A Christmas Tale (AU,CC,MATURE) Epilogue - 12/23/12

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A Christmas Tale (AU,CC,MATURE) Epilogue - 12/23/12

Post by mary mary » Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:46 am

A Christmas Tale
By: Ginger
Genre: A/U C/C Mature language
Summary: An accident in the snow
Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with anything pertaining to Roswell or any of its constituents, I have borrowed the names of the characters because I really like them, a lot…well some of them anyway.
Oh, and here’s a biggee, I take authors license with a lot of this emergency equipment so just go with it! But keep in mind Ashland, Oregon is a beautiful town not far from the California border and it is a ski resort town as well as being known for its’ Shakespearian Festival every year. Oh, and great balloon rides; beautiful balloons!

Chapter: 1
Max Evans was headed home from his ski lodge in the Siskiyou Mountains, hoping the roads had been cleared since that last snow fall earlier that day. It was a real winter blizzard regardless of what the news report had said.

Those reporters should have to visit these mountain roads before making their weather reports, this was downright dangerous. And as he was chastising the newscaster in his mind he rounded a curve, saw a deer, hit his brakes (a natural instinct) and started into an uncontrollable slide and wound up in a snow bank on the side of the road.

His airbag deployed at the thrust of the jeep which caused him to be thrown back into his seat and now he was stuck there in the snow, off the road, unconscious. No one was around, no one but Max Evans would have even tried to drive in these conditions.

No one ever believed the weatherman when it came to these back roads on these mountains including Max but it was Christmas Eve and he promised his folks he would be home for Christmas Eve dinner. And then it started, the sky turned blacker and the snow started falling like a blanket being thrown on the ground, floating to its destination and it would soon have everything covered.

Liz Parker was just hanging up her jacket as she prepared to get rid of her EMT uniform and get dressed for the Christmas party being hosted by her parents at the local pub they owned in the community center of their small town when one of her fellow EMTs informed her that a call came in from the owner of the ski resort up at Ashland regarding his partner.

“Liz, a Michael Guerin just called in and asked us if the police had reported any accidents on the old highway down from Ashland. Have you heard anything?”

“No Maria, why would he call here? Why not the highway patrol?”

“I don’t know Liz. Honestly I think the man is just so upset he’s not thinking straight. It seems this Max dude was supposed to call in when he reached the main road and that was three hours ago.”

“Well, I don’t know what he expects us to do about it. I’m headed on out Maria; did he leave a number?” Maria looked at her friend and understood exactly where she was coming from but she had an uneasy feeling about this….

“Yeah, Liz, he did. But what am I supposed to tell him even if I do call him.”

“Maria, it’s still snowing out there, the roads to that side of the mountain are probably closed and I have no idea what to tell you. My parents are expecting me and I’m outta’ here. Call him or call the highway patrol but I can’t do anything about this.” And Liz Parker grabbed her long down coat as she finished changing her clothes and made herself scarce.

Maria made a call back to this Michael Guerin to see if he had heard anything from his friend and the man was close to hysteria.

“Ms. DeLuca, I have called the highway patrol and they said that no one had reported any accidents on the old highway. I don’t like it Ms. DeLuca, I don’t like it at all. I’m going to grab a snow mobile and head down there.”

“Mr. Guerin, first off it’s snowing like hell. Secondly the name is Maria for right now you don’t sign my paycheck. Thirdly, it’s going to be hard enough to locate this Max; we sure as hell don’t need to be trying to find you as well. Now will you please try to relax? It’s dark out; we wouldn’t be able to find him even if we did go out looking in this storm so just settle yourself. Where are you right now anyway?”

“I stayed up at the lodge for the rush of Christmas skiers coming up here to try out their new gear; Max promised to go home and visit his folks for Christmas Eve. They are over in Jackson. Not all that far from the ski resort but a whole lot closer via the old highway.”

“Of course they are.” Maria answered sarcastically. “You stay put Mr. Guerin and I’ll see what we can do from here, which I doubt is very much in this weather. You were warned to stay off the highways.”

“Yes, but those people never know what they’re talking about.”

“Well, I don’t think they needed any instruments or satellite pictures for this. All they had to do was look out the window. Jeeeezus man, just how stupid is this Max anyway?”

“He’s quite intelligent actually, he just wanted to get home and keep his promise.”

“Well, right now I think his intelligence is a matter of opinion. Now you stay put until I contact some people.”

“I will, and thank you Maria.”
And they hung up.

Maria grabbed her phone and called her cousin Sean who was head of the snow removal crews in and around Ashland, Oregon which extended all the way down to the California border where the state of California took over with the problematic snow covered mountain roads. It didn’t happen too often but when it did it created an awful mess.

“Sean, what are the crews up to and how soon do we see any relief up here in town?”

“Maria, what can I tell you…this freak storm is almost impossible to keep up with; why the question in the first place?”

“We have a possible victim up on the back side of Ashland and no way to get up there without tractor treads. We, The EMT’s, are operating with a skeleton crew and none of us can operate the thing without authorization.”

“You want authorization to take the tractor up onto the backside of the mountain and try to find a possible wreck?” Sean couldn’t believe what his cousin was suggesting,

“Yeah…” Maria sort of slipped out with a sigh.

