If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Epilogue - Completed: 12/28/2019

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 12 - 11/11/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:38 pm

The honeymoon didn’t last the month it was scheduled as Liz walked into hospital back in Roswell, because she was called back from a tour of Europe when tragedy did strike and she was giving her best friend a supportive hug because it was only two weeks after the wedding and she was being called back because Mia had become deathly sick and was near death and was in the hospital clinging to death as it had only been hours since she was rushed to the hospital by her hysterical mother.

“This is all my fault,” Maria cried as she watched as machines worked to keep her daughter alive. Bree had tears coming down her face as she was clinging to her mother’s hand and didn’t know why she was healthy, but her sister was slowly dying.

“The doctors will make sure she gets better,” Liz promised but knew it had to be bad, and from her own experience that when she looked in Mia’s tiny face, she knew this wasn’t going to be simple.

“Can they?” Maria whispered. “When they don’t know why she is sick, and her blood despite being a twin is different than her sisters so Bree can’t even help her…”

“We will find someone who will help her?” Liz promised as she looked over at the little girl so pale and lifeless in the hospital bed and she tried to be practical and be supportive of her best friend. “Have you called Richard?”

“Why?” Maria spat. “He doesn’t care about Mia, he only cares about Bree…” she moaned. “And even that is barely, and if I didn’t threaten each month… and didn’t have a judge’s order than I might not even be getting the child support.”

“She will get better,” Liz promised. “We will make sure of it.”

“You can’t promise me that,” Maria sighed as she looked as the doctor came into the room, she knew it was bad news. “Mrs. Dawson?”

“It’s Deluca,” Maria said. “Just call me Deluca or you call me Maria, never call me that name okay,” she sighed as she wanted to wipe every trace of her marriage away and she instantly recoiled at the mention of her married name.

The doctor nodded. “We’ve tried everything but so far we haven’t been able to figure out the virus that your daughter has contracted, and as we have told you, we’re unable to use Bree’s blood or even your blood to try to combat it.”

Maria wordlessly looked on as she squeezed Liz’s hand who nodded. “So…”

“So, if we don’t find some way to help her soon, we might not be able to… her system is starting to shut down and because she’s only three, she hasn’t built up the defenses to be able to combat this serious of a virus.”

“So, what do I do?” Maria asked as if she was being punished for keeping such a life changing secret, and for sleeping with too many men at the same time.

“Pray for a miracle,” the doctor indicated realistically and honestly. “We haven’t experienced this before Ms. Deluca,” the doctor sighed. “Usually a twin sister can help with a transfusion and help her sister because they have identical genetic markers, but in this case…

“I know,” Maria muttered. “They look identical but are really fraternal… if even that…”

“Yes,” the doctor nodded, “and Mia is a rare little girl as I know you know…”

“Yes,” Maria sighed as cursed Mia’s freak blood and the fact that it was so different from her twin sister, and it only crystalized within why Mia was so different from Bree and why she should have dealt with this before now, and she hoped she didn’t lose her daughter because of the past and decisions she had made at the time that were the only ones she could make, and now they were all crashing together in making Mia so damn sick, and Maria so helpless.

“So, all I can do suggest is that you pray…” the doctor’s advised. “And we’ll see what we can do to try to combat what Mia is battling but Ms. Deluca, so far, she’s rejecting all the antibiotics we’re using in trying to ward off the virus.”

“I will…” Maria nodded as the doctor left the room as Maria went to the bedside of her three-year-old and sat and squeezed her hand. Liz took Bree’s hand, and they walked towards the bed, and stood nearby. A tearful Maria looked up as if she couldn’t face the worst-case scenario, and therefore she knew she had to push the nuclear button “Can you stay with the kids and watch over for Mia. Mom should be here shortly, and I have called Kyle, but I need to do something, go somewhere…”

“Where?” Liz asked surprised that Maria would want to leave.

“I am going to tell Michael that he’s a father… and to ask that he save our daughter’s life” Maria whispered as Liz’s eyes went wide as her best friend voiced the deep seeded feeling among them that hadn’t been uttered until now as she simply nodded as they didn’t talk about it. All Liz did was watch as Maria grab her purse and left the room.

“Who is Michael?” Bree asked her aunt.

“You’ve met him,” Liz assured the girl as she thought of the bombshell that was about to be set off in Michael’s life. “He takes Zane to the park…”

“Him,” Bree asked with eyes opened as she remembered the man who usually would take Zane to the park in place of his father and how much Zane loved the guy, and how much her mother seemed to look at him with a twinkle in her eye. Bree might be only three, but she was quite attentive, and did pick up on stuff…

“Yup,” Liz sighed as they watched as Mia clung to life as she silently prayed as she desperately asked that Michael be the answer. As she sat by the critically sick little girl, Liz reflected on the cost Maria was going to be undertaking in deciding to go back into the past and in opening up that door again because she had done the same thing, but this time for Maria and Michael… there were going to be life changing consequences that came with that door being opened as she prayed that Michael would be the answer.


Max and Michael were newly back in their apartment after a two week road trip to the Grand Canyon as they allowed Zane a tour of the state of Arizona and it was a chance for both of them to get out of Roswell for awhile as the memories were too problematic for both of them, as Isabel went with them and so it was alien road trip, and now they were back and hadn’t heard about Mia’s illness.

Max was feeling freer as the time away allowed for perspective and the knowledge he could move on and be there for his son. His instincts were that Liz was happy, and the time away allowed him to see that she was his past. And that past was indeed in the past and he needed to concentrate on his present. Coming home was a start of a new life. “I am going to Crashdown to pick up some burgers for dinner,” he called out into the apartment. Zane was already playing a videogame he had picked up on his travels and Michael was checking his messages on his computer, when there a knock on the door and Max who hadn’t left yet answered and paused when he saw Maria.

“Maria,” Max asked, and Michael’s glaze zoomed off the screen of his computer. “What’s wrong?”

“Is Michael home?” Maria asked, truly shaken and a pale version of herself.

