If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 12/28/2019

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 4 - 10/18/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:21 pm

So Maria too.......
Alcohol seemed to have caused lots of actions that shouldn't have happened.
Will Liz call Max like he asked??
There's going to be lots of explaining going all around.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 4 - 10/18/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:12 pm

You can't blame Liz for not wanting to be the other woman. She is playing with fire if she tries to have any relationship with Max.

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 5 - 10/21/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:15 am

“No, let me tell you jackass” Maria said as threatening as possible into the phone as she sat at the park and watched as Mia and Bree played on the swings and the play set, as she tried to lower her blood pressure despite this phone call she was undertaking. It wasn’t working. “Those two girls are your children and I will not let you play games with them to get to me, do you understand? I have the judge’s order that tells you that you will have to pay their tuition, I know, my lawyer faxed me a copy so pay up otherwise you won’t be happy with what I do to you” she said in a heightened manner. “I don’t care what some test told you because they both are your children and they deserve to be treated to the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to whether we’re together or not. Do you hear me, otherwise I can make it pretty miserable for you Richard?” she threatened. “Don’t laugh because I have people who can make your life a living hell and hide the body if I need them to” she threatened as she pictured a very sexy individual. “No, I am actually very serious, so tell your lawyer I threatened you because I am here in New Mexico and you’re there whoring yourself around so I don’t care whether you love me or not Richard because I will be in hell before I allow myself to love you, but those two children won’t get any less than what they deserve, you got me” she asked cursing as she hung up her cellphone and tried to concentrate on the two blonde little girls playing in the playground as she tried to right her sinking ship.

“So, who do you have that will hide the jackass’s body?” came a voice and she whipped around and saw her stepbrother Kyle. “Yes, it’s me…” asked Kyle sat down on the bench and watched Mia and Bree play together. “So, was that the deadbeat?”

“Yes,” Maria allowed. “He’s trying to stiff me, and he stopped paying the tuition for the girl’s school…”

“The ass,” Kyle muttered as he thought of the two warm little girls who were thrilled to be in Roswell and spending time with their grandparents.

“Yeah,” Maria nodded. “My lawyer got a judgement forcing him to pay up on next years tuition while we deal with the details of the separation and eventually the divorce. It’s a small victory, but it’s one and I need them right now…”

“So, you’re leaving the guy?” Kyle asked.

“I almost have to,” Maria muttered as she heard, “Mommy” from the swing set and she walked over with Kyle following and started to push the swing. “Push Bree could you Kyle?” as she smiled at her kids and felt her blood pressure lowering as a result of two little girls who needed her to be strong for them, and make sure everything stayed normal.

“Sure,” Kyle nodded. “Having fun girls?”

“It’s a blast Uncle Kyle,” Mia smiled. “I love this town; I wish we could live here year around…”

“Who knows what the future will be,” Kyle smirked as she looked at Maria as across the park, Michael watched as Maria and Kyle pushed the girls on the swing set. It did tug on his heart to see Maria the mother of two cute little kids as he turned around and headed for work at the Crashdown.

Maria had seen him from across the park as she pushed Mia on the swing and deeply sighed as the girls wanted to do it themselves and so Maria and Kyle went back to bench as they continued to observe. “Don’t say it okay Kyle”

“I couldn’t help but overhear…”

“I know you did,” Maria muttered. “You can’t tell anyone okay, no one knows…” she sighed of her deep secret. “Not even Liz…”

Kyle seemed surprised that not even her best friend knew her secret “If he’s serious about providing no support than it’s going to leak,” Kyle offered. “You will need the support system to fight him because trying to fight him alone won’t work...”

“He’s going to have to provide support whether he likes to or not. Bree is his, it’s Mia who isn’t…” Maria revealed as she still cursed the DNA results that had shocked her out of the happy existence she had been living. “Yeah I know,” she said of Kyle’s shock.

“How is that possible? They are twins… Identical…” Kyle asked.

“Apparently not identical enough despite their eerie similarities” Maria muttered. “Its rare but apparently it can happen if you sleep with more than one man in a short period of time which I unfortunately did back when I got pregnant with the twins. Of course, I assumed Richard was the father, well, apparently, he is of only of Bree… Now, he wants to reneg on the support for both children…”

“Jackass,” Kyle muttered.

“Yeah, I tried that one” Maria muttered. “I need to protect the girls from the fallout” she muttered as she feared the resulting media circus.

“Do you know who Mia’s father is?” Kyle asked.

“Maybe,” Maria muttered as she thought back all those years ago but didn’t want to dwell on it and just wanted to try to figure out how to move from day to day as a single mother. She had seen her mother do it for years, but the reality was a shock to the system. “I don’t want to deal with it right now, because those two over there are more important”

“I get you,” Kyle nodded even know she was opening a hornet’s nest with her silence as they watched the twins play oblivious to the tensions that existed in the world.


