I Wake Up Screaming (AU,CC,MATURE) COMPLETE - 2/6/13

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:11 8/30/12

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Carolyn: I just reread my update and decided this is one fluffy piece of work...not a whole lot going on in this chapter but Michael and Max do get some rest.. :)
Michelle: I think Maria is on the right track this time...she's a little older and hopefully a little wiser as for Liz, she'll become more clear soon. :wink:
Eve: So...you painted, hmmm. Sounds like me when my youngest finally left. I hate to admit this Eve, but you're going to miss him but eventually you'll be glad to see him when he comes home and just as glad when he leaves. Honest. As long as you know they're okay the cleanliness says a lot. :oops: :) :wink:
Lizza:Here's some more for you. Hope your mom is doing well. :)


Chapter: 11

Max was just leaving Michael’s room on his way to the nurse’s station to get a cup of coffee for both he and Michael, neither had been able to fall asleep and they had just finished watching the evening news as Liz made her way off the elevator.

“Hi Max, what’s up?”

“Well, it seems Michael and I are having a little trouble falling asleep tonight for some reason. I think Michael kind of likes Maria by his side.” And he winked at Liz while wearing a silly grin on his face. Both young adults knew why Maria needed last night and now it was nice to be able to joke about it.

“Hmmm, I see…well is there anything we can do to make him more comfortable? Is he in pain…his monitor shows a pretty steady heart rhythm,” Liz paused and checked to be sure, “but we can give him something if he needs it.”

“Nah, he’s just excited about the tests today and everything else that’s going on. He’ll be fine.”

“Do you think he’d know the difference between decaf and the hard stuff?”

“I doubt it. Why don’t we both go for the decaf, maybe I’ll be able to catch a few winks before I have to leave and head on home for a quick shower. We’re doing our first shoot today so I should look at least a little human, I have to be there by five. Maybe I can get some sleep too now that I know he’s going to be okay, then I have a lunch meeting with some execs that I can’t miss.”

“You start shooting at five, as in five in the morning?”

“Not really, I have to be there at five for script run throughs. We probably won’t shoot until much later in the day. It depends on the scene really, time of day, indoors or outdoors, things like that, I’m used to it.”

“Well, some day, when you have some time you should think about a career change. This has to be an elevator career path you’ve chosen here Max. Don’t you want something more stable? I mean, is this really a stable business? As I understand it, it can be pretty brutal.”

“Yeah, I guess it can be but look at what it’s done for Michael and me. He’s been able to go to school, get his law degree and I live a pretty normal life regardless of what the tabloids say. Most of the stuff printed is made up garbage, the premiers, the parties, all of that is staged. You’ve never seen a story on me that includes any of the speculations for more than one night and I don’t mean one night stands either. There have been one or two who were pretty nice girls but that is the crux of it Liz…they’re girls. I’m really not looking for a girl.”

Liz smiled and nodded at Max as she handed him his two decaf coffees and then said…

“Well, I have to get busy if I’m going to be ready to turn these patients over at three Max. I’ll talk to you again.”

Max nodded, took his coffees and headed back to Michael’s room, and then he turned…

“Liz, how did Maria get home?”

“Oh, I gave her my car; I’ll catch a ride with Jenny.”

“Hey, if you wake me up at 3:00 I’ll give you a lift. I have to leave then anyway.”

Liz thought about it for a minute and then smiled…

“Okay Max…I’ll come in and wake you at 3:00, it’ll give you a minute to catch your bearings while I catch the dayshift up on things. G’night.”

Max smiled, raised a hand holding coffee and nodded and continued on his way, ‘maybe the damned nightmares will stop now!’ He thought to himself.


Maria just made it into her and Liz’s apartment when she felt her cell phone vibrating, looking over toward the kitchen she noticed their answering machine was blinking like a flashing emergency vehicle and she laughed as she read the caller ID and answered…

“Hi mom.”

“Maria honey, are you all right I’ve been calling you all night; where have you been?” Amy asked.

“I’ve been at the hospital mom, is something wrong?”

“No! No baby, I’ve been concerned about you, you haven’t called back since the accident and I was wondering how you are doing?”

“I’m doing fine mom. Liz tells me you and the Parkers are coming to see us next week, couldn’t this conversation have waited a couple of more days?”

“Well, I guess it could have but I needed to hear your voice.”

“Oh, well, I’ve still got one mom…I really don’t understand why you are so concerned, nothing is wrong with me,”

“I know nothing happened to you physically Maria, but I know you. I know you haven’t taken this incident lightly…are you sleeping?”

“Like a baby mom. As a matter of fact, never better.” And that was the absolute truth.

“Are you sure Maria? You aren’t lying to me are you?”

“No mom, I’m not lying to you. How are you?”

“Oh honey, I’ll be better when I see you. I need to see you Maria; I need to see for myself.”

“Mom, if anything was wrong with me don’t you think Liz would be on this phone with you instead of me?”

“Yeah, I guess. Well, if you’re sure you’re sleeping okay I’ll see you next week.”

“Great mom, you need to get to bed and get some sleep too, it’s almost midnight here, God, why aren’t you sleeping?”

“Well, when you didn’t answer I thought something was wrong.”

“Mom, quit manufacturing trouble, if anything was wrong one of us would call…good night mom.”

“Good night Maria.”

Maria shook her head as she made her way to her bedroom to get undressed…she was going to fix herself some herbal tea tonight, that’s for sure, God, why was her mom like this anyway?


At 2:45 Liz checked all of the charts to make sure everything had been filed and placed in their proper order at the nurses’ station before making her final rounds to check on all of her charges…IV drips, blankets, TV’s and anything else that might need taken care of. She left Michael’s room for last and when she went in she smiled at the sight. Michael had his arm wrapped around his pillow with his head in a most awkward position, sleeping with his mouth open and Max was curled up on the couch in a fetal position hanging onto his pillow just as tightly as Michael and it looked like he was having a very fitful sleep.

She approached him slowly and then laid her hand on his back and rubbed soothing strokes up and down until he settled down and then he opened his eyes and looked around before raising his head to see Liz standing over him.
She gave him a friendly smile and said…

“Rise and shine poster boy it’s 3:00 a.m.”

Max slowly pulled himself into an upright position and returned her smile before saying…

“Hey Liz. I’ll be right with you.”

“Take your time Max, I’ll be a couple of minutes.”

Max smiled and said…”Thanks.” And then he made his way to Michael’s bathroom to take care of some urgent needs before leaving.

When Max and Liz finally made it to the parking lot Max opened the door to his
Mercedes and Liz raised an eyebrow as she got in and he just grinned…”far cry from an old jeep Max.” Liz said and Max laughed out loud now, it was indeed.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:12 9/03/12

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Carolyn:The parents are going to ENJOY this visit, honest. :D
Natalie36:Hi, just some more fun and fluff, honest. :wink:
Eve:How did the pizza party turn out? :)


Chapter: 12

Thursday morning; about 3:30 a.m.

“So Liz, besides taking care of the sick and keeping an eye on Maria what do you do with yourself?” Liz smiled, she wasn’t sure what she expected from Max but he was acting quite civil. Maria was right, he had grown up.

“Not much really. I take care of most of the housework because Maria works five days a week. It really isn’t that much, only takes a day, but I try to make sure we have our week-ends free to relax and have some fun. I know that doesn’t sound exciting but I could live alone and that would be very lonely and we’ve known each other forever.” And Liz giggled…

Max suddenly got a confused look on his face; maybe they’re gay…maybe that’s why she gave him such a hard time so many years ago.

Liz noticed the change in Max’s expression and wondered what she had said that was so unusual to cause him to react so differently…they were having such a nice conversation.

Max wondered if he should come right out and ask, it would certainly save a lot of time, ‘but they had separate bedrooms’ he thought to himself. ‘But when Maria went down the hall and turned the light on her room was empty…nah, they’re just friends, like Michael and I are just friends. Aren’t they?’
Liz continued to watch the expressions on Max’s face make subtle changes and she had to know what the problem was…

“Max, did I say something that upset you? Although I can’t imagine what it was.” She asked rather reluctantly…

“No! Well maybe; Liz are you and Maria gay?”

Liz started to laugh…by the time Max pulled into their apartment complex she had tears rolling down her cheeks; she was holding her sides and coughing. She couldn’t breathe nor could she control herself and Max sat and watched in bewilderment.

“I take it that’s a no.” Max sort of forced out of his mouth…

Liz just sat and pointed at him and then started laughing once again as she clung to her side…Max just sat and watched as her face contorted, turned red and then she had trouble breathing.

When she finally calmed down she spit out the words…”that’s a no!” And then she started to laugh uncontrollably once again, she hurt all over from laughing so hard.

Fifteen minutes later Max helped her to her door, as she was so weak from the hilarity of it all she could hardly stand up and then he got brave…

“Can I take you out to dinner tomorrow night? Well tonight actually…”

Liz looked at him through tear stained eyes and nodded yes, said “mmm,hmm” as she opened her door, she couldn’t speak as yet and didn’t even want to try.

“I’ll call you this afternoon.”

Again Liz nodded her assent and as she closed the door to the apartment and Max could hear the hysterical laughter rattling the windows…then he grinned. ‘Good’ he thought to himself as he made his way back to his car. This little excursion took much longer than he had anticipated but it was worth it.

That morning Maria was up right at 7:00 a.m. and had her shower running before she even had a cup of coffee, she was so excited that the thought of drinking or eating anything didn’t even occur to her. She tried to keep her humming down to a quiet whisper but it was becoming harder and harder to maintain anything that resembled calm.

She changed the Band Aide over her eyebrow after she patted the tender area dry, took a good look at it and smiled. It was healing nicely just like the doctor had said. She would have her car back tomorrow also and that made her doubly happy. She would use Liz’s again today and then tomorrow Liz would drive her over to get her car at the body shop. There really wasn’t that much damage, Michael had suffered the most damage both physically and to his automobile. What a stupid thing to do…she was still berating herself.

She got herself made up and dressed, settled for a pony tail and fixed her coffee in one of the thermos cups and was on her way. She hoped Liz slept better this morning, ‘this hasn’t been easy on her either’ and she smiled to herself; she was lucky to have such a good friend…friends now, since she had Michael and Max…she was sorry for the way they had to meet but she wasn’t sorry they met; they were both wonderful men. These thoughts ran through her mind as she got into Liz’s car and drove off.

Max showed up at the studio lot right at 5:00 a.m. and made his way to the large meeting room, stopping on his way for a large styrofoam cup of coffee and about 6 Krispy Kreme Donuts. He was ready for work. Everyone smiled as he entered, said good morning and then they were down to business. There wasn’t going to be any shoots today, they were going to run through the entire episode verbally to check for time and then they would book in scenes, which was the usual M.O. for a series. The writers and the director were all present and it looked as though they were taking this all very seriously, they had their story boards in front of them and were ready to roll.

Max excused himself from the run through at noon to walk across the lot to the main offices for his meeting and on his way he called Liz.

“Hey Liz, I hope I didn’t wake you.” He apologized…

“Not at all Max, I got up about 10:00 and managed to clean the bathrooms and the kitchen already. Next is some dusting and vacuuming, shouldn’t take long at all then a couple of laps in the pool. It’s awfully nice out there today, you can see the sky.”

And Maxed laughed.

“Yes it is nice…where would you like to go to dinner Liz?”

“Nothing fancy Max…you know what I would really like?” She sounded excited now…

“No, tell me.”