“Damn, who’s going with you?”

“Liz.” She hoped…

“Shit! When?”

“Soon as possible.”

“Let me get back to you.”

“I’ll be here Sean.”

“I don’t doubt it for a minute; anyone with half an ounce of sense is staying put.”


“Liz, have they lit the tree yet?” Maria had called her friend even though she knew better deep down…

“What’s up Maria?” Liz knew Maria wouldn’t be calling her to find out if her parents had lit a Christmas tree.

“Well, Sean is getting an authorization for us to take the tractor up the back side of the mountain and to look for that missing guy, Max.”

“Maria, are we even sure the man is missing?”

Maria thought about that for a minute and then took into account her conversation with that Michael Guerin before answering.

“Yes Liz, we are.”

“Okay then…” Liz resigned herself to the fact that they would be climbing that mountain tonight. “I’ll be back there in 20 minutes. Let me give mom and dad a heads up and wish them a Merry Christmas. I’m sure I won’t be seeing them for a couple of days. Maybe New Year’s if I’m lucky.”

And Liz Parker sighed heavily , she’d never let a person freeze to death no matter how impossible the odds.

“Oh come on Liz, you know better than that.” Maria didn’t want to show her emotions but she was about to jump up and down with joy…

“No Maria, I don’t. Have you looked outside lately? You get everything ready that we might need including portable heaters and food. I’m on my way, be ready!”

And Liz hung up on her old friend.

In the meantime, buried in a snow bank and getting buried deeper Max Evans remained unconscious.
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Re: A Christmas Tale A/U C/C mature ch.: 2 11/29/12

Post by mary mary » Thu Nov 29, 2012 5:29 pm

Carolyn: :) Faithful, that's your new name...it's just a short little tale that I hope makes someone happy.
Sarah: HI, hope you continue to enjoy this. It was fun to write...as a matter of fact it just sort of wrote itself... :wink:
Natalie 36: Yep, this time the girls are in charge!!! (We usually are but we just don't always share that news :wink: ) Enjoy!!! :lol: :lol: :roll:
Saori: Thank you :)
Lizza: As promised, here's an update for you...hope you're feeling better. :)
Eve: I hope you aren't overdoing it with that new job of yours...save some time for yourself my friend. :)
Alix: Thank you... :)


Chapter: 2

Liz grabbed her coat and bid her parents goodbye, explaining the situation taking place at her office without telling them where and how she and Maria intended to get to this accident and then wished them a Merry Christmas.

“I doubt I’ll be back for Christmas mom, but have a great day and we will celebrate when I get back.”

“Did Maria call Amy?”

“I don’t know but I’m sure she will. I will make sure she does before we leave and make sure to tell Amy that I wish her a Merry Christmas as well when she comes for dinner tomorrow. The party tonight was lovely and I’m sure the patrons loved it. I love you and have a good Christmas.”

Jeff and Nancy Parker hugged Liz and then hung onto each other as their daughter left the party and they prayed she would be safe on a night like this.

“God Jeff, I hope it’s not too bad.”

“They know what they’re doing Nancy, she’ll be fine.” And Jeff said a silent prayer of his own right along with his wife who was trying to act as brave as her husband looked.
Liz finally got a good hold with the snow treads on her own vehicle and made her way out of the parking lot and onto the two lane highway in front of her parents establishment and slowly inched her way up the road toward the paramedics quarters at the small local hospital. The town wasn’t that big but with the ski lodge and facilities on the side of the mountain it was an absolute necessity.

When she finally got back to Maria she was clutching the steering wheel of her Jeep Cherokee with a grip that would have choked a grizzly bear. She was scared to within an inch of her life and didn’t relish the idea at all about the task she was about to take on.

“Maria?” she yelled as she entered the side door…”Have you heard from Sean.”

“Hey Liz, yeah, it just came over the fax. He thinks we’re nuts but this Max really needs us.”

“You’re sure about that are you? This isn’t an excuse to skip out on your mother for Christmas?”

“Liz, do you hear yourself?”

“Yep, and I know you. After that last go around you had with her over Billy I’m not sure you wouldn’t fake an attack of appendicitis to get out of this dinner.”

“God Liz, you’re too much. This man needs us.”

“Yeah, yeah, and who the hell do we call when we can’t get off that mountain? Answer me that?”

“We’ll get off that mountain and we’ll get off it with that man. Now get ready.”

“How many days’ supply of food did you pack?”

“Oh for God’s sake Liz, you’d think we were going away for a month.”

“Well Maria, it could be a week, now how much food?”

“Three days.”

“Maria, that’s not enough and you know it. Now get your ass in there and get enough food for three people, including water and toilet supplies, for at least five days, maybe six. I’ve been stuck on this friggin’ mountain before and it wasn’t a picnic. We probably won’t even see a hump in the snow tonight that even comes close to resembling a car. They’re all going to look like snow banks and drifts and you know it. I’ll start packing medical supplies and electric blankets. Are the batteries all charged?”

“Yes, I checked them right after I called Sean and plugged all of them into the recharger to make sure they were all fully charged. How many do you think we should take?”

