Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 71 - Completed - 7/15/2018

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Reunion - Chapter 67

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:02 am

“She’s gone,” those were the first words Maria and Michael heard when the ambulance made it into the hospital, and the doors open, and the gurney came rushing into the emergency room and they focused on the horror scene with doctors actively trying to bring the patient back with CPR. ‘She’s not responding’ said a paramedic. Another said, “she went flat less than two minutes ago.”

“That’s impossible,” Maria screamed at the already traumatizing sight of her goddaughter being rushed in with a knife wound, as she also didn’t relish having beat the ambulance to the hospital in the first place and now to see Grace, and being told they were losing her. “You have to do something!” she demanded of any doctor and nurse that crossed her view sight as they rushed after the gurney, as they prayed that this was all a joke.

“Tell me the situation,” is all what the lead doctor said as they all saw Beth come in after the gurney and rushed into a room as it was her job to quiet the hysteria but also concentrate on hr patient, but the hysteria associated with the family was not letting up, so she just concentrated on what she could tell of the patient but also focused on the large group. “Are any of you, family?” she asked as it was difficult to tell.

“Grace Evans, age 16… Knife deeply embedded in the back near the lumbar spine, approximately thirty-five minutes ago in the park, already packed down by the time of our arrival. We assessed the situation, provided the necessary oxygen and hooked her up the machines once in the ambulance. We arrived within fifteen minutes, encountered a traffic jam on the way that couldn’t be prevented. Ninety seconds before arrival, she flat lined.

“Who packed this down?” the lead doctor asked as she did a quick assessment.

“I did,” Beth spoke up as the lead doctor did a brief examination. “I am a doctor.”

“With this hospital, I don’t recognize you.”

“No, out of state. I was in the area on a personal matter,” Beth said. “But I am licensed in Connecticut.”

“Where?” the lead doctor asked as the CPR was continuing.

“New Haven,” Beth muttered. “As a non- surgical pediatrician, but I have dealt with my share of life threatening situations.”

“How did this happen?” the lead doctor asked.

“The matter is under investigation by the Sheriff department,” the paramedic stated.

“Is there any knowledge of how the injury occurred?”

“Early reports have a fight with an unknown man who has been taken into custody. It’s possible the girl was stepping into the prevent an armed sexual assault when she was stabbed in the ensuing mayhem, but the matter is still under investigation.”

“Okay, let’s continue with CPR and move her into a room. We will try to remove the knife and shock her, and see if she can come back” the lead doctor said. “Wait out there,” she said to Maria, Michael, and Beth who were not happy to get the orders. “Where are her parents.”

“We’re locating her father!”

“I am her mother,” Beth said for the second time that evening and this time with more feeling.


“Her father has custody,” Maria was quick to inform the doctor as she was fearful for her friend to come and find out he may have already lost his daughter. “We are locating him.”

Beth nodded her head her confirmation to the unique situation as they left the room and walked back to the waiting part of the emergency room as the reality of the situation became all the more crystal clear to her as the doors to the emergency room burst open and four teenagers came running in with the Sheriff quickly behind them as he hadn’t been able to control their actions once the Sheriff vehicle had reached the hospital, “Mom!” the twins screamed as they rushed into Beth’s waiting arms.

“Where is Grace!” Elizabeth demanded as her eyes searched out her mother and father.

“Oh god,” Maria cried as she saw her teenage daughter come racing towards them, and then cringed at the sight the bruises around Sue’s neck but thankfully her daughter seemly uninjured as she pulled her into a hug, and then Michael with his turn hugged his eldest daughter. When they had heard of the reports of a possible sexual assault, they both thought the worse and now it was evident that it was Sue. “What in the hell happened.”

“We can talk about that but where is Grace?” Elizabeth asked. “Please let her be okay.”

“It’s not good,” Maria admitted not wanting to admit to her daughter that they might have lost her. “The doctors are with her, so tell me, what happened?”

“Your daughter saved my life or more importantly, Grace saved my life, and she paid for it” Sue cringed at the words coming out her mouth “Please tell me that Grace is okay?”

“Mom, Dad, please tell us. Is she okay?” Elisabeth pleaded as she saw the twins in their mother’s arms as she could sense the anxiety in the older woman’s face who glanced over at her, and her parents. “She’s okay, isn’t she?”

“First why don’t you tell us what happened?” Michael was all he said as he came into the conversation.


“Elizabeth” Michael countered as he wasn’t going to give an inch to her daughter despite the traumatic situation his little girl was obvious under that evening because he had to make sense of the situation they were in, so they could face Max with information.

“Fine,” Elizabeth grumbled at the non-answers into Grace’s condition which made her fear the worst. “It’s pretty obvious at this point as Sue was attacked. Grace and I was able to race in to help and prevent the attack from going even further but in the kerfuffle, we didn’t protect the perimeter until it was too late, and as a result Grace was stabbed.”

