What happens in London. Comp Fic. (A/I-C/C-Teen) 15.OCT.08

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What happens in London. Comp Fic. (A/I-C/C-Teen) 15.OCT.08

Post by StargazerUK » Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:39 am

What happens in London…

Author: StargazerUK.

Email: dj.meade@btinternet.com

Category: A/I & C/C.

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these Roswell characters, I have borrowed them.( If I did Alex & Isabel would be living happily ever after. )

Author's Note: This story is a direct result of an author’s auction to help support the lovely Stacey. Chrisken was the person kind enough to bid on me and win so I can only hope I can do his ideas justice. Chris set this up like a challenge fic so I have certain phrases, locations and actions to include in this story. I hope you like it, but as Chris has kindly donated his money this has already served its purpose.

David / StargazerUK


“I hate you so much right now!”

“Liz!” Maria cried. “That’s a terrible thing to say.”

Liz glanced at Maria before looking back at Alex. “You know I don’t mean it, right?”

Alex simply smiled and with a slight nod replied. “I know.”

“It’s just…” Liz paused. “…you’re going to London, I love London.”

“I know.” Alex repeated softly.

“It’s just so beautiful with all the sights, the museums and the whole history of the place. It’s got so much to see and do.” Liz enthused. “And it’s not…” She tailed off.

“It’s not here?” Maria offered.

Liz turned to look at her friend, her eyes mournful. “It’s not like I don’t love Roswell, but places like London and New York have museums and theatres. They have mass transit systems and libraries the size of our football stadium.”

“And they don’t close at 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night!” Maria joined in.

“Have you got everything you need?” Liz couldn’t help but fuss over Alex.

“Do you have a jacket in case it rains?” Maria added.

“Yes, Moms.” Alex replied sarcastically, making sure he softened his biting reply with a warm smile. “It was all I could do to get my mom to let me come to the airport with you guys, don’t you start with the mother hen routine.”

“Well, you try and show a little concern...” Maria pouted, folding her arms across her chest. “He’s flying more than 4,000 miles away and do we get thanked for showing a little love and concern?”

“That would be a no!” Liz joined in. Their double act a now well rehearsed routine when it came to their best friend.

Alex let out a heavy sigh as he looked from one friend to another. “I’m sorry.” He began. “I’m just a little keen to get going and standing round this airport is not helping.” Alex reached out his long arms and engulfed his two diminutive friends, pulling them into a full on embrace.

Despite being pulled in close to Alex Maria managed to turn her head to look at Liz. “It’s too easy.” She whispered to her friend, referring to the ease with which either girl could make their tall friend feel guilty.

“It shows we care.” Liz replied, partly trying to assuage her own guilt at making her friend feel bad.

Suddenly Liz could see the look on Maria’s face change noticeably. Before she had a chance to comment on the change in her best friend’s demeanour Maria pulled back from Alex’s grasp and pointed over Liz’s shoulder towards the other side of the waiting area.

“What are they doing here?” Maria almost hissed.

Liz and Alex turned to follow the direction in which Maria was now so sternly facing. To both of their surprise they saw something completely unexpected.

Max, Michael and Isabel had just entered the waiting area and even more surprising was the fact that Isabel appeared to be carrying a suitcase.


“This is a bad mistake.” Michael stated firmly. “A very bad mistake.”

Isabel turned on her heels and glared at her unkempt companion. “Yes, Michael, we get it! This is a bad mistake. You’ve managed to tell me about a dozen times in the last hour how bad this whole thing is and yet I’m still doing it so let’s just drop it, OK?”

“Isabel, you know Michael is only worried about you, we both are.”

Isabel eyed her brother for a moment before turning to look at Michael again. He was trying to act like her comments didn’t mean anything to him, but he had changed since the humans had come into their lives, no matter how much he tried to deny it. One of those changes was he no longer simply dismissed anything said by those around him, even those closest to him. It now mattered to him so when someone close told him to back off it was like a slap to the face whereas previously he would have simply ignored them.

“Michael, I know you are just looking out for me and I appreciate it, but I’m only going to be gone a couple of days. I’ll be back by Sunday night and a trip to London is exactly what I need.” Isabel explained. “With all that’s been going on here we made the collective decision to take a step back from…” Isabel paused for a moment as she knew all to well what they had decided to take a step back from…the humans.

“Well if we are taking a step back can you tell me why you are flying thousand of miles to be with Whitman?” Michael countered.

Isabel was momentarily lost for words. “I’m not going to London to be with Alex.”

“Really?” Michael pressed. “Then can you explain why you had nothing to do with this trip until you started to see Helen Baker show an interest in Alex and then all of a sudden you miraculously find yourself on this trip to London?”

“It’s just a coincidence that a place came up and I thought a trip to London would be fun.”

