My Best Friend My Love My Life (AU,CC,ADULT) COMPLETE 11/17

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My Best Friend My Love My Life (AU,CC,ADULT) COMPLETE 11/17

Post by mary mary » Thu Oct 04, 2012 5:54 pm

This is a rerun...I came across this the other day and when I started to read it I was totally embarrassed at the mistakes but I really liked the story so I tried to fix it. Let's hope I succeeded a little in mending the numerous errors. It is the first fic. I ever wrote so if you've read it bofore, the context hasn't changed a bit, just some of the mistakes have been fixed. And I do mean "some" because I probably missed a bunch as I read along.
Title: My Best Friend, My Love, My Life

Author: Ginger (aka: Mary Mary)

Genre: A/U M/L-M/M Adult

Summary: an old gentleman remembers the happy moments of his life

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing to do with the show Roswell or any of its constituents… I have borrowed the names of the characters because I like them.


Year: 2064

The hospital room was very quiet now.

The 84 year old white haired gentleman sat next to his wife’s bed holding her hand, silently waiting…watching.

“It has been a beautiful journey my love.”

He said quietly to the frail elegant lady laying there hooked up to all of the life sustaining machines, all of them quiet now, all but one. The heart-monitor registering the faint beat of his beautiful wife’s heart. All that was left of their life now was the quiet waiting; all the tears had been shed.

As he watched and waited his mind drifted back in time to when the world was full of new experiences waiting for them…Their wonderful long life together, 56 years, and he smiled.

Part 1

My Best Friend
(The old man remembers)

Chapter: 1

Year: 2008


It was 7:30 a.m. when Diane Evans arrived at her office only to find the door locked and no one in sight. The entire suite was being lit by one small desk lamp left on in the corner of the receptionist’s area.

Diane reached for the switch plate on the wall and turned on the main lights. She immediately checked the desk in the main reception area for a note or something that would indicate that Liz might have had to rush away but she found nothing. ‘This is a first’ she thought to herself, ‘Liz is always here at 7:00 a.m. to get things ready for the day’. Diane got a concerned look on her face and immediately went to the phone and dialed home hoping that her son Max hadn’t left for work.

Max was just ready to walk out the back door when his mother’s call came in; he got a puzzled look on his face when he saw the caller ID. As he picked up the phone he thought to himself, ‘She just left a few minutes ago’.

“Hey Mom, what’s up?”

“Hi Max, has Liz called this morning and left any messages for me?”

Max checked the answering machine

“No…and I haven’t taken any phone calls either.” He asked once more, with concern in his voice this time,

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Well, the office is empty and it isn’t like Liz to be late and not leave a message for me, I’m concerned Max. Will you stop by her place and check it out on your way to work and get back to me honey? Her address is: “

And Diane rattled off Liz’s address for Max… “The key to her apartment is hanging on the hook by the back door; take it in case you need it, I am really worried.”

“I’m on my way Mom and I’ll call you as soon as I know anything…bye.”


Max immediately grabbed his jacket and keys and headed out the door. Now he started to worry also, ‘what could have happened to her? Mom’s right, this isn’t like Liz at all.’

He knew that Liz’s roommate Maria was out of town because his best friend Michael is engaged to her; ‘if something is wrong she is all alone’ he thought.

Max’s mind started to spin...he began to imagine all sorts of horrible things.

As he started the car he thought to himself, ‘her mother surely doesn’t need something happening to Liz with her father just recuperating from his last go around with chemo’.

‘None of us need anything happening to Liz under any circumstances’, he worried to himself.

He started to feel very anxious and then he started having a tough time concentrating on his driving, his foot wanted to accelerate…it was shaking almost uncontrollably; he just wanted to get there. It was almost like his foot had a mind of its own, as if he had no control over it. He had to do something to calm himself down or he’d never get there…

“What the hell was that turnoff again?” He yelled to no one in particular.

‘Relax,’ he told himself, ‘breathe; just wait until you see what’s going on before losing it.’ He was trying very hard to control his emotions.

Max’s thoughts continued to run rampant as he drove through town…he remembered…

June, 2007


Hey there friend,

Hope the test went well this morning…Michael said that Maria was really ragging on him about her essay on the Baroque composers and he wondered what she was so all fired up about since his anatomy final was coming up and he thought it was a helluva lot more difficult than an essay on old composers. Maybe they both need a lesson in understanding, what do you think?

I’ll be headed back to Roswell with Michael around the middle of next week…we both got our internships settled with Roswell General all ironed out but need to decide what we want to take with us and what we want to leave here. Michael will be renting an apartment so I guess he’ll be needing a U-Haul…I can’t decide whether or not I want to take my old jeep home or get rid of the damn thing. It still runs good but it is so old.

How are things with you and Maria?

Your friend always,


Hi Max,

So good to hear from you as always. Maria’s essay got an A, which made her very happy of course. My finals all went well and I guess I will graduate Magna
Cum Laude which should please my parents no end…of course I’m a little happy about it as well.

Maria has been offered a very nice position with a talent agent and will be able to work from home which she is extremely happy about. The job will require a lot of traveling, but I’m sure she will adjust to that.

We are planning on moving in together once we reach Roswell. I am still not sure what I will be doing. I don’t know if I want to follow the business or the paralegal portion of my degree…we’ll see. I will have to make my mind up soon if I plan on living away from home.

Glad to hear that you will be returning about the same time as us…it will be good to know you’re home and safe where you belong.

You mentioned Michael will be getting an apartment…where does that leave you? You two have been living together since forever…what’s up?

Your friend as always,



And so the messages went, back and forth. While Liz was away at college he was in medical school and they e-mailed each other regularly but now that they are both back in Roswell they don’t seem to communicate as often as they had while they were away. He wondered why that was. He wrinkled his brow in thought, ‘maybe it’s because we are closer geographically to each other and don’t feel the need to keep in touch as regularly, who knows?’


June, 2007


Hey there friend,

A quick note…we are about all packed up, Michael is moving everything from the apartment and taking it with him. I’ll be staying at Moms’.

Since Dad passed away she’s been awfully lonesome and I think it would be a good move for the time being.

Have you made any decisions about what you want to do when you get home?
Congrats on the Magna Cum Laude status…awesome!!!

We’ll talk when I get back. We’re about ready to pull out and I need to pack this up. We are towing the jeep and traveling together. Take care and see you soon.

As always, your friend,



Liz and Maria had been friends since kindergarten and when they graduated from high school they went off to college in Boston together…’ they are closer than any sisters could ever be possibly be’… Max’s mind continued to wander as he drove down the highway... the older Liz got the more Liz’s and his relationship changed toward each other. They went from playful children to adults, making the transition very comfortably.

They shared angst over exams, funny jokes they had heard, and just little stories in general, always keeping up with each other’s lives via e-mails and holidays spent at home. When he went off to college she was just a freshman in high school…but he always made time for her. ‘She was always so much fun to be with’ he thought; ‘she always had a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone,’

(And the old man smiled as his mind wondered on.)

While she was next door he never gave it much thought, she was always there, like a part of the scenery.

He could always count on her to talk to when he needed a little break from his everyday life. He would just walk through the gate in the fence in the back yard, give a little whistle at the back door and there she was with a big smile on her face and two cherry cokes. She would sit and listen to him ramble, never interrupting or offering advice even when she was old enough to make sense out of what he was saying, She just listened and let him figure things out for himself.

But now, now that he is home again, now that she is living in the same town as he, he is finding that he misses her and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to him.

‘I’ve been away for practically eight years; I just took it for granted that she would always be here. Why am I suddenly missing her? Maybe it’s because she’s not where she should be’

‘It seems as though someone took a part of my comfort zone away from me and I can’t figure out just what it is that they took. A big part of my life was knowing that she was next door, like that’s where she belongs, and it was a comfortable that’s gone as well as my father… too many changes all at once.’

Max’s mind continued to wander as he made his way through the early morning traffic to Liz’s apartment…at least his mind wasn’t manufacturing god-awful things as he drove along watching for signs that would take him to her.

She had lived next door to them since the day she was born; he remembered her sitting out on the porch in her swing when she was just a baby and a smile crossed his face. He was only four years old when he would go over through the fence in the backyard to play with her.

Whenever her mother wanted to fold laundry or just run the vacuum she would ask Max to come over and entertain her for a little while and then Nancy would always reward him with his favorites, milk and cookies, and sometime she would give him a cherry coke, his very best favorite drink to this day.

He continued to remember…Liz was a very sweet baby, he could make faces at her and tell her stories and she would look at him with those big brown eyes of hers and give him the cutest baby giggles and smiles. He remembered how good it made him feel to be able to make her laugh; this brought another smile to his lips as he continued to drive.

Whenever she would see him she could hardly contain herself…she would literally jump at him from her little swing and clap her tiny baby hands, he could see it as clearly as if it was yesterday.

When she was only eleven months old he taught her how to walk, much to her mother’s chagrin, and then, as the years went by, he taught her to throw a ball, use a bat and catch a football. He never tired of her company. When she wanted to join in and play ball or any other game that he and his friends had going on he made sure his friends always included her and he made sure they never acted as though she wasn’t welcome.

“Come on Liz, you can do it!” echoed through his mind like a mantra

He walked her to and from kindergarten and taught her how to tie her shoes. He would sit on their front porch swing and read to her for hours, teaching her to read small words before she ever started to school. He taught her the alphabet song and how to count to ten before she was three. She could recite the “Pledge of Allegiance” when she was two and he laughed out loud at the memory.

She would stand with her little hand over her heart, and he made sure it was her right hand, and then she would recite with him; Nancy took a picture of the two of them and gave Diane a copy. He snatched that right up and took it to college with him when he left. In other words she was always a part of his life, how he prayed that nothing serious was wrong with her. All of these things ran through his mind as he drove across town trying to remain calm.
He finally arrived at Liz’s apartment and he let himself in. She had left a key with his mom when she and Maria first moved in together just in case it would ever be needed for any reason and at the time he couldn’t imagine why they would ever need a key to her apartment, thank God she had.

It was actually the first time he had ever been here so he had to find his way to her room and when he did find her she was shivering under a mountain of blankets and close to delirium. He immediately phoned his mother to let her know the particulars of the situation and then he called the local hospital where he and Michael were interns. After speaking with the attending physician in the emergency room he called his mother again.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #2 10/5/12

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Hi y'all, since this is a repost I'll probably update daily. (been talkin' to my Texas granddaughter.)

Katie: I hope you don't get too bored, some parts really do drag on but I had fun with it, maybe you will too. :D
Natalie36: I hope I don't disappoint...enjoy! :)
Carolyn: Along with being appalled with the mistakes I sort of forgot all about it too. I don't know what made me click onto it but it was a fun read for me. :P
Eve: First of all I'm amazed and flattered that you have the original!!! How nice for me huh? Next, the story hasn't changed at all as far as context, just a bunch of mistakes in grammar. The more I write the more I remember from my English Grammar classes in school and I certainly don't write the way I talk, God, that would really be a disaster!!! :roll:

Enjoy the second go around...Ginger


Chapter: 2

He took hold of Liz’s hand and held onto it while he was on the phone.

As he sat on the bed next to Liz he took in his surroundings. He waited for what seemed like an eternity for his mother to answer the phone and as his eyes roamed around the room he found that it was very cheerful; he noticed that Liz’s hand felt very hot to his touch ‘God Mom, come on already!’… He saw a chair in one corner with a teddy bear sitting in it and he recognized it as the one he had won for her at the carnival when she was only ten years old and he remembered…


“C’mon Liz, let me try and get you a stuffed animal…what d’ya say?”

“Oh Max, I don’t need an animal, its okay.” And 10 year old Liz smiled up at her friend while his high school buddies stood around looking bored with the whole thing…they all wondered why he had to bring her along anyway?


He smiled and his heart fluttered a little as his eyes continued to dart around the room.

There was a skirted bedside table with a cute tall candle lamp on it and the table also held a clock radio, her cell phone and a book that she had been reading lay open, face down, on the table as well. Even the Kleenex box matched the room. He continued to smile and take it all in as he continued to hold her hand, he pulled it up and kissed her knuckles, it was limp and lifeless.

The bedding and curtains all coordinated in muted shades of gold, mauve and a sort of sage green color. She had what looked like a very comfortable double bed and a low chest at the foot of it for added storage. Along one wall was a double dresser with a mirror hanging over it and he noticed a framed picture of Liz and him together that had been taken at one of the family get-togethers.


“C’mon Liz, you and Max stand over there by the pool and let us get a picture of you two…we haven’t had a good picture since before Max left for college.” Jeff Parker said to his daughter.

Max walked over and put his arm around Liz’s waist and looked down at her and she in turn was looking up at him with that beautiful smile and an expression that was hard to read. She had to be in about 10th grade at the time.


Max smiled to himself as he remembered that day…’what’s that expression on her face?’ he wondered…he didn’t remember that look.


There was also a framed graduation picture of him from high school along with other photos of family members and friends. He was really surprised at how homey looking all of it was for an apartment. His and Michael’s apartment was just a place to store their stuff.

He continued holding her hand the entire time he was waiting for his Mom to answer the phone; it seemed as though it was taking forever when in reality it was only a matter of a few seconds.

Liz usually answered the phones at the office until nine o’clock, which is when the receptionist started her shift. Liz’s main duties consisted of transcribing, research and general office management as well as being Diane’s second in command.

Finally Diane answered and her voice brought him out of his reverie with a start and sent a sudden bolt through his heart, which surprised him, he immediately interrupted her…

“Hi Mom, it’s me… I called the emergency room and they said the hospital waiting room is full of patients with the same symptoms. The doctor working E R said it’s some sort of bug going around and when I explained that Liz was alone he said that someone should be with her at least until her fever breaks. So… I’m going to take her back home with me…

“I already spoke with personnel and told them I would be out for the next few days. I surely can’t take her to Jeff and Nancy’s because of Jeff’s weakened state from his chemo treatments so that leaves me. We can’t take the chance that he could catch this.

“I know I can take better care of her at the house, and besides, we’ll be close to Nancy if it comes to the point that I feel I should let her know what’s going on. I’ll let you know if anything changes but I’m not going to worry Nancy with this unless I feel she needs to know. She has enough to do taking care of Jeff.”

“Oh thank God Max, I am so glad to hear this, I’ve been so worried. I’ll see you at home and take good care of yourself as well, okay?”

“I will Mom, you can count on it.” And with that Max hung up.

Max wrapped Liz up in the down comforter that was on her bed and then he went to her closet to find a piece of luggage… He started opening dresser drawers and grabbed some underwear, pj’s, slippers, a robe and other items he thought she might need and quickly put them into the overnight bag he had found. He ran down to the jeep with the bag and came back to get Liz and carried her to the jeep as well.

The trip home wasn’t quite as harrowing as the one he had made to the apartment but it was running a close second. He was terrified that he wouldn’t be able to get the fever down before it caused damage to her system…he knew it was important and needed to be dealt with as soon as possible.

By the time he got her home he noticed that she was soaking wet and she couldn’t hold her head up. He gently laid her on the couch and realized that she had no idea where she was and she was talking incoherently.

Max immediately ran upstairs and got a couple of blankets from the linen closet in the hallway and came back down and put them into the clothes dryer to warm them up. He then took her temperature, it was over 103 degrees. She was burning up, very pale and clammy feeling. The only way he could bring that temperature down was to give her a cold sponge bath, he couldn’t get her conscious enough to take some aspirins and this concerned him as well.

