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A Ring of Endless Lights (AU, ML,MATURE) - 2/5/05 COMPLETE

Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2005 1:59 pm
by Bubblegal


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TITLE: A Ring of Endless Lights

AUTHOR: Spacegal


RATING: Mature/Adult

DISCLAIMER: Nothing is mine; everyone in Roswell belongs to Jason and Melinda. The film belongs to Disney world.

SUMMARY: I will not be following the plot, yes there will be dolphins involved but the ending will be different along with everything else. If you have seen the film, then you know what I’m changing, if not, don’t worry. The plot is basically explaining itself along the way.
Liz is sent to live with her Grandma over the summer only to experience love and heartbreak when she discovers something that will destroy her world. It is a Non Alien Fic.

Chapter 1: The meeting.

Elizabeth Claudia Parker was leaning against the wall of the boat, sleeping. Her dark hair fanned out over her face, shielding her face from viewers who were standing on the deck, looking out over the water. She was your average 18-year-old teenager with a difference, her parents were so hard on her to study so she could get into university but she wasn’t so sure about what she wanted to do.
She sighed as she stretched lightly and sat up, she looked around, her dark eyes filled with happiness when she saw the shore, she was finally home at Marie Rose with her Grandma Claudia Parker. Liz stood up and hurried over to the railings, she smiled when she saw Claudia stepping out of her small white beetle and waving wildly when she caught sight of Liz on the boat. Liz waved back with the same excitement; they were finally getting to see each other again after months of being separated.
Soon the boat docked it self at the dock and the crew tied off the boat before letting the board down. Liz ran off the boat and hurried up to her grandmother.
“Honey Bear!” Claudia greeted as Liz ran up to her and hugged her tightly before pulling away to look at her Granddaughter closely. “You get more and more beautiful each time I see you.” Claudia gushed and Liz blushed as she rolled her eyes, trying to brush off the compliment.
“Grandma.” Liz whined, teasingly, and Claudia scoffed, laughing lightly.
“Liz, it’s true!” she exclaimed and Liz shrugged.
“What have you been up to lately?” Liz asked and Claudia smiled.
“I have been working on my new book, I hope to finish it soon and send it off to be published.” Claudia informed and smiled at her granddaughter. “What about you dear? Landed yourself a young man yet?”
“No Grandma, I don’t have time for relationships.” Liz stated and Claudia frowned.
“Dear, you are only 18 years old, you do have time for relationships.” Claudia stated and Liz shrugged. “Anyway, come on, let’s get home, Bast and Rex have been waiting ages to see you!” Claudia exclaimed and Liz laughed as she followed Claudia to the car.
They were in the car just in time as the rain started pour. They both laughed with enjoyment and delight of seeing each other again. “Okay, music time!” Claudia exclaimed as she reached over, switched the radio on, and checked the station until one of their favourite songs came on. They both laughed and started singing along with the song, enjoying themselves for the first time in a while.
Nothing you could say/Can tear me away from my guy
Nothing you could do/'Cause I'm stuck like glue to my guy
I'm sticking to my guy like a stamp to a letter
Like the birds of a feather/We stick together
I will tell you from the start/I can't be torn apart from my guy
Nothing you can do/Could make me untrue to my guy
Nothing you could buy/Could make me tell a lie to my guy
I gave my guy my word of honour/To be faithful and I'm gonna
You best be believing/I won't be deceiving my guy
As a matter of opinion I think he's tops/My opinion is he's the cream of the crop
As a matter of taste to be exact/He's my ideal as a matter of fact
No muscle bound man could take my hand from my guy
No handsome face could ever take the play of my guy
He may not be a movie star/But when it comes to being' happy we are
There's not a man today/Who could take me away from my guy
No muscle bound man could take my hand from my guy
No handsome face could ever take the play of my guy
He may not be a movie star/But when it comes to being' happy we are
There's not a man today/Who could take me away from my guy
There’s not a man today/Who could take me away from my guy
“Home sweet home.” Liz breathed as she stepped into the cabin; it was her favourite place in the whole world.
A huge black and tan Alsatian ran toward Liz, barking. Liz laughed as she knelt down and stroked him as she pulled him into a hug. “Hi Rex!” she exclaimed as Rex licked her face. Her Grandma had given Rex to her when he was a puppy for her birthday but her parents were strict on not having any pets that Claudia had to keep him at her house so Liz could visit him whenever she could. “I missed you too!”
She heard a purr and she looked up at the coffee table and smiled when she saw a black and white cat. “Hi Bast.” She cooed as she lifted Bast of the table and cuddled him into her chest. Bast purred with happiness as he rubbed his head against her bosom, happy that she was back. “I missed to you.” Liz laughed as she let him down and picked up her bags. “I’m taking them up to my room, grandma.”
“Okay sweetie, how about I make us some hot chocolate and you can meet me outside on the porch and we can have a good girl chat?” Claudia teased and Liz smiled.
“That’ll be great!” Liz hurried up the stairs; she walked down the hallway until she reached the big oak door and smiled, she placed her hand on the handle and turned it, opening it.
Liz stepped into the room and grinned at the sight, it was the same on the day she left it, and the bed had light blue and violet covers and pillow. The walls were white with violet decorating the doors and the boarders, there was baby blue curtains fluttering slightly in the breeze, and there was a white teddy sitting in the middle of the bed, near the headboard. She was back home where she belonged.
Liz and Claudia found themselves sitting on the porch swing, sipping their hot chocolate as the covers wrapped around them, keeping them warm as they watched the stars form in the sky.
“So, what have you been up to?” Claudia asked and Liz sighed.
“My parents have been testing me again, Grandma.” Liz explained. “I passed my English and science but my maths completely sucked.”
“Oh honey, you know that they only what best for you.” Claudia stated and Liz sighed as she looked up at the sky.
“I know Grandma and I love them for it but I just feel…” she trailed off, unsure what to say.
“Disconnected? Like there something out there in the world that is waiting for you.” Claudia asked and Liz smiled at Claudia.
“Yeah.” She stated then sighed. “Is that so stupid?”
“No honey, it isn’t stupid, it just means that you are so young and you have your whole life ahead of you. You want to be free and enjoy your life to the full before settling down.” Claudia explained and Liz smiled at her grandma, she always knew how Liz was feeling even though Liz couldn’t put it into words herself.
“Thanks grandma.” Liz whispered and Claudia smiled.
“Anything for you dear, now I have a present for you.” Claudia stated and Liz brightened up as they both got up from the porch swing and headed into the living room.
Liz followed Claudia over to the fireplace mantel and pulled down a small book, Claudia smiled at the book before turning around and handing it to Liz. Liz, curiously, took the book and opened it only to gasp when she saw her name on the inside, she opened the pages and found stories and poems that she had wrote and sent to Claudia.
“You still have them.” Liz asked and Claudia smiled as she laughed gently.
“Of course I do honey, I thought they were too talented to stay inside the envelope.”
“Mom never really liked them, I would show it to her but she was always like ‘that’s nice honey, now go and study’.” Liz explained and sighed. “I always figured that they were so untalented and rubbish.”
“They are not honey.” Claudia protested and lifted Liz’s chin up so they were looking in the eyes. “They are pure, they came straight for the soul and the heart. These are the proof that life isn’t easy. Whoever says that growing up is easy, obviously has forgotten what it was like.” Claudia explained and Liz smiled.
“Thanks Grandma.” She whispered and they both hugged, Claudia winced slightly but masked her face with a smile as she pulled away from Liz.
“It’s my pleasure honey, now I think it’s time for bed, don’t you missies?” Claudia teased and Liz laughed.
“Sure, but I’m gonna sit outside and read my work for a little while. I’m not ready to leave the stars yet.” Liz admitted and Claudia smiled.
“Sure thing honey, and I’m expecting volume number two very soon.” Claudia teased as she walked up the stairs to her room, leaving Liz by herself with her thoughts.
Claudia hurried up the stairs to her room; she quickly shut the door and stumbled over to her bed to take her pills. Once she downed them with water, she sighed as she sat on the bed and rubbed her chest, wondering how she was going to keep it from Liz.
Liz woke up the next morning to sunshine shining in her face, she smiled as Bast purred and curled up closer to Liz, enjoying her warmth and attention.
“Morning Bast.” Liz teased as she picked him up and cradled him against her chest as she made her way down the stairs toward the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and smiled at the sight of her Grandma cooking their breakfast. “Morning Grandma.”
“Morning honey bear, what are you plans today?” Claudia asked and Liz shrugged as she sat at the table, stroking Bast.
“I have no idea, I thought I might look around for a while, to see what there is.” Liz stated and Claudia nodded as a sharp knock at the door sounded. “I’ll get it Grandma, you stay there.”
Liz walked over to the door and opened it, only to inhale at the sight before her. There stood a dark haired Greek god, he was wearing a white shirt that was unbuttoned, showing off his golden tan and great abs and muscles. He had dark brown hair that it almost looked raven black with deep amber eyes that you could get lost in; he wore black cut off jean shorts and white sneakers.
“Hi, I’m Max Evans.” Max introduced himself and Liz smiled.
“I’m Liz Parker, Claudia’s Granddaughter.” Liz stated and Max smiled, Liz found herself practically melting into a puddle of goo at the smile.
“I’ve heard about you, Claudia really admires you.” Max explained and Liz laughed.
“The feeling is mutual, do you want to see her?” Liz asked.
“No, it’s alright, I came by to drop off her books she let me borrow.” Max explained as she handed over the books and Liz looked at them.
“You read Shakespeare and philosophy.” Liz observed and Max smiled, a bit embarrassed.
“Yeah, I love Romeo and Juliet.” Max muttered and Liz grinned.
“Don’t worry, I love that book too.” Liz admitted.
“Liz, who’s at the door?” Claudia shouted.
“Max Evans.” Liz called back.
“Bring him in will you?” Claudia shouted and Liz turned back to Max with a raised eyebrow.
“Looks like she calling for you.” Liz teased and Max laughed slightly.
“Come on in, we have loads of food to go around and I know Grandma would love to see you.” Liz invited and Max stepped in and followed her to the kitchen.
When he arrived at the house, he hadn’t expected to see a goddess standing there at the door, he was practically gob smacked when he saw her doe eyes, they were deep chocolate and he felt you could get lost in them. She had long silky brown hair that reached halfway down her back and he wanted to run his hand through her hair just to see if it was it smooth and soft as it looked. She was wearing a white tank top and pink and blue boxers short. He saw that she had pale purple nail polish on her toenails and smiled at the sight of her, she was sexy and adorable at the same time.
“Hey Bast.” Max greeted as he leaned over and scratched Bast’s head from where he was curled up in Liz’s arms, Liz smiled when she saw Bast reaching up, trying to put more pressure of Max’s fingers on to his head, purring his happiness all the while.
They entered the kitchen and Claudia grinned when she saw Max.
“Hi Max.” she greeted warmly.
“Hi Grandma.” He replied just as warmly as he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.
“I haven’t see you around in a while.” Claudia teased and Max blushed.
“Sorry, I have been busy with my job and studies.” Max explained and Claudia nodded.
“Sit down kids, breakfast is ready.” She stated as she handed them their plates with the food.
“Thanks Grandma.” They both replied and looked at each other with embarrassment and amusement written over their faces while Claudia smiled.
“So, what do you do?” Liz asked.
“I’m at Harvard, I got an early admission.” Max explained and Liz looked at him, curiously.
“That’s a hard place to get into, what your field?” she asked.
“I’m training to be a marine biologist, I even work at the local marine with the dolphins.” Max stated and enjoyed the way how Liz’s eyes lit up with excitement and happiness.
“Are you trying that new sonar?” Liz asked and Max nodded.
“You know your biologist.” Max stated, impressed and Liz blushed slightly.
“I love dolphins.” She admitted. “They are a huge favourite of mine next to wolves.”
“There is no shame in it, why don’t you come with me and meet our local dolphins?” Max asked and Liz smiled brightly.
“Really? I can do that?” she asked and Max laughed her excitement infectious.
“Yes, you can do that!” Max exclaimed and Liz squealed.
“That’s great, I’ll be fifteen minutes.” Liz stated as she hurried up the stairs to get ready.
“Looks like you made her day.” Claudia stated from her seat and Max blushed slightly, he had forgotten that Claudia was sitting there, Claudia just smiled with amusement shining in her eyes as she hid her smile behind her cup of herbal tea.


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The song is ‘My Guy’ by Mary Wells.

Posted: Wed Mar 30, 2005 3:49 pm
by Bubblegal
Chapter 2: What a day!

