On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 65 - Completed: 12/18/2019

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 6 - 06/30/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Jun 30, 2019 1:31 pm

Good Liz's memory is starting to come. If not Max it would be Maria that snaps her memory back.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 6 - 06/30/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sun Jun 30, 2019 7:41 pm

Glad that the twins were able to help their sister out with Tommy.

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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 7 - 07/02/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 3:42 pm

“Me,” Maria asked as emotions threatened to destroy the nearly fourteen years of scar tissue well encased around her heart over the loss of Liz in the first place. She had been dealing with everything related to the return of Liz with almost superhero composure and the talk was risking it all. “You did?” she asked.

“Yes,” Beth said. “A memory came to me; of a talk you were having with me when you first came back from New York. You were asking about Michael, who was rooming with Max and I guess, me, and then you revealed you were pregnant…. With I assume Jake?”

“Oh my god,” Maria whispered. “Yes, we met at my mother and Jim’s place for lunch. Because I didn’t want to risk running into Michael. It had been over a year since we had seen each other because lack of money meant I couldn’t come back and visit, and you and Max went on a honeymoon before I left.”

“Honeymoon, where did we end up going?” Beth asked as she tried to run the image through her mind, and while she got this hint of fun, and passion nothing coming to her.

“Vegas,” Maria smiled.

“Really?” Beth asked.

“We had gone in our junior year on a need for Michael to let off some steam after a genuinely dangerous time in our lives, and you and Max weren’t together at that time, and you two were in the midst of some serious dysfunctions but that night we all had there was a memory to be hold for all of us and a memory that both of you could hang your heads on in the middle of such pain as maybe there was hope around the corner. When you guys got home, things got even more intense if that was even possible before you two made it through and for your honeymoon you guys wanted to go back to somewhere that was good for you in both of your timelines,” she sighed.

“Two timelines?” Beth asked as she struggled to follow the complex story Maria was unraveling.

“A major major story and I promise you; it wasn’t a very pretty one for you and Max. But Vegas meant something great for your two.”

“Sounds like quite the experience?”

“Yeah,” Maria smiled. “You guys did a road trip and drove to Nevada and were gone for a couple weeks because you both had university to worry about financially and while Max was back on speaking terms with his parents, and the college trust fund was back on, still the money was tight for you guys in the early days.”

“There was a time Max wasn’t speaking to his parents?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Maria acknowledged. “Junior and especially senior year was very hard for everyone in our lives and as a result it got pretty dicey with his parents during senior year for many reasons and one of them was that he couldn’t tell them yet about who he was…”

“That he was special?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Maria nodded.

“Max did say that being special was a hard secret to hold” Beth said. “It must have been quite the time.”

“By the time of your wedding, things were finally starting to calm down and it felt like a new chapter was starting for you and Max, as well as the families,” Maria sighed at the happy memory of the wedding that had thrilled their families, and their inner group even if some of the parents had to deal with their children growing up, and moving on as memories of that time flashed through her mind as they got up and started to walk.


“I am surprised your doctor has busted in here by now and gotten on our case for giving you too much stress?” Carrie was asking Grace as she and Alexandra sat in her hospital room and talked and played cards as Max had left to return some calls to clients. The twins had promised to stay with Grace until Beth returned to pick them up, and really, they liked spending time with Grace and Grace did too “I would have thought by now, she would have…”

“I kind of unloaded on her before about restricting my visitors and I think she’s taking a step by step approach and therefore I better not have anymore visitors like Tommy Ellis otherwise I really will be on no visitors for the remainder of my stay here.”

“You were strong before, standing up to him” Alexandra commented as she and Carrie relished being able to sit and talk with Grace. It was still an odd situation all around for the three of them, and they hadn’t barely even had let it set in the oddity of the situation but moments like this was a fun time for the twins. And for Grace, who didn’t mind it. She knew her life to be completely unique and this situation wasn’t making it any normal but still it’s her life now, and she might as well get used to it.

“Thanks,” Grace said. “You two are not in high school yet, right?”

“Nope,” Carrie shook her head. “But we will be in the fall. Mom has us at a private school back home, but we’re due to start at a public high school come September.”

“When you two do get a little older and are in high school. Beware of who befriends you. There are bad apples, and something being who we are can’t stop them from striking out and changing our lives.”