Max spent the afternoon with his son but all he could think was Liz. She hadn’t called but he didn’t expect to hear from hear from her because he knew last night had been extra-ordinary but was out of both their comfort zones and especially Liz. Still memories flooded of their kiss, and much more…

“Daddy,” Zane asked as he looked up at his father as he was putting a puzzle together and was fixated at it until he looked up and saw his father distracted. “Are you sure you have to work tonight?”

“Sorry bud, yeah I do, I am working the night shift because there is some kind of convention tonight” Max acknowledged. “But you will be staying with you Aunt Isabel tonight, okay. I’ll pick you up tomorrow and I have the day off.”

“Really?” Zane asked.

“Yup,” Max nodded.

“Did you have a good time last night?” Zane asked. “You were looking sad before you went out with Uncle Michael and Aunt Isabel…”

“I am fine bud; you don’t have to worry about me” Max assured his son. “I had a great time with your aunt and uncle, and you’re going to have a great time with your aunt tonight and when you come home tomorrow, we can go to the zoo, how about it?”

“Cool” Zane smiled as there was a knock on the door and Max went and answered. It was Isabel of course but he had been hoping for Liz, even thought he had to have known it would have been a fantasy but his sister sensed who her brother would have been hoping for and she could only shake her head at the disappointment on his face.

“God, you are hopeless you know that,” Isabel muttered as she walked into the apartment. “You had to mess with the past, didn’t you?” she murmured because she had tried both of her brothers for hours the previous night and neither of them answered either at the apartment or even their cellphones and that meant they were up to no good, and that usually meant that there would be a mess to clean up come daylight.

“Be careful with what you say Isabel, because Zane can hear” Max muttered. “And plus, it is none of your business how I might conduct my life because I am a big boy who can deal with it on my own. So, you don’t have to worry about me, okay?” he sighed as he dreamt of beautiful Liz was.

“Well I do,” Isabel muttered. “With her back in town, it’s not hard to…”

“Stop it,” Max said simply and sharply, and Isabel nodded as Zane looked up at his father, and aunt. “Zane, say hello to your aunt.”

Zane hugged his aunt and Isabel melted, which she usually did with her nephew. “Hey handsome, it’s you and me tonight. Are you game?”

“Is Uncle Kyle joining us?” Zane asked.

“Nope, he’s working” Isabel smiled. “I have a collection of movies calling our name…”

“Cool,” Zane smiled. “Daddy are you going to that wedding you were invited to?” he asked, and Max wanted to curse but knew better in front of his son. “What did I say?”

“I don’t know bud,” Max smiled or tried to. “I may have to work that day…”

“It’s a Sunday,” Isabel quipped. “You usually don’t have to work that day…”

“Enough Isabel,” Max asked. “I haven’t made a decision one way or another” he muttered as he knew he would be trying to stay away from the wedding if he had a choice but who knows would happen come August.

Isabel knew it was a sore point, so she stopped and concentrated on her nephew. “Let me know when you’re headed home…” as Zane went to pick up his duffle bag that he was going to be dragging to Isabel’s town house she had bought with some of the settlement from her divorce from Jesse.

“Will do,” Max nodded as he watched as his son walked out of the apartment as she sighed as he thought of the previous night and knew his sister had cause to worry but he knew what he was getting into.

Of course, he was lying to himself because he had no way of knowing what was coming…


Liz was walking into the Crashdown and was greeting as the long-lost daughter returning to the castle as she laughed at the regulars who greeted her return. She hadn’t stopped by since her return as she always went in by the stairs to the apartment above the restaurant, so this was the first time in the restaurant portion of the building. “Good to see you too Louise,” Liz smiled. “I am seeing my parents and meeting a friend” she murmured as she saw her father come out of the back. “Hey Dad.”

“Finally, I though we would never see you in here…” Jeff Parker smiled as he hugged his daughter and welcomed to the Crashdown. “When is Brian getting in?”

“He’s in Europe on a business trip so he doesn’t know exactly how long it will take him before he can come, as it was a last minute thing” Liz muttered as she forced herself to think about her fiancé and not her antics the previous night. “But he’ll be here in plenty of time for the wedding.”

“He better,” Jeff smiled as he didn’t know if Brian knew what he was risking by allowing Liz to be here in Roswell alone when her ex-boyfriend was still in town given he was quite aware how much a combustible pair his daughter and Max were and he could sense trouble was on the horizon if his future son-in-law didn’t make it to town until the wedding.

“Dad be good” Liz said as she was aware of her father had got to be thinking and she didn’t want to hear it. “I am waiting for Maria,” she laughed. “I’ll take one of the booths, okay?” she sighed as she didn’t want to hear anything negative from her father, so she walked off If he only knew how I screwed up, and the mess I am on cusp of making she mused to herself

“Sure, go ahead” Jeff nodded as he watched his daughter walk to one of the booths and sit down and take out her phone and checked her messages, frowning, as he turned and went back to work as over at the table

Liz was listening to a voice mail message from Max, I am thinking of last night. I know we shouldn’t have done anything, but I am here for you if you need me, because Liz all I want is for you to be happy, and I know you will be… That is all I want, but I am here if you need a friend. Liz sighed to herself. I am so screwed as she hung up and glanced into space.

