On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 25 - 08/15/2019

Post by Superman86 » Thu Aug 15, 2019 10:43 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:Love that Beth was having "not so innocent" dreams about Max....
So sweet of Jake to get Grace a welcome home gift.
What did Max mean....."another chance until we didn't".....??
Can't wait for more.
Nice to see another update :D

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 25 - 08/15/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 5:00 pm

Please please please plese please come back and post more really really really really really soon? Can't wait to find out if Beth will start to remember more. Can't wait to find out how long it will be before Beth remember everything. Crossing fingers Beth will have her memories back before she leaves with the twins.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 26 - 08/18/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:20 am

Jake stayed, and he and Grace soon started playing game of ‘Alien Monopoly Pursuit” that the families had invented. It was a cross between Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. The twins were in awe of it and because it contained so much history of the clan’s early days, the teenagers got sucked into a game. It allowed Grace a chance to take her mind of her recovery and being home and trying to adjust to the fact she had her mother in the same house as her for the first time since she could remember, and it was easy to get to the know her sisters. Beth was so much harder. She was teamed with Carrie. While Jake and Alexandra were teamed together so the twins were novice’s in the knowledge base, they were playing in.

The twins caught on quick. “This is cool,” Carrie said in awe of the game. “Did all the questions really happen?”

“Yup,” Jake said. “Or at least according to family folklore. Of course, it’s a probably tamer version of what really happened because we’ll never know just how hazardous it got although we older kids got the warnings.”

“That’s for sure,” Grace muttered as she played her turn.

“Is it true that Max was captured by the bad guys just like Maria wrote in her book?” Alexandra asked Grace.

“Which time?” Grace asked.

“You mean there was more than one time?” Alexandra asked as her eyes along with Carrie’s went wide.

“Sure,” Grace murmured. “Our parent’s teenage years is a textbook example they say of what we the next generation shouldn’t revisit. Dad had several scrapes, and he got very lucky to escape them in the manner he did.”

“How so,” Alexandra asked they heard footsteps and then a voice.

“Let’s save that story for another time,” came Max’s voice as he stood by the doorway and looked in on the gathering.

Grace started to say but she looked up and saw her father entrance to the room. “Oh,” she murmured as she saw Max and her mother walk into the room. “It’s not like we really told them anything worrying…”

“But you were about to,” Max warned her daughter. “Carrie and Alexandra, you can hear all the horror stories in good time. So, Alien Pursuit I see…” he asked of the game he saw the kids playing. “Wasn’t there something else…”

“It’s fun Uncle Max,” Jake said. “And I am mere mortal here…” to laughter in the room. “It was just harmless fun.”

“The girls will get an eye opening to our history in enough time…” Max said as he didn’t want Alexandra and Carrie to be exposed to too much, too soon. “If you want to play the game, but don’t go into the nitty gritty of it.”

“But they might now be here much longer?” Grace muttered, and an immediate pall was placed over the room and Grace seemed to recognize it and was contrite. “Sorry…”

“As I told your father Grace, I am here now. So, are the girls. I can’t promise tomorrow or the future” Beth sighed as she thought of all the baggage that existed here in Roswell, and all the tenuous threads.

Grace nodded as her enthusiasm for the game was starting to wean and Max could sense it. “Okay, why don’t you finish the game another time. Dinner will be a in a little while. Grace has had a long day.”

“Girls, I am making lasagna so why don’t you come and help me…” Beth asked of her daughters, as she knew that there would be plenty of adjustments in the days to come as they all learn how to deal with living in the same home and she still didn’t know how much longer she would be able to stay as her rational mind was telling her that she needed to go back to Madison and figure out what she wanted, and then her rebellious side of her brain was telling her to throw caution to the wind and stay.

“Your homemade lasagna?” Alexandra asked interest piqued.

“Yes,” Beth nodded.

“Cool,” Carrie smiled. “I love your lasagna” as she thought of the tension in the room. “We can give Grace and Jake some space.”

“You make your own lasagna?” Grace asked of her mother.

“Yes,” Beth said. “With plenty of tabasco sauce, so I think you and your father will like it…” she smiled. “The girls have always wanted as much tabasco sauce in it as possible, which I gather now that I am filled in, it seems to be a family trait?”

“Anything with tabasco in it is good by me” Max smiled. “I am sure we will love it. You weren’t into cooking as much when we were younger because of our schedules but when you did, you were very good at it.”

“Same goes now I guess,” Beth admitted. “I work too much but when I do have time, I do like to cook.”

“Come on Alex, let’s go help out Mom and give Grace and Jake some time…”

“Sure,” Alexandra nodded.

“I have some work to do. So, we’ll give you two some time but Jake, your mother did call, and they expect you home soon.”

Jake nodded as soon he was left alone with Grace.
“Where is Jake?” Elizabeth as she walked into the kitchen as she got home from work at the boutique. She saw the bustling of her younger siblings, but not her older brother as she opened the fridge, and got out some orange juice and went about finding a glass to pour it in.