“Even if you are special?” Alexandra asked.

“Being who we are doesn’t prevent all harm from happening unfortunately,” Grace sighed. “I wish it could. So, I assume you two might be, you know, special?”

“It’s new, but yeah,” Carrie admitted. “We have kept it quiet for fear. We don’t know of all we can do.”

“Wise move,” Grace admitted. “It might be out among the families, and grandparents but still we keep it quiet from our friends and other people here in town.”

“For fear of reaction, right?” Alexandra asked as she plotted her next move with her card hand.

“Being different is not exactly accepted today,” Grace said. “And it is better to just keep our heads down. Sue now knows and it’s going to be interesting to see how she deals with it.”

“Do you wonder what it would be like not to have to hide?” Carrie asked.

“Sure, every day. But for the newest generation like me, Elizabeth or the others, and even you two. We don’t have to hide from our grandparents. Our parents weren’t that lucky. The secret was much more a burden for them. Most of the time, I am happy to keep quiet about it and just live our lives.”

“But?” Alexandra asked.

“But sometimes it can be funky.” Grace admitted. “Which is why you never know what you will awaken if you do use your gifts for purposes that might not be so wise. But if you need to, know that they can be your best friends or your worst nightmare.”

“Why?” Carrie asked.

“Because I didn’t fight back when I should have. It led to a situation where things are much more complicated today than they might have been at the time if I only spoken up but then who knows, it might have been worse.”

“How so?” Alexandra asked.

“I assume you overheard my conversation with Ellis?” Grace as she surveyed her own cards and was deciding what to play. She knew her sisters had to have overheard her talking with Tommy to be able to ride to the rescue the way they did, and to know when to come in and interrupt.

“It couldn’t be helped,” Alexandra admitted.

“So, you know?” Grace asked.

“Know what…” Carrie asked as she looked the two girls and felt like she was missing up something unspoken.

“I was pregnant,” Grace admitted. “But I lost it. A baby boy, when I was visiting New Haven a few weeks ago.”

“Wow,” Carrie said quietly as she thought of how adult that sounded. “I am sorry.”

“Thank you,” Grace nodded. “I didn’t know I was pregnant when I collapsed and got admitted to the hospital… and that is how I first came to know your Mom.”

“You saw Mom?” Alexandra asked quietly.

“For a moment,” Grace sighed. “I woke up for a minute and I saw her by my bed, but she was I think at the end of her shift, so another doctor became my treating doctor. And that was the last I saw her, until you know, the last few days.”

“Wow,” Carrie said.

“I know,” Grace sighed. “My life is one damn soap opera episode after another.”

“Was Jake the father?” Carrie asked.

“I wish,” Grace said quietly. How I wish he could have been, and then maybe things might have been different even though even more bizarre giving who I am, and my age. “But No, things might have simpler if he had been.”

“I am sorry,” Alexandra said. “I heard what was done to you.”

“Thanks,” Grace said. “It’s my fault for not speaking up. And letting life play out like it has been the last few months, like nothing happened. If only I spoken up, then maybe the last few weeks wouldn’t have happened.”

“You can do only what you feel comfortable with and hell with anyone else,” Alexandra advised.

Grace could only nod at the young teenager’s view of life and she wished she could be that free in her thinking, as she felt like she grown up too much and saw things too differently. “So, my advice you two is be wary of those you meet, but trust yourself, and don’t hold yourself back from being who you are. We should be proud of who we are, regardless of how weird it might be.”

“It’s definitely weird,” Carrie admitted.

“Yes, it is.” Grace admitted. “And it’s only going to get worse, but I’ll leave my bitching about growing up for another day,” she tried to cheer herself up as she noticed something dangling on Alexandra’s neck. “What’s that?” she said, pointing to the necklace on Alexandra.

“Oh this,” Alexandra smiled as she touched the banged-up necklace. “I forgot I had this. I grabbed before I left it home but then I guess time flies. It’s not even mine, it’s Mom’s.”

Carrie saw her sister touching the banged-up necklace that started all this discovery. “Yeah, we found it a couple of weeks ago in an old book of stuff from our childhoods and well it sort has stuck with us.”

“What is it?” Grace asked.

