If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 12/28/2019

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If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 12/28/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:20 pm

Author: Parker1947
Name of Story: If Walls Could Talk…
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. They were created once upon a time by Jason Katims and those associated with the writing staff of Roswell and before them it was the esteem creator of the Roswell High series by Melinda Metz book that captured all our attentions for 20 years … This story is based on the television show that started in 1999 and ended in 2002. I am just borrowing the characters and storylines for my own fun and imagination or creating new characters at the whim of the story.
Genre: CC
Rating: Mature
Characters: ALL
Story Description: When Tess came back, she raised havoc and forced the baby on Max and therefore he was forced into a loveless union for the sake of his son while Liz watched from the sidelines. Instead of waiting for a natural end; she went off to university at Northwestern, and it’s now four years later and she’s graduated and is ready for medical school at Las Cruces. Max stayed in Roswell to raise his son. With Liz back; where do they find each other when all they have is memories and a passion that can’t be quashed?

Author’s Note: Inspired by Carrie Underwood’s song “Backsliding” and countless other country songs about the subject. Who is backsliding? And what does it mean for the lives they currently have, with who they share lives with…

Ignore all that came with Tess’s return and how it ended, and how the series ended… This story goes its own way with the character… and the circumstances that our characters were left in with some notable exceptions and I end up twisting and turning some of the key facts of a certain story by the end… so it’s suspension of belief time….

This is my sexiest story to date and is very naughty and steamy! They should be older and wiser, but when you are faced with being tempted by your high school love, well, look out… So, yes, it on the mature side LOL.


June 1, 2006

A man walked into an apartment building heavy hearted from a long day at work. He didn’t feel like a recent university graduate, and yet he was one and now he was facing long days as he tried to earn a living for a family he supported, who didn’t come from his dream girl but from a foolish error he had made in his youth.

Yet he loved his son, Zane Michael Evans but he didn’t love his wife. But he was married and had been for four years. Fortunately, his wife wasn’t part of his daily life because she was serving a life sentence in a federal prison after being convicted for the army base explosion. Somehow, she had survived her suicide attempt and was taken into custody.

Zane was in his father’s custody but to keep it that way Tess forced Max to marry her to keep him from testifying against her as if that was really a possibility due to the secrets, they both shared together, but also to allow Zane to be raised by Max. Being married allowed him custody without having to go through the courts and proving paternity. Named Zan at birth; Max tried in vain to change it, but Tess put her foot down and Max compromised by twisting their son’s name to Zane.

Living back at his parent’s home in those early days as he got adjusted to fatherhood and watching as his true love walked away as she wasn’t prepared to raise a child who was not hers. Max understood and when Liz got into Northwestern; she accepted and left for Chicago. All the while Max stayed in his boyhood home for few months as he got a handle on how to parent Zane as a single father.

Once he was confident he could handle it on his own then he moved with his best friend into a bigger apartment when Michael and Maria decided to end their relationship as Maria headed off to Los Angeles to retry her hand at fame because she wasn’t willing to sacrifice her dreams to be in a relationship if Michael wasn’t ready to commit. She was willing to give it up, but he wasn’t ready to settle down. So, she finally had enough and left for California and in the aftermath of losing his soulmate, well, it had made Michael a grump as he pined for Maria but not enough to want to go after her…

So, Michael worked job after job barely making rent while Max stayed at the UFO Center where he took on more responsibility in running the place over time as his parents gave him access to his college fund to be able to go to college while Diane took care of Zane when Max had classes. Little by little he made his requirements and officially he graduated last month with a degree in Business. Despite the degree, he didn’t know what he wanted to do and so he was listless within his career aspirations.

All he knew is he needed to do right by his son and that he missed Liz.

Because Liz hadn’t been back since she moved to Chicago to attend Northwestern. She hadn’t wanted to be tempted by coming back to her hometown.

Yet he now knew…

That Liz was back. Awaiting medical school at Las Cruces.

Four years hadn’t vanquished his craving to see her or his wish to touch her. But no, that hadn’t been apart of his life since that day when they had ended. At the time, he had to think about his son and plus, he may not feel married, but he was… And he knew Liz had a right to want her own life.

All he knew was that he missed her as he opened the slot of the mailbox and took out some envelopes. There were two white ones with hand engraved ink and then a mess of bills. Cursing the calling of the bills because again he and Michael would be spending too much of their money to keep their apartment afloat.

Walking into the elevator, he checked his phone and heard from his mother that they were expecting him and Zane for dinner, but he wasn’t up for that kind of evening, so he called and sent his regrets. Sighing he got off the elevator and reached the apartment. Opening the door, he called out. “I am home”

“Daddy…” came the soft voice of five-year-old Zane Michael. Zane would be starting kindergarten come fall and would be in school full time and he knew the boy needed it. Too much of his life was isolation because his father was working so much to pay for his upkeep. While Max got help from his parents or Isabel, still his son needed friends.

Daddy needed friends too and not in the ways that a five-year-old may need them as he mused but hated thinking of his lack of a sex life. When he only knew he only wanted one woman in his bed. His gorgeous brunette ex. “How was your day Zane?”

“Cool. Aunt Isabel took me to the alien museum” Zane asked his father. “Why didn’t we see you there?”

“I must have been out doing museum business,” Max smiled as he sighed when he looked at the boy. How he wished that fate could have been kinder, and it was his son with Liz that he was looking at but nope, life was cruel, but he loved his son and would do anything for the boy and that included, stay in a terrible marriage to a woman who had hurt their whole world and would be forever be behind cement walls. How he wished he could love the circumstances the boy was born into, but they made a life together and he didn’t regret his son… “Where is Aunt Isabel?” he asked as he looked for his sister.

“Went out to dinner with Kyle,” Michael muttered as he watched reruns of Bewitched to Max’s amusement because he knew that was the calling card for Michaels’ blues. “Can’t help it can you?” he asked his best friend.

“It’s my life,” Michael muttered.

“It is but haven’t you watched every episode like fifty times by now?” Max asked as he put down his wallet and the envelopes on the table.

“It’s good television…” Michael murmured as he knew this was his life once he was home from work. And because he had to keep an eye on Zane until Max got home once Isabel told him about her date.

“It’s a good something…” Max admitted.