“Are you okay Sue?” Maria asked as she reached for the teen girl, and cringed when she saw the bruises. “Should we be asking a doctor to check you over?”

“I am now, thanks to your daughter and Grace’s quick thinking.” Sue nodded. “It could have been worse as I could be dead but no, I am fine. Luckily, it was stopped in time and all I have are bruises, unfortunately for Grace... the worst happened.”

“Have you called your parents?” Maria asked as she saw a doctor come there way. “Excuse me, we need your help.”

“What?” came the doctor who stepped forward towards Maria and the girls.

“We want this girl checked over as you can see the bruises around her neck. It looks like she was attacked, and she should be monitored to make sure it’s nothing serious.”

“Mrs. Guerin look I am fine.” Sue protested. “He only scared me, and they are only bruises as Grace and Elizabeth stopped anything more from happening.”

“Still, those bruises look scary and you need to make sure you will be fine. Go, and I’ll call your parents.”

“They are on their way,” Sue said as she pleaded with Elizabeth’s mother not to send her in with the doctor but knew she was losing the argument. “Seriously, I am okay Mrs. Guerin.”

“Humor me okay,” Maria said. “Send the bill to Maria Deluca Guerin,” she told the doctor who led Sue away to be checked out. “Okay, you” she asked her daughter as she faced Elizabeth.

“What?” Elizabeth asked as she took a look at her worried parents.

“Why were you in the park?” Michal asked as the doors to the emergency room flung open, and in rushed Isabel and Kyle who immediately found the small group.

“Where is Grace?” Isabel cried when she saw the group in the waiting room. “Where is my niece?”

“Isabel,” Maria acknowledged her friend with hugs to Isabel and her step brother. “Have you talked to Max?”

“He’s ten minutes away,” Isabel frantically admitted. “He called the house when he couldn’t reach Jim.”

“How is Grace?” Kyle asked.

“It’s not good,” Maria admitted.

“Tell me,” Isabel pleaded. “Tell me everything…”
Beth’s mind was swimming. She didn’t what to do, or how to act. Her brain was going in slow motion, and her head was aching…. She had walked herself and the twins away from the commotion to get some peace as she tried to figure out how to deal with the night’s emotional upheaval as she tried to come to some comprehension of what had transpired.

“Mom are you okay?” Alexandra whispered in the corner…away from the commotion. They were worried about the unanswered tension in the room. “You were in the ambulance. How is she?”


“Mom, Carrie and I love you. And you mean the world to us and you were the best Mom in the world and no matter what happens here in Roswell or anywhere changes that. Let us help you. We have been selfish at times.”

“You two are thirteen, so being selfish can be in the job description” Beth said quietly.

“Maybe,” Carrie smiled. “We are sorry if we have done anything.”

“You two have been the world to me,” Beth smiled at her two little girls and wondered how things could have gone so wrong and took them in for a big family hug. “I don’t want to lose you…”

“They said that Grace was the real target!” Carrie asked as she pulled back from the hug.

“What!” Beth asked stunned at the mere idea that a sixteen-year-old would warrant all this as it was foreign to her she thought to grasp the idea that they could be in a world where sixteen years could have real threats against them but then a flash of déjà vu flashed through her brain.

“Right, isn’t that crazy.” Alexandra asked.

“Yeah,” Beth said as she struggled with her daughter’s words as she stared into space, and didn’t hear the girls call on their mother because all she could feel was this sense that maybe it wasn’t that foreign, like in the back in her mind that she had some experience and therefore she had to wonder just what was her old life like?

“Mom,” the twins called out to their mother in unison. “Are you here with us?”

“Yes, I am” Beth nodded.

“Where did you go?” Alexandra asked.

“No where important,” Beth smiled to reassure her daughters that she was fine. “How are you two doing?”

“We’re okay,” Carrie smiled. “Honestly, it’s shocking. Do you think she’ll be alright?”

“I don’t know honey,” Beth said because she didn’t. Rarely do someone who went flat for a length of time comes back she thought to herself, but then rarely do people come back alive like Grace told her that she did back in the beginning, back in 1999 and then she heard those words, with her name as being Liz and not the name she lives under currently. “Damn,” she whispered.

“Mom,” Alexandra asked concerned for her mother.

“Hey, came a voice.

“Hey yourself,” Beth smiled as she saw Kyle come towards them with his father. “Sheriff.”

“Call me Jim.”

“You keep telling me that, don’t you?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Jim nodded. “I am very sorry for all this Beth.”

“I know,” Beth nodded. “I appreciate all your help out there.”

“You seem to be doing well emotionally?” Jim asked.

