RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Epilogue 1/24

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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.10 12/12

Post by MelissaD » Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:49 pm

barbara87413,Twilighteyes,HypnotiqBlueEyes: Thanks for all the love!

I'm so sorry I didn't get this part up sooner! This past week has been crazy with ice storms and my youngest turned two on Tuesday. I might have to go through this chapter and edit any mistakes but I wanted to get this up so you wouldn't have to wait any longer! I struggled with this chapter because there's so much going on and I was trying to get it to where the story is moving and not being bogged down without having to cut it into another chapter. The next chapter is the one I'm sure every is waiting for and I promise I'm going to try my best to get it up in less than a week! There's a lot going on in the next couple of chapters and things get heavy (and maybe hot and heavy..) pretty fast so there is a lot of Winchester/pod squad action coming! :D

Chapter Ten

Bologna, Italy. April 2009.

“And the weird shit continues.” Kyle dropped the paper on the table and raised his coffee cup to his lips.

Michael twisted slightly at the waist to throw a glance behind him at Kyle, who was sitting at the kitchen table. “Like what?” Sizzling bacon and popping sausage forced Michael to turn his attention back to the food.

Kyle swallowed the warm coffee and picked up the paper again. “Oh, you know the usual. Ten species went extinct in Key West and a teacher slaughtered his classroom of sixty six students. Leave it to the crazy Americans to make worldwide news. Sixty six just sound wrong to you?”

“Don’t tell me you’re starting to jump on the possession band wagon. Why would they care about animals?”

Kyle thumbed through the paper and found the comic section. “I don’t know, Serena thinks Liz is right. She thinks it’s a way to draw us out. Something about slowly messing with the balance of things, making people question things all while poking at us.”

Michael stabbed at the sausages. “As if dealing with Maria isn’t hard enough now Serena is starting to go along with it? She was the one I could count on to keep her head on straight.”

“Oh, her head is on straight alright.” Serena chuckled as she walked into the kitchen shooting Michael a sideways look with a flick of her red hair. “You’re lucky I wasn’t Maria.”

Michael shrugged, “what’s up with you fueling Liz’s fire?”

Serena planted a kiss on Kyle’s lips tasting the coffee lingering there before taking a seat at the table and answering Michael. “I’m not fueling the fire. I just think it’s a pretty smart way to go about poking the bear without going full scale war on humans. If you wanted your enemy to come to you, what would you do General?”

Michael rolled his eyes, “would you not call me that.” He scooped the finished meats onto two plates and carried them over to the table. He sat down in front of his cup of coffee and threw Kyle a warning look when he reached for a piece of bacon. “You’re going to regret it.”

Kyle smirked as he snatched the piece of bacon. “I never regr.. ah shit!” The strip of bacon dropped to the table as Kyle shook his hand violently.

Michael chuckled, “dumbass.”

Serena leaned forward with a smile, “when will you ever learn?”

Kyle sucked on his finger then smirked as his good hand reached for Serena’s leg under the table, “to not touch hot things? Never.”

Serena laughed and Michael shook his head, “really? At the table?”

Kyle tapped the fallen piece of bacon checking it’s heat then picked it up and moved it towards Serena’s mouth. “Don’t be jealous because I still get laid.” Serena stifled her laughter long enough to take a bite.

Michael scoffed, “screw you, Valenti.”

Kyle smiled after he popped the rest of the bacon strip in his mouth. Liz and Ava walked into the kitchen, Ava headed straight for the coffee machine as Liz reached for the paper on the table. Liz smiled at the looks on Kyle’s and Michael’s faces. “What are you two idiots arguing about this time?”

Kyle looked at the paper, “more craziness in there. Just so you don’t beat me for not telling you sooner, I just read it.”

Liz was already reading the article on the second page about world news. Ava came over with her cup of coffee and looked at the paper over Liz’s shoulder then her eyes slid to Serena. “What do you think?”

Serena shrugged and grabbed two pieces of bacon. “Don’t know but you know where I stand. I think if they wanted to draw you out without announcing themselves, things that would gain your attention without automatically making people say alien would be best for them. It’s a smart move.”

Michael piped up, “why haven’t they gone after the parents then? Someone we know or care about? And what about the demon stuff? We know aliens aren’t the only ones that possess so why are we jumping straight to aliens when we haven’t heard a damn thing from that end?”

Kyle grabbed a couple pieces of sausage, “demons are all over, not just in the US. So why would they focus it all there?”

Michael countered, “how do you know it’s all there? We know sometimes things are covered up so the area doesn’t go crazy or because the people are just used to turning a blind so they won’t be cursed. We’ve seen that ourselves. Hell, we had our first experience with that vengeful spirit our second week in Italy and the Italians around us acted like nothing ever happened or they called us witches.”

Kyle pointed a piece of sausage at him. “Touché.”

Serena smiled, “not that far off though. I mean witches.. aliens.” Michael picked up a piece of bacon and threw it at her. She caught it easily and took a bite with a smirk. “Love you too, Guerin.”

Liz dropped the paper and took a seat at the table. “I guess I could call Bobby. See what he’s got a bead on right now.”

“GUYS! GET IN HERE NOW!” Maria’s raised voice seemed to echo through the apartment. Michael was the first of the group to jump from his spot and run towards Maria, who stood in front of the small TV in the common room.

Zan wandered in from another hallway and saw the group standing in front of the TV. “I didn’t think the big game would be on until tonight.” He rubbed his eyes, “but why are the girls watching?” When no one answered him, he moved behind Ava and looked at the TV. A large pillar of light in the middle of a dark night stretched from the ground to the sky in a shaky video probably taken with a personal video camera.

Maria whispered, "Liz was right. It’s been them this whole time.”

“Not so crazy now, huh?” Liz said with her eyes glued to the TV waiting for any sign that did prove her wrong. Her mind already spinning, praying she was wrong. It was way too early for it to begin. Could she have really changed so much that she jumpstarted it years early? Or did it always start in 2009 and they had just lasted until 2014 before they died? Future Max had looked so old and torn up, it made sense.

“We still don’t know that for sure but.. that is very extraterrestrial.” Ava said.

“I’d say they’re tired of poking the bear and have decided to send you a very clear message. They’re definitely not just playing games anymore.” Serena stared at the television amazed.

“Where was this?” Zan asked.

Maria turned her head towards Zan. “Somewhere in Maryland. It was a weird town name that I didn’t catch because I hadn’t actually seen the screen yet.”

They all jumped when a shrill ring seemed to ricochet around the room. Liz broke away from the group and pulled open the top drawer of small end table in the corner of the room. She pulled out her extra cell phone, looked at the number on the display, and glanced back at the group as she answered. “Brody?”

“Liz, something’s come to my attention. A few of us were kept in the dark about this from the council but they’ve finally filled us in.”

“Larek? What is it?” She noticed the tension that instantly came to her friends’ postures at the name.

“Khivar’s alive. They had him deep underground recovering and he’s back to full power. They’ve sent him to earth. They’ve sent him to find you. I’m sorry I couldn’t get this to you sooner. I connected with Brody as soon as I could.”


“I’m not exactly sure, they just wanted the full board to know so a few of us in the outer circle were finally given the full disclosure of their new plan. They’ve sent Khivar to Earth to either acquire the Granolith or completely erase the line of the seal. He’s been given the order that basically means at all costs.”

“It’s really happening. It’s started.”

Michael stepped towards her, “what started?”

Liz looked Michael in the eye, her hand holding the phone to her ear shaking slightly. “Armageddon. Khivar has started the apocalypse.”

March 2010. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I’m so tired of playing their game. We’ve only been back in the states for ten months and we’ve been partially settled in three different states already. We tried staying in New York for a while but that didn’t work out at all. We were there for maybe two months before Michael and Kyle were jumped by a small group of skins. Without Michael’s shield and Kyle’s even slight amount of offensive powers, who knows what they would have done to them. We started questioning who’s game plan the skins were playing out and what was the ultimate end game. Did Khivar not even want to try to get the seal but just get the Granolith or would he try to kidnap one of them to draw me out and take me? Did he learn that he couldn’t just take the seal and if that was true, what in the hell would he do with me?

Stupidly, we had moved just outside Boston. We had thought they would think we wouldn’t go somewhere we knew since the skins had found us so quickly but once again we were wrong. Hell, maybe they’ve had people sitting around there for years just waiting for us to come back. We spent a few months just roaming around the states, staying at random out of the way places so we could practice and work together. Luckily, while we were overseas we didn’t just live the normal life so we weren’t that rusty. Part of me wants to find some demons and tell them about Khivar and his army of skins and whatever other aliens he’s brought with him. The demons want to take over the world and they probably wouldn’t want another species trying to plant a flag. Most times that thought comes up, I scratch it out. They’d probably start wondering how I knew or maybe they’d know that I wasn’t exactly all human either and it’s bad enough having aliens on my ass. I don’t know both aliens and demons swarming us.

My last call from Larek was a crap shoot. The council is not giving any more information so they either know Larek has been helping us or they are completely leaving everything in Khivar’s hands. Neither option fills me with an optimism that would help me relax even for a short amount of time. We’ve been in Pennsylvania for three months and haven’t heard or seen anything around us. There’s still been some majorly weird crap happening all over the world but things have been quiet around us. Isabel and Maria seemed to have settled a little bit, not completely relaxed but they were always better with pretending and going about real life. The rest of us have been working relatively close together in a bar and restaurant on the same street where Maria and Isabel both found jobs with a fashion store in town.

I’ve been trying to keep it together but I see them watching me and I understand to a certain extent that they are worried. I’m sure my cracks are showing and any time that happens they always close ranks and I’ve understood before but there’s just too much stress right now. Not knowing what the hell Khivar is playing at but just picturing the small amount of events that future Max told me about and it makes my skin crawl. I feel like I’m just watching the world fall out from underneath me and there’s absolutely nothing I can do. Images of Isabel dying in my arms, images of all the others, I feel like it’s driving me insane.

“They’re just worried about you.” Liz dropped the pen as Max’s voice caught her off guard.

She rolled her eyes then looked up at him casually leaning against the bedroom wall. “Of course I know. You only know because you’re part of my imagination.”

Max chuckled as he walked over to the bed and sat down. “So, why are you thinking of running? That will only make them worry more.”

“I can’t handle the stares. You thought it was bad when you were here, it’s ten times worse because they’ve lost..” Her voice trailed off and she looked down at her journal. “Sometimes I just need a little breathing room.”

“Except this time you’re thinking of going off alone.”

“Yeah, we’re stateside. Why not go off by myself? I know the area pretty well and it’s not like I wouldn’t be close by. If something happens I can hold whatever off until they reach me or I can get to them.”

“Khivar is here. That’s a whole different ball game.”

“Yeah but really who knows if he is really here? He might still be on his way and the skins we’ve bumped into could have been sent a while ago.”

“I thought we didn’t run on assumptions.”

“I can take care of myself and you know what, if he gets me then so what? At least the rest of them will be safe. Haven’t enough of our friends died in this stupid war for power?”

“How do you think that will make them feel?”

“Relieved. They won’t have to worry about me anymore and all of this mess will be over with. They’ll mourn my loss and move on.”

“Like you did?”

Liz was stuck and shook her head, “you know for a coping mechanism, you kind of suck.”

The smile that came to his face was more sad than anything else and it made her chest hurt. “You’re not helping. I need breathing room and someone on my side, not some voice in my head telling me to just deal with my friends’ overbearing protectiveness.” Liz jumped off the bed, threw the journal down, and left the room with a slam of the door.

Two days later.

Isabel and Maria came through the front door of the rental house and made their way towards the kitchen talking quietly about the new inventory that had come in earlier that day. They heard whispering voices when they got closer to the kitchen and found Serena and Ava sitting at the table. Both girls stopped talking immediately when they felt eyes and turned to glance at the doorway. Isabel noticed the look of relief on their faces. “What? What is it?”

Ava shook her head, “nothing. We were just..” Ava glanced at Serena who rolled her eyes.

“We thought you were Liz, but you’re not. Thank God.”

Maria came to the table, eyeing them both. “What is it? What do you know?”

Isabel pulled out a chair and sat down, “you’ve heard it too, haven’t you?”

Maria eyes widened as Ava looked down and Serena looked straight at Isabel. “I don’t think it’s a sign or a bad thing.”

Maria chuckled, “are you kidding me? The only time I’ve thought I overheard her talking to herself it’s always been when she was starting to go off the deep end.”

Serena turned to Maria, “this is Liz we’re talking about Maria. So maybe sometimes she needs some time and who the hell are we to blame her?”

Ava tapped on the table, “she’s been going off alone more. Walking to work, jogging, the gun range. It’s not like she isn’t getting air.”

Isabel frowned, “it’s worse this time because we know Khivar is alive and he’s coming for her and the Granolith. It’s the future my stupid brother from the future just had to tell her too much about for her to change it. Now she feels more responsible and I know she didn’t tell us everything but I see the haunted look in her eyes sometimes. I know she’s thinking about that might be future.”

Maria straightened her back and pushed away from the table. “Well, I’m not going to wait for the time Liz goes off on a walk and doesn’t come back.”

Ava tried stopping her from leaving the kitchen. “Maria, you know she hasn’t been like that since..”

Maria spun around feeling the slight tension in the air at the doorway. “Yeah I remember vividly but she was starting to show signs and we just let it go.”

Isabel watched Maria. “She’s shown signs before but she’s never been as bad. We’ve always stayed with her, let her know she wasn’t alone.”

Maria’s hands went to her hips. “Yeah but what happens when that’s not enough? I’m going to do something about it before Liz actually does something.”

Serena took in the conversation knowing she wasn’t there when Liz tried taking her life and didn’t feel she had a right to give her opinion on the situation. Ava stood from the table and walked over to Maria. “That’s not Liz anymore. That was the..”

“I’m not going to blame her real feelings on some alien device when it was the second time. She tried drinking herself to death after Max..”

Serena felt her irritation rise and words flew out of her mouth before she could stop them. “And you wouldn’t come close if someone killed Michael and he died in your arms?”

Maria’s eyes shot to Serena seeing there was no malice there and knew she just wanted her to take a step back and think about the situation. They had all been there before but it was too different now. Maria knew some of the stories Liz didn’t tell the others and some of the images she had nightmares about were just too much to ignore. “I’m going to talk to her, that’s all.” With that she spun around and moved briskly out of the kitchen.

Serena looked around the table, “I’m not the only one that thinks she’s just going to push her away, am I?”

The two other women shook their heads. Isabel replied, “when Maria gets on top of something, specially something that involves Liz, there’s just no stopping her.”

The next morning when Liz trudged into her room after her night shift, she found Maria sitting on her bed staring at her. “Hey ria.” Liz kicked off her shoes and started to undress. “What’s up? You need to borrow the car?”

Maria sat still on the bed watching her friend closely. “How was work?”

Liz shrugged on a baggy tee shirt. “The usual. You know Michael is home too. You could go bug him if this is just a social visit. We could talk later.”

“Well, I was thinking you’d be more honest and open with me while you were too tired to fake it.” Maria could see Liz’s shoulders sag before she slowly turned around.

Liz’s arms folded tightly across her chest. “What is it this time?”

Maria continued undeterred, “you tell me. You’re the closing up and backing up. I see that you also have a bag packed.”

“I always have a bag packed.”


Liz rolled her eyes, “oh I don’t know ever since we were found in the last two places we settled. Not everyone can get as comfortable as you.” Liz heard the way the words sounded and wanted to take them back but the fire in her friend’s eyes just made her shrug it off.

“You started that way before we found out about Khivar coming. What is going on with you? Why won’t you talk to me? To one of us? I know what you’re thinking and I know what visions are floating around in that head of yours.”

“Then maybe you should stay out of my head and just let me deal instead of barging in my room and waiting to interrogate me!”

“Someone has to do it Liz! This is no way to live! You were the one who said we were going to make sure we lived our lives. That we wouldn’t let them take that from us but just going through the motions of a sentry is not life.”

“It's my life Maria.”

Maria jumped up from the bed. “And punishing yourself isn't going to bring him back!”

Liz dropped her arms completely taken aback by her words. “What?”

Maria took two steps towards Liz but Liz took a step back. “You can't keep punishing yourself for something you had nothing to do with.”

“Nothing? Nothing to do with?! Maria he's dead because of me! Because of the choices I made! He lived to 2014!”

Maria moved forward again and Liz stood her ground. “And you think just living out revenge will somehow make up for that?! Don’t you ever listen to Kyle? Dig two graves Liz!”

Liz closed the space between them. “I’ve already done that Maria! Or did you forget about Alex?!”

Maria slapped her across the face. "Don't you dare!"

Liz gasped and held her stinging cheek. "Future Max came to me and I ruined everything! I didn't fix anything I just caused them to die sooner and I'll be damned if I let that happen to anyone else."

Maria grabbed Liz’s shoulders. "No one blames you for that! You know that!” Liz brushed her off ignoring her as she grabbed her bag from the small closet and pulled the packed duffle out from under the bed. “You’re already damned if you keep going on this way."

Liz’s voice came out hard as she moved towards her bedroom door. "Then so be it."

“Liz, please! I don’t know what else to do for you if you won’t talk to me!”

Liz dropped her bags and turned. “You know what you could do for me Maria? If you really wanted to help me, you would give me some fucking space so I can be myself without you all breathing down my neck or talking behind my back because I’m not acting like my old self.”

Maria felt the tears prick her eyes knowing her plan was backfiring in her face. “Liz.. we’re worried about you. We’ve heard you talk..”

Liz turned and grabbed her bags again. “Let it go Maria. I’m fine and I’ll be better if you’d just let me walk it off.” Liz strode aggressively out of the room and the house leaving a few concerned faces in her wake.

Maria walked into the living room and found the girls staring out the window. “I screwed it up even more, didn’t I?”

Serena turned to look at her, “she just needs some time. You know she does this every now and then. She just needs a week or two and she’ll be back. She always is.”

Ava continued to look out the window as Liz drove away in the small car she had kept in storage while they had been overseas. “Yeah, but she always took someone with her before.”

Isabel turned from the window and dropped herself on the couch. “We’re back home now. It’s a little different and she overheard us talking about her, I know it. Why would she want any one of us with her?” Isabel rubbed her hands down her face.