“Why is Uncle Michael grumpy?” Zane asked of his father.

“Michael is grumpy because….” Max started.

“Max stop it,” Michael said with a glare as he didn’t want to hear the reason he was in his funk even if it was true as he turned to the boy and attempted to smile through his misery. “Zane, I am fine.”

“If you say so” Zane said but clearly he didn’t believe his uncle, and knew like his father Uncle Michael was fixated on the past, and someone who he hadn’t even seen since he was a baby although they didn’t say it, but it was the sense he got from his visions.

“What do you want for dinner?” Max asked of his son and roommate as he knew he shouldn’t keep on Michael’s case over the fact his roommate had yet to move on from Maria dumping him to run off to Los Angeles even as word came back to them that she had moved on and had married and had two children; twins. That only had aggravated the situation for his friend.

“Leftovers,” Michael grunted as Max took a survey of the fridge and knew that was basically all they had left in the fridge and he looked down at the pint-size version of himself. “Leftover Chinese I guess it is…”

Checking the answering machine, he smiled when he heard when he heard his sister’s voice. “Max, come join us at Cow Patties. Kyle and I are headed there after dinner. Join us and bring Michael if he can handle it. Mom and Dad would love to look after Zane I am sure”

“How about it” Max asked as he stopped the machine.

“No,” Michael said adamantly as he fixated on his funk, and on the television as he tried to ignore his mood.

“Well I am going…” Max said with a smile. “So, how about it Zane, do you want to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa?”

“Sure,” the five-year-old smiled because he always loved spending time with his Grandparents and they loved spending time with their grandson, despite the oddity of the situation but they supported their son and doted on their only grandchild which Max appreciated because he knew Zane needed it.

“Good, now let’s concentrate on making something out of this leftover mess we have and then we’ll get you ready…” Max said as went into the kitchen and worked on dinner. “Michael, you are eating too.”

“Leave me alone.” Michael murmured.

“No,” Max smiled as Zane looked at the envelopes on the table. “What is this Daddy,” the little boy asked of his father as he showed his dad two white envelopes. “Why does one of them have my name?”

“Let me look,” Max asked as he took the envelope and went pale when he looked at the envelope and saw Michael had one too but his was addressed to Max and Zane Evans.

“What’s wrong?” Zane asked as his father went silent and then went dark and pale. The boy turned to his uncle “Uncle Michael what happened to Daddy?”

“How should I know?” Michael asked as he looked up from his funk and saw paleness of his friends face and knew only one person would put his friend and roommate into that frame of mind. “Oh Shit!” he muttered as he instantly got up and looked at his envelope and started cursing as Zane looked at both his father and uncle with confusion as Michael opened his and read the contents.

Jeff and Nancy Parker
Invite you to
the wedding of
their daughter,
Elizabeth Parker
Brian Douglas
August 1, 2006
3:00 p.m.
Ceremony to take place at St. James Cathedral
Reception to follow at the Roswell Country Club
RSVP to Elizabeth Parker by July 1st

“Scratch that Max,” Michael said as he took the invitation out of his friend’s hands. “We are both going to Cow Patties and getting drunk”
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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 1 - 10/10/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 2:07 pm

First, many thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with these new stories. You make my day!
To start with, I wasn't happy that Max had to marry Tess, but it did help legalities.
Then to learn Tess would be in prison for life, that was a different story.
Love the name Zane, great adaptation.
Not only in Liz heading to medical school, but Max just received the bomb!
More, more, more!

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 1 - 10/10/2019

Post by saori_1902 » Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:34 pm

Great start!!!!! :D

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 1 - 10/10/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:17 pm

Thanks for another story. This looking interesting. I'm glad Tess is in prison.

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 2 - 10/12/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 12:15 pm

The invitations were in the mail and the dress was hanging in the closet of her hotel suite thanks to an impulsive buy in Los Angeles when she was visiting her best friend to celebrate her medical school acceptance and now, she was facing the reality of the fact she was engaged as she walked into Cow Patties. She was meeting up with an old friend or two she hoped and meeting her best friend who was also newly returned to Roswell as Maria had surprised her the day before by arriving with her children; twins Mia and Bree.

Tonight, the twins were being cared for by their mystified grandmother in Amy Deluca Valenti as no one knew why Maria suddenly packed her bags and returned to Roswell when she had a record deal and a movie contract back in Los Angeles. But she still welcomed it because she needed a friend to be here while she made the biggest change in her life. Marrying Brian seemed good at the time. She was happy to accept his proposal and plan their wedding, and especially when Brian agreed to all her wishes that they had the wedding in Roswell and not in Chicago where the Douglas family was based.

And then her medical school acceptance came to Las Cruces with a full ride scholarship attached and reality quickly hit at what it meant if she was going to be back home longer than a simple trip to get married. Now she had doubts, on top of all other doubts. But then invitations were in the mail, right?

“Parker, long time no see…” came a familiar voice as she looked up and saw her ex-boyfriend behind the bar. Do you need a drink?”

“I didn’t know you worked here Kyle. How long has it been?” Liz asked as she looked around and saw her friend wasn’t here yet as she felt to see a familiar face happy to know she was in town. “I am early I guess.”

“Isabel is in the bathroom,” Kyle smiled. “I don’t know if you were waiting for her or not as she didn’t mention you were coming, but the gig. I have been working here for the last year or so…” he admitted. “Never thought I would have when Dad was a singer here you know, but I couldn’t help it and I needed a job once I was out of university and even before hand when I was struggling to pay tuition and with Dad just starting back he wasn’t financially able to help and I wasn’t going to ask so I gravitated to this place. It’s been fun and unique.”

“I am glad,” Liz smiles as Isabel came out of the bathroom and stopped and froze in place when she saw Liz talking to Kyle. “I guess you didn’t expect me to show up?” she said to Kyle as she turned and spotted Isabel.

“Have you come home at all over the last four years?” Kyle teased as they both looked at Isabel who was still frozen in place. “So, no… While I did hear you were back, I wondered if you would come by the bar. Isabel, well, she is a little sensitive about it all…”

“I understand,” Liz said. “If I was in her place, I would be too. Hello Isabel” she said with an encouraging smile and an old acquaintance as she and Isabel had never been that close and now, she knew the woman had cause to be wary of Liz. “Long time…”

“What are you doing here?” Isabel asked with a snappish tone that startled Liz. While Liz knew there was cause for such a response, yet she couldn’t help but wondered why Max’s sister was so brusque in her treatment of her, which couldn’t help but make her wonder if there was going to be surprises on this night.