He carried her upstairs to his room and got a dry pair of pajamas out of the bag he had packed for her and then got a pan of cold water from the bathroom and a large towel from the linen closet.

He carefully started removing her wet clothes and wrapped her in a big terry towel and started sponging her with the cold water. He thought about putting her into a tub full of cold water but decided against it; he was afraid he would drop her. He continued to sponge her off and hoped it worked, it should.

After sponging her for about half an hour he took her temperature again and it was down to 101 degrees. At least the sponging was doing some good.

Just about the time Max started to feel good about things she started to shiver, her teeth were chattering and Max knew she was now getting chilled and instead of putting her thin cotton pajamas on her he went to his closet and retrieved a soft flannel shirt of his own. He put that on her along with a pair of his sweat pants and then he put some crew socks on her feet. If she wasn’t so sick he would have laughed at his attempt to keep her warm. She looked so cute in her oversized clothes.

Liz opened her eyes for a moment and then they rolled back into her head; God was he scared!!! She was so pitiful looking and his heart just ached for her.

He wondered if he should just fill the tub and put her in a cold bath anyway but decided against it once again. She was so limp that he just knew he would drop her and that would only make matters worse… He was a wreck, an absolute wreck with anxiety; now he understood why doctors didn’t treat their own families and loved ones. It’s too hard to feel confident and think straight when your emotions were all over the place.

He wanted her to say something cute the way she did when they would kid each other but no such luck, she was delirious with fever and all the hoping on earth was not going to make that happen.

He put a blanket over her to keep her warm, she was burning up with fever but she was still shivering with chills. He leaned over and kissed her cheek and let his cheek rest against hers for a second, ‘she’s still too warm’ he thought to himself.

He was amazed at how trim and conditioned her body was. ‘Good God, she’s built like a brick shithouse…when did this happen?’ he thought to himself.

‘Get your mind back here Max!’ He chastised himself.

After he had her all dressed he pulled her hair into a high loose ponytail and caught it with a ribbon he found hanging on a bathroom hook. ‘Mom must use it when she puts her makeup on or something, anyway this should keep her hair away from her face and off her neck.’ He thought to himself.

He tried to get her under the covers but she started to shake uncontrollably. He immediately ran downstairs and got one of the warm blankets from the clothes dryer and then he ran back up the stairs, taking two at a time, and he wrapped her in it. The comforter he had her in was discarded the minute they reached his room; it was soaked all the way through with perspiration.

He was going to leave her upstairs but decided that the living room was a better choice because it was closer to the dryer, the kitchen and the fireplace…so he carried her back downstairs to the living room and gently laid her on the couch.

He immediately built a fire in the fireplace and sat down on the couch, slowly lifting her up and placing her in his lap he held her in his arms. He cradled her like a small child.

She was really shivering now and he was almost terrified; he started to doubt the ER doctor, ‘what if he was wrong?’ he thought. But he knew he was just being overly concerned, he had to trust the man.

He also knew from experience that this sort of thing would take time; ‘ she looks so helpless’ he kept thinking; she was making chattering sounds with her teeth again and he wanted to wrap her up inside of him, she looked so frail and helpless.

He took the blanket off the front of her and pulled her closer to his own body; he tucked the blanket in around her and would try to warm her with his own body heat. Maybe that would help… if he could manage to stand the heat from her long enough to do any good. As he held her he noticed how really tiny and vulnerable looking she was.

‘She has always seemed so strong and full of life, now she looks just like the little girl that used to live next door. She seems to fit in my lap so perfectly’ And his thoughts continued to race through his mind.

She was mumbling something incoherent again and he pressed his cheek to her forehead in an effort to calm her down while checking to see if she was cooling down any…she was still pretty clammy from the fever but she seemed to be settling down a little. He wished she would wake up enough to take some aspirin for the fever…he really wanted her to take something soon, the sooner the better.

After about half an hour she seemed to calm down some and she was not shaking as badly as she had been. She managed to look up at him with gratitude in her eyes; she couldn’t even manage a smile and then closed her eyes once again. She knew it was Max in her semi-conscious state and she couldn’t think of anyone else on earth she would rather be with; she was just so cold. Why? She thought…

She started to dream. All of the memories of her childhood, feelings of happiness involving Max flooded her mind and she was suddenly content, she didn’t know why but he was always there when she needed someone and she felt very content, yes, that was it, content.

She was still shaking but not quite as much as she had been and then she started to perspire again…Max was not sure if there would be enough clean dry clothes to keep her comfortable. He would just have to make do until he could get to the washing machine.

The phone rang and Max managed to get her settled comfortably on the couch and ran to answer it, it was Diane and she wanted to know if he needed anything. He thought for a minute and then he suggested that she pick up some ginger ale and jello on her way home. He then told her the situation and let her know that he had things under control.

Taking the cordless phone with him this time he went back to the living room where he positioned the recliner rocker as close to the fire as he could safely get it.

He changed her clothes once again and then he wrapped her back up in another dry, warm blanket and laid her in the chair in its’ reclined position.

He headed back out to the kitchen to make some tea, which he hoped she would be able to drink, and thought to himself as he worked; ‘the way she is sweating she needs to replace some liquids’.

He filled the teakettle and placed it on the stove to heat up and then he remembered that she liked plain old black tea. He got the regular tea bags, passing up all the trendy teas his mother kept in the cupboard, and poured the hot water from the kettle into the thermos teapot his Mom always used. He put the teabags next to the teapot that he had set on a tray along with a cup and headed back to the living room as quickly as possible. He immediately placed the tray on the coffee table next to the bottle of water and the aspirins that he had put there earlier; she was shaking again.

It seemed his body was the only thing keeping her warm. He immediately lifted her up, unwrapping her, then held her to him and sat down in the recliner with her in his lap; he enveloped her and him with the blanket this time. He tilted back into a reclining position in order to make them both comfortable, he knew they were going to be here for quite a while, he just didn’t know what else he could do for her.

He whispered out a prayer in the quiet of the room as he held her close, “Oh God, please let her get better soon.” Then he tried to talk to her…

“Liz? Liz honey; can you open your eyes for me?”

But she just laid there all cuddled up like a little child, shivering with chills, her head tucked under his chin and her right hand resting on his shoulder. He placed a kiss on her temple and gently rubbed her back in little circles; he thought to himself ‘at least she looks comfortable’. He looked at the fire for a while then he dozed off as well.

Some hours later Liz started to come to and she couldn’t, for a second, figure out what was going on. Then she started to remember little bits and pieces about the past 24 hours and realized what had happened. She took a look and realized that she was in Max’s arms, she recognized his aftershave, and suddenly she felt this overwhelming sense of happiness.

She vaguely remembered coming home from work and feeling very tired and not very well at all. Or was it last night? Anyway, after she took her shower she just climbed into bed and then started to feel very cold. She put some extra blankets over herself and that’s the last she remembered anything until now. She could see Max, sound asleep, and as she lay there in his arms like a little child she watched the fire and smiled.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #3 10/6/12

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Katie: Here's todays installment and some answers for you. :)
Natalie36: they all have their hands full right at the moment, but it will get better, honest. :wink:
Eve:In our country punctuation marks are just as important as anywhere else of course. My biggest problem is keeping a sentence in the proper time slot, mixing past tense with present tense. Such as: Liz has a crush on Max and was not should read, Liz has a crush on Max and IS not aware or Liz had a crush on Max and was not aware. Keeping things in the proper perspective. I do this constantly...and I also use too many commas. Hope that makes sense. :D
Carolyn:b]No,No, misunderstood...I will be posting every day. It's either that or mop floors, guess what I'd rather do? :D :roll: :D


Chapter: 3

“Maria, you have to come home with me after school tomorrow and see what Max won for me” ten year old Liz Parker said to her friend over the phone. “It was so much fun Maria…but I don’t think Max’s friends like me very much. But Max told them to straighten up or go home. You should have seen him Maria, he was so much fun!”

“Liz, you do know that he is fourteen years old don’t you?”

“What do you mean Maria? Of course I know he’s fourteen, why wouldn’t I know he’s fourteen. We have been best friends forever!”

“Liz, you don’t act like he’s your best friend.”

“Maria, I don’t know what you’re talking about…of course I act like he’s my best friend. He has always been my best friend…besides you of course.”

“Okay Liz, if you say so.” But ten year old Maria had her doubts. Other girls in their class acted that way over boys in their class not freshman in high school. Liz had a crush, that’s what she had and she didn’t care what Liz said.


Liz has loved this man since she was a little girl and has been in love with him since she was ten, Maria was right, but he was so much older than she was. Four years sounds like a lot when you’re ten and he’s fourteen. Hell, it is a lot! She remembered him taking her to the carnival with him and his friends and they didn’t want her to go along but Max convinced them that she was going and they didn’t have to go if they didn’t want to. She had wanted to go so badly but her father wasn’t feeling very well and her mother didn’t want to leave him alone so Max took her and that’s when he won a teddy bear for her by knocking metal milk bottles over with a baseball.


“C’mon Liz, let me try and get you a stuffed animal…what d’ya say?”

“Oh Max, I don’t need an animal, it’s okay.”

And then he knocked all those milk bottles over on the first throw. Michael was disgusted with the whole scene and Liz didn’t know why. Michael could have tried to win an animal. Couldn’t he? She was very confused about all of this….

She had a marvelous time and she was so proud to be walking around the carnival grounds sporting that big teddy bear with Max by her side. That teddy bear was almost as big as she was.

Then when Max went off to college and she started high school she thought her heart would break. It wasn’t long before she went off to college and he went on to medical school but by that time Liz had come to terms with their lives and didn’t dream those cozy little dreams she once had as a child.

They kept in touch through the years though, keeping each other current with their lives because they really were friends and the older they got the more grown-up Liz became.

They had more adult things in common of course such as grades, finals, dreams, ambitions, all of the things that friends share as well as seeing each other every holiday just as they had since they were small children. Their parents were and still are the best of friends.

Since Max’s father died and his mother took over their law practice alone there wasn’t a lot of time for get-togethers like there once was…and now that Liz’s dad was so sick her mom was tied up as well.

Liz started working for Max’s mom right out of college and had managed to lift a lot of the burden of running the office from her. With her paralegal and business skills as well as some knowledge of journalism she had become a real asset to the firm. Diane confided in Max that she knew a lot of lawyers that didn’t have Liz’s savvy and common sense.

This bit of knowledge pleased Max very much; he always knew that she had a good head on her shoulders. His mom also said that Liz had brought a lot of new and fresh ideas to the firm which was another thing that made Max feel very proud of her.


Liz felt very safe here in Max’s arms; as a matter of fact she felt safer than she had in a long time and she had to scold herself for what she was starting to feel.

He is so warm…why is he so warm? Oh God, I hope he isn’t getting sick too’ she thought to herself.

He started to stir and realized that he needed to be still or she might wake up. He was not really sure how long he had been asleep but he didn’t want to wake her, he looked down and found himself looking into her eyes and she smiled a happy smile at him and said very softly,

“Thank you”…Her pony tail was still all straggly and the ribbon was hanging onto a couple of strands of hair and she looked so cute that Max wanted to hug the day lights out of her.

He smiled back and said,

“You’re welcome” just as softly and placed a kiss on her forehead and Liz gave a little shiver and it wasn’t from chills.

“I think you need to have some tea, some broth and some clean dry clothes. What do you think?” Max said softly…

Liz looked up at him with those beautiful brown eyes of hers and his heart started to melt once again. ‘What is wrong with me?’ he thought.

Liz lifted the blanket covering both of them and looked down at herself and replied,

“I think that I have had some dry clothes already … what do you think?” She smiled and winked at him coyly.

“Well, you were a little damp and the doctor said to keep you dry and warm.” Max offered with a shy grin.

“You called the doctor? I thought you were a doctor!” She replied with shock, she was taken aback a little by this statement.

“Well, I was going to take you to the emergency room and have tests done to see what was wrong and they told me the emergency room was full of patients with your symptoms so I decided to bring you home where I knew I could take better care of you.

“Besides, your Mom is right next door in case things got worse. I haven’t told her that you’re here yet and if she calls the office my Mom knows the situation and will handle it, although I don’t want to think how things could have gotten any worse.” Max shifted them around a little to work out some kinks…

“Oh yeah, and my mom, we will have to let her know you are over the first hump. You have to stay down for a couple of days Liz…lots of liquids, dry clothes and stay warm. It’s going around you know, and the doctor doesn’t want you sharing this with anyone else.

“Now, I need to do some laundry and fix you something to eat. What would you like to do first? Take a bath? Have some tea or what? But you definitely need to take a couple of aspirins, just to make me happy…I think I deserve it!” Max grinned and gave her a little hug…

“Can I just lay here for awhile and stay comfy?”

Max looked down into those big brown eyes of hers and his heart started to thrum wildly in his chest once again…’what in the hell is going on here?’ ‘Stop it!’ He thought to himself.

“I think that would be ok. Just have a cup of tea before you fall back to sleep and the aspirin and water are right next to the tea bags. You really need to replace all the liquids you have lost, we can’t have you dehydrating.”

“Ok, I’ll have a cup of tea, if you insist, and I need to use the bathroom.”

Max helped her up and made sure she got to the bathroom without any trouble…she was still a little light headed and weak. While she was in the bathroom Max went upstairs and retrieved another pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt for her and handed them to her when she started out of the bathroom. She changed clothes once again and then she curled back up on his lap and gave him that big smile of hers and tucked her head under his chin.

“Would you like me to call Maria?” He asked, secretly hoping she’d say no. Then he remembered, ‘Maria is out of town’.

“I think we have things under control right here, what do you think?”

“I think you’re probably right.” He said with a grin. “Anyway, when you’re ready for something to eat you let me know. Peanut butter and jelly is always on the menu (always one of her favorites as a child, even at thanksgiving dinners), or I can fix you soup, raid the freezer…whatever you think you would be able to get down, let me know.”

“Let’s stay this way awhile. I am so comfortable. I don’t want to lose this.” And Liz snuggled down farther into to Max’s lap getting more comfortable if that was even possible.

“Lose what?” Max asked as he wrapped his arms around her once again; he was totally confused…

“Your lap!” She said quietly into his shirt.

“Liz, my lap is always with me, you won’t lose it!” Liz sighed…

“Yes but I am not always sick, and besides, I haven’t felt this safe and secure in a very long time. I want to remember how this feels Max. I’m sure it’s because I’m sick but no one has taken care of me like this since I was a very, and I do mean a very, little girl.”

Liz remembers…

“Good morning Mrs. Parker, is Liz ready for school?” Max came to walk Liz to kindergarten….

“Good morning Max…are you sure you want to do this…I can walk with her if you would rather walk with your friends.” Nancy asked 8 year old Max.

“Oh no Mrs. Parker, I want to take her. I’ll take good care of her, I promise.”

“I know you will Max…be careful and I’ll wait for you at the corner when school is out, okay?” Nancy smiled down at the young boy…

“Okay Mrs. Parker, we’ll be there. Have a good day.” Nancy had to stifle the giggle she was trying to have…

“I will Max and you do the same.” She replied with a lilt in her voice.