“And old relic of Mom’s,” Alexandra sighed. “We think she was wearing it at the time of her crash, and well it got messed up and rusted over the last thirteen years,” she said taking off the necklace and handed it to Grace, and they both saw the paleness come over Grace’s face. “What is it?”

“Oh my god,” Grace said as she fingered the piece of jewelry. “Are you serious, is this the original one.”

“Original one, what?” Alexandra asked, confused.

“The necklace Mom gave me when I was two years old?” Grace asked she felt the necklace that was very similar to the one his father replaced a week ago, for her sixteenth birthday. “Wow,” she whispered as she saw the faint etchings of the word Grace on it. “It is.”

“It is?” Carrie asked as she looked in on stunned silence with her sister Alexandra.

“Yes,” Grace whispered as she examined the piece of jewelry. “Dad told me she had it in his possession on the day we believed she died. She had taken it into get fixed and had picked it up on that day before a shift at the hospital. They could never find it in the crash, and so Dad never replaced it until a week ago when Dad gave me a new one for my birthday.”

“He did,” Alexandra asked.

“Yes,” Grace whispered as she felt her neck and the necklace she had refused to take off or had put on when the doctors had finished examining her. “See…”

“Wow.” Carrie said as they saw the brand-new locket hanging on Grace’s neck, and the words Grace visible on it. “Inside has a picture of Mom when she was younger.”

“Dad said that they had taken the picture of me as a baby out of it because I was now 2 years old, and they had taken a new picture before she died and when they got it fixed, they were going to put it in, when she got it home.”

“Goodness,” Alexandra said.

“I guess it’s true then. If we didn’t know anyways. There is no way you could have it, and I have the exact duplicate if it’s not true. Mom’s alive.”


“Hey stranger, nice to see you.” Maria laughed as she and Beth arrived at the hospital room to visit Grace and saw Max walking towards them in his quest to return to his daughter’s hospital. “We figured you were already in with Grace?”

“The office called, and I had to return some calls to clients,” Max frowned. “But the twins should still be there as I got them to promise me that they wouldn’t go anywhere…”

“And they listened?” Beth asked warily.

“I don’t know,” Max smiled. “So, where were you two?”

“Cafeteria, talking, catching up” Maria smiled. “I take it that everything is going alright at the office?”

“Yes, or enough of the fires are out for today. Monday, not too sure of.” Max smiled as he was glad Maria and Beth were getting a chance to talk. He knew how hard losing Liz from her life had changed his friend Maria, and it would help both women to get some of the closeness back even if you could never recapture what they had as teenagers or young adults. “All we can deal with is, one day at time a time.”

“That is for sure,” Beth acknowledged as she looked at Max and smiled. The last twenty-four hours had been a whirlwind for her, and she knew it hadn’t even hit her yet about what it all meant for her or the girls. And she couldn’t imagine what Max was dealing with, on top of Grace’s health. “How are you doing?”

“It’s been a long day,” Max admitted.

“That it has,” Beth smiled. “Hopefully the girls are still with Grace then it will be easy to pick them up, as I think we’ll finally head back to the motel and get some rest. They need to get some structure back in their lives, and that mean working on their schoolwork they are ignoring with their adventures.”

“Let’s go in,” Max offered, and Maria couldn’t help but smile at the connection that she was witnessing between Max and this woman who so long ago had been her best friend in the world, and yet she knew was someone different today. They both were, but more so with Beth. “Let us.”

And so, they walked in, and didn’t know what they were walking into. A mindful of memories.

“What?” Beth said in relief to find the twins where they were supposed to be, for once, but she saw emotion in the eyes of her daughters. Focusing on Alexandra who was looking at her mother with amazement. “What is it?”

“Mom, Grace recognized your locket. She said that she was told you had it the day her mother crashed back thirteen years ago. She was given it to her as a birthday gift when she was 2 years old, and it broke so it was fixed, and it was picked up on the day of the crash.”

“Really?” Beth asked. “Max is that true?”

“Oh god, yes.” Max said in stunned silence as she saw the necklace in Alexandra’s hands. “Can I see it.”

“Sure,” Alexandra said handing the locket to the older man.

“Where did you get this?”

“It was in a box of things that the girls found back home,” Beth admitted. “Their baby stuff, and other stuff I had put away long time ago. Right girls, you found it in a box?”

