Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE] 8/25/08

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 9 p.15 3/7/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sun Mar 09, 2008 9:32 pm

Hey guys sorry that this is going up so late but I am back at school and everything is crazy! Thanks so much for all of your replies to the last part I am glad you all liked it. There will be some action in the next few parts but not a lot, the first time we really get to see what the witches can do comes in a few parts. Thanks...

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Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 10: Abbott Alert IV

Caleb tore into the wax covered basement releasing his frustrations on the magical walls shaking the hallowed ground. Faith and Reid stood there, their black eyes taking in their friend and leader as he roared in his anger and despair. Moments later Caleb fell to the floor his chest heaving as he reigned in his magic.

“So where do we begin to look?” Reid asked as he and Faith stepped into the basement helping Caleb in front of the fire.

“The Book of Damnation, see if there is a spell in there to find the hidden evil. I get the feeling that the person who did this to them is closer to us than I would like.” Caleb growled. Reid raised his hand and the book flew into the center of the fiery circle. Faith, Reid and Caleb raised their hands so they were hovering over the book, Faith snarled slightly as the words raced across their minds, the ancient languages of the Covenant ancestors magically translating for the three teens.

Meanwhile at the hospital

Kate and Tyler walked into the room, only two people were allowed in at a time to visit the two. Tyler sat between his two friends his blue eyes red from holding back his tears. She could not help but feel bad for him, she just had Pogue to worry about but Tyler had Liz and Pogue. She grabbed Pogue’s hand and shivered at how cold it felt, she was worried.

Liz moved closer to him the cold seeping deeper into her bones she felt Pogue wrap his arms around her tighter as he buried his head in her neck to stave off the chill the shadows were creating. They knew that Serena was pacing around them but she was unaffected by the changing temperature, she was dead.

“We are going to get out of here soon Liz.” Pogue’s deep voice rumbled next to her ear.

“I want to believe you Pogue but I can feel that our time is running out, my body is giving out.” Liz said trying to snuggle closer she could feel the shadows pressing in on her now and wanted to get as close to Pogue as possible.

“We have to keep going Liz we have to give our friends time to figure out what is wrong with us.” Pogue whispered gently stroking her cheek feeling her fear.

“I just wish I could help them figure this out, sitting here doing nothing is not my favorite thing.” Liz said shifting slightly as Pogue moved to look at her. She was startled when he moved to cup her face staring at her intently.

“Liz we are going to get out of here, maybe if we pulled together our powers we could do something.” Pogue suggest gently running a finger over her golden cheek.

“But what?” She asked and Serena stopped before them.

“Liz’s body is ready to give out.” Serena whispered her green eyes looking fearfully at the small brunette who was huddled close to Pogue’s larger form. Liz gently nodded, she could feel that it was getting easier to breath in the shadow world, the world of the dead. Pogue’s eyes flashed as he pulled Liz closer hoping that if he willed it she would live longer.

“Rena there has to be something we can do.” Pogue growled holding Liz to his chest.

“Well there is but I have to admit it is a last resort.” Serena said trying to look away from Pogue’s furious glare.

“Why didn’t you tell us this before?” He growled.

“Because it is a last resort and involves sharing your energy. It would give Liz longer but take away from you, it puts the two of you on a level ground and you two share the strain. It will drain Pogue faster but keep Liz alive longer.” Serena said.

“No we are not doing that.” Liz said but Pogue released her slightly so he could look at her.

“Yes we are Liz there is no way I am going to let anything happen to you. Serena what do we need to do?” Pogue asked his eyes glowing black. Serena gave him a small smile and instructed the two on how to connect mentally to share their energy. Pogue and Liz laid down holding each other, their black eyes locked. Pogue had less time now but Liz had gained some, now all they had to do was wait for their friends to save them from the shadow land.

Back at the ancestral home Reid ripped his hand away from the book slumping into his seat as the other two continued their work, he was drained it took a lot of energy to read a book and translate it all in your head. Faith and Caleb pulled away as well but remained standing as they looked at Reid. “You alright?” Caleb asked.

“Just tired.” Reid said rubbing his eyes as they changed back to their shocking blue. Caleb nodded at the blonde.

“Why don’t you go on upstairs and get some rest, Faith and I can keep working.” Caleb suggested Reid looked ready to protest but he could feel that his magic could use a rest. Reid nodded and went up the wax covered stairs. Faith and Caleb steeled themselves before they resumed their scanning.

After hours of searching through the ancient book the two stopped, a page covered in ancient Latin with odd drawings upon it before them. “Think it will work?” Faith asked gasping slightly as she sat down.

“I think it might.” Caleb said his black eyes showing his triumph.

“So what are we waiting for?” Faith asked.

“Come on let’s go to Gorman and collect our needed supplies we can take care of this as soon as possible because with each moment we waste we risk losing Liz and Pogue.” Caleb said as the two raced up the stone steps into the dark ancient home. Caleb knew that Gorman was in the attic and the two teens raced up the three flights of stairs coming into the spacious living quarters of the caretaker.

“Gorman we need your help.” Caleb said placing the book on the work bench. The older man came over and looked over the ingredients before smiling.

“Clever Master Danvers.” He smiled at Faith as she moved around anxiously. “I see the daughters of Scion are as every bit as powerful as the legends tell us.” Gorman said as he moved around his home looking for gold candles with blue wicks, sage, rosemary, lemon pepper, ginger root, and rattler venom. Caleb handed Faith a red piece of chalk and she began writing the ancient runes on the ground as instructed by the book.

“Damn Caleb how do you draw the Covenant symbol?” She asked as she finished the famous pentagram with five spheres attached to it that symbolized the Scion lines.

“Inverted pentagram in a circle.” He said as he placed the candles in their proper order and mixed together the ingredients. Gorman pulled out a map and placed it in the circle Faith drew as she completed the last of the symbols. Gorman and Faith nodded at Caleb as he began the chant. Reid rubbed his eyes as he watched from the door as Caleb’s eyes glowed black, the ancient language pouring off his tongue. Suddenly Caleb began sprinkling the mixture onto the map as Faith used her fingers to snuff out the wicks of the blue flames.

It was slow at first but the concoction on the plate suddenly began to transform into a glowing red ball. The four watched as the red light rose into the air before slamming back onto the map and then snuffing out. Caleb maneuvered the map so he could have a better look.

“That is the hospital.” Reid said and the three teens shared a look.

“Whoever was doing this would need to be close to them.” Faith said sounding disgusted.

“Which means there is a good chance the person was in class with us as well.” Caleb growled.

“So we take care of the person glowing red and then we get our friends back?” Reid asked.

“We think.” Faith said.

“But there is a plus side to all of this, the spell we cast leaves a red trail to the person who is causing all of these problems.” Caleb said.

“But won’t the person notice if they are glowing red?” Reid asked as the three piled back into Caleb’s car, Faith pulled out her phone and dialed Caleigh.

“Hey Cal we did a spell that should lead us to the persons doing this to Liz and Pogue. They are at the hospital.” Faith said before thrusting the phone away from her ear as Caleigh roared in fury.

“Caleigh listen to me we need the three of you to start looking. There is going to be a red trail that only witches can see leading to the person. Take them out as soon as you find them.” Faith said before hanging up.

“We need to get there quicker Caleb, Caleigh is the strongest of them and I don’t want her taking them out.” Reid said and Caleb used magic to boost his car as he flew down the road towards the hospital.

At the hospital

Caleigh hung up the phone taking a deep calming breath, she knew that she had to keep it together because the younger two were sure to have a meltdown. Caleigh walked towards the two who were sitting in chairs outside the room now that Pogue’s mom and Nancy were in the room with their children. Sarah and Kate were at the end holding each other.

“Tyler, Maria I need to talk to you two for a moment.” Caleigh whispered the two looked at her strangely before following her towards the vending machines away from Kate and Sarah’s prying eyes.

“What is it?” Maria asked wiping her red rimmed eyes. Tyler slung an arm around her pulling her so that her head was resting under his chin.

“The others have performed a spell to track the person doing this to Liz and Pogue and the person is here at the hospital apparently.” Caleigh said recoiling when Tyler’s eyes flashed black and the temperature in the room dropped.

“I hate it when you do that.” Caleigh hissed.

“Well then stop exciting me.” Tyler growled his eyes flashing again.

“Alright back on track here people. Caleigh what is the spell supposed to do?” Maria asked.

“It is supposed to leave a red trail towards the killer that only we can see and it will make the person doing this glow red.” Caleigh said.

“How are we supposed to find the red trail?” Maria grumbled.

“I see it.” Tyler breathed his black eyes looking at his feet. Maria and Caleigh looked around before switching to their magical eyes, the eyes that saw what was hidden. Maria gasped when she saw the misty trail leading from Liz and Pogue’s room towards the hall and away towards the nurses’ station. Caleigh as the oldest led the way through the halls all around the hospital in the labyrinth that the red trail created. After half an hour of walking Caleigh’s phone rang.

“What?” She barked into the phone before turning red. “Ah we are in the basement close to the morgue.” Caleigh whispered before hanging up and leaning against the wall.

“Caleb?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah he and the others are on their way down here to help us.” Caleigh said and Maria rolled her eyes.

“They probably think that we are too weak to hunt down the person.” She huffed.

