Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 12/6/17

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 6/26

Postby lizparkerevans07 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 9:52 am

Thank you guys for reading! Sorry for taking forever on the latest chapter. I'm continuing onward with better time intervals.
This is a short but important part.

Chapter 5: Birdie Returns to the Nest
It was an unusually early Tuesday. Blistering yellow-orange sun had yet greeted past brink of dusk. Before obnoxious crowing rooster and his son’s shrill alarm, before these joined noises blared through their shared small house and shattered his eardrums to smithereens, Sheriff Jim Valenti took a rogue journey away from Roswell, New Mexico. Lately, he gathered information, collecting new puzzle pieces, thinking and planning moves with his acquired knowledge like an accomplished chess master.
While feigning dubiousness, he held onto truths, knowing that these could potentially ruin lives. One of which, he played again. The tape flicked, rewinding backwards, stopping at the best part—the part that made him proud of sleuthing skills.
“Alex, Michael, Isabel, and Max… they’re not from around here,” Liz Parker confessed, the smart girl foolishly spilling everything about that fateful day inside tiny, dingy jail cell.
The cameras and recordings were never on. The instant Jim heard about Liz, Maria, and Alex having woes and caught the two of the trio red handed, he ordered Hanson to turn on rarely used devices.
“Where are they from?” Alex asked.
Slight pause indicated that Liz’s silent gesture emphasized alien homeland.
“So, they’re Canucks?” Alex griped. “So what?”
“They believed they were in the 1947 crash!”
Jim stopped the incriminating recording, pulled red rental car into the parking lot, and got out, one stern brown leather boot heel meeting the other on rocky, uneven pavement.
His sharp crystal blue eyes glanced around isolated surroundings, noting windswept upside-down sign of Roadside Motel, off outskirts of Albuquerque where the closest gas station was also the nearest grocery store. Orange painted, one story building had its rooms placed in awkward proximity to each other. Neighbors likely heard television shows on basic channels, the tap watered shower running, toilet flushing, squeaky strain of a weakly built bed, especially problematic for a couple hoping for a decent place to screw.
What was she doing in a hellhole? If she was hiding out from her superiors, she should have picked a place further off the map. Maybe China would have been better to way to seclude her needled haystack. Not mere miles away from an old, temporary assignment.
He tapped on Room 627, wear of cheap paint effort showing drastic inexperience to the sunlight, streaks with dingy first layers bursting free.
Through thin door, he heard the NPR radio station switched off. Sudden shuffling movement took hold of his keen hearing ability, the panic well known to a man often busting guilty offenders. He readied himself, propping against the frail wood, eager to bust down at moment’s notice.
A familiar face peered between rusty gold chain links, shallow face clean, blue eyes having lost vitality and candor. Hell, there was no cheeky humor to greet him.
He missed who she used to be, even if it was, after all a false attempt at playing normal citizen.
“How did you find me?” Kathleen Tolopsky asked, shaking with considerable distrust.
He had planned to make it in time for Amy’s wickedly delicious coconut cream pie, but the fear in the missing blonde’s eyes took over, taking over the maddening pleasures victorious thrill created within him.
Kathleen needed a trusting confidante.
He couldn’t afford to show her the ace yet.
Among collective groans and sighs of typical teenage angst, Liz quietly tapped yellow number two pencil against the crisp white pop quiz sheet. She knew each answer, having read and reread material often. It was nothing out of the ordinary.
Still, her occupied brain wasn’t attentive to multiple choice bubbles.
Her prickling skin, overly warmed underneath ribbed blue tank top and long black denim jeans, pulsed hot with arousing memories of Max’s tender fingers flickering against nerves and veins. She could still feel sweat filling pores, her awareness heightening as little beaded dew drops liquified her entire body.
She and Max almost made love again. Almost.
Right outside, hot kisses grew furtive and wild, their desperate bodies falling onto the soft futon blanket, white stars and glorious pearlescent moon watching explosive entanglement. His titillating fingers were digging into her tank, hers tortured brawny muscled pathway of his ribs and biceps, inexplicitly charged lightning scorched iron hot intensity. They were growing bolder, desperation stronger than mere adolescent lust.
“I should go,” Max had said, his plush lips like crushed wet velvet on her neck, devouring taste of her cinnamon hued skin.
“Yes,” Liz sighed, clutching strands of his glossy black hair, deliciously aware that her “yes” was for him to keep up rapid pace, not leave her in yearning, suspended in a limbo of stimulating .
He became epitome of burning flames licking between her fevered legs, seemingly molten through denim fabric.
She reached for his agony, needing to unbutton him, release his painful struggle.
“Liz,” he gasped sharply, his hands clasping hers, pleading for her to stop.
“I just want to touch you, Max.”
They stared at one another, widened chocolate eyes plummeting into golden hazel abyss.
Were they even ready for that sort of thing? They were only sixteen. She was still waiting for puberty to be deemed over, if she were ever to grow boobs at this point. Maybe she should invest in a Wonderbra like Maria.
“Liz!” Her father called. “Turn off the lights and go to bed.”