“I’d like to take all of them but we can’t let the other crews high and dry. Take 6. That should keep all of us warm for at least 6 days if we need them. Now, let’s start loading the truck. We have all of the medical supplies we need for treating hypothermia, possible IV’s and type O+, bandages, stabilizers, medication if needed. Are all of these on the truck?”

“Yes ‘Miss Know It All’, they are all on the truck. No wonder they call you a tyrant.”

Liz looked at Maria and then grinned…”at least my patients’ live.” she said with a smirk.

“Oh Liz, I didn’t mean anything…I’m just anxious too.”

“Call that Michael back and see if he knows this Max’s blood type.”

“I already asked, he’s not sure,” Maria answered her quietly…

“Well, I’m ready then; let’s get this show on the road.”

And both women headed on out to the emergency vehicle with the tractor feed for wheels. Liz fired the engine over once, it kicked in, and they were on their way.

Maria called Michael Guerin.

“Mr. Guerin, we are on our way to find your friend and I will call you periodically with any news as we move along.”

“Thank you Maria, I’ll be waiting to hear from you. I’d appreciate it if you called with anything; even ‘nothing’ is good. Thank you so much.”

“I would say it’s our pleasure Mr. Guerin, but believe me this is no pleasure trip. Rest easy, we’re on our way.” And they hung up.

Michael could hear the cranking of the tractor treads as he and Maria spoke and he suddenly felt very concerned for this Maria DeLuca as well as his friend Max. What a Christmas Eve this was turning out to be.

He should have been more assertive with Max than he had been. Why in the hell didn’t he stop him from leaving? Some Christmas this was going to be for his parents and only because Max promised he’d be home. Damn, he hoped he didn’t have to make that phone call.

In the meantime, sitting with his head resting against the back of his seat with an airbag pressed firmly into his chest Max Evans was dreaming that he was awfully warm and then he wondered where was he?

Liz Parker and her partner Maria Deluca started a slow climb up the back road of Mount Ashland with the search lights shining on each side of the road as they made their slow climb. They were looking for anything out of the ordinary but the steady stream of snowflakes was making that next to impossible.

“Maria, can you see better from the side windows? I can hardly make out the road let alone any strange shapes or forms off the road?”

“A little Liz, I hope this isn’t all in vain. I would hate to lose this man after all of this.”

“Well Maria, we could just as easily lose us as well as him you know. This isn’t the smartest thing we have ever done.”

“I’m sorry Liz; I just couldn’t live with myself if we didn’t try.”

“I know Maria but we should have waited until tomorrow.”

“No Liz, I don’t think so. Tomorrow would have been too late; he would really be buried by then.”

“Alright, alright! Calm down, we’ll do what we can. I doubt he got this far anyway. You know most of the really bad curves are still a few miles ahead and if he was trying to make time he just might have skidded out on one of those.”

“You’re probably right, but we still have to keep looking.”

“You’re right but even with the tractor feed I need to keep an eye on the road, you watch for strange looking snow drifts.”

And so they continued on in the pounding snow, driving at approximately five miles per hour with Liz wanting to hit Maria the entire time and if this Max wasn’t injured there was a good chance he would be when Liz was finished with him.

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Re: A Christmas Tale A/U C/C mature ch.: 3 12/6/12

Post by mary mary » Thu Dec 06, 2012 12:45 pm

Carolyn: I think, in weather conditions like these that Liz needs to be a tyrant, been there a couple of times myself. Well not stuck really, but driving in blinding snow is no picnic, honest! :)
Hypnotiqblueeyes: I'm sure our heroes will save the day, it's just going to be tough going for a while! :wink:
Alix: Take my word for it, if the man is coherant she'll let loose! :) :roll:
Eve:Glad to see your home resting. As for the girls, they can be very creative... :D
Michelle: Ahhhh, my words of wisdom lady! Having had several friends over the years who have been in public service I believe we need to sing their praises occasionally. I'm sorry your mom had to pass during one of the happiest seasons world wide but look at it from an old lady's stand point. What better time to make the journey than when they family is all together and enjoying each other. I'm sure your mother loved every moment of her last Christmas and it was her famly that made it so. :)


Chapter: 3

Back at the Evans’ home Isabel was putting the last of the decorations on the dining room table as Alex walked in with his stash of presents for under the tree.

He stopped in front of the hallway entrance to the dining room, looking in on his way to the living room, and smiled to himself. This was going to be a great Christmas he thought as he patted the pocket of his down parka to make sure the little black box was still safely tucked inside. A great Christmas indeed!

“Hey everyone, Merry Christmas.” He shouted on his way to the living room where the huge Christmas tree stood in a prominent place in front of a room sized picture window. “How is everyone this evening?” He asked as he unloaded his arms.

“We’ll be a whole lot better when Max gets here. I hate to think he’s driving in this weather. I wish he would have waited until tomorrow to come down that mountain.” Diane Evans answered with a worried look on her face.

“Ah honey, don’t worry about Max. He has that four wheel drive and he’s been making that trip for years. He’ll be fine.” Philip tried to assure his wife while he was having the same thoughts as she.

“Hey Alex, it’s so good to see you. Did you have any trouble getting here?” Isabel asked as she leaned in to give her boyfriend a little peck on the lips.

