On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 50 - 10/29/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:48 am

“This is my fault isn’t it?” Grace asked hours later as she sat within the main library in town and talked to Jake in whispered tones. She didn’t dare go to the Guerin house, with the tensions being what they were, and it was damn too sensitive for Jake to come to her home because her father was home from work working on trying to find clues to Elizabeth’s disappearance. Since she woke up that morning, things were on a thin line between her and her father, and she didn’t want something small to cause an eruption and make things worse. Max hadn’t yet talked to her, but she knew what he wanted to say so they just let things try to blow over and stay silent. Because she wanted peace and her father to concentrate on finding her lost friend. She and Jake had decided to meet at the library once it opened for Sunday hours.

“Hell no,” Jake said adamantly as he took her hand in his “If it’s anyone’s fault, then it’s mine. I should have been looking out for my sister. I wasn’t, I was…”

“With me?” Grace asked as she thought of their incredible encounter. It had been indescribably perfect, and now it was marred by something so horrific. “I wanted to go up to the suite Jake, and if I was acting like I normally do than we would have been there, and they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to take Elizabeth.”

“We don’t know that because they might have taken you too…” Jake said as he thought of what could have resulted if he and Grace hadn’t spent time together up in the suite and had been downstairs and in prime view for whoever was responsible for the heinous act. “We will find her.”

“I hate this,” Grace sighed.

“I know, but I don’t hate what happened between us. I just wished it hadn’t ended the way it did” Jake sighed as she he took Grace hand and they held hands for a few minutes but knew they had to get back to their individual homes because they had to find Elizabeth before the worse happened.

“If it was only me,” Grace said.

“Hey, don’t even think like that” Jake demanded. “Whomever is responsible is a madman and to even think if it was you…”

“It shouldn’t have been Elizabeth. My dad was King, right?” Grace asked. “I would have been the desired target, but they couldn’t go after me because of everything” she mused as she thought back to encounter with Jake. “And even before last night and us, you know…”

“It should have been no one,” Jake muttered as they got up and walked out of the library together and stood close to the stairs and embraced one last time and gave each other a simple kiss before they left and she walked to her car and drove way.

Sighing he watched the Sunday traffic drive by and prayed he would get some sign where his sister was to relieve the guilt he felt, as he mumbled to himself and cursed himself as he walked home.


Elizabeth didn’t even know if it was daytime due to the blindfold and she felt her mind was clogged due to the drugs they were giving her. But she was trying to resist the effects but little by little it was wearing her down.

She had felt her dress being pulled off her and knew she was barely clothed in her bra and underwear under the sheets.

She didn’t want to think what they were planning or had done already while she was unconscious due to the drugs pumped into her, and periods of unconsciousness and still she tried to reach out to her family.

Please someone, help me. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I need someone to hear me, see me.


Splurge was closed due to a family emergency. Kyle had called into school and took until further notice off. The kids weren’t going to be going to school the next day due to paranoid parents and grandparents afraid they could be pulled off the street; especially Kylie and Michelle. Despite Isabel confidence that she was off limits but how did she trust Nicholas? She couldn’t so she guarded her kids like a hawk.

So, while Kyle spent time with the kids under close supervision at the park and then the movies. Isabel stayed home trying to get some rest before going back to Michael and Maria’s and giving them some moral support.

The license plate tip had been a false alarm because they had found the car in a impound lot that morning. So obviously whoever took Elizabeth covered their tracks and moved onto a new vehicle.

They had to find Elizabeth, and fast because Isabel didn’t want to think what the alternative could be for her honorary niece. Michael was her brother, and Elizabeth and her siblings were family to her, and she was determined to find Elizabeth before the worse happened. Because she knew Nicholas and she had an inkling that Khivar could be brutal from the little she remembered from their outer worldly lives on Antar when she was Vilondra and was not the self she knew.

She had her gut feeling that the theory she had told everyone was right on. Antar was a very different life. She knew with advancing age that Khivar would be getting even more paranoid about potential coups and would need an heir. When things went badly back in high school before they discovered Max’s potential son was hoax and another man’s child. They knew the deal was for Tess to go back to Antar with Max’s heir which would allow Khivar to control the child as a pawn.

Picking up a family clan picture from Max’s recent birthday, a joyous and fun time before everything went haywire. Smiling, she touched on Elizabeth who was smiling wide and laughing, along with her partner in crime Grace.

Closing her eyes, she fell into a trance sleep and tried to focus as her eyes rested.


Elizabeth felt drugged as her eyes opened. She struggled to communicate and to stay coherent enough to be able to find a way out of this predicament. They had ripped the blindfold away not a long before and now she knew it was daylight as it was almost blinding after so much time in darkness. “Please let me go” she pleaded.

“Shut up, for a millionth time” said the invisible man who kept watch as he inputted into a computer across the room.

“You don’t need me,” Elizabeth murmured through her drugged state.

“For the last time, we need you to accomplish our goals” said the man. “She’s annoying. We should have taken her friend no matter what boss wanted,” he muttered. “Gag her…”

“Sure sir,” the second man acknowledged as he approached as Elizabeth found her eyes growing tired as she heard. “Prep her, the doctor will be here in twenty.”

Elizabeth then felt another pinprick and gag placed on around her head as she felt like she was going underwater.

Isabel appeared in the cabin and looked around and gasped when she saw Elizabeth tied to the cot with two men a cross the room. Observing for a few minutes she saw Elizabeth struggling as she looked to Isabel barely coherent. “No, please no…” she whispered as she saw the girl who was her niece just as much as Grace was struggling to get free and yet being defeated by whatever they were pumping into her, for whatever purpose they had in the end.

Which scared Isabel as she watched. She walked unnoticed by those in the cabin who were unable to see the ability of Isabel to be there and to observe the environment. “Please be alright,” she whispered to Elizabeth.

“Help me,” Elizabeth murmured in slurred speech as she didn’t know if she could trust her eyesight and if was real or a dream when she saw her aunt. “They wanted Grace, but they said I also work…” she murmured.

“Damn it,” Isabel whispered as she focused on the girl. “Do you know where you are?”

“Someplace in the middle of the woods, long stone path at the end… They carried me in here, and I was blindfolded so I really don’t know but I felt that it was smooth for awhile before bumpy…”

“Try to fight whatever they are doing to you” Isabel implored. “You are a Guerin, and you will win this battle” she pleaded as she vanished.


“Oh god,” Isabel whispered as she immediately woke up and looked around the living room of her house and wanted to see her family’s faces but she got silence and a empty house as she was rattled as she suddenly heard a soft, “What is it Iz?”

“Max?” Isabel asked as she saw her brother standing behind her by the entrance to the dining room. She whipped around when she recognized his voice. “When did you get here?”

“A little while ago, as you were in one of your trance sleeps. You saw her, didn’t you?” Max asked as he had seen the family picture in his sister’s hands and knew she was doing one of her investigations, and she found something because her sister was now rattled, and Isabel was too even keel to think something rattled her unless it was Elizabeth.

“It’s bad Max, I mean bad” Isabel said. “She’s drugged.”

“Oh god,” Max whispered. “Like me in the White Room?” he murmured as he was brought back to that horrible part of his existence and how he barely made it through and thankfully he had but only because of Liz, and then his family and friends who were there and allowed him to take his time and make peace with it in his own terms.

“I fear it’s worse,” Isabel whispered. “They have her tied to bed, and practically naked Max. I don’t know if they have done anything, but they are keeping her heavily drugged and gagged, and she indicated at one point blindfolded.”

“Sh!t”,” Max cursed.

“She indicated they wanted Grace but because the couldn’t, they found Elizabeth useful” Isabel cried, and Max cringed at the image her sister was painting. It was brutal and to know they had wanted Grace but due to circumstances, they went for the next best option was horrifying and for one brief moment he was glad his daughter was with Jake and unable to be grabbed but then knew he didn’t wish this horror on anyone and especially not Elizabeth.

