If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 12/28/2019

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 18 - 12/04/2019

Post by Superman86 » Thu Dec 05, 2019 5:13 am

RoswellFan68 wrote:
Wed Dec 04, 2019 1:22 pm
Did Max get to hold his daughter? Max and Liz really need to talk.

P.S. Brian should have told Liz that he didn't know if he could have kids because of his accident. She should have known going into the marriage.

I feel the same about Max and Liz and also Wow! Brian keeping his old injury from Liz, going into marriage like that. I'm glad he's cool about Liz and her "past". I thought he would've been more irritated by all he found out from his dad's P.I. but I guess he realized having Liz in his life infidelity and all was better than not having her at all.
Come back soon! :)

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 19 - 12/08/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 12:34 pm

“I didn’t know if Tess was actually telling the truth?” Liz said the next morning as Max stood in Liz’s hospital room as she held their daughter in her arms. Zane had come in with Max and he smiled when he saw the baby, and the way the baby reacted to Zane showed that they almost knew each other already, and he moments before had left with Isabel who was going to treat him to something in the cafeteria before heading to work. “I still don’t, given we know how delusional Tess was at the end…”

“How is it even possible?” Maria asked.

“The way Tess explained it was that they need him to be the leader of the other set, you know Lonnie, Rath and Ava, but she wanted him to be raised by you Max in the meantime to be able to be more rational than Lonnie and Rath, and to be able hold him own against them…” Liz asked as she looked down at her daughter in her arms.

“But how?” Maria asked. “And that it is beyond crazy.”

“She said Nascedo used the fact that Max was taken hostage in the White Room by Agent Pierce, and used it to his advantage due to some medical testing they did on you Max” Liz said softly as Max winced as his brain went back to that time and he knew not every test he had been conscious for, and so he had no idea what they might have done to him.

“Oh, dear god,” Maria whispered.

“I never liked that guy” Michael murmured. “I am sorry Max…”

“Don’t be, I should never have believed in Tess or allowed her to worm into our lives” Max said softly as he didn’t even want to think about that testing, and any resulting damage that could come from it. “I don’t know what she told you Liz is the truth, but I am sorry for what she put you through…”

Liz nodded.

“I felt that she was pregnant…” Max sighed.

“She played you…” Maria murmured. “Like she did all of us, from the beginning…” she sighed as she smiled when she saw the baby in Liz’s arms and knew this despite the circumstance was something special and something that should be celebrated. “Let’s think of something positive, does she have a name?”

“I was thinking of the name Aria Elle Parker” Liz smiled.

“Really?” Maria asked and Isabel’s eyes rose and some of the ice started to thaw.

“Something pretty and memorable,” Liz laughed as Max smiled as he looked at his daughter in her mother’s arms and knew something was right, he just wished he knew what the future held and what Tess’s scheme meant for Zane.

“Very pretty,” Max nodded and took it as encouragement that the name Douglas wasn’t attached although he knew it was too early to discount it.

“There is my granddaughter,” Jeff Parker came in and interrupted the gathering and Max knew he should leave because he didn’t want any negative association with the last year with Liz’s father.

“I’ll be back,” Max assured as he left the room and Liz watched as he left the room, which was noticed by her father.

“Dad…” Liz muttered as she turned her attention back to her daughter, and her father who only smiled.

“It’s your life,” Jeff assured his daughter as he took the baby into his arms and smiled down at his new granddaughter. “As I only ever want you to be happy, and for my granddaughter to be happy and healthy,” he murmured as he glanced down at the picture of his daughter.

“I know I hurt Brian…” Liz sighed as she knew that she would never forgive herself for what she had done to Brian, even if it ended up bringing baby Aria into her life, and she wouldn’t have her without it. “You don’t have to tell me…”

“I am just a little surprise,” Jeff murmured as he took his granddaughter into his arms. “I thought you were happy with Brian.”

“I was,” Liz sighed. “But to parrot Maria’s words, Max makes me weak in a way Brian never could and I couldn’t help myself and I wish I could have…” she sighed as time has led her to wonder just how set in motion last years actions were… “Brian is a genuinely good guy, and any girl should have been extremely happy with him…”

“But it was always Max?” Jeff asked.


A short time later, Max was meeting Isabel and Kyle for drinks before Kyle’s shift began at Cow Patties. Kyle had been promoted to manager and seemed to be staking a future at the bar and seemly happy, and Isabel was finishing up at the boutique she worked at and was planning on heading to the hospital afterwards. “Have you told Mom and Dad, yet?”

“I still need time to adjust to the idea,” Max sighed as he took a sip of his iced tea as there was a lot of adjusting to be done, and he didn’t know if it had completely hit him or not. “Do you still talk to Serena Thompson from school?” he asked Kyle who nodded. “She was in genetics, right?”

