Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 (The Conclusion)- Completed - 7/15/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 28 - Updated 1/18/2018

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 28 - Updated 1/18/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:28 am

Tender moments when Maria and Max visited Liz.......
Life does go on for both households.
So both Kyle and Michael found Carrie familiar looking.......
Then Beth appeared.........
And you left us there..........?????
Please hurry back,

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 28 - Updated 1/18/2018

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:roll: We. Are. Waiting....... :D :D :D :D please come back soon!!!!

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 28 - Updated 1/18/2018

Postby begonia9508 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:27 am

Thanks for the Story - It's getting more and more interesting... now we have Liz who will learn about her life and find her husband again, as well as her daughters!

But who did the unnomable thing to Max and Liz - is still to be discovered! Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 28 - Updated 1/18/2018

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:twisted: you are this for leaving it there

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Reunion - Chapter 29 - 1/21/2018

Postby Parker1947 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 10:38 am

The next thirty minutes or so seemed to be a blur for all involved. Michael and Kyle sat in the living room looking at the woman sitting in the chair; looking like the world caved in her while the teenager in the room observed it all with confusion, yet amusement at what were the first words out of one of the stranger’s mouth who had since introduced himself as Kyle Valenti, “Liz! You’re alive.”

What had transpired was, “What” Beth asked.

“What????” Carrie echoed as she stood next to her mother.

“Liz is that you?” Michael asked as he spoke up, as he stared at the love of his best friend’s life or a very similar twin or facsimile and therefore immediately he wondered what they had stepped into, and if it was some complex even alien conspiracy.

“Who is this Liz you speak of?” Beth asked carefully as Carrie stood next to her, not wanting to open the door to these men yet without something more.

“Elizabeth Parker Evans?” Michael grunted as he watched the woman who looked so much like Liz. “Your name is Beth Evans?”

“Mom?” Carrie asked.

“Come in,” Beth said quietly. “Yes, I am Beth, Carrie step aside and we’re going into the living room” she told her daughter, as she opened the door completely and allowed the men in. “What are your names?”

“Michael Guerin,” Michael stated.

“Kyle Valenti,” Kyle said as they walked into the house and then the living room and both he and Michael looked around the sizable house.

“Where do you live?” Beth asked as she took the men in who showed their identification to verify their names.

“Roswell, New Mexico.” Michael said. “Does that sound familiar?” he asked as he saw the teenager exchange a strange look with her mother who was looking very pale. “Are you okay?”

“I need something to drink,” Beth said to try to steady herself. “Do you two need anything to drink?” she asked.

“Water will be fine,” both Michael and Kyle said.

“Carrie, stay here. I’ll be right back,” Beth said as she quietly went into the kitchen and got some drinks ready.

And so, she was back into the living room, a little more composed while silence continued to fill the room, “I don’t understand this?” Beth asked. “Why are you here?”

“We are here in connection of a case I am investigating,” Michael said as he worked hard to keep it on business terms for a moment until he could process how to make out what was going on with the uncanniness of the woman’s resemblance to Max’s wife, Liz. “It’s now shifted to where we live in Roswell”

“How?” Beth asked as Carrie with curiosity in her sat down on the couch with her cell phone in her hands, she texted her sister. “You better get home quick.”

“I thought you said you weren’t cops?” Carrie piped in.

“We aren’t. I am a private investigator back home, working on a case that came my way, which apparently started out here,” Michael said carefully. “It involved a tip that was given to two detectives that work out of New Haven. And one link after another led to Roswell, and now we have been asked to visit you to verify the situation for our town Sheriff.”

“What kind of tale?” Beth asked.

“It involves you and your car crash. You were in one, right?” Michael asked as he looked at his notes he had taken from his discussion with Jim, and his initial research in the case as his brain started to process just why Jim had wanted the two of them to come and verify the situation. “As I would understand it?”

“Yes?” was all Beth would allow and Carrie’ interest peaked at the mention of her mother’s car crash. All things were colliding it seemed into the events of fourteen years ago.