“Did she indicate where she is?” Max asked.

“No,” Isabel shook her head. “Only a cabin in the woods, a long rocky road at the end of a long smooth drive.”

“So, anywhere?” Max asked as he helped his sister from the couch, and they hugged. “We will find her sis.”

“I don’t want my worse nightmare in that kind of situation Max. We have to find her,” Isabel demanded. “If I am right, and they are planning…” she murmured as she was unable to even say the words.

“I know,” Max said as he hated any of the insane plan they could be dreaming up. Are Kyle and the kids out?”

“Yeah,” Isabel nodded. “I know we’re being paranoid, and the kids are probably safe because I sense Nicholas isn’t lying about that part of it all because he might want revenge against me, well, he takes the final bidding of his true boss.”

“Khivar,” Max asked.

“We’re not taking any chances,” Isabel sighed.

“Given they wanted Grace and almost got her and would have again if circumstances hadn’t prevented it, I am not ready to say you’re truly off limits because who knows what kind of revenge against us.”

“She’s safe Max,” Isabel sighed.

“I know,” Max said acknowledged.

“About last night, you shouldn’t be upset with her you know” Isabel asked of her brother. “She feels your judgment, and I would hate that this could put a wedge between you and your daughter.”

“I am not upset,” Max defended himself against his sister’s words. “I just don’t like knowing my daughter is growing up. On one hand I am glad she didn’t fall into the grasp of Nicholas’s goons but she’s my daughter Iz, and for so long she’s been my little girl and I don’t like another example she’s growing up. When we lost Liz, it was just her and me and…”

“She’s still your little girl!” Isabel implored.

“I knew this day was coming but I just don’t like it was now” Max sighed. “I’ll always love her, and that won’t change.”

“Then you should tell her because of part of the reason she went there with Jake is because she feels unwanted, and she wanted to feel wanted and loved” Isabel sighed.

“She’s loved and she’s wanted, and she knows that” Max said hurt that his daughter would feel like that.

“Max, she has experienced some traumatic times lately” Isabel reminded Max. “Starting with that New Year’s Eve party and the pregnancy she didn’t know until it was over, and then the attacks and then to put the cherry on top, her mother who she believed to be dead for nearly her whole life goes back to her old life with the sisters she didn’t even know”

“She only went back was because Nicholas threatened her, and we wanted to protect her and the twins” Max tried to say in trying to convince himself that was the only reason Beth went back but knew it was also so he could see where it would feel like rejection to their daughter, especially given Grace was at a sensitive time.

“Have you talked to her since all this happened?” Isabel asked. “I mean with Elizabeth?”

“No, I haven’t had the chance” Max acknowledged as he thought of his wife. “I tried this morning before leaving the house, but they weren’t home.”

Isabel nodded. “Michael and Maria need our support,” she sighed. “I never imagined he would have gone after Michael’s family?”

“Because he was going after mine?” Max asked.

“Partly,” Isabel sighed. “It just makes no sense but if any of what I fear than it makes perfect sense and we have to stop them.”

“We will,” Max asserted. “There is no way Nicholas will win and certainly no way Khivar will win”

“He better not,” Isabel sighed as grabbed her jacket as she elected to drive over with Max to the Guerin home.


Beth had just gotten home from Serena’s home after attending the family barbeque for Jonathan’s birthday. He had his friend’s over for a party the night before and now on his actual birthday; a family barbeque was the order of the day and Beth and the twins were invited and they had a thrilling time with lots of fun. Beth had helped Serena and Keith with the organizing, and they all had plenty of time together and partied it up.

And now they were home, and Alexandra and this time Carrie were in their rooms studying for the final set of testing on Monday and Tuesday for Carrie in the one solo class she had from her sister. An elective in creative writing; which she had to turn in a full-term story she had been working on and take a test and she wasn’t sweating it but still she had to do some freshen up on the class. Alexandra had taken her elective in a politics class offered to junior high students to try to drum up interest in politics so they would vote when they became of age.

Which was right in Alexandra wheelhouse and she was looking forward the test the next day and then she was finished for the summer while Carrie was annoyed her sister got to finish one day before she did but still it meant they would onto the summer and waiting for their marks to be posted or mailed and the anticipation and dread they would feel about high school.

Beth was washing some dishes after putting a casserole she had made that would create leftover possibilities during the week in the oven when Alexandra came rushing downstairs and into the kitchen. Beth looked up as she finished putting the final dish into the sink drying rack. Carrie was happily taking a break from writing as she explored the latest book in Maria’s series. She found herself addicted to the story as much as her sister was, and when Alexandra found out the news, she came rushing to find her mother.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Beth said looking up and saw her daughter upset about something. “Too much studying?”

“No, that is all fine” Alexandra said not sweating it, but she held a paper she had printed off the internet. “Have you talked to Dad or something?”

“No, not since yesterday… why?” Beth sighed as she knew she had to check in with Max to find out how prom night had gone for Grace.

“Elizabeth Guerin has been kidnapped. It just hit the wires,” Alexandra blurted to the shock of her mother whose jaw dropped. “I guess because of who Maria is, it leaked” she murmured as she handed her mother the story as Beth quickly dried her hands and took the piece of paper from her daughter.


It has been learned that Best selling author Maria Deluca Guerin, known for the best-selling stories associated with the alien craze in Roswell, New Mexico’s teenage daughter Elizabeth Amy Guerin has been reported missing. It’s understood that the fifteen-year-old who is only six weeks away from her sixteenth birthday was taken at the conclusion of West Roswell High’s high school prom last night which took place at the Royal Roswell Palace a local five-star hotel in town. This is a not a runaway situation we’re told as the girl in her Sophomore year of high school was attending with her boyfriend and friends when she disappeared at the conclusion of the night as her boyfriend was alerting the limousine to come pick them up. The girl was gone when he came back and noticed something was off, and he was hit from behind to prevent any attempt to foil the kidnapping of his girlfriend. Elizabeth’s eldest brother, a graduating senior Jacob Guerin was at the same event and reported nothing to indicate where his sister may have disappeared to.

The Sheriff’s department, headed by Sheriff James Valenti Jr. issued a statement as a response to our story that was issued on behalf of the girl’s parents; Maria Deluca Guerin and her husband Michael of Roswell, New Mexico: “Our daughter Elizabeth is truly loved. We along with her three brothers and one sister love her, and we desperately hope someone out there has some answers into where our little girl could be so we can bring her home to a family who clearly wants her in our lives.”

Sheriff Valenti; the local Sheriff for more than 20 years of the small town of Roswell New Mexico is investigating and he stated that they have a suspect and he’s been apprehended and answers are being sought into where the girl may be, but they have NO clues as to where the teenager could be. They think it’s in a wooded area, and maybe involving a cabin, and so if anyone has clues or seen something that would seem weird then please call the Sheriff’s office and make the report because the girl could be in immense danger.

This case is truly personal to the Sheriff as 20 years ago when he married his second wife, they both brought in a child to the marriage. Him, a son; Kyle and for his wife, Amy Deluca a daughter Maria who would marry her high school sweetheart and make Jim the grandfather of her five children when they were born. He has three others fathered by his son and his wife. So, he along with his family desperately seek answers into where Elizabeth could be so they can bring the teenager home

Maria Deluca Guerin is famous for writing a series of best-selling books geared towards young adults that feature a love story between a human girl and an alien who saved her life one day after a shooting. Adventures and all kind of action would unfold in the books that would be spawn into several more books with the latest named Shock and Awe coming out earlier this year and has been on the NYTimes Best Sellers List since its release.

“We want our daughter home again,” Mrs. Deluca Guerin told us when we reached her for comment on this story.