“What’s wrong,” Max asked as he invited his friend in as they might do much together anymore, but Maria was always and would always be a friend and she meant something to him. “You don’t look good…”

“I am not,” Maria allowed as she walked into the apartment and saw Michael and Zane. “Michael, I need to talk to you.”

“What’s wrong?” Michael asked as he immediately got up and approached Maria and knew instantly she was feeling the world on the shoulders.

“Do you want me to stay?” Max asked. “Otherwise I can take Zane with me.”

“Max, can you?” Maria asked, “I need you both…” she sighed carefully as Max knew this was bad and so he approached his son. “Zane, can you go into my room and watch some television. This is adult stuff, and you probably shouldn’t be hearing this right now.”

Zane nodded but knew, as he looked up at Maria. “Mia will be fine; I promise. Michael will help her and Daddy too” Zane said as he walked into the room as the adults acted like they were steamrolled by the revelation. It was something that Max or Michael hadn’t dealt with given everything going on with their personal lives.

“He…” Maria asked.

“Apparently,” was all Max was going to say when he knew Maria had something else to discuss with them as they heard the door close behind the little boy and the television turn on, and cartoons were soon being played on a high volume.

“So, what’s going on?” Michael asked.

“Mia’s sick,” Maria said bursting into tears. “She may be dying, and it’s some virus or something that can’t get a control of yet and this is my fault” she said with tears coming down her face as Max and Michael looked at each other and Maria in shock as Michael immediately took her in his arms.

She hung tightly onto him, as finally she stepped back as tears came down her face as she stared into space.

“How can we help?” Max asked.

“I need you Michael,” Maria said softly. “You might be the only person who can save my daughter otherwise I will lose her…”

“Why would I be able to help her?” Michael asked as if this was part of the secret they hadn’t talked about because he had disappeared on the alien only road trip after the wedding and had only gotten back.

“Michael, you’re her father…” Maria said softly. “I know you suspected it. We danced around it a couple of a weeks ago. I should have owned up to it and now I am paying the price for not allowing it to be out in the open. I guess I didn’t want to believe that my bad choices went back all the way back to the beginning and if only I hadn’t done some of the stuff I had done. So, I am coming to you Michael because I need you to help Mia. Because she’s our daughter and she’s dying.”

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 12 - 11/11/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:23 pm

Can Michael and Max save Mia?
Zane was aware of everything......

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If Walls Could Talk... Chapter 13 - 11/14/2019

Post by Parker1947 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 11:10 am

Then the story unfolded and Max and Michael stood shocked at the knowledge that the twins shared different fathers, and that while Richard tested as Bree’s biological father, Mia had a mystery father and now they all knew that Michael’s suspicions were true, and he and Maria did share a daughter together. Neither knew how it was possible, because neither remembered their advance science classes and to Michael, he probably slept through it if he indeed learned about it. But both knew Maria wouldn’t lie, especially not about something in relation to her children’s health

“You have a right to curse me,” Maria muttered as she couldn’t read Michael’s reaction as Max came to her and hugged her as soon as she finished with the story, she had to tell the guys and she felt the relief in the hug. “Max, thank you. I needed that,” Maria sighed as she took in the hug and saw the blankness of Michael’s face as she was unable to read him and that scared her, so she tried to talk herself into a reaction. “I know I don’t deserve it given the deception I kept from you guys, and you Michael…”

“There was no deception Maria. We all have our secrets, and it’s just a matter of when they come out” Max said simply as he wasn’t one to judge given his own mistakes in the past or more recently. “All you have to know if that we’re here for you, both of us. We promise,” Max smiled as he also stared at the blankness in his friend and roommate’s face and knew Maria needed encouragement and not silence. “How can we help?”

“We think she might need a blood transfusion, or at least to start” Maria murmured as she prayed this would save her daughter. “Bree’s blood is too different from Mia’s despite being twins, and we know why that is, and her blood and DNA is even rarer than simply having two different fathers.”

“How sick is she?” Max asked as Michael appreciated that Max became instant responsible in all this because while he might have suspected, well, it was very different to hear the words come out of Maria’s mouth and deal with the knowledge that he was suddenly a father, and that his daughter was sick and would need him if she was to survive.

“She’s barely hanging on,” Maria cried. “It was very sudden as she was doing great. She was healthy as can be and was giving me no worries and then we were at a ballgame last night, watching Kyle and she suddenly complained she wasn’t feeling well. I thought it was too much junk food she had consumed at the game. But then shortly after we arrived back at Mom and Jim’s place, well, she passed out. We immediately rushed her to the hospital, and now Max, she’s hooked up to the machines and they are telling me her system is starting to shut down. She’s only three and doesn’t have the defenses we do, and so she’s wearing down. “Michael, if I lose her…” she murmured as she focused on her ex who now was on alert and approaching the love of his life. Because there was only Maria for him, and he knew he needed to help her, or there would be saving himself from the demons that plagued his life.

“Max is right. Of course, we will help her,” Michael insisted as he took her hands. “You won’t lose her.”

“I don’t know what we’re facing Max,” Maria said with fear on her face. “But by being Michael’s and we know she has some gifts than I might need you, to try some creative healing…” she asked. “Look, I know what I am asking of you guys given for so long you have tried to keep under the wraps, and I know I am potentially causing red flags to come up with you guys…”

“That doesn’t matter Maria,” Max murmured as he knew he would do anything to help Mia, and he wasn’t going to think of the negative if the little girl survived. “If I am needed, then of course I’ll help in anyway I can,” Max assured his friend. “Michael is totally correct. You won’t lose her, I promise… so take any thoughts of what it might cost us out of your mind because there is no chance, we will let you lose your daughter.”

“I can’t lose her Max,” Maria cried as she faced Michael. “She’s the best thing in my life Michael. Mia and her sister gave my life something I didn’t know possible when I became their mother and to know she’s sick and if only I had made different choices, and if I done things differently.”

“Let’s go” Michael said as he picked up his eyes and wallet from the table. “Max…” he murmured as he turned around to face his friend.