“Meeting Maria…” Liz said.

“Couldn’t you have gone somewhere else…” Isabel tried and that is when Liz knew trouble was coming in that Max was likely going to be making an appearance because Isabel only was her Ice Queen persona when her brother was nearby and she felt like she needed to be protective.

“It’s a public place Isabel,” Kyle reminded their former classmate with a frown on his face as he wasn’t about to send his ex-girlfriend away when she had to be a right to be in this establishment. “Liz has been gone a long time…”

“Yes, she has…” Isabel muttered. “Why did you have to come here at all…?”

“Your brother is married,” Liz reminded Isabel with an irritable tone to her voice as she didn’t like the memories associated with the past and tried someway successfully to keep them away and now she was the cusp of staring the past in it’s face. “I didn’t do anything to Max that he didn’t do to himself, and I have a right to be wherever I want to be okay. I am meeting Maria, and I was hoping to spend some time in a friendly environment,” Liz snapped and looked over at her ex. “We don’t even have to talk to each other for the rest of the night if you want it that way,” Liz muttered as she looked back at her friend in Kyle. “I’ll take a drink Kyle, and then I’ll get out of your way” Liz said simply because she didn’t like getting into a battle about the past especially when she was trying to move forward…

“What do you want?” Kyle asked simply.

“A beer!” Liz said as she wanted something stronger but thought for the moment to go something less troublesome.

“A beer, not your usual thing” Isabel muttered with ice in her eyes.

“A lot of my life today isn’t like it was four years ago” Liz murmured as she took the beer and opened a tab with Kyle who only nodded as his ex-girlfriend took the bottle and walk away, as he turned to view the scowl on Isabel’s face. “What!” Kyle asked as he knew why Isabel was crabby, but then it’s not like Liz didn’t have a right to come and have a night of fun with friends.

“I don’t like this…” Isabel murmured as he watched Liz walk across the dance floor to a table on the other side of the room. She knew she was being irrational, and Max was largely to blame for all that went down, and that Liz truly wasn’t to be blamed but still he hated to see her brother hurt and feared what was going to be happening over this summer.

“She’s right Isabel, your brother is married. How is she supposed to handle it but live her life, and go to places that she wants to? It unreasonable to think that she can stay away from the places Max might end up, especially now she is back here in Roswell. You said it yourself, you don’t know if Max is showing up tonight.”

“Well he is…” Isabel muttered as she geared her glaze back to Kyle across the bar.

“How do you know?” Kyle asked as he handed her a vodka as she looked down at the glass and then back at Kyle.

“Max got an invitation to Liz’s wedding, and of course Michael said my brother took it as badly as you would expect and therefore, he’s bringing him by after dropping Zane off at my parents. So, it’s not unreasonable for me to be miffed at Liz right now.”

“Wait, Liz is getting married?” Kyle asked surprised that she was because obviously the news hadn’t travelled down the Maria gossip vine yet. While it was common knowledge that Liz was seeing someone in Chicago which was the chief number one reason she had cited in not coming home during her summer vacations along with her working in Chicago health centers and clinics during her breaks as she worked towards medical school, but he hadn’t known it got as serious as to approach the marriage stage with any of them.

“Yes,” Isabel muttered.

“So what? Isabel, even if she is, your brother is married. So, he can’t be unhappy his ex-girlfriend who he dumped to marry a murdering traitor is moving on, away from him…” Kyle asked as he geared another drink down the bar as he continued to look at a now frowning Isabel. “What, well, it’s true and you know it and I am not about to cry about her circumstances given what she did to me, and half the people in this town before they caught up to her, whether they know it or not.”

“I know but Max thought he was doing the right thing…” Isabel muttered.

“We all know he did, but he does have to live with the consequences of that decision. If Liz is moving on than he should allow her to” Kyle said as he slammed down a shot of beer on his own, his shift be damned. “Because then that will be the best thing for all of us” Yet Max + Liz + Summer = Trouble he fretted because history had shown that they wouldn’t be able to stay away from it.

Isabel nodded although she knew she wasn’t thrilled about how messed up her brother’s life was as it looked like Liz was moving on, and away from the drama of their teen years. “I just want my brother to be happy.”

“It’s his life, and you can only do so much” Kyle murmured as he took his attention away from Isabel and put it on a paying customer. “How can I help you?” he nodded to an approaching brunette.


“Why does someone named Liz make Daddy so sad?” Zane asked his Uncle Michael as the drove to his grandparent’s place. Max was in a mood and Michael didn’t want to put Phillip and Diane through how sour it was, and so he elected to drop off the boy for his sleepover. He also may be in one of his moods, but it was more personable than the one Max was swallowing in presently even though Michael knew his friend shouldn’t allow it to get him down since after all he was married to that bitch, Tess.

But Michael didn’t allow it show in how he helped with his godson, Zane.

The kid was special. Michael could see it. Thank god he has more his father in him than his mother. But knew why Liz had to leave. Hell, if the roles were reversed, he knew Maria would have been long gone, and she still left him, so he didn’t blame Liz for not sticking. He didn’t know too many women who could. Especially once Max upped the lunacy and married Tess.

He knew why the marriage needed to happen. Tess was liable to say anything if cornered and done a lot of damage once she was in federal custody. They had managed to get Zane out of the federal control because Max married the bitch and claimed his son. Marriage gave him custody. Being a single teenage parent would have cost a big stink, so Michael knew why Max had to do it, for Zane’s sake.

And now his friend was in a bad marriage and apart from the love of his life.

And Liz was now moving on, so it ate at Max so Michael drove his godson to his grandparent’s house and prayed life would get some semblance of sane. “What?” Michael asked as he turned to Zane. “Did you say something?” he asked the kid who only shook his head in shaking his head at the repeated question. “Sorry, what was it?”

“Why does Daddy go into one of his moods when someone named Liz is mentioned?” the five-year-old asked his uncle because he knew this was not the first time the name Liz was mentioned nor the mood his father would go into when the name was uttered but this was by far the worst for the little boy to witness.