“When?” Michael asked.

“I guess it’s coming up to fourteen years come June.” Beth said. “What is this about?” she asked.

“You were hospitalized?” Michael asked.

“Yes,” Beth said. “I was in a coma for two months, and then hospitalized until early November when I was finally strong enough to be released to live on my own, why?”

“There was another car crash, five days before yours. It was out west in our home town of Roswell. At the time, there was believed to have had one victim. She died.”

“I am sorry,” Beth said.

“Yes,” Michael said as he remembered the devastation that crash had torn through the town. “Anyways, there was never any second thinking about the crash in Roswell. It seemed clear cut, but links have appeared to come to light regarding your own crash which has a lot of similarities to the crash out west. I was sent to ask questions.”

“How so?” Beth asked. “Have whoever caused my crash been caught?”

“Has anyone ever been caught?” Kyle asked curious. He knew he was supposed to be an observer and let Michael do the hardcore questioning, but he couldn’t help but ask this woman who so uncannily resemble Liz. Could it be true? Could there been an elaborate trick played on all of us, and especially Max and Grace all those years ago, could Liz really be alive all this time?

“No” Beth said as she snapped Kyle back to reality. “As far the police ever told me, they never could identify the true cause of my crash or how it happened, or found any responsible parties involved.”

“It happened here in Connecticut?” Michael asked as he checked the dates of the two crashes and made some calculations.

“Yes,” Beth nodded. “It was on the outskirts of New Haven which is why I have sort of settled in the area when I did get released from the hospital. I didn’t have somewhere else to go.”

“I don’t get this?” Carrie piped into the conversation. “If you are from New Mexico as you two say you are than why are you so curious about my mother’s car crash?”

“Because it would seem you bear an uncannily resemblance to another woman?” Kyle said quietly.

“Whom?” Beth asked.

“Of the woman who died fourteen years ago, in a car crash on June 25, 2008 in Roswell, New Mexico” Michael said quietly.

“What?” a shocked Beth squeaked while Carrie jaw dropped open.


“What was the message from Kyle about?” Amy was asking her husband as they sat down for a drink as she got home from work at the Crashdown. Jim had put a few hours in at the station, and then come home to find two text messages from his son. One to indicate they had arrived. And then the next one had gotten his attention.

“We can’t talk right now. We NEED to talk later as U have a lot of explaining to do!!”

“Wow” Amy said as she viewed it. “Could it mean something?” she asked. “Kyle wouldn’t have used that tone if it was nothing?”

“I know” Jim said as he wondered the meaning of his son’s words.


“Are you troubled about something?” Max was asking his sister as they sat in their childhood living room while the four of the five Guerin kids, three Evans-Valenti and Grace were playing football outside in the backyard with Jake and Grace as team captains and Belle sitting out because of her age. Given how close Michael was to the Evans house; the Guerin family had been treated as honorary members of the family. And Phillip and Diane treated the kids like grandchildren which made the attraction between Jake and Grace trickier. Phillip and Diane noticed it as well as their parents did, but they knew the kids were too smart to try anything or they prayed they were.

“I don’t know,” Isabel was saying as she remembered her déjà vu moment that morning with the feeling of Alex and what it dredged up in her. “It’s just something is up. I feel like life is changing.”

“The kids are growing up. Heck I feel it every day with Grace. She’s going on a date this week, and I am scared to death.”

“A date really Grace?” Isabel asked, surprised at her niece. “I wouldn’t think she would want to go anywhere near that kind of situation right now.”

“It’s a movie and I am meeting the guy,” Max smiled. “But because of her wish to act more like a teenager, I realize how lucky I have been before now,” he smiled. “And I can’t help but worry for the future.”

“Your daughter has a good head on her shoulders. I don’t think you have to worry about Grace,” Isabel smiled. “But I am surprised she’s willing to take a chance right now.”

“Me too,” Max said. “I guess life has to go on.”