Beth dropped the report on the table as her face went pale. She had known this had been Max’s greatest fear but for Grace or even their younger daughters. To know it has been answered but in Elizabeth was mind-blowing and scary. She suspected when the report said a suspect was under investigation but didn’t release any information that was in connection to the greater threat against the family.

“Mom,” Alexandra said. “Can I call Dad?” she asked because she needed to know everything was alright.

“Sure,” Beth said distracted. “Take this phone, and I’ll go into the living room while you talked to him and if he wants to talk to me afterwards, find me”

“Sure,” Alexandra nodded as she picked up the phone and started dialing as Beth felt pale and distant as a sudden sensation came to her as she found herself looking to in the mirror in the living room and seeing a evil side of Max and flashes of black and coldness when they kissed and the hint of pain in the hand print he had used to kill a man in a suit.

“God,” she whispered as Alexandra came into the living room to report that Max wasn’t home. Neither was Grace, so she was going upstairs to finish studying and to write an email to Roswell as Beth just nodded as she felt in a trance.

As she saw a teenage girl lying in a bed with two men nearby. One bald and one with dark mangy hair, who called each other Stuart and Troy. They were talking, “You need to stop the drugs otherwise this won’t work, as she needs to be completely competent for it to work. Any drugs influencing her system might prevent success and give her harm.”

“Who cares if she’s harmed or not if she gives us what we want?” said Troy.

“Idiots, do you want this to work or not. I am already flaunting many medical ethics rules to do this so you might as well listen. You know what you boss wants or don’t you. I am telling you to reduce the drugs as much as possible and wake her up and we can do this.”

“There is a reason why we need to ply her with drugs. We have to keep her abilities at bay.”

“I don’t care. If this is to work, then she needs to be at least coherent even if she is unconscious by some other method!”

“That we can do,” Stuart said as he relished the abilities to create harm as he thought that the only requirement was there were to be no drugs before the procedure was to start.

“Call me when she’s coherent!”

“Will do” Troy muttered
as Beth came back to reality as she stared into space a she knew she was looking at Elizabeth in captivity and it was a hell of a situation for the girl and she didn’t know why she was and then it hit her that she had some gifts and she wondered if she could see into situations.

Going to the phone she dialed and got Max’s voice mail on his cellphone. She figured he was helping look for Elizabeth or giving moral support to Michael and Maria. She needed answers but still she left a message. “Max this is Beth… Please call me as soon as you get this message. I heard, and I am very sorry. Tell Maria and Michael I am very sorry, but something happened, and I need to talk to you” Beth sighed but knew he would be thinking she was talking about the twins. So, she continued. “The kids are fine but call me. Talk to you soon…”

Putting down the phone she prayed this all would work out.


Meanwhile Max was at the Guerin household. Maria was operating in a zombie existence. Amy was staying longer to keep an eye on the younger kids. Michael was over at the station talking over the situation with Jim. Since the story went national, they had been getting inundated with well wishes but Maria only wanted answers into where her daughter was, but so far nothing. Isabel stood watch with Max. She and her brother had made a pact not to tell either parent how ugly the dream was and just that Isabel was able to communicate with Elizabeth and that she was alive for now she mused because she knew they all shared the same fear that when they finished with whatever they were planning than there would be no use to keep Elizabeth alive.

Which meant they had to find her immediately.

Once home, Michael was in a state of rage because he was feeling ineffective and guilty for allowing Nicholas the time to pull off his sick plan and then a call came in from Jim that there was a cabin up north that was unattended most of the year but suddenly had activity around it, and so Jim was sending authorities up there to have a look. So, Michael and Max jumped in the car and drove off… as Beth was leaving the message on his phone.

Maria prayed they would find Elizabeth as she stayed behind and awaited word…

Would they?

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 50 - 10/29/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:21 pm

Hopefully Beth will be able to get in touch with Max. Poor Elizabeth. Hopefully they will find her before it is too late.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 50 - 10/29/2019

Post by Superman86 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:46 pm

Noooo!!! Please you can't leave off there, please come back and update soon, I hope the can rescue Elizabeth in time, Let Beth come to the rescue...

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 51 - 10/31/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:24 pm

RATED R for scenes of violence.


They didn’t, as the cabin was only being used because a family was getting ready to sell it and there was no sign that Elizabeth or anyone else had been there until the family in question had come up to it three days before, and Jim was able to verify it was the truth and now still had no sightings and it was the next morning when Max realized there was a message waiting on his cellphone as he had gotten in late from the long drive, and the discouraging moral support he had to give his best friends and watched as Amy gave her daughter a sedative so she could sleep, and Michael had stormed out of the house disgusted and Max had to keep him from storming over to the jail cell and killing Nicholas.

Now Max awoke in his bed and saw the blinking of his phone and he checked the messages and startled to hear one from Beth and even more so that it came the day before… Sighing as there was a call from Jim that he needed to talk to him that morning and to come over to the station when he was up, and then his heart stopped when he heard Beth’s voice. So, stunned to hear her voice he almost skipped over what she was saying before he controlled himself enough to listen to the words, and then he stopped for a second time.

Checking the clock again and seeing it was 6:30 am, and knowing it was later in the morning in Madison, he almost hesitated to call and when he did, it didn’t surprise him that she wasn’t at home.

It’s Monday, and a workday. He should be getting ready for the office, and knew he had in court but he had contacted his father the night before, and Phillip promised to get a continuance until they knew more about his availability to the case and the firm because Phillip insisted that Max’s first priority had to be to find Elizabeth, and therefore he didn’t dare plan to go into work with Elizabeth missing and Michael one step from committing murder. Maria barely could function, and Isabel was paranoid about her own children even though she had Kyle helping her and Max had a good feeling that Kylie, Michelle and Jamie were safe. But still one of them had been taken, and it had almost been Grace if not for happenstance.

And then he also worried for his daughter, and for more reasons than that his enemies were hellbent after so many years of inactivity to create mayhem. Still, he was worried for Grace for more reasons. Why was she so determined to grow up and be an adult when all he could see was the tiny little human who was his only reason for living when he lost his soulmate?

I am not your little girl anymore he could hear in his head as he turned over and tried to go back to sleep but instead found it was futile and so he got up and got dressed and lumbered downstairs to find a sleepless Grace sitting at the kitchen table.

“Grace?” Max asked surprised to find Grace as she had taken to sleeping in later since they got back from their trip, and because of homework for school was more relaxed when actually not having to go into the school building, and classes were ending anyways and it’s about studying for finals. Which she was expected to take to be able to move onto her junior year in September.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Grace murmured.

“How long have you been?” Max asked as he went for coffee and found it was almost made, and Grace was sipping from a cup. “Coffee?”

“Couldn’t sleep but I am tired, so I needed something to wake me up” Grace sighed. “You’re up early?”

“Not that unusual when it’s a workday,” Max said as he sat down at the table. “But that isn’t happening or not yet.”

“I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about Elizabeth and how it should have been me and if not, then we should have gone home together instead I stopped Jake from going home and in the end Elizabeth disappeared.”

“Hey, don’t think like that” Max sighed as he hated seeing the guilt eating up his daughter. “It wouldn’t be any better for it to be you” he sighed as he wished he could leave the rest of her statement alone. “We don’t know what would have happened if you had been downstairs at the time. They might have gotten you too and then we would have both of you gone and who knows what they would have accomplished with both of you in their grasp.”

“Still, they didn’t want Elizabeth Dad, they wanted me, but I had to go and be with Jake” Grace sighed.

“You were someplace safe,” Max sighed. “That is all I want for you and I would hate the alternative… that you weren’t.”

“At least you are looking at me now,” Grace sighed.

“Grace,” Max sighed as he wished for something stronger than coffee. How did I think I could get through Grace’s teen years unscathed?