“Isabel...” Max offered gently, not wishing to annoy his sister, but he knew Michael had a point. “There are coincidences and then there’s what happened to Helen.” Isabel simply stared at her brother, not moving and not speaking so Max continued. “The girl who’s been showing an interest in Alex and is due to fly off to London with him for a couple of days suddenly develops this rash that’s been making her itch nonstop for the last 24hrs and the doctors say should clear up by Sunday night?”

Isabel stood motionless. It wasn’t very often she was lost for words, but this was clearly one of those times. “Are you saying I’m jealous?” When both boys stood silent Isabel received her answer. Finally she said, “I have to go.”

Max watched as his sister picked up her bag and turned to leave. Suddenly he reached out and grabbed her hand, forcing her to stop and look back at him. “Stay safe, OK? And make sure you give us a call from London.”

Isabel dropped her bag and gave Max a firm hug. “I will.” She stepped back and looked at Michael. She knew he wasn’t big on hugging, which made his next action all the more surprising. Michael stepped forward and pulled the tall blond into an almighty bear hug. “Bring me back something to eat, but nothing that has organs in the name. You know they eat kidneys and livers and stuff over there.”

Isabel couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll bring you some British chocolate, they have the good stuff!”


“So why are they here?” Maria repeated. “And why does it look like Isabel is coming with you?”

Alex shrugged. “Don’t look at me. I didn’t know Isabel was coming. I heard about Helen so I guess Isabel is a short notice replacement.”

Liz frowned. “Helen? Why, what happened to Helen?”

“Helen Baker caught some kind of rash or allergy or something and she’s not allowed to fly so I guess Isabel is taking her place.”

“Wait, Helen Baker has suddenly developed a rash, which means she can’t go and Isabel can?” Liz was clearly thinking out loud, trying to get things straight in her mind. “That’s the same Helen Baker who’s been making eyes at you at lunch in the quad and also at the Crashdown for the last couple of weeks?”

“And who has clearly taken a shine to you.” Maria added.

“No, no, no.” Alex stated firmly. “Don’t go reading into things that aren’t there. We know Max, Michael and Isabel have said they want to take a step back from us so they can concentrate on other things.” Alex lowered his voice for the last part. “So not only do I not think Isabel would do something this extreme, but with their ‘take a step back’ thing going on it really isn’t happening the way you think. It can’t be.” He added hurriedly.

Alex quickly hugged the girls and picked up his bag to leave. Saying goodbye to the girls was going to be difficult enough as it was, but now that Isabel had suddenly appeared it made things all the more confusing.

“OK, guys and girls.” One of the teachers called. “If we can have you all over here so we can start going through.”

Alex and Isabel joined the other ten students as they started to file through the gate. They each threw a furtive glance at one another before quickly looking away.

Liz & Maria and Max & Michael looked on from different sides of the security area. Each mindful of not only their loved one heading off for a few days on a trip to London, but also at the two friends that stood awkwardly to the side, trying not to steal a glance but unable to help themselves.

“This will not end well.” Michael stated sternly to Max.

“I hope this ends well...” Liz offered to Maria. “…for both their sakes.”


The flight to London was uneventful enough. There were twelve students on the trip, six boys and six girls. The teachers had learned a long time ago to always make things even else they would be accused of favouritism towards boys or girls by over competitive parents. It was the way of the world these days.

Once seated, unsurprisingly boys in one group and girls in the other, the time was taken up by the boys playing with the in-flight entertainment systems while the girls seemed to be preoccupied with what cute guys had come on the trip. There were also one or two nervous glances towards Isabel Evans who not only had a reputation at high school which put all the other girls in their place, but no one would have guessed she would have chosen to go on a trip like this. Who even knew she liked Shakespeare?

When they arrived at what looked like their hotel the students were asked to wait in their mini bus while the teachers organised their accommodation.

They were in London for a performance of Hamlet by the Royal Shakespeare Company. There had been an original run at Stratford-upon-Avon, which unsurprisingly had sold out very quickly. Combining Shakespeare with his home town was always going to be very popular. And it was because the play was such a hit that a short run had been organised for London and was how the English department had been able to order tickets online when they were issued.

Of course there was much sightseeing to be done and a lot of ground to be covered, but the crowning glory was the play itself.

Finally, after a long delay, the teachers eventually returned with what appeared to be some rather broad smiles upon their faces. “OK, listen up.” Mr. Clarke, the head of the English department called. “I’ve got some bad news and I’ve got some good news.”

“It’s not about the play, is it?” One of the girls called.

“Don’t worry, Sarah.” A voice called from the back of the bus. “You’ll get to see your beloved David Tennant.”

Everyone started cheering and laughing, all except Isabel that is.