“Go,” Max nodded as he assured his friends. “I’ll call Isabel, and we will be there as soon as possible and if I need to then I will bring Zane to the hospital with me…”

“Thank you, Max…” Maria sighed and as reality started to settle and she began to hope she could save her daughter but knew she needed to warn Max. “Max, Liz is at the hospital… She came back early, and she’s keeping an eye on Bree…”

Hearing Liz’s name made him take an extra breath. But knew it would be natural for Liz to come back and support her friend. Smiling and trying to feel confident in his stronger core “I am glad she’s here for you,” Max said quietly as she watched Michael take Maria’s hand and lead her out of the apartment and once the door was closed, he let out a string of curses because it wasn’t that he was going to see Liz again because that was easy compared to the feeling of pain and knowing that his friends were facing the unimaginable and therefore he prayed Michael could help. Otherwise he would be doing whatever he could do to save Mia because they wouldn’t be losing her, as the bedroom door open and out and Zane approached his father.

“Daddy,” Zane asked.

“Yes, son” Max asked.

“You will help Mia, won’t you?” Zane asked of his dream. “I had a dream that you did…”

“Definitely,” Max nodded as he didn’t even want to begin to deal with that Tess lied and their son was indeed special and was gifted and knew that would be for another day. “Son grab your coat, because we’re going to the hospital” as moments later he was locking the door to the apartment and headed over for the hospital while calling Isabel from the car to notify her of what was going on, leaving out the paternity news.


“I didn’t know,” Maria muttered as she drove Michael to the hospital. “I would have told you if I had known back then…” she insisted. “I admit there were several men, not just you and Richard in a short period of time. Remember when I came back to town to pack up, after we broke up.”

“Yeah,” Michael nodded as his brain flashed with memories.

“We had a moment,” Maria asked of the breakup sex they had…

“We had more than a few moments,” Michael admitted as he remembered back to that time in his life. “You were already with Richard, but didn’t tell me?”

“I didn’t know how serious it was, and we weren’t exclusive yet and you and me, we did our thing that we always did but I knew I couldn’t stay, because obviously you weren’t ready so I went back and started a new life… Once I went back, then it became serious with Richard, but before it was, there was you, and there were others. So, I wouldn’t have thought it was you but the timing…”

“Right,” Michael nodded.

“When I found out I was pregnant, and I assumed it was Richard’s because you and I did practice safe sex, and I didn’t always use protection with the others and in the early days with Richard. I know how it makes me look but I was 18 and wanting to have fun, especially given how complicated my past was, and finally I felt like I could explore and then I found myself pregnant, but I was sure it was Richard because of the timing, and so we got married.

Michael nodded.

“Mia never gave me any reason to think she was different than her sister. With Richard and me, we were doing our thing and I thought we were happy, but I was naïve. I thought he wanted me, and it wasn’t about trying to craft me into a trophy wife and to stall my career which I started to have suspicions he was trying to do as he tried to take control of things, which I gave to much leeway to in the beginning, but then I started to resist and things started to get tough with him. Then I found out he was cheating on me, and had since even before I married him, and he started to accuse me of cheating to take the heat of himself, and there was no basis to accuse me once we got married. Because I was fighting back, he wanted to win so he forced a DNA test on me, and I thought why not, because it would prove to him that I was faithful once we exchanged rings or at least that the twins were his, only for it turn into a split…”

“Bree is Richard’s…” Michael asked.

“Yes, Mia is yours” Maria nodded. “So, Richard started to get mean, as if he hadn’t already been a bastard, here we are…”

“I am not judging you” Michael admitted as it he couldn’t judge because of his own behavior back in the day as he didn’t know what would have happened if she had come to him from day one, and he had known…given his baggage from life with Hank. “I know how I was back then, and I know you would have told me if I had been the only one, or if you had known.”

“I appreciate that,” Maria asked they parked at the hospital and rode up the elevator to ICU, and they walked down the door and Liz saw them through the window and she came out and nodded when she saw Michael. “She’s hanging on.”

“Liz,” Michael nodded.

“Michael,” Liz acknowledged as Bree came running into her mother’s arms as Michael saw the little girl and then his glance went to the small child in the hospital bed and his heart stopped.

She looked so small, and so sick.

“Ms. Deluca,” the doctor asked as she was monitoring the vitals of the child. “I am glad you’re back.”

“Dr. Sampson,” Maria nodded as she patted her daughter in her arms as Bree dug into her mother’s embrace as she took comfort in having her daughter in her arms. “How is Mia doing?”

“She is hanging on, but we will have to get her stable soon” Dr. Sampson voiced, and Maria nodded.

“I might have someone who can donate to Mia,” Maria declared as the doctor looked surprised.

“We tested you Ms. Deluca, and you’re not a match.”

“I know, but this is Michael… and he might be what Mia needs” Maria said softly. “He has a rare blood type, and it might be of some help to my daughter.”

“It can’t be any blood type?” the doctor acknowledged. “Especially when we’re talking about rare blood types.”

“We know…”

“How would you know he would match your daughter when no one else can,” Dr. Sampson asked. “We have tested your whole family…”

“I am Mia’s biological father,” Michael declared as they hadn’t seen that they had visitors in Isabel as she rushed down the hallway and stopped in paralyzed fashion at the news. “I need to be tested.”

“That we can do…” Dr. Sampson nodded. “Come with me.”

Michael nodded and started to walk. “Thank you, Michael,” Maria whispered as she watched Michael walk off and knew what he could be exposing if they weren’t careful as she turned to see Isabel. “You heard…”

“Michael is Mia’s father?” Isabel asked as Kyle joined them moments later.

“Yes,” was all Maria said as she went to sit down next to her daughter and take her tiny hand in hers. “Michael will save you…”


Michael matched and as a result Mia slowly got better. It wasn’t instantaneously but the blood allowed the little girls’ system to stop attacking itself and from shutting down, and slowly her vitals got better and she was removed from that machines and instantly gave Maria hope as she was moved into her own room, and out of ICU.