“I know you’re disappointed in me,” Grace muttered. “I am disappointed in me too, but I don’t regret it Dad and you can stop blaming it on Jake because it was all me. I am the one who pushed for it.”

“Why?” Max asked.

“Because it was in the moment and I wanted to be loved, and to be wanted” Grace sighed. “And before you say it Dad, I know you love me, and I know I am loved by everyone in our large bizarre family, but I don’t know but deep down I didn’t want the angst to define me or the pain. I wanted something happy, and to be with someone who loved me. We may not know what is tomorrow and I am not looking at long-term. I wanted something now.”

“It opens up a lot of emotions you might not be ready for,” Max sighed. “You’re only sixteen.”

“And when you were my age?” Grace asked.

“It was your mother, and we waited” Max said. “Sure, waiting can bring its own challenges but even when the opportunity arose, we chose to wait” he asked of the incredible night when they spent the night together, and almost went there was stopped by Maria and then circumstance. “I don’t regret it.”

“And with Tess?” Grace reminded Max of his biggest mistake. Sighing, he had to admit to himself that he had gone there with Tess and made it possible for her to fool him with the pregnancy when it was truly a mind warp to make it think it was his, but the baby was someone else’s. It took a long time for Liz and him to make up over that betrayal especially given how Alex had died, and finally they managed it and knew they were right to be wait, to be together and it made their wedding night even more special.

“That was a mistake I regret,” Max said. “Okay, I admit you don’t have to be an adult to make rash decisions when our hormones are involved. I didn’t think your mother wanted me and we weren’t together at the time. I regret it and your mother knew it, and I am forever sorry for it and I hated myself from the moment it happened.”

“Sometimes we make decisions and we have to live with them. I wanted to be with Jake, and I am not sorry about it and I don’t regret it”

“I just want you to be safe,” Max acknowledged.

“We were, as it might have been spur of the moment, but we knew from recent events that it was best to be on the safe side” Grace sighed. “So, we were, but I am sorry for disappointing you, but I am me…”

“I know that honey,” Max smiled as he could never look at that face and not love her. “I love you for being you… You are not your mother, and you’re not me but still I love you and that goes no matter what you might do with your life. Even if it’s contrary to what I might have expected. You could never disappoint me; you just surprise me sometimes and the teen years are never not easy. I thought I guess until the last few months that I got off easy, but now I am seeing I was just dreaming…”

“I am sorry for taking you out of your dreamland,” Grace smiled.

“Me too,” Max sighed as Beth’s face emerged before him. “By the way, speaking of dreamland, have you talked to your mother since all this happened?”

“No,” Grace shook her head. “Yesterday was such a blur, and I guess I haven’t talked to her in a few days. Why?”

“She was trying to get a hold of me yesterday and I didn’t see the message until this morning, so I was curious what she was wanting to tell me,” Max sighed as images of Beth came to his mind. “I tried calling but by the time I got the message, it’s later in the morning her time.”

“I wish I could help you,” Grace said as she got up and looked down at her father as she contemplated all the pain in their family. “Dad, do you think we’ll find Elizabeth?”

“We better,” Max said softly because there will be no saving Michael if they weren’t able to because his friend might go over the edge and never come back. “Otherwise I’ll be defending your Uncle on murder charges.”

Grace nodded and left the kitchen and headed back up to her room, and she laid down on her bed and found her eyes closing… and she fell asleep.


Elizabeth felt the drugs wearing off or did it just seem that way as she laid there on the cot that she had grown so tired of. She hadn’t had much to drink or eat in forever because they kept her drugged up to suppress her power, she heard them say. But she didn’t feel hungry, just felt fuzzy and in pain. She had long known what they were doing to her when the had so doped up and in the state of unconsciousness. And yet she felt relief coming as the drugs were wearing off. Of course, she didn’t know what that meant as she realized as she opened her that she could see. They had taken off the blindfold and the gag. She felt the dryness of her mouth and throat.

She rolled her head around and despite being tied down with his arms and legs, she saw she was the only one in the cabin. Her mind was starting to clear, and she knew she had to get out of here…

For fear of what they might do to her when they came back into the cabin. She somehow achieved the very little strength she had left and used her super-human brain and busted through the restraints that held her down. Freeing herself from the chains, she sat up and tested her legs and found them weak.

And yet she persisted on and she got up from the bed and knew she didn’t have time to grab her dress or anything, but she walked weakly over to the door, and found it unlocked. Fools she thought.

She looked out and saw the coast was clear and she made a run for it but found she was weak, and she didn’t know she was spotted leaving the cabin by Stuart and Troy as they were coming back from a meeting with their boss.

“Fuck!” They muttered as he saw the teenager run for her life, to the woods…

And so, they chased after her…


“We have a lead” Jim announced to Max as he walked into the office. Michael was sitting down and barely able to contain his anger. Maria was back home with the kids as none of them were going to school, and Amy and Isabel were keeping an eye on Maria and making sure everything appeared normal to the outside world.

Kyle had taken his kids into Las Cruces to work on recruiting business for the team because he knew Isabel needed to be there for everyone. And it kept one burden off her, and onto where it should be.

At the Sheriff’s station, Max looked up at Jim’s pronouncement.

“Some hikers noticed a cabin that looked occupied upstate. They said it used to be owned by some elderly couple but has been sitting empty until they saw some action. They haven’t seen any teenage girls or any other than a slew of men going in and out of the house and when they got back to Roswell and heard about Elizabeth’s disappearance. They reported it, and we’re sending someone up there…

“I am going,” Michael announced.

“You can’t go after every lead Michael,” Jim tried and knew he wasn’t going to have any luck at convincing him to stay back. “The last one didn’t pan out and it only added to your nightmare.”

“I have to go,” Michael said. “She’s my daughter. I have to find her.”

“We will. She’s my granddaughter which makes this extremely personal for me, so why don’t we wait until we know more…” Jim asked but Michael only shook his head and still he tried to be soothing and determined. “Michael, there are hundreds of unattended cabins in this state. This could be another dead end…”

“I have to know…” Michael muttered. “Maria is dying Jim. She blames herself and me for not being home to say good-bye to Elizabeth and for allowing her to go off with Finn in a limousine when we should have driven them or at the very least picked them up, especially if Jake and Grace weren’t going to be there to be with them”

“You couldn’t have known,” Jim winced along with Max which he knew played into Grace and Jake’s immense guilt over the incident.

“We knew there was a threat out there. Hell, we knew but we went on like life was normal and that it was all in the past. Even though they have been remarkably successful going after Liz and Grace before they got their hands onto Elizabeth. Jim, if it wasn’t for who we are… Both Beth and Grace would be dead by now with so many attempts at them” Michael yelled, which caused Max to flinch at the acknowledgement that both his wife and daughters should be dead, but they weren’t because of how special they were… “We should have foreseen this. Jim, we did shit to protect those we love. We allowed them to be attacked, repeatedly. So, hell am I going to allow them the chance for another win in their column.”

“No one is to blame except for the madman who did this. We will find her Michael, but you have to be patient.”

“Hell, with being patient. My daughter is missing and could be dead for all I know. I am not going to sit here and be the concerned father who waits her to be told she’s not coming home again. I need to find her, and I need to bring back some life back into my wife. She’s dying,” Michael yelled, “I did this to her. We all did this to her, and I am not going to sit here and wait and pray so if you are not going to help me. I’ll go and do it myself” Michael demanded as he stormed out of the office which only left Max and Jim in the office.

“She’s not dead,” Jim declared to a glum Max.

“We don’t know that Jim, and that is eating at him” Max said quietly. “She has a purpose to whatever the greater plan is but the longer this goes on, the more expendable she will be become, and Michael knows that and that is what kills himself inside, because he knows how bad this is for his daughter and I haven’t even told him how bad Isabel’s visions have been about the condition of his little girl so I’ll go and make sure he doesn’t make things worse…” he murmured as he left the office.