“Only after I left I-5, they’re keeping that pretty well plowed but the side roads are a mess. Anybody with any sense is out in this let me tell you.” And then Alex was almost sorry he had said that because Max should have been here hours ago. He had called the lodge to make sure Max was coming and Michael told him that he had left hours ago, way before it got dark and suddenly Alex felt ill.

Isabel knew her boyfriend well enough to recognize that look and asked him what was going on.
Alex answered…”Nothing’s going on, why do you ask?”

“Alex, I know that look, what’s going on?”

“Isabel, trust me when I say that I know nothing about anything going on.” And he hoped that she would just drop it already. He didn’t come here to stir up trouble on Christmas Eve.


“Maria, I can’t see a thing out this window but snow. I don’t think we should go any farther.”

“Please Liz, we have to. A man is probably freezing to death, we have to find him.”

“Maria, you are taking this too personally. We will find him but we’re going to kill ourselves if we keep moving in this blinding storm.”

“Liz, turn off the headlights and follow the search lights. Just stay between the lines. See if that helps. Maybe the headlights are causing you to not be able to see ahead.”

Liz looked at Maria like she had lost every ounce of sense she had been born with but did as Maria suggested…she was able to see ahead without the snow blinding her but she still couldn’t distinguish the road from anything else. ‘Thank God for the tree line’ she thought; that was the only thing that was keeping her focused and now she was certain, that after she did this Max in, she would do Maria in right along with him. She now knew the true meaning of white knuckle driving.


Michael Guerin answered the phone in his private quarters and just knew he wasn’t looking forward to this conversation.

“Hello.” He didn’t even want to acknowledge the caller on the other end.

“Michael, did Max try to go down that mountain?” Isabel was not in a very pleasant mood after hearing the road conditions from her boyfriend.

Michael should have lied but they had to know eventually and it might as well be now. The only thing that was going to help at this point was prayers and he figured the more the better.

“Yes Isabel, he left hours ago and the EMT’s are out on the old highway looking for him.”

“Oh. My. God! Michael have you looked outside lately or isn’t it snowing on that mountain?”

“Of course it’s snowing on the mountain Isabel. Do you think you have a monopoly on the snow fall now?”

“Michael Guerin, I don’t know who is out there looking for my brother but I just hope to hell they don’t die trying. Why did you let the dumb ass leave?”

“Me?!???! Jeeezus Isabel, did you ever try to stop your brother from doing something he decided he was going to do?

“Damn it Isabel; don’t take your frustrations out on me I’m not the one who made him promise to be there on Christmas Eve for dinner. You know how he is about keeping his word. He would rather put his life in danger than break his word to anyone especially his family on Christmas Eve.

“Now shut up and pray Isabel, that’s what they all need at this point. And if you want to point the finger at anyone Point it at yourself. Why in the hell didn’t you call and tell him not to go down that mountain today?”

“Shut up Michael and who all are we praying for?”

“The two women paramedics who started out in the tractor rig to find him.”

“OH.MY.GOD!*@*!@!” And Philip Evans took the phone from his daughter.

“Michael, what’s going on?”

“Right now I don’t know. Max left hours ago and the paramedics are looking for him. I’ll keep you posted Mr. Evans.”

“My God Michael, how long has he been gone?”

“Hours. He left before the second wave started and that was before dark. You know everything that I do; now I have to keep this line open, I’m waiting for news and I’ll call you if I find out anything. Just say a prayer or two Philip, I’ve found the few times I’ve done that, that it has worked wonders. I’ll call you.” And Michael hung up on Philip Evans. He wasn’t in the mood for repetitious news, Isabel knew everything he did and she could tell them what was going on.


Maria checked her cell for reception and it was sketchy at best so she chose to use the EMT vehicle’s phone with the large antenna. She pushed a button to increase its length and when the thing stretched as far as it would reach she called the number Michael had given her earlier.

Michael picked the phone up before it even had a chance to finish one ring.

“Hello.” He almost shouted into the receiver.

“Mr. Guerin?”

“Yes; Maria? Have you had any luck?” Michael was terrified.

“No, not yet; I promised to keep in touch with you; we are inching our way up this mountain side, and I do mean inching Mr. Guerin. Liz is probably managing five miles an hour, if that, but we are plugging along. Just you relax now and we’ll find him. You can count on it.”

“Thank you Maria, I really appreciate this, I know the roads must be hell right now.”

“You have no idea Mr. Guerin. Does this Max have a phone or a mobile in his car?”

“Yes but he’s not answering. I’ve tried several times and I think if he was conscious he would have called by now, and Miss DeLuca, Maria, please call me Michael. We’ll probably be talking to each other quite a bit so let’s skip the formalities.”

“Fine Michael, now what are Max’s phone numbers. Maybe we can locate him if the phone is ringing. I’d go with the mobile phone since I doubt his cell will be getting much reception in this area.”

Liz looked over at her friend and wondered how in the hell they were going to hear a phone over these tractor treads but she would give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they could stop about every fifteen feet or so and call the number. She would wait for Maria to finish her phone call before discussing any plans.
Maria bid Michael goodbye for the time being and then looked at Liz…

“Well, what do you think?”

