My Best Friend My Love My Life (AU,CC,ADULT) COMPLETE 11/17

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #37d 11/13/12

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Katy:Hi honey,,,there isn't a waitress and you're right she didn't feel threatened. A fellow traveler didn't believe the dress Liz was wearing was designed by I. Evans nor did she believe that I. Evans was Liz's sister-in-law. Not important. I'm so sure I gave the woman a name or not. Don't remember!!! :wink:
Eve:Enjoy your day off. I wish I could work... :(

Chapter: 37d
The next morning Max woke up and found Liz sound asleep on top of him again…there was no other way to describe how she wound up in that position every night except to say she was on top of him. The only part of her body not spread across his was her shoulder that touched the mattress where she was just under his armpit. He smiled at her face, which was partially covered by her long hair as he moved from under her in order to get to the bathroom.’ God, thank you for this lovely woman’ it was now his daily prayer; it was all he could think of as he exited their bed, he loved her so much that he thought his heart would burst right through his chest.

When he left Liz felt naked and she started to stir…she started to feel all around the bed unconsciously, looking for Max in her half asleep state and finally it dawned on her he wasn’t there. She rolled over and opened one eye and recognition came to her mind as she realized they were not at home. She grabbed hold of the pillow and shoved it under her head and laid there waiting for Max to come back to the room…she took in her surroundings and noticed that it was going to be a beautiful day out as she looked across the morning sky. Their room was up high enough to overlook the hills surrounding the city and it was beautiful.

She was looking forward to their train ride today as much as she was to going to the museum. She started to think about the past two weeks and got a smile on her face that was almost dreamy. The sights they had seen were wonderful but nothing was as wonderful as her husband, could there be anyone else on earth as beautiful as he was? She could only thank God for allowing her to be his wife.

Soon Max came back into their room and Liz moved over to make room for him beside her and gave him a great big smile…Max melted, he couldn’t get enough of her, she was like an addictive drug, he crawled in next to her and pulled her to him for a good morning kiss and then told her they needed to get up and get busy if they were going to have breakfast before heading over to the train station. Liz pouted at that and Max chuckled at her and told her to get into the shower, he would join her and then they could get dressed. She gave him a great big smile and shook her head as she made a bee-line for the bathroom…she gave him a little shake of her tush as she exited the bedroom and Max roared with laughter. She was, without a doubt, a living doll.

After they showered and dressed they headed to the dining room for the buffet and ran into the “bitch” and her husband in the coffee line…Liz smiled sweetly at her and Max nodded to her husband who gave him a knowing grin and said “good morning” to both him and Liz. Max realized the man knew what type of individual he was married to and only hoped this was her worst side, because, if it wasn’t, he intended to say some serious prayers for the dude.

Soon they reached the coffee and other beverages and both Max and Liz poured themselves some juice and a cup of coffee and found a secluded table for two over in the corner of the dining room. They placed their drinks on the table and headed to the food buffet with their trays. There was fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cereal, every type of roll and Danish known to man and they had themselves a feast. There was going to have to be some serious dieting when they got home.

After finishing breakfast Liz caught the eye of the ‘bitch’ and smiled as they left the dining room and Max merely grinned and nodded at the ladies husband knowing full well the man was embarrassed for his wife. It was all right though, because the encounter had not affected Liz in any way, she was still as happy as a clam.


They went back up to their room and made one last visit to the bathroom, grabbed their jackets and headed for the train terminal. There weren’t that many people there surprisingly and when they found the correct track number Max pulled Liz into him and rested his head on her shoulder and held her around her waist. He didn’t want to leave her out of his sight for one second, she felt so good in his arms. Liz just melted as usual; she could stay in this mans arms forever.

Soon the train arrived and they were seated in a position that they could see what was coming their way as they rode down the tracks. This was one of those express trains and after they left the terminal they were glad they had chosen the seats they had because things went by so quickly that you really had to have a handle on what was coming up. They were surprised at the ruins nestled in the hills as they whizzed by…and the olive groves and vineyards were beautiful. The land seemed so uncluttered, unlike the United States; it just seemed less busy for some reason. Maybe there were other parts of the country that were more inhabited but this area certainly was not. It was beautiful.

When they arrived in Florence they walked the distance to the museum; they had enjoyed the city as much as the museums; the statue of David was just the icing on the cake so to speak. After their tour of the museum they walked around the city some more and stopped in at one of the local restaurants for some lunch/dinner combination and again, they were not disappointed. The food was out of this world. Liz told Max he was going to have to roll her home…he chuckled at that remark and told her that she probably would have to reciprocate. They both laughed at each other and finished their meals.

After they left the restaurant they continued their exploration and they spotted another church, the city was loaded with them, and they walked up the steps to see if the doors were open, they were, and they went in for a visit.

It was very dark inside, but once their eyes got accustomed to the light they were overwhelmed with the beauty of the old structure. It looked very old and the statues and paintings were beautiful. The stained glass artwork on the windows was a work of art in itself and both Max and Liz were awe struck; it took their breath away. Liz put her hand in Max’s and he gave it a squeeze as they walked around the inside of the church, taking in all of the sights to be seen.

They lit a candle at one of the side altars and knelt together to say a prayer before leaving the old building. They were very quiet for sometime after leaving…they seemed to understand the need to digest what they had just seen; they were as impressed with the old church as they were with the museum that held the statue of David.

Soon they were back on the train headed back to Rome and Liz curled up in Max’s lap, put her head on his shoulder and went to sleep. Max wrapped his arms loosely around her and smiled as he watched the countryside go by out the window. Liz slept like a baby the entire trip back. This was a good thing…she’ll be more alert tonight he thought to himself as his smile grew broader.

When they arrived back at the hotel the desk clerk smiled as they headed for their rooms…Max told him goodnight and the young man returned the gesture and Max led Liz to the elevator, Liz turned and smiled back at the desk clerk as Max pushed the button and soon the door opened for them and they were on their way. It had been a very long day but Max couldn’t wait to get Liz alone again…her sleeping on his lap caused some very happy feelings in his body and he needed to release some of that happiness very soon.

They were headed to Boston the next day so the young couple packed their bags and made everything ready for their departure in the morning and then they headed for the shower before retiring. They hated to see this time come to an end, it had been more wonderful than they could have ever imagined. Everything and everyone was a beautiful memory.

When they crawled into bed Max pulled Liz into him and cradled her in his arms and nuzzled her neck as he whispered to her how much she meant to him…Liz could only moan her reply into his chest and plant little kisses along his neck. They were so wrapped up in each other that they hardly noticed the thunder storm developing out over the hills of Rome.

Life was right there in this room at this time and nothing else on earth mattered to them. They felt at peace with one another and the world around them. Soon they were both sound asleep, Max wasn’t as awake as he had thought he was earlier and our young couple slept, nestled in each others arms and awoke the next morning ready for their long trek across the ocean to their home so many miles away.

After they finished packing their bags they headed to the dining room one last time for a nice leisurely breakfast before asking the desk clerk to call for a cab and then they headed up to their room to retrieve their luggage and back to the main desk to check out.

Max thanked the desk clerk for all of the help he provided and the extra little effort he took upon himself to straighten out a certain guest that would remain anonymous. The desk clerk, Angelo, smiled at Max and told him “It was my pleasure Doctor Evans.” Max gave him a huge smile and handed him a sealed envelope with his name on it and then he picked up his and Liz’s luggage and headed out the door to the awaiting cab. Angelo smiled and told Max if they ever returned to Rome to please stay with them…it was a pleasure having them. Max smiled and nodded as he exited the hotel right behind Liz.

They arrived at the airport in plenty of time to get checked in and find their gate and Max went and got each of them a cup of coffee to enjoy while they waited to board the plane. Their gate was slowly filling up with people of many ethnic descents and our young couple just sat and enjoyed people watching. Especially the young Oriental couple with the twins…this was going to be a harrowing experience if those two didn’t calm down. Max just smiled…someday that would be Liz and him…oh how much fun it is going to be to have children with his beautiful bride. She is going to be a wonderful mother…he just knew it.