“It hasn’t hit me yet,” Beth admitted. “I don’t know how to process it. Everything has been so whirlwind, to be honest with you. I am just trying to keep my head up for myself and my girls.”

“How are you two doing?” Jim asked the twins.

“It’s definitely hasn’t been boring,” Carrie remarked. “I am sorry if we made trouble for your department.”

“I doubt you or your sister caused the havoc that occurred out there and especially not if Grace and Elizabeth stopped from greater harm being done to Sue.”

“What they said happened, it’s true, it happened.” Alexandra nodded.

“What happened?”

“We came in during the fight,” Alexandra admitted. “Grace and Elizabeth were subduing the attacker or trying to. They were going after him.”

“How?” Jim asked as he knew he wasn’t going to get the true story from his granddaughter, not until Grace’s condition was verified and with Elizabeth being too much of Guerin, and would be protecting the group’s secret and Grace was understandably unable to tell her side of the story.

“They were egging him on,” Carrie muttered.

“What?” Jim asked.

“Engaging him,” Alexandra clarified. “They were trying to get the guy to drop the knife that he had to Sue’s throat.”

“Oh god,” Beth whispered.

“And they took him on?” Kyle asked stunned at the brazen act of the teenagers in this generation not to say they hadn’t been pretty brazen themselves at the same age, but you didn’t want to see that behaviour revisited in the newest generation.

“They said the guy had the wrong person.”

“Who did he think he had?” Jim asked, even though he knew.


“What!” Kyle demanded.

“Yeah,” Alexandra nodded. “We don’t know why, but they thought they had Grace, and he said that dealing with Grace would get him a million dollars, then there was a fight,” she said as she left out their display of power to get the guy to drop the knife. “And then the fight, and the knife and the guy were dropped but Grace turned her back, and the guy got the knife back and stabbed her before we could stop him. We saw it slightly too late.”

“A million dollars,” Kyle whispered.

“Yes!” Alexandra nodded.

“Dad!” Kyle asked.

“I know,” Jim said as his memory went back to what allegedly happened to Liz thirteen years ago. “The price for messing with the Evans family has certainly increased over the last thirteen years.”

“What?” Beth asked.

“It’s been said you were grabbed for ten thousand dollars back in June 2008”

“Really!” Alexandra and Carrie’s mouth jaw dropped open.

“It’s been said,” Jim allowed.

“God,” Beth muttered. “A million dollars to get Grace would be a major upgrade.”

“Well it’s 2022,” Kyle muttered when there was shouting, kicking a wheelchair and other commotions outside in the waiting room, and it led the group to stop talking and look through the doors and whistled, “Damn,” Jim and Kyle said in unison.

“What?” Beth said.

“Jake is here,” Jim sighed at they witnessed the distraught eighteen-year-old not letting the fact he was wheel bound distract from making a major scene as he arrived in the emergency room.

“You sent for him, didn’t you?” Kyle asked his father. “You asked your deputy to pick him up after Amy went over to take over babysitting duties.”

“I guess I didn’t think he would be so emotional.”

“Whose Jake?”

“Maria and Michael’s oldest, my grandson.” Jim said as Beth took a look at the older teenager throwing an emotional outburst.

“Wow,” Alexandra and Caroline said as they remembered what Elizabeth said in the car on the drive over from the park and took a look out into the waiting room, at the emotional outburst that was taking place and the older teenage male in a wheelchair.

“We better get in there,” Jim said to his son.

“Yeah,” Kyle nodded. “I think that would be wise.”
Out in the waiting room, Jake was making as dramatic scene as it was possible as the rest of the waiting period came back into the room as Michael and Maria were trying to get him to quiet down, and yet he was too devastated to even think of trying to calm down. As he glared at both of his parents, “I can’t believe you would have left the house and didn’t stop to tell me.”

“We didn’t know what we were facing,” Maria assured her son. “All we were told was to meet your sister here at the hospital and we needed you to keep an eye on your siblings because your sister wasn’t going to be there.”

“Still…” Jake said as he brain was reeling, and he was fighting the feeling of being nauseous as the emotional upheaval he was under started to overwhelm him, as it had been ever since he received the terrible news that Grace had been stabbed. He was so care free when the deputy along with his grandmother Amy Deluca Valenti had come to pick him up and as the deputy and his grandmother had calmly told him what happened, and of course Jake had gone berserk and it taken some tough love for his grandmother to get him to calm down and by allowing her grandson to head to the hospital, she had needed to stay mine her other grandchildren, so she could allow her grandson to head over to the hospital because it would be useless to keep him home especially if the it didn’t end well for Grace.

And now Jake was in a faceoff with his parents as he felt like a piece of him was dying, “We didn’t know what happened honey until Grace got here, and it became obvious and even then, we don’t know everything…”

“How is Grace!” Jake asked. “Where is Uncle Max?”