And Max took Liz’s hand and they walked to school together.


“Remember Max, you’ve always watched over me. I want to remember this too Max…I want to remember this feeling for a very long time; I’ve forgotten just how nice it feels to be taken care of. Thank you for being my friend and Max, thank you for this.”

“Welcome baby.” and Max kissed her temple before he gave it a second thought.

(Oh sweet Mother of God, where in the hell did that come from? Max was beyond shocked at what he had just said and done.)

Liz gave him a very big loving smile and a nice big kiss on the cheek…’this is my very own bestest friend on earth…and am I lucky!’ She snuggled back down into that nice warm body of his and went right back to sleep.

He smiled a smile that he didn’t quite understand, ‘what’s going on here? What are these feelings I’m having?…Strange!!!’ He thought to himself. His body was starting to feel things that he deemed inappropriate right now and he wasn’t so sure that the feelings weren’t welcome.

He wrapped his arms around her more securely, making sure she was snug and safe, and he stretched that big strong body of his out as far as he could without disturbing her comfort and just before he nodded off he smiled…oh yeah!

He went to sleep right along with her.


About 8:00 p.m.Diane came home and checked out the scene in the living room, the mess in the kitchen and laundry room and she could see that her son had been a very busy doctor. She put another log on the fire and noticed that Liz’s hair was all askew across Max’s chest. There was her hair ribbon holding one little clump of hair around her right ear and Max had his arms wrapped protectively around her body as they both slept like babies.

She left the two of them alone; they looked quite comfortable as a matter of fact. ‘It’s about damn time’ she thought to herself with a knowing smile. Call it a mother’s intuition, we all can’t be wrong…’these two belong together’, she thought to herself.

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Eve: you are most if I can just practice what I preach! :roll:
Natalie36:Well here's the next installment for you...enjoy. We're slowly getting to the juicy stuff, honest! :wink:

Chapter: 4

The next few days weren’t as harrowing as the first day and a half and Max managed to get Liz back on the road to recovery. She stayed downstairs on the couch after getting over the chills and fever but Max never left her side. He slept on the recliner and managed to keep a very close eye on her at all times.

He fixed and fed her all of her meals and he insisted she use the guest bathroom downstairs and to quit worrying about making a mess. Finally, after the third day, he let her take a shower and he had to give her another pair of his sweats to wear while he laun

dered all of her clothes that he had brought with him plus all of the sweats he gave her out of his own wardrobe…it was getting pretty pathetic when it came to the availability of changes of clothing.

She went through clothes like a teenager at the “Gap”! Of course she had very little memory of the first day and only some of the second day. Only that Max was there with her. Max would have probably died of embarrassment if she had known just how often he had bathed and changed her.

Even if he was a doctor this was Liz after all.

He would have to take the down comforter to the dry cleaners and he had to ask…

“Liz, why would you own bedding that had to be dry-cleaned only?”

She smiled and explained…

“I usually put the comforter into a duvet Max…it protects it from dirt and dust and it is the warmest, lightest weight blanket there is. And, besides, in Boston it’s almost a necessity.”

Max gave this some thought, nodded, and then moved on, it made sense.

Diane finally went next door on the second day and informed Nancy of what was happening at their house and Nancy made a large pot of chicken soup for the whole group.

She stayed away because she didn’t want to carry the bug back over to Jeff so she called Max and met him at the front door. It’s just as well since Liz was so sick for the first two days and Nancy wouldn’t have been able to do anything for her anyway. Max didn’t want to concern Nancy needlessly and cause her any added worry and Nancy knew that Liz was in good hands. She always was when Max was around. She would trust him with her daughters’ life… any time.

And she smiled as she remembered the little boy next door…


“Hi Max, how are you today?” Nancy Parker asked as four and a half year old Max Evans climbed the long stairway leading up to the front porch. He took each step as though his little legs could hardly make the next as he clung to the railing; it was a laborious task to say the least.

Liz was sitting in her swing listening to her mommy sing a little nursery rhyme to her as Nancy sat and snapped green beans for dinner.

“Hi Mrs. Parker…I came over to say hello to Liz. How is she today?”

Nancy smiled at the young boy who lived next door…the son of her best friend since grammar school, Diane Evans.

“She’s fine Max. Would you like to stay here and keep her company for awhile while I check on my dinner?”

“Sure Mrs. Parker…I can sing to her too. Do you think she would like that?” Max asked with those cute little amber eyes so serious and as wide as he could make them.

Nancy had to smile at the young child who had befriended Liz, and she said, “I am sure Liz would love to hear you sing Max. I’ll bring something out for you in a minute, okay?”

“Yes Mrs. Parker. I’ll be here and I’ll make sure nothing happens to her.” Nancy was very certain that Max would take excellent care of Liz.

“Thank you Max.” And Nancy left the two youngsters alone for a minute while she checked her pot-roast and got Max a glass of milk and some cookies.


Four days later Max took Liz back to her apartment. He knew Maria would be coming home and that Liz would not be alone in case there was a relapse but Max was fairly certain that Liz was well on her way to recovery.

Max was busying himself cleaning up the mess he left the day he found Liz so sick and Liz was curled up on the couch with a cup of tea, a fire in the fireplace and a movie on the TV.

The apartment was really quite nice considering that the two girls living there had only been working a year since graduating university. They had managed to purchase some very comfortable and inviting furniture and added some very cozy accessories. Liz told him that it had taken many trips to various yard sales and thrift shops to come up with the eclectic style of hominess they managed to accomplish. They had become very adept at re-upholstery, furniture refinishing and with the help of Michael, carpentry. Max was very impressed.

The only really new items they purchased were the box springs and mattresses for their beds, the sofa and the dining room table…but all of these were at rock bottom prices.

They weren’t comfortable with the idea of used mattresses and decided that they definitely had to be new. Now Max understood why Liz drove a small pick-up truck and he smiled, always the practical Liz.

Maria walked in and surveyed the situation and looked a little confused. Liz was asleep by this time and Max motioned her to the bedroom.

“What’s going on Max?”

“She’s been quite sick…a bug that’s had the whole town on its’ ear. Anyway, she’s feeling better now but I need to change the bed. She’s been at our house for four days and I think that’s enough time for this to be dry”, he pointed to Liz’s mattress.

“It was soaked from perspiration caused by her fever.” He sprayed the mattress with some disinfectant before replacing the mattress cover.

Both of them worked together putting on the sheets and blankets that Max had taken down to the laundry room and laundered. When they finished they both took a look at the sleeping Liz on the couch and smiled…. hard to believe that’s the hard charging young woman they both knew and loved.

Max noticed a charcoal portrait of the two girls hanging over the fireplace and asked Maria when they had that done. They looked so natural in it.

Maria informed him that Michael had taken a picture of them when they were working in the kitchen one day and then he did the portrait in charcoal and had it framed for them as a housewarming gift. Max was very impressed. He had forgotten that his best friend was also a very talented artist. The portrait was very lifelike and Max felt himself start to tear up. Michael had managed to capture their personalities so well and he could only smile back at Maria knowingly.

“Well Maria, you’re on your own. I am going home and then I’m going to bed. There is juice and sodas in the fridge…soup that mom made on the stove and tea on the counter. Of course there’s always P, B and J!”

They both chuckled softly at his announcement.

“Max, you are a great friend. Thank you.”

Max walked over and placed a small kiss on top of Liz’s head, smiled and nodded at that remark and left the two girls alone.


About an hour later Liz started to stir, ‘this is not comfortable’ she thought to herself, she looked up and saw Maria and gave her a confused smile, “where’s Max?”

“Hi sleepyhead, I hear you’ve been under the weather.” Maria did not answer her question straight away…

“Boy you can say that again", she said softly "it’s been a real hoot around here. What happened to Max?”

“When I came in he was changing your sheets. He filled me in on the situation while we made the bed up for you and then he took off. He said something about going home and going to bed; he must be worn out. Anyway, would you like some soup or something to drink? Diane sent some homemade soup over for you, as you know, and it really looks good.”

(Liz really wanted Max to be there with her right now…’his lap is so much more comfortable than this pillow’ she thought…why was she feeling like this? She thought that this little girl crush on the boy next door was over years ago.)

“Maria how was your trip? And sure, I’ll have some soup if you’ll join me.”

“It was long …the plane ride back was no picnic but it’s over.”

Maria eyed her friend for a minute and noticed that Liz was still looking around the apartment sort of hoping to see someone else; she busied herself in the kitchen getting some bowls from the cupboard and a tray from the sideboard in the dining area.

“Do you want to eat in here or in front of the TV?”

“I’m glad you’re home Maria. Let’s just eat in here. Can I help you with anything?” Liz said with a little less enthusiasm than Maria was hoping for. Not that Maria wanted help; she just wanted her friend to have more energy and it looked as though she had lost some weight which Maria felt she couldn’t afford to lose in the first place.

“I can’t think of anyplace I would rather be and no, you can’t help me with anything. I hope I don’t have to do very many more of these weeklong escapades unless they are really interesting. This last trip was really a bummer, the group I went to see was nothing more than a bunch of kids with minimal talent. Maybe in a few years and some extensive music lessons they might come around. Sometimes I hate being the ogre but their parents were thrilled that I took the time to see them so not all was lost.”

Maria looked at her best friend who looked as though she was about to fall asleep again… and thought to herself ‘well I guess this conversation is over for a while’ and she continued to prepare some soup in the kitchen.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #5 10/8/12

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Eve: Hey, I remember what those little boys were like too and I also remember my young sons trying their hardest to walk up steps like big people do without holding on ...I also remember my daughter catching her youngest hanging on to the banister posts from the outside trying to get upstairs and bypassing the baby gate when she was two years old. Talk about a nightmare...that girl is still a kick in the ass, of course my daughter doesn't think so. The girl is now 22 and talk about fun!!!! Lord almighty. :roll: :lol:
Katie:I have two grown sons, 52 and 53, and three grown grandsons, this is my dream! :? I'm not so sure this little boys exists although my sons did grow up with younger cousins and were as gentle as lambs around them...they also kicked the crap out of the older cousins who bothered was gang up time. You picked on one you picked on all of them and yet they fought like cats and dogs among themselves. :roll:


Chapter: 5

Max got home and started cleaning up the living room and putting all of the blankets in the laundry room and the dishes in the kitchen. He hated the thought of leaving a mess for his mother… ‘She works hard enough as it is and with Liz sick these last few days it has really been tough on he and still she found the time to make us some more chicken soup’ and he smiled.

He felt very lucky to have had Philip and Diane for parents, as his world expanded and he saw how other people were and the families they had he knew how truly lucky he was.

He reached over and picked up one of Liz’s tops that he had to change for her and suddenly he felt very strange. He could see her lying there so frail and helpless and wanting nothing more than his lap to curl up on. He had never seen this side of Liz before and although he wanted her to be up and around he really missed her softer side.

He looked down and realized that he was holding the shirt to his chest as though she was still in it….’What is going on here?’ He thought…he shook himself back to reality and headed for the laundry room wondering what was going on in his brain.


The next day he was back at the hospital going full bore when he ran into his best friend and fellow intern, Michael.

“Hi Max. What happened buddy? Were you under the weather or something?”

Michael had been dating Maria for the past five years and they were going to tie the knot as soon as he has his internship was fulfilled and he had passed his medical exams.

They had met at Liz’s parents home when the girls had come home for Christmas break their freshman year at college; it was a match made in heaven.

Michael and Max planned on opening a practice together when they finished their internship, Michael being the OB/GYN and Max the Pediatrician. Max had his inheritance from his father and planned on using that to set up practice right here in Roswell where they had grown up. ‘The town is just large enough for some privacy and small enough to be friendly.’ He had thought to himself.

Max looked at Michael for a minute and said,

“Aw, no man, Liz was sick with the bug that’s going around and her Mom is so busy taking care of her dad that I stayed home and took care of her.”

Michael noticed a small smile forming on his friend’s face and wondered just how good of care he had given her.

He knew that Liz has had a crush on Max since childhood; Maria mentioned that all Liz ever talked about was Max, the boy next door, while growing up. Michael knew that Max has been very protective of Liz since he and Max met in high school.

Max even insisted that she go to the carnival with them when they were teenagers and fresh in lust with anything in a skirt and she was a mere fifth grader. Talk about putting a damper on fun! Michael thought it was awfully strange at the time, hell he still thinks it was strange, what a bummer for the rest of them.

He also knew that Max dated occasionally since they grew up but he never formed a lasting relationship with any of those women.

He also wondered why Max never pursued a relationship with Liz after she graduated from high school but he never asked. He knew there was a four-year age difference but there was no reason not to move forward after she started college. I guess he had his own reasons.

Maybe he should suggest to Maria that they plan a double date!!!

‘Don’t interfere Michael’, his inner voice was telling him as his mind worked overtime to tell him to mind his own business but his heart was telling him it’s time for Max to find out why he’s been celibate for so many years. He and Maria had a pretty good idea and if the truth be known so did Max and Liz’s parents.


Ignoring every warning from his inner self Michael called Maria to fill her in on his plan and Maria agreed that they should do this.

“Liz has seemed empty since her stay with Max was over and seems to really miss him being around.” Maria confided.

Maria didn’t feel that Liz had ever gotten over her feelings for Max and now that she saw how she was after her few days with Max as a grown woman she now believed that this was never just a crush but love all along, and not friendship love either.

Liz had rejected every man that had ever attempted to date her. She managed to find a million faults with all of them. Too short, too tall, too skinny, too fat and once she even came up with “he looks like a wooly bug”.

She had turned down some of the most eligible bachelors on the planet. Even the new young lawyer at Diane’s law firm was practically falling all over himself when she was in close proximity to him and she didn’t even know he existed. Why hadn’t they seen this before?

So Maria and Michael set out to play cupid. That Saturday they decided to meet at Liz and Maria’s apartment for dinner and cards; that sounded friendly enough since Liz had been under the weather and “shouldn’t be left alone”…Michael’s input.


For some reason Max was very excited to be going to Liz and Maria’s. They had never done this before but it sounded like fun. He wondered if there was something he should take as a polite gesture so he gave Maria a call and asked her if there was anything he could bring and she told him just himself. He suggested a bottle of wine and she laughed…

”Sure Max, we’re having chicken so red or white…either will be fine.”

Max laughed at that and said he’d take care of it and then he asked…

”How’s our girl doing? Mom said she finally came back to work but is she up for this?”

Maria told him that she was getting stronger every day and that she would be fine for this evening since she slept almost 12 hours last night. He said “good” and signed off.

In the meantime Liz felt like a giddy teenager. You would think that she had never met the man before and she had known him all of her twenty-four years. What in the hell is going on? She asked herself and then she thought…’I know damn good and well what’s going on. He has NEVER made any indication to me that he cares for me in any way other than friends. If only’….


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Eve: I guess these little ones catch all of us one way or the other. What fun memories.
Katie: I call this one of my B.S. chapters. I was going to delete it but it does lead into the next one and I think you will really get into that one!!! :wink:
Natalie36: If you miss this chapter please don't be disappointed, it will get better I promise. I suprised myself with the 'rest of the story'. :oops:
Happy reading...