“No, our tickets for the play are safely under lock and key and that’s all fine. It’s to do with the hotel. They seem to have lost our reservations.” Mr. Clarke announced. Just as panic was about to breakout the tall, slim teacher raised his hands and beckoned for everyone to calm down and sit down. “The good news…” He called as the raised voices started to subside. “…is we’ve been given an upgrade to a sister hotel which is right in the centre of town so we’ll not only have a nicer place to stay but we’ll be that much closer to all the sights and places of interest.”

Once everyone digested the news they all settled down for what turned out to be a short journey to their new hotel. Isabel sat there visibly mulling something over in her mind before she turned to the rather petit, timid looking girl who was sitting beside her. “I know I’m going to make a fool of myself by asking this, but who is David Tennant?”


With the time difference and the connecting flights the group had arrived at London Heathrow on Friday afternoon. It was just a whistle stop trip to the capital before their return flight on Sunday morning. The whole point was simply to see the play being performed in England by the RSC. For some it would be a once in a life time experience. That, couple with the fact that some very famous British actors were playing the main parts, made it all the more special.

Alex hadn’t been given an opportunity to see Isabel let alone speak to her. By the time they had unpacked, had dinner and been for a walk along the embankment of the river Thames by the houses of parliament they had all been ushered back to the hotel and up to their rooms as they had a lot of ground to cover on Saturday so that meant an early start.

Having said that even if he had been afforded time with Isabel he wasn’t exactly sure what he would have said. ‘Hi, did you come all this way for me?’ wasn’t exactly a good ice-breaker and nor was ‘Did you infect Helen so you could take her place to be with me’?

He would never have thought that Isabel would do such a thing just to be near him. That would be very conceited of him, but now that Liz and Maria had planted that idea into his head it was all he could think about.

As odd as it seemed the fact that Alex and Isabel had been kept apart was probably a good thing, as far as Alex could fathom. If he did speak to Isabel it would only open up a whole new can of worms, which would not only be very difficult to deal with, being 4,000 miles from home, but it also meant there was no back-up from Liz and Maria.


Alex couldn’t believe their luck when it came to the new hotel. It certainly wasn’t the Savoy or the Dorcester, but it was still far and away the fanciest hotel either him or any of his fellow travellers had ever stayed in. The entrance hall was grand to say the least and it was old, very old, but not in a horrible musty way. It simply oozed style and class.

If the exterior and entrance hall showed how old the hotel was the rooms showed the exact opposite. Despite having to share a room with a fellow classmate any anxiety that might have been caused went out the window in an instant when he saw the large screen TV and games system the room contained. There were only two instructions from their teachers while there were staying in such a fancy hotel. Act sensibly and stay away from the mini bar!

“Cool room.”

Alex turned to look at John Cutter who he had been paired to share a room with. “That’s an understatement.” He smiled at his friend. Alex liked John. He didn’t know him terribly well but he knew him well enough to know he was much like himself. He was very much into music and gadgets, but also happy to keep himself to himself. He didn’t stand out in a crowd.

“What’s with you and Isabel Evans?”

That question not only hit Alex like a bolt out of the blue, but its insightfulness nearly knocked him off of his feet and back onto his bed. “Me and Isabel Evans? I don’t know what you mean.” Alex desperately tried to cover, but lying was never one of his strong points.

John simply shrugged. “I don’t mean to pry, man. It’s just…” He paused a moment as though trying to find the right words. “The fact that the two of you have managed to stay so far apart in such a small group makes it rather obvious. That and the fact that she can’t seem to take her eyes off of you.”

“She can’t?” Alex let slip before he could stop himself. “I mean you can’t be serious. This is Isabel Evans we’re talking about.”

“Hey, Alex.” John threw his hands up in a defensive pose. “Trust me I don’t mean to interfere and I certainly don’t want to know your business. We all know Isabel’s reputation, but we all also see her spending time with you at lunch in school or at the Crashdown. She’s clearly a babe and I just thought that if you and she were getting it on it wouldn’t be a bad thing.” Alex couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “It would just be nice to have one of the good guys win for change, that’s all I meant.”

Alex eyed his friend for a moment. He may not have said it very eloquently, but he though he understood what he was trying to say and he was reasonably sure there was a compliment in there as well. “Thanks, John…I think.”

Both young men simply smiled at one another.

“Enough touch-y feel-y stuff.” John stated, breaking the slightly awkward moment between the two young men. “We had better get some sleep as we have a lot to see tomorrow.”


“They’re made out of potato!” A voice called.

Alex stopped his silent musings as he ate breakfast and looked slightly further down the table where he could see one of the girls looking down at her plate in what appeared to be disgust.

“Allison, what’s all the noise about?” One of the female teachers on the tour called from the head of the table.

“Miss. Donald. I picked up some waffles from the breakfast buffet, but it turns out they make them with potato here!”

Alex simply shook his head. Sure making waffles from potato didn’t actually sound right to him, but it also wasn’t exactly a crime against humanity. Surely a country as small as this that nearly ruled the entire globe simply down to superior sea power could be allowed one or two ‘odd’ ideas about food.