Jim prayed they weren’t right… and that his granddaughter would come back to them, safe and sound.

Some how he doubted it…

He only prayed he wasn’t right.


But what Elizabeth wasn’t counting on as she ran for her freedom was how weak she felt. She knew this wasn’t going to turn out the way she saw in the movies. She heard the shouts of the men she was running from as they raced afterwards. She tried to hide behind some bushes, and for awhile she managed to keep ahead of her captors. She was half naked and today wasn’t the warmest day and she was getting colder with every step she was managing to take.

She raced as her life was on the line and she knew it was, as she ran unsteady and she finally blasted with her hands some energy that tore down trees that helped put barriers in the way of her captors but they were too strong and she was too unsteady.

Finally, she hit another blast at the men, and she found she hit one of them, and they went down… dead while the other one was only dinged as he got up and continued to run after her… “You’re a lunatic,” the man called after her… “They are going to lock you up for what you just did…”

“Hell, they are” she mused as she tried constantly to achieve some warmth which only made it worse as she badly twisted her ankle as she tripped over a rock. Cursing she realized she uttered the words too loud, and the pain was intense and she wouldn’t get much farther as she tried to put weight on the ankle and she found she was even more unsteady from as her brain was hit by fatigue from all the drugs still in her system.

And the one who was still alive caught up to her…

“There you are bitch; you think you could run from me” Stuart taunted, and Elizabeth knew now that she was in deep trouble as she was knocked to the ground. She tried to struggle but that was futile as he achieved complete control over her as she felt his hands around her throat as she tried in vein the fight that control...

But she felt the hands digging into her throat and she was rendered unconscious as he continued squeezing. “There, you bitch” Stuart taunted, not caring if girl was alive or dead as he picked her up and put her across his shoulder and walked back to the van as he passed his dead partner as he couldn’t help chuckle Too bad they are going to kill the bitch when this is all over as she could have been a good partner with her aim. Troy was useless anyways as he walked back to the cabin and threw her into the van and locked it.

Knowing they had to move her because the dead body would be discovered eventually with the hikers in the area, so he walked into the cabin and picked up as much of the junk as possible and got into the van and drove off…

Setting a trap on the way out… or so he thought.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 51 - 10/31/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 6:02 pm

What a mess, what scary mess.
Elizabeth broke free, only to be captured again.....
What are those goones up to???

Loved Grace's conversation with her dad........what did he do when he was 16??
And what about Tess?
At least Max was honest.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 52 - 11/02/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 4:05 pm

The car that carried Max and Michael arrived 40 minutes later as they drove down the long rock filled driveway. The sudden sense that this was the place descended on the car as both Max and Michael looked at each other and knew this would yield clues and they each would have to be ready for what they discovered. Michael had been silent in the car as Max drove. Max knew it was killing his best friend to know his daughter was in so much danger and it was killing Max to know this was being done because of who they were and as revenge against both him and Michael.

He knew he would be the same if it had been Grace. But it wasn’t Grace for once and Max was truly appreciative for it, but it was him only a short time ago, and he wasn’t going to take anything for granted and he prayed that his friends could have the same luck.

Because something rare could vanish into thin air at a moment’s notice as he got up and assessed the cabin. I know you want to rush in there,” he asked of his friend. “but we need to be careful.”

Michael nodded.

“We don’t want to spook if anyone is in there,” Max muttered but he saw tire tracks dug into the grown and they were recent and rushed which meant there was a very good chance they were walking into nothing or worse of all, a trap.

“I am well aware of that,” Michael muttered as they started to walk to the cabin. “But you can see as well as I do that if someone was here, they are gone now”

Max nodded as they continued to walk towards the cabin, and he watched as Michael didn’t even knock but kicked down the door as they rushed in and found nothing, and only they did see one thing and Michael just about lost it when they realized Elizabeth’s

Prom dress was lying in a heap near a chair Christ, Max mused to himself although he had gotten the warning from his sister but now Michael knew it that if his daughter didn’t have her dress on, who knows what she had on.

“She was here” Michael whispered. “That was her dress. I saw her in it as she arrived at the prom, as I was outside watching Nicholas.”

“Yeah,” Max sighed as she remembered how beautiful and grown up Elizabeth looked when she arrived at his house and so giddy with excitement over the night, and if only he had known how badly it would go.

“If I didn’t spend so much time watching when we could have been interrogating Nicholas than my daughter would be safely at school or at home, and not in the hands of a madman.”

“You don’t know that,” Max reminded his friend. “He could have found another way,” he murmured as the both heard the engine of a car stopping. As they walked out and stood at the doorway and saw Isabel and Maria get out of the car.

“Maria wanted to come,” Isabel called. “When Jim told us, I couldn’t keep Maria away.”

“Is she here?” Maria asked, a pale ghost version of the spunky woman they all knew and loved. She walked carefully towards the cabin.

“She was,” Max confirmed. “But she’s not here anymore…”

“Where is she?” Maria asked.

“She’s gone…”

“Gone,” Maria asked in a despondent cry…

“No, gone as in not in the cabin anymore Maria. She was here, but they took her someplace else and recently too, the track marks look recent” Max said to reassure his friend as Isabel gave a concerning look at her brother.

“I have to see,” Maria asked as she wanted to go into the cabin.

“You might not want to go in there,” Max said softly, and Maria stopped short and looked at her long-time friend.

“Why not?” Maria asked as she then looked at her husband who looked away.

“It’s not a pretty sight,” Max said simply.

“Why is that?” Maria asked as she battled past her friend and husband and walk into the cabin and she nearly fainted when she saw the dress on the ground, and then the leg irons and handcuffs busted on the bed.

“God,” Isabel whispered as she walked into the cabin and saw the carnage. “They treated her like an animal?” she wondered.

“They are busted,” Max commented. “Maybe she tried to get free?” he asked as he knew their powers could do a lot and knew at one time Elizabeth was likely drugged according to Isabel’s vision as she exchanged a look at his sister who nodded.

“Where is she?” Maria cried.

“We will find her?” Isabel said out loud as if she wanted to convince herself as Maria walked into the cabin and picked up the prom dress from the floor as Michael came into the cabin after calling Jim to report that Elizabeth was here, so Jim was going to send authorities to gain evidence.

“Better be careful, prints?” Max asked. “Jim will want it to see if he can find any fingerprints or other DNA” he said with a wince at the devastation look that Maria gave them as it sank in as she still picked up the dress and smelled and tears came to her face as she could smell her daughter’s perfume but also the contrasting cologne as more tears came to her face.

“I have a bag,” Isabel asked as she took a large plastic bag out of her purse.

“I bet she looked beautiful,” Maria murmured as she cursed the gala. “I wish I could have seen her.”

“She did, I promise she did, and she will when she comes home and celebrates upcoming events Max promised.

“Is this Jim’s jurisdiction?” Maria asked.

“He’ll make it his jurisdiction,” Michael commented. “And it’s not like any of these bastards will live to see the trial.”

“Let’s deal with it when it comes to it,” Max said as they moved around the cabin and then he heard the tick tick sound and he knew it was trouble, and then he saw it. A bomb sitting on a table. “Watch out,” he yelled, and picked up the bomb and threw it outside and it exploded in thin air, and the remnants of the explosion hit the ground, but nothing around the cabin was touched.

“Good aim,” Michael assessed with a nod of approval.

“They weren’t taking any chances but luckily we’re us” Max admitted.

“She was so scared and alone,” Maria asked as she looked at the cot and knew from the looks of the bed that their daughter was punished greatly since she was taken on Saturday night.

“We will find her,” Isabel swore as she guided Maria away from the scene of the crime and out of the cabin as they sought fresh air, and touched the door frame as she walked out and paused, and she zoned out…

“Isabel” Max asked as he was behind her and saw how his sister responded and knew it meant she saw something. “What is it?”