“Well, there’s a little hole-in-the wall pizza place in Long Beach that I absolutely love but haven’t had a chance to get over to it in so long. Do you like pizza?”

“I love pizza. How about 7:00. I won’t get out of here much before 5:00 tonight and then I’d like to go over and see Michael before visiting hours are over.”

“Well, I think I can get you in anytime you want to Max, but I’ll be ready at 7:00 and we can play it by ear.”

“Sounds great Liz. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah, later Max,” and they rang off.

Maria made it in to work and headed straight for the sound booth where she found Bill Ericson with her boss going over some notes. She just stood back and listened, actually she eavesdropped if you want to know the truth, and it was very interesting.

“Have you ever heard her sing?” Bill asked the head tech, James.

“As a matter of fact no, I don’t really bother her, she has a job to do and she does a very good job at that. We just leave her alone; she seems to like it like that.”

“Well, we’re going to cut a demo with her so I need you to set up one of the best combos you can find.” Bill was telling James and Maria felt the need to interrupt.

“Mr. Ericson, please, I play guitar, piano and the keyboard quite well and as I told you yesterday my music is personal. I know you don’t need another Joan Baez but I would prefer to do my own backup for the demo if you don’t mind. I really don’t want anyone mixing and messing with anything I do.”

“Very well Maria, we’ll set it up the way you want it. I’ll have my lawyers get busy on a contract for you and you can look it over and see what you think.”

“Thanks Mr. Ericson but I’ll have Michael Guerin look it over for me if you don’t mind. I don’t know if you know who he is but he manages Max Evans and he said he would be glad to look over anything that you present just to make sure it’s what I want. As I said before, I’ve been through this once and it wasn’t very nice and I don’t want you to think I’ll be impressed by money because I won’t. My music is me.”

Mr. Bill Ericson and Maria’s boss James both stood there and looked at the cute, pixie looking blond with the pony tail and smiled. It isn’t very often that someone sticks to her standards the way this girl does. It’s refreshing to say the least.

“Very well Maria. We have some instruments if you would like to look them over or we can wait until tomorrow and you can bring your own guitar.”

“Nah, I’ll check out one of yours, I’m sure they’re good quality. Just let me know when you’re ready.”

The two men smiled and left Maria to her task of cleaning up the discs and headed on out the door. Maria felt good as she hung her coat over the back of her chair and threw her purse under one of the counters in the sound booth. It looked like this was going to be okay.


The doctors converged on Michael as he was lying on his stretching machine and Dr. George smiled. He had some test results he was reading as he watched the progression of the therapy apparatus working its magic on Michael’s back.

“How do you feel today Michael?”

“Hey Doc., not too bad actually and I mean that literally. I had some pain in my legs earlier and I was so happy about it that I didn’t want to take any medicine just so I could feel it a little longer.”

“Oh Michael, you don’t want to do that, the pain medication is to control any reflex action that might cause you to tense up and undo what that machine is trying to work out. Just take the pain meds and let us take care of the legs okay. Can you wiggle your toes today?”

“To tell the truth I haven’t tried,” and Michael looked down at his feet and tried to wriggle his toes. The ones on his right foot moved pretty good but the ones on his left foot were still a little stiff. They did twitch though and that pleased the doctor to no end.

“That’s really great Michael. As soon as you have full motion in that right leg of yours we’ll let you out of here. Is there someone at home that will be able to care for you?”

“Well, just how much care are we talking about? I’ll be able to use the bathroom and move around on crutches won’t I?”

The three doctors laughed…

“Yes Michael, you’ll be able to do those things but you shouldn’t be alone for at least a couple of weeks.”

“Fine, I’ll hire someone to come in days and then my friend can stay with me during the evening.”

“That’s great Michael, we’ll be back tomorrow unless there’s any new development and I don’t foresee anything happening between now and then.”

“Great Doc., see you tomorrow.” And as the three doctors left Michael’s room Michael started flexing his toes. He wanted out of this place and out of it fast.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:13 9/13/12

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Lizza:I'm sure that Michael will make sure that Maria's contract is exactly what she wants. I have indicated that she turned down a contract at the age of 18 so I think she may have grown up some since then...compromise is a good thing. :wink:
Eve: Hey, that's what mother's do, right? :wink:
Carolyn: Hey, I don't know why I wrote that, that was one of those things that just popped into my head at the time and I went with it, it was fun to write so I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think things are going to start moving ahead for our girls now...let's hope so anyway. :D
Ken: Damn, that doesn't sound like it didn't hurt to me. At least you got things back to working. :)


Chapter: 13

Max left the lot right at 4:00 and headed over to the hospital to visit with Michael for an hour before heading home to shower and shave. He was very excited about his ‘dinner’ date this evening and it must have shown on his face when he walked in to Michael’s room because Michael took one look and grinned…

“What’s got you so happy there Max? You look like the cat that ate the canary.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Michael.” Max snarked back and Michael laughed…

“You asked her out and she said yes.”

“Well, we’re going out for pizza tonight if you can call that out.”

“You forget Maxwell, Liz is a normal girl with normal wants. She’s not looking for any big displays here, just a little relaxation and quiet conversation seems to be what’s in store for someone who deals with a whole lot of real life drama everyday.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right. What did the doc have to say today Michael.”

“Well, as soon as I can wriggle my toes and have full use of my right leg I can get out of here. He said I’ll need some help for a couple of weeks so I told him I’d hire someone to come in during the day and I was wondering if you’d bunk in with me in the evenings for a couple of weeks.”

“You know damned well I will Michael. How’s the therapy going anyway?”

“Well, I can wriggle the right toes pretty good, the little one is still numb and the left ones are still stubborn but I can feel them.”

“That’s wonderful Michael, I’m so happy for you. Have you told Maria yet?”

“No, she’ll probably be here when she gets off work though. She said she’d stop by on her way home yesterday.”

“Well tell her Liz and I are going out for pizza and if she wants to hang around here I’m sure Liz won’t mind.”

“Hey, I can do that…as a matter of fact I think I’ll call her and tell her to bring a pizza in for us.”

“I’m not so sure they allow outside food Michael.”

“Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Now you get out of here so you can make it to Liz’s by 7:00.”

“Fine, take care buddy, I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, later man.”

And Max gathered himself together and headed on out to make his way home for a quick shower before going over to pick Liz up.

Max arrived at Liz’s complex right at 7:45 and the same three girls that were there the other day when he brought Maria home were there watching. Not as curious as they once were but still curious. Max smiled as he made his way past them, said ‘good evening ladies’ and kept on moving. He didn’t need a question and answer period right now; as a matter of fact he didn’t want one.

Liz answered the door almost immediately after the bell rang and Max smiled as she opened the door. This was the first time he’d seen her out of her scrubs and she looked amazing in a pair of jeans, tee and high heeled boots. Her hair was in long waves that circled her face and when she turned it was nearly waist long. And that ass, he had a really tough time hanging onto the growl that wanted to escape his throat…jeeeezus god he could only hope he made it through the evening without making a complete ass of himself. She was even more beautiful now than she was when they were in high school. She looked great in those scrubs but man what those jeans did for that ass…GRRRR!!!!

“Hi Liz, are you about ready. The apartment looks great by the way; I can smell the furniture polish.”

Liz looked at the man and giggled,

“Thanks Max…glad you noticed.” Max practically choked on the words trying to escape his mouth and smiled and said…

“Who could help it?” Not meaning furniture polish at all…

“God, does it smell that bad in here Max? Maybe I should open a couple of windows.” Max had to laugh…

“No Liz, it doesn’t smell bad at all, as a matter of fact I kind of like it. It’s refreshing.” Way to go Max, he chastised himself for being such an idiot.

“Oh.” And Liz looked a little bewildered, just what did he mean then.

“Well, are you ready?” She asked instead.

“I sure am. You do know how to get to this place right.”

“Yeah, just head over to route one and head south…it’s not too far on the main drag.”

“Right you are. Michael said something about having Maria bring him some pizza…was she allowed to do that?”

“Yeah, I don’t think they’d say anything. They all know Maria.”

When the two of them got back to the parking lot there were a few more girls than before and Liz started to giggle…

“Your fans await Max.”

“Well, let’s hope they keep their distance Liz, I really don’t feel like having a meet and greet right now.”

“Okay, I’ll handle it. Hi Barb…shows over honey, go on upstairs and watch Jeopardy.”

“She’s our neighbor and a little slow on the uptake sometime but she’s a good kid. Just moved out here from Iowa I believe and landed her first job, I think she’s probably a little shocked to see a live movie star up close and personal. She’ll get over it. The others will follow; let’s go.”

Max held Liz’s door for her, made his way around the front of the car and crawled in next to her. He turned and gave her a big smile as he started his engine and soon they were making their way down the freeway to Long Beach for, according to Liz, the best pizza on earth. Of course some New Yorker’s might disagree and then there’s Chicago standing in line for that honor.

Back at the hospital Maria was enjoying a pizza with Michael while perched on his bed sitting Indian fashion telling him all about her meeting with the CEO, Mr. Ericson. Maria had called Jenny earlier and asked if she could bring the pizza in and of course she was told it would be fine.

Maria had put the pizza on Michaels roll around tray, purchased a couple of peach Snapple from the vending machine on her way up and they were as snug as two bugs in a rug.

“So, you had a good day then.” Michael asked as he bit into his favorite pizza.

“Absolutely, now tell me something good that happened with you today.”

“Well, I can go home as soon as I have complete use of my right leg, which I think is probably like right now. I do have to hire someone to stay with me during the day though and then Max will take over the night shift.”

Maria thought for a minute and then said,

“Michael, I can stay with you. I have a couple of weeks coming to me from last year that I haven’t used yet and should you need me longer it can be arranged.”

“Maria, I can’t ask you to do that.” Michael’s heart started racing like a jack hammer and he couldn’t figure out why.

“You didn’t ask Michael, I volunteered. Now how about it? When you get the word that everything is working let me know and I’ll be here to take you home. I get my car back tomorrow and it will be fine.”

“Maria, that’s not necessary.” Now Michael’s brain was beginning to work, a little bit.

“Michael, please let me do this for you. I need to do this Michael.” Maria wanted to help, feeling responsible and all for his condition, but she wanted to be near Michael more than anything in the world and she couldn’t figure it out but she needed more time.

“Well, if you really feel the need then who am I to stop you? I’ll let you know when I’m supposed to be discharged and you can come and pick me up. Now tell me more about this demo you’re going to be doing tomorrow.” Michael felt a surge of happiness run through him and he couldn’t for the life of him figure it out.

“Well, I thought I would accompany myself on the guitar and sing one of my own songs but then I decided that I do one that I really love to sing…” and she started to sing “I can feel it coming through the air tonight” as she tapped out a beat on the roll around table and Michael actually shivered. It was beautiful…

“I agree Maria, that is beautiful and I think it would be great on a demo…you can also do one of your own and add a few others that you really like. I think you’re a shoe in Maria.” Michael couldn’t believe what he had just heard, and with no accompaniment. It was beautiful…

“Thank you Michael…I think I’ll catch James the first thing in the morning and tell him to get the band ready and give him my charts. You’re right, choose a variety.”

“Yes, now will you finish singing that song for me Maria, it’s just beautiful.”

And so Maria entertained Michael in between conversations and eating; the evening seemed to go by much too fast to suit both of them.


Meanwhile back at Mario’s pizza parlor on route 1 in Long Beach, California one beautiful young nurse and one popular movie actor were sitting among a large crowd of noisy patrons, screaming kids and loud music enjoying some of the best pizza Max Evans had ever eaten.