“So how is Mr. Dark, Handsome and Mysterious?” Maria asked as she sat down at the table as she knew the look her friend had on was only one of those she got from Max, and only Max as she laid off the “married” and added the “mysterious“ part in case there was ears around them.

“I don’t want to hear it,” Liz muttered as she looked around. “The kids, where are they?”

“Spending time with their grandparents” Maria admitted as she sat down. “I have to head back early tomorrow, and they are staying here…”

“What?” Liz asked as she was surprised. “I thought you were sticking around longer?” she asked.

“I will be back, but I am needed for re-shoots for the film I was working on before all hell cuts loose and they need me as soon as possible, and Richard has gotten the court to look at his appeal to the judgement for alimony and child support while we deal with the divorce” Maria sighed. “So, my lawyer indicates me actually appearing in court might help my cause…”

“Whoa,” Liz murmured as she dealt with the state of her friend’s life. “He’s actually fighting the child support?”

“The idiot,” Maria murmured as she saw a shot of Michael through the widow of the kitchen at the same moment he looked out and saw her, and she sighed and focused on her best friend. “And because I basically threatened him today, earlier, well I am worried he might use that to hurt my case…”

“What did you do?” Liz asked.

“He knows I didn’t mean it,” Maria sighed. “I am here, and he’s there… I basically told him if he didn’t stand by the kids then I would make sure his body would disappear, and I knew people,” she sighed. Which I do she mused.

“Oh Maria,” Liz laughed. “You mean by sticking your personal hit squad on his ass?” she asked leaving out the word, alien.

“I was tired of the crap, so I spoke before thinking…” Maria sighed as the door opened and Kyle walked in and nodded. “As much as I would love to do it, I know it’s impractical and I doubt Michael would do anything to help me…”

“You would be surprised,” Liz muttered as she looked at Michael heading into the back for a break. Something tells me for Maria, he would do just about anything as Kyle came by and asked to sit down. “Hello…”

“Hello?” Kyle smiled. “What’s going on?”

“Maria is heading back tomorrow,” Liz murmured. “Kids are sticking here…”

“I told you I would be back, but the kids don’t need the tension and they will be better off without the press hounding them” Maria murmured. “I have re-shoots, and fighting Richard in court, so I have to go back” as the phone rang. “Let me take this, do you think your parents would mind my going into the back to take it?” she asked Liz who smiled.

“You are family, and my parents love you so you’re more than welcome” Liz sighed as Maria got up to take the phone call. “Okay, what isn’t she telling me. Do you know?”

“She’s troubled,” Kyle remarked.

“Why?” Liz asked. “It’s not like Richard is some great love so for the marriage to be over is not something I would think would get to her?”

“It’s not that,” Kyle admitted. “She should be the one to tell you…”

“Tell me,” Liz asked. “I can’t help her without knowing”

“Something tells me Richard will be fighting paternity of the twins” Kyle admitting as he knew Richard would be trying to write off support of Bree so not to have to support Mia… and the question will be whether he will be able to get away with it and his protesting how much he was obligated to give his estranged wife given Maria now has the income to take on the kids herself so he might try to cut off all support since she didn’t need his money to live on…

“Are you kidding me,” Liz asked as she herself had questioned the twins’ paternity but she didn’t know it was a legitimate concern.

“You should ask Maria,” Kyle murmured.


“Fine, I’ll be flying out in the morning” Maria sighed as she talked to her attorney in the back room and didn’t know the back door was open. “He doesn’t have a chance, right?” she asked her attorney. “He has to support them, right?” she murmured. “I didn’t know,” she murmured. “I legitimately wasn’t lying to him, how am I supposed to know that something like this can happen” she sighed as she had no idea’s twins could have two different fathers. “Yeah, I know,” she murmured. “Yeah tell the director, I’ll be back on set on Monday.”

Maria sighed.

“I didn’t mean to threaten him Mary,” Maria murmured. “I was just angry, and I have no intention of actually following through with my threat. I would love to lose him from my life which is why I am not fighting the divorce but come on, all I want him to support the kids and not to be given a pass because of a mistake I made.”

Maria sighed, “Yeah I know” she murmured as she didn’t see Michael coming through the door and overhearing her words. “I’ll check in with you when I get home” as she saw Michael now and as she hung up, “You heard?”

“You’re going back?” Michael asked.

“Work calls me,” Maria murmured. “I didn’t know you were back here…”

“Taking a break,” Michael murmured. “I was coming back in, so I didn’t mean to overhear,” he murmured. “Sorry for interrupting if you wanted the call to go longer.”

“No, it’s fine” Maria nodded. “Yeah, I have to go back. The girls are sticking around to spend time with my mother.”

Michael nodded. “So, how is everything?” he asked because he knew they hadn’t talked given everything that happened the previous night and how quickly she left that morning. “I hope everything is okay.”