Michael leaned against the doorframe to the living room. “It’s Liz. She’s good and if anything gets weird or whatever, you know she’d call us. I don’t know why you’re so worried.”

Kyle walked into the living room taking another bite of his sandwich. He glanced around the room and his brow furrowed. “What did I miss?”

Maria dropped her hands making a slapping noise on her thighs. “Really Kyle? You seriously just missed her storming through the house?”

“I heard her but that’s not exactly new since we hit US soil.” He swallowed as he took in Maria’s bitch face. “What? She’s a big girl. She can take care of herself. I think she’s proved that over the years.” He took another bite of his sandwich.

Ava chuckled, “and that’s why she likes him the most.”
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.11 12/18

Post by MelissaD » Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:28 pm

HypnotiqBlueEyes: Nothing too big but he loved it! :)

Okay, FINALLY the chapter everyone has been waiting for! :) It took way longer than expected but it definitely fleshed out more of this Liz which helps the story. Lol okay I'll stop rambling..

Chapter Eleven

March 2010. Three Weeks after Chapter Ten.
A few lines from Supernatural episode “Point Of No Return” in italics.

Dean Winchester let himself into his room kicking the door closed behind him. He carried the brown bagged bottle of liquor and a flattened box to the desk and placed both items carefully down before dropping his duffle to the floor. He walked over to the bed and dropped himself down with an audible sigh. He eyed the bottle of liquor and wondered if he'd drink it tonight or wait until tomorrow. He might need it tomorrow, he'd wait.

Suddenly, the door opened and the dark haired bartender from the hole in the wall he was just drinking his worries away in was staring at him obviously startled. "Sorry.." Her voice was quiet as her eyes moved quickly around the room, "I think I have the wrong room." If he was in a better mood he would probably be smiling and seeing a real life fantasy coming alive in front of him. He shook his head to clear the thought as her eyes landed on the bottle before sliding back to his, "didn't you drink enough at the bar?"

"Who the hell are you, the alcohol police?"

A sly smile came to her face. "I could be, if you wanted."

Dean stood from the bed and moved towards her cursing the universe’s timing in his head while saying aloud, "yeah, bad timing. I think it's time for you to go sweetheart."

"Hey! You’re that guy that was staring at me all night."

He froze, "nope, wasn't me." He forced himself towards her intent to get her out before he did something stupid. He tried to push her carefully from the room, taking every measure to not touch anywhere that may lead her to believe anything could happen tonight. "Come on, time to go to your room."

She stared into his eyes, "you have really sad eyes, Dean."

A witty comeback was on the tip of his tongue but hearing his name come from her mouth snapped him into motion. He pulled her into the room with one arm while throwing the door shut with his other then slammed her against the wall. His forearm pressed against her throat as he got in her face, "who sent you?"

Her eyes widened, "what?"

"Don't play that scared little girl act with me! Who sent you?"

The fear changed to amusement, "wow, you're good. Who are you?"

His face faltered at her quick change, "really? You come in here with my name and ask who I am? What kind of idiot do you think I am?"

A soft smirk lifted the corner of her mouth, "I only got your name at the bar. You weren't around me long enough for more conversation."

His brow furrowed as he tried to remember his time with her at the bar. Did he give her his name? "I don't recall giving you anything."

Her right eyebrow rose, "then how did I know your name genius?"

He back pedaled but didn’t budge from his position. She had balls, he had to give her that but he wasn’t going to be screwed by someone who knew his weakness. Her looks, the attitude, it was way too perfect to be real. "How did you find me? You really expect me to believe you stay in this crap motel when you live here?"

"Who said I lived here?"

Once again thrown off but he wouldn’t show it. "You work at the bar."

"I've worked at a lot of bars. It's good money when you’re on the road a lot. I've answered a few of your questions, how about you let me off the wall and tell me who you think sent me. I'm really intrigued."

"Why?" He started feeling like maybe he got something wrong, he was paranoid and tired but women didn’t just fall into his room. Not in the real world anyway.

She touched his side softly with her left hand taking his attention away for just a second while she quickly grabbed the knife in her belt with her right hand and pressed it to his abdomen. "Because like I said, you're good." His gaze whipped back to hers in shock. "But you're not that good. Back up sweetheart."

He lifted his hands and backed up a few steps, giving her space. Damn if that wasn’t a good move. It pissed him off as much as it turned him on and that wasn’t good. What the hell was she? "Listen, you came in here with my name and caught me off guard. I just wanted to know your intentions. That's all that was."

She smirked and lowered the knife, "is that how you treat all your guests?"

"I don't recall inviting you."

"Touché." Her eyes quickly scanned the room again, "so who are you hiding from?"

He watched her still debating whether this was all a set up. "No one."

Her eyes flicked back to his, "really? You've got a duffle bag with what I'm guessing is all you have with you and a bottle of liquor. It seems to me like you’re hiding out and needed something to kill time with. Although, I've got to hand it to you the box is completely confusing." She chuckled, "unless your actually on the run from the cops or mob and plan on mailing someone's head.." At the quirk of his eyebrow she chuckled, "what’s in the box?” He didn’t look amused o she hastily continued, “sorry it's from.."

"I know what movie you're talking about. I'm still just wondering what you’re doing here."

The humor in her face faltered. "I saw you in the bar. You looked..” She seemed to struggle with something that confused him. Her eyes met his and he read the sympathy and understanding. “Lost."

His mind was spinning, this would be a really unnecessary ruse for Zachariah but then again it’s not like he hadn’t screwed the angel over before. "So, you followed me back here?"

"No, I really am staying here. Bumping in here was coincidence. So what's with all the skittishness?"

He couldn’t help but notice that she had lowered her knife but did not put it away or loosen her grip on it. "I pissed off a lot of bad people in my time and I have no idea who the hell you are."

She smiled and shrugged, "we all do eventually."

"The people I've pissed off aren't your run of the mill bad guys."

She sheathed her knife and sauntered to him, "I’m Liz, just you’re friendly bartender. So what's your story, sad dean?"

"Listen this isn't story time.. Liz." She stopped in front of him staring into his eyes almost hypnotically.

Her hand brushed against his chest. "Come on. I'm a bartender, I'm practically a shrink. I could help you out."

His voice was quiet. "Why?" He still felt unsure about her but something made his panic and hesitation fade. He shook his head, "this is ridiculous."

Her finger touched his lips, "I know this may sound weird but I know a thing or two about your type. You’re usually only this.. depressed, I’ll say, when you feel like you have no choices left. Maybe your lady is making you choose her or your life or maybe your line of work is just taking too much of your life lately and you just felt the need to escape."

His face twisted, "my lady.. what?"

"Something is making you run and your hiding or at least half ass hiding because part of you believes someone will come for you. I saw you eyeing the door when you weren't eyeing me. You either thought someone would or wanted someone to come through that door. And you don't really seem like the suicidal type to me so the whole hiding in the motel room thing confuses me."

He watched her silently, hearing her say things that seemed vague but touched way too closely for him. Almost like she knew exactly who he was and what was going on. "Who are you? Did Zachariah send you?"

Her brow furrowed as she studied him. She chuckled, "no one sent me. I saw you in the bar, that's all. There was something about you that intrigued me. Made me wonder about your life, where you’re going, what your plans are." Her eyes skimmed down his body, "if you’re single."

He was completely turned on. He must be crazy. He didn't even know who or what she was and she was reeling him in like a fish on a hook. That should make him focus, make him envision every way possible to knock her out. Hell, normally he would already have a plan in his head but the urge wasn’t there. So maybe she was a hunter, she admitted she was on the move a lot and knew how to fight. What the hell really mattered anyway? He was giving himself over to Michael tomorrow, might as well have some fun his last night on earth.

Her eyes came back up to his and she bit her lip. His lips were on hers before he knew it. He felt small, strong arms wrap around his neck, fingers slid into the hair at the nape. She was very much on board. His arms lifted her from the floor and her legs wrapped around him without hesitation. They fell to the bed and things moved quickly in the haze of lust as clothes were ripped at, teeth nipped, hands gripped, and lips tasted. His mind blanked as he thought of nothing but the woman who stumbled into his room.

The next morning, he woke up with a beautiful, wild woman in his arms and he didn't know exactly why he wasn't confident about his decision anymore. Her eyes opened and she watched him quietly. He could practically feel her eyes on him. "I know you’re awake, Liz."

He turned his head to face her and a playful smile came to her face then fell slowly as confusion seemed to take its place. "What's wrong?"

His brow drew together and he searched her face, "what do you mean?"

"You’re worried about something. You’re confused."

He smirked, "you were serious about the psychic thing, weren't you?" He noticed the blush and almost laughed out loud, after what they did last night and she’s blushing now?

"Sorry, it's just between what I got from you last night and the look on your face."

"How do I know you’re not playing me?"

She looked unsure for a moment then gazed into his eyes, "if you really want to know I can show you. It's kind of like reversing how I get things off of you."

He watched her for a moment, catching the uncertainty on her face, the worry. He knew what it was she feared. Sammy felt the same way. Hell, he did to when it came down to it but he nodded anyway.
She reached her hands slowly towards his face, "just keep your eyes on mine and relax. It'll be like watching a movie but in memories."

He felt her small hands press gently against the sides of his face, her fingertips resting on his temples. She took a deep breath and he felt an odd pulling sensation and then an image flickered in front of his eyes. It was her but much younger she was running from men with guns and dragging a boy with her. Then it flashed forward and she was only slightly older with green streaks of lightening flashing over her skin, a quick flash again and she was getting a vision of someone's bloody future then saving the woman with another guy. It flashed forward again and she was on the road riding in a van with faces that felt familiar then the images came faster, flashing through different bars and homes but always the same few faces close with her. He got the feeling of looking at Sammy when he looked at them through her eyes. Family, the word came easily to his mind. Then a flash from last night, he was watching himself in the bar. He really did look like shit. He felt her hands pull away and everything went black. He opened his eyes and looked into hers. "That's.."

Her eyes fell from his. "Weird." There was that uncertainty again that seemed so off from the way she carried herself the night before.

His hand slipped under her chin and lifted her face. "Yeah but amazing. It didn't hurt like when my brother sent a message like that to me and it was a lot clearer." Her eyes searched his and she raised her eyebrow, so he continued with a smirk. "My brother has that vision thing or at least he used to. We knew someone that could.. well, he learned to send images like that but it hurt like hell." Her eyes narrowed as she studied him almost as if she was trying to gage whether he was telling the truth and he didn’t blame her. He didn’t know why these things were just spilling from his mouth.

"You probably weren't open to it like you were just now. It hurts when you fight it. Can I ask you a question?"

He searched her face with a chuckle, "yeah."

"I'm sorry, I should have told you I would get some things from you too. It's hard to stop but I blocked more because I was focusing on sending the images but.. why do you feel like you’re fighting what you’re supposed to be?"

He pulled back slightly as his brow furrowed, "you saw that?"

"I felt it. The only problem for me is.. how do you know what you’re fighting is what you’re supposed to be and not what someone wants you to be?"

His eyes bore into hers. “It’s my destiny.”

A deep frown marred her forehead and her voice changed. “Your destiny or what someone else says is your destiny?”

“You going to keep asking those types of questions?”

“Sorry, its just.. I’ve lost friends because someone kept pushing their version of destiny at us and we just fell in line. Not exactly as easily as I’m sure she wanted but it seemed those of us that were fighting it weren’t as hell bent on making it happen as she was. So I don’t really approve of the use of destiny being anyone’s excuse for when they don’t know exactly why they’re doing something. Especially if they aren’t completely confident about it.”

He quirked his brow, “if I didn’t know any better I’d think you’ve dealt with angels.”

Her brow scrunched together, “seriously?” She chuckled, “angels? She was no angel.”

“Yeah well, you haven’t met one.” The frown on her forehead deepened.

“Wow Dean, did you even tell her you were saying goodbye or just wanted one last night with her?”

Dean and Liz sat up quickly. Liz was clutching the sheet to her chest as she took in the intruder, quickly analyzing how to take him out. Liz noticed the tall man’s face twist in confusion as he got his first real look at her. “Who is..” He turned his attention on Dean with a disapproving look, “really?”

Dean got off the bed and strode to the man in his boxer briefs. “How’d you find me?”

Liz couldn’t help but wonder when Dean had slipped on his shorts. She also couldn’t help the fact that her gaze fell right to his ass. She felt someone watching her and glanced up to see the taller man’s eyes slide from hers to Dean’s. “You’re going to kill yourself right? It’s not too hard to figure out the stops on the farewell tour.” His eyes moved back to her. “Although I didn’t think that would be one of them.” Liz’s brow furrowed at the man’s judging gaze as it slid back to Dean. “How’s Lisa doing anyways?”

Dean threw a look over his shoulder and she caught the guarded look before he turned his focus back to the taller man. “You don’t know what this is and her name is Liz. I’m not going to kill myself, Sam.”

No? So, Michael’s not about to make you his muppet? What the hell man, you just get your rocks off with the first woman you..”

Dean took a step forward throwing up his hand. “Hey! Shut your mouth.” He looked back at Liz and was thankful that he didn’t see a hurt look on her face. She looked more defiant than anything even clutching the sheet to her chest. He looked back to Sam. “You don’t know what this is.”

You know I have to stop you. I’m not going to let you just give yourself over when we’re working on something.”

“Really? You want to do this now? Here?”

“I don’t have to do much and definitely not here. Besides I brought help.”


Dean heard the sheets rustle and Liz’s yell but when he turned, all he saw was Cas’ fingers going towards his forehead. He opened his eyes and found himself in Bobby’s study clad only in his boxer briefs. He felt a weight against him and looked down to find Liz’s arms wrapped around his middle, her face pressed against his chest, and the sheet was barely clinging to her skin. He pulled the sheet higher up her back and over her shoulders to cover her. Her eyes peeked open and looked up at him. “I’m sorry Liz.” It was all he could say. She had no idea what was going on and had probably tried to knock him out of the way of Cas, not even knowing that he wasn’t going to hit him but angelport him to Bobby’s house.

Dean looked up at Sam and Cas, “what the hell is wrong with you two?” Dean caught Sam’s gaze taking in Liz and couldn’t miss Cas’ interest in her as well. He knew it was mainly because neither of them foresaw her jumping in front of him to somehow protect him, at least that better be what they were staring at her for. Sam’s gaze flicked to his and he at least had the sense to look chided maybe even embarrassed. Cas, on the other hand, had yet to look away. “Why don’t you stop staring at the naked woman and get her back to the motel for her clothes, Cas.”

Liz snapped at Dean, “you seriously think you can get rid of me without an explanation?”

“Parker?” Bobby’s voice came from behind them and they both turned.

Liz saw Bobby behind a desk covered in books, “Bobby?”

Sam and Dean spoke at the same time. “You two know each other?”

“This is fascinating.” Cas’ amused voice rang out from the silence and Dean didn’t have to look at the angel to know he would find that stupid grin on his face.

“What the hell are you doing with him?” Bobby gave her a pointed look.

“He bumped into me at a bar I was working at then I bumped into him at our motel.”

“Then what? You just bumped into his bed?”

“Seriously Bobby?” Dean tried to step in front of her but she pushed him aside with one hand while holding the sheet with the other.

Liz smirked, “I wouldn’t exactly say bumped. So, is anyone gonna tell me what is going on or am I just supposed to stand here naked while someone sketches me?”

Despite the anger that was boiling in his veins, Dean couldn’t help the amusement that quirked the corner of his mouth.

Bobby looked towards Cas, “get the girl her damn clothes. She can handle what we’re dealing with.” Bobby looked back to Liz, “even despite her recent lapse in judgment.”

Sam let out a chuckle and Dean sent him a glare. Liz turned to Cas but the man was already gone. She turned back to Bobby. “Okay, how does he do that?”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.12 12/24

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Many thanks to all the amazing feedbackers!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS/HAPPY HOLIDAYS: TO ALL MY AMAZING READERS,LURKERS,STALKERS, AND FEEDBACKERS! :D You all make it worth posting! Besides, it'd probably be pretty boring typing out all my little ideas and watching them turn into something by myself.. :lol:

Chapter Twelve

Liz sat on the old couch in Bobby’s living room as she skimmed through an old book she had swiped from one of the many piles in Bobby’s study while Dean argued with the other men. Bobby had said she could handle whatever it was that they were dealing with but apparently Dean didn’t want her involved. Something else he seemed to be fighting himself on, she could feel the struggle just before he asked her if she would leave the room. Not that leaving the room hid too much from her since both Dean and Sam tended to get pretty loud but the words she heard didn’t really give her a big picture, just a confusing one so she stopped trying to listen within the first twenty minutes. Some of what she heard had to do with Dean’s sudden flip in decision or what they didn’t believe was a flip in decision but a ploy for them to let their guard down. She found it just a little bit funny that no one believed that he had changed his mind. Then again she didn’t think any of her friends would believe her if she said she had suddenly changed her mind about Khivar after a fling with some guy. She didn’t think Dean would say that outright but with the way Sam had looked at her a few times while she was in the room, she had a feeling he was wondering what she had said to him. Or what she did to him, considering the world they live in. Knowing what Bobby really did for a living only meant that the Winchesters were some of the hunters he talked about. Hell, if it wasn't for Bobby vouching for her, Sam might have tried to lock her down and figure out if she was some kind of supernatural thing that was trying to control Dean.

Liz tried concentrating on the book but even just skimming gave her a glimpse of the stories it held. She found that the further she got into it, the more her mind kept pulling her away, wandering to things she shouldn’t really be thinking about. Images that she caught from Dean the night before sprang to mind and she couldn’t really push them away, they kept pushing back despite her not wanting to delve into things he didn’t tell her himself. She thought she had issues, that her friends and her had issues but damn did these two brothers put them to shame.. put her to shame. Hell, Dean’s crap made her feel like a whiny ass little bitch. He may not have had his soul mate die in his arms and feel the full weight of responsibility for it along with the death of his best friend but he’d had weight like it since he was a child with more baggage that only piled on since then and made her issues feel like a walk in the park. A really messed up park.. but still. And the mountain of issues between him and his brother yet he still felt completely responsible for him. She understood his need to protect Sam but she never really had that trust broken before.. not really. How could two brothers that didn’t know a damn thing about aliens, alien invaders or killers possibly have a chance at topping her laundry list of shit to deal with? Apparently, they had angels and the devil to deal with. She just wondered what devil they were talking about. If angels were real.. were they seriously talking about The Devil? Like the real thing?

