Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) ~complete~ 4/13/13

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Re: Drifter (AU,M/L,Adult) *complete* 4/13/13

Post by jake17 » Sat Apr 13, 2013 7:55 pm

L-J- 76

ok first thing's first, this fic is dedicated to L-J - 76, thank you so much for all your kind words and pushing me to continuing with this even when I wasn't confident that people weren't liking it all that much. If not for you I might not have finished it, and I'm really glad I did, so thank you sweetie.

Also since I haven't updated in so long and by my own admission this is a really confusing story so I'm leaving a little summary as to what's going on at this point in the fic.

Ok so Klye turned Max in and Max is NOT Jack!
I'm not sure if everyone got that, I'm sorry I left little clues but I think I was too vague about it.. sorry :oops:
The explanation as to why Max pretended to be Jack is in this final update.
I also kind of aluded to the fact that Liz knew this but needed a reason to justify to herself how she could be falling in love with a criminal and a stranger.
I really hope this is making sense...

thank you for sticking with this, your all amazing and supportive and so appreciated!

Chapter eleven

Panting hard her eyes lifted to the ceiling as her mind slipped into a haze of sexual desire and the jarring sting of his words.

His hand slid up around her neck gripping her tight while the other pressed against her stomach his fingers digging purposely to places that she longed him to touch.

Swallowing hard she again attempted to run up the steps but his grip held her in place firmly against his muscular body that was now obviously at full strength.

“Let me go.” She shakily breathed out sounding more as if she were trying to convince herself of her wishes then him.

Pressing his lips to her ear he breathlessly gruffly made his demands.

“Not until you admit the truth.”

Shaking her head whipping her damp strains of black hair across his scruffy face her voice cracked with emotion.

“No, you’re wrong … I didn’t know. I thought you were Jack, there’s no way I would’ve … “

Her voice trailed off remembering all the times he kissed her, had his hands on her, felt his urgency against her heat showing her just how bad he wanted her.

“Would’ve what?” his mouth brushed sinfully along her neck sending chills throughout her body, “Would’ve taken care of me? Or would’ve let me do everything but make love to you, which is what you know is inevitable.”

Struggling hard she broke out of his arms and ran up the stairs locking herself inside her room.

Leaning his forehead against the door he slid his fingers down the worn wood feeling the heat from her on the other side.

“You knew, maybe not from the start, but you knew I wasn’t Jack. Admit it Beth.”

Throwing a book against the door she yelled out of frustration and confusion.

“Don’t call me that!!”

Hearing her quietly sobbing on the other side of the door he closed his eyes lowering his voice to a soothing whisper.

“That’s right that was his special name for you. Just like the barn was where he kissed you for the first time and the pond hidden away in the woods was the first time he saw you naked swimming on that warm summer night.”

Tears threatened to spill over her reddened cheeks as she raised her face up towards the velvet voice that spoke of her life as if he had known her.

“We shared a cell together, we we’re both in for minor shit, stealing cars, con jobs… you get to know a lot about a guy when you share a seven by ten space with him.”

Standing on shaky legs she opened the door needing to see his face as he finally told her the truth.

“You knew Jack… that’s how you know all about me.”

Her voice was flat void of emotion too shocked to feel anything.

Walking past her he sat on her bed staring out into space recalling the year and a half he spent hearing about the lovely Beth Parker.

“He talked about you constantly, even in his sleep he would mumbled your name as if you were sitting right next him.”

Reaching inside his front pocket of his jeans he pulled out a folded faded picture of a fifteen year old girl with feathered hair and cut off shorts, her hands firmly set on the curve of her hips while her pretty face tilted to the side giving the lucky person on the other end of the camera a coy grin.

“I think this was his most prized possession, I used to stare at it when he slept, thinking of this girl with the big wild eyes, so beautiful … so free.”

Liz gazed down into her younger self not even recognizing the girl she used to be.

Forgetting how that felt to love and live like it was oxygen you needed to breathe.

In that instant she wondered if all along it wasn't that feeling she remembered so fondly or if she was truly missing the boy that she shared these beautiful memories with.

He began to speak again this time with a hint of vulnerability and regret lining his satin tone.

