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Re: Brothers A/U C/C Mature Chapter:30 10/25/13

Post by mary mary » Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:27 am

Alix: That would be funny. That cop would either crap his pants or blow Mike's head off, Nope, I think Mikes better off leaving him alone unless he can run fast! :wink:
Eve:I guess those clock watchers are universal. :roll:
Carp;yn: I though this way would be more fun, even with a little intrigue thrown in. The good guys are making it fun and our girls are doing a bang up job of keeping it as light hearted as possible. :)

Kyle introduced George, Luke and Dwain to the young women and then got busy pouring everyone a glass of wine while Michael barbecued the steaks and once dinner was plated up they all took their places around the extended table in the corner of the large living room and proceeded to get caught up on the important news Michael had received from Jesse in the form of an e-mail from Maria.

“Well Kyle, I did have a photo for you to see if you recognized the man who has been tailing Liz but she recognized him as one of Barnaby’s men. Isn’t he your new boss?”

“He sure is Michael and I read the report he did on the Evans case. He flew up there in a helicopter on a Sunday, took a look around and declared it an accident. He didn’t take one piece of evidence, one picture or question any possible witnesses.”

“Yeah, I know, it’s part of Jesse’s report. That’s not all; we think this virus Liz is working on was originated in the office of the FDA by one Dr. Doug Shellow. He deposited a very large sum of money from a Charles Shuman who runs the Billings Cattle Co. but they don’t seem to be dealing in cattle…it’s a real estate firm and it isn’t owned by Shuman. The profits are transferred to a holding company that Maria is working on finding information about.” Michael continued and then Lois interrupted.

“That Billings Cattle Co. does a lot of business with our company Michael. We’re always checking on cattle they bring in to us. I send blood samples to Liz all the time. That’s how we isolate the diseased herds from the healthy.”

“Damn, this is getting deeper and deeper all the time. We’ve got the local cops, the federal drug administration and God knows who else involved in this. Just how many more players are we going to find before we come to any positive conclusions. I’m getting overwhelmed here with all this.”

Kyle pondered, then asked,

“What possessed Jesse to send you Michael?”

“Well, Ava forwarded Liz’s ‘package’ to Maria who gave it to Jesse and when we started digging deeper we came up with this Shellow guy in the FDA. Jesse got one of his gut feelings and here I am. I’m a painter by the way.” And Michael smiled at his four cohorts as Liz and Lois took it all in.

“Sure you are.” Dwain snarked and everyone laughed.

“So where does that leave us?” George wanted to know.

“Well, we are 99% sure that this Doug is the one who made the virus for Shuman. We just need to figure out how they are getting it to the cattle and it sure wouldn’t hurt if we could get some more information on this Barnaby and his two detectives that have been following our girls.”

“Well Michael, I did include the how in my report to Jesse. It’s coming from the local feed store owned by Joe Andrews but we don’t know where he’s getting his supply. Yeah, Charles Shuman paid Shellow to make it but is he the one delivering it or is someone else. And…we need to find out who set the charges to blow up that bridge. That was not the work of an amateur.” Liz finished up her little speech almost breathless.

“Well we have quite a few of the players so far, but there is one that is pulling the strings and when we get him I think we’ll have this thing sewed up. How’s that solution to the virus coming Liz?” Kyle asked.

“Well, I think I’ve got it licked. Apparently I should have kept that news to myself…it seems like I might be stepping on someone’s toes. Someone big!” And Liz’s eyes got huge as she thought about what she had just said.

“Oh, by the way the three of us are going to the Evans’ for a long week-end guys. So if you need me you’ll have to go through D.C. I’m not giving out any personal phone numbers and the company cell is in my briefcase and I intend to keep it there.” Michael informed his fellow agents.

“Wow, a vacation! Cool. Cool. What do the cowboys think of this Liz?” Kyle wanted to know.

“Oh their okay with it; why wouldn’t they be after Liz’s confession?” Michael added.

“MICHAEL! I’m sorry as hell you had to hear that but he needed to know that and you can keep your mouth shut or the pay back is going to be hell.” Liz was adamant.

“Okay Liz, mums the word.” And Michael smiled at his friend as she turned beet red.

“What’s he talking about Liz?” Lois wanted to know, she knew it had to be juicy…

“It’s none of your business either Lois; just leave it be.” And Liz started to clear the table.

By this time it was almost 8:00 p.m. and our night shift guards had to make their way to their new jobs and Luke had to leave twenty minutes earlier still. All in all the evening had been very productive…and all four of the young agents knew that the safety of the two young doctors was paramount to anything else.

“Liz, Lois, it was a pleasure to meet the both of you and dinner was delicious.” George shook Michael’s hand and then added…”I’m glad your hear Mike. I have a feeling that this is really dangerous,”

“I know George but we’ll get to the bottom of it, just think positive.”

And then it was Dwain’s turn.,,

“I’m glad to have met you both too and I hope you have a great weekend. Maybe Michael can paint something great for my wife’s and my cabin in the Poconos, someday you’ll have to come and visit us.”

“I’m glad you could join us tonight and we’ll be seeing you again I’m sure.” Lois said as she gathered up their jackets and hats for their security uniforms. They were quite dapper looking all decked out with their weapons strapped to their sides.

“Good night guys, we’ll do this again…soon.” And Liz waved from the kitchen as the men exited the apartment.

“Kyle, do you want some coffee?” Liz asked.

“Oh no Liz, I’ve got to get going too. It’s almost time to call Ava. We plan our phone calls around Angel’s bed time. That way we can get some conversation in, hopefully.” And everyone laughed.

“Hey, don’t get the wrong idea; it’s just that it’s our only time together while I’m gone.”

“We understand Kyle, go home and enjoy your wife. I’m sure Michael will be heading across the hall soon too.”

“Yep. Loved the meal, the company and all the news ladies but I’m headed out too. Enjoy, and I’ll see you in the morning.”

And with that Michael and Kyle left together leaving Lois and Liz with each other once again.

“So Liz, what did you tell Max that had Michael so tickled?”

“Shut up Lois.” And with that Liz went to her room to call the love of her life…and he definitely was that.


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Re: Brothers A/U C/C Mature Chapter:31 10/31/13

Post by mary mary » Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:27 pm

Before getting tarted here I'd like to ask all of you to remember the family of Michelle in LA with your prayrers. She lost her 47 year old sister this week. Thank you so much.

Natalie36:/b] Thank you, the smiley face says a mountain of words. :D
Carolyn: Read on, let's hope it gets deep enough for you and no, no amateurs on that bridge detail. :shock:
Eve: That's going to be covered soon, I think! :?

Chapter: 31

Kyle got back to the “big house” about 8:30 or so and made his way to the back door. The parking area in back of the house was quite large and the men just parked their vehicles in the back, making easy access to the rear entry.

An automatic light came on when something passed in front of it and Kyle smiled. That was something he needed to take care of back in Virginia. He was sure Ava would appreciate it when they got home after dark with the baby and all the paraphernalia they had to tote along with them when taking her any place. God he missed them, he was glad she was in Roswell with his dad and Amy, he felt better about that.

He made his way through the back entry, deposited his jacket onto a hook that was next to a bench and made his way into the kitchen where he found a note with instructions as to what had been purchased and what was “NOT” to be shared.

Kyle laughed, George had signed the note and Kyle just crumpled it up and tossed it into the trash and started fishing around for a snack.

He really wasn’t hungry after that meal he had over at the girl’s apartment but he needed to open the Oreo’s even if he didn’t eat one.

“NOT to be shared my ass, I’ll show him shared; I’ll just hide the damn things.” he mumbled to himself.

And Kyle kept looking as his private cell rang his home phone number. When Ava picked up Kyle’s heart almost stopped he was so lonesome for her.

“Hey sexy, how are you?”

“Hey studly, I’m great. What about you?”

“Oh just peachy. I had dinner with a couple of friends tonight and they send their love. How’s my little Angel?”

“She’s beautiful of course and she misses her daddy. How’s ‘Cornball’?”

“She’s great. We had a really nice visit and I think she’s in love. Michael started to tease her about this new friend of hers tonight and it didn’t sit well with her at all and Michael backed off which isn’t like him.”

“No it isn’t. Have you met this man?”

“Only saw him from across the room a couple of days ago. He and his brother, who is seeing Lois if you can believe it. They are dating brothers.”

“You’re kidding! Really! Both of them dating? Oh this is wonderful news. I hope it works out for them, they are really great people.”

“I know they are sweetie, and I hope it works out for them too. Oh, and if you talk to the pixie you are not to reveal her husband’s whereabouts. It will be safer for all of us; you know how she can get.” And then the conversation got into some really personal stuff and they talked and sighed and moaned at each other for over an hour.


Back at Michael’s apartment a similar conversation was being conducted with one Maria Guerin but nothing was discussed about Liz or Lois…Michael didn’t want Maria knowing that Liz was in danger and as long as she didn’t know where he was they were all better off so their conversation was all personal. VERY PERSONAL and Michael had to take a very long shower after two hours of phone sex with his wife and then he laughed.

Across the hall Liz and Lois were each in their own rooms talking to their friends and both girls had their doors closed and their lights off. Things seemed to be very heated in 4 B and 4 D…and all was good with the world in the town of Missoula.


At the Helena airport a large United Airliner landed and taxied into its docking station and readied the plane for disembarkation. One Vinny Santori picked up his duffel bag from the overhead compartment and made his way out of the plane along with the rest of the passengers.

He had no checked in luggage so he quickly made his way through the revolving door and out past the luggage turn style when he saw a very well dressed man with a printed sign that simply read “Vinny”.

Vinny approached the man and frowned slightly as he eyed him closely.

“Are you Tony Sklar?”

“Yes and you must be Vinny. Come, I’m parked right across the access road here.

Vinny shook his head…’the man was the spitting image of someone. Someone he knew by sight only. And then the lights came on. Lou D’Mateo. No, it can’t be, why would he call him if he knew Lou?’

They reached a very nice Jaguar and Tony popped the trunk for Vinny where he promptly stowed his large duffel bag. And then the two men got into the car and Vinny turned and asked…

“Are you related to Lou…” and that’s as far as he got.

“Yes.” Tony answered and then said…”Buckle up.” And he drove off.

Vinny understood immediately that the subject of Lou would not be up for discussion so he kept quiet and watched as the scenery passed them by.

Tony drove to a nice hotel on the outskirts of town and deposited Vinny at the front door, handed him a room card and a disposable cell phone.

“I’ll pick you up for breakfast at 8:00 and we’ll discuss the deal I have ready for you. If you want the job it will pay five hundred thousand when the job is done.