“This one is Zan.” Max stated as he pointed to the large bottlenose dolphin swimming over to the dock, Liz knelt down and stroked him. “And that one is Lilly, Zan’s mate.”
“They are amazing.” Liz whispered as she watched them. Max knelt down beside her; he looked at her and smiled.
“Yeah, they are.” He whispered in agreement. Liz looked at Lilly curiously.
“She’s pregnant.” Liz stated and Max looked at her stunned.
“Yeah she is.” Max confirmed before looking at her curiously. “How did you know?”
“I don’t know, I just felt this funny feeling in my stomach and I knew.” Liz explained, confused as well.
“That’s weird.” Max stated and she nodded.
“Maybe I’m just sensitive this week.” Liz suggested, mostly to herself.
“Anyway, she’s a couple months pregnant and is due to give her baby, you are in luck because it looks like you are going to be here to see it.” Max explained and Liz looked at him with a stunned surprise.
“Really?” Liz asked and Max nodded, seeing the excitement shining in her eyes.
“Yep, you sure do have good timing.” Max teased, thinking that she had no idea just how good timing and Liz laughed as she leaned over to stroke the dolphins once more.
“Max, I need to talk to you.” An elderly dark haired male came out and Max nodded.
“Sure thing.” He replied to the male before turning back to back to Liz. “I’ll be back soon.”
“Sure, I’ll be sitting over there by the bench.” Liz stated as she pointed over to the bench, Max nodded as he got up and headed over to the male.
Liz got up and moved over to the bench, she smiled at the dolphins playing and splashing as she took out a book from her back and settled down to read it, she brushed her hair away from her face and sighed happily, feeling at peace for the first time in a while but that wasn’t meant to last.
A dark blonde haired male noticed Liz sitting on the bench, reading a book and immediately became entranced with her, he walked over to her in cocky strides and smirked down at her, at his vantage, he could see down her top.
“So, who are you gorgeous?” he asked Liz, she looked up at him and wrinkled her nose before looking over at Max, who has came out of the building, he looked over at the dolphins and smiled as he threw them a fish. Liz smiled when she saw his smile and couldn’t help but think that he looked so cute when he was smiling. “I’m talking to you.” The male interrupted.
Max looked up and saw a male harassing Liz and rolled his eyes as he walked over to the two of them.
“Hey Liz.” Max stated and Liz turned to him with a relieved smile and he smiled down at her, understanding. “Hey Kyle.”
“Hey Evans, if you don’t mind, me and the gal are having a private conversation.” Kyle stated with a leer toward Liz and she scoffed.
“Oh, I didn’t realise that me ignoring you was actually me having a conversation with you.” Liz remarked, innocently while Max bit back a snicker at Kyle’s shocked look.
“Liz, this is Kyle Valenti, his father is a billionaire and he owns a couple of the buildings here. Kyle, this is Liz Parker, she is the Granddaughter of Claudia and is here for the summer.” Max introduced.
“It’s nice to meet you.” Liz stated to Kyle then turned to Max. “Are we going to the club tonight or the marine?”
“We’ll head back over to the Marine then I’ll drop you off home and pick you up later for the club.” Max stated and Liz nodded as she linked arms with Max and waved to Kyle.
“Bye Lyle, see you later.” Liz stated, mistaking Kyle’s name.
“It’s Kyle!” Kyle called after her and his eyes dropped to her swinging butt. “And I will be seeing a lot more of you later.”
“I cannot believe you called him Lyle!” Max cracked up and Liz shrugged.
“Suits him, he leers a lot so it better if his name begins with an L, don’t you think?” Liz asked and Max shook his head as he looked down at the petite girl next to him.
“You really are something else aren’t you?” Max teased and Liz rolled her eyes as she bumped hips with Max, causing him to stumble. “Hey!” he protested as he got his balance back and looked at her, “You did that on purpose!”
“Me? I didn’t do anything!” Liz exclaimed, putting on an innocent face.
“You just bumped your hip into mine and tried to knock me off balance!” Max exclaimed and Liz smiled.
“Little innocent me? I don’t think so.” She stated as she continued walking toward the pool, leaving Max behind, shaking his head. Totally a different girl.
Max hurried up to catch up with Liz, he found her, hunched over the pool, smiling at the dolphins as she cradled Zan’s head in her hand, stroking his forehead. “So, how long do you think the baby dolphin will take to come?” Liz asked as Max sat down next to her. They both sat down on the dock and let their legs swing in the water.
Max shrugged as he threw a fish toward Zan.
“We’re not so sure considering she is near her due date, we don’t have the actually date in mind.” Max explained and Liz nodded.
“Must be exciting.” Liz whispered and Max smiled.
“Yeah it is.” He whispered back as they both watched the dolphins swim around.
“Do you know what they are having?” Liz asked and Max nodded.
“They are having a baby girl.” Max replied and Liz grinned with excitement shining in her eyes.
“Have you thought up a name for the baby yet?” Liz asked and Max shook his head.
“Nope, we have been tossing ideas about but nothing come to mind yet.” Max explained and Liz nodded, causing Max to look at her. “Do you have a name?” he asked and Liz looked at him, startled.
“You want me to name the dolphin?” Liz asked and Max nodded.
“Why not? You seem to have a good name for animals, Claudia told me that it was you who named Bast and Rex.” Max explained and Liz blushed slightly. “How did Bast and Rex get their name?”
“Rex got his because I loved T-Rex at the time and Bast got his name from the Egyptian Goddess, Bastet, she was known as a protector of pregnant women.” Liz explained and Max smiled.
“I kinda took you for someone who loves Egyptian. Let me guess, you love the mummy?” Max teased and Liz laughed.
“You got me there, Egypt is such a magical place, loads of history and legends comes from there that it was hard not to be interested.” Liz explained and Max nodded, he looked at his watch.
“Better take you back to the cabin so you can get ready in time for the pub.” Max stated and Liz smiled as they both stood up and headed over to the cabin.
Max and Liz walked over to the pub, they entered it and Liz looked around at the scenery, it gave off a homey relaxing vibes and she loved it.
“Evans.” Max stated to the man and he nodded as he led them over to their table.
“So, what is the singer like?” Liz asked as she took off her jacket and sat in the seat that Max pulled out for her to sit in.
“Maria? She’s really good. She used to live here before she got famous yet she still comes out here and sings for the local.” Max explained as he sat in the seat next to her.
“That’s nice of her, she must really love this place.” Liz observed and Max nodded.
“Yeah, she does, her mother still lives here though.” Max filled in.
“Did you know her?” Liz asked, curiously and Max shook his head.
“Nope, she is two years older than me and we didn’t run in the same crowds.” Max explained.
Maria Deluca stood at the microphone and smiled at her audience in front of her, she turned to the band and nodded before turning to the front.
“Hi everyone! Glad to see you all here, I’m going to sing Some Girls.” Everyone cheered as the music started up and Liz shot a grin at Max as the light began to dim.
#My baby drives a car, hey/He calls me when he wants, hey
I don a pair of zip-up boots/I go and shake my hair out loose
I never take my eyes off you
Oh no no/Oh no no
No I don't think so
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna
All I seem to get is the other other/This won't last for long, not forever
And the champagne makes it taste so much better better
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna
All I seem to get is the other other/Dreams of number one last forever
It's the only way to make you feel better
Foot loose and fancy-free, hey ooo-woah /my baby wait’s for me, hey ooo-woah ooo-woah
He likes to put his own records on/He likes to tell me 'bout the things he's done
Such a strange way of having fun
Oh no no/Oh no no
And away we go
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna/All I seem to get is the other other
This won't last for long, not forever/and the champagne makes it taste so much better better
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna/All I seem to get is the other other
Dreams of number one last forever/It's the only way to make you feel better
Hey, Stop
You made a promise to make me a star/You made a promise I'll get to the top
You made a promise to make me a star/You made a promise I'll get to the top
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna/All I seem to get is the other other
This won't last for long, not forever/and the champagne makes it taste so much better better
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna/All I seem to get is the other other
Dreams of number one last forever/It's the only way to make you feel better
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna (You made a promise to make me a star)
All I seem to get is the other other (You made a promise I'll get to the top)
This won't last for long, not forever (You made a promise to make me a star)
And the champagne makes it taste so much better better (You made a promise I'll get to the top)
Some girls always get what they wanna wanna/All I seem to get is the other other
Dreams of number one last forever/It's the only way to make you feel better#
The audience started applauding, Liz leaned over to Max, causing him to duck down his head so he could hear her better.
“She is brilliant!” Liz exclaimed and Max grinned, glad she was enjoying herself.
When the show was over, Maria thanked her audience and wished them a good night before going backstage, Max turned to Liz and smiled at her.
“So, did you enjoy it?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“It was great, she is a fantastic singer.” Liz praised and Max smiled.
A waiter came over and took their food and drink orders and they settled back into conversation.
“So, where do your family live?” Max asked.
“We used to live in Roswell, New Mexico but moved to L.A, better schools and more opportunities.” Liz explained. “What about you?”
“We used to live in Roswell too, but we moved here when I was two.” Max explained.
“That is too weird that we used to live in the same country.” Liz stated and Max laughed.
“What does you parents do?” he asked as the waiter came over and placed their food and drinks down.
“Thanks.” They both stated and turned back to the other.
“My dad is a hotshot lawyer, he brings the money into the household and my mom doesn’t do anything.” Liz explained and looked at Max.
“My dad works at the marine as well but he prefers the ocean and my mom owns a little café.” Max explained.
“Must be nice to see your family a lot.” Liz murmured sadly and Max looked at her.
“Do you not get to see your family a lot?” Max asked.
“No, dad is always busy working and mom pushes me to do well in my classes.” Liz explained.
“Do you not like school?” Max asked and Liz sighed.
“Yes, I do like school but my mother puts so much pressure on my that I feel like it’s a chore I need to excel in. I can’t get anything less than A.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“What did you fail in?” Max asked and Liz sighed.
“My maths.” She admitted and Max smiled.
“Well, I passed my maths so if you need help, I can help you if you want?” Max offered and Liz looked up at him and smiled.
“Really? That’ll be great!” Liz exclaimed and Max nodded, he saw someone off to the side and nodded.
“I’ll be back soon, someone wants to speak to me.” Max explained and Liz nodded as Max got up and headed over to the person.
Liz was watching as the fish swam by in the tank, she never understood how they could be so relaxing. She was startled out of her thoughts when she felt someone sat back at the table and turned to smile only for it to turn into a scowl.
“What do you want?” Liz snapped.
“What are you talking about? We are having a date here you know.” Kyle teased and Liz scoffed.
“Actually, no we aren’t, Max is my companion, not you.” Liz snapped and Kyle laughed.
“Trust me, I’m better companion than Evans.” Kyle stated and Liz shook her head.
“Not from where I’m sitting, will you please leave!” she stated and Kyle leaned over just as Max walked up.
“What are you doing here Kyle?” Max asked as he walked over to the table.
“I’m dining with Liz.” Kyle stated and Liz rolled her eyes.
“Max is my date, so will you please leave so Max can have his seat back?” Liz asked.
“Oh, don’t be like that Liz.” Kyle laughed as he placed his hand on her thigh and slid it up, causing Liz to push his hand off her and jump up from the table where she stood next to Max.
“Liz?” Max asked.
“He touched me.” Liz stated as she glared at Kyle. “I’d appreciated it if you didn’t do that again.”
A waiter saw the couple having problems and walked over to them.
“Is there a problem?” he asked and Liz turned to him.
“Yes, my date and I were having a nice time when he left to go and see someone, this man over here,’ Liz pointed to Kyle. ‘Came over and started harassing me and won’t leave.” Liz explained and the waiter nodded as he turned to Kyle.
“Please leave the premise or we will resort to having you escorted off.” The waiter stated and Kyle laughed, not doing what he was told.
The waiter walked over toward an elderly man and he nodded before turning toward the door and clicking his fingers. Two heavy men came over and the waiter pointed over to Max and Liz’s table. The two men nodded before making their way over to the table.
“He harassing you?” one of the men asked and Liz nodded as Max wrapped an arm around her shoulder, comforting her. He knew that she didn’t like Kyle and didn’t like it when a guy touches her when she doesn’t want them to touch her. “Okay pretty boy, lets talk a walk.” He stated as he and his partner grabbed Kyle by the arms and hauled him out of the building, ignoring Kyle’s protest.
The elderly man came over and nodded to Max.
“Hi, I’m Mr. Phillip Johnson, my daughter owns this club and we would like to apologise for any inconveniences you may have received from the young man.” He stated and Liz shook her head.
“It’s okay, he’s been bothering us since this morning, we thought we had lost him.” Liz explained and Max nodded in agreement.
“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Max assured and Phillip nodded.
“I will inform my daughter of this disturbance so she will be able to prevent this kind of thing happening again, good evening.” He stated before leaving.
“Do you want to stay or leave?” Max asked and Liz sighed.
“Can you take me home? I need to have a major shower.” Liz stated with a shudder and Max grinned.
“Sure thing, I’ll grab our coats.” Max stated and led her over to the entrance where they paid for their bills and grabbed their coats before leaving the building.
Max walked Liz up to her front door and smiled down at her.
“Thanks Max, I really had a good time today, it was nice of you to show me around today.” Liz stated and Max shrugged.
“It was my pleasure, it was nice to meet the young woman who Claudia always talked highly off. She really loves you, you know?” Max stated and Liz smiled up at him.
“I know, and I really love her, she’s one of my best friend.” Liz leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. “Thanks once more Max, I’ll see you tomorrow?” she asked.
“Sure thing, have a nice sleep.” Max stated and Liz smiled.
“You too.” Liz stated and she entered the cabin, she looked over her shoulder and gave Max another brilliant smile before shutting the door and going up to her room.
Max grinned as he left the porch, absent-mindedly touching his cheek as he moved toward his jeep.
“Yep, totally a different gal.” Max murmured to himself
Liz smiled as she made her way up to her room; she peeled her dress off and pulled on a pair of tank top and shorts before sliding herself into her bed. She had a feeling that Max was going to change her life for the good. She smiled once more as she cuddled into her pillow and closed her eyes, only to dream of Max and dolphins.