“Right,” Kyle confirmed of his ex-girlfriend who he dated when they were in school, and before he started to get serious about Isabel. “She works in Las Cruces, almost finished medical school I think…”

“Would she do a favor for you?” Max asked.

“Sure,” Kyle nodded. “Why?”

“I need to know some stuff,” Max thought. “She would be able to keep secrets, right?” she asked of Kyle.

“Sure,” Kyle asked. “You’re thinking about what Zane said, and Liz said about Tess?” he wondered. “About Zane?”

“Yeah,” Max nodded as he thought of the boy he thought of as a son which was not going to change regardless of any results “I need to know what is going on with the boy.”

“That might be wise,” Isabel acknowledged of her nephew. “Do you think he could be what Tess was saying, an experiment?”

“I hate thinking that to be true, but then who knows what they were trying to do up there you know” Max sighed. “We never did see Tess give birth, and the baby arrived so suddenly, and I connected with him and if he was created in such a way… that I need to know the truth, because I see his eyes, me, but if he was created to be a duplicate of me and yet they didn’t have everything to make it possibility, or did they?”

“I hate to think what they are up to up there,” Isabel muttered as she was forced to think of their home planet. “Anything is possible, given how we came to be after all, but to know they might have tried to create a new “you” to be able to control.

“We have our experiences here on Earth coloring our decisions, and we have free will but up there, is a whole other side of things and I hate to think what they might have been trying to do…” Max murmured

“About Liz?” Isabel asked as she tried to get back to more earthly matters.

“I rather not talk about that right now, because there is a lot that needs to settle…” Max sighed as he thought of Liz still in the hospital recovering from the hell that his wife put her through, and the baby girl who had her eyes.

“What do you think will happen?” Kyle asked.

“She’s still married. I might be free now, but she’s not and I know she feels guilty about what happened and the pain we caused Brian” Max sighed as he took a sip of his drink as he saw his watch and got up from the table as she he didn’t want to think about the greatest threat to him in losing Liz and his daughter to a man who provide them safety, and a home and love and normalcy, which was something he would never be able to provide them even if Tess was now dealt with. “I better go pick up Zane at Mom and Dad’s” as he got up and left after paying for his drink.

“This is all very bizarre,” Kyle commented as they watched Max walk away. “I don’t envy him. As much as he and Liz got a miracle, still, that miracle might be fleeting…”

“Tell me about it,” Isabel muttered as she knew the hurt that would be in store if her brother lost both Liz and Aria to Brian and the life Douglas could provide because as much as Liz loved her brother, still, she was put through hell and who wants that to continue and sometimes you would rather pick door number two if given a chance to prevent the pain to your heart that comes with true love. “Call Serena and invite her to dinner sometime soon, as I would love to see her again.”

“I will do that…” Kyle smiled as they kissed, and she got up and soon left.


“What do you think will happen?” Maria asked as she looked down at the beautiful baby in her arms as she visited with Liz and baby Aria. “Has Brian been by?”

“No,” Liz shook her head. “I don’t expect him to, because both of us need time and space” she sighed. “I hurt him deeply, and he still wanted me and the baby,” she thought as she couldn’t believe she was laying in this bed knowing it had all come to this and that she and Max truly did share a child together. She couldn’t believe she was this lucky and yet to know the pain she had given to Brian. “He wanted me even though he knew he wasn’t the father of the baby.”

“And he never told you that he couldn’t possibility be the father?” Maria asked amazed. “That man seems too good to be true.”

“I know,” Liz smiled. “I should be mad he didn’t tell me, and yet he knew I had been unfaithful and still he wanted to marry me… and wanted to raise Aria as her father.”

“What does that mean to you?” Maria sighed. “You and Max…”

“I don’t know Maria,” Liz sighed. “So much of my life has been centered on Max, and I screwed up.”

“And ended up with that little girl” Maria murmured as she placed the baby into the basket and sat down by the bed, as thy both watched the baby sleep. “Maybe it’s god telling you both something… Allowing you both a sign.”

“I don’t know,” Liz sighed. “How does it feel knowing you share a child with Michael?” she wondered of her best friend. “I know your situation is very different.”

“Yeah very different,” Maria allowed. “It brings peace and happiness that we share something so special, and yet it’s so bizarre and the girls haven’t even begun to deal with it, and we’re only in the beginning stages.”

“I have to wonder what it means for me…” Liz admitted.

“You wanted Max eight months ago, maybe this is your chance?” Maria asked. “Tess is dead, and she obviously didn’t get what she wanted and there is no one standing in your way.”

Liz nodded.