You will charge anything you need to your room. Room service and the various shops in the hotel, it will all be paid for and when the job is finished I don’t ever want to see or hear from you again. You will not discuss this transaction with anyone. Is that understood?”

“Of course; I never discuss my business with anyone. And while we’re on the subject of business, how did you hear about me?”

“Shuman spoke of you.”

“I see. Well thanks for the ride and I’ll see you at 8:00 a.m. then.”

And with that Tony Sklar released the trunk and Vinny got out, grabbed his duffel from the trunk and went into the hotel without even a ‘by your leave’. Tony Sklar watched the young man and decided that he liked him for some reason. He didn’t know why, he was nothing but a New Jersey hood but he liked him. And he drove off.


Jonas Barnaby stopped in at Sophie’s for an after work break before heading home and he saw Jim Andrews sitting over in the corner at a table with his captain and immediately turned around and headed on out the door before the two men had a chance to see him; he made it out to his car and took off for home.

He would have one of his wife’s herbal teas and settle himself into his honey do list before he was really ready; the thought made him cringe but he kept on going. Something was not right about all of this business with Dr. Parker and he couldn’t put his finger on it.

He had checked in with Mark and he said that Dr. Parker and Dr. Lindstrom both left their apartment at the same time that morning, went to lunch together and went home after work. Mark was right, what the hell was going on? And Barnaby kept on driving.


Captain Shore had made a phone call from his private cell phone to Jim Andrews and requested a lunch meeting…

Jim had no idea what the hell the Captain of the Missoula police department wanted with him unless he found out about the truck in his out building or the ‘special’ feed; ‘damn that Charles Shuman’ was a mantra running through his head and he couldn’t get rid of it. The man’s presence in this town was just one big major mistake after the other and Jim Andrews was about ready to throw in the towel.

Jim agreed to meet the man at Sophie’s around 4:00 due to a large shipment arriving and Riley was out on personal business today and Joe didn’t want the new kid screwing up again.

When Jim walked into Sophie’s about 3:55 the Captain was already seated in a back booth having coffee…

“Hey Cap. what’s the big secret that we couldn’t discuss it on the phone?”

“It’s not really a secret Jim I just didn’t feel like discussing any personal business in the office. You know how it is.”

“Yeah, I guess so…although I have been to the precinct and your office seems to be pretty private.”

“Yes it is but I don’t want anyone asking any questions about our meeting. It only involves us, understand?”

“I guess. So what is it that we have in common?”

“Charles Shuman.”

And the Captain stopped talking and took time to study Jim’s reaction. When he was satisfied that Jim knew who he was talking about he started talking again.

“Now tell me all about him Jim. I’ve no idea just how many people in this town he has in his pocket and I want to get a handle on it right now.”

“Captain, I don’t know what you have to do with Shuman but my business with him has nothing to do with you or your people.”

“My parents lost their ranch because of a virus and I think I know where it came from now I’m looking for some particulars. I’ve got a new detective sitting in my office that I don’t need and I didn’t request. He’s going through old files and I want to know what he’s going to find.”

“Hey Cap., if you’ve got a problem in your department then I suggest you go back to your office and figure it out because I sure as hell don’t have anything to do with what goes on in your precinct. That’s your job; you do it and leave me to mine.” And with that Jim Andrews got up from the table and left a fuming cop to steam over his now cold coffee.

‘This didn’t go well at all’ the Captain thought to himself.

He still wasn’t satisfied with the way things had turned out with his parents ranch but that wasn’t the only thing that had him concerned. He needed to contact Shuman and get some more details about this cattle company the man supposedly ran. And just what was really going on besides getting a phone call on a Sunday afternoon to send Jonas Barnaby out to the E~N~S only to find out the Evanses had perished in a flash flood.

He never questioned Barnaby’s report but it didn’t sit well with him and then his parents received that huge bonus check from this Billings Cattle Co. the very next day; almost like a payoff that he never bothered to question.

Something wasn’t right and he knew it all along but now he figured he’d better find out before someone else decided to start wondering.

The next morning Tony Sklar was at the hotel picking up one Vinny Santori and he made his way out of the parking lot and headed to an out of the way café off the beaten path in Helena in the hopes that he could conduct business without seeing anyone he knew. Helena was a very large city but there was always that one time you would see someone you knew when you didn’t want to.

“Is your room alright Vinny? If you don’t like it we can have you moved to another one.”

“The room is fine, let’s not bother with idle chit chat here Tony. You have a proposition and I’m here to listen.”

“Alright Vinny, business it is.”

And about that time Tony Sklar pulled into the parking lot of a very rustic looking building with actual hitching posts in front of it.

“How old is this place anyway?” Vinny wanted to know.

“I’ve no idea, it’s been here since before I moved here but I can guarantee the beef is excellent.” Tony answered…so much for no small talk.

The two men made their way into the café and found a nice table toward the back of the room next to a window and were immediately presented with water and menus.

After ordering breakfast Tony began to tell Vinny what he wanted him to do for him.

“The first part of the job will be to fly to Missoula and eliminate a young doctor at a laboratory. You will be given a drug that will be impossible to detect. All you have to do is find a way to make sure she takes it. I have a chemist that will provide this for me. You do not need to meet this man, he will give the drug to me and I will give it to you.

The next part of the job is to take care of this same chemist who is here in Billings. He will be the second part of this venture because if the drug he provides does not work then he will have to come up with something else. Are you with me so far?”

Vinny simply nodded as he took a large swig of his coffee. This was a sweep and he wasn’t so sure he wanted to be the broom. Blowing up a bridge was one thing but actually murdering people was something else. Vinny had no idea that the bridge blew up with people on it. He just set the charges for Shuman.

“Yeah, so far. I’m not so sure I want the job. Murder isn’t part of my expertise.”

“Vinny, do you have any idea why that bridge was blown up a while back? It wasn’t because it was an ugly bridge…you blew up two people crossing over that bridge.”

Vinny felt a little sick all of a sudden and Tony Sklar saw his companion turn ash white.

“No Tony, I didn’t blow up that bridge…I set the charges to blow up that bridge. Shuman either did it himself or paid someone to do it but I didn’t blow the bridge.”

“Semantics Vinny, purely semantics, it wouldn’t be hard to point the finger at you for setting those charges. Now do you understand what I’m asking you?”

“I sure do and I’m still not so sure about this.”

“The entire job is one mil. Vinny; that’s one and six zeroes…how sure are you about that?”

Vinny swallowed hard, that was some serious money.

“I’ll have to think about this. What’s the rest of the job, I understand there are a few more pieces to this. Right?”

“Yes Vinny, Shuman has to go too. We can devise an accident of some sort for him.

“There is also a truck parked in a local Rancher’s out building,” Tony did not associate the name of the feed store owner as the rancher that has the remains of a vehicle on his premises. “We need to figure out a way to get that vehicle removed from that building and hauled somewhere where it will never be seen again. There are a few other loose ends out there but I think this will be a good start. Maybe if we get rid of these key players we won’t have to worry about anybody else.”

Tony didn’t want to tell Vinny about the local P.D. being involved just yet or the feed store owner. He would have to think about these people too but not right now. The main characters are the biologists and Shuman.

About an hour later Tony and Vinny were on their way back to the hotel and when Vinny got out of the car he told Tony that he wanted to rent a car. Tony was agreeable to that and told Vinny to just go to the lobby and have them take care of it.

Tony could easily understand that Vinny couldn’t be sitting in a hotel room all day and as he bid Vinny good bye he said “Six Zeroes Vinny.” And Vinny nodded.

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Re: Brothers A/U C/C Mature Chapter:32 11/07/13

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Eve: Each state has it's own laws regarding the death penalty but I don't think any of them truly enforce it, death that is. I'm not so sure just how I feel about it... I thought I did until I was selected as a juror in a murder trial and I've never been so sick about something in my life. Thank God the defendent copped a plea and I didn't have to decide one way or the other. I learned a lot about myself that day. It's easy to judge until you have to walk in those shoes. :?
Carolyn: I hope this is interesting to keep you reading, it wasn't an easy fic. to keep track of...honest. :roll:


Chapter: 32

On Wednesday morning everyone followed their usual schedules with one exception, Liz and Lois’ tails were not outside their apartment. Michael was quite surprised when he went out to his rental and got in to follow Liz to work. No tail anywhere, not even sitting outside the building. Michael pulled into the vacant lot next to a business not far from the lab and made his way to the back door and waited for Liz to open it for him so he could perch himself on his favorite step, he brought a cushion with him today, and he made himself comfortable.

George and Dwain had reported to him early this morning to let him know that all was well with their end of the world and Luke was just as informative, although he did mention that the captain of the P.D. was in the bar last night visiting with some stranger.

Michael e-mailed his report to Jesse on a private account they had set up and then he was ready for another day of sketching. He was looking forward to their visit to the ranch tomorrow. It would give him a chance to get down to some new canvasses and to see what had these girls so excited.

Kyle had sent his report in on the same e-mail account and Jesse was busily trying to put all the players together. Maria still had not come up with a mother company as yet. Whoever was pulling the purse strings had them very well hid was all Jesse could say. This part of the puzzle needed to be addressed soon; they couldn’t allow things to get out of hand before they even had a game plan set in motion.


Tony Sklar was giving Vinny all the room he needed to make a decision but Tony was certain that a million dollars was as good an incentive as he could offer the young man.

“Marlene, get me that Mr. Shellow again will you. We need to have another lunch meeting. Same place, his convenience.”

“Certainly Mr. Sklar.” And Marlene hung up her phone.

It wasn’t but five minutes later that she was back on the intercom.

“Mr. Sklar, Mr. Shellow will be at the Ritz at 1:00. You have a reservation.”

“Thank you Marlene.”

“Do you need anything else before I run out to the office supply?”

“No Marlene, that’s all I need for now. Take your time.”

“Thank you.”

And with Marlene’s absence the place grew much quieter even with the piped in music. Knowing another person was in the office always made the place seem more comfortable. Tony Sklar did not like being alone, even at his home he had live in servants. He knew there wasn’t enough work to warrant their being there twenty-four hours a day but he needed to have people around him, he always had.

When Kyle got to work he was surprised to find the two absent detectives sitting at their desks and his new desk sitting in a spot that had been made for him. He had all the equipment he would need to perform his duties including a brand spanking new computer. He wondered what in the hell they were preparing him for; he had been sitting around like an orphan for the better part of three weeks now. Even though he had been in the file room most of the time he still had been treated rather shabbily if the truth be known.

After all introductions were made and Don Valiant met Mark Adams and Dennis Stevens Kyle made his way to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and to say hello to Millie, the cook in the cafeteria; the only person who made any effort at all to get to know him. He liked her; she was very cheerful and upbeat and not at all like the rest of the people in the building that he had encountered so far.