“All is peachy,” Maria lied. “About last night…”

“Don’t think about it,” Michael nodded. “We both were drinking and that is never good for someone like me and am I not about to expect anything…”

“Good,” Maria muttered.

“Maria,” Michael asked. “I know the past is the past, but I do want you to be happy, and I don’t want you to be hurt and I hope you know that you deserve only the best” he sighed. “I just wish it could have been me, but that is the past…”

“You deserve the best too,” Maria smiled. “I have to get back to Liz and Kyle, we’re having dinner,” she murmured as she left Michael looking at her walking away from him as she also had to take a deep breath due to the past, and choices she had made as she came back to the table and saw the concerned look on her friend’s face.

“You told her?” Maria accused her stepbrother.

“She forced me,” Kyle sighed.

“It was not very hard, and he didn’t tell me everything. Why couldn’t you have told me?” Liz asked as her friend sat down. “We tell each other everything.”

“It’s just embarrassing,” Maria sighed. “I screwed up, and stand to lose everything, and I can handle that because I am grown woman, but I hate that my daughters will be facing the truth one day.”

“Those girls are Deluca strong, so you don’t have to worry about them…” Liz said as encouragement to her best friend.

“Thanks, I don’t really want to talk about it right now so let’s eat, and we’ll talk later” Maria sighed as she didn’t want to think about the past or her disasters as the door opened and Isabel walked in with Zane and Liz paled, and Kyle muttered something under his breath as he got up as Maria tried to bring some life back to her friend. “Even better, let’s get out of here, because I know you’re not going to want to see this…”

Liz muttered something under here breath as she nodded as she witnessed Max’s son, and remarked to herself that he was such a little carbon copy of Max as she said quietly, “He looks just like Max.”

“Fortunately,” Maria acknowledged as they got up, and Isabel noticed the quick retreat and the paleness on Liz’s face as she sighed as this wasn’t the intention as she wanted to get something to eat with her nephew, who also noticed the brunette starting at him with strange eyes. “Let’s go”


“That wasn’t the intention,” Isabel insisted to Kyle moments later as he sat down with Isabel and Zane as he had about thirty minutes before his shift at the bar. “I do feel for her you know. I am not that cold hearted.”

“I know you are not Isabel,” Kyle said smoothly. “It was bound to happen, as I know Zane loves the burgers, here, right?” he asked the five years old.

“Yes,” Zane nodded. “Was that that Liz person Uncle Michael was talking about?” he asked of the brunette who left with the blonde.

“Yes,” Isabel nodded. “I don’t know where they are going…”

“Maria’s dealing with some personal news,” Kyle admitted. “So, I think they realized it was better to get out of here and go somewhere else.”

“Why?” Isabel asked.

“You know,” Kyle sighed as he glanced at his girlfriend. “Neither want to be here because of the past…”

“Why?” Zane asked.

“Because Zane, Maria is to Michael what Liz is to your father” Isabel muttered as Zane looked interested as he saw Michael cursing around the kitchen and then he saw a flash of two little girls with blonde hair, but one girl in particular had a glow in her hands, while her sister didn’t

“Zane,” Isabel asked.

“What?” Zane asked.

“Where were you?” Isabel asked as both she and Kyle saw him zone out, and she didn’t like the vibe she got from it.

“Nowhere,” Zane shook his head. “Can I have a milkshake?”

“Sure,” Isabel muttered. “Why don’t you go up and ask Mr. Parker if you can order one,” she sighed as the boy walked away. “Kyle…”

“You don’t have to say it,” Kyle nodded. “Has Max said anything?” he asked of the thought that Zane had powers. Tess had told them the boy was human, but then Tess was also a killer, and a bitch.

“No, but then I don’t know how present it is,” Isabel muttered. “We came into it later when we were slightly older so it’s game changer if he’s younger and already expressing them” he sighed. “This is the last thing we want…”

“Tell your brother!”

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - 10/21/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 12:46 pm

What is going on here......
Maria's twins have two different fathers??
But Zane noticed that one of the girls had a glow to her hand........
Can't wait for more here.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - 10/21/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Mon Oct 21, 2019 3:56 pm

keepsmiling7 wrote:
Mon Oct 21, 2019 12:46 pm
What is going on here......
Maria's twins have two different fathers??
But Zane noticed that one of the girls had a glow to her hand........
Can't wait for more here.
Looks like we know who the father is, since the kid has glowing hands. I wonder if Brian knows about Max.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 5 - 10/21/2019

Post by Superman86 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 8:42 am

Just started on this fic, Great! thus far, I know I'm going like it even more as it progress. Lovely work as usual :D Question, what exactly did Max and Liz get up to in the car? :?:

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 6 - 10/25/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Fri Oct 25, 2019 11:36 am

“I truly don’t know who it is,” Maria sighed as they sat on the bench and had a hot dog each as they didn’t feel like going into another establishment and dealing with the crowds as both were dealing with the past and didn’t want to deal with on this evening. “Heck, I never even heard of it actually happening before…”

“I can say for sure it’s very rare,” Liz sighed. “I learned about it of course in my studies at school” she sighed. “You don’t know who Mia’s father is?” she asked of all those years before and how quickly after leaving Roswell that Maria found Richard and they were married before anyone back in Roswell knew or could say something about it.