“No I think it’s that they don’t want us to have to kill. This is probably something that looks human, I know I would have trouble hurting them.” Caleigh said.

“Caleb will probably be the one to take out whoever it is.” Tyler mumbled. Soon Caleb, Faith and Reid appeared around the corner all looking drained.

“What the hell happened to you?” Tyler asked Reid who looked as if he had been hit by a truck.

“I am not sure, but I think I might have overdid it.” Reid said making Faith and Caleb snicker.

“All he did was read a book.” Faith said slapping the blonde on the back her black eyes sparkling. “Okay people let’s do this, Liz and Pogue are getting worse.” Faith said and the hunt resumed. They all knew that whoever had done this to their friends was not leaving the hospital alive.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 10 p.16 3/9/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Tue Mar 11, 2008 9:48 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Many of you are wondering if that was the start of something between Liz and Pogue and all I can say is kind of, it sort of lights a fire under their butts :lol: . Thanks...

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Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 11: Abbot Alert V

Reid pushed Caleigh back as Caleb and Faith led the way down the hall where the red line led them. “Ah I might not be the brightest one here but isn’t this where they keep the dead people?” Maria asked, Caleigh grabbed her hand keeping her close.

“Yup there be dead people here.” Tyler said when they stopped in front of the Morgue door.

“Great we have to go in there.” Maria muttered.

Caleb pushed the door open silently with his powers and stepped back when he saw a smirking teen sitting on one of the tables. The six entered the room cautiously not liking that the guy was just sitting there. “I was wondering how long it would take you to find me.” The teen said and Maria gasped.

“It’s that new guy.” She hissed making Caleb growl.

“Let it go on the record that I really hate new guys.” Caleb rumbled.

“That makes two in a row.” Reid muttered.

“I was told that the four of you were the most powerful beings, but I have yet to be impressed.” The tall lanky teen said as he stood up from the table.

“Ah there are eight of us.” Tyler said.

“He was referring to Caleb, Liz, Pogue, and Faith.” Reid said patting his friend on the back.

“Actually I was talking about the Covenant. I was extremely shocked on the night of the beach party when I felt the four daughters there, I had not counted on them entering the fight but then again the first punch was thrown at one of their own. My master did not foresee the daughters coming to Ipswich though.” The teen gave the six a vicious smirk.

“We stick together.” Caleb growled his black eyes glaring coldly at the boy in front of him. He knew that he had to work quickly, Liz and Pogue were running out of time.

“We are there for each other.” Faith spat.

“We never let each other down.” Reid added.

“You already have.” The teen laughed.

“What do you mean?” Maria asked.

“Elizabeth Parker room 210 just went into cardiac arrest.” The teen smirked when he saw their faces pale.

“No I would have felt it.” Caleb growled.

“Fine then don’t believe me.” The teen laughed. “So are we going to fight now?” The teen asked looking amused.

“You know that you are not going to walk out of here alive right?” Reid asked.

“Oh I am more than certain you are going to kill me but by then it will be too late and both your friends will be dead.” The teen laughed leaving the six witches feeling cold. Caleb knew that something had to be done and even if this kid wore the face of a teenager it was apparent from his attitude that there was very little humanity left.

Caleb and Faith raised their hands and sent energy blasts towards the teen, enough to kill three full grown elephants. Caleb and Faith gasped when the teen easily deflected it and sent their power blasts back at them, the two had just enough time to slam to the ground so they would not be hit. Reid and Tyler raised their fists, it looked like a strobe light had gone off in the darkened room when the two released zap after zap at the teen.

Maria stared in horror at the fighting going on around her, she had not expected the teen to put up that much of a fight and now he was easily brushing off everything they had. She had no idea what possessed her but one moment she was gaping at the teen and the next she was holding onto Caleigh and her hand flew up and she released a blue beam of light from her hand hitting the teen directly in the chest. The teen screamed momentarily before bursting into black dust.

“That was entirely too easy.” Caleigh said.

“I have to agree with Cal on this one I mean that should have at least involved some effort.” Reid said.

“He was the pawn.” Faith whispered.

“Come again.” Tyler said.

“He was the pawn, didn’t you hear what he was saying?” Faith asked looking fearfully at her friends. “He said his master told him, guys he was taking orders from someone. He was just an easy means to get to us. The real player is still out there.” Faith whispered.

“Oh god.” Maria groaned.

“Liz and Pogue.” Reid said before tearing out of the room the others following. It felt like an eternity until they reached the hall where their friends were fighting for their lives. The group came to a halt when they realized everyone was still the same.

“Can I see them?” Caleb asked as he and Faith moved towards the parents. Nancy looked up at them up teary eyes.

“Just one for now, Kate is in with Pogue.” She said but it was obvious she wished Faith could go in as well.

“I will go in later, they would want you in there.” Faith said trying to keep up a brave front. They had failed their friends and now they were going to die.

Caleb walked through the glass door alerting Kate to his presence. He took the seat in the middle of the beds and grabbed Liz’s hand. “Hey Honey Bear its Care Bear.” Caleb chocked out. “Listen I know things have been tough with life in Roswell and Serena’s death but you have to know that things will get better. Liz you have so much to live for and I need you to pull through this. Pogue you have been my best friend since diapers.” Caleb said grabbing his friend’s hand as well, his tears now falling. “You and Liz have been the two people I knew I could count on all my life. You are my best friend and brother and I can’t lose you.” Caleb said before bowing his head. Kate watched as his shoulders shook as Caleb sobbed, her heart broke for them.

The machines in the room went wild as bells sounded and the room came alive. Nurses and doctors flooded the room pushing Kate and Caleb out. The doctors barked commands as emergency tactics were put into place. Faith pulled Caleb close as Reid held his other side. Sarah held a sobbing Kate close while she looked at Caleb, her heart clenching when she saw him burry his head in Faith’s neck. In his time of need he was turning to Faith and not her and that hurt more then she wanted to admit. The nurses must have turned off the alarms because only the shouts from inside the room could be heard.

It felt like an eternity before two of the doctors came out wiping their foreheads. “How is my baby?” Nancy chocked out.

“Stable for the moment, her and Mr. Parry had a close call though.” One of the doctors sighed.

“I swear I have never seen anything like it in all my years. The two of them went into cardiac arrest at the same time, it’s odd but from their readings it seems that the two of them are operating the same.” The doctor tried to explain.

“What do you mean?” Jeff asked.

“Their brain waves are practically in sync as are their heart beats.”

“Caleb the only way that could happen is if they were…” Caleb cut Faith off.

“Connected.” Caleb’s deep voice rumbled.

“They must have been desperate to do that.” Reid said as he held Caleigh close.

“It means that one of them was close to dying and they had to share energy.” Faith sighed.

“They don’t have much time left do they?” Sarah asked coming up to the group of witches as Kate sat back down in the chairs outside the room looking sick.

“No.” Maria whispered.

“Can I see them now?” Faith asked the doctors.

“Yes but two at a time please.” The doctor said gently. Caleb looked and saw Kate anxiously waiting and he motioned for her to go in as well even though he would have preferred to be the one in there with his friends.

“Caleb why didn’t it work?” Reid asked.

“I don’t know.” Caleb said running his hands through his hair he was so sure that killing the person who cast the spell on Liz and Pogue would break it but apparently that was not true. Caleb leaned against the glass wall looking in on his two friends, Liz and Pogue looked like they were sleeping but the beeping machines and tubes sticking out of them gave it away that they were not in a peaceful sleep but fighting for their lives.

Faith grabbed Liz’s hand and kissed her cold knuckles. She brushed her hand through Liz’s chocolate locks not liking how pale and sick her best friends face looked. Faith glanced at Pogue and saw his features were the same, it looked as if the life had been sucked out of them.

“Something magical is wrong with them.” Kate whispered her large brown eyes boring into Faith. Faith turned to look at the teary girl.

“What do you know about us?” Faith asked not wanting to tell Kate more than she needed to know.

“Nothing, every time I ask Pogue about the witch rumors he always tells me it’s nonsense. Even after last year when I was bitten by hundreds of spiders he would only tell me that the problem was taken care of.” Kate said making Faith groan, obviously Pogue had his reasons for not telling the girl in front of him his little secret.

“Our families have always been attached to those rumors Kate, but no they are not true. What has happened to Liz and Pogue is some freak illness. Kate there is nothing magical about this.” Faith said glaring at the girl willing her to believe what she was hearing.

Kate went to argue but she was stopped by a strange groan. Faith and Kate turned their attention to Pogue who’s left hand was twitching slightly, another groan was heard. Faith ran out of the room to get a doctor as Pogue started to lift his hand to grab at the tubes coming out of his mouth. A doctor and two nurses came into the room and pushed Kate and Faith towards the door as Mr. and Mrs. Parry came behind them looking anxiously at their son. This made two stays in the hospital for their son in one year. The group watched as the doctors pulled the breathing tube out of Pogue making him cough, but his eyes still remained closed even though he was moving jerkily.

“Liz.” They heard him groan. Faith turned when she heard Kate suck in a gasp. “Liz…” Pogue said louder.

“Mr. Parry you need to calm down.” One of the nurses tried but it was useless.

“Liz!” Pogue tried louder. A groan sounded from the other bed startling the occupants of the room.

“Elizabeth can you hear me?” A nurse asked as she took the small light the doctor gave her as Pogue slowly opened his eyes.

