The Queen of Antar (CC, Mature)

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The Queen of Antar (CC, Mature)

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Disclaimer: I do not own anything Roswell. Anything Roswell related is owned by Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and anyone else who has legal rights to the characters and series.

Summary: This takes place after Future Max comes and destroys Max and Liz's relationship. It starts a week after Future Max comes. Liz and the other humans also meet unlikely allies in the crazy alien abyss as she discovers their new role and fight the ultimate evil.

Rating: M for Sexual Content and Language.

Well here goes nothing. This is my very first fanfiction but I've had this rolling around my head for months and I've been itching to write it out and get it out to everyone to read. Feedback is a plus. Anything that can help me do better, I will take with grace. Thank you everybody!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the song "Everything Changes" by Stain'd.


“If you just walked away, what could I really say? Would it matter anyway? Would it change how you feel? I am the mess you chose, the closet you cannot close. Devil in you, I suppose; because the wounds never heal. Everything changes. If I could turn back the years, if you could learn to forgive me, then I could learn to feel.”

Liz laid there listening to the acoustics of “Everything Changes” by Stain’d. It fit her mood perfectly. How could she just throw away the best of her? ‘Stupid Future Max, I hate him! Why couldn’t he just go to someone else? Why me, and not someone like Tess?’ She answered her own question, ‘Because I’m the only one he trusts.’ Liz thought bitterly.

It had been a whole week since Future Max had appeared on her balcony and throughout the whole week, Liz was taunted with the words of fellow classmates. “Slut.” “Whore.” “Perfect Liz Parker. Who would of thought?” Somehow word got out through the whole school that Liz and Kyle slept together. There were only three people who knew the truth and one of them just disappeared into thin air during what should have been her wedding dance.

Somehow, those words didn’t hurt as much as the empty shells that use to contain so much love in them, which would look up at her as she walked through the hallways or into Biology class. She couldn’t take it anymore. She was suffocating.

She needed to get out Roswell. She couldn’t take the looks or the stares anymore. Especially the daggers she got from Tess and Isabel. Michael just ignored her. Max though, he would stare at her with those empty shells like he was trying to figure her out. Like he wasn’t quite sure she could betray him but yet he had seen them with his eyes.

Liz picked up the phone and dialed the number so familiar to her. One of the people who would never turn her back on her. Maria. Maria picked up on the third ring, “Liz, babe, how are you doing?” Maria knew something wasn’t quite right with the whole situation but she wasn’t going to pry until Liz came to her. She knew prying would do no good.

“Not too good, I just…I can’t be here anymore. I’m thinking of going to Florida. Just finish out the rest of my school year there. I hinted to my mom and I think she would be okay.”

“Liz, anywhere you go, I follow. I remember last summer and I think you are going to need a lot of support. Besides it will be fun. Two girls, new school, new boys….”

Liz could only meekly smile even though Maria couldn’t see it. “Okay, if you are sure. What about your mom?”

“Are you kidding me? I bet my mom would love to get me away from Michael. Trust me. She will be okay with it.”

“Okay. I wonder how Alex and Kyle will take it. They’d be the only humans left in the alien abyss of misery and suffering.’

"Oh I know!" Maria got excited and started talking faster. "Let's all four just go. We all need a break from Roswell and the beach sounds fabulous right now."

"Do you think Alex and Kyle will want to go? What about the Whitman's and Valenti? Do you think they will agree?" Liz's mood started to pick up. The thought of all four of them in Florida was very enticing.

"Well there is only one way to find out. I will call both of them right away and let you know what they say and if they can go. Just give me a couple days. I will work the Deluca charm." Maria stated.

Liz agreed. They both said their goodbyes.


The next day at school, Liz and Maria met up with Alex and Kyle.

"My dad's cool with it. He's almost jealous. He understands the need to get away. He would come, but he can’t just leave the house and he knows he needs to put down the bottle and get a job" Kyle told them.

"My parents are okay with it since it is a new experience and they have met Liz's aunt. They trust me to make the best of it in Florida." Alex followed up with.

"So it's set. All four of us are leaving for Florida in a week. Let us pack and get our stuff together for our new school. I talked to my parents last night and they are okay with it. They seem to understand. My aunt is super excited to have all of you coming with me. She still remembers how depressed I was this summer and I think, she thinks with you guys I will be out having fun." Liz said. She didn't notice who was standing behind her until Maria pointed.

Max, Tess, Isabel, and Michael all stood behind her. "You're leaving. All of you?" Isabel looked devastated. However, Max was worse. He looked to be on the verge of tears. Teas just looked down and Michael had no expression on his face.

All 8 just stood there. 4 each facing the other 4 without any words. It was finally Alex who spoke up. "Yeah, we all thought it would be a good idea to go on a vacation. It's been rough the last year and we thought we could finish the last 2 months of school there and then spend our summer there. It's just a break, nothing more. We aren't leaving Roswell forever." Alex just wanted to go up to Isabel and hold her but she made it clear she wasn't interested.