Soon they were on their way across the ocean and Liz reached between their seats and lifted the arm rest and took Max’s hand in hers as she curled up with a magazine and Max found some music to listen to on one of the stations on his arm rest and the two of them relaxed for a bit while other passengers got themselves settled for the long journey home. ‘How beautiful life is.’ Max thought to himself…and soon he was snoozing as Liz continued to read. Before long Liz was curled up on Max’s lap with a pillow against the window and Max had an arm around her waist with the other one resting on the arm rest and they both slept practically the entire trip home.


After landing in Boston they hailed a cab and headed for their hotel before doing anything else. Even though they had slept for quite awhile on the plane they both seemed to be exhausted. They showered and ordered some room service before settling into bed with a movie on the TV…they would do their sightseeing tomorrow…they were looking forward to it actually. They had read many travel guides and were interested in seeing as much of historical Boston as they could manage in one day…and they planned on having one meal at “Cheers”…be it lunch or dinner. It didn’t really matter since they had had quite a few fancy meals in the past two weeks.

Before the movie was over Max started to nuzzle into Liz’s neck and she started to enjoy the playfulness that was going on and soon the movie was pretty much forgotten for the evening while they made up their own kind of entertainment. It just didn’t get any better than this.

The following day Max and Liz awoke fairly early and decided to get an early start on their day since they were headed home tomorrow…they took a leisurely shower that included their customary make out session, got dressed and headed to the hotel’s restaurant for an early breakfast.

They acclimated themselves to the area and found a tour bus station nearby and headed in that direction. It was late morning by this time and they figured they would have enough time to walk through the biggest part of the historical section of town and then reboard the bus for parts of the city that was better seen from a vehicle. They stopped at “Cheers” for an early dinner and continued their tour until about 7:00 p.m. after which they headed back to their hotel to pack up and get ready for their trip home.

What a wonderful time they had and would most certainly like to do it again someday when there was a lot more time to enjoy the sights. They would like to spend at least a week at each place someday instead of cramming in as much as possible in a few days at each place.

They were not sorry that they went to all of the places, just that they would like to visit them again in a more leisurely manner. They both smiled at each other and decided that the best part of the entire trip was being with each other…on this they both agreed.


The following day they were at the airport early for their flight at 11:00 a.m. and soon they were boarded and on their way. Thank the Lord that this flight was only a few hours…they had enough planes and airports to last them for quite a long time and although they flew first class they were still glad that this part was over.

When they arrived home Michael and Maria were waiting at the gate to greet them and Max and Liz were beaming from ear to ear...Maria said,

”Either they are damned glad to see us or they are glad that trip is over.”

”I think it’s probably both. That had to be one tiresome journey, no.” Maria said,

“You’re probably right Maria…but, I missed them.” Michael replied,

“I did too, Michael I did too.” She reflected, “I’m glad they’re home.”

Max and Liz gave their friends each a great big hug,

“Boy am I glad to see you two…I really missed you!”

“Hey man, I missed you too, good to have you home.”

Michael answered with a big smile; they were both surprised at how much they missed their friends. Michael and Maria told both of them how happy they were to see them and how glad they made it home safe and sound. Max chuckled and said,

“I’m happy to be home, it was nice but it’s always good to come home.”

Liz said, “Amen to that.” And they all laughed.

After they picked up their luggage they headed out to their favorite burger joint for some much needed fast food…both Max and Liz were a little bummed out on “fine cuisine” which Michael and Maria both laughed at and the four friends sat and enjoyed each others company for hours. They stayed so long that they ordered another meal; thank God the owner knew them.

After their long visit they headed home and Max and Liz thanked Michael and Maria and bid them goodnight and they were back in their own apartment and ready to settle in for the hum-drum daily routine of working but not before they had a long leisurely shower in their own bathroom.

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Re: My Best Friend My Love My Life C/C adult #38 11/14/12

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Katy:I think we've all been to that place at one time or another...I do it all the time. Well the honeymoon is over and they are now getting on with their lives...enjoy. :D
Carolyn: It's computer problems...not our age, never!!!! :roll: :lol:

Chapter: 38

Monday morning found the two newlyweds up at the crack of dawn, Max shutting off the alarm and Liz sprawled across his body as usual. Max looked down on the mass of hair across his arm and smiled to himself as he rolled over and adjusted his little wife into a comfortable hug as she started to awaken. She opened one eye and smiled up at his beautiful face…’God, could this be any better?’ She asked herself.

“Morning.” Max said, as he kissed her forehead.

“Good morning to you too.” As she leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Is it time to get up already?” she said.

“Well, it’s 5:00, and I need to leave in about an hour and a half and you need to do the same…it’s your call.”

“Well, which do you prefer, a quick shower or a leisurely shower?”

“Oh, I don’t know…how about a quick shower and a little longer in bed?” As he stretched out and pulled her into a more romantic position on top of him.

“Mmmmmmm, sounds good to me.” As she nuzzled down under the covers and started peppering kisses all over his neck. Max just chuckled to himself as he hugged her closer into him.

After they had a wonderful time enjoying each other they headed for the bathroom together…they took separate showers this morning for obvious reasons, and were soon in the kitchen getting breakfast and packing Liz’s P B&J for the day. It was going to be strange for both of them, getting back to work and having a regular old daily routine, but they would make it fun.

Max met Michael in the hall as he was leaving the apartment and the two headed on out to Liz’s truck to head to work. They nodded to each other as they had done for years and when they were well on their way Michael mentioned that the real estate lady had called and said that both of their bids on the houses were accepted and she would keep them posted as far as signing the papers and getting the loans ready. Max’s heart started to beat just a little faster…God; he hoped he was right about Liz liking the place. He would hate like hell to have done this and be wrong about her reaction. Oh well, it’s too late to second guess it now.

Michael immediately picked up on Max’s anxiety and asked him what was wrong…

“I don’t know Michael, what if I was wrong about her liking the place?”

“Shit Max, now’s a helluva time to be wondering about that.”

“I know that Michael, but what if I read her wrong.”

“Max, we were all there and I don’t think we could have all been wrong. She’s going to be elated.”

“Do you really think so Mike?”

“I know so. Now calm down…you’re going to give yourself a heart attack if you keep this up.”

“You’re right…she’s going to love it. Is Maria excited?”

“Oh you better believe it. She’s thinking maybe we should get married before we move in.”

“I thought she wanted one of those great big cathedral weddings with all the limos and the whole Maryann, what’s the deal? Are you not going to move in until next year?”

“No, she liked Liz’s and your wedding and was thinking a small affair like that would be just the ticket. All the money we’d save on the great big extravaganza would buy a lot of furniture.”

“Well, she’s certainly right about that.”

“So, did you enjoy your honeymoon?”

“Oh Christ Michael, it was everything I hoped it would be and then some. I hope we can go back to all of those places again when we have more time to spend at each one…and that includes New York and Boston. Everything was amazing, and the culture and history was an education in itself. Liz said she was getting an education in interior decorating while we were gone. The different atmosphere of each country was something else, and the churches in Rome were awesome, I can’t think of another word to explain them. It was like being in another time dimension…a feeling of peace…like a little bit of heaven. It was just beautiful. You should think about going…maybe we can all go together someday, that would really be fun.”

“Yes it would Maxwell. Now, when do we start thinking about the clinic? You know it’s going to take a couple of years to complete and the sooner we get started on plans and the like the sooner we can move forward.”

“You’re right Michael…do you remember the name of the guy that was in our dorm, the architecture major?”

“Yeah, I forgot about him…he was the top of his class wasn’t he?”

“That’s what I heard. Maybe we could contact him and see what he’s up to. Maybe he would be interested in helping us, what do you think?”

“I think that’s a great idea…in the meantime we have to be 100% for Sister Margaret you know. She’s counting on us.”

“You’re right and we will be. So let’s go save lives big guy.”

Michael just laughed at his friend as they exited the truck and headed on into the hospital. They went directly to personnel to fill out their papers and get their badges and then they were on their way. Sister was there to greet all of her new doctors and to give each of them a hardy handshake and a hug. She was so happy to have all of these chosen young doctors on her staff. They were the cream of the crop.