“Pogue.” She groaned.

“Liz.” He said back.

“Her eyes are responsive and look good.” The nurse said. The doctor motioned for one of the waiting interns to continue with Pogue and Liz as he ushered the family outside into the hall.

“Well?” Nancy asked as she looked excitedly towards her daughter’s room.

“They are waking up.” The doctor said pausing for their relieved cheers. “We need to keep them here for a few days still for observations and tests but all appears well.” The doctor said before leaving to go back and check on the two.

“This is amazing.” Jeff said hugging his wife and Maria to him.

“Yeah it is.” Maria said a large grin on her face.

Faith pulled Caleb and Reid to the side in a mini conference. “I guess it worked.” Reid said staring longingly at the room where his two friends were.

“I guess.” Caleb muttered.

“Did you notice that the two kept calling out for each other?” Faith asked.

“Yeah what was up with that?” Reid asked looking miffed. “I mean I expected them to call out for Caleb, Faith or hell even Kate but they wanted each other.” Reid said.

“Could it have something to do with their connecting?” Faith asked Caleb who was looking at the blank wall behind her.

“I think we need to ask them about that.” Caleb said his brown eyes looking worriedly at the glass room. It appeared that the group was even more anxious now to talk with the two witches.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 11 p.18 3/11/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:43 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part!

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Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 12: Abbott Alert VI

The doctors told the family that they were not allowed to go into the room for a few hours that the two needed time to rest and get a grip on what was happening around them. At first the doctors had tried to put the two in separate rooms but had to scratch that idea when the two started to panic so Liz and Pogue found themselves placed in a private suite on the third floor of the hospital alone and away from their friends.

“Pogue?” Liz whispered grimacing slightly, it was still painful to breathe.

“I’m here Liz.” Pogue’s deep voice rumbled.

“You’re too far away.” She whispered she heard a rustling noise and the sound of scratching and then she felt her bed shifting. Liz opened her eyes and saw Pogue holding his IV as he crawled into her hospital bed with her, she had never been more glad that the nurse put the IV in her left arm so that Pogue was free to sit on her right. Liz scooted over so that there was room for the two of them, she felt Pogue put his arm around her and hold her to him they way they held each other in the shadow world. She could hear his strong heartbeat under her cheek and it lulled her into sleep.

“I’m right here Lizzie.” He whispered as he too went to sleep.

Mrs. Parry, Nancy, Caleb and Kate all hurried towards Liz and Pogue’s room. The doctors had finally cleared the two for visitors but for the first day they were only allowed four at a time. Kate pushed the door open and paused in the doorway; Liz and Pogue were curled up on a bed together, the other bed left unmade.

“They have been like that since around lunch.” A nurse said coming into the room, Caleb smirked at his friends.

“Is this allowed?” Nancy asked with a smile.

“Normally no, but when we tried to separate them they became distressed so we kept them together.” The nurse said going over to check their charts and meds.

“How long have they been asleep?” Caleb asked.

“For awhile, it is normal for coma patients to be tired, their bodies have been through a terrible ordeal and the dual cardiac arrests took a lot out of them.” The nurse said smoothing a strand of Liz’s hair. “My they are a precious couple.” The nurse hummed.

“They are not a couple, he is my boyfriend.” Kate ground out. The nurse rolled her eyes but Kate did not notice.

“Let me guess she is your sweetheart?” The nurse asked Caleb.

“No, best friend, they both are actually.” Caleb said giving the nurse a small smile.

“Well I am all set here, try to keep it down, the two of them have had a hard time, and not too long in here.” The nurse said before leaving, Caleb heard her muttering something about good for nothing girlfriends.

Nancy went over and gently picked up her daughter’s hand being mindful of the tubes sticking out of it. Kate and Caleb allowed the moms to fuss over their babies. Pogue pulled on his hand slightly moving it to rest on Liz again as he readjusted Liz on his side.

“Why are they so close?” Kate asked.

“I think it has something to do with them suffering together.” Nancy said, Caleb had told them his theory of Liz and Pogue connecting to save themselves.

Liz’s eyes slowly blinked open and she saw her mother smiling down on her. “Mom?” Liz croaked out waking up Pogue.

“Go back to sleep.” Pogue groaned.

“Pogue our mother’s are here.” Liz whispered and Pogue reluctantly opened his eyes and was startled to see not only his mother and Mrs. Parker but Caleb and his girlfriend as well.

“I see that…”

“So how are you two feeling?” Nancy asked.

“Like I was hit by a truck.” Liz groaned.

“Like I was shocked in the chest.” Pogue said.

“That’s because you were.” Caleb said slapping his foot.

“So why are the two of you in the same bed?” Kate finally blurted out. She knew that the question was going to make the two uncomfortable and that was what she wanted, she wanted them apart as soon as possible.

“I am scared.” Liz said seeing the panicked look on her friends face. It hurt her that he was still so worried about his girlfriend but she could not fault him for that, but she could no longer deny that she had it bad for Pogue Parry.

“Kate the two of us are freaked right now and I need to be close to Liz in order for the fear to lesson some.” Pogue sighed chancing a look at Liz, he could have sworn he felt hurt coming from her.

“Hey Kate would you mind going and asking the nurse when the others can come in?” Caleb asked hoping to get rid of her for a moment.

“Ah, sure.” She said pulling a face as she left.

“So the two of you are connected?” Caleb asked getting right to the point knowing they did not have much time until Kate came back.

“Yes, how did you know?” Liz asked shuffling slightly she knew that the only reason they did connect was because her body was too weak to survive on its own, she felt weak and useless.

“The two of you were calling out to each other when you first woke up. The closeness now also pointed towards that.” Caleb said and the mothers nodded in agreement.

“What happened?” Nancy asked her brown eyes running over her daughter and the boy she has considered one of her own.

“The two of us were sucked into the shadow world.” Liz whispered Nancy and Cecil Parry let out strangled sobs at the revelation.

“Damn.” Caleb ground out.

“When we got there it was hard to breathe and everything was blurry, it was kind of like I was wearing blurry glasses.” Pogue said.

“Then Serena showed up.” Liz whispered.

“Serena…” Nancy looked even more worried at the news.

“She was there to protect us, to make sure the shadows didn’t get us.” Liz said her pale lower lip trembling slightly, Pogue tightened his grip on her much like he had done in the shadow world.

“Then we felt that something was different.” Pogue’s deep voice cut through the air.

“What?” Cecil asked tightening her grip on her son.

“It was becoming easier for me to breathe in the shadow world and I could feel myself detaching from my body.” Liz whispered her small form trembling slightly.

“It was then that Serena told us about connecting, sharing the burden. It would take time away from me but it would give Liz longer.” Pogue said squeezing Liz slightly.

“Oh!” Nancy sobbed before she leaned over her daughter and hugged Pogue who hesitantly patted her back. “Thank you for saving my baby girl.” Nancy sobbed.

“Well she is my best friend, it’s not like I wanted anything to happen to her.” Pogue’s deep voice rumbled.

“This is serious guys.” Caleb said from the end of the bed his dark eyes staring at his friends with worry.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked not liking the look he was giving them. Kate chose that moment to come into the room looking annoyed.

“The nurse said that the others could come in later today depending on how well the two were doing.” Kate said popping her hip slightly as she moved to stand next to Pogue.

“I just want to go home.” Liz grumbled.

“Yeah my bed sounds good right about now.” Pogue agreed.

“I don’t think the two of you will be able to go home for awhile.” Caleb said suddenly Liz’s eyes went wide.

“School!” She screeched making Kate wince.

“Don’t worry Faith and I will collect your work so that the two of you can stay on top of things.” Caleb said rolling his eyes at his friends.

“Okay everyone out, these two need rest.” The nurse came back into the room glaring at Kate. Nancy and Cecil kissed the two goodbye as Kate bid her goodbyes to Pogue while Liz and Caleb whispered heatedly back and forth earning a concerned look from Kate, she did not like how close Pogue and Caleb were to Liz.

“What was that about?” Pogue asked once everyone was gone noticing the dark look in her eyes.

“Nothing.” Liz muttered now was not the time to tell him what Caleb had said. Pogue studied her for a moment.

“What is it?” He asked again it was weird but he could swear that he could sense something off with her.

“I will tell you when we get out of here, where people can’t overhear us.” Liz muttered as a nurse came in.

“Okay well can you at least give me a hint as to what you two were whispering about?” Pogue asked.

“Let’s put it this way, what happened to us was not an accident we know that but Caleb thinks our new enemy is closer than we realize.” Liz said turning her head to look at him her doe eyes wild with worry.

“We will be alright Liz, we are going to win this.” Pogue whispered hoping to reassure her. He knew that all of this was too much for her, with losing Serena and her new powers the added threat of an enemy close to home was making her anxious.

“I hope so.” She whispered before leaning back against his side to go to sleep, the nurse was right she was tired.

A figure walked into the room hidden by the darkness. They walked around the bed sneering at the two cuddled together. “I did not realize the two of you would be receiving help on the other side, but now I know and next time I will be prepared.” The dark figure smirked at the two one more time before disappearing into the lit hallway no one having seen them enter or exit the room.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 12 p.19 3/13/08

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Hey guys thanks for your replies to the last part I loved reading all of them. I meant to post this yesterday but I had marked the wrong day in my planner so it is a day late, sorry guys :oops: . Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 13: Abbott Alert VII

Four days later Liz and Pogue found themselves back in their respective homes. Kate had been hanging off of Pogue throughout visiting hours and now that he was back home she was there all the time. Liz meanwhile had to deal with Maria, Amy, Caleb, Mrs. Danvers and her parents all mothering her to death.