"Well if you guys think that's what you need to do than do it. I don't blame you. I would escape Roswell if I could too." Michael said with no emotion. Maria just looked on hurt that he could just let her go like that. Kyle and Tess just shared a sad smile. Max kept staring at Liz. Liz stared back. Like she was daring him to figure out her secret.

'What is she running from?' Max thought. Max may be devastated but he wasn't stupid. He knew there was more to Liz's and co "vacation" than they were letting on.

"Well if that is that, I got places to be." Michael just strode off. Soon Isabel and Tess followed. As Tess was leaving, she accidentally brushed arms with Liz. Tess paused for a second and than kept walking. Max stayed behind. He saw the tears in Liz's eyes. What had broken her almost as much as finding Liz in bed with Kyle did to him?

Their connection hummed to life. It was always there but when emotions ran high, it was like they could sense each other's emotions and vague words of thoughts. Max caught guilt, shame, loss, and sadness from Liz. He faintly caught the thoughts of ‘How could I do this to him? It’s for the best, I have to do this.’ Max didn’t know what to think of her thoughts. He closed himself off so she couldn’t read his through the connection by accident.

Liz felt his emotions of sadness, loss, and suspicion but what surprised her was the concern she felt. She heard no thoughts. Max guarded his well.

The bell rang for first period.

"Good bye, Max." Liz finally said breaking the spell of his eyes baring into her. Every time he even looked at her much less stared at her, it made her weak in the knees and she felt the warmth in her lower stomach. The four humans walked off to complete their classes and transfer of their transcripts.


Once school was over that day, all four humans went home to start packing and preparing for their 5 months in Florida.

Liz didn't feel like being questioned by anyone, especially her parents so she snuck up her ladder leading to her balcony. What awaited her room, shocked her.

Tess was just sitting there on Liz's bed waiting for her. Liz warily walked into her room. "What do you want, Tess?"

Tess stood up and wiped her sweaty palms on her jeans. She knew this wasn't going to be easy. "We need to talk. I want you to take me with you to Florida."

Disclaimer: I don't anything related to Roswell. This story does follow the "Max in the City" closely which I do not own, but I just added my little twist to it.

I will let you know that Harvest has not happened yet. In future posts, I want to warn you there will be underage drinking, smoking, possible drug use (I haven’t decided yet), and sexual content. This will make up the M rating. I will warn you beforehand just in case you want to skip them.

This is pure dreamer and cannon relationships. It may be angst, but please don't give up on me. Feedback is appreciated as always. I'm not happy with this part, but it was needed to move the story alone and give some insight to some future events. I promise the good stuff is coming.

Again thank you everyone for your feedback. Here goes....

Chapter 1

The night after Tess and the four humans had taken off for Florida, Max was working in the UFO Center stuffing the intestines back into the dummy alien. ‘Fucking kids.’ He had been in a bad mood the last week and the last thing he wanted to do was be fixing what some brat had done, AGAIN.

At least work gave Max an excuse not to think. While he was working he could distract himself from the thoughts of Liz and how much he missed her. He was still heartbroken from seeing Liz and Kyle in bed together, yet with Liz gone he felt like his soul was missing its other half. When Max was given time to think, all he could think about was that Kyle and Liz were both down there together while he was stuck in Roswell. Jealousy raged through his veins. He had broken a few light bulbs and plates over the past couple days. Despite Liz being in Florida, their connection was still humming in the back of his mind, but it was a lot fainter than when Liz was in Roswell. It was Max's only comfort.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. “Sorry, we’re closed!” Max called out to the visitors. When he received no response he turned with an exasperated sigh and looked at the visitors.

Standing in front of him were Michael, Tess, and Isabel. However, Max knew immediately that it wasn’t them. The three of them were sporting piercing and tattoos. Their hair was different as well. They also didn’t smell very clean. They smelt like body odor, sweat, and cigarettes. Max knew his sister would never dress like that nor smell like that.

Without a second thought, Max put up his green shield and prepared to fight if he had to. “Chill King!” The Michael look-a-like said. “We aren’t here to hurt you. We's you’s dupes.”

Max put down his hand that he was going to use to shoot, but kept his shield up. He was still cautious. “Dupes? What you are doing here? What do you want?”

“Wow, they’s wasn’t kidding when they said you didn’t know much. Yes, dupes. They created two sets of us. I’m not sure if it was for backup, but our protector says one set was toos alien and the others was defects. He always hinted wes are the true Royal Four and yous are defective. However, we need yous. Our galaxy is having what is called a summit and since our king is dead, we need yous to come to New York City and replace him.”

Max bristled at the comment that they didn't know much. “What do you mean that your king is dead?” Max was confused.

The duplicates explained how Max’s dupe, Zan died when he fell into the street. They went on to explain how they were called to the summit in New York City and why Max’s role was an important one. They needed him to represent Antar.

The one that looked like Michael was called Rath, Isabel’s dupe was “Lonnie” short for Vilandra, and the one that looked like Tess was Ava. Ava was quiet and barely said anything. When Lonnie and Rath spoke of Zan’s death, Max could see the tears in her eyes. ‘Ava and Zan must have been following their destiny’, Max thought. Max noticed it was all Lonnie and Rath doing the talking.

