Lost & Found (CC, Mature) - Chapter 48 - Completed: 03/28/2019

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 25 - Updated: 01/05/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:19 pm

So Serena is figuring it out. Now that is really great. Serena needs to get the result back really soon before Max leaves. So glad that Maria went to check on Liz when she did. Hope Maria is right about Liz having her happy ending with Max. Hope Maria is right about Max, Michael will stop Sean from whatever he is doing. So now Max is looking into things. Serena better tell Max the truth before Max leaves for Roswell. So glad that Molly is remembering more. Hopefully Molly will be able to tell Max and Serena what she knows. So she can go home to her mommy.

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Lost & Found - Chapter 26 - 01/08/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:08 pm

Serena was working late on another case when she got the SOS from her partner and knew she had already put a full day at work, so she closed her desk, and prepared to head home via Max’s place. She knew she was still in a quandary over what she knew about and what her partner didn’t know…

Meanwhile Max was looking at some pictures from Roswell, as he had his folder out. He had done a search and found the divorce records for Liz and Sean, and while there was a baby there was no indications Sean was expected to pay alimony or child support which was odd for Max. Given Liz was so young and had a small baby to support and raise.

Kyle was paying alimony and child support but then he had petitioned for Bella’s name to be changed from Parker to Valenti, which Max thought was odd that Liz gave her daughter the Parker last name at birth given she was married to Deluca when the child was born. The reason for the name change was to get Bella further away from her father at birth. So, the fact Kyle was helping Liz was a great move in Max’s mind.

Odd Max thought as he heard the doorbell ring as he went to the door. Serena smiled as she came into the house and saw the millions of files it seemed all around the living room. “You can’t help but work, can you?”

“I needed to know more…” Max said.

“So how was the visit with Molly?” Serena asked as she saw Molly’s picture on the table next to the case from Roswell.

“She’s doing okay but she doesn’t want to talk much about the Davidson’s,” Max commented. “She shut down any talk of them.”

Serena nodded as she picked up Molly’s picture. “She’s such a lovely child. If it’s true what Junior said than where does she come from…” she said pausing even thought she had her suspicions.

“I wish I knew,” Max sighed. “I tried searching for any missing children in California, but nothing that was similar to Molly’s case came up, so I need you to go through the countrywide database as I am on vacation and only allowed in the building in a visitor capacity”

“I have Dr. Baker on it,” Serena said which was the truth.

“Good,” Max said as he was pacing the living room. “Something is there at the tip of my brain, and I need to know what it is. Something about all this is off” he commented. He always had this gift to want to go deeper into a case than was usual for a cop. But still something was missing.

“So how was Roswell?” Serena asked.

“Different,” Max admitted. “It’s been ten years since I was home. Things have changed.”

“Which is natural. Why didn’t you go home before now?” Serena asked.

“A lot of reasons,” Max admitted. “Most of them was that I was scared to face the fact I left in the first place,” he sighed as he thought of Liz. “And I hate knowing that staying away didn’t allow those who I was trying to protect to have a normal carefree life.”

“Are you thinking of your ex?” Serena asked as she saw a newer picture of Liz on the table. Picking it up she whistled underneath at the similarities to Molly’s drawings.

“I am always thinking of her,” Max admitted for the first time to Serena.

“Why did you end?” Serena asked.

“We were young when we got together, and our relationship was full of hurdles that were mostly of our own making except some of the difficulties brought in our parents and Liz’s parents weren’t too thrilled with our association by the time I left. I made a big mistake and I hurt Liz deeply and I’ll regret that to the end of my days. I wish I hadn’t, but I did. We tried again, but things weren’t the same…”

“What did you do?” Serena asked amazed at the insight from her partner, something she hadn’t experienced in the five years together as partners.

“I was with someone else…” Max sighed at the memory.

“Whoa you were… you cheated on her?” Serena asked.

“No, we weren’t together at the time. Liz had ended our relationship due to everything becoming too overwhelming for her, and despite my determination to get back together… she kept pushing me away,” Max thought of the simplistic version of their year apart. “Things led to someone else coming into my life. She had been there before Liz and I ended and that was part of why Liz was wary because of part of her didn’t trust the other woman, but I never felt the way I felt for Liz and with Liz ending our relationship, one thing eventually led to another. And I screwed up big time so while I didn’t cheat, well, in a way I cheated on our love and Liz had every right to be pissed and she was… Tess was the biggest mistake of my life. She fooled me into believing she was a good person.”