“Guys I am fine really I just want to go to sleep, I have school in the morning and I need to rest.” Liz pleaded with her father and Amy who reluctantly agreed to leave her alone. She had been feeling anxious and jumpy all day and she could not figure out why. She felt an odd tingle down her spine and she tossed in her king sized bed.

It felt as if hours went by until she heard a rustling on the other side of her door and it was slowly pushed open. Liz gasped when Pogue entered her bedroom looking disgruntled and just as anxious as she was. “Rough night?” She asked quietly.

“I can’t sleep.” He grumbled from her doorway. Liz smirked at him before pulling back the covers and motioning for him to join her. Pogue quickly moved into bed with her and pulled her against his left side the same way he had pulled her against him in the shadow world and the hospital.

“What is happening Pogue? Why do I feel so scared when you are not close?” Liz asked rubbing her cheek against his bare chest.

“I don’t know I think we need to talk to Caleb and Faith about this tomorrow.” Pogue’s chest rumbled against her cheek as he spoke. Liz found her eyes dropping as he stroked her hair and before either of them knew it they were fast asleep.

Liz felt as if she was being watched and she slowly opened her eyes only to see green, blue, and brown eyes staring at her. She moved slightly and saw that the eyes belonged to Maria, Caleb, and Reid. “Morning.” Liz groaned sleepily moving to stretch but she found herself unable to move due to the mass half on her. Liz looked to her right and saw Pogue dead to the world with his face buried in her neck, his one leg pinned between hers while half his body covered her keeping her close but it was where his hand was that had her blushing. “Pogue, Pogue wake up.” Liz said gently being mindful of their three friends who were watching them curiously.

“Mmm just a bit longer Liz.” Pogue mumbled before pulling her closer.

“Pogue we have a room full of people watching us.” Liz whispered gently hoping to revive her friend who had yet to remove his hand from inside her shirt. Pogue reluctantly opened his brown eyes and looked up at a furiously blushing Liz and then at those around him.

“What do you all want?” Pogue groaned, he had been perfectly content sleeping with Liz surrounded by her and now he had his friends glaring faces to deal with and he wanted nothing to do with it.

“It’s time for school.” Maria whispered with wide eyes.

“Right…school.” Pogue grumbled putting his head back next to Liz. Suddenly he realized that his right hand was holding something and it was not Liz’s hand. The others watched as Pogue’s eyes traced the path of his arm to where his hand was rested and saw his eyes widen in surprise. Maria and Reid snickered when they saw that Pogue finally realized he had a hand full of Liz, Caleb just looked pissed. The three expected him to shy away and start apologizing to Liz but where surprised when he just moved his hand and rolled out of bed.

“Caleb mind if I use your shower?” Pogue asked as he helped Liz up. Caleb was trying to reign in his anger at his friend but still managed a stiff response.

“Go ahead.” He ground out. Pogue sent him a look and with a kiss to the top of Liz’s head was out the door. Liz stood alone beside her bed as she faced her three friends.

“Maria, Reid would you mind going to Maria’s room for a moment? Liz and I have a few things to discuss.” Caleb said never taking his eyes off of Liz. Liz shifted around knowing that tone, she knew that she was either in for an ear full or he was really worried about something, she was going to bet that it was the first one. Maria and Reid shared a look before they bolted out of the room not wanting to get caught up in WWIII. Right when her bedroom door shut Caleb started his pacing.

“Liz why was Pogue in your bed today? I mean it was one thing at the hospital but here…” Caleb asked his eyes wild with…fear.

“The two of us have a hard time sleeping apart now Caleb for some reason. It’s like I get restless and I feel panic starting to set in when he is not around.” Liz said not liking the caged animal look her best friend had going.

“He feel the same way?” Caleb asked.

“Yes.” Liz said “We were going to ask you about this later today.” Caleb stopped letting out a deep breath as he ran his hands through his dark locks.

“Liz did you and Pogue connect?” Caleb asked.

“Yes, remember we said that we did so that I would not die.” Liz said.

“No I mean like did the two of you connect like on a spiritual level?” Caleb asked.

“Well I am assuming so since we were in the shadow world when we connected.” Liz said and Caleb looked sick.

“I hate this.” He grumbled.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Liz the only way the two of you would be able to connect on the spiritual or soul level was if the two of you were.” Caleb stopped looking disturbed.

“If we were what?” Liz asked just then Nancy Parker entered the room her hands on her hips.

“Elizabeth Parker get your behind ready for school, you too Caleb. Now!” Nancy ordered and the two scrambled away from the ferocious red head.

Caleb charged into his room in time to see Pogue pulling on his boxers that he kept there for when they boys spent the night. “You alright man?” Pogue asked as Caleb huffed against the door.

“Nancy kicked me out of Liz’s room.” Caleb muttered looking closely at his friend taking note of the way Pogue seemed to bristle at his being in Liz’s room alone.

“Right.” Pogue said as he pulled on his spare uniform.

“So Pogue how are things with Kate?” Caleb asked not wanting to beat around the bush.

“They suck what else is new?” Pogue asked.

“What do you mean? The two of you have always been hot and heavy together.”

“Man it’s just like before with Chase. She freaks out on me all the time and she has the nerve to go off on me about Liz.” Pogue’s deep voice rumbled. Caleb knew his friend well enough to know that he was controlling his anger at his girlfriend, which just confirmed his fears.

“Yeah according to Maria, Kate is pretty open in her hostility towards Liz.” Caleb said cringing when he saw Pogue’s eyes flash black.

“What?” Pogue asked in a deadly calm voice.

“Oh come on Pogue please tell me you are not that blind that you have no noticed all the looks and remarks Kate makes at Liz’s expense.” Caleb growled taking note of how Pogue’s eyes flashed black a few times at the distressing news.

“Why has Liz not said anything?” Pogue whispered.

“Because she is Liz and she wants you to be happy and she thinks Kate makes you happy. Liz would never want to do something that might ruin your relationship with Kate and if that means taking shit from Kate she will.” Caleb said hoping to wake his friend up.

“Why would Liz do that I mean she never took that crap from anyone before?” Pogue asked sitting on Caleb’s bed looking alarmed.

“Max Evens happened.” Caleb growled his eyes black as well, it was just easier in their heighted state of emotions to let their magic go.

“What exactly did this guy do to Liz to make her into a doormat?” Pogue asked.

“Saw into her soul and then crushed it.” Caleb huffed cringing when he saw that his hands were sparking, he looked over at Pogue and quickly moved away when he saw the flames dancing on Pogue’s arms.

“He what?” Pogue ground out.

“I thought Liz and the others told you this story.” Caleb said not liking the vibes that were coming from his best friend.

“The abridged version I think.” Pogue snarled.

“Well you know how Max is an alien right?” At Pogue’s nod Caleb continued. “When he saved her that day apparently he somehow managed to force a connection with her…” Caleb ducked when a power wave was released by Pogue hitting the walls shaking his room slightly.

“Go on.” Pogue snapped.

“Well they apparently saw into each other’s souls and Max somehow convinced Liz that they were soul mates or something. The two of them were all hot and heavy for awhile and then this girl Tess shows up who is like Max.” Caleb said not liking the predatory look in his friend’s eyes.

“Tess as in the evil she bitch gerbil?” Pogue asked using the name the girls had given her.

“That is the one any way Max kept telling her that there was nothing between him and Tess only to prove over and over how wrong he was and he kept stamping Liz down somehow making her feel like crap and that this was all her fault. I think that some of this has do with his friends whom Maria said were nasty to Liz all the time. Anyway remember how Liz ran to her aunt’s house in Florida this summer?” Caleb asked and at Pogue’s stiff nod he continued. “Well that was after a message from Max’s home world saying that Max and this girl Tess were married in their past life and were meant to be together, long story short Liz ran and Max did not follow. He tried to get back together with her and the beginning of this year and he almost did until a future version of Max came back to have Liz fall out of love with him so the end of the world does not happen…” Pogue sent him a look and he stopped.

“I know I thought it sounded weird too and so did Liz and Maria they don’t know if it was some alien trick or an enemy but Liz did what he said anyway figuring it was the best way to get the alien off their scent.” Caleb said and Pogue gave him a stiff nod letting him know that he should continue.

“Liz pretended to sleep with Kyle…” Caleb ducked again as Pogue let off his anger.

“Sorry.” Pogue grumbled as Caleb got up off the floor.

“It’s alright your reaction was tame compared to mine when Liz told me.” Caleb admitted making Pogue smirk.

“So Valenti saw her naked?” Pogue asked.

“No Liz said she had her underwear on and that all they did was talk and wait for Max to see them. Max got closer to Tess while pushing Liz to tell him the truth not believing that she would sleep with someone else.”

“Wait this guy seriously thought that he was going to be Liz’s first?” Pogue asked.

“Yeah.” Caleb said with a small chuckle.

“She is too hot for that, guys have been trying to get with her for years.” Pogue grumbled.

“I know sometimes I want to lock her in her room so no guy can look at her.” Caleb admitted.

