretty healthy to me. What do you say?”

Liz wanted to cry she was so happy and also terrified; she knew that she almost missed the chance to meet her baby girl but things were alright now and in time she and the doctor would figure out what in the hell happened to her. In the meantime it was important that Max stay calm; the man had tears running down his cheeks faster than the rain came down on the night Michael was injured and that wasn’t good.

Michael and Maria were allowed into the room as soon as the nursing staff had cleared out the emergency equipment that was always kept on hand and Liz and little Claudia were all settled in.

The two visitors were not aware of the near tragedy that had taken place not twenty minutes earlier and were all smiles and congratulations until they took a look at Liz. She looked like death warmed over and Max didn’t look much better…but little Claudia, she looked exactly like she was supposed to look. Just like the angel she was; she was the perfect combination of her daddy and mommy and the one thing that shone above all else was the love these two had for each other and their baby girl; make no mistake; they were all happy.

“Oh Liz, she is so beautiful.”

Maria was in awe of the little baby girl lying nestled in her mommy’s arms; she had those beautiful honey colored eyes that seemed to watch everyone in the room. And although they say babies can’t see those little honey colored eyes hooked up with another pair of those very same eyes and they never moved and Max Evans felt a stab of love like he had never experienced before in his life. She was so tiny, so perfect and so beautiful that he didn’t think he would ever recover from the feeling of happiness that was trying to explode from inside of him.

Liz noticed the recognition immediately and only nodded to Maria and Michael as they followed little Claudia’s eyes…it was unbelievable that this less than one hour old baby recognized her daddy but it certainly looked that way and Liz lifted the baby girl up and placed her in her daddy’s arms. The connection was made and it would take a lifetime to sever it, not that anyone would ever try…maybe; time would tell.


Exactly eleven months later little Maxwell Philip Evans junior was born; coal black hair, huge round chocolate brown eyes and the cutest little crooked grin that you have ever seen and he had the cutest little baby sister who thought he was just an intruder into her life but she would eventually get used to him with the help of her mommy and daddy…And then, not thirteen months later little William Jeffery was born and it seemed as though the house Max Evans once thought was too big was suddenly getting too small and he had to laugh at the entire situation.

“Short stuff you are certainly one productive little female.”

Max said has he leaned over and kissed his little wife on top of her sweaty forehead. She only had the strength for a small smile as the doctor placed her infant son into her arms and she smiled. When she gave birth to little Claudia, who had just turned two, she thought she would never be able to love anyone that much ever again, she was so wrong. It’s amazing just how big your heart is when it comes to love.

Little William could be a twin to Maxwell…they had the same coloring the same hair and eyes and the same little grin. Newborns can’t smile so they say; well Liz Evans would argue that with you from now ‘til hell froze over because her babies smiled. I guess they were as glad to have the turmoil over with as their mommy was. She smiled as she looked down at her little son and held his little hand lovingly in hers.

“Max, he’s beautiful.”

“Of course he’s beautiful, look at his mother.” And Max smiled as he reached out and held the hand that grasped his infant son. They were all beautiful and he loved them so much it hurt sometime. He felt like he was the luckiest man on earth and then the delivery room door opened and Michael stood there looking like the devil himself was after him…

“Max, man! You have to help me, Maria is in the next delivery room and is threatening to castrate me and I swear she means it. Go talk to her man…Hi Liz, how’s the squirt?”

“Hi Michael, William is fine and Maria doesn’t mean it. I know you think she does, but trust me, she’ll get over it.”

And so it went. Babies kept on coming, business kept on booming and Liz Parker Evans was one of the happiest young women on earth, and Max never woke up screaming again, at least not about Liz anyway.

The End.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.