“She’s an old friend, who had to go away and now she’s back and your father is having to deal with it.”

“Why?” Zane asked.

“It’s too adult for you to handle right now Zane,” Michael murmured. “All you have to know if your father is going to okay in the end. It was just news he wasn’t expecting today, but he will bounce back.”

“Why doesn’t get go into those moods when he talks about my Mom?” Zane inquired, and Michael wanted to curse. He knew Zane absorbed a lot of knowledge by just being small and always listening and he wished they could have a little obliviousness from the little boy. Tess is such a bitch that Max will never go into that kind of depression over that snake. But he couldn’t say what he truly wanted to say because after all Zane was her son.

“Your mother is someone different for your father,” Michael said as he breathed a sigh of relief at the street the Evans lived on came in sight, and he turned onto the street. “You don’t have to worry about it.”

“I guess,” Zane murmured but knew something was different even though he hadn’t seen his mother since custody hearing when the judge awarded full and permanent custody to Max with no visitation rights for Tess even though she demanded them in her deal with Max. Max went back on the deal, because he wouldn’t allow his son to be influenced by his mother. Tess pitched a fight, and the judge sided with Max.

“Worry about whatever game you are going to con your grandparents into allowing you to beat them at,” Michael murmured as he parked in the driveway and the door to the house had already swung open and Diane Evans came out with a warm hug for her grandson. Phillip and Diane knew the truth, and Michael had to admit their lives were richer for the fact the parents weren’t so oblivious anymore. No secrets. Just from the outside world. Phillip and Diane could love their grandson and know that he may come with some gifts. While Tess tried to say he was human. Michael had doubts about it.

Max did too. They knew Zane was coming to an age where they would know one way or another whether the boy was gifted.

“Michael, where is Max?” Phillip asked as he came out of the house with his wife as Zane rang into his grandmother’s arms.

“Brooding,” Michael said. “I am taking him out to get him out of the mood he is in…”

“Why?” Diane asked with alarm.

“Someone named Liz is getting married. Daddy and I were invited to the wedding” Zane asked unaware of the shocking news he just imparted to his grandparents as Michael only shook his head with dread at all that the boy was liable to overhear.

“Oh god,” Diane whispered. “She is?”

“Yeah,” Michael nodded. “Someone named Brian Douglas, and the wedding is in a couple of months and added to that nightmare for Max. Liz is back here in Roswell. She’s getting ready to attend medical school at Las Cruces.”

“A double whammy?” Phillip asked as they walked into the house. “Thank you, Michael, for bringing our grandson over…”

“I knew you would want to spend some time with him, and it’s better than at the apartment” Michael admitted as he thought of their apartment and knew sometimes it was too small for two men and a pint size person.

“We appreciate it,” Diane said with a look of forlorn on her face.

“What?” Michael asked as he turned to face the front door.

“We heard Maria is back in town with her children. No husband,” Diane said with a deep and heavy sigh at Michael. “How are you handling it?”

“I have had better days. But this is her home just as much as it is Liz’s, but I have had better days” Michael admitted. “I have only wanted the best for her, and I hope she has it…”


Maria has seen better days as she parked in the parking lot attached to Cow Patties and wished for a stress-free night when the phone rang, and she looked at the caller ID and cursed silently and out loud. “Damn it,” she murmured but accepted the call and answered it. “What!” she yelled.

“No,” Maria said defiantly. “I don’t care Richard what you think of the situation you put me in. You may think I deserve it, but I don’t, neither do the kids. I’m not back here by choice. I don’t care what the rumor mill says. If you try to renege on my contract and what I am owed, I will have my lawyers fight you, and I will win. I will get back to you when I get back to you,” she murmured violently as she opened the door just as violently. “My agent isn’t the boss of me, nor are you jerkface. You feel wronged, but you haven’t been a saint. So, screw it” she cursed as she hung up as she saw Kyle at the bar.

Kyle noticed her and noticed her tense shoulders. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Maria lied as she looked around. “Mom told me you worked here, but I didn’t believe her. I am surprised. You could barely stand this place when your father was a regular,” Maria asked.

“Sometimes you have to make a living,” Kyle remarked as he knew his life was one of many changes from his youth.

“Yes, you do,” Maria muttered as she thought of what she had gone through as her life spiraled upside down as she looked around and saw Isabel in a corner and then Liz in another corner as she smelled the tension from many feet away. “Damn, this is not what I needed tonight.”

“You knew Liz was getting married?” Kyle asked of his ex-girlfriend.

“Of course. I am maid of honor,” Maria quipped. “I was there when she picked out the dress when she was visiting me in Los Angeles.”

“Do you approve of the guy?” Kyle asked.

“I haven’t met him. It was only Liz who visited me back home” Maria murmured as she did find it odd, she hadn’t met this Douglas guy, but Liz sounded happy, and this was what she wanted so Maria was going to look the other way and hope that Liz was doing the right thing in marrying someone so different from Max.

“You haven’t met him. You’re her best friend?” Kyle asked as his eyes went up at the surprise revelation.

“It’s her life,” Maria muttered. “Just like mine is mine…” she said as he took the drink from the bar and slammed it back, and Kyle was surprised by the nature of Maria’s mood.

“Why are you back here? Amy was shocked at your sudden return,” Kyle asked.

“Everything is fine,” Maria lied. “Mom gets to see her grandchildren, so she’s not upset at my visit” Maria murmured. “Mia and Bree are having a fun time tonight with Mom and Jim, as they are having a movie night, so all is good in my world.”

“Why do I sense you are lying…”

“Why do I sense everything is not okay in your world…” Maria batted back as she took the second glass of vodka. “Thanks for the drink,” she said as she walked away and headed towards Liz and if she didn’t know it now, Isabel.

Kyle only shook his head and watched.


“Thank god you’re here” Liz smiled as she felt relief at the sight of her best friend as she didn’t have to deal with the heated glare from Isabel anymore. “I didn’t know how more I could handle of her staring at me without reinforcements.”

“Well you deserve to be here…” Maria said as she put down her drink on the table and sat down on the bench stool. “God, it’s good to see you…” as she gave her best friend a giant hug. “I need a night of fun.”