“Yeah,” Alexandra nodded. “We were checking clues on who Mom could be, and we found a box of old files and stuff to do with our old home, the one we had before we moved into our current place. And it was just laying there in the corner of the box.”

“And it’s the same one,” Beth asked Max.

“It’s banged up,” Max said as he fingered the locket, and looked inside. “Oh my god, it’s you at the time of the accident. We had left the other side blank when it was taken into fix the clasp, and we were going to put Grace’s picture she had just taken, shortly after her second birthday, right before the crash. Liz was picking it up on the day of the accident. They couldn’t find it in the wreckage.”

“Did you replace it?” Beth asked.

“Just a week ago. I gave it to Grace on her sixteenth birthday and put two new pictures in it. I hadn’t wanted to do it before, but the idea popped into my head one day. I thought it would be a perfect way for her to remember her mother who she lost so young. I never imagined this…”

“I wonder how I had it with me, when I crashed?” Beth said as a sudden feeling came to her as heard the words in her brain, “Happy Birthday Grace. You are my special little princess, and this is memory of the two of us” she heard in tones of pure happiness as a memory came to her of a little girl smiling up at her, with her short brown hair and birthday cake with two candles in front of her…

“Oh my god,” Beth whispered.

“What!” Max asked.

“I remember…” Beth stood in stunned silence. “I remember you Grace on your second birthday. You were sitting in a chair, and you had a pink bib on you and a birthday cake in front of you. Two candles on the cake.”

Grace burst down crying.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 7 - 07/02/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:44 pm

It was so nice that Maria shared her memories with Beth......and that Beth was really interested.
Love the talk the girls (sisters) had together.
Best of all, Grace's mom is beginning to remember her.

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 7 - 07/02/2019

Post by Superman86 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 12:25 am

Nice update. I'm glad to see Max and Liz spending time together, especially set up by there twins...sneaky girls :wink: Anywho, I'm really enjoying the fic thus far, keep up the good work. I hope Liz has an steamy flashback of Max from there Vegas Honeymoon next :D

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 7 - 07/02/2019

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Jul 03, 2019 4:56 pm

Oh my god Beth is starting to remember who she really is. Hopefully before Beth and the girls leave Beth will remember everything. Please come back with more really really soon?

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 7 - 07/02/2019

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jul 04, 2019 12:11 pm

More and more is starting to come back to Liz/Beth.
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On the Razor's Edge - Chapter 8 - 07/04/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:25 pm

“I am sorry,” Grace said as she wiped away the tear’s moments later. It had been a quick moment after hearing that memory, and yet than Beth got scared and pulled the twins from the room and they ran off. “It’s beginning to be real, isn’t it?” she asked her father, and godmother.

“You have been through a lot these last few years. Beth knows that,” Maria said as she tried to be soothing to her god-daughter. “You have gone through a lot today in particular,” she smiled. “I better go and collect Elizabeth because I know she didn’t go home when I asked her to.”

“Say hello to Jake. I miss him.” Grace said she craved to see her friend and hated that she was confined in her bed and he was also confined to his. “I need to get out of this bed sometime soon.”

“He misses you too,” Maria smiled. “I am sure if you keep progressing like you did today, then it won’t be long.”

“Let’s hope,” Grace muttered as she all emotion she was feeling started to crack through her façade she had built up since her breakdown, and along came the tiredness. “I feel tired, god I am tired.”

“We’ll let you sleep,” Max said looking at Maria who nodded in agreement as they both could see how the weight of the world was sitting on Grace, and they knew she needed time to rest and this time she wanted it. “I’ll check back tonight. I love you.”

“I love you too Daddy,” Grace smiled. “Even if Mom is alive, nothing can change how much you have done for me.”

“The same goes for me,” Max smiled as he turned to walk out of the room with Maria, and they could see as moments later Grace nodded off to sleep. “She’s overwhelmed.”

“How about you?” Maria asked quietly as he closed the door to his daughter’s hospital room, and they walked to the elevator. “It’s life changing what is happening.”

“I haven’t even begun to figure it out,” Max admitted. “And I don’t know even I want reality to hit me.”

“Good luck,” Maria said as they walked to Jake’s room once they hit the right floor, “I am sorry for all of this.”