After they left personnel Max headed to the nursery to look over the charts of the young patients and noticed there was one little guy, Jay, that wasn’t doing so well. He wasn’t responding to any medication and a diagnosis still hadn’t been determined. Max wrinkled his brow and strolled over to Jay’s crib to have a better look at the youngster. He was only 18 months old and Max’s heart broke when he saw the baby laying there so listless and pale.

He took out his stethoscope and had a listen to the child’s heart and chest and then he laid him down and started feeling his stomach for any abnormalities. He knew that the other doctors had performed these very same tests but he needed to know for himself what to rule out.

Max reached over and got a clean diaper and changed the youngster and put a clean shirt on his little body and picked him up and gave him a little kiss on the forehead and Jay looked up into Max’s eyes and gave him a weak smile. Max melted. He whispered to the little boy…”We are going to make you all better really soon Jay. You can count on it.” Then he said a silent prayer asking for God’s help in healing this sweet little baby. Max lay the baby back down in his crib and went back to the desk at the nurses’ station to read all of the test results on the baby before making a decision on what to do next.

Most of the nurses at the station were familiar with Max and his abilities and just smiled at the young doctor when they noticed him with Jay. They knew if anyone could find out what the baby had it would be Max…he just never gave up.

As Max read about the baby’s history he noticed there were six older children in the family and he had a brainstorm…what if they had all used the same crib? If it was a family crib it might have been painted many times…Max ordered a lead poisoning test on the baby to be done STAT and the nurses all looked at each other in amazement. What ever prompted him to order this? Max could only chalk it up to his prayer…it was just a thought but worth a try. He told the nurses to call him up in maternity when the results came back and they smiled and said they certainly would and with that Max headed up to the newborn nursery on the third floor.

He loved these new little babies…they always smelled so sweet and were so lovable. It didn’t take him long to get engrossed in checking out the newborns…holding them and giving them their little kisses on the forehead before laying them back down in their bassinets. The nurses positively loved watching Doctor Evans with the babies and it seemed the babies all loved Doctor Evans, for some reason they always slept more soundly after he checked them out. Max wrote in their charts and about the time he was finished checking out the last baby a call came from the children’s ward that little Jay’s test results were back. Max bid the nurses good morning and told them he would be back later and headed back downstairs like a man on a mission.

When he arrived back at the children’s ward the nurse’s station was all abuzz and Sister Margaret was there to greet him. “What’s up?” He asked everybody and nobody in particular…”you found the answer Max” was Sister’s only reply.

Max took the paper with the test results and his guess had been right. He looked up toward the sky and said “thank you.” The entire staff had heard him and he made no apologies for his prayer…he meant it from the bottom of his heart. Sister only smiled at him, patted him on the back and walked out.

Jay would soon be joining his family but not before they had a new crib for the little guy. Max would see to that. Max went over and picked up the little guy and kissed the top of his head again and told him he would be going home soon…the baby smiled back at Max and closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Max was elated. What a wonderful day he thought to himself. Meantime Sister Margaret was thinking the same thing, and she raised her eyes skyward and said her own ‘thank you’…thank you for sending this wonderful man to her hospital.


There was one new member of the staff at the nurse’s station taking all of this in and mentioned to one of the other nurses that the new doctor was certainly a fox. Nurse Jacobs, the head nurse, looked at her and smiled.

“Oh Doctor Evans isn’t new, he just got back from his honeymoon. You may have heard the scuttle butt about the beautiful bride and groom that got married in the chapel about eight weeks ago, well that’s him.”

“Oh that’s really too bad.” The newcomer said with a grin on her face. She knew how to work her magic and she certainly wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up. Nurse Harding finished her rounds with the babies, feeding, bathing and changing and noticed that Doctor Evans was leaving the ward. She went and checked out his departure and saw him head for the elevator…probably a coffee break…it was time for her to go into action.

She checked out with the head nurse and told her she was taking a 15 minute bathroom break and Miss Jacobs looked at her strangely and said, “Ok.”

Tess made a beeline for the elevator and made it just as the door was closing…she smiled at Max and said good morning to him.

Max acknowledged her and said good morning as well and patiently waited to get to the cafeteria. Tess started a conversation and kept looking at Max and acting weird as far as Max was concerned and he started to get uncomfortable…Max answered her questions without offering any added input, he didn’t want to seem rude, and then it dawned on him. This woman was coming on to him. Holy shit, what to do now…he has to work with this person. Max kept his cool and then had an idea. As soon as the elevator door opened he stepped aside and allowed Tess to pass and then he took out his cell and dialed Liz’s cell.

“Hi sweetheart, do you have any plans for lunch?”

“Max, how sweet…no I don’t, you know that…you made my P B&J for me.”

“I know but I want you to come over to the hospital and have lunch with me at about 12:30. Can you do that? Oh, and Liz honey, let your hair down and wear sexy makeup.”

“All right Max…someone trying to put the make on you already?”

“You know me too well sweet…come up to Pedes to meet me, ok?”

“Sweetheart, I am going to look so sexy that you’re going to be rock hard all day.”

Max laughed at that and said good bye but not before he said I love you.

“Love you too baby, and thanks for being so open about this…maybe we can nip this in the bud before we have to get her ass fired.”

“Thank you Liz, that’s my girl.”


Liz went into Diane’s office and told her she was going to meet Max for lunch and she would probably be a little late coming back but she would work late this evening to catch things up. Diane smiled and told her as long as everything was done it didn’t matter what time she took off. Liz hugged Diane and told her she would see her later.

Liz immediately went home and found a very sexy (without being trashy) black sheath dress with short sleeves and scooped neck, her push up bra, silk stockings, high heels, and then she fixed her hair in an extremely sexy style…she used the curling iron and left her long hair hang loose over her shoulders, just enough to frame her face. She put on foundation, eye shadow, blush and lip gloss then she stood back and looked in the mirror…yep, this was exactly what Max was looking for and with that she was on her way to the hospital.

When she walked into the lobby the receptionist said “Good afternoon Mrs. Evans.” Liz smiled at her and said “Good afternoon. Is Doctor Evans still in the children’s ward?” Julie checked her log in sheet and told Liz that he was. Liz smiled at her and told her thanks and to have a great day…which Julie replied in kind.

Liz made her way to the elevator, went up to the second floor and headed right to the nurses station where she saw her husband bent over one of the desks reading a chart and then she noticed a buxom blond with curly blond hair actually ogling his ass. Liz smiled and walked over to the desk and smiled at Miss Jacobs who was still unaware of what was happening and smiled at her and said “Hi Chris…how are you?”

“Oh Liz, I’m just fine. How have you been…you’re looking great? How was the honeymoon?”

”It was fantastic. Everything I dreamed of and then some. Of course Max made it what it was.”

“I’m sure he did. So nice to see you.”

“You too. We’ll do lunch soon.”

All of this exchange did not go unnoticed by Tess. What a gorgeous woman, I wonder who she is?

Max had heard Liz talking to Chris and allowed them to have their conversation before making his move…when he was sure the girls were finished talking he turned around and saw his wife…’HO_LY SHIT!!!’ Was all he could think, she sure as hell didn’t look like that when she left the house this morning. He got up from the desk he was sitting at and walked over to her with the biggest grin she had ever seen and pulled her into him right there in front of Tess and everyone else and planted a great big kiss right on her lips. Liz giggled into his mouth and when he broke it off she leaned up and whispered in his ear…”Sexy enough for you?”

“Christ Liz, you weren’t kidding about me being rock hard all day were you?”

“You know it lover…and I think the blond over there has been put down for awhile. At least I hope so. Now, let’s go get some lunch and drive the rest of the interns nuts.”

“Whatever you say sweetheart. Love you.”

Tess looked over at Miss Jacobs and said “I take it that’s Mrs. Evans?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Was Chris’ only reply and then she got a wide awake look in her eye…this was all a show for someone and that someone is a certain blond on this floor. Good for Max and Liz and what a cute way of dealing with an uncomfortable situation…but she certainly was going to have a talk with a certain Nurse Harding.

“Tess, when you went to coffee this morning did you by any chance manage to take a break at the same time as Doctor Evans?”