“Let me call my second in command, Michael. If we are going to go to New York City, I’m not going without him.”

Rath and Lonnie shared a look. “Sure, that’s okay. Just remember they made duplicates for a reason. Yous were flukes. You weren’t alien enough. Yous all are too human. If we could do this without you, wes would. So remember that your second in command has no authority at this summit.” Lonnie stated.

Max wasn’t quite sure about them being the flukes, but he held his tongue. “Okay, how about we all meet at Michael’s apartment once I finish work. Michael is your dupe, Rath. I’m sure he is going to be excited to meet you guys.” Max said. ‘Excited isn’t going to describe Michael, but he will definitely want to meet them.’

The three dupes agreed to meet at Michael’s apartment. Max gave them the address and then the three dupes split to head straight to Michael’s apartment.

Later at Michael’s, Isabel and Michael stood in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, watching their duplicates warily. “This is so creepy. They look just like us except….aliener.” Isabel whispered to Michael. Max had called both Michael and Isabel to let them know what was going on and that the dupes were coming to Michael’s apartment. Max had to finish up at work before he could come to start the meeting.

Rath was sitting on the couch and Lonnie was sitting on his lap. They were both heavily making out. The only thing stopping them from basically having sex right on Michael’s couch was the clothing Rath and Lonnie wore, which wasn't saying much. Ava was sitting on a chair near the kitchen just looking down at the ground. She stayed quiet and said nothing.

Isabel wanted to gag. Not only was she creeped out by her duplicate, she had to watch her dry humping Michael’s duplicate. Isabel and Michael could never have that relationship. They were too much like brother and sister to ever have that kind of relationship.

A couple minutes later, Max walked through the door to Michael’s apartment. “Alright, let’s get started. Rath, would you like to explain to Michael and Isabel about the summit. I’ll admit I’m still confused on why you need me.”

Lonnie slid off Rath’s lap. Rath stood up and started pacing. He explained to the three Roswell alien’s how now that Zan is dead, Max is the true King. Max holds the royal seal. Because Max is now the holder of the Royal Seal, he must represent Antar in the Whirlwind Galaxy as the true King. Rath explained that the Summit was a meeting of leaders around the Whirlwind Galaxy. They hoped to bring peace.

After Rath was finished explaining, Michael got off the counter and walked into the living room. “Well, as Max’s second in command I’ll definitely be going to New York City with him. Where he goes, I go, I agree though. This summit is important.” Max shot Michael a grateful look. Max knew he could always count on Michael.

“But Max, what about our parents? What are you going to tell them? How are you going to skip school for however long this summit is?” Isabel questioned. She was worried.

Ava spoke up for the first time. “I can stay here in Roswell and mind warp everyone into thinking I’m Max. That way no one will question where Max is.”

“Oh, Little Ava you don’t want to come back to New York with us.” Rath said in a condescending voice. He walked over to Ava and gave her a suffocating hug.

“If the cornball wants to stay here in Podunk, USA then just let her.” Lonnie said. Rath and Lonnie shared a look that no one else saw except for Ava. Ava gulped. She knew she was in huge trouble.

“I’m just trying to help, Rath. Please, let me help. This will make it so much easier. That way no one is questioning us anymore than they need to be.” Ava pleaded.

Rath smiled. “Alright Ava, if yous want to stay here than yous can stay here. We will be back for you once the summit is over, don’t you forget that.”

Isabel shuddered at Rath’s indirect threat. Isabel didn’t like Rath nor Lonnie. She didn’t know about Ava but it almost seemed like she was afraid of them. Definitely different than Tess. While Tess was a force to be reckoned with, Ava almost seemed subservient of them. Isabel would make it her mission to get to know Ava more as she stayed under the Evan’s roof.

The next morning, around 6 am, Max and Michael got into the backseat of the car that had brought the three dupes from New York to Roswell. Rath got behind the driver’s wheel and Lonnie took the passenger seat.

“Alright, put yas seatbelt on. It’s time to hit the road.” Rath started the red Camaro he had stolen in New Yok and pressed down on the gas pedal. He peeled out of Michael’s neighborhood and headed for the highway.

During the drive, Rath and Lonnie took turns driving. It only took 12 hours to get to New York. They only stopped a couple times to fill up on gas and refreshments. Once they got to New York, Rath headed for an alleyway.

“Home sweet home!” Max and Michael looked around and didn’t see anything but a dirty alleyway. Rath and Lonnie got out of the car and opened a door hidden by the drab grey alleyway walls. When Lonnie went to unlock it, a silver handprint appeared just like at the pod chamber. Max and Michael followed them into what looked like the sewers.

“This is where you live?” Michael asked. Michael thought that if they were the true Royal 4 than why were they living in the sewers of all places? Max and Michael shared a look of disbelief. Neither of them could believe that their dupes lived in the freaking sewers and had no problems with that.