“I told Kyle I thought I did, but truthfully it could be several guys because I was pissed at Michael back then and I was drinking too much and I thought I would go to Los Angeles and become famous and I attracted a lot of attention, and sometimes we used protection and sometimes we didn’t.”

“That is risky,” Liz sighed even thought it was rich given her own behaviour.

“I know,” Maria nodded as she sighed and thought back to the past. “I hate that the media is going to find out and the girls will find out, and it give them grieve…”

“They will be fine,” Liz sighed. “But yeah it probably is wise to leave them here with Amy and Jim.”

“I know,” Maria smiled. “I should be back within the month, and I’ll have a lot of time with you to finish the prep for the wedding.”

Liz nodded as she thought of little Zane back at the restaurant and Maria couldn’t help but notice. “You are happy, aren’t you?”

“Of course,” Liz sighed. “I just can’t help but think about the ‘what if’ things and been different. Zane is so much like Max. I wished he could have been ours, and not to know whose he is…”

“Zane thankfully doesn’t see Tess,” Maria revealed.

“What?” Liz asked confused. “But she and Max are married?”

“Max has sole custody,” Maria sighed. “No visitation for that bitch,” she murmured. “Tess pitched a fight, but the judge sided with Max, so basically he’s married to keep her from committing violence but as far as I know, he hasn’t seen her in years.”

“That’s insane,” Liz wondered. “Why stay married if he has sole custody and she’s not getting out of prison?”

“She’s not getting out,” Maria smiled. “Several life terms for the base explosion,” she sighed. “Why stay, who knows…” or maybe because he lost you, she murmured. Without Liz in town, he didn’t feel the need to be free and it felt that it was his punishment.

“Insane,” Liz thought, and Maria knew trouble was in the offering for her friend but then she was also a glutton for punishment as several hours later she was walking up the stairs of an apartment building as she wanted the walk to try to talk herself out of it, but she couldn’t as she knocked on the door.

It opened with a grunt and surprise look. “Don’t talk,” she said simply as she attacked him, and they fell back as they kissed, and he kicked the door closed as they began to assault each other with a passion that hadn’t dimmed.


While Maria and Michael were making use of the apartment, Max was walking in the park and thinking about his life, as he finished his shift and didn’t feel like he wanted to go home and knew Zane was with his aunt and who knows what Michael was doing, probably moping so he walked, and walked and spent time in the park as he couldn’t help but dream of Liz.

While at the same time Liz was pacing her hotel room. She tried to focus on working on the wedding prep, but she couldn’t concentrate and stopped and paced some more… So, she sent a message, “I need to talk to you” she wrote “Come to my hotel room”

She sent it and didn’t know if she was doing the right thing, but she found that she couldn’t stop herself.

Max was surprised to get the message and knew this was a sign. Getting up, he walked over to the hotel, despite the late night, he took the elevator and knocked on the door.

She opened the door, and he lost his breath as she was wearing the black t-shirt, and only the black t-shirt that he had left with her the previous night.

“Liz,” Max asked as he was let into her hotel room and looked around and saw that she was still awake, and they were alone. “As I said in my message, I am sorry…”

“That doesn’t matter,” Liz muttered. “It’s over,” she sighed. “I guess I have to ask, why are you still married?”

“Excuse me?” Max asked confused.

“Maria told me that you have full custody of your son, and you haven’t seen Tess in a long time, so why stay married?” Liz asked as if she like Maria and was a glutton for punishment as she tried to talk herself out of where this was going and was trying to be reasonable “This is the last thing I should be doing. I am happy, and Brian make me happy. He loves me, and I know there isn’t anything complex with him or other worldly antics to mess up our lives together, but still, I am here thinking about last night and I have to wonder why stay married, if you…”

“I want you to be happy,” Max sighed. “You are right, I shouldn’t be here because you deserve everything that obviously Brian can offer you. Happiness, love, and most importantly a normal life. I can’t give you that,” Max sighed as he didn’t answer ‘why stay married’?

“You look at me like you want me?” Liz asked at the immense desire in his eyes and on his face.

“You’re gorgeous, any guy would want you and I know Brian is a very lucky guy,” Max muttered. “Because I had the luck of being with you at one time, and I know what I gave up…”

“Max,” Liz asked as she sensed a wall being put up.

“This isn’t getting us anywhere,” Max sighed as reality came back to him and he knew this was the last thing he should be allowing Liz to do in giving up on her chance at her normal life, and a chance of happiness away from the complications of who he was… and the complexities that always arise when they come together like bolts of lightening, and yet when he looked at her, she felt like that sixteen year old again, who got a rare chance at a miracle.

“Max,” Liz tried again.