“It does,” Isabel conceded. “Life does go on, but ever since you came to us about what Grace believes she saw at the chamber, it feels like everything is colliding into something all new.”

“How so?” Max asked.

“I believe Alex is trying to tell me something. I got this feeling this morning when I woke up to say good-bye to Kyle, and this feeling like there was a presence surrounding me, prodding me to connect the dots.”

“What?” Max asked.

“I know it sounds strange. All this should have been over back in high school. Alex should have been moving on, but since Grace said she’s seen him. I get this feeling he is indeed here, and trying to get us to pay attention.”

“What does he want us to pay attention to?” Max asked.

“I have no idea,” Isabel sighed. “I can’t think of what he wants to us to figure out. What is it that we don’t know?”

Max nodded as their conversation ended as the kids all came in from the game as dinner was about to get served, and everyone was taking their spot.


"You think that I am actually someone who was believed to have died?” Beth continued to ask as she stared at Michael and Kyle. “I don’t get it?”

“You bare an uncannily resemblance to the woman of fourteen years ago, with the vantage of age of course the only difference.” Michael replied.

“Yes, well, they say everyone has a twin somewhere.” Beth said quietly as Carrie next to her giggled at the twins’ reference as her mother wondered to herself whether the reason she wasn’t located was because she was supposed to be dead, and no one knew any different.

“They do say that,” Kyle reasoned.

“Look just because I happen to look like someone who was believed to have died fourteen years ago, doesn’t mean I am that person,” Beth reasoned even though she knew she was walking on thin ice given her own past and not exactly sure why she was fighting the notion that she might be this dead woman. “I need to know why you think I could be this person.”

“Okay, you deserve that much,” Michael acknowledged as he saw how much stress their visit was having on the woman while the teenager next to her was having a blast like this was an awesome soap opera or movie she was living when suddenly the front door burst open, and in came another teenager looking frantic, he looked at Kyle with confusion and got the same confused look back.

“What’s going on?” Alexandra asked her mother and sister. “I get a SOS from Carrie, and I rush home and see a strange car in the driveway, behind the gates?” she asked since she wasn’t aware of any company, and the text from her sister had gotten her worried. “What’s wrong Mom?”

“Alex…” Beth began…

“Alex?” Kyle asked in disbelief as he looked at Michael who was also computing the latest information.

“Yes, men, these are my twin daughters. You have met Caroline, aka Carrie. And this new arrival is my daughter Alexandra. She was at a friend home, and I wasn’t expecting you home yet Alexandra?” Beth saw as she faced her daughter.

“Carrie told me I was needed at home. And anyways Ella’s family had a pressing issue with her brother, so I came home instead of staying for dinner, Mom, what is going on?” Alexandra asked.

“I wish your sister hadn’t done that,” Beth said as she glanced at her other daughter. “You didn’t need to rush home.”

“Mom!” Alexandra asked as if it suddenly dawned on Michael and Kyle that there were children involved with the situation and it wasn’t so cut and dry in the likelihood that Liz could be alive.

“These men had a few questions for me.” Beth said as she tried to figure out what to say to her daughters.

“They think Mom could be dead woman,” Carrie said summing up the basic situation up to now as her twin sat down by her fellow twin.

“WHAT!” Alexandra asked with her jaw dropping open.

“Excuse me” Kyle piped up as he looked at the twins. “Can I ask how old your children are?”

“Why?” Beth asked as the twins looked at Kyle suspiciously

“Because it might be help a great deal in figuring out what is going on here,” Michael said as he realized why Kyle wanted to know the twins’ age. “It might not solve it, but it might be important to the discussion we were having.”

“They are thirteen,” Beth said quietly.

“When is their birthday?” Michael asked. As far as he could recall Liz hadn’t been pregnant before her death, or so they all knew and if either Max or Maria had known, it would have been gotten out when Liz had died so tragically.

“October 31st. They will be fourteen on Halloween.”

“Were they born early?” Michael asked.

“Yes, but only because of the complications of my crash, and being twins, it was natural they were delivered early.”