Michael officially being told he was Mia’s father changed things for him and Maria, and in him and it gave him a newer sense of purpose for his life and Max and Isabel could see the change in their friend as he spent all his time with the little girl and her sister Bree fell in love with him because despite his gruff exterior, he did find something to give the girls and anyone with eyes could see that Maria was falling for her ex again, and they were spending a lot of time together, and the future was clearly evident in how Michael and Maria was approaching each other after failure.

Maria spent the evenings at the apartment while Bree stayed with her grandparents because she couldn’t be at the hospital all the time and Maria wasn’t leaving the hospital, and the hospital was nearby. It wasn’t sex, it was companionship that Michael and Maria sought from each other, as they grew stronger as a couple.

Liz could see it as she stood in Mia’s hospital room and watched the girl’s face light up when Michael came into the room. It was evident the girls missed having a father figure in their life, and Michael was filling it for both girls. “He’s actually good with the girls?” she asked Maria as she stood beside her.

“He’s great with Zane,” came a voice and she whipped around as she saw Max. “Hello Liz” he asked in a soft tone.

“Max,” Liz sighed as she knew since Mia first got sick they both had taken great pains to stay away from each other as she tried to stay away from Max and he has similarity tried to stay when she was around, and this was a very rare meeting. Maria made sure to get out of the way, as she didn’t answer her friend and allowed Max and Liz to talk because she knew how much they were trying to hide from each other.

Which told Maria all she needed to know but didn’t say it because she still had her own situation to deal with.

“I haven’t seen you much…” Max murmured as he tried to keep in control and be professional as he saw Michael showing Mia and Bree a magic trick, while Maria kept watch, with an eye over at Max and Liz.

“I haven’t wanted to be a bother,” Liz murmured as she knew she had to concentrate on her marriage despite knowing it would never be as passionate as she had experienced in those illicit actions before her wedding day so she tried to stay away from Max for the memories that would be provoked.

Max nodded.

“Maria has told me how much of a help you and Michael have been with Mia,” Liz asked as they walked outside of the room and knew they could be watched from within the room since the walls were all mostly glass.

“I haven’t had to do much because Michael did most of it” Max allowed. “There was no way we were going to allow Maria to lose her little girl if we could help it.”

“Thank you,” Liz smiled as she felt touched.

“No problem,” Max nodded.

“Michael doesn’t blame her…” Liz commented as they saw how Michael was reacting to Mia in the hospital bed. “You know about keeping it a secret.”

“He’s the one who ended them, so why should he judge? Maria was right to choose a life that could give something to her, and he knows he doesn’t know how he would have reacted if she had come to him, and given his baggage, I don’t even know what he would have done. He loves her, but he was in no state to be able to give her what she wanted back then…”

“Yeah,” Liz sighed as she thought of herself and Max. “But, how about now?”

“We’re both older, he’s older” Max allowed and continued “We’re all wiser, mostly” he sighed as he saw the wariness in Liz’s eyes and knew what she was thinking. “We still are capable of mistakes, but Michael is a different guy today than he was at 18.”

Liz nodded.

“I hope you do believe that I am happy for you Liz. You have a chance at a life I couldn’t give you. You deserve the world, and not the pain that comes with our past, and trying to make something with me when we both know it was never going to possible, or even easy. You were wise to end us, to snap us back to reality” Max acknowledged. “I love you, but I know we’re better off like this…”


“You have a chance, and I don’t want to wreck it for you. You deserve to grab what you want, and not to settle for old emotions and that is all I want for you,” Max said softly. “I would never forgive myself if I caused you hurt in preventing you from having the life you wanted.”


“You have your chance,” Max said very softly. “That is why I saved your life all those years ago,” he said taking her hand and she felt like she was going to go crazy at the touch which was so soft and intoxicating. “This was never was about me, but about you. I never imagined you would give me the time of day, and I know our time together was a dream and was never going to last, and you lived so you could make something of your life. You are special in more ways than you know,” he sighed. “So, I am stepping away, and allowing you to fly…”

And with those words, he turned and headed for the elevators as she turned and saw Zane watching her, and wordlessly left the room and went to his aunt who was glaring at her, and knew Zane had seen something in her given it wasn’t a well kept secret in the group that Zane now had some kind of observation gift.

Liz shook it off as she saw him get on the elevator and the heated desire came flashing at her despite the distance, and she wanted to pull Max into the broom closet and rip his clothes as they kissed, and felt his touch on his arms and his kisses down her shoulder and more as he entered her as flashes of the moments they shared together, and what she had wanted to do to him.

“Snap out of it,” came a soft voice and she came back to reality. “You’re flushed Liz, you need to control those inner fantasies and be more guarded” she smirked as she knew the signs of how Liz was reacting Max’s words, and knew her friend was in for a world of misery if she kept allowing Max to get to her…

Liz nodded.

“You need to pull yourself together, because you have company” Maria warned as they saw Brian approach them with a huge smile as he hugged his wife, and he gave her a huge kiss and she responded as she looked back at Maria, who only shook her head and went back to Michael and their daughter.

Liz knew she should feel shame for being turned on by another guy that she was giving her husband a false impression of how into him she was, “So, you’re happy to see me?”

“Yes,” Liz lied.

“I am glad I stopped in. How’s Mia?” Brian asked.

“Doing a lot better,” Liz said as shame filled her, as she hugged her husband again and yet memories of Max still in brain, and she needed to be the bigger person “I was just thinking of heading home, so, how about we go home?”

“To do what?” Brian asked smirking.

“You know what…” Liz said softly, as they quickly left and Maria only shook her head as almost knew what Liz was going to do because she had down the same thing before, and it solved nothing…

When you go home and attack your husband, and have spark-less sex with him when you are thinking of being with in another man’s arms, and feeling someone’s touch on you as you’re with someone else, and allowing that someone else to enter you…

Which is what Liz did, and she knew she felt guilty about it hours later as she looked over at her husband in bed, and knew she had to stop this, and needed a way to stay away from Max, and save her marriage because Brian was genuinely a nice guy, and should be what she was dreaming about.

But he wasn’t, and it was wrong, so she knew what she had to do…

“What?” Brian asked as he turned and faced her in bed.