“Liz, this is amazing and do you know what else is amazing about it, I feel like a normal human being for once in a very long time.” Max was elated; no one, not one single person had approached him or even stared for that matter.

“I’m glad you are enjoying yourself Max. I love it here. Maria and I lived here when we first moved to the L.A. area and we found this place on our first excursion out to test the waters so to speak. We don’t come here as often as we used to because of schedules and such but we try to make it at least once a month.”

Liz was so happy that Max was enjoying himself and she really didn’t know why she cared one way or the other. She was also glad to see that the people were ignoring them so to speak; if she and Maria had come in together they would have been swamped with hugs and good wishes. She knew almost everyone here and that made it doubly nice.

After they had finished their meal Liz got up and grabbed Max’s hand and smiled,

“Come on Max, it’s time for a meet and greet before we go dancing.” Liz took Max back to the kitchen where she yelled over the noise…

“Mario, come here for a second.” The pizza dough that had just landed into the hands of a very hefty, tall, good looking man was placed onto a counter and the cook turned with a huge smile on his face…

“Elizabeth, mama told me you were here with a gentleman so I did not want to disturb you. How have you been? Is Maria alright? Where is she?” Max stood back and smiled as Liz got hugged by this big burly fellow…

“I have been fine Mario, and Maria is as well. I would like you to meet an old friend of mine…Mario this is Max. Max, meet Mario my father away from home.”

Max gave the man a warm handshake and a big smile…Liz did not finish either person’s sir names but Mario had a twinkle in his eye as the recognition hit his brain.

“An old friend Liz, how old?” Liz thought for just a second…

“We met ten years ago when I waited tables for my aunt and uncle in Roswell, New Mexico. It was a very long time ago.” Mario nodded, it was the young actor but Liz did not know the young actor she knew the young man this was good.

“Very nice to meet you Max…we think an awfully of Liz and Maria. They have been coming here for several years now but Liz never told us she knew how to wait tables.” Liz laughed, as did Max…

“Well Mario, that was a long time ago but it’s nice to know I have something to fall back on if my present vocation doesn’t pan out.” And then they all laughed.

“It was good to see you Liz, Max, don’t be a stranger but now I have to get back to work.”

“Yes you do and thank you Mario…I will see you again. I must talk to mama now.”

“You’d better; I know she’s dying to find out how you know the famous Max here.” And the three said their good byes and Liz dragged Max to meet mama who could hardly stand the excitement. Everyone in the restaurant knew who Max was but they didn’t want to make either Liz or Max uncomfortable so they minded their manners.

After Liz had introduced Max to just about everyone in the place they made their way to a little bar next door and Max couldn’t believe it…there was a small combo playing very quietly, a few tables and a postage stamp sized dance floor that was almost packed to being illegal. Liz giggled and drug Max out onto the floor for a quick turn around before heading across the street to the boardwalk. Max couldn’t remember ever having this much fun, not even before he was THE Max Evans and life was good.


When Max and Liz got back to the car Max wanted to know what Liz would like to do and she said she thought she would like to go see Michael. It was almost 11:00 and Max raised an eyebrow…

“I have it on good authority that I can get us in Max.” And he laughed as he opened her door for her. She was really a wonderful person he thought to himself, truly wonderful.

When they got back to the hospital Liz spotted her car in the visitor lot and pointed it out to Max…

“It looks like Maria is still here Max.”

“Does that surprise you?” He grinned…

“Not really…aside from the guilt Maria feels she genuinely likes Michael.”

“Now that doesn’t surprise me, and he feels the same way. Should we take some coffee up or something?”

“No, if their thirsty we can get something from the nurse’s station. We keep the fridge stocked for the patients and we have a coffee pot as well, as you know. Some of our patients have to have food with their meds so we are ready for anything. Have you heard how Michael is doing? I didn’t work today so I don’t know the recent news.”

“He can go home as soon as he has full control of his right leg. He’s wriggling his toes just fine and the left toes are coming right along. The therapy is doing wonders.”

“That’s great news. How much longer do you think it will be?”

“Michael’s hoping for tomorrow but we’ll see.”

When they entered Michael’s room there was Maria lying with her head on Michael’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around her protectively and they were watching the late show together. Max and Liz smiled as they watched their friends, this was nice.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:14 9/20/12

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Natalie: One more for ya!!! :)
Carolyn: Things are coming together quite nicely for Maria this chapter...Good for her! :D
Ken: Have you ever looked at an L.A. freeway map...It looks like someone threw a plate of spaghetti all over the pageand if you aren't able to get in the right lane when you need it you could wind up in Mexico instead of Anaheim. Honest!!! :roll: :lol:
Eve: I remember going back to Pennsylvania for my fifth year class reunion, we decided to have a picnic in the park instead of trying to get everyone into one house. It would have been impossible. I have/had 35 first cousins at one time...honest. My grandparents were very productive!!! :wink:


Chapter: 14

“Well! Don’t you look cozy?” Max said as he gave Michael a big grin and shook his toe for good measure.

“Couldn’t ask for better that’s for sure.” Michael quipped back and it was Liz’s turn to grin. It was good to see her friend so relaxed.

“Mario said to tell you hello Maria…and good evening Michael, it’s nice to see you so chipper.” Liz said as she smiled at her friend knowingly.

“Thanks Liz.” They said in unison.

“Well, did you enjoy your evening you two?” Maria asked as she tried to sit up and Michael held on to her for a second before allowing it. She looked up at him and grinned.

“Yes. I can only speak for myself but I really enjoyed the evening.” Max answered, and he meant every word…”The food was delicious and the company superb; I couldn’t have asked for better.”

Liz looked up at her date for the evening and smiled…

“I had a marvelous time Maria, thank you for asking.” And she meant every word. As a matter of fact she was a bit surprised at just how much fun she did have and she was also happy that the evening was normal, she didn’t know what she had been expecting but she was very happy it was “normal”. After the greeting in the parking lot of her apartment complex she wasn’t sure just what to expect.

“Well, it’s past midnight so I’d better get myself home and make ready for my big day tomorrow. Michael, thank you for such a wonderful evening. I really enjoyed myself.” Maria sounded almost apologetic,

“Maria, don’t thank me, I should thank you. You brought the pizza and Snapple what more could a guy ask for?” He almost added it would be nice to be able to walk but he didn’t think the joke would go over so well since Maria was still feeling a little guilty about the entire episode.

“I’ll go with you Maria, that way Max won’t have to take me home and then come back. I know he will so there’s no sense in making a double run at the hospital.”

“Liz, I don’t mind really.” Max really didn’t want to say goodnight right here in front of Maria and Michael but it looked like that’s the way it was going to be.

“It’s okay Max…you’ve been up since 3:00 this morning and it’s time for some rest. Besides, what will your fans think if you look like shit on camera?”

Max raised his eyes heavenward and Michael and Maria both started laughing.

“She’s got you there Max.” Michael quipped….

“Well okay then but let me walk you out to the car. Do you have all of your stuff Maria?” Max was hoping she’d say ‘no’ and he could say good night to Liz alone but no such luck.

“It’s all right here Max, and Michael, if you need a ride home tomorrow you can call me and I’ll come and get you if Max is tied up. You can come home with me or I’ll take you to your place. Whichever you want. Max knows where we live and he can pick you up there. We’ll fix dinner. Liz and I have a great lasagna recipe that we do and it won’t be an inconvenience at all.”

“Are you sure?” Michael asked.

“Of course she’s sure and Michael, if she can’t get away I’ll come and pick you up. Just call, you can come can’t you Max?” Liz asked in a very sincere manner and Max believed her, it wasn’t just a nice gesture, she meant it.

“Of course I can come I’m just not sure what time.”

“Well, give us a call, we can hold the lasagna until you call and we’ll put it in to bake then. How’s that. If you have to wait a little while for it that’s okay but do you want Italian two nights in a row?”

“Italian is fine any time Liz.” And Max didn’t care if it was hot dogs as long as it was with Liz, this shocked him…she was so down to earth and he loved it, no, he loved her. How was he going to handle this he thought?

“Well, then, let’s get going Maria so these two can get some sleep. It won’t hurt you to get your butt home and into bed either. You have a busy day tomorrow too don’t you?”

“Yes I do and I’ll fill you in on the way home.” And the two girls bid their two new friends good bye and headed for the elevator…Max ran to the door and caught Liz’s eye just as the doors started to open and she stuck her hand out to hold the cage for a minute as Max approached…

“Can I bring anything? Anything for dinner…” and he smiled…

“Not a thing unless there’s a particular wine you like besides Zinfandel. We like soda pop tasting stuff.” Liz grinned…

“Zinfandel is good, I’ll bring some.” And Max leaned over and kissed Liz on the cheek because that’s what he had been wanting to do all evening. She smiled and entered the elevator and Maria raised an eyebrow…

“So, it looks like you had a nice evening.” And she smiled at Liz.

“Yes, I did…very nice.” And Liz returned the smile as they rode the elevator to the parking lot.

Maria filled Liz in on her big day coming up and Liz couldn’t have been happier and then Liz told Maria about her evening…all was right with the world and the roomies.


The next morning Liz was up bright and early with Maria and took her to work in order for her to get her recording session ready with James. Liz waited in the employees lounge and helped herself to some much needed coffee. It was going to be a long day for the young nurse that’s for sure. Although she would be able to take a nap as soon as Maria had her car.

“Good morning James…” Maria greeted her boss with a smile….

“Hey Maria, are you ready to choose an instrument for your big debut?”

Maria giggled and shook her head in the negative…

“I was thinking about this James and I’ve brought my charts along with me. What I would really like to do is start off with an old favorite of mine and I’ll need a backup band for that. Can you arrange a simple combo for me…A bass, drum, and maybe a few other instruments?”

“Of course Maria, what changed your mind, if I might ask.”

“Well, I do have a couple of standards that I really like and would like to add those to the demo along with a couple of my own. I think it will show a little diversity to my repertoire. What do you think?”

“Maria, if Mr. Ericson wants you to do a demo then I think you should present the best possible picture you can. Now you say you just want a small combo?”

“Yes, just maybe four or five will do.” And James smiled. He took Maria’s portfolio and looked it over and then raised an eyebrow. These looked pretty good and he smiled. He had never heard her sing but Mr. Ericson must know what he’s talking about.

So, at about 9:00 a.m. James came into Maria’s booth and told her they were ready for her. She smiled and asked if she could get her friend out of the employees lounge.

“James, my friend is waiting to take me to the auto body shop to pick my car up when we are finished here, do you think we can have her come and sit in the sound booth with you guys. She won’t bother anyone, I just don’t want to leave her out there hanging.”

“Sure…bring her on in.” So Maria called Liz on her cell and told her to gather her things, she was going to sit in on the recording session and Liz could hardly wait. She emptied her coffee cup into the sink, threw the Styrofoam cup into the wastebasket and had her sweater and purse in hand by the time Maria found her. She was as happy about this as Maria.

The two girls made their way back to the recording studio and there was a five piece combo already set up and going through Maria’s music…

“They sound pretty good Maria.” Liz said as they walked into the room.

“Yeah, they only hire the best for these things, I guess I should consider myself lucky huh?”

“Maria, you don’t need luck, you just need a break. Now go do what you do best.” And Liz hugged her best friend before she went into the booth to talk to the lead guitarist.”

They were introduced by James then Maria explained what she wanted and the band seemed to be right in tune with what she meant and the session began.