“You really want to know what I think?!?!?. Now you ask? I think we should have stayed home until the sun came up is what I think. But as far as the phone is concerned, let me stop this thing and you call that number. Roll down your damned window and I’ll do the same and put your hearing aids in Maria and say a prayer…because that’s all that’s going to get us all out of this.” And Liz stopped the tractor and Maria dialed the number.

Maria was trying her best to keep a very low profile at this point; she could tell Liz was getting just a tad testy and she didn’t need to upset her anymore than she already was. This was a mess from the get go but she just couldn’t let that man lay out here alone!

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Re: A Christmas Tale A/U C/C mature ch.: 4 12/13/12

Post by mary mary » Thu Dec 13, 2012 5:28 pm

Alix: Well, I think you're right about Maria keeping her head down right now....it's really dangerous driving in that stuff. Although I don't do it anymore, when it starts to look white out my window I pack a bag and head on out to my sons house...thank God his wife likes me, I think! :wink:
Carolyn: It doesn't sound good at all does it? But never fear, fluffies here! :lol:
BNatalie36: Hey, I'm with you, I hope they're okay too. :)
Eve: Now come on, don't crash your computer. You have to wait and see how this all sorts itself out. Think of it this way, at least it isn't going to take me two years. :lol: :lol: :lol:
HyonotiqBlueEyes: You most certainly are right about that weather only getting worse... :D
Behrsgirl77: Hey there, long time no see::: You know it's going to work out right. Just what she does to him remains to be seen. OH, and here's a little side note for you. I have another story going on calle "I Wake Up Screaming" I'm not telling you to read it but when you see the epilogue, make sure to read it. :wink:
Michelle: Ahhhh, come on, it isn't that bad is it. Only two more chapters and an epilogue on Christmas Eve. That's not too bad. :D

Chapter: 4

Back at the Parker’s Jeff and Nancy were doing their very best to relax but it was futile. It was about 1:00 a.m. when Nancy got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to find some herbal tea and it wasn’t but three minutes later than Jeff was joining her.

“Do you think they’re alright Jeff?” Jeff smiled at his wife and without sounding too frightened he said in a calm voice.

“If anyone is alright out there in this mess Nancy it’s Liz. She knows how to be careful.”

“Yes she does and she’s usually level headed Jeff, and this is not the actions of a level headed human being…especially our daughter.”

Jeff had to smile, Nancy was right but a person’s life was at stake and there was no way that Liz would take the chance on someone dying if she could do anything about it and Nancy knew this as well as he did. Being level headed had nothing to do with it, it was who Liz was. But it did help to talk about it with each other.
Back at the Evans’ home four people were gathered around the kitchen table talking as well and it started to get very heated.

“What else did Michael say Isabel?”

Isabel had already told her mother every word Michael Guerin had said over the phone and felt she should start making stuff up just to shut her up.

“Mother, what do you want me to say? Do you want me to make something up? I’ve already told you what he said. Why didn’t you call him and tell him not to come after the first snowfall. You should have known that it was just the beginning and that those mountains get it a whole lot worse than we do. My God mother, you made him promise to be here for dinner? You knew he wouldn’t break a promise.”

Diane was about to scream as Philip grabbed her arm and squeezed. He knew his wife was near hysteria and Isabel was running a close second.

Alex just sat there and took it all in. He had come with his own agenda for the evening and now that was shot to hell and these women getting hysterical wasn’t helping anything and they were on the verge of hysteria.
Then Diane said in a small voice…

“Michael said women were looking for Max.” She didn’t phrase it as a question, she was making a statement.

“Nancy Parker’s daughter is an EMT.” She continued, “You’ve heard me talk about Nancy, she works on the women’s guild with me. Her daughter Liz is an M.D. as well as an EMT but prefers working out in the field and with emergencies rather than in the hospital or in private practice.

“Nancy is always worrying about Liz in this kind of weather. She said she’s on the road when everyone else is sitting at home sipping tea like normal people should be. God, what has Max done?

“You know Nancy and I have been talking about introducing Max and Liz, we thought we’d have a party or something one of these days and make sure the two of them were there so they could meet. I think it would be good for them.”

“Jeezus Mother! Would you listen to yourself? My brother may be sitting in a snowdrift freezing to death and you’re trying to set him up.” Isabel yelled.

“Watch your mouth Isabel. We all know that Max needs a girlfriend, or maybe he’s gay? What do you think? He never brings anyone but Michael around here, I wonder if he is?” Diane pondered…

Philip rolled his eyes and Alex choked on the hot chocolate he was sipping. Isabel looked at her mother in absolute shock.

Philip never said a word, let them fight about something, anything, rather than whip the sorry situation they were in to death.

“Mother, you are bordering on insanity. Max has dated lots of women. He sees the cream of the crop on those mountain slopes everyday and he has dated plenty of them. He is not gay nor is Michael. Maybe he doesn’t bring any of them around because you’d have him married before the introductions were even made.”

Isabel was on a roll and Alex just shook his head and kept quiet. Philip sat back and watched as he took a sip of his coffee, Chocolate was nice but Philip wasn’t in a mood for “nice” right now.

“Isabel Evans, that is not true and you know it. I have never insinuated that you and Alex should get married, why would I do that to Max?”

