On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 28 - 08/22/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 8:19 am

Beth and the twins are beginning to wonder about the future in Roswell.
Pressure is building to make a decision it appears.
Loved the talk Grace and Elizabeth had, and especially loved Elizabeth telling Max she was on her best behavior right now, but made no promises for next week. She is really her father's daughter!

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 28 - 08/22/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:54 pm

love the teasing Serena was giving Liz. Thinking already too late Alexandra and Carrie have already attached to Max and Grace. It is understandable Serena is worried about Beth. Grace needs to talk to Beth about what is bothering her. So Max and Beth both realize Beth and the girls can't stay in Roswell forever they are going yo have to go back to Madison. Poor Beth, Carrie, Alexandra they don't want to leave Roswell but they know they may have to. Fingers crossed that Beth will have more memories before she has to go back to Madison.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 28 - 08/22/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:05 am

It is good that Beth is drawn to Max. He might be what she really needs to remember everything.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 28 - 08/22/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:42 pm

We know that Max took the twins to see his parents. Has Beth met the Parkers yet? Have the twins had any interact with the Parkers?

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 29 - 08/27/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Aug 27, 2019 7:40 pm

And that day was coming even before she knew it as the next couple of days went with relative ease as Grace started her daily physical therapy and occupied the rest of her time with homework or spending time with Elizabeth or Jake if they visited as Max had his first case back in court since all the drama happened so he was busy. Beth was spending her days taking the girls sight seeing the sights and history of Roswell and New Mexico to make up for their lack of education. She tried to forget that a decision would have to be made, but it was coming, and she knew it.

Finally, a day dawned that they didn’t expect how it would end when Grace had her usual physio appointment and Alexandra asked to go with her to keep her company. Grace said sure and asked if Beth minded her driving Alex around because Grace now was back behind the wheel and felt like a teenager for the first time in a few weeks.

“Sure, go ahead. Are you sure you want to go to her appointment? I know they can be boring for the visitors?” Beth asked.

“I am curious,” Alexandra asked. “Carrie wants to go shopping and I am bored with shopping, so I am curious what Grace is going through. If Grace doesn’t mind.”

“Sure, it is fine with me. It will be good to have some company” Grace murmured. “I plan to do some errands along the way…”

“If you want,” Beth said. “I can take Carrie shopping. And maybe we can meet up sometime along the way.”

“Yeah maybe,” Grace nodded as Max watched the three interact and knew things were still tense for his eldest as she dealt with a life she hadn’t known since she was a toddler and added to her was her limitations due to the attack. While Grace was making great progress, and she was getting more of her mobility back she also hated how she had to act like a human and heal normally and not be the alien hybrid she was in terms of how it was aiding her recovery. Max just was glad to have some semblance of family in his home. He realized how much he missed it over the years when it was just himself and Grace.

And yet he also knew it was ticking clock that was going to run out at sometime because one of these days Beth was going to go back to her old life, and he would have to deal with that heartbreak.

“Cool,” Alexandra smiled as she ran upstairs to get changed while Carrie talked non-stop about some gossip she heard.

Grace grabbed her bookbag as Alexandra came downstairs and saw her sister with it. “So, what are we up to?” she asked as she saw her sister work her chair down the ramp that existed and were attached to the front steps.

“My appointment is late this morning today, so I wanted to stop by and see Grandpa and Grandma Parker if you’re game. I also wanted to stop by school and drop off some papers and books at the library.”

“I would love to see the Crashdown,” Alexandra smiled of the eatery that was a lot of fun. “You’re actually wanting to go back to school? I thought you were on independent study for the remainder of term.”

“I am,” Grace said. “But I miss it. And plus, I had some extra papers I did for extra credit and I need to pass them in.”

“Extra credit, wow” Alexandra smiled. “Carrie would hate that.”

“It helps my goals,” Grace smiled as she had her sister help her into the driver seat of the car. “Are you sure you can handle putting that in the trunk,” she asked of the chair because she knew it was heavy. “We can put it in the backseat.”

“No, it’s fine” Alexandra assured her sister.

Once loaded, they were off to the high school. Alexandra felt it was strange to be in the car without her mother or sister. But she loved the comfortable car, and the sightseeing tour that Grace was showing. “When did you get this car?”

“Only a few weeks ago, for my birthday” Grace smiled.