When Kyle returned to the office he noticed an intimate conversation being carried on in Barnaby’s office with Dennis and Mark and wondered what the big discussion was about. This was the first day he had seen these two since he arrived and now he knew that they were Liz and Lois’ tails. This was getting more interesting by the minute. Kyle was sure the tail was ordered on the two doctors by someone besides Barnaby. He wondered if this Shuman character had something to do with it, interesting indeed.

In the meantime Maria was busily trying to track down the main account for the Billings Cattle Co. It definitely had a holding company somewhere.

Jesse was still busy trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together when a phone call came in from the office of the FDA in Helena.

“Director, we have been watching tapes of Dr. Shellow that go back as far as last year and we think you should see some of them. They are all time stamped naturally so we have indicated what to look for and where to find it on each of the tapes. You are getting copies of course and we can positively vouch that you are getting each copy in its entirety.”

“Well thank you. Every little bit helps. We are trying to piece this all together and I have my best men working on it 24/7 and I guarantee you they will find answers. We certainly appreciate your help in this matter.”

“Director, trust me when I say that I definitely do not want to quarantine the state of Montana over a virus and to think that the disease has come from our own office is overwhelming to say the least.”

“I can just imagine. Is Doctor Parker’s antidote the answer?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact it is. We are in the process of mass-producing the specimen as we speak and we should have the virus under control within the next two weeks. We have notified all of the ranchers that they may place their orders for as much of the product that they need.”

“That is good news. At least one piece of the puzzle is under control now all we need is positive proof that Dr. Shellow is the culprit and we can work from there. Thank you again for the copies, I will be looking for them soon.”

“You should have them tomorrow morning; I just sent them out Fed Ex overnight. There is quite a box of them as you might imagine, but you will not have to watch them in their entirety.”

“I appreciate that. You have a good day.” And with that Jesse hung up. Well, at least the cattle will be on the road to recovery. Now if we can find the chief honcho in all of this I think we’ll be headed in the right direction Jesse thought as he tried to concentrate on one thing at a time.

Agent John Blanchard contacted the Helena office of the FBI and asked that someone meet him at passenger pickup outside of Helena’s airport.

Back in Billings, Montana Charles Shuman was sitting at his desk looking out at the traffic and wondering what in the hell Tony was up to when he suddenly had a very chilling thought; he grabbed his phone. He looked out his door and could see Chris sitting at his desk busily working on his computer as he dialed the number of someone he hoped Tony would forget that he mentioned.

“Hello?” Vinny was shocked that he didn’t recognize the number on this phone, only his parents and friends knew this number.

“Vinny, Charles Shuman here; I think we need to talk.”

“I think you’re right. I’m here in Helena and I think you know why. Where and when?”

“All towns are small in this case Vinny; I’ll take the first flight out and call you the minute I land; I don’t want to use the company jet for this trip. Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

Vinny gave Shuman the name of his hotel and Shuman told him he would meet him in about an hour and twenty minutes at the rear entrance; Vinny agreed.

Shuman pulled into the back lot of Vinny’s hotel exactly 1 ½ hours later and Vinny was standing there waiting for him dressed in his black leather jacket looking every inch the person he truly was, a wise guy.

“Hey Vinny, let’s just ride around for a while okay?”

“Yes sir…” and Charles Shuman drove off as Vinny buckled up and made himself comfortable.

“Vinny, I have a fairly good idea why you’re here and I think we need to talk this situation over before you go making any decisions on any propositions that may have been presented to you.”

“No. Shit! This man wants to take out half the damned state then he accused me of murdering two people that were blown up on that bridge you had me set the dynamite on. Now don’t tell me anything about that explosion because I don’t want to know but I do know that I didn’t agree to kill anyone and I don’t like the idea that I might be blamed for something I had no knowledge of; are we clear?”

“Absolutely, but we can’t let Tony know you aren’t up for this. Can you hold him off for a couple of days? Do you know who he has on his hit list?”

“Well you for one and then this doctor who he wants to get something from, some form of poison or some shit, but he wants to make sure the poison works before doing him in. I tell you Shuman, this man is nuts.”

“Just hang in there Vinny, I’ll deal with it myself and the next time I get you on the phone it will be to let you know that you can catch the next plane home. I’ll deal with Tony, you’re off the hook.”

“Thanks, I’ll be waiting.”

And with that Charles Shuman headed back to the hotel where Vinny was staying, completely unaware of the black SUV following him. The man in the vehicle, who had followed Shuman to Helena, was sure to take many shots of Vinny as he exited Shuman’s car, he even managed to get one of the two men shaking hands.


Back at the FBI office agent John Blanchard and his partner Clive made their way into the main office and reported another player in town to the head of that office and took to searching the web immediately for an identification.

When Vinny Santori appeared on the main screen the whole place stopped and watched.

“John, what’s this all about?”

“He’s here,” he said, pointing to the overhead screen. “Shuman just dropped him off at that hotel on the outskirts of town; you know the nice one without the frills.

“Shuman flew in on a commercial airline, that’s why I needed the ride; we were able to follow along. I think we need someone to pick up where I left off in Billings. Shuman is still here and Sevright is the only one left in the Billings office.”

“What the hell is going on?”

“I don’t know but they never stopped; they drove around and talked and then Shuman dropped him off. Something doesn’t look right about this.”

“You’re right; we’ll get a man back in Billings and you get back to that hotel and keep an eye on that Vinny. Where did Shuman go?”

“The Motor Lodge next to the airport.”

“Great, just great. You two get back to Vinny.”

“Will do.”

“Keep a sharp eye, I’m not so sure I like this New York invasion.”

“New Jersey boss, New Jersey.”

“Whatever, I’m not comfortable with it.”

“I can tell.” And with that John and Clive left the office and headed back to the hotel on the outskirts of town.


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Re: Brothers A/U C/C Mature Chapter:33 11/14/13

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Eve: :D Eve, the Roswell group are good guys, the FBI are good guys and the rest are still a mystery. Hope your employment situation has improved for you. As for the house, well it's still a work in progress. I guess it's to be expected from a 53 year old house but I went all through the thing 12 years's just frustrating. :roll:
Carolyn: I know this is tough one to keep all of the players straight, just keep in mind the good guys always win! Maybe I should have dressed them in black or white hats. :wink: Remember when we were kids the good guys always wore white hats... :D
Natalie36: Glad to have you back, enjoy. :)


Chapter: 33

In the meantime Tony Sklar was trying desperately to contact Dr. Shellow who seemed to be unavailable at the time.

When Doug Shellow’s phone rang he had just put the finishing touches on the last antivirus serum and had it ready for shipment; he had just turned the phone back on when it rang.

“Hello, Doctor Shellow here.”

“Doug, it’s Shuman here. We need to talk.”

“Well, I’m not so sure that’s such a good idea.”

“It’s a damned good idea you damned fool. Tony Sklar just hired a hit man for the two of us.”

“I don’t believe you.”

“You’d better believe me. I’m at the Motor Lodge near the airport; you can’t miss it. Ground floor, 102.”

“Give me an hour.”

“I’ll be here.” And two men hung up.

John’s team leader had sent a new man to the Motor Lodge and when Doug Shellow showed up so did his tail. Well this is getting better by the minute. If this keeps up the entire state of Montana is going to be overrun with FBI.


Charles Shuman opened the door to 102 and admitted Doug Shellow into the room and quickly closed the door.

“Tony Sklar just offered a New Jersey special hire to get rid of a lot of people. He intends to contact you and get you to give him a potion or some such thing to get rid of Dr. Parker…then when he’s sure that it works, he will use it on me and then on you. God knows how many more people he intends to off before he’s finished. We need to beat him to the punch. Do you have any ideas about what we can do in order to fix this problem?”

“Yeah, a few but should we wait for him to contact me?”

“No. Just get me the stuff and I’ll see to it that Sklar gets it one way or the other.”

“Alright then. Will you be here?”

“No, I think I’d better get back to Billings. You let me know when you’re ready and I’ll have things set up. Maybe you can deliver the merchandise directly to the person I hire to administer the drug.”

“No, I think I’ll do it myself when he calls for a meeting. It will probably be in that fancy restaurant we’ve met at before. I’ll just lace his drink with it and it’ll be done. We don’t need any more people in on this thing. It’s starting to look like a Barnum and Bailey Circus; people are falling all over each other. Did you ever stop to think about that?”

“Well no, I just hire who I need to do a job.”

“Well, this damned job has gotten completely out of hand. Cattle are one thing but people are something else. Now I’ll take care of Sklar and you get your ass back to Billings and sell real estate.”

“Hey, who’s running this show anyway?”

“Right now, I’m not so sure.”

And with that Doug Shellow left Shuman’s motel room and headed back to his lab where he needed to work on another special project.


The minute Doug left Shuman’s room his tail picked up on him and Shuman grabbed his jacket and walked out and shut his door. He jumped into his rental car and headed across the street to the airport to return the rental; John Blanchard had Clive drive him over to the airport where he bid the man goodbye with instructions to let the boss know what was going on. ‘I guess I’m on my way back to Billings.’ He thought to himself as he followed Shuman and purchased a ticket right behind him and they boarded their plane together. Blanchard decided that it was time for a new tail on Shuman, the man was going to get wise so when they were air born he knew he could speak safely and he made a phone call.

“Hey, Sam, will you pick me up at U A, arriving from Helena in an hour or so?”

Sam Caulfield knew immediately that Blanchard needed him to take over Shuman’s surveillance…it had been close all around today and they didn’t need to take any chances now.

When the commuter landed Sam was waiting at the gate for Blanchard and walked him out to the parking garage just in case Shuman was bright enough to know that Blanchard had been on the same flight to Helena. Blanchard was not parked that far from Shuman so he handed Sam his keys and Sam tossed his keys to Blanchard and told him where his car was parked. Sam took over for Blanchard and Blanchard headed on back to the office in Billings to place his report before signing the tail over to Sam officially.


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Re: Brothers A/U C/C Mature Chapter:34 11/21/13

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Eve: Whether the story is in parts or all at once, I wrote the silly thing and I was confused. I had to do spread sheets to keep all of them straight...honest! :roll:
Natalie: They certainly are...but let's hope all the characters have been introduced and it will be easier to follow. I won't make any promises though. :)
Alix: Let's hope things get clearer and Michael does get to the ranch this chapter...I think it's cute but that's just my opinion. :lol:
Carolyn: I know how you feel about pushing the wrong button...I'll tell you when it's really frustrating, when you've typed a really good paragraph, the phone rings, you close the thing and haven't saved a word...that's frustrating. :twisted:

Chapter: 34

On Thursday morning Liz and Lois made their way to their respective places of employment, did a lot of cleanup work and then about noon they took off for the weekend. Michael followed them back to the apartment complex and got his paint supplies together and then told the girls that he would take his rental and follow them. They nodded in understanding and explained that they had to go pick up the horses and the fifth wheel. Michael laughed.