It seemed to quiet down a little while ago but she felt that was more for her benefit than anything being resolved. Why the hell was she even still here? She could just ask the holy trench coat to send her back to the motel. She shivered, the way Castiel kept looking at her while she was in the room with them had simply unnerved her because it seemed like he knew something about her. It made her skin crawl. She didn't know what else he could do but if the whole ‘God knew everything’ deal was real then wouldn't angels be pretty much the same? Angels. Talk about a whole new level of crazy even this book in her hand was revealing some unbelievable things. She wondered if the group would even believe her if she told them. They'd probably think she got wasted and had one hell of a fever dream. Maybe she was dreaming. Maybe she was still sleeping in that motel bed next to Dean having some crazy dream because of the things she glimpsed off him last night. She pinched her forearm hard. “Ow, damnit.” She rubbed at stinging pinched skin.

"Are you okay?"

Liz glanced up to see Sam in the doorway staring at her in confusion. Liz rubbed her arm furiously with a nervous giggle, "sorry. Ah, just trying to make sure I'm not dreaming. I mean demons are one thing but.." She glanced around and lowered her voice, "angels?"

Sam gave her a tight smile as he walked over to the couch, "you sound like my brother."

Liz watched him carefully, "so you believed in the whole angels thing?"

A small smile came to Sam’s face, "yeah, didn't you?"

Liz looked down at the book she'd forgotten about. "I did at one time but.. some things in my life changed that."

Sam shifted on the couch and Liz sent him a sideways glance. Sam seemed to hesitate at first, opening and closing his mouth until he finally asked the real question on his mind. “How did you do it?”

Liz sighed as she ran her hands over the old leather bound book. Her eyes combing over all the blemishes that made old texts like this one so beautiful. There was something about books like these that she loved, the stories contained inside old and forgotten but still so special, crazy but still special. Of course this one was about angels and some of the stories were more frightening then most but that's what made it special. It told another side of the tale, one that wasn't sugar coated and painted pretty just for the sake of it. It reminded her of the Grimm brothers’ tales. She couldn't see the angel she met carrying out these deeds but it did talk about different types of angels and their different purposes. Sam's cough shot through her meandering thoughts and she glanced up at him with a contrite smile.

She looked back down at the book feeling more comfortable talking to it then Sam at the moment. “I just gave him some advice from experience. I didn’t know exactly what it was that he was struggling with but I could feel he was confused about something. Something he thought was his destiny.”

“You told him if it didn’t feel right then it might not be his path and he listened to you. A complete strange.." He stuttered, "a somewhat stranger."

Liz glanced up at him with a smirk, “I know it seems weird, that we just happened to bump into each other at maybe the right moment.”

“Did you know before you went to him or did that happen after you bumped into his room?”

Liz read his face and knew he wasn’t being sarcastic, he was genuinely interested. “He told you.”

Sam nodded, “that you’re psychic? Bobby actually. Dean was trying to keep your secret but after Bobby spilled it, Dean explained that was how you found out about some things. He said he didn’t tell you what was really going on but that you glimpsed some things off him and asked about it.”

She shrugged, “it happens sometimes when I touch people and sometimes when I don’t. I just get glimpses of people’s.. path. The feelings he had were familiar to me and I couldn’t help but ask since it didn’t end well for me.”

Sam watched her closely, “how do I know that you’re not playing him.. us? I know Bobby knows you, has known you for a couple years but that you’ve been gone.”

Liz lifted her head and really looked at Sam for the first time since he came in the room. He was worried for his brother, he was scared about what was going on and trying to be as protective as he could. She understood that completely but there was something else there too that she couldn’t pinpoint. “I’m not. Your brother walking into a bar that I just happened to be working at for two weeks was complete coincidence and I honestly don’t usually believe in coincidences. Something about him caught my eye, maybe because he sat alone and kept looking at the door. I kind of felt like I understood where he was, that I’d been there before. Then when I gave him a beer, his hand brushed mine and I saw something. Something I still don’t understand but he was beaten and bloody and he was so..” She looked down at the book as she tried to think of the feelings that came to her in the vision. “Lost, alone, broken, a pain so deep..” She looked back up at Sam, “that was why I opened his door. When I got off my shift and went back to my motel room, I saw him going in his room and thought that maybe I could stop whatever caused that.” She put the book down on the couch next to her and turned towards Sam. “I can show you that I’m not lying, that I’m not trying to hurt your brother or you. I lost someone and that’s how I knew what those feelings could be from.”

Sam sat quietly staring at her, he felt himself being pulled in to her gaze as she spoke. He felt the true sincerity of each word that left her mouth. He didn’t want to say it out loud but he trusted her, he felt like he knew her and it made him uneasy. He never met her or anyone quite like her that made him feel so at ease right away. She was still staring into his eyes but he didn’t know what to say so he just nodded his head. Her hands slowly reached up towards his forehead and he moved away.

She smiled softly, “it’s okay. I just have to touch you to make the connection.”


“I thought you wanted me to show you. I can show you my memories.”

Sam’s eyes widened then he shook himself and leaned forward. Her warm fingers pressed against his temples and she took a deep breathe.

“Just stay calm and let your mind blank out. It’ll be just like when your friend sent Dean a message.”

“How much did you guys talk?”

The corner of her mouth quirked up, “just relax.”

Sam felt the slight tingling before he closed his eyes and the images came easily behind his eyelids. He marveled at the lack of pain but then felt his chest constrict and really looked at the image in his mind’s eye. He saw a dark haired guy that he couldn’t exactly gage an age on because of the blood covering his face. That ache in his chest throbbed as he saw small hands try to wipe away the blood but he knew it didn’t matter because the guy was already dead. “I love you Max. I love you.” He heard the voice echo in his mind and felt the heartbreaking pain that echoed with it, a pain that reminded him of Jess. Then the image changed and he saw his brother sitting at a table sipping a beer and glancing away. He approached the table and saw the same small hand only this time there was a beer in it. His brother’s hand reached for it and he felt the spark as his brother’s hand brushed the small one. The flash was quick but the emotion left a mark, it took his breathe away. His brother’s face was beaten to a bloody pulp and yet it wasn’t so much the pain of broken bones that was imprinted on his mind but the pain of loss, of devastation, a loss of someone important and loved. The image flickered out and blackness filled his vision.

“That didn’t hurt, did it?” Liz’s voice was soft.

He opened his eyes and took a shaky breathe. “Jesus.”

Liz’s brown eyes were soft, “premonitions aren’t always .. easily decipherable.”

He looked at the small brunette in front of him, the soft features and fit physique. She was strong, powerful, and compassionate. He felt guilty for his thoughts about her when he first saw her in Dean’s bed. She’d done nothing to deserve the scorn he threw at her. She’d been through a lot and just wanted to help his brother when she saw something that she recognized in him. He tried to forget the bed part. She watched him, took in his perusing eyes without a word. “Yeah, I’ve gotten a few but I could never handle them as easily as you did. They always..”

“Hurt like hell?”

Sam smiled softly, “yeah.”

“Dean told me a little about it. You were probably fighting it. In the beginning, I didn’t have a hang of it either and I had this green electricity that ran up and down my arms and burned like fire.” She chuckled softly, a laugh that made Sam think there were darker thoughts behind it. “I thought I was going to die but I had a friend who helped me through it. She helped me get a hang of it so that I learned control and it wasn’t easy but after a while the pain went away.”

Sam’s eyes widen, “wow.”

Liz smirked, “yeah. Crazy right?”

Sam smiled, “I’m sorry. For what I said in the motel room.”

Liz chuckled, “don’t worry about it. I know he’s got a past with that.”

Sam laughed and patted her hand on her knee, “I feel like I’ve known you forever.”

Liz gasped and pulled her hand away. Sam’s brow furrowed. “Sam.. no. That idea.. the thing you think will work because you could gain control over him? It won’t work. If you say yes.. you will die and not in the good way.”

Sam’s eyes darkened, “you saw that?”

Liz nodded as she bit her lip, “please don’t do it.”

Sam nodded and dropped his head. “I guess I’ll go check on them. Bobby and Dean, I mean.”

Liz grabbed Sam’s arm as he stood from the couch. “Do you mind if I ask what happened to Bobby?”

Sam frowned, “a demon. It possessed him and tried to kill Dean but he got control and stabbed himself. It paralyzed him.”

Liz frowned, “oh. Wow, so that’s why you..”

Sam nodded and then pointed out towards the study. “I’m just gonna..”

Liz smiled and Sam stopped at the door. “I don’t know why you and Dean were in the same place at the same time but I’m hoping that it was because you needed to be there. That the two of you needed to meet.”

Liz watched him, “I hope your right. I hope you guys figure something out and Sam?” Sam took a step back in the room at the look on her face and she continued with a lowered voice, “He’s having a really hard time keeping it together, trying to fight to keep going because he’s.. you’ve both lost so much. I think that’s why even though he wasn’t exactly confident, he went with that destiny thing.”

Sam glanced out the doorway and spoke in the same lowered voice, “He either lets you see something that he never shows anyone or maybe he just loses a part of that barrier around you but I think for some reason, he lets you see a side of him that no one ever sees. I don’t know why but I think you are the best person that he could do that with.” Liz’s eyes widened and Sam smiled with a simple nod and left the room.

Liz sighed heavily and ran her hand through her hair. She wasn’t even going to touch that little tidbit Sam just gave her. He didn’t know how much she glimpsed off Dean and how much Dean actually told her. She felt a little guilty that she didn’t exactly tell Sam the truth. She just met them but the connection that she felt in Dean, he couldn’t lose his brother. That bloody, beaten man in that vision wasn’t in that much pain because of the broken bones, blood vessels, or cartilage. He was in pain over losing the closest thing to him, he was dying inside because he lost his brother. He couldn’t lose his brother after everything he had already lost, it was just too much. She knew what it was like to lose someone like that, she’d dealt with it too long and knew it never really got better but it would be so much worse for him. To lose his only remaining family, she just couldn’t let that happen.

Maybe that was what drew her to Dean in the first place, he was a tortured soul, one just like hers. In him, she found a brother in arms, someone who had seen horrors and knew what she had gone through. She felt herself in him a bit, a kindred spirit so to speak, and she couldn’t allow him to go through what she had not that long ago, when she lost the one person she felt held her together at the time. But the guilt didn’t seem to like her reasoning and guilt never did listen. Sam may have good intentions but it wouldn’t be as easy as he thought. Liz always had good intentions too and that didn’t always work out for her or those around her but wouldn’t this be considered the same thing? She had good intentions, she didn’t want Sam to die and she didn’t want Dean to be crushed or Bobby for that matter. She saw the way the old man looked at those two boys. But by doing this would she be messing with things she shouldn’t? Was that vision she got when Sam touched her something that had to happen or something that certain parties just wanted to happen? She needed time to think and she needed to put that little seed of doubt in Sam so she had the time.

“Why don’t you tell them the truth?”

Liz jumped at the voice. She looked up and saw the dark haired, blue eyed angel. Angel. If that still wasn’t the craziest thing she’d ever heard. “What do you mean?”

He cocked his head and looked at her. His eyes felt like they pierced her soul and she wondered if they really did. “Why don’t you tell them what you really are?”

Her eyes widened, “what?” She glanced quickly towards the doorway, “what are you talking about?”

His brow furrowed, “you don’t think they can handle the truth, that you’re not completely human.”

Liz jumped up from the couch and lowered her voice as she moved towards him. “Please don’t say anything. I have others to protect.”

“They wouldn’t hurt you or your friends. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Yeah, well, not everyone takes that knowledge as lightly as you.”

“They don’t believe in aliens.”

“And for now, they shouldn’t.”

The frown in the angel’s brow deepened, “you’re afraid for them. You’re afraid they could get hurt if they entered your world.”

Liz felt uncomfortable, “can you just reach in and pull out whatever you want?”

“Yes. But I didn’t pull anything out of your body. I was trying to figure out why you felt the need to keep that hidden.”

“You aren’t really good with understanding what people mean, are you?”

“I have found that people don’t say what they mean most of the time and the words that you tend to choose are somewhat confusing.”

Liz smiled, “that’s true. People don’t always say what they really mean.”

“Sam tells me it is because they wish to spare other people’s feelings but I think it does more damage than good.”

“Are you reading my mind again?”

He eyed her curiously, “no. Are you not saying what you really mean again?”

She shook her head with a chuckle. “I think I like you Castiel.”

He grinned, “I like you too Elizabeth Parker.”

She cringed, “you can call me Liz.”

He gave her a full-fledged smile. “Liz. You can call me Cas. They seem to like to.”


Both Cas and Liz turned at the voice in the hallway. Liz replied, "in here."

Dean stepped into the room then stopped seeing Cas and Liz standing together in the middle of the room. He looked at Cas, "can I talk to her?"

Cas looked at him confused, "of course."

"Alone, cas."

"Oh, yes." Cas looked back at Liz with an almost conspiratorial smile then disappeared.

Liz shook her head, "that would take some getting used to."

Dean walked to her side, "you have no idea. Are you okay? A lot got thrown at you.. For someone who just thought.. Well. I don't know what you thought but I mean.. last night."

Liz chuckled as she walked over to the couch. "This doesn't have to be some awkward morning after where we try to say something meaningful. I know it wasn't a completely normal hook up but we still have to go our separate ways. You have shit to deal with and so do I. Cas can beam me back to the motel and I can go from there.” She turned and sat down, looking up at Dean. “I can take care of myself. It’s perfectly normal to satisfy..” Her eyes dropped to the floor. “Certain needs when you need to and then get back to work with a clear head.”

Dean watched her carefully, his brow furrowing at how easily she seemed to brush him off. She was right and he knew it. He didn't want her involved in the shit storm they were dealing with but he didn't want to just see her off either. Something about her struck something deep in him and he hated it because of the timing but then maybe he just thought she could be useful. Sam's premonitions always revolved around the demon and never really gave them much help but she had a real gift. Was that why he didn't want her to walk away?

She looked up at him with a small quirk to her right brow. "Speechless because I don't want to cuddle?"

He chuckled and hoped it didn't sound nervous. To put it lightly he thought she was awesome and he barely even knew her. "No, just surprised. I guess."

Since he hadn’t moved from his spot, she got up and walked back towards him, "I'm not saying last night wasn't great but life continues." She stopped in front of him with a small smirk, "maybe some time when both our.. problems have been dealt with, we can do it again."

His hand reached out and combed through her dark hair, "yeah. I'd like that."

Liz glanced up at him and noticed the darkness that had fallen over his face. He had fought for a long time with the other men that were in this with him but she felt it wasn’t really the fighting that had taken away the light that had come from him earlier when they were alone. Once again, she understood him. In the light of day, all the shit came crashing down and he was thinking about ending it by doing what the angels wanted only a day ago but now he had to continue the fight that had taken so much from him. It surprised her how easily she could read him after such a short time. Her powers may help her in most cases but she wasn’t even using them and she knew. She leaned up on her tip toes and kissed his lips. She pulled away slightly, looking into his eyes. "Me too but for now, we both have jobs to do."

He looked into her warm brown eyes and felt her body heat radiating off her through his clothes. "You know you never told me what it was you were dealing with."

She let her heels fall back to the floor, "just some family business." He quirked his brow and she shrugged, "it's a long story. Let's just say someone from my friends' past wants something from them, from me, and it's not something we can just give to them so they want our heads."

His eyes widened, "wow. You really weren't kidding."

"Nope. We both have our problems to settle and it's not easy."

Dean shoved his hands in his pockets. "Well this is weird, even for me."

Liz smiled as her hands fell on his forearms, "for both of us and believe me, I've seen some weird." She took a deep breath and looked into his stormy green eyes, "if there's one piece of advice that I can give you, don't forget who you are and don't give in to someone else's version of who you should be. Make sure every decision is yours, not just someone trying to make you think it's yours. If there's anything that I've learned about you in this short time.. It's that Dean Winchester doesn't fall for anyone's bullshit."

Dean stared into her eyes and wanted to tell her not to leave, that she gave him something that he felt he needed but he just didn’t know what it was yet. But then he pictured Jo and Ellen and all the rest that fell when they stood by his side and he gave one slight nod. Cas appeared in the doorway and Dean looked towards the angel. Liz glanced over at Castiel then looked back to Dean, "I guess this is goodbye. I hope everything works out for you." She cringed at how awkward the words seemed.

Dean smirked, "you too. Take care of yourself."

Liz leaned up and gave him another soft kiss. "You too."

They looked into each other's eyes reading the words left unspoken there. Then Liz turned and moved back Cas. "I just want to say goodbye to Bobby before you send me back."

Dean stood in the middle of the room staring at the doorway where Liz left Castiel while she went in search of Bobby. Cas' brow scrunched together as he stared at Dean then tilted his head.

"Shut up Cas." Dean stormed out of the room and headed towards the front door. He could use a drive to clear his head.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.13 1/2

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jan 02, 2014 11:11 am

Thanks for all the love!!

Don't worry, the Winchesters are coming back VERY soon. It took forever to get them here as it is! :lol:

Chapter Thirteen

The entire drive back to the current safe house, Liz heard voices and emotions playing over and over, memories that weren't her own. She heard familiar male voices with some strong emotions that threatened to choke her if she didn't push them aside right away. She tried everything she could think of to drown it out in the beginning but finally gave up and figured her brain was trying to tell her something. Maybe it was something she didn’t want to think about but obviously she had no choice.

The voices were easy to figure out since she was just with them but the words thrown in the arguments she heard definitely nailed it down. Dean's memories with his brother were being thrown at her for some reason and she just had to flow with it, let it play out. Some she knew from Dean telling her but some were eye opening to the complexity of their relationship. There was a lot of pain and distrust from just the last year and maybe a half. Why they had thought lying would save or salvage things between them? She had no idea but she hoped they had at least learned from those mistakes. But then again, Dean was just sneaking off to go against what his brother thought they should do. So maybe those mistakes were simply part of a flaw in their love for each other. A flaw she was familiar with, a flaw she knew all too well. ‘Save those I care about at any cost.’ Max did it, Michael had tried, and even she had done it a few times. Even after knowing the pain that Max left behind when his ‘at all costs’ meant his life. She couldn’t judge him since she knew she probably had the same flaw in her DNA.