“Because you think Max needs a woman to take care of him because he lives alone. What you don’t realize is that Max can take care of himself. He went off to college at 18, has a degree in business, and owns his own business and he doesn’t need a woman. Maybe someday he will want one mother but he doesn’t need one.”

“Well I think I’ve heard enough from you young lady.”

“Okay ladies, I think Alex and I have heard enough from the both of you. This conversation is not helping anyone and is only making the two of you angry. It’s Christmas morning and we will relax and wait for the good news that Christmas brings and if it isn’t as good as we want to hear we will deal. But until we know we have to deal with it just calm down.

“Max’s social life is none of our business; that goes for both of you. He takes care of himself and as Isabel has pointed out, he does alright. Although, right now, I am doubting the man’s intelligence…this dinner would have been nice but not at this expense.”

Both women looked at Philip Evans and realized that he too was hanging on by a thread.

“Alex, the spare room is made up and ready for you. Just go find something in Max’s closet to sleep in. There are spare toothbrushes in the bathroom drawer as well as throw away razors and shaving cream. Just help yourself when you’re ready for bed.”

“Mrs. Evans, thank you. I did throw a bag in my trunk just in case this weather got worse and it looks like it did. I’ll just go out and grab it and be back in a minute.”

“I’ll go with you Alex.” Isabel offered.

“No, let’s make this simple okay. I’ll go get my bag and I won’t have to be hanging onto to you in those shoes in order to hold you up and I won’t have to wait while you change into something else either. Stay.” And Isabel stayed.

None of them really wanted to get out of their clothes and go to bed, they didn’t know if they would have to leave or not. If they had good sense they would try to get some rest.


“Liz I have to pee.” Maria had held it as long as she could.

So Liz stopped the truck and both girls got out, one on either side and proceeded to undo all the paraphernalia they were wearing, laying the stuff on the seats of the truck in order to get down to the important parts and before their bodies started to cool down too badly on them…

“You know Maria, we probably won’t even have to wipe. We can just break off a pee-cicle and toss it over the side of the road.” And Liz giggled.

“What do you mean wipe Liz? The damned wipes are probably frozen just like the pee.” And by that time they were close to hysteria as they watched the steam rise up around them from the deposit of their bodily fluids.

Soon they had themselves all zipped up in their winter gear again and Liz told Maria to try that phone number while they were out of the truck.

They had stopped every 15 feet or so as Liz had rationalized when Maria got the phone numbers and called hoping to hear the ring tone but so far nothing. Maria reached in and grabbed the mobile phone and dialed the number she now knew by rote, it started to ring once again.

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Re: A Christmas Tale A/U C/C mature ch.: 5 12/20/12

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Carolyn: Yes, the note from Tanya was a big surprise, I thought she had given up on us a long time ago. I think some mother's choose which of their children to push into marriage. In Max's case though it wouldn't be to get him to move. Although my son moved back home after his first divorce...damn! That was no fun at all!!! :roll:
Alix: I wouldn't be a bit surprised if my little great grandson wouldn't feel the same way as your little son but I can assure you his mother wouldn't get as big a kick out of it as his grandparents.And the moment you have been waiting for is here.
Sarah:So glad to hear you're enjoying this short little story...it was fun. As for Diane and Isabel, well they both needed to release some stress, I guess the best people to take it out on are those that love you. They have a tendency for forgive and forget quicker. :wink:
Eve; The big discovery is here! :wink:
Natalie: IT'S HERE! Success at last. :)
Michelle: So glad to hear your Geminids Meteor Shower viewing was successful. My husband and I used to drive up past Shasta Lake and park the motor home and watch while Don threw a line in the water for catfish. There were many nights spent up in those mountains in a tent but eventually I refused to sleep on the ground, or an air mattress in a tent anymore...hence the mini motor home. It was fun so i can relate. Glad it was fruitful and also that you enjoyed my little clip about wilderness bathroom habits for women in the freezing ass cold!!! :roll:
Christmas Eve is the finale ! So if I don't hear from you before have a great Christmas...I'll be posting a card for all of you later...no story just good wishes to everyone so if you miss it just be safe and be happy.

Chapter: 5

Over on the far side of the road they could faintly hear a phone ringing and both women started running as best they could in their heavy winter get up. The sound was buried but it was there.

“Maria, stay here while I move the truck closer…don’t go down there yet I need to see you in order to know where to stop.”

And Liz quickly ran back to the truck. It was equipped with some snow removal equipment, not a lot, but hopefully enough to dig the man out if he was still in there. God she hoped he hadn’t tried to walk out in this storm, it was still falling and it didn’t look like there was going to be any letup any time soon.

Liz made her way back to the spot where Maria was standing and quickly started pulling on the different knobs and buttons over her head to get the snow blowing equipment pointed in the right direction…(My story, my equipment) and she had Maria move out of the way.

“Get back in the truck Maria; this is going to take awhile. Thank God this stuff is still dry and hasn’t had a chance to melt and freeze into ice. It should just blow away but it’s going to take some time.”

“God Liz, I hope he’s alive.”

“Shut up…no negative thoughts. We didn’t drive up here in this mess to find a dead man. Now just shut up. He’d better be alive or you’re going to join him.”