Lonnie and Rath flopped onto a couch in the middle of the “room”. Immediately, they started going at it. Disgusted by their attitude and their surroundings, Michael and Max tried to find a place to sit that was clean. Eventually they both found chairs and using their powers, cleaned and sterilized them so they could sit down.

Meanwhile in Roswell, once Max and Michael left, Ava started using her mind warping immediately. She gave the Evan’s the notion that Max was off to the Crashdown to study and eat since it was a Saturday morning. She went out and did some sightseeing. There really wasn’t much to see. When Ava passed the museum Max worked at, she shivered. The place gave her the creeps. Especially that alien autopsy. She went into the CrashDown.

Looking around, she noticed the quirky décor. Ava gave a slight smile. Even though she was an alien, didn’t mean she didn’t have a sense of humor. The outfits the waitresses wore were so awful but yet cute at the same time. Ava sat down and looked over the menu. Giving a snort at the names “Blood of Alien Smoothie” and “Alien Blast”, she finally decided on something to eat. Once she ate and used her powers to change some dollar bills into 20’s, she paid her bill and left. She headed back to the Evan’s.

Once she got there, she realized nobody was home to mind warp. Isabel was also gone. She headed up to Max’s room. When she entered the room, she took a look around. It was nothing like the sewers back home. It was so homely and clean. She sighed. One day she would have something like this. She wished Zan was here. She missed him terribly. It hurt when she first saw Max. There was obvious differences, but they looked and acted so much alike. Both were good men. Ava could tell that.

Ava laid down and took a long nap. Somewhere around 5 hours later, Ava woke up. She forgot where she was for a little bit and once she turned and saw the photo on the dresser she remembered where she was. A little pang went through her heart as she remembered Zan. She smelled the scent of Max around her. It was so similar to Zan's.

Ava got up and went to the bathroom. When finished, she took a long shower. Ava got dressed and ran a hand through her hair, drying it. By this time, Philip Evans was out of the house on his own business trip to Chicago and that just left Diane.

Using her mind warps, she made Diane believe that she was Max. Coming into the kitchen she acted like everything was the normal and played that Max was just coming into the kitchen to grab a snack before dinner. She made small talk with Diane. Diane had decided to grab a pizza for dinner since Philip was gone for the weekend and Diane was exhausted from a day of shopping.

Ava decided to grab a couple slices of pizza and ate them at the dinner table. She heard Isabel come in through the back door.

“Hi mom! Hi..Max!” Isabel cheerily said and smiled at the both of them. “Yum, pizza.” She gave her mom a kiss on the cheek.

“Go ahead and grab some, honey.” Diane gave Isabel a hug and left the kitchen. Isabel grabbed some pizza and told Ava, “I’m just going to go up to my room.” Ava just nodded.

When she was leaving the kitchen, she took a look at the clock and saw it was almost 8 at night. ‘They should be in New York by now.’ Ava thought sadly.

Ava went to Max’s room. Once she was inside and the door closed behind her, Ava went to look around Max’s room and picked up a CD case. Isabel came and knocked on the door. “It’s me Isabel.”

“Come in!” Ava said. Isabel opened the door and stepped inside the room shutting the door behind her.

“So…how do you like it here? I’m sure it’s quite different than New York.” Isabel wasn’t sure what to say. Ava looked like Tess, but Isabel knew she wasn’t. She wasn’t sure if Ava was like Rath and Lonnie. She seemed different. Something was bothering Isabel, but she wasn’t quite sure what.

“Oh Isabel!” Ava burst into tears. Isabel seemed so nice. She seemed so different than Lonnie. Could Ava trust Isabel?

Isabel wasn’t sure what to do or say. The Ice Princess didn't do tears well. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have asked that. Is it Zan? I’m sure you miss him so much. I know if it was Max, I would be devastated.” Isabel moved around the bed and went to hug Ava. She held her as she cried. Once Ava’s sobs turned into sniffles, Ava pushed Isabel away a little. She looked her right in the eye.

“We have to stop Lonnie and Rath. Zan didn’t fall into the street. Lonnie and Rath pushed him. They had to get rid of him to go through with their plan. They’re going to kill Max too! We have to stop them!”

Isabel looked into Ava’s eyes and her blood turned cold. If what Ava said was true, and Isabel could trust Ava then Rath and Lonnie were going to try and kill Max and maybe Michael too.

“Ava, what do you mean? You have to tell me what happened. How do I know I can trust you?” Isabel felt like shaking the answers out of Ava. Isabel started to panic.

“Lonnie and Rath killed Zan. They want Max to go to the Summit so they can turn him over to our enemies. Kivar and Nicholas are going to be there. They are going to take Max back to Antar so they can torture and kill him, once they steal the seal from him. Rath and Lonnie made the deal so that they can go home too! Please you have to believe me!”

Isabel got off the bed and went to her room and grabbed her cellphone. She tried calling Max but it went straight to voicemail. “He’s not answering. What do we do?”