“Elizabeth made a run for it,” Isabel announced, and Maria stopped and looked at her, and same with Michael as they waited… “She ran towards the woods…” she said as she pointed that way. “She was followed but she made a break…”

Then they saw what looked like dried blood, and more drops and female looking footprints headed away from the cabin as the followed the drops, and soon found them in the wooded areas around the cabin. They all went knowing it would take awhile for Jim and the other authorities to get up there, as they walked cautiously not sure what they would find and then Isabel was the first to see and gasp. “Shit!”

And then they saw the downed body of one of the men. Up close now, Isabel looked down and she recognized the men from her vision. She leaned down and felt him. “He’s dead!”

“Oh god,” Maria cried and gasped for breath as Michael held her tight.

Turning the body over, they also gasped at the clear evidence of a blast injury and there was only one way the man could exhibit it…

“Elizabeth did this” Maria asked.

“Looks like it,” Michael said leaning down.

Putting gloves on his hands and passing a pair to Michael, Max leaned down also touch see if they could find identification which they didn’t and then he zoned out…

He saw Elizabeth running, but losing ground to the men and she turned around shooting energy to bring down tree branches, and then finally she hit him square in the chest and he collapsed… dead.

“How bad?” Michael asked his childhood best friend.

“Bad, but it looks like clear self defence. She was running to save her life” Max said softly as again she saw that she was barely in nothing and looking frozen and doing anything to survive. “This is one of the men I saw in my vision, and therefore he has a partner, and looks like he probably caught up to her…”

“And took her elsewhere?” Isabel asked as she seen the same thing.

“Yes,” Max nodded.

“How can we find her?” Maria asked.

“More importantly how are we going to explain this?” Isabel asked. “A dead body with a clear green energy blast”

“Let Jim deal with it,” Michael sighed because he truly didn’t know how they were going to explain. “Our first priority is to find Elizabeth and make sure she is alive and can come home” he sighed to the wince of his wife, as she took her hands in his and brought her in for a hug. “We have to find her…”


They waited for Jim and the authorities to arrive and take over the crime scene and they put crime tape around the perimeter of the cabin and bagged all the evidence and took the dress in the bag that Isabel put it in and marked it as evidence and took the gang’s prints to clear them from the prints when processed. Jim flinched when he saw the body, and the extent of the danger his granddaughter had been, but he reported the body, and hoped the medical examiner could come up with another cause for the strike to the stomach. Then Michael borrowed Isabel car and drove his wife home, and Isabel drove back with Max.

“I never pictured this,” Isabel asked as Max drove. “Why did it come to this?” she asked.

“I don’t know and as far as I can tell now the plan has changed and it’s all in and who knows how this will end up, and that puts Elizabeth in a bad spot” Max sighed as he drove. “They are liable to do anything with her now…”

Isabel could only shake her head in fear as her brother drove.


Max was correct that the plan had changed as the van that held a unconscious Elizabeth stopped at a building, driving through the gate that was in front of it, he drove to the back and opened the garage door that served as gate, and drove the van into it so that no one had any indications of where the van was, as it was an old factory.

“Plans have changed men,” Stuart said. “Chain her up” he said as he opened the door and a goon he had hired came forward and carried a unconscious Elizabeth who was showing now substantial bruising on her throat and arms, and legs further into the factory’s body and they chained her up by her arms, separating them attached to long concrete bar, and then separated her ankles and tied them up as she hung there, with a blindfold over her eyes.

“What’s the plan boss,” came the goon.

“Drug her,” Stuart said. “As she’s too valuable and she’s liable to try to escape again and we just lost a man so she’s powerful. Just don’t tell the doctor she’s drugged.”

“How are you going to con the doctor?” asked the goon.

“Let me work on that,” Stuart planned. “As long as she gives what we’re after, who cares if she lives afterwards” he asked as the goons moved towards Elizabeth with a vial of drug and inserted it as Elizabeth felt she was floating as her body and brain willed for the drugs again as she was connected to a IV line that contained the drug that would keep her unconscious.

“Make sure that is gone when the doctor shows up as we have to get this on the road as it’s gone too long” Stuart pronouncement because he feared their quick track from the cabin location would come back to haunt him as he soon left the factory, as he left Elizabeth oblivious to the world.


Grace receiving a call from Jake parked in a parking lot and walked up some stairs as she should be at home studying for exams but with Elizabeth missing and in harm’s way she couldn’t concentrate on her studies and so when she got the text from Jake to meet him at a certain location, she hopped on it and in her car. She had been surprised he wasn’t at school as she knew her Aunt and Uncles were keeping their kids’ home from school due to the threats around them, but Jake was old enough to be at school.

She wished she was at school, but knew she would be useless at school with her friend missing and she knew from Sue that the school was buzzing with rumors and gossip surrounding Elizabeth’s kidnapping as the Sheriff’s department had interviewed everyone who had been at the prom on Saturday night about what they may have seen but nothing of any interest came of the questioning but the questioning was on-going as the school had pushed off the start of final exams out of respect for the trauma of having a fellow student missing, and knowing a certain population of the school was unlikely to be able to concentrate on their studies with the Sheriff department still visiting the school and students being invited to see the school shrink so they would have another week.

So, Grace stood out the room and knocked, and moments later the door swung open and Jake stood before her. “Thank god you’re here…”

“Jake, why a motel room?” Grace asked.

“It’s not like I could come to your house, nor could you come to my house except for if it was something family related with Elizabeth missing and everything still so tense,” Jake sighed as he knew meeting with Grace at home with it being battle central in the search for his sister and his parents so emotional.”

“I see your point, but still, why here?” Grace asked as she looked around the motel room. “How long have you been here?”

“I needed to see you and make sure you were alright,” Jake sighed as she hated this situation. “With Elizabeth missing, and knowing…”

“That was I was the initial target?” Grace asked. “If it wasn’t for you and me on Saturday night, yeah I know” she sighed as she entered the room and they closed the door behind them and cocooned themselves from the outside world. “I hate this Jake. I heard from Dad; they received a clue… He and your father were headed up there to check it out?”

“Yeah,” Jake nodded. “I got the same word from Mom. It didn’t pan out or it did, but they had moved my sister by the time our parents go there…” he murmured from the out of it tone of his mother, he knew it hadn’t been a pretty sight so he knew not even think about meeting with Grace at home.

“But this place costs money?” Grace asked as she looked around.

“Not as much as the hotel where we spent Saturday night,” Jake cracked. “But with me not going to university next year so well, I have some more freedom with my cash and not all of it needs to go away for university, so I have a little more leeway. I rented this place for while…”

“More than today?” Grace’s eye went wide.

“It can be our meeting place, when things get too wild… until it all blows over.” Jake smiled. “It was also cheaper under a long-term rental agreement,” he nodded as he handed Grace a key. “No one will get in our way…”

“What’s this?” Grace asked of the key in her hand.

“Your own key, so if anything gets too rough than you can come here and text me or I can text you if we want to meet…”

“That works,” Grace nodded as she felt the need to open about Saturday night. “I had a good talk with Dad this morning, about you know?”

“Yeah you did, how did it go?” Jake asked wearily.

“He finally talked to me,” Grace laughed. “It’s been pretty silent since you know everything happened although of course he was mostly gone helping with the search yesterday but today, I was up when he got up.”

“So,” Jake asked.

“He’s insists that he’s not upset, but I know he is…” Grace sighed. “He doesn’t understand it but knows that it is my choice.”

Jake nodded as they sat down on the bed beside each other.

“How are you doing?” Grace asked.

“Terrible,” Jake admitted as imagines of Elizabeth was going through his head. “I know I have other siblings, and an even younger sister but she’s my little sister and she’s in danger and I allowed her to be put in danger.”