Trying to be reasonable, he wanted to give in and yet he was trying to restrain himself “No Liz, go back to Brian, be happy, get married and have the life I want for you because I am not the one who can provide what you need, the safety and the security that comes with a white picket fence. That will never be me, and that is never going to be the life I can provide for you. I need to think about right now, and my son, and protecting him and I am not going to let you risk what you could possibility have by getting mixed up with me again. Last night was too much alcohol, and that is all it was…”

“Don’t do that,” Liz sighed as he grabbed his arm and he tried to yank away. “We meant something once upon a time, and we would be married today and I know I would be very happy if we had, being safe is overrated and it’s not what I want…” Liz tried as she tried to kiss him, and he could feel the wall he was trying to put between him crumbling but he needed to refrain from it. “Max…”

“No, Liz, we have to stop. You have a chance at happiness, and I can’t give you what you want…”

“You kissed me like you wanted me,” Liz challenged as she wondered what was possessing her because this was not her, and not her normal behavior.

“Of course, I want you,” Max crumbled. “I have wanted you every day from third grade on, and I know I was completely honored to be able to have you apart of my life for the time we had together. You’re gorgeous, and any man would want you in their life. But I screwed us up, and I can’t give you what you want. You don’t think you want safety, but I know how much it cost you to be with me. You’ve got a chance at that life when you left me, and you made the right decision because I will only add confusion and pain to your life…” he sighed as he tried to walk to the door, but she grabbed his arm.

“Shouldn’t I get a chance to choose what I want, and I love you for trying to protect me but I am a big girl, and I don’t know what the future will be because no one can tell us that, but for some reason you look at me and I melt inside, and for some reason I need you tonight,” Liz murmured all sexy in the t-shirt and kissed him and he tried to resist, but then she lifted the t-shirt over her head and stood naked before him and all resistance crumbled.

“This is tonight. Tomorrow can be something else, but I need you to stop being a good guy and be with me” she softly said as she grabbed him and kissed him, and one touch of her skin and the last of the wall crumbled, as he started to kiss down her shoulder and she felt like she was going to explode. She didn’t know what was coming over her, and it felt like she was being possessed, and if she was…

She didn’t want to stop as she felt like she was good crazy, as she felt the kisses as he picked her up and carried her to the bed, and laid her down, and started to reign down the kisses all over her, and she was going completely insane as moments later positions were changed and she was straddling him as she pulled off his shirt, and went for his pants. Neither talked nor muttered any endearments that might ring false tomorrow, as there was no stopping on this night as before they were pushing towards breaking barriers, and then sudden alarm crossed his face. She knew what he was thinking but she was too far gone, “Go on, I need you Max, I need tonight” she murmured and Max couldn’t stop and went forward as they rolled around the bed, and the hours went by before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


It was the early hours of the morning when Maria was crawling around the bedroom looking for her clothes, as she had to get back and pick up her bags and get to the airport for her flight as the studio was sending the private plane to collect her, and she needed to be on the plane. “I am sorry,” she whispered, and Michael nodded. “I don’t know what got into me…”

“Take care of yourself in Los Angeles,” was all Michael said.

“I’ll be back for the wedding,” Maria sighed. “But this can’t happen again, as I have made this mistake before Michael and I can’t keep making it and I need to be better for my girls. If the press gets a hold of us…”

“They don’t care,” Michael asked as he grabbed his jeans and put them on as he got up from bed.

“They certainly do especially do to issues within my marriage which will be exploding when I get back, and I don’t want to drag you into that mess because that is what I always do, and I can’t do it anymore” she murmured. “I’ll be back for the wedding, but we should stay friends.”

“If you say so,” Michael sighed as she pulled her clothes on, and he walked her to the door and found it strange that it was unlocked. “Weird, Max usually locks it when he gets in…”

“Where was Max?” Maria asked.

“He was working but should have been home hours ago. Zane is with Isabel” Michael muttered as he went and checked his roommates’ room and found the bed empty and unmade. “Whoa,” he muttered.

Maria couldn’t help but laugh. “Tell your roommate he’s being too reckless,” she murmured. “And I’ll tell my best friend the same thing.”

“You think they are together?” Michael asked.

“What do you think?” Maria sighed. “Brian made a fatal mistake of going to Europe,” she laughed as she left the apartment. “I’ll be back for the wedding… she laughed. “If there is a wedding…" she cracked, and Michael only shook his head.


“You didn’t tell me?” Max asked as he turned over when Liz awoke and common sense started to reappear, for both. “You’re engaged?” he asked of her current relationship status and Liz nodded.

“That I am,” Liz admitted. “I lied to him that I wasn’t a virgin and that I wanted to wait for our wedding night because of stupid mistakes I made in the past, and so he didn’t pressure me but that is why our relationship went pretty quickly towards engagement,” she sighed. “I know what you might think…”

“Is that why you wanted to sleep with me, so your new husband won’t know you lied to him once you’ve been down the aisle.” Max asked. “Is that why you used me?”