“Whoa…” Serena said and thought. “Is that why you’re skittish about Tessa at work.”

“Yeah,” Max said deep into his memories. “I shouldn’t be as they are totally different people, but the name Tess will always give me nightmares. Anyways Tess made me believe she was pregnant!”

“What!” Serena asked as her jaw dropped. “My god Max…”

“Yeah,” Max said. “I tried to be there for her because of the baby, but in the end, things led from one thing to another and I learned she was lying to me. She was never pregnant. But before I did, Liz and I tried again as I forced her to put up with a lot and I am sorry for that and will always be. She tried to understand and be there for me, and because I thought I had a baby. I couldn’t invest in us as much as she wanted us to be as it was our senior year and we did something that screwed with the trust our families had in us.”

“Damn,” Serena muttered.

Max nodded.

“I believed Tess had taken my kid and ran,” Max lied in telling the true events of what happened with Tess. “While I did my search for the baby Liz and I tried again,” he murmured. “My mission was to find my son and that mission took me away from home. Liz tried to be supporting but eventually she got fed up which she should have, and she ended things. So, I stayed away and didn’t go home when I found out the truth that there was no kid.”

“Max, wow…” Serena sighed as she thought of her partner’s star-crossed romance cut tragically short due to lies and betrayal. “So, you didn’t go home again even to see your sister and parents?”

“Nope, and they reamed me out about that… and I deserve it…” Max admitted as memories of Isabel and his parents came to his mind, and then flashes of Liz forced her way in front of them. “Liz eventually married and once I found out about her marriage, well, that is one of the primarily reasons I stayed away as I thought she had moved on.”

Serena nodded.

“She married shortly after I left and had a kid,” Max said.

“Are they still married?” Serena asked as she could see that her partner was still tormented by her ex being the one who got away.

“Nope,” Max shook his head. “She divorced him after their kid was born, but I assumed they were still together. She eventually married again a fellow classmate of ours who she dated before she dated me.”

“Wow,” Serena nodded.

“They are divorced, and her ex is now married to my sister and they are expecting a child.”

“Small world,” Serena commented.

“No kidding,” Max smiled. “Bella is Liz’s daughter. She was nine when she vanished a year ago.”

“So, she is the kid you’re worried about?” Serena asked as she spotted the little girl in a picture with her mother. “So, your ex is now a single mother?”

Max nodded.

“I am sorry,” Serena thought as she thought back to her suspicions. “What are you going to do about it?”

“I am still intending to go back to Roswell and see what I can do to help and use up the rest of my vacation in that search. I need to do this for Liz, and I need to make sure she can find out the truth for her own sanity and hopefully bring her daughter back.”

“I hope you do too,” Serena nodded. “Do they have any leads?”

“She vanished without a trace and everyone initially checked out but now one of those initial suspects is being looked at again, and this time he might not come out so clean.”

“Whom?” Serena asked.

“Liz’s first ex-husband, Sean Deluca. He’s currently serving a life sentence in prison.”

“Whoa…” Serena thought. “So, you think he did something to Bella?”

“If he did, he was the mastermind and organizer and he asked someone else to take Bella.”

“Any idea where she might be now…”

“No…” Max muttered…
Once Serena had left Max stopped pacing the living room and went to the bar and stirred him up a whisky and took a beer from his fridge and went back to his computer. Slamming down the whiskey and taking his time with the beer he couldn’t help but look at the photos of Liz.

He shouldn’t drink he knew it, he thought too many wild things when he did he knew but he couldn’t help it. Alone in the house that didn’t seem like his house anymore staring at the screen that held his soulmates picture who was staring at him. Then a quick look over at the picture of Bella on the table.

Looking at the marriage certificate of Liz’s first marriage he noticed the date of the wedding, something he already knew but didn’t like dwelling on. The wedding was dated December 2, 2001. The day after Liz’s 18th birthday. It was at a justice of the peace as he knew now that the Parkers hadn’t been happy and didn’t bless the wedding but were forced into acknowledging when it happened.

Then he took a sip of beer or a large swig sip of the beer as he saw on the table a print off version of Bella’s birth certificate.

Her birth name was listed as ISABELLA MARIA PARKER
Date of Birth as MAY 5, 2002.

Max still didn’t know why Isabella’s name wasn’t listed as Deluca although it didn’t seem like Liz changed her name with her first marriage. She did with her marriage to Kyle, but not Deluca. Weird Max thought.