And Maria DeLuca started to laugh as she made another call to Michael Guerin.

“Michael, we found the car and we’re blowing the snow off right now. We don’t know if he’s in there or not but I don’t think he would have been dumb enough to leave the vehicle. WOULD HE?”

“Well he was dumb enough to take off driving in it but no, I don’t think he’d leave…I don’t think he’s conscious because I know he would have called. Thank you Maria, and Maria, if he’s okay come back to the lodge and don’t try to drive down that hill in this mess. The lodge is closer.”

“I’ll let you know Michael. Right now I think the front of the vehicle is starting to show. Is it dark gray?”

“Yeah, that’s it. Call me when you’ve got him Maria.”

“I will Michael…that is if Liz doesn’t kill me.” And she laughed, as did Michael.

“Mr. Evans…I wasn’t going to call until I knew something for sure but the two women have found the jeep and they’re using a snow blower on it now to get to the inside. I can’t let you sit and wonder, so just know that the jeep is found. I’ll call back as soon as I know anything else; I have to keep this line open.”

“Thank you Michael and the two women are okay?”

“Yes, of course they are. Did you think something happened to them?”

“Well the roads are awful you know.”

“I know Mr. Evans, but the driver of the rig is well trained and right now I think she is releasing some of her pent up tensions on the EMT riding with her because I get the impression that the driver has threatened the life of the EMT if they aren’t successful.”

Philip Evans laughed along with Michael; so far the news was good as far as he was concerned.

“What is it Philip?”

“That was Michael, they’ve found the jeep. They are blowing the snow off of it so they can get to the interior. The two women are fine as well and it seems your Liz Parker is threatening to do her EMT in if they don’t find Max in there.”

Alex snorted, he didn’t want to say anything to any of them but he knew Dr. Parker and she was a dynamo wrapped up in a very small package. Good for her. He had done work on the computers at the EMT office many times; and he hid his smile. He knew Max would like this woman, she was just what he needed but he’d keep that bit of information to himself as well.


Finally the driver’s side of the jeep was accessible and Liz could see a young man trapped behind his airbag.
She forced the door open, reached into the pocket of her snow pants and removed a pen knife and proceeded to slit the airbag in order to deflate it.

“Maria, get the stretcher now.” And Maria took off running back to the truck and opened the rear door to retrieve the stretcher. She managed to get the thing out without any problems and collapsed it and used it as a sled to drag over to the jeep.

Max suddenly opened his eyes and was looking into the prettiest chocolate brown pair of eyes staring back at him that he thought he had ever seen and wondered where the hell he was.

“Can you talk?” Liz asked.

Max blinked and looked at her for a second and then it registered what she was saying…


“Good. Do you hurt anywhere?”

“I don’t know, I really can’t feel anything.”

“Concentrate Max…move your fingers for me.” Liz could see his hands were resting on his thighs, which was a good thing because he had on down coveralls which meant his legs were probably warm.

Max looked at Liz and then wiggled his fingers as he brought his hands up to his face, which had been practically covered by the air bag.

“Very good Max, how about your feet, can you move them? I realize you’ve been in the same position for quite a few hours but it would help if you can try for me.”

Max looked down at his feet and Liz was happy as a clam that he could move his neck and then he lifted each foot up and then put it back down after having flexed it several times then Liz noticed his insulated snow boots and it looked like the man was going to be fine.

She and Maria worked for almost thirty minutes getting Max out of the jeep and onto the stretcher, which Max insisted he didn’t need and then he got a look from Liz that told him he’d just better do as he was told and he quickly obeyed. He recognized that look very well, he had seen it many times on his mother's face and wasn’t about to argue with it.

Liz went back to the jeep to get Max’s keys and to lock the vehicle up when she noticed the tank was empty.

“Max, how much gas did you have when you left the lodge?”

“Almost a full tank in one and another 10 gallons in the spare, why?”

“Because I think your motor was running for quite some time or there is gas all over the place. Maria, hold on a minute and let me check something.”

Liz went to the back of the jeep and sure enough there was a slight melted tunnel type ridge in the snow where the exhaust had blown the snow away from the jeep while it was running. Thank God they didn’t have to call someone besides a tow truck when this weather calmed down…they didn’t need gasoline causing any problems on top of all of this.

“Max, how many miles do you get to a gallon?”

“Why? Is that important?”

“Yeah, in this case I think it is, what time did you leave the lodge?”

“About three this afternoon why?”

“Well it’s now 3:00 a.m. that means you’ve been out here roughly twelve hours.”

“Nope, that’s not right. I was only driving about 5 or 10 miles an hour when I rounded that bend and saw that deer…I’ve been out here maybe ten or eleven at the most.”

“Okay, and how long do you figure that gas lasted in the jeep?”

“Well it’s a dual tank and it will switch automatically and give a signal when it does to let you know it switched over, so probably 7 or 8 hours. That leaves just a couple of hours without the heater, right?”

“Right, you’re not as stupid as I thought you were Max.”

“Why do you think I’m stupid?” Max asked as Liz and Maria loaded him into the back of the EMT vehicle. It surely couldn’t be called an ambulance with all the snow equipment loaded on it.

“Oh, I don’t know. Anybody that would head out in this weather, on this road, can’t be all that bright.”