“You should take the job in Las Vegas,” Liz said softly. “I’ll go with you if you take it” she said of the job she knew her husband had been offered, a year contract to manage a prominent casino hotel in Las Vegas.

“What about medical school?” Brian asked.

“I can defer it for a year, and it will give us a chance to experience something different” Liz said softly. And it will keep me away from Max and seeing him. “I feel like seeing something different…”

“You want to be a doctor?” Brian asked.

“I do,” Liz admitted. “But I know how much it will be and with you working, in another state a lot of the time, I want to be with you and have our marriage work out…” she sighed as she sat up in bed. “I want to be able to see you…”

“I want to see you, but don’t give up medical school…”

“I am not, as it will be there in a year, and if it’s not at Las Cruces than we can go to another state and try it out” she murmured.

“You wanted to be close to your parents?” Brian asked.

“I can visit,” Liz murmured. “This is our chance Brian to try new things and be together” she sighed as Brian looked at her a bit wary as if she wasn’t telling him something, and she wasn’t, but she needed out of Roswell. Out of New Mexico, and away from Max before she did something to wreck them all.

She needed her marriage to work.

“I’ll accept the job,” Brian said, and Liz smiled and climbed on top of her husband and allowed themselves to celebrate, as she tried in vein for the memories of Max to leave her brain as she sought to replace those memories with ones with her own husband, as she tried to forget that she was in love with another man.

But Max never left her heart, or mind…


]: So, Michael and Maria seem to be a firmer ground. And Liz has made a drastic decision. Can she stay away? Time will tell but we now the past continues to haunt as her decision has consequences... Thank you for appreciating this story. As things will get very twisty, and things changed dramatically as consequences are felt with every decision, for good and bad.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 13 - 11/14/2019

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 2:22 pm

Surprise, surprise........Michael was a match!
Can't wait to see what the future holds for Maria and Michael......

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 13 - 11/14/2019

Post by Superman86 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 3:03 pm

I'm glad Mia is okay and Michael was was to be there for his daughter and Maria. As for poor Liz... living in such denial, she's hopeless trying to resist a Adonis like Max...Will see :wink:

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 14 - 11/17/2019

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Eight months later

Zane was walking into his new house, with his playmates and best friends Mia and Bree as they lived in a huge house near their grandparent’s homes. They had moved in after Christmas, and the newness hadn’t rubbed off on the kids as they were all roommates as Michael and Maria were officially engaged. With her divorce proceeds she had bought the house for her, Michael and the kids to live in.

The divorce was final. The scandal engulfed her life and in the end she had given in and allowed Richard most of their property except the Los Angeles beach house, and she had gotten her ex to drop custody requests for Bree, and she was given complete and sole custody of both twins although Richard hadn’t cause a commotion about Mia, and barely about Bree, and she was currently negotiating with him to rescind his rights to Bree.

Once the divorce was agreed to and because she wanted to get away from the drama Maria moved back to Roswell where she planned to do any movies, she wanted from her new home base. Once they were engaged, Michael and Maria were planning a summer wedding and Michael wanted to adopt Bree, and that was the current battle in the courts as Richard was pissed and wanted some pain to be inflicted as he didn’t like his ex-wife was happy and that the media loved the love story that Maria and Michael brought to the party and it played well in the press who had embraced the soapiness of the situation.

Max and Isabel could see Michael was a different guy now as he was trying to be responsible and true to the agreement he and Max made, they were working on the formation of a business together, with Max doing the business angel of it while Michael concentrated on the cases.

With Maria’s purchase of the house and the fact that it had plenty of room so they offered Max and Zane the chance to move in, as it allowed the adults to keep an eye on the kids as Zane and Mia had their gifts that were starting to be exhibited. Bree was the normal one, but her special gifts came in her brain, and she was exceedingly smart for almost four years old. It also allowed Zane a chance to spend time with other kids.

And Max didn’t have to rely on his parents all the time… or his sister.

Zane was officially in school full time, but the twins weren’t, and so they were waiting for Zane to come home from school that day. “Daddy, what is wrong?” he asked as he saw the ghost expression on his father’s face once they had entered the room.

An expression he hadn’t seen in months since they all realized how Liz had moved away with her husband and was living in another state away from New Mexico. Realizing he wasn’t going to see her anymore had tore him apart, and it messed him up until he saw that she did the right thing.

She did what he should have done. Cut the cord. Take the leap into something new and forget the past.

And so little by little he concentrated on his new business with Michael, and tried to forget Liz even if he found it weird she hadn’t even come back at the holidays to see her parents and it was like she was trying to forget Roswell even existed, and yet he missed her but knew she was right to stay away…

To save each other from themselves….

And just when he was believing he could move on from Liz and concentrate on building a new life for himself and his son, well, the news broke that made everything even more urgent and it allowed for him to forget about Liz, and concentrated on a bigger disaster right under his nose…

“It’s nothing,” Max said shortly.

“I know it’s something,” Zane asked. “Is it Liz?”

“No,” Max said defiantly as he didn’t know if something had caused Liz to slide off the concern register in his brain “Kids, why don’t you go upstairs to your room and play some videogames okay, but whatever you decide to do, don’t go outside without one of us with you, okay?”

“Why?” Bree asked.

“Just do it,” Max sighed as he walked away as Maria stepped in.

“Go upstairs,” she said softly to her daughter who nodded, and the three kids walked upstairs, and left the adults to immerse themselves back into their talk.

“You’re going to have to tell him, you know?” Maria asked.

“Not until I know more…” Max said as anger filled his brain. “How in the hell did it happen?” he asked as he dialed his cellphone. “Get me the Sheriff. Now…” he said lacking patience as he went outside onto the porch so not for the discussion to filter upstairs, which left Michael and Maria to talk…

“How could she have escaped?” Maria asked her fiancé as they walked into the kitchen and she went to the fridge as they tried to figure out how Tess could have escaped and gotten out of the federal detention center. Of course, they knew, as she went out in a display of fireworks, and now she was missing, and they had no idea where the murderous traitor was, which was terrifying.