“James, you say you found her in the demo booth?” Asked the mixer…

“Not me, Ericson heard her humming along with one of the demos she was working on the other day…he set this up. Apparently she did a demo for us years ago, when she was 18 and she refused to let us “bastardize” her music. Walked out on us, literally.”

“Well good for her…this stuff is great.”

And then Maria started to sing and James was flabbergasted, Liz was smiling from ear to ear and the men in the sound booth were awe struck.

The very first song out of her mouth…”I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord” and it gave the men shivers up and down their spines. Liz didn’t think she’d ever heard her sound better and she just kept on smiling…

(By: the Phil Collins Band)

And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord..
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord
I've been waiting for this moment, all my life, Oh Lord
Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord, Oh Lord

Well, if you told me you were drowning
I would not lend a hand
I've seen your face before my friend
But I don't know if you know who I am
Well, I was there and I saw what you did
I saw it with my own two eyes
So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you've been
It's all been a pack of lies

And I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord
I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, Oh Lord
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, Oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment all my life, Oh Lord, Oh Lord

Well I remember, I remember don't worry
How could I ever forget, it's the first time, the last time we ever met
But I know the reason why you keep your silence up, no you don't fool me
The hurt doesn't show; but the pain still grows
It's no stranger to you or me

And the recording session went on for what seemed like hours and then they were finished and Liz could only smile and nod an affirmative to Maria through the sound proof glass.

“Well, that’s a wrap…” James announced through the sound proof glass and then he turned to Liz and said…

“I don’t blame her for not wanting us to mess with this. It will definitely stand on it’s own and I would like to know the name of the idiot who tried to change her. That person didn’t know what the hell they were doing.”

“Well, you should have known Maria when she was 18, she was a teeny bopper but she was also proud of her music. She dressed the part and looked the part but she had a very mature voice and that she wasn’t about to change for anyone.”

“Well, I don’t blame her. It’s wonderful. You say she has to get her car today?”

“Yes, that’s why I’m here. She’s been driving my car but obviously she can’t pick up her car if she’s driving mine so I came in with her. When she’s ready we’ll go over to the shop and get it.”

“Well, I’ll give her the rest of the day off and she can come in on Monday and I’m sure Mr. Ericson will have things ready for her by then. She said that Mr. Michael Guerin will be representing her, can he come with her at that time?”

“Well if he’s out of the hospital I’m sure he can.”

“The hospital, is he ill?”

“He’s the one that smashed into Maria the other day when she decided to stop and check things out.”

“My God, was he seriously injured?”

“Well he was temporarily paralyzed from the waist down but therapy seems to be taking care of that and his left leg required some extensive surgery but he’s mending quite well. I think that Maria took it harder than he did psychologically but he’s bringing her around. They seem to be getting along quite nicely as a matter of fact.”

“Hmmm, I see. Well, if he’s able to come in will you see to it that she brings him along. I need to take care of some other chores right now so maybe I’ll see you around. My name is James by the way and you are?”

“Liz, you can call me Liz. I’m Maria’s roommate.”

“I see, well do come and see us again Liz, it’s been a pleasure talking to you.”

“You too James. I’ll see you around sometime.” And that quickly James was gone and Maria stuck her nose into the sound room…

“You ready Liz?”

“Yep, you have the rest of the day off so let’s go. We need to see how Michael is doing also. Do you want me to just head on over to the hospital after I drop you off. Michael is going to need a whole lot more room than your Jetta is going to give him if you’re planning on taking him home with us. I’ll just go on over, how will that be, and we’ll check things out once we get there.”

“Great, let’s go then.” And so the two young friends headed to the Auto Body Shop and got things started for the rest of their day.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:15 9/27/12

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Eve: I'm glad you liked the song...you should hear my grandsons moan when they get in my car and have to listen to my I-Pod for any length of time. I just laugh and tell them "all your taste is in your mouth!" They shake their heads and laugh at me. :wink:
Ntalie: I think it's going to get cozier now that Michael is going home. I wrote this a long time ago, but I'm sure that's how it works, with me it's normal. :)
Carolyn: I think you'll be surprised at how Liz felt back then...it surprised me when it ran through my head, so it wound up on the screen. :lol:
Lizza: It's getting close...keep watching!!! :wink:
Ken: I agree with you wholeheartedly. When I was younger I took piano lessons but I wanted to sit down and play, not practice. Then when I failed miserably at that I took dancing lessons, that was a whole lot more fun because you got to move with the music immediately. Thank God I at least had some rhythm in my body and my feet listened to my brain. I loved it, gave it up when I was a senior in high school. :roll:

I have to apologize for not having thoughts in Italics...they won't copy over and this site won't let me grab and fix it so single quotes is what you get.... :roll:

Chapter: 15

Liz dropped Maria off at the auto body shop and headed on over to the hospital off the Golden State Freeway in Glendale and made her way up to the third floor on the elevator off the employee’s dressing room and headed straight for the nurses station. Jenny happened to be working today and Liz gave her a great big smile as she settled her purse on the counter and reached for Michael’s chart. She read over all of the current reports and nodded as she placed the clip board back on the hanger provided and then asked,

“Has he been seen yet?”

“Yeah, Dr. George was in earlier, I just haven’t had a chance to transcribe his notes into the computer before filing them.” And she nodded as she handed them to Liz. Liz got a great big grin on her face as she read…feeling has completely returned to Mr. Guerin’s lower quadrant and therapy will be continued on an outpatient basis. Mr. Guerin will hire a therapist to visit his home.

Liz was beside herself with happiness, this was going to make Maria elated…beyond happy and she couldn’t wait to see Maria’s face.

“When do you think his discharge papers will be ready Jenny…I’ll be driving him home with me and then the plan is Max will take him home later and stay with him but I think I should stay there with him until Sunday and make sure Max and Maria know what to do.”

“God Liz, when was all of this decided?”

“Well, Maria told Michael she would stay with him during the day and Max will stay with him at night but I think I should stay with him for a couple of days and I can get Maria ‘trained’ in what he needs so to speak. It’s a win-win situation for both of them; I think they’re becoming very close.”

“Hmm, well, okay. I’ll see what I can find out for you and get back to you.”

“Great, I’ll be in Michael’s room.” And Liz took off.


Maria was talking to the body shop repairman, asking normal questions about the repair job, and then paid her portion of the repair bill before heading on out to her car. It looked just like the day she had driven it off the lot and she was tempted to sell the damn thing and buy a new one. She wasn’t sure she ever wanted to see it again in her life; she just felt too bad when she looked at it. But she had to drive it now…if this recording thing worked out the first thing she would do would be to buy herself a new car…the very first thing. Then she started to smile; she couldn’t wait to get to the hospital to see how Michael was doing.

Max’s run through went quite well for the first time run through; he got to meet some of the new cast members and get acquainted with a lot of the crew members as well. Sometimes the writers and directors had a few crew members sit in just to get a feel of what was happening before they ever headed to a set. All in all the day was going famously and he couldn’t wait to get out of there and see how his friend was doing.


Jenny saw Maria the minute she exited the elevator and waved to her as she pointed toward Michael’s room and smiled. Maria nodded her acknowledgement and headed that way almost on a dead run…Jenny thought to herself…’boy, Liz wasn’t kidding, that girl’s got it bad’ and she smiled as she picked up the latest fax from admitting telling her that Michael Guerin had been released. She headed to Michael’s room right behind Maria and smiled as she entered the room. Maria was already perched on Michael’s bed and Liz was sitting primly in a chair pulled up next to them…

“Hey guys, good news…I have the release papers right here when you’re ready to sign them Michael. I have some special instructions for you and you’ll need to stop down at the pharmacy and pick up some equipment and meds on your way out. Since Liz is going to be overseeing your care for a couple of days until Maria understand everything I think you’re good to go.”

“What do you mean Liz is going to oversee my care? I didn’t know about that.”

“Well Michael, you do need some special treatment here and we want to make sure Maria understands everything about the equipment before we turn her loose on you untrained so to speak. Is that alright with you?”

“Yeah, sure; are you moving into my house Liz?” Liz giggled…

“No Michael, I’ll just come over with Maria for a couple of mornings to make sure she’s got a handle on everything. I don’t think you’ll need to hire a therapist if we get Maria and you trained on the equipment. It’s just a matter of knowing how to unlock your leg brace, setting the machine up to the proper timing and making sure you’re stabilized. We’ll take care of it for you Michael. In the meantime I’ll just take you home with me this afternoon and Max can take you home this evening like we planned; unless of course you would rather we cook dinner at your house. We can call Max to meet us there instead.”

“I think you should move into my house for a couple of days”…it was out of Michael’s mouth before he even thought, then he continued…”that way I can get all settled in once and for all. What do you think?”

“Alright Michael; I’ll take you home in my car with all the equipment and Maria can follow us. Then I’ll go home and pack us a bag. How many bedrooms do you have Michael?”

“Six, maybe I should stay here.” Michael thought out loud...

“Do you really want to?” Liz was semi shocked at his statement.

“No. But Max is going to stay with me at night…isn’t that good enough?”

“Yes it is Michael, but he’s going to need some instructions also.”

“Who’s going to bathe me?” Liz and Maria both laughed….

“Well, let’s hope you are Michael. We’ll pick up a shower chair at the rental place and take it home with us. You can wrap your brace in plastic and shower or we can get you a screw on showerhead that is portable. It’s all up to you but you can “BATHE” yourself.” Liz was still smiling as she explained things to Michael.

“Unless you really want someone to bathe you…” Maria said with a grin.

“No, and if it’s just a plastic chair why don’t we just buy one of those cheap plastic things at K-Mart or something.”

“Because. These chairs have safety features Michael, you need one because you are on pain killers and other meds and we don’t need to be trying to pick you up off the floor.”

Liz was becoming very professional now, the smile had been replaced with a frown and Michael nodded his assent. If she said he needed the chair then he needed the chair.


“Okay then, you’re not going to be a pain in the ass are you Michael…you’ve been a model patient in here, we expect the same at home.” Liz chided…

“I’ll behave. Now when do I get to leave?”

“As soon as you sign the papers…Liz will give you your instructions when she gets you home. Just listen to her and you won’t have any trouble Michael.” And with that Jenny left.

“Do you want me to call Max and have him bring you some clothes to wear Michael?”

“Nope, I’ll just wear these until I get home, then I’ll put on a pair of sweats. Might as well make myself comfortable.”

“Fine, I’ll call Max and let him know that we’ll be at your place. Do you need anything from the grocery store or anything?” Maria asked.

“Well, I have some stuff, but I usually eat out. Why don’t you just get what you need, give me my wallet so I can give you some money?”

“That’s okay Michael, we’ve got that covered. I’ll check out your cupboards when we get to your place and make a list. Is there anything in particular you like?”

“I like everything Maria…food is food.”

“Oh. Well okay then.” Maria looked pensive and then she smiled…we’ll see how brussels sprouts works with that food is food analogy.

In the meantime Liz called Max and filled him in on what was going on and he told her he would meet them over at Michael’s about 6:00 or so. Things were starting to come together and he didn’t see a break any time soon. She smiled as she hung up.

“Max will be over about 6:00 or so Michael. Now let’s get a wheel chair in here and get you set up. I’ll just drop these papers off at the nurse’s station.” And Liz was off.

“Is she always that bossy?” Michael asked…

“Only when she has to be Michael; you’re in really good hands with her and she’ll make sure that I’m capable before leaving us alone.”

“How did the recording session go?” Michael wanted to know, not really wanting to carry this conversation about himself any farther.