“You don’t know that Jake. Just as you told me that I can’t blame myself, you can’t blame yourself because even if you were there, well, we both know they had advantages on you…”

“Because you have gifts, and I don’t” Jake asked. “This is the one time I wished I wasn’t the normal one in this clan.”

“Powers don’t help Jake. Look at me, as it hasn’t helped me in the past and we both know it didn’t help Elizabeth as she’s more liable to use her powers than I am and still it didn’t stop them from taking so even if we were there with them, well, we wouldn’t have likely stopped them. They still would have taken Elizabeth left you in even more harm. Finn got lucky, but still that didn’t prevent them from using force against him and you would have put up much more of a fuss, and it would have been worse for you.”

“You don’t know that…” Jake muttered.

“I do,” Elizabeth murmured as she took his hand and leaned in for a kiss and he kissed her back. “Sue tells me Finn’s beside himself.”

“I know,” Jake sighed. “I may have given him a hard time, but it does seem like he cares about my sister.”

“He does, doesn’t he” Grace sighed as they laid down on the bed together and embraced being in each other’s arms and tried not to think of how much they feared for Elizabeth as they continued kissing which got more intense…


Max felt defeated as she dropped off his sister at her and watched as Kyle and the kids all came out and greeted their mother as she got out of car. Max nodded to Kyle who nodded as he sat in the car and watched as husband and wife kissed and go in the house together with their kids and Max wished he had that as he pulled out of the driveway and drove home.

He felt defeated by the threat against them. He thought it was all about him. Going against him and making him pay for whatever they had against him even though he was fine with his life on Earth. But going after Liz was a shot at him, he knew, and he hated it but knew it was a possibility being who he was. But going after Grace and now going after Michael’s family was crossing the line. Going against Elizabeth and the torture that was being inflicted on her was too much, and he truly wished the end could come.

Turning onto his street, he came up on his house and saw his daughter’s car was gone and wondered where she was off to but knew he would find out soon enough.

Turning off his car, he opened the door and got out distracted by the weight of the day’s discoveries and the knowledge that the kids were fair game whether he wanted them to be or not and he didn’t know if they could solve this one and maybe Beth was right to keep the twins away from Roswell.

And maybe they shouldn’t come back!

And then he saw her… His angel.

And the reason he was still alive today to hate life…


Walking up towards who stood at the doorway, outside the house as if she had been waiting for him. The house was dark, and the door was locked.


“Hello Max,” Beth said softly as both felt in a trance as if he was in dreamland, and she didn’t know what she was experiencing except that it was right where she needed to be, and this was the best decision she had made in weeks.

“You…you… are here?” Max asked.

“Yes,” Beth nodded as if she didn’t know her body as it was responding as if she was in a trance, and knew he was too….

He started to approach and all he was intending was to give her a hand with her bag or even a hug if she would allow him but suddenly a force came over him as they were in each other’s arms and kissing… in a torrent of passionate kisses.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Is there hope for Max and Beth, well, maybe. Things might be brightening for them, but it's still very dark days as the nightmare continues for many of them... and forces still might be out to rain on their parade.
Anyways, I just wanted to say since today November 2nd is the second anniversary of starting posting this epic. Never did I imagine we would be here today with more to be unveil, and it getting even more dark and twisted than the first story. I thought it would be a simple story of Max and Liz being kept away from each other. Little did I know it would grow into such a world that is now in the middle of a nightmare they didn't think possible... So, thank you to all those who have read the story. Commented or just lurked and read. "Reunion" was my first story that I took a chance on posting and your feedback and comments have helped me in my writing. So, thank you...

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 52 - 11/02/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:40 pm

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So it's been that long that you have been torturing me with your cliffhangers.
I have enjoyed every minute though, and hope you continue to write more and more.
The only good that happened in this past part was Beth coming back. Everyone else is in such trouble, even Grace and Jake I'm afraid.


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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 52 - 11/02/2019

Post by Superman86 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:57 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:
Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:40 pm
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! So it's been that long that you have been torturing me with your cliffhangers.
I have enjoyed every minute though, and hope you continue to write more and more.
The only good that happened in this past part was Beth coming back. Everyone else is in such trouble, even Grace and Jake I'm afraid.

I totally agree^...but to add also, You are an Amazing writer and I really enjoy reading all of your fics,cliffhangers and all :D I can't wait for more...Yay!!!! For Beth/Liz for coming "Home" even if it's temporary. I love that you brought her back to Max

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 53 - 11/05/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:40 pm

It felt endless but they stopped after experiencing the intense kiss and they stepped back as almost as if they were coming back to reality. Reality Max thought as he came back. It felt incredible to be staring into her eyes, and she felt the same thing as finally the force between them broke and then he looked around. “The kids?”

“Back in Madison,” Beth said softly. “They had exams to finish up with today and tomorrow and given they are finished with junior high… well, they needed to complete them” she sighed. “They are staying with Serena and her family.”

“How long can you stay?” Max asked.

“A few days at most. I called in sick, but I do have to get back” Beth sighed. “But I knew I had to come when I heard the news. I tried calling but you didn’t call back.”

“I did, but this morning. I didn’t get you when I tried. But yesterday as Grace terms it, a blur and I didn’t realize you had called until when I woke up this morning. Then I tried calling, I didn’t get you.”

“I was probably on the plane,” Beth said as he unlocked the front door and opened the door, and they walked in. He turned on the lights, and they looked in at the eeriness of the empty house. “I took the first flight out this morning.”

“You didn’t have to come,” Max said softly as he closed the door and he they walked into the living room.”

“Yes, I did,” Beth sighed as she thought of the whole situation. “Michael did so much for me in opening up the past for me and the girls and Maria is so Maria, and while I may not be the friend who remembers the past that she wishes me to be and yet she has been immeasurable also for me and the girls and I needed to do something, even if it’s only to come for a few days and lend moral support. So, Max, how bad is it?”

“Bad,” Max said. “White Room magnified by 1000”

“White Room?” Beth asked confused.

“Sorry, the past” Max muttered as he knew what he dealt with the White Room had to be so much less than what Elizabeth was facing or the torture that Michael and Maria were feeling knowing their teenage daughter was in hell. “An experience I had that rivals this that left me with scars but fortunately you were there along with Isabel, Michael and Maria to help me through it when I did some home, but nothing prepared us for this. The little we have been able to come to terms with what is happening makes us sick to our stomachs.”

“I had a moment Max,” Beth confessed.

“What?” Max asked.

“I saw something. That is what I wanted to tell you, but I had this vision Max, and I don’t know what it means but Max I saw Elizabeth… she was being held somewhere”

“Wait you did,” Max asked stunned and then he remembered how the gift Liz had years before was see events before or some part of was going down. She didn’t use it much, but she did have the capacity. “What did you see?”

“You don’t seem surprised?” Beth asked.

“I am not,” Max said sighing. “You didn’t do it much because life was tame, but still you were known to dabble in premonitions where you were able to see things that were to happen or about to happen, and because our lives were pretty calm… once high school finished, there was never a real use for your talent and you really didn’t gain the ability until late in our senior year of high school.”

“And it was because…” Beth asked.

“I saved you?” Max said. “We never could tell for sure, but most likely…”

“I see,” Beth said.

“What did you see Beth, what do you know about Elizabeth?” Max asked as he his desire to know what was going on, and to see if it would help find his goddaughter.

“She was somewhere, maybe a cabin, and someone who I would call loosely a medical professional” Beth muttered with disgust. “Was saying they had to wean Elizabeth of whatever drugs they had her on, and that he couldn’t do what he was told to do unless she was conscious.”

“Jesus,” Max muttered as he felt sick.

“I know,” Beth nodded but saw the frown on his face. “What?”