“We don’t know yet about Grace,” Michael said carefully as he feared the worst. “Max has had some difficulties getting here.”

“Dad!” Jake said.

“It’s the truth,” Michael said with her a glance to his oldest son. “We needed you with your brothers and sister until we knew more, and then we got your grandfather to assist in collecting you.”

“Well thanks….” Jake grunted.

“Jake….” Maria said sternly to her son.

“Sorry,” Jake apologized. “She’s alright, right?”


“Mom!” Jake pleaded at the sight of his mother’s grave face. “Please don’t tell me…”

“Jake,” Maria tried to come up with the courage to tell her oldest the truth about someone her son cared so much about when the doors opened with a slam, and in came Max in a rush.

“Where is my daughter. Where is Grace?”


“I got stuck in traffic,” Max said. “Maria…Isabel, please tell me my little girl is okay.”

“We’re waiting for the doctor to verify…” Maria started.

“Maria!” Max pleaded. “You know something so tell me what if she’s alright. I wasn’t here to see her, so I need to know.”

Tears started down Maria’s face and Max knew, and he feared the words “Max, she’s gone…”

“No…god no,” came the screams from around the room, and nothing louder than Jake or as despondent than Max. Elizabeth stood in frozen despair as her brother broke down, and her uncle was frozen in paralysis.

Beth looked from the back of the room, unseen for the moment with tears down her face as Max for the first time took in the newcomer to the room, as his eyes were drawn just as hers was to him, and his eyes opened wide at the recognition of the person, Liz.

Sparks flew, literally

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 67 - Updated - 6/22/2018

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:21 am

Who is sparking? No Grace is not aloud to die. Get Max in that room and do his thing!
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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 67 - Updated - 6/22/2018

Post by Superman86 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:09 pm

No don't leave there :shock: , please come back asap!!!...can't wait for more. I hope Max can save Grace

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 67 - Updated - 6/22/2018

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:38 pm

Glad Beth was there to assist Grace and ride to the hospital with her.
Things don't look so good......
Well get Max in there with Grace right now.
Do we assume Max and Beth/Liz recognize each other???
Hurry back,

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 67 - Updated - 6/22/2018

Post by RoswellFan68 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:50 pm

Max can't lose his daughter but gain his wife in the same day. Hopefully that spark will jump start Grace or cause a brief power outage so Max and get to Grace.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 67 - Updated - 6/22/2018

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:34 pm

Please please say it isn't so that Grace is gone? Please please let Grace be alive? Oh wow everyone is there. Wow Jim and Kyle found out a lot from Alexandra and Carrie. But it was good that they told them. Oh boy Max and Liz finally see each other and sparks fly. Wonder if Max and Liz will talk. Wonder if Liz will remember her past.

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 67 - Updated - 6/22/2018

Post by roswell4life » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:17 am

Finally!!!!! :D wanna hear more about these sparks!!! :D

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Re: Reunion (CC, Mature) Couples: L/M, M/M, I/K - Chapter 67 - Updated - 6/22/2018

Post by hayley85 » Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:23 am

Please come back soon! Can’t wait to see what happens next between liz and max!

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Reunion - Chapter 68 - 6/30/2018

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:25 am

“She’s gone,” Max whispered quietly mere moments before his glaze on Liz, as he tried to comprehend the words spoken to him from his friends as Jake couldn’t stand it anymore and stormed off in a dramatic way as only someone in a wheelchair and immobile could with Elizabeth running after him to make sure her older brother didn’t do something rash. Sue sat down in shock, and stared in space as she waited for her mother to come and collect her. “My little girl is gone?”

“I am sorry Max,” Maria said tears coming down her face after the disruption of her son leaving, and her own daughter running off after her brother to deal with the pain and hurt over the news. “I know it’s impossible to believe.”

“How?” Max asked.

“That is still needs to be figured out and dealt with as he suspected the younger generation had done more than subdue Sue’s attacker,” Michael piped in. “Maxwell, I am sorry.”

“God,” Max said as he wished he could lie down and die. His whole being felt a tremendous loss, one he hadn’t felt since he lost his wife from his life.

“I wish I could take this burden off you,” Maria said as she took Max into a hug. “I wish this was all a dream.”

“Why can’t it be,” Max murmured as his eyes for the first time looked around and saw the newcomer in the room, and his eyes locked on one in particular. Someone familiar, someone who looked very much like his Liz…

“Liz,” he whispered as he stood straight, and stared out into the room that seemed to darken and lighten around only one person, the one he was staring at.

“Oh god,” Maria whispered as the complexities of the situation hit her, as she sought a diversion from the countdown to hearing the worse about her god-daughter. “Yes, she’s here.”