It was then that Alex became aware of an odd feeling as he gazed around the room. He felt as though he was being watched. He finally caught sight of Isabel standing near the drinks stand. She appeared to be getting a glass of orange juice, but she also seemed to be doing it while staring at him and not paying attention to what she was doing.

As soon as she saw the object of her observations look directly at her she dropped her gaze and almost dropped her glass! Alex quickly returned his eyes to his plate, not wishing to embarrass Isabel by the fact that he had caught her staring at him and also to think about what exactly was going on. Could the girls have been right?

When Liz and Maria mentioned about Helen being taken ill and Isabel rather fortunately taking her place he didn’t want to think about the possibility that Isabel had contrived the situation so she could spend time with him. That simply wasn’t possible. Now that his roommate had passed comment on Isabel watching him, coupled with the fact that he just caught her staring at him meant he was going to have to give the possibility some serious thought. Was it a good thing or a bad thing, whatever it was that Isabel was doing? Was it alien related or was it…”

“Alex, I think we need to talk.”

Alex almost jumped out of his skin when those words were whispered in his ear. As he turned to look he saw a startled looking Isabel almost recoiling from him.

“Sorry.” He called as he stood up, his hand reaching out to steady Isabel, but he quickly pulled it back when he realised she was ok. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but I was a million miles away when you spoke to me so it made me jump.”

“It’s me who should be sorry.” Isabel offered gently. “I shouldn’t have crept up on you like that.”

“You’re just lucky my ninja training didn’t kick in.” Alex joked. “It would have been all over within the blink of an eye. There would have been two hits.” Isabel frowned at Alex’s last comment so he went on to explain. “You’d hit me and I’d hit the floor.”

Isabel couldn’t stop herself from smiling. Before she could respond everyone’s attention was drawn to Mr. Clarke who had started to address the group. “OK, ladies and gentlemen. Please finish up what you’re doing, grab your bags and backpacks from your rooms and meet downstairs in ten minutes. We have a sightseeing bus trip to catch and we don’t want to miss it as not only will we miss all the important sights and landmarks, but it means we will have to walk everywhere and none of us want that.”


Alex almost had to stop himself from sitting open mouthed as the bus continued its tour. He knew so many of the London landmarks, but to actually see them close up and first hand was something else. He’d always been a bit of an anglophile thanks mainly to British Sci-Fi and comedy shows and that was to say nothing of his love of British music.

To see Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, St. Paul’s cathedral and Tower Bridge to name but three was unbelievable. The fact that they were just the tip of the iceberg made Alex realise that a second, much longer visit was called for. He knew already if he mentioned to Liz and Maria about coming back to London for a summer vacation he would surely be killed in the stampede for the airport.

“Now that’s what I call a Ferris Wheel.”

Alex shook his head to pull himself out of his mental musings. He turned to look at John who was sitting beside him before he followed his companions gaze to look at what he already knew to be the world’s biggest observation wheel and not, as John called it, a Ferris wheel.

“Oh, my goodness!” Alex exclaimed. “The London Eye.”

London had created several projects to celebrate the new millennium. Some had been huge successes while others had been even bigger failures. The Millennium wheel, or the London Eye as it was more commonly called, was definitely the former as apposed to the latter.

“How big do you think it is?” John asked.

“450ft to the top, has 32 capsules, which hold 25 people at a time, takes 30 minutes to do one full rotation and on a clear day you can see 25 miles.” Alex stated matter-of-factly. He turned to see John simply staring at him. “Sorry. Couldn’t sleep last night so ended up reading the London tourist guide that was in our hotel room.”

The bus trip lasted three hours and was a huge success. There was so much to see and so much to learn that if it had lasted three days it wouldn’t have been long enough, but time was getting on and they had to get back to the hotel to change and get ready for their matinee viewing of Hamlet.

When they arrived back at the hotel they were given instructions about how long they had to get ready and where to gather before they left for the theatre. Alex was pleased to see that Isabel appeared to be enjoying herself when he had seen her earlier and had clearly struck up some sort of friendship with a girl he had seen her sitting with on the bus.

As he made his way inside Alex felt a firm, but gentle grasp on his arm which caused him to look back. He was both surprised and pleased to see Isabel smiling back at him. She clearly had something on her mind. “Mr. Clarke said we were having dinner in the hotels fancy restaurant this evening. I think it has something to do with making up for our lost reservations.”

Alex didn’t know what to reply to that comment so he simply nodded at Isabel.

Isabel took a deep breath. “Anyway I was wondering if you would have dinner with me tonight after the play?” When Isabel saw the look of surprise on Alex’s face she quickly added. “You know…sit with me, I mean. Nothing romantic.”

“Of course.” Alex fired back. “Nothing romantic, but I would love to…sit with you at dinner.”