Chapter: 6

Max arrived at the apartment right at 7:00 p.m. and stood there with a mountain of mixed emotions; excitement, anxiousness and happiness all rolled into one and he was one confused young man. He finally rang the doorbell, hoping to see her smiling face on the other side. His stomach did flip flops he was so excited but Maria opened the door instead and gave him a great big hug and let him in. Liz was setting the table and when she saw him she melted. She gave him her biggest smile and walked over and took the wine from his hand, gave him a peck on the cheek and said

“Hi Max”.

He reached around her waist with one arm. Pulled her close and kissed her on the temple before saying “Hi”.

He melted, his legs turned to jelly and he wanted to grab her and take her in his arms and hold her forever.

“WHERE IN THE HELL ARE ALL OF THESE FEELINGS COMING FROM?” He yelled at himself through his mind. ‘This is Liz for Christ’s sake, get a grip. I’ve known her all of her life and most of mine for that matter.’ (Oh, but little girls grow up don’t they old man?) The little voice in his head asked. She looked so cute…blue jeans, pink tank top, pony tail and bunny slippers. (Oh for God’s sake, get over it man) that voice again. ‘Jeezus, look at those lips, strawberry kissed lips, can anyone get any more gorgeous than that?’ His mind was running wild with this crazy shit…he really needed to take control of himself soon or he could just lay down and beg like a dog for a bone. Any old bone will do… just put him out of his misery. He wanted her bad!

Maria just stood there taking it all in…He’s a goner!!! OH YEAH!!! She could hardly contain her glee…she knew they were right, this was a fantastic idea.

About that time the doorbell rang again and it was Michael. Maria couldn’t wait for him to get in here and witness the display of emotions playing out in the other room.

“Michael, you are so right… wait until you seem him, he can hardly keep his eyes focused. What happened last week?” She asked excitedly.

“Hell Maria, I don’t know. He came back to work and said he had to take care of her because her mother was taking care of her dad. Then he started grinning like a damned Cheshire cat. I think he woke up…that’s what I think.” Michael was really confused by Maria’s actions right now; he had no idea why she was so tickled.

“Well, whatever happened, I think we are on the right track here!” And Maria gave Michael a nice short kiss hello before heading into the kitchen to get their meal set on the table.

They all sat down to dinner and were having a great time. The meal was a huge success and the girls were very proud of their efforts.

They both had been together on their own since their freshman year in college and they had managed to learn to survive on a shoestring and were both very adept in the kitchen. They used their allowances for other things besides meals out.

They served chicken and lasagna with their special homemade sauce (they made it from a recipe they had gotten from an Italian school mate back in Boston). They also served a tossed salad and homemade garlic bread. It impressed both of the young doctors. They had made a cheesecake from scratch as well and planned on serving it up for dessert after their card game.

Michael had eaten many meals with Maria at the apartment but never a planned sit down dinner such as tonight. It was usually something quick and easy that they could grab on the run while getting ready for another long day or a chance at some alone time. This was truly a treat for him. He had no idea she was this talented in the kitchen.

Maria was usually on the run with her job as the assistant to one of the largest talent agencies in the state. She worked from home but was on the road quite a bit of the time. She was also a very talented musician and songwriter herself but only wanted to do these things for her own enjoyment. She liked the home life too much to devote herself to the entertainment field. Little did she know when she took the job that it would take her away from home almost as much as being an entertainer would have. Her degree was in theater and also in business so she did have other choices to pursue.

Both girls had managed to accomplish dual degrees, and very diverse ones at that, and in only four years of study. They applied themselves to the task at hand and were both rewarded for their efforts. Not that they didn’t have fun but they each had goals to achieve and were very determined to reach them … and so they did. Of course they were lucky to have had the parents they had, not having to take outside employment to help with expenses they could accomplish these feats without the added burden of jobs.

The girls were very happy that the young men liked their dinner and they were also proud of themselves. After all they didn’t want the men to think they were useless as homemakers.

After they cleaned up the dining area and put the dishes in the dishwasher they took the extra leaf from the table (they had purchased the table at a local furniture store that had gone out of business). It had been scratched up pretty badly from being in storage and they had stripped it down to bare wood and stained it a very dark cherry color to match the eight chairs that they had purchased at a yard sale for forty dollars. The entire dining room consisted of pieces purchased here and there and the way they had it all put together was awesome.

The Waterford crystal goblets that they used were purchased at the same yard sale as the dining room chairs for only twenty dollars. The glass goblets were of a different pattern than the wine glasses but they didn’t mind at all; there were only five wine glasses and seven water goblets but they were gorgeous. The girls didn’t mind about not having a complete set, matching or otherwise. As far as they were concerned a service for four was ample at this particular stage of their lives.

The grandchildren of an elderly woman who had just passed away were trying to get rid of everything the lady had and the girls were absolutely elated with their find. They were only sorry they hadn’t arrived at the sale earlier in the day. The stuff those kids were selling was unreal. Liz and Maria had also purchased the headboards for their beds and matching chests. They couldn’t buy anymore of the stuff because their apartment was too small for it and they were almost tempted to rent a storage facility to buy the rest. They didn’t do it though…but after having second thoughts they knew they should have. No such thing as hindsight.

They used the four extra dining chairs as fill-ins since they would not all fit in the dining area; they used one in each of their bedrooms and two in the living room for added seating. All of the items were a dark cherry and in extremely good condition.

They had managed to buy some old table legs that were compatible with the dining table from a salvage yard and they bought a nice piece of cherry wood at the local lumberyard. They had pre-measured a space for a sideboard they intended to build with the help of Michael and the guys at the lumberyard were more than happy to cut the board to their specifications (anything for these two cuties!) They also helped them choose some molding to put around the edges of the board. The entire project turned into a beautiful addition to the room. Not too big and just enough room for extra storage for additional table settings.

They purchased a lovely silver tea and coffee set at the local thrift store for seven dollars. It was black with tarnish but they recognized it for what it was and they cleaned it all up with silver polish. Then they put a very nice scarf under the tray for accent. A large mirror purchased at another garage sale adorned the wall above the sideboard and a green plant from the local nursery finished the picture. Michael had helped them cover a piece of wood to make a valance for over the dining room window matching the one in the living room. Max was very impressed when he found out how they managed to decorate the room for less than two hundred dollars. They were amazing.

They sat down to a game of pinochle, girls against the boys. What a time they had laughing and giggling over the bidding that was going on and trying to signal each other without becoming downright cheaters. The guys finally managed to outscore the girls by a very marginal win, and the girls then brought out the cheesecake.

The cheesecake had cherries to top it all off and the men were again very impressed. They enjoyed each other’s company for a while longer and then they were ready to call it a night. Michael was planning to spend the night with Maria so they excused themselves and went to get ready for bed leaving Max and Liz alone.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #7 10/10/12

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Katie: Now we get to see if the dinner party was successful or not. :D
Eve: Found and fixed, sorry... :D

Chapter: 7
My Love
(And the Old Man Continued to Reminisce)
Liz asked Max if he would like to watch some TV or a movie,

“We have quite a nice selection of DVD’s and not all of the selections are ‘chick flicks’” as she explained with a giggle.

He had forgotten just how much he enjoyed that little laugh of hers, it was contagious. He gave her a sexy grin and knelt down in front of the DVD cabinet to take a look at all of his options and as he did he noticed how cozy the living room was and then took notice of it with more interest.

The living room consisted of the two extra dining room chairs and a nice sized sofa that they had told him was purchased at the same “going out of business sale” that they had purchased their table and mattress sets.

Liz explained that they paid a mere two hundred dollars for the sofa and with some upholstery cleaner and a little elbow grease they managed to uncover a very lovely fabric. She pointed out that they had purchased some fabric at the annual yardage sale at one of the local yardage shops and sewed up some nice accent cushions and covered a valance for over the living room window with the help of Michael and of course their lumberyard buddies.

They had a small rocking chair that Liz’s grandmother had given her when she was younger and Liz told him she had made a cushion for the seat that coordinated with the rest of the room. Max was becoming more and more impressed with her by the minute. There just seemed to be no end to her talents.

She explained to him that there are books on any subject you want at the library … and of course there is always the Internet. She told him they also purchased a small portable sewing machine at the year-end sale where they had purchased the fabric. It was one of their better decisions. “It also helps when you are as compatible as Maria and I are” she explained. Max smiled and agreed with her, it was true and then he said...

“A movie sounds like fun Liz. Are you sure you aren’t too tired? I think you and Maria have done wonders with this apartment; it feels very homey and the dinner was excellent.”

“Not tired at all doc, and …what’s your pleasure? Also, thank you for noticing…it was a lot of work but worth it and dinner, well; it was a joint effort so not as much work as you would think.”

“You’re welcome, now let’s take a look and see what you have.”

Looking at Max with a twinkle in her eye she said in a low, sultry voice,

“Well, I think you already know what I have.”

(Oh damn, did I just say that out loud…good Lord…I’ll scare the ever lovin’shit out of him!)

“Excuse me?” Max looked at her questioningly…

(Did I hear her right…is she flirting with me…Oh I hope so!!!)

“Well, since it came out of my mouth before I thought about it, I think you know what I said.” Liz grinned…

“Well, yes, I heard it and I’m not so sure what you mean by it Liz; I know what I would like it to mean but it’s sort of taken me by surprise. Since last week a lot of things have been running through my mind and I can’t seem to shake them, so I am just going to say this out loud, get it off my chest and see where it leads.” Max inhaled a large breath and thought to himself ‘let’s hope I don’t scare her to death but here goes, it needs to be said out loud’.

“Liz, I think I have wanted to be with you since we were too young to know what being together meant. Then as time went by you were too young for me to even think of things like that…therefore I put it out of my head and just loved you as my friend. I don’t want to love you as just my friend anymore, I want to love you the way my heart wants to love you and has wanted to for a very long time and not the way my head tells me to. I think that’s what I want Liz.”

Liz just stood there dumbstruck. She could only look at him with tears streaming down her cheeks and then she knelt before him in front of the DVD cabinet so they would be eye to eye and took both of his hands in hers. She looked him square in his beautiful golden eyes and made her confession.

“Max. I have loved my friend forever but I have been in love with him since I was ten years old, YES, TEN! She emphasized. There hasn’t been a time when you haven’t been in my life. I have loved you for so long that I have just taken it for granted. You have wiped my nose, helped me up when I fell down, taught me how to swim, and walked me to and from kindergarten. You made sure I was always taken care of and that nobody ever picked on me. If you have trouble believing that I have been in love with you since I was a mere child of ten then ask Maria. She has lived through my ramblings about you since… forever. She also knows when my feelings for you changed into something more. Now, I hope this doesn’t scare either of us anymore than I think we already are but, Max, come to bed with me. That is the only place I want to be; safe and happy in your arms!”

Max watched her face through her entire speech and his heart about jumped out of his chest. He reached up and wiped away her tears with his thumbs and he cupped her head in his large hands as he had done so many times before. He could not believe the emotions running through his body. He wanted to laugh, cry, scream and shout with joy all at the same time. ‘What the hell is happening and why did it take so long to happen’ he asked himself?

Without another word and a smile on his face he took both of her small hands in his and slowly stood up. He pulled her up with him and then he leaned over and put his right arm behind her legs at the knees and lifted her effortlessly into his arms. Liz wrapped both of her arms around him as he carried her into her room. He slowly sat her on her bed and started to remove her tank top, never taking his eyes away from her beautiful face. She slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. They watched each other intently, smiling at the same time. Max slowly stood her up and reached for the zipper on her jeans and she did the same for him. She slowly slipped the jeans from her hips and let them fall to the floor. He slipped out of his and then, all of a sudden it dawned on him. “I have no protection!!!”

“Oh My God Liz, we can’t do this!!! I don’t have anything! “

Liz looked at him with confusion on her face and then suddenly it dawned on her what he was saying. She had a huge grin on her face and told him to check out the bathroom drawers, try the left side drawer. “Michael has a huge stash in there.” Max ran to the bathroom, dressed only in his boxers, and opened the drawer under the counter of the bathroom sink just about the same time as Michael ambled in. Michael gave him a knowing look and just grinned at him as he reached down for the box of condoms and held it out to Max who could only grin back. Max took one and Michael just raised an eyebrow and continued to hold the box out to Max who took two more.

“I’ll pay you back Michael.” Max said…

“Hey, they’re on me.” Michael grinned back at his best friend…

“Thanks man!” was his only reply.

As Max left the bathroom it dawned on him…she’s a virgin. “Oh please God, don’t let me screw this up” he whispered out loud and headed back to her room.

Michael stood there smiling. ‘It’s about damn time.’ He thought to himself.


‘There she is in all of her innocence, just waiting for me with great anticipation and the sweetest smile’ he thought he had never seen a smile so sweet. There is no doubt or worry on her face…only pure love and trust.

“Did you find them?” she asked. He smiled and opened his hand…she took a look at the wad of packages and gave him a sexy little grin.

“It looks like we are planning a very busy evening.” His cheeks started to turn a beet red and she just giggled. She opened both her arms and used her fingers to motion him to her.

“Come here Max, we have waited far too long for this.” This looked like the same motion she used to use when she was a baby and wanted lifted out of her swing seat, sweet is the only word he could think of to describe her.

He leaned over her and slowly lifted her up to unclasp her bra, which he removed while planting kisses all over her exposed upper body. He then reached down and effortlessly slid her panties down her legs, ‘oh sweet jeezus just look at her! Don’t let me lose it before we even get started.’ Max begged anyone listening…

Then Max removed his boxers and Liz just stared at him. This was the first time she had ever seen an entirely naked man and this had to be the most beautiful man on God’s green earth. How had he managed to hide that body from the world all of this time? There definitely had to be a law somewhere that prevented someone from looking like this. They had spent many, many days around their pools many, many times, but this was unreal. Those sloppy swimsuits he always wore did nothing for this body. She had been staring at him for what seemed like forever…and he was starting to feel just a little bit uneasy.

“Liz, are you alright?”

“Hmm…uh, yeah Max, more than alright!” she gulped out.

Max just let out a little chuckle and with that he lay down next to her on the bed and asked her “Liz, are you sure?” She replied in a very breathless voice,

“Oh God Max, you know I am.”

With that remark Max couldn’t wait any longer. He put his hand behind her neck and pulled her face to his. He leaned in and started to kiss her sweet lips…taking his tongue and moving it along her lower lip to gain entrance to her mouth. She opened and allowed him entrance as she started to moan, she was driving him crazy! He then took his arm and pulled her closer to him and ran his hand down her side and back up to her face as Liz arched into him.

He knew he had to stay in control of his own body so he took it very slow and easy as much for him as well as for her, he tried concentrating only on her and forced himself to control his emotions.

He wanted this to be the single most beautiful experience of her life; she just melted. This was the first romantic kiss of their lives and they both could have stayed like that forever. Soft moans continued to pour out of her mouth. This was so much more than she had ever dreamed; she felt as though her entire body was melting. She was burning up with pleasure.

‘Do they give lessons on kissing somewhere? Where did he learn to do this?’ she asked herself.

She returned his kiss with all of her heart and soul wrapped into it; she wanted to crawl inside of him, she wanted him to know how she felt.

He smiled and moved his tongue over her lips once again and she opened her mouth to receive him and again they did the dance of lovers with their lips and tongues touching so tenderly that the sensations were burning into their souls Liz thought she had died and gone to heaven, this was more than she could have ever imagined, she hoped these feelings would never stop.