“You can dream walk like Lonnie can, right?” Ava had a plan but she wasn’t sure if it was going to work. “You need to dream walk him and let him know. I shouldn’t have let him go, but I was afraid that they were going to kill me too if I said anything. If they know that I am helping you stop them, they are going to come back for me and kill me too.”

“Yes, I can dream walk but I’ve never tried it that far.” Isabel flashed back to when Max was in the White Room.

“Here, try connecting to me and channeling my energy.” Isabel went and grabbed the photo of Max and Liz off of his dresser. She gave a sad smile. How she wished they could all go back to when things were simple. Isabel went back to the bed and sat next to Ava. Together they connected. Images of Zan, Rath, and Lonnie whizzed through Isabel's mind. The feeling of loneliness, guilt, sadness, and loss overwhelmed her. She tried to push them aside but the ones of Zan and Ava's emotions were so powerful.

‘Here let me put a block up, then focus on pulling energy from me.’ She heard Ava’s voice in her head. Once Ava had put the block up, Isabel was again able to focus. She pulled energy from Ava and gathered her own. Then she put her finger against the photo onto Max. She thought of everything Max, from the way he smelled to all the memories she had of them. They continued that for an hour. Eventually, Isabel was too exhausted.

“Fuck! I can’t get through to him. He’s too far away and even with your power I can’t seem to do it.” Isabel cried out. She was exhausted and she was scared. “What if it’s too late?”

“It’s not too late. I know that they need him to attend the Summit for their plan to work and that’s not until tomorrow. Let’s try it one more time.”

Isabel sighed. She closed her eyes and tried again. This time she was in! She stepped into Max’s subconscious. Everything was in turmoil around her. Isabel had to fight to stay standing up. She felt vertigo which was making her feel nauseous. After a couple seconds, everything calmed. She looked at her surroundings. It looked like she was in the sewers.

Meanwhile in New York, Max and Michael were both lying unconscious on the sewer floor. Neither heard the screams of Lonnie and Rath as they were blasted and their bodies laid fried. The only thoughts Max had were the words of Isabel telling Max everything that she had found out.

Once Max had woken up, he immediately knew they were in danger because of Isabel’s dream walk. When getting up, Max found the bodies of both Lonnie and Rath not far from where they had been laying. He managed to wake Michael. Michael also noticed the bodies when he stood up. Neither of them remembered what had happened prior to becoming unconscious. As Max explained everything Isabel had told them, both took off into the New York nightlife, without a look back or a single clue on who had killed Lonnie and Rath but had spared Max and Michael.

Both of them were on the next flight to Roswell less than 2 hours later. Michael's thoughts were on Maria and Max's were on Liz. This was going to be a long 5 months.

Again I own nothing Roswell. I just get to play with their lives.
This part is M for sexual content and language.

I'm happy with this part, but it's still kind of conservative for what I wanted it to be...but we will have plenty of time for that later. Yes, I'm uncomfortable making suggestions to sexual content but I hope you all bare with me, however you are all the readers so if it makes your uncomfortable I can change that...Here goes!!

Chapter 2

2 months later

Isabel walked into Max's room. The last two months had been hard on Max after the humans and Tess left. Especially after Max had almost died at the Summit. They still had no idea who killed Lonnie and Rath. Hell, these last two months have been hard on Michael and her too. Isabel missed Alex. More than she thought she would. But all Max did was brood when he wasn't at school or doing homework. School just got out two days ago so now all Max did was stay and his room brood.

Isabel still didn’t understand why Tess went with the humans. Tess was one of them. Yet, she had packed up and left for Florida without a single explanation. Isabel knew that Max and Michael had not been very welcoming of Tess, but Isabel had tried to be her friend. Sometimes Tess would IM or text Isabel, but when she did it was very short and mostly contained photos of everyone hanging around. Isabel sighed and looked at her brother.

After Liz and Tess left, girls were all over Max thinking they could be the rebound. Max didn't go for any of them. He only had thoughts of one small brunette. 'Maybe this news will cheer him up.' Isabel thought.

Max was laying in his bed just staring at the ceiling. He had no motivation to do anything. His soul mate not only slept with another man, but tore his heart in two. On top of that the woman who was pushing him to accept his destiny as her husband took off with said soul mate. Max sighed. He didn’t realize Isabel was in the room as his mind wandered to darker thoughts.

"Hey Max, guess what?” Isabel jumped onto the bed next to Max. “I just got a call from Maria. She invited the three of us out there to stay the summer with them at Liz’s Aunt's beach home."

Max sat up. "Really? Did Maria mention anything about Liz? She won't return any of my emails or calls."

Isabel just rolled her eyes. Of course Max would only care about Liz. "They are all fine. She didn't say much else expect that all 5 of them want us to come down for the summer. Come on! Get packing. Mom and Dad already said yes. I'm going to call Michael. They already said they would help with his apartment until we get back."