“Only you and Max I guess at this point,” Maria smiled as she knew her friend was in a battle of her heart vs. brain. “Think of what is best for that little girl, and the rest will work itself out” she sighed as Liz smiled and they both decided to take a walk and return Aria to the nursery, while Liz started to wonder what she truly wanted.


“Are you serious, son,” Phillip Evans asked his son as he arrived to pick up Zane and finally spilled the deep dark secret to his parents of them having another grandchild as Diane looked at her husband and then their son. “You and Liz share a child, and Tess did what?”

“I know,” Max sighed as he had just spent time telling his parents of the latest development to the family, and they both were looking at him dumbstruck like it was all a fantasy story he was reciting. “It’s like a dream or a nightmare in terms of Tess.”

“And she’s dead?” Diane asked quietly as she took stock of what her son was saying.

“Yes,” Max sighed.

“How?” Phillip asked as he saw the tension in his son and knew it hadn’t been pretty. “Do you need a lawyer?”

“So far no, and we’ll see how it goes but Tess broke out and wanted to go back to Antar” Max sighed as he had to remember what his parents knew of their elaborate back story. They didn’t know all the grittiness of it, but they knew enough about their kids now, “And wanted to use Liz’s baby as a way back…”

“So, it’s yours, and not her husband?” Diane asked softly.

“It’s mine, as Tess wouldn’t have gone after the baby if there was any doubt of paternity” Max allowed.

“So, you have a little girl?” Diane asked.

“Yes,” Max smiled. “And Mom before you ask, I don’t know where this goes for Liz and me except that yes we do share a child, and we both will have to think of both of her and Zane in the days to come.”

“All we want is for you to be happy…” Diane assured her son. “So, how is Liz?”

“She’s resting in the hospital. Tess put her through quite the experience, and I will be hating that for her,” Max muttered at what Liz had been put through because of him and it would forever be in his nightmares.

“And she didn’t tell anyone she was pregnant?” Phillip asked. “So, you didn’t know?”

“No,” Max shook her head. “Apparently Maria didn’t even know until it all went down,” he sighed. “I don’t blame her given the circumstances. She’s married, and I was married, and she needed to handle it the best way she believed she could…”

“Son, about Tess” Phillip asked.

“Dad,” Max sighed. “I haven’t begun to deal with the new realities to my life. All I need right now is to concentrate on Zane, and make sure everything is alright for whatever life takes Liz, and me so all you have to know is that Tess is gone, otherwise there would be a hell of a lot more fallout, but she’s gone and no longer a factor in our lives.”

Phillip nodded and knew that he probably would have heard if the authorities had any doubts about whatever the circumstances that had gone down. “But if you need any help, please, come to me…”

“I will,” Max murmured. “Although I may need some help because the authorities won’t be thinking that Tess is dead… Jim isn’t classifying her as deceased or at least not yet. To them she has taken off, so I might need some help making sure our marriage is legally taken care of if you know what I mean…”

“Right,” Phillip nodded. “I’ll take care of it…”

“Thank you, Dad,” Max sighed.

“So, we have another grandchild?” Diane asked as it started to sink in that this was a new world for her son in so many ways. She and Phillip hadn’t been accepting of their son’s marriage. While they eventually understood why it needed to take place still it was obvious their son was unhappy, and that is not what they wanted to see for their son and which is why they had done everything to help Max better himself with college and for their grandson. While they didn’t like their son’s wife, they did love their grandson and now to know they had a granddaughter whose mother was a whole lot more acceptable to them was going to take some adjusting.

“Yes,” Max nodded. “She’s beautiful,” he sighed as she took out his wallet, and took out a picture he had taken and had already printed, and handed it to his mother, who started crying. “Her name is Aria Elle”

“Beautiful,” Diane said as she handed the picture to her husband who smiled. “When can we see her?”

“It’s up to Liz…” Max acknowledged as he knew this isn’t the time to put any pressure on her, or to place any expectations. “I am trying not to pressure her,” he sighed because none of them knew where this was going to and he needed to be careful as he spoke with his parents for a few more minutes and then headed upstairs to find Zane who had been watching a movie in his old bedroom.


And the next day he got a glimpse of where this was going when he stopped in at the hospital to see his daughter and smiled as he saw Aria in her basket, and knew she had a clean bill of health and she was the picture of health as he couldn’t help but see Liz in her eyes as he glanced while standing with his parents who couldn’t wait to come and see their granddaughter. They had melted when they saw little Aria, and they were certain they saw their son in her face, but all Max saw was Liz in her eyes as he turned and saw Liz watching him as he was observing their daughter “Good morning,” he said softly.

“Good morning,” Liz nodded as she saw Phillip and Diane who came in for a hug. “I am glad you two have heard the latest…”

“How are you feeling?” Diane asked.