“You had to know everyone would have questions of why you’re here…” Liz murmured as she only knew partly why Maria descended on their hometown suddenly when everyone thought she had a film she was filming, but she showed up and surprised everyone with the herself and the twins.

“I know it, and I hate it. I got a call from Richard as I was arriving here…”

“Fu$k,” Liz murmured. “What did that asshole want?” she thought of Maria’s husband who she always hated from the moment she met him but Maria was in love or in lust Liz felt even thought it wasn’t long after she got to Los Angeles that she found herself in bed with Richard Dawson and then became engaged and married in a spree of changes to her friend’s life once she left the confines of Roswell, and landed in the City of Angels and started to get jobs.

“He wanted to remind me that he could ruin me,” Maria muttered.

“Bastard,” Liz thought. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Stick my lawyer on him,” Maria sighed. “I know I screwed up, but I thought he would be decent to the kids, if not to me. I guess I was wrong. Throwing me out of the house was one thing, but cutting off the tuition to the girl’s school is another…”

“Maria, he didn’t…” Maria sighed. “What are you going to do…”

“Hope it calms down because it’s the last thing I need” Maria slammed down the drink and was going to go back for more when she went pale. “Shit…”

“What?” Liz asked as she went for the beer that she had changed to before her friend arrived. Nearby she noticed that Isabel froze in place at the same moment that Maria did, and she worried what it meant.

“Trouble with a capital T,” Maria murmured as she saw two figures walk into Cow Patties and all her instincts and wishes for a calm night to unwind went into the garbage. “Damn it, why did they have to come?”

“Who, the press…” Liz asked prepared for the media to realize they had Maria Deluca Dawson in town and come and hound her due to the scandal unfolding while she took the kids and ran back to her hometown.

“The media would be almost comforting right now,” Maria murmured. “No, them…”

And then Liz set her eyes on Max, who at the same time looked across the bar and their eyes met for the first time in four years, and then she knew how her friend felt because she felt it too as she glanced at Max while Maria was eyeing Michael who followed his best friend’s glaze and found Maria.

Electricity reigned in the room, and in a dimension only the four could feel, and instantly they all knew they were in trouble. Deep trouble, and Isabel felt it too…

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 2 - 10/12/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 2:16 pm

What a wild and awkward situation we have here.
Of course Liz is free to come to the bar no matter what Isabel feels.
Maria is back home with her twins, and little Zane is questioning his father's sadness.
Deep trouble tonight, that's an understatement.

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If Walls Could Talk... Chapter 3 - 10/15/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 12:11 pm

Max walked into the bar having wanted to stay home and do nothing, and just the spend the night brooding but Michael wasn’t having it once back from the Max’s parents’ home having dropped off Zane… He himself didn’t need any pity parties or obsessing over how Maria had moved on, away from him and now was a mother just as he knew that Max didn’t need to be sitting home and dwelling on the fact Liz was marrying another man or allowing those kind of images to flood his brain which would only sink him further into despair as both Michael and Isabel had already experienced too much of that behaviour over these last four years.

If only he hadn’t married Tess. To both Michael and Michael that move had been necessary, yet it also had been stupid, and Max was facing the finality of that decision in the knowledge that Liz had moved on, away from him and it was becoming final this summer. Max knew he should be happy because she was finding the happiness that he wasn’t able to give to her due to circumstance of his own making but still it made him brood as he felt the pull of eyes from across the room as he turned his view and spot in stunned silence as he saw her at the same time as Michael saw Maria and the four vanished into another world. The bubble seemed endless and it ended when Isabel came over and snapped them out of it… “Finally,” she muttered. “Sorry I didn’t know they was going to be here” she told her brother. “Otherwise I would have picked another establishment.”

“It’s alright Isabel,” Max nodded as his eyes couldn’t stay away from the other side of the room as Liz was still eyeing him too before dragging his eyesight to focus on her drink which she took a large sip of the beer in front of her. “What do you want?” he asked of his best friend and roommate.

“Beer, lots of them” Michael muttered as he was forced to switch his glance from Maria who was trying to pay very little attention to them and it wasn’t working as across the room, Maria was cursing as she ordered another vodka and told the waitress to keep them coming.

“Why did they have to come?” Maria cursed as the last thing she needed was to see her ex on a night like this when she was already steaming about her personal life, and the mess she had created for herself and yet she couldn’t keep her eyes from Michael. Four years since they broke up, and every visit back to Roswell since then had been a master class at evading her ex-boyfriend. She should have taken Liz’s view of dealing with a breakup. Stay away until you have no choice but to come back.

“It’s a free country,” Liz muttered as she took a drink from her newly arrived beer. “We’ve moved on, right?”

“You would think, wouldn’t you?” Maria sighed as she took a large sip of her vodka Why does he have to be so cute?

Why does he have to be so intoxicating? Liz mused to herself as she tried to keep her eyes from trailing towards Max, but it was losing proposition she knew. “I am engaged” she said aloud and didn’t know it until Maria was looking at her with an amused glare. “What?”

“Yes, you are,” Maria smiled. “So, keep your eyes away from Mr. Dark, Handsome and Married” she cracked as she tried to draw her friend’s attention and even hers from their past and onto their futures. “You and I have new liberating lives so we should embrace it and the past can go and screw themselves”

Liz could only laugh “So says the woman who ran out on that liberating life and came home with her kids?” Liz asked as she took a drink. “So, what happened between you and Richard anyways?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Maria muttered as the music started to play. “Instead of brooding about the past. Why don’t we dance, and have a good time because yes, you’re starting medical school and yes, you are getting married to a man who has buckets of money, and I am a successful and at the top of my game with two beautiful little girls who bring immense joy into my life, so screw everyone else.”

“You’re right,” Liz smiled. “Who cares about the past when we should be embracing the future” she smiled as she put down the bottle and allowed Maria to pull her out onto the dance floor where they danced to all the latest upbeat country hits.

While across the room, beers were being drunk, and memories were trying to be forgotten as they couldn’t stay away from the women dancing up the storm. Isabel was watching and was getting irritated. This was what she was worried about when both Maria and Liz showed up. Screwing up four years of hard work in trying to get both Max and Michael to live again. For all his grumpiness, Michael did seem to come out of his shell. Max was more of a lost cause, and now she worried that it would be all for naught as she took a drink from Kyle. “Why?”