“Then it’s a date.” Isabel stated before she could censor herself. “Not a date!” She shook her head. “I mean I’ll see you there.”

Alex wasn’t entirely sure, but he thought he could see Isabel start to blush as she hurried off into the hotel. He tried not to get excited, but the fact remained he had just had a great day out in London. He was just about to go and see David Tennant play Hamlet and Isabel wanted to have dinner with him. This was turning out to be the best trip ever!

“Excuse me, Mate” Alex heard someone call in a strong London accent. He turned to see a large shaven headed man leaning out of the biggest limousine he had ever seen. “Is it alright if I park here while I pick up my passengers, I’ll only be a few minutes?”

He quickly realised that, for whatever reason, this chauffeur thought he worked at the hotel. “Sorry, friend. I’d like to help you, but I don’t work for this company.”

“No worries, Mate.” He gave Alex a wave. “I’m sure I’ll find somewhere. Sorry to have disturbed you.”

Alex watched as the guy slowly drove off before he turned to head into the hotel and get ready. Somehow he just knew it was going to be an interesting night.


“Did you see him?”

Alex couldn’t help but smile as he stood in the foyer of the hotel having just returned from seeing Hamlet. “Yes, Sarah. I saw him. We all saw him. In fact he was on stage for over three hours so I can safely say I saw him.”

“David Tennant is just so cute.” Sarah enthused. “He’s wonderful in Doctor Who and he was wonderful in Hamlet. It was all just so…”

“Wonderful?” Alex offered while trying not to laugh.

‘The play had indeed been wonderful.’ Alex thought to himself. Seeing a play in person rather than reading it off of the page simply brought things to life. It all seemed to flow and make much more sense. Plus, more than any of that, it made it that much easier to understand, what was going on and what was being said.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Alex shook off his inner musings to find Isabel standing just before him. She looked stunning in a figure hugging dress. It may have sounded odd, but he had tried to ignore her earlier as she simply looked so beguiling and that was before he had processed the knowledge that the dress was red, Scarlett red. As much as he tried to put Liz and Maria’s words to the back of his mind things kept popping up, which gave him cause to doubt his dismissive thoughts on the whole Isabel had come to London for him idea.

“Are we set for dinner?” Alex asked gently, knowing if he didn’t say something he would simply stand and stare at the beautiful girl all night.

“We are.” Isabel nodded with a broad smile.

Alex gestured towards the dinning room to allow Isabel to take the lead. As they stepped inside they headed towards the area of the hotel restaurant where the rest of the group were sat. They were both secretly pleased to see that the two remaining seats that were free at the large table were at one end, which would at least afford them some small modicum of privacy.

“Do you know what you are having?” Isabel asked gently, looking to make polite conversation.

“Oh, yes!” Alex stated over enthusiastically, causing Isabel to smile broadly at his exuberance. “I always promised myself that when I was in London I would order myself a full traditional English meal.”

“Which is?” Isabel pressed.

“Roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, vegetables and lashings of gravy.” Alex stated firmly. “You’ve got to have all the trimmings.”

Isabel couldn’t help but beam. Only Alex could get so worked up over a roast beef dinner and she realised that was what she loved about him. That thought made her head drop and her smile to fade.

“Iz.” Alex called as he saw his friends change in demeanour. “Are you OK?”

“I’m fine, thanks, Alex.” Isabel stated, forcing herself to perk up at hearing her companions concern. “Just think about Max & Michael…and Liz & Maria.” She hurriedly added. “Just imagining how much they would have loved all of this.”

“Can I take your order?” A gentle voice enquired.

Both Alex and Isabel looked up to see a young waitress smiling back at them, order pad in hand.

“We’ll have two roast beef dinners with all the trimmings, please.” Isabel instructed firmly with a broad smile for both the waitress and Alex.

“That’s two roast dinners coming right up.” The waitress replied as she turned and moved away to take other students orders.

“Alex, do you ever think about having children?”

That question stopped Alex dead in his tracks. “What?” He barely managed to ask.

“I said do you ever think about having children?” Isabel stated a second time, but once again her question was asked casually as if she were asking the time.

“Erm…no.” Alex finally replied. “If you want the honest answer I’m a seventeen year old boy so probably spend most of my time thinking about sex and never quite make it as far as thinking about having children.”

That reply caused them both to blush and drop their gaze.

“I’m so sorry.” Alex exclaimed. “I have no idea where that came from.”

Isabel shook her head despite still fighting the blush on her cheeks. “Don’t apologise. It was me who asked the rather odd question and at least you were honest with me.”

“Brutally honest you mean.” Alex gave Isabel a gentle smile and was relieved when it was returned. “What made you ask that question, Iz?”