“Of course,” Kyle said as he calculated the dates. Liz could have been early in her pregnancy on the date of the crash, and therefore it was very doable, in that the twins were Max and Liz’s. Oh, my god. If the twins’ biological father is indeed Max, then has a great injustice been committed?.

“Are you married, divorced?” Michael asked.

“Single,” Beth said. “And before you ask, I am not with the twin’s biological father nor is he involved in their lives.”

“Why is that?” Michael asked.

“I have amnesia. Thanks to that crash fourteen years ago come June. I was left with no memory of my life, or what it came before it and therefore I only remember my life from the moment I woke up in the hospital, two months after the crash.”

The room filled with silence.


“I hate waiting,” Trevor MacIntosh was saying at the Crashdown as he and Sandra was eating. They still had an hour before MacIntosh’s family would be arriving and they were having a quick bite to eat.

“For what?” Sandra asked as they read over the file.

“My family and this case, I want answers.” Trevor said as he watched the clock tick away. “I want to know if there is any connection between the cases.”

“There is, I am sure of it.” Sandra insisted. “There are too many similarities to pass up the possibility that Elizabeth Parker Evans may indeed be alive” she said. “I think it’s going to be a matter of formalities.”

“What did you say?” came a voice, and they both turned and saw that someone they didn’t know was approaching their table. “Who did you say was alive?”

“Who are you?” Trevor asked.

“Isabel Evans Valenti,” Isabel said as she walked up the detectives at the table. She had come in the restaurant after her parent’s dinner had broken up, and Phillip and Diane had offered for Isabel’s kids to stay the night, and head to school in the morning from their grandparents. Isabel had jumped at it, and had gone home to pick up some clothes to deliver to her parents when afterwards she felt like something sweet and salty and decided to come to the Crashdown to pick up some ice cream to take home and overheard the mention of her sister-in-law.

“Valenti?” Sandra asked. “By any chance, is there any relation to Sheriff Valenti?”

“Yes, he’s my father-in-law,” Isabel said. “You didn’t answer me, what is this Liz?”

“You must have been mistaken,” Trevor said but was cut off.

“I am not mistaken. You were talking how you think my sister-in-law who has been dead for fourteen years might be alive?” she asked quietly so that Jeff Parker who was working the late shift wouldn’t overhear. “What is this all about?”

“Sit down then,” Sandra said as Trevor checked his watch. “Go, I’ll deal with this.”

“Thanks, I owe you one. Pick up the check, and I’ll get you back next time or bill it to the department.” Trevor said. “She’ll deal with this for you. I have to go pick up my family at the bus station.”

“Good,” Isabel said. “And I gather you’re from out of town. The bus station is down the street.”

“Thank you,” Trevor said as he left the restaurant, while Isabel concentrated on the one who remained. “Who are you? And why were you mentioning my sister-in-law’s name.” she demanded.

“I am Detective Sandra Casper and you just met my partner Trevor MacIntosh, we are in town from New Haven, Connecticut following a tip.”

“What tip?” Isabel asked a sharp suspicious glaze at the detective. “And how does it involve my family?”

“I am not at liberty to say,” Sandra tried say but was cut off by Isabel. “I am serious, I don’t know what kind of situation I am looking at and I would rather not spread our story until we know more.”

“Connecticut,” Isabel asked as she put some pieces together. “You are the reason my husband and best friend are out there to check out a case, aren’t you?” she wondered as Michael and Kyle did indicate it was Connecticut that they were headed for. “I want some answers.”

“It’s a really small group, isn’t it?” Sandra asked.

“You have no idea,” Isabel smiled at all the ways her family interconnected with each other in this town. “Is it my ears, and I am told I have excellent hearing as I have three kids and they are constantly trying to pull something over on me and it hasn’t worked yet. What is going on?”

“Look Mrs. Valenti,” Sandra started.