“She’s capable of anything, and truthfully I am surprised she stayed as long as she did to be honest” Michael muttered. “I figured she would try to escape a long time before now, and to know she’s finally done it, isn’t a surprise so she’s capable of doing anything which is why we need to worry."

“I know,” Maria worried. “Should we worry that she might go after Liz?”

“Why?” Michael asked. “Liz is no longer here, and she is now married, and living a new life away from here…” he murmured as he was thanking that Liz seemed to have cut all ties off to Roswell, and hadn’t stepped in city limits since she left all those months before. “She’s a not a threat to Tess.”

“I don’t know, it’s a sense I get” Maria worried and knew something was up with her best friend. She had barely been able to talk to Liz in months, and hadn’t seen her since moving back to Roswell, as it was like her friend was hiding from them and she didn’t know because it’s not like she could judge about what Liz might have done with Max. “I have this feeling that Liz plays into whatever Tess has for her grand plan. Why now…”

“Liz is no longer an option for Max, and so she’s safe, away from here, and Tess really has no reason to need to go after Liz anymore” Michael murmured as knew deep down that is what his friend knew and what was keeping him sane until this latest news about his wife, and how Tess was now on the loose.

And liable to do anything.


Las Vegas

She tossed and turned and shifted uncomfortable in her bed as she felt her husband get up and head to the bathroom, as she stayed in bed as her eyes looked up at the ceiling as she wished the insomnia that wrecked her life would go away. The dreams were getting more intense, and they weren’t of her husband but of another man.

She thought she had reached a compromise for saving her marriage. Moving away from Max, but she was wrong, and initially it did see to work but then she found out the news that would rock her world, and the dreams came back to haunt her and had yet to diminish, and she knew they wouldn’t…

As she willed her eyes to close, and for her to fall asleep because her husband was due to go back on shift, and she looked over as he came out of the bathroom in his suit and leaned down and kissed his wife. “Sleep tight. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“I wish you would stay?” Liz sighed as she wanted this to be over…

“The night shift,” Brain smiled. “But soon I’ll have the time off to help you…”

Liz nodded as he leaned and kissed her stomach, and the huge bump that now resided within her… as he got up and left the bedroom and the hotel suite that they lived in since they moved to Las Vegas.

Unable to sleep, because she was days away from giving birth as she managed to make it out of the bed, and she felt uncomfortable. “Please let me sleep,” she whispered as she felt the baby that she was carried.

And wished her husband wasn’t being fed a lie.

She knew she was days away, but her husband thought they still had a couple of weeks at the least.

She knew that the chance she was carrying her husband’s baby was likely a lie because she felt the baby and knew there was a strength in there and a bond in the unborn baby that signalled a very different father.

She prayed it was her husband’s as she knew she had conceived around her wedding night, but the question was it with her husband on the night they said their vows in the church or was it the previous night when she slept with Max?

Waddling into the main suite, she went for the ice cream in the fridge and another sign that this wasn’t a normal baby was, that she poured tabasco sauce on the vanilla ice cream. Brian laughed at her spicy and sweet cravings, but she didn’t because she knew what it signified.

That she was carrying someone else’s baby.

“This is what I get for being unfaithful” Liz muttered as she put chocolate chips and pickle in the ice cream, and munch on it as she sat down on the couch and watched television as she felt the baby. “I do love you; you know... I know your Dad would love you if he knew,” she murmured. “For some reason you were meant to be…”

And then there was a knock on the door, as she cursed and knew it would take awhile to get there, as the phone also rang at the same time. She picked the door, and let the phone go to the machine.


“Liz, pick up” Maria cursed as she stood in her house back in Roswell and prayed that her friend would pick up. “I need to talk to you,” she muttered when it went to the machine, “Call me back. It’s about Tess, she’s escaped, and I am worried about you…”


Liz made it to the door, and she began to smile. “Did you forget something?” she asked as she assumed it was her husband, and wondered if he forgot something but it wasn’t Brian as she opened the door and could of fainted as she saw a short blonde glaring at her, and holding a gun on her…

“I told you to stay away from my husband” said a furious Tess as before she knew it, the gun was shot, and the tasered bullet found her target, and Liz collapsed to the floor. “You went and got pregnant by my husband, so I will have to do something about that” she said told her goons, “Grab her”

As the goons grabbed Liz’s legs and pulled her into the suite and slammed the door behind them and went to work.


Eyes opened as he had fallen asleep on the couch while watching the basketball game with his Uncle Michael, and he looked up and he saw his father pacing and talking on the phone, and knew he was talking to his aunt. “I know Isabel,” he sighed as she looked around and saw his son looking at him. “I have to go and put Zane to bed.”

Max hung up and looked with heavy eyes at his son. “Time for bed son”

Zane knew it was about his biological mother, and knew it wasn’t pretty but then from his dream, he got a funny feeling in his gut as he looked at his father. “Daddy”

“What is it?” Max asked.

“I think Mommy did something to your friend Liz,” Zane asked to a gasp from Max as it sunk in, and then Maria who was watching behind them as she didn’t also mention how she had this sense of two heartbeats beating in his dream, one of a unborn baby and it’s mother, and she sensed that in Liz.

“What did you see?” Max asked as he knelt in front his son.
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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 14 - 11/17/2019

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About the time Maria and Michael settled into a great routine......up pops the bitch.
What is Tess going to do??
Will Liz and the baby survive?
I was surprised Tess didn't breakout earlier myself.

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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 14 - 11/17/2019

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How is Tess finding out about Max and Liz? It doesn't sound like anyone in Roswell knew that Liz is pregnant, even Maria. How would Tess know that the baby is Max's.

Hopefully Max and Michael will get to Liz in time.

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If Walls Could Talk... - Chapter 15 - 11/20/2019

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Hours later, she woke up and she was in excruciating pain as she immediately feared for her baby, as she felt the handcuffs around her wrist, and she couldn’t reach her baby to see what was happening, as she looked around and saw that she was in some kind of cave and memories flooded her mind and she instantly knew where she was.