“Well, I left as soon as we wrapped it up so I guess it went okay. I personally think it went well, the band was really good and we seemed to work well together. It was fun Michael; I enjoyed it…it felt good.”

“Great Maria, I’m happy for you.” And the two young adults smiled at each other, not knowing why, but they both felt good.

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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:16 10/4/12

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Lizza: Here is another chapter for you... :D
Carolyn: LOL...yep brussel sprouts. Guess what, my daughter-in-law was here on Monday and she fixed brussel sprouts for dinner...used about every pot I had in the house to do it but they were really good. She fixed them with garlic and oil after she steamed and drained them into a collander. She's been married 24 years and still hasn't the learned the concept of using a knife against the rim of the pot to drain water. That's okay, it was nice for the company and the dinner as well. Michael is going to be VERY well taken care of...honest. :)
Eve: I like them too, with butter and salt also...my youngest son won't eat anything "green" and he's 52 but the 53 year old son eats just about anything you put in front of him. It's hard to believe they lived in the same house growing up. :)
Cardinal: Although I don't have first knowledge of "nursing" i have had experience working in a hospital lab...and my best friend is an RN so I know where you're coming from. A cute little story about my firend who was a beautiful natural blond with big brown eyes and looked absolutely stunning in her uniform. One of the fellows I graduated from high school with had injured himself playing baseball and was brought into the E.R. He had to have a tetanus shot and just couldn't resist flirting with Janet who was trying to be very professional of course and Joe got so bad that when it was time for a tetanus shot Janet told him to drop his pants. The E.R. doctor was passing at the time and raised an eyebrow, to which Janet ignored and told Joe once again to drop his pants. Tetanus shots are given in the arm by the way. Joe turned beet red, turned over and Janet promptly shot him in the ass with the hypodermic needle... They had dinner the following week. :wink:
Chapter: 16

Liz had Michael set up in the wheel chair in no time and they were on their way to the pharmacy when they ran into the therapist…

“Hi Michael, I hear I’m losing you today…are you going to come in for your therapy?”

Michael smiled and nodded toward Liz…

“Nah, nurse Ratchet here is going to oversee my home care.” And they all laughed…

“Well, if Liz is going to oversee your care Michael, you are going to be in good hands. It’s been a pleasure man and I’m glad things worked out so well for you…take care.”

“Yeah, you too.” And they were on their way once again.

Liz had maintenance put the equipment in the back of her SUV after they collapsed the rear seat and then she helped Michael into the middle seat so he would have room to stretch out…besides, his left leg was the injured leg and it would have been close to impossible to get him into the front passenger seat without some sort of a lift even though he was quite tall his butt just wouldn’t have hit the seat in the right way. Michael looked at Liz and started to laugh…Liz raised an eyebrow and then she too started to giggle…

“Home James,” Michael managed to get out through his laughter; it was more of a nervous release than it was funny and all things considered, he was truly very lucky to be going home at all.

Maria sat in her car at the entrance to the hospital parking lot waiting for Michael and Liz as a million thoughts ran through her mind. ‘God, I can’t believe I was that stupid…how in the name of God could I have done that to all of those people.’ By the time Liz pulled up in front of her and blew her horn Maria was almost in tears and then she saw Michael and all nasty thoughts left her mind and she began to believe in Karma. Some things were just meant to be and she believed that she and Michael were meant to be…

Liz followed Michael’s directions and they wound around through the hills until they came to a very nice wall covered in Bougainvillea and enhanced with a beautiful iron gate.

“This is it Liz…just pull up to the gate close enough to the left post, there’s a security pad there, I’ll give you the code and the gate will open.”

“Damn Michael, who are you afraid of?”

“Nobody actually, the damned thing came with the place. It was a white elephant and nobody wanted it. I got it for a song, as the saying goes, and I love it actually. It really isn’t that impressive but it’s quite homey. You should have heard Max when he first saw it. He laughed for a month, honest to God, every time he came over he laughed.”

“Well, considering the once short order cook at the Crashdown lives here I can see why. I’m proud of you Michael; I’m glad things worked out so well for you.”

“Thanks Liz…believe it or not that means a lot to me.”

“I understand,” and about that time they came to the circular driveway leading to the front door.

“Liz, drive around back, there aren’t any steps back there and it will be easier to get in.”

Liz pulled around to the back entrance of the house, following the driveway toward a four car garage and she smiled…

“I suppose the garage is full of cars?”

“Nope, the only car I owned is in a scrap heap somewhere. I do have a small pickup that I use to haul stuff but that’s it.”

“Oh Michael, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up unpleasant stuff.”

“It’s okay Liz…I’m alive, I’m going to walk and maybe someday be able to have a couple of kids. All in all I think I’m pretty damned lucky.” And he smiled at Liz as she held his crutches for him while he got himself out of her car.

“We’ll let Max bring in the rest of this stuff when he gets here, okay.”

“Sure…he’ll feel needed.” And they both chuckled at that statement.

Maria followed right behind Liz and the thoughts running through her mind pretty much mirrored her friend’s when she saw where Michael lived…’damn, the man must make some serious bucks’ she thought to herself. ‘This place is quite the manor and…it has quite a lord as well.’ And she giggled to herself as she followed Liz to the main house.

Once they got Michael inside and settled with Liz’s help Maria went to the kitchen, after Michael pointed the way, and took an inventory of groceries that they would need for the week and then went to find Liz who was helping Michael out of his hospital gown and pajama bottoms and into a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. Maria had to giggle at the sight. Her friend was dwarfed by Michael’s massive size next to her and they both looked at her in wonderment…

“What’s so funny Maria?” Liz queried…

“Nothing really, he’s just so much bigger than you are Liz…you look like a little kid trying to help him.” And Maria giggled some more.

“Well thank you very much girlfriend…now get your ass over here and take a look at the lock on this brace here.” And Liz proceeded to show Maria how to unlock Michael’s brace in order to get his pants on. Explaining to her the delicate nature of his leg and to keep it as stabilized as it was in the brace. After they got Michael’s sweats on him and got him all locked up they were all ready for a nap.

Michael chuckled at the two women and then said…

“I guess it’s a good thing I’m not bashful, this could get damned embarrassing.”

“Well, I don’t know what to say Michael…I could get kinky and tell you it isn’t anything I haven’t seen before, which is the truth of course, or I could remain professional and just ignore it. Let’s just say, I’m glad you aren’t embarrassed and leave it at that. Okay?” And Liz giggled as Michael raised an eyebrow and then Maria piped in with…

“Well, I’m not so sure I like the idea of you looking at Michael in this state whether it’s professional or not.” Liz looked at her friend and wondered just how damned serious she was and Michael just grinned.

“Well now that you know how to work this brace you can have the honors Maria. I’m going to head on out to the apartment and get us a change of clothes for tomorrow and stop at the grocery store. Did you make a list?”

“Got it right here.” And Maria reached into her jeans and handed a two page list to Liz. Liz grinned…Michael wasn’t kidding.

“Instead of the list why don’t I just scope out all of the aisles in the market and get what I would if I was shopping for us.” Liz said as she eyed Maria’s grocery list. The man didn’t have anything.

“Michael, if I buy all of these spices we use will you use them? Because, if you aren’t going to use them I’m not buying fifty dollars worth of spices for you.

“Just get them Liz, I have a feeling I’ll be needing them for more than just a couple of weeks.” And he looked at Maria and smiled. Liz rolled her eyes and agreed, it was probably a good idea. Then Michael motioned toward the hospital bag lying on the chair next to the dresser in his room.

“Liz, can you get me my wallet out of that bag?” Michael reached in and peeled off five one hundred dollar bills and handed them to Liz.

“Here, buy all the spices you want and get some beef. I love pot roast, steaks, cubed steaks, pork chops, chicken. You name it, if it’s food I like it. I also like most vegetables and right now I can’t think of any I don’t like so knock yourself out. Max can bring those in when he gets here too.” And they all laughed.

“Okay Michael…it’s getting a little late in the day so I’m going to head on out and pick up some groceries for dinner first. I’ll bring them back for Maria to start dinner and then I’ll head on home to get us some clothes and do the big grocery shopping.”

“Great idea Liz…we’ll see you later.” And Liz took off.


It was about 4:30 when Max finally got a break and took some time to give Michael a call to see how things were going. The chiefs decided to call it a day since they’d been at it forever and Max couldn’t have been happier.

“Hey Michael, how’s it goin’ man?”

“Great Max…I’m home, in my sweats and laying on the couch in the den watching some TV between naps. Maria is in the kitchen making lasagna and Liz went to their apartment to get them some clothes and tooth brushes then she’s going grocery shopping. She should be back in an hour or so. What’s up with you?”

“Is Liz going to be staying with you?”

“Yeah, her and Maria both. Liz is going to give you and Maria instructions on how to work the equipment that is in her car and make sure the two of you know how to take care of me. Max, if anyone would have told me that I was going to get this kind of treatment I would have plowed into a vehicle long before this.” And both men chuckled at the ridiculous statement that had just come out of Michael’s mouth…although it was working out quite well.

“Well, we called it day and I’m going to head on home and pack a bag as well. I’ll see you around six Michael and rest easy.”

“Will do man…later.” And the two friends hung up.

It was just about six when Liz pulled into Michael’s for the third time today and her SUV was packed to the brim with orthopedic equipment and groceries. Max was right behind her as she keyed in the code to get into the gate. It would have been nice if the damned thing would stay open but it closed automatically the minute the cars passed through and Liz just shook her head. She wasn’t sure she would be able to live like this at all. It definitely would take some getting used to that’s for sure.

When Liz rounded the driveway leading to the back of the house Max was right on her tail and when she got out of her car Max was right there to open her door…she looked up and smiled, he was one handsome dude that’s for sure.

“Hey Liz, it looks like you could use a hand here.” Max said as he surveyed the back of Liz’s car…

“That’s an understatement Max. Do you know the man has absolutely nothing in his cupboards.”

Max laughed; the only thing he had in his own cupboard was cocoa puffs. And milk of course, oh, and a couple bottles of wine. That was it.

“Yeah, pretty much knew that. Let me help you there.” And Max took the grocery bags from Liz’s hands and nodded toward the back door.

“You go on in and I’ll get this stuff. Is there anything special I should know about the stuff in the far back before I bring it in?”

“No, we’ll set it up after dinner and then I’ll give you and Maria instructions on how to use it. He should use it at least four times a day for an hour but we’ll get to that. Here, let me have those back and you get a couple more. I don’t feel right going in empty handed.” And Liz took the grocery bags back off Max and headed into the house.


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Lizza:Here's this weeks installment, I hope you enjoy it. :)
Natalie36: I probably bore the hell out of people with my everyday humdrum approach to these stories while waiting to get to the good stuff but I guess it's who I am... :wink: :)
Carolyn: Brussel Sprouts are good for you, my daughter-in-law told me so...besides I do like them. I must admit i never heard of them until I started shopping for my own groceries years ago. Apparently my grandmother didn't like them! :wink: :D We never had them in our house.
Eve: According to all the young men I know, your son in spot on...now me on the other hand, I'm like you. Even if I don't eat everything that's in there and I eventually have to toss it at least I'm prepared for when they show up. :wink: :)
Michelle: I have eaten pizza at Stromboli's and I agree, it's good but let me tell you about the Italian Catholic Church, St. Therese's, back in Uniontown, Pa. and their annual festival. OHHHHHHH Gawd!!! Can those Italian women make pizza? Damn... to die for!!! I think I'll go to Round Table in a sec. It's not as good, God knows, but my mouth is watering so bad and it's just down the street. Maybe a supreme, with everything and double cheese!!!! :roll:
Cardinal: Hey buddie, they're working on it...and I'm getting there, honest. :D

Chapter: 17
Dinner was a great success, Maria had done herself proud as the saying goes and both young men were very impressed and then Liz announced that it was time to start some therapy.