Isabel left just as quickly as she came. She picked up the phone to call Michael. She let him know what was going on. At first he was dead set against it because he didn't need "charity" from Max and Isabel's parents. He said that he could take care of his own bills but he had to work to be able to do that. Finally after a little pressure, threatening, and reminding Michael of Maria, he finally agreed. The next day they were all on the flight headed to Florida.

"So who is supposed to be picking us up?" Michael questioned. The three aliens stood outside the airport in the sweltering Florida heat. “Shouldn’t somebody be here already? They did know what time our flight arrived right? Do we have a way of calling them even?” Michael was anxious to see Maria even though he wouldn’t admit it to Isabel or Max. When Michael go anxious, he got pissy. He just wanted to get the show of the road and see his beautiful girl. Even though they weren’t together right now, Michael still thought of Maria as his.

“Maria said that they would meet us here in the loading zone. She said they would be here before our fight landed. They should have been here already.” Isabel replied. She looked at her watch. It was 3pm. All of a sudden they heard the screeching of tires and a few curses from other drivers. The three of them turned to look. A grey SUV screeched to a stop in front of them.

Maria Deluca jumped out of the SUV. Max looked into the empty SUV attempting to see if Liz was in the car, but to his disappointed she wasn’t.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry I’m late. We were out super late last night and didn’t get in until the sun was rising, and we all crashed super hard. I just woke up like 20 minutes ago and drove straight here.” Maria rambled on, as she picked up some luggage and started loading the grey SUV. Maria was wearing a tank top and sleep shorts that barely covered her butt. She wasn’t even wearing shoes. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was smudged like she hadn’t even looked in the mirror before she left the house. Most likely she hadn’t when she realized she was late.

“Well at least you are here now. It’s hot and I’m dying to get out of this heat and I could go for a cold shower and something refreshing to drink.” Isabel said as she got into the front passenger seat of the SUV completely ignoring her luggage that still sat on the sidewalk. ‘I also could go with seeing Alex Whitman’, Isabel kept to herself. Suddenly Isabel was nervous that Alex wouldn’t even want to see her. ‘Breath, Isabel, deep breaths.’ Isabel channeled her energy and used it to calm herself down.

When Max realized Isabel had no intentions on loading her plethora of luggage she insisted on bringing, Max just sighed and helped Michael and Maria load his and Isabel’s luggage into the SUV. Michael only had one bag. He always traveled light. Max nor Michael decided to say nothing and just get all the luggage loaded so they could get out of there.

Sometimes Isabel could act like a Princess, even though it was only in a previous life she was a princess of another planet. Here on Earth she was just Isabel Evans. She could also be considered cold, except those who knew her, knew that she had a heart full of love. Isabel just wanted to be accepted and to have as normal as a life as she could.

Once everything was loaded and everyone was in the car, Maria started the SUV and drove off and got on the freeway.

“So how are you three? I know it has been two months, but it feels like forever since we have seen you. You guys look great! Have you been working out a lot, Max?” Maria cheerily said. Maria eyed Max and appreciated what she was looking at. She gave him a smirk. ‘Oh yeah, she will definitely be liking what she sees when she sees him.’ Max just said thanks politely but Michael noticed the exchanged. Jealously ran through his veins. Maria said nothing to him.

As they made small talk, the three aliens noticed the changes in Maria. Despite the messy wake-up look, her hair was long and she had dyed it brunette. She now had a piercing in the left side of her nose and you could see the few small tattoos she had collected. Michael stared at the one that started on her right shoulder blade and was hidden underneath her sheer tank top. You could see the tattoo even through the shirt. The design was familiar. It was so Maria, yet there was just something about it that screamed out to Michael. Maria also seemed to just be oozing energy. The energy that radiated off of Maria seemed to touch Michael’s and twist itself with his. The power wanted more. It wanted to be closer. Her energy or something was calling to him. Something that called out to the primal and alien side of him.

It took every ounce of self-control not to lean across the seat, park the SUV, turn it off, pull Maria out, lean her across the hood and slip those tiny little shorts off and just bury himself fully to the hilt. Michael just shook his head. What was wrong with him? Maria and he weren’t even dating. Michael didn’t notice the matching symbol of Maria’s pulsating and glowing on his right chest.

The other two alien occupants were noticing the changes in Maria. Max was automatically weary. Maria had never generated energy of this magnitude before. What if this was a shape-shifter? Since when did Maria Deluca have tattoos and a nose piercing? Max thanked the stars that he was able to watch from the back in case she tried something. Max looked at Michael. He looked like he was in pain…almost like a dog in heat. Max looked down and could clearly see Michael’s excitement in his pants. ‘That explains his reaction’, Max thought. Max just hoped the same thing didn’t happen the first time he saw Liz.

Isabel continued to make small talk with Maria while Max watched Maria’s every move. Soon they pulled up to a double story beach house. When Isabel and Max got out, they could just hear the ocean and smell the salt from the water.

“Oh my God, this is beautiful! This is where you guys have been staying the last two months? I’m so jealous!” Isabel commented.

Michael grimaced as he got out. He waited a second and tried to breathe deep so his friend could go away. He took a few steps away from the car and kept his back turned. When he was ready, he turned back and joined Max and Isabel.