The Chamber where Max was born and if she was here, then she knew that she was in trouble and that she was on borrowed time.

“Do you know how long I have been waiting for this day?” came a chilling voice as she could see that she laid on a gurney table. She prayed for a way to alert Max or even Isabel, but she was operating under the belief that no one knew to look for her thanks to the fact she ran all those months before, and she had cut off her ties to Roswell as she concentrated on trying to save her marriage and they all would assume she was happy and didn’t have a gun pointed at her baby.

A baby she was carrying because of an illicit affair she had with the husband of the woman who had kidnapped her, and who was a homicidal vindictive alien.

Liz immediately regretted having disowned her own gifts because she wanted no memories of the past or anything that Max had given her that wasn’t the baby she was carrying and was trying to keep the charade going that it was Brian’s. She knew the powers she was given that day in the Crashdown when Max saved her life were there, but she hadn’t practiced or used them in years and now she needed them, and she couldn’t call on them. She prayed she could make Tess see common sense.

But she knew it was a big ask given she was kidnapped after all, and the baby was likely a big reason why Tess was now interested in her, and had escaped prison to conduct this mission and Liz needed to know why… “How did I get here?”

“That is none of your concern. If you are worried about your dimwitted husband. Well, he’s none the wiser as he thinks you came to visit your family and to tell them about the baby but then he none the wiser about a lot of things in your marriage, isn’t he Parker? Never knew you had it in you, but then we learn the things we’re capable of by doing the unpredictable.”

“What are you going to do?” Liz asked.

“That is for me to know and you to never find out” Tess taunted. “I told you to stay away from Max, but you didn’t listen, did you?”

“I married Brian to stay away from Max, and I moved away to stay away from Max… I cut off any contact with my hometown, my friends and even my parents don’t even know about their grandchild. So, you won Tess. I gave up my chance with him because of you, So, if you let me leave then I can go home, and I’ll raise the baby as Brian’s and Max will never know okay….”

“You don’t get it, do you?” Tess asked.

“What don’t I get?” Liz asked.

“I can’t have that bastard raised by a human,” Tess muttered as she pointed the gun at the baby in Liz’s stomach “That brat affects all of man kind, and I can’t have that…”

“Zane is human,” Liz asked as she felt the pain radiating inside and knew the baby was in trouble, and distress.

“Zane is special,” Tess muttered.

“You told us he was human, and that is why he was rejected” Liz muttered. “When you came back from Antar. You said Khivar rejected him because he was human, because of the fact you and Max were both part human. So, what, you lied again?”

“Yes, I of course lied… Max was going to kill me. I had to protect myself, and I had to protect Zane because he has a greater purpose that is unique, and nothing can be prevented from him being set up to take his rightful place…”

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked as fear for the little boy also crept into her blood. “What do you have planned for Max’s son…”

“You’re so gullible,” Tess spat as she unleashed her fury. “He’s not Max’s son, and he’s not even mine” she laughed to the shock of Liz. “Did any of you actually see me give birth, no, all Max has that he baby trying to contact him and it’s true the kid did, but I lost the baby I was pregnant with due to the change in atmosphere when I tried to get back to Antar, and therefore they kept me around a few months to see what they could do with me, and they had a grand experiment going on and they were hoping to use me, but it failed and so they went another way, and because I knew they were planning to kill me. To save myself, I grabbed their grand experiment, and I came back to Earth.”

“What are you talking about?” Liz asked as she bucked from the pain.

“Almost time,” Tess sang.

“Time until what?” Liz asked.

“Time until I get my ticket back to Antar with Max’s true heir” Tess sang. “You see Zane is bonded to Max, but he’s not his kid because he is the duplicate version of Max. Max is supposed to keep an eye on the kid until he’s old enough to take over as leader of the duplicates.”

“Oh god,” Liz whispered at the horror of the duplicity seeped into her, and yet she didn’t know if Tess was telling the truth.

“Yes,” Tess sang. “Zan was killed here on Earth before his time, and they figured they needed another one of Max but I figured having a kid loose in New York with Lonnie and Rath keeping track of him wouldn’t work since they didn’t want anyone telling them what to do, and so I figured if Max kept him in his custody than the kid would grow up to be like him, in every way and that is what the duplicates need as they are too rash and they make mistakes and misjudgments.”

“What are you planning?” Liz asked.

“That kid your carrying is the real heir, and Khivar will give me the ticket home if I bring him the real heir to control” Tess smiled. “So, rest up because the fun is beginning very soon…” she murmured as Liz felt confused and then remembered Zane, and how he seemed to be a carbon copy of Max, down to those eyes which she remembered back from third grade when she first felt them staring at her. She worried for her child now…

“How did they get the ability to try to engineer another Max?” Liz asked as if she didn’t know.

“Thanks to Agent Pierce’s interrogation of Max” Tess laughed. “Those tests were very intrusive for Max, what he never told you, did he?”

“So, what did Nascedo pass off a sample? Liz asked. “Or whatever they took from him?”

“Yes, he figured that I wasn’t making any movement with Max to be able to do that secret deal of ours, and so he found the sample and used it to negotiate more time for me to do what I had to do…”

“You’re mad….” Liz murmured. “How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

“So, what, you’re a slut. You played with Max in more ways than the fact you slept with him while he was married, and you were engaged and even married yourself. You changed the timeline back in high school, and played with his heart, and by changing the timeline than you allowed a lot of the pieces to come together… So, now I have the final piece, so we might as well get started.” Tess said as tasered Liz again as she fell unconscious as Tess was trying to induce labor, and it was starting to work.


As Liz was facing the horror of whatever came next Max was pacing the Crashdown as they all stood and talked. Zane was observing as the Parkers talked to Max. On this night only they and Maria and Michael knew the fact Liz was pregnant thanks to Brian spilling when he called to check in on his wife only to be told she hadn’t shown up, and he immediately caused an alarm when he told his in-laws that their daughter was days or weeks away from giving birth and it put everyone on alert, and the authorities had been called and now the gang was trying to figure out where to start, and do now because on top of Zane’s dream, the fact Tess was on the loose. Liz would never have gone missing on her own and wouldn’t have come back given her attempt at vanishing and starting a new life devoid of any reference to her hometown. They knew this now had all the earmarks of being a Tess scheme and yet the baby escalated things and Maria and Michael were debating how to treat the news, and whether to tell the truth.