Max then started his exploration of her body, slowly, relishing in the velvety smooth softness of her skin. His hand slowly took a survey of her shoulders and down her arm; he ran his fingers over her chest and down between her breasts, past her rib cage and to her belly button.

He slipped his hand around to her backside and rubbed little circles along her hips as he rolled her into him, closer yet, he kneaded her hips ever so softly and she was all but crying for more by now. He pulled her body closer to his if that was possible, he took her leg and pulled it up over his and reached between her legs, he felt as though he was melting and his heart was beating so loudly that he thought that he would pass out.

She was still moaning softly and playing with the hairs at the back of his neck as she moved her head to a position where she could reach his ear lobe and she gently sucked and pulled on it gently with her teeth, she shivered in excitement as she ran her tongue around his ear and she let out little puffs of air on his neck.

She was driving him crazy; he was starting to get goose bumps all over his body. She was running her fingers across his chest and down his abdomen ever so lightly, ‘he feels amazing’ she thought to herself.

All of these strange thoughts were running through her mind as her body was waking up to every foreign sensation he was causing in her. ‘He is so soft and so taut all at the same time. How can this be?’ She had her hands behind his neck again and then started holding onto his shoulders for dear life. She was beside herself with happiness. She ran her fingers up and down his taut muscles and could not believe she was here in his arms at last.

She slowly reached down between their bodies and found his erection. She needed to feel him; she needed to know what it was that caused all of these sensations in their bodies. As she took hold of it she could only gasp, it felt like silk to her and as she held it she noticed that it was getting harder and larger. Max released them from their kiss and looked at her and smiled...

He then whispered in her ear “if you keep it up this will all be over before it ever gets started.” She immediately let go and kissed him on the cheek, “Sorry, but I’ve never seen nor touched anyone like this before and it’s you, and it’s beautiful and I wanted to know what you felt like! I understand what you’re saying but I want to explore you too.”

“That’s a beautiful thought sweetheart but can we leave the anatomy lesson ‘til some other time?” Max whispered into her ear.

“Sure as long as you promise I can explore.” Liz whispered into Max’s neck and caused him to shiver all over…

“Oh hell yeah, all you want to angel, all you want to.” And he had to calm himself down yet again.

With that he reached her breasts and took one in his hand and stared to massage it slowly… feeling the beauty of the instrument that would one day feed their children. His body was very close to betraying him again and he had to take control of his senses quickly…He would not let this evening be ruined by raging hormones, it is too important to her. It has to be perfect.

He stopped for a second and Liz looked at him, thinking she had done something wrong…he just smiled down at her with a look of love and adoration in his eyes and she knew it was just part of the lovemaking ritual and relaxed. She would learn this from him. They would learn what pleased each other in time.

At the sign of her relaxation Max continued his ministrations and, after calming his body down for a second time he reached back up to her face and held it in his hands. ‘She is so beautiful and open and so trusting of me’ he thought. Oh how he prayed for the stamina he needed to do this properly. He then kissed her again, very tenderly, and continued on his journey over her body. He again took her breast into his hand and held it in readiness for his mouth. Her nipples were standing erect by now and Max was amazed at her acceptance. He ran his tongue over her nipple before sucking, this caused her to bring her hips up closer to the center of his body and they were so close to joining it scared him. He continued to be amazed at how receptive her body was to him.

She was really starting to come alive; her body was starting to feel things she never knew were possible to feel. It went beyond anything her imagination could have ever dreamed up. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes she was on fire.

‘Oh God, please let me live through this’ was all that she could think of right now.

After properly attending to that breast Max moved his mouth to the other one, he now decided it was time to start his journey to the core of their pleasure. He slowly moved his right hand down over her waist while continuing to suckle on her breast. Liz had continued her exploration of his back and arms but suddenly became aware of more exciting things taking place within her own body…Max, realizing that she had decided to concentrate on his ministrations to her, took a look to make sure he was not doing something wrong and all he got was a very happy, smiling young woman watching him.

He melted; having her watch him was really wreaking havoc on his own body, he found her watching him to be very erotic. He again had to talk to himself and to think only of her.

He continued his ministrations, he leaned up and kissed her sweet soft lips again, working his tongue to the inside of her mouth, reaching out for her tongue to softly massage and caress. All the while he continued his journey with his right hand. He had passed her navel and was now resting between her belly button and the valley between her thighs. He found her nub and began to rub…slowly…and Liz let a small groan escape from the back of her throat, again causing an added sensation to his tongue as it continued to work its magic in her mouth.

Then she started to move in rhythm with Max’s hand. She didn’t seem to have any control over herself nor did she want to. She just wanted to enjoy the man she has loved her entire life.

Max continued to rub, very gently at first, but Liz lifted her bottom into his hand to make him go harder. He understood her movement and obliged her eagerly.

He then took his middle finger a little farther south and found a very wet opening just screaming for attention. He inserted his middle finger and started his journey, in and out, in and out and she started to move with him. Enjoying each gentle thrust and Max then inserted another finger increasing the friction.

She looked at him with passion, love and trust and he only smiled and continued to ravish her with loving kisses. He found a spot behind her ear that seemed to drive her passions even further. He moved to her ear lobe and gently sucked and then blew soft warm air over her neck, which only increased the pleasure coming from between her legs and caused a little shiver to ripple through her body.

He continued with his ministrations, coming out of her folds with long strokes up to her clitoris and back down into the folds of her core and she was writhing in such pleasure that he almost lost it again.

He was really having a tough time controlling himself, ‘Please, let me hang on,’ was his only prayer.

It didn’t take him long to achieve his goal.

She started to move her hips involuntarily; pressing harder into his hand and then her legs started to stiffen and quiver. She shook and shuddered all over, little spasms erupted from her middle and she was on her way, her juices ran down over Max’s long fingers and onto his hand, she continued her orgasm as her body quaked over and over. She had never felt anything like this in her life.

Max could only smile at his accomplishment; he was truly pleased that she enjoyed this; but he knew there was more to come.

It was amazing how much her pleasure had pleasured him.

She looked up at him in her anticlimactic state and said breathlessly “What about you?” He smiled at her and told her “it’s coming…but that was for you.” She thanked him profusely and then he started his love dance all over again. She was primed and ready.

Max began by journeying down her body with his lips. He slowly planted kisses all the way to his final destination. He had never performed this act of love on another person in his life…but this was something he really wanted to do for her. He again took her breasts into his hands while hovering over her. He continued planting little kisses on her abdomen and then scooted down to the foot of the bed. He knelt on the floor at the foot of the bed and placed his arms under her thighs and brought her legs up over his fore arms as he knelt in front of her and slowly, gently, pulled her to him.

She was now looking at him with big wide eyes; she was not sure she wanted what she thought was about to happen, she was embarrassed by this action but Max gave her an assuring look and she accepted and trusted him as she relaxed.

He gently spread her legs farther apart in front of him and placed tender kisses on her inner thighs; he separated her lower lips with his thumbs and then took her nub into his mouth and began to suckle her.

She bolted right up off the bed; Max raised his eyes up to watch her and he couldn’t believe the passion that was emanating from her. The trust she had in him was enough to send him over the edge once again. He placed his mouth over her entrance and puts his tongue into her folds. She came up off the mattress with a jolt and moans continued to emanate from her throat. He couldn’t believe the sensations running through his own body by this time. He had never felt this kind of power over someone in his entire life and it was truly the ultimate turn-on and to think it was for Liz.

He really was having a rough time controlling himself.

He moved his mouth again and lightly sucked on her nub and slowly slipped one of his fingers into to her opening. He then inserted another one into her. He started a rhythm with his mouth and fingers that brought her to her end so quickly he was shocked. She shivered and gyrated all over the place. Her head was twisting from side to side and she had clamped down on his head with her legs. She had him in a death grip and he was overwhelmed at what he was doing to her, he didn’t want to stop but she begged... “PLEASE … NO MORE”…He couldn’t believe that he could bring her to this state of arousal. She continued to climax for what seemed like forever.

She released her grip and looked at him in disbelief. She was completely breathless. She couldn’t believe she just did that. Max stood before her with the largest erection he had ever had in his life. This last episode had all but brought him to his end without even thinking about it. Liz saw his condition and motioned to him once again to come to her.

It was time to do something for him. She held out her arms to him and opened her legs.
Max took a condom from the night table and opened the foil…he started to roll it on but Liz took it from his hand and said, “Let me.”

Max gave it to her and she leaned forward and placed a kiss right on the tip of his erection before she gently rolled the condom in place but not before tasting the creamy white secretion seeping out the tip. Max’s eyes about bugged out of his head and he almost lost it again. He could not believe how receptive she was to him. She took a long hungry look at the erection on the man she loved; she was in awe of him and she opened her legs wide to accept her lover for the first time in her life. She could hardly wait.

Max leaned forward on his forearms and looked down into those lovely brown eyes of hers. He started to kiss her once again; he couldn’t help himself. He just couldn’t seem to get close enough to her. He took his erect penis in his hand and slowly rubbed it over her clitoris and down to her folds a few times. Liz started to moan again and then he entered her body carefully, knowing full well that this was going to be a brand new experience for both of them. He silently prayed, ‘Please God, don’t let me hurt her’.

He allowed her time to adjust to him before going too deep. She was very wet and ready for this but still extremely tight. He inched his way slowly…stopping about every inch in order for her to adjust to him. She just cradled his face in her tiny hands and smiled, urging him on. She wanted this experience to be as memorable for him as it was for her.

He soon reached her barrier and leaned forward to kiss her gently. He slid his arms under her shoulders and told her he loved her and that he would try not to hurt her too much. With that statement she wrapped her legs around him and thrust her hips up against him and forced him into her. His eyes damn near crossed on him at the feelings his body was experiencing, both mental and physical. God how he loved her, but she had just scared the hell out of him.

He looked at her and asked, “Are you alright?”

She barely squeaked out ”yes!”

He said, “OH God Liz, why?”

And she said, “Max, I have had menstrual cramps that were worse.”

Max just looked at her and smiled… and proceeded to make love to this beautiful woman.

He leaned into her and planted a soft kiss on the tip of her nose then started to kiss her sweet lips again, so gently she hardly felt him. She got used to the feel of his erection and her body started to move, just slight little movements at first, curiosity was getting the best of her and she needed to feel him. Max was aware that she was beginning to get used to him and he started to move slowly in and out setting a comfortable rhythm in tune with Liz’s giving her a chance to feel comfortable, she felt marvelous. He continued to kiss her beautiful lips and face.

Although Liz had just experienced two of the most powerful orgasms of her young life she could not believe that anything else could feel any better. He was so big and caused so much friction and ‘it feels so good’ that she had totally forgotten any pain associated with the experience that took place a minute ago. Max shifted his position just slightly to find the right spot; he had taken her body to places she could never dream of going and ‘here he goes again’.

He continued with his thrusts, slow and deep. He looked down onto her lovely face and his heart melted. He continued to pleasure them and then he felt his end approaching …he needed to wait for her…she was so close …he could feel her tensing.

“Liz, look at me baby” He wanted to see as well as feel the experience. He could feel her starting to tense up more …

“Liz, look at me” he said again.

She opened her big brown eyes and saw the passion in his golden stare…she could only gasp and then Max started to move faster. As he picked up the pace Liz adjusted her rhythm to his and her legs started to quiver and her body started to shake all over. Max took longer strokes, coming past her sensitive nub with each outward stroke, which increased the friction between their two bodies and then she let out with a loud moan that started in the back of her throat and came out of her mouth in a loud, almost scream.

Her muscles started to contract around him and he couldn’t believe that she could possibly get any tighter.

He was starting to make loud guttural sounds that emanated from low in his throat as well. He could feel her juices surrounding his taut shaft and he finally gave his body the release it had been clamoring for all evening. He moved deep within her and his body jerked violently while planting his seed deeper and deeper with each thrust of his hips. His mouth found hers and they swallowed each other’s moans…they were in another world.

He couldn’t believe the feelings he was experiencing. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. They both continued to explode. This had to be the longest orgasm he had ever had. The imagination could never do these feelings the justice they deserved. It was the single most gratifying experience he had ever felt. Liz was just plain weak. She wondered if she would ever be able to walk again without assistance.

Michael and Maria weren’t sure what they had just heard but they were pretty certain that Liz and Max were having a successful visit with each other. They just snuggled up.

“Great dinner party!” Michael said…Maria answered lazily…”Mmmm Hmmmm.” And they both went back to sleep.


Could life be any better? Yes, it could.

Max looked at Liz and had only two words for her. “Marry Me.”

She smiled the biggest smile he had ever seen. “YES!” was her one word reply.

Max stayed inside of Liz for a very long time… He didn’t want this feeling to ever end. He pulled the covers up around them and then he rolled over, taking her with him, and holding her in his arms they fall into a deep and restful sleep.

They awoke a few hours later and Max looked down into Liz’s face and saw a questioning look there.

“What’s wrong Liz?”

She said “nothing”. And then continued to look at him.

“Are you sure, because it looks like you have something on your mind.”

“I do” was her reply.

“Well then, tell me.”

“Can we do it again?” she asked.

Max started to chuckle and gave her a big hug and a huge grin.

“You betcha.”

Liz just giggled at his reply; with that he rolled her over onto her back and proceeded to make love to her all over again.

They would “do it again” before breakfast as well…Michael was right, he needed more than one condom!


They had a lot to do in the next few weeks. There would be no prolonged engagement for this couple. They had to get on with their lives together as quickly as possible. There was too much living left to do together and they didn’t want to waste another minute getting started. .

The Beginning

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #8 10/11/12

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Katie:I thought you would like that one... :P This one probably won't "tickle yuor fancy" so much but it's kind of fun!!! :)
Natialie36: There's quite a bit more actually...maybe 40 chapters or so. I hope I don't bore you to death.
Eve: Thank you and you're also welcome. The only explanation I can give for those couple missing words are (?). Right in the middle of a sentence there's a space and a line. :!: :!:
Carolyn: I knew you were gone somewhere and I'm sorry it had to be for a funeral, although it seems she got her wishes. A long life. My husands "Mother-in-law" was a real sweetheart as well and lived way up into her 90's also. (Not my mother, his first wife's mother) We both thought the world of her. Welcome back and thank you for the kind words...I know you've read this before. :)


Ch. 8: The Engagement
After their night of ‘getting acquainted’ Max and Liz shared their news with Michael and Maria over a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, juice and coffee.

Max and Liz kept looking at Michael and Maria…waiting for some sort of acknowledgement that Max was still there…

Michael and Maria kept eating away, pretty much ignoring Max and Liz mostly because they didn’t really know what to say to their friends.

Finally Max broke the silence:

“Liz and I are getting married in a couple of weeks”,

(And the old man smiled as he remembered…)
Just as if he was announcing that it was raining out. That ought to bring some excitement to this table he thought to himself as he shoved a piece of bacon into his mouth.

Michael and Maria both stopped chewing and just stared at the two of them in utter shock.

Neither of them knew what to say or how to act and they were making Max and Liz very uncomfortable.

Max said, with a puzzled look on his face. “Well, spit it out!”

With that Michael just burst into laughter and then Maria and Liz joined in…Max didn’t know whether to laugh or to get pissed off at them. He finally saw the humor in all of this as well and started laughing along with the rest of them; it really was insane when you thought about it.