Liz felt a rush of pain strike her head, heated intensity an iron turned up high, pressing hard, burning her. Then it flashed away. Quick like a warning.
She finished her test and sat up erect, disturbed by the strange chain of events. Still, hot and tingling, she wondered if Max and her were involved in something that couldn't continue.
Tess smiled, pleasantly observing Liz redden brighter than a blistering summer tomato. The girl had little clue that the blond was using inherent alien energies to force Liz into believing dull, listless memories a hormonal cause. If desired, Tess could burn her largest threat with one push of her amplified mind.
“Ah,” she sighed, mentally stealing Liz's answers and circling her test bubbles, “I must have fun with her first.”
“Nice to see you showed up for school today, Michael,” Max said, hands folded at his chest, leaning casually against the row of lockers. He was late again, likely due to the scorching makeout session at his girlfriend's house, but at least he missed only a little bit of homeroom. Although his mind wanted to linger on the touch of Liz's silky bare skin, her luscious raven hair, and her succulent red lips, the way she cradled and moaned in his arms, how her palms felt against his growing agony, the leader in him wanted to concentrate on Michael, his alien brother. It wouldn't do for Michael to make the "no showing" a habit. After all, he had come too far to crash downward. Plus Max and Isabel's father's reputation would be on the line if the school decided to look in on Michael again.
“Well, I hated to make this a back to back thing,” Michael sneered, hiding uneasiness at seeing Max's face behind shutting his locker.
“What’s going on?” Max edged closer, dropping his voice to whisper.
“Nothing you need to worry about,” Michael responded back.
“You would tell me…”
“Of course.”
Maria, who left homeroom to "go to the bathroom," stepped up to them, gazing hard at Michael, her green eyes glittering. Alex followed close behind her, giving Michael his own stare, a goofy grin with bobbing eyebrows.
“Good morning,” Michael said to his secret keepers.
“If you would call this a good morning,” Maria snapped.
Max shrugged, believing it to be a weird Michael/Maria fireworks display—the foreplay ensuing action prior to make out sessions in the eraser room or nearest broom closet.
“I think the morning is good,” Alex inserted, his hands wiggling at both sides of his giant backpack. “We’re all here together—alive for another day.”
“Way to state the obvious,” Maria groaned. “That is if we do survive this latest shenanigan.”
“Shenanigan?” Max's eyebrows shot upward at Michael.
“There’s nothing going on,” Michael blathered, throwing a fiery glare into Maria “Big Mouth” Deluca’s direction. “She’s just being a real drama queen as usual.”
“Exactly what is she being overdramatic about, Michael?” Max couldn’t contain annoyance mixed with growing curiosity, peeved and intrigued by an obvious secret.
At that moment, Isabel and Tess sauntered up to the group, slowly adding unnecessary tension. Max felt alarming distraction sift into his insides, calming down tethered exasperation, soothing great need to rough Michael against the lockers to find out hinted truths. This strange blanket, meaning to be kind and warm, smothered his senses, and gave him another grating headache.
“Excuse me,” Max said, his hands at his temples, his feet hurrying him off to the restroom.
For hours, the orb cooled, gathering vitality in dormant sleep.
But it sensed dangerous threat gaining insurmountable strength.
The king and his queen needed to be one soon. Very, very soon.