“Over at Grace’s” Maria said as she looked up from her manuscript as she got invested in writing a chapter, and knew she had to get to work on it as she got another summons from her publisher to send them a draft of it so they could begin the process of preparing for the next release and then she also had the publicity tour for her most recent release she was still to do coming up in two weeks.

“Is he staying for dinner?” Elizabeth asked.

“Nope, but he should be home in a little while. So how was work?” Maria asked as she used the diversion of her next oldest coming home to get her away from where the story goes now. Writer’s block was annoying and given everything else going in her life, it was happening too often lately.

“Fun, exciting” Elizabeth glowed. “It’s so much more exciting than I even thought possible. So many different clothes and learning the business stuff is cool. It’s definitely going to help me with school.”

“Is that a plug so I let you continue working?” Maria laughed.

“No, seriously Mom, it’s a lot of hard work and it’s a nice diversion from everything going on with our lives these past couple of weeks.”

“I guess a diversion is needed given the alternative” Maria allowed as she knew if anything could keep Elizabeth from exploring her deepest ‘Michael’ tendencies. “But honey, be careful okay.”

“Mom, I promise everything is fine. In fact, Aunt Isabel wants me to work at her store more, as much as my schedule allows.”

“No,” Maria shook her head. “You’ve already worked to many hours this week and have barely enough time to get your homework done if you did at all and took time at school to do it. Spending anymore time would be too much…”

“Mom, I promise I am not biting me off more than I can chew” Elizabeth smiled. “My grades are still way better than Jake’s. You don’t have to worry. I have plans for my future, and they are not letting my studies slide. I have attended every day this week, and I plan to do so again and plus with Jake and Grace out of the hospital. I have no reasons to want to go rogue, right?”

“You still found ways even before they found themselves in trouble” Maria reminded her daughter. “All I want for you is to be careful. And not to do too much. Grace working so much might be why she stumbled a bit these last weeks.”

“Working was the least of her problems, and plus it’s just Aunt Isabel’s boutique. I will be fine, and she’ll be keeping an eye on me…” Elizabeth reminded her mother as she took a couple of cookies. “Gotta go and do that homework you’re pestering me about” she quipped as she headed upstairs.

Maria looked down at her manuscript and silently cursed how complicated her life was as her little girl was barrelling towards adulthood with every day. “Why must she want to grow up?” she murmured.

“What” Michael asked as he walked into the kitchen and leaned down and kissed his wife who sat at the table. “You seem troubled about something?”

“It’s nothing…”

“Come on Maria, it’s something. What’s got you blue?” Michael asked.

“Just the reminder that our kids are growing up, and I wish they weren’t… Isabel wants Elizabeth to do more hours at the store.”

“That is great for her, because it helps out both of them…right?” Michael asked but got the sense his wife disagreed. “You don’t seem thrilled.”

“I just wish she wasn’t so bound and determine to grow up. I know she has a right to want to work and make money that she doesn’t have to save for university and can play with, but I don’t want that responsibility for her yet.”

“She’s still only fifteen,” Michael reminded his wife. “She still is at home for awhile yet. We still have ultimate control over her…”

Maria laughed at the thought. “I know, but the knowledge that someone like Tommy Ellis existed and how close our daughter could have been one of his victims. If she hadn’t been quick thinking, she might be looking at a changed life like Grace is…”

“Ah,” Michael sighed as he knew he was looking at what truly was troubling his wife. A subject they hadn’t talk much about since the discovery of what their daughter had gone through, and how close they came and for once he was thankful that his daughter was as talented as she was and with defences that the normal teenage girl would not have… “You’re thinking about what could have happened to Elizabeth, and the fact she didn’t come to us?”

“I can’t help it,” Maria muttered as she looked down at the manuscript. “All I do is have to look at Grace and see what might have happened, and how our daughter got lucky. And yet she was attacked, and we didn’t know, and having her out there in the world can only bring on more examples of that…”

“She’s strong and she’s proven she can handle any situation, whether we like the results or not. I wish she would have come to us, but at least she knew how to fight back…”

“I wish she didn’t have to fight back,” Maria murmured.

“Neither do I, but at least we know she has the defences to be able to and I think she knows to be careful. And Isabel will be there Maria, and she can keep an eye on her…”

“I know,” Maria nodded.

“Then let’s be understanding and be there for our daughter as she tries to go out there in the world and know she’s not out the door tomorrow, and we still have plenty of time with her unlike Jake…”

“Jake… right, how could I have forgotten” Maria murmured as she knew she hadn’t forgotten how close he was to graduation. “Has he gotten any acceptances or rejections back, yet?”

“I haven’t checked the mail today, have you. He hasn’t mentioned them, but I heard around town that some schools have sent them out…”

“Great,” Maria murmured quietly as she maneuvered the conversation back to something that didn’t make her depressed. “I am making Homemade Spicy fried rice for dinner and I will start it in a little while.”