“It’s life,” Kyle nodded as he took a drink and joined his girlfriend. “I know how much you want to hate them for hurting your brothers but it’s not their fault. Max went and married Tess, and Michael couldn’t commit to Maria. So, they got tired of it and wanted to try to capture their dreams, and they weren’t going to wait.”

“You know how much work I had to do to get those two idiots to move on after Liz and Maria walked away?” Isabel muttered snidely as she knew Kyle was right because she knew she shouldn’t be holding it against them as she watched her brothers act like lovesick fools as they pined for the women that they loved and who they lost because of either their inability to make a commitment or when they did, it was to the wrong woman, and yet she couldn’t help but find blame with everyone other than where it truly did fall “This is all Tess’s fault…”

“It’s all Max’s fault,” Kyle reminded Isabel. “He didn’t have to go to the lengths he did…”

“We couldn’t have her in custody threatening to tell everything to the authorities,” Isabel said softly. “And Zane…”

“Look I know,” Kyle muttered as he softened his approached due the genuine anguish in his girlfriend. “You know me, I would love to blame Tess too, but at the end of the day Max and Michael chose the routes that they took, and you shouldn’t have expected Liz or even for that matter Maria to just stay and take it or for Liz to be the mistress”

“I know,” Isabel murmured as she cursed. “I hate it because it is not fair…”

“No, it’s not” Kyle agreed as he got up and leaned down and kissed his girlfriend. “It will work out…”

“How?” Isabel asked as she worried what this summer would mean with Liz back in town and now added it Maria was back for however long, and she didn’t know what it meant for her brothers. “When do you get off?”

“Not until closing,” Kyle sighed.

“That sucks,” Isabel sighed as she didn’t want to stick around and watch. “Call me okay?” she asked. “I can’t sit here and watch their puppy dog glances.”

Kyle nodded as she watched Isabel say her good-byes to Max and Michael and left Cow Patties even know Kyle knew that leaving those two with the two women they had never gotten over was just asking for trouble, but he was soon called into service in the kitchen and didn’t stay for the show.

“And this is for all the women in the bar,” came the voice of DJ. “A request from one Maria,” said the announcer as both Max and Max stopped as the sounds of Shania Twain’s “Any Man of Mine” came on the system, and Maria and Liz who were still on the dance floor looked at each other and burst out laughing as they got into the swing of the song and Max and Michael could only watch them dancing as they were getting into the beat of the song and the message while they gave a intoxicating show to both Max and Michael as they watched their ex’s dance. “They are having way too much fun,” Michael grumbled.

“Yeah,” Max said as he took another sip of beer…

Across the room, the song ended, and Maria and Liz were laughing all the way back to their seats and their drinks. “You really were egging him on, weren’t you?” Liz asked as she took a sip of her drink.

“How about you?” Maria asked her best friend. “I saw you eyeing Max. You weren’t very subtle…”

“And you were?” Liz asked as she had seen her friend eyeing Michael. “You’re married. I am simply engaged for another two months…”

“I am separated,” Maria muttered. “If Richard wants to play around, why shouldn’t I do the same thing…”

“Wait, did Richard have an affair?” Liz asked as the laughter stopped.

“When did he not have an affair,” Maria muttered as she took a vodka. “I am supposed to take the blame for our problems, and he’s been the one whoring around Los Angeles for our whole marriage. He blames me when it’s him who is the problem…”

“Why does he blame you?” Liz asked.

“For secrets from before we got married,” Maria muttered. “I don’t want to talk about it. I am going to the washroom,” she muttered as she got up and rushed off, ready to throw up… Liz stayed and watched the crowd, and Kyle came out of the back and noticed Liz. “Where’s Maria?”

“Bathroom?” Liz said.

“What’s going on with her anyways?” Kyle asked. “Amy’s worried.”

“Something is going on; she won’t tell me anything yet” Liz murmured. “Something isn’t right with her marriage…”

“Well she did rush into it” Kyle muttered. “But those kids are cute though, although they don’t really look like her husband if I am being honest…”

“They look like Maria,” Liz admitted and someone Maria was on a collision course with at this moment as she saw her friend come out of the bathroom and head right to the bar, where Michael was approaching … Shit Liz mused.

Kyle nodded as he got back to work, and Liz watched the crowds and Max watched Liz. Michael had gotten up and went to the bar and wanted a stiffer drink. While Max kept with the beer, he was having…

“Watch it,” came a sound and Michael turned and found him eye to eye with his past. “You…”

“You,” Maria muttered as she was trying to get back to her table and ran into the last person she wanted to see. “Why couldn’t you stay away?”

“I live in this town,” Michael said irritated. “You’re the visitor these days…”

“So,” Maria murmured. “Doesn’t give you a license to come and intrude on a night of relaxation with my friend.”

“Your friend seems pretty relaxed to me,” Michael asked as they looked over and saw Liz very buzzy on her drinks. “She’s the one who getting married…”

“So, you heard?” Maria asked.

“Got the invitation today, Max too and we’re here because of the depression she sent him into….” Michael muttered.

“You’re jerk of a best friend is married, and so he doesn’t have a right to be depressed about the fact Liz is moving on with her life. She has a right to a life, and she has a right to live it so leave us alone…” she muttered as she grabbed a drink from Kyle who had it ready and left for her table.

“You had to set her off?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah I did,” Michael admitted as he took the drink from Kyle and walked outside to get some fresh air while a pissed off Maria in a huff walked over to Liz who was very happy and very buzzy, while Maria was just pissed off at the world and pissed at Michael for putting her in this position. “I hate that man…”

“Who?” Liz asked as if she didn’t know.

“Who do you think?” Maria said in a huff.

“Yeah, I think I know” Liz said in laughter. “You’re right, this is what I needed. I needed to unwind and not to think…”

“I wish I could be like that,” Maria muttered as she mood turned a darker tone when the fun songs stopped for a minute and a darker love song, and Liz stopped instantly as she heard the song “What Hurts the Most” by Rascal Flatts

I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house
That don't bother me
I can take a few tears now and then and just let 'em out
I'm not afraid to cry every once in a while
Even though goin' on with you gone still upsets me
There are days every now and again I pretend I'm okay
But that's not what gets me

Max stopped in his tracks and watched as Liz became paralyzed by the song.