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 9/3/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:13 pm

What a wonderful surprise.......THANKS!
But poor Liz and Max.......the sexual tension is about to explode.
And then there's Tess to ruin every thing.

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 9/3/17

Postby Diana28 » Mon Nov 27, 2017 1:51 pm

Will you post new chapters anytime soon? This story is amazing and I would love to read more! :D :D

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 9/3/17

Postby begonia9508 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:27 am

Loved the parts! Ah this Tess, she is not only gift... I hope she won't make too long on this Story! :lol: :lol: :lol: Hope is allowed, no?
Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 9/3/17

Postby lizparkerevans07 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:44 am

keepsmiling7 wrote:What a wonderful surprise.......THANKS!
But poor Liz and Max.......the sexual tension is about to explode.
And then there's Tess to ruin every thing.

Heehee! Thanks for commenting Carolyn. I'm back and the story is about to get further complicated. Stay tuned.

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 9/3/17

Postby lizparkerevans07 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:45 am

Diana28 wrote:Will you post new chapters anytime soon? This story is amazing and I would love to read more! :D :D

Thank you, Diana! I appreciate you reading the story and will continue to update sooner than usual lol. I haven't forgotten. :)

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 9/3/17

Postby lizparkerevans07 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:46 am

begonia9508 wrote:Loved the parts! Ah this Tess, she is not only gift... I hope she won't make too long on this Story! :lol: :lol: :lol: Hope is allowed, no?
Thanks EVE :mrgreen:

Lol!!! Hope is allowed, yes. But it might be a LONG while before Tess gets hers. Thanks for reading!

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 9/3/17

Postby lizparkerevans07 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:50 am