“That is the Caleb we all know and love.” Pogue laughed.

“Anyway a lot of other crap happened but Liz and the other humans were forced out of the alien group and the lines were drawn and then you and Reid showed up taking them away. Liz is still mixed up about what has happened to her but she does realize that she is not how she used to be and she hates that she is so easily walked on.” Caleb admitted.

“I am pissed that I did not know any of this.” Pogue said softly startling his friend.

“Liz probably did not want to harp on about this.” Caleb said but Pogue knew his best friend was lying.

“I think I am in love with her Caleb, in a very complicated all or nothing way.” Pogue admitted.

“I know you are in love with her, all of us know this except Liz.” Caleb said startling Pogue.

“It’s that obvious?” Pogue asked.

“Very but Liz does not realize it and feels guilty for having lusty feelings for you. She does not want to be the Tess in your situation with Kate and that is what she feels she is turning into except unlike Liz, Kate is not taking your interest in another woman well.” Caleb said patting his friend on the back as he went to change.

“Caleb, Pogue come on we have to get to school!” Liz hollered from the other side of the door. The two quickly rushed out and headed off to school.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 13 p.20 3/16/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the replies to the last part. Liz and Pogue are still a bit off but it will happen soon, there is still one event that puts them into play but it will happen very soon! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever
Jensen Lover 37
KiraraAlexisKlay- Caleb will get to explaining to the two what has happened to them, it is similar to Max and Liz connecting except deeper. It is hard to see the two together after righting Liz and Tyler, at first I had a hard time not writing Liz and him together but soon Pogue just came easier and I think once the two get together it will be easier to see Liz and Pogue as a couple.


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 14: Abbot Alert VIII

Pogue watched from the end of the hall as his girlfriend spotted Liz coming out of her Biology class and made her way over to Liz. He could tell from Liz’s stiff posture that whatever Kate was saying to her cut deep, but Liz just grit her teeth and took whatever his girlfriend was slinging at her. He had seen enough and had begun to make his way over to the two but Faith beat him to it and had sent Kate packing. He continued towards Liz only to hear her snarky comment about Kate.

“Faith…” Liz hissed.

“Oh please girlfriend you know it’s true.” Faith grumbled.

“It’s true she has not had sex and she is cranky.” Pogue said leaning against one of the lockers. Their school had a small bank of lockers for kids who did not stay at Spencer to house their books in. Liz looked at him startled as Faith laughed.

“And no sex why?” Faith asked leaning against Liz for support.

“I really don’t feel like being nagged at while I am going at it and that is all she does.” Pogue rolled his eyes looking to Liz when her phone started playing “toxic” by Britney Spears.

“Max?” Faith asked.

“I thought the ringer was fitting.” Liz said as she let the phone go, Pogue remembered his conversation with Caleb that morning and quickly reached into Liz’s bag as she protested and pulled out the phone.

“Hello?” Pogue barked into the phone hoping to sound scary, he did not realize that his voice in general had the tendency to come off as dangerous.


Max had wanted to call Liz for so long but Alex and Michael always told him to let her be that she was recovering from losing a close friend and that all she needed was her friends. Then he found out from Alex that Liz was sick in the hospital fighting for her life and he wanted nothing more than to hop on a plane and go and heal her but again the others talked him out of that plan. Then he leaned two days ago that Liz finally woke up but again the others would not let him talk to her but today, today he had finally had enough.

He went into the eraser room where he could be alone and pulled out his phone and waited anxiously for Liz’s sweet voice; he was stunned when a gruff voice answered instead.

“Ah is Liz there?” Max asked trying to control his voice.

“Depends on who is asking.” The deep voice rumbled. “Hey baby there is some guy on the phone for you, sounds mysterious.” The guy laughed, Max could hear two feminine voices in the background and one that sounded a lot like Liz.

“It’s Max, Liz’s boyfriend.” Max said in a firm voice trying to forget that this guy called his Liz baby.

“Oh it’s Max as in Max Evans the royal pain in my girls ass.” The guy on the other line said. Max tried not to wince at the royal comment hoping it was just a slip of the tongue or something. “What do you want Max?” The man asked.

“I want to talk to Liz, I want to make sure she is alright.” Max said.

“Oh she is fine, enjoying being away from all the troubles of Roswell.” The man laughed. “She does not want to talk to you Max, she wants nothing to do with you and your little friends any more. You and yours drew the battle lines a long time ago, now get prepared to fight. Have a nice day Maxwell.” The man said before hanging up.
Max stared at the phone as the dial tone sounded. He could not believe what he heard. Liz, his Liz was with another man and she was laughing at him as he was stuck here in Roswell worrying about her and how she was handling the death of her friend and she was off having a good time. The rage was a slow burn inside him as his vision became blurry. He did not even notice the green streaks roaming over his hands as they fried his phone in his hand.

“Yo Maxwell you in there?” Michael asked as he banged on the door. Max slowly got up and opened the door Michael looked at his friend in shock as he stood rigidly before him. “What the hell Maxwell?” Michael asked pushing Max back into room as he joined him.

“Michael ask Alex where Spencer Academy is located.” Max growled.

“No need to Maxwell I already did and all he told me was Ipswich wherever the hell that is.” Michael said rolling his eyes.

“Michael Ipswich is in Massachusetts it is right next to Salem.” Max said rolling his eyes at his friends hating that Michael had this information on him the entire time and never mentioned it to him.

“What’s the deal Maxwell?” Michael asked.

“I think it’s time we went on another one of our group camping trips this weekend and head up to Ipswich to visit Liz and Maria.” Max said clenching his fists. Michael stared at Max through narrowed eyes not liking how his best friend was acting and he was not all that crazy about heading to a strange town full of people he did not know into a strange situation besides he had a feeling that Maria and Liz were not going to welcome them with open arms.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Michael asked but he knew that it was no use, once Max got something into that thick head of his there was no use trying to get through to him.

“I think it is a great idea Michael. We are going to have a group meeting after school tell the others.” Max said standing up feeling better that this situation was going to be taken care of soon.

“Uh by group does that also include Kyle and Alex? Also where are we going to hold this meeting?” Michael asked.

“Yes the two of them are invited.” Max said with annoyed look. “And we are going to commandeer your apartment.” Max said before he left the eraser room leaving behind a frustrated Michael.

“Why yes Maxwell I would be happy to lend you my apartment once again for one of your useless meetings that no one ever wants to go to and I would also be delighted to go and tell the others that they are invited to said meeting that is more than likely to piss off half said group yes Maxwell I would be delighted.” Michael ground out before he too left the eraser room.


He stared at her watching as she moved through the crowd with her friends, Parry keeping her close as usual. He hated how Danvers and Parry were always with her if one was not there the other was she was rarely alone. He never had a chance to approach her when she was constantly surrounded by her friends. He watched as she moved a piece of her long chocolate hair behind her ear as she laughed at something Parry said to her. He noticed how Parry casually slung his arm over her shoulders pulling her against his side making her doe eyes sparkle. She always looked content when she was around them, but when they were gone her eyes took on a shadowed haunted look and it pleased him and intrigued him.

He smirked when she saw Parry detach from her to attach himself to his girlfriend never seeing the pain in her eyes. Now was perfect, when she was troubled when she was vulnerable. He made his way towards her and cornered her without Parry noticing, too involved with his girlfriend.

“Elizabeth.” He purred invading her personal space knowing she hated it.

“Aaron.” She ground out shifting a frustrated look at Parry who continued to ignore them.

“So I was wondering if you would go out with me on Friday night?” He finally managed to get out. Liz looked him over for a moment, he could see her inner battle in her beautiful brown eyes and then there it was, defeat.

“Sure, pick me up at Danvers place around seven?” Liz asked.

“Seven it is.” Have a great day Liz he said giving her a small smile which she returned. That was easier than he had thought it was going to be.

Liz did not know if what she had just done was a good thing or a very, very bad thing but she was going to go with a bad thing. She knew that she could not have Pogue even if her heart was screaming for him so her next option was to move on and date someone else but her options were severely limited. The boys seemed to make it their mission to let all the guys at Spencer know that the four girls in their group were off limits and it seemed that the guys were taking whatever threat was issued seriously and stayed away. Aaron was different though, he did not seem to fear the infamous Sons of Ipswich and made constant plays for her and with Pogue out of the running he was all she had available to her and she did have to admit Aaron was easy on the eyes.

“Hey chica what’s up?” Maria asked as she looped her arm through Liz’s. Pogue was brought out of his Kate induced haze and noticed the odd expression on Liz’s face.

“I have a date.” Liz said her cheeks turning red.

“With who?” Pogue asked not liking how jealous he sounded and he knew from the tightening around his waist Kate did not like it either.

“With Aaron Abbot.” Liz said looking shocked.

“What!” Pogue roared he felt the blood in his veins turn into liquid fire as the air rushed from his lungs.

“He kind of just moseyed on over and then asked me out for Friday night and the next thing I knew I was saying yes.” Liz said looking bewildered.

“Liz you have to tell him it was a mistake I mean this guy is like a royal prick.” Pogue ground out.

“That would be mean.” Liz said trying to cover her hurt but Maria had felt it stabbing in her chest as well as the raging jealousy in Pogue. “No I have to go out with him besides it might be kind of fun.” Liz said trying to convince herself. “I mean it might be nice.” Liz said not seeing Maria stumble slightly as she was assaulted by Pogue’s raging emotions that were giving her a headache.

