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Post by hinasanghani » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:52 am

Author: hinasanghani
Category: AU M/L
Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Any references to historical events, real people, or real locales are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author's imagination, and any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
The characters of Roswell belong to is founder - Jason Katims, Twentieth Century Fox Corporation
Summery: Max and Liz and the final goodbye
Time… time is precious. It is with you forever but goes by so quickly. In the blink of an eye, hours can pass. Time was all he needed. Time to be with her, time to talk, time to laugh, and time to make love to her. Time was what he craved with her. But time was not on his side. The quicker time went, the quicker she passed, and there was nothing he could do about it.

I am so sorry sir; there is nothing we can do. The cancer had progressed too far. There is nothing more we can do…

Max was barely listening to what the doctor was saying. His focus dying with every word he spoke. As he stood there looking at the doctor blankly he felt a hand grasp his, giving a slight squeeze of encouragement. He looked down into the deep blue eyes of his wife’s best friend, Maria. “I’m sorry,” she said. Then she looked towards the doctor. “How long does she have?” “Not long, it will happen soon.” He said. With tears in her eyes she asked, “what can we do?” “ Just simply be with her. Support her as much as you can…. That’s all I can say”.
Still unable to utter a word Maria led Max to the seating area where his sister Isabel, her husband Alex, also his wife’s best friend, and Maria’s husband, Michael, were waiting for them. They sat in silence for what felt like hours but was mere minutes…. Then with a vacant stare, Max spoke “She’s dying…. She’s really dying?” Not expecting Maria to answer he carried on “I haven’t spent enough time with her. I shouldn’t have worked late all those nights. I should have been there with her…. I should have known…. She was all alone.”
“She wasn’t alone. She knew she had you” Maria said trying to console him. “She loved you with everything she had and she knew you loved her too”
Suddenly Max stood up, anger reaching his eyes “then tell me one thing… why didn’t she tell me? She kept this all to herself, making me think that everything is fine. Making me believe that she was ok when she wasn’t.” Anger now replaced with anguish “why didn’t she tell me?”
Unable to answer his question Maria looked towards the pale white floor. Then with the same pain in her eyes she looked at him “because she was trying to protect us. I’m her best friend and she didn’t tell me either.”. Grabbing Max’s hand she pulled him to sit. “Imagine how hard it must have been for her, to deal with this on her own. To be afraid and have no support.”
Max looked to the ground “she could have had support if she wanted it. All she had to do was tell us and she chose not to!”
“Can you blame her?” Maria shouted. Shocked Max’s head shot up. “She knew how hard work was for you. How much the merger was taking its toll on you and Michael…. She didn’t want to add to it.”
“She should have known I’d be there for her no matter what”
“Exactly! She knew you’d give up your dreams for her, and she didn’t want that. Look I shouldn’t be the one saying this. You need to talk to her. Let her explain.”
“Ok… fine. I need to see her.”
Max walked to her room. Once he had gained enough courage he knocked on the door. He heard a weak “come in” and entered. She looked so frail, not like the same vibrant woman he had married. With tears gathering in his eyes he walked towards her bed. Once he got there he grabbed her hand and held it tightly, never wanting to let it go. Wiping her tears away he asked her the one question he needed an answer to “why didn’t you tell me? You did all this by yourself… why?” anguish clear in his voice.
“Because I knew you would give up everything you worked so hard for, to be with me…. And I couldn’t have that.” “But-“ “no, it wasn’t right to do that to you”
“NO! You dealing with this on your own is not the right thing and now it’s too late” Tears now streaming down both their faces. “ I can’t loose you… I feel like I just found you.”
“Max… We have to say good bye before it is too late.”
“No Liz. No! I am not saying good-bye. I won’t say it.”
“Ok fine, then do me this. Can you get everyone else in so I can say goodbye to them at least… Please.” Never being able to deny Liz’s wishes he did as she asked. Slowly, one by one she said her goodbyes.
After they were done his family went back to the waiting area and he went back into Liz’s room to do the inevitable…. Say goodbye.
He walked towards her and lay on the bed next to her taking her into his arms, holding her tightly. No words needed to be spoken. They both knew exactly what the other was thinking and feeling. It was a connection they had, they felt each other’s anguish in having to say goodbye. They just lay quietly until Liz spoke, pleading, “ Max kiss me…. Give me one final kiss.” Looking deep into her eyes Max leaned in, his breath softly caressing her ear as he whispered, “I love you.” “ I love you too… so much-” her last word drowned in the touch of his lips against hers. Liz let his fingers melt against her cheeks as he cradled her between his hands, guiding her mouth against his. She met his movements with strokes of her own. All of their love, pain, and regret were thrown into the kiss. Bitter sweetly knowing full well that it would be their last. With that thought Max pulled away. Both breathless from the kiss, and from the tears that they both had flowing down their cheeks. Contently they both lay in each other’s arms, listening to the beeping of the machines. It must have been a while as Liz had fallen asleep. Resting his head on top of hers he let his eye close…. It was then that he felt that Liz had gone only to be confirmed by the monotone sound of the heart machine. With a lone tear rolling down his cheek he said
“Goodbye my love”.

I hope you liked it !!!!! :D :D