Tess stammered a little, “Well, yes we did run into each other in the elevator but then he made a phone call when we got to the cafeteria and I didn’t see him again until he came back up to the floor.”

“Well I’m going to lay a little ground work here for you. This happens to be one of the best pediatricians to come to this hospital in a lot of years and if you do anything to make him uncomfortable in any way it will be your job. Do you understand?”

“Yes maam.” Was Tess’s only reply. She felt she shouldn’t try to deny anything and she knew that she'd certainly better back off if she wanted to pay the rent.

In the meantime Max and Liz headed down to the cafeteria for some lunch and ran into Michael and Fowler on the way. Michael took one look at Liz and asked her, “Where’s the party? You didn’t have that on this morning when we left the apartment.”

“Oh, you just missed it…it was up on Pedes a minute ago. Lot’s of fun actually…sorry you weren’t there.” Liz said with a little giggle and a twinkle in her eye.

Michael looked at her quizzically and said, “Huh?”

Max grabbed Liz around the waist and kissed her temple, “We’ll tell you later, ok?”

Then Michael grinned, “Someone put the make on Max, right?”

“Michael, cool it.” Max replied with a mild scowl on his face.

“I like it.” Michael replied and he and Liz both started to giggle.
( And the old man chuckled once again...what a ride!)
Max didn’t think it was a damned bit funny and Fowler just smiled. He wished he would have thought of this a couple of years ago with the nurses aide that kept bothering him but he wasn’t so sure his wife could have pulled off what Liz just did…she probably would have been too uptight and creamed the girl. Liz had to be one special person to carry this off.

They all exited the elevator and Father O’Brien waved them over to join him…Liz gave the old priest a killer smile and went over and kissed him on the cheek. She thought the world of this priest…he was like a big old teddy bear that you wanted to hug every time you saw him. He had the cutest twinkle in his eye and seemed to love everyone. Father leaned down and kissed her cheek as well and she told him she would be right back as soon as she got her food.

Everyone in the cafeteria was watching her and then they recognized her as Max’s wife. God, did she look great today, ‘what was the occasion?’ they all wondered, she never dresses like that during the day. Max took all of this in and smiled to himself, she really was special. She had all the confidence in the world and he didn’t know very many men that could ask their wives to do something like that for them and have them do it with style and grace. Tess Harding never knew what hit her. To say that he was proud of her was an understatement.

Sister Margaret entered the cafeteria while the group was in line and Liz turned around and handed Max her tray while she went over and gave the Nun a big hug. Sister smiled from ear to ear…she wasn’t used to being greeted like this and it felt nice that Liz would do this.

“Are you having lunch Sister?”

“No honey, I came in looking for my assistant, I can’t reach her on her cell and I can’t find a file that I need. I don’t see her in here anywhere so I will have to be on my way but we should make a lunch date, how does that sound?”

“It sounds wonderful. How are the cake plates doing?”

Sister Margaret laughed at that and told her, “Check it out as you go through the line…they look wonderful. I kept two for the convent though, you’re right… they are versatile. You take care Liz, and give me a call.”

“Will do Sister and have a great day.” Liz waved to the Nun as she made her way out of the cafeteria.

Max handed Liz her tray when she got back in line and reached down and kissed her on the top of her head…he was so proud of her he was all but busting at the seams.

When they sat down next to Father for lunch the old priest asked them, “How did you like Rome?”

“Oh Father, it was wonderful…and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way because I sincerely mean this, the churches were the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. Not Saint Peter’s so much, nor the Sistine Chapel, but the actual churches in and around the city and the one’s in Florence were awe inspiring. Father, I don’t think I have ever felt so close to God in my life.” Liz said.

Father looked at the young woman and smiled, “Liz, I know exactly what you’re saying. They are so old and so beautiful that they take your breath away. Where else did you go?”

“Well, we stayed in New York one night and saw a show before heading to Europe. Then we landed in England where we stayed for a few of days…over to Paris for a few days then to Rome before heading home via Boston for a day. All in all it was very busy and I think I speak for both of us when I say that I would like to go back to each place and spend a whole lot more time in a more leisurely fashion.” Max just smiled and nodded in agreement with Liz as he chewed on his sandwich. That is exactly how he felt.
The priest smiled at both of them and nodded in agreement as well. “You certainly did fit a lot into a couple of weeks, that’s for sure.”

Fowler and Michael just watched Liz and the old priest with each other and smiled the entire time. These two certainly became fast friends over the past couple of months…you could tell they each genuinely liked the other…this was a nice thing for Father, he was getting up in age and it was good for him to make friends with younger people. His life had to be lonesome for lack of a better word and Liz and Max didn’t seem to have any problems with his age or station in life. It was like the old priest was a favorite uncle and then of course Liz and Sister Margaret seemed to have a special relationship as well. She just seemed to draw people to her for some reason.

Soon it was time for the doctors to get back to their posts so they excused themselves and Father said he had to get busy with his afternoon calls as well. Liz bade the priest goodbye and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. Father hugged her back and patted her on the back. He then asked,

“Do you dress like this everyday?”

Liz giggled and said, “No Father, it was a special favor to Max, a little blond problem on pediatrics.”

Father looked at her and said seriously, “Are you all right?” The old man thought to himself, ‘We’ll have no one upsetting this marriage on my watch’.

“Never better Father…as a matter of fact it was fun.” Liz said with a little giggle.

The old priest chuckled and looked at Max and said, “You do know how special she is don’t you?”

“I certainly do Father, never a doubt, see you upstairs.” And Max gave the priest a very knowing grin as he exited the cafeteria.

With that they all went their separate ways but Michael joined Max and Liz on the elevator on his way to maternity. Liz looked at Michael and asked him when they could schedule her procedure and Michael told her he would look into it and they could talk about it tonight.

Liz got off the elevator on the main floor and Max walked her out to the car. He told her how proud of her he was and she just smiled back at him and said “Thank you Max…for everything. For trusting me with your problem and letting me come to your rescue. You’ll never know how good it makes me feel to know that you trust me with something like this. I love you so much and I don’t want you worrying about trashy blond nurses.”

Max chuckled at her and leaned down and kissed her lightly on the lips. He could have devoured her right then and there but he knew he had to wait. “I’ll see you at home and I’ll have a surprise for you.”

“Oh sweetie, it’s no surprise, I can feel it getting ready for me already.”

“Liz, sometime I think you are positively wicked” Max said with a twinkle in his eye.

“Don’t’ you forget it lover…see you tonight.” And with that she gave her tush a little wiggle, got into her car, gave Max a wave and headed on back to the office. She made pretty good time actually; she was only an hour late.


When she got back to the office Diane, Jody and Kyle all did a double take, “What in the hell are you up to Liz?” came out of Diane’s mouth. Jody giggled and said, “Yeah, what she said.” And Kyle just gulped.

Liz looked at the three of them and said,” I had to shoot down a certain trashy blond nurse for my husband.” And with that she walked into her office with her head held high, job well done if she did say so herself.

Her three associates all looked at each other and then started to laugh…’she certainly is a character’…Kyle thought to himself.

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Natalie: Honey, just think positive, unless the bad stuff is really bad you tend to overlook it. Just make the good stufff so special that the bad stuff seems like a joke. :)
Katie: :lol: :lol: Who else to use for "ugly" stuff... :D
Carolyn: My children's pediatrician was a short little Italian who absolutely loved babies...that's where I got the idea from. Even when the baby boys sprayed him all over he luaghed and hugged them... :D

Chapter: 39

The next few months went without incident… Liz had her uterus repaired successfully; Diane and the Guerins had a reception for Max and Michael as a gift and both young men were taken by surprise with it all.

Max and Michael contacted their contractor friend from college and the plans for the Medical Building were coming along quite nicely. They asked Fowler for his input as well as the girls as far as office space was concerned and everyone seemed to be quite enthusiastic about the entire project.

They had the Evans Law Firm handle all of the legalities including the financing and the setting up of the partnership between Max and Michael.