“Hey Liz it’s time to go to class now, come on.” Maria said dragging Liz away so that she would not have Pogue’s emotions seeping into her every pour. Pogue stared after Liz with wild eyes trying to call in his inner demon wanting to destroy all in his path to Liz and take out the one who dared to even think of touching her. He had to see Caleb, now.

“Listen Kate I have to go there is something I need to talk to Caleb about before class.” Pogue said patting her back as he quickly moved away from her not seeing her furious expression.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 14 p.22 3/18/08

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Hey guys sorry it has taken me so long to post, RL has been crazy, Uni has kept me away from writing. I am going to be posting off schedule for about two weeks I am hoping to post at least 2 parts a week but it all depends on how my papers are going but I am going to try very hard to get back to posting every other day! Thanks for the replies...

LizMichael 4 Ever
Jensen Lover 37
pinkslipper- sorry I did not send out a message, I will do that next time! Thanks for reading!

Jezebel Jinx

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 15: Abbot Alert IX

Pogue stared down from the middle level of the lecture hall at Liz who was sitting with Faith and Reid in their English class. Reid had his head on his arms as usual and Liz gently rubbed his back, but that was not what bugged him after all he knew that the two of them were only friends. No what bugged him was Aaron Abbot staring at Liz with a hungry look and Liz was completely oblivious to the looks she was receiving as usual. Caleb looked at his best friend sitting next to him and then down a few rows at Liz and sighed wishing the two would just get together already and put the rest of them out of their misery.

“Mr. Parry?” The instructor asked and it was then that the brooding teen realized the entire hall was staring at him.

“The main concept is that a house can have a will of its own which has been explored before in Poe’s ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’.” Pogue replied startling the room, he was not known for speaking up.

“Very astute Mr. Parry and yes the Shining by Stephen King is notorious for its interpretation of a building being intrinsically evil similar to which other book by Mr. King?” The instructor asked.

“Rose Red.” Reid said and the instructor nodded smirking slightly knowing that the blonde was going to get that one.

“And the main concept of Rose Red is Miss. Parker?”

“That some houses are born evil and that they think and feel consciously changing to trick the humans that inhabit them wanting to scare us.” Liz said. Pogue went back to his Liz watching knowing that the spotlight was long off him. He wanted to snarl when he saw Aaron’s eyes slither down Liz to places where his eyes should not be looking.

“Hey man what’s up?” Caleb whispered bumping Pogue slightly.

“Aaron asked Liz out for Friday and she said yes.” Pogue hissed smirking when Caleb’s eyes flashed. “My thoughts exactly.” Pogue grumbled.

“I thought we made it perfectly clear to all the guys in this school that the girls were off limits.” Caleb hissed.

“Apparently Abbot thinks he is special.” Pogue grumbled.

“Well it’s not like we can do anything about that now Liz would hurt us if we tried to stop her.” Caleb sighed.

“She can’t go out with him.” Pogue ground out.

“Well technically she can I mean it’s not like she is dating anyone so she is allowed to go out and do as she pleases.” Caleb said knowing that Pogue really had no right to get mad at Liz for going out on a date.

“Why can’t she just stay in on Friday or go out with one of the girls?” Pogue asked.

“Because you and I both know that is not fair, the rest of us have dates or are going out as a group and Liz wanted to have fun too. It’s not her fault that you are too whipped to break it off with Kate to go for Liz.” Caleb said sighing when the bell rang, perfect timing.

Pogue sat in his seat for a moment frowning deep down he knew that Caleb was right that he had no reason to be angry but he could not stop the murderous thoughts rampaging in his head. He knew that he was with Kate and that he did not have a right to be upset that Liz was going out on a date but a large part of him was screaming that he should lock Liz up in his room and never let her leave that she was his.

“Pogue?” Sarah asked when he finally reached the crowded hall. He looked down at the small blonde with a raised eyebrow.

“Kate is bugging about something and sent me on a fact finding mission but I am totally going to ignore that for now. Are you alright?” Sarah asked not liking how distressed the guy looked.

“Not really I am just coming to terms with a situation one that you would not like.” Pogue said as she walked with him.

“Let me guess you are trying to figure out how to break things off with Kate so that you can finally get to Liz?” Sarah asked with a small smile. Pogue stopped and turned to her with a bewildered expression.

“What am I like the most obvious person in the world?” He asked.

“No but I have seen the glances you shoot at Liz, they are different then the looks you give Kate or anyone else. There is something gentle and special there but not many would be able to pick up on that. Oh and Caleigh told me that you had the hots for Liz.” Sarah said laughing when the big guy rolled his eyes.

“Listen Sarah I don’t know if I should be talking about this with you I mean you are close to Kate and all.” Pogue said.

“She is different Pogue.” Sarah said startling him once again. “She is cold and mean and she has so much anger all the time and I am sick of it and I am sick of her always harping on about Liz. I know Liz and I know that Liz has never done anything to Kate but Kate seems to have it out for Liz.” Sarah said looking slightly worried.

“I am starting to see that now. God how stupid am I?” Pogue asked looking dejected. “I never saw how mean Kate was to Liz but now it is glaring me in the face and all I do is sit there and let it happen, when have I ever sat there and let something happen?” Pogue growled.

“I don’t know but I do know that something needs to be done and soon. Kate is getting out of hand.” Sarah said before walking away leaving Pogue to his brooding thoughts once again. Today was Monday which meant that he had five days to come up with a plan of action to get what he wanted, Liz.

Faith sat at the lunch table waiting for her friends going over what all she had learned from her friends that day. Not only was Liz going on a date with the school butt monkey but Pogue had finally admitted to Caleb that he was in love with Liz. Moving a dark brown lock away from her face she watched the goings on around her. She knew that Liz was having problems and that it was reflecting in her behavior it became glaringly obvious when Liz let Kate walk all over her, her best friend and sister would never have allowed that but there she was shrinking under Kate’s gaze and words all the time. Watching Liz was like watching the shell of a girl she used to know, she shrank in on herself and kept the world at a distance not wanting to be touched by the cold.

Then there was Caleb she had no idea what happened to him to make him so…uptight. He used to be carefree and wild, especially around Liz, the two of them were wildcats when together but now they both seemed so closed off. Caleb had started to open back up from what Tyler had told her, being around Liz and her again was waking him up from his unnatural sleep. Faith missed their sly innuendos and witty banter. Caleb and her used to be the more open version of Tyler and Maria.

“Hey girlie.” Caleigh said sitting down next to Faith, her blonde hair swaying over her back.

“Hello my lovely. So what is the what?” Faith asked knowing that Caleigh loved to gossip as much as Maria and Tyler.

“Okay well apparently Pogue and Sarah had a little heart to heart and Pogue is now planning on doing something about Kate.” Caleigh said.

“We can only hope that means he is going to get rid of her, if I have to have one more conversation with her butting in with her sarcastic comments I am going to Scion on her ass.” Faith grumbled.

“I know I just can’t believe that Liz is taking this from her. I think you should do what you do best girly and get the real Liz roaring again.”

“I would but I think Caleb is better for that job, he has always been able to reach her.” Faith said.

“Yeah but the guy is messed up as well. Faith you are the fighter of the group, the one who acts first, the one with the passion and aggression. You are the closest one to Caleb and Liz and you are the one they need to wake them the hell up. I am so sick of the two of them acting all meek and sissy like. That is not Caleb and Liz. I would say get Pogue to help you but he has his head to far up Kate’s ass to do much of anything right now.” Caleigh said and Faith let out a deep rich throaty laugh.

“Listen to you Cal, getting a little catty there.” Faith laughed.

“Your different too Faith. It’s like you and Liz suddenly have the weight of the world on your shoulders, I miss my carefree opinionated no nonsense best friend.” Caleigh whispered.

“In a way I do feel like I have the weight of the world on me Cal. I have to fix Liz and Caleb and keep the rest of you in working order while trying to deal with what happened to Serena and the evil that killed her.” Faith sighed.

“I can help you.” Caleigh whispered.

“I know you can girly but I think you are right about me being the one to have to get through to Caleb and Liz.” Faith said her eyes sparkling slightly making Caleigh happy.

“There it is.” Caleigh whispered as the others poured into the lunch room.

“Okay ladies I am in need of some help. I have a date Friday and I need girlfriend time.” Liz said to Sarah, Faith, Maria, and Caleigh ignoring Kate next to Pogue.

“Oh I love this part!” Maria squealed.

“I know which is why I asked.” Liz said.

“So three on Friday?” Faith asked.

“Yup.” Liz said and the girls laughed.

“Great a house full of women.” Caleb muttered.

“Oh you know you love it.” Reid said throwing a fry at Caleb who caught it in his mouth making the blonde snicker.

“Besides Danvers, Jeff will be there.” Maria said and Caleb groaned.

“I don’t think hanging out with my dad is what he had in mind.” Liz giggled.

“Hey I will have you know that Mr. P is like the coolest old guy around.” Maria huffed.

“Except when it comes to matters involving Honey Bear.” Faith said.

“Then he is crazy.” Caleb mumbled.

“Especially when Liz is spending entire nights out in the desert with her boyfriend.” Maria laughed when Liz groaned.

“Oh don’t remind me that was the worst.” Liz groaned.