“Much better,” Liz acknowledged. “I am getting released in a little while. Both of us are,” he said as she looked in on a sleeping Aria.

“She’s precious Liz,” Diane smiled. “So beautiful… I see so much of Max in her…”

“Mom.” Max protested.

“It’s alright Max,” Liz smiled. “I see him in her too,” she admitted as she looked at Max who only had eyes for her. “All I want is for her to have a good life, and to be happy and safe…”

“We all want that for our kids,” Phillip nodded as he and Diane continued to observe their newest grandchild as Max could sense a tension in Liz, and knew something was in the air, and he was almost afraid to know what it would be…

“Max, we have to talk…” Liz said softly as she had a long sleepless night, and knew she needed to decide on her future because she was being released and so was Aria. And she had a lot to figure out, and she was now a mother and she couldn’t keep this uncertainty going on.

Max nodded, “Let’s go back to your room so Mom and Dad can continue to spend time with the baby, and we can talk more privately” he softly as he followed her back to the room as they left Phillip and Diane with their grandchild, who also sensed that things were different. For Max, he was trying to figure out the new reality as they reached her room. “You’re being released?”

“Yeah,” Liz said, and closed the door behind them. “As soon as they come up with my release papers, and Aria’s…” Liz sighed. “Max…”

“Just tell me…” Max asked bluntly because he knew she had something to tell him.

“We can’t go on like this… I need to make some decisions,” Liz said softly and Max’s heart broke because he knew she was leaving, and he was going to have to watch her go without any guarantee she would come back to him.

“Where are you going?”

“I need to get away… It has occurred to me I have screwed up a lot this last year or so, and I ruined Brian’s life, and changed my future. I hurt both of us with what I did and allowed to happen.”

Max nodded. “Liz, I am very sorry for my part in it… It was me who brought Tess into our lives, and with everything last year… I should have stayed away and allowed you to move on. I allowed Tess the ability to create the chaos they she was able to give us.”

“You have to protect Zane, and I respect that” Liz sighed. “Just as I must protect Aria, now… Max as much as I love you and I do but we can’t this going without some finality to it. So, that is why I need to go away for awhile…”

“How long?” Max asked.

“I don’t know,” Liz admitted. “And I don’t want you to contact me…”

“Liz,” Max asked. “Aria…”

“I’ll send you updates, pictures but I need this time to figure out what is going on with my life. And plus, I have my marriage to deal with…,” Liz whispered as she faced her reality. “I am not free…” Liz sighed as she didn’t relish having to deal with the mess with Brian. “I need to know where that is going to go”

“So, what, you are going back to him?” Max asked.

“No,” Liz shook her head, but it was only a half shake. “But Brian is a factor I have to weigh as I have to figure out where my life stands.”

Max nodded as he could sense that she wasn’t totally over her husband. Brian was a good guy and he loved her and had wanted to be there for her and the baby, and that is hard to give up for pain and angst that came with their past…

“Thank you, Max, for understanding. I am sorry for what it means but I need this time…” Liz sighed as the basket was pushed into the room, and they both looked at their daughter as he picked her up and held her for a final time.

“I want you both to be safe Liz, and happy. So, I will respect whatever you decide, and I will always love you, and will always be here for you and for Aria whenever the day comes. I only want the best for you and our daughter. But please Liz, make sure she knows me…”

Liz nodded as she watched Max hold their daughter….

As Twenty-four hours later she drove out of Roswell, whereabouts uncertain… and the return date to be revealed as Max watched them drive off…

As he knew his heart would always be with Liz and their daughter and he would never be the same until she came back to him.

He could only pray he would get that chance…

Will he?

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 19 - 12/08/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 7:02 pm

Poor Max. I know that Liz needs time away to think but Max should still be able to see and bond with his daughter.

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 20 - 12/10/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:25 pm

Three months later…

The car drove into town limits. A lot had changed the last three months for Liz as she saw the sleeping baby in her car seat as she looked through the mirror as she concentrated on the drive. The wedding was days away and she had to return, otherwise she couldn’t call herself Maria’s best friend, but she also knew she was returning because she had made some decisions.

Decisions that would stick.

She just prayed the arms she was returning to would be still open for her because it had been three months and she had barely been in contact with anyone other than Maria who needed her advice as she finalized her wedding plans for Michael and because of that Liz knew she had been a crappy best friend.

She knew she should have been there as Maria was planning her happy day, but instead she was trying to come to terms with how much her life had changed and she reverted to what she did best.

She ran.