“Wow,” Alexandra said. “It’s cool.”

“Yes, it is, but unfortunately due to the misfortune in this family… I haven’t had much time to test drive it” Grace murmured.

“They say it’s been one thing after another… Is that true?” Alexandra asked as she saw the high school in their view shot.

“It has been one disaster after another” Grace murmured.

“Are we a disaster?” Alexandra asked as Grace turned her head and face Alex and saw the concern on the teenager’s face.

“No, you are part of the better part of what has been going on. I am sorry if you think that but until a couple of a weeks ago, my life was dull. And now it’s a damn movie of the week, and so it’s taking some getting used to.”

“I guess you’re right about that…” Alexandra acknowledged as she thought of her own learning curve that she and Carrie along with their mother had to get used to over the last days. To find a biological father and older sister “It’s a life you only read in the books or one of Maria’s books.”

“I know,” Grace smiled. “I can’t imagine how this will help Aunt Maria’s writing in the coming months as she now has plenty of inspiration to take from” she perked up as they parked, and they saw another car that was instantly familiar.

Nearby Jake was on his cellphone in the front seat as he delayed going into the school building as he had dropped off his sister at Isabel’s boutique as she was working a few hours to help with inventory before she returned to school for her afternoon classes. Jake wasn’t feeling enamored to go into school but knew he couldn’t ditch so he was waiting as he was talking to Duncan who had officially skipped out on their classes.

Looking around he noticed the familiar red convertible nearby and two brunettes in the front seats. The day was looking brighter to him now, “Duncan I will talk to you later…” he said as he hangs up and opened the door while maneuvering his crutches to the ground so he could grab on one to get up as he used the other crutch the close the door.

“Well hello,” Jake smiled as he walked towards Grace’s car.


“Hello Jake,” Grace smiled as Alexandra got out of the car and made tracks to get the wheelchair out of the trunk. Jake couldn’t take his eyes of her sister and Alex sensed they something special, and something quite remarkable. Realizing what Alexandra was going to do. Jake maneuvered towards the teen.

“Do you need help? It’s Alexandra, right?”” Jake asked of the younger teenager who looked remarkably like Grace.

“I think I can manage it; especially given you are using crutches yourself…” Alex smiled. “And it’s actually not as difficult to lift.”

“If you say so,” Jake said as he smiled back Grace who was starting to be spotted by fellow students who could only gasp as Alexandra opened the wheelchair, and Grace maneuvered into the chair.

“I am surprised you don’t have a motorized one?” Jake asked. “I did during my brief time.”

“As far I am concerned, I am not going to be in this chair long…” Grace murmured as she saw the glances of other students. Jake noticed too and could only shake his head. “I am surprised you came to the school.”

“I had things to drop off,” Grace cracked.

“You could have asked me, or asked Elizabeth…” Jake said. “So, you didn’t have to experience the gossip hounds here at school” he murmured as he knew what it meant to be in the realm of gossip central and to show up, and in a wheelchair was only going to set off another round of rumors.

“It’s part of reclaiming my life,” Grace said. “I might be stuck at home and unable to come back due to my recovery, but it allows me to get around to show people I am actually alive and not on my death bed which I know was one of the rumors that was flying around the school.”

“Elizabeth has a big mouth,” Jake muttered.

“She likes to gossip herself,” Grace said. “So, she was only telling me what was actually happening here at school. I am fine Jake; I need to start to back to aspects of my life even if I can’t return to all of them yet.”

“I guess,” Jake said unsure.

“I am sure,” Grace said as she had Alex hold her bookbag as they walked and wheeled towards the school building.

“Wow Grace,” Kate Anderson asked as she saw her friend head towards the ramp. Alexandra helped by helping push the chair up the ramp. She knew her sister didn’t have the strength yet for the ramps. “We heard the stories…”

“It’s actually very tame,” Grace lied to her History classmate. “I wish I could come back, but the powers that be want me to concentrate on my recovery. But I had papers to drop off, and books to the library.”

“You’re fine, right?”

“I am peachy,” Grace smiled as they were noticed by more and more students. “I see I have been a popular topic.”

“The fact you had your accident, not long after Jake had his own misfortunate has only added to legend of the stories.”

Grace laughed.

“And then to have Tommy Ellis to disappear…” Daisy Walton asked as she walked up to the small group.

“He didn’t disappear,” Grace lied. “He ran away.”

“We know that is the story, but most don’t believe it,” Daisy commented as Grace saw Camryn in the distance and the senior looked over with shock to see Jake and Grace in a growing group of spectators. She approached.

“The authorities do,” Jake murmured as he knew only too well how it was not only Grace’s misfortune that had been topic number one in gossip central that was West Roswell High. It was the disappearance of Tommy. The authorities had announced the media that he was no longer a missing teen that he had left on his own. Although none of those who really knew the true facts believed it, nor did gossip central.

Alexandra was fascinated by the high school dynamic. It was so different from her private school back home. They had their cliques and gossip, but nothing to the extent that obviously existed at West Roswell. She couldn’t wait to see how high school was, come fall time.

“Which is who we should believe,” Jake added. “Grace has places to go, maybe we should move on.”

“Right,” Kate nodded as she and Daisy and others left as Camryn approached.

“Hello Cam,” Grace smiled.

“Wow Grace I didn’t expect to see you today.” Camryn asked.

“No one did I gather,” Grace cracked. “I wanted to drop off something before I have my physio appointment.”

“So how is it going?” Camryn asked as she saw how Jake was very close to Grace as if he was afraid something might go wrong. Sighing, she concentrated on one in the chair. “How is your recovery going?”

“It’s getting there every day,” Grace murmured.

“I am glad,” Camryn smiled as she noticed Alexandra and was struck by the resemblance between the two teenagers. “So, who is this?” she asked as she referred to the other teenager in their midst as Alexandra was still carrying Grace’s bookbag.


“This is Alexandra” Grace smiled as she saw her younger sister. “Alexandra, this is Camryn. A friend, and she’s a senior like Jake.”

“Really,” Alexandra asked as she looked at Camryn and Jake and sensed a history between them and wondered if Grace was aware.

“Yup, graduation is approaching” Camryn cracked as she nodded at Jake as she knew the dilemma he was facing. “Right Jake?”

“Unfortunately,” Jake muttered as it was one more reminder that decision day was coming for his future. As much as he couldn’t wait to get of these doors and on to his next chapter, he wasn’t relishing the choices he would have to be made.

“Any acceptances or rejections yet?” Camryn asked.

“Nope,” Jake said a bit too quickly and Camryn caught it.

“Really, everyone seems to have heard from their schools one way or another” Camryn asked as she looked at Grace who became uncomfortable.

“We’re leave you to talk,” Grace said as she wanted to get away from any discussion about where he was going to be come fall time as it was a reminder that it was very likely going to be away from Roswell, and away from them. “Come on Alex, why don’t we get going on what I need to do.”

“Sure,” Alexandra nodded.

“Call me,” Jake said. “I don’t know if you remember those tickets, I got you for your birthday. The concert is Friday night, do you want to still go?”

“Sure,” Grace grabbed on to the diversion. “Yeah I remember, so yeah we’ll talk later” she murmured as she moved on with Alexandra while leaving a hobbling Jake to talk with his former girlfriend.

“Interesting,” Camryn commented as they watched the girls leave as she found Grace and Alexandra eerily similar in many ways that it was creepy.

“Don’t you start Cam,” Jake warned as he didn’t want to hear it from his ex-girlfriend what he might or might not be doing with Grace. “I got the tickets as a birthday present. Just friends, nothing more than that…”

“Only friends my ass,” Camryn murmured but moved onto another topic than her ex boyfriend’s love life.

“Yeah, what…” Jake asked as he hobbled to their first shared class of the day. “I can tell you want to say something to me, so, what is it?”

“So, about university” Camryn asked.

“Ughhh,” Jake murmured. “I don’t know what I would rather you ask than that. I told you I haven’t received any answers yet in terms of what school I am headed to come fall time.”

“And I think you’re lying” Camryn asked. “I know you Jake, and given I know even the lower graded students who are headed for university have gotten word, the idea you haven’t gotten any answers are a little farfetched given I know your grades despite your lousy attendance record would have gotten you into at least one of the schools you applied to.”

“It’s none of your business,” Jake muttered. “We’re through and you are dating Robert, right?”

“I am…” Camryn declared.

“Then wondering where I might be come September is none of your business. If it is, then I should be asking you, if you are you going to go to Michigan, or will you stay with Robert at one of his schools?” Jake asked as he turned around the subject which Camryn noted.

“Come on Jake, you know I am only curious, and I want you to be happy and I know you, you might be going through a lot with Grace and with that injury you have inflicted on yourself but the idea you have received no acceptances or rejections is farfetched. Grace might want to believe it, but I don’t.”

“Fine, I have gotten a few… are you happy?” Jake murmured as he thought of the envelopes and emails waiting his homecoming from the hospital. He had successfully managed to keep them from his parents’ eyes because he didn’t want to debate to start over where he should be going or not going.

“Only if you are,” Camryn asked. “So, what was the news?”

“So, I got into UCLA and NYU” Jake muttered. “Full rides” he murmured thinking of the full scholarships he received to the universities. But nothing even close to Roswell, where Grace was going to be for the next few years or even longer now that she had her mother back in her life. He doubted she would be wanting Yale or Harvard if she had a chance to know her mother and the idea he couldn’t have a fallback that wasn’t miles away annoyed him and now he was going to make the ultimate decision of what he wanted to do come fall time and if he went with his gut feeling than his parents were going to be furious. Grace might even be too.

“Wow, congratulations” Camryn remarked. “Your parents should be happy to know you have a choice.”

“Yeah,” Jake said. “If only they knew.”

“You haven’t told your parents. Why the heck not?”

“Because I don’t know what I want to do yet, and they will only pressure me to make a decision that I don’t want to make.” Jake murmured because as much as his mother groaned about him leaving home come September, he knew she would be thrilled to have the choice of UCLA or New York herself, as he knew one of the regrets his mother had was that she hadn’t been able to go to university. She found her life’s plan the hard way and she wanted all her kids to have the life she didn’t have, and he was so close.

“It’s university and your future Jake,” Camryn remarked. “Why would you hesitate?”

“I am not hesitating,” Jake murmured as they sat down in their mutual class together.

“Yes, you are, and you need to tell me why?”

“Fine, because I don’t even know if I want to go to university next year. I might want to take a year off, and go later…”

“God Jake,” Camryn murmured. “It’s Grace, you don’t want to leave her… And you’re willing up a great education for a girl?”

“It’s my life,” Jake said shutting down the conversation as the teacher came into the room.

“Yes, it is, I just hope you know what you’re doing” Camryn asked as the class began.


“So, who is Camryn?” Alexandra asked as a little while later they got back into Grace’s car. They had done the errands Grace had wanted to at the high school and now it was onto her therapy appointment.

“I told you, a classmate of Jake’s” Grace murmured as she worked to get out of the parking lot and headed over to the hospital.

“I sense they are more…” Alexandra asked. She loved the feel of the high school and wished she and her sister could have that when they started high school after years of being in a private school. It felt real to be around normal kids, in everyday clothes and dealing with life’s crisis of the moment. “Are they. Are you jealous?”

“No, I am not jealous” Grace groaned. “Okay, fine, they once dated but broke up. Camryn is dating someone else.”

“Wow,” Alexandra murmured. “And you are not jealous?”

“Of course not. Jake and I are only friends, and while he might be older and about to graduate, we are nothing more than friends and even if we were than I know Jake and Camryn have a past that is indeed in the past because I know she’s happy with her current boyfriend.”

“Are you sure?” Alexandra asked.

“Of course, I am,” Grace said as she murmured under, he breath that she was happy to see the rehab center of the hospital come into their view sight because she didn’t want to talk about what Jake might be to her.

“If you’re sure…” Alexandra teased as they parked and worked on getting Grace to her appointment.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 29 - 08/27/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:21 am

I really don't want to think about Beth and the twins leaving, but that clock is ticking.
Love that Grace and Alex have this time together......running errands.
The disappearance of Tommy is a topic of discussion at school we see.
It appears that Alex is missing some parts of public school, compared to her private school.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 29 - 08/27/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:01 pm

Grace and Alex seem to be growing closer as sisters.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - Chapter 30 - 08/29/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Aug 29, 2019 4:15 pm

“So, this is your office?” Beth asked of Max as she saw him come out into the waiting room of his law office. Carrie was next to her because with Alexandra off with Grace doing whatever they were doing on top of Grace’s physio appointment. Beth found herself curious about Max’s office, and so she and Carrie stopped by before they headed to lunch.

“Beth… Carrie,” Max said surprised by the visit as he had come out into the main office to collect a file from his secretary and was stunned to see his wife and daughter. “Cassie you didn’t tell me they were here.”

“You were meeting about the Wallace case,” Cassie murmured as she saw the bond between her boss and the woman who was his wife. She had heard the murmurs and rumors around town about the story and to see it in person was remarkable.

“You could have interrupted me” Max glared. “They are much more important than any case.”

“I told her not to,” Beth said defending the secretary. “We only arrived a few minutes ago. I heard you talking about your office and I wanted to see it. And I figured if you had time maybe you could join us for lunch. Alexandra is still out with Grace.”

“Right,” Max nodded as he collected the file he had required. “Let me finish up and I definitely can join you two for lunch as after this one finishes up than I am free until 2.”

“How long?” Beth asked. “We could meet you somewhere?”

“It shouldn’t be too much longer but if you did want to go and meet me at the Crashdown than I can get over there as soon as I am finished here…”

“Sure,” Beth said. “Carrie, how about it?”

“The Crashdown is cool, I love it over there…” Carrie smiled as she loved how much time her parent were spending together and it went towards the fantasy she was building that this might turn out be a dream come true and yet she knew this could also go badly, so the more time her parents spent together the more the chances would rise that it would work out or so the thirteen year old hoped.


Elizabeth was sitting in her booth doing a report on her laptop on her lunch break from school. She had to work after her final class so she had to start work on it so that she could prove to her parents she could handle both her job at Splurge and her schoolwork so that her parents didn’t rescind their approval. She loved the job. She also loved the extra money she was making. Most of it was going to her college fund but still she liked the freedom and the tiny bit she could squirrel away for her personal use. She now knew why Grace loved working at Crashdown all this time. It did make you feel grown up. Although the last few weeks had given her the wake up in going for that grown up feeling needed to take it own time and not to rush. She still was only fifteen.

“Elizabeth, what are you doing here at not at school” Finn Young asked as he walked toward his classmate’s booth. “But then I guess I haven’t seen you at school much these days.”

“Oh, I am there,” Elizabeth murmured. “Or my parents would have my head. I just rather work on my Sociology report here than at school. The Crashdown has better burgers than the school cafeteria.”

“That it does,” Finn confirmed.

“So, why aren’t you at school?” Elizabeth asked as she looked up at Finn. He hadn’t approached her often, but they had talked in a class or two, but it was weird to see him suddenly.

“Lunch, I guess.” Finn asked.

“Right,” Elizabeth said.

“What are you writing on…” Finn asked as he couldn’t help himself as he had struck up the nerve to come talk to Elizabeth when he saw her sitting there at the Crashdown.

“Sexual Assault and the influences of both genders on perceptions” Elizabeth murmured. “It’s for my Sociology class. The teacher did say pick a branch of the subject…”

“Wow,” Finn said. “I didn’t think you cared about that stuff…”

“Me either until recently,” Elizabeth muttered as she jumped on the subject and picked Criminology aspect of the subject and found her topic easily. She knew her own experience and Grace’s was influencing it…

“Whatever interests you…” Finn nodded.

“Yeah,” Elizabeth said. “Was there something you wanted because I have to get back my report. I have to work later…”

“Oh right,” Finn smiled. “I was wondering if you were interested in going out with me this weekend?”

“What…” Elizabeth said sharply as her headed whipped back to focus on Finn. “Did you just ask me out?”

“Yes, I did…” Finn said. “Would you like to…”

“I don’t know,” Elizabeth said rendered speechless as she lost all interest in her report, she was working on… She had been on the sidelines with amusement at her best friend’s love life and she hadn’t been asked out herself except for a pity ask to prom that she easily batted down.

“Elizabeth,” Finn asked. “If you’re not interested…”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just I didn’t think you were interested…” Elizabeth asked as she thought of what to say in a cloud of indecision which was so unlike her. “Are you sure…?”

“I am interested,” Finn asked. “I was thinking prom than I thought maybe we could try this weekend and see if it went well. We could go to a movie or dinner, or whatever you thought interesting.”

“A movie,” Elizabeth asked. “Sure… oh, wait, I think I need to check with my parents. I want to say yes but you know parents. I might need to get permission and all that…” she murmured as she thought of how her parents would react to the idea of her going out on a date. Now that they knew what happened with Tommy Ellis well, she knew they were going to be overprotective, and especially her father and she didn’t want to put Finn through it.

“Sure,” Finn said. “I saw you here and I thought I would ask. How about I call tonight and if you have time you can ask your parents?”

“Oh, I have to work after school so I might not be home until later. So how about I give you an answer tomorrow at school. Then I’ll have time to ask them when I am home, and neither of us are rushed.”

“Sure,” Finn smiled as he got up as he smiled that his asking her out got her away from her computer and thinking about him.

It had as Elizabeth felt paralyzed because as much as she had analyzed Grace’s love life or even her brothers, she didn’t feel prepared to focus on her own as her paper got forgotten as her mind swirled and she knew she had to talk to Grace. But knew she wasn’t home but at her physio appointment.

Scooping up her computer and papers she rushed out of the Crashdown just as Beth and Carrie came into the restaurant. Beth tried to say hello, but Elizabeth was in a cloud and ignoring all… “I don’t want to know what that is about…” Amy Deluca Valenti smiled as she had witnessed her granddaughter be approached by the boy and then her rush out moments after he left as she approached Beth. “Hey you two.”

“Here for lunch?” Amy asked.

“Yes,” Beth nodded. “You’re Amy, right? Maria’s mother?”

“Right, and I am married to the Sheriff. Yes, I know it’s a small circle. I am glad you were able to come in.”

“We are too,” Beth nodded as she thought of just how small the circle was, she was discovering. “Max is joining us…”

“Oh, he is,” Amy smiled wild. “More the welcome. I am sorry Jeff and Nancy couldn’t be here, but they are meeting with the bankers.”

“I am sure we will see them another time…” Beth smiled as they walked to the booth and sat down. “


“So, when will you be back in the office?” Cassie asked of her boss. Phillip was off that day, so it was only Max in the office. She was amazed at how Max could tear himself away from the office for his back to life wife or newly found children he didn’t know he had. Until recently it was only Grace that would take Max away from the office and to see how he has embraced his newly formed family was something to watch and she couldn’t help wondering if it would work out for her boss.

“I don’t know but I should be back for the Michaelson meeting” Max said. “If anything comes up, tell them that I will back later…”

“Sure, have a fun time” Cassie encouraged. So, how is it having them in your life?”

“Like a dream that I don’t want to wake up from…” Max murmured.

“I hope you don’t have to…” Cassie smiled. “Have a good time!”

“Thanks,” Max nodded as he closed his office and started the walk to the Crashdown as he prayed, he didn’t have to wake up from this dream. It was too good to, and yet he knew his history and knew nothing could be this good for Liz or him for much longer…


“So, why don’t you know ask Dad to help you recover?” Alexandra asked during a brief break. Grace’s doctor was out of the room and it was only her and Grace in the room as her sister took a break from quite the beginning of the session. Grace hadn’t felt so tired in her life. She knew she had secret powers and healing ability from injury but trying to regain her mobility was hard and she swore at her attacker who was still in jail awaiting trial.

“Because we have to be very human” Grace muttered. “Some days I want him to help but then the rest of the time I want to do this on my own and plus we live in a small town and what happened to me was in the newspapers the next day and around school even before that so I couldn’t instantly get better from a near death experience so I have to be normal about this, as much as I wish I could snap my fingers and wish it all away and get back to my normal life.”

“I guess so,” Alexandra nodded as she flipped through a magazine as Grace just felt relief by sitting down as the door swung open and in flew Elizabeth. Shocking Alexandra and Grace.

“There you are, as I was looking in all the rooms. Finished yet?” Elizabeth asked.

“Nope, still 30 minutes or so why?” Grace asked as she snapped out of her pity party over how tired she was feeling at the excitement her friend brought into the room as she could see Elizabeth was about the snap about something exciting. “So, what’s up?””

“Finn Young asked me out…” Elizabeth said with breathless wonder as Grace jaw dropped. “I know, that was me too…”

“So, did you say yes?”

“What do you think?” Elizabeth asked as she smiled at Alexandra who only shook her head at the teenager drama that she didn’t have to deal with. Her sister seemed to have it together and yet she realized that she was still only a teenager and dealing with everyday desires. “But you know I have to run it through Mom and Dad,” she groaned. “And I am sure Jake’s going to have to say something even if he doesn’t have veto power.

“Oh god,” Grace muttered.

“I know…” Elizabeth moaned. “I am doomed.”

“Why?” Alexandra asked. “It’s like a first date. Shouldn’t your parents be happy for you.”

“Max is a pussycat compared to my father,” Elizabeth moaned. “And especially after recent events. The idea I am going to get Finn through the committee of Mom and Dad is not exactly something I am looking forward to.”

“I am sure they will be fine. If you want to go. They will be okay with it and really, they will be like Dad with Dominic and put him through the interrogation phase, but Finn is great, and I am sure they will allow you to go.”

“You’re sixteen, and yet Dad might say I am only fifteen”

“You have your sixteenth in June, so I think your Mom will overlook it as long as you guys take it easy and they have a chance to meet him” Grace murmured as Elizabeth could only look at her friend dubiously because she wasn’t so sure it would be that easy as she stayed for the remainder of the appointment.

Listening to Elizabeth’s musings allowed Grace to take her mind off the strenuous exercises she was enduring to gain back her mobility as she fretted about the movement of her own love life.


While back at the Crashdown Beth ordered her lunch and so did Carrie as they waited for Max to arrive. She couldn’t help but look around the and observe the décor of the restaurant that had largely stayed the same over the years from when the kids were in high school and were frequent visitors. They didn’t have anything like this back in Madison and she sensed why Alexandra and Carrie took to the establishment and it wasn’t only because the close connection they knew they shared to the owners. It was a warm and inviting place, and she could see why when she was younger, she would have loved being her. She just wished she had memories of being here…

And as she glanced around her eye caught on an alien mural on the wall and she almost swore it moved. Reframing her eyes, she saw for a split second it moved and didn’t know if she was dreaming. “That is too crazy…”

“What?” Carrie asked as her mother’s focus came back to the table. She was enjoying her Alien Blast milkshake.

“Nothing” Beth said shaking her head at the experience that almost had an aura of déjà vu to it.

“It seemed like it was something,” Carrie asked as she noticed the door open and Max walk through it. She lit up when she saw her father, and he smiled when he noticed them in the booth.

“It just I though I saw that alien move on the wall. But it doesn’t, so I am just thinking crazy being in this place and the overwhelming nature of the everything alien.”

“That does sound crazy. Figures on walls don’t move,” Carrie smiled.

“They did once upon a time,” Max laughed as he joined them and saw down next to Carrie across from Beth. “Hello, so what’s up?”

“Mom swears once those figures on the wall moved.”

“Did it?” Max asked as his eyes went wild at the memory of many years past. An experience during an especially hard time for him and Liz, when he an outlaw to this place and not wanted. He and Liz had to rebel against a lot in those days, and he wasn’t proud of all he had done and yet he and Liz were drawn to each other and they couldn’t quit each other to the detriment of their relationship at the time.

“I told Carrie I am thinking crazy. I am letting everything we’ve experienced get to me.”

“You’re not crazy Beth, as it did happen once upon a time” Max smiled.

“It did…” Beth asked dubiously at Max who only smiled while Carrie was yet again amazed by the connection between her parents. She hadn’t witnessed anything that had the same crackle with her mother in any of the years up to this one.

“I wanted to see you, and if was during a difficult time where your parents weren’t exactly fans of me and so I found ways to communicate with you that were creative”

“How creative?” Beth asked.

“We made things move… in more ways than normal” Max smiled as Beth felt a wave of feeling and flashes of events that flashed before her eyes as she felt the exact moment Max was talking about as she stood in the restaurant and saw the words appear on a wall, “I miss you,” and then “I want you” and then one telling her as her eyes going wild and then she rushed into the kitchen and found herself in a embrace with Max…

Popping back to reality she found Max staring at her. “What…”

“Nothing…” Max smiled. “Is something wrong?”

“No,” Beth said shaking her head. “I think this town is getting overwhelming,” she muttered as she didn’t know what to think as she didn’t know how to handle secret powers and just the overwhelming nature of the past.

“Well, I am glad you’re still here…”

Beth was too although she wasn’t too sure how much longer she could last without it getting too overwhelming.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 30 - 08/29/2019

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Oh yes another memory!
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 30 - 08/29/2019

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Oh yes another memory!
Ditto! This fiction is so good, I wish you could update everyday :D It feels like forever before the next chapter

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