“Of course not,” Liz sighed as she sat up in bed as she didn’t like the accusation. “I don’t know what came over me last night but it was nothing to do with Brian, otherwise I would have stayed a virgin because that is hell of a lot better to explain than the fact I am cheating with my married high school boyfriend weeks before my wedding…” she murmured as she got out of bed and stood naked, and unbelievably beautiful.

“Are you planning to tell him?” Max asked.

“Of course not,” Liz sighed as she paced. “This was a one-night mistake, of my own creation so I don’t blame you. I am the one who pushed you into it and didn’t allow you to leave when you wanted to but it’s one night.”

“Liz, it was two nights,” Max reminded her as he got up from bed and stood in front of her. “Which takes this to a whole new level…”

“You’re married,” Liz sighed as it was almost was trying to convince her of that, and “I am engaged”

“Which is a fact,” Max sighed as he took her hands in his eyes. “If you want to, I can leave this room and we never discuss it ever again, and you can go and get married and have that happy life I want for you or…”


“I can stay, and we can decide what to do next…” Max asked he leaned down and gave her a kiss on her lips, and she like she was melting once again… “You’re still engaged, and I am still married… and that won’t be any different when I leave this room, but I love you and I will always love you and you asked why I am still married, when I could have sued for divorce by now since Tess is in shackles in prison and they aren’t letting her free.”

“You never answered me…”

“Because it was my punishment for losing you. For hurting you. We both screwed up, and we were too young to know any different, but we did, and we screwed it up and I had to protect my son, and my secret and I knew it was punishment for screwing up in the first place. We should have been each other’s firsts because of our love, but I messed that up…”

“I lied to you. I told you I slept with Kyle, and that is on me and in the end, you were my first…” she smirked.

“Still I lost you…” Max said. “It’s my penance.”

“You are married to a murderer, and I get you protecting your son but at the end of the day, you deserve to be happy. Just like you told me I should be, the same could be said for you…”

“I don’t deserve happiness when I screwed everything up, but you do…” Max murmured. “You deserve the world, and the normal life that I can’t give you…”

“Then let me provide you some happiness before reality sets when we walk out of this room,” Liz offered as she pushed Max back on the bed and she crawled on top him and started to kiss him all over, and pushed his limits and before they knew it, she was repeating their first night together and this time they continued for hours to come… as they both found the strength they hadn’t expected as they were in bliss as they continued to relieve their youth and choices they hadn’t made because they been too adult, and too in control, and now they were completely out of control.

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 7 - 10/28/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 10:08 am

Max cracked open the front door a few hours later and walked into the apartment hoping beyond hope that Michael would be working, but no such luck, because the television was on and his roommate was in front of the television watching some soap opera he found himself addicted to, and he closed the door and went towards his room when he heard the voice. “So, you’re just getting home?”

“Zane?” was all Max asked.

“Isabel took him to your parents when she couldn’t reach you and she had to head to work,” Michael muttered. “I am not on until the evening shift at Meta Chem” he murmured. “So, you’re just getting home?”

“Don’t judge,” Max asked.

“Did it sound like I am judging?” Michael asked as he looked at the crinkle of Max’s clothes and the sense he was getting, and Maria had gotten hours earlier. “The last thing I would ever do is judge.”

“Is that Maria’s earring?” Max asked as she saw something on the floor and picked it up. “I remember seeing them on her.”

“Which is why I am not judging,” Michael said simply as he glanced at saw the conflict in his best friend and roommate. “But you’re playing with fire…” he asked of his friend. “Are you prepared for the pain when the fire extinguishes?”

“Oh, I know,” Max admitted and knew he should know, and he did know but also knew now what it felt like to be in Liz’s arms and he didn’t want that feeling to vanish, and for reality to dose the flames.

“I might not consider you married since your murderer of a wife is out of the picture, but she’s engaged Max, and it sounds like the wedding will happen” Michael asked as she saw the conflict and worry on his friend’s face. “Can you play with fire like this and watch her walk down the aisle in two months and marry someone else?”

“She watched me marry Tess,” Max sighed as if that was the same thing and he knew it wasn’t. “I want her to be happy, and I know it can’t be with me. I am not going to ask her to raise someone else’s kid, or to put up with the pain and the angst that comes with our secret. So, if that means I watch her marry someone else…”

“And play with her on the side?” Michael asked.

“Something tells me that won’t happen,” Max sighed. “Liz is not that kind of woman…”

“And you’re the kind of man who will sleep with another man’s woman?” Michael asked. “That is not you…”

“You and Maria?” Max asked.

“We’re very different people Max. It’s not you to sleep with someone else’s woman, when you want only happiness for her, and you know you can’t provide what she’s seeking and for me and Maria, well, she’s getting divorced, and we’re what we are and we both agree that it’s not going to happen again.”

“Just like I probably won’t end up in bed with Liz again…” Max asked as they both knew they were fooling each other and neither knew how it would end. “Look Michael, I want to say it won’t happen again, but she’s the only woman I have ever loved, and the woman I should be with, but because of my own choices, I am not and I want her to be happy… and I will do anything to make her happy.”