“How?” Max asked as his eyes still couldn’t part from those of Liz’s, or the woman he thought of as his wife.

“Beth was in the park with the twins, she encountered the situation and she came in the ambulance with Grace. The twins came with Jim. She helped the situation medically before the reached the hospital.”

“Was Grace awake, at all?” Max asked as he couldn’t help but stare at his Liz, and Beth couldn’t stop from staring at him, like they needed to see each other and be in each other’s presence.

“I don’t know,” Maria said. “Michael and I met the ambulance here, so we don’t know exactly what went down.”

“I need to see her, I need to see my daughter. She needs to know she’s not alone,” Max said with tears coming down his face. “I need to see my daughter.”

“You can’t yet as the doctors are still in there with her,” Maria said.

“The doctors are still working with her?” Max asked as his eyes reached Maria’s. “You told me she was gone, so, there is still hope?”

“I really don’t know,” Maria said as she hated the idea of putting hope into her friend’s heart if it ended up being false. “I do know the chances are pretty low, she didn’t have a pulse when she arrived at the hospital and then they immediately took her, and the doctors weren’t giving out good vibes.”

“I need to see her. I don’t care if she doesn’t have a chance. I need to see her, as we all have experience with overcoming the worst. Heck you know as well as I do know both her mother and I died, and came back.”

“Oh my god,” Maria whispered as if it was only hitting her at that moment. “You’re right.”

“I am not losing my daughter without a fight,” Max stubbornly said, and Beth could hear from nearby his determination. “Her mother and I died, and came back” What? She thought and remembered Grace’s words, but still didn’t explain her father. “I need to see my daughter.”

“It won’t be long,” Maria said, and prayed there was still hope… “I hope.”

“She loved you,” came a small voice from behind them, which caused both Max and Maria look behind them and were shocked by who they saw…

Beth… aka Liz.

“Liz?” Max asked awestruck.

“I guess,” Beth said quietly.
“Slow down,” Elizabeth pleaded with her brother as he raced in his wheelchair out the door of the emergency and down the ramp and across the parking lot on his quest to get far away from the hospital and she was finding it difficult to keep up with her emotional brother, as if she wasn’t a breakdown waiting to happen... “Jake… please.”

“Go back Elizabeth, please, go back to Mom and Dad. You don’t need to be out there with me, so, please leave me in peace and go back to the safety of the hospital.”

“You shouldn’t be out here alone,” Elizabeth as she brushed away the brotherly concern.

“I need time to myself,” Jake demanded as felt like sinking into the lake. “I need to be alone.”

“We both loved her Jake,” Elizabeth blurted. “The last think Grace would want for you to risk further damage before your surgery tomorrow.”

“Elizabeth, leave me alone… go…” Jake pleaded. “And you can tell Mom and Dad that I am not having that surgery tomorrow. The last thing I want right now is to be on two feet, I just want to be left alone. Just leave me alone,” he repeated.”

“Yes, you are,” Elizabeth demanded. “Grace wants you to be better and regardless of what happens with her, she would hate for you to stop yourself from getting better and you know the family wouldn’t want that, and you really don’t want that either.”

“Well I don’t care,” Jake stubbornly said as memories of Grace flashed through his brain, of the beautiful brunette that had captured his attention and heart, against all odds, and he wanted to go and punch someone to take away the pain that was eating away at his heart.

“I do think you do care,” Elizabeth murmured. “It’s not your fault. She wanted to be a hero, and we got burned.”

“What happened?” Jake stopped, and turned on his sister as he felt the need to get some answers.

“We rescued Sue from an attacker, who was planning on raping or worst,” Elizabeth muttered.

“God, really?” Jake said.

“Yes,” Elizabeth nodded. “And you know Grace especially after her recent experience, would not have stood by if she was going to be able to help. She fought to the end to save Sue.”

“Damn,” Jake muttered.

“Yeah,” Elizabeth said. “She was risking a lot, and did it to save a friend even though Sue got taken when they wanted Grace!”

“What!” Jake asked. “Are you kidding me?”

“Yes, and no.” Elizabeth said. “They grabbed Sue thinking they had Grace and they were going to get a million dollars for dealing with her.”

“Oh god,” Jake muttered.

“Which only means it’s one of our clan’s enemies,” Elizabeth said quietly. “Maybe even the mastermind who took her mother so many years ago, and now because they know they screwed up fourteen years ago, well, they are now after the daughter.”

“Oh god,” Jake muttered again.

“I know,” Elizabeth nodded at the gravity of the suggestion. “If somehow Grace doesn’t make it through this than she went out a hero.”

“She’s gone Elizabeth,” Jake said broken-hearted.

“I know,” Elizabeth as she got a beep on her phone, and checked it and saw the text from Sue. “Hold it, back up, it looks like we have to get back.”