Then he took a double take when he saw in front of his eyes the birth of the baby. May 5, 2002

“That makes no sense” Max said as he put the beer down and didn’t know if it was in his drunken glaze or just his eyes were tired, and he was seeing things as he leaned back closed his eyes and then minutes later opened them and stared at the same screen, and no he wasn’t mistaken.

“There is no way Sean could be the father if Bella was born in May and yet Liz and Sean didn’t even get together until after I left town for California in late October,” he muttered out loud.

He checked for Bella’s birth records that had been released when she disappeared on his laptop, and he found no mention of a premature birth.

“That means…. What?” Max whispered as he asked the screen. Sean can’t be the father. Then who is? he mused out loud and into the quiet and still room. Kyle couldn’t be because he did know there was no way back then, and even now he had trouble reconciling that they tried again. But not then…

“Shit… No!” Max whispered as it dawned on him. “Are you freaking kidding me? he thought as a sense of darkness fell over him and he felt swallowed up as he thought to himself, Bella is my daughter? he asked. “Liz had my baby?” he asked out loud as the connections came together and formed. “Bella is missing…” he asked himself. “God no…”

And then anger filled him, “what did that bastard do with her…”

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 26 - Updated: 01/08/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:23 pm

Max just realized he is the daddy! I just hope that he isn't too pissed at Liz when he confronts her later. Now all he needs to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together that Molly is Bella.
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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 26 - Updated: 01/08/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:32 pm

Max is a little slow on the uptake sometime when it comes to Liz. He finally figured it out. While searching for his son, he wasn't there for Liz and his daughter.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 26 - Updated: 01/08/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:41 pm

Roswelllostcause wrote:Max just realized he is the daddy! I just hope that he isn't too pissed at Liz when he confronts her later. Now all he needs to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together that Molly is Bella.
Agree with Roswelllostcause. about Max finally realizing
That he is a father. Hopefully Max won't be to mad when he confronts Liz. Hopefully Liz will tell Max everything. Now Max and Serena need to work together and solve this mystery and find out about who Molly really is.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 26 - Updated: 01/08/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:09 pm

Max can only be mad that Liz didn't tell him during his last visit. He only has himself to blame that he didn't return to Roswell to find out Liz was pregnant in the first place.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 26 - Updated: 01/08/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:02 pm

Finally Max.......the light comes on.
Now if Molly will just remember that she is Bella........we can be on our way home.

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 26 - Updated: 01/08/2019

Post by Superman86 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 2:36 am

RoswellFan68 wrote:Max can only be mad that Liz didn't tell him during his last visit. He only has himself to blame that he didn't return to Roswell to find out Liz was pregnant in the first place.

Totally agree, Ahhhhh!!! Can't wait for the next update. Come on "Molly" you can remember harder, you gotta let your dad save you aND take you home

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Re: Lost & Found (CC, Mature) Chapter 26 - Updated: 01/08/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:02 am

Question now, will Max rush back home to Liz with this new information........not following through with Molly??

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Lost & Found - Chapter 27 - 01/10/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:35 pm

The next morning Serena knocked on the door of Max’s house and found it locked, and she checked to see that his car was gone which meant he wasn’t passed out drunk inside or she hope he wasn’t, and his car got stolen so she used the spare key to get inside and saw it a mess.

But no Max.

Two bottles of beer, a whisky glass and a mess of papers all over the place like he was tossing it around looking for something, but no Max.

“Max are you here?” Serena yelled through the empty house but heard nothing back. “You better not be passed out drunk in there with some bimbo,” she muttered as she walked into his bedroom and found a made bed that didn’t look like it was slept in and that was not like Max to make his bed she knew from the little time she spent at his place during his dark period after originally joining the force.

“Max, come on where are you…”

Nothing, “Damn”, she whispered when she couldn’t find any evidence where he might have gone. All she saw was a screenshot of Bella’s birth certificate and records.

“What’s up?” she wondered as locked up his house and got back into her car and headed for the precinct where she found no Max.

“Tessa has Max be in for a visitor’s pass?” Serena asked as she approached the secretary for their boss.

“Nope,” Tessa shook her head. “Should he have…”

“No, well, I don’t know. He was talking about coming in her this morning, but I swung by his place and he wasn’t home, so I thought maybe he came in to talk to the Davidson boy.

“Oh, then no, I haven’t seen him, or he hasn’t phone in to request one in advance.” Tessa said. “Maybe he went back on vacation, and wherever he was before coming back.”