A second later, the door opened and out bounded Liz, Kyle, Alex, Tess, and a red-head that the three aliens have never met before. She resembled Liz tremendously and looked to only be in her 20’s. Max was surprised. He imagined Liz’s aunt to be much older.

Tess ran up to each one and gave them all a hug. Her blonde curls were messy as well. You could tell she had been up to the late hours as well and she was dressed in a short satin blue robe but her curls bounced and her blue eyes twinkled as she smiled and hugged them. “It’s so great that you guys were able to come out here for the summer!” The three Roswell aliens cannot remember seeing her so excited or happy.

Liz came up behind Tess. The new arrivals all turned to look at Liz. Liz also looked like she just gotten out of bed. She had dyed her hair burgundy since being in Florida. It was cut to her shoulders and looked like a razor had been taken to her hair to create layers and bangs. She also had some new tattoos. Her tank top barely reached her belly button and the three aliens noticed she had a belly button piercing. The strangest thing about Liz though was the energy that radiated from her. It was more powerful than even Maria’s. Max also noticed his seal was tattooed on the right part of her chest.

Max couldn’t stop staring at the seal….at her chest. His eyes roamed her whole body. ‘God, she’s perfect.’ Something was taking over his basic instincts and it felt so alien. So right. Within seconds, Max’s amber eyes took on a dark color until eventually his whole eyes were black. Liz gasped and let out of a small moan. Max stepped up to Liz and wrapped his arms around her. The primal sides of them made them forget everything but each other. Eventually Liz spoke up, “It’s great to see you, Max.”

Max fought for control. He was fighting the alien in him. After a couple seconds, he was able to push the alien side of him away and his eyes turned to normal. Liz was fighting for her own control. Eventually she was able to get her eyes to turn back to normal, and took a deep breath. Max and Liz broke apart. Max didn’t realize his own seal was glowing and pulsating.

Max and Michael shared a look. They would need to be careful. Something about Tess, Liz, and Maria was different. Something about them brought out their alien side. They also seemed more sensual than when they left Roswell. Even Tess was sporting some new tattoos and had pierced her ears all the way up and had a dermal under her left eye. These were not the same girls. They turned to look at Kyle and Alex who had hung back. They were both wearing pajamas and had messy hair as well. Kyle gave a hug to Isabel and clapped Max and Michael on the back.

Isabel took a sharp intake a breath when Alex hugged her. She just wanted to cling to Alex. Alex took a step back, but rubbed her arm. Alex started losing himself in the scent of Isabel. Considering Alex was more use to controlling himself around her, he took a step back. Isabel stared at him. Her eyes started to darken, but before she lost control Alex had stepped away and went to the SUV. They both took a few shaky breaths. Isabel didn’t realize the symbol from Alex’s chest was glowing on her left shoulder blade and was pulsating.

Isabel stared at Alex. There was something different about the way he carried himself. Just like the girls, Alex also had a few new tattoos. One of his left arm called to Isabel. It was so familiar. It felt like something from her past.

The three aliens also noticed that Kyle had new tattoos as well. Both Alex and Kyle each had symbols tattooed on their arms and chest. They also radiated energy as well. ‘What the hell is going on here?’ Michael thought. As Kyle joined Alex at the SUV to help unload Isabel’s luggage, all the girls went inside the house. Max and Michael went off to the side for some privacy.

“Something weird is going on here. I felt my connection with Liz spring to life and I just….couldn’t control myself all of a sudden. It was like we were one. She said something. I can’t remember what, but as soon as I caught her scent I just lost myself to her. We need to figure out what the fuck is going on. They are all radiating this energy that is alien. Even Tess’s energy is stronger than when she left Roswell.” Max said. “We can’t be going around like this.”

“No problem there, Maxwell. I’m just as confused and wary as you are. I don’t like this. These are not the same people who left Roswell, but those tattoos. They all seem familiar. Like they are from our past.” Michael said.

Max agreed. “Liz has a tattoo of my seal on her right hip bone. I’m not even sure how she would be able to get that tattoo. I don’t think she has seen my seal.”

“We will talk to Isabel about it later. Right now, let’s just act like everything’s normal. Let’s head inside.” Max and Michael followed Alex and Kyle in after getting their own luggage out of the SUV. They heard the girls’ laughter coming from the right of the front door. They followed Kyle and Alex into what looked like the dining room.

“So tonight, we are totally going to take you guys out to this club that we always hit up. You will love it, Isabel. There’s plenty of cute guys!” Tess and Isabel were standing near the table while Liz had her feet up on the coffee table. Maria wasn’t in the room.

Liz’s aunt came up to the boys. She had strawberry blonde hair. She looked like a younger version of Nancy Parker. “Hello, I’m Liz’s aunt Amber Hanson. It is a pleasure to meet all of Lizzie’s friends finally.” She turned to Michael. “You must be Michael.” She shook hands with him. She then turned towards Max. “And you must be Max….I’ve heard lots of things about you.” She winked at Max.