Thankfully, she was spared images so she was able to continue her drive but there had been times where she didn’t have a choice but to pull over and take some time because the emotions were too strong. The last couple hours of the drive, she knew what it was trying to tell her or at least what her mind wanted to point out. She needed to put away these childish run away moments, she needed to stop blaming Maria and the others for doing what they needed to do, for doing what a family did. Her family cared about her and didn't care if it meant she'd lash out at them, they would never back down. Something she was always thankful for but did she really show that?

Every time she felt those demons closing in on her and her friends tried to close ranks to protect her, she shoved the blame on them when that was the furthest thing from the truth. She just didn’t have anyone to blame so she shoved it onto them and ran. Hell with what could happen to her or even the group, she needed time for herself to wallow and get her tantrum out. That needed to stop. She was too old for that crap and she was shown, quite literally, how different things could be. How badly things could end and she just wasn’t ready to lose her family because she was having a temper tantrum.

Poor Maria. She took the brunt of Liz’s lashings, her best friend, her sister since.. well, since she could remember. She had a lot to apologize for when she got back and she knew they wouldn’t hear of it. That’s just what got her the most. Some of them would smile and wave her off, shrug it off and say “it happens” or “forget about it” because maybe they truly believed she was entitled to a meltdown every now and then. Not one of them would say it was reckless, well no, that wasn’t true. Maria would and did. And she threw her concern back in her face and threw acid on top of that. If the damn demon she took out a week ago hadn’t destroyed her cell phone, she’d be on the phone with Maria right now. She needed to get on top of replacing that too. It was time to move on from that selfish girl that shoved safety aside for stupid little pity parties.

Liz pulled up in front of the two story house and noticed there seemed to be quite a bit of activity going on inside. She sucked in a breath, pulled her bag free from the back seat and got out of the car. She stood for a moment, staring at the house then noticed Ava look out at her from a second story window. Liz waved and continued on towards the front door. As she figured, Isabel opened the door and threw her arms around her, squeezing just a little bit harder than normal.

“I’m okay.” Liz whispered.

Isabel pulled back and took her bag, “I’ll throw this in the laundry, how bout you go get something to eat?” With a smile, Isabel was gone with her bag and Liz stood in the doorway staring after the tall blonde with a small amount of confusion. Okay, that wasn’t exactly out of character but definitely nicer than she need to be. What was going on?

Maria walked by without much of a glance but waved, “hi.”

Liz felt the guilt rise up from her gut as she stepped into the house. “Maria.. wait.”

Ava came running down the stairs, “hey!” The other small girl threw her arms around her with a giggle, “how are you?”

Liz’s brow furrowed, “okay I get that I shouldn’t have run off but what is with the super chipper thing from you and Isabel?”

Ava pulled back, “didn’t you check your messages?”

“Or did you lose your phone?” Michael’s voice shot from the kitchen but she had yet to see his face. The voice wasn’t scolding but firm. Her confusion created a hard pit in her stomach.

Liz closed her eyes, “I know. I had this demon jump me about a week ago and..” Her eyes popped open and she rushed to take away the concern she saw in Ava’s eyes. “It was nothing I couldn’t handle but I did smash my phone during the short scuffle.”

Ava glanced towards the kitchen then nodded, “I’ll get you one of the spares.”

“Thanks Aves.” Liz gave her a small smile of thanks then headed for the kitchen as Ava went off towards the back of the house. She found Michael sitting at the kitchen table eating a hamburger. “So what happened? What were the messages?”

Michael glanced up, his face giving nothing away. “You okay?”

Liz nodded and took a seat at the table. Michael gestured toward his plate and Liz shook her head. “We had a run in yesterday, Kyle and I, with a couple of skins.”

Liz looked down at the table, “listen I’m sorry I..”

Michael raised his hand, “it’s okay Liz. We get it.”

Liz’s eyes came up, “it’s not okay but thank you for getting it. It’s not going to happen again.” His brows rose and she continued. “Let’s just say.. I don’t have a good reason to run anymore. I got a wakeup call.” She looked down at the table and rapped her knuckles against it. “So that’s why everyone is moving about? The skins?” Her gaze rose to his again.

“Yeah, packing up the usual, just in case. They came at us after work so technically we don’t know if the house has been compromised but taking precautions to be ready to leave. We left you a message with some coordinates this morning since you hadn’t called.”

Liz nodded then glanced towards the stairs. “I need to find Maria.”

Michael stayed quiet watching her and wondering just what kind of wakeup call she got. When she turned back towards him he simply nodded. He wasn’t walking anywhere near that time bomb.

Liz got up from the table and started searching the bottom level of the house. She stuck her head in the office and found Serena and Ava whispering. Whispering that cut off the second they felt her. Serena turned with a smile, “the prodigal daughter returns! So, what kind of sights did you take in this time?” Once again Liz found herself in a warm embrace.

“The usual. Different city, different bar, same atmosphere. Killed a demon.”

Serena chuckled, “look at you.” Serena took a good look, “really, look at you. Something’s.. different. What’s up?”

Liz smiled, “you trying to read me?”

She smirked, “trying? Please, something’s different.”

“It is different. No more running.” Liz folded her arms across her chest.

Serena’s brow rose and she folded her arms, mimicking Liz’s posture. Ava stepped up next to Serena and handed Liz the phone in her hand. Liz smiled and caught the curious look in Ava’s eyes. “Just a wakeup call. That’s all.”

Serena nodded, “hmm. Wakeup call. Did it involve breakfast?”

Liz’s brow scrunched wondering just how much Serena was skimming her. Serena had a hell of a sense when it came to people but could she really sense something about Dean? “No. Just a look at how bad things could be.”

“Uh-huh.” Serena’s eyes narrowed then she winked. “Okay, if you say so.” Ava glanced at Serena then looked towards Liz.

“Do either of you know where Maria is?”

Both girls looked at each other then back to Liz. Ava said, “probably in her room.”

Serena added, “probably pretending she’s too busy packing. I don’t need to tell you how she took your.. departure.”

Liz nodded and bit her lip, “yeah I figured.” Liz turned and started out of the office.

“So.. anytime you want to tell us about your hook up..” Serena’s voice cut off and Liz glanced back to see Ava glaring at Serena while the taller girl rubbed her side. Well, that answered that question. She may not sense Dean exactly but she knows something, that was for sure. Serena didn’t really have powers per se but she was a very strong empath. Her power reveled Liz’s even though she didn’t get images she could pinpoint things like a master of her craft.

Liz made her way through the house bumping into the others and sharing small talk. Maria walked by while she was talking with Zan, Liz tried getting Maria’s attention but her old friend made it very clear that she was not on the bandwagon of welcoming her back with open arms. Liz did more damage than she had thought. It was going to take more than just words this time. She was getting Maria’s harshest cold shoulder treatment. She needed a bribe and probably a day to make sure Maria felt her point was proven. Hopefully, she wouldn’t hold her to more than a day although Liz would understand it completely.

Two days later, Liz woke up and felt determined to get Maria to talk to her or at least listen. She had to get her to listen. This was just ridiculous that she let it go on this long but she had to let her know that she understood and thought it was deserved. Liz got dressed quickly and made her way downstairs hearing voices coming from the kitchen.

“So she got laid, big deal. She needed a little release.” Kyle. Liz smiled, of course he would say that.

“Oh, she got more than laid. I just can’t put my finger on how much more.” Serena. What the hell was she getting at? Maybe she sensed something about the angel thing? Or just the fact that Liz was thrown for a loop by the fact that angels exist at all?

“Who cares, she looks better. That’s all that matters.” Kyle again. She loved that boy.

Liz stepped into the kitchen, “as a matter of fact, I did get laid and it was fantastic.”

Ava laughed and Kyle put his coffee cup down and started a slow clap. Liz couldn’t help but laugh at how ridiculous he looked. Serena smiled, “so was it a guy or girl?”

Ava laughed harder. Liz rolled her eyes as she poured herself a cup of coffee. “My secret.”

Michael shuffled into the kitchen. “What the hell is with all the racket?”

“Oh just talking about Liz getting laid. Serena wanted to know if it was a guy or girl.”

Michael scoffed, “please it’s Liz.”

Liz turned towards Michael, “what the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Serena chuckled, “I think he means you’re too much of a prude..”

Liz narrowed her eyes at Michael, “I’ll have you know..” She saw Michael and Kyle both turn their attention on her.

Kyle smiled, “please continue.”

Michael smirked, “that you what? Kissed a girl?”

Kyle turned to him, “are you hinting to something you know about?” He looked to Liz, “did you kiss Maria?”

Serena burst out laughing, “oh Kyle. You really don’t want to think about that. She is your step sister after all.”

Kyle scoffed, “she’s not my sister.”

Ava laughed harder as Isabel walked into the kitchen. “What’s going on in here?”

Michael smirked, “Liz was trying to prove that she wasn’t a prude because she kissed Maria.”

“I was not!”

Isabel rolled her eyes, “seriously children? No one here is a prude.”

Kyle chuckled, “oh I beg to differ. Liz doesn’t seem to be able to tell what happened while she was gone.”

Liz made her way over to the table, “just because I don’t feel like sharing my sexual life with all of you, doesn’t mean I’m a prude.”

Michael shook his head, “nope. I don’t want any of the details.”

Isabel stirred her coffee, “I wouldn’t mind a few.”

Ava perked up, “neither would I.”

Serena just looked at Liz with a mischievous grin. “We all know my answer.”

Liz laughed, “not happening.” She turned to Michael, “you making breakfast?”

Michael shook his head as he made his way for the door. “Nope. I’m not staying in this room because I know exactly what these girls are after and I’m not sticking around for you to cave.”

Liz’s jaw dropped as Serena glanced at Ava, “I bet it was good.”

Ava smiled, “I bet it was better than good. Better than anything in the past couple of years.”

Liz rolled her eyes and looked to Isabel for help but the tall blonde only shrugged. Kyle wiggled his eyebrows when Liz’s gaze landed on him. “So did he pick you up at the bar or did you pick him somewhere else?”

“Seriously Kyle? You too?”

Serena threw in, “I bet it was wild. Really good in bed.”

Liz lowered her head and Isabel smiled thinking in her head, truth.

Ava looked at Kyle and smirked, “I bet he was well equipped.”

Kyle balked, “seriously? We don’t have to talk about the dude.”

Isabel chuckled, “Kyle what the hell would you think we talked about? Just what it was like? Of course we’ll talk about the guy!”

“Well yeah.. I know you talk about them but not like..”

Ava glanced at Serena and chuckled, “what their equipment was like?”

Kyle threw his hands up, “alright, alright. I’m out.”

The girls chuckled as he left the kitchen then all eyes came back to Liz. Isabel took a seat at the table, “I bet he was sweet.”

“Sweet? What would you want with sweet during a one night stand?” Serena looked at Liz then Ava. “Is sweet one of her musts?”

Ava tapped her chin, “I wouldn’t say sweet, maybe attentive?”

Serena hummed, “oo, attentive. I like that. Attentive in bed is a very, very good quality to have. So was it well balanced? None of that all hands, not enough thrust or all thrust, not enough hands? Not enough build up can be a major turn off.”

Isabel smiled at the slight blush that came to Liz’s cheeks. “How about experienced? Knows what he’s doing? Not just fumbling around drunkenly?”

Serena taped her fingers on the table. “Well, that would go with attentive, right? I mean it probably wouldn’t have been memorable or much of a game changer if it was some drunken mess.”

Ava grinned, “game changer huh?”

Liz laughed, “seriously guys? I’m not going to tell you about the hot guy that I ended up having a great night with a couple nights ago.”

Serena smirked, “game changer. How many times?”

Liz chuckled, “I am not answering that.”

Ava leaned forward, “oo.. wow. Really? That many?”

“I’m not saying anything.” Liz stood from the table and went to fridge, “I need to find Maria anyway.” She opened the freezer and pulled out the ice cream she had stashed there the night before then grabbed two spoons.

Serena and Ava chuckled as Isabel took another sip of coffee watching Liz slip out of the kitchen with a smile. Oh Liz, you told us so much more than you think.

Liz went up the stairs and knocked gently on Maria and Michael’s bedroom door. The door floated open and Liz saw Maria standing at the bed looking through a duffle bag. “Maria, I know you’re pissed at me but can we talk?”

Maria continued what she was doing without a look in her direction so Liz went over to the bed and placed the ice cream next to the duffle bag then dropped herself down on what she figured was Maria’s pillow. “I was being a selfish little bitch and I had no right to take it out on you and I’m sorry. Really. I miss my friend.”

Maria’s eyes lingered on the ice cream then snapped up to Liz. “I was only looking out for you, worried about my friend, and you threw Alex in my face. Alex!”

Liz’s eyes fell to the bed and she started to pick at invisible lint. “I know Maria why do you think I'm apologizing?”

Curiosity colored Maria’s face before the words came tumbling from her lips. “What the hell did you do? What happened? You never apologize..”

Liz looked up to find Maria looking her over for visible injuries. “I just.. I got a look at a different possibility. A tougher situation than my own and it gave me a little perspective.”

“Tell me you didn't almost die or something and had a glimpse of your life or another life..”

A small smile curved her lips. “Now, how the hell would I be here if I almost died? I didn't call any of you..”

Maria shrugged, crossing her arms over her chest. “Yeah well I don't know. The Granolith could have stepped in.”

Liz raised her brow. “Yeah, cuz we've known the Granolith to do that.”

“Shut up.” Maria moved the duffle bag over and climbed on the bed. “So what really happened?”

“Just that. I got a glimpse of how different things could be.. for me and for us. But really we're lucky we have each other and maybe that is because you’re all so protective of me just as much as I am of you. And sometimes that can really, really piss me off but your family and I don't want to know what it would be like without you. You’ve been a sister to me since we were kids..” Liz thought of Dean then immediately shoved the thought away.

Maria interrupted her. “Okay, who the hell are you and what did you do to Liz?”

Liz rolled her eyes. “Very funny, ria.”

“This is real? You’re serious?”


“Oh thank god!” Maria threw herself on the bed next to Liz. “I was seriously worried you were losing it and this was some split personality. This isn't a split personality, is it?”

She chuckled, “I don't think so. Let me check with the others and get back to you later.”

“Shut up! Come here..” Maria pulled Liz against her, wrapping her arms tightly around her friend. “I've missed you so much Lizzie.”

“I know. I missed you too.”

Michael rushed into the room going straight to the closet. “We’re leaving.”

Maria sat up, “what is it? I thought we were just taking precautions.”

Liz knew Maria had grown to like this town over the couple of months they had been there but she didn’t need to ask once she saw the look on Michael’s face. “Skins?”

“No. Shapeshifters.” Michael answered as he threw the rest of his clothes into a duffle bag.

“Shit.” Liz jumped from the bed and helped with Maria’s things.

“Yeah. Who knew he’d have access to more of those bastards.”

Maria closed the bag she was messing with when Liz came in and grabbed the ice cream. “I guess we have to eat this whole thing in the car then.”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.14 1/9

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:19 am

HypnotiqBlueEyes: Always with the great questions! What kind of shapeshifter and what exactly was it that Serena was picking up on? That, my friend, will be revealed in time. :)

I have the next chapter written out and when I get home from my doctor's appointment today, I'm planning to get that edited and posted today as well since this one was pretty short. And honestly, the Winchesters are in the next chapter and I know I'm not the only one itching to have them back in the story and really getting involved! :)

Chapter Fourteen

One Month Later.

Liz grabbed the small walkie talkie from the table by the front door and slipped it on her belt as she headed out the front door. Her daily jog had turned into a surveillance detail but she didn’t mind, she actually welcomed the task on most days. Ever since they moved to the new place they hadn’t seen any sign of anything but with their past luck since they came back to the states they knew things were not at all the way the used to be. Khivar or at least his men were definitely on planet Earth and they were trying to be on the top of their game. The only thing that kept bothering her was the fact that they could find her but none of the guys they had contact with were really that good at their job. Were they really on top of their game or was Khivar sending out scouts that weren’t supposed to engage, just scare?

Her mind was filled with strategies, wondering whether Khivar was purposefully sending men that he knew weren’t good enough or if he really thought it would be that easy to take them out. The darker thoughts seemed more probable based on the fact that they had used their emotions before; they had used their family and their connections to draw them out. Had Khivar been sending men he knew they could kill just to see how much it weighed on them, on her? Did he really think that they wouldn’t kill when it was kill or be killed or was he counting on that fact? Was he trying to break them down, either by tiring them out or wearing them down? Either way they had no qualms with taking them out if they didn’t want to turn the tide. With all the struggle that others had talked about on Antar, she was surprised that not one had taken their offer to turn against Khivar but then maybe she shouldn’t be. From what she was slowly learning through his moves so far, Khivar was no idiot.

Her eyes caught movement to her left on the other side of the street and she slowed then bent down, her hands reaching towards her shoe laces. The fading light was not on her side but she had trained enough with Michael not to rely on sight alone but on other senses that were better suited to the dark. Her hands slid past the gun hiding in her ankle holster and pretended to retie her shoe when the sound of children’s laughter caught her attention. She glanced to her left and noticed children running out from behind the bushes in a yard. Her mind flew back years to a memory of Alex, Maria and herself playing a game of capture the flag in the fading New Mexico light against some other kids in town. She took a deep breath and straightened, shaking the memory away.

“Kids make you jumpy? That’s new.”

She started jogging again, “nice Max. Not helpful.”

“Wow, aren’t we touchy today.” She glanced out of the corner of her eye, taking in the fact that he was wearing his old high school gym clothes while keeping up with her pace. The only thing that stood out as wrong was the fact that he wasn’t sweating at all, his hair was perfectly styled then suddenly became a messy bedhead. Her eyes moved to his face and he smirked. “Is that better?”

Liz shook her head and picked up her pace as she scanned the surrounding area. “If you think so.”

“Funny, I thought you were into that nicely cut, nicely styled thing. Like someone put some thought into how their hair should look when they left the house.”