“Yeah maybe,” Serena thought as she wondered if Max went back to Roswell without telling her… But she knew he still had some unanswered questions for the Davidson kids and so to leave suddenly wasn’t like him but then Max did tend to be mysterious when he first joined the force when he would disappear suddenly and show up again with no reason for his absence. The chief was almost at the end of his rope when finally, Max cleaned up his act, and started acting like a model cop and he moved up to detective alongside her with relative ease.

“You think he would tell me,” Serena muttered as she headed back to her desk and got sucked back into another case, and she soon forgot Max’s disappearance.
“Should I be seeing Sean?” Liz asked Michael as they sat and talked about the newest developments. A child in Chicago had been found after being missing longer than Bella, and there was early suspicion it could be Bella until they learned the deals of the disappearance and it turned out she was another missing girl and she had been reunited with her family and so it gave Liz some renewed hope they could find her daughter and that Bella could come home safe and sound and most of all alive.

“It will give him an edge?” Michael advised. “As much as it might give us some answers still it might allow him to think he can stone wall us and hold any information over our heads. He will try to get in your head and play with your thoughts, so you give in and testify for him.

“I would never testify for him,” Liz muttered. “Especially not if there is any truth to the theory that he took Bella to get even with me, and to hold it over me…”

“But he will try to play with you mind so you give in…”

“He might know something,” Liz pointed out. “He wants to see me, and if he does goad me, well, he might slip if he’s around me.”

“Trust me Liz, right now let’s not give him that win.” Michael assured his friend. “I promise you that I am doing everything to track down his associates back then. Some are dead, some are also in jail. But one or two are out in the world, and I just have to find them.”

“I hope you do…”

“We can’t give Sean the hope he has us…” Michael said. “We’re find out if he’s guilty another way and plus he’s now under constant monitoring, so he can’t contact you again.”

Liz nodded as she elected to go for a walk as she saw Michael to the elevator as he had to get back to the office before picking Betty at camp. Liz sighed as she thought of the fun activities she did with her own daughter during summer break. Trying to break from the funk she was in, she went for a walk and saw the sights of the hospital.
While Isabel was arriving home, she heard the phone ringing and she let it ring, and after she settled down her bags the phone rang again she grabbed it. “Hello, Valenti residence. Isabel speaking, how can I help you?” she asked. “Hello…” she said again to silence. “Max is that you?”

“No,” said the voice. “I am sorry for bothering you or maybe scaring you. My name is Serena Franklin and I am partners with Max out here in Los Angeles” Serena said politely from her desk at the station.

“Oh,” Isabel said quietly. “My brother has talked a little about you,” she said as fear came through. “He is he okay, is my brother safe?”

“I hope so that is why I am calling,” Serena said. “As far I know he is fine, or I am hoping he is as I was wondering if he was there visiting you again.”

“Why?” Isabel asked instantly wary.

“Because I can’t seem to find him, and I know he was planning to go back to Roswell and resume his vacation, and I was curious if he headed back and just didn’t tell me.”

“No, my brother isn’t here,” Isabel muttered. “I haven’t heard from him since he left my home yesterday to return to his home. Didn’t he have business to conduct?” she asked as icy form came through her voice. “Look obviously my brother doesn’t tell me what is going on with his life as we hadn’t spoken for many years until the last week so…”

“I understand,” Serena sighed as she understood the tension in Isabel’s voice. “He’s told me some of what happened and why he stayed away.”

“Did he,” Isabel asked snappish.

“I totally get why you’re upset with him, and if I was in your place I would be the same with my own brother. We are not as close as we could be, still though I would hate if he dropped out of my life and stayed gone, and then a decade later came back into it.”

“It’s just a little overwhelming,” Isabel allowed.

“I understand,” Serena smiled. “I care about your brother Isabel. We have been partners for five years and he’s saved my life numerous times as I have his, and he was at my wedding and he’s seen my kids grow up to this point.”

“He missed my wedding,” Isabel sighed.

“He told me,” Serena sighed. “He wishes things could have been different. I think it will always be a major regret to him how handled things and he wishes things could have been different.”

“We all do,” Isabel muttered.

“He’s kicking himself for a lot these days and a lot of his stems from his past in Roswell. So, don’t think he’s been carefree back here and not thinking about home or you guys,” Serena sighed. “He has, and it’s defined himself and he wants to find some way to reconcile it all.”