Chapter 6: The Monsters Game
For once, having been left out of the loop for months, Alex liked being in on a secret.
In the quiet classroom of last period Spanish, he skidded his closed black ink pen against blank answers of the worksheet on basic conversational phrases, thinking about the portly, balding visitor with a strangely undisguised interest in Michael. Of the three otherworldly cohorts, the emancipated, scraggly haired hooligan would seem the least likely candidate for Most Important Alien with natural leader Max and his belligerent sister, Isabel in the running. Of course, Alex was purely leaning on the latter, his angst ridden heart hanging in the winds for her.
Yes, like every Roswell High School student who didn’t share her unique biological genotype, Isabel was a well desired beauty with brains and personality to match. Underneath cold, petulant ice, was all the fire Alex longed to warm his skinny fingers on.
Still, Michael was hotheaded and reckless. The stranger likely knew that. How else had he discovered the extraterrestrial relation, much less the low budget apartment’s location? He had been obviously spying from the shadows, skulking, plotting out their every move. That was sketchy and dangerous. If Michael wasn’t going to be careful about this complicated chain of events, it meant Alex may have to step up and watch things closely. He must protect Michael somehow if the situation called for it.
Alex was scared. This territory of powerful beings that his average human capabilities couldn’t compete with didn’t grant the best feelings. He refused to be neglectful, for he would do anything for his new friends. It made him feel like he had a place, a role in this circle.
And something about that alien made his skin crawl, pulse with an uncomfortable sweat— the funky, stinky dodgeball kind of sweat.
“Hey,” a gruff whisper at his back interrupted Alex’s thoughts.
“How can I help you, Valenti?” Alex asked, sighing.
“What did you get for the last one?”
Looking up at the time, Alex realized that he needed to fill out the entire sheet in less than fifteen minutes.
Mrs. Diaz sat behind her desk, filing her nails on a hot pink emory board and smiling to herself.
Funny, how things like in-class assignments felt like the bottom of his life’s problems. He was the only one in this room of twenty-six students who knew that planet earth’s vulnerability had to do with a highly advanced species—hybrids that could successively blend in and walk among them.
The final question was an essay portion and he rolled his eyes.
“You’re on your own with that, Valenti.”
Maria sat outside in the empty bleachers, the same place she had kissed passionately Michael and foolishly revealed in between those breathless pecks to have never received the starry visions that Liz had. Yet Maria—dressed in a long-sleeved pink and orange psychedelic blouse, emerald green maxi skirt with a side slit, and brown wedge open toe heel sandals-- wasn’t focused on the overall faking calamity. Instead, her head was way up in the same foggy conscious clouds as Alex. Unlike him, however, she hated keeping secrets. This was something the whole group had to be aware of, that this other preposterous being wanted only to communicate to Michael—whom was the weakest link. He was a ticking timebomb, a loose cannon, the one who couldn’t use his powers correctly.
“He probably knows that,” she thought, thinking of the sneaky, skeevy alien seeking out Michael. “What else does he know?”
A little over twenty-four hours later, with the weight crushing her spirits, cedar oil sniffing Maria wanted to confide in Liz, to tell her about her boyfriend’s latest stubborn ideal. Unfortunately, her best friend seemed too preoccupied with Max’s lips to even talk to her for a few isolated minutes. Ever since she caught them in a hot, steamy clinch back at Michael’s apartment before the orb discovery, which still made it difficult to look Max in the eye, she was concerned about their intimacy, especially considering that the need to smooch “for clues” garnered the future valedictorian detention for the first time ever. The uncomfortable jealousy also threatened to flare up as Maria wasn’t truly pleased that the forbidden Romeo and Juliet couple seemed to be growing closer and closer. They might believe to be free from any real potential conflict.
That is, if they knew about the new person intruding upon the midst.
“Hey,” Michael said, sitting next to her.
“Hey,” she repeated, not looking at him.
“Look,” he sighed. “I know what you’re thinking.”
“So, you are a mind reader!”
“Don’t get like this okay. I’m just trying to find things out. Max and Isabel aren’t in this like I am.”
“What makes you think that? You’re legally emancipated because of them. They helped you out of a rough situation and you repay them by keeping this other visitor a secret? They have a right to know. How would you feel if they didn’t tell you?”
“They’ve kept their share of secrets.”
“Nothing as major as this. He must have answers. He must have been watching us. All of us. And you’re alright with that? He could have been the alien killer who murdered Atherton.”
“We don’t know that, Scully.”
Maria rolled her eyes and mumbled, “the truth is out there.”
“C’mon, let’s get out of here. I’ll make you a sandwich at my place.”
“I can’t, Michael. I have to pick up, Liz. We have a shift in half an hour.”