“Should we tell Max?” Michael muttered as they had a pretty good reason why no one knew of the pregnancy back here in Roswell. Max had to be the father, or a pretty good candidate since they could track it back to around the wedding, and why Liz was playing hide and seek from her family and friends for the last eight months.

“It will only aggravate him more,” Maria muttered as anyone could see the aura of desperation as Jim Valenti walked in and told Jeff and Nancy that an alert was out, and no one had seen anything at all as there were sightings of anyone connection to Tess or Liz.

Which was bad news.

“Where would Tess have taken my daughter?” Jeff asked Max.

“Anywhere,” Michael admitted as he approached as Maria grabbed his hand as they prayed for her friend. “We don’t even know if she came back here…”

“She came back here,” Maria muttered because this had all the fingerprints of alien motivation on it and she knew Tess had her mitts on this and it needed to take place in Roswell.

“Daddy, I see caves…” Zane murmured, and Max stopped and knelt in front of his son. “I see a door opening and closing…” the little boy murmured as she felt the bond two hearts attached to himself, and he didn’t know why because it wasn’t like they belonged to his mother. She didn’t know why his Dad’s friend Liz felt so important to him, but she was, and he felt like he had to save her…

“She wouldn’t?” Max asked Michael as they stopped in place as their eyebrows rose with fear.

“She would, because that is where it all began for us…” Michael confirmed as Isabel nodded as the three ran out of the Crashdown leaving confusion in everyone else. “And where she tried to get away from this place last time…”

“Where did they go?” Nancy asked as fear coursed through her as none of this made sense and all she knew her daughter was missing, and now she had a grandchild also missing, and that meant it escalated the situation.

“It is someplace only we know of” Maria murmured “We have a feeling Liz might be there but it’s best they go and figure out if we’re right” was all Maria could elaborate on as she looked at Jeff and Nancy and saw the confusion in their eyes, and she felt it. It was a lot for all of them as Phillip and Diane collected their grandson and walked out of the Crashdown and leaving Maria and Kyle alone with the Parkers. “I know this has to confuse you?”

“Why would my daughter keep the baby a secret?” Jeff asked Maria. “That is not my daughter.”

“Look, even I didn’t know,” Maria admitted as she could give a pretty good guess “Liz kept quiet these last months since she moved to Las Vegas. Which is something I don’t get,” she lied because she did get it as she was protecting herself, and the baby from Tess, and now Tess had to have known and went after Liz and the baby, and was capable of anything, and that scared her… “I want to believe she is protecting herself, and the baby.”

“Why?” Nancy asked. “Why would Max’s wife even want my daughter. If Max is married to her, and Liz has moved on.”

“Because Liz didn’t move on, did she?” Jeff asked as he glared at his daughter’s best friend. “Is Max the father of my daughter’s baby?”

“I don’t know,” Maria admitted. “As I said, Liz didn’t even tell me she was pregnant,” she sighed. “I don’t know what she was thinking except that she was wanting to turn over a new leaf and didn’t want her old life to interfere. I do know she and Max got friendly again last summer, but I don’t know what lengths it went to…” she brazenly lied as Kyle sighed as he left to check his phone so not to let on that he knew it was a lie because they were all aware of what kind of lengths Max and Liz went to in their summer of illicit passions.

Jeff nodded as the door burst open as he got the sense not to push the subject just as the door flung open and Brian rushed in. “Where is my wife, and baby?”

Shit! Maria and Kyle both thought together.


“Are you going to take the handcuffs off?” said the lead goon to Tess as she paced the small quarters as Liz was near delirium as the pain of the labor caused intense distress to her added pressure from the tasered gun to her hip, and she bucked but was held down by the handcuffs, as the hour was getting closer. She knew it was moments away, and she needed it to be over… She prayed for the baby to be safe, and for Max to find them…

“Please Max, please” she whispered into the delirium of the pain. “I should never have listened to Tess…”

“You’re not going to be able to deliver the baby if she’s cuffed to the bed…” the lead goon told Tess.

“I don’t know what kind of gifts she has,” Tess muttered as she remembered back to the blast, she got in her time back on Earth after her time on Antar. “We have to keep her cuffed.”

“It won’t be possible,” the goon indicated. “You need the heir via childbirth, right?” he asked. “And it’s not like she’s going anywhere as we’re getting close.”

“Right,” Tess muttered as she witnessed the distress Liz was under and she smiled at how it was all coming together. “Fine, take them off…” she said as she went down to nemesis ear and threatened. “Don’t you think about moving otherwise I’ll use the high setting to this thing,” she muttered. “And then both you and your precious baby will be dead.”

“Okay push” the goon threatened to Liz and she pushed, and then continued to past the point of sanity as she continued until finally, they pulled the baby out of her, and she couldn’t even react or hold her baby as she was fading fast when she heard curses.

“Damn it, it’s a girl” Tess yelled as she saw the baby, as she forced it to be cut from the umbilical cord. “Who is the idiot who told me that it would be a boy. Kill him now. Fuck, there is no way this baby will get me where I need to go. Khivar will never let me live if I don’t bring with me Max’s male heir.”

“What do you want me to do?” lead goon asked as Liz lost consciousness. “She’s bleeding, and we’re losing her…”

“Let her bleed out and get rid of the baby” Tess threatened. “They are no use to me now…”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” came a very angry and threatening alien as Tess whipped around and saw Max blasting a murderous glare her way with Michael and Isabel in lock step with him as they came at Tess and the goons. “You better step away from her if you don’t want to be dead before you take another step.”


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Re: If Walls Could Talk... (CC, Mature) - Chapter 15 - 11/20/2019

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Wow. Zane is Max's clone and not his son. Max should have got there in time to save Liz and his daughter. How is Liz going to explain everything to her husband.

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