“I can do the dishes while Michael is stretching so come on Michael it’s time.”

So everyone headed to Michael’s room where Liz had Max put the equipment earlier and they got Michael settled on the machine. She then showed Max how to unlock Michael’s brace and strap him into the machine which was set up to work at a very slow pace, stretching and releasing as it worked it’s magic.

“The main concern is to keep Michael’s leg as straight as the brace keeps it and not let the leg twist in any direction. That is very important, both of you have to be extremely careful for the next two weeks at least. Not that you should relax in his treatment at any time but the next couple of weeks are crucial. Understood?”
Liz looked at her two pupils and Michael started laughing…

“Liz, they aren’t going to hurt me.”

“Not intentionally Michael, but if you want your leg to look and act normal then you’ll not take this lightly, this is important to the way you heal buddy…honest.”

“I know Liz, but they aren’t going to hurt me.”

“Okay…you just lay there and stretch and I’m going to go do dishes. You two can stay and keep him company.”

“No, I’ll come and help you Liz, Maria can stay and keep him company.” And Liz gave Max a knowing grin and left Michael’s room with Max following close on her heels.

The groceries from the second trip to the super market were still sitting all over the kitchen counters and had to be put away but that would come after the dishes. Maria had put the meet and dairy products into the refrigerator but the rest were still there so Liz and Max got busy clearing the table and cleaning up the kitchen before tackling the grocery situation.

“My God Liz, what all did you buy?”

“Everything, the man had nothing, and I do mean NOTHING to eat in this house. Nothing for breakfast even; everyone has at least one box of cereal but not Michael. He said he likes everything so I just went up and down every aisle in the market and bought everything I knew we would need and then some stuff that was just a maybe. If Maria is going to be staying here then she’ll need stuff to cook for the two of them and then you’ll be here for dinner, so you’re all set.”

“Well I guess so. So Maria is going to be staying here all the time?”

“Yeah, she has a meeting on Monday with the CEO of Capital and they want Michael there too if he can make it, I don’t see any reason why he can’t at this point, but she has put in for her vacation and will be staying here with him. Our folks are coming in on Thursday for a long weekend but I’m sure she’ll be here instead of at our place. She’s not going to leave him alone for one second…I can tell you that right now; she doesn’t even have to say it I just know it.”

“Where are your folks coming from?” And they continued to stock the cupboards as they talked…

“They’re in Roswell right now visiting my mom’s sister along with Maria’s mom and then they’ll be driving in on Thursday. Amy, Maria’s mom, is a wreck worrying about Maria so mom and dad decided she should come and see her for herself that she’s in one piece; they wouldn’t let her travel alone in the shape she’s in. She’s the hysterical type that manufactures trouble when there isn’t any. Maria is a lot like that but not quite as bad.

“She called Maria at three in the morning earlier this week because she couldn’t sleep worrying about her. She doesn’t believe us that Maria didn’t get hurt. Wait until she sees Michael… that should really send her into a tail spin.”

Max listened as he handed Liz stuff out of the bags and she put it away where she knew Maria would be able to find it. It wasn’t her cupboards, but since they were empty anyway she just filled them up as she would her own. Max watched in amazement as she chose different cupboards for the various items and the one cupboard that he and Michael couldn’t figure out what the hell would go in it suddenly became a spice cabinet. Who would have thought?

“Will they be staying with you and Maria?”

“Oh yeah, we have three bedrooms and the couch pulls out as well. We have college chums that visit on occasion and we have “pajama parties”…beer, wine snacks and movies; lots of catch up time and lots of fun. We go out occasionally but as a rule we stay home nights and just hang out. Maria’s job is fun for her but mine can be a little bit of a downer sometime and I just need to get away from it all and forget it. You know?”

“Yeah, I can imagine…” Max said as he handed Liz a can of asparagus…

Liz looked at the can and grinned…

“Max, have you ever had asparagus on toast?” Max winced…

“No Liz, I can honestly say I never have.”

“You don’t know what your missing Max…it’s great for breakfast and really healthy too.”

“I’ll take your word for it.”

About that time Maria came into the kitchen and saw all of the empty grocery sacks and then looked over toward Liz and raised an eyebrow in question…

“Pretend like your in the apartment and you’ll know exactly where everything is.”

Maria nodded and then said…

“The machine stopped and Michael has to pee.” Liz took off on a dead run, leaving Max and Maria staring at each other…

“Damn, she doesn’t waste any time does she?” Max said…

“Nope, let’s go or before Michael has a fit when she tries to help him.” And they both laughed.

Liz made it to Michael’s room in nothing flat and headed right over to the hospital bag on the chair, retrieved what she had come in for and handed the urinal to Michael with a grin.

“I forgot to mention we have some other supplies as well Michael. Let me know when you’re finished and I’ll come in and get you settled back into your brace.
Tomorrow is soon enough for the other two to start helping you.”

And with that Liz left the room. Max winked at his friend as he followed Liz and Maria out the door. Michael just sat there with the urinal in his hand grinning. ‘She’s a kick that’s for sure and he proceeded to take care of business.’

“Liz, why don’t you and Maria finish up in the kitchen and I’ll empty that for Michael.”

“Thank you Max…it won’t take us long and then I’ll get Michael settled in for the night. Is there anything we can get you?”

“No I’m good. As soon as Michael is taken care of I think I’ll hit the sack. It’s been another long day. And I know Michael is thankful for all you’re doing for him but I want you to know that I am too. It means an awfully lot to both of us that you two would do this. It isn’t necessary.” And Max meant every word he said.

“It is necessary Max, I need to do this or I’ll go nuts.” Maria said and Max nodded, Liz was right…Maria needed this as much if not more than Michael.

So, when the girls finished in the kitchen Max had taken care of business in Michael’s room and both young men were waiting for the girls and talking about Max’s new show. Max felt that things were coming along great and that pleased Michael no end.

“You know Max, Maria did her demo today and I think I’m going to have another client.”

“That’s great Michael…I hope for her sake that it works out well.”

“She’s good Max, really good. She sang a couple of tunes for me in the hospital without accompaniment and it was like listening to an angel.”

“You’re not prejudiced here are you Mike?” And Max grinned…

“No man, I’m serious, she’s that good.”

“Well then, let’s hope it works out for her.”

“Yeah, I’m supposed to go in with her on Monday; I just hope I’m up to it.”

“Yeah, Liz told me about that and she can’t see any reason why you can’t but if you want some extra body weight to help you let me know and I’ll be there for you.”

“Thanks man, let’s see how this week-end plays out okay?”

“Okay, but I’m there for you if you need me, you know that.”

“Yeah, I know.” And about that time Liz and Maria came into the room and Liz motioned for her two students to get over there and watch the procedure to unhook Michael and put the brace back on. All in all it had been a good day and then Max bid everyone good night. He didn’t even have to think twice about which room was his, he had his own already set up and he just went in and closed the door.

“You two can choose between the other two rooms down the hall…just take your pick. Sally comes in once a week and cleans so they should be ready to go…just make yourselves at home and thank you. Both of you, you don’t know how much this means to me and it’s nice to have the company since I can’t really do much else but lay around.”

“You’re welcome Michael. I’ll see you in the morning. Maria, I’m taking the room next to Michael for obvious reasons, if you need anything Michael just give a holler…I’m a light sleeper.”

“Thank you Liz. Good night.”

“Goodnight you two; Maria, it’s important that he rest honey.”

“I know Liz, good night.”

And Liz left the two of them and knew that that’s where she would find them both in the morning.

Liz had just fallen asleep when she heard the most god-awful scream she had ever heard in her life; she jumped out of bed and ran to the hallway toward Michael’s room when another blood curdling scream came out of the stillness…Max, it was coming from Max’s room.


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Natalie: She finds him...scared but on the job!!! :wink:
Carolyn: Ah, I'm sorry...here's an update for you . And that asparagus on toast. It has to be 'canned' asparagus and make sure the toast is really buttered up then add the juice along with the asparagus. It was served in the dinign car of the B&O railroad when I was 7 years old. My aunt took me to Philadelphia and we ate lunch in the dining car and that's what I ordered. My Aunt was quite conerned that I wouldn't like it but I loved it and I've been eating it ever since. That was 68 years ago. God, time flies when you're having fun!!!! :roll:

Chapter: 18

Maria practically jumped out of her skin as she sat up in bed next to Michael who reached up and pulled her back down to him as he rubbed her back soothingly….

“It’s just Max…he’s having another nightmare. We thought they would leave after he connected up with Liz again but apparently that didn’t happen.”

“Connected up with Liz? What does Liz have to do with Max’s nightmares?”

“They’re about Liz, now go back to sleep.” Maria lay there quietly wondering what in the hell was going on. Something Michael couldn’t explain to her because neither he nor Max could ever figure out the damned things either.


Liz ran into Max’s room and found him sitting up in bed shaking like a leaf; she ran over to him and grabbed him to her. She started caressing his back and finally he stopped shaking and took hold of her shoulders and pulled away to look at her. He couldn’t tell her what just happened because he didn’t have the words to express himself.

“Max, are you alright?” He smiled sheepishly; he didn’t know what else to do.

“Yeah Liz, just a nightmare; I have them quite often.”

“My God, I thought someone was being killed…I headed to Michael’s room first and then you screamed again. Can I get you anything?”

“No. Thank you, I’m fine. What time is it anyway?”

“Liz looked at the clock on the nightstand over Max’s shoulder. It’s 1:30. Maybe you should try to get a couple more hours rest huh?”

“Yeah, I know I don’t know you very well, and I know this is pushing my luck but would you mind staying here for a little while…I just don’t feel like being alone.”

Max didn’t know why he wanted Liz near him, in all honesty he thought maybe it would make him sleep better, ‘but isn’t that what has me terrified in the first place’ he thought to himself… None of this made any sense to him at all.

Liz looked at the man for a minute thinking; ‘he’s lost his damned mind if he thinks I’m crawling into his bed!’ then she got a good look at his face and she didn’t feel any kind of a threat at all so she crawled under the blankets.

“Turn over Max,” and he did.

She spooned into his back and wrapped her arm under his and rested her hand on his stomach then slid her right arm under his pillow, held him close and went right back to sleep. Max’s hand found Liz’s and he rested it lightly on top of hers and he was back to sleep within minutes. There were no more nightmares and when the alarm went off at 4:00 a.m. Liz was still snuggled into Max’s back and he smiled, not a smile that had an ulterior motive, but more of a comfortable smile. He felt comfortable.

Max got himself untangled from Liz’s caress, covered her up and made his way to the bathroom as quietly as he could and when he returned after his shower Liz was still in the same position he had left her in and he was happy. ‘Why in the hell did I have to do that last night? I thought this would be over with since we ran into each other again. I’m not afraid of falling in love and getting married so why would I have nightmares about it? Maybe I’m afraid I won’t marry her…that could be it.’

And these thoughts kept running rampant through his head as he dressed and made his way through the house to the back door. As he passed through the kitchen he smelled coffee…he smiled to himself; he wouldn’t be afraid to bet that this was the first pot of coffee ever made in this coffee pot and he had a cup before leaving. This was nice; automatic coffee pots were absolutely one of the world’s greatest inventions, right up there with the wheel and he smiled!