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Song is ‘Some Girls’ by Rachel Stevens.

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by Bubblegal
Chapter 3: Dreams Revealed and Hopes Dashed

Liz woke up in the morning due to the sun shining in her face and she felt something cuddly and warm curl up near her stomach, she looked down and smiled she saw Bast sleeping near her stomach, she watched him for a little while, how his tail would flick every now and then and he would let out this little purrs of happiness and content. She stroked his forehead for a short time as she turned to look at the ceiling, remembering her dreams that she had received the night before.
Her and Max were swimming in the ocean, the dolphins were swimming about, splashing them, causing them to start laughing at the playfulness of the dolphins that when they caught each other eyes and looked toward them, the playfulness faded and something else took it’s place, something primal. She felt her breath get caught in her throat as Max moved in closer, his dark eyes darkening as they dropped to her lips, he looked into her eyes once more and smiled before leaning in. She closed her eyes when his lips met hers when all of a sudden everything faded away and the sea turned to black then the whole scenery changed. She was on land and saw a gravestone ahead of her. She walked over to it to try and read it only to wake up as soon as she got near it.
Liz sighed as she tried to figure out what her dream meant, what kind of dream would begin with kissing someone then end with a gravestone? She asked herself, feeling confused and frustrated. She got out of bed, making sure not to stir Bast as she stepped out of the room and made her way down the stairs. She smiled when Rex jumped up and headed over to her.
“Hi sweetie, you want some breakfast?” Liz asked as she ran her hand over his head. Rex growled, playfully and she laughed as she picked up his bowl and poured some dried food in it and filled his water bowl up. She smiled as she watched him dig into his food with happiness as she ran her hands under the water before starting on her food.
Once she finished, she hurried up the stairs and pulled on some khaki and her top and her sneakers before hurrying back down the stairs. She picked up Rex’s lead and smiled when Rex came bounding over, barking with excitement. “Okay boy, just relax, and give me a minute to actually put the lead on!” Liz laughed as she clipped on the lead and opened the door; she managed to shut the door before Rex managed to drag her off, making her laugh all the way at his excitement.
Liz found herself at the beach, she inhaled the salty sea air and smiled as it cleansed her lungs, she laughed as she threw a ball, letting Rex go bounding after it and watched the ocean as it waved back and forth. She had missed seeing this, seeing the ocean and breathing in the air. She had missed waking up to this world and walking along the beach where she felt free from everything in the world, where everything seems so small and insignificant toward the large world that waited for her to see.
Liz laughed as she watched Rex go near the water only to yelp and run back from the ocean as the wave crashed onto the shore.
“Liz!” she heard someone shouting her name and she turned around only to let out a bright smile when she saw Max heading toward her.
“Hey Max.” Liz greeted as Max got closer to her and Max grinned down at the girl beside her.
“What are you doing out here?” Max asked.
“Walking Rex, he dragged me down to the beach.” Liz stated as she pointed to Rex, who was now barking at a crab causing her to giggle. “Silly dog.” She stated, affectionately and Max smiled.
“Gotta agree with you there.” Max teased and Liz laughed.
“Yeah, so how come you are out early?” Liz asked.
“I always take a jog at this time in the morning, how about you?” Max asked.
“Felt like walking along the beach and taking in the sights. It never fails to make me breathless.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“I understand how you feel.” Max stated and she smiled up at him.
“Wanna walk with us for a little while or are you still on your run?” Liz asked.
“I’ll walk with you, this way we can talk for a little while.” Max stated and Liz smiled at him.
“Okay, Rex! Come here boy!” Liz called out, Rex hurried over and walked beside them as Max and Liz set off.
“What are you going to do today?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“I don’t know, I probably just hang around the cabin and read, maybe try and study for my maths.” Liz muttered the last part and Max smiled.
“I don’t have work today, so if you want, I could try and help you with your maths today.” Max suggested and Liz brightened up as she looked up at Max with a smile.
Max felt his heart clenched as the dream of her and him in the sea, kissing came back to him with a vengeance.
“That’ll be great!” Liz exclaimed and Max nodded, still feeling confused about his feelings toward her. It had been a couple of nights since they went out, he had been feeling something toward her since he met her and it just seemed to be getting stronger each time.
A couple of hours later, Liz let out a frustrated moan as she dropped her Math book and looked at Max, who was sitting next to her at the table, looking at her with sympathy in his eyes as the trouble she was going through.
“See, I’m hopeless!” Liz exclaimed as she looked at her math’s book before letting her head drop down on the table and Max to laugh.
“Liz, you are not hopeless.” Max stated and Liz looked at him.
“How do you mean?” she asked.
“Did your teacher teach you one way to do the sums and someone else teach you another way?” Max asked and Liz thought about it before nodding.
“Yeah, my teachers would teach me one way then my mother told me that it was wrong and taught me another way which just ended up confusing me and I started being hopeless at maths.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“There’s the root of your problems, you need to find what way makes it easier for you to do your maths and stick with it, no matter what anyone tells you to do.” Max told her and she nodded. He handed her back her maths books and showed her a few ways to do her sums till she picked the one that it was easier for her to remember.
“I did it!” she exclaimed and Max laughed as she hugged him, she pulled back and they both looked into each other eyes, their smiles fading as their dreams came back.
Max cleared his throat as he pulled away from her and smiled down at her.
“Told you, you could do it.” Max stated and he started packing up the books and putting them in the bags. “Do you wanna go outside and sit on the porch for a little while? The stars should be out soon.”
“Yeah, that’ll be nice, I’ll get the covers, and you can make the hot chocolate.” Liz stated and Max nodded as he headed into the kitchen, glad to get away from her and cool down his body.
“So Liz, tell me your dreams.” Max stated and Liz smiled at him, they were both sitting on the porch swing, under the covers, facing each other as they drank hot chocolate.
“The usual. I want to live in a cabin like this and have children.” Liz informed and Max, playfully, nudged her leg with his foot.
“Try again.” He teased and Liz laughed.
“I want to travel the world, I want to see what each country is like and experience all the stuff that happens. I want to fall in love and get married, have the perfect wedding. I want to have children and know what it is like to be a mother.” She finished and looked at Max. “How about you?”
“The same as you, I want to be a father, I would love to travel the universe and see what it is like outer space.” Max explained.
“What’s your dream job?” Liz asked and Max blushed slightly.
“I want to be a paediatrician, I love working with kids.” Max explained and Liz smiled at him.
“You would make a great doctor.” Liz stated and Max smiled at her.
“What about you?” Max asked.
“I want to be a therapist, I want to be able to help people through their rough times in their lives.” Liz replied and Max nodded.
“I can see you doing that, you would be brilliant at it.” Max stated and Liz smiled. “Okay, my turn, what was your dream animal?” Max asked.
“When I was younger, I wanted a wolf.” Liz admitted and Max looked at her. “I know, but I always had this fascination with them.” Liz explained. “Yours?”
“A snake.” Max replied and Liz smirked.
“Just like any normal guy.” Liz teased and Max rolled his eyes.
“Says the girl who wanted a wolf.” Max teased back.
“I was eight years old at the time!” Liz shot back, playfully, in her defence. “Okay, mine. How many children?”
“Three or four, I’m not fussy as long as I get more than one.” Max explained and Liz nodded.
“The same as me, I guess it’s because I’m a only child, I want my children to have siblings.” Liz admitted, Max nodded in agreement.
“So, how come you are here?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“I wanted to get away from my parents, they were arguing and getting on to me for failing Maths. Plus, I love seeing my Grandma, she really helps me out when I have a problem, I don’t know what I would do without her.” Liz stated and Max looked at her, knowing that she was serious.
“Anyway,” Max started, changing the subject so he could get Liz focus on something different then the prospect of losing her grandmother. “I noticed that you fell earlier.” Max teased and Liz looked at him, wide eyes.
“Oh, that never happened!” Liz denied and Max looked at her, incredulous.
“It did so!” Max exclaimed and Liz burst out laughing.
“I did not fall!” she exclaimed.
“Yes you did, I saw you!” Max exclaimed and Liz scoffed through her laughers.
“You liar!” Liz stated, playfully, and Max clutched his hear in a mock shock.
“You wound me!” Max exclaimed, causing Liz to crack up with laughers once more.
“Stop making me laugh!” Liz exclaimed as she clutched her side where she was getting a stitch.
Max chuckled as they both relaxed on the swing, resting against each other. “Thanks Max. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.” Liz whispered. “It was nice to laugh again.” Max smiled as he placed a kiss on her forehead.
“No problem.” Max whispered and Liz turned her face up to smile up at him. Soon their eyes caught, Max started to bend his head down while Liz’s raised her head, their lips almost met when all of a sudden there was a loud clash, causing the pair of them to spring apart and look toward the source.
They saw Kyle standing there.
“Hey Liz, are you busy tonight?” Kyle asked, completely ignoring Max.
“I was.” Liz muttered to herself, confused at what almost happened yet she felt disappointed that they had missed their chance. “Erm, Kyle, what are you doing here?”
“I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight.” Kyle stated.
“Can’t you see I’m with Max at the moment?” Liz demanded and Kyle turned to face Max.
“Oh, hey Evans. Never saw you there.” Kyle lied with a fake smile.
“I bet you didn’t.” Max muttered under his breath and untangled himself from Liz. “I better go.” Max informed Liz and Liz looked up at him with disappointment shining in her eyes.
“Sure, will I see you tomorrow?” Liz asked, hopeful shining on her face and Max nodded.
“Sure, have a good night.” Max stated as he picked up his sneakers and walked off.
Kyle walked up to Liz and stood on the porch.
“So, want to do something?” Kyle asked.
“Sorry Kyle, I tired. Later.” Liz dismissed him as she grabbed the cover and the mugs before stepping into the house, leaving Kyle stunned that she turned him down.
Liz woke up the next morning and got out of bed, she looked into Claudia’s bedroom, only to find that she wasn’t in it.
“Hm, weird. Grandma never told me she was going anywhere today.” Liz muttered to herself before heading down the stairs to the kitchen and smiled when she saw the recipes book and decided to bake.
Claudia walked into the doctor’s clinic and headed over to the reception, the doctor came out of his room when he saw her and led her over to his office.
“Good morning Dr. Jackson.” Claudia stated and he smiled at the elderly lady before him before dropping it.
“I received your results last night.” He started and sighed. “I’m sorry to say that the cancer has spread too far and it too advance for surgery, there is no cure for it except chemotherapy and radiotherapy but that will only give you a few months at least.” He explained and Claudia sighed, she knew that this was coming and rested her hand on her heart as she looked out at the window, how was she going to tell Liz?


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Chapter 4: Feelings Confirmed.