What hurts the most was being so close
And havin' so much to say
And watchin' you walk away
And never knowin' what could've been
And not seein' that lovin' you
Is what I was trying to do

Liz couldn’t handle his eyes on her, and Maria knew the song spoke to them both and the words and knew she felt for her friend as Liz in all her buzzy drunkenness ran from the bar as the lyrics continued to play.

It's hard to deal with the pain of losin' you everywhere I go
But I'm doing it
It's hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I'm alone
Still harder gettin' up, gettin' dressed, livin' with this regret
But I know if I could do it over
I would…

“Fuck” Max said as he raced after her and found her throwing up behind the building. Michael had pointed to where she had run off too as he walked back into the bar so not to witness whatever it was all going to lead too “Liz, I am sorry…” he tried as he approached his ex-girlfriend.

“It’s only a song Max,” Liz said as she picked herself up from the ground and wiped her mouth and she forced herself to stare into those eyes. “Max, we had something at one time in our lives, but we are through, I know that, and you know that…”

“Yeah,” Max nodded as he couldn’t help but glance at Liz as she felt weak in her knees and she knew it wasn’t because of the alcohol she had consumed, but because of her dark hair mystery man who looked at her like she was the only one in the world.

“Don’t look at me like that…” Liz demanded as she felt eyes sear into her soul and the desire that showed on his face as she faced off with her past, and she didn’t like the memories or what brain and heart was telling her as she knew she should be thrilled about her upcoming wedding and she was, and yet she felt the weight of the stare on her soul. “You’re married. To Tess… I am engaged, and most of all, I am happy…”

“I know you are,” Max said simply as he wanted to say she didn’t look happy, but he knew she would slap him or worse if he tried. “You’re getting your happy ending…

“I am…” Liz agreed.

“Your normal life,” Max asked as his heart was dying but was trying to be reasonable, too reasonable. “Everything I couldn’t provide you and I want that for you Liz. I will always love you, but I want you happy, and I know I can’t be that for you anymore, so I am happy for you…”

“Damn it,” Liz muttered as the irritation at his gentlemen behavior was annoying the heck of her. “Why do you have to be so saintly about this,” she asked as she couldn’t handle how hot he was looking. “You’re being too fucking good to be true, aren’t you because I should hate you for hurting me, for forcing me to move on without you but looking at you like this brings way too much, why couldn’t you…”

“What do you expect me to say? Don’t marry him. Marry me, because I can’t Liz… I am married and I don’t see how that will change anytime soon as much as I want it to end tomorrow, I know I can’t say that or in good conscious tell that to you,” he murmured as the pain was etched on both of their faces. “I want you to be happy. That is all I ever wanted for you. From that day in third grade when I saw you and knew you were unlike anything I ever had seen or wanted in my life to when I warned you that getting involved with me was just asking for trouble because if it went bad…”

“Damn it, why couldn’t you be a bastard…” Liz murmured as she saw the desire in his face and in his voice as finally she couldn’t take it anymore and she was either going to throw up or do something she was going also regret so she went with door number two as she grabbed Max and gave him a searing kiss that shocked him to the core but a kiss he found himself responding to as she frantically put her hands around his head as they forced each other against the wall of the bar, and started kissing passionately and they both were grabbing at their clothes but they stayed on as they were heading for her car, and somehow they managed to get in and found themselves in the backseat as the windows got very heated…

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 3 - 10/15/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 6:31 pm

Somehow I missed Chapter 2 when it was originally posted. Isabel should not be mad at Liz for getting on with her life. Max is married. Liz couldn't wait around forever for Max to be free of his loveless marriage. I want to know more about Maria's husband. Sounds like Liz didn't like him. It will be interested to see what Liz's fiance is like.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 3 - 10/15/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:11 am

"If Only" how many times have people said that?
I'm really surprised at Liz.........is she going to regret her actions??
Will there be consequences??

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 4 - 10/18/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:05 am

Eyes opened hours later, and she found that she was in her hotel room as she turned to see the clock, and it was nine a.m. She didn’t remember coming back to her room, and she turned over to the other side and saw she was alone. She also didn’t remember much from the previous night, as her head ached and was pounding. I had too much to drink she muttered to herself. Why did I do this to myself as she got out of bed and found that she was in her black bra. She didn’t see her clothes. Oh god I what did I do? she asked herself as she checked out the mirror and flashes came to her…

Of clothes being ripped off, as she was straddling Max in the backseat of her car as she was in her black bra and he was shirtless as seats being pushed back as they dug into each other with an intense passion for each other unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life.

“Oh god” she whispered to herself as she looked down and wondered just how far she had gone with Max as she drew a shower and stripped her remaining clothes off and went under the cold water, and she felt turned on by the memories. More than any memory or dream she ever had about Brian. “Damn it,” she murmured to herself as she rinsed herself off as more memories came to her and she stopped herself and knew instantly she hadn’t gone there with Max, and that they had stopped and yet flashes were coming of her of her lying in the car on top of him, trailing kisses down his body as he struggled to control himself until finally…

She shuttered at the odd sensation in her mouth when there was a knock on the door. Quickly getting herself into her robe, she went to the door and found a laughing Maria. “What’s so funny?” she asked of her best friend as Maria stormed into the room.

“You…” Maria couldn’t help laughing, “This was left outside your room…with a note attached…” she said of the bag, stopping when she saw her friend having just gotten out of the shower, “What did I miss last night?”

She took the bag from Maria and wanted to faint when it was from Max… You might be missing this. Call me. “So…” her friend asked as she saw the paleness come to her friend’s face. “You disappeared…”

Liz didn’t want to talk about it and went into the bedroom and dumped the outfit onto the bed and found that it was ripped. Jesus, she mused to herself. Maria followed and cracked up. “Boy, when you drink…”

“What did you do?” Liz asked.

“Apparently not as wild as you did,” Maria asked. “How did Max get your clothes anyway?”

“I don’t remember,” Liz said honestly. “I think I blacked out…” she muttered. “Maria, what am I going to do?”