“Fine. At least let me walk you to the Jetta.”
He kissed her closed mouth and swung his arm over her shoulder, leading her to the parking lot.
Unbeknownst to Michael and Maria, Isabel stepped out of the shadows, bewildered by what she overheard. She was hiding out, blotting her smooth forehead with a Kleenex from sweaty hot flashes, the intense nonsensical fevers. There was only so much her power could disguise.
“What is up with your foundation today?” Marisa had asked earlier that morning after homeroom dismissal.
“I don’t remember it being so moist,” Aurora stated, staring at Isabel’s forehead like a pesky dermatologist—something her flaky, hanger-on personality wouldn’t ever aspire her to be. “I mean, I know dewy and refreshed will always be in style, but yours is pushing it to new limits.”
Isabel rolled her eyes, taking another facial tissue from her ribbed jeans’ pocket, and brushing the soft, tender fibers against annoying little droplets.
“It’s a new brand from Elle MacPherson’s company,” she lied to her followers as she discarded the tissue in the garbage can. “They sent me a preemptive free sample. Honestly, I can say that it isn’t the best.”
“Wow! The Elle MacPherson?” Marisa gushed. “Why don’t you share the load?”
“That’s amazing, Isabel,” Aurora added. “Let us try it out for ourselves. Maybe our skins would react differently. Yours is already perfect. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t work for you.”
Isabel smirked. It was so easy to deceive them. And she didn’t have to use her powers.
With her skin cooled for the moment and no flashes of intimacy with Michael materializing, she faced the two girls, her arms crossed over olive green blouse.
“Now you ladies know I never share.”
Later, ashamed and bewildered by her Michael thoughts, Isabel limited her interactions with Max, telling him in their shared social studies class that she had an errand to run straight after school.
“But I have work after school,” Max informed her. “You said that it was okay yesterday.”
“Well, something came up,” she hissed. “I can’t get out of it, Max. I’m sorry.”
“Anything the siblings want to share with everyone else?” Mr. Brewster asked, his bushy black brows rising distastefully, blue eyes focused on them like a predatory hawk.
“No Sir,” Max said, among the snickering classmates.
She wanted to talk to Michael the minute she saw him, see if he too was experiencing the strange rush of heated indecency, the peculiar fantasies between what was always a brother and sister relationship.
Instead, she discovered that he was keeping a colossal secret from her and Max.
“Another visitor?” She gasped, her fingers brushing against her flat abdomen, remembering the baby.
A few moments later, she rushed into the jeep and headed towards someone who could give her answers.
“Something wicked this way comes,” Tess hummed in an eerie singsong, watching Max and Liz hold hands across the courtyard, her crystal blue eyes flaring at their interlocked fingers. “Something wicked this way comes.”
“And would that wicked thing, be you?” Kyle asked, slinging large light gray gym bag over his shoulder. He had a massive amount of laundry to do. It made him long for the return of his mother. Not that he wanted her around just to properly clean his socks and boxers. He needed unconditional woman’s love too. Of course, that brought him to Liz and his eyes briefly leered in the window at her, her soft, supple skin tucked into Max’s own, that he remembered oh so well.
“Hello Kyle.” Tess turned her head slowly, creepily embodying a nocturnal owl and studied him, her full crimson lips cruelly turning upward, mockery shining in her brilliant depths.
“So, you really do want Evans?” He shook his head. “What is with you women?”
“He is an exceptional person, Kyle. You wouldn’t even begin to understand-”
“Understand what? You started school in the middle of last week and suddenly you’re head over heels? The man barely has time to breathe from suffocating the air out of Liz Parker’s brain.”
“It’s nothing.” Tess picked up the thick straps of her lofty pink purse and two stray textbooks off the window sill. “Could you give me a ride home?”
“Why would I do that? Haven’t the Evans’ been letting you play backseat driver?”
“Isabel has something to do.”
“Okay then. I guess I can be chaperone today, but don’t make this a habit unless you’re paying me.”
“Oh Kyle, chivalry is not dead with you.”
As they sat in his red car making small talk, Tess intrusively invaded Kyle’s mind, seeing the nauseating memories of Liz floating in his frontal lobe. He wasn’t a dumb jock stereotype hopelessly in love with a cheerleader type woman beneath him. He wanted a future with a dull, limp haired science nerd, obsessively shooting for a higher grade point average, researching sports programs at Yale and Harvard and resourcing budget tips to save money for these expensive colleges. From their first date to impassioned kisses to the bizarre breakup to a foolish investigation that ended with Michael supernaturally pushing him in a seedy motel room to Liz bringing him his favorite pie after she had caused his injury, Tess knew everything, knew just how deeply Kyle’s need for Liz.
And with the ammo, she would single handedly wedge a knife between Max and Liz for good.
They were near the yellow school buses.
Unfortunately, Max had to board one of them soon. Liz despised having to go to work immediately.