“I fell in love with you in that moment, sitting there in that cement box on that rainy night holding this picture, memorizing the sun shining behind you engulfing you in white brilliant light like an angel, blue skies framing your tan shoulders.”

Liz was looking at him now, almost in fascination as he spoke his words distant and thick with want.

“I don’t even know you.” Liz rasped placing her hand gently on his knee.

His amber eyes fell to the ground as if the picture in his mind of that day vanished suddenly.

“There isn’t a me to know.”

Sadness enveloped his handsome features pulling at her heart.

“I grew up in foster homes, no family, just bouncing around from one nightmare house to another, one worse than the last. At fourteen I ran away for good living on the streets, surviving the best I could.”

Moving closer Liz intrigued by his story pressed him to go on.

“I ended up working for small time mob guy in Queens, I was quick, I was able to get away from any situation no matter how tight. They gave me a place to sleep and food, something I wasn’t inclined to turn down after living on the streets for years.”

Sighing deeply now staring at her hand that was clutching his thigh he breathed out shakily continuing with his story.

“But it’s only a matter of time before your luck runs out; I was caught stealing a car for my boss which landed me eighteen months in the pen. That’s when I met Jack. Being an orphan I almost thought I had found a brother I never knew I had we looked so much alike.”

Lacing his hand over hers on his leg he began to whisper furthering her confused state.

“He told me all about his summers here, about what it was like to kiss you, be close to you. I used to pretend at night that it was me, that I was the one holding your hand, laying with you under the stars … “

Max took in a deep shuddered breath realizing how pathetic he must sound to her.

He never talked about his feelings in his life, now he couldn't shut up, this girl had truly turned his life upside down.

Whatever she was doing to him he knew it was too late now to turn back.

“Anyway Jack had a plan, he heard you were back, that you were living here. He wanted to get out and get up enough money to come back here, win your heart over again I guess.”

Staring down at the floor feeling his face flush with heat remembering how jealous he was that he was going to find her again...

“One day after work detail I came back and all his stuff was gone. Early release for good behavior they told me. I had no idea, the night before I had taken your picture, just to look at… to dream.”

Gazing up into his golden eyes she realized what had happened next.

That the story he had told her about his partner getting shot in the head by the cop, how he watched him die, it was him all alone... it was Jack he was talking about.

He had laid it all out for her, she just didn't put the pieces together.

“Jack was the one you ran into on the streets, the one that wanted you to rob that old lady’s house.”

Nodding slowly Max shrugged his shoulders, “He wasn’t street smart, wasn’t much for planning, I should’ve known better, but he was my friend, my only friend, so I said yes and it all went wrong… and I watched him die.”

His voice broke as if reliving the image of Jack laying on the floor blood pooling around his head.

“I ran, I ran so fast and so far when I stopped I had no idea where I was. It was pouring and my side was sliced open. I was dizzy and weak, the hospital was out, I had nowhere to go… then I remember you.”

Liz’s eyes widened remembering that day as if it were yesterday. The excitement rumbling in her tummy, her heart fluttering like a teenager… the instant attraction she felt as she gazed into his brandy darkened eyes so full of mischief and danger.

She remembered praying for something or someone to come into her life and rescue her from the dismal every day nothing that had become her life.

Curling his fingers around hers his husky sensual voice drifted over her body making her bite her bottom lip from making a sound she might regret.

“Before I knew it I had lifted a truck from a junkyard, somehow got it started and was on my way here. My plan was to tell you I was a friend of Jack’s that I needed help and after I was strong enough I would take off. But then…”

Cupping his face she turned him towards her so she could look into those eyes.

“But then …”

Moving his mouth so her thumb skimmed across his bottom lip he closed his eyes.

“I saw you, standing there, not the teenager in the picture but a beautiful, vibrant, sexy, woman… feisty and … so brazen, completely fearless. God I could hardly breathe when you opened the door. It was there sitting at your kitchen table watching you move. The way the tips of your wavy windswept hair flowed around your bare shoulders, how your lips curled up to one side when you were trying to decide what to do with me, and your body… seeing you there in the shower. I was almost near death but I didn’t care, in that moment I never wanted to leave, in that moment I was Jack… I wanted everything he had. I was determined to have you.”

Standing quickly Liz walked to the window and stared out at the dead end road that led to her farm house.