“Call me Isabel,” Isabel said quietly as Jeff was near their table. “I realize cops are in a tough spot, as I am married to the son of a cop. And even before our marriage, I realized how much Jim was invested in his job and there were certain things he couldn’t tell us. So, I understand your need to keep certain things private. But I did hear my sister in law’s name, and I want to know why.”

“All I can say I am investigating a crash back home that is extremely like the one involving an Elizabeth Evans. Who I assume is your sister-in-law.”

“Yes, she was married to my brother. If she had lived, it would be 20 years come June. They had a little girl who was just a little over two years old when her mother died, and she has just turned sixteen.”

“Did they ever catch whoever, did it?” Sandra asked.

“It was a senseless car crash,” Isabel sighed. “A rainy, horrible night and she probably shouldn’t have been driving but she had been working overtime as an intern at two hospitals, and was coming home to her husband and daughter and crashed.”

“So, no other driver involved?” Sandra asked.

“I don’t believe so. But it’s been so long; hard to really remember all the details but I don’t believe it was ever believed that another car was involved.” Isabel said as she shook at the memory of her brother when he got word of his wife’s death. “She was killed instantly.”

“That is a shame,” Sandra said. “I should really get back to my motel room. I need to call my husband.”

“What is this?” Isabel asked as she spotted a picture from the file on the table, and she took a close look. “Why do you have a picture of my sister-in-law in your case file?”


“Tell Mommy I called and that I love you guys and I hope to be home very soon,” Kyle was saying on his cell phone as they sat in a nearby restaurant and having something to eat while giving Beth and her kids some time to cope with the latest developments, and for Kyle and Michael to pick up the pieces and try to figure out how to make this all work. “Tell your brother and sister to have a good day at school tomorrow,” he smiled as he put his phone down. “The kids are at Phillip and Diane’s for the night.”

“Maria and the kids aren’t home yet,” Michael said as he reported of his own call to his home.

“Amnesia?” Kyle as they went back to talking about their case. “How freaky that is…”

“It’s incredible development for sure,” Michael said. “The resemblance is uncanny.”

“I know,” Kyle said. “Which probably why Dad wanted us to come down and have a look at the situation for ourselves, so we could tell him what is going on.”

“Have you reached your father yet?” Michael asked.

“Nope,” Kyle said. “He’s not at the station nor is he at home. Maybe he and Amy are out for dinner.”

“Try later,” Michael sighed. “I don’t know what to think about this case.”

“Could Liz really be alive?” Kyle asked as he thought back to the uncanny resemblance of the woman they had just left. “I mean those kids are miniature versions of Max and Liz, and even Grace.”

“Liz wasn’t pregnant when she died.”

“That we knew, or even Max knew. She could have been early on when the accident happened and therefore no one would have known any wiser.”

“True and they didn’t know about Grace for a while due to the complication factors involving the pregnancy,” Michael conceded as they knew that an alien hybrid human pregnancy was shorter than the average pregnancy if full term and often mimicked a premature birth if monitored by health care doctors.

“What if it is true?” Kyle asked.

“Then life will forever be different, and I am not sure how to even figure it out. The idea that such a circumstance could be kept from Maxwell for nearly fourteen years,” he asked as she remembered the time when his best friend was beyond devastated at the loss of his wife. “I just can’t believe it.” Michael grunted.

“Let’s eat, and then head back and maybe we can get more answers.”


“What happened?” Serena asked as the front door of Beth’s home burst open and she saw Alexandra on the other side and not her best friend Beth. “Where is your mother?”

“Upstairs, resting.” Alex said as she led Serena into the living room where Chinese containers littered the table. Any idea of a homemade dinner was lost because of Beth’s need to rest once their guests were gone so the twins put out a SOS for their mother’s best friend. An emergency credit card was an amazing invention for two teenagers.

“Girls what happened?” Serena asked as she remembered the frantic call from Carrie a half hour before as she finished dinner with her family and she had rushed over to see what she could do to help.

“Mom’s past,” Alexandra said. "Can you go check on her?” she asked. “We’re worried about her.”