“Honestly, I could care less.”

“Really? Huh, I thought you liked that on Dean.”

Liz lost her footing then quickly recovered as she hissed under her breath, “stupid crappy pavement.”

Max’s brow rose as a chuckle bubbled from his chest. “Right, blame it on the sidewalk. Good one.”

Her face twisted in confusion with a hint of anger, “what?”

“We both know you tripped because I said Dean.”

Her brow furrowed, “who?”

Max gave her a look that clearly stated, ‘bullshit’.

As she looked around she put on a show that she was searching her mind but Max only smirked at her silly attempt. Her face lit up like she had just placed the name. "Oh the guy from the bar? That was just someone who needed help."

"You can't lie to me, Liz. Remember?" He glanced down at her and tapped his head.

She slowed to a stop and started to stretch her legs. "What are you trying to get at?"

"I know what you felt. Yes, you wanted to help him but that’s not what really drew you to him. Yes, you were drawn to him. I know you’re really scared of it."

Liz shook her head as she pulled her arm behind her back feeling the stretch in her chest. "I'm not scared of what he's involved in.."

Max raised his brow. He waited for her to look at him but she was deliberately keeping her eyes averted. "It's that time. It's time for me to go and for you to move on."

She froze and finally turned towards him. "What are you talking about? You said you'd always be with me."

His face softened at the panic on hers. "I am and I will but I'm not something you've just imagined up. A part of me is with the Granolith just like the other kings and some queens before me." Liz raised her brow and he chuckled. "Antar wasn't like that.. not at all times. Yes, a king chose who to transfer it to but the Granolith ultimately made the decision. It could reject a transfer and choose its own. We're like a collective energy source of intelligence, experience.. I'm not really quite sure how to explain it but through your connection with the Granolith, I've been able to help you. I saw how afraid you were in the beginning so I backed off but when you were taken captive at the school.. I forced you to pass out and held you under so they wouldn't hurt you. I knew the more time you were under, the less energy they would spend on you but you always were a stubborn fighter." He smiled as his fingers brushed her cheek.

Liz's face twisted in confusion, "you saw how much you scared me and you backed off instead of telling me this?”

“I don’t think I was ever supposed to tell you but I can’t stay with you like this anymore and I knew the only way you would understand..”

Her brow creased as her mind ran through the events surrounding what he spoke of. “After my capture.. you knew you were the only one that could really help me because you heard me. I had thought about how you survived.. that I didn't understand how you did."

He nodded, "I've been with you when you thought of me and when I knew you needed me like when Michael connected with you. I pulled him to the memory enhancer and tried to explain how dangerous it was, that it needed to be dealt with right away.” Her eyes narrowed then widened as she remembered one of the worst times in her life. Max’s voice continued and pulled her from the sinking memories. His right hand cupped her cheek softly. “But from now on, I’ll just be getting in the way."

"What are you talking about? Of course you wouldn't get in the way!"

His hand brushed into her hair. "As long as you feel you have this part of me, you will close everyone else out. You will block him out when you know what you felt with him is rare."

She shook her head, trying to shake the building tears away. "No max.. I.. I can't do that again. I can’t do this without you."

“It was never about me, Liz.” His hands smoothed over her cheeks, cradling her face. “It was always about reminding you who you truly are.”

“You’re not making any sense.”

“You are so much stronger than you think, you just had to remember. You are that girl who found out aliens were in her high school, that an alien boy saved your life and caught the attention of the sheriff. Instead of letting him run or be caught, instead of turning away and pretending it wasn't real, you stood up and fought for someone you barely knew. You are the girl who always came through no matter how scared you were, when Michael was sick, when the FBI was breathing down our necks.. when I was taken.. when Alex was killed. You were the girl that never let that fear get the best of you. You never let it win because, Liz Parker, that just wasn't you.”

She stared into his eyes, no longer caring about the moisture building in her own. “I'm not that girl anymore. You don't know.. the things I've done after you died.”

“You are that girl. You were just lost for a while, that's all. That's why I reached out to you because I hated seeing you so lost. That wasn't the girl I know, the girl I love. She's still right here. You just needed to see that. You just needed to remember who you really are, to find yourself again. No more doubts, no more excuses. You know who you are, Liz. It's time for me to go. You don't need me anymore. I love you. I will always love you but it's time for you to move on.”

Liz shook her head unable to speak.

"You deserve to feel again. You deserve to live a real life, you deserve love. I'm just a surrogate for the real thing. He's worth it, Liz. And you know that you could be happy with him."
She scoffed, "look around you max, there is no happy in this.."

"We always found our happy. You can find it." He brushed the tear that rolled down her cheek with his thumb. "I want you to love your life. That's how you can make me happy. Take what is left and make the most of it. He can give you more than I can anymore. He can make you happy." She shook her head, "I know these things, Love."

"What? You have premonitions now?"

"I may have a few things up my sleeve." He smiled and leaned down, stopping with his lips just a breath away from hers. "I love you, always have and always will. Now, it's his turn to give you what you need."

"Max.. I.. This whole time I wished to be able to tell you.."

He kissed her lips silencing her plea. He pulled back, looking into her eyes. "I've always known. I knew you didn't sleep with Kyle before I left remember? I knew that you were doing whatever you could to help just like you did from the very beginning. You did everything in your power to help me because you accepted me for who I was and then you loved me. Now, it's his turn. I can't be selfish forever." He smiled then kissed her again. It was sweet yet heartbreaking because somewhere she knew this would be the last time. "You were so much more than I deserved."

She stared into his eyes, "that's not true."

He smiled, "you are an amazing woman Liz and one day you'll be an amazing mother."

Liz let out a watery laugh, "now I know you’re dreaming."

He brushed the back of his fingers across her cheek wiping away the tears with a smile. "I love you."

"I will always love you, Max."

With one last long look, he disappeared and she was left standing alone in the small grassy area around the block from the safe house. She felt a chill run up her back and glanced around, brushing at the tears on her face then turned back on her route and continued her run.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.15 1/10

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Chapter Fifteen

Two months later.

Sam glanced into the white take out bag again and grabbed the last few fries at the bottom. The cold fries were pretty disgusting but they were something for his grumbling stomach. A grumbling he was trying to ignore because of the fact that all he had was greasy old crap food but they never had great options when on a stakeout. He heard the slurping of a mostly empty cup next to him and looked at his brother. “Seriously?”

Dean glanced away from the large house that stood seemingly in the middle of the road at the end of the side street they parked on. “What?” The annoyed expression that covered Sam’s face only made Dean smile and slurp his drink again.

Sam rolled his eyes and looked back to the house where they had followed what they thought was the shape shifter that had killed two people in town. The only problem they came across in their plan to take him out was he wasn’t the only occupant of the house. There seemed to be a group of people living in the house with him. Sam was still trying to figure out if it was just part of his cover or if they had stumbled upon a group of shape shifters actually living together. Now that the sun was down and lights were coming on in the house, Sam was starting to notice how the bodies coming across the windows seemed almost too purposeful. It didn’t seem like normal behavior, it was slow and controlled almost as if they were looking out the window without trying to seem like it but trying too hard to look like they were simply slowly walking by the window. “What the hell are they doing in there?”

“They couldn’t be onto us, could they?”

“Why not do something if they knew we were out here?” Sam squinted in the dark.

“No. No way they know.”

Sam turned to his brother, “it wouldn’t be the first time.”

“Shut up.” Dean looked towards the house again and noticed some movement in the shadows. “What’s that?” He picked up the binoculars and scanned the side of the house.

Sam squinted as he looked up and down the street and noticed some movement two houses down. “Movement, two houses down to the right.” He reached for the binoculars on the floor by his feet to get a better look.

“There’s two people, just went around the house to the back. Keeping really well in the shadows.”

Sam glanced at his brother, “hunters maybe?”

Dean shrugged as turned his binoculars towards the house Sam was talking about. “If they’re hunters, they’re working in a group. A pack of hunters sound normal to you?”

A bright light flashed in the window of the shape shifter’s house catching both brothers attention. They looked towards the house again then glanced at each other. “That’s not normal either.” Sam said.

Dean grabbed his gun and opened the door with Sam following his movements. Sam stepped out and noticed the two he had seen two houses down were now in the shadows next to the shape shifter’s house but they were not alone. He whispered towards his brother, “those two have company.”

Dean looked towards the two Sam was talking about and saw two other figures creeping up on them. “Not really great if they are hunters.”

Dean and Sam eased their way quickly up the side street, staying in the shadows and keeping an eye on the two making their way towards the house who had yet to notice the two behind them. A few more flashes from the house like flares in the dark, this time in green and blue. Sam and Dean glanced at each other then sped up. Dean noticed two other figures hiding in the shadows against the shape shifter’s house. What the hell is going on here?

As the two people they thought were hunters got right next to the house they spun and must have shot the two behind them because they went down immediately. Dean thought, silencers. They had to have silencers. Sam and Dean got to the house right as the two figures hugging the side of the house jumped out at the two hunters. A flash of light blue light flared in front of the hunters and Sam and Dean rushed towards them guns raised. “DOWN!” Dean yelled and they fired off two shots in quick succession over the hunters’ shoulders knocking out the two shifters hiding on the side of the house. The blue light dissolved into the darkness and the two hunters, a man and a woman, turned and looked at them.

A short blonde woman looked them up and down. “Who the hell are you?”

Sam took in the defensive stance of the man with brown, shaggy hair then looked towards the short blonde, “we’re hunters too. We’ve been staking out the house and saw the guys behind you. We came to help.”

The blonde’s brows raised and she looked to the man next to her with a smirk, “they came to help.”

Loud crashing sounds from the front of the house had Sam and Dean whipping around and the blonde and her partner rushed past them. As Dean and Sam followed the two up the front steps of a small porch, the front door flew open and a short, dark haired woman ran into the two hunters. The short blonde grabbed her arms to steady her and Dean got a good look at the woman in the light from the porch. “Liz?” Dean whispered.

The short blonde shoved the woman away and a tall, dark haired man came out the front door with another short, dark haired woman. They both stopped and raised their right hands towards Liz. Dean raised his gun towards the tall man in the doorway then froze when he saw the face of the woman standing next to him. “What the fu..”

A beam of light flashed out of the dark haired man’s palm and hit the Liz that ran out of the house first and she crumbled to the ground. Sam glanced at Dean then back to Liz standing in the doorway next to a tall, dark haired man. He noticed the short blonde glancing between Liz and himself and Dean.

“Dean? Sam?” Liz’s voice sounded confused and slightly out of breath.

The shaggy haired man looked back at Dean and Sam, “you know these two?”

The blonde chuckled, “I’ll be damned. Is he the guy?”

The dark haired man from the doorway looked towards them, “what guy?”

Sam glanced to his brother again to see him staring at Liz. Sam glanced around the small group standing on the porch of the shape shifter’s house. He was confused as hell but his instincts were overriding the confusion. “Should we still be standing here?”

“Are you guys coming or what?” Another voice behind the brothers had Sam turning to find an SUV at the curb with another man sticking his head out the window. Sam turned back towards Liz and noticed she was still looking at Dean, almost as if she’d seen a ghost.

The shaggy haired man pulled the Liz look alike on the ground into the house then the dark haired man ran his hand over the body and it disintegrated in front of them. Sam’s eyes widened and he heard the blonde. “So I’m guessing you didn’t tell them?” Sam’s eyes went to the blonde and noticed she had moved next to Liz who had stepped further onto the porch probably to give room for the body to be dragged in the house.

Liz’s eyes moved from Dean to Sam. “What are you doing here?” Her voice was vaguely annoyed and seemed only slightly curious. Sam swore he could sense a bit of fear laced in the annoyance.

The blonde elbowed her, “hey, they took out two shifters that surprised us.”

Sam glanced at the blonde, “two shifters?” She smirked and Sam glanced at Dean who was still looking at Liz. He turned his attention back to Liz, “we were tracking a shape shifter and have been watching this house since we followed him here earlier.”

The two men came out the front door and the dark haired one closed it. Something about him seemed familiar to Sam but he couldn’t put his finger on it. The features seemed familiar like he should know him but it was almost like a dream, the details were fuzzy. The men walked past them and got in the SUV and the blonde looked at Dean and Sam. “You guys can follow us. I’m guessing you’re parked close by?”

Liz’s head snapped towards the blonde and Sam responded as he pointed down the side street directly across from them, “just over there. Yeah, we can follow you.”

The blonde smiled, “great! I’m Ava by the way.” She stuck out her hand and Sam shook it. He glanced towards Dean and Liz again then heard the blonde chuckle, “let me guess he was the one right?”

Sam’s brow furrowed as he looked back towards Ava and then he got it. Apparently, Liz hadn’t really told her friends about them but she told them something. Dean finally spoke, “where are we following you?”

Twenty minutes later, Sam was sitting quietly in the car as Dean drove following the SUV with the girl he hadn’t seen in months who suddenly appeared out of nowhere on a hunt. She was not only psychic but also a hunter? “So, the girl you hooked up with is a hunter or turned into a hunter?”

Dean’s eyes didn’t leave the road, “she didn’t tell me that. We know Bobby helped her from a demon and that’s how all the hunters we know got into the business.”

Sam watched Dean but his brother wasn’t giving anything away. This was going to be very interesting.

They followed the SUV to a motel and then another car joined the caravan and they ended up in a loud bar. Sam caught his brother trying to pull Liz aside a few times but was never successful. At the table, the group that the brothers learned consisted of five friends from Roswell, New Mexico along with three they had picked up along the way during their travels. Of the eight, four of them were alien human hybrids that arrived here in the crash of 1947 and the other four were humans although two of them had been changed by alien healing. They also got a brief cliff notes version of their story and the shifters that they had just taken out. It was a lot to take in but both brothers had seemed to take it in stride.

After a few questions were thrown around about both the brothers and the alien club, they decided to call it a night. The three car caravan arrived back at the motel and Sam went straight into the office to get a room for Dean and himself. He couldn’t help but notice Dean’s eyes were still searching out Liz, staring at the car she had jumped in at the bar. Sam decided to give his brother the space to see if Liz would actually give him the chance to talk. So far tonight, she seemed to be ignoring him and he wasn’t the only one to notice it. He caught more than a few glances shared between her friends during the course of dinner.

Dean got out of the impala and saw Liz move quickly from the car she rode in to slip into one of the rooms. He flipped his car keys in his hand as he walked around to the trunk and popped it open.

Maria and Isabel got out of the SUV and caught Dean watching Liz. Maria smirked as the two girls walked over to the black impala. “Don't worry cowboy. You’re just her type.”

Dean turned towards the two approaching girls. “Cowboy?”

Isabel smiled. “She won't be able to ignore you forever. Maria's right. You’re just her type and from what I'm suspecting, you are the mystery guy.”

Maria glanced at Isabel, "he's just all Mr. Responsibility but has that wild, untamed vibe, right? He's practically a walking talking version of a dirty novel lover. Now I know why she wouldn't tell us that many details. Selfish, if you ask me.”

Dean smirked and Isabel chuckled then froze. Dean’s brow furrowed as Isabel snapped her eyes closed. "Oh god, I just pictured him naked."

The corner of Dean’s mouth quirked up as his eyes slid to Maria. Isabel shivered, "ugh gross." Isabel shook her head and walked away towards the line of rooms. Dean's face twisted in confusion as he watched Isabel walk away shivering every few seconds and shaking out her hands.

Maria's laughter brought his eyes back to her, "don't let it chip your ego, Deano. You're not her type at all. Unless you're tall, nerdy, and funny, you don't stand a chance. You're brother on the other hand.."

"Seriously, nerdy?"

Maria shrugged. "The woman knows what she likes."

Dean glanced back towards Isabel and noticed her slip into the same room Liz disappeared into. "And my brother.. You probably want to hold off on that hookup. He doesn't exactly have a great history with the ladies, it mostly ends badly.. Specially for the women."

Maria's eyes narrowed, "how so?"

Dean glanced around, "you don't want to know."

Maria smiled as she folded her arms over her chest, "you obviously don't know me."

"I'm not going to air my brother’s dirty laundry to some chick in a parking lot."

Maria shrugged, "suit yourself." Maria turned towards the rooms then looked over her shoulder towards him, “one piece of advice with Liz. Go easy on her, she hasn’t exactly had the easiest life specially with something like this. Oh, and hurt her and I’ll rip your balls off and shove them down your throat.” Maria smiled then walked away with a wave. "Later Deano."

Dean stood alone in the parking lot staring after Liz’s sharp tongued friend. "What the hell just happened?"

Sam walked out of the office to find Dean lifting his bag out of the trunk, “come on. I got a room.” Sam followed Dean’s gaze but didn’t see anyone. “What?”

Dean glanced at his brother, “nothing.” Dean threw his bag over his shoulder. “Forget about it.”

Sam stared at his brother with a secret smile, “forget about what?”

Dean glanced down at Sam’s hands and grabbed one of the keys and walked away without another word. Sam’s smirk grew into a full smile as he chuckled softly under his breath.

Sam followed his brother shaking his head. He got to the open door to find Dean’s bag on the floor and his body already thrown on the bed closest to the door. Sam closed the door behind him and walked to the other bed, “so aliens are real.”

Dean didn’t move a muscle, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Course not. Why would you want to talk about the fact that you slept with an al..”

“Shut it Sammy.”

“Well, actually she’s only part..”

“I said shut it.”

“It’s actually really interesting though. Aliens and humans, changed humans.. running from a crazy government agency hell bent on capturing aliens and other aliens hell bent on killing them for some alien heirloom? And we thought we had the market cornered on crazy.” Sam ducked easily from the boot Dean threw his way. “I don’t know why your being such a..”

“Go to sleep.” Dean rolled over, turning his back to his brother.

Sam grabbed a few things from his bag then moved to the bathroom and shut the door.