“Depends on how you think of whatever happened,” Maria muttered as she thought back to her own night and knew they were both risking a lot with their actions after so many years of being outside the bubble of Roswell, now they were back and getting drawn right back to old temptations and desires.


One hour before

Dreams of sensual movement, and out of control wildness, alcohol fueled craziness as Max eye’s opened and he found he was back in his apartment, and in bed. He didn’t remember coming home. Getting up, he moved to the bathroom and had quick shower as flashes powered his mind…

Of kisses being rained over him as Liz straddled him and he desperately tried to keep in control as she went lower until finally…

Could that have of happened and it had not been in his dreams
he asked as he heard a door open and close and he checked his clock and nearly choked at the time. He had to get to his parents and picked up Zane when he heard another door and walked out of his room. Assuming it was his room mate “Hey Michael, I have to get going to pick Zane up at my parents. Thank you for last night. I needed it,” he murmured as he couldn’t believe the previous night had happened and yet he felt a lot more settled this morning despite the circumstances. “Remember I am working tonight, so Isabel is taking Zane for a sleepover so you are off duty…” he murmured as he was talking as if he was talking to Michael but stopped short when he saw that it was Maria slinking out of Michael’s room as she looked hung over and was carrying her shoes. “Good morning…” he heard uttered from Maria as he stood shocked and unsure of how to respond this situation.

“Good morning,” was all Max could mutter as she saw his roommate’s door open once again and a fully dressed Michael came walking out, so he repeated a simplified version of what he had just said. “I have to go pick up Zane, “was all he said as he grabbed his jacket.

“Later,” Michael nodded as he watched Max leave the apartment as he focused on his disheveled ex. “Last night…”

“Last night was last night,” was all Maria said as she saw the clock on the wall. “Look, I have to go pick up my own children so got to go” she said as she wanted out of this situation “It was good,” better than good she mused. “But you do know that it can’t happen again, right?”

“Right,” Michael nodded as he watched as Maria left the apartment.

“Fuck,” Michael sighed as he grabbed a beer despite the hour and parked himself in front of the television and watched more Bewitched before he was due to be back at work.

Meanwhile in the hall, Maria knew she couldn’t go home until she had sobered up and presented a better image to her daughters when she decided to seek out her best friend who had done her own disappearing act the previous night. Sober enough to know where she was, she walked the few blocks to the hotel that Liz was staying in because she didn’t want to stay at her parent’s apartment, especially once Brian came to town which Maria knew was the eventually going to be the plan.

“How will that work?” Maria mused to herself out loud I have no idea but that is for Liz to deal with as she walked into the hotel, and went to the elevator and found the floor that Liz’s room was on and when she found the room she was shocked to find the bundle outside of the room. Thinking it was laundry or even bedding or towels to replace what was inside, she was stunned to see the ripped-up dress her friend was wearing he night before, and then the note from Max. Whoa Liz, what did you do?


“I am impressed girlfriend, hot car sex” Maria muttered totally amused by the shocking step out of form for her best friend. “Never knew you had it in you” she mused as Liz shook her head. “What?”

“We didn’t have sex,” Liz muttered. “We stopped…” as she sighed because she knew they had done other things, or she had done other things which was the opposite of how she usually treated such encounters

“A torn dress, and Max’s t-shirt on the floor by your bed doesn’t look like you stopped yourself…” Maria mused. “Should have known by the way he wanted out of the apartment this morning…”

“Hey, when did you see Max this morning?” Liz asked as she pounced, and Maria grimaced. “When did you see him?”

“Never mind,” Maria muttered as she looked at the time. “I have to get going to see Mia and Bree…”

“No, if I told you my bad indiscretion with too much alcohol mixed in, you have to tell me yours…” Liz asked.

“Fine, Michael and I had a moment…” Maria admitted. “You had disappeared, and we got in each other’s faces and one led to another and we ended up back at his apartment that he shares with Max and Zane” she sighed. “What can I say, I am weak. He’s my kryptonite.”

Whoa Liz mused. Which makes Max mine she left unsaid.

“Yeah,” Maria nodded and knew what her friend wanted to say. “Are you okay?”

“Just figuring out how to deal with last night, and what to say to Brian…”

“Hell, no will you tell him anything. That is the last thing you should do. You said yourself it didn’t lead to sex, and that is your saving grace… So, treated it as such and stay silent. You still plan to marry him, right?”

“Of course,” Liz muttered although she didn’t feel that comfortable with it right now.

“The last thing he should know is what happened with an ex-boyfriend of yours because he’s going to look at you different and that is not what you need if you want to be his wife. So, trust me when I say, keep silent.”

Liz nodded.

“Good, now I have to go kiss my girls. Should I tell them they will see their Aunt Liz?” Maria asked.

“Definitely, how about dinner tonight?” Liz asked as she tried to get away from the exotic memories of the previous night and back to reality and that was spending time with Maria and the girls.

“Perfect,” Maria said. “Liz, let’s face it, it’s the damn truth that those aliens of ours are our kryptonite and we’re bound to be weak around them and there will be no other man who could even match what they bring to our lives, but they also make us crazy and at this point in our lives it is about how much crazy we can withstand and how much normal we want…”

Liz nodded as she watched Maria leave and knew her friend was speaking the truth. “I love Brian, he’s normal and he makes me happy. So why do I think about Max, when he’s married and unavailable? The last thing I want to be is the girl on the side, or the mistress to a married man who can’t or won’t leave his wife” she asked out loud into the quiet suite.

And yet flashes brought to her mind of the mind-blowing passion they had shared the night before as she felt the sparks on her skin, and the way he made her tingle and how out of control and she knew it wasn’t the alcohol to be blamed for it because she was buzzy, but it’s not like she didn’t know what she was doing…

“God, I am weak…” Liz murmured as she dreamt of her dark hair mystery man who stole her heart when she was fifteen and who left her breathless despite her heart also breaking a few years later when she saw that same man become another woman’s husband.

Picking up the t-shirt off the floor, she now knew what she wore home and yet she could smell him on it and it made her desire him all over again, and it made her curse out loud because this was not the reaction she got from her fiancé and knew she was hopeless as she dropped the robe off and went in the shower yet again and drenched herself in cold water and she tried to forget the warmth she got from the memories as he flashed through her brain.

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