Max shivered. It was like Amber could see right through him. It felt like she knew his secret. But that was impossible. Max knew Liz would never betray their secret. Amber turned towards the girls.

“And you must be the beautiful Isabel. You could be a model!” She gave Isabel a hug. Isabel blushed. “I wouldn’t say that, but yes I’m Isabel.”

Before anything more could be said, the group heard footsteps coming down the stairs from the hallway.

“Parker! Where are my cigarettes? Did you take them again? I said that you could have a couple until you could get to the store!” The man of the voice entered the room with a blonde woman.

“Ava?” Isabel stepped forward. She didn’t even notice Ava’s companion “Is that you? Your hair. You dyed it blonde and grew it. If it didn’t remind me of Tess, I wouldn’t have noticed it was you.” Then she looked at the male next to Ava. She looked back from him to Max. “What the hell?”

Maria came down the stairs and entered the room. She stood next to the Roswellian group. “Isabel. Max. Michael….meet Zan.”

Chapter 3

Liz stood up from the chair she had been sitting on. "I think we need to talk and explain things." She moved over to Zan's side where he placed a comforting arm around Liz and Ava.

"I am not even sure where to begin. I guess we will start from where Lonnie and Rath pushed me. A couple nights before I had a vision of them plotting to kill me. Honestly, I always knew those two never had a heart. Family or not they would and have killed to get what they want. Anyways, when the time came I let them push me but I was able to soften the impact which then only knocked me out long enough for them to think I was dead. Once I awoken a couple minutes later, I healed myself. I laid low watching them til they left for Roswell. However, I had to block my connection with Ava so would think I was dead-at least until I could figure out what their plans were and how to stop them. I didn't want Ava to go to Roswell but I couldn't expose myself. I had an idea of what their plans were since I refused to attend the summit, and our protector explained the dupes and how there were eight pods. He also told us where the four of you were-Roswell. When they came back to New York with you two but without Ava, I went crazy. I killed them before you got hurt and headed out of town straight to Roswell." Zan explained.

"When he got into Roswell and unblocked the connection, I just felt extreme happiness. I couldn't believe he was alive...that was the night I left with no word, Isabel. At the time I didn't know what it was like to be loved by anyone other than Zan so I didn't think of it. Later I realized that was rude of me. I am sorry for that. " Ava spoke up.

"Are you kidding me? Your soul mate just showed up after thinking he was dead! I would be ecstatic too. My mind would be on him and no one else." Isabel reassured.

"Thank you for understanding. That is exactly how I felt. After that night though Zan and I agreed we needed to come to Florida and be near Liz."

"Why did you need to be near Liz? What is going on here? None of this is making sense! Tattoos? Piercings? The massive power you all radiate!" Michael spoke up loudly.

"Before we explain that....I think we should get comfortable in the living room. I will make snacks." Maria said. Liz spoke up stating she would get drinks.

Meanwhile no one realized Liz's aunt was in the background. She turned and snuck upstairs without being noticed.

Liz had just finished pouring the Cokes while Maria was done fixing the sandwhichs and chips. Liz, Maria, and Tess were huddled together whispering intensely. Meanwhile Max entered the kitchen hoping to talk to Liz. However, he finds the three of them in a heated conversation. Since he couldn't hear what they were saying he backs out without being noticed.

A few minutes later the girls come out and pass out the drinks and snacks. Everyone sits around the table. There are four bottles of Tabasco. Michael, Isabel and Max all notice that no only do they pour the Tabasco in their drinks and food so does everyone else including Liz, Maria, Alex, and Kyle. They eat in silence for a couple minutes. Max couldn't take the silence anymore. "I want a fucking explanation for everything!!"

Liz rose her head to look him in the eyes. "You want to know? You really do? I'm your fucking Queen and all of us have changed into alien hybrids. The four measly humans you thought us to be now have serious power."

Max, Isabel, and Michael were speechless. "We destroyed your lives!!!" Isabel cried out and ran out of the room crying.

Meanwhile the whole exchange was being watched by someone in the shadows.

I'm back!! I'm going to start rewriting this fanfiction. It's been stuck in my head and now I have a laptop to write again. Expect more. ;)

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Re: The Queen of Antar (CC, Mature)

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Come back this is an interesting story.

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Re: The Queen of Antar (CC, Mature)

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WOW...... great start for a first time story!
Hard to believe everyone was able to just take off for Florida. Especially when Tess went with the non-aliens.
Did this have anything to do with Tess brushing by Liz........what did she learn??
The dupes arrive and so many strange things are happening. Everyone changed in Florida, and had special energy......
Now who's in the shadows????? Liz's aunt????
Can't wait for more,

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Re: The Queen of Antar (CC, Mature)

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This is great hurry back with more.
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Re: The Queen of Antar (CC, Mature)

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Great start. We have a lot to learn about Liz and the gangs activities the last 5 months.

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Re: The Queen of Antar (CC, Mature)

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Looks really interesting! I am - of course - impatiently wating for more! EVE :wink:
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