“Did we really think our kids were having it easier than we did?” Max asked sighing as they sought out Jake’s hospital room.

“God, I don’t know our parents did it.”
Where is your father?" Maria asked as she and Max walked into Jake's hospital room and saw that the brother and sister team were laughing about something secretive between them as they saw their mother and Max come into the room, and yet Michael seemed to be missing. "I expected him back by now."

"Last I saw him, he said he had business to tend so I figure the office," Elizabeth shrugged at the question from her mother as she realized she hadn't seen their father in awhile and that was strange given how concerned Michael was with Grace’s situation, and in his need to hover over her.

"Hmm" Maria muttered as she didn't know what to think about her husband's continual absence. "I don't like this."

"I am sure he will turn up," Jake offered to his mother before turning the subject on his brain. "Uncle Max, how is Grace?" he said as he worried for his friend and needed to know what was happening. "Please tell me, she's walking."

"Sleeping," Max offered. "She is doing as well as can be expected with her condition being what it is. "No, she's not walking but she's closer."

"I wish I could see her," Jake muttered.

"You will," Maria frowned as if she could read his mind. "But no leaving your bed," she warned for the millionth time that day.

"I can’t make no promises for tomorrow," Jake warned. “I don’t see why I have to be in this bed anyway, as it’s only my leg.”

"It’s your leg that is barely pinned together, so don’t do anything rash and risk your recovery. Okay.” Maria said looking at her eldest daughter after looking at the clock on the wall as she was way too tired to fight with her son. "Elizabeth, time is ticking down, so we have to go and pick up Belle and your brothers."

Elizabeth sighed as she didn't want to leave the fun of the hospital but knew not to push her mother, not after playing hooky from school “I guess!" she muttered.

"So, let's go. Jake if you need anything. Call us but know I love you” Maria smiled of her son.

"I will Mom, I love you too" Maria smiled but left with Elizabeth, leaving the 18-year-old with Max as he accessed Max. "Are you going home too?" he asked of his godfather but knew Max was pre-occupied by something.

"Where is your father?" Max asked with a critical eye at his godson as a sudden feeling came over him, a feeling that made him need to locate Michael, pronto.

"How should I know?" Jake asked. "I am kind of stuck here, as you can see"

"I need to know if he's doing something he shouldn't" Max of Michael as that sense of unease settled over him as he thought of his best friend. While he wanted to believe Michael had business to deal with, still, he knew better of his friend and knew the fact Michael hadn’t shown up in awhile meant trouble was in the offering.

"What would he do?" Jake asked a tad curious as the notion that his father could be up to something mischieveness and it took his mind off his feelings and dwelling over Grace.

Sighing as he looked at the teenager. "One world. Elizabeth," Max muttered as he knew with Jake in the hospital and Grace too, the fact his friend was MIA only meant he was taking the news about his daughter's attempted rape badly. If they could keep the alien soldier from acting when he heard about his goddaughter's rape, well Max knew if Michael own daughter was impacted than Michael would take no prisoners and Max needed to find his best friend.


Michael was looking for trouble. Years of being the upstanding and understanding husband and father was being suspended as he drove and looked for his target. Fearful of the secret that he held had kept him silent for too long, and now he was acting because not only Grace had been hurt, but his precious daughter and he was not going to allow the madness to continue to percolate.

Driving, and ignoring his ringing cell phone. He knew his disappearance had to have been noticed by now, and he didn't want to stop himself by hearing his wife's voice as Maria had always been one to calm him down, even though he didn't always look like he listened to her.

He also knew he was being his daughter right now, and he should be beyond that and more adult. So, he drove, and fingered a way to do this.

He heard a noise from the back, and he became irritated, "Shut up back there," he shouted and continued to drive.

And pulled into the parking lot behind the old UFO Museum centre, and got in, and got out and walked around the car making sure he wasn’t being seen, and then opened the door. “Well hello, there” he looked down, and saw his god-daughter’s rapist and daughter’s attacker. “What am I going to do with you?”

“I just knew I would find you here?” came a voice and Michael whipped around and instead of Max, he found Isabel. “Michael, you’re better this, you can’t do this!”

“How did you find me?” Michael asked as he saw his friend come his way.