They used the property as collateral for the loan to build, just as Maria and Liz had suggested, and the business would pay back the loan on the property to Max and Liz and eventually the business would own the property as well as the Medical Facility. Maria was right in there from the ground floor overseeing everything and Liz continued working at the law firm.

The houses the young doctors purchased had closed escrow and Liz’s birthday was lurking in the background. Max wasn’t sure just how he wanted to handle her birthday party or just how he wanted to present her with her “present” but he had to make a decision soon.

He brought the subject up with Isabelle and the parents and they suggested that he call Tom and have the thing catered at the new house and Tom could bring all of the necessary tables, chairs and food…they could hire a DJ and have a great party in the empty house. Max could give her the deed when they drove up and that way she would be semi surprised when she came into the house. Max thought about this as one way to go but he still wasn’t sure, he would have to think about it some more. He really wanted this to be a very special birthday.

Finally Max decided to follow the advice of Isabelle and the parents and he hired a cleaning crew to come in and go over the house with a fine tooth comb. He had the windows all washed and managed to sneak all of the extra panels for the windows out of the spare bedroom closet without Liz catching on and Nancy, Maria, his Mom and Isabelle all went over and hung them in the downstairs windows. Maria went and purchased some new guest towels and soaps for the downstairs bathroom and the one in the basement. He hired a gardener to come and give the yard a good mowing and manicuring and the place looked wonderful.

Max contacted Tom and met him over at the new house and told him what the occasion was and asked him what he would suggest as far as a party went. Tom took one look at the place and told Max that he thought a Monte Carlo night would be great since the place was empty. They could pull in gaming tables in the basement, cocktail tables in the large living room and a nice buffet in the dining room. There could be a bar set up in the kitchen and it would be a lot of fun. They could also have a DJ and dancing in the smaller living room and the reception area could be just that, a reception area with chairs placed around for comfort. Max thought this all sounded great and told Tom to prepare for about 75 people. Tom thought that would be a good number and he would get back to Max with a menu and if Max had anymore questions to give him a call. Max thought that sounded great and he would certainly be in contact with him. Now all he had to do was keep this a surprise. At least it was the day after her birthday…she shouldn’t expect anything after.

Maria and Michael had been readying their home, secretly, for moving in and decided to have their wedding right there in the gardens. It was very hard for Maria to keep this a secret from Liz but the major plans were put on hold until after Liz’s birthday…she didn’t want to spoil Max’s surprise and she definitely wanted Liz to share in the joy of her special day.


When Liz’s birthday finally arrived she received a bunch of birthday cards in the mail from her family and friends and she was beginning to think they had all lost their minds. ‘Is this how they were going to celebrate with her, with a card and a message in the mail? What the hell was going on here? Everyone has always gotten together for birthdays. Not just hers but all of them’, then she figured Max was planning a surprise…that was it. So she whistled around the apartment and did her vacuuming with a smile on her face and when Max came home from the hospital he brought her a dozen white roses and a beautiful birthday card and a wrapped present and asked her if she would like to go out to dinner.

“Wha..what!…Dinner?…Alone?…Just us?”

“Yes honey, I thought it would be nice for a change, just the two of us; a romantic evening, maybe a movie. What do you say?”

“Well, ok?”

Max took her in his arms and gave her a deep kiss and his thoughts were running wild in his mind…’she looks so disappointed…maybe I should tell her’. Then he thought, ‘no, that’s what a surprise is, a surprise, don’t ruin it now.

So Max took Liz out to a lovely dinner and they danced and held each other close and the longer they danced the more guilty he was feeling. She didn’t look unhappy but she sure as hell didn’t look happy either. Tomorrow will be here soon enough he told himself.

They got back to the apartment and Max asked Liz if she would like a cup of tea or anything and she told him she didn’t think so. It had been a long day and she would just like to go to bed if he didn’t mind. He of course told her he didn’t mind at all and with that they turned off all of the lights and crawled into bed. They made love that night and Max tried his damnedest to make it extra special but Liz just wasn’t into it. ‘Just give it another day Max’ he kept telling himself as he pulled his little wife into the folds of his arms for a good nights sleep.

The following morning, Saturday, Maria was on the phone wanting to know how Liz liked her birthday dinner and Liz told her it was wonderful but not with a whole lot of enthusiasm and that made Maria feel like hell. but she kept her mouth shut much to the surprise of Michael and Max.

Maria asked her if she would like to go out for breakfast and she said she still had to finish cleaning the apartment and then run and get some chores done.

Maria was practically in tears by then and told Liz she needed to go and look at some dresses at the bridal shop and she would really appreciate some input. Liz finally broke down and agreed to go with her and Max told Liz to go and have a good time that he would finish the cleaning for her. She got herself up and showered and met Maria an hour later and off they went.

Michael came over to the apartment to see how things were going and Max said,

“Mike, I don’t think I have ever seen Liz this down, she thinks we’ve all gone off and ignored her on her birthday and it’s so hard not to tell her what’s going on.”

“I know man, but it’s just a few more hours. Maria will keep her busy until it’s time to get ready so just hang in there ok?”

“Yeah, I know, I will…but God, you should have seen her last night, trying to have a good time when her heart wasn’t in it. I really felt like a jerk, you know?”

“Ah Max, you’re too hard on yourself, Liz would never think that about you, maybe the rest of us but not you.”

“I guess you’re right, tonight should take care of everything, don’t you think?”

“I don’t have to think man, I know!”

“Good. Now let’s get over to the house and make sure everything is getting all set up. I want this to be perfect.”

And so our young doctors went to the new house to check it out and when they walked in they were amazed. It looked like a big hotel instead of a home. Tom and his crew had worked wonders with the place. Downstairs was the game room and there were two poker tables, a craps table and a big screen TV set up along the back wall with the sports channel keyed in. Max and Michael both grinned at each other…

“This room is going to be something to furnish Max.”

“Boy, don’t you know it Michael!”

Back upstairs, in the entry, was a portable coat check and a cute little sign pointing to the rest room. Max had to chuckle at this and then the living room had been transformed into a cozy looking dining room with a fire ready to burn in the fireplace. In the smaller parlor on the other side of the hall was a dance floor setup with the DJ’s equipment in the corner. And then, through the French doors Tom had set up a beautiful buffet, about 20 feet long, down the middle of the room with a hot food station on one side and cold food on the other. Along the wall was a long table set up for desserts. It didn’t look like a home at all. Max was so glad that he asked the parents how to handle this and Tom was a genius.

“I guess we’re all good at what we choose to do for livings aren’t we Mike.”

“You know it man.”

“Are you and Maria going to use Tom for your wedding?”

“I think that’s what Maria has in mind. You know she wants to get married next door don’t you?”

“Yes. Do you have a date yet?”

“Well, we didn’t want to make any waves with this surprise here, but as soon as Liz knows about this place then we can move on with our plans.”

“Oh Mike, I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think about you guys when I planned this.”

“Hey, it’s ok Max…we are still in the planning stages and although Maria would like some input from Liz on some of the things she said that it’s our wedding and we should be making most of the plans.”

“She’s right about that. Although I don’t think I missed out on a whole lot by letting Liz take care of everything.”

“Max, Liz didn’t take care of everything. A whole lot of people stepped in and made your wedding the occasion that it was and it was beautiful.”

“Yes Michael, for as fast as it happened it definitely was special.”


Across town two young women in a bridal shop looking at some gorgeous wedding gowns when Liz spied a dress on one of the mannequins. She went over to have a look at it and Maria just smiled. Maria had been in yesterday and was nosing around when she came upon this gorgeous creation that she thought Liz would look darling in and she had the saleslady put it on the mannequin; Maria walked over to Liz and said…

“Why don’t you try it on Liz?”

“Oh, I don’t think so Ria, it’s beautiful but I have my dress that Isabelle designed and there isn’t another like it, I love it and I don’t get to wear it often enough let alone buying this one.”

“Well, the Christmas party will be coming up before too long and then it will be damned near impossible to find something. I want you to wear your Isabelle dress for my wedding so how about I get this one for you since you won’t need a new one for the wedding ceremony.”

“Oh, I don’t think so Maria; it will just be a waste of money.”