When they had all calmed down Liz and Max swore Michael and Maria to secrecy until they could break the news to their parents.

Michael and Maria both assured them that none of their parents were going to be surprised about a pending marriage between them. The speed with which the nuptials were going to take place may be a surprise but certainly not the marriage.

Max and Liz both looked at Michael and Maria with puzzled looks on their faces and Max asked no one in particular, “And just what do you mean by that?”

Maria popped up with, “Max, everyone that knows you two has just been waiting for this.”

Max could not believe this and he asked Maria in a somewhat confused tone,

“Just what in the hell does that mean? Why would you say that? Liz and I have never given anyone any reason to think that we were anything but friends.”

Maria popped up with, “Yeah, right!”

Then Michael pondered that for a minute then asked Max, with the straightest face he could muster,

“Max, are you serious man?” Then he continued, “You two have never dated each other but yet you have always gone everywhere together. You never mentioned any feelings you may have had toward one another other than friendship and yet neither one of you has ever dated anyone else seriously. Then, after one dinner together, you manage to share your bodies with each other and decide to get married. Don’t you find this just a little strange? Max, friends do not sleep with each other, especially after one dinner that can’t even be considered a date and promptly announce that they are getting married. Where’s your head man?”

Max thought about that for a minute and then looked at Michael and said, “Why in the hell didn’t you tell me?”

Michael just shook his head and stuck a piece of bacon in his mouth. “For an intelligent person you surely are dense sometimes.” He looked over at Maria and shrugged a shoulder…what a piece of work!

Liz looked at Maria and said, “Do you feel this way too?”

Maria looked at Liz and grinned,” Girlfriend… you’re kidding… right?”

Max and Liz just looked at each other and shook their heads…they guessed this wouldn’t come as such a surprise to everyone after all.


Later that afternoon Max and Liz went to Liz’s parent’s house and called Max’s mom to come over; Diane got her coat from the closet and with a smile on her face she wandered over to the Parkers.

She wondered what these two were up to since Max was only supposed to have dinner with Liz, Maria and Michael last night and he never came home…this was a first for her son.

When Diane arrived at the Parkers she found Jeff and Nancy sitting comfortably on the couch in the living room and Liz and Max were bringing a tray in with coffee and cake on it. Max looked at his mother a little sheepishly and said “Hi mom.”

Diane acknowledges him with a smile and a hug and said, “Good morning Max, Sleep well?” Then Max started to turn beet red and Liz just giggled, gave Diane a nod and continued to pour coffee and serve cake.

Max put the tray on the coffee table and took hold of Liz’s hand and announced to the parents,

“Liz and I have something to tell all of you.”

The parents exchanged a knowing look between them, smiled at their children and patiently waited with their hands folded neatly in their laps.

Max and Liz were taking all of this in and realized that Michael and Maria were right. Everyone had just been waiting for them to figure out what the rest of them already knew.

But…they’d bet they don’t know everything.

“Well… Mom, Jeff, Nancy…Liz and I are going to get married in the next couple of weeks.”

Diane grabbed hold of Nancy and Jeff’s hands and they all got the most flabbergasted looks on their faces; the kids had a tough time controlling the urge to laugh at them; they all looked so comical.

Max leaned over and whispered in Liz’s ear, “Wow, this is fun!” Liz looked up into his eyes and giggled at him…then she mouthed “you’re rotten!” Max looked at her and nodded.

Jeff looked at the two of them as if they both had two heads.

Diane was the first to say something. “Max, is there some reason why you want to get married in a couple of weeks…shouldn’t you make plans or… I don’t know… something?” she managed to get out with a high-pitched squeak.

Nancy agreed “Yes! Why so fast?”

Max told them all … “Why wait? We know what we want and we can’t see any reason to postpone it!”

Nancy finally got her thoughts together and asked her daughter, “Liz honey, don’t you want a wedding?”

“Not really Mom, I just want Max.”

Max squeezed her hand and interjected his thoughts.

“We understand what you’re saying, but we don’t want to postpone what is going to happen just so we can spend the next few months in a whirlwind of plans only to have a large party that is going to cost a fortune when the only thing we really want is to start spending the rest of our lives together as husband and wife.”

Nancy and Diane both looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. They’re right, but both women felt the kids should have some sort of celebration. Then Jeff spoke up.

“Liz, does this have anything to do with my illness?”

Liz looked at her dad and walked over and gave him a big hug. “No dad, this has nothing to do with you. It’s all about Max and me.”

With that Jeff smiled and told the women that if this is what the kids wanted then that’s what they should have. They should not interfere with their decisions in any way…they are both adults and know what they want to do.

Then Nancy asked them if they knew where they would like this marriage to take place. They both looked at each other and Liz said, “We haven’t really gotten that far.”

Then Max piped up and said, “The chapel in the hospital is beautiful.”

He was sure the hospital chaplain, Father O’Brien, would be more than happy to accommodate them. Since they didn’t want a large group it would be the perfect choice.

They all agree that this sounded like a great idea; the chapel held about forty people and they were sure that Maria and Michaels’ parents would want to attend as well as their grandparents, especially grandma Claudia.

They all gave each other a knowing smile.

Grandma Claudia would not miss this for a million dollars; Liz and Grandma Claudia just had something that you can’t put into words…it’s like they are one with each other.


Later that day Jeff called his mother to let her know the latest news from their house and she was just elated.

If anyone could ever be happy over this news it would be Claudia.

“Oh Jeff, you don’t know how happy this makes me.”

Jeff said, “I know mom, we are all elated about the marriage but there’s more, they want to do this within the next week or so.”

The line went dead for a second and then Claudia said, “Well, we all know that when Liz sets her mind to something it’s now or never.”

Jeff just laughed at that statement, it was true.

Then Claudia asked, “Is Liz there? Can I speak with her?”

“No mom, both she and Max have gone to see the priest over at the hospital. That’s where they want to get married.”

The phone line went silent once again and finally Claudia asked, “Why?”

Jeff told her, “Well, they just want the family and a few friends and Max really likes the chapel so they are looking into it as we speak.”

Claudia quietly replied “oh” and then she told him that she would have a surprise for Liz when she arrived there. She would make reservations to come as soon as they get off the phone and she would let him know when to expect her.

She then asked how he was doing and he told her that he was still trying to regain his strength and that the last chemotherapy he had was his final treatment. He was in remission and would be monitored every three months to make sure there were no more out breaks.

This made his mother doubly happy and she told him how much she loved him and how proud of him she was. He was close to tears right then for a couple of reasons and Claudia told him she would be seeing him within the next day or two.

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Katie,Natalie,Carolyn and Eve: Please forgive me for not acknowledging your fb individually but I'm having an awful time with this computer and I'm taking what I can get without throwing it at the wall. This is my third attempt at getting things right so bear with me. This is most likely going to bore the heck out of you unless you like planning parties with unlimited funds. Think about it!!! :D

Chapter: 9

Things fall into place

Claudia hung up the phone with Jeff and immediately called her travel agent at her home since the agent did not work on Sunday.

“Sylvia, I am so sorry for disturbing you on a Sunday morning but there has been an emergency at my son’s home and I need to make reservations to leave as soon as possible with an open return.”

The agent smiled into the phone even though Claudia could not see her and she said,

“Claudia, this is why I give my favorite customers my home information: just how soon do you need to travel and to where?”

“No later than Wednesday Sylvia, but Tuesday would be preferable.”

“Great…I’ll get right to work on it. You know that the farther away you make these reservations the cheaper the tickets don’t you?”

“Yes, I realize this, but it’s necessary that I get there as soon as possible. Thank you Sylvia, I’ll be waiting to hear from you.”

So Claudia told her where and when and then the two old friends exchanged pleasantries before hanging up. Claudia knew if she had told her friend what the emergency was she would not have agreed with her so she kept that news to herself. Sylvia did know about Jeff’s condition and would only assume that it had something to do with him. That suited Claudia just fine…it really wasn’t lying, just not telling the whole story.

Claudia then headed to the attic to dig her wedding dress out of her old trunk. Liz was the same size and build that she had been at twenty-four and she knew she was saving this dress for some reason.

The style is timeless’, Claudia thought to herself. She hadn’t seen the dress since Liz was a tiny little thing and had wanted to play house in it.

Claudia smiled…white lace, long pointed sleeves, high collar and just the right length train consisting of three tulle ruffles starting at the waist in the back with the bottom ruffle laying about three feet on the ground and tapering to floor length around the entire perimeter of the gown. Each ruffle was about twenty four inches wide and they were attached to the gown with a lace border. The top of the gown was see-through lace over a taffeta lining, it was form fitted to the waist, which dropped off to a point before fanning out to form a full circular skirt. The entire gown was lined in white taffeta and gave the bodice of the gown the appearance of being strapless covered in lace. All in all it was very elegant and Liz would look like a doll in it. ‘Let’s just hope she doesn’t put up a fuss about wearing a gown’.
Claudia had no intentions of telling anyone of her plans about bringing the gown; it would be her surprise for Liz.

Liz and Max called Father O’Brien and told him of their plans and wanted to know when they could come and see him. He told them that he was in his office right now and to come right over…

When they got there Max introduced Liz to this smiling, robust, white haired gentleman sitting in his office behind this huge cherry wood desk and she fell in love; he reminded her of Santa Claus. His office was right off the chapel on the main floor of the hospital; not a very large room just very cozy.

After Max introduced Liz to the old priest the priest had them sit down and then he asked them,

“Well, what do you two have in mind this beautiful Sunday morning?”

What did they have in mind? Well Max proceeded to tell him that they would like to get married in the chapel here in the hospital and asked if he would perform the ceremony.

The old priest was quite taken aback with their request and said,

“Well Max, this is a first as far as I know. The chapel is for the use of the patients, visitors and the staff. I don’t know about this.”

“Well father, I’m part of the staff so I don’t see any problem with that.”

“Hmmm, I guess you’re right about that. Did you have any special time and day you wanted this to take place?”

“Yes father…as soon as possible.” And Max took hold of Liz’s hand, kissed her knuckles and gave her a sweet smile as he waited for the priest to answer his question then he continued on with his explanation to the priest.

“We really don’t want to wait any longer than we have to wait father and we don’t want a civil ceremony.” Max threw that last part in just for a little extra incentive for the old priest to make him agree with him. Not nice but sometimes it helps to play a little guilty card if you have it.
(And the old man smiled and looked at his frail wife and kissed her hand as he continued to remember.)
Then came the obvious question…


Max and Liz looked at each other and grinned.

“Father, the only reason for the rush is that we want to start our lives together as soon as possible.”

The old priest knew Max and thought very highly of him and he had never known him to make irrational decisions so after giving it a little thought he decided to make an exception. ‘This will be alright, won’t it?’ He asked himself. ‘I just won’t say anything to anybody. I will have to tell the hospital administrator but I’m sure she’ll be fine with it’, the old priest thought to himself.

Max told the priest that there didn’t have to be a mass and all of the falderal that goes with it if Father would rather not…Father just smiled and told him "It's okay Max, we will do it properly."

The old priest, for some reason, was willing to go along with the request and told Max that as soon as they had their blood tests and license they could do this whenever they wanted to.

Max shook the priest’s hand and thanked him as did Liz and they left the old priest to sit and wonder to himself ‘what just happened?’

After leaving the priest’s office Max headed over to the hospital lab and ordered up two premarital blood tests; one for Liz and one for him. He held Liz’s hand through the entire procedure as if she were a child…he loved her so much and now that he realized he was in love with her he just wanted to be with her forever, his happiness was overwhelming to him.

The technician had them sit in a chair and proceeded to draw Liz’s blood first…’boy is she a fox’ he thought to himself; then he drew Max’s blood and told them the test results would be ready in three days. Max told him “thanks” and then put his hand on Liz’s back and led her out of the lab…this was Sunday and that meant that they should have the test results by Wednesday and be married on Saturday. Oh this was great!

Max and Liz headed back to Liz’s house and when they got there they told their parents everything they knew up to this point, it looked as though they would be getting married on Saturday, and their parents could not believe what they were hearing…how could they do this so quickly?

When Max and Michael were back at work on Monday Max swore Michael to secrecy. He was not to tell a soul in the hospital what his plans were and Michael agreed to keep his secret. Michael had no idea that the wedding would be taking place here in the hospital chapel.

Max grabbed Michael’s shoulder before he headed off to obstetrics to check on his patients and said,

“Hey, how about you come with me on Wednesday to rent tuxes?”

Michael eyed Max curiously,

“What do you need a tux for man? You’re not having a wedding are you?”

Max smiled back at him, he knew that whatever Liz chose to wear it was going to be beautiful.

“Just humor me here, ok?”

Michael still looked puzzled but agreed…and with that the two young doctors headed off in their separate directions.

Max got off work around three that afternoon and headed to his mother’s favorite jeweler to find the perfect wedding set for Liz.

He chose a two-carat princess cut diamond with two smaller princess cut stones on each side of the center stone. Bordering each side of the mountings was a row of trillions. They were set within the elevation of the mounting posts with one on each end of the ring as well. The wedding band was a plain wide gold band that was a very fitting match for the beautiful engagement ring.

Max was beside himself with happiness, he found the perfect ring. Liz would love it.

He had the wedding band engraved and it would be ready for pick up on Thursday…he remembered to bring a ring of Liz’s to the jewelers for the correct sizing; he went through her jewelry box while he was at the apartment and found a ring he could ‘borrow’. He didn’t want her to ever have to take her wedding ring off once he put it on her finger.

He would tell her that it had an engraving on it but he would save that information for another time. He practically danced out of the jewelers…he was on cloud nine!

Diane had given Liz the day off to take care of things that needed to be done and Liz was driving Maria absolutely nuts with her calm demeanor.

“Liz, what is wrong with you? You’re acting like you’re going to buy groceries or something instead of planning a wedding. Get nervous with the rest of us for God’s sake.” Maria was driving Liz just as nuts as she was driving Michael with her antics.

Maria was pacing and wringing her hands together and Liz was standing there looking at her like she had three heads.

“Maria, what in the hell is going on with you? For God’s sake, why are you going all ape shit on me here? Get your self together …we don’t have time for your dramatics!” Liz wanted to wring her neck...

‘It’s certainly going to be a nerve-wracking experience when she and Michael get married that’s for sure’. Liz had about decided that she didn’t even want to be in the same state with Maria when it happened.

Liz finally got her calmed down enough to get dressed and go with her to the bridal shop to pick out her dress; Maria said to her…

“Liz, why do I need a special dress if this is not going to be a large wedding?”

“Just humor me Maria and get the damn dress already…and please, pick something out that you really like and that you will be able to wear again. This will be my gift to you.”

So Maria found a gorgeous spaghetti strap dress in a light peach color made of silk crepe. It was floor length and form fitted. It zipped up the back and had a small self-belt that tied in a tiny bow at the front. The straight skirt was slit up the back to just above the knee and was very elegant looking. The lining felt almost like there was nothing there it was so fine.

The color looked positively gorgeous on Maria with her long blond hair, Liz was so happy for her but Maria couldn't figure out why she needed the dress in the first place.

Liz knew the perfect place to buy the shoes to match the dress so they headed on over to Liz’s favorite shoe store to find a pair.

She had Maria take the dress into the shop with them and caught the eye of Jerry, her favorite clerk.