“Max put it through the alien grapevine that you had gone MIA and was worried about what you were up to, and I figured the only place I would find you at would be the one place we know to be safe.”

“Go Isabel, you don’t need to be here.”

“I know why you want to do this Michael, and you have more rights to do it than many others except maybe Max but still this isn’t the answer.”

“It feels good,” Michael said as he shut the trunk on his hostage.

“You have been telling your daughter and son to be careful and not to be as rash as we were when we were their ages, and now you go and mimic your daughter.”

“Well we got hit, and maybe I have had enough of it” Michael asked with bitterness in his voice. “This little punk has had enough of a free ride because of who his parents are, and maybe it’s time to give him a scare.”

“And risk our secret?” Isabel asked as she walked up to Michael. “You’re better than this,” she repeated.

“I need this Isabel” Michael murmured as he felt they needed a win, even if it was extremely dicey and something, they had been warning their kids against. “Max would be on my side.”

“No, you don’t,” Isabel said. “And given Max is the one who sent the search party out for you than I figure he wouldn’t be on your side either… I know why you feel like you need to do this, but it’s too much of a risk.”

“He’s a snake.”

“Yes, he is, but you’re bigger than this” Isabel said quietly.

“But I am not.” Michael said as he lifted the trunk up. “Okay, Ellis. Your time is up,” he said to the blindfolded young man as he turned to Isabel, who only shook her head. “You really didn’t think I would let him see me, did you?”

“Do you need help?” Isabel asked as she saw her friend maneuver the creep out of the car. “How did you do this anyways?” she asked as she observed the kidnapping. “It couldn’t have been that easily. It’s still light.”

“It was unbelievably easy,” Michael smiled as Isabel gave him a lift as they dragged the guy into the old Museum. “This little scum is an easy target” he muttered as they dragged their victim through the door, and down the stairs and slammed him against the wall where he fell to the floor.

“What are you going to do next?” Isabel asked.


Meanwhile Max was walking into the Sheriff’s office as he knew his sister could help with the Michael situation, but he needed to conduct some business before we went and figured out how to get his friend out of the mess, he was sure to be in. With Jim back at the station, Max decided to pay a visit because Beth and the kids needed some down time, and Beth needed some semblance of control of her situation. And Grace needed some rest, so he decided to be the concerned father and work out the gritty details.

“Where is the Sheriff,” Max asked the deputy. “I need to see Sheriff Valenti.”

“In his office, but he’s busy and told me no visitors. Can I say who it is?” the deputy asked as he recognized Max. “Do I know you?”

“Max Evans, you have probably testified in some of my cases. I am a lawyer, but I am not here in that capacity. I wanted to see the Sheriff, as he knows why I am here.”

“Oh right,” Deputy nodded as went into the Sheriff’s office and a minute later his old friend came out of his office, nodding as he saw Max.

“Hello Max,” Jim nodded as he allowed Max through the swinging gate.

“Where is he?” Max asked simply. “Where is the man who tried to kill my daughter?”

“Holding,” Jim said. “He’s not talking, and the only talking he is doing is saying that he’s not guilty.”

“There are witnesses, proof” Max said as they walked towards the holding cells.

“Seriously Max, he’s talking gibberish and it’s not all idiotic because he is saying that the girls did something to him to make him fall apart like that…”

“He’s blaming the kids?” Max asked as if he didn’t already know it and he did, as it crystalized for him that he had yet to get to the bottom of what the girls may or may not have done to aide on his behavior.

“Yes, and we all know for us what he’s claiming is not that outlandish but to a judge and in front of a jury, it might….”

“So that means?” Max asked.

“It’s something to think about,” Jim said. “He’s going down, but you might have to worry about how messy he’s going to go down.”

“Even if we take the stabbing off the books. He’s going down for attacking Sue, right?” Max asked. “The Adams family want to press charges?”

“Yup,” Jim said.

“Then his goose is cooked. He almost killed my daughter, and we might not be able to go after Ellis, but this is not going to be ignored,” Max muttered. “The kids say they subdued him, and then he went for the attack. That means he had a chance to stop, and he didn’t, and the kids also say that it was a hit and money was going to be paid if he killed my daughter. I am not going to ignore it.”