“Why?” Jake said warily. “You’re free to always go back, I am out.”

“No, you’re not,” Elizabeth smiled as she took the message she had gotten as if life was worth living again. “Sue says there might be hope for Grace.”

“What!” Jake asked as he twisted his head out of the abyss that he felt like was drowning in over the loss of Grace from his life.

“I don’t know anything more. I just am going with what I was told. There might hope, and given our clan, well, we can’t give up.”

“You think, Uncle Max?”

“As long as he needs is a chance,” Elizabeth smiled. “As we both know from the legendary stories. Both of Grace’s parents came from back from either being virtually dead, or ash dead.”

“I remember,” Jake said as a smile slipped out as he thought of the possibility that Grace could come back to them. “But Alex died, uncle Max couldn’t save him.”

“It was his time. I think we can say it’s not Grace’s time,” Elizabeth confidently. “Let’s go.”

“Only Grace can tell if it’s her time to go,” Jake smiled.

“A hope is a hope, so let’s not dwell on the bad.”

“Why do you seem so positive?” Jake asked, warily of his sister. “That is not like you especially when we’re talking about Grace being in such grave condition.”

"I feel guilty okay, if not for me than Grace might have gotten to the hospital earlier. I was worried because of our heritage, and if any serious hospitalization would raise a red flag. We got lucky in Connecticut, then maybe our luck would raise a flag.

"That is only natural Elizabeth. It is not a worry I have but I know it is one for our siblings or you and Grace."

"It's my fault, as much as anyone is other than SOB who stabbed Grace in the first place."

You are not at fault, whether you delayed calling the ambulance or not. You had reason to worry about getting medical help for Grace. It's one thing to faint outside a university, and not sure what you will find. But it's another to be stabbed, and it is opening a lot worms if that door were opened," Jake reasoned.

"Then be regretful of whatever you lost or could lose with Grace, but we all stand lose a lot if we lose her so don't feel down on yourself and that goes for your surgery, which you are getting in the morning whether you want it or not.”

"Elizabeth" Jake warned.

"Don't," Elizabeth said. "You need to have this surgery regardless of what happens with Grace. She wouldn't want you to feel sorry for yourself and hold yourself back from at least getting your ability to walk again."

"Fine, I won't make my decision right now."

"That isn't making it any better, but we need to get back," Elizabeth said as she encouraged her brother to snap out of his funk. Even if she knew he might not come out of it if they did lose Grace, but she knew they at least had hope. A hope is something positive for moment anyways.

"Okay," Jake nodded as someone called out for them and the focused on the familiar twosome.

"Jake, Elizabeth...."

"Mr. and Mrs. Parker?" Jake asked of Grace's grandfather. "So, you heard."

"How is she?" Jeff asked in a panic. "Michael called earlier and we came as soon as we could close the restaurant. "How serious is it?"

"Bad," Elizabeth said simply but knew it wasn't their place to tell Grace's grandparents the shocking news, "We were just going in to see if they have gotten any news from the doctor."

"We're coming in," Nancy Parker said as she feared for her granddaughter. They had been beside themselves when they got the news, and with Amy on grandchildren patrol they had to wait until the final customer to close off the restaurant for the night before they could come over because one of their cars was in the shop, so they only had the cafe car.

"Oh no," Elizabeth said as she stopped herself.


"You might need to know something before you go in," Elizabeth started knowing full well that Grace's mother would be in there, and neither Parker had been able to see her yet according to family gossip. "Um."
Inside the emergency room, time was slipping by and yet for all that had accumulated in the room, it was going so slowly like time was stopped and they were all praying for news. Isabel and Kyle were now sitting and waiting for news. The twins were pacing, wondering if their sister could be saved. Michael was checking in one of his cases that was taking place in the same hospital, and so it was time well used while they waited.
And now Max was staring Liz, the love of his life and wondering how he could be so lucky but then on the other hand facing his greatest lost next to that of his wife from his life nearly fourteen years earlier, and now she was looking in his eyes. “Liz”, Max asked in an awestruck trance like his dreams had come true and yet was also a nightmare at the same time.

“It’s Beth”, she said as she still felt partial to her new life, and she didn’t know if she would ever be comfortable with her old one even if she were to get her memories back. Did she want her memories back, she didn’t know? She had created a wonderful life with her twins and looking at this man was like a bridge to something foreign for her. Yet she was this Liz person, and obviously had a life here in Roswell and one that she had to at least acknowledge whether she claimed it or not.

“I am very sorry. It is just you look so much like my wife,” Max marveled at the idea that his wife could be alive and now wondered if the same fate that had befallen Liz at the age six and him two years later would end up as the fate for their daughter.

“It’s not my intention to cause you or your daughter pain,” Beth said quietly.