“You’re taking the horses?”

“Of course we’re taking the horses…they like to go away for long week-ends too.”

Michael just shook his head and laughed, he sometimes doubted their sanity.

So an hour or so later, give or take a few minutes, they were all on their way. As usual Liz and Lois only had to pick up their already packed suitcases with clean clothes and they were gone. They had no need for groceries this time since they were familiar with the Evans ranch and what to expect. They were actually excited to see Jose’ and Maggie almost as much as Max and Clark, well almost. They really enjoyed the couple very much. They hoped Michael enjoyed himself too, considering all the news they had to share with Max and Clark.

When they turned into the long roadway that led to the main buildings on the ranch Michael Guerin had to take a deep breath. This was one of the most beautiful places he had ever seen in his life and then, when they arrived at the buildings Michael was speechless. ‘Who in the hell built a place like this out in the middle of no man’s land?’ He thought to himself. ‘Good God, this place was a mansion! Liz wasn’t shittin’ when she said the prince didn’t live as good…damn!’

When Liz and Lois had made the turn in off the main road Max and Clark were totally aware and made their way out to the side of the barn where they were going to park and waited for them. They knew the horses would be with them and they were also ready for Michael’s arrival.

Liz easily pulled the truck and the fifth wheel to the side of the barn that they felt was their space and you wouldn’t have been able to wipe the smiles off the young men waiting for them with a stick of dynamite. They stood there smiling from ear to ear and the girls were just as animated.

Liz was the first out of the truck, if you could believe it, leaving the door hanging wide open and ran as fast as she could to meet Max’s open arms.

“I’ve missed you so much.” She whispered through the kisses Max was planting on her lips and across her cheek. She couldn’t get enough of him and Lois was right behind her headed for Clark in a somewhat slower more sexy walk, grinning from ear to ear.

Clark was a little slower, less demonstrative, but very, very passionate in his kiss. He wanted to devour Lois, no other words would describe the feeling and when Michael finally pulled in beside the trailer, he could only sit and smile. They were all oblivious to the world around them and he was filled with happiness for his friends. He did take a picture for posterity. Maria and Ava would love this.

When the two couples finally broke for air Michael was standing next to his vehicle taking in the rest of the sights around him and Liz and Lois were glad that he didn’t embarrass the men. It wouldn’t be fair until after they knew that Michael was married and an old friend. Michael realized this of course and played it cool. Max and Clark kept one arm around the girls as they welcomed Michael to the ranch and Michael smiled.

“I’m really glad to be here, and thanks for the invite; this place is awesome, I’ll bet I get plenty of material for my work out here. God, I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll explore with my camera first and then decide what to do first. I would love to bring my wife here.”

Max was the first to speak…

“You’re married?”

Michael smiled…

“Yeah, we have a lot to talk about, but first you have to know that Liz, Lois, my wife and quite a few people we are going to be talking about in the next few hours are all friends. Let me formally introduce myself.”

With that Michael held out his hand to a couple of confused young men.

“Michael Guerin, FBI. Officially I’m here to protect Liz and Lois, mostly Liz. There’s a huge conspiracy going on with this cattle virus and some very dangerous men are involved.

“We believe that Liz’s evidence of the murder of your parents and the manmade virus that is killing the cattle has put her in serious danger. And with that incident in the bar with the roofies we are pretty certain that she needs protection. I’m here for that reason; I’m also a painter so it’s an excellent cover at this time. Now, before we start answering questions for you two I think a couple of animals need some attention, what do you think?” And Michael smiled as the two Evans men shook their heads in disbelief.

“Sure, Liz we’ll take the horses to the corral for you while you batten down the hatches so to speak.” Clark offered and Max agreed.

Michael took his overnight bag out of his rig and then went to the fifth wheel side door and grabbed Lois and Liz’s bags as the rest of them unloaded the horses and got them settled down.

About forty five minutes later the five young people made their way to the side porch of the huge house and Max introduced Michael to Maggie, who was busy in the kitchen setting up the table for an early dinner just as Jose’ walked in from the other part of the house. Max made some more introductions and then led the three visitors through the hallways to the main stairway and Michael could hardly keep from staring.

“Impressive isn’t it?” Liz asked.

“Understatement.” Michael answered and he followed the group up the stairs still carrying the bags.

“This is my room Michael and that’s Lois’ across the hall. I don’t know where they want you.

Max smiled, then laughed out loud.

“We put him at the other end of the house.” And they all laughed in understanding. Michael had been put as far away from Liz and Lois as Max and Clark could get him.

Michael set the girls luggage in their rooms and followed Max down the long hallway, turned right and made his way to the other end of the house just like Max had said. Then Max pointed to the stairway that he and Clark used in order to get from the first to the second floor most of the time and Michael smiled. This obviously was where Clark and Max lived, the other part of the mansion being reserved for ‘company’ so to speak. “NICE” were the only thoughts going through Michael’s mind at the time. “Really nice!”

After everyone was settled in Max made his way down the back stairway, which wasn’t as impressive as the front but very nice indeed, where he met up with Clark in the kitchen.

“Get everyone settled?”

“Yeah; that was quite a revelation out there, what do you think?”

“Well, I could suggest that they move out here but after what happened to mom and dad I guess they are as safe where they are as they are here. Michael seems like a nice enough person.” And Clark grinned…

“Yeah, now that we know who he is.” And both men laughed at themselves…not trusting Lois and Liz was not very mature of them.

Michael took time to get himself settled in to the very spacious, very nice room the men had set up for him and then made his way down the hall to the rooms the girls were staying in and he smiled as he entered Liz’s suite.
“You weren’t kidding one bit about this place were you?”

“Not at all, do you like your accommodations Michael”

“Damn Liz, what’s not to like? The view is awesome, it’s nicer than any hotel I’ve ever been in in my life, even the one Maria and I stayed in on our honeymoon. When I sat on the bed to change into my boots, well, let me just say I’m really looking forward to sleeping tonight.”

Liz giggled,

“It is nice isn’t it?”

“That word doesn’t even come close and as masculine as my room is this has to be one of the most feminine rooms I think I’ve ever seen without being frilly.”

“I know. Whoever decorated this place was a genius. Max said his grandmother was the one who insisted on having it built but I’m not sure if she was the decorator. You’re right, it’s beautiful. Clark and Max live down that hall where you’re staying. Apparently this is for the female guests or something.”

“Well, if they ever run out of cows they can always open a vacation resort. This place wouldn’t need a damned thing.” Michael was thinking out loud as he observed everything around him.

“You’re right…maybe it needs a bunch of little kids. You know they have their own school down the road past the out buildings for the ranch hands families that live here. Max and Clark went to it when they were growing up and they offer scholarships to the kids attending the school. The place is quite remarkable. They have the school because it’s too far for the kids to commute and the teachers actually live here too. It’s an actual village when you get right down to it.”

“Yes, it’s very impressive. Now, this evening we need to have a meeting before you girls settle in for the night.”

“Yeah, I know…we will Michael. Maybe we can take a ride out into the hills and you can scope out some scenery.”

“Now that sounds like a plan.” And with that Liz and Michael made their way down the main staircase to join the rest of the group in the kitchen. The dining room was extremely impressive but the eating area in the kitchen was very impressive as well and also the preferred eating place of the Evans men and Liz smiled. Michael was going to be more comfortable in here also.

“Michael, is your room okay?” Clark asked with a grin…damned imaginations will get you every time.

“Yeah Clark, it is. I was telling Liz that if you ever run out of cows you can start a vacation resort here. This place is fantastic.” And Michael was dead serious when he said that.

“Think you Michael, we have our grandmother to thank for the accommodations, she was a New York debutant who refused to live out here in the middle of nowhere until grandfather promised her she could live in the style she had become accustomed.” And they all had to laugh at Clark for the description of his grandmother’s living conditions.

“Oh Clark, I’m sure she would have married him regardless.” Lois remarked, a little taken aback to think that Clark’s grandmother only married his grandfather for money.

“You don’t understand Lois, grandmother loved grandfather but not ranching so much. The house was a compromise on grandfather’s part because he loved her so much. You should have heard some of dad’s stories; all of the rooms in this place housed many of New York’s finest upper crust on many occasions.” Max answered for his brother and Liz just sat and took it all in.

Jose’ and Maggie smiled as they all enjoyed the enchilada casserole and all of the sides that accompanied it.

Maggie was a young Irish girl that had grown up on the ranch and fell in love with Jose’ as a very young lass and learned her way around a kitchen from Jose’s mother. It was a match made in heaven. Irish stew one night and the hottest Mexican fare you could stomach the next.

“As soon as we help Maggie with the dishes we’ll take a ride, okay?”
Lois asked as the conversation started to settle in to some cattle and modern day activities of the ranch.

“If that’s what you’d like to do then yes, we can take a ride but you certainly don’t need to help with the dishes.” Max declared, Maggie can get some extra help if she needs it.

“My word yes Lois, please enjoy what’s left of the day.”

“Well alright then.” And so the young people finished up their dinner and went out to the corral to get their horses to head on out.

“Michael, do you ride at all?” Clark asked.

Michael smiled before answering…

“Let’s just say I can sit in a saddle but I’m certainly not as adept at it as Liz and Lois. A nice tame, patient animal would be nice.” And the other four laughed at his reply.

Michael went out to his rig to get a very nice camera from the rear storage compartment and made his way back to the barn where he found one fine looking appaloosa gelding standing next to Chief and Banner and he made his way into the barn and retrieved a saddle, blanket, bridle and reins and made his way back out to the corral where Liz and Lois were just showing up with their saddles and equipment as well.

It wasn’t very long before the five young riders were on their way toward the mountain trail out beyond the out buildings and Michael was in seventh heaven. The beauty was breathtaking with the sun going down in the western sky. The colors were beyond belief and Michael could hardly wait to take out his paints and brushes. But first the important things, talks with Max and Clark and bringing them up to speed with all that was going on as he knew it.

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Re: Brothers A/U C/C Mature Chapter:35 12/2/13

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Carolyn: I think the brothers are just as happy as Michael is right now... :wink:
Natalie: Amen to that :D
Alix: I Like this Michael too, it's the Michael I think would have evolved eventually if the show had some different writers. We all grow up someitme...speaking of Michael, I watched Brendon in a Charistmas movie on ION network tonight and it was really enjoyable. :)
Eve: The Fall colors are truly awesome in the Eastern part of the U. S. Where I grew up in Pennsylvania it was a joy to just take a ride up into the mountains and just look at the beauty. It's like God took cans of gold, yellow, orange, rust and brown and threw the paint at the trees. Truly beautiful. :)


Chapter: 35

The five young adults headed back to the barn just before dark and managed to get all of the horses curried and stabled before calling it a night. A nice snack had been laid out on the kitchen counter with a note to check the refrigerator as well and all five enjoyed the sandwiches and cakes that had been set out for them. After some more conversation Michael excused himself after putting his dishes in the dishwasher, making his way up the back staircase and heading to his room to call his wife.