Claudia walked into the house; she smiled when she smelt the aroma of chocolate chip cookies that Liz was baking. She knew that Liz had a weakness for Chocolate. She felt her heartbreak at what Liz’s reaction would be when she finally told Liz the truth and couldn’t bare with it, she made a vow that Liz was never to find out when she was this happy.
Claudia stepped into the kitchen and smiled at the sight of Liz moving her hips to the music while stirring the biscuit batter while Rex and Bast sitting and watching her while Liz sang along with the music, enjoying herself.
Liz spun around and gasped when she saw her Grandmother, she placed her hand over her heart, in attempt to prevent it from jumping out of her chest.
“You gave me a fright!” Liz gasped out and Claudia smiled, apologist, and Liz nodded. “Where did you go?” she asked.
“Oh, just out for a walk sweetie, have a craving?” Claudia asked and Liz smiled, embarrassed.
“No, I was bored and I saw the stuff so I thought why not.” Liz explained and Claudia smiled at her granddaughter and sat down at the table.
“So, how are things going between you and Max?” Claudia asked and Liz turned to face her.
“What do you mean?” Liz asked.
“Are the two of you getting on?” Claudia asked and Liz let out a smile.
“Yeah, he’s a really great guy and he’s fun to be around.” Liz admitted, remembering their talk the night before. “Grandma, do you know Kyle Valenti?”
“Kyle, yes I do know him, why?” Claudia asked.
“He keeps hitting on me and he touched me when I was out with Max. He won’t take no for an answer.” Liz admitted and Claudia stared at her granddaughter, fury rolling through her body at the thought of her granddaughter being assaulted by some guy who barely knows her.
“Have you told the sheriff sweetie?” she asked and Liz shook her head.
“No, the club manager’s father had him escorted out and told us that he would in form the owner and the police about that happened.” Liz explained and Claudia nodded, happy but the anger was still flowing. “So, what have you been up to lately?” Liz asked as she poured the batter into cases.
“Nothing much, relaxing and enjoying the sun. How about you?” Claudia asked.
“Hanging out with Max and the dolphins, Max has been helping me with my maths work, he helped me to understand what I was doing wrong.” Liz explained as she set the bowl to the side and grabbed the oven gloves so she could place the cakes into the oven.
Claudia was about to say something when Liz’s cell phone rang, causing her to shot Claudia an apologist look and grab her phone. “Hello?” Liz called out.
“Liz, you need to get down here now!” Max exclaimed into the phone.
Liz hurried down to the marine, wondering why Max had phoned her in a panic. She bumped into someone and cursed in her head as she felt the air being knocked out of her.
“Oh God, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” Liz asked, apologising and she looked up, she noticed it was a female; she had long blonde curls and light blue eyes.
“You might want to watch where you are going the next time.” The female stated, snootily and Liz blushed slightly.
“I’m really sorry.” Liz apologised once more.
“Who are you? I’ve never seen you around before.” The blonde stated.
“I’m Liz Parker, Claudia’s Granddaughter, I’m here for the summer.” Liz stated.
“Oh, I’m Tess Harding and I have to go.” Tess stated before walking off, leaving Liz staring after her, wondering about the young woman before it registered that she was in a rush to get to somewhere.
Liz arrived at the marine and found that there were two workers in the water with Lilly and Max was holding Lilly’s head, trying to relax her.
“What’s wrong?” Liz asked as she hurried down to the water, Max hurried over to her.
“Lilly is ready to give birth but the problem is, the baby won’t come!” Max exclaimed as one of the worker took the injection and was about to inject Lilly with it when Lilly looked at Liz.
“NO!” Liz burst out, causing everyone to look at her. “Don’t give her the injection, she wants Zan in here to witness the birth.” Liz explained.
Max hurried over to the ledge and pulled up the block that was keeping Zan out of the pool, Zan swam in and the workers moved away from Lilly as Max dropped the block and hurried back down next to Liz. They watched as Lilly and Zan moved toward the middle of the pool, Zan nudged Lilly’s side, gently, pushing the baby down further as blood started to come out, soon the baby was free and was swimming along with her parents.
Liz let out a squeal of delight when she saw the baby and hugged Max while jumping up and down.
“Oh, that was amazing!” Liz gushed and Max snickered.
“Okay, time for you to name the baby girl.” Max stated and Liz smiled.
“Meris.” Liz stated and Max looked at her and she smirked. “It means Sea Lover, I thought it was fitting.”
“Very nice.” Max stated, impressed with her and she smiled, embarrassed this time.
“I can’t believe Lilly gave birth to her daughter.” Liz exclaimed, breathless and Max nodded.
“It is amazing isn’t it? Seeing a new life being born into the world.” Max stated and Liz nodded her agreement.
“Erm, just how did you know that Lilly wanted Zan?” a male worker came up to Liz, everyone turned to Liz and saw her paled.
“I didn’t, I just guessed.” Liz lied.
“Liz…” Max started and Liz shook her head.
“I don’t know how I knew, I just guessed, okay?!” Liz demanded before turning around and storming off, provoking Max into going after her.
“Liz!” Max called out and sighed when she came to a stop and turned around to face him. “Why won’t you tell us the truth?” Max demanded and Liz shrugged.
“I don’t really know how I know Max, please, just leave it!” she snapped before hurrying off, leaving Max frustrated as he ran his hand through his dark hair, wondering how he was going to get to Liz.
Liz hurried into the cabin and ran up the stairs, she felt she was on the run from everything and everyone, she wondered herself how she knew that Lilly wanted Zan but at the same time, she didn’t want it answered because it meant she would be normal and she wouldn’t have to think herself as weird.
There was a sharp knock at the door, Liz turned and saw Claudia stepping through into the bedroom.
“Hey honeybear, want to tell me what happened?” she asked as she sat on the bed. Liz sighed as she sat up and seated herself next to Claudia. She told Claudia everything about the whole dolphin thing and Claudia listened carefully.
“Now Max wants to know how I know these things and I’m confused how I feel about it.” Liz finished.
“You are most definitely like your grandfather honeybear.” Claudia stated, fondly, with a smile and Liz looked at her Grandmother. Her Grandfather had died when she was seven, she didn’t remember him that much but that he was the reason why he and Grandma moved out to Marine Rose, he loved the ocean.
“How do you mean?” Liz asked, curiously and Claudia smiled.
“You see, your grandfather had that gift too, it was the reason he loved being out in the ocean. He could sense the dolphins’ needs.” Claudia explained and Liz looked at her grandma with an awe expression on her face.
“How come no one told me?” Liz asked and Claudia sighed.
“You father didn’t like it, he said that it made him feel like a freak that his father could talk to animals. He made sure that you weren’t allowed to spend time around your grandfather whenever you were around because he didn’t want you grandfather to taint your mind with ideas of talking to dolphins.” Claudia explained and Liz had tears running down her face.
“You know, I thought he resented me because he was never around me, I still loved him but I thought he didn’t love me.” Liz admitted and Claudia gave her a sad smile.
“He loved you to bits sweetie, he adored you, but he loved his son as well so he did what his son wanted him to do.” Claudia explained and Liz shook her head.
“I really wished that dad would have let Granddad get to know me, I feel I’ve missed out on so much.” Liz whispered and Claudia hugged her close to her body, stroking her hair, soothing her.
Max turned up at Claudia’s cabin, he knocked on the door and shoved his hands into his pockets, wondering if Liz would see him after the whole argument they had earlier.
The door opened and Max looked up to see Claudia standing at the door with an ‘I’m waiting’ expression.
“Hey Claudia, is Liz there?” Max asked and Claudia arched her eyebrow.
“Depends on what you are going to say to her.” Claudia stated and Max looked at the ground with shame written over his face. “Max, Liz is a very sensitive girl, she may seem tough and may act tough but on the underneath, she really wants someone to except her for who she is, regardless of her special abilities.” Claudia warned and Max nodded.
“I know, I’m sorry for upsetting her earlier, I was just wondering if she would subject to an experiment.” Max confessed and Claudia shook her head.
“Liz isn’t like that, she is too much like her Grandfather, they both prefer to keep their private life private, I suggest you tread carefully with her Max and watch that temper of yours, Liz can give back just as good if not more.” Claudia stated as she took a step back to let Max into the house.
Max stepped into the house and Claudia shut the door. “She is up the stairs, the second door on the right. Mind you knock before entering.” Claudia warned before moving into the kitchen. Max watched as Claudia walked away, he couldn’t help but feel that something was missing, that she wasn’t telling him. He made a mental notice to talk to her later and try and find out what it was before heading up the stairs to see Liz and try and talk to her, hopefully he would be able to save their friendship.
He arrived at the door and knocked on it.
“Come in.” Liz called in from her room and Max stepped in only to turn his body around so his back faced her while she pulled down her top in a hurry. “Max!” Liz exclaimed.
“Hey Liz.” Max stated, facing the wall, refusing to look but he couldn’t help but remember that she was wearing a red lacy bra.
“You can turn around now.” Liz stated, Max looked over his shoulder to make sure it was really okay before turning around to face her. “What are you doing here?”
“I wanted to apologise for earlier.” Max explained and Liz nodded.
“Oh.” She stated.
“I’m really sorry for putting the pressure on you, I just thought you would want to explore the gift and see what it is.” Max explained and Liz sighed.
“Max, I really don’t want to find out what my gift is, some things are just not meant to be figured out.” Liz explained and Max sighed and nodded. “Do you want to explain why you were in a bad mood with me?” Liz asked and Max looked at her, curiously.
“What do you mean?” Max asked.
“You don’t normally snap just because I didn’t want to do something, I had a feeling that there was something behind it.” Liz explained and Max scoffed.
“I’m not in a bad mood.” Max denied and Liz rolled her eyes.
“There you go again, I’m guessing you like a girl.” Liz teased and Max lost it, she was hitting too close near the mark and he didn’t like it.
“Liz, drop it!” Max snapped and Liz took a step back, a hurt expression crossing her face.
“I’m sorry, I was just teasing.” Liz whispered, “I better go, I promised my gram that I would try and go to the shops.” Liz stated as she hurried out of the room with Max following her, he grabbed her arm once they reached outside and spun her around. He shook his head, guilt flooding his body.
“No, I’m sorry, I guess I’m just under a lot of stress right now.” Max stated and Liz nodded. “So, have you thought more about the gift thing?” Max asked and Liz looked at him with disbelief shining over her face.
“Max, I’ve already told you that I don’t want to check it out, I prefer if you drop it.” Liz stated and Max sighed. The rain started to pour lightly then started to get heavier.
“Liz, this is an amazing gift, you need to explore it!” Max argues and Liz shook her head.
“I don’t need to do anything.” Liz snapped as she walked off with Max hot on her heel.
“What is your problem?” Max demanded as he chased after Liz, Liz stopped and turned around to face him as the rain started to pour harder.
“You want to put me into a lab and study me like I’m so object!” Liz snapped. “Beside, what is your problem? You have been hot and cold with me all day and I’m getting sick of it!”
“Not everything in my life has anything to do with you!” Max snapped and Liz straightened her back.
“They are when you start taking it out on me.” She replied, coolly.
All of a sudden, Max grabbed her and kissed her hard, forcing her head up from the pressure of his kiss, Liz whimpered as desire shot through her veins, her blood pulsing as she let one hand grab the back of his hair and the other grab the back of his shirt to hold herself upright. Their tongues mated in time with the pleasure as it pounded through their bodies.
Liz moaned as Max cupped the back of her head, angling the kiss so he could taste her better while his other arm wrapped itself around her waist, pulling her further into his body, pressing them together so that nothing could get pass them. They both broke apart, breathing heavily, gulping in air before launching back into the kiss, unable to stay apart for a minute longer.
Meanwhile, in the distance, someone watched with a furious gaze and their hands clenched at the sight of the couple in front of them before stalking off, promising revenge while the couple stood in the rain, oblivious to all but each other.


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Chapter 5: Just a Misunderstanding.