Dean heard the water turn on then waited a few more minutes. He got up from the bed and flicked the light switch off then looked out the window. There was no one out there but ever since he was talking in the parking lot with Maria and Isabel, he felt like he was being watched. At the time he thought it might be Liz but maybe that was just all in his head. Maybe he was just being more paranoid than normal because of the simple fact that they were now bunking with a group running from the same type of things they were. What was worse than having one government agency on your ass and any kind of supernatural creature checking you out? Oh yeah, another psycho government agency and extraterrestrial creatures. “Awesome.” Dean whispered as he scanned the area outside the window once more before walking back to his bed. He passed out with his dominant hand curled around his favorite hunting knife under his pillow.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.16 1/14

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Thanks for the love! :D

Chapter Sixteen
The next morning.

Serena stepped out of the shower and pulled the towel around her when she heard the door to the motel room close. “Kyle?” She poked her head out of the bathroom and saw Ava walking towards the small dresser in the room dressed in her usual running attire with two cups of coffee in her hands. Ava grinned and lifted the coffee cup in her right hand. Serena smiled and shook her head, “didn’t like the coffee from the little room machine?”

Ava grimaced, “are you kidding? That stuff isn’t worth tasting. Besides I found this great little shop nearby while Liz, Isabel, and I were running this morning.” She placed one of the cups down on the dresser then sat on the bed closest to the bathroom.

Serena dried herself off then pulled on the clothes she had laid out before jumping into the shower. She rubbed her hair with the towel as she walked out to join Ava in the main room. “So what do I owe for this spectacular cup of coffee?”

Ava swirled her cup as she sent Serena a side glance. She stood and put her coffee down on the bed side table then moved to Serena. “Why don’t you let me dry your hair?”

Serena eyed Ava, “what’s going on?”

Ava shrugged as she took the towel from Serena’s hand and pushed her gently to sit on the bed. “Just wanted to pick your mind.”

Serena let Ava take the towel from her hands but turned to look her in the eye. “You see it too?”

Ava threw the towel towards the bathroom then answered, “well, I saw something but you definitely seemed to get more. Just like you did when Liz came back after meeting him.” Ava started combing her fingers through Serena’s long, curly hair.

Serena let the warmth radiating from Ava’s fingers relax her tense muscles. When she woke up this morning, her mind had been a mess and her muscles ached so she decided a hot shower would help but it seemed it only got worse as time passed. Serena closed her eyes and her mind traveled back to the night before when the even larger group sat around the table at the bar picking through the food they had all ordered. At first, her attention was strictly on Liz who had seemed to be closed off from the second she climbed out of the SUV with Ava close behind her. Her deliberate attempt to sit as far from the shorter of the two newcomers was interesting and when Ava introduced them with just the subtle hint towards the shorter one, she had tipped her off to the fact they were meeting THE guy. That easily, interesting became confusing. She had a great night with the guy and whoever he was, he had made a lasting impression on her which only brought up that annoying fact that Serena had not been able to figure out just what that impression was.

Serena had watched the entire night how Dean had looked her way, waiting almost for her to look at him and probably to talk to him. She caught a handful of times where he tried to pull her aside but one thing Liz knew how to do better than anything was dodge a situation she wasn’t ready to confront. He took the whole alien reality thing pretty damn well so what had her all tied up in knots? She knew Liz wasn’t bothered by her alien side anymore and Dean obviously didn’t see a problem in it. The guy may have been shocked but the way he looked at her hadn’t changed, maybe a little more curious but there was no reversal of intent. He still wanted her, the attraction was easy to see but it was that extra hint of something that was starting to drive her crazy. So what the hell was the situation and how did such a great night turn Liz Parker into a frightened little teenager when she saw the guy again?

Serena thought maybe she was imagining it until she caught not only Ava’s glances but Isabel’s and Maria’s as well. She definitely wasn’t just reading something that wasn’t there. Liz was running from this guy and Serena felt that if she could understand what that connection was she would be able to put the finale pieces to the puzzle. The one thing that she knew for sure was that whatever it was that was stamped on Liz that night had also stamped itself on Dean too. A one night stand that turned into something more? Why and how much more? What the hell was she seeing?

“So do you have an idea about it?” Ava’s voice broke her out of her thoughts.

“What?” Serena looked up and caught Ava’s raised eyebrow over her now dried hair in the mirror on the wall.

“About Liz? I asked Isabel this morning and she said Liz wouldn’t give an inch, just that she was surprised to see him.”

Serena walked over to her bag and grabbed a clip to pin her hair up and off her neck. “I don’t know but it’s weird.”

Ava straightened, “weird?”

Serena frowned as she turned back to her friend, “yeah, Dean has it too.”

Her eyes widened, “he what?”

Serena grabbed the coffee and sipped. “It’s the same thing I saw on her that I couldn’t figure out.. just the slightest bit different and it’s maddening. I’ve never seen it before and it’s driving me crazy.” Serena walked over to the window and scanned the parking lot.

“So I guess maybe the question is what’s so special about this guy?”

Serena glanced over her shoulder. “Besides the fact that Liz slept with him and then ignores him like the plague the next time she sees him?”

Ava had her coffee cup again and was looking down at it. “Well, she’s not exactly used to running into her one night stands.”

Serena responded without a missing a beat as her eyes went back out the window. “Don’t you think that fact alone deserves attention?” Her scan of the parking lot stopped when she saw Michael, Zan, and Dean standing together all facing away from the motel. She sipped her coffee as the room fell quiet. There’s way more to it than that, even on the guy’s part but I just can’t put my finger on it. The thought weaved its way through her mind.

Ava chuckled, “you sure you just don’t want it to work out because then Liz would have someone to, I don’t know, settle her a bit? He’s got a brother that seems like the perfect match for Isabel and there we have the last two in our group without someone connected to them. Like the final pieces to our little alien club puzzle and they know how to fight and take care of themselves. It’s like it’s.. fate or something.”

Serena glanced back at Ava, “Liz doesn’t believe in fate.”

Ava corrected, “Liz doesn’t believe in destiny.”

“Same thing.”

“Not exactly, they may have similar meanings but fate was originally spoken of as the higher power controlling events where destiny was simply what fate had designed for you. Besides fate was around long before man came up with the word destiny.”

Serena turned away from the window. “You talking alien time or human time?”

Ava shrugged, “doesn’t matter.”

Serena rubbed her right shoulder. Her muscles were still tense but the ache in her shoulder was different. It was more of a stabbing throb in her muscles around her shoulder bone as she thought about what Ava was saying. Sometimes fate didn’t necessarily mean what Ava’s little romantic notions believed but could she have a point? Could some force they didn’t know have a plan with putting those two together? Maybe those four when she considered the possibility of Isabel and Sam. When eight became ten? Could the Granolith be involved? Or was she simply searching for answers and meaning in a world that had fallen into pure chaos?

Dean woke up early unable to sleep long with the feeling of being watched still weighing heavily on him. He stood at the window looking out at the parking lot when he heard Sam starting to stir. Then he saw Michael and Zan separately walking around the perimeter and meeting up in the middle of the parking lot. “I think I’m going to get some real coffee.” He said without turning from the window. Sam’s grunt in return let him know that he heard him and he moved out of the room.

Dean walked over to the two men and could read the moment they knew he was coming towards them by the tension in their shoulders. He briefly wondered if there was an alien aspect or if it was just instincts like his own. He shook it off and hoped that at some point Liz would actually talk to him and he’d be able to answer these types of things. When he was close enough to speak normally he asked, “you feel it too?”
Michael turned towards him, “you feel something?”

Dean nodded. “I’ve been hunting all my life. Someone’s watching and my conditioning kicks in. I’ve felt it since last night.”

Zan glanced towards the tree line just beyond the parking lot on the side of the motel. “You think they followed us?”

Dean was the first to respond. “I’m still wondering if my case is really the same as yours or if our monsters are working together.”

Michael shook his head. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure Khivar’s guys wouldn’t work together with anyone. What’s this monster you’re looking for?”

“Shape shifter.”

Zan added. “That’s what our guys are. Just their origin isn’t from this planet.”

Dean thought aloud. “There’s probably a reason they haven’t showed up on our radar before. Shape shifters in our wheelhouse usually kill for the fun of it, getting the guy they’re looking like to take the fall. They usually don’t travel in packs either.”

Michael’s brow furrowed and he shook his head slightly. “Our guys don’t really care about any of that. They’re soldiers. They just want to get the job done and the job is us. But if you were looking for something else, how did you end up at that house last night?”

“We were around checking out where the last woman was killed and saw someone watching the place. We waited until they started to leave and we followed him back to that house. When we noticed all the other occupants, we waited to see what was going on before going in until of course the place started to light up like someone was setting off fireworks inside.”

Zan pulled his gaze away from the surrounding area and glanced between Michael and Dean. “Well, if they’re being shy then maybe we should go somewhere less.. populated and see if they decide to show their faces. I’d rather get this dealt with right away then play their stupid games.”

Dean looked out towards the tree line Zan was eying. “Sounds like a plan to me.”

Michael and Zan shared a glance then nodded. “Alright, when Kyle gets back from his food run, we’ll eat then head out.”

Two hours later, the caravan of three cars pulled off the road and followed a dirt path that seemed to lead nowhere. Dean cursed as the impala bounced over the rough terrain of the backwoods road. They came to a clearing and all three cars parked next to each other. Dean and Sam got out of the impala and joined the group gathering behind the SUV. “So what’s the plan?”

Kyle turned towards the brothers and said, “you know the old stand out in the open and get them to show their cards.”

Dean’s brows rose and he looked towards Zan and Michael, “is he serious?”

Michael smirked, “Kyle is rarely ever serious but this time, yes. They’ve been following us and now they have no reason to stay hidden.”

Sam and Dean looked at each other and Isabel spoke up, “don’t worry. It’s really not as stupid as it sounds. These shape shifters aren’t exactly known to be the smartest. If we’ve felt them watching then they either want us to know or they’re complete idiots. We’ve met more on the bad at their job end.”

Just then, a loud explosion rocked the ground underneath them. The group quickly moved into a practiced position as Maria, Serena, Dean, and Sam pulled their guns. Dean and Sam looked confused for a second as they found themselves behind a line formed by Michael, Zan, Isabel, and Ava. Dean caught a shimmer of light glinting off metal in the trees to the left and gestured to Sam who caught the flash of light. They moved easily and quickly to the left and heard a whispered curse from behind them but ignored it. As they got closer to the tree line, they didn’t see the light anymore but remembered the area where it came from. Sam glanced back to see that the group had scattered as well maybe catching some of their own clues and going after targets. Dean thought the whole ‘out in the open’ thing was an awful idea and maybe they were all thinking it now as well, the first thing they needed to do was get some cover.

Dean and Sam made it to the tree line and heard a whisper from further in. Then Liz and Ava peeked out from behind a large tree and waved them over. Dean whispered, “how the hell did you beat us over here?”
Ava scanned the area as Liz glanced back at Sam and Dean, “easy, you took the long way around. We just went straight for the tree line.”

Dean and Sam had their backs against one tree while Liz and Ava did the same with the neighboring one. Liz glanced to Dean and wondered if she’d be able to get him further away from them but thought against the idea. Keeping them close would be the only way to ensure they stayed safe. Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud voice bouncing through the woods they now stood in.

“So this is how the rebel crew works? Walking out into the open then scattering and hiding like the underspecies around your feet?”

Kyle’s voice came from the clearing near the cars. “Maybe your friends have told you we love to play a good game. You know the one or two we let slip back to daddy.”

Ava leaned towards Sam, “don’t say anything. Let them play. We’ve done this before.”

Dean glanced over and nodded while Sam looked towards Liz, remembering the flash of her running with a young man around her age. A man that looked a lot like Zan but he thought that guy died. Another explosion rocked the ground and he glanced at Ava who closed her eyes.

Zan’s voice called out from the clearing but neither Dean nor Sam could see him or Kyle. “Why don’t you come out and play? I mean we’re right here and you’re still hiding like.. what did you call them? Underspecies? We just call them cockroaches.”

Liz waved toward Dean and Sam and made a gesture for them to follow then took Ava’s arm and pulled her forward while the short blonde kept her eyes closed. They moved slowly through the trees until they were in the tree line directly behind the cars in the middle of the opening. Dean had yet to see anyone but heard the snap of a stick behind them and to the left. He spun with his gun raised and fired off two quick shots. There was a yell and then a heavy thud hitting the ground along with more sticks breaking. Then shots started to ring out from the around the clearing as the once quiet spot turned into a war zone. He turned to take up a position with Sam and noticed Ava’s eyes were now open and alert and both she and Liz had a gun in their right hand and their left palm facing straight ahead of them towards the clearing. They moved as a smooth unit through the trees as they made their way around the circle of trees taking out anything that moved near them then Ava held up her hand and they stopped. The noises that were drowning the area only minutes ago were gone and they were left with just a few echoes of the last couple of shots.

Ava’s voice was quiet, “everyone’s clear but Serena says there’s still one or two more. She can’t get a handle.”

Liz focused on Ava, “she can’t..”

Ava nodded, “she was hit, nothing too bad just her shoulder.”

Anger flared across Liz’s face and she closed her eyes. Dean and Sam glanced at each other and then focused on the area around them to cover her. “Son of a bitch!” Liz whispered with a quiet rage and sprang from behind the trees, heading full speed towards the cars. Ava, Dean, and Sam took off after her and caught up quickly as she skidded to a stop in front of the cars.

“Show yourself! I’m right here!” Liz yelled. Kyle’s head poked out from behind the SUV. Liz nodded at him and then scanned the area. “What’s wrong? Afraid of me? I know who you are. I’ve let you go before. What Khivar wanted to send you out again, hoping I’d just let you go?”

“Khivar didn’t send me, I came on my own.” A figure stepped out from the tree line and strode slowly towards them.

Liz eyed him viciously, “So what is it this time? Give up the Granolith and blah blah blah?”

The man walking towards them was of average build and looked middle aged. He reminded Sam of a government agent in the way that nothing really stood out about him, he could easily blend in with a crowd of people.

The man grinned, “actually Khivar wanted me to give you a special message if I ever did see you again.”

“How sweet. I just can’t help but swoon over love letters.”

“He wanted me to let you know that no matter how many men you kill, it will never bring him back. You will never see your sweetheart king again.”

Liz raised both hands and two green streaks shot out towards the man who only smiled and let the electrified pulses slam into his chest. Liz frowned as her brow furrowed. She scanned the area and saw Zan, Isabel, Michael, and Maria coming out from different areas of the tree line in pairs. Kyle had his arm around Serena’s waist as he helped her walk out from behind the SUV and move towards Liz, Ava, Dean, and Sam. Liz turned to Ava, “something’s not right.”

Liz felt a shiver up her spine and turned back to see Michael and Zan running towards her. She spun around and noticed the man running towards them and the blast flying through the air in front of him coming straight towards their group of four. Liz quickly followed the projection and grabbed Dean’s arm, pulling him back and shoved herself in front of him only seconds before the blast of heat slammed into her stomach. A blue light erupted in front of her blocking the other shots sent out before the man fell. Liz felt strong arms under her armpits holding her up while multiple voices called out her name but she succumbed to the relief of sleep as the pain from her stomach rocketed through her body.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.17 1/20

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HypnotiqBlueEyes,barbara87413: :D

Chapter Seventeen.

Sam walked into the room he shared with his brother and found him sitting at the table exactly where he was when he left two hours ago with Isabel. The only difference with the picture now was the open bottle of scotch in front of him. Dean had yet to look his way and he knew he probably wouldn't. He was too busy staring out the window pretending his mind wasn't on the dark haired woman recovering two rooms over from some kind of alien blast wound that could've possibly killed Dean for all they knew. Sure, they said Zan could've healed them if they'd been hit but for some reason Sam wasn’t sure if that was really true. A bullet can only do so much damage unless it hit the right spot but the heat in whatever that was had burned through Liz's shirt and the top layers of her skin like they were paper. He had the sneaking suspicion that something like that would've killed Dean if it hit him and he felt like Liz knew that or maybe she just felt responsible for him being there in the first place, both were pretty reliable options. Even though he only knew her for a short time, anyone could see the responsibility she put on her shoulders. She was like Dean in the fact that she felt she was the one that had to save everyone even if it meant her life in the process. Isabel told him Liz knew that it wouldn’t be as bad of a hit to her as it would have been to Dean but he saw the worry that flickered across her face and had a feeling this wasn’t the first time Liz jumped in the line of fire.

Sam carried the take out bag over to the table and placed it next to the bottle in front of him. "She's going to be fine. I saw it with my own eyes, I still don't quite believe it but it's like it never even happened." Sam walked over to the bed and sat down as he pulled his shirt over his head. He dug into his bag for a fresh shirt then looked over at his brother. Dean only nodded and took another swig. "So if that wasn't what was bothering you then what is it?"

Dean fiddled with the cap to the bottle for a few moments then glanced at Sam from the corner of his eye. "Why the hell did she do that?”

Sam blinked, thrown off by his question but recovered quickly. “I don’t know. Why did you sell your soul for me?”

He took a swig from the bottle before replying. “I barely know her. She's just one.. she was.." He dropped the cap and scrubbed his face with his hands. "I shouldn't be here. We shouldn't have stayed when we knew this wasn't our deal."

Sam's eyes widened, "is this about the part alien thing or.."

Dean interrupted him. "No. That has nothing to do with it."

"So you’re just.. confused because something is.. I don’t know.. drawing you to this girl and you can't put your finger on it. I saw your face when you first saw her and when she moved in front of you. Took that hit for you."

Dean's gaze fell to the scotch bottle. "I barely know her Sam."

"You barely knew Lisa.."

"That was different. That was more of.. the dream. She was the dream life.. away from all.. this."

"You mean she could never really work out but Liz.."

"I don't even know her."

"You know her well enough that you’re stuck on her. Face it. You've got a thing for her and you’re shit out of luck because you don't even know how it happened. The same thing happened to me with Jess. She just walked in and stuck and I couldn't forget her. Not even if I tried."

Dean's eyes slid to Sam. "Our shit is dangerous enough and this?"

Sam let his brother’s avoidance of his last statement slide. "We're in it now and you know it. Even if we went off and did our own cases, you know the first word you heard about anything like this and you'd be jumping on it. Besides, I actually like the idea of having back up for a change."

Dean took another swig from the bottle, "this isn't even close to normal."

Sam smirked, “when have our lives ever been normal?"

"You know what I mean."

"Yeah, I recall you telling me that normal was boring and I was stupid for wanting it."