Lois and Liz picked up the remaining food and started putting it away as Clark and Max put the last of the dishes into the dishwasher then they all headed up the front staircase for the evening.

There wasn’t any doubt in anyone’s minds where they were going to be sleeping tonight and all was well with the world.


“Michael, are you in Montana with Liz. I saw Jesse working on something today while I was giving him more information and I didn’t want to question him, but is Liz in danger?”

“Maria, I love you and you are not to know any more about this than Jesse tells you.”

“Okay Michael, I understand but please be careful and take care of my friend; I love you too.”

And so the conversation was channeled in another direction and Michael could feel Maria relaxing little by little and that made him feel better. ‘She must have been thinking about this all day,’ he thought to himself. It had to be tough only knowing a little information in a great big problem. What Jesse didn’t realize was, if he confided in Maria, she could be of great help but this was Jesse’s program. Maybe, when he got back, he would make some suggestions about utilizing the people he had at his disposal to better serve him in the bigger scheme of things.

“Clark, do you think we should switch the bulls now? With all of this other business going on I’m not so sure we should be calling attention to ourselves any more than we already have.” Lois mumbled into Clark Evans’ shoulder…

“Lois, take it from me, I don’t think it’s a problem but right now we don’t have to be discussing bulls do we?” Clark barely got the words out of his mouth as Lois giggled through her answer…

“No, we don’t.” And with that Clark managed to shut her up quite nicely.


“Liz, do you think you’re really okay at that lab?” Max wanted to know as he planted kisses down his girlfriend’s neck, moving closer to her collarbone.

“Shhhhh, not now Max.” And she shivered as she responded to his kisses in the most delicious way and Max Evans loved it.

“I love you Liz.”

“MMMMMM, love you too.”

And things got very quiet at the front end of the mansion as two young men lavished love on two very receptive young women and tonight all was well with the world.


The next morning Michael was the first to arrive in the kitchen and Maggie smiled at the young man as he made his way to the coffee pot and he acknowledged her presence with a smile.

“Good morning Maggie, I see I’m the first one down this morning.”

“Good morning Michael. Yes you are and if the past is any indication of habits I don’t think we’ll see the other four much before lunch time.”

Michael almost spit his sip of coffee on the counter as he turned and laughed out loud which Michael rarely did.

“Wait until I tell my wife, she’s going to love this.”

“Oh, your wife knows Liz and Lois?”

“Oh yes, they’ve been friends for years; we all go way back and she has been very concerned that they would never meet anyone to care about let alone wind up with brothers. And I can tell you right now Maggie, they don’t give their love away easily.”

“I’m glad to hear that Michael because I think my young men are very smitten.”

“Maggie, I can assure you that those young women are too.”

And the two breakfast companions continued to discuss the four people in question, each adding their anecdotes as they ate eggs, bacon, hash browns and toast and enjoyed several cups of coffee.

When breakfast was finished Michael helped Maggie put dishes away and explained that he was going to take his vehicle out on the trail.

“Maggie, when the rest make their presence known would you let them know that I’ve gone in search of a place to set up my easel and I’ll catch up with them later. I have absolutely no clue what they do regarding bulls.”

Maggie laughed and then asked,

“Do you paint Michael?”

“Yes, I do Maggie.”

“Oh, then you are displayed in a gallery then?”

“Oh yes, several actually; mostly on the East Coast, a few in California due to the fact that one of the galleries is nationwide.”

“I see, how nice for you. Maybe someday you’ll be famous Michael and I’ll be able to say ‘I know him’.”

Michael laughed,

“Wouldn’t that be nice?” And with that he waved as he left the kitchen and headed on out the back door.

Maggie smiled and thought what a nice young man and she kept on working around the kitchen, cleaning the sink and counter tops and getting ready for the next group to awaken.


Doug Shellow called Tony Sklar early Friday morning…

“Tony, this is Dr. Shellow here. Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner I was tied up with a huge project and I just had to get some rest when it was finished. What did you need?”

Tony Sklar wasn’t too sure he wanted to speak with Shellow today but he did need to get some things resolved and the sooner the better.

“Doug, I was wondering if we could meet for lunch again. Did you have a chance to work on what we discussed at our last meeting?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I did. I thought maybe I would be able to pass the information off to you at lunch today.”

“Well, that sounds wonderful. About 1:00 this afternoon at the same place.”

“Yes, I’ll be there.” And Doug Shellow immediately called Charles Shulman when the conversation was over and Tony Sklar called Vinny to set up an appointment with him later that afternoon. Vinny agreed of course and then called Shuman as well. Phones were very busy to say the least.

At 12:45 Doug Shellow left his office with a small vial of liquid in his jacket pocket, made his way to his car and took off for the designated meeting with Tony Sklar. The FBI agent in charge of following him was close behind as they pulled out of the parking area and onto the main thoroughfare to make their way to the meeting Doug had set up.

Back in the ‘big house’ in Missoula Kyle and his roomies made their way out to the barbecue on the back patio next to the pool in order to have a private conversation while they fixed some very nice steaks that George had picked up on his way home from work. It was his night off so he did not go to bed when he got home this morning feeling the need to have a group meeting in a safe place.

All three of the men called Kyle ‘Don’ just in case. They trusted no one.

“Okay guys, I’ve got some suspicions here and I’m not sure just where to go with them, Don, it’s in your territory. I think something is going on with the Captain of the PD as well as with this Barnaby character. There’s just too many suspicious things occurring and Joe the bartender, I think we need to dig a little further into his association with the Hotel.

This thing with the ‘roofies’ and Liz and Lois is not an outside job as far as I’m concerned.” Luke looked at Kyle as he put the steaks onto the grill. George and Dwain just nodded as they took it all in.

“Well, I can’t report a damned thing from the lab. They lock up and leave and the place is deserted until Jenny shows up at 7:00 a.m. to make coffee and get things ready for the day. The upstairs offices are left wide open for the night janitor and things just seem on the up and up from all angles. Michael comes in the back door and sits on the back steps and guards the place as if his life depended on it. And after having met his wife, I’m sure it does. She and this Doctor Parker are very good friends as I understand it.”

Kyle laughed,

“You don’t miss much do you? Yes Maria, Liz, Lois and my wife as a matter of fact, are all friends and have been since diapers practically. It’s unfortunate that this is happening but it’s very unfortunate that it’s happening to our friends.”

Kyle was truly sincere in his little speech, he felt compelled to find the answers to everything himself and he knew that was impossible.

Dwain was the next to add his input…

“As I reported to the director, I believe the virus had been planted somewhere besides the breeding stables.

“Even though it was Lois who discovered the disease in one of her animals and passed a sample on to Liz I don’t think it started there.

“Our two doctors just happened to be the ones to discover it.

“All of the records I have accessed are really clean and well recorded.

“Lois doesn’t miss anything about those animals in her examination of them. She even knows which ones have deformities, no matter how small, and records the slightest abnormalities in their blood streams. She gives thorough a whole new meaning.”

Kyle smiled.

“Well all I can tell you about the bar besides my suspicions are that the girls are very highly thought of by the clientele. Everyone you mention their names to smiles and sings their praises. There are even a couple of the single men who would like very much to have a chance at getting to know them better. Although I don’t mind saying myself that they are prime.” Luke interjected as he finished his report so to speak.

Kyle smiled again,

“Well, I heard it from a very reliable source that they are definitely off the market…and Michael would know.”

“Is that for publication?” Luke wanted to know.

“Ah, I don’t think I’d repeat that Luke. They are in some serious danger here already, we don’t need to add fuel to the fire until we know exactly who all of the players are. And, besides that, I’m sure people would want to know where you got your information. If you know what I mean?”

“Yeah, you’re right, so what do we report to the director?”

“So far, what we’ve reported is what we’ve discussed. We need to gather more information. In the meantime we should send the Captains name on to Jesse and I’ll continue to read up on this bogus report of Jonas Barnaby’s. We know it’s bogus, we just don’t know why yet…Liz has proven that, and if we could find the rest of that vehicle it would be nice too.”

“Yeah, that would be a godsend right there.”

And all four men continued to talk, theorize, and plan as they sat and enjoyed their steaks, salads and the rest of their lunch out on the patio


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Re: Brothers A/U C/C Mature Chapter:36 12/6/13

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Natalie: Thanks :)
Carolyn: I think they're all going to be smiling, for many reasones, soon, very soon! :wink:
Eve: Thank you :D
Alix: I've read all of them including the Lord John books and was so looking forward to was supposed to be Nov., then Mar. and now June. Damn, that is disappointing...but I shall persevere. Looking forward to it. :D


Chapter: 36

Michael was truly enjoying the scenery as he leisurely drove the back section of the ranch on the old road that headed out toward the river and the scene of the Evanses accident. He had read the report before leaving D.C. and now he had a personal view…Finally he came to a place that truly captured what he was looking for and stopped the vehicle and got out. He would take advantage of the scenery he captured more pictures of the accident sight.

He retrieved his camera from the front seat of the four-wheel drive and started snapping pictures left and right. He would take more as the sun changed directions in the sky but right now he loved the affect the daylight was shedding on the scene in front of him.

After taking numerous shots he went to the back end of his rig and retrieved his easel and set it up on the most level piece of ground he could find and started to prepare his pallet for the paints he would need. He only hoped he did this justice as he started mixing his colors to coincide with what the naked eye was seeing. There wasn’t one part of this scene that he would eliminate for the sake of the painting, this would stand alone, and he started with his first stroke to determine his vanishing point. Oh how he prayed he could do this justice as he worked on in total silence, one with God and nature. He did not think about anything else as he painted.


Back at the ranch Liz was trying to get herself to wake up and wondered what was weighing her down when she finally realized and smiled, Max! And she sighed loudly and snuggled in closer and made herself more comfortable waiting for her lover to wake up. She didn’t have to wait too long to realize that Max had been laying there enjoying the scene in front of him and she smiled…

“Good morning angel. How did you sleep?” Max wondered and her smile grew broader…

“Like a baby thank you. And you?”

“Mmmm, couldn’t have been better. Do you think we should get up?”

“Why?” She wondered.

“Well, I’ll bet everyone else is up.”


“So, I think we should join them for a little while anyway.”