And now she was back, and she hoped she was still welcome by the one person who mattered as she smiled through the mirror at the tiny brunette in her baby car seat. Her hair was appearing, and she was looking more like Max by the day and looking into her eyes, she saw the past, and the love that shined through her dark hair mystery man. “Your daddy will be so happy to see you” she smiled at her daughter.

She could only pray he would be happy to see her.

So, she finally parked in front of a house she hadn’t been to in the past but knew it held people she loved. She got out of the car and went and got the baby out of her car seat, and walked to the front door, and knocked on the door and rang the doorbell.

She didn’t know if anyone was home. A car was out front, but then maybe Maria was at the park with the kids as she knew there was a local one nearby.

She was almost ready to give up and head to her parent’s place, when the door opened, and she smiled.

“Finally,” Maria uttered thrilled to see her best friend. “I have been waiting all day for you to get her,” she smiled. “Oh, give me,” she murmured of the baby in Liz’s arms. “Wow, she looks so much like both of you. Get in here,” she said opening the door widely to welcome her best friend as they walked into the house, which was full of disorder with the wedding only days away. “She makes me want another one.”

“Where are the kids?” Liz asked as she was expecting to see the kids all over the place.

“Mia and Bree are with Mom and Jim, and Zane is at a birthday party” Maria smiled as they walked into the house. “I was taking time to get things settled, but any hope of that was lost, but I am glad you’re here…”

“I was expecting to get here earlier, but traffic” Liz asked as she looked around. “Beautiful home,” she murmured as she looked around and realized this was the first time she had been to the house when Maria had been living here for months now. “I am sorry I haven’t gotten a chance to see it until now.”

“Me too,” Maria smiled. “We’ve made it more of a home and once the wedding is over, than things can get back to normal…”


“Is long gone, thank the lord” Maria murmured. “I finally got him to surrender claim to Bree,” she murmured. “I wished it wasn’t to be, since I know every girl needs her father, but it would be unfair to the twins to be separated one day if anything happened to me and Richard was being too much of a bastard to think he would allow Michael to raise her if the worst did happen”

“So,” Liz asked.

“Michael is looking into adopting Bree…” Maria sighed. “We’ll discuss the formalities once the wedding happens…”

“Wow,” Liz sighed. “Things can change in a split second, huh…”

“Never did I imagine this would be life, but it’s something I want” Maria laughed as she thought back nearly five years. “I have my chance with Michael, and I am not giving it up a second time.”

“What about your career?” Liz asked.

“I am on hiatus, but I am looking at a movie script that shoots in January if a reasonable deal can be negotiated and I have moved my recording space to Las Cruces, so when I want to do some music… I don’t have to go far…” Maria laughed. “The girls are thriving in the small town feel of Roswell and they get to see my mother and Jim, and there was no way Michael would mesh with the life that Los Angeles brings and truthfully I am over it, and I like the stable and the relatively calmness here in Roswell.”

“You’re very lucky…” Liz sighed as she thought of how her own life had gone off the tracks and now, she saw her friend getting her dream.

“I know,” Maria smiled. “And I am marrying the man I love… and someone I have love for good and for bad since I was fifteen… So, I can’t get too much happier…”

“You two deserve it…” Liz smiled.

“How about you…” Maria asked as she knew the last three months was full or turmoil for her friend and finally, she was back in Roswell and Maria couldn’t help but wonder if it would stick.

“There isn’t much to tell,” Liz sighed as she thought of the last three months, and how much life had chanced since she left Roswell. “I have made some decisions…”

“Have you?” Maria asked.

“Yes,” Liz nodded. “But I do have to ask, where is Max?” she asked as she looked around and didn’t know if he was home or not…”

“He’s at work…” Maria admitted as he sighed as she knew Max had been in a funk these last three months, and only really existing to be there for Zane and work has been his solution to the depression in his life.

“The UFO museum?” Liz asked as she got up and set up the playpen and Maria got up as well and laid the baby down as they sat back down. “That was where he was working, right?”

“He was,” Maria allowed. “But he and Michael set up their own business…”

“Really?” Liz asked, surprised at the newest development. “Doing what?”

“Investigating and using their powers for good” Maria snarked. “Doing a little of what we did when we were kids, but for the greater good of people’s lives. It’s still the early days, but they are getting enough business to keep the lights on, and Max is using his business degree to some use and doing a lot of the business side of it while Michael sticks to field work but with the wedding, Max is picking up the slack… and it’s not like he has much else these last few months.”

“Because of me, you mean?” Liz asked as she glanced at her friend.

“No,” Maria sighed. “It’s not only you but it’s allowed him to use the new business as a way to divert from how complicated his real life has become…”

“It’s not my fault you know…” Liz said softly.

“I am not blaming you and Max doesn’t either,” Maria said quietly. “Although truthfully it’s on the both of you…”

“I know,” Liz admitted. “We never should have gone there… Brian was a wonderful guy, and I screwed up.”