Isabel nodded gently beyond Alex so he turned and looked over his shoulder. At the table just behind them was what appeared to be a husband and wife having dinner and beside them was a small girl. She was wearing a pretty floral dress, her almost white blond hair tied up into pig tails and her outfit rounded off with little red shoes. She was struggling to eat her dinner with an oversized fork, but she was visibly happy as she swung her legs backwards and forwards as she sat on her chair. She couldn’t have been more than about four years old and when she replied to her mother’s offer of help with regards her dinner she replied in the cutest little English accent.

Alex turned back to look at Isabel and her previous happy face had been replaced by a more mournful look. Suddenly he knew what this was about.

“You know my situation.” Isabel offered softly so only he could hear. “And I just wonder if I can even have children or if someone would ever want to be with me if they knew I couldn’t have children.”

“Don’t talk like that, Iz.” Alex gently shook his head. “I’m sure, if and when you decide to have children, you’ll be fine and should you not have children I already know you have too much to offer this world than to judge yourself on whether you have children or not. Any man is going to thank the good lord every day at having you in his life, kids or no kids.”

Isabel allowed herself a small smile. “Thanks, Alex. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bring you down and I appreciate that you’re always there for me, to pick me up should I fall.”

“It works both ways, Isabel.” Alex offered gently. “You’re there for me should I need it.”

“I sincerely hope so.” Isabel stated gently.

The rest of the meal was eaten with polite conversation and talk of their wonderful day in London. Both realised pretty quickly that it was all about who they were with that currently matter most to them and not the idle chit-chat of polite dinner conversation.

It was with huge regret that Alex and Isabel finally said their goodbyes as the meal ended and the group started to disperse. There was an agonising moment as each tried to pluck up the courage to stop their evening coming to an end, but as was always the way when it came to Alex and Isabel the moment passed with no action on either of their parts.

Alex slammed the door to his hotel room causing John to jump with a start. “Whoa, what’s up, man?”

“Oh, sorry, John.” Alex hadn’t thought about his roommate already being back in their room. “I’m just a little angry with myself and decided to take it out on the door.”

“Trouble in paradise?”

Alex eyed his friend after his odd comment.

John simply shrugged. “I just mean you looked all nice and cosy with Isabel at the end of the table so I’m just making the leap that whatever is annoying you it has something to do with you and your honey.”

Alex couldn’t help but smile. “John, I’ve told you she’s not my Honey.”

John threw his hands up in the air. “Whatever, man. It’s not my business to pry. It’s just…” He trailed off.

Alex frowned at his friend’s cryptic comment that was left hanging. “It’s just, what?” He pressed.

“Have you ever been to Las Vegas?”

Alex simply shook his head.

“My older brother has.” John continued. “And he says what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Alex was confused. “I don’t understand.”

“I’m just saying you’re thousands of miles away on a different continent let alone a different country and now’s not the time to be shy.” John explained. “If you have something to say to the girl now would be a good time. You’re not surrounded by all the usual BS that goes along with going to high school in a small town.”

Alex simply stood and thought about what John had just said. Was it true? Could he do something in London that he could never bring himself to do in Roswell, simply because they weren’t in Roswell?


Isabel hurried from the bathroom towards the door as she tightened her bathrobe around her. “I’m coming.” She called. When she pulled open the door she saw the last person she was expecting to see. “Lisa? Where’s your key?”

“I’m sorry.” Isabel’s roommate hurried about the room, stuffing various objects into a small bag. “I left my key upstairs in Sarah’s room. I only remembered when I got back to the door, but I guessed you were in and thought I’d just knock.”

She watched in surprise as the petite girl moved round the room in a flash. She even darted into the bathroom. “Is everything OK?” Isabel called to her absent friend.

Lisa reappeared from the bathroom, once again stuffing bits into her bag. She stopped suddenly and looked mournfully at Isabel. “A couple of us girls are having a slumber party in Sarah’s room. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not.” Isabel gave her roommate a broad smile. “Why would I mind? Have a great time. I’m just going to read a little while and then have an early night anyway. I’m feeling pretty tired. I can barely keep my eyes open.”

“You don’t mind me not being here?”

“Don’t be silly.” Isabel continued. “Go and eat lots of British candy and talk about David Tennant.”

Both girls laughed as Lisa made her way out of the room. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Isabel called as she closed the door behind her departing friend. She knew her new friend was worried that she would be upset at not being invited to the slumber party, but it really wasn’t her thing. If it had been Liz and Maria she would have been a small bit put out, but not here with these girls.

A second knock at the door interrupted Isabel’s thoughts and she returned to the door calling “Forgot your toothbrush?” As she pulled open the door.

“I didn’t know I needed it.” Alex replied automatically.

“Oh, God, Alex. I’m sorry.” Isabel spluttered. “I thought it was Lisa coming back to get something.”

“Your roommate, doesn’t she have a key?” Alex asked gently.

“She does.” Isabel nodded. “But she’s off to a slumber party and she left her key up there.”