Liz woke up the next morning due to the sun shining in her face; she smiled when the memory of last night came back to her. Her and Max have finally kissed and what a kiss it was. She touched her lips, remembering how Max sucked her bottom lip into his mouth before letting it slide, wetly, from his mouth. That action made her heart do a double thump and clutch his hair even harder. She couldn’t believe that her and Max had finally kissed, they still had to talk about why he was in a bad mood and why he was taking out on her but right now, she wanted to kiss him and relieve the whole moment again.
Max was smiling as he walked into the office, he couldn’t help but remember the night before, how soft Liz felt pressed against, how her taste was still on his lips, hours after they separated. God he loved kissing her, it was the best kiss he had ever received and couldn’t wait to explore the fireworks more when she comes back. He walked over to his desk and sat down as the door knocked.
“Yeah?” Max asked, hoping that it was Liz.
Max looked up and saw Tess entering; he stood up and eyed her warily. “What do you want Tess?” he asked. He had bumped into her a lot of the times when he was out and she made it very clear that she wanted him but he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in blondes but wasn’t so sure that she had received the message.
“I wanted to ask you something.” Tess stated as she rounded the corner of the table and stood next to Max.
“What about?” Max asked as he took a step back when all of a sudden, Tess grabbed the front of his shirt and yanked him into a kiss when the door opened.
Liz smiled as she walked down the hallway till she reached the marine room that Max was working in; she opened the door.
“Hey Max, I brought you some…” Liz trailed off when she saw Max pulling away from Tess, his hair dishevelled and he was breathing heavily.
“Liz…” Max started but Liz looked at Tess and saw that her lips were flushed and she had a smug smirk on her lips, her straps were pulled down her shoulders.
“Oh, we are so sorry Liz, we didn’t mean for you to find out about us like this!” Tess gushed out, not once sounding sorry.
Liz dropped the bag as she stumbled backward out of the door on wobbly legs, fighting to keep her tears and the bile that was raising in her throat at bay at the suggestion that Tess had made.
“Liz, she’s lying!” Max exclaimed as he hurried over to her, pleading her to see the truth in his eyes but Liz shook her head.
“Stay away!” she gasped out before turning around and running off, trying to get away from Max.
“Liz!” Max shouted after her as he made to go after her when he felt hand clutching his arm, holding him back.
Max turned around with a deadly glare, causing Tess to take a step back in fear at the murderous glare.
“Max…I…” Tess stammered but Max yanked his arm out of her hands.
“If you come anywhere near Liz or I again, I will ruin you to shreds and you know it.” Max warned.
“You wouldn’t dare!” Tess tossed into his face with confident shining over her face but that faded when Max smirked.
“Oh you know I would.” Max breathed out. “Ruin things for Liz and I and I will bring hell on earth to make your life a misery hell as possible.” Max grounded out before storming off, leaving a stunned Tess behind.
Liz stumbled back to the cabin, clutching her heart as sobs racked her body, she never felt such intense pain before, her heart felt like it was being torn in two directions, never mind that her body felt it was being torn in two directions due to her heart revolting against the thought that Max had cheated on her while her brain was bringing up the evidence over and over again, trying to convince her heart.
She was grateful that her Grandma wasn’t home so she hurried up the stairs to her room, once she reached it; she threw herself on her bed and buried her face into the pillow, wetting it with her tears. She couldn’t believe that she trusted him, why hadn’t he told her that he was involved with someone. Now that she thought about it, Tess was coming from the marine the time she bumped into her. She muttered a curse under her breath before curling up in her bed and closing her eyes, wanting the world to disappear forever.
Max threw stones at her window, pleading her to open the window and look down. He was desperate to talk to her; to make her understand what she saw was not what she thought.
Liz finally answered the knocking and opened the window; she looked down and saw Max standing there with his hands in his pockets.
“What do you want?” Liz asked, her voice hoarse from all the crying she had done and her eyes red from the tears and dull from her lack of sparkle. Max felt his heartbreak at the sight of the girl he love, looking destroyed.
“I need to talk to you.” Max called up.
“No.” Liz stated so bluntly that it shocked him. He blinked as he looked up at her.
“No?” Max asked.
“You are with Tess, I don’t want to hear how sorry you so go home!” Liz snapped.
“Liz, I’m not with Tess, I’m with you!” he exclaimed.
Liz stared down at him for a long time, Max felt his heart thumping, wondering if he had gotten through to her but that thought was destroyed when she finally spoke.
“You were.” Liz stated before closing her windows and shutting the curtains. Max knew what the statement meant and felt his heart break at the thought of losing her.
He straightened his back and made up his mind, he wasn’t going to lose her, no matter what anyone says or what it took.
Liz slid down the wall and buried her face into her knees, sobbing her heart out. She has broken up with Max and it hurt so much but she knew it had to be. He was with Tess, not with her. She scrubbed at her face and sighed as she got up and moved back toward her bed and curled up under the covers, looking out at the window, trying hard, but failing, as tears ran down her cheeks once more, she wished she go back in time but that can’t happen so all she could do was move on and try and get over this heartbreak.
Liz woke up the next morning, her eyes felt gritty from all the time she spent crying and staying awake and her head felt foggy. She sighed as she ran her hand through her hair, trying to flatten it before she made her way down the stairs, stopping at the bottom of the steps, she noticed that there were mail sitting on the floor and wondered once more where her Grandma has been going.
She walked over and scooped up the mail before going through it, she stopped when it noticed her name but no address so it meant that it had been delivered by hand, she dropped the rest of the mail on the table that in the hallway and opened the envelope as she made her way into the kitchen. She pulled out the letter and sat down to read.
‘Dear Liz,
I know you probably want to rip this letter up and I don’t blame you if you do but can you please read it before making any major decision? What you saw that day, with me and Tess wasn’t what you thought Liz. I swear to you. I don’t know why she came over but she obviously wanted to break us up, how she knew we were together is beyond me as we only gotten the night before that day. I know I can’t convince that I didn’t cheat on you but I know deep in your heart you know I didn’t do that. I care about you Liz, you mean a lot to me. If you could, could you please come to the café, I really want to see you and hopefully we could talk. About half seven. Please, Max.’
Liz sighed as she read the letter over once more and sighed as she made up her mind, she was going to see him and hopefully they could sort something out.
At half seven, Liz arrived at the café, she smiled at the waiter before heading over to a small table before looking around for Max, wondering what she was going to say to him.
Liz sat at the table before looking at her watch; she stood up and walked out of the room, not knowing that Max had stood in front of the microphone.
“This is dedicated to Liz.” Max stated, not knowing that she had left the room.
I’m not that kind of guy who can take a broken heart
So don’t ever leave/I don’t want to see us part
The very thought of losing you means
That everything/Would go down under
I’ll be loving you forever/Just as long as you want me to be
I’ll be loving you forever/All this loves for you and me, yeah
(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be/(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you/(the things you do)
Yeah, its forever/(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be/(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you, yeah
I count the blessings that keep our love new
There’s one for me/And a million for you
There’s just so much that I want to say
But when I look at you/All my thoughts get in the way
I’ll be loving you forever/Just as long as you want me to be
I’ll be loving you forever/All this loves for you and me, yeah
(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be/(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you/(the things you do)
Yeah, its forever/(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be/(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you, yeah
We’ve learned to fall to every turn by now
This love will last forever/I can see it all now
(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be/(I’ll be loving you)
Loving you/(the things you do)
Yeah, its forever/(I’ll be loving you)
I’ll be/(I’ll be loving you)
Loving only you, girl/Oh girl
I’ll be loving only you/(I’ll be loving you)
(I’ll be loving you)/Be loving you girl#
Liz found herself sitting on the beach, looking at the stars as the water lapped the beach near her feet. She watched as the stars twinkled above her and she remembered the time when her and Max were sitting on the porch, talking about their dreams and hopes. She shook her head, ridding the memories.
She sensed someone behind her and stiffened.
“Go away Max.” Liz whispered. “I don’t want to talk to you.” She wiped the tears from her eyes, refusing to look at him.
Max sighed, when he finished the song, he noticed that she wasn’t in the room and felt his heart break as he left the building only for his heart to guide him to the beach, toward her. He sat down next to her and grabbed her arm as she began to get up.
“Please, just listen.” Max pleaded with her. She sighed as she let herself settle back on the sand once more. “Thanks.” Max whispered before looking at the stars and took a deep breath. “What you saw was not what you thought. Tess kissed me the minute you opened the door and I pulled away when you called my name. I have a feeling that she was trying to break us up.” Max explained and Liz looked at him with disbelief shining her eyes.
“Right.” Liz stated, sarcastically. “And how would Tess have know that I was going to step in at that minute?”
“I don’t know but she did, Liz you have to believe me! I would never cheat on you!” Max pleaded and Liz looked at him once more with wide eyes.
“Why should I believe you?” Liz demanded.
“Because I love you!” Max cried and Liz gasped.
“What?” Liz demanded.
“I love you, I know it sounds crazy and we only met each other three weeks ago but I can’t help it, I love you.” Max explained and Liz felt the tears come to her eyes. “Liz?” Max asked.
“I love you too.” Liz whispered and Max nearly swallowed his tongue.
“You do?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
Max let out a breathless laugher as he leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips while wiping away her tears that ran down her cheeks then he kissed the top of her head and pulled her into a hug. They let time and each other heal the pain they went through the last couple of days,
They were back together.


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Chapter 6: Lies Come Undone.