“How’s your head?” Max asked, touching her temples, brushing at irresistible baby hairs that framed soft, unmarred lines of her face, wanting to heal her if she needed him. Under curled fringe of his thick, soot lashes, he looked down into beguiling deep brown eyes and saw sweet, untainted sight of heaven. This dreamy girl-next-door beauty he was thankful to call his destiny. No one else could compete for his heart. From this lifetime and the next, she had him heart, body, and soul.
“I’m okay,” Liz replied, shyly gazing at her boyfriend’s perfectly sculpted nose and the wicked stubble growing on philtrum, cheeks, and chin. At times, the daunting intensity of his honeyed gaze awakened goosebumps on her flesh and alerted butterflies swimming inside her flustered belly. Their coupling was still fresh and new, like a package she just unwrapped, its pleasing contents remaining the center of her joy and fascination. “How’s yours?”
“I’m fine for the moment.”
He took both her hands and held them longer.
“Max, I hate this,” she confessed, looking up in his eyes again, taking their joined hands and rubbing his against her tormented skin. The act was so shockingly sensual that Max wanted to swoop her in his arms, rush into the forest trees behind the high school, and surrender to passion. In the eraser room, they kissed during lunch and free sixth period, arousing an eager, hungry possession clamoring for more eroticism, a strangulating current that neither felt ready to claim. “I hate that our parents are doing this to us. Like they have never rebelled before in their whole entire lives.”
“I know,” Max sighed, reluctantly removing his hands.
“What is it?” Liz asked, missing his touch in seconds.
“I really have to go.”
“I know.”
He turned to leave. Yet came back and took hold of her again.
“Look, it has been odd between us lately,” he admitted. “You’ve noticed it too, haven’t you? I can’t explain how I feel. I just want to be with you more and more. I can’t concentrate in class. I can’t focus at work. All I think about is you, Liz. I want to be holding you and kissing you. But I am afraid that I won’t be able to stop.”
He took her face in his palms and possessively crushed hers, devouring the whole of her like a savage succubus. They stood there kissing and kissing, bodies on fire, their faces turning in synchronized conjunction with the other, their desperate moans mingling with the blistering serenades of minute hummingbirds and buzzing bees.
They parted merely for a second, to breathe, to escape raw desire.
“I know,” Liz sighed against his generous mouth, her eyes closed. It was like every kiss and touch made the earth shatter around her and she could feel the hot devastation enter her body with a gratifyingly euphoric urgency. “There is nothing even hypothesized science can configure when it comes to us, this crazy, dynamic chemistry that we have.”
“It is crazy, huh?”
“Just a little.”
He kissed her nose and nuzzled his against hers, evoking warm, bubbled content to fill up her insides.
Then he rushed off to the yellow bus, leaving Liz cold and alone.
Until Maria found her.
“The plan is perfect,” Nasedo said, seated on the floor, taking sips of Tabasco spiced black coffee.
“You think so?” Tess asked, having revealed her scheme, a little tentative. Her protector was hard to please.
She placed her useless school belongings inside the living room closet and faced him, a great amount of confidence surge inside her.
“It’s going to take a lot out of you, but I’ll heal you if it becomes too much. You’ll need me.”
“I know.”
Nasedo’s piercing eyes observed the powerful other alien—secretly more talented than himself. In the past life, her great abilities had destroyed her essence and almost demolished their planet itself. She was the reason they were on earth, the reason why he couldn’t stand the sight of her. When he had uncovered the four pods in the early 1980’s, he took hers with murderous intentions, aiming to not allow history to be repeated. At the last moment, however, powers boiling in his treacherous hands, he realized that raising her as his pawn would be better, especially beneficial when he realized that she had no memories.
Currently, she had no idea what she was capable of, the depth of the pain she caused to millions.
“Zan will be mine and we will leave this measly planet to rule Antar,” Tess said happily, twirling around their empty house, incessantly humming like a maniac.
Nasedo saw how she looked at the blue-eyed boy. Even though her idea would temporarily break his world apart and give him some slight brain damage, it was good for them in the end. Zan would be free from human hold, dismantling the forbidden cycle that started the collapse of Antar.
His sinister plans didn’t include bringing Ava back either.
No, no. He needed her to stay on earth. It was where she needed to belong.

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Re: Wring Around the White Roses (M/L + CC) Updated 12/6/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:01 am

Love Liz being preoccupied with Max's lips!
And the reference to "Scully"........that's one of my all time favorites.
Poor Kyle, now Tess knows he cares for Liz..........and trouble ahead with Nasedo's plan.
You have to give me some one to hate, don't you??

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