“Okay,” Serena nodded her head and went upstairs while the teens dug into their dinner while they waited, and moments Serena came back. “She’s sleeping. Why don’t you tell me what is going on?”

“Some men were here questioning Mom,” Carrie said as she took a bite of her spicy chow mein.

“So?” Serena asked as she sat down across from the twins.

“They were asking about her accident, fourteen years ago, before we were born,” Carrie said quietly. “They are from Roswell, New Mexico.”

“New Mexico?” Serena asked as she still wasn’t getting the significance. “That is a long way to come to ask some questions about your mother’s accident.”

“They seem to think some details meshed with an accident their way?” Alexandra said as took an egg roll and splashed some tabasco sauce on it, which Serena shook her head in amusement. The twins’ eating habits had always amused her. So, opposed in the way her boys ate.

“And?” Serena asked.

“Basically, they think Mom is a dead woman?” Alexandra said quietly to Serena’s shock and mouth jaw falling open. “Precisely,” she said as she took a bite of her spicy Shanghai noodles.


“I can’t believe you didn’t tell us?” Kyle was telling his father back at the motel. They decided to check into a room before heading back to Beth Evans. And taking a break and Kyle decided to again to Skype his father.

“I am truly sorry,” Jim said from his desk in his study. He and Amy indeed had been out for dinner when they returned home to the message from his son. “I wanted the element of surprise,” he said honestly. “I thought it would work better that way.”

“What made you take this case?” Michael asked as he piped into the conversation.

“Two detectives came our way with a story about maybe our crash meshing with their Jane Doe. A cold case unsolved to this day. A crash five day after Liz’s occurred out there in Connecticut. Apparently, a tip told them that Liz could have survived her crash, was grabbed and taken and landed in a crash across the country that ended up giving her amnesia and robbing her of her memory.”

“And you took their word for it?” Kyle asked.

“No, but some of the details meshed with Liz’s crash. It is certainty possible that someone out there got the details and decided to play me, and that is why I wanted you both to go and see for yourself. Since both of you have close ties to both Max and Liz. You would know if we’re all being snowed.” Jim said with sigh.

“Do you think you’re being played?” Michael asked.

“I don’t want to think so,” Jim said with a groan. “They seem to think they are on to something, and heaven knows you guys had enemies back then. Still do probably,” he said to a squirm from Michael. “I am sorry if that is a sore point.”

“No problem,” Michael said honestly. “Is there anything else?”

“You know that this Beth Evans has two kids?” Jim asked as he looked down at the case file he had started on the investigation.

“Yes, twin girls,” Michael said. “They are identical, and their names happen to be Alexandra and Caroline Evans.”

“The names ring a bell, don’t they?” Jim asked. “If she were to be our Liz?”

“Yes, the one daughter’s name Alexandra. It is very much like Alex, who we lost back in high school and we can all connect the dots on the name Evans.”

“I know,” Jim said. “Did you notice anything?”

“They do resemble Max and Liz, and even Grace,” Kyle commented. “But there are plenty of brunettes in this world, but they are pretty distinctive.”

Very true,” Jim said. “But Michael, if Liz is indeed alive, then you know what it means for those two girls if indeed Max is the father.”

“I know?” Michael said as he thought to himself. They would be alien human hybrids!

“There is something else, something that came across my desk tonight.” Jim said as he picked up a document that he found on his desk when he stopped off at the station prior to dinner with his wife.

“What?” Michael asked.

“I want to know more on the twins. How old are they?” Jim asked.

“Thirteen years old,” Kyle said. “They say their birthday is on Halloween. So, they will turn fourteen later this year.”

“Well, the twins when they were born according to the detectives, they were put through the database of the time, but no hits came from it and the same with Jane Doe, who has since taken the name Beth Evans but given how your little group does like to keep your life off the grid in terms of official databases. The DNA database wouldn’t be up to date on any links to any of you. Which would not a shocker but because of that lack of information, something new has come up.”