Max was walking along the street, whistling and smiling to himself. He knew that he was attracting strange looks but he didn’t care. He was happy because he and Liz Parker had finally made up and confessed their love for each other and became stronger in the end because of everything.
They had spent most of the night, talking about why Tess would try and split them up and they came to an agreement, she was obviously working with someone else, it was the only way how she knew that Liz was going to walk in the room. And spent most of the night kissing, making up for lost time.
He saw Tess and Kyle talking, they seemed to be in a serious discussion and it made him wonder what they were talking about, especially now that he was suspicious of Tess. He walked over near them but made sure that he wasn’t noticeable but in an ear shot so he could hear them.
“They are so over, when Liz walked into that room, I knew that she wouldn’t listen to him.” Tess stated, gleefully to Kyle and he laughed. Max clenched his hands into fists, he now knew who was Tess’s partner in crime.
“Good, that means I can make my move and finally find out just how hot she is in bed.” Kyle stated and Tess looked at him.
“What is your obsession over Liz? I don’t see anything that interesting.” Tess stated and Kyle smirked.
“Well, you know I love a challenge.” Kyle stated and Tess giggled.
Max growled as he stalked away from them, he knew that he should confront them but not right now, not while he was this mad because he was liable to say something that he would regret or a lawyer would make him regret. He made his way over to Claudia’s cabin, he needed to talk to Liz and soon.
Liz made her way down the stairs, she was smiling, and happiness was radiating from her in huge vibes.
She stepped into kitchen and smiled at her Grandma.
“Morning Grandma.” She stated and Claudia looked at her granddaughter.
“Well, someone is happy today.” Claudia stated and Liz smiled.
“How can I not be? The sun’s shining so it’s a beautiful day, the sea is calm and I’m in love.” Liz finished off with a singsong and Claudia looked at Liz.
“Oh, please let me guess. Max Evans?” Claudia asked and Liz nodded as she walked over to the table.
“I know it’s soon but I really love him Grandma, and he loves me, we talked about it last night.” Liz explained and Claudia nodded, she had noticed that Liz was upset the last two days and had wondered what it was about but knew not to pry, as Liz would come to her if she needed to talk.
“That’s great honeybear, I’m glad that you and Max are getting along better, I knew the two of you would be perfect for each other.” Claudia stated as she chopped up some carrots and Liz looked at her.
“Now, why do I get the feeling that you set Max and I up?” Liz asked, Claudia just continued on chopping and it hit Liz. “You did!” she exclaimed. “You set Max and I up the next day I was here!” Liz stated and Claudia grinned at Liz.
“Guilty.” She admitted and Liz shook her head.
“Grandma!” she exclaimed and Claudia shrugged.
“I knew Max was interested in you, he liked your photos and I knew he would be perfect for each other, you have so much in common and I knew that he would bring some light into your life.” Claudia explained.
Liz was about to say something when there was a knock at the front door and Liz sent Claudia a mock glare.
“I’ll get that, we are going to be talking soon.” Liz warned and Claudia laughed as Liz headed out of the kitchen toward the front door, she opened it and saw Max standing there. “Hey you.” Liz greeted as she grabbed the front of Max’s shirt and pulled him down for a kiss, Max’s eyebrows shot up in shock before closing in pleasure, he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her up against his body, enjoying the feel of her pressed up against him.
“Hmm, wow.” Max gasped out when they broke apart and Liz smiled up at him.
“I missed you.” Liz whispered and Max smiled as he kissed her gently on the lips once more.
“I missed you too.” He whispered back.
“How come you are here?” Liz asked. “I thought I was meeting you at the café today.”
“I overheard something that I need to tell you.” Max stated and Liz looked up at him curiously. “Turns out that Kyle is Tess’s partner in crime, he wanted to get you into bed with him.” Max explained and Liz paled.
“You’re kidding?” Liz gasped out and Max shook his head.
“Nope.” Max confirmed and Liz shook her head.
“Why can’t he just take no for an answer?” Liz demanded and Max sighed.
“Kyle is one of these guys who is hot shot, all the girls wanted him in high school and he played around, went from one girl to the next every week or so. You are the new girl in town and, in his words, a challenge.” Max explained and Liz rolled her eyes.
“I’m a challenge because I don’t want him? The guy really needs to get his head checked out.” Liz muttered and Max laughed.
“I agree with you there but the fact is, they think we have broken up, who knows what Kyle would do if he knows we are still together.” Max told her and Liz rested her head on his shoulder.
“This is getting ridiculous.” Liz muttered, Max sighed and wrapped his arms around her body, holding her close to him.
“I agree with you but until we talk to Kyle and sort this out, I don’t want you to be alone at any time.” Max stated and Liz nodded. She knew she should protest at the fact that Max is being over protective but she was scared of Kyle and didn’t want to see what he would do when he knows that Max and Liz are still together.
“Did you find out how Tess knew I was going to walk into the room or how they even knew we were together?” Liz asked as she looked up at him and he shook his head.
“No, Tess definitely knew that you were coming to the office the same time she attacked me so I’m guessing that Kyle had watched you and somehow contacted her.” Max stated and Liz thought about before pulling out her phone and pressing in some numbers, Max felt his pocket vibrate and took out his phone, he checked the caller id and looked at Liz.
“He phoned her, I bet she put her phone on vibrate and when I stepped in, he phoned her to let her know.” Liz stated and Max shook his head.
“They really had it all planned out, didn’t they?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“What was Tess going to get out of it?” She asked.
“She never said anything, I think it was me as most of the time I met her, she made it very clear that she was interested in me.” Max explained and Liz rolled her eyes.
“They really can’t get a hint and what did Kyle think I was going to do? Jump into bed with him just because we broke up?” Liz demanded and Max shrugged.
“He would have done all he can.” Max reminded and Liz scoffed.
“There’s no way in hell I would have slept with him, even if he was the last person on earth.” Liz muttered and Max bit back his snickers at Liz’s statement, he knew that Liz wasn’t the type to go sleeping with guys.
“Anyway, enough of them, how about you and I go for a nice walk then we go somewhere for lunch then I’ll treat you out for dinner?” Max asked and Liz looked up at him with smile.
“Hm, sounds nice.” Liz murmured and Max smiled as he bent down and kissed her once more.
“Liz, are you going to stand at the door with Max all day or are you actually going to go out?” Claudia asked from the kitchen, Liz broke away from Max and buried her face into his chest, giggling as Max blushed.
“Looks like we’ve been told.” Liz teased Max before turning her head. “Max and I are just leaving, I’ll see you later Grandma.”
“Later Honeybear, have fun.” Claudia called out as Max and Liz linked hands and headed out the cabin.
Liz and Max walked along the beach, holding hands as Liz rested her head on his shoulder; both of them were just enjoying themselves with the other.
“I have a surprise for you.” Max teased and Liz looked up at him with excitement in her eyes.
“What kind of surprise?” Liz asked and Max shook his head.
“You don’t think I’m going to tell you and spoil the whole thing are you?” Max teased and Liz whined.
“Oh Max, please!” she begged, giving him the puppy dog eyes and the pout causing him to laugh and kiss her.
“I’m not telling missies so you can try all the tricks you like.” Max teased back and Liz laughed, enjoying his playfulness.
“Fine, the surprise better be worth it.” Liz shot at him and he grinned.
“You can bet your sweet ass it will be.” Max stated and, playfully, slapped her ass, causing Liz to squeal in shock delight.
“Max!” she exclaimed with laugher bubbling up.
“Come on!” Max exclaimed with excitement shining in his eyes as he linked his hand with hers and tugged her toward a beaten path.
“Where are we going?” Liz squealed as she hurried after Max.
Soon Max rounded the trees and pushed Liz in front of him, Liz took in the sights of the waterfall, inhaling the scent when something caught her eye.
“Oh my…” Liz gasped when she saw the surrounding, there was a picnic blanket lay out with a picnic basket on top of it and a glass bottle of what seemed to be wine. The waterfall set up a romantic scene. “Max…”
“Do you like it?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“It’s gorgeous.” Liz exclaimed then she looked at him. “When did you do this?”
“I did this before I bumped into Kyle and Tess, I was planning on luring you up here for a nice picnic to make up for the last couple of days we went through.” Max explained and Liz kissed him.
“Thank you.” She whispered and Max smiled.
“Well, the food isn’t going to eat itself is it?” Max teased and Liz laughed as she let him lead her over to the blanket and watched as he pulled out the food. “And as you are eighteen, I’m pretty sure that you can have alcohol.” Max teased and Liz laughed as he popped the cork, he poured some into champagnes glasses and handed one to her.
“So, what shall we toast to?” Liz teased and Max leaned into kiss her.
“To life and love.” Max stated, Liz smiled as they clinked glasses before digging into the food that Max had laid out for the.
“What are you going to do?” Liz asked and Max shrugged.
“I’ll have to talk to them.” Max stated and Liz nodded.
“Do you really think Kyle will back off?” she asked, hope colouring her voice and Max sighed.
“I don’t know, I really don’t” Max told her and she nodded.
“It’s just my luck, I get the summer away from my parents’ pressure only to be stalked by some guy who wants me in his bed.” Liz muttered and Max smiled, sympathetic at her. A thought hit Liz and she looked over at Max.
“So, how come you were in a bad mood with me?” Liz asked and Max blushed slightly.
“I wasn’t technically in a bad mood with you, you see, I was developing feelings for you and was really confused about what I was feeling, when you started teasing me, I just lost it because you were hitting to close the mark and I wanted to be sure of what I was feeling toward you before letting you know.” Max explained and Liz nodded.
“Maybe the next time you could just tell me rather than biting my head off?” Liz teased and Max laughed.
“Sure, I will do that the next time but I have a feeling that there won’t be a next time.” Max stated as he leaned over Liz.
“Oh really?” Liz asked.
“Really.” Max confirmed before taking Liz’s lips into his, provoking a low moan of pleasure from her.
Max and Liz were, both, lying on the blanket, looking at the sky above them, enjoying the feel other the others against them. Liz had her head resting on Max chest while Max rested his head on his arm, stroking her hair.
Soon, Max looked at his watched and sighed. “Better get you home, I promised mom that I would help her and afterward, I’ll come over and to collect you and we can go for dinner.” Max explained and Liz nodded.
“Sure thing.” Liz replied as they stood up and packed their stuff before linking hands and making their way to the cabin, unaware that their plans were going to change due to heartbreak.
“I’ll see you later.” Max whispered as he leaned into kiss her, they were standing in front of the cabin; Liz smiled as she lifted her head to receive the kiss before pulling away.
“And you better go before you are late.” Liz teased and Max laughed as he leaned in once more before leaving her standing on the porch.
Liz watched as he walked off before heading into the cabin and making her way over to the kitchen where her Grandma was sitting at the counter. “Hi Grandma.” Liz greeted.
“Hi honeybear, have fun?” She asked and Liz nodded a she grabbed a glass, remembering their outing.
“He really is such a romantic.” Liz sighed. Claudia gasped as she clutched her stomach, Liz spun around and the glass dropped from her hand, causing it to shatter when it hit the ground when she saw her Grandma wincing in pain and falling to the ground in slow motion. She grabbed the phone as she hurried over to Claudia, trying to wake her while calling the hospital for help.
What she didn’t know that it was another beginning of heartbreak for her again.


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Warning, Rating has gone up in this chapter.
Chapter 7: Why?

Max burst into the Hospital, looking around for Liz till he caught sight of her petite form huddling into the chair
“Liz!” Max shouted as he hurried over to her, he had been at his mother’s cafe when he received a frantic call from Liz.
Liz looked up when she heard someone call her name and hurried over to Max when she saw him, she threw herself into his arms. “What happened?” Max demanded.
“Grandma collapsed, she just gasped then fell to the floor and wouldn’t wake up.” Liz explained; sounding like a scared little child who didn’t know what was going on and Max felt his heart clench as she looked up into his eyes. “I’m scared.” She whispered.
Max kissed the top of her head before letting her rest her head on his chest once more, he knew that he should say that everything was going to be alright but somehow he knew that wasn’t the case.
“Liz Parker?” Dr. Jackson asked as he came into the reception area, Liz looked up and the doctor made his way over to the couple.
“How is she?” Liz asked and he shook his head.
“She is dying, the cancer has spread even further so there is no hope for her.” He explained and Liz felt her knees buckle as Max tightened his arms around her waist as he stared at the doctor in a stunned shock.
“Cancer?” Max gasped out and it hit the doctor like cold water.
“She never told you!” he exclaimed and shook his head. “I’m sorry, you grandmother has an extremely rare cancer, there is no cure for it and even if there was, the cancer is too advance.” He explained.
Liz broke down and cried into Max’s chest.
“Why didn’t she tell me!” she exclaimed, Max held her close to his body, stroking her hair.
“Sh Liz, it’s not good for you to get overworked up like this, we will find out why she hadn’t told us.” Max whispered as he kissed her forehead and rocked her to side slightly. Liz pulled her face away from his chest and wiped away her tears as she looked up in to his face.
“Why would she hide this from me?” she whispered, confused about her grandmother’s actions and Max shook his head.
“I don’t know baby, I really don’t.” he whispered back and pulled her head so it rested on his chest once more.
“Miss Parker?” the doctor asked and Liz turned to face him. “Would you like to see you grandmother? She is stable now.” He explained and Liz nodded.
“That’ll be nice.” She whispered and he nodded as Liz turned to Max.
“I need to get back and tell my mother what’s happening, call me and I’ll come over whenever you need me, okay?” Max asked and Liz nodded, Max kissed her lightly on the forehead and kissed her gently on the lips.
“I’ll see you later.” She whispered and Max nodded as walked off, he looked back at her before leaving the hospital, his heart aching for the young woman that was going through hell at the moment.
Diane Evans was an elderly lady of 45 year old, she had blonde hair and light blue eyes; she used her wrist to wipe off her hair from her forehead as she lifted up the plastic tub of plates. She looked up when she heard the bell tinkle and smiled when she saw her son walk in, her smile faded when she saw how tensed his jaw was and the fear in his dark eyes.
“Max?” Diane asked.
“Hey mom, sorry I’m late. Claudia has been taken into hospital. Liz is in such a state right now.” Max explained and Diane put down the plastic tub on the table and pulled Max into a hug, she knew how much Max loved Claudia, she was like a grandma to him and she knew how much Max cared for Liz through all his discussions he had with her.
“Oh honey, I’m sorry, how is Liz?” Diane asked and Max shrugged.
“She’s confused why Grandma hid it from her.” Max whispered and Diane pulled away to look at him in the eyes.
“Hide what?” Diane asked.
“Cancer.” Max whispered and Diane gasped as her eyes widen in shock, obviously not knowing that Claudia’s life was in the much danger.
“But she will be alright, right?” Diane asked and Max shook his head.
“Rare cancer plus there is no cure, it had advanced too far.” Max explained and Diane shook her head, unable to believe that the heart of the town was going to die.
The door jingled once more and they looked toward it, Max stiffened and straightened his back when he recognized the people. “Listen mom, I need to speak to them, I promise I’ll help you out once I’ve finished speaking to them okay?” Max asked.
“It’s okay, you speak with them then go and see Liz, she needs you more than I do.” Diane stated and Max looked at her.
“Are you sure?” Max asked and Diane nodded.
“I’m sure honey, the place is due to close anyway so don’t worry too much.” Diane assured and Max nodded as he kissed his mother on the cheek before moving toward the couple.
“I need to speak to you two now, follow me into the office.” Max stated in a low voice, the couple looked at each other before following Max to the office.
Max let them through first before following through and shutting the door behind him and faced the couple in front of him. “First thing first, Liz and I are still together, your plan backfired in a major way.” Max stated, Kyle and Tess looked at each other before looking at Max and opened their mouth; Max lifted a hand to ward them off. “Before you start denying it, I overheard you talking about it. I’m warning you right now Kyle, leave Liz alone, she isn’t interested in you and she made that pretty clear each time you started harassing her.” Max warned and turned to Tess. “And you, the promise that I made of you trying to ruin mine and Liz’s relationship still holds strong, you mess it up and I will ruin the pair of you no problem, so leave us alone and move on!” Max snapped and sighed. “Get out of my sights and stay away from us, if I hear that any of you have been near Liz, you can say goodbye to your reputation.”
Max stood to the side, letting Kyle and Tess get out of the office before shutting the door and leaning his back on the door, he dropped his head backward on the door and scrubbed his face. He hadn’t felt this tired in ages and he was scared for Liz and how she was coping with her grandmother’s secret.
Liz sighed as she entered the room, she looked around and saw her grandmother lying on the bed; she walked over to it and sat on the chair, next to the bed. She just sat there and watched Claudia lying there before the tears filled her eyes.
“Why couldn’t you have told me?” Liz asked, tears choking her voice. “Did you really think I couldn’t cope with it?”
“No of course not sweetie.” Claudia whispered out and Liz looked at her.
“You kept this from me, you kept the fact that you were dying from me, why would you do that?” Liz pleaded.
“Because I wanted you to have a summer free of troubles, I wanted you have a break from the pressure that your parents constantly put you under.” Claudia stated and Liz shook her head.
“You should have told me Grandma. I would have been able to handle it.” Liz stated and Claudia sighed.
“I know but you are such a young woman, I couldn’t bare to see you going through the pain, knowing that it was I who you put you through it.” Claudia explained and Liz let the tears run down her cheeks.
“Grandma, you are my best friend, you should have told me.” Liz stated and Claudia nodded.
“I know and I’m sorry.” Claudia whispered.
“I need time to think this through okay, you try and rest grandma, you’ll need your strength.” Liz whispered; Claudia nodded as Liz headed out of the room.
Once the door was shut, Liz rested her back against the door and felt the tears run down faster, the hot water streaking her cheeks. She felt warm hands on her face, wiping her cheeks, stroking back her hair; rubbing her arms. She opened her eyes and saw Max looking down at her.
“You okay?” Max asked and Liz shook her head.
“Take me away from here Max.” Liz whispered, Max nodded, he led her out of the hospital and toward the jeep, intending to take her back to the cabin so she could get some sleep.
They arrived at the cabin, Max helped Liz out of the jeep and led her over to the cabin; tears were falling silently down her face. He led her up the stairs to her room where she could sleep.
They arrived in her bedroom and Max led her over to the bed. Liz looked up at him with pleading in her eyes. Max felt his heart clenched as he leaned in a kissed her, he wanted to forget the pain he was going through and he wanted to help he with her pain.
“Liz.” Max whispered as he leaned into kiss her once more. Liz slid her hands into his hair, holding his lips close to hers. “God I love you so much.” He whispered as his lips trailed from her lips down to her neck, causing her to throw her head back in pleasure and gasp out his name. Max walked her backward till the back of her legs hit the bed, she fell backward and Max followed her down, still kissing her.
Liz was lying on her bed with Max lying on top of her, she gasped as she grabbed the edge of his shirt and started tugging it. Max raised himself up slightly, helping Liz to take off his shirt before settling back on top of her again. Liz let her hands run over his naked hot back, enjoying the feel of his muscles working in his back. Max kissed her neck once more and unbuttoned her shirt as he made his way down; it fell opened. Liz pushed Max up slightly and took off her shirt, she wasn’t wearing a bra under her shirt.
Max groaned as she settled herself down on the bed once more, he wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed their upper bodies together. Liz gasped as her ridged nipples brushed up against his hard chest.
“Max.” she whispered as Max kissed his way down her chest, he ran his tongue around the edge of her nipple before sucking it into his mouth. Liz gasped as she arched her chest into his mouth as her hand slid into his hair, holding him to her chest. He let his other hand slide down her front till he reached her zipper and pulled the trackers apart before turning to his and unzipping his.
Liz lifted her legs and used her toes to pull down his jeans while he used his hand to pull down her jeans, they pulled the underwear down at the same time to remove any restriction before Max came back up and rested himself on top of her, they gasped as they met each other for the first time. “Are you sure?” he asked, Liz just grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a hard kiss as she bucked her hips up into his. Max, slowly, slid himself into her, watching her face for any pain as he entered her. He stopped when he felt her barrier but Liz refused, she ran her hands down his back and pushed his hips down while thrusting her hips up at the same time. She bit her bottom lip as pain stung her but she pushed it to the back of her mind and started moving her hips, ensuring that he wouldn’t stop thrusting himself in and out of her.
Max groaned when he felt the pressure building up, Liz wrapped her legs tighter around his waist as she thrusted her hips up harder, grinding herself into him.
“Harder Max, faster.” She hissed out, Max lifted himself on his forearms, looking deep into her eyes as he began to thrust harder and faster into her, he rested his hips on her hips so that his pelvic was rubbing against her clit, causing Liz to throw her head back as her mouth opened in a silent gasp of pleasure, her body stilled as her orgasm bust out.
Max groaned when he felt her walls clenching around him, he kept thrusting as he spilled his seed into her hot walls. Max slowed as he started to soften inside of her; he knelt down and kissed her gently as he moved off her. Liz let one hand rest on his cheek as she kissed him back before pulling away and resting her head on his chest.
“I love you, Max,” she whispered as her eyes closed.
“Love you.” Max whispered as they both fell into a deep sleep.