Alex shook his head gently. “And you’re not off to the party?”

It was Isabel’s turn to shake her head. “Not my thing.”

Alex was desperately trying to ignore the fact that Isabel was dressed in a rather small bathrobe and also still had him standing out in the hallway. All of a sudden his nerve went and he turned to leave. “I should go.”

“No, wait!” Isabel said a little too loudly, almost causing Alex to jump back. “Sorry, I mean don’t go.”

“I can see you’re getting ready for an early night so should I.” Alex explained. “We’ve got a busy day tomorrow and it’s going to be incredibly long due to the time difference on the return journey.”

“I know.” Isabel nodded. “But I’d still like for you to come in.”

Alex smiled softly at his companion and stepped slowly into the room as Isabel closed the door. “Oh, my God!” Alex exclaimed.

“I know.” Isabel couldn’t help but smile. “It’s like the TARDIS isn’t it.”

Alex stopped what he was doing and turned to look back at Isabel. “You know what the TARDIS is?”

“Don’t look so surprised.” Isabel stated defensively, with a feigned scowl. “I know Doctor Who?”

“You do?” Alex asked in surprise. “I had no idea you were into Sci-Fi.”

Isabel blushed slightly. “I’m not normally if I’m honest but when I didn’t know who David Tennant was Lisa showed me a few episodes of Doctor Who on her laptop yesterday and this morning and explained all about the show and The Doctor.”

Alex could feel his heart start to pound in his chest. Did the woman of his dreams really say ‘The Doctor’?

“Why are you into Doctor Who?” Isabel continued. “Is it the whole Sci-Fi thing that you love about it?”

“Yes.” Alex nodded. “But it holds a special place in my heart because when I was a small child I used to watch the old shows with my Dad. It used to be the one thing that we would do together and I remember for years we used to sit down every weekend and watch as I played with the little metal toys that my Dad managed to order for me. I had a little blue Tardis and a couple of gold coloured Daleks.”

“What happened?” Isabel asked tenderly.

Alex shrugged slowly. “I’m not sure if I’m honest. I think after awhile I out grew watching TV shows with my Dad. It’s only since the new Doctor Who TV show started that I remembered what I’ve been missing.”

“And the toys?”

Alex shook his head mournfully. “Probably thrown out with the trash or sent to good will. I didn’t realise how much it meant to me until years later.”

“What did you think of Doctor Who?” Alex asked, hoping to move the spotlight off of him.

“It wasn’t bad.” Isabel admitted. “Not normally my sort of thing, but given the right company to watch it with, who knows?” She smiled.

“I need to ask you something.” Alex stated abruptly causing Isabel to be slightly taken aback at his sudden forcefulness. “I know how conceited this is going to sound but did you come to London because of me, to be with me? Or have I just made the biggest fool out of myself?”

Isabel just stood there for a moment, watching Alex. “No…”

Alex simply wanted the floor to open up and swallow him whole.

“…you’re not a fool.” Isabel continued after a brief pause. “As much as I love the idea of coming to London I would have followed you anywhere.”

“What?” Alex could barely bring himself to speak, his single word question almost inaudible.

“I know we are supposed to be taking a step back, but I’m not sure it is the right thing to do.” Isabel explained. “We shouldn’t be rushing into anything but equally we shouldn’t be walking away either.”

“So you gave Helen a rash?” It was meant as a serious question, but even as Alex said it he had to fight not to laugh.

“I did.” Isabel nodded. Her face still serious. “I know it was a horrible thing to do, but I couldn’t risk you going off to London and coming back with a girlfriend.”

“I think you overestimate me, Isabel.”

Isabel simply shook her head. “No, Alex. I think you underestimate yourself.” She took a step towards her tall friend and linked her hand with his. She gently led them across the large room towards a seating area. Isabel almost pushed Alex down onto the couch before she sat down next to him, leaning into him as she pulled her legs up and tucked them underneath herself. “I hope you don’t mind.” Isabel said closing her eyes. “I’m very tired, but I have no intention of letting you out of my sight. Just let me sit here for awhile with you and then we can talk some more.”

Alex looked down at the beautiful young woman who was now pressed against his side on the couch. “You sleep, Isabel. I’ll make sure you’re OK.” Alex reached up and pulled down the throw that was lying across the back of the large couch. He spread it out across Isabel and partially across his legs as he settled himself in. He’d had a great day in a great city but nothing topped having Isabel cradled in his arms. He realised he could have been anywhere, that wasn’t what mattered, but who he was with did. As his eyelids started to droop he fought with all his might to stay awake, but when the sleep finally took him the one thing he knew without any doubt was that he never wanted this moment to end.