“Nonsense, I insist, you bought my dress for me and I love it now I want to do the same for you. Try it on Liz, come on…”

“Well, ok, if you insist.”

Liz went into the dressing room and when she came out she looked like a vision, the dress looked like it had been made for her. It was a classy black spaghetti strapped number in silk organza with a flowing chiffon overskirt that was attached to a belt that could be removed. It hugged every curve on her body, even with the overskirt and she looked radiant. Maria was overcome with awe of her friend and when Liz saw the dress in the mirror she got the first real smile on her face since yesterday morning.

Maria found a few wedding gowns that she liked but nothing rocked her world so they packed up Liz’s dress and headed for the mall. That was always fun. They could grab a quick lunch and then get their nails done. Liz was beginning to perk up and Maria was starting to feel better that her friend was starting to show some life. She just hoped she could convince her to put the damned dress on tonight.

When the girls got home they found that Max and Michael were MIA, ‘wonder what those two are up to’ Maria thought. God, I hope the party planning is on schedule. Soon the two guys showed up and wanted to know if the girls would like to go out tonight. Maria looked at Michael and gave him a big smile and said sure, but she had to run an errand before they could go anywhere…

”Why don’t we take two cars and meet up later, how does that sound. I’ll get dressed before I leave and that way I can be on time.”

Max pulled Liz into him and gave her a kiss on the nose and asked her how that sounded…’say yes Liz’ he thought to himself.

“Sure, where do you want to go?”

“How about the Regency? They have a great dining room, a nice ball room and we can get a couple of rooms for the night and not worry about coming home after…just throw some jeans in an overnighter and a toothbrush.”

They all agreed and then Liz asked Maria what she was going to wear…and Maria told her she thought she might wear a new cocktail dress she bought the other day. Liz raised an eyebrow and Maria said…

“Oh, I forgot to show it to you…wanna see it now?”

“Nah, I’ll see it later.”

“Oh Liz, wear your new dress, ok?”

“Are you sure it’s not too dressy?”

“Are you kidding, it will be perfect…and throw on those diamonds you have stashed away.”

“Ok, if you’re sure.”

“I’m sure Liz, trust me.”

“Fine, diamonds it is.” And with that the friends bid each other so long until seven at the Regency.


“Max, are you going to make the reservations?” Liz asked and Max thought really quickly and said

“Sure honey, right now.” So Max grabbed the phone book and looked up the number of the Regency and called Michael. When he told Michael that he would like to reserve connecting rooms for this evening Michael picked up on it immediately and went along with the program and started to make jokes back at Max and Max was ready to crawl through the phone and strangle him. It was bad enough trying to maintain a professional demeanor over the phone while your wife was listening to you lie but to have your friend make jokes on the other end about kennels and puppies while you’re doing it made it twice as bad. Finally he hung up and told Liz everything was taken care of and she headed for the shower.

“Need some help in there?”

“You bet, come on.”

And soon Max and Liz were up to their usual shower games, it was a good thing they decided to shower early.

When they finished with their showers Liz proceeded to dry her hair and Max pulled his razor out of the drawer…he usually shaved before showering but he had an offer he just couldn’t refuse. Liz looked at her husband standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else on and she started to get heated up all over again…Max looked over at her and caught her checking him out and gave her a shy little wink over the white shaving cream and she just stood there and licked her lips and smiled back at him.

So Max rinsed his face off, Liz turned the hairdryer off and soon they were in bed and all over each other once again. When they finished making love for the second time in the past hour they headed back to the bathroom and Max thought, ‘if this keeps up we may not make it to our own party’, but they finally managed to get themselves ready and Max was blown away with how beautiful Liz looked.

She piled her hair on top of her head in a loose French roll and put the diamond ear rings on that her parents had given her for her sixteenth birthday, one carat princess studs, very elegant in their simplicity and she looked beautiful. She took Max’s breath away. He stood back and looked at her for so long that she started to blush.

“Let’s call Mike and Maria and tell them we’re staying home.”

“Stop it Max, you’re making me uncomfortable, no, you know we can’t do that!”

“God Liz…I just want to ravish you.”

“Well, you can ravish me all you want later, we have to go now.”

And with that they left the apartment to head on over to the house. Max had the deed to the property in his breast pocket and he still wasn’t sure how he would handle this so he would just have to play it by ear.

When they headed down the off ramp to the older section of town Liz asked Max where he was going and he told her he had to do something before they headed to the Regency. Liz cocked her head in his direction and wondered what in the hell was he thinking. They were going to be late, and even though Maria was always late Liz didn’t like to be.

Soon they pulled up in front of the yellow house and Liz noticed it was all lit up and had curtains on the windows…she looked at Max with a bit of a disappointment in her eyes but said nothing. ‘It was sold,’ was the only thing going through her mind. Max got out of the car and went around and opened her door she looked at him with a questioning look on her face and he just smiled at her and took her hand.

“Come on Liz…’Welcome Home’.” He said with an uncertain smile on his face

Liz looked at Max with a very puzzled expression on her face and then the wheels started turning…’no, it can’t be, can it’?
“Come on Liz.” And he took her hand in his and she got out of the car without ever taking her eyes off this beautiful man.

“Max, what’s going on?” She asked…they were the only words she could get out of her mouth.

“Happy Birthday Liz…do you like it?”

“What? Max? Like what? The house? Of course I like the house, I love the house but why are we here?” She still wasn’t sure what Max was trying to tell her.

“This is your birthday present baby…is that okay?”

“Oh…My…God…for real!?!” and she jumped into Max’s arms and kissed him all over his face. Max just stood there hanging on to her hoping they didn’t both fall onto the sidewalk.

“Yes baby, for real. Now let’s go look it over, shall we.”

And when they walked in the front door everyone yelled surprise and Liz started to cry…she just couldn’t believe this was happening…it was all too much. She looked around and saw the entire family, her friends and Michael and Maria at the top of the stairs smiling down on her. She turned her head into Max’s shoulder and cried like a baby. Again, Max whispered into her ear…”if you don’t stop Liz I will have to tickle you…” and she started to giggle, he always did that.

Soon she was over the initial shock of everything and the party was in full swing. She danced with everyone, ate, drank, played cards, shot pool (one of her favorites) and had a wonderful birthday.

She snuck up the backstairs when no one was looking and roamed through her house and envisioned the rooms full of happy children. There would be no only child in this home; it would be filled with children and love; not that she hadn’t had a happy childhood but large families were wonderful. Soon Max found her and put his arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck.


“Oh God yes Max…beyond imagination.”

“What were you thinking when I came in?”

“I was thinking how happy our home is going to be when it’s filled with children.”

“That sounds wonderful, and as soon as your “parole” is up we will start working on that.”

“I can hardly wait. Just a few more months and then Michael said I should be safe and ready to go.”

“Good, now I have a smaller birthday surprise for you.”

“Oh God Max, this is enough, honest.”

“Oh, this didn’t cost a dime, honest Liz. Michael and Maria bought the house next door.”

Liz let out a squeal that would have awakened the dead. She jumped into Max’s arms and hugged him so hard he just knew he was going to drop them both. Some of the people downstairs heard her and Michael and Maria nodded to each other. People around them wanted to know what was going on and Maria said that Max must have given her the other news.

Fowler said, “What other news?”

“Oh, just that Michael and I bought the place next door. Max’s mom said we are joined at the hip and I think she’s right…and after that squeal we just heard I’m pretty sure she’s right.” Everyone laughed at her including Diane who knew it to be true.

When Max and Liz came back downstairs Father O’Brien asked Liz what she was going to do with a house this big and she told him she was going to fill it up with babies. Max just stood back and smiled at her…she was ecstatic. Father laughed at her answer and asked her how many babies did she want and she said

“As many as God gives me and I hope he’s a generous God. My relatives are going to hate to see us come to their homes, we’ll have to buy a bus to transport us Father. Isn’t that right Max?”

She had everyone in stitches by now and Max was so happy that it didn’t bother her that she was center stage.

Max wrapped his arm around her waist and she looked up into those honey colored eyes of his and gave him one of the biggest smiles he had ever seen. He bent over and kissed her on the nose and said, “That’s right honey, just as many as you want.”