“I am not asking you to Max, but I am just telling you the facts as I know it now.”

“I realize that Jim, but I need to see him. I need to know why?”

“I’ll allow it,” Jim nodded he took the keys off the wall, and they walked into the area where the cells were held. “Okay Samuelson, you have company” he announced to the only suspect they were holding that day. It was a light week, and he hoped it stayed that way as he relished small towns for this simple reason.

“Are you letting me go?” the man said.

“Are you crazy. Nope,” Jim said. “But someone wants some words with you. You almost killed his daughter last night. This is Max Evans.”

“I don’t need to see him. I need to see my lawyer,” the man said.

“We’re trying to arrange it, but your lawyer seems to have the good fortunate to be MIA for moment, so you need to wait” he smiled as he left the cells, and left Max in with the suspect into his daughter’s attempted murder the night before.

“What do you want?” Samuelson muttered.

“Why Grace, why my daughter?” Max asked. “She almost died, and she did for a moment or two there and you almost were a murderer. So why, I need to know.”

“I have nothing for ya,” Samuelson muttered. “I don’t know you; I don’t know your daughter. I told the Sheriff I have no idea how I got to this place. This is not my hometown.”

“Well you’re here, and you committed crimes in my town, so why?”

“I didn’t do it. It’s a case of mistaken identity, so tell the Sheriff that I don’t belong here.”

“You were caught at the scene of the crime, and we have witnesses who saw you attack my daughter and attack another young woman in the minutes before the stabbing that nearly claimed my daughter’s life.”

“They lied,” Samuelson murmured. “They did something to me.”

“What would they have done to you?” Max asked annoyed that he wasn’t going to get anything from the stubborn idiot in the jail cell as he waded through the crap he was sprouting.

“I don’t know. Suddenly I was on the ground,” Samuelson muttered. “And the knife was on the ground.”

“And you picked it up and stabbed my daughter?” Max asked.

“Those girls did something to me; my mind is all fuzzy. I don’t know where I am. And how I got here.”

“That’s not my problem,” Max said. “I will be back, so you might as well develop some answers for me,” he muttered as he walked out to Jim’s office, and went through the door. “He won’t talk. Says he doesn’t know how he got here to Roswell. That the girls did some voodoo on him, and he’s innocent.”

“His fingerprints are on the knife. And we have eyewitness accounts,” Jim assured Max. “But you do have reason to worry because you don’t need him recounting any memories of the encounter with the girls. If Elizabeth or Grace for that matter did something to him…”

“They didn’t indicate anything,” Max admitted.

“Well they have reason to want to be silent on that matter,” Jim allowed. “Be careful,” he warned his friend.

“I will,” Max said as he checked the watch. “Speaking of high wattage individuals. I have to find Michael and my sister.”

“Oh god, what now?” Jim asked warily, as he closed the door.

“Michael has disappeared. I sent Isabel after him, but I fear with her as backup than Michael is liable to do anything, he wants…”

“To whom?” Jim asked.

“Tommy Ellis,” Max said. “Finding out what Ellis tried to do to Elizabeth before he was able to accomplish it with Grace has sent him over the edge. And I am afraid of what he might do if I don’t find him.”

“I’ll check his car VIN number,” Jim suggested.

“Call me,” Max shrugged. “I appreciate all this. I know how much you have on this, if the town becomes wise to any of it.”

“Family means more than this job,” Jim said. “So, don’t worry. Find Michael and make sure we don’t have to do anymore clean up.”

“I will,” Max said quietly as he left the Sheriff’s office praying, he wouldn’t encounter anymore drama. The last week has enough for a lifetime. And yet he knew he would find it, when Jim called minutes later and told him that Michael’s car was located at the old UFO Museum.

“Damn it Michael,” Max whispered to himself as zoomed towards his old job.
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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 8 - 07/04/2019

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Poor Grace.......she really is overwhelmed at this point.

Michael, what is he up to? Can Max help out........what's next in this saga?

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Re: On the Razor's Edge (CC, Mature) - A "Reunion" Story - Chapter 8 - 07/04/2019

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Poor Beth/Liz she had to leave the room when her memory caused Grace's tears. Elizabeth is so much her father's daughter. I thought Michael grew up. I know he wanted to protect his daughter but he needs to be careful.

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