“You’re not. You were there tonight, and we need your insight but it’s going to be weird for you, and for all of us who knew Liz.”

“Yes, it is,” Beth acknowledged. “But Grace would want you to know that she loves you,” Beth said carefully.

“You saw her?”

“Yes, I was in the ambulance with her as your friend told you. She was conscious for a brief time, and all she could talk about was you and her friend Jake,” Beth sighed.

“Jake?” Max asked.

“Yes, she had a message for you, she wanted you to know she loved you and that she was sorry.”

“She was sorry? She didn’t have anything to feel sorry about,” Max said quietly as he tried to acknowledge the pain he knew his daughter had been feeling, recently.

“In her mind she does,” Beth said quietly.


“She feels like her life was a mess,” Beth stated quietly.

“Yes, she was dealing with a lot in these last few weeks,” Max said quietly as she thought of all his daughter had been facing in only two weeks. It seemed like a lifetime ago that it all started. “I wish she wasn’t, but she’s growing up and finding out that it can be hell to experience.”

“Well she wishes things hadn’t fallen apart,” Beth said.

“Well, we all wish that as teenagers” Max said reflectively as he knew very well his own teenage years were hell, and how much Liz had helped him and even then, they had their own torturous path to happiness. He didn’t want that for his daughter, and hated the idea that she was going down his path, and just prayed he didn’t have to say good-bye before her time.

“I’ll take your word for it,” Beth sighed as she felt compelled and oddly drawn in by this man, and despite the uncomfortable expectations on his face when he looked at her, she couldn’t walk away… or not yet.

“Sorry,” Max winced at the paleness that came to her face. “That is insensitive of me. I know how this much weighs on you.”

“It’s okay,” Beth nodded as she took in the hope in the man who had lost so much, and could be dealing with the ultimate lost. “It impacts your family just as much it does me or my daughters.”

“Where are they?” Max asked as he was reminded of the twins, two daughters he had that he didn’t know, or that Grace knew as sisters.

“They were taking a walk,” Beth admitted. “I am not sure if that is a good thing but given their night, well, I am going to try to go with the flow.”

“Wise move,” Max nodded. “Although Grace wanted carefree night with Elizabeth and I didn’t think she would be ending up in the hospital, fighting for her life.”

“Being a parent is not an easy job,” Beth admitted.

“She was thinking about Jake?” Maria asked as she piped into the conversation while also praying for her god daughter and worried for the sanity of her son if it went bad for Grace. She knew as a teenager if she lost Michael, life would have hell to live and it had been ten times worst for both Max and Liz who did battle separation before the happy ever after and then Max lost his wife, and it was hell to watch as Max tried to go on with life.

“Yes,” Beth nodded. “It was obvious that he meant a great deal with her, and she wanted him to know it and she wanted you to know that as she faded, that she was headed to be with her great grandmother Claudia, and her son.

“God,” Max and Maria whispered. “You’re probably wondering...”

“I know,” Beth acknowledged.

“You were her treating doctor back in the beginning when Jake and Grace fled on a weekend getaway and she ended up in the hospital?” Maria asked, and Max eyes popped at the acknowledgement that Beth had been in Connecticut, and they had just missed each other as he thought back to the weekend where the worst he thought would be a daughter who wanted to be rebellious after a straight narrow life, and yet it started a cascading path down this path. “But someone else treated her?”

“A friend,” Beth sighed. “She couldn’t help but tell me because I started to have flashes, was Jake the father?”

“Flashes?” Maria asked, and Max looked up from his pain of his daughter’s condition with hope. “No, Jake wasn’t the father,” she said staring at
Max. “That is another story all together.”

Max nodded.

“I had these moments, where I started to wonder if I had another child and at the same time the twins decided to become Nancy Drew about their own heritage, and I was let in on what came of Grace’s illness.”

“Which is why she had to deal with as much as she has been,” Max whispered as the doors open and Elizabeth came in and moments later Jake wheeled back into the emergency, and they all waited for the news they desperately wanted to hear.

“Mom, anything regarding Grace?” Elizabeth asked as they came towards the group of adults. “Oh my god, you are...” as the sight of Liz was a sight to see even though they had seen each other earlier in the evening, but the knowledge of this was Grace’s mother blew up now and especially how the Parker’s could be coming in at any minute but were holding back because of the nerves.”

“Yes,” was all Beth said.

“Mom,” Jake said.

“This is Grace’s mother, Jake,” Elizabeth sighed. “This is my older brother, Jake.”

“Really,” Jake asked as she looked at the older woman and found the eerie resemblance to his friend. “The resemblance is amazing.”

“You’re Jake?” Beth asked as she remembered the boy from the hospital in New Haven. “We met before.”