The old priest stood there looking down at this petite woman with the beautiful smile and her handsome husband and he believed every word she said.

To say the party was a success was an understatement, it was a wonderful evening for everyone. The food was absolutely delicious and the evening’s entertainment was extremely successful.

All of the grandparents were thrilled with the way Max and Liz were moving forward with their lives and they were very impressed with the choices they were making. About four of them wondered about the ‘babies’ statement though; ‘did Liz mean what she said or not?’ They would have to ask Nancy and Diane if they thought she was serious.

Of course if they would have asked Claudia she would have told them that it wasn’t a joke…Liz meant every word of it. Had it not been for Max Liz would have had a very lonely childhood and although Liz wasn’t completely aware of why she needed a large family a lot of it stemmed from her own childhood.

It was after 2:00 a.m. before the last of the guests left the party and Tom and his crew asked Max if it would be alright to come back tomorrow to clean all of this up, as he waved his arm to encompass the entire area. Max assured him it would be fine and he gave him his house key.

He told Tom to leave the key on the kitchen counter when they were finished and he and Liz would get it later. He showed Tom where the freezer in the kitchen was to put the leftovers in and showed him the containers Isabelle and Maria had put in the cupboards for them. Tom thanked him and told him that he had done many parties in his time but this had to be one of the best he ever catered. Everything was wonderful and he thought the house was beautiful. Max and Liz both thanked him and assured him that they were going to be very happy here. Tom told them he had no doubts about that and then Max and Liz headed home for a good nights rest.

After they got into bed Max pulled Liz into his arms and cuddled her to him…and Liz said,

“Max, when can we move in?”

“Tomorrow if you want to Liz, it’s ours.”

“Oh, so if I start packing now we can leave in the morning?”

“Liz, you’re kidding right?”

And Liz started giggling, she almost lost complete control of herself she was so overcome with happiness…Max just held onto her and let her get it out of her system.

When she finally calmed down he figured he’d better get her mind off things or she would be up thinking about it all night so he started moving his arms around her and turned her into him and started loving her as though it was their first time. She moaned and slid right into the mood and made her husband one of the happiest men alive. Turnabout is fair play, right?


It was a few weeks later when Max and Liz had finally moved completely into the new home. Their bedroom, the smaller one across the hall and the parlor were the only rooms that were furnished so far and Max was right about the ‘behemoth’ refrigerator…they could have put two into the kitchen and been safe. Liz told him that their next refrigerator would be one of those industrial things that would fill the space perfectly…in the meantime it was a good place for her to store the small ladder she needed to reach the top shelves in the cupboards. Max just laughed at her, God how he loved her.

Their bedroom looked beautiful with the new furniture and when Liz hung the panels along each side and a scarf to match across the top of the bed it looked positively elegant. She purchased fabric to make a valance for the windows and matching throw pillows for the bed. The panels under the valances on the windows matched the panels on the bed so everything matched. She put grandma’s rocking chair in the corner with the candle table next to it with a skirt to cover it in coordinating fabric to match the valance and pillows. She and Max had purchased a beautiful love seat to put in front of the fireplace with a library table in back of it to set a lamp on. The overall effect was beautiful. Max was so proud of her.

She was so careful not to make the room look too feminine even though Max told her that whatever she did he would like it but she made sure the fabrics and furniture placements were to his liking as well.

They positioned the armoire so that it faced their bed and they continued to use it as an entertainment center. They had no television downstairs except for Liz’s old TV which they put in the kitchen on one of the counters. They were in no hurry to furnish the rest of the house; they could wait until they saw something that they really wanted…there was no need to rush into anything.

Occasionally they would go window shopping after Mass, sometimes with Maria and Michael and sometimes alone, but all in all they were content with things the way they were. They were extremely happy and thanked God everyday for their blessings. Life was really wonderful in their eyes and as soon as Liz got the ok from Michael they would start on a family, God willing it wouldn’t be long before they started filling the house with children.

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Carolyn: Yeah, this Max was a generous Max...Although I never had a Wealthy Max in my life he was generous. :wink:
Michelle: Hey, welcome!!! So glad to hear from you and yes I agree, this couple led a charmed life. I'm sure they must have had their ups and downs, a little more than I wrote about but hey, we don't need to be reminded of that crap do we? We live enough of it. As for "I Shall Behave"??? I love it. AS for the honeymoon, that was just a teaser, now they have to go back and enjoy it one place at a time. :D


Chapter: 40

Max Evans stood in his bathroom shaving and thinking; today was a big day…Fowler’s youngest was going to have some very extensive surgery and he needed to be at 150%.

It had been 16 years since he and Michael had established their medical clinic and the relationship with their fellow doctors had formed a bond that had weathered many storms. They had seen each other through numerous traumatic experiences in the medical theatre but when it came to one of their own it was always more profound.

Fowler had become as big a part of their lives as Michael and Maria were. They all seemed to be drawn to each other like an invisible force was at work.

As he checked out his image in the mirror he said a silent prayer that things would work out the way they planned…they usually did but there was always the chance of a slight problem here and there…he only hoped they were slight if any reared their ugly heads...

As he left the bathroom, headed for the closet, he heard “IF YOU LIKE PINA COLLADAS” echoing up from the kitchen and he had to laugh and shake his head. Liz and the seventeen-year-old twins had to be packing lunches and singing off key again. Those three were something else. None of them could carry a tune in a bucket and they all loved to sing. What a sight they made. All three…5’2”…long brown hair, bodies that sent young men into wet dreams while wide-awake and smiles that lit up the sun. The only difference between Liz and those girls was their eyes…Liz had those huge brown saucers where as the girls were graced with his honey colored eyes…”honey” being Liz’s description, not his. About that time he heard “DAAAAD”…God, when was that boy going to learn to talk instead of yelling?

“What is it Jake?”

Jake was the 15 year old who was the image of Max in every respect…same hair, same body, same eyes and same smile, but a mouth that would rival thunder. According to his mother he was every 10th grade ‘mothers of daughter’s’ nightmare. He could charm the stripes off a snake.

“Are you going to be able to make it to my game this afternoon?”

Jake was catcher on the High School baseball team and quite good at it as a matter of fact. Max was very proud of him but he had to learn to speak in a much lower voice…it was nerve wracking.

“I don’t know Jake…I definitely want to be there but we’ll have to see how things go at the hospital.”

“Oh, that’s right; I forgot for a minute, you tell Doctor Fowler that I will have our team say a prayer for him. If you can’t make it I’ll understand.”

Max smiled and his heart warmed just a little, “Thanks Jake, I appreciate it and I definitely will tell Dr. Fowler he can count on your prayers.”

“S’okay Dad…see ya in the kitchen…oh…and Dad…can you get Mom and the girls singing lessons for Christmas or something?”

Max had to laugh “Jake, you know singing on key is not something you can really teach to someone who is tone deaf.”

“Tone deaf? What’s that?”

“That is when you can’t tell one note from the other, and I think your Mom and sisters all suffer from it…but don’t you dare say I said so, ok?” Max chuckled…

About that time the ten-year-old twins…Allison (Ally) and Alyssa (Lissy) poked their noses into the bedroom to say good morning to their father. They usually waited until Jake’s shouting stopped to make their visit into their parent’s room to give their dad a hug before going downstairs.

They had to be the sweetest little angels Max had ever seen. They were a mixture of Max and Liz…his hair and skin tone and Liz’s big brown eyes and beautiful lips. They were like two peas in a pod. Sometime, if they were standing together in a crowd, it was impossible to tell them apart, even for Max and Liz.

Erica and Eileen were also identical but they had mannerisms that definitely distinguished their personalities to their individual selves. Erica had a way of turning her head when she laughed and Eileen seemed to be more straightforward. Max had never given it much thought until this very minute…that’s what it was. They were mirrors of each other and yet the tilt of their heads was what gave them their individual traits, interesting, Max wondered if Liz had ever noticed it?

“Well, good morning ladies…don’t we look lovely this morning.” Max said to his younger girls and they giggled at their father and leaped into his lap for their hugs and kisses. It was obvious their mother hadn’t touched their hair yet…they did pretty well with everything but you could bet they would not be leaving the house with those hairdos, neither one of them.