“If you are sure,” Michael sighed as his glaze settled on his friend. “I only hope you know what you’re doing at the end of the day, because you’re asking is for a load of pain and I have experienced four years of that with you after last time, and this time stands to be ten times worse because you know now what you’re losing, and to know that passion, and that always will make it harder…”

“And I could give you the same advice,” Max muttered as he entered his room and shut the door behind him as Michael messengered Maria some advice. Talk some sense into your best friend. She and Max are burning their lives down to ashes and sent the message and went back to the soap opera nature of the program on the television and wondered just how close to television would they be trending with their own actions.


Liz was getting dressed after a leisurely bath as she tried to forget her evening and morning activities with Max. She didn’t know what she was doing. She was behaving like a teenager and not a 22-year-old on the cusp of medical school and a wedding to a handsome guy who did love her, and who was normal, conflict free and most of all spouse free when there was a knock on the door, and she went and scowled when she saw Isabel.

“Isabel, what are you doing here?” Liz asked warily at her ex’s sister and knew trouble was in the offering.

“Wondering what the hell you’re doing with my brother” Isabel muttered as she stormed into the hotel suite. “Whatever you are doing, well, stop it… now” she demanded of her old classmate as she confronted Liz over what she knew had be happening between her brother and the only woman he could ever love.

“It’s my life,” Liz muttered as she prepared to face off with Isabel. “Your brother is a big boy, and you should let him live his own damn life”

“He’s married,” Isabel demanded.

“So, what, I am engaged” Liz murmured. “And I promise you that the wedding is happening. I am not calling it off, so don’t worry that we’re going to end up together because we’re not. Whatever we’re doing is on us, and only us.”

“You want to hurt your fiancé like that?” Isabel asked as her eyes went wild at the mere thought of these kind of actions coming from goody goody Liz Parker, and she didn’t know whether to trust it. “You want to go into a marriage knowing that you rather someone else than your husband and do you want your husband to feel like he is a consolation prize, and that you don’t love him?”

“My relationship is my own business,” Liz demanded as she paced the suite. “Look I don’t know what is happening either, and I know we’re risking a lot and I can’t begin to explain it. Maybe it’s something as simple as I am sick of being on the straight and narrow and maybe I want to act like a teenager while I still have a chance and I am not tied down, because once I say my vows, I am an adult and I am a wife.”

“Max is a husband,” Isabel sighed.

“Of a murderer,” Liz batted back. “That fact is not lost on me Isabel. I don’t mind hurting Tess, but I am not looking to hurt Brian. Yet for some reason I can’t help myself right now. Isabel but I know one day this fantasy will blow up, and when that happens, we won’t blame anyone else but where the blame lies, on us because we will both know we have to end it”

“Then frankly you’re deluding yourself,” Isabel sighed. “Both of you are because my brother will never forget what happened years ago, and if he can’t control himself than you should have been the bigger one and yet you are enabling his delusions when you shouldn’t be…”

“I am not looking to hurt your brother. All I can say that it feels good, and I am not about to give up on that feeling…”

“So, he’s your drug?” Isabel asked.

“You can say that; sex is a fantastic drug” Liz acknowledged and now knew why people loved it so much and sex with an alien was an even more of a powerful stimulant. “I am planning on marrying my fiancé, and at the end of the day, the wedding is happening so don’t worry. One day this will end…”

“Will it?” Isabel wondered in a snarky way. “If you’re cheating on your fiancé, whose to say you won’t cheat on your husband?”

“Leave that to me and your brother,” Liz sighed and knew Isabel had a point and she would have to think about it one of these days.

“All I am asking is for you to be careful,” Isabel pleaded. “Think about my brother, and his son please…” she asked. “If you don’t want to think about your fiancé, then fine, think about Max, Liz. My brother can only be hurt, and his son will be even more so by the end of this.”

Liz could only nod as she walked Isabel to the door. She didn’t know what she was thinking about but knew she couldn’t stop herself, because the flames hadn’t dimmed yet and she couldn’t bother to be the bigger person days later as she and Max managed to stay apart and out of bed until the weekend, and before she knew it was Friday night and she opened the door and found Max.

“Zane is with Isabel and Kyle at a water park for the weekend, and I don’t have to work until Monday,” he murmured as he closed the door behind them.

Wearing a robe, she undid it and it pooled to the floor as leaned down to kiss her and they fell into each other’s arms as they found themselves kissing against the wall before she climbed onto him with her legs around him as they headed for the bedroom and collapsed on the bed and soon was straddling him and both of them taking everything from each other, as they spent most of the weekend in bed… oblivious to the outside world.

Unaware a storm was brewing that might break up their fantasy world.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 7 - 10/28/2019

Post by Superman86 » Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:57 pm

Liz addicted to Max :lol: Yeah I can see that happening :wink: That fire is burning alright.
Hope Maria can solve everything in L.A.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 7 - 10/28/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:19 pm

I wonder if Tess is going to show her ugly face.

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