“The cabin you’re talking about was where she was until today, but we found it and she’s not there” Max said. “We think they moved her, and before they did, well, she made a break for it and they went after her and she managed to get one of her captors but by the time we got there, she was gone…”

“What do you mean by getting one of her captors?” Beth asked with eyes wide.

“He’s dead, and there is only one way he could be…” Max said softly. “Because of a very specific marker that those with our powers would be able to achieve…”

“Whoa, oh,” Beth murmured with wide eyes as it dawned on her what Max was trying to say. “How are Michael and Maria taking it?”

“Badly, Michael can barely keep his rage in control and Maria has had all her spark removed from her, and neither are functioning that well. The kids are all home from school, because we are afraid that they might be targets. Maria’s mother, Amy is spending most of her time over there watching everyone.”

“Grace, how is Grace?” Beth asked. “I didn’t see her car out front.”

“Feeling guilty,” Max muttered as he checked his phone and deeply frowned at what he saw… which Beth couldn’t help but notice and therefore she couldn’t help but comment on it.

“What is it?” Beth murmured as she could see that Max was deeply upset about something that he was viewing on his phone.

“It’s nothing,” Max sighed as he checked on the GPS tracker now installed on all the kids’ phones. Each kid whether they wanted it or not had a tracker installed on their phone which told all the adults where they could be found. Little Belle had a chip in her “Dora” watch, and so they all knew where they were and got reports sent to all the adults and so he saw the report that had come into his email on his phone and saw that both Grace and Jake’s tracker were in the same place; and looking closing he saw the address. The Motor Motel. The signal from both of their phones hadn’t moved in two hours after Grace’s signal joined Jake’s who was already at the motel. “Damn.”

“What?” Beth asked.

“No, it’s nothing” Max said with a deep sigh. “Grace is Grace, she’s fine”

“Now tell me that with some feeling,” Beth smiled. “What’s up?”

“She’s with Jake,” Max sighed with a feeling of recognition that he better get used to a new reality in relation to his eldest daughter.

“Oh, on a date or something?” Beth asked.

“Nope, at the motel” Max blurted out and Beth’s jaw dropped. “Yeah, I know. She probably figures I wouldn’t know but I do because we’ve put trackers on all the available kids’ phones, so we get reports on where they are at a given time when out of the house, and right now Grace is with Jake.”

“Excuse me,” Beth asked. “Since when…”

“Saturday night,” Max admitted. “They were together when we discovered Elizabeth was missing. We initially couldn’t find any of them, but we tracked Jake and Grace down to a hotel suite. Well, you can guess what happened. Grace says it’s all on her, but I can’t say today is all on her…”

“Max… What on earth has happened here in Roswell, since I left” Beth asked quietly.

“I wish I could tell you” Max sighed. “Nothing has been the same…”

“Max, wow”


Eyes opened and looking around the motel room. Grace could only shake her head. She hadn’t come here expecting this but of course she knew she couldn’t stop herself when she was with Jake. She knew her phone had a tracker which meant her father would know where she was, “Dad probably knows I am here…”

“My parents too,” Jake allowed as she pulled the sheet up over her body as he sat up. “I wasn’t intending this…”

“You got the motel room?”

“So, we could spend time together, and talk without the tension of being in each other’s houses and meeting at the library can only be a short-term solution. Still, I wasn’t intending this…”

“I bet,” Grace giggled.

“This is the last thing our families needs,” Jake allowed.

“Our priority should be finding your sister, and not adding to the grief to our families” Grace sighed as she thought of her best friend. “This complicates things.”

“It does,” Jake agreed. “I hope you know I make this a thing,” he sighed. “I don’t make a habit of doing this.”

“Of course not,” Grace sighed. “I know you Jake. Today was more mutual but Saturday was more me,” she recalled. “I don’t blame you or put it on you. I wanted this and I have told Dad as much of that...”

“I may have dated but Camryn was my only other…” Jake said honestly. “So, you know…”

“I figured since you were dating a long time” Grace nodded. “And you know me… mine” she said not wanting to dwell on her rape, or the baby.

“I don’t count that Grace. What was done to you was a crime and not of your own free will” Jake sighed. “I just wish you were able to get justice…”

Grace nodded.

“I love you,” Jake smiled, and Grace melted. “I got lucky with you in my life. I know it’s not easy and it’s complicated as hell with our families as close as the are, but I love you and I don’t regret taking this step.”

“Me either Jake, I love you too. I know this is too quick and probably incredibly rash when your sister is missing and in so much danger, but I appreciate your support and to know you are in my corner. Who knows what the future is, but I at least want to spend the now with you?”

“I do to,” Jake said as they leaned in for a simple kiss that soon got heated, and another hour went by without leaving the motel.


“We don’t have to stay long,” Max said as he and Beth stood outside the Guerin house. He had wanted to stop in and make sure everything was alright. Grace still wasn’t back when they left, and he didn’t see Jake’s vehicle a few seconds ago when they arrived so they knew they were still together, and he didn’t want to think about it, so he knocked on the door.

Amy opened and gasped when she saw Beth. “Hello Mrs. Valenti” Beth smiled as they didn’t know each other too well.

“Call me Amy.”

“Are Michael and Maria around?” Max asked as they walked upstairs.

“Maria was resting, and Michael just went up to get her up” Amy said. “I didn’t know you were coming to town. Are the twins here too?”

“It was spur of the moment and no, the twins had to stay home because they had end of year testing to finish up with and summer activities to start on and I can only stay a few days but I heard about the news and I had to come…”

“Come in,” Amy nodded. “Maria will love to see you”

“How are they?” Max asked. “I know Maria was taking what we learned upstate badly when last I saw her.”

“It’s not much better now,” Amy admitted. “Max, we have to find my granddaughter, please tell me it’s possible…”

“We will” Max swore but knew at this point, the promise was hollow, and Amy knew but didn’t fault Max for attempted to bring peace to her terrified mind.

“Has Jim said anything?” Max asked as he took Beth’s hand in his. “About what we found upstate?”

“He’s working on it,” Amy said. “It’s all so tough, and the idea she has to go through that, and we don’t know when the end will come or how it will look like…. So, it’s tough to take and deal with, and its hell for my daughter and Michael.”

“I know,” Max said.

“That my daughter is a killer and likely half out of her mind in pain and being tortured as we speak and my son, and your daughter are holed up in some motel and they haven’t come up for breath in hours” Maria asked coming down the stairs, and seeing Max. “How in hell did our lives get this bad?” she asked. “Huh Max… tell me how…”

“I am sorry,” Max sighed.

“Why didn’t you warn me when I met you people back in high school that this was what I was signing up for…” Maria ranted.

“We didn’t know…” Max murmured as he was forced to reflect on how the shooting in the Crashdown had started to wake up so much in their lives although deep down he wanted to remind Maria that by graduation time, Maria did know what she was signing up for but wanted Michael anyways… but didn’t because he knew she needed to rant and needed him to be an outlet for her helpless rage. “I am incredibly sorry for this.”

“You know what Max? When you’re sixteen and you have a boy from out of this world loving you. You find the rush of danger romantic and even exciting but when you are looking at forty and have experienced kids being stabbed, nearly killed in a run away car accident and then kidnapped… you find that rush to be fucking over” Maria spat storming out of the house as the echoes of the words and the slamming of the door couldn’t help but rock the house.

“She’s not wrong Max,” Michael said as he looked at his friend and the heartache, they brought their families simply by loving them… and being who they were…

“I know,” Max muttered as he was helpless to end this…

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 53 - 11/05/2019

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Glad all of the kids have trackers on their phones......
But the parents aren't happy with Grace and Jake.
Beth came back because of her vision. Too late, Elizabeth had already left that location......
Maybe Beth will have another vision??
All of the parents seem to be reflecting back on their early days.
This seems like there is no good result at this time???

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