“I don’t want to. I want to stay right here and have you hold me and love me and make the rest of the world nonexistent, at least for today.”

“Ah, I’m going to love you here, there and everywhere regardless. So what do you say?”

“Alright you old meany…but I expect you to shower me with attention all day and to make love to me all night. Agreed?”

Max laughed out loud as he placed a big loud kiss right in the middle of her forehead.


And with that they got themselves out of bed and Max grabbed his jeans, putting them on over his naked body he then picked up the rest of his belongings and headed for the door.

“I’ll be back in half an hour, be ready.”

Liz grinned and answered him very flirtatiously…

“Ready for what?”

Max answered very seriously…

“For whatever you want.” And left…

As he headed out Liz’s door he ran into his brother who was just leaving Lois’ room.

“Long night?” He asked Clark.

“Not long enough.”

“Hmm, I hear that.”

And both young men headed down the long hallway to their rooms, bumping and jabbing along the way, just like two kids.

“You know Max, we could save ourselves a lot of time if we just packed a bag and brought it back with us.”

“There’s a thought, but I think this way is far more efficient. If we didn’t have to leave we probably never would. Let’s just keep it the way it is for the time being.”

“I hear ya’, but Max, we are going to have to give some thought about these living arrangements in the future. I don’t know about you but I think I’m ready to settle in on this one.”

“I know I’m ready to settle in Clark but this place is definitely big enough for all of us. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I do, but what about them?”

“Well, when the time comes we’ll ask. Until then we’ll keep it simple.”

And so the brothers parted ways at the end of the second long hallway and went to their own rooms to get ready for the day.


Back in Washington D.C. Jesse Ramirez was reading over the reports of the agents in Missoula when a phone call came in from the agent following Doug Shellow, Zachary was on duty today, and Zach forwarded a picture of a man that Doug Shellow met in a restaurant for the third time since they started tailing him.

“Boss, check your mail; I’ve just forwarded a picture of Shellow’s lunch meeting. Oh, and I’m having lunch on the company, I can’t afford this place.” Zach added and Jesse laughed.

“Fair enough. We’ll put this up on the big screen and check it out.

About that time a lot of excitement was taking place at Shellow’s table and Zach turned his phone around, pointed and clicked.

“Boss, something is going on over at Shellow’s table and it doesn’t look good. I’ll call back.”

And as Zach hung up the phone an ambulance was parking outside and several paramedics came rushing into the dining room and were led to the Shellow table where it appeared that Shellow’s lunch partner was lying face down on the floor.

Zach started to snap pictures one after the other but not of the victim, he was interested in Doug Shellow and then he saw it. The man had put a vial into his pocket as he stood there answering questions for the paramedics. Zach snapped a picture of the action and then called the Helena office of the FBI and requested back up right now.

It wasn’t 15 minutes later that a team of agents joined Zach at his table. Zach explained what was going down and told his fellow agents that they needed to nab Shellow quietly when the time was right and haul him in for questioning; he didn’t want any attention drawn to the subject at all.

“I’m sure we’ll find the instrument of death in that right hand jacket pocket of his…and I’m also sure we will find out a lot of answers to a bunch of other unanswered questions.”

With that bit of news Zach called Jesse back and told him he would be calling him within the hour.

As soon as the coroner was finished with his examination of the body the local PD told Shellow he was free to go and when Shellow stepped outside of the door to the restaurant there was a very large man standing at each side of his body; they led him right over to a very nice government issue SUV in the parking lot and they were off in a flash.


Back in Washington D.C. Maria had identified Tony Sklar from the photo sent by Zach and from that she was able to track the mother company of Billings Cattle Ltd. back to Tony Sklar’s real estate company and then some things started to come together. But why kill the fatted calf? Jesse was one confused man as he continued to try and connect the dots.

The Helena office of the FBI had Doug Shellow dead to right in the death of Tony Sklar and the interrogation continued. Doug had nothing to lose when he told the agents in charge that he was acting in self-defense.

“The man wanted me to give him the serum to take out several people in the Missoula area and then he intended to use it on me. Just thank me for saving many lives. I’ve rid the world of a mass murderer.”

“How did you know he was going to use this on you?” One confused Zach asked.

“One of his victims found out from the man this Sklar hired to do the job. Sklar wasn’t smart enough to hire someone we didn’t know and the guy blew the whistle on him. He said he didn’t want any part of murder and he told us all about it.”

“And what is this hit man’s name?” Zach asked...

“That is one piece of information I will not give you. The man did us a favor and he’s not a problem.”

“It wouldn’t be Vinny Santori would it?” Zach asked as he watched Doug very carefully.

“I am not familiar with that name. Try again” And Doug Shellow sat and watched Zach as closely as Zach was watching him.

Someone seriously underestimated the man.


When Clark and Max met up in the kitchen Lois and Liz were already helping Maggie get ready for lunch and Maggie had to laugh at the situation…would they want breakfast or lunch?

“Clark, what do you want me to fix you, and Max, what about you?”

Both men looked puzzled as Liz and Lois smiled happily while putting dishes on the table…

“What do you mean Maggie?” Max wanted to know.

“Do you want sandwiches and coffee or do you want bacon and eggs?”

Clark looked at Max and shrugged…then Lois answered for all of them after looking at the clock, it was 12:15 and half the daylight hours were gone.

“We’ll all have sandwiches Maggie, just put the bread on the table and we’ll get the stuff out of the refrigerator. It’s almost time to start planning dinner.” And then the two young men looked very sheepish, it wasn’t the way they usually acted, especially around Maggie.

“Yes Maggie, lunch is fine.” Clark remarked, trying to hide his red face, and Liz just turned sideways and gave Max a little peck as he made his way to the coffee pot. She wasn’t the least bit embarrassed about any of this, she was in love and she didn’t much care who knew it.

Max just smiled as she passed and the rest got on with the jobs at hand.

Out on the range Michael was lost in his own world, the beauty around him was all that he needed to wrap himself in. God would Maria love this place!

Back in Washington D.C. one Maria Guerin had made her way into the ladies room for the third time to throw up since getting out of bed this morning. “Damn” she said aloud as she splashed cold water on her face and tried to make herself presentable once again.

She grabbed a hair tie from her pocket and then grabbed her once neatly combed hair into a quick ponytail. She left the place looking pretty much like someone who had just done battle with a wind machine.

“Do I wait until he gets home to break this news?” She wondered out loud as she made her way back to her office feeling like death warmed over.


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Eve: LOL, so happy you're getting things straightened out...I don't know if they have garage sales where you are or not, but after my daughter left I found space I didn't even know existed but I must admit, I'm still looking for things. Tried finding candle holders for some Christmas decorations and finally gave up and went out and bought more. Don't tell my daughter though, she'd just roll her eyes and growl at me. Of course I could go to the salvation army and look for some of my old stuff but hey, shopping for some more was okay too.
Carolyn: Hey, thank you. After our snow last week I'm still having trouble with phones and computers. We only get a good snowfall about every other year or so but when we do it seems the entire town comes to a stop. We are surrounded by snow capped mountains and lots of snow around us but right in the basin here it's kind of dry so I understand about things not doing what you want them to do. Sometime I think the net has a lot to do with it too.

Chapter: 37

“C’mon Clark, let’s go have a look at those bulls you’ve got scheduled for trade. Liz, do you want to run your tests yet?” Lois asked her friend as she headed to the refrigerator with the last of the left overs.

“Sure, are you coming with us Max?” Liz wanted to know. Maggie grinned, ‘is the pope Catholic’ she wondered and then waited for Max to answer.

“Of course; did you bring your equipment with you?”

“You know I did…now let’s get to work; we’ve already lost half the day.”

And then Liz actually laughed at herself for that remark; that was not wasting time as far as she was concerned and with that Max grabbed her up, threw her over his shoulder and headed to the back door while she pounded him on his back.

Maggie stood and smiled as she watched her favorite young men. They hadn’t been this happy in a very long time, neither of them.

On their way to the large corral they ran into Jose’ who smiled at the younger Evans and his lovely lady while he spoke to the four of them.

“I would greet you properly Jose’ only I’m being held captive as you can see.”

“I see Liz, and that’s perfectly fine. Lois, those bulls are waiting for you out there.”

Lois laughed as she answered…

“And I’ll just bet they’re going to love seeing me too.” And with that they all laughed.

“Is Maggie in the kitchen?”

“Yes, we just finished lunch but I’m sure she saved something for you.” Clark answered.

“Oh I’ve already had my lunch; I’m off to the orchard now and wanted to let her know where I was in case she needed anything before I go.”

“Well okay then; we’ll see you at dinner.” Clark answered as they headed on out toward the barn to gather some supplies for Liz out of her makeshift lab.

“I wonder if Michael is enjoying himself.” Liz said as Max gently set her down on her own, making sure she had her balance before letting go and then, just to be sure she was okay he planted a kiss on her forehead and she smiled broadly at him. She loved playing with him, indoors and out.

“Oh I’m sure he is, what’s not to enjoy?” Lois answered without missing a beat, and Clark gave her a great big hug. Oh how he hoped she meant that for herself as well as Michael.

Lois had the bulls segregated and test samples taken in no time at all and Liz was in her little makeshift lab running her final tests which she knew perfectly well were as clean as they could possibly be.

In the meantime Max and Clark were getting the hands together to get ready to transport the bulls to the Missoula breeding center and hosing down the inside of the trailers and spraying insecticide around to make sure the trailers were bug free. They also washed down the outside of the three transport trailers and shined them all up; they were very proud of the E~N~S logo stamped on the sides of the rigs and didn’t want anything degrading the name their parents and grandparents had worked so hard to preserve.

They then pulled the semis out of the large outbuilding farther down the lane and proceeded to spruce them up as well. They had six transports in total but would only use three for this trip. They didn’t trust anyone with their livestock but themselves and so far this attitude had served them well.

By the end of the day all of the men on the ranch had put in a hard day’s work and most of them used the portable showers at the end of the big barn before making their way down the lane to their various homes while at the same time Michael was packing up his supplies and getting ready to head on back to the main house.

He stood and looked at his finished product and was extremely pleased; he decided that only God could paint a perfect picture as he stood and looked at it but this one was pretty nice even if he did say so himself. He carefully placed his wet painting into the special carrier he had and then put it on the flat surface of the storage area in the back of the SUV he had rented.

He decided that he would give this one to Maggie; for some reason he really liked her and he felt she would truly enjoy it. He started back to the ranch knowing full well that dinner was something he was really looking forward to since he had missed lunch and he suddenly had a good feeling about this day for some reason. Of course he had no idea that Maria had some great news to share with him but that would come soon enough.