“What?” Michael said as he had to agree with Jim. The secret society did try to keep off the grid and so far, they had been lucky. Except for that one time back in high school after Max and Liz had gotten into a jeep accident after cutting class, but they had used a buffer to get through that in that they used Alex Whitman’s blood to fool hospital doctors after an accident had injured Max and Liz and caused Max to be knocked out for a period and in need of temporary hospitalization.

“A DNA request came through back in New Haven of the twin girls. Their information was put through the system and a match came back.”

“A match?” Michael asked.

“Yes. They matched someone right here in Roswell.” Jim said as he read the results of the test. “A partial but it is enough to raise this to a whole new level.”

“Who did they match Jim?” Michael asked as he said the obvious. “It can’t be Maxwell.”

“It’s not Max. It is Jeff Parker,” he said quietly as then let it soak in.


“Put the food away,” Serena said as she monitored the twins while allowing her friend to sleep. She was trying to process the idea that her friend might be someone who was believed dead fourteen years ago, come June. “You have school in the morning. You might want to get ready for bed.”

“It’s early,” Carrie protested as they heard a knock on the door. “I’ll get it.”

“I’ll get it,” Serena insisted. “Put the food in containers in the kitchen. And clean up. You don’t want your mother to wake up to this mess, whenever she wakes up. She’s not going to be able to sleep all night.”

“Okay,” Carrie and Alexandra said as they cleaned up the dirty dishes and cartons and carried to leftover food to the kitchen.

While Serena walked to the front door, “Yes?” she asked as she opened it.

“Who are you?” came the voice.

“Serena Rogers, friend of the family. Who are you? And how did you get through the gate?”

“It was left partially open,” Kyle said.

“I didn’t leave it open, oops, maybe I did,” Serena said as she remembered being in a rush when she got through the gate with the known pass code. But it doesn’t tell me my other question, who are you? And why are you here?”

“Aunt Serena,” came Alexandra as she came out of the kitchen. “Carrie is doing the dishes, who is at the door? Hey, you’re back?”

“You know these two Alexandra?” Serena asked the teenager staring at the door.

“Those are the two men Carrie and I were telling you about.”

“Oh,” Serena said as she took a more assessing look of the strangers. “Come in then. “I am Serena Rogers, a very good friend of Beth’s and the girls. I go way back.”

“And how far back is that?” Michael as they walked into the house once again.

“To the hospital, after the accident as I was an intern helping on Beth’s case and we became friends when she woke up from her coma and had to stay on bed rest within the hospital until the twins were born.”

“You are a doctor?” Michael asked.

“Yes. While Beth commutes to work at a hospital in New Haven, I have my own practice here in town.”

“Hey,” Carrie said as she finished with the dishes and had come out to join her sister. “What are you doing back here?”

“Where is your mother?” Michael asked.

“Your visit made her need to lie down. She’s still sleeping,” Alexandra said. “I don’t want anything more to upset my mother. She’s been through enough” she said with a whiff of annoyance that the men were back bothering her mother. “I don’t care if you think you can solve our mother’s missing past.”

“I understand your need to protect your mother,” Michael said. “We just wanted to talk to her. We can come back tomorrow. We plan to stay in town until we can solve this thing one way or another.”

“Maybe you should,” Serena said. “Although I believe Beth is working nights until Thursday night.”

“It’s okay,” came a voice from the stairs. Beth who had been watching since she woke up a few minutes prior when she realized she had fallen asleep and left her kids their own amusement which was always a dicey proposition for their mother, so she had gotten up and heard Serena’s voice and figured one of her daughters had called in the troops.

“Sorry if we woke you,” Kyle said. “It wasn’t our intention.”

“It’s alright. I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep. My intention was to just rest my eyes, and lay down for a bit.” Beth said. “Can I help you guys?” she asked.

“I know it’s getting late,” Kyle acknowledged. “It feels earlier to us.”

Beth nodded. “Come in.”

“You girls get something to eat?” Beth asked as they walked into the living room.