Dean’s brow furrowed and he looked down at the table. "I never said that."

"Pretty much. Yeah."

Dean looked back out the window seemingly ending the conversation. Sam threw the clean shirt over his head and walked to the mirror. "You don't have to analyze anything. Just let it happen. If there's something there then what's the harm in seeing where it goes?"

"A bunch of dick angels that want our asses? You forget about that?"

"Or a bunch of crazy aliens that want them? We're in the same type of life. Somehow we’ve bumped into the one group of people who’ve got a situation just as crazy as ours and you’re.. running from it because you’ve got a thing for a girl, whether because she saved your life or because you’re attracted to her.” Dean turned in his chair and Sam held up his hand. “Don’t even try to tell me you’re not because it would be pointless.” Dean turned his attention back out the window and Sam continued, “the fact of the matter is they could possibly help us and we could possibly help them and if you end up getting something even better out of the deal then why the hell would you run from that?” Sam eyed his brother but knew he wouldn’t get a response. He said his piece, whether Dean wanted to take it into account or not was up to him.

Sam ran his fingers through his hair and felt satisfied with what he saw in the mirror. When he turned to head for the door, Dean was watching him from the chair. “Where you going?”

Sam shrugged, “Isabel and I were going to get a few drinks and talk. I’ve been learning a lot from her and they really have some great stories about their time traveling abroad.”

Dean’s right brow rose, “you sly dog.”

Sam shook his head as he made his way towards the door, “shut up. Just because you are having girl troubles, doesn’t mean I am.”

“What’s the harm in seeing where it goes?”

Sam pulled the door open and walked out of the room. As he closed the door behind him, he left his brother with one word. “Exactly.”


Liz woke up in a motel room with Zan and Ava hovering over her. After a few slightly awkward questions and almost having to beat the answers out of them, she found out Serena was fine and that they had found out exactly what that little stalk and scare was all about. After she was able to squeeze as much information out of them as she knew she would get at that point, they had left pointing to the food they had brought for her and told her to get some rest. She knew they were only hesitant to tell her everything because they wanted her to rest but Ava knew her well enough that she wouldn’t let up. After the door closed behind them, Liz poked at the food, took a couple of bites but her stomach still wasn’t quite ready for solids. She took a long shower and tried to think of something other than the information ringing in her head. She tried to take their advice and relax but when their voices were playing like a recording she couldn’t erase it was difficult.

“They wanted to hurt you. They wanted to take someone out that would affect you the most. They were aiming for Ava because she was the closest to you, in proximity and relationship.” Zan’s voice soaked in defeat and dripping with apology whispered in her mind.

“They wanted you to be able to see the life leave my eyes with Zan so far away and they didn’t think you’d be able to heal someone else as quick as yourself. We think part of it might have been a test to see if the Granolith would heal someone other than you.” Ava’s sweet, soft voice only moved with honesty, she knew her better, knew there was no reason for apology.

Liz turned off the water that had gone cold and grabbed the towel, quickly wrapping it around her shivering body. She grabbed the second one and wrapped her hair before running and jumping under the covers of her bed. She didn’t want to waste energy warming herself so she had to rely on more normal means.

“If you can’t get back to sleep then watch some bad television, find a crappy lifetime movie to make fun of. Do something to get your mind off of it for tonight okay? If you need anything you know I’m just a call away. Any of us are.” Ava had left the room as always trying to be the big sister even though technically Liz was born before her.

Liz reached for the remote and flicked on the small television sitting on the dresser across from her bed. She flicked through a bunch of channels before landing on an interesting looking movie. As she watched, her body warmed and she slowly got dressed during commercials. What she thought was a movie ended up being a television show that was on a marathon that completely pulled her in. By the sixth episode, she was fully captivated by the motley crew of criminals that worked together to help people and had eaten the entire takeout bag of food. She thought about grabbing a snack from a vending machine during a commercial when she noticed a shadow go by her window. She got up from the bed and peeked out the window carefully hiding herself behind the curtain and saw Dean walking down the row of doors. He turned and started walking back towards her door then stopped and turned around. Liz covered her mouth hiding the soft smirk. Dean turned again and headed towards her door then passed by slowly.

Liz opened the door just as he past her window again. “Want to come in or are you just going to stalk my room all night?”

Dean hid his surprise pretty well as he turned and took a good look at her, “well you sound like you’re doing better.”

Liz smirked and opened her door fully and stepped back, “come in.”

Dean glanced around then stepped into the room and waited as she shut the door. He looked around the room, “no Isabel?”

Liz shook her head, “I guess not.” She walked over to the bed and swept the crumbs into the white bag then tossed it in the trash can before sitting down.

Dean leaned back against the wall as he watched her movemnts. “I just wanted to check in on you. Make sure you were okay.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just a flesh wound.”

Dean’s brows rose and Liz chuckled, “for us, that’s just a flesh wound. I heal a bit differently and with Zan.” She shrugged.

Dean nodded, “yeah. Pretty handy guy to have around.”

Liz thought she noticed a hint of jealously to his body language but his anxiety was so loud it was tough to read much else. The show was back on and her eyes moved to the screen then she picked up the remote and hit the mute button. The room fell silent as Dean leaned against the wall and just looked around. “So.. um.. you want to watch some tv?” Liz cringed inwardly at how awkward she sounded.

“Ah, I don’t know I don’t know if I should stay long. I mean everyone was saying you would need your rest.” His eyes flicked to the tv then the bed and back to her and Liz had to keep herself from laughing.

His anxiety was practically screaming at her even though she was shutting him off as much as she could. He was nervous around her and she had a hard time figuring if it was because of what happened today or the whole alien thing. “Jesus, would you just sit down? You’re making my skin crawl. I’m not going to shoot you or bite you if you sit down on the bed.”

He pushed off the wall and sat down on the edge of the bed in front of the television. “It’s just, I’m used to someone needing time to recuperate after something like today and seeing you in the bed.. I mean on the bed.” She noticed his shoulders tense, “not like that.. not..”

Liz’s voice was soft. "I do think about it.. still. That night."

He turned and looked at her over his shoulder. “So do I. I try not to because I can’t get attached.”

"Neither can I but it’s not why I try to push the thoughts away."

"What?" Liz noticed the sudden flutter of fear across his face and she realized her mistake. He thought she regretted it. She remembered Max’s words from the last time she saw him.

She shook her head slowly conveying his thoughts were going in the wrong direction. She slipped off the bed and moved to the end to sit down next to him. "It scares me how quickly I jumped in with you. No matter how many times I tell myself it was meaningless. The reason, well, the main reason I ran was because I haven't felt a sudden.. haven't felt like that in a long time and it scared me. You scared me. I went in there because I felt your desperation, the pain, the feeling that you had no options left. I knew those feelings.. I've been there and done stupid things. I wanted to help you and things went so much further than I had.. planned."

His hand reached out, his fingers brushing her jaw bone. She turned her face to his and caught the look in his eyes that made her shiver, that brought back that intense tugging in her gut. He leaned in slowly as his hand more firmly cupped her cheek, drawing her to him. His eyes were still searching her face, looking for any sign of hesitation, of being uncomfortable but she moved in willingly, her eyes searching his. Her eyes fell closed seconds before his lips touched hers. Unlike their first time meeting, this kiss was slow, unsure, and testing.

His body turned more fully towards her, his arms drawing her body closer to his. The angle of the kiss changed as his hand slid up her back and into her hair. He felt the hum low in her throat as he tiptoed into deepening the kiss and she opened to him, allowing him to delve them further into the quiet bliss he had created.

When he broke the kiss pulled away slightly, her eyes slowly opened as a shy smile bloomed. He gazed into her almost hazy eyes, "does that scare you?"

She didn't hesitate, "you have no idea."

The corner of his mouth quirked, "I think I might." He leaned in again and this time she leaned forward into him not waiting for his lips to meet hers. The kisses were light, pecks on the lips.

"This may not.. end well." She spoke between smacks.

His lips paused a hair away from hers causing her breath to catch. "Nothing's definite."

She bit his lip gently pulling it between her teeth. "That's for damn sure." Then her arms curled around his neck and she quickly shifted positions so she was straddling his lap, "that's probably the only thing I know for sure."

His arms slid up her back as he gazed at her face. He felt the warmth of her body against his. "So are you going to run away again?"

She swiveled her hips a few times causing friction that she hid with an innocent smile. "I can't make promises."

He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth against her tease. "You know I can find you if I really wanted to."

"You don't have to look far, I'm right here." Her mischievous grin broadened.

He flipped her onto the bed in a quick, smooth motion. His body descended onto hers as her hands made quick work of relieving him of his shirt. His lips made contact with hers without the uncertainty from moments before. Something clicked, shifted from the tentative motions they started with. It seemed an odd sentiment for a woman he barely knew and hadn't seen in months but it felt right. Soft, small hands gliding over his skin while his hands marveled once again at the ridiculously soft skin that covered her trim yet fit physique.

Clothes were shed quickly as the hunger for skin to skin contact intensified. She marveled at the gentle way he touched her even when there was a delicious pressure behind it. It was one of the things that stuck with her from that first night together because it surprised her.
She had glimpsed the terrible things that had happened to him, the demons, figurative and real, that haunted his waking and sleeping consciousness, yet when he was with her that night it was as if there was nothing but him and her. It was almost as if he was giving her a piece of him the world never saw, yet treating her as the most treasured rare gem he'd ever had the pleasure to touch at the same time. And it all started with a blinding lust and burst of passion and even with that fire raging in them both, he took his time with every inch of her. It was almost as if he was trying to memorize her just as she took in every bruise and scar and marveled at the odd seared handprint on his shoulder.

That night those months ago had surprised and scared her. Max was right, that was why she ran the first chance she got. Sure, she knew he didn't want her involved in his fight, she knew enough to know he was going against some scary enemies but she ran, not out of fear of getting hurt by his enemies, she ran because what he could possibly grow to be. Now she had a hard time fighting what it already seemed he was, not that she would put too much thought into it or doing anything to really find out. At least, that's the thought that would float quickly through her mind the next morning when she had once again gained the ability to think at all and woke up next to the man she had been dreaming about for months.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.18 1/30

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HypnotiqBlueEyes, barbara87413: :D

Sorry this was so behind schedule.. at least my normal. My 2 yr old decided to do some gymnastics off my bed and gave himself a nice gash in the forehead and spent a couple hours in the ER two Fridays ago and ended up picking up the stomach virus while there. Luckily, I was able to keep it from spreading to my almost four yr old but my husband and I caught it. The stomach virus sucks normally but getting it while 34 weeks pregnant is AWFUL! Had to get medicine from my doc and it was a very exhausting week. Everything has gotten back into shape this week and it looks like we are in the clear so thankfully I could get back on my laptop and work on the story some more! I always miss my time writing when I don't have the chance to play around in my little world of imagination. :( Anyway enough of my babbling about real life blahs :roll: lol Here's the next chapter!

Chapter Eighteen

October 2010.

Liz drove through the dark night, her mind on the dream she had the night before. She was beginning to get more and more bothered by the fact that Khivar was never directly involved in any of the ambushes against them. Did he know she had premonitions? Could Max have found out when he was connected to the Granolith on his way to Antar and Khivar found out while Max was there or was he simply just keeping himself safe to stay alive? The harder they tried to find any clue to where Khivar was hiding, the more it seemed he wasn’t even here. If she didn’t know any better she would almost believe that Khivar being alive was a lie conjured up by the council to mess with her, to somehow place fear in her heart knowing that he killed Max. Maybe that was the whole reason for the ruse but something about it just didn’t seem right. She wished Max would show up just one more time so she could ask him what he knew but then maybe he had somehow already told her and that was why she couldn’t believe that Khivar was only a figment of someone’s imagination.

Her mind was so preoccupied that the sound of her phone ringing and vibrating in the cup holder startled her for a second. She blew out a breathe and said a quick thanks to whoever was watching out for her since she was driving and had been that completely out of it. She picked up the phone and pressed it to her ear, “I’m driving and I probably shouldn’t be on the phone since my mind is already skipping out on me.”

“You always have to reassure me that you’re in danger at all times, don’t you?”

A smile came to her face, “well, I gotta find some way to keep up with you Winchester.”

“Where are you going? We’re almost at the house.”

Liz glanced at the time displayed on her dash, “you guys are early by almost a full day.”

“Yeah, well the nest was a little smaller than we thought, another hunter apparently took half of them out already. So, are you going to be home when we get there?”

“Aw, did you miss me?”


Liz rolled her eyes and chuckled hearing the tension in his voice. Sam was probably sitting next to him trying to hide his laughter as well. Dean wasn’t fooling anyone. “I’m afraid I won’t be back for a bit. I needed to pick up a few things from one of my caches.”

“Alright, give me the address and I’ll meet you there after I drop off Sam.”

“Dean. You don’t have to do that, I’ll be fine.”

“Christ woman, just give me the damn address so I can meet you.”

Liz laughed softly, “fine. Give the phone to your brother so he can write it down.” She heard some muttering and then some rustling.

“Hey Liz.”

“How are you Sam? I’m guessing your brother is on a little bit of a high?”

Sam chuckled, “something like that. You know how he gets.”

Liz heard Dean yell from the background. “Whatever, you should have heard Sam and Isabel talking earlier since he had to have the phone on speaker!”

She chuckled, “mmm sounds like you and Isabel are getting along quite well. She was being pretty quiet about it when I asked her how things were going.”

She could see the look on his face in her mind, “we’re enjoying our time together if that’s what you mean and we’re just letting it be organic. No one needs to label it.”

Liz shook her head with a smile she couldn't wipe away, “sounds good to me. Just don’t let it take too long Sammy. We don’t exactly live the most promised time type of lives. Okay, write down this address for your horny brother.”

“Oh god.. come on! I’d rather not have those images..”

She smirked. “Hey, it’s just organic Sam.”

An hour later, Liz felt her phone give three short buzzes alerting her to someone crossing one of her perimeter lasers on the property. She pulled the phone from her pocket and glanced at the read out, South east corner of the parking lot. She quickly pressed a few buttons and sent a signal to reset the alarm. Most likely Dean had finally made it to the address she gave Sam. Seconds later, her cell phone rang and Dean’s number flashed across her screen. She answered, “hey stranger.”

“So am I meeting you in a room? I thought you said you were picking up a few things.. why am I at a motel?”

“I am picking up a few things, behind the main building there’s a storage building. Go to the back door and I’ll meet you there.”

She heard the slight hesitation in his voice. “Okay.”

“See you soon.” She ended the call and shoved her phone back into her pocket as she made her way to the door. Once at the door, she pressed the code into the pad next to the door and waited for the green light and beep notifying the lock had disengaged. She opened the door and found Dean leaning against the corner of the door frame looking at the door with that smirk she had come to love. She smiled.

He pointed towards the sign on the door. “Radioactive? Really Liz? A little much for a storage building, don’t you think?”

Liz glanced at the sign then shrugged, “it works.”

Dean moved to her, his arms slipping easily around her as she backed into the building closing the door once they were both inside. He kissed her as her arms slipped around his neck, a kiss filled with promise, heat, and longing. His lips and body conveyed just how much he had missed her while he and Sam were away for two weeks on their latest case. “Mmm, I missed you too.” Liz looked into his eyes as she pulled him further into the building.

Dean looked around as she turned and led him down a long hallway. “How do you keep stuff in here? You know the owner?”

Without losing a step in her stride she threw over her shoulder, “I am the owner.”


“I own the motel and this storage building. We all own a few things here and there. Helps with cash flow and keeping said cash and some of our identities legit.”

“So, you don’t really have anything radioactive in here, do you?”

She glanced over her shoulder with a smirk, “of course there is.”


Liz pulled him through a door on the right and turned to face him, “I am. God, you’re lucky you’re good looking because your word bank sucks.”

Dean’s furrowed brow smoothed, “seriously have to mess with me?”

Liz smiled as she pulled him to her, “I’m not going to lie. I can be very radioactive at times. It’s only appropriate that you know up front.”

Liz pushed his jacket off his shoulders and Dean caught sight of the bed in the corner then saw the glint in her eyes. “I can’t argue with that.”

Two months later.

It had been a really long day. It didn’t matter that they had the heads up about the attack even if it was a closer call than most Liz got but demons weren’t exactly the most dependent. At least, that’s what Sam kept saying to Liz as she apologized and beat herself up over and over for not seeing it earlier as if she was the only one at fault for demons attacking them on a case. Dean’s head was a tangled mess that he couldn’t straighten out and he was wondering if some of that apology was geared towards him but he couldn’t pinpoint exactly why or if it was just a blanket response for what she did. Again. He wasn’t really surprised that she jumped in front of him but what really had him tied up in knots was the fact that he wasn’t sure if he was more frightened by what she did or what he did. It confused the hell out of him that he couldn’t figure it out and her apologies didn’t help him straighten anything out, it only frustrated him more that she was taking all the guilt.

The scene kept playing out in his head and he was forced to watch her taking the bullet from one demon and being thrown against the wall like a rag doll from another just for jumping in front of him and then himself charge the first demon shooting like a mad man as all thought and training seemed to leave his head. If it wasn't for Liz, the other demon probably could have taken him out but she got up, like the bullet in her side was nothing and hit the demon with her green electric bolt or whatever the hell it was. When they had reached the hotel, Dean kept quiet as everyone dragged themselves out of the cars and to the rooms that Ava and Zan had gone on ahead and booked. Dean had nodded when Liz invited him into her room and followed as she moved into the room and closed the door behind him. She sat quietly on the bed and seemed content to wait for him to organize his thoughts as he paced the length of the room.

It had probably been fifteen minutes before he caught her eyes following him from her seated position as his mind raced and he fought with how to start or what to say when his own thoughts were in such conflict. He had a little déjà vu from the last time they found themselves in those very same positions, only Liz hadn’t seemed as angry the last time. Her anger after all the time she spent apologizing and taking all the fault and guilt now confused him even more. He threw a quick glance her way then kept following the line he was carving into the floor with his eyes on each step. “I can't do this. You don't understand.”

She jumped up from the bed, her concerned gaze turned to a heated glare. "Are you kidding me? You think I don't understand that fear? You selfish son of a bitch! Let me see.. you're worried that you'll only get a taste of what that life feels like?"