Isabel grew silent. “Was he as dark as he said he was?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes,” Serena muttered. “I only knew him at the tail end of it but when he came to work here on the force he hadn’t yet cleaned up his act. But I can tell you he’s now completely different than the Max I knew in those early days.”

Isabel sighed.

“It’s like the hellmouth is opening up for him, and all the wounds are coming out and he’s drinking too much, and that is why I was curious where he might have gone…”

“Michael tells me what he also saw in Max,” Isabel said and clarified. “Michael is our best friend.”

“Yeah,” Serena said. “For five years he was sober, but these last few weeks have done a number on him.”

“It’s the past. Going through it in the first place was tremendously hard for him and to know it and remember, well, it couldn’t be good for him” Isabel acknowledged or anyone? she mused.

“He mentioned some of the gory details,” Serena sighed as she thought of what he told her of his prior life. “That is why I am concerned. I went by his house this morning to take him to work so he could interrogate someone we have in custody and he wasn’t there. His place was a mess, but his bed was made, and his car was gone. I saw empty bottles, and I am worried what he might have done.”

“His bed is made?” Isabel asked. “That doesn’t sound like my brother. Not when he’s in a mood about something…”

“Yeah,” Serena worried. “When I last saw him, well, he was drinking, and he was working on your friend’s case.”

“Bella?” Isabella asked.

“Yeah,” Serena admitted. “Then suddenly he’s gone so I was hoping he was headed back to your place.”

“No, he hasn’t been seen so far today” Isabel sighed. “I would have heard if he showed up at the hospital to see Liz or to our parents.”

“Look, I am sorry for calling you and getting you concerned about your brother,” Serena sighed. “I didn’t want to open up a hornet’s nest with this call. I am sure your brother is safe and sound,” she said as she ended the call with his gratitude to Isabel for speaking to her…

“Then where is he?” Isabel muttered as she got off the phone as she saw Kyle walk into living room. “Max is missing…”

“Again…” Kyle asked warily as he saw his wife’s fallen face. “Sorry…”

“That was his partner, and he hasn’t been seen today” Isabel said softly. “She was hoping he was headed back here…”

“Well, I haven’t heard the earthquake if he had been seen at the hospital,” Kyle muttered.

“Where could he be… He was apparently working on Bella’s case when Serena last saw him.”

Kyle shrugged, and Isabel fretted.
Back in Los Angeles Serena was worried she woke up a lot of trouble by alerting Max’s family but even checking her connections… her partner was nowhere to be seen. She had even checked the hospital, and Molly hadn’t seen him, and she had some new drawings of Max and this Liz she assumed by the name Isabel namechecked in their call and she had heard Max speak of the one who got away. The drawings were of a chamber of some sorts with green glowing pods. Serena couldn’t help but wonder if it was all some fantasy Molly was dreaming. But as she returned to the station and her desk, well, her partner hadn’t turned up and now she truly was curious when she was called down to forensics.

“CJ, you rang?” Serena asked as she entered the room. “I just got back from visiting Molly.

“Well you wanted something…” CJ Baker asked as she made Serena look at the screen of results that just pinged as she called up for Serena to come down. “While I am still waiting for any potential match of Molly to the Roswell girl, but in the meantime, we got a hit on our initial search of Molly’s origins…”

“What…” Serena’s eyes went on alert… “Are you saying that she’s been found in the database?”

“Yup,” CJ nodded as she did a double look over the results. “Can I ask, where is Max by the way. I assumed I would see him in the building today.”

“I don’t know,” Serena said as she deeply sighed. “That is my second investigation of the day, finding out where the heck my partner went without any warning to me. He wasn’t at his place, and his car is missing, and it hasn’t turned up…”

“Weird,” CJ asked. “That sounds like the Max we knew from five years ago, not of any recent times I can remember.”

“I know…” Serena nodded as she tried to concentrate on her work and not the fate of her partner. “So, tell me… you said Molly showed up connected to someone.”

“Yup,” CJ nodded as she glanced over to Serena as she prepared for this bombshell to land on her friend. It was a discovery that had even shook her and made her run the sample twice to make sure all the connections matched up before she alerted Serena.

“Whom?” Serena asked. “CJ, who does she match?”

“MAX!” was all CJ said as Serena’s jaw dropped as the news hit her like a car hitting her… “I know,” she sighed. “And Serena, the level of the match can only be possible unless they are father and daughter.”

“Max is Molly’s father?” Serena whispered as the world opened to new possibilities she hadn’t thought possible.

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