“Hi Jerry, how have you been?”

“Fine Liz and you?”

“Oh, can’t complain. Hey Jerry, my friend here needs a pair of shoes to match this dress.” She had Maria lift the corner of the garment bag so Jerry could take a peek at the dress inside.

Jerry took a look at the dress and told Liz,

“Gee Liz, we don’t have anything in the store that will match that.”

Liz smiled sweetly at Jerry and said,

“Then I guess you’ll just have to dye a pair, huh.”

Jerry smiled just as sweetly at Liz as she was at him and rebutted with,

“Well let’s just have a look at that dress again.” And Liz complied.

Jerry used the stores’ computer to match the color of the dress with the color of dye they would need and told Liz the shoes would be ready on Thursday. There shouldn’t be any trouble dying the shoes and they would do it free of charge since Maria chose a very sexy type three-inch heel with nothing but thin little straps to hold them on her feet. They really were quite cute and would go with the dress perfectly.

Liz smiled back at the clerk very sweetly and said,

“Thanks Jerry…we’ll see you on Thursday.”

Jerry just smiled to himself as the girls exited the store…that Liz Parker sure knows how to get what she wants.

After the bridal and shoe shops were taken care of Liz headed on over to the jewelry store and found a wedding band for Max.

Liz called Diane at the office.

“Hey Diane; do you by chance, know what size ring Max wears?”

“No I don’t sweetie. Where are you? I’ll meet you there with his high school ring and you can have it sized by the jeweler.” Diane said…

“Great! Do you know the jeweler located at 5th and Main?”

“Of course I do. I know John from way back in high school. I’ll be there in about 45 minutes. I’ll need to run home first. How are things going?” Diane asked with a smile in her voice.

“They’re going great actually. Maria found a dress and shoes and now I’m working on Max’s ring. Oh, and Diane, can you just have the jeweler size the ring…I really have a lot to get done today?” Liz answered her dear friend and future mother-in-law.

“Of course I can, and Liz, enjoy this. Okay?”

“You know I will Diane. Thank you.” And the two women hung up with smiles on their faces.

Diane told the receptionist that she was going to be gone for a while and to take messages for her. She also told her that Liz would be gone for the entire afternoon and to take messages for her as well. The receptionist wanted to know if everything was all right and Diane informed her that things couldn’t be better. With that she left the office.

Since Max wasn’t much of a jewelry person Liz chose a very nice medium width gold band with a small ridge etched on either side, very masculine looking. There were three diamonds in a beveled setting spread across the center of the ring; she was sure Max would like it.

The jeweler had time to engrave it before Saturday so Liz sat down to write her message and handed it to the jeweler (I will love you til the end of time my love) before Maria had a chance to ask her what she was up to.

Liz told the jeweler she would be back on Thursday or Friday to pick the ring up and then she found Maria who was busy looking at wedding sets in the display case. Liz told the jeweler that Max’s mother would be in with a ring that he could use for sizing and bid him goodbye.

When Diane showed up with the high-school ring the jeweler measured it for size and everything looked like great. She had just missed Liz and Maria by about ten minutes.

Diane, after exchanging pleasantries with John, took Max's ring with her to put it back where she found it. You never knew what Max may decide to look through and find it missing. She didn’t want to spoil Liz’s surprise.

John put two and two together and figured out that Max Evans was finally going to marry that cute little Liz Parker. Wait until she sees what Max chose for her, wow!

“Liz, what are you going to wear? You didn’t look at one thing in that bridal shop, is there something you’re not telling me here?” Maria asked in her usual, tell me now or I’ll belt you one, tone of voice.

Liz just smiled. She knew her grandmother as well as she knew Max, maybe better, and she remembered asking her grandmother when she was a very little girl if she could put her wedding gown on. Grandma said ‘someday’…wellllll…someday was here!

After they left the jewelry store Liz headed on over to the florist shop and ordered three boutonnieres and a small bouquet of peach colored roses for Maria.

Again they took Maria’s dress with them to give the florist an idea of the color peach they were looking for.

She ordered a small bouquet of white roses for herself and then she ordered a pink corsage for her mother, a blue one for Diane and each of the four grandmothers would get peach and white corsages since she had no idea what they would be wearing.

She ordered a corsage of sterling roses for Isabelle just in case she showed up since sterling roses were Isabelle’s favorite. ‘If Isabelle can’t make it we can always put the flowers in a vase or something’ she thought to herself.
Then she ordered an extra bouquet for the side altar at the chapel. She didn’t know if there was a side altar of the Blessed Virgin but she should be prepared.

She then asked the florist if he could deliver two large baskets with fern and large white bows to the hospital chapel on Saturday along with tall candelabra to stand behind the baskets of fern and put tall white tapers in the candelabra. The florist told her absolutely.

She also wanted a garland of spider fern and white ribbon strung along the pews on the aisle side of the chapel with a large white bow at each pew. There were six pews on each side…

Liz told him she would pay extra for them to remove the baskets and bows at about 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.

The florist said he would be happy to do this at no charge to her and she just couldn't thank him enough. He explained that the only charge would be for the candles since they would be used for the ceremony. Everyone was making this so easy for her that she could hardly believe it.

She then ordered seven small centerpieces done in peach and white for the tables that she would be ordering from the caterer. She and Maria would use their bouquets as a centerpiece on the bride’s table.

The florist then took a picture of Maria’s gown with his digital camera so he could use it to match the color to the colors of the flowers they would be dying for the bouquets.

After she finished at the florist she headed off to her favorite bakery and ordered a two tiered wedding cake with white butter cream frosting and decorated with pale peach colored roses. She wanted the icing between the layers to be strawberry cream.

Again, Maria’s dress had determined the color scheme of things thus making the decision for color extremely easy.

Liz chose a set of porcelain doves sitting on top of a lattice pedestal for a cake top and she wanted peach colored icing piped onto the latticework of the pedestal to give the pedestal more depth. (Damn those art classes in college!) She wished she had Michael with her at this point in the day….damn, he could take care of this so much easier she thought to herself. But, truth be known, she really wouldn’t have anybody else take care of this for her. She knew exactly what she wanted and although it was going to be small it would be elegant.

She explained…

“I want the two layers separated by tiers rather than having the cake nestled one on top of the other and I want a white border piped onto the divider with peach colored flowers piped between the tiers for a nicer effect.”

Trisha told her there wouldn't be any problem doing that. The cake would be delivered to her parent’s home on Saturday morning.

Trisha also took a digital picture of Maria’s dress for the right color of peach and Liz was amazed at the proficiency of these people.

There was so much more work involved in these professions than she had ever thought. She just thought they took a bucket of icing and started working their magic. Oh well, life is just full of surprises.

Then it was off to the caterers.

She ordered dinner for thirty people to be served on Saturday afternoon at the Parker residence along with a champagne fountain and the proper wines. She wanted silver wine buckets at each table, along with the usual coffee and tea for beverages.

She wanted the champagne punch to be served from a fountain to be set up in the reception hall of her home with floor length linens on the table. She wanted silver punch cups and peach colored napkins.

She told Tom she wanted at least six different appetizers to be served while the guests were arriving and standing around waiting for dinner to be served and also enough canapés and hors d’oeuvres for the party that would follow out on the patio for an indefinite period of time. She would supply the alcohol but he needed to bring the mixes and make sure one of the waiters could sub as a bartender.

She requested that all of the place settings be silver, china and crystal. And, just to be on the safe side, please allow about 10 extra dinners, that would make 40 total…they could always freeze the leftovers; she certainly didn’t want anyone going away hungry.

She also requested three waiters and three waitresses dressed in uniforms to do the serving and clean up afterward.

She let the caterer decide what the menu would consist of after she explained what the occasion was. She wanted it to be elegant and she didn’t want fast food of any kind. Everything was to be prepared fresh.

She wanted everything served on silver, china and crystal serving pieces as well, it didn’t have to match the place settings but she definitely didn’t want any plastic anywhere near the guests. Tom informed her that there wouldn’t be.

She informed the caterer that there was a large kitchen in the house and another large, fully equipped kitchen on the enclosed patio in the back yard over looking the pool. They were welcome to use any of the facilities at the house that they might need. There were also two large refrigerators available and there was always the Evans’ kitchen next door if they needed more space.

The caterer was very happy to oblige and assured her that the meal would be to her liking and asked if it would be all right with her if they came over to the house to check out the work areas.

Liz told him that would be great and she would inform her parents to expect them in case she wasn’t there.

She also told him that a cleaning crew would be coming in to clean the house and move furniture around on Friday and if they would like to coordinate their visit with the cleaning crew and help decide how to arrange things she would be glad to give him the number.

She intended to use the same people her mother had been using for years to clean the lower level of the house.

The caterer was amazed at the efficiency of this young woman and told her that sounded like an excellent idea. She gave him a killer smile and it about knocked him off his feet.

Liz also informed Tom of the size of her mother’s dining room and living room and then ordered seven small dining tables that seated four people each and one large table along with table linens in white and accented in peach along with at least thirty two chairs just in case they needed extra. There were always the house chairs if they really needed them but she would like everything to match. She asked Tom if they could use some nicer chairs other than the normal folding chairs and he told her that he had three choices of chairs and she told him to bring his best. Tom told her he had covers for the chairs in white if she would like to use them and Liz told him absolutely…do it. He smiled and agreed. This is so easy.

Liz said she would like to use her mother’s pair of silver candelabra for the bride’s table, she had always liked the set her mother got from her father for some occasion or other, she couldn't really remember. It was beautiful and would add a touch of elegance to the table and give it a little personal touch as well.

Liz had been to quite a few of this particular caterer’s parties and all of the people that had used him had been more than pleased.

Here it is Monday and everything was about taken care of. She would follow up later in the week to make sure everything was going according to plan and then she bid Tom goodbye.

Tom thought to himself…’what a lucky guy that Max Evans is. WOW!’

Max went to see Father O’Brien before he started his shift on Monday afternoon and informed him that everything was taken care of and they would have their license on Wednesday and that they would like to get married on Saturday at 2:00 pm. Father just smiled and told him everything would be ready.

Unbeknownst to Max and Liz Father went to the administrator of the hospital and told her that Max Evans and his fiancé would be getting married in the hospital chapel on Saturday and asked if there was anything special he should do. Sister Margaret looked at him and winked and told him she would take care of it.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #10 10/13/12

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Carolyn: It really is that easy when you're doling out the daughter-in-law is great at this stuff, I'm more of a control freak I guess, i want to do it myself. :roll:
Natalie36: I told my neighbor about the darned thing (computer)and she told me to wait until she got home, she's on vacation, she wanted to watch the thing bite the dust. Thank you for saying you liked the update, a lot of descriptive adjectives flying around there but I think a woman might appreciate the efforts of Liz. :wink:
Katie: I got the idea for the peach color from a birthday cake that was on display at the bakery. It looked positively beautiful and when I was typing away I remembered that thing and that's how the color got planted. Besides, I think Maria would look pretty in peach!!! :wink:


Chapter 10:


Max stopped by the girls’ apartment on his way home on Tuesday morning and found Liz and Maria both up and ready for work.

Liz always left about 6:30 a.m. and since she had been off due to illness she had a lot of catching up to do. She poured Max a cup of coffee, gave him a quick kiss on the lips and asked him if he was hungry. Max kissed her back and said ‘no’ and then he asked her if there was anything she needed done that he could help with and she just gave him a great big smile and told him not to worry, everything was under control…then she thought…pictures!

“Max, would you see if we might be able to hire a photographer for a couple of hours on Saturday. I think it would be nice to have some formal pictures. What do you think?”

“I think it would be great Sweetheart, I’ll be glad to take care of it.”

“Oh, and Max, I can stop by the hospital tonight after work and maybe we could grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria if you would like.”

Max smiled a huge smile and said, “Of course I would like…just check in at the receptionist’s desk, I’ll tell her where you can find me.”

Liz said “great” and then she gave him a nice big hug and a quick kiss on the lips before heading out the door.

“How are you holding up?” Maria asked Max with a little grin on her face.

“Great actually, I can’t believe this is all happening but I am so happy that I feel like I’m floating.” Max said with a grin on his face that matched Maria’s perfectly.

“You don’t know how really happy Michael and I are for you two.” Maria told Max, looking as sincere and happy as anyone could possibly look.

“Thank you Maria; we have known each other all of our lives and this just makes it seem better. I don’t know how to explain it…it’s just better. I feel like something is finally complete.” Max was extremely sincere in his reply…and Maria knew what he meant, they all felt it and she replied…

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

After he left the apartment Max stopped by the local donut shop for a quick cup of coffee and a few “krispy-kremes”. He grabbed the local telephone book and started checking out photographers and he suddenly recognized the one that they used for his graduation pictures.

He didn’t know if the guy did weddings or not because the ad didn’t give much information so Max just wrote down his number along with a few others and then decided to check out the local hotels for Saturday night.

A honeymoon would be in the future but he wanted something nice for this weekend so
he took out his cell phone and proceeded to call the hotels first…a man has his priorities after all.

He found out that the Regency had a lovely bridal suite and it was available this weekend so Max made the reservations and closed his phone, he was beaming. ‘Who said you need months of planning to make things right?’ he thought to himself.

After booking the hotel suite he called the photographer and told him who he was and what he wanted. The photographer recognized Max’s name as he remembered his high school girlfriend; ‘it’s Isabelle Evans’ little brother’ Alex thought to himself.

He wondered what ever happened to her. He hadn’t seen her in years; he wondered if she was as beautiful as she was in high school? He hoped that she was going to be at the wedding… unmarried.

The photographer asked Max if he could swing by his office and they could discuss what Max wanted…Max said,

“Sure, I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

Max hurried on over to the photographer’s studio and the man introduced himself as Alex and asked Max to come into his private office. He told the receptionist not to disturb them and proceeded to ask Max some questions.

“How large of a wedding is this Max?” He asked.

“Just the family and a very few friends, it will be at the hospital chapel on Saturday at 2:00 pm and then a small dinner at the home of the bride immediately following. We don’t want anything elaborate…just a few formal pictures for remembrance.” Max replied.

Alex looked at Max with a friendly smile and said, “Max, pictures are a way of recording the events that make up our lives. Now, you let me take care of everything. Please inform the bride that I will be at her home at 1:00 pm on Saturday to take some pictures there before heading over to the chapel.” Then he asked Max where he lived and Max told him right next door to the bride. “Great, Max. You can expect me at your house around 12:00 and be dressed and ready by then.” Max agreed and said he would tell Liz. With that he headed home for some much needed rest.

Very early that morning, same day:

Liz got to the office and started to open the door when she realized that it was already open. She walked in and there sat Jeremy, the new lawyer, in the receptionist’s chair. She asked him what he was doing there so early and he said that he needed to talk to her.

“To me?”

“Yes” he said.

“About what?” Liz wasn’t too sure what was going on but she had a gut feeling that it wasn’t going to be good.

“Well, I wanted to know if you would like to go out with me on Saturday; maybe have some dinner and catch a movie.”

And with that Liz about choked. 'Oh God, how do I do this diplomatically'? She was frantic…she could hardly tolerate the man as a coworker how was she going to be diplomatic?

‘Oh my God! I don’t need this today; I don’t need this on any day! Oh God Liz’,
she told herself, ‘just do what you do with any business communication …short and to the point’.