“Wait alone in the desert with who?” Reid asked.

“My ex Max.” Liz mumbled.

“Get this the two of them were all hot and heavy in the desert but didn’t do anything and just fell asleep only for them to go home at dawn and their parents were waiting for them in the café.” Maria laughed.

“Ouch.” Tyler said scrunching his nose.

“Yes ouch it was terrible. My mom was convinced that the two of us had slept together and that I was going to end up pregnant, I had a doctors appointment that day and everything she was flipping big time and my dad was just growling all the time. Max’s parents were not much better. Mr. Evans did not know what to think and Mrs. Evans kept looking at me as if I was stealing her little boy or something.” Liz groaned.

“Too bad the parents did not realize that little Lizzie had already lost it.” Faith laughed.

“Yes because that would have made things so much better.” Liz said rolling her eyes. Their conversation was light and friendly but Liz could not shake off the tingle she felt in the back of her mind that left a cold dark feeling in the pit of her stomach. Evil was nearby and getting closer to their group by the second.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 15 p.24 3/23/08

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Wow thanks guys for the replies to the last part I am glad you all are liking this fic. Thanks...

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 16: Abbot Alert X

Pogue stared hard at his girlfriend as she glared furiously at Liz a few feet away. He knew that Liz could sense Kate’s stare but she was choosing to ignore it. His heart and head were screaming two different messages at him and it was driving him crazy. He knew that his heart wanted Liz, knew that she was what could feed his soul but there was the pesky little voice in his head telling him differently. His head was telling him to stay with Kate that she was the safer option, with Kate there was no emotional risk involved. Kate did not know the real him so any damage done he could blame on his not being open with her but if Liz rejected him he knew that it was because of him.

“God who does she think she is? I mean the only reason she is popular is because she is hanging out with us.” Kate hissed Pogue looked and saw a group of eager freshman boys standing around Liz looking at her as if she was their goddess.

“Actually Kate she is popular all on her own, even in Roswell everyone knew who she was. Liz is hard to miss, there is just something about her that stands out and draws people to her.” Pogue drawled his eyes hard.

Kate stared up at him glaring angrily at him for not taking her side in the matter. “Pogue she spends all of her time with the most popular boys in Ipswich people were bound to notice her.” Kate snapped.

“Kate, Liz is her own person and I am pretty sure people see that. Liz does not need our help getting by.” Pogue ground out rolling his eyes as she stomped away to probably go and complain to Sarah about him. He stared after her and frowned knowing in his gut what he had to do.

He felt her come up beside him, he had no idea when he and the others developed that little ability but it always came in handy. “You are a dumb ass you know that?” Faith asked as the two of them watched Liz in front of them.

“Yup I know it.” Pogue muttered darkly. “I am going to break up with Kate later on today. I need to end things with her because it is not fair to either of us for me to be in love with another girl when I am with her.” Pogue said after a long pause.

“No and none of this is fair to Liz. She needs something good in her life Parry and I am hoping that you are just that.” Faith said patting his back.

“But Kate is going to go nuclear when I dump her.” Pogue said.

“Don’t worry about her, leave her to Caleigh, Ria and I when you are done with her.” Faith said.

“Thanks Faith.” Pogue whispered before walking off, he had to go and plan a break up.


Isabel stared at her brother, angry tears running down her golden cheeks. He was crazed and was demanding that they all lie to their parents again and head to Ipswich where Liz and Maria were. Isabel knew from what Alex had told her that the girls were going to be less than receptive to Max and Michael showing up but to drag the rest of them along in their mess was just stupid, but no, the alien king did not see that.

“So we are leaving tomorrow.” Max said

“No.” Tess ground out.

“Yes we are going Tess. I know that you do not understand this but I need to do this.” Max ground out.

“No Max. Liz does not want this; she and Maria do not need this stress right now.” Alex growled he could not believe what he was hearing.

“I need to see her Alex, I need to know that she is alright.” Max ground out.

“So none of this has to do with you calling Liz and some guy answering her phone?” Kyle asked startling the aliens, Alex on the other hand looked calm.

“What are you talking about Kyle?” Tess asked.

“Max here called Liz earlier even though Alex asked him not to only to have Pogue answer the phone.” Kyle said.

“Maria called us and told us what happened, to say that Pogue was angry that you called Liz was an understatement and you don’t even want to know how Caleb, Reid and Tyler acted.” Alex snarled.

“Alex…” Isabel was cut off by his angry look.

“No your brother had no right to call Liz. Her and Maria are going through hell right now and…”

“She did not sound that broken up to me!” Max shouted.

“You have no idea what she is going through Max no idea at all.” Alex snapped.

“She is going through something that you can’t even begin to understand Evans.” Kyle whispered.

“Serena and Liz were like sisters and Liz lost her. Serena’s family was important and now Liz has to deal with all of these strange people bombarding her and she does not need you adding to her stress.” Alex said.

“I am going to Ipswich tomorrow, I need to see that Liz is alright for myself.” Max whispered looking at the room with angry amber eyes. “You can either come with me or get the hell out of my way.” Max said before he left Michael’s apartment.

The remaining group stared at the solid door willing it to explode. “I hate it when he gets like this.” Tess grumbled. Kyle and Alex looked at her and then started laughing soon Michael was chuckling as was Isabel until all five were all laughing.

“Man Tess that is the first time I have ever heard you say anything bad about our dear President.” Kyle said.

“Well he is annoying at times.” Tess said her blue eyes sparkling.

“Oh and don’t we know it.” Michael said rolling his eyes. “Welcome to the club Tess we like to refer to ourselves as the AMRC and yes we do have T-shirts.” Michael said making Kyle laugh.

“We meet every Monday and Friday when Max calls a meeting.” Kyle said.

“Membership is for life.” Isabel added.

“Thanks guys.” Tess said and she looked very unsure of herself.

“Don’t worry Tess it’s not as bad as it sounds.” Michael said sighing as he flopped onto his couch.


Pogue knew that he was a jerk and that he was probably going about this breaking up business the wrong way but at the moment he really did not care all he wanted to do was get out of the relationship, feelings be damned. He sat in a booth at his favorite restaurant waiting for Kate to show up. He watched through dark narrowed eyes as she made her way into the restaurant looking around for him, smiling broadly when she spotted him.

“Sorry I am late; Sarah was just talking my ear off.” Kate laughed before she picked up a menu and began scanning it.

“Not a problem.” Pogue rumbled trying to decide when it was the right time to end things with her, he had a feeling it should be after dinner. The two of them sat and made idle chit chat during dinner, it was almost as if Kate sensed something was off and was trying to keep the mood upbeat and light.

“Pogue is something wrong? You have been extra broody all night.” Kate asked smiling at him. Pogue looked at her with sad eyes taking a deep breath knowing that now was the time.

“Kate there is something I have to tell you something that has been put off for a long time because I was to chicken to face my fears.” Pogue said his deep voice rumbling around the duo. Kate sat up straighter getting the feeling she was really not going to like what he had to say.

“What?” She asked in a deceptively calm voice.

“Kate we are not working out. Our relationship has become something I don’t recognize and the two of us are not happy together. Half the time you are poking at me telling me I am a bad boyfriend and then the rest of the time, you are in a jealous fit.” Pogue said and even he knew that sounded bad. She was silent for a moment trying to understand what he was saying.

“So you want to break up?” She asked in a broken voice.

“Yeah Kate I do.” Pogue whispered.

“No!” She yelled her eyes instantly turning hard.


“No I don’t want to break up and this is not a decision that you can just make. Things were fine between us before Liz Parker came to town she is the reason things have been so crappy.” Kate snarled and Pogue’s gaze instantly hardened.

“Liz has nothing to do with this, our problems started long before she came to Ipswich. Things started going sour when Chase came to town two months ago. You were feeling suffocated by me and wanted out but I would not let you and now that he is gone suddenly you feel possessive of me when my best friends since diapers comes to town, it’s not right Kate and we need to end things.” Pogue said getting up and tossing down the money for the bill.

“Have a nice life Kate because you are out of mine.” Pogue said before he left the restaurant not giving himself time to feel bad for his harsh words knowing that is had to be said. Now all he had to do was find a way to convince Liz that he was not a dumb ass.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 16 p.25 3/27/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 17: Date Night

Faith rushed into the Danvers home looking wild, she had an arm full of clothes and was up the stairs before Caleb or Tyler could get in a hello. “Okay that is the forth female to go upstairs in the past half hour. What the hell is going on?” Caleb asked looking miffed.

“Liz is getting ready for her date.” Tyler said rolling his eyes at his clueless friend.

“Yeah I know that so why are the others here?”

“Caleb buddy there is a lot about girls that you need to learn. Girls like getting ready together for big events and dates.” Tyler said as he flipped through the spell book in his lap lazily.

“And you know this how?” Caleb asked looking at his friend amused.

“ Maria and Caleigh, those two are like a walking book of the girls rule book.” Tyler grumbled smirking when he saw Caleb’s face pale.

“There is a rule book?” Caleb asked.

“Not a written one Danvers.” Tyler laughed sitting up. “It is like this unwritten book of rules that all girls have and they always add to it. Like the whole girls need to go to the restroom together thing, that is in it. Oh and the secret language crap they do.” Tyler said.

“Complicated.” Caleb muttered.