His boots seemed to stick to the ground as he tried interrupting but she only got louder as she rose on her tip toes, a tick she seemed to always jump to when she was really angry. "To feel like you’re living someone else's life where you’re not endangering that other person just by being with them? Not being able to tell if you’re more afraid of that or of getting to experience that kind of connection only to lose it and really know what you’re missing? But I guess it's just impossible that I would understand that at all!"

"Liz listen.." He reached out for her but she jerked away.

"No you listen! Why do you think I couldn't come see you, why I didn’t try to find you for so long after we met? Because I felt something with you that I hadn't felt since.. since him and I didn't think I could handle going through that again."

He tried again to get a hold of her but she moved out of his grasp. "That’s not.."

"So the next time you wanna try throwing that 'you won't understand' bullshit at me you can cram it up your ass because you’re not the only one running from some seriously twisted shit!" She weaved around him like an expert athlete and stormed from the room, slamming the door behind her.

He stood staring dumbly at the door wondering what the hell just happened. He yelled in frustration at the door. "DAMNIT, THAT'S NOT WHAT I MEANT!" Not surprised to hear nothing in return, he sat heavily on the bed with his eyes still on the door. “Shit.” He dropped his head as her words bounced around in his mind. At the sound of the door, his head snapped up to see his brother filling the doorway with confusion and a little amusement tinting his features.

"Was that Liz?"

Dean fell back on the bed. "No."

Sam's lips curved up slightly, "really? ‘Cuz it looked a lot like her and she was heading towards Isabel’s room with steam coming from her ears."

"Shut up.”

Sam held his hands up in surrender before he was pulled out of the doorway roughly by small, strong hands. "Get out Sam. Go hang with Kyle or whoever. I need a few more words with your brother."

Sam's brow rose but at her look he backed away still holding his hands up in surrender. "Take all the time you need Parker."

Dean pushed himself up to a sitting position at her voice but he couldn't move any further. He didn't want to admit that he was just a tad frightened of her at this point in time and didn't know what to expect. He eyed her cautiously from his seat on the bed as she closed the door behind her with slow, controlled movements. He could help thinking that the only things that seemed to have changed were their positions and he wasn’t exactly comfortable with the switch.

Her voice was quiet, nothing like the woman who just shouted him down a few moments ago. "What did you mean that's not what you meant?"

His shoulders sagged and he scrubbed a heavy hand down his face. He felt extremely tired all of a sudden. "Like it or not, I wasn't talking about us like you so obviously thought. I meant I can't do this. I can't have you staring me down while I'm trying to work shit out in my head."

Her head tilted and her eyes narrowed. "But you were afraid, scared."

His brow rose as he looked into her eyes, "what have I told you about making snap judgments off of skimming someone? Despite popular belief, there's a lot going on up here." He sighed as she moved closer to him seeing once again the apology and blush on her face. He opened his arms and she collapsed against him.

Her head rested against his chest. "So you didn't mean.. us? That you couldn't do us?"

He took a deep breathe smelling the residue of fire and smoke in her hair. His hand smoothed down her dark tresses then settled on her back. "I was scared and confused. I am also pissed off and frustrated. What happened today.. you jumping in front of me like that. And I just reacted like I had lost all my years of training. That scared the shit out of me, that you could be severely hurt because of me, taking a damn bullet for me.. It was nuts Liz." His hand smoothed around her side and rested on the spot where only hours before a gunshot wound was bleeding out.

Her head tilted up towards his face. "Dean you can't save me from this. My life has been this way for a long time. If I have a chance to save you I'm going to take it, especially when I know by jumping in front of you I'm getting a superficial wound where you would have gotten a fatal one." She laughed half-heartedly but he heard the exhaustion behind it. "That's just what we do for family."

He looked down at her. "So you’re not going to cram it up my ass?" His lips pressed against her forehead.

She chuckled, "you ever give me some lame ass excuse and I will light you up."

His hand slid under the back of her shirt and nestled under her bra strap. "You know I’ll try almost anything once but I'm not really sure the electricity thing will work in bed."

A soft rumble of laughter from his chest made her smile. He could see her body mold to his as she got comfortable and her exhaustion that she was trying to hide earlier was quickly catching up with her. "Just don't leave." She whispered as her heavy eyes closed and she pressed her cheek against his chest as her breathing started to even out.

He laid them gently down on the bed. "Not tonight." His voice thick with sleep as his own exhaustion pulled him down into what would have been a restless sleep without her in his arms.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: RADIOACTIVE (XO SPN, D/L, Mature) Chap.19 2/9

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barbara87413: lol yes Liz is definitely a little different because of her past experiences. Kids definitely keep things interesting.. specially when they're in preschool or daycare. I figured that was kind of just a saying, "once they go to day care or school the sickness just spreads like the plague." It's definitely more than just a saying. :roll: Sunday has been our sick day, had to go to a walk in clinic last Sunday when both boys woke up with gunky sealed eyes that we thought was pink eye, thankfully ended up being treatable upper respiratory virus which apparently is just a fancy way of saying cold with a antibiotic treatable virus attacking their sinuses. Definitely better than dealing with a stomach virus! Just building those immune systems! They seem to try to work up the drama in real life.. :lol:
HypnotiqBlueEyes: lol just one of the joys of being a parent, I remember all the crap I got into.. 8) I always got the weird sickness' and never the normal stuff. I'd fake having a cold so I wouldn't have to go to school! :lol: Definitely not back as soon as I wanted to be since this winter is killing us but here's the next chapter!

Chapter Nineteen.
February 2011

The now group of ten had arrived back to their shared safe house after another successful hunt. Over the past couple of months, the brothers had integrated into the group seamlessly, picking up new techniques and information just as much and easily as they shared their own knowledge. There were a few times heads butted on certain strategies but the pod squad knew how to handle differences of opinions after working so long together and quickly worked through the bumps and curves of new relationships. Their most recent hunt had ended up being a mixture of demons working with a few oddball vampires leading to a lengthy debate on whether the apocalypse was changing the game or if the supernatural creatures were just getting desperate enough to seek out help from other creatures.

It didn’t take long for the conversation to devolve to most of the guys boisterously throwing around ideas for the rest of their night still high off the adrenaline from the fight. Zan and Ava excused themselves from the dining room where the group had gathered while debating over a colorful list of what ultimately boiled down to drinking games. Finally, they had settled on a couple of high stakes games of poker while Liz and Michael gathered some beer and snacks from the kitchen. Liz grabbed two bottles of liquor off the top of the fridge and Michael raised his brow but Liz only smiled and wiggled her brows at her friend. Michael rolled his eyes as he followed her back to the dining room.

"Quit stalling Mikey G!" Dean yelled from the dining room table where he was seated shuffling the deck of cards.

"No! Don't ever utter that name again." Maria whipped around pointing a finger at the older Winchester.

"Wow struck a nerve.." Dean smirked.

“Not funny Winchester.” Maria’s eyes narrowed.

Dean eyed Michael as he walked into the room and could tell the man wasn't going to say a word. "Ex-girlfriend?"

Almost before Dean could finish the word Maria was revving up. "Please! More like a slutty tramp, stalker with a bad case of sticking her hands where they don't belong.”

Dean chuckled with wide eyes, "wow. You kissed her, didn't you?"

Kyle's bark of laughter made Sam snort. Dean looked at Michael, "you dog!"

Liz and Isabel couldn't hold their laughter as Maria's eyes turned on Michael who held his hands in the air. "I was caught in an unfortunate misunderstanding but no, I didn't kiss her."

Sam turned to Maria, "so what's the big deal?"

Maria's eyes slid to Sam, "the big deal is the little alien tramp wanted my man and Michael was stupid enough to get himself into that “I didn’t kiss her” misunderstanding and could have gotten himself killed."

"She was a Michael worshipper, Maria. She wouldn't have hurt him." Kyle chuckled.

Dean and Sam straightened, "Michael worshipper?"

Maria quirked her brow, "you know usually it's cute when you two do that but right now, not so much."

Liz quickly filled in the gaps, "she was a rouge skin who was a part of a group of aliens that believed Michael should be king."

"Well, it's good to be king." Dean said with a smirk.

Kyle raised his beer towards Dean, "yeah everyone wants a piece."

Isabel rolled her eyes while Liz watched Maria. She had to know they were messing with her on purpose but any mention of shaky times in high school seemed to bring out that old Maria. Maria's eyes moved from Dean and Kyle over to Michael who had finally taken his seat at the table. Maria moved to him with a sway to her hip that made Liz’s and Isabel's brow raise. She straddled his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck, "oh everyone can want a piece as long as I'm the only one who gets to touch because if anyone did.. not only would I rip them apart but you would never get any piece of this." Maria pressed her chest into Michael's as her lips took his possessively.

Liz and Serena whistled as Kyle and Dean catcalled. Sam chuckled as he glanced towards Isabel seeing her turn away at the display. Isabel raised her voice, "okay enough of the sex scenes with my brother, thank you."

Dean's eyes met Liz's across the table. He raised his beer with a glint in his eye that had Liz furrowing her brow. His slow smirk made the light brighten in her eyes along with the matching smirk that came to her face. She lifted her drink and raised it, tilting it slightly towards him before knocking it back and placing the empty glass upside down on the table.

"Why don't you just jump his bones right here, Liz. What the hell is it about certain hunts that just jacks everyone's libidos up?" Isabel's voice was low and Liz turned to see her pushing her chair back from the table. Liz glanced around the table noticing that the others were too involved in other conversations that were obviously too loud to hear Isabel's comment. She saw Sam getting up to follow Isabel and smirked. Her eyes finally settled on Dean’s face again and caught the question there. She waved him off and lipped, tell you later. Then she tilted her head toward Sam leaving behind Isabel. She chuckled softly when Dean bounced his eyebrows with a smile that gave his face a cartoonish look. Liz felt her head spinning slightly and knew she probably had enough to drink but grabbed another shot glass furthering her challenge. Without hesitation, Dean downed the rest of his drink and grabbed a shot glass as well.

A dozen shots later, the two were stumbling over each other on their way to Liz's room amid loud laughter that they either didn't care if anyone heard or were oblivious to the fact that others could hear. Once inside the room, they tumbled to the bed in different states of undress. As Liz pulled at her shirt stuck on her arm, Dean reached for the drawer next to the bed and fumbled with the box inside. "Shit."

Liz finally pulled the annoying shirt free and giggled as she laid her bare chest against his bare back. "What?" She kissed his shoulder then he leaned up feeling her sliver seductively down his back.

He turned to face her and she pressed their bodies together, her lips seeking his even as he tried to explain. "We're.. out."

Liz's hand quickly pulled the loose belt from his jeans and pushed the material out of the way. "Don't worry about it. I've got this."

Dean's mind started to fog as her hands worked magic, "you're sure?"

She nipped at his lips as she shoved the last of his clothing away, "definitely." All worry vanished with her words as he fell deeper into the spell they had created at the poker table.

The next morning, Dean woke feeling light headed but sated. As he became aware of his surroundings and the naked body next to him, he felt something nagging at his consciousness. He leaned over and kissed Liz's bare shoulder and saw the smile grow on her face as he pulled back. They took their time as they both slowly woke up then dressed when their stomachs growled forcing them to leave the comfort of their bed. Dean saw the open drawer and the empty box of condoms. "So, do you have some kind of alien birth control?"

"What?" Liz laughed softly.

"I've never seen you take a pill or anything." He grabbed the empty box and threw it in the trash before closing the drawer. He caught Liz's eyes flicking away from the drawer as she turned away from him and moved towards the door.

"Don't worry about it."

He started towards her, "it's not you.. that I wouldn't want.."

"Just drop it, okay?" Her voice was tight and made him hesitate.

"I'm not saying that I wouldn't want that with you."

"Just stop."

He took the last two strides towards her. "It's just it's not like it's the best environment to even think about bringing.."

His hand touched her shoulder and she spun towards him. "ENOUGH! OKAY! IT'LL NEVER BE A PROBLEM SO JUST STOP!"

His face twisted in confusion. "Liz.. I didn't mean.."

She blew out a breath, forcing herself to calm down, and touched his chest lightly. "I know what you meant but it will never be a problem with me because it's not possible. So just forget about it."

He tried looking in her eyes but she kept them trained on her hands against his chest. "What? How could you possibly.."

The stress seemed to come back to her face. "Because the thing that all mothers have.. I don't. It was taken away from me in college, okay?” Her eyes were soft as they came up to his. “Destroyed. No oven to cook a bun in so you don't have to ever worry about bringing a child into this hellhole with me."

His face fell, "Liz. Jesus. Why didn't you tell me?"

His eyes moved down to her hands on his chest. "Because it's not something you really talk about. I never thought it would come up."

Dean wrapped his arms around her, "I'm sorry. I was stupid and I should have kept my mouth shut. I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. I just don't really think about it."

He pressed her head into his chest, "I'm sorry." He kissed the top of her head and a flash ripped through his mind. Liz was strapped to a table, screaming at the top of her lungs as a man dug into her lower abdomen with some kind of tool. The flash was over in an instant but the pain and screams almost made him vomit. He tried not to tense up. "I'm so sorry."

"It's over now. We don't have to talk about it again."

He kissed the top of her head, not knowing what to do with the vision or the knowledge he just gained. So he did the only thing he knew when things got confusing or overwhelming. "You know if we met in another life.. our kid would be a badass."

Liz chuckled, "yeah right. A smart ass mechanic knocks up the hometown waitress? They have a kid and get stuck in said hometown forever."

"Sounds pretty damn good to me." He brushed his hand through her hair one last time then she pulled away.

“Come on, let’s go get something to eat.” She grabbed his hand and started towards the door. “You know I never took you for a dreamer.”

They moved into the hallway and Dean tried to push the memory away and lighten the subject, “oh yeah but my heart’s of gold. I had to run away high so I wouldn’t come home low.”

Liz’s laughter echoed through the hallway as they made their way to the kitchen.

A few days later, Dean entered the kitchen and found Maria at the coffee maker. It was quiet and she was alone in the room. He glanced out of the doorway, not hearing or seeing anyone else about this early. He walked over to the cabinet that held the coffee mugs and grabbed one as he eyed her measuring the coffee grounds for the machine. Maria poured the grounds into the machine then turned towards Dean, “good grief, would you just spill already?”

Dean was startled for a second but knew he should have expected it. “Morning Maria.”

She rolled her eyes, “oh please, your eyes were practically burning my skin. What are you so nervous about?”

He glanced at the coffee maker and knew it would be a couple of minutes before he could use that as an excuse for something to do with his hands. “I.. uh..” He scratched the back of his neck as he thought about the best way to approach the subject and as his gaze moved back to Maria he could see her expression had changed from slight annoyance to concern. He rolled his eyes and decided to just say it. “If Zan can heal everything, why didn't he completely heal her?”

Maria leaned back against the counter as her face flicked quickly through a myriad of emotions and ticks before she settled on a controlled façade and her gaze fell from his. He could tell she was thinking about something but not exactly where her thoughts were going. The coffee machine started to sputter as the hot water hit crushed up coffee beans and spilled the dark liquid into the large pot. Dean took a few steps towards Maria as he opened his mouth to ask the real question, explain what he was really asking but she held up her hand as her eyes came up glancing at the doorway before settling on his face. Her voice was quiet, “what she went through.. none of us have experienced anything to that extent. She was too far gone for Zan to heal everything right away. We were lucky to get there in time so he did the major stuff first and by the time Liz figured out what was left to fix she refused to let him do anymore. She started to heal things on her own but.. if I know what you’re referring to, I don't think she ever really thought about that being a possibility anyway, not after everything we’d been through and were still fighting. She never wanted to talk about it after that. How did you find out?”

"Do you think it could be healed? Even now?" Maria raised her brow. Dean leaned back against the counter and placed the mug next to him then ran his hands down his face, "it's not.. No. I'm just saying if she ever got to a point in her life where she wanted to. Where she felt safe." He laid his hands on the counter beside his hips.

Maria touched his hand, "you love her."

Dean glanced down at Maria's hand on his. "I just want her to be completely happy. After everything's she's been through, when she comes out on the other end of this she deserves to get everything she ever wanted."

"So, you’re asking if that was something she wanted?" He shrugged and looked away.

"A lot of things changed for Liz in a short amount of time. The things she used to want disappeared and she moved on. One of the beautiful things about life is sometimes those things you thought you wanted so long ago pale in comparison to what you have now. I wouldn't worry about it. She's happy. Even in this mess of a life we have. We appreciate what we've got because we know what it's like to lose everything we hold dear. It's one of the finer points to living the way we do. We don't have the luxury of wishing things were different, of waiting for those things to come to make us happy. We're grateful for what we do have, for the family surrounding us, for the fight and the play. Even though with some of us sometimes you wonder which part they think is the play." Maria chuckled. "We don't have the time to waste waiting for the perfect day, time, moment.. Whatever. We do what we have to and love every moment we're still here to enjoy, whatever it is we get to enjoy that day. It may not be a lot but it's enough."

Dean watched Maria as she picked up his mug and filled it with coffee before handing it to him. He gave her a small nod but there was still that nagging feeling in the back of his mind. There was a difference between being grateful for what you’ve got and getting to have what you want but then that was the difference between their life and other people’s lives, normal people’s lives. There was no dream to strive to in their life except making it through the next case. It was just fighting to survive another day to save what they held dear. At least besides the revenge laced in most of their motives. Then maybe make it out on the other end and what? Try to bury the past, the memories? But his life was different than theirs.. or at least it should have been. They weren’t doomed from the very beginning. They were thrust into this life by assholes on another planet. How did that make any of this fair for them? They should be off living a normal life, they should be just like the people he and Sam help. Innocents that were attacked except their dad never knew anything about aliens and he and Sam never would have been able to help them. No hunter he ever met would have. Maybe that’s what got at him the most. This was a group of people he never would have been able to save because he never even believed in aliens. No one did. Just another piece of supernatural brushed off as rumor that he was smacked in the face with.

Dean lifted the coffee mug to his lips and sipped the warm liquid. Angels were dicks, factions of aliens had been among us, monsters were now working together, and what was left of his family was working with a crew of hybrid aliens and their human counterparts. Welcome to the new age, Winchester.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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