When he got back to the ranch he found that the rest of the ranch seemed to be shut down but it was obvious that people had been quite busy to say the least.

Trucks and livestock trailers were parked outside of a very large holding area and there were quite a few large, fierce looking bulls lolling about grunting and snorting at each other and Michael smiled.

‘How in the hell did Lois ever find this work interesting?’ was the question running through his mind as he eyed these creatures with caution. He didn’t want anywhere near them. Horses were one thing but these bulls were another story all together and he made his way to the back door carrying his cargo with much care.

When he entered through the back entry he was greeted with some very nice aroma’s emanating from the kitchen and that brought a smile to his face as well as the people who were busy working around the dining area preparing the table for a feast. Baked ham, scalloped potatoes, corn on the cob, coleslaw, fresh biscuits and apple pie, God, it was like walking into a side of heaven.

“Michael, did you have a good day?” Liz asked as she made her way over toward him for a hug. Lois smiled as Michael held his carrying case above his head to make room for Liz and Lois retrieved the case knowing full well what it held.

“Liz, don’t you ever look before charging a person?” Lois asked.

“What? Huh? Oh! Michael, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t even thinking.” But she hugged him just the same and he ginned at Lois, nodded to Maggie and then asked about the men.

“Are Max and Clark here?”

“Oh, they’re taking showers. They look like hell and smell almost as bad. They’ve been scrubbings trucks.” Lois answered.

“Well, I think I’ll go up and take a quick shower myself. I promise I won’t be long…and Lois put that carrier someplace flat for me, okay.

“Will do, we won’t’ start dinner without you big guy…now go.”

And with that Michael made his way up the stairs to his room to get out of his dusty clothes and to wash the outdoors from his body. He was still feeling great about the day and couldn’t shake the good feeling for the life of him.

When dinner was all finished and everyone had done their part to help clean up afterwards Michael made his way back into the kitchen with his carrying case and opened it up to reveal his days work to everyone and then he said,

“Maggie, I want you to have this and someday, when I’m famous, you can sell it and retire.”

Maggie stood and looked at the scene Michael had painted and wanted to cry. Max and Clark both stood in awe of the scene, they knew it so well, and they couldn’t say anything.

“Michael, it’s beautiful.” Lois remarked and Liz reached over and hugged her old friend once again, she was so proud of him and she couldn’t hold back the tears; Max reached out and held her as she looked through tear stained eyes. ‘He is definitely a good friend’ Max thought as he admired the painting as well.


Back at the coroner’s office in Helena the coroner had declared that Tony Sklar had a heart attack induced by a foreign substance that would have been totally undetectable had he not known to look for it.

The results were immediately forwarded to the FBI headquarters in Helena where the department head immediately forwarded the findings off to Washington, D.C. to Jesse’s private cell phone due to the time difference.

The office had closed at 6:00 p.m. E.S.T. and Maria had gone to dinner with Alex and Isabelle who had picked her up at her apartment. Maria could only hope that she could make it through this meal without a repeat of breakfast and lunch.

She patted her tummy and told the little something making a life for itself to please behave until daddy came home because she didn’t want to do this alone and suddenly she felt better,

Doug Shellow was locked safely away as a John Doe until some more of the players could be identified and the night crew took over.


“So Maria, have you heard from Michael?” Alex wanted to know.

“Of course I’ve heard from Michael, do you think he would go away and not call me for God’s sake. What planet are you from Alex?” Maria asked and Isabelle practically choked at her reply.

“Well, I thought he was undercover. Does he still keep in touch?” Alex really wasn’t that versed on the ins and outs of an undercover agent since he was totally computer forensics, he only knew his information was not to be repeated under any circumstances and that was the end of his secrecy.

“Of course he keeps in touch. I have no idea where he is or what he’s doing but we have our own communication devices and he changes his sim card daily but we definitely keep in touch.”

Maria wasn’t quite sure why this conversation had taken this tack but it was something she would just as soon not talk about and had Alex been anyone else she most likely would not have answered the question in the first place.

“Why do you ask Alex? You know I can’t talk about my work with you.” Maria was about to get up and leave when Isabelle waved her off.

“Relax Maria, he doesn’t want to know about what you’re working on, he wants to know about Michael.”

“Well, Michael’s fine I assure you. Now what have you been up to Isabelle?” And that quickly the conversation was turned over to Isabelle’s favorite subject, herself. Isabelle was part of the Liz, Lois, Ava, Maria group forever and the girls knew exactly how to turn a conversation around when they needed to.


Jesse Ramirez was showering in preparation of getting ready for dinner with his wife and friends when he made one last important call before leaving his room.

“Michael, we have Dr. Shellow in custody for the murder of a Tony Sklar so please be extra careful with the lives of Liz and Lois. So far Shellow isn’t giving up anybody but I’m sure he’ll cooperate before long. Just be careful; I know he wants to deal and there’s no deal for murder although his defense being self defense might sway someone, we’ll see.”

“Will do boss. I believe they are very safe this week-end and we have given some serious thought to having them stay here with their two young men but I’m not so sure they will be safe anywhere now that Shellow has been taken into custody. I believe he has a lot of answers and let’s hope he’s safe also. I will guard our doctors with my life but you have to know that this staying out in the open the way we are isn’t helping the situation any.”

“You may be right Michael but I don’t want to tip our hand and if we start hiding we may never find answers, then our young doctors will never be safe.”

“I guess. Well, director, my hosts are waiting for me in the other room for a game of hearts so I’ll be talking to you later.”

“Yes Michael. Enjoy your weekend. What time will you be calling Maria?”

Why, is something wrong with her?”

“NO! No, nothing at all, I was just wondering how you’ll be able to enjoy a conversation with your wife while playing cards.”

“Don’t worry about it. She’s having dinner with the Whitman’s this evening and she’ll call me when she gets home.”

“I see. Take care Michael; good night.”

“Good night director.” And they rang off.

Over in Jose’s house there was one happy woman singing the praises of Michael Guerin and Jose’ just smiled. It was good to see her happy about something besides a nice crop of strawberries. He supposed there wasn’t a whole lot in life to be happy about out here on a cattle ranch. Maybe he should think about taking her on a nice long cruise when the ‘boys’ took themselves wives. Yes, he would have Max look into it for him and he didn’t think it would be a very long wait.


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Carolyn: It shouldn't be too long now
NATALIE: Thank you....

Chapter: 38

Back in Billings Charles Shuman was trying desperately to reach Doug Shellow who must have his phone turned off. He had watched the 6:00 p.m. news and Tony Sklar, owner and CEO of one of the largest real estate firms in Montana, had dropped dead of a heart attack in one of Helena’s finest restaurants. The coroner’s report indicated that Mr. Sklar was suffering from a very weak heart, which he apparently chose to ignore. (This news release was at the request of the FBI) Charles Shuman breathed a sigh of relief even though he couldn’t get in touch with Doug and then he called Vinny Santori to let him know he could head back to New Jersey.

“Vinny, you can leave now.”

“Yes, I saw the news on the regular news cast this evening. That didn’t take long.”

“No it didn’t…and Vinny, you can expect a very large bonus in the mail within the week. We all appreciate what you have done for us.”

“I didn’t do anything for you that I didn’t do for me but thank you. And Mr. Shuman, I would really appreciate it if you would lose this phone number.”

“I understand. Consider it done.” And with that Charles Shuman hung up his phone just as another call was coming in on the landline.

“Charles Shuman please?” A nice female voice asked.

“This is Charles Shuman.”

“Mr. Shuman, this is Marlene, Tony Sklar’s secretary. Mr. Shuman am I supposed to go to work in the morning? I saw the news this evening and I really don’t know what to do about all of this.”

“Marlene, I think it would be wise for you to go to the office. I’ll fly in tomorrow morning and see what I can do to help you take care of things. I don’t know who else to call or talk to so maybe between the two of us we can finalize any work in progress and possibly take care of the work we’ve got here in Billings and Missoula as well. This is going to be one huge job and I’m sure we’ll need all the help we can get. If you need more help let me know, we will hire a temp or something.”

“Thank you Mr. Shuman, I will do my best.”

In the meantime Lou D’Mateo, back in New York, heard of his nephew’s demise and was in shock. He wasn’t sure just how to handle the situation…but as a relative he should make some arrangements for the body.

As for the business, if Tony needed his help it had to be shady and therefore he felt he should keep his nose out of it. Tony had paid him back years ago but he suspected that not all of his nephew’s business dealings were operated on the up and up so to speak.

Yes, Lou D’Mateo was very confused right now and he definitely knew that his nephew did not have a heart condition. That he was positive of, just what the hell was going on?

Also, there were quite a few people in Missoula who did not realize that they had just been given a reprieve, at least for the time being, and life went on.


Vinny Santori checked out of the hotel he was in, turned in his rental car and then took a shuttle bus to the airport while an FBI agent followed close behind. The agent followed Vinny into the airport where he waited until the man booked a flight back to New Jersey and then the agent made a phone call to his home office, the head of the Helena office, and then he made a call to the director’s private cell and gave the man a message. Jesse thanked the man and then he in turn made a call to a private line in New York. He announced himself…

“Hello, this is director Ramirez. I’m sorry to bother you on a Friday night but we have an ongoing investigation and there is a man arriving at J F K airport this evening that we need to put a tail on.

“I will fax you the information on this person tomorrow but right now we need to know where he goes, who he sees and what he does. It’s Vinny Santori and he’ll be arriving…” and Jesse gave the agent all of the pertinent information he would need for right now. He didn’t want to keep his wife and guests tied up any longer than he had to but this was important to their case.

“Fine director, we’ll get right on it and I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow.”

“Thank you, I really appreciate this. It does involve murder, conspiracy and several other crimes that we are trying to resolve and although this man doesn’t seem to be a major player, he’s definitely tied in somewhere.”

“We’ll get right on it sir. Have a good evening.” And with that the two men hung up and Jesse rejoined his wife and dinner guests. He offered very little in the way of apologies as none were necessary and they got on with their evening as though nothing happened.


It was about 9:00 a.m. when Charles Shuman entered the offices of Tony Sklar and met with his very charming secretary Marlene who had opened the office early as Charles had requested. She had a number of files laid out on a table and Tony’s desk was cleared of all files just waiting for Charles to sit down and start sorting.

“I’ve made coffee Mr. Shuman and the work in process is sitting over there on the side table. Would you like a cup and how do you take it?”

“Marlene, I think we’ll be working together for some time here and it would be fine with me if you just called me Charles.”

“No Mr. Shuman. Mr. Sklar and I had an agreement and I will set up the same with you. I will call you Mr. Shuman and you may call me Marlene, I don’t mind, but I’m not comfortable with first names in a business environment.”