“Yes,” Jake acknowledged as he remembered the original case doctor on Grace’s care back in Connecticut. “Jacob Luca Guerin.”

“Grace spoke of you,” Beth said.

“She did?” Jake asked.

“She cared about you a great deal, and she was very regretful that things weren’t going to work out,” Beth muttered.

“She has to be okay, right?” Jake asked. “Elizabeth has told me that there is hope.”

“We haven’t heard from the doctors Jake,” Max said carefully. “We’re only going on how we want it to work out.”

“I don’t care. In this family, there is a chance, right?” Jake asked as he hesitated to say what he truly wanted to. “For anyone...” but me

“I guess so,” Max said knowing all they needed was a thin hope to bring Grace back, if he was going to use his talents to bring her back to
them. “But we must keep our expectations low, okay?”

“I’ll do anything...” Jake muttered as his heart stopped when the door opened, and in walked Jeff and Nancy, and the whole Evans, Guerin, Valenti households went silent as they knew what was going to happen as they had observed Max talking with Beth, and the twins had been observing from afar, not wanting to do anything to mess with this history making moment for them, and their family.

“Oh my,” Isabel observed not far from the twins. “Who are they?” Alexandra asked.

“Liz’s parents,” Kyle said as Isabel saw who he was talking to, and her eye brow rose at the similarities of the twins to Grace and Max. “I had forgotten Michael had called them to tell them about Grace.”

“Wow,” Carrie asked.

“Yeah,” Kyle said as he turned back to his wife and was puzzled by her look, “What?”

“Who were you talking to?” Isabel enquired to her husband.

“Beth’s daughters,” Kyle said.

“Oh my god,” Isabel asked. “You mean, they are....”

“Yes,” Kyle nodded. “Alexandra and Carrie Evans.”

Dear god,” Isabel muttered as she took a close look at the two who were very likely her nieces. “They are mini versions of Liz and my brother,” she
whispered with wonder. “And Grace…”

“I know,” Kyle nodded.

Meanwhile across the room, over where Max and Maria were talking to Beth, they knew of the newcomers to the room. “I hope this won’t be too much,” Maria was saying to Beth. “It’s going to be weird for them, and for you.”

“They are her grandparents, and need to be here” Beth said as she viewed the older adults who came into the room and a headache was starting to form. “Grace would want them to be here.”

“Are you okay with it?” Maria asked Max disentangled from the talk and walked over to his in-laws while the woman talked.

“I am not sure,” Beth admitted.
"Jeff and Nancy," Max was saying across the room. "You came?" he asked and saw the wonderment and confusion on his in-laws faces as they looked across the room and saw a woman who looked so much like their daughter and, yet they knew that she wasn't living under the name Elizabeth or Liz.

"I thought we were prepared, but I don't think either of us are prepared. Max, she's Liz."

"Yes, she is" Max admitted as turned his attention to the woman he never could turn his glaze from and sighed as he turned back to his in-law’s. "But she responds to Beth."

"I know," Nancy said as tears came down her face as she glanced at her daughter for the first time in nearly fourteen years. “We don't want to make things difficult for her, and especially not tonight. How is Grace, Max."

"I assume Michael told you?" Max asked.

"Yes," Jeff frowned. "Please tell us that things are okay, now?"

"The doctors are still with her, and because they are I am taking that as positive movement, but I really don't know," Max admitted and as he said those words, the doors from the hospital staff side of the room came open and a woman in a doctor's coat walked out and everyone's eye opened wide, and hearts stopped.

"I am told Grace's father is here?" the doctor asked.

"Yes," Max said as he stepped forward towards the door. "Max Evans, I am sorry for not being here before... Therefore, I need news on my daughter, so, how is my daughter?"

"My name is Dr. Sam Cook," the doctor sighed. "I have been looking after your daughter since her arrival."

"How is she?" Max asked.

"I am sorry Mr. Evans, but you have been told that your daughter flat lined prior to arriving at the hospital, right?" Dr. Cook asked.

"Yes," Max nodded. "I do know she was conscious in the ambulance, but she slipped off right before arriving here at the hospital and all attempts were made to bring her back upon her arrival here at the hospital.”

" I am sorry to have to be the one to tell you but while we were able to remove the knife and was able to stabilize her spine for now and we were able to shock your daughter several times and we were able to establish a rhythm which is a miracle given the amount of time she was flatlined and because she went flat and was left without oxygen for a period of time before she stabilized, chances of recovery are at this point, slim and therefore you may be forced to make some unfortunate decisions."

"Oh god, no...." Max whispered as if the string to the future snapped. “There must be some hope?”

"I am so sorry," Dr. Cook sighed. “But Grace just hasn’t shown any type of response, and therefore your daughter has very little chance of coming out of this and you will need to prepare yourself.”

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