“Cool,” Michael nodded. “I am going into my office down the hall, if you need anything just reach out…”

Maria nodded as she glanced down at her manuscript and found a burst of inspiration because at least she could forget her life’s realities in the pages of fiction, as she worked her story through a tricky subplot. She was so submerged in the writing.
“Wow, thank you Jake” Grace was saying as she stared down at the small package in her hand as she had opened the box Jake had given her once the room had all emptied out and she and Jake were left alone. “Where did you find them?” she asked as she took out the earrings. “They are perfect.”

“Aunt Isabel’s boutique” Jake murmured. “I guess she doesn’t have only clothes there…”

“No, she doesn’t…” Grace smiled as he saw the beautiful stone earrings. “They are gorgeous, wow, thank you.”

“I guess they are mood stone earrings. They look blue now, but I guess as Aunt Isabel explained, they change depending on your moods or something like that…”

“They do,” Grace nodded. “I have seen them there before, and I did want them, but I always had other stuff to spend my money on… So, thank you.”

“You are very welcome,” Jake smiled.

“But why… It’s not my birthday, or Christmas… So, why?” Grace asked as she looked down at the earrings and took them out of the book and tried them on. “How do they look?”

“Fantastic on you,” Jake smiled. “And about why… well, you’ve had a confusing and very painful last couple of weeks, and I wanted to get you something that makes you happy…”

“I am happy regardless Jake,” Grace assured her friend. “I admit the last few weeks have been trying but it’s not getting me down as I want to focus on what the future holds and not sink because of may have happened.”

“Anyways, I wanted something nice for you to welcome you home” Jake smiled.

“Just having you here is good enough for me,” Grace smiled as Jake took her hand in his, “I just wish life weren’t this hard.”

“You will make it,” Jake assured Grace as they hugged as both knew he had to be going and join his own family for dinner as they enjoyed the embrace and before they knew it, they were exchanging a sweet and yet passionate kiss…

“Grace…. Oh, sorry” came a surprised tone in a voice coming into the room as both of the teenagers broke from their kiss and looked and saw Beth who was surprised to come into the room and witness what she did.

“I better go,” Jake said as he saw the awkwardness in the room.

“I only wanted to say dinner would be in a half hour…” Beth tried saying but stopped. “I’ll go back…”

“No, wait…” Jake said as he used one of his crutches to get up before grabbing the second one and leaning against them “I do have to go. Grace, have a good night okay. I’ll call you later… or tomorrow if we don’t connect.”

“Sure,” Grace smiled as Beth awkwardly stayed in place as she didn’t know what to say nor did Grace know what to say as she rolled her chair to the door and watched as Jake grin at her and leave her house.

Turning her chair back to face her mother. Beth watched softly. “Sorry again…”

“It’s alright,” Grace nodded as they heard footsteps and saw Max coming out of the kitchen as when he saw the tension between his daughter and Beth he stopped and frowned as he assessed both women.

“What’s up.”

“Nothing,” Grace sighed as she rolled her chair back in the direction of the living room and left her parents.

“What did I miss?” Max asked Beth.

“It’s just I interrupted a moment between Grace and Jake before he left for home” Beth said. “So, it was weird…”

“Oh,” Max said shaking his head. “I know the feeling. It’s happened to me before,” he sighed as he thought of the part of his life that he wasn’t prepared to handle. His sixteen-year daughter’s love life he mused to himself. “Welcome to parenting a sixteen-year-old through teenage hell…”

“How do you handle it?”

“Simple, I don’t” Max laughed. “Come on. I came to tell you that the girls say that the lasagna is almost ready, and they need your help.”

Right,” Beth smiled at the easing of tension as she followed Max to the kitchen as she viewed Grace watching the two of them with a frown on her face as she sensed all of them had a lot to adjust to in the days to come.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 26 - 08/18/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:53 pm

Alien Pursuit.......that sounds like fun, and just the education the twins need.
Grace is already thinking about the time when the twins and Beth will leave.
Elizabeth is enjoying working at Isabel's boutique, and it is safe there for her.
Jake gave Grace the earrings and Beth interrupted a very passionate kiss between the two.
Max and Beth still have lots of adjustments......

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 26 - 08/18/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Aug 18, 2019 1:17 pm

Some how I don't think Grace really needs to worry about her mom and sisters leaving for good.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 26 - 08/18/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:23 am

Roswelllostcause wrote:Some how I don't think Grace really needs to worry about her mom and sisters leaving for good.
Agree with Roswelllostcause. Still got fingers cross Beth will get her memories back really soon before she and the girls have to leave. Wonder if Beth goes to the Granolith will that help.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 27 - 08/20/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:05 am

Awkwardness reigned that night although they all had a fantastic time during dinner and Grace felt confused because she did have a good time and yet she felt conflicted because this was a dream come true to sit around the dinner table with her parents, both of them, and to feel part of the family she always longed to have yet it was all so sudden and along with all the changes in her life these past weeks… it made her frustrated as well as happy. She got along well with Alexandra and Carrie as the three sisters got closer by the hour. And yet she still felt at a arms length from her mother.