With her emotions impossible to read he stood gathering up the strength to say what he had come back for.

Hovering close behind her he lowered his mouth along the side of her neck where her damp hair was stuck thick and wet to her apple scented skin.

“I don’t expect anything from you, I deceived you, put you in danger, ruined a friendship that I know was important to you … but I couldn’t leave without telling you how I felt.”

He took her silence as she continued to glare intently outside at the lonely road permission to continue.

“I’ve been alone my entire life, no one has ever cared about me, but you... you risked everything to save me. You should know that it was the happiest I’ve ever been… I know it wasn’t real but… I love you… and that Liz, that was very real.”

Turning to walk away Liz grabbed him by his wrist and threw him forcefully against the wall away from the window.

“There’s a FBI agent hidden in the woods across from the shed behind the big Oak tree, he has no idea you’re here so I’d stay out of sight if I were you.”

He gazed down at her stunned wide eyed and breathless.

“Liz if they catch you you’ll be arrested for harboring a fugitive.”

Turning to pull a duffle bag from under her bed she zipped it open and began shoving some of her clothes inside.

Confused Max watched still not catching on.

Walking to her dresser she pulled out a tank top and a pair of jeans.

Letting her robe fall slowly down her back she reached for the shirt before feeling his hands on her shoulders.

“Liz, what are you doing… I don’t understand. You'll be on the run for the rest of your life, I don't think you've thought this through.”

Turning to face him her robe now resting on the curve of her hips she breathed out pressing her hands to his chest.

“I knew… I wasn’t sure in the beginning but after that first night, I knew you weren’t Jack.”

Grabbing her almost roughly by the shoulders he captured her mouth in a searing kiss spinning them around so his back was against he wall and she was leaning against him, her back to his chest.

His gravelly voice was hot against her neck as he held her close his hands stretched across her bare body.

“Why, tell me why did you pretend? Why did you help me?!”

Slamming her eyes shut feeling his hard cock pressed urgently against her ass, she tried hard to catch her breath.

“Because… you made me feel alive, wanted … more than anyone has …ever, I couldn’t admit it, even to myself but… I can’t lose you, not now… I love you. And it has nothing to do with Jack or my past. I love you, I love you Max.”

Turning her back to face him he gazed down into her eyes watching in fascination as she trembled like a leaf in his hands.

Gripping her by the shoulders almost violently he shook her forcing her to look up into his wild darkened eyes.

“Say it again!”

Holding his gaze she lifted her hand up towards his face making sure he could see just how serious she was.

Softly lifting his dark hair from his intense vulnerable eyes she breathed out speaking slowly needing him to believe every word.

“When I’m not with you it hurts, I want you always Max… I love you… and only you.”

Feeling the world fall away Max lifted her wrapping her legs around his waist bringing her down to the carpet below.

Digging her nails into his back as he took her nipple lovingly between his lips she cried out his name.

Releasing the button and zipper of his jeans he quickly pulled then down to his knees along with his boxers.

Running his tongue along her neck before taking her mouth in his they both sighed with satisfaction as he plunged deep insider her.

Feeling his tears fall onto her heated skin as he pressed his forehead to her collarbone with every thrust she gripped his black messy hair holding him there.

They fucked as though it was their last moments on Earth.

It was frenzied hard and fast as if they had been waiting their entire life for each other.

At last he was loved and she was free...

It turns out that in the end the truth was all they needed...

The truth and each other


The next day Kyle drove down the lonely dead end road he had traveled thousands of times before.

After almost jogging with happiness up her front steps, feeling that now nothing was standing in his way with Liz, his eyebrows suddenly furrowed as he touched the doorknob watching as it flew open on its own.

Standing over the kitchen table his hands shook as he read the note left for him.


I will forever be grateful to you for your help and your friendship.
Go and find that girl that will love you with the intensity and desire that you so dearly deserve.
I finally figured out it’s the only thing that really matters in this world.
You don’t need to worry about me anymore.
I get the secret, the thing that everyone's always trying to understand...
Love is the key, the only thing that's real
It sets you free,
and I am free Kyle
I am finally free


* I know this is a little opened ended but in my mind they run off and are very happy together... but that is totally up to you :wink:

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare