On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 65 (Prelude) 12/18/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:44 pm


June 2nd

It was her 16th birthday and she didn’t feel like celebrating, as she had been home from the hospital a day. She had gone through a very long stay where they had at times questioned her sanity. She also had gone through a very trying and long drug withdraw to get her system totally off the drugs the monsters had given her, and now she was clean.

Nicholas’s science experience hadn’t worked. She wasn’t pregnant or if she had the chance of being, her parents had green lit medication when she was in the hospital to prevent it, and the testing came back negative after she was in the hospital a week.

Now she had to decide whether she was ready to handle being back in her old life. She didn’t feel like herself or anyone. She told her family she was happy to be alive, but also knew she didn’t deserve to still be alive. It was a lie to get released from the hospital and to give happiness to her still grieving family.

Coming out of the shower, she had a towel on and was supposed to be getting ready for dinner with her family to celebrate her big day. Her dreams of a birthday party like Grace had vanished and now she had to settle for being alive, and for dinner with her parents but she wasn’t looking forward to it.

She knew things were still tense with her parents as they were back to living in the same house, but Elizabeth knew it was about her, and not about their marriage which was on the rocks. Anyone could see that. Mom still was having a hard time getting over the guilt. Dad is so angry at Nicholas that he could barely function Elizabeth mused as the thought hurt her heart.

But today it was supposed to be about her, and it was. She just wished she felt herself. But she knew how to play happy for her family. She had done an award-winning performance of it for the last month, so she can make it last another day couldn’t she?

There was knock on the door. “Yes,” Elizabeth said quietly as she still wore the towel. “I told you I am getting ready.”

“It’s not that,” Maria murmured as she pushed the door open. “A package arrived for you…”

“Oh, what is it?” Elizabeth asked as she looked up with interest. She wasn’t used to being back at home and knew how changed she felt and knew it couldn’t be easy for her parents either but still she wanted to go back to normal.

But what kind of normal and was it too late?

“I don’t know,” Maria shook her head as she saw her daughter in the towel. “Maybe a birthday present or something?” she asked as she handed the package to her daughter and quickly left the room as things were still a little rocky between mother and daughter and Elizabeth knew her mother had seen them.

The tattoos and how Nicholas had marked her.

She dropped her towel and looked at her naked body, and saw the tattoo on her breast that had a heart and then his name “Nicholas” on it and then there was on her hip, and it said “Baby…”, clear words of ownership and a final parting gift before she tasted freedom. She knew she would never be rid of them and she couldn’t even try to miss them as they were always with her, and on her body and they could never vanish.

Putting her bra on, she dropped the box on the bed and finished getting ready. When she was finished, she knew she had time and so she opened the package. Expecting a birthday present her grandmother had told her to expect in the mail, she was surprised to find something very different.

With a card that said: To my baby… to fill her bottle with… Have a Happy Birthday… You’re mine – Til we meet again…

She flinched at the card. It fell to the floor as the nightmares instantly came back. The intense pain, the images, and the memories came flooding back as she carefully opened the box inside the box, and she winced. “Oh my god,” she whispered.

He had sent her a box full of drugs… every kind, you name it.

“No…” she whispered. Please not again…

“Elizabeth are you ready?” came her father’s voice as she knocked on the door and saw the tension in her face. “Are you okay?”

“Fine Dad,” Elizabeth said carefully as she dropped the box on her bed as it was dynamite and grabbed her jacket and walked out of the room trying to forget the nightmare that existed within that box. “I’m ready,” she lied.

“What was the gift. Your mother said you got something in the mail?”

“Nothing,” she lied and followed her father out the door as he gave her a kiss on head as they headed for the Crashdown for her birthday dinner. She tried to ignore the box and tried to have a good time and she did. She got to spend time with her family and friends and for one day she felt like a sixteen-year-old who didn’t have a sordid past. So, when she went home, she took the box and instead of throwing them away, well, she put the box in her safe and locked it away as she went back downstairs, and enjoyed a visit with her best friend Grace and her brother, and even Finn who had stopped by the party to give his birthday wishes. She finally felt like she was normal.

That she could turn 16, and that her birthday was the start of something new for her and was confident that she had beaten the devil’s hold on her.

But it wouldn’t stay locked away…

Two months later,

Elizabeth no longer resembled the girl she was in June. She now had a pixie haircut that had shocked her mother when she came home the week before, and yesterday she had dyed it black and primarily blue. She was scaring her mother. But she didn’t care. She tuned her out and tuned out her father.

She had stopped caring as she was holding a cigarette and started to smoke as she watched a car drive away. It was a car that held her best friend, who was moving away. Puffing away, she put it out on the sidewalk, and then removed another cigarette that contained another substance…

That gave her a nice buzz, as she started to smoke it to try to forget that Nicholas was succeeding at chasing everyone away from her…

Grace had gotten chased out of town. Because the rumors started up again about her and Jake, and while none of their friends believed them, more and more of the regular public did and it transferred to how their friends were allowed to be seen with Grace and Jake and for that matter Elizabeth because of the gossip that started spreading especially when images surfaced of Jake climbing into her bedroom at night and this time Max was drawn into the fray, and the very opinionated reactions from town parents which to them gave the implication he was being a bad father and poor example for their youth because he was letting his sixteen year old sleep with her eighteen year old boyfriend right under his roof, and his nose.

Finally, he had enough of it and he and Beth sat down and decided if they were going to try to create something together. Max and Grace would move to Las Cruces where Beth had accepted the job, and so Grace had just left because she gotten her dream of both her parents together again and was gloriously happy.

It made Elizabeth want to vomit.

And because Grace was gone. Jake was going to be spending most of his time in La Cruces because he had skipped out on exams with his sister’s condition so dire and his refusal to make them up which was at a stark contrast to Grace’s approach as she had spent the summer in summer school clearing up the missed credits but for Jake, it meant graduation was off the table. He didn’t care because he had been mad at life and at his sister’s condition, and how she was slowing slipping away from them when the rumors began once so with chances of university off the table, he ended up getting a job at the Sheriff department and working for his grandfather…

She knew her mother counted Jake’s failure to make it to graduation a victory in the column that Nicholas was taking from their family, but then apparently her brother was making a good cop at the department, but it also meant whenever he wasn’t working, he was with Grace.

And then added to it, her father, Michael had moved out the previous week to the cabin up north because of his anger at Nicholas, and his investigation. Maria just wanted to move on and help their daughter, but Michael needed to find the bastard and get justice. So, finally, he moved out and separation papers were officially filed. To his daughter, it felt like he was also not wanting to see how different she was becoming because he was embarrassed of her Elizabeth thought. Nicholas is right. I am not a Guerin.

Count another one for Nicholas, she thought as she puffed on the marijuana cigarette and craved something deeper and harder as now had no one… just the drugs and bad hair cuts and the guys.

So, she sticks her head into the house and heard her mother fighting on the phone with her father, “I can’t watch her all the time. Where are you in this? She has blue hair Michael, and she’s smoking, and god knows what else she’s doing. We have other kids I need to look after you know…”

Score another one for Nicholas Elizabeth mused as she crackled and headed up to her room and got out her secret box from her safe. Her birthday present that she had been making great use out as the memories stormed her mind, and she dulled her pain.

Sex was now her most favorite drug. She now knew how much Grace loved it with Jake and given they go at like rabbits, it’s not surprising but unlike Grace who only had Jake. She has many… She and Finn had broken up after her attack. He was a good guy, but she wasn’t a good girl, not anymore. Not since Nicholas. Although she and Finn were known to get together occasionally, and were known to hook up but she had others… many others

Looking in the box, she realized she was almost out of the pills, “Damn it,” she muttered as she took out a tablet and took it and checked her text message and found the one, she wanted, “Score available Room 212”

“Perfect,” she mused as she walked back downstairs and heard her mother’s footsteps.

“Where are you going?” Maria asked deeply concerned by how stoned her daughter looked.

“Out,” Elizabeth muttered as he left the house. “Don’t wait up” she called as Maria went to straight to the phone.


She put on her shirt over her tattooed breast and zipped her pants and got off the bed. She turned to her partner. “So, where is it?” was all she said as they did none of the love dovey crap she assumed others did because she now used her talents to score what she truly needed to make the pain go away.

“Table,” the said putting out his cigarette as he watched as she grabbed the bag of drugs. “When are we meeting next?”

“I’ll call,” Elizabeth said as she didn’t want to get into the future, because she ran from the future and only lived for the numbing of the pain that fed the present. Opening the door to let herself out, she let out of string of curses that ended with “Crap…”

“What are you doing here?” Jake asked in his Sheriff’s deputy uniform as his sixteen-year-old sister stormed past him… as he had been dismayed to glance into the hotel room and seen the unmade bed, all ransacked and obviously used.

“You don’t want to know,” Elizabeth muttered as she walked down the hall and had Jake on her tail as the walked further and further away from the illicit room. “Why aren’t you helping your girlfriend adjust to her new house…”

“Is that it?” Jake asked as they got into the elevator as he tried to get some answers from his underage sister. “Grace moved, and is spending the year in Las Cruces?”

“Hell no, I am happy she’s happy and that she gets her parents together” Elizabeth said storming out of the elevator. “Leave me alone.”

“Mom is concerned,” Jake asked Hell, I am concerned as well the whole damn family as he saw his sister spiraling out of control and there was very little he could do but use his job and he didn’t want to have to do, and neither did their grandfather.

“Screw Mom’s concern” Elizabeth muttered. “She should be more concerned about our siblings, and Belle.”

“Yes, she should be, but you’re sapping her attention,” Jake asked as he thought of the stress his parents and especially his mother was under at the house since his father moved out. It was amazing to him that she could even function with the worry she felt for her eldest daughter, and the knowledge she had other kids to deal with and make sure were sane in the chaos the summer had brought to their family as they all witnessed their sister falling down the rabbit hole, falling farther away from them. None of them really got it. But Jake being older, did, and it killed him as he watched as his sister tried to get away from him only to trip on the rug going out of the hotel, and her purse went flying and he saw the packets of pills fall out onto the ground. “Damn it, Elizabeth, why?”

“It helps with the pain,” Elizabeth said simply as she picked them up quickly and tried to get them out of the sight of her brother, the cop. “Are you going to arrest me?”

“Give it a rest, you know I wouldn’t do that” Jake muttered but the way you’re acting, maybe someone should and force you to dry out

“Then stuff the concern,” Elizabeth said with growing irritation.

“There are other ways,” Jake asked emotionally as he and Grace didn’t like seeing Elizabeth spinning out of control as it was evident to anyone that she was crying out for help, and for support while at the same time rejecting any attempt from them to help her… “They gave a you a number you could call for counselling…”

“Grow up Jake,” Elizabeth said irritated. “You know as well as anyone out there that I can’t talk to some therapist, given who my kidnappers were, so because I can’t talk it out, I like this way of pain management, much better” Elizabeth murmured as she grew frustrated by Jake’s concern. So, she turned on him, “You weren’t treated like a science experiment and pin cushion all to give our father’s home planet a baby they could control” she spat, and Jake sighed. “Or they didn’t keep you a virgin to be a sacrifice because you were with Grace that night, and therefore you were both safe and sound having lots of sexy fun, while I was being terrorized”

“We feel guilty about that; we wish we were there…” Jake asked deeply torn and pale at the memories that his sister’s hatred spewed as he recalled that terrible night where it all began to spin out of control, as he felt for his sister. “You don’t know how much we wish…”

“Don’t be, you two are meant to be… And this is my fate, so leave it to be to follow it and go back to your happy well-adjusted life and marry her if you want, have lots of babies and leave me the hell alone” she stormed off and turned a corner and prayed he wasn’t following her and hid in a ally way when it was clear he was…

He raced past her, and she felt relieved but sad he didn’t find her as she took a pill out of the pocket and took it and felt like she was pinning but very happy and content. She hadn’t felt that way in a long time even thought she know she would have to score a new drug source because her brother and grandfather would be making tracks back to that hotel room to bust up the source of relief.

Which they did as she saw the Sheriff department vehicles coming storming her way. Sliding out of sight, she tried to let the numbness fill her being, as she wished the pain to stop and the memories to go away.

Just when she was close to her goal, with her blurry eyesight, she saw a car stop, and a man get out of the back seat and stop in front of her, as she felt droopy as she heard “He wants to see you…”

“Who wants to see me?” She stuttered as she just wanted to crash.

“You will see…” the man said as he grabbed her and because of all the mixed-up toxins in her body, she fell right into her arms, and he picked her up and took her to the car. “She’s out of it.”

“Just how he wants her…” said the driver as pulled away from the curb.


A couple of hours later, she woke up with a massive hangover in a skimpy bra and panty set that wasn’t hers or what she had worn to the other hotel and she looked around and saw that she wasn’t at home or at the cabin where her father was staying. It was too regal to be around Roswell. “Where am I?” she said out loud.

“Baby, you’ve been a busy girl haven’t you” said the man and his slimy tone but it brought immediate fear to her brain.

“Let me go,” Elizabeth pleaded as memories took over, as she faced head on, the devil.

“You knew I would be back. So, here I am, and I am awfully glad to see you…” Nicholas smiled. “You took my birthday gift to you, didn’t you so you wanted to see me too,” he murmured as she felt sick at his control over her. “See what I have for you?”

“What it?” Elizabeth asked as she sat him sliding over to her on the bed and pulling up a briefcase onto the bed.

“This, as I am told you need a new stash of fixings?” Nicholas opened a briefcase full of vials. “A nice supply to keep you very buzzy, which is what you want don’t you?” he asked. “You don’t want those messy feelings that complicates life. You want peace, and you want happiness… right?”

“You want to hurt my family, my father” Elizabeth asked in a lucid moment as she knew how much Nicholas was trying to destroy her family, and how he had succeeded to this point, and she felt ill at what she felt his next salvo was going to be in his war against her family. “If you intend to use me to hurt them, well, I won’t let you…”

“Do you care?” Nicholas asked. “Are they here for you after your ordeal, no, they aren’t because they are busy with life and they don’t care about you… they just want you to go back to your sunny little life you had before, don’t they. Didn’t your brother of all people just bust up the only place you’re able to get comfort, and pain relief so they don’t truly understand what you truly need, do they? But I do understand you Elizabeth, and I am here for you and I can give you want you want…”

“I’m not a virgin.” Elizabeth muttered as she tried to figure out how to stop this from happening.

“I think you know that I am aware of that but that works for me, because you can still provide me what I want” Nicholas smiled as it didn’t matter anymore whether Elizabeth was a virgin or not anymore because of what she still could bring him. The destruction of Michael Guerin’s life, and so far, it’s been a success, so he was open for more because he knew that Michael’s marriage was now in shreds... “So, how about it, can we come up with a deal?”

“I need to go home,” Elizabeth said as she didn’t trust him as she felt his arms come around his shoulder, causing him to press against her body. “What are you doing?”

“Helping my baby,” Nicholas smiled as his touch traced her tattooed breast as she felt sick from his touch as he plunged the syringe into her arm. “Giving you the peace, you want,” as she collapsed into his arms, completely surrendering to the chemicals in her blood. “Perfect,” he said to his henchman. “Get her ready, and we’ll start.”


Eyes opened a few hours later, and she gasped as he noticed she was still the room with the devil as her mind started to clear and she remembered their discussion before he plied her with the drugs. As she tried to sit up, she saw before her were documents and pictures that would destroy her family if they got out, not only about her but secrets they all held…

“These are lies,” she tried.

“You might not know your family history as well as you think you do darling…” Nicholas said with in his slimy voice. “And do you want them to see those photos of us,” asked.

“Do you want your Daddy to know you were with his arch enemy?”

“You drugged me,” Elizabeth asked.

“You were willing darling,” Nicholas smiled. “Those drugs lowered your inhibitions and you acted how you wanted to act, so do we have a deal?” he asked as waved the briefcase of drugs in her face. “You can have more; you can have all the drugs you want, and I won’t charge you.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Everyone has a choice. But if you love your family, then you better sign on the dotted line and I won’t press send on the email to federal authorities…

Elizabeth did love her family, and she vowed to protect them even if it meant signing away her soul to the devil and therefore, she signed the forms in front of her, without reading them or what they were really causing her to sign away, and knew it would another win for Nicholas.

And would be years before she successfully vanquishes the evil or succeed in getting her soul back from the devil.

“That’s my girl,” Nicholas said as he took her in his arms as he told his henchmen to file the papers, and to make the arrangements as he gave Elizabeth another dose in the syringe and plunged it into her arm, and tears fell from her eyes as she fell unconscious.

“Take her home,” Nicholas crackled. “Make sure you’re not seen.”

As the evil took hold and started to blossom and therefore it spread, and Nicholas declared the victory although there was a video camera set up in the venting shaft in her room, filming as the men forced her into her room and then left minutes later as she was passed out on her bed, as a note was pressed in her hand. “If you talk… you are dead”

To Elizabeth she might as well be dead, but she kept silent and the drugs got delivered to her as she continued to descend the rabbit hole to the horror of her family but to the downright giddy delight of Nicholas.

As he took pleasure in the success he was having. As he celebrated the fact that Max and Beth had been run out of town to protect his reputation as well as the crumbling one of his eldest. And now Michael’s marriage was in ash, and his daughter was slowly falling apart and further under his control and slipping with every day closer back to being his greatest victory…

“I am almost there…” he said with giddiness in his voice, and a slimy exterior.

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Author's Note....

Post by Parker1947 » Wed Dec 18, 2019 12:48 pm

Author's Note

Yes, this turned very violent. Poor Elizabeth. It even scared me with how dark and twisted it became…The darkness forced me to speed to the end and created another story to deal with the fallout. What can I say, I didn’t want her to just wake up, and be completely healed and go back to life like Grace did after her string of misfortune just because of who she might be, or what Max could do for her, and plus, 2022 is much darker and dangerous than 1999 was for their parent’s which life much more violent than they could have imagined back at the turn of the century?

Plus, she found herself being taken advantage by another alien…

Times are darker as Jake and Grace see the perils of social media and photo technology all over the place…

So, the final installment is the endgame of their complicated journey as well as Elizabeth’s story, and I am finding some interesting times crafting the endgame that deals with the aftermath, and the fact Nicholas isn’t vanquished yet and still has some wins in his columns and Elizabeth can’t snap her fingers or get healed by Max, and have the scars removed or the memories for that matter. She finds herself getting pulled in the abyss.

Can she climb out before it’s too late?

I am still fussing around with the story. I am at a war with it because it refuses to end and trying to get it perfect because it likes the angst, and I want to it more hopeful. So, we’ll see who wins…

So, I am not ready to debut it, but hopefully it won’t be as long as it took this one… but I won’t make any promises.

But this story won’t die and keeps going for some insane reason.

And it is angsty but hopefully not as dark as this one got…

Anyways, to look for…

Have Max and Beth found their happy ending? SPOILER ALERT: Yes, they are happily back together LOL. You don’t have to worry about them. Nothing is breaking them up. Are the twins going for their dreams? Do Maria and Michael pick up the pieces from the absolute horror that Nicholas inflicted on their family. What becomes of Jake and Grace?
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 + Author's Note - Completed: 12/18/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Wed Dec 18, 2019 1:18 pm

Looking forward to the next part in the trilogy.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 + Author's Note - Completed: 12/18/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:54 pm

It was hard to read Elizabeth's tortures and situation...,..and to see how far she had fallen.
One bit of good news, Max and Grace moved to Las Cruces. Maybe there is hope on that front.
Now we have to wait for you to continue, and I hope there is a better ending later on .......
I'm waiting......

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Post by Parker1947 » Thu Dec 19, 2019 3:25 pm

Thanks to a very kind poster for letting me know that they had desire of the story name, Power of Love for their own story. So, I am allowing them to have it, and going with a new idea for the name of the next one. I haven't decided it on totally. I am letting two name candidates battle to be the winner LOL So that is why, I have taken away the name of the name for now...

We'll see who we end up with...

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 + Author's Note - Completed: 12/18/2019

Post by lsyoung28 » Thu Feb 20, 2020 10:18 pm

Finally was able to activate an account, my old one was dead and buried!!loved this and the one before it!!

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Author's Update #2

Post by Parker1947 » Fri May 01, 2020 9:52 am

Update #2

This is to allow those readers of this series, that coming later this month... is the final chapter of this trilogy. And it will be called, Always Tomorrow. I have finally finished it, and it's the definitive conclusion. Sure, it could probably go on, but all the necessarily beats of the story will be told. It will be a yes, darker tone, but the carnage will be a lot less, but the impact will still be felt despite it not being as dark as this one. There will be a lot of hope. And happiness for many... But happiness doesn't prevent danger lurking.

A little tease... "Always Tomorrow" will be placed, in the future, years down the line from 2022 when all the action of the first two took place. It allows the impact to be shown for good or bad on the characters and allow a few of them in particular to become older, and we see how all the mayhem of those awful weeks, and months impacted the group, and those too young at the time. Or just allow them to become older enough to give their parents concerns, and knowledge that they are growing up.

And of course they still have some threats out there, that the group will have to face and it all heads to a conclusion.

So, I don't know exactly the day yet when I will reveal it, but it should be later this month, sometime. As the story is responding well to editing.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 + Author's Update #2 - Completed: 12/18/2019

Post by Stefuh » Sat May 02, 2020 8:43 am

I'm not even halfway yet in Reunion, but I'm glad you're going to start posting the third story soon! I can't wait to read it! ^^

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