Beth felt it too and Max was at a loss of how to fix it. He was thrilled to be able to have a dinner with everyone and felt it would all work itself out as the more time he spent with Beth the more he didn’t want her to leave but knew that day would come.

Grace knew it which why, she also felt conflicted because she saw how close her parents were becoming and yet she knew her mother wasn’t long for Roswell. No matter how much their family bonded, she knew Beth hadn’t totally accepted her life in Roswell and that only meant Madison was going to be an option sooner than later and she didn’t want to risk her heart and yet she saw how much her father was going to be hurt when that day did come.

It was the next morning as she was sitting on her new bed which turned into a sofa bed at night as Alexandra and Carrie helped bring down whatever she wanted from her bedroom but with her chair, and her legs not strong enough she was staying downstairs. She had her physio appointment on Monday, and she was spending the weekend catching up on homework, so she could send it back to school on Monday through emails or with Elizabeth because she was off on independent study for the remainder of the school year. She couldn’t very well show up at school and show remarkable progress in walking…

So, she had to put on an act by staying home and working on her recovery the hard way but with her legs coming back; she knew it was going to be soon she could be on her feet and she looked forward to that day. So, on this she was laying on the couch with her back against a pillow as she worked on a paper on her laptop.

Beth had taken Alexandra and Carrie shopping all morning while her father was at work trying to catch up on a case that was supposed to go to trial on Monday. So, as Grace worked on her paper, she saw the girls coming through the door. “Hello…”

“Hi,” Alexandra said as she placed her bags down on the floor. “How’s the schoolwork?”

“It’s fun…”

“Damn you’re just like Alexandra. You actually like school?” Carrie commented when she heard Grace’s comment.

“It helps with my future plans,” Grace laughed.

“I know the feeling,” Alexandra smiled as Beth laughed as she saw the girl’s bond over the mutual fondness of their education while Carrie just groaned. Beth couldn’t help but smile but knew there was awkwardness still there…

“I’ll fix something for lunch. Do you need anything Grace?” Beth asked.

“No,” Grace only shook her head. “I took a break a little while ago, and had some soup so, I am fine, and I have everything I need for my studies for now but thanks for asking.”

“Good,” Beth smiled as he walked into the kitchen as Alexandra noticed the stilted tension between Grace and their mother yet knew it didn’t serve anyone to mention it yet, but she just prayed everything would right itself because she and Carrie were living their dreams and she hope it would work out for Grace too.

Carrie followed her mother into the kitchen, while Alexandra stayed behind. “So, what are you doing?” she asked as she saw the laptop on Grace’s laps and books all around the couch.

“A paper for my history class,” Grace murmured.

“You’re what, a sophomore right?” Alexandra asked.

“Yup,” Grace nodded. “But I am taking several junior level classes and this class is one of them and so I have to get this paper done because my teacher is already given me a general break in terms of the deadline, and because I am on independent study for the remainder of the term, I can’t be tardy now…”

“Wow, I can’t wait to be able to take classes not assigned to our grade,” Alexandra said in awe. “So, what do you want to be when you finish high school.”

“I see myself going to medical school…” Grace nodded. “I have always loved science and I think that is where my talents will eventually end up…”

“Cool, just like Mom” Alexandra commented.

“Yeah, just like her I guess…” Grace muttered as she thought of the woman in the kitchen and the fact her mother had always been the ghost in her life and now that ghost is right there in the house and she was having to deal with it. At least in the hospital she was removed from it but now she was back home and having to deal with it every moment.

“I know it’s weird,” Alexandra commented as she picked up one of the textbooks and thumbed through it impressed by the knowledge in the pages. She couldn’t wait to reach high school. She didn’t miss how her older sister was confused by their mother’s presence in the house. “I am sorry that us showing up has complicated your life.”

“Having you show up didn’t complicate my life Alex. It was already complicated way before our bizarre newest chapter to our family.”

“But having Mom has to mess with you…”

“It’s just odd and something I have to get used to just like you and Carrie have to get used to having Dad in your life…” Grace commented as she knew how it had to weird out the twins to have Dad in their lives after living all their lives without him in their lives.”

“It’s definitely an adventure,” Alexandra commented. “I don’t know where it’s going…”

“Neither do I” Grace commented and that is the problem she mused to herself Dad is going to get hurt in all this she feared.

“I better go in and see what’s for lunch,” Alexandra commented. “Maybe later I can read some of your textbooks for fun…”

Grace couldn’t help but laugh through her fears at the thought of Alexandra reading some of her textbooks for fun. “Sure…” she smiled as she the younger teenager headed for the kitchen as Grace looked down at the paper she was writing and wondered why life had to be so changeable, so suddenly.
Meanwhile Max was meeting his sister and Michael for lunch at the Crashdown before getting back to the office because he still had a lot of work to do before he felt he could show up at the courthouse caught up on the case being tried. It was a simple case and open and shut and yet it required a lot of fine detail and background. His father had been standing in on it for much of hiatus from work but given he had spent all week catching up, he had to be there for his client because it wasn’t the law his father normally practiced.