“As I have always said, Michael is my kryptonite, and Max is yours…” Maria sighed. “And you and Max are too powerful to be contained because he saved your life, and you’re bonded in a way that not even Michael and I are… and that rush and the passion will never be able to be quashed, no matter how much you try…”

“And I tried.”

“I know,” Maria sighed. “You married a man you truly didn’t love…”

“I loved Brian, but…” Liz sighed because she knew her feelings for Brian at one time was real, and they hadn’t been a lie but then she had to come home and see Max again, and she knew that any feelings she might have for Brian were high school compared to what she felt for Max.

“He wasn’t Max…”

“Still I should have stayed away from Max…” Liz sighed as she looked down at the little girl lying in the playpen. “And yet…”

“You wouldn’t have her…” Maria murmured as she also looked at the little darling in the room. “That is how I see it with Michael and me because we had too much heartache, and angst and yet we created something special and it’s allowed us to build something that is lasting…”

“I don’t know what Aria means for Max and me…” Liz sighed.

“I can’t help you there, because that is only on you…” Maria murmured.

“I know,” Liz sighed as she thought of the dark hair mystery man who took her heart when she was only sixteen years old and she knew how much pain and how much angst they had put each other through, and she didn’t know how to begin to repair it “I hope Max can forgive me…”

“Well you did take his daughter and go back to your husband,” Maria muttered…

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 20 - 12/10/2019

Post by RoswellFan68 » Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:54 am

I hope Liz has decided she wants to try to build a relationship with Max. Her daughter deserves a father.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 20 - 12/10/2019

Post by Superman86 » Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:54 pm

I hope Max didn't get bitter during the 3mnt absence Liz took. If he did, let's hope Liz can melt him quickly

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 21 - 12/14/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Sat Dec 14, 2019 11:18 am

“We are over,” Liz said simply as she thought of how it must look to Max to know that she did go back to Brian, when she said that she wasn’t going too but she did. In the end the reunion only lasted days before they mutually came to the conclusion that it wasn’t going to work and it would be unfair for them to try when they knew it was over, and knew that for Aria’s sake as well as for them, they needed to split. Officially they were over, and she now had to craft a new life, as a single mother and figure out where her life stood.

“Are you?” Maria asked as she looked wearily at her friend. “You said that before and you went back…”

“I married him for reasons that weren’t fair to Brian, and anyone really, and I finally came to terms that it was only doing him more harm than good for me to stay, or for him to think we can make something together when there was someone else.”

Maria nodded.

“I stayed only ten days,” Liz admitted as she thought of the foolishness in her to think she could have made it work when Max resided in her heart and mind. “It was quick…”

“Whoa,” Maria asked. “If it was that short of a time period. Then where have you been the rest of the time, as it’s been, what, three months?”

“Finalizing things with Brian, and then I drove to Las Cruces” Liz admitted.

“Are you saying that you have been in New Mexico all this time, and you didn’t call?” Maria asked surprised.

“I needed to be alone, and I needed to learn to be on my own. Aria needed me to make good decisions and not ones that would have me running back to Max, when I wasn’t convinced it would work. We broke up for a reason.”

“Zane?” Maria asked.

“Yes, and Tess…” Liz admitted. “Tess might be dealt with, but at the end of the day we still have to deal with what the past brought us, and to make peace with it and I hadn’t done it completely. Even if half of what Tess told me was true, still Zane is a powerful force in Max’s life and I needed to figure out where I wanted to be, and so I spent time getting back to what my dreams were once…”

“Science?” Maria asked.

“Yes,” Liz nodded. “I worked on getting back on track… in more ways than just my love life”

“And yet you’re here now… are you planning on sticking for longer than just the wedding?”

“Max and I have a lot to talk about…” Liz admitted, and Maria knew it was truth and she only prayed that they both could make a decision that would work for the best interest of all involved.


“Tess was lying to you” came the words as across town Max was meeting Kyle’s ex Serena Thompson who was genetics specialist as they were discussing the testing that Zane had gone under over the last few weeks. It had been delayed because Serena had been out of town for two months on a work exchange in Los Angeles, and once she got back and told of the dilemma Max faced, she had immediately went to work on the testing Max required and now Michael and Max were meeting to discuss some of the results that had come in, as the final tests were being finalized.

“Which is not a shocker,” Michael dryly muttered. “She was liar to her very core.”

“What was she lying to me about?” Max asked the friend they had made in Serena who had promised to keep their secret, and had even signed a contract to not to divulge and would give Michael and Max every bit of document and blood evidence so that it couldn’t be found out, once the results were finalized.