“I’ll have you know that when I headed out the weather was not all that bad and this is the quickest route to Jackson.”

“All the same Max it wasn’t too bright.”

“Well, I don’t think you’re all that bright either…look where the hell you are,” Max snarked back and Maria grinned at the two of them. Oh this was going to be good.

“And if it wasn’t for you I’d be snuggled up in my own bed, under my own down comforter, waiting for Santa Claus you big dumb jerk.”

About that time Maria was on the phone with Michael in the front of the rig giving him the details of their position and telling him that Max was fine and arguing with Doctor Parker about being stupid.

“Maria, he knows the way if you get lost, but I doubt very much that you will, just follow the road and I’ll be waiting.”

“Michael, since Max seems to be alright I don’t think we’ll be moving until daylight.”

Liz overheard this and nodded as she spoke.

“No Maria we are getting off this road before we get snowed under. Tell Mr. Guerin we are on our way with the dumb ass in tow!”

“Well, Doctor Parker is it? Let me fill you in. My bed is as comfortable as any you’ll ever sleep in and I can guarantee you that you are welcome to share it anytime you want to…and that includes today.” Max said with a grin, this woman was alright.

“In your dreams Max.” And Liz finished strapping Max in and made her way to the front of the truck and started to inch her way up the mountain toward the lodge where Michael Guerin was waiting.
Michael called the Evans’ to let them know that the women found Max, he was well and intact and they were on their way to the lodge because it was closer than town and he would have Max call them as soon as they got in.

Philip replied…

“Michael, just let him go to bed, I’m sure he’s exhausted as we all are. Call us when you guys get up and Merry Christmas Michael.”

“Merry Christmas to you too Philip; I will be sure that he is well taken care of. You can count on it. My best to the rest of the family and tell Isabel I’m sorry for yelling at her.”

“Thank you Michael; and I know he’s in good hands and I’m sure Izzy understands. Good night.” And the two men hung up.

“Maria, call my folks will you?”

“Liz it’s almost 4:00 a.m.”

“Maria, just call them, I know they’re worried, now call them. Tell them we won’t be home for Christmas dinner and then call dispatch and fill them in on our plans. I’m not going down that mountain until I know its damned safe. Now for once don’t argue.”

Maria and Max both smiled as Maria dialed the Parkers…

“Hi Mr. Parker, its Maria…”

And so it went as they climbed the mountain to the lonely ski lodge where Michael Guerin busied himself making another pot of fresh coffee.

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Re: A Christmas Tale A/U C/C mature ch.: epilogue 12/23/12

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Lizza: Here you go sweetie, the end just in time for Christmas.... :)
Eve:Any of us whi have lived in that type of weather knows when to be safe but sometime, just sometime, we have a tendency to be foolish as well. I moved away from that weather while still young and foolish and wouldn't have given it a second thought to drive off like that. I was invincible at 18 now I think I have better sense...some might raise their eyebrows at that remark but I'd like to think I do. :wink:
Sarah: Here's the final chapter, I hope you aren't disappointed. :D
Michelle: You said:
"Max really risked his life again when he started smart-mouthing the doctor who just rescued him."
Yep! :lol:
Alix: Remember Liz had Maria load up enough supplies for a week before they left...oh, and Ashland, Oregon is a very big ski resort town with a nice lodge right at the top of that nasty mountain. They're going to be just fine and very cozy. Honest! :)
Carolyn: I see you made it home safe and sound and just in time for Santa. Hope the wedding was nice and Christmas turns out even nicer for you. :D

Christmas 2013

“Liz, Max, get in here so we can take your picture; we need a family portrait for our New Year’s cards.”

Jeff Parker yelled through the living room toward the kitchen where Max Evans had just placed a beautiful diamond engagement ring on Elizabeth Parker’s finger.

“Coming dad.” And Liz smiled at Max as she reached up and gently caressed the side of his face with her free hand.

Max stood and smiled down at his beautiful fiancé’ and thanked God everyday that he was a dumb ass last Christmas. Otherwise he might never have met her. Of course he still wasn’t privy to his mother and Nancy Parker’s scheme.

Nobody thought it was necessary to bring up the subject. Some things were just best left alone.

Maria and Michael were seeing each other and things were coming along in that department too and Maria did manage to come to a small agreement with her mother after the woman decided that Maria was serious about not wanting anything to do with Billy. Maria told her mother if she liked him so much she could have him. Amy shut up and decided to mind her own business as best she could. She was the mom after all and did know more than Maria although this Michael seemed okay, she guessed.

Alex did give Isabel her engagement ring last Christmas after the family settled down and they were married in June at a beautiful ceremony in an old barn and Isabel was now expecting their first child. Alex was walking on cloud nine and this news got Diane off Max’s back for the time being since she was channeling all of her motherly “love” toward Isabel. Max just smiled and Isabel glared. Diane just kept on being Diane.

Max and Liz showed up in the living room for their pictures and nobody even noticed the one-carat stone sitting there all by itself on Liz’s left hand ring finger. She just smiled and sort of allowed that hand to rest on Max’s chest when her dad’s camera automatically went off.

The young couple looked at each other and smiled and the world was good.

Merry Christmas Everyone

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.