Michael was taking a break from a case he was working on and Isabel also had been at her boutique all morning. Elizabeth had worked all morning but was headed home and so the boutique was closed for a lunch break.

“How’s it been having Grace home?” Isabel asked as she took the fry from her plate of the Spicy Bacon hamburger she was having.

“It’s better than having her at the hospital” Max commented. “It’s adjustment because of the realities she has to face as she recovers.”

“I hate that for her,” Isabel muttered as she thought of her niece and all she had to face because she couldn’t instantly recover.

“She’s spending the weekend catching up on homework and getting ready to send them off to her teachers or back on Monday with Elizabeth, so I think it’s helping her distract from how things have changed for her.”

“Having Liz back, right?” Isabel asked. “I mean Beth?”

“That is one of them,” Max allowed. “So much of her life has been just her and I and now she has to deal with a house filled of complete strangers and yet it apparent she’s bonding with Alexandra and Carrie better than she is with Beth.”

“Which is natural,” Isabel commented as Michael nodded. “It has to be strange for her to look into the face of the mother who has been missing from her life since she was two years old and to know she has very few memories of the woman, and that woman doesn’t even know her or those critical first two years.”

“I know, and I know it’s only going to get better the more time they spend together.”

“Do you know long Beth and the girls will be staying?” Michael asked as brought some reality into their conversation.

“No,” Max said as he shook his head. “I am just glad they are here now…”

“We all are,” Isabel said as she glared at Michael for bringing down the optimism of the conversation, they were having…

“Michael is only speaking the truth Izzie, and I know it” Max sighed. “I just hope she is here long enough to show how much she stands to lose when she does go back to Madison and her life there…”

“We all do Max, we all do” Michael said. “So, Isabel, how is Elizabeth working out at the shop?”

“Extremely well,” Isabel smiled. “That girl has a real call for fashion and yet she is a quick learner in the business aspects as well…”

“That is wonderful because if she can keep that head concentrated on her job and not on any adventures anywhere else… Then I’ll be happy” Michael said as that unlike his wife he felt if Elizabeth had something to work at than she wouldn’t be so ready to find herself in danger and so he was applauding her desire to work.

“Let’s hope so…” Max agreed as he couldn’t help but wonder about Grace would handle not being able to work as she recovers. Being a waitress was very different than what Elizabeth was doing, and he couldn’t help but be curious if the Parkers had some other job for their granddaughter to work towards as she recovers.

He made plans to chat with Jeff about it as he continued to eat his burger and fries.
Alexandra and Carrie were now upstairs emailing friends back home and reading or listening to music and Grace was now doing some more homework as she sat on the couch and Beth walked into the living room after talking to Serena. Grace who was face down in her textbook as she studied, and she heard the footprints saw that Beth was coming into the living room as she looked up.

“Did you want to take a break?” Beth asked. “I know what it is like to spend a lot of time studying and taking few breaks even when you have other responsibilities.”

“You do?” Grace asked as she looked up.

“When I was starting over in my studies, you know medical school and such…” Beth murmured.

“Right,” Grace nodded. “So, you really had to start over again?”

“Yes,” Beth nodded. “My memory was very inconvenient because it blocked me from who I was and so I had to start over. Of course, I had some very fortunate people who helped pave the way for me, so I could start over and it was quickly obvious my brain wasn’t rebelling against medical terminology, so I figured there had to be a reason for it.”

“There was…” Grace answered.

“I know that now, but I didn’t at the time. Because of my crash I had to stay into the hospital until the twins were born.”

“You did?” Grace asked as she looked up and realized she hadn’t known about the nitty gritty of her mother’s accident and what it had meant for her to have to start over after achieving so much by the time the accident occurred.

“Yeah,” Beth nodded as she didn’t relish having to relive those days but knew Grace needed to know something about her, to understand her.

“That sounds rough. I was only in the hospital a week and it feels a lifetime,” Grace said softly.

“For me it was a two-month coma and then weeks in the hospital until the twins were born early on Halloween,” Beth allowed.

“A two-month coma” Grace asked as her jaw dropped. “And you woke up? I thought that only happened in the fairy tales or even movies.”

“Nope, it happened. I got lucky I guess” Beth smiled.

“I would think so,” Grace said as she thought mere thought of what her mother must have gone through to be in a coma, and then to wake up. “And despite your lack of memory, well, you were fine?”

“Remarkably, at least according to my doctors because they were expecting it to go the other way and I surprised them by hanging on, and for the twin’s sake I guess I am glad I did…”

“Incredible,” Grace murmured.