“You are genetically related to your son Zane,” Serena sighed as she read the document in front of them.

“Well she said I was,” Max muttered as she thought of the story, she had told Max.

“I mean, you are the biological father of Zane and whatever sample Tess indicated was used, well, while it included your current DNA structure and not your previous… which you would expect but he is definitely not a exact duplicate of you… Max, he’s his own creation, with completely separate DNA from who you are today or back on your home planet. He’s is a very real little boy, and not a clone or duplicate of you or anyone else.”

“Whoa,” Michael whispered.

“Yeah,” Serena admitted. “I ran the test more than once…”

“And they were the same?” Max asked as he faced the reality that Zane was his son and he felt at peace knowing it and given the boy looked like a young version of himself he knew it would be odd for him not to… and yet Tess’s story…

“Yes,” Serena admitted… “But…

“But what?” Michael asked.

“Tess lied to you too about the fact she gave birth to Zane, which she did… I found evidence that she is the birth mother of the boy…”

“Why lie?” Max asked.

“I said birth mother” Serena sighed as she couldn’t believe the bizarre story she had been forced to deal with, and yet it was fascinated. “She only gave birth to Zane.”

“What does that mean?” Max asked.

“Someone else is the biological mother of Zane” Serena sighed as both Max and Michael looked at each other shocked as they tried to comprehend the newest results.

“Are you saying that they used his sample with an egg from an unknown female to bring about Zane… and then used Tess as a vessel to bring him into the world?” Michael murmured and knew his friend had officially bypassed his own crazy life with Maria if what Serena was telling them was the truth.

“Oh god,” Max muttered as it started to sink in. “Isn’t that impossible?”

“Can you really say that in this kind of world that we live in?” Michael murmured as Serena laughed because to her it felt too much like a sci-fi movie and not real life but to Max and Michael, she saw that it was truly real to them and therefore she felt for them as they walked her out of the office because she was headed back to her office and they were forced to deal with the idea there was someone else out there genetically linked to his son and it wasn’t only Tess. “Well, Liz did say that there was a grand experiment going on…” he asked as he closed the door to the office, as they tried to grasp the news.

“It makes me wonder,” Michael murmured as his brain pondered the latest insanity. “I have to wonder if her body couldn’t support a pregnancy because she was human, and on Antar, and therefore they tried to experiment with other samples… and it worked, and Zane was a result and therefore Tess came back here trying to get you away from Liz…” Michael asked. “But Zane was human…”

“And it worked,” Max muttered.

“Up to a point,” Michael murmured. “Serena did say she’s still going through the rest of the testing and maybe she will discover who the biological mother might be….”

“Who could it be,” Max muttered as his brain ached and he was officially over this insanity, and he needed to be able to close eyes and think about something other than the sci fi movie he was a participant in, as he looked at his watch “I am going home.”

“I’ll stick around because I have to pick up the girls…” Michael murmured.

“Our lives are very different now aren’t they…” Max asked.

“Yeah,” Michael couldn’t help but notice how different their lives were as he watched Max walk away as he couldn’t help but wonder who the mystery biological mother of his friend’s son could be, and whether it was all some plot or worst of all something so insane that it could only happen to them. Which would not be shocking in the least as he couldn’t help but also wonder if this had all been part of Tess’s grand plan to enact revenge on Max because she hadn’t been the one, he wanted, and she had to lie, cheat and steal to get at him because his heart had been with only one person…

With only Liz.


“Isabel is a bridesmaid?” Liz as she and Maria were going over wedding plans and Maria was giving her friend the lay of the arrangements so far.

“She’s softened some since everything happened,” Maria laughed at the hesitation she saw on Liz’s face. “She wants to be involved and given Max is Michael’s best man, she wanted to be in the wedding, so I don’t have too many other friends,” she laughed. “Jim is giving me away.”

“Aw, that is sweet” Liz sighed as she knew how far Jim had come to the group and knew Jim and Amy made a compelling couple and the family was now tight.

“Kyle was going to be at the wedding, so she was going to be his date,” Maria smiled. “She realizes that she needs to let things go and let Max and Michael deal with their own life. She’s great with the girls. Bree loves Isabel’s fashion sense and I sense she’s going to be quite the fashion critic as she gets older.”

“I bet,” Liz nodded. “Your dress is beautiful.”

“Thanks, I have my final fitting tomorrow and I expect you to be there…” Maria asked.

“Of course, I can’t wait” Liz smiled as she looked around as like she was expecting someone, and Maria knew.

“He’s likely to be home anytime now…” Maria murmured as she saw a message come through her phone. “Michael just messaged me that the meeting they were in had just broken up and Max was headed home…”

“Oh,” Liz sighed.