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Chapter 8: The Next Morning.

Liz woke up the next morning due to the sun shining in her eyes she sighed when she felt a warm hard body behind her and snuggled into it before opening her eyes and looking at her clock, she cursed. She was late to visit her grandmother.
She slowly slid out of bed, taking care not to wake Max up from his sleep before pulling on clean clothes; she turned around to face him and smiled softly at how young and cure he looked. She bent down and kissed him gently on the lips before grabbing a piece of paper and writing something on it then folding it before resting it on her pillow next to him. She kissed him once before leaving the bedroom to get to her Grandmother.
Max stretched his body before letting one hand reach out onto Liz’s side of the bed, his brow furrowed in confusion when he met with an empty cool sheet then a piece of paper. He opened his eyes as he picked up the paper and unfolded it
‘Max, I’m at the hospital. I know you had a hard sleep due to the tossing and turning you did so I thought I let you sleep in a little longer. Help yourself to the food and I’ll see you later when I get the chance. Come by the Hospital if you want.
I love you, Liz xxx’
Max smiled when he read the ‘I love you’ part and sighed as he folded the note before turning on his side, burrowing his face into Liz’s pillow, it still smelt of her, strawberry and Liz.
He had been tossing and turning all night because he was worried about Claudia and he was worried about how Liz was going to cope. He sighed as he pulled himself out of bed and yanked on his clothes before grabbing his jeep keys. He headed over to his house to grab a change of clothes and to let his mother know the progress on Claudia’s health.
Liz was sitting on the chair next to Claudia’s bed, holding her hand.
“Liz, what are you doing here?” Claudia asked and Liz looked at her.
“Where else would I be?” Liz asked and Claudia turned to face her.
“Liz, you should be out there having fun.” Claudia informed and Liz looked at her, incredulous.
“Grandma, you are in hospital and you expect me to go out and have fun?” Liz demanded and shook her head. “No, I’m saying right here till you get better.”
“Honeybear, I’m dying.” Claudia reminded and Liz felt the tears well up in her eyes.
“Don’t say that.” Liz whispered and Claudia sighed.
“This is the reason why I didn’t tell you, I wanted you to have a summer without worries.” Claudia explained and Liz wiped away her tears.
“You can’t die, I need you.” Liz whispered and Claudia’s eyes soften.
“Honeybear, you are not going to lose me. I’m a part of your heart, no matter where I am, I will always be in your heart.” Claudia explained.
“How long do you have?” Liz asked and, fearing the answer.
“Not long.” Was the reply.
Liz nodded as she stood up.
“I’m gonna get something to drink.” Liz whispered and Claudia nodded as Liz exited the room.
Max was walking along the hallway when he saw Liz leaning against the. He felt his heart clench painfully at the sight of her tear-streaked face and hurried over.
“Liz?” Max asked, Liz looked up, caught Max’s eyes and threw herself into his arms, crying into his chest.
“I can’t lose her Max!” she cried out, Max wrapped his arms around her body, holding her close to his chest, wondering how he was going to take away her pain.
“Sh.” Max whispered as he stroked back her hair, he wished he could tell her that everything would be alright but he knew that it wasn’t going to be, he knew it deep in his gut that Claudia was going to die and there was nothing any of them could do to stop it as much as he wanted to for Liz’s sake. “What’s happening?” Max asked and Liz sighed.
“Can we go and sit down somewhere?” she asked and Max nodded, he led her outside of the hospital toward the bench.
They both sat on it and Max turned to face Liz.
“I left this morning to come and see Grandma, I stopped by the marine first to see the dolphins and they were so happy, playing and everything. When I got here, Grandma asked my why I was doing in the hospital. Apparently I was supposed to be out here, having fun. Not worrying about her.” Liz exclaimed; Max kept silent, knowing that she needed to get this out. “I told her that I was going to stay by her side till she got better but she’s never going to get better is she?” Liz asked as she looked up at Max.
Max felt his heart break when he saw the pain and heartbreak showing clearly in her doe eyes.
“No, the doctor told me that the cancer is extremely rare and way to advance for them to do anything about it.” Max whispered and Liz nodded then felt the tears well up in her eyes once more.
“It’s not fair! She doesn’t deserve this!” Liz sobbed out and Max took her into his arms, holding her close to his body.
“I know baby, I know but this is the way how life is.” Max whispered as he stroked her hair.
“She’s a strong woman, how could something like this happen to her!” Liz demanded and Max kissed her forehead.
“We’ll never know.” Max admitted and Liz rested her head on his shoulder.
“You know, I’ve always thought Grandma would live forever, to be there to see my wedding, to be there for me when I had my children and hold them, now she’s dying.” Liz stated and sighed. “I can say it but I can’t believe it at all.”
“It’s hard when it’s someone you care and love that’s dying.” Max whispered and Liz nodded before looking up at Max.
“Did something like this happen to you?” Liz asked, curiously. He seemed to be an expert on it and Max nodded.
“I had a little sister, she had cancer, brain cancer. My parents loved her and I adored her. I was devastated when I found out. She was five at the time; I was eight.” Max whispered.
“What happened?” Liz asked.
“We were playing when all of a sudden she got ill, her nose started bleeding so my parents took her to the hospital. The doctor told my parents, I was confused at the time but when my mum started crying, it hit me. She was dying and there was nothing I could do about it.” Max stated and felt his voice crack.
Liz got up on her knees and wrapped her arms around him, holding him close to her.
“I’m sorry.” She whispered and Max nodded.
“You know what she said to me before she died?” Max asked and Liz looked at him.
“That she loved me but it was her time to go.” He whispered and Liz shook her head.
“God.” She whispered and Max nodded. “What was her name?” Liz asked and Max smiled as he lifted a hand to her cheek and wiped away a tear.
“Elizabeth.” Max whispered and Liz felt her heart break for the man she loved in front of her. They wrapped their arms around the other once more and held them close, wanting to drive away all the pain.
A nurse came out and saw Max and Liz cuddled up on the bench, she walked over to them, both of them looked up when she arrived and she sighed.
“Mrs. Parker would like to see you now.” The nurse stated, they both nodded as they got up and linked hands as they followed the nurse into the hospital.
Liz and Max stepped into the room and walked over to Claudia.
“Grandma?” Liz asked and Claudia opened her eyes and looked at her granddaughter.
“I want you to promise me something Liz.” Claudia stated and Liz nodded, puzzled.
“I want you to promise me that you’ll always follow your heart, no matter where it leads you.” Claudia breathed out and locked eyes with Liz. “Promise me Liz, you will always follow your heart.” Claudia whispered.
“I promise Grandma.” Liz whispered back, she kissed Claudia’s forehead and the machine went flat, signalling that Claudia had passed away.
Max took Liz into her arms and held her as the doctors came in, confirming what they already knew. Liz turned in Max’s arms and buried her face into his chest as the doctor pulled up the sheet over Claudia’s face before announcing the time of death.
“Come on, I’ll take you home.” Max whispered and Liz nodded as he led her out of the hospital, toward his jeep. Max looked up into the sky and saw the stars twinkling above him.
Max arrived at the cabin; he looked over at Liz who was staring out the window with a blank look on her face. He reached over and stroked back her hair behind her ear. She turned to look at him. “We’re here now.” Max whispered and Liz nodded but made no move to get out of the transport.
Max got out of the jeep and rounded the side; he opened Liz’s side of the door and lifted her up into his arms before shutting the door and locking it then making his way over to the Cabin.
Max stepped into the Cabin but Liz stopped him.
“Can we please sit outside? I want to see the stars tonight.” She whispered and Max nodded as he headed back outside and moved over to the porch swing, he sat her on it before hurrying back into the house to grab the blankets and headed back outside. He sat down next to her; Liz moved over and snuggled into him as he wrapped the blankets around them, keeping them warm.
“You okay?” Max asked and Liz sighed as she moved her head up so she could look at him.
“Yeah, I think I will be. Saying goodbye really seemed to help.” Liz stated and Max nodded, he kissed her forehead before she let her head settle on his shoulder and they both stared at the stars, twinkling above them.

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Chapter 9: The Goodbye.