“Chinese takeout,” Alexandra said. “We were good, I promise,” she smiled. “The bill is in the kitchen if you want to double check. And yes, we used the emergency credit card since we didn’t have enough cash.”

“Okay,” Beth said as she turned back to her visitors. “What is it you wanted?”

“You said you have amnesia?” Michael asked.

“Yes,” Beth said. “And I have to admit your visit is giving my brain a whirl of a time. But still I am not getting any of my memory back. But yes, to answer your question. I do have amnesia. The only thing I remember is waking up in the hospital, and meeting Serena and starting my life from there.”

“I can confirm that,” Serena said.

“You have to no memory of your accident?” Michael asked.

“Nope,” Beth said. “I admit to having some moments of flashes over the years. But nothing to be able to tell what is going on and nothing at all from the crash itself. And that has been a pain not only for myself but my girls. They don’t know their history or where they come from.”

“It sucks,” Carrie piped in.

“Can I ask you something?” Serena asked as watched the surreal experience go on. “You say my friend is this dead woman.”

“Yes, I guess we are. We don’t know 100% but there is enough credible evidence.”

“Can you tell us about this woman? Who was she? And what makes you so certain that Beth may be her.”

“Her name was Elizabeth Parker Evans.” Kyle said quietly. “She died fourteen years ago, as of June 25, 2008. She left a husband of 6 years and a two-year-old daughter.

“A daughter?” Beth asked carefully as the piqued the interest of the twins who looked at each other and then their mother.

“Yes,” Michael said. “Grace. She’s now 16 years old.”

“Oh Mom” Alexandra piped up.


Jim was unable to watch television with his wife after his Skype conversation with his son and Michael. He knew that chances that Liz was alive had multiplied by nearly 100% after the DNA match of the twins to Jeff Parker. No way could it happen if the test wasn’t legit and therefore Max and Liz were indeed the parents. He had tried to calm himself and watch a movie with his wife, but couldn’t when there was a knock on the front door.

“I’ll get it,” Jim said to his wife. “Yes,” Jim said as he opened the door and saw Isabel; his daughter-in-law. “Isabel. It’s nice to see you. Are you missing my son?”

“Yes, but that is not what I came to you about.”

“What is it?” Jim asked as he invited Isabel to the house. “Where are the kids?”

“They are still with my parents. They are spending the night, and will head to school in the morning.”

“How can I help you?” Jim asked as Amy switched off her movie and focused on her husband and daughter-in-law.

“I want to know what is going on!” Isabel said. “I know something is going on. First this mission you have Michael and Kyle of all people on. You know Kyle rarely gets involved unless it’s pod squad related and even then, Max and I usually also know. But since they arrived it has been radio silence for the two of us. I want to know why.”

“I am not at liberty to say Isabel.”

“I don’t believe that,” Isabel said. “Jim, I want to know what is going on. Please let me know. And why are there two detectives in town, and why are they carrying a picture that very much looks like my deceased sister-in-law; the love of my brother’s life!

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 29 - Updated 1/21/2018

Postby RoswellFan68 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 1:42 pm

Great part. Now is Jim and Isabel going to tell Max and Grace what is going on.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 29 - Updated 1/21/2018

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:08 pm

The two car crashes are still a mystery..........and is very confusing to all involved (including me!)
So Beth admitted she had amnesia, that rang a bell with Kyle and Michael.
The anticipating is building, and I can't wait for 2+2 to equal 4.
The twins are beginning to realize certain things.......and of course they want more.
Of course Isabel wants answers........wonder when Max will be brought into the investigation??
Thanks, but please hurry back,

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 29 - Updated 1/21/2018

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:08 pm

The puzzle is starting to come together. Jim has one very pissed off female alien hybrid to deal with now!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: M/L, M/M, I/K - Chapter 29 - Updated 1/21/2018

Postby L-J-L 76 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:59 pm

All I can say is OH WOW. Can't wait for Max, Grace and others to find out about Beth Evans. Hopefully Michael and Kyle can talk more to Beth and confence her.

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