“Hey, I have to go and meet Michael anyways,” Maria face lit up as an idea popped into her mind. “We’re taking the girls to dinner at the Crashdown because the girls love the burgers and the milkshakes your parents spoil them with, so how about I take Aria with me and we can let her spend time with your parents while we have dinner, and if you stay here, than you and Max can talk…”

“You don’t have to…” Liz sighed.

“I think I do,” Maria smiled because she knew that the reunion was going to be quite emotional however it went for Max and Liz and it should be about them and not anyone else, and fallout could wait until later… or tomorrow.


Max pulled up in front of the house and saw a strange car but didn’t see Maria’s car and knew Zane was at a birthday party and sleepover, and the twins were due to be picked up by Michael and Maria if she was able to finish up the final plans for the wedding, so he figured he would be alone in the house, so he didn’t think anything of the car and thought it was a neighbour just leaving their car close to the Deluca - Guerin – Evans homestead.

And he wanted to be alone. He needed to think. Too much was swirling in his head as he let himself in the house, and put down his keys and the mail, and didn’t look to see if the house was occupied and went straight upstairs, figuring a shower would clear his head as Liz heard the door slam shut, and then footsteps going up the stairs.

She had been looking at the seating chart for the wedding, and making notes for the speech she was supposed to be making when she heard the faint aura of someone she knew too well, and she looked and saw he wasn’t there…

And then she heard the door slam upstairs, and she figured he had gone up to his room. Not sure where that was, she wondered if she should stay downstairs and wait until they were in a better frame of mind.

But she felt compelled to walk up the stairs and it might be better for them to have it out upstairs, away from anyone who might come home. She knew Maria and Michael would be at the Crashdown for awhile, and Aria was with them and she knew her daughter was safe, and she felt compelled to take the first step.

Walking up the stairs, silent, she walked the hallway and knew she found Max’s room… Maria had told her that Max and Zane had the wing on the other side of the house, to give them privacy and who knows what their talk would bring for both of them, but she knew they needed to have it.

Slightly knocking, she waited, but didn’t get answer, so she slightly opened the door and walked into the empty room.

She then heard the shower running.

“Max” she called.


Max was getting ready to get in the shower as he had it running, and he felt tired. Tired of dreaming of Liz and dreaming of his little girl and with the uncertainty that reigned regarding Zane, which was now partially clarified, still he felt like he was weighed down and was drowning.

The dreams of Liz were getting worse and now they were invading his waking hours, and they weren’t always pleasant, and they were now taunting him that she was likely back with Brian, and that Aria would be happier away from him. He didn’t want to believe it, because she knew the pain and the danger level that came with him and he didn’t want that for his daughter nor his son, but Zane had born into it and didn’t have any choice because he didn’t have a mother who wanted to protect him, and he only had him and they had to make do with what they had…

Now he could only dream of Liz, and try to move on, and know that she was happy and safe somewhere other than his home, and Roswell.

He was just about to head into the shower, when he saw her

And didn’t know if his sanity was now gone.

She stared at him from the doorway to the bathroom and then he remembered hearing the door open and close, but he was too full of thoughts of her beauty that he didn’t think about reality, and now he was questioning his sanity because of the flashes and memories he had been flooded with…

Almost like someone was trying to connect with him.

“Liz,” he whispered.

Liz could only nod as she watched him in the bathroom, staring at her and shirtless and with a towel around his waist.

“Are you real?” Max asked.

Liz nodded, as his eyes followed her steps forward as he pleaded with his brain to be real. “Please be real, please be real…”

“I am real,” Liz said softly as she held up her hand and he instantly saw it was empty and then she held up the alien pendant around her neck, and instantly he flashed back to their youth and when he gave it to her, and told her to keep it when they were over because he didn’t want the memories, and wanted her to have something to remember them whether she did and for the most part, she didn’t so it was kept in a drawer in whatever bedroom she was in at the time, and now she wore it, and it told him everything he needed to know as he saw her fingers, and saw….

No wedding rings. There was no engagement ring, as it was bare and instantly, he knew this was real, and he was staring at his salvation.

And before they knew it, they were in each other’s arms and she pulled down his towel and they felt the intoxication of their lips on each other…

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 21 - 12/14/2019

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Max and Liz need to talk jump back into bed together. Will they ever learn?

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 21 - 12/14/2019

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So much has happened while I was away......
The talk between Brian and Liz was truthful, yet heartbreaking.
The thought of Zane being an experiment makes me sad.
Max and Liz can't stay apart, no matter what. But when are they going to sit down and discuss the actual future?
Where do we go from here? Can't wait to find out.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 21 - 12/14/2019

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I'm wondering if Liz is Zane's biological mother. Tess would never admit that true. Zane feels a bond to Liz.

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