Actually, they worked on each other’s hair this morning and they thought they looked quite “chic”.

Both girls always waited until their Daddy was dressed and ready to visit the baby before making their entrance. This was their time and Max made sure he had an extra fifteen minutes just for them before spending at least another fifteen with Nick.

“Is your brother still in his crib?”

Both girls smiled and said, “Yes”, at the same time and Max scooped them both up in his strong arms and headed toward fourteen-month-old Nicholas’ room.

“Good morning Nick…ready to join the world?”

Nick jumped up from the middle of his crib where he was currently busy playing with a rubber truck and held out his little arms for his daddy. Max immediately set the young twins down and scooped up the baby and headed over to the changing table while planting kisses all over his neck…Nick shivered in his father’s embrace and held on with his tiny little arms. .

“Boy Nick, we’re going to have to do something about your diet, you stink.” Max said with a chuckle and proceeded to reach for a clean diaper and the wipes. “Mom changed him before she went downstairs” Lissy said. Max grinned at Lissy and said, “Well he’s been a busy little boy then, hasn’t he?”

Nick wrapped his tiny hands around his daddy’s cheeks and smiled up at him like he was a god. Max melted as he changed his son’s diaper and grabbed the little pair of overalls that were lying next to the changing table.

Liz sat something out every night for Max so he wouldn’t have to go hunting for something to put Nick into when he went through his morning routine. When Max had finished dressing Nick he wrapped his arms around the baby, gave him a big bear hug and told the girls it was time to head downstairs. They all arrived in the kitchen in time to see Liz and the older girls going through a new dance they had seen on TV, they were all in hysterics.

“Well, can anyone join the party or is it a private affair?” Max asked from behind them.

“Oh Dad, don’t be silly.” They answered back in unison…Liz just turned around and smiled at the man who made everyday of her life worth living. She was rewarded with the smile he saved just for her and then he reached over and grabbed her around the waist and planted a great big noisy kiss on her lips. The girls all “ewwwwed” at that and Max and Liz both laughed into each other’s mouths.

Liz took notice of the younger girls’ hair and asked if they had brought their brushes down with them.

“No…” they said in unison, looking a little disappointed as Liz pointed to the back stairs and they went back up to retrieve the brushes…Max just smiled…

Then Liz went over and wrapped her arms around her youngest who always shivered and giggled with glee when his Mommy came near him. He giggled and clapped and couldn’t wait for her to hold him as Liz lowered her head and stuck it right into Nick’s little tummy and roared like a cartoon teddy bear. Max stood back and watched in awe of this little woman that he loved so deeply, he couldn’t believe the happiness she brought to this family. She was simply joy all wrapped up in this tiny little package and she seemed to radiate love and kindness everywhere she went.

About that time they heard “MOMMMMM”

Liz must have jumped three feet and Max grabbed for Nick, afraid she might drop him.

“What is it Jake?” Liz calmly asked her son, rolling her eyes at Max.

“Have you seen my catchers’ mitt?”

“It’s not my mitt Jake…where did you have it last?”

“With my uniform…where is it?”

“Jacob Michael Evans, where do you think it is?”

“In my duffle bag?”

“That would be my first guess Jake…now get yourself together and get in here for breakfast.”

Soon the dining room was filled with the laughter of children and parents as they prepared for another busy day of school, work and fun. Liz looked lovingly over at her husband who was listening intently to Erica explain that she thought she might want to do a foreign exchange program next semester and Max raised an eyebrow toward Liz who just shrugged…something to talk about later she thought, but she was sure he would want to discuss the surprise she left on his morning e-mail first.

She didn’t know if she should have gone with the flying storks, or just a couple of blue baby buggies, she chose the blue baby buggies. These two would make eight and she wasn’t sure if the house was big enough for two more babies…something to think about tonight after the kids went to bed. Maybe they should never have repaired her uterus so many years ago she thought to herself but she was just kidding, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway, Max had a successful surgery that morning…headed back to his office across the street and as he said good morning to the crew Michael passed him in the lobby, nodded good morning and Max could have sworn he heard him chuckle. Max gave his old friend a nod and headed to his office.

He opened his computer…took a sip of the coffee he had brought in with him and noticed an e-mail from Liz. What could that be? He immediately opened it and then he sat there and stared…’NAH…it’s a joke! Right?’ Then he reached up and scratched behind his ear and got a great big smile on his face. ‘More babies…that woman is a reproducing miracle…that’s what she is, a reproducing miracle.’ Life was beautiful at Evansville.


"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.

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My Best Friend, My Love, My Life, C/C Adult End 11/17/12

Post by mary mary » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:44 pm

Katy: Yes, we have a couple of baseball players in our grandson, who is a jr in college playes infield on his college team. We're very proud of him... :)
Michelle: Despite what some of the "books" say childbirth really isn't that bad. If it was there would be only one child born per family and an awfully lot of frustrated men out there looking for childless women becaue no woman would take that chance again :lol: Honest, it isn't that bad and size really doesn't matter all that much...the smallest of women actually have good measurements for child birth. I'm only 5' 2'' and weighed 97 pounds when I got pg. and it wasn't difficult carrying or delivering. Honest. As for the booming voice, well you know which one that is. :wink: Oh, and caution, this is a blue chapter! :wink:
Carolyn: Liz meant it when she said she wanted as many as God would give her and they certainly could afford them, annnnd, they once thought they had plenty of room for them. Now I'm not so sure... :D
Eve: Yep, two baby boys this time...and happy week-end. And No, Maria and Michael were far more conservative than Max and Liz were. :wink:


My Life….

Lissy walked into the quiet hospital room where her father was sitting, watching over her mother, and asked in a very quiet voice…

“Dad, can one of us give you a break? We are all out in the waiting room and I would be more than glad to sit with her.”

Max looked up into his beautiful daughter’s brown eyes, the image of her mother and smiled…

“No sweetheart. I want to be here with her. I’ve been with her for her entire life and I will be with her when it’s over. Thank you…go sit with the others. I love you.”

“I love you too Dad and we’ll be here.”

“I know…now go, I’ll be fine.” And Max smiled at her as she leaned over and kissed his cheek, pressed her mother’s hand and left the room.

He felt a stirring under his hand and saw that Liz was moving…He immediately turned his eyes back to hers and she smiled and nodded. Max lifted her hand to his lips and kissed her palm and she smiled once again for her love as she took her last breath.

Max raised her hand to his lips again as he had done so many years ago. She had him remove the engagement ring many months ago but the wide gold band was still on her frail hand with it’s engraving still intact “MY BEST FRIEND, MY LOVE, MY LIFE” and he smiled.

Max felt his heart tighten and he stood and leaned over the bed and kissed his dear wife’s cheek and sat back down in the chair as he stifled the sobs. He took her hand in his and laid his head on the side of her bed and whispered…”I’ll see you soon my love…soon.” And Max Evans drew his final breath.

When the nurse at the nurses station looked up at the heart monitor she immediately called the doctor on staff and headed to Liz’s room…The Evans children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all stood and waited anxiously for any word.

The nurse stepped into the room and immediately thought that Dr. Evans had fallen asleep and when she went over to arouse him he didn’t move. She reached down and took his pulse and couldn’t believe it…he had expired as well. How would she ever tell his family, how would they ever cope with this. They expected their mother’s death but certainly not their father’s.

Out in the waiting room Jake grabbed hold of his wife’s hand. He knew, and then he smiled. Dad would never want to live without Mom…it was a given and he knew, he just knew that they were both gone. He looked at his siblings and none of them had to be told what had happened…they all knew.

Their father and mother were together in death as they were in life. Their love was that deep and everlasting and their children did not mourn their parents in the usual way.

When they held their celebration of life it was a celebration of love as well and the story of their parents would live on forever in their hearts.

And at the end of the bright light two young happy souls reunited for all eternity.

“My best friend” Max said to his lovely Liz as he took her hand and looked into her young face and smiled.

“My Love” Liz answered, looking at him adoringly, and they both said

“My Life” and they walked into the light together

The End

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.