“It is, which is why I advised your father not to lose hope about you when the first prognosis after your injury was so dire and the doctors wanted us to prepare for the worse. I knew from my own experience that it’s best not to give up hope…”

“I guess it’s not. Given we thought you were dead, and now you’re not…”

Beth nodded with a small laugh. “I know you’re worried about your father, but Grace I promise you that I am not here to hurt him, or you, okay. All I want to do is give the girls a chance to know the two of you and for myself to get acquainted with the past. I know it’s a unique situation but know that just like I bucked the odds once, and you did yourself, well, I just want to know the life I once had. I may not remember but I want to remember, and I will try. And when the day comes, and we have to leave…”

Grace started to protest that she wasn’t worried about her father, but she stopped because she knew it was a lie, and she was worried for him as he grew more attached to her mother and to the twins and to the life that could be, when it could very well go the other way. “So, you’re going to leave?”

“One day. I can’t promise the future. I do have a career back in Madison. It might be on hold but eventually I will have to go back, and the girls will have to return to school. They are already missing out on the end of their school term.”

“But they are missing out on so much here… You too, if you go back. You leave a lot here in Roswell.”

“I know I will,” Beth sighed. “Which is why I can’t make any promises. I can only give you today, and hopefully tomorrow. But one day I will have to go back, but I promise when that day comes, I will try to make sure it’s adjustment we can all handle. And choices will be made about the future. I don’t want to lose you Grace. I don’t want your father to lose out on seeing the girls grow up. We will figure out a way forward we can all handle…”

“I guess that is all I can ask…” Grace murmured as she much as she wanted to hate her mother for putting them in this position… she also knew she did have a life back in Madison and to make any claim on the future, she would likely have to go back and figure out what that town meant to her, and what did the memories she WAS having of Roswell meant… “Just be careful please with Dad. He had to live through losing you once before, and he almost didn’t make it. I don’t want to see him have to do it again… with a lot more at stake.”

“I know…” Beth said softly. “I’ll let you get back to studying,” she murmured she got off the couch and walked upstairs.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 27 - 08/20/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Aug 20, 2019 11:47 am

I have been thinking. It seems to me that someone doesn't want Liz to remember her past.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 27 - 08/20/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:38 am

Can't help but feel sorry for Grace and she gets use to this new family situation.
And she told Beth it would kill Max to lose her for a second time.
Grace has bonded well with her sisters, and even told them of her desire for medical school.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 28 - 08/22/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:30 am

“So, you are playing house with your mysterious husband?” Serena laughed through her Skype connection as Beth sat at the desk, she made in the master bedroom. She had come upstairs to digest the many conflicting emotions she had after her talk with Grace. She could tell the teenager was still overwhelmed and hesitant to accept her, and yet she knew she shouldn’t hold it against Grace given she barely had accepted the new factors in her life.

“Serena” Beth whined.

“Hey it’s the truth. You’re staying at Max’s house, and now that Grace is home from the hospital. It’s almost like a little family you’re living in…”

“It’s far from a family,” Beth tried, and she know how false her words were… “I am here because I am in town, and my girls need to know their sister and father and I was ambushed at my motel, so it was the only place I could come to…”

“It’s not the only place Beth, but I know why you’re there… I am just having fun with you. I am glad you’re having this chance, and that Alexandra and Carrie are getting a chance to know the family history they have been denied all these years.”

“They are really bonding with Max and Grace.”

“I am glad,” Serena smiled. “So, how about you. Are you bonding with Max…”?

“Serena,” Beth whined again.

“Hey, it’s a sincere answer and plus he’s hot, and he would almost make me leave Keith if I got the chance…” Serena laughed. “Seriously though I can tell how much having you there in his home means for him, and for Grace.”

“You’ve barely spoken to him…” Beth murmured as she didn’t need another reminder of the damage she was risking to both Max and Grace the longer they stayed in Roswell. The longer they didn’t return to Madison the longer the attachment would go on, and if in the end she chose to stay in Madison. How is that good for anyone but she knew I can’t leave as it feels like I need to see more, and experience more… she mused to herself as she tried to get back to reality.

“I could tell by looking at him. It means a lot for him to have this chance.”

“I know it does,” Beth murmured. “I don’t want to hurt him, or Grace.”

Serena nodded. “So, I have to ask. When are you coming home?” she murmured. “You have been there almost two weeks.”

“I know I have,” Beth muttered. “Right now, I can’t really say when I am coming home. All I know is I need to stay here…”

“And the hospital is okay with that?” Serena asked as she knew from experience that hospital administration usually starts to buck the longer a doctor stays on leave and doesn’t say when they are coming back.

“They’re aren’t happy, but they understand the situation as it’s unique and they are giving me so leeway. I do have a lot of unused vacation time, which I am now on… So, I am not costing them money at this point.”

“I just hope you know what you’re doing…” Serena asked as she worried for Beth as she spent more time in Roswell. She feared her friend would be hurt in the end.

“So, do I” Beth said before they changed topics and started talking about Serena’s life and how she and her family were headed to Florida the following day because Serena had to attend a medical conference, and she and Keith were adding on a personal family vacation and stopping in Orlando for a few days so the kids could go to Disney World and Universal.