Liz stared into the mirror as she brushed her long brown hair, she was wearing a black dress and a black cardigan, she sighed as placed the mirror on the table and looked up, there was a picture of her and Claudia hugging and laughing into the camera. She sighed as she picked it up and brought it down in front of her.
She heard the door opened behind her and looked in the mirror; there stood Max in his black suit and white shirt. She felt her heart jump when she saw him. Max came up behind her and took the necklace that Grandma had left her and placed it around her neck, fastening it for her.
“Thanks.” She whispered and Max kissed her forehead.
“You ready?” he asked, Liz stood up and looked out the window, the sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing. The perfect funeral for the perfect woman. She turned back to Max.
“Yes, I Am.” She whispered, Max nodded as he kissed her forehead once more, linked their hands and led her out of the cabin to say goodbye to the one woman who had been there throughout her whole life and to face her future without the woman.
Liz was standing at the coffin; she looked down at her grandmother and sighed.
“Thank you Grandma for giving me a reason to look forward.” Liz whispered and placed her fingers on her lips before placing them on her Claudia’s cheek and moved over so that the next person could take her place. Max walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her waist.
“You okay?” he asked and Liz nodded.
“Yeah, I’m fine. How about you?” Liz asked as she turned around to face him, she had a feeling that the funeral was bringing back memories about his sister. Max smiled down at Liz and kissed her forehead.
“I’m fine, I made my peace with Lizzie ages ago.” Max whispered and Liz nodded. “Who are they?” Max asked as she pointed to the couple off to the side, Liz turned to face them and winced slightly.
“That’s my mother and father.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“I’m guessing you don’t want to see them right now.” Max stated and Liz shook her head as she looked up at him.
“You don’t mind do you?” she asked and Max smiled as he kissed her forehead.
“Nope, after what you’ve told me, I might just end up saying something I will regret.” Max admitted and Liz nodded as he led her over to the pew as the priest stood up at the altar.
“Today we are gathered here on this sad day to mourn for a wonderful lady call Claudia Parker. She had a great life, she was full of life that it was such a shock to know that she had been stolen away from us at such a young time but God had his reason for this and we must appreciate it. Know that, death is never final as the people we love will always live onward in our heart.” He stated.
Liz rested her head on Max’s shoulder as they listened to the priest talk about how wonderful Claudia was and how much she did for the community. Max rested his chin on her head as he stroked back her hair, comforting her. They both were at peace; they had said their goodbyes to Claudia and knew that she was still with them in spirit no matter what.
Everyone around them were either wiping tears from their eyes or thinking back to all the time they had fun with Claudia, the whole town had been shocked to their core when they found out that Claudia had been taken from them by cancer and wondered how they had never picked up on it, they all knew that Claudia was good at hiding her emotions and feelings but couldn’t help but feel that they had missed picking up on something.
Soon, they all went outside over the graveyard, Max was carrying the coffin with Jeff, Jeff’s brother and Liz’s cousin. Soon they set the coffin down, Max hurried back over to Liz and enveloped her into his arms, holding her close to his body.
“Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust. May you live your life in Peace Claudia and return home to your Husband, your soul mate.” The priest stated as Max, Liz, Jeff’s brother, and Jeff threw dirt on top of the coffin.
Liz found herself standing at the food table, she smiled slightly when she looked at Max; he was talking to his parents. All of the guests have come up and express their feelings on Claudia dying and how much they adored and loved her, which warmed Liz’s heart. It was nice to see the community joining together through a hurtful period and she had a feeling that everyone was going to turn out stronger in the end.
She sighed as she turned back to the food and froze when she saw her parents heading toward her.
“Mom, Dad.” Liz greeted.
“Elizabeth, why did you not call us when she went into hospital?” Jeff asked and Liz sighed.
“Sorry Dad, I was in too much of a shock that Grandma fainted then to find out that she was dying, it just threw me for the loop.” Liz admitted and Jeff nodded.
“At least you are feeling okay now.” Jeff stated and Liz nodded.
“So, how have you been getting on with your studies?” Nancy asked. Liz turned to face Nancy with a stunned look on her face.
“Mom, Grandma ended up in hospital and died and you are asking me how I got on with my studies?” she demanded.
“Elizabeth, I know you are upset but your studies are more important.” Jeff stated and Liz rounded on her parents.
“I’ve just lost my grandmother, someone who was my best friend and you are concerned about my damn studies!” Liz snapped, unaware that she was drawing attention from the guests.
“Elizabeth Parker, keep your voice down!” Nancy hissed and Liz shook her head.
“Who are you? Someone in your family had died and you don’t even care?”
“Of course we care, we are just not letting it get in the way of our lives.” Jeff stated and Liz scoffed.
“Nice to see where your priorities lies.” Liz muttered to herself and she looked up at her family. “Well, I don’t give a damn about my studies, being with Max and Grandma made me realise that there is more to studies and Grandma told me to follow my heart and guess what? My heart doesn’t lead me to my studies, in fact, it leads me to Max.” Liz stated and Nancy scoffed as she looked at her husband.
“I knew that you shouldn’t have let her come here Jeff, your mother does nothing but ruin things.” Nancy stated and Liz lost it.
“All Grandma did was taught me love, more than you ever did anyway. She loved me and she cared for me, me, not my damn studies or my background or whatever, me!” Liz snapped.
“Elizabeth Parker!” Nancy snapped and Liz turned tearful eyes to her.
“It’s true! The only time you took any notice of me was during my studies!” Liz stated.
“Right, hanging around here has obviously gotten to you, I think its time you got home and started to get your life back on track.” Nancy stated as she set down her glass and grabbed Liz’s arm.
Liz fought against the hand and ripped her arm away, causing Nancy to look at her daughter in a stunned shock.
“I’m eighteen now, you can’t tell me what to do and my life is on track, it’s with Max.” Liz stated quietly.
“Who is this Max?!” Jeff demanded.
“I Am.” A male voice stated, they turned and saw Max standing there, looking furious as he hurried over to Liz and checked her arm. “Are you okay?” he whispered.
“I’m fine.” Liz whispered back. “This is Max Evans, my boyfriend.” Liz introduced.
“Boyfriend?” Nancy asked. “We did not send you to this island so you could turn into a slut Elizabeth.” Nancy snapped, there was a collective gasp in the background and Liz had to place her hand on Max’s chest to calm him down.
“If you must know, Max was my first and only.” Liz snapped back at her.
“We don’t have time for this, you are coming home and that’s final.” Jeff snapped and Liz shook her head.
“I am home.” Liz whispered and looked at dad. “This is my home, I belong here, near the dolphins and Max and Grandma.” Liz explained.
“What do you mean ‘the dolphins’?” Jeff asked, gulping.
“I have inherited Granddad’s gift for understanding dolphins.” Liz stated, holding her head up high, refusing to let her dad intimidate her.
“How? I kept him away from you!” Jeff snapped.
“It’s in my blood, you can deny it all you want but the truth is, I’m more like Grandpa and Grandma than you think.” Liz snapped back.
“Come on Nancy, let’s leave.” Jeff stated to his wife, Nancy nodded as Jeff turned back to Liz. “You better be ready by the time I come and pick you up to take you back to your home.” Jeff stated and Max lost it.
“She already told you! Her home is here!” Max snapped and shook his head. “Why can you respect what your daughter wants?” Max asked.
Jeff turned his nose up and led his wife out of the building, not once looking back. Liz sighed as she rested her head on Max’s chest and Max wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her into his body.
“Thanks.” Liz whispered and Max kissed her forehead.
“He had no right to talk to you like that, no matter what.” Max whispered
A lot of the guests came up and expressed their views on Liz’s parents and how concerned they were of Liz. They couldn’t believe that someone as wonderful and kind as Liz had cold and unfeeling people for parents. Liz had thanked them for their concerned and waved away their views, she was used to her parents acting like that way that she learned to accept that was the way her parents were going to be.
Diane and Phillip had waited till everyone went home before meeting Liz for the first time; they had heard so many stories from Max and Claudia that they wanted to meet the real person.
“Mom, Dad, this is Liz Parker, my girlfriend.” Max introduced, Liz smiled at them and Diane felt her heart warmth. “Liz, this is my mom, Diane and my dad, Phillip.”
“It’s really nice to meet you. Max had told me a lot about you.” Liz stated warmly as she shook Phillip and Diane’s hands.
“It’s nice to meet you in the real for the first time. Max and Claudia have spoken highly of you.” Diane stated and Liz blushed slightly.
“Thank you.” Liz stated and Diane nodded.
“I have to say that their words don’t do you justice, you really are amazing woman, I’m really sorry about Claudia, she was a really good woman and she will be missed sorely from everyone in this country.” Phillip stated and Liz nodded.
“She was an amazing woman.” Liz agreed and they nodded.
“Listen, we have to get back to the café, it was really nice to meet you Liz and I’m sure that we will meet again.” Diane stated and Liz smiled.
“It was really nice to meet you too.” Liz stated; she hesitated for a minute before leaning over and enveloping Diane in a hug. “Thank you.” Liz whispered and Diane smiled as pulled away and stroked back a lock of Liz’s hair
“No, thank you.” Diane whispered as she, slyly, flicked her eyes over to Max before looking at Liz. Liz got the message and smiled, as she pulled away in stepped back into Max’s embrace.
“I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m gonna stay here and make sure Liz will be alright.” Max stated to his dad while the women were busy and Phillip nodded.
“Take care of her.” Phillip stated and Max smiled as he looked at Liz.
“With my life.” Max breathed out and Phillip smiled at his love-struck son as Liz stepped back into Max’s embrace.
The adults left as Max and Liz headed out to the porch.
“Do you think Grandma’s happy wherever she is?” Liz asked and Max smiled down at her, they were sitting on the porch swing.
“Yeah, I think she’s happy and looking over us.” Max replied, Liz looked up at him and smiled, she kissed him gently on the lips before resting her head on his shoulder, both of them looking up at the sky in peace.
They were together and nothing was going to tear them apart.

The end.

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The epilogue.

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Chapter 10: Home Again.

A short brunette opened the cabin door, she sighed as she blew her hair out of her eyes as she looked around the cabin; it was still the same as it was when she left it ten years ago. She smiled; this was going to be her home from now on. She and her husband decided that it was time for them to come back to Marine Rose, where they belong beside their family were still living in the country and missed them.
“Alexandra Claudia Evans, James Maxwell Evans, get back here!” a male voice shouted, she turned around and saw her husband standing next to the car, watching their children as they scampered back to him.
She felt her breath get caught in her chest each time she looked at him. Ten years they have been together and they were still as strong as when they first met each other. They were now 28 years old, they had a 6 year old daughter and a 3 year old son, the daughter was an exact copy of her mother but had her father’s teasing attitude and their son was an exact copy of their father but had his mother’s quiet nature. “What did I tell you about running away?” Her husband asked.
“Sorry daddy.” They both chorused and she felt her heart melt as she turned back to the cabin. She was most definitely home.
“Sorry that I was away so long Grandma.” She whispered. She felt strong arms wrap round her waist and pull her back into a strong chest.
“You okay Liz?” he asked with concern in his voice, Liz smiled. She was now Liz Evans, married to Max Evans and they both had wonderful children. She had another one on the way and was now showing just at five months.
She turned in his arms and looked up into Max’s dark eyes.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just glad to be home.” She whispered. Max smiled as he bent down to kiss her, he rubbed his hand over her belly, showing his love for the baby before pulling away and sighing when he realised that the kids had disappeared again.
“Kids!” Max shouted, they heard giggling and followed the noise, they saw their kids standing by their grandfather and watching the dolphins play.
Max and Liz smiled as Max wrapped an arm around Liz’s waist to pull her into his body while she rested her head on his shoulder as they watched their kids being happy.
“I can’t believe we stayed away so long.” Liz stated and Max smiled.
“Well, we were busy with college, then jobs, then having our children.” Max stated. Liz elbowed him slightly in the ribs.
“You missed out the engagement and the wedding and the honeymoon.” She teased and Max laughed as he kissed her once more.
“You are really glad to be back here aren’t you?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“Yeah.” She whispered and Max smiled.
“Me too, now, let’s go and introduce the munchkin to the dolphins.” Max teased as he, gently, tugged on Liz’s hand and pulled her over to the pool.
They both walked over to the pool and smiled when the dolphins popped their heads out of the water and sprayed water at the kids, causing them to giggle and laugh while Liz and Max laughed. Max lifted Alexandra in to his arms while Liz lifted James into his arms.
“Welcome home.” Phillip stated to his son and daughter and his grandchildren.
“Thanks, it’s good to be home.” Liz stated with a smile at her dad. They all smiled as they looked out into the sea where the dolphins were jumping into the water, forming them selves into circles, to Liz, it looked like Rings of Endless Lights.

The end.

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