‘Here goes!’

She tried very hard to maintain a calm demeanor but she could feel her body tensing up and when she got this upset she had a tendency to stare daggers at people, but she tried…

”Well Jeremy, since we really don’t know each other and you are not aware of my private life I feel it’s only fair to inform you that I am getting married on Saturday and I don’t think my husband would like it if I left our honeymoon to have dinner with you.

“Now, I am not making fun of your request, so please don’t take this the wrong way… but, (now her voice grew stronger) I am so happy to be marrying the man of my dreams and I cannot think of any other way to tell you this except… other than… (now she was just about shouting) a pure and simple NO.”

Liz had never really liked this man…he had always given her the creeps from the day he started at the firm…he made the hair on the back of her neck stand up on edge. God, why couldn’t she have said it nicer…’but you can’t just grab the words out of the air and put them back in your mouth’…she was so frustrated with herself.

Jeremy just looked at her stunned. He couldn’t believe he didn’t know that she was seeing someone. ‘She never mentioned anyone. She always seemed to be heading home alone. When did all of this take place? She is not wearing an engagement ring. Doesn’t the guy think enough of her to buy her a ring? I think I will check with Diane and see if she is lying to me’. His mind was going in five different directions at the same time.

He looked at Liz with an unrecognizable expression on his face and said,

“Oh, I’m sorry Liz. I didn’t know you were seeing someone.” His voice was very smooth and almost creepy sounding.

Liz felt a sudden chill go up her spine…’just shake it off’ she told herself. She knew she should have handled this differently but the man just creeped her out.

“It’s alright Jeremy…let’s just forget it, ok? I shouldn’t have been so short with you but I’ve really got a lot on my mind right now.”

Liz went to her office and proceeded to get things in order for the rest of the day. Diane showed up at 7:30 and as always headed straight to Liz’s office to make sure she had things under control for the rest of the day and to just say good morning.

Liz told her about Jeremy being there when she got in at seven and what he wanted. Diane wasn’t really too shocked since she had noticed that Jeremy was always watching Liz when she didn’t know it but she was a little discomfited to think that he would open the office and wait for Liz to come in. She got the same eerie feeling that Liz had…’what’s wrong here’ she thought to herself?

She asked Liz what she had told him so Liz repeated what she had told Jeremy practically verbatim.

She told her that she wasn’t very nice about it and was very apologetic; she didn’t know what came over her.

Diane assured her that she was not out of line. Then Diane wanted to know if Liz wanted her to tell Jeremy whom she was getting married to. Liz told her she felt that it was none of his business and Diane had to agree. Liz was plain flabbergasted; what was causing her to act like this. She’d turned men down before and it never affected her like this did.

Diane then went to her office and Jeremy knocked on her door before she even had a chance to put her jacket and purse away.

Jeremy proceeded to ask Diane if she knew that Liz was getting married and she said she was very aware of it and why was he so concerned. He said he hadn’t realized that Liz was seeing anyone let alone engaged to anyone and Diane informed him that what Liz did outside of the office was her business and no one else’s. Jeremy had to agree with her on that note and then Diane noticed that he looked a little strange…she asked him if he had something else on his mind and he told her “no.”

She hoped he was telling her the truth.


Jeremy left Diane’s office and headed to his own, he was very deep in thought. His mind was working overtime on this new development with Liz. He felt that if she just gave herself time to get used to him that she would be more than happy to start seeing him.

“Why is she marrying someone else?” he asked himself…”After all I am really a great catch…I have a fine job, good career opportunities and I am quite handsome. After all that is what my mother always told me, isn’t it?”
He continued to wonder,

“What is wrong with her, can’t she see this?” He would have to do something quickly. ‘Saturday is only four days away’ he thought.


Grandma Claudia arrived on Tuesday afternoon and called Liz at work and asked if she could stop by to see her before going home and about jumped through the phone lines. She couldn’t wait to see her grandmother and also could hardly wait to see what she had brought her…she knew she wouldn’t forget it!

Before leaving the office Liz told Diane not to make any plans for tonight that Grandma Claudia arrived today and she would be stopping by her mom’s and dad’s before heading home…but first she was meeting Max for dinner at the hospital so she would be a little late.

“OK sweetheart, I’ll be there.” And then Diane finished up her last little job before heading home.

Liz left her office at 6:00 p.m. and headed straight for the hospital for her quick little dinner date with Max. You take what you can get when there isn’t a lot of time.

She started her truck up and didn’t notice the small green sport car idling in the parking space next to her. She put in her favorite CD and headed out onto the main highway with the sport car right behind her. The sun was inching its way to the west as Liz headed east down the interstate.

She finally arrived at the hospital and headed straight for the information desk in the main lobby. She had the receptionist check for Max’s duty station and the girl told her that Dr. Evans was waiting for her in the cafeteria already. Liz smiled at the young woman and headed on down to the cafeteria where she spotted Max standing with a group of young doctors over by the vending machines; he spotted her immediately and excused himself and hurried over to take her into a quick embrace before heading to the buffet line. He then guided her up to the buffet display with his hand held protectively at her back; he was so proud of her and he wanted the world to know that she belonged to him.

Little did they know that someone was watching them and was really taken aback with what he was seeing.

Jeremy recognized Max from the picture on Diane’s desk in her office. 'Why didn’t he know that Liz was seeing Max Evans? She didn’t have any pictures of him in her office. ‘Well, she really didn’t have any pictures of anyone in her office so I guess this is no surprise. Maybe I should leave well enough alone; “No”, he thought, ‘I will call my mother, that’s what I’ll do.’ The longer Jeremy thought about it the more obsessed he became.

Father O’Brien spotted Max and Liz over in the corner having a quiet meal and talking to each other …

They don’t seem to look like they would mind some company.” He thought to himself and he took his food tray over in their direction and both kids invited the old priest to join them for dinner. Father was really impressed with Liz and told Max this and Max thanked him, Liz just blushed and told the old priest “thank you.”

“Father, do you think it will be possible for us to have a rehearsal on Friday evening just to make sure we all do the right thing at the right time?” Liz asked with a smile on her face…it was almost impossible for her to wipe it off these days.

“Of course Liz, will 7:00 pm be alright for you? I make rounds at six and will certainly be finished by seven.”

“Of course it will Father. There will only be the four of us, Max, Michael, Maria and me. We’re fairly intelligent I think…we should be able to wrap this up in about 15 minutes or less.” Liz said with a little giggle. Then she added…

“Father, can you come for a small dinner and reception at my parent’s home after the wedding on Saturday?”

“Liz, I would love to come. Do you think we should invite Sister Margaret as well?”

Then Max interrupted and said…

“Father, I was planning on asking Sister myself, tomorrow. Don’t you think it would be better if I asked her?”

The old priest looked at Max and smiled,

“Of course, you’re right Max. You do that.”

They continued on with their meal, sharing unimportant pleasantries and then it was time for Max and the old priest to make their rounds. Liz shook Father’s hand and gave Max a quick peck on the cheek before leaving the cafeteria.

Meanwhile all the young interns were standing around waiting for Max and wondering who the little fox was that was with him. Michael didn’t offer any of them any information what so ever. He promised his friend not to say a word and he would honor that promise. They’ll find out soon enough Michael thought to himself.


When Liz got home she was so excited to see her Grandma Claudia that she could hardly speak.

After hugs and greetings Grandma asked her where Max was and Liz told her that he had night shift today and tomorrow…so he will be by to see her tomorrow afternoon before going to work. Grandma was almost as excited to see Max as she was Liz, she had known him since he was a baby after all and she had known his mother as long as she’s known her daughter-in-law.

After Diane got to the Parkers Grandma Claudia took Liz upstairs to take a peek at what she brought her.

Liz just looked at her and smiled, she wanted to mess with her a little as they were walking up the stairs…

“Grandma, Maria and I went to the Bridal Shop yesterday and…”

Grandma gasped and said to Liz,

“God Liz, don’t tell me you bought a dress!”

Liz started giggling and told her,

“No Grandma, we bought Maria a beautiful dress since she’s the maid of honor. I know you brought your dress for me. I was just messing with you.” Liz giggled at her grandmother’s horrified expression.

Grandma heaved a huge sigh of relief and Liz continued on up the stairs to Grandma’s room.

Grandma just looked at her and smiled…’she knows me too well’ she thought to herself.

Liz could hardly stand the wait. Grandma had taken the dress to the seamstress before leaving home and had the gown steamed to freshen it up and to make any repairs that might have been needed. It looked brand new. Liz could hardly wait to try it on.

It had cost Claudia a pretty penny to bring the oversized trunk with het that she had put the gown in to transport it but it was worth it. Liz could have the trunk as well as the gown. It fit perfectly in it and was as dust proof as anything on the market. After all, it kept the dress clean and dust free for over 50 years…some things are just timeless.

Grandma helped Liz into the large hooped petticoat and then tied on the buskets.

Liz looked at grandma with those big brown eyes of hers and said, “Grandma, what in the name of God is…this…thing hanging over my waist? It looks like it’s upside down.” as she flipped the buskets with her fingers.

Grandma explained with a little smile, “They keep your waistline looking small by fanning out the dress over your hips. The weight of the skirt pulls everything down and the buskets will keep it up where it belongs.”

Liz just looked at her wide-eyed and said “Oh” as though she understood exactly what her grandmother told her when in truth she hadn’t a clue as to what this THING was.

Grandma then slipped the gown over Liz’s head and proceeded to button the back, one lonely button at a time, there must be thirty of them and then she started on the sleeves, tiny little self-covered buttons, twelve on each arm, from the wrist to the elbow. They are going to have to allow an extra half hour just to button this thing.

Then grandma stood back and looked at her granddaughter, ‘what a sight!’ If anyone didn’t know better they would have thought the dress had been tailor made for Liz. It was perfect.

Liz asked her if she brought the veil as well and Grandma told her that it didn’t hold up as well as the dress but the seamstress was making a new one for her and it would be overnighted to her tomorrow.

The seamstress had grandmas’ veil and was going to make it exactly like the old one. It will be fingertip length with a border of lace around the entire circumference. She did buy Liz a new headpiece but that was a surprise. Liz just smiled and hugged her all over again.

Through all of the tears coming from both ladies you would have thought that it was a funeral instead of a wedding.

Grandma reached up and pulled Liz’s hair up away from her face, gave it a twist, and held it up with a clip. She looked ravishing, Max is going to faint at the sight of her.

Liz had grandma head down stairs before her to make sure everyone was in the living room and then she proceeded to walk down the steps in her bare feet holding the dress up in the front, being very careful not to catch it on anything.

When she entered the living room they all looked at her in awe. Her father was the first to start crying and then both Diane and her mother started tearing up. (There wasn’t a dry eye in the room) They had no idea where this beautiful dress had come from and then Jeff recognized it…it was his mothers dress, but how did she get it to fit Liz so perfectly?

Jeff asked his mother…”How did you get it to fit so well?”

Liz looked at her dad and said “dad, she didn’t do anything to it…it just fits, that’s all.”

Now it was Nancy and Diane’s turn…”You mean its’ Claudia’s wedding gown?”

Claudia, Liz and Jeff all answered together, “Yes.” The mothers sat in awe; they couldn’t believe that the dress was that old. And then…Liz swore all of them to secrecy….

“Do not tell Max or Maria. This is to be a surprise to them.” They all agreed that they would keep her secret and she and Grandma headed back upstairs to take the dress off. Then Liz got her things together and headed on home.

Tomorrow will be another busy day for our young bride.


Liz looked in on the parents before leaving and she told them that a cleaning crew would be in on Friday to get the house ready for dinner on Saturday and the caterer would be coordinating his visit with the cleaning crew to make sure the furniture was arranged for a sit down dinner for thirty people.

“There are twenty-two people that are definitely going to be here and that gives you eight places for whomever you want to invite. It is not necessary to invite anyone other than Maria and Michael’s parents but if you want to there will be enough food for that many people, so be choosy about who you really want to come and share this with.

The list included:

Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Diane, Diane’s parents, Philip’s parents, Jeff, Nancy, Claudia, Nancy’s parents, Michael’s parents, Maria’s parents, Father O’Brien and Sister Margaret and if we’re lucky, Isabelle. We should probably have a place set for the photographer too since he will be here and he should be allowed to eat.”

Max’s sister Isabelle worked in London for a high power fashion designer and they were almost positive she wouldn’t be able to make it on such short notice but they could always hope.

Both mothers were speechless. Liz informed them that they would be getting married at the hospital chapel on Saturday at 2:00 pm by Father O’Brien and all they had to do was show up.

“And, don’t forget, no one besides the people in this room is to know that I will be wearing a wedding gown. This is going to be my surprise to Max and we all know how good Maria is at keeping secrets!” Everyone laughed and bid her good night.


Meanwhile, as soon as Father O’Brien talked to Sister Margaret she had an organ moved into the chapel from the recreation hall and made arrangements for the school choir to sing the wedding mass for the young couple. She also had the kneeler from the Nun’s chapel moved down to Father’s office.

Then she called a local furniture store and asked the owner if he might be able to LEND her a bench covered in a pretty white fabric, preferably a satin type fabric. The owner of the store chuckled to himself and told her of course, and asked if she would like it delivered. She told him that would be great and she needed it in the hospital chapel by 12:00 noon on Saturday. He told her it would be there.

He had been dealing with the Nuns from St. Joseph’s for years and they were just too cute in the way they manipulated people.

She then called to get the color scheme of the wedding from Michael and Michael told her he would have to get back to her; he immediately knew what was happening.

Michael then called Maria,

“Hey Maria, do you know if Liz has a particular color scheme in mind for this little get together?”

Maria giggled at Michaels terminology and answered her sweetheart,

“Sure spaceboy…she using a lot of peach…very pale peach. What’s up?”

“Sister Margaret just called and asked me if I knew and I told her I’d get back to her. How’s your day going?”

“Great Michael, will I see you when you get off your shift?”

“You know it blondie…behave.”

“Will do…take care and do good things.”

“Always, love you, later!”

“Love you spaceboy. G’night.” And they hung up.

Michael then called Sister Margaret back and told her,

“Light peach is the color of the day.”

“Thank you Michael and I’ll see you on Saturday.”

Sister just smiled at Michaels’ description, short and to the point but an excellent doctor.

Sister had the ladies auxiliary cover the kneeler in white satin and smock it together in peach and white silk roses with green spider fern for accent. She had the kneeler placed in Father’s office just in case the couple should come to the chapel for any reason before Saturday and smiled to herself as she thought, ‘there’s no such thing as a small wedding regardless of how many people there are’.

Sister knew both Michael and Max very well, they were two of her finest interns and she was hoping that both young doctors would continue to work out of her hospital when they finished their internship next month.


Michael wasn’t supposed to know where the wedding was to be taking place but the cat was out of the bag now. Should he or shouldn’t he let the rest of their friends know.

He would check with Max’s mom first.

After talking to Michael and some careful consideration Diane told Michael that she didn’t think it was such a good idea since Max and Liz wanted this to be a very small and intimate group. Michael agreed with her and kept his promise to Max.

Michael went to see Father and told him also that Max and Liz wanted this to be a very small and simple affair so Father went along with it. But, he allowed Sister Margaret to do her little bit to make it nice for the kids. ‘After all, she is everyone’s boss around here so he should cut her some slack’.


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