“Very well Marlene, Mr. Shuman it is. I’ll get my own coffee and thank you. I don’t expect you to wait on me but I will take a look at these file folders and see where we are and what needs to be done. I’m sure you know as much, if not more, than I do about them so I might have some questions.

“Did you have plans for the day? We can always pick this up on Monday if you would like.”

“Yes Mr. Shuman, I won’t lie, I did have plans and if you don’t mind I would rather take over this research project on Monday. I’m sure there are plenty of questions you may have.”

About that time the front office door opened and one Lou D’Mateo walked in and Marlene smiled and asked if she could be of any help.

“Well, I’ve just flown in from New York to make arrangements for my nephew’s body to be flown back to his home for burial and I thought I would see if anything was going on here.”

Charles Shuman immediately arose from the desk he was sitting behind and made his way to the front office as Marlene was introducing herself to the man she only knew by name. She had made numerous checks payable to him in the past and knew of Tony’s association with him.

“How do you do Mr. D’Mateo, I’m Marlene, Mr. Sklar’s secretary. I’m very sorry for your loss. I had no idea Mr. Sklar had a heart condition. This is Mr. Charles Shuman of our Billings office. He flew in this morning to oversee the outstanding business left by Mr. Sklar.”

Charles Shuman held his hand out to shake but Lou ignored it completely and merely remarked…

“Tony didn’t have a heart condition and I’ve heard of Mr. Shuman. It’s nice to meet you Marlene. I must be getting off to the coroner’s office and lay claim to my nephew’s body. Good day.”

And with that Lou D’Mateo left the office and Charles Shuman suddenly felt very ill.

Marlene didn’t know what to think but she grabbed her purse and jacket and bid Charles Shuman good-bye just the same. She really didn’t want to know what was going on and maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t be back on Monday.


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Natalie:She's seriously considering it! :wink:
Eve: You are right about title same position: Administrative assistant, cute...too bad those new titles don't come with more money, right? :D
Alix: I think Lou throws a small monkey wrench into the works... :!:
Carolyn: At this point Marlene is still trying to reach some conclusions about all of this. :wink:

Hey everyone Happy New Year!!!

Chapter: 39

Back on the range five young adults were all saddled up and ready to finish their exploring while the rest of the ranch hands made themselves busy taking care of personal matters. The ranch hands that lived in the houses on the ranch with their families had regular honey do lists to take care of just as any married man would have on week-ends and the group in the bunk house had their own laundry and housekeeping chores to deal with as well.

Unbeknownst to Liz, Lois and the three young men that were with them there was a barbecue planned for the evening and all of the ranch personnel that had not yet met the two young women were beyond excited to meet the two women that had their bosses smitten.

The women of the ranch were beside themselves wondering what they should wear while their husbands, who had rode with the girls when they first arrived, tried to convince them that these women were cowgirls from the get go. But the women still had themselves in an uproar over it all.

Back in Missoula Kyle, Luke, George and Dwain were all busily doing their laundry and preparing for the week-end as well as Jonas Barnaby and Jim Andrews.

Neither Jonas nor Jim were aware of the significance of the death of Tony Sklar and both men wondered why they hadn’t heard from Charles Shuman; it wasn’t like him. In the meantime another man was busily trying to reach Shuman on his private line but was getting nowhere.

As all of this was going on the FBI agents continued to follow anyone and everyone that they even thought might be able to shed some light on what was happening including the one that picked up on Marlene as she left the offices of Tony Sklar right after the New York honcho, Lou D’Mateo, made his appearance. What the hell was going on?

“Hey Chief, this girl looks like she might just be running, literally running, from that office. I think we need to approach and question.”

Jesse thought for a minute and then answered…

“Does she look scared?”

“Yeah, terrified might be a better word.” And Jesse thought for a minute…

“Can you approach her without scaring her any more than she already is?” Jesse knew if they scared her in any way they might just lose the edge, and they really needed a break.

“I think so boss. Let me just tail her for awhile and see what she does. I think she just needs some time to think and to get her head together. I’ll work it out.”

“Good. Get back to me when you’ve got some answers.” And the two men hung up.

Agent Sloane followed Marlene for approximately two hours before she finally slowed down to a normal pace and then found a park bench to sit on. Agent Sloane approached her very slowly and then sat next to her, trying very hard not to invade her space.

He leaned forward, putting his elbows on his knees and then he turned his head and looked into the face of a very confused young woman.

“Is there anything wrong miss? You look as though you’re lost maybe.”

“No, I’m fine. I’ve just had a slight shock and I need to think about it.”

Marlene didn’t know who she was talking to or why but she needed to talk to someone and her family was very far away and all of her friends were off doing chores and the like until the evening.

“What kind of a shock? Maybe I can help.”

Agent Sloane didn’t want to scare her away but he didn’t want to lose the chance of questioning her either.

“Well, I’m not sure you can really. It’s sort of complicated and I don’t know what to do about it.”

Sloane got an idea…this woman was not involved in this conspiracy in any way and she’s just found out something. He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out his identification.

“Hello. Let me introduce myself. My name is Albert Sloane. I’m an FBI agent and we are currently investigating the actions of Charles Shuman and I think you know the man.”

Marlene looked confused now even more than she had been. How did they find her of all people? She really didn’t know Charles Shuman except to talk to him on the phone and transfer funds to his accounts in Billings. Albert Sloane recognized the signs of confusion running across her brow as he talked to her.

“What can I call you?” He smiled…

“Marlene’s fine. Why are you questioning me Mr. Sloane? I don’t even know the man really. I’ve only seen him a few times in the office where I work, maybe worked would be a better word, and I don’t know anything about him.”

“That’s fine Marlene. Would you be afraid to go with me to the FBI headquarters and make a statement, telling us everything you do know about Charles Shuman and the visitor to Tony Sklar’s office this morning?”

Marlene got this troubled look on her face once again and then nodded in assent. She needed to tell someone why she was scared and who better than the FBI.

Agent Sloane called for pickup at their location and fifteen minutes later a black SUV pulled to the curb and waited. Agent Sloane escorted Marlene to the front passenger seat and positioned himself in the back seat hoping this would keep Marlene relaxed. He introduced her to Agent Baker as they took off and the girl seemed to relax just a little bit more.

Upon arriving at headquarters Agent Sloane called Jesse on his private cell phone and explained what was taking place in Helena and Jesse seemed to be very pleased.

“Let me know what you find out.”

“I don’t know if she knows any more than we do boss. She worked for Sklar and only had minimal business activity with Shuman as far as I know, but we’ll see what we can come up with. Maybe we can incorporate her into our investigation.”

“Don’t put her in any danger Al, if she seems skittish get her away from the entire situation.”

“Will do boss. She seems very intelligent though. Maybe we can use her here.”

“What are you now Albert? HR? Let’s get information; you can pursue personnel agendas on your own time.”

“Yes sir.” And they hung up.

Back to the questions and answers; they didn’t use the interrogation room because Albert was sure it would make Marlene uncomfortable, she was really cute, someone he could get used to being around and he smiled.

“Okay Marlene, just for the record I’m going to record our conversation if that’s alright with you.” And Albert Sloane smiled as agent Baker pulled up a chair and watched with interest. Sloane liked this girl, well halleluiah! It’s about damned time and Baker just sat back and watched the action.

“Please state your full name.” And Albert smiled at the young woman once again. Marlene returned the smile and answered…

“Marlene Dubchek.”

“What is your background Marlene? No, wait; just tell us why you’re here.”

“Well, I worked for Mr. Tony Sklar and then I heard that he had a fatal heart attack on the evening news. I called our Billings office and talked to Mr. Charles Shuman, the head of that office and he asked me to come in to our Helena office this morning and help him sort through any open files and get things squared away.

“Then Mr. Sklar’s Uncle, Lou D’Mateo, showed up and Mr. Shuman got very nervous and when I told Mr. D’Mateo that I was sorry to hear about Mr. Sklar. Mr. Shuman said that he didn’t know Tony had a heart condition and Mr. D’Mateo looked very angrily at Mr. Shuman and said he didn’t, have a heart condition that is.

“When Mr. D’Mateo left I grabbed my purse and coat and left also. I walked around for awhile trying to get things straight in my mind and that’s when I met Mr. Sloane. Mr. Sloane were you following me?”

“Yes Marlene, we think Mr. Sklar was murdered and we were just getting ready to approach his office when we saw Mr. D’Mateo go in. Do you know Mr. D’Mateo?”

“Mr. D’Mateo is Mr. Sklar’s Uncle, as I said. He lent Mr. Sklar the money to start his real estate business a few years ago and I used to send Mr. D’Mateo a check every month until the loan was paid off.

“As for Mr. Shuman…well our, that is Mr. Sklar’s office owns the Billings office as well as a few ranches all over the state; Mr. Shuman does a lot of investments in Missoula.

“We deposit all of the money here in Billings and pay Mr. Shuman’s debts then send him operating capital every month. He gets a very substantial allowance for investments and such.

“Mr. Sklar had a meeting with Mr. Shuman recently and I don’t think Mr. Sklar was very happy with him even if he didn’t say anything to me about it.

“I’ve known Mr. Sklar a long time and I could tell by his actions something was bothering him.

“Then after his meeting with Mr. Shuman he had me set up a couple of luncheon meetings with Doctor Shellow who works for the state as a chemist or something. Doctor Shellow was with Mr. Sklar when he died.”

“Great Marlene, can you think of anything else to tell us.”

“No sir, that about covers all I know. Of course I know all about our business dealings if you want to know about that; who we pay our mortgages to and things like that.”

Sloane and Baker both smiled. The young woman was tying up a few loose ends, not many, but some. She’d managed to connect some dots anyway.

Albert Sloane reached over and turned off the tape recorder and handed it to Agent Baker and Baker just smiled. Sloane had plans.

“Marlene, can we give you a lift somewhere. I know a visit to our office was not on your agenda today.”

“That would be great Agent Sloane. My car is back at the office if you can drop me off there.”

“Of course. Baker, can you call the boss and give him the news before faxing it off to him.”

“Yeah, go ahead.” And agent Baker smiled as Albert Sloane put his hand protectively against the young woman’s back as he led her to the elevator. What was the name of that song? Ah yes, Debussy’s “Claire De Lune” and he literally laughed out loud. This was going to be great.

When Albert finally got Marlene safely into the black SUV he looked over and smiled…

“Would you like to have some dinner before going to get your car? It’s been a long day and I’m sure you’re hungry.”

Marlene smiled, she liked this man…

“Yes Agent Sloane…that would be nice.”

“Albert Marlene, call me Albert or preferably Al.”

“Alright then Al, yes, I would like that.” And they smiled at each other as Agent Albert Sloane pulled out of the office parking lot of the FBI.

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