For a spilt second when Isabel awoke she wasn’t sure where she was or what was happening. Slowly her waking mind began to catch up with the events of the night before and when she finally caught up she lurched forward into a sitting position and looked around the room. She was in bed and there was no sign of Alex. She looked down and realised she was still wearing her pyjamas and bathrobe from the night before and as she glanced to the other side of the large double bed that she was currently in she could see that both that side and Lisa’s bed next to hers had not been slept in.

It was then that Isabel spotted a note on the pillow beside hers.

Dearest Isabel,
I didn’t have the heart to disturb you as you slept so peacefully. I woke up at about 5am and thought it might not be the best thing for either of us if I’m caught spending the night in your hotel room. I lifted you to your bed so you wouldn’t get cold once I left.
I can’t express how much it has meant to me to have you here in London and I just want you to know that if last night was just a spur of the moment thing while we’re away in a new city I understand. Both you and it will always mean the world to me.

Love always,
Alex xx

Isabel wiped away at the tears that had started to fall as she read the note. She finally knew what had to be done.


“Any news?” Mr. Clarke asked the returning Miss. Donald.

“Nothing yet.” She replied anxiously. “Everyone was told not to wander too far and that the train would be leaving promptly at 11am.”

“Where on earth can Isabel Evans have gone?” He pressed. “When did we last see her, has she been acting strange?

“Her roommate said she didn’t come down to breakfast, she had some research to do on the internet or something.” Miss. Donald explained.

“And she was definitely on the bus to the train station?”

“Yes.” She nodded firmly. “I saw her get on and get off the bus plus her bag is here, she asked one of the girls to look after it for her.”

Alex watched on nervously. Was this because of him, had he pushed her too far by going to her room last night or leaving the note this morning?

“Whitman.” Mr. Clarke called. “You were with Isabel at dinner last night did she say anything?”

“No, Sir.” He shook his head slowly as all eyes were now on him.

Mr. Clarke turned to the rest of the group. “We’ll have to get ready to go. There’s no point in all of us missing the flight back. Miss. Donald and I will stay behind and call the police if needs be while the rest of you make your way to the…”

“She’s here, Sir.”

Mr. Clarke turned to look in the direction he was being pointed only to see Isabel Evans casually making her way across the station concourse towards the assembled group. “Isabel, where have you been?”

Isabel looked a little perplexed at all the attention. She lifted a white plastic bag and gestured towards it. “I was just getting a couple of last minute souvenirs.”

“But you nearly missed the train to the airport.” Her teacher pressed.

“I’m sorry.” Isabel glanced at her watch. “I thought we were leaving at 11am.”

“We are.” Mr. Clarke confirmed. “But I’d rather not be looking for students with only minutes to go before we leave.”

“Sorry, Sir.” Isabel gave her warmest smile. “It won’t happen again.”

Mr. Clarke eyed the girl for a moment before he turned to the group. “OK everyone, if we don’t hurry we’re going to miss the train so let’s get a move on.”

As everyone started to gather their belongings Isabel made her way over to Alex and to his enormous surprise she gave him a gentle peck on the lips. “I was getting worried. What was so important that you had to pick up? Don’t tell me, candy for Michael.”

Isabel simply smiled. “I got that for him yesterday. This was just something I had to get for someone special in my life.” And with that Isabel offered the plastic bag to Alex.

Alex wasn’t sure what to do so he tentatively took the bag from Isabel, opened it and peered inside. “I do not believe it!” He exclaimed. “Where on earth did you get them?”

Isabel couldn’t help but feel pleased with the reaction her recent purchases had had on Alex. “I hunted them down on the internet and then found a shop near to the train station that sold them.”

“But you nearly missed the train.”

Isabel eyed Alex for a long moment. “It was worth it to see the look on your face.”

Alex reached into the bag and pulled out several small boxes that had little plastic windows in them. As he looked at each one in turn his smile got wider and wider. After a moment he stopped and looked at Isabel. “You got me a Tardis and some Daleks!”

“That’s not the only thing.” Isabel enthused. She reached into her shoulder bag and pulled out a smaller plastic bag which she opened and pulled out several DVD cases. “I hope your DVD player at home plays region 2 DVD’s as I need someone to keep me company while I watch these seasons of Doctor Who. I’ve also ordered some more online that will be delivered to my home.”

Alex took one from Isabel and looked at the cover. “These are the old black and white ones!” He stated in near disbelief.

“I know it won’t be the same as watching them with your Dad, but I hope you won’t mind having me for company.” Isabel offered gently.

Alex had the broadest smile possible. “You do know Doctor Who has been going for more than Forty years and there are many, many seasons to watch.”

Isabel leaned in to give Alex a gentle but loving kiss on the lips. “That’s what I’m counting on.”

The End.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Also thanks to everyone who was involved in the auction, both organising and participating. I’m sorry it took me a few weeks to get this fic done, but I’m sure the lovely Stacey will forgive me.

Finally thanks to Chris for winning the auction and letting me share this with you.

David xx
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