When Liz woke up at 6:30 she couldn’t believe she was still in Max’s room, she knew it was his room because she could smell his aftershave lingering on the pillow where she was resting her head. Max was gone and she was quite comfortable. ‘That was some dream that man had, damn I’m glad I don’t dream like that’ she thought. ‘Can you imagine waking up that scared?’ she eased herself up and out of bed. She went into Max’s bathroom and performed a very necessary chore and then came out and made the bed before heading to her own room and just as she was coming out of Max’s room Maria was coming out of Michael’s.

“Did you find out what his problem was Liz?”

“No, but he was terrified of something. He just lay down and went right back to sleep, he did ask me to stay with him for a little bit and I fell back to sleep and woke up in there. He was gone when I woke up…God, have you ever heard anything more blood curdling in your life? That was terrifying.”

“It certainly was. Michael says he gets them all the time. I’m going to go get a cup of coffee, want me to pour you one? Michael is still sleeping. I think he likes his own bed.”

“I don’t doubt that. I think you like it too.”

Maria grinned and nodded an affirmative as she headed to the kitchen and Liz headed to her room. She grabbed her robe and slippers, made her bed and headed on out to the kitchen to join Maria.

The rest of the day, Saturday, was a lot calmer than Friday had been and a routine of sorts was beginning to take shape. Liz was glad to see the progress they were making and Maria was doing a great job with Michael’s apparatus as was Max who had returned home from the set about 11:00.

He didn’t have to be back until Monday morning so it gave him a chance to have his turn with helping Michael into the shower after Liz sat the chair up for him, assuring herself that it was safe to use. The other three just stood there and let her do her thing; she certainly wasn’t going to take any chances of Michael adding to his injuries that was for certain. Not another word was said about the nightmare and Maria never let on that she knew what/who was causing them.

That afternoon Maria made lunch of some hardy soup, corned beef on rye and some sliced fruit for lunch which was more than enough food for everyone. The girls were used to just some fruit and yogurt but Maria thought the men should have something that would stick to their bones, that was a quote by the way, and they all laughed at her. If they kept eating like that they’d all have to start working out at the gym. Michael did have a pool though and the four of them made their way out to have some r & r. Max and Michael sat in the lounge chairs that were placed around for anyone and everyone’s comfort while Maria and Liz swam laps, ignoring each other and their audience, and the men just sat there mesmerized by them.

“They are two beautiful women Michael, and they both have bodies like goddesses.” Max said as he watched behind his sunglass. Michael raised an eyebrow and then grinned…

”that they do Maxwell, that they do” and both men nodded off while the women swam.


Back in Roswell there were a few older couples and one Amy DeLuca sitting in a back booth at the Crashdown Café catching up with each other. The couples doing their best to keep Amy calm when Jim Valenti came in to get his thermos filled. He noticed the visitors and made his way back to the large booth to say hello when he saw Amy for the first time in years.

“Amy, what a nice surprise! God, where have you been keeping yourself? You don’t phone, you don’t write, a person would think you had fallen off the face of the earth or something.”

“Hi Jim it’s so nice to see you again. How have you been?”

Jim nodded to the rest of the people sitting at the table as he answered Amy’s question.

“I’ve been fine Amy and you?”

“Oh, can’t complain Jim, same old thing different day as they say.”

“Well, you look great…you too Nancy, Jeff. Hey, what are your plans for this evening? We should all get together and do something fun. How about dinner and some dancing over at the Corral? They have a great band over there, used to play with them a while back but then I think Kyle got embarrassed about it all so I gave it up.”

The other adults all laughed at Jim and then Jeff said…

“You know what Jim that does sound like fun. How about dinner at 7:00 and we play it by ear?”

“Sounds great…I’ll be by about 6:45 or so. See all you folks later, bye Amy.”

“Bye Jim.”

“Well Amy, it looks like you have a date tonight.” Nancy teasingly chided her friend,

“Oh for God’s sake Nancy, we’re all going and it does sound like fun. I haven’t been dancing in ages.” Amy rebuked her friend.

They all laughed at Amy’s red face even though they were all looking forward to the evening…it did sound like fun and they all knew Jim Valenti had been enamored with Amy DeLuca for years, long before Maria was ever born as a matter of fact…back when they all lived in Roswell.


That evening the three middle aged couples converged on one of Roswell’s finest, Chez Pierre’s, and had a fine meal, got caught up on a lot of gossip about themselves, their kids and the world in general and then decided that they would go over to the corral for some fun. Amy was delighted and hadn’t worried about Maria one single minute the entire evening. Maria would have been thrilled.

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Cardinal: I can see why you would like to watch these laps...great spectator sport!!! :D
Carolyn: Yes it's Max and the reason is truly dumb and I do explain it all eventually...even Max will think it's dumb, just think of a really super bad "Male Ego" thing I guess. :roll: :D
Eve: Honest...I really do explain these horrible nightmares eventually. Blame it on the song. When I take long road trips I listen to my I-pod or CD's and Gary Allen is one of my favortite country western stars and this song happens to be on one of his cd's. I also listen to these songs while I sew...dumb huh? :roll:

Chapter: 19

On Saturday afternoon Liz put a nice pot roast in a big electric skillet she found in Michael’s pantry and added onions and carrots to the pan after she had browned the meat thoroughly on all sides and then added a little water so the meat would not go dry; by the time dinner was ready she removed the carrots, made a nice rich brown gravy to go with a huge pot of mashed potatoes that was staying warm and had a great looking bowl of coleslaw. Both Max and Michael could hardly wait to sit down to the table; the aroma coming from the kitchen was heavenly. Before she put in one of those extra-large blackberry pies into the oven she heated up some brown and serve rolls and the smell went beyond heaven…it permeated the entire lower level of the house and the men could hardly wait to sink their teeth into the dinner before them. This really pleased Liz because what’s the sense in cooking if people weren’t going to enjoy it.

Maria had decided that they should eat in the dining room because there was more room and besides that the nice linens she found in a drawer in a buffet really needed to be used. Then she just had to know…

“Michael, did you buy this place furnished?” Everything was very elegant, sturdy and old and she didn’t think it was Michael’s taste; it was bothering her for some reason…

“Yeah Maria, why, too classy for me?”

And he and Max both chuckled; they knew what she was thinking although everything seemed to fit it just didn’t seem to fit Michael but he really liked it and that’s why the stuff was still there.

The dining room had never been used in the five years he lived there and he had no idea what was in those drawers because he never looked but things sure did look handsome if you could call a table set with linens and fine china handsome. Even Max raised an eyebrow when he saw it. It was beautiful.

“NO!” and then she giggled and blushed a little, “Well, maybe a little. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around you going out and buying “Spode” china Michael…it’s very nice, but not really masculine.”

“Is it too feminine?”

“Well no, it’s just not something I can see a man buying…without some input from a woman anyway. Did a woman help you choose this stuff Michael?”

“No Maria that STUFF was here too. The only things I brought into this house actually were my clothes, my computer, my books and my stereo system with my collection of CDs. The rest was here. Oh, I did buy some sheets and towels. That’s it.”

“Uh huh…how about you Max? Did your place come furnished?”

“Unfortunately no Maria… but Isabelle did that for me so it’s not totally masculine although she did have me in mind when she did it. It suits me.”

“I see…well, let’s get this finished up and we can sit down and enjoy Liz’s pot roast. Do you need any help Michael?”

“No … thanks Maria, I’ve got it. I’ll just sit over here at the long end and let my leg stick out to the side.”

“You will not Michael Guerin…you will stretch it out under the table and the rest of us will be careful and don’t you forget it while I’m gone next week either.” Liz barked…Michael actually jumped and Max and Maria just stood there looking at the little general…that’s what she reminded Max of, he would tell her someday… and he smiled.

After the meal had been ‘devoured’ Max told Liz he would clean up and she insisted that he go help Maria with Michaels therapy machine first. She figured that the two of them would be able to take care of Michael by now and what one forgot the other would remember.

By the time she had the table cleared Max was back and rinsing the plates before washing. Liz had informed him that you don’t put fine china in the dishwasher and Max grinned and pointed to the dishwasher…it had a china cycle.

“No Max, I’ll still do them by hand. I don’t think it’s the dishwasher as much as the dishwasher soap that’s the problem and we can’t use any other soap because we’ll have soap suds all over the kitchen and I don’t want to have to clean that up. It’ll look like a ‘happy tunes’ cartoon in here if we use mild soap in the dishwasher. I’ll just wash them by hand. We can stick some of this other stuff in there though.”

“Alright, if you insist…then I’ll dry.”

“Did you guys get Michael set up okay?”

“Yeah, no problem…he’s stretching quite nicely with Maria sitting there holding his hand. I swear, he’s really eating this shit up…Oh excuse me, this treatment up.”

Liz laughed at Max’s faux pas and then replied…

“He needs to eat it up, Maria needs him to eat it up Max…You have no idea how badly she feels about all of this.”

“Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea Liz, remember I saw her in the chapel. The poor thing was a wreck…I didn’t know what else to do for her so I held her until she settled down and then I took her to see Michael, I knew she needed that.”

“Yes she did and thank you. I am as grateful to you as she is…I just couldn’t seem to convince her that it was an unfortunate accident. Who knows what we would have done in a situation like that? You just never really know until you walk in someone else’s shoes what your reaction would be.”

“I guess you’re right.” And Max kept drying dishes…he hoped that Liz was just being kind, he didn’t know of anyone else on earth who would stop dead on the freeway because of fog but he would be nice and shut up.

Liz looked up at Max skeptically and grinned…Yeah, in a pig’s eye! She thought to herself but she too kept that a secret. The two continued to wash the dishes and silverware Maria had found and they decided to just set it on the dining room table because they really didn’t know where Maria had gotten it from and then they went in search of Maria and Michael. To their surprise, they were both asleep. Max grinned at Liz and motioned to the hallway after Liz made sure the timer on the apparatus was set correctly…

“Come on Liz; let me introduce you to the media room.”

Liz followed Max down the hall toward the back of the house and then down a short stairway and whoa! She couldn’t believe her eyes…they were in a mini movie theater with a fully stocked bar along the back, refrigerator and all…

“Max, this is beautiful. My God, not that it’s any of my business, but just how much did this place cost anyway? The Michael Guerin, short order cook, that I knew would never have lived in a place like this.”

“It wasn’t as much as you might think Liz. Michael happened to be in a conversation with a fellow lawyer who was handling the estate of the gentleman who lived here. He had no children and none of his heirs wanted any part of the old place…most of them elderly, it was too much for them. When Michael said he got it for a song, he meant he got it for practically the taxes due on the place. There isn’t even a mortgage…it’s his free and clear.”

“My God! Well if he ever comes across another deal like that let me know. Of course I’d probably have to work two jobs just to pay the taxes but damn, this is something else.”

Max smiled, she was right about that.

“Anyway, what would you like to watch, Michael has the big screen hooked to the internet and we can watch something new or” and he pushed a button on the remote control he was holding, “we can choose a DVD. Choose something.”

The wall separated and doors opened to reveal shelf after shelf of DVD’s and VHS recordings. Liz made her way over to the library in front of her and started to check it out. She made her choice, handed it to Max and he smiled…

“Into Sci Fi are you?”

“Well, yeah sort of…I like all kinds but this looks like fun.”