And for little while Beth could stay away from the emotions unwinding here in Roswell.
As downstairs Elizabeth was paying a visit to her friend who now had stopped studying and was needing to spend some time just being a teenager and Elizabeth obliged by coming over and spending time with her friend. “Wow, she was really in a two-month coma?” Elizabeth asked as Grace relayed her conversation with her mother.

“Isn’t it something. I thought that only happened in fairy tales.”

“Usually only when kissed by Prince Charming” Elizabeth cracked. “Of course, you hear about it, but usually it’s not something so long and to think she could go on to become a doctor and to live a normal life.”

“And Alexandra and Carrie are very normal…”

“Must be the you know half alien part of them…” Elizabeth asked as she thought of the mere idea of the fact they could have been lost so early, and none of their parents had any clue.

“And yet Mom survived too, I guess?” Grace wondered.

“They say she have some powers right. Thanks to your father saving her life. Maybe ultimately that kept her from actually dying that day…”

“Yeah, I wonder” Grace asked because the little she knew was that was a surprise for Alexandra and Carrie to know their mother was different, so she had to wonder if it was true that her memory loss has kept whatever abilities she may have at bay.

“Weird,” Elizabeth murmured as they soon got into gossiping about school. Grace truly wished she could return to classes the following day along with Jake but she knew appearances must be taken and she needed time to adjust to her physical recovery so she had signed on to her father’s plan for her to be on independent study for the remainder of the term with the demand nothing would stop her moving on to being a junior in September and so far her grades were not holding her back.

As the door opened and in walked Max. He stopped when he saw Grace talking to Elizabeth. “How’s everything?”

“I am fine Dad. So, how was the office?” Grace asked. “You don’t have to worry about anything here because everything is going fine here at the house, I hope my difficulties aren’t putting any pressure at work.”

“Busy, but it’s a manageable busy” Max assured his eldest daughter. “I am glad things are going better, well, hello Elizabeth, I haven’t seen you much this week, which I guess is a good thing for all involved.”

“You don’t have to worry Uncle Max; I was on my best behaviour this week…” Elizabeth cracked as they saw Beth come down the stairs with the twins behind her… “I can’t make any promises about next week.”

“Let us keep the good times rolling okay,” Max smirked. “I have had enough issues lately. I don’t need any friendly business.”

“Gotcha” Elizabeth smirked right back to Max as Max looked around the downstairs living room.

Max nodded as he glanced at his daughter and friend. “So, where is everyone else?”

“Beth is upstairs, and the same the twins. Reading or something” Grace murmured as she still found it weird to think of her biological mother under a different name to which she currently identified. “I was just visiting with Elizabeth after doing some studying.”

“Good, continue on” Max said as he left them and went for the living room.

“So, how is everything you know with your Mom and Dad?” Elizabeth asked as she found it such a soap opera that she didn’t have in her life with her two parents who had loved each other since they were teenagers and were high school sweethearts minus the break that would end up bringing Jake into their lives and yet it was not as outlandish compared to what her friend was facing.

“It’s definitely different…” Grace allowed.

“Is that good or bad?” Elizabeth asked as she couldn’t get a good sense from her friend of what she was facing.

“Someday it might be good but other days it’s not as easy to handle. I just don’t my father to be hurt.”

“Do you think he will?” Elizabeth asked.

“Mom has a life in Connecticut, and we’ve been living in a fantasy these last few weeks when we all know eventually, she’s going to take the twins and go back to her other life.”

“So, what if she does?” Elizabeth asked. “It doesn’t automatically go back to the life you had before. You know your mother is alive, and something tells me she won’t ignore you or let the twins slip from the lives you and your father have here in Roswell.”

“I know, I shouldn’t be so irrational about it. But I just don’t like she has a backup hatch she can run to if it gets hard. I want to get to know her, and if she’s across the country it won’t be the same. In some ways maybe, it would have been better if she was actually dead.”

“Whoa, what does that mean?” Elizabeth asked surprised by what she was hearing.

“Because I grew up without her in my life from the age of two and until now. I grew up hearing about the grand love Mom and Dad had from the day he saved her life to the day that she was taken from her and without me, none of my family thinks Dad would have survived without Mom in his life. He made something of himself against the odds and to spite the heartbreak he suffered because he had me in his life to survive for, but now she’s back. She doesn’t remember us, and what does that to the love story that Dad had with Mom from third grade when he was only pining for her and the miracle he achieved when she came into his life.”

“Maybe it’s a chance to add a new chapter to that love story. Yeah it sucks she doesn’t have the memories we all know your father has of their origins and the love story that gave us Mom’s books, which is why we know they are so popular because of a love story for the ages that were your parents but maybe it’s a way to add another incredible chapter. We know your father defied death already, and so did your mother. Now she has done it in such an incredible way. She found a way to come back to you and your father. Don’t take it for granted because the miracle can end tomorrow but if she does go back, something tells me, she’s not going to want to go back to her old life for long.”

“No one can be too sure of that…” Grace murmured.

“No, we can’t but if your parents were really meant to conquer all then they won’t leave your mother’s lack of memory stop them, which only adds to their power.”