“Okay then.” And Max loaded “Skin Walkers” into the DVD player and they both sat back in the comfortable, overstuffed leather chairs and watched as the lights dimmed down and the movie started running on the screen. It wasn’t too long before Liz had her feet tucked up under her and she was fast asleep; Max grinned, grabbed a throw from the back of the chair and covered Liz and then he continued to watch the crazy scenes on the big screen TV. Life was good in Max’s world, now if he could just convince his subconscious before he went to sleep maybe those damned nightmares would stop. Maybe he should see someone about them, there’s a thought, and he continued to watch the movie.


When the movie was over Max left Liz for a few minutes and went to Michael’s room to check on the two they had left in there a couple of hours ago and Maria was curled up next to Michael, under the covers, sound asleep. A small light was emanating from Michael’s bathroom so Max gently closed the door and made his way to the kitchen to grab a soda from the refrigerator and headed back down the small stairway to the media room where he found Liz now curled up in a little ball with her head on the arm of the chair.

‘God, this will never do, she’ll have a kink in her neck that she’ll never get out.’
He thought to himself and he set his drink into the holder on one of the chairs and gently picked up the sleeping young woman and proceeded to carry her to her room.

He was about halfway there when she started to wake up and Max felt almost guilty…he slowed down and Liz never said a word, she just moved her head in closer to his neck and went right back to sleep. ‘Good’ he thought, she’s had a busy day and he made his way to her room and gently laid her down on top of her comforter, slipped her shoes off and used the throw at the foot of the bed to cover her with. She looked like a little kid laying there all curled up with her hair covering half of her face and he smiled. ‘I’ve got to figure out what those nightmares are all about’ he thought and he turned and left Liz’s room, turning the light off just before closing the door.


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Re: I Wake Up Screaming A/U C/C mature ch.:20 11/1/12

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Carolyn: I not only have to wash those dishes by hand after dinner, I also have to wash them before dinner because it has been so long since they've been used that i don't trust them to be clean... :D
Eve: Max will eventually get around to asking Liz out, maybe this chapter. He's still not sure of himself around her due to the fact that she turned him down flat in high school but that too will be brought to light. As for the music, I still do ironing and I listen to music when I iron and when I sew. I dont' go either as often as i used to, especially sewing due to my back, but the radio is on, well my i-pod is on. :D
Ken: :D :D :D 'the little general' is what my kids call me, honest. :roll: My sons tower over me, i'm 5'1 1/2", used to be 5'2", and I can still spout out orders if I have to. :lol: :lol: :lol: Good to hear from you.


Chapter: 20

“Amy, do you have any plans for next Saturday? We could catch a movie and maybe dinner?” Jim Valenti wanted to know.

“Oh Jim, how nice of you to ask but I’ll be in California visiting Maria. She was in an accident and although both she and Liz assure me she was not injured I just have to see for myself.” And Amy gave Jim one of her killer smiles…he really had made her day.

“Well, are you going to be coming back through Roswell on your way back to Florida?” Amy looked over to Jeff and Nancy for some input, she could come back alone but that might screw up their plans.

“Amy, why don’t you plan on coming back here? Jeff and I are quite capable of flying home on our own. Stay as long as you like…we’ll check up on your place for you.” Nancy assured her old friend.

“Do you think it would be alright?”

“Of course it will be alright. Beth doesn’t mind if you stay here.” And then they all giggled, sisters just didn’t seem to mind making plans for each other at all. And then Beth nodded and said,

“It’s okay Amy, stay as long as you want to. We have plenty of room.” And so Amy decided that she would reroute her ticket and leave an open return to Florida. Everyone seemed very pleased with this decision and Jim Valenti was especially pleased.


It was the middle of the night or very early Sunday morning, whichever suits your fancy, when Max again woke the household up with his screaming. Liz ran directly to his room this time, not even stopping at Michael’s door, and opened the door to Max’s room only to find him flailing his arms about and screaming to high heavens.

She didn’t think she’d ever seen or heard of anything quite like it before. She immediately ran to Max’s side and grabbed the one arm she could catch and tried to restrain Max while she talked softly to him. ‘He really needs to see a doctor about this; this is ridiculous’ she thought to herself.

Max finally woke up with Liz practically sitting on his chest and he couldn’t believe that he’d done it again…He looked at Liz through groggy eyes and managed to apologize.

“God Liz, I’m so sorry. I haven’t had these in quite a while now and then to have them two nights straight is unbelievable. I truly am sorry.”

“It’s okay Max, scoot over.” And Max scooted over and made room for Liz to lie next to him; he was too tired to argue with her, these things really took a lot out of him.

“Max, how long have you been having these dreams?” She asked as she rubbed his arm…

Without giving Liz any indication as to when they started he merely answered her…

“For about ten years I guess; somewhere around there.”

“Have you ever thought of seeing someone about this; it really can become a problem Max.”

“No, but I guess I should huh?”

“Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. Do you want me to ask around the hospital for some references?”


“Good. Now lay still and go back to sleep.” Liz didn’t know why she did what she did but she shimmied out of her jeans, being clad only in her bra, panties and tank top, she curled up next to Max under the covers, spooning into his back, and lay there rubbing his arm until he went back to sleep. It wasn’t long, just a little bit, and Max was back to sleep. After settling herself to the fact that Max had never bothered to see someone about these dreams that have been bothering him for this long she finally fell back to sleep as well.

Michael had merely pulled Maria in closer to him and told her it was alright, he being the comforter in this case, and she just made a faint sound and went right back to sleep as well. All was quiet for the rest of the night.


Sunday morning brought some sunshine to the doom and gloom episode of the middle of the night and Max woke up feeling just a little sheepish about his dream until he realized that he was not alone in bed once again and he smiled. He was holding Liz’s hand, the one she had been rubbing his arm with and he didn’t want to let go. He really had to go to the bathroom and his usual morning friend was standing at full alert just waiting for some relief. He smiled as he scooted away from the sleeping beauty next to him and made his way to the bathroom off his bedroom, trying very hard to be quiet.

After he had made his pit stop he left the bathroom feeling a little better and grabbed his duffle bag that was sitting next to the chair in his room and made his way back in to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. He thought he could at least make a pot of coffee and some toast before everybody else got up and he was in and out of the bathroom in no time. As he started to leave the bedroom he noticed Liz’s jeans lying on the floor next to her side of the bed and he grinned to himself… ‘Well, that’s a surprise!’ And he continued on his way out the door.

Maria was the next to wake up and she quietly made her way to her bedroom to shower and change clothes when she noticed Liz’s door open, only the throw laying haphazardly on the bed and her shoes lying on the floor next to the bed. ‘Hmmm, interesting;’ and she smiled. ‘She must have fallen asleep reading or something, I smell coffee so that means she’s up. Good.’

Maria went into the bathroom and took her shower, brushed her teeth and got dressed… and straightened up her room before heading to the kitchen where she found…MAX?

“I thought Liz was up…”

Max smiled…

“No, she had nightmare duty again last night. I don’t know what brought them on again but it’s been a while since I’ve had them and now they’re back in full force.” Max explained.

“Uh-huh…well Michael gave me some insight but why do you think you’re having them?”

“Maria, if I knew the answer to that I wouldn’t be having them would I?”

“No, I guess not. Want some eggs or cereal or something. I can fix breakfast for us.”

“No, not yet; let’s wait for everyone else to get up and see what they want. Maybe we could go out for breakfast or something?” Max wondered…

“Sure, but I don’t think the general will want to. Michael has to be on his machine for an hour this morning and then again this afternoon so let’s just play it by ear. I will have a piece of that toast you’re fixing though.”

“Great…I know how to make French toast too if you’d like, we can do that when the other two wake up.”

“Speaking of waking up, it seems Liz doesn’t have any trouble with her new sleeping arrangements.”

“Well, she was up awfully early this morning calming me down. I don’t know what time she went back to sleep but she looked awfully comfortable when I crawled out of bed. Did you know she snores a little?”

“Yeah, you really can’t call it a snore, but it is a strange little noise she does with her throat that’s for sure.”

“Yeah, but it’s not annoying or anything. She’s going to look into finding someone for me to see about these nightmares. I suppose I should have looked into it years ago but I just never bothered to. They seem to be more annoying now than they used to be though and I can’t figure out why.”

“Really? You don’t think it has anything to do with Liz coming back into your life?”

Max looked at Maria and then sort of grinned out of the corner of his mouth…

“Michael has a big mouth sometime…I don’t know Maria, maybe, but that was a really long time ago.”

“Yeah, well, it just might be the reason Max and you really need to find out because those screams are chilling. You could wake the dead.”

“Are they that bad?”

“Worse!” And they both laughed.

About that time Liz came wondering out into the kitchen and checked the coffee pot before she even said good morning, which she did after pouring herself a cup.

“How did you sleep Liz?” Maria asked…

“In shifts.” Liz answered as she smiled at the two sitting at the table, not the least bit embarrassed.

“Yeah, about that Liz…I’m sorry.” Max apologized.

“Hey, it’s okay, we’re going to get that problem taken care of Max. How’s Michael doing Maria?”

“Sound asleep last time I looked. I’ll go check.” And she was off like a flash.

Max and Liz watched her leave and they both smiled, it was good to see her feeling right with the world again.

“So, if you have to work today…how about lunch then?” Max asked.

“No Max, I don’t work until tomorrow afternoon. I work three twelves and Jenny works five eights because she has kids and it gives us one shift together a week. But I suppose I could squeeze that in, I want to make sure that Michael has everything he needs before I leave Maria alone with him.”

“Oh, I’m sure we can take care of everything before lunch time Liz…maybe they would like to go with us. Do you think they might be getting cabin fever?”

“Well, it doesn’t make any difference whether Michael is getting cabin fever or not, he’s on some pretty heavy duty pain killers and doesn’t need to be out and about. It’s my understanding that he’s going with Maria tomorrow to meet the big wigs at Capital and that’s enough outing for him for a while. It’s in the morning so I can go with them and have them back here by the time I have to leave for work. I can run by my place this afternoon and pick up some scrubs and bring them back with me. That way I can get ready for work here after we return from Capital. Would you mind stopping by there?”

“No Liz, I don’t mind at all.”

“Let’s go check on our patient and see how he’s doing then we can think about breakfast.”

Liz smiled as she took her coffee cup to the sink to rinse and put into the dishwasher and Max followed her to Michael’s room where they found Maria helping him get out of bed and into the bathroom.

“Here Maria, do you want me to take over for you, I can get him into the shower if you would like to fix him some breakfast…” Max looked at her questioningly…

“Yeah, sure Max, but how about the rest of us?”

“Well, I was going to make French toast if you want to wait until Michael has been taken care of.”

“Maxwell, you’re making me sound like an invalid here…I can take a shower by myself.”

Liz overheard the conversation as she came into Michael’s room to check on things before leaving and smiled as she said…

“Like hell Michael Guerin, you will take advantage of the help we are giving you, you will smile and enjoy it or I will call the doctor and have your happy ass put back into the hospital where they will force the help on you. Now you let Max help you get into that shower and Maria and I will take care of the rest of the things, like your breakfast and cleaning your room. We aren’t here on holiday regardless of how nice the accommodations are.”

“Yes ma’am.” Michael said as he mock saluted her and headed to the bathroom with Max.

Everyone laughed…

“Go ahead and laugh but I’m telling you the orders are there for a reason Michael, read them and do what they say.”

“I will Liz, honest.”

“Good” and Maria and Liz headed to Michaels’ bed to straighten the sheets and to get his therapy equipment ready, then they headed to the kitchen to start breakfast.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.