“Why are you so positive about my parents?”

“Because I am living through you” Elizabeth cracked. “My family is boring. Your family the one who they write books about or television shows about,” she laughed. “I truly do think what your parents have is special if we believe the experts so I want to think that they can only add to their legend.”

Grace cracked out laughing which she guessed was what she wanted as they continued to visit before her friend had to get home.
Upstairs Beth heard footsteps coming upstairs, and she knew the girls were still doing whatever they were doing upstairs, and Grace didn’t have free movement yet than she figured that Max was now home. She opened the door. “Hi… you’re home?”

“Hi, yes I am” Max nodded. “I just wanted to pick up a few things to take downstairs,” Max said referring the other room he had made up for while Beth was visiting the house.

“Max, the longer I am staying the more I am putting you out so I can move myself downstairs” Beth asked as she was very knowledgeable how she had changed Max’s life since she had been at the house, and she wasn’t sure if she should continue to.

“No, you can stay. I am perfectly fine” Max said as he assured Beth. “I am more than game to continue to be downstairs, and it’s been working fine until now so why change it” he murmured as he wasn’t wanting to change anything regarding their circumstance for fear that it would only send her running. “It’s busy at work at the moment so the fact I can do the work in the same room I sleep is perfect for those hours I am unable to sleep.”

“Are you sure?” Beth asked unsure.

“I am perfectly fine Beth,” Max said in soothing tones that compelled Beth in ways she still didn’t understand. “You don’t sound so sure?”

“It’s just the longer I stay the more things change.”

“Yes, they do,” Max nodded. “You’re not thinking of going back, are you?” he asked fearful of her wariness. He didn’t know how much longer he could live in the dream land that had Beth and the twins living in the house. Now that Grace was home from the hospital, reality was creeping.

“I don’t know what I am doing,” Beth sighed. “But I fear the day is coming.”

“I hope not,” Max muttered.

“One day it has to come Max…” Beth murmured. “I like the life you’re living here with Grace, and Roswell is a very memorable town once we come down from the danger level that was quite high in those early days, yet still Madison has been my home for so long.”

“Roswell was your home for way longer than thirteen years or however long you were in Madison.”

“I know, but it’s still a draw to me and plus it’s where my life is. Where my career is… where I settled.”

“You might have settled there but Roswell is in your blood and I hope you come to see that,” Max murmured. “Grace and I will deal with it you decide to go back, and we will always be the twins’ family and yours, but eventually you’re going to want to back”

“I don’t want to make it hard for you guys,” Beth murmured as Max looked at the door and worried that the day was coming when they were going to have to watch the other walk away…

“Let’s take this a day at a time.”

Beth nodded as she watched Max leave the master bedroom as she looked around and wondered if this was a life she should be grabbing and yet she knew she felt drawn back to Madison but deep down she wanted to stay but she wasn’t yet ready to go for the reality that was so different from the life she had lived for the past thirteen years. So much of her life was settled in one place as she was forced to rebuild her life after her crash.

She had rebuilt it into life anyone would dream in terms of a career she loved and then her daughters who were thriving and growing up into smart and unique girls and yet she was also drawn by the compelling presence of Max and the small-town life he had captured for himself and for Grace.

She didn’t know what do when the door opened, and Alexandra popped her head into the room. “Mom…”

“Alex, what is it?”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing…” Alexandra murmured as she had seen her father come from the master bedroom and was curious what it all meant. “Are you okay?”

“Sure, I am fine sweetheart. Thank you for asking. What has gotten you concerned” Beth asked as she saw the eldest twin.

“I was emailing Amanda back home and she was curios when we’re coming home, and it got me thinking because I have no idea when we are going home. I thought we were here on a short-term visit and yet…”

“I know, I know… this trip has gotten pretty long, huh?” Beth asked of her teenager daughter.

“Yeah. So, do you know when we’re going home?” Alexandra asked as she closed the door and looked at her mother. “Don’t get me wrong, I love it here in Roswell and I don’t want to go home unless we have to. I like getting to know Max and Grace and I feel there is still stuff we don’t know, yet…”

“Madison is home” Beth asked.

“I am not saying it’s not home,” Alexandra muttered. “But it’s all Carrie and I have known, and it would be hard to leave that.”

“I know honey, I promise when I know what is going to happen than I will tell you and Carrie, okay?” Beth sighed at the tole this was taking on the twins and on Grace. As much as it was doing the girls good to have the contact with their history. Still it was a lot to take in all at once and she wondered if she needed to finally pull the trigger on it and go home and yet didn’t at the same time.

“Okay,” Alexandra nodded as she thought of another fear. “If you go back to Madison. We’re coming with you, right?”

“Of course. Max knows you have a life in Madison, and I promise you will still know your father and they will be apart of your life, and you two will be part of their life here in Roswell” Beth thought.

Alexandra nodded.

“I love you Mom,” Alexandra smiled. “I am going downstairs,” she muttered as she left the room and Beth knew she was going to have to decide, and soon…

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