“Weird is more like it.” Tyler laughed before he went back to reading.

“Hey why do girls go to the bathroom together?” Caleb suddenly asked.

“Something about moral support and holding hands.” Tyler mumbled.

“Weird.” Caleb grumbled when the front door opened yet again and an agitated Pogue entered the parlor where the two Sons were sitting.

“What has you in a grind?” Tyler asked flashing one of his dazzling smiles making Pogue growl.

“Liz is still going through with this date.” He snapped and the other guys just shrugged.

“You didn’t really expect her to call it off did you? She was right she wanted to go out and have fun like the rest of us and she would have felt bad for canceling on someone even if he is a jerk.” Tyler said grabbing his head when Pogue’s emotions blared at him. “Hey tone it down Pogue.” Tyler said glaring at his friend.

“Sorry.” Pogue said deflating slightly as he sat down next to Caleb on the couch.

“What is going on with you man?” Caleb asked.

“I am in love with Lizzie Parker and she does not even know it.” Pogue sighed.

“Well then why don’t you tell her?” Caleb asked.

“Oh I was going to but then Maria and Faith stopped me saying that was a really bad idea.” Pogue said his eyes taking on a dark glower.

“They were right though.” Tyler said not flinching when Pogue turned his steely gaze on him. “Think about it man. You just broke up with Kate less than a week ago, telling Liz that you are in love with her right now would be insensitive and she would not believe you thinking that you were just confused after your breakup or that you were looking for a warm body in your bed.” Tyler said.

“But I would never do that to Liz.” Pogue said running his hands through his long hair.

“No and she probably knows that but she is a girl Pogue and there is this little switch in their heads where when a guy comes after them right after a breakup their shields go up.” Tyler said.

“When did you become so in tune with women?” Pogue asked.

“Maria and Caleigh are my life.” Tyler mumbled rolling his blue eyes.

“Boys!” Caleigh hollered from the top of the stairs. Pogue, Tyler, and Caleb scrambled to their feet and headed out into the foyer where four of the five girls stood.

“Liz is ready for her date and we need to be ready for her killer entrance when Aaron gets here.” Faith said a wicked gleam in her green eyes.

“What entrance?” Pogue asked trying to hide his jealousy but he knew from the looks that Maria and Tyler were sending him that he was doing a poor job of it.

“Every girl on the first date with a guy needs to make a grand entrance.” Sarah said and the other girls nodded in agreement. The grandfather clock rang out in the foyer, its chime sounding seven times as the doorbell rang.

“Punctual.” Caleigh said with an impressed look as Caleb put on his big brother face to answer the door. He opened the door to reveal Aaron Abbot with his fluffed out hair in a dinner jacket and dress pants with a small bouquet of orange roses.

“Abbot.” Caleb ground out opening the door wider for the other guy to enter his home. Aaron smirked at Caleb as he went inside his jaw dropping at the vision walking down the stairs. Liz smiled when she saw not only Aaron’s reaction but Tyler, Caleb, and Pogue’s as well.

“Holy mother of…” Aaron tapered off.

“What the hell.” The other three said simultaneously as Liz finally reached the landing.

“You look killer Parker.” Faith said.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Aaron said in his silky voice that stabbed at Pogue. Pogue drank in the sight of his Liz all dolled up for another guy. She had on a short shiny sapphire tube dress that fell mid thigh with her hair done in loose curls and shadowy makeup. His heart stung knowing that she put effort into looking good for another guy.

Caleb sensed his best friends inner raging and went to stand beside him lending him silent support. They watched as Liz blushed under their compliments before the duo left leaving the rest of them to their night.

“Is it wrong that I want to rip that guy a new one?” Pogue asked the full hall.

“Nope I am right there with you.” Tyler muttered.

“Yeah Abbot could use a good whipping.” Caleb grumbled.

“Oh stop being so sour.” Maria pouted as she grabbed her coat, Tyler doing the same.

“Get over it boys Liz is going out to have a good time, she is not going to marry the guy.” Caleigh said as she linked arms with Faith the two of them had plans to light up the town that night.

Caleb looked at Pogue worriedly somehow sensing that leaving the guy alone could be dangerous. Pogue saw him looking and rolled his dark eyes. “Go on man you and Sarah have a good time I am going to head over to the bar.” Pogue said before heading out of the home and towards his prized bike.

Pogue walked into the smoke filled bar and breathed in the toxic air, it’s not like the smoke was going to kill him. The bar was alive and pulsing with human energy enough to entertain him. He spotted Reid and some of the guys from the swim team over in the corner and headed over to his long time friend when he was waved over.

“So how did Lizzie look?” Reid asked reading his friend like a book.

“Hot, hotter than I would like her to look for a date with Abbot.” Pogue grumbled.

“Oh Parker and Abbott that is rough.” One of the guys hissed.

“What?” Pogue asked.

“Oh come on man everyone knows that you have it bad for the Parker girl and we have all stayed away from her because of it, Caleb’s warning be damned.” One of the guys spoke up.

“Yeah I heard more than a few of the guys are interested in her.” Reid grumbled.

“Wait so why did Aaron move in on her?” Pogue asked his eyes narrowing.

“Because he knew that you wanted her and she is close to Caleb. In Aaron’s eyes it was the perfect revenge for Sarah.” One of the guys said rolling his eyes.

“Wait so Abbott wants to be with Liz just because she is close to Caleb and me?” Pogue asked something in his gut shifting.

“Yeah man.” Reid and Pogue shared a look. Pogue could not explain it but something inside of him was roaring letting him know that danger was coming and he had a feeling it had something to do with Liz. It was a tingling in the back of his mind that he knew was Liz that had been there ever since they got back from the shadow world, the tingle was becoming a dull throb demanding his attention.

“Pogue?” Reid asked pulling his friend to the side when he saw the terrified look on his best friend’s face. “What is it?”

“Liz, something is wrong with Liz.” Pogue gasped out before he tore out of the bar Reid chasing after him. The blonde made it in time to the parking lot only to see Pogue roar away on his bike heading off to wherever Liz was. Growling Reid pulled out his phone and called Caleb.

“Caleb we have a problem, Liz is in trouble and Pogue has gone after her.” Reid said.

Earlier that night Liz smiled softly as Aaron led her to a table in the back of the upscale Italian restaurant. She could not help but feel uncomfortable, something inside of her was starting to buzz, she was entering into dangerous territory and did not know who the enemy was.

“So Liz you look as if you would rather be anywhere but here right now.” Aaron said giving her a small smile his brown eyes staring warmly at her. Liz sucked in a breath instantly feeling sorry.

“I am so sorry Aaron, you now have my full attention.” Liz said giving him a dazzling smile.

“Why do I get the feeling that this place is making you uncomfortable?” Aaron asked.

“Well…my ex-boyfriend had a habit of taking me to Italian restaurants and I really try to avoid them now.” Liz admitted feeling sick at the mention of Max.

“Well my dear this can easily be fixed, I am not in the mood for Italian anyway I am more of an bar person, there is this bar just outside of town, you interested?” Aaron asked. Liz ignored the buzz in the back of her head and nodded her agreement, she did not care if she was over dressed she just wanted away from the danger. The two got into his car and headed away from the main part of Ipswich. Liz let her mind wander as she and Aaron drove, her mind blanking out. After awhile she took note of her surroundings and noticed that the area they were in was heavily wooded which was not overly unusual for Ipswich but the feeling in her head and gut was telling her that she was in danger.

“Aaron where are we?” She asked after a moment.

“Some place.” Aaron said with a smirk.

“Where?” She asked again the panic starting to set in.

“Someplace where I can keep you and the others won’t be able to find you.” Aaron said glancing at Liz. Liz recoiled when she saw his eyes, they were solid yellow with a small pin point black dot for a pupil. Dread filled her as they came to a clearing, a small cabin sitting neatly in the center with an eerie light emitting form it.

“You’re a Horaci.” Liz whispered and Aaron chuckled.

“I always knew that you were a bright girl.” He said before killing the engine. That was the last thing she remembered.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 17 p.26 3/29/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 18: Date Night II

Pogue raced down the dirt road through the thick trees following his senses that were telling him where Liz was. He could sense her panic and that only fueled the fire in him. Pogue slowed down when he saw a clearing up ahead and Abbott’s car just sitting there, rage burned in him as he killed his engine and hoped off intent on killing the guy who even so much as dared hurt Liz. Pogue blasted the door open and saw Liz knocked out on a queen sized bed, Abbott glaring at him.

“Not the witch I wanted yet again.” Aaron said and it was then that Pogue noticed his yellow eyes, he was a Horaci.

“It was you! The whole time we have been running around trying to figure out who sent Liz and I to the shadow world and it was you.” Pogue growled trying to ignore the warning bells in his head telling him to grab Liz and run.

“No Parry I am not the one who cast the spell.” Aaron laughed a dry hideous laugh. “I merely gave it to David to perform. You would be surprised at how weak his mind really was, quite easy to manipulate. All it took was a few well placed words and he was willing to do my bidding.” Aaron said.

“But why go after Liz and I?” Pogue asked again ignoring his gut.

“I was never targeting you…yet.” Aaron said and Pogue shivered when he saw pleasure flash in those yellow eyes. “The spell was supposed to affect Liz and Caleb. If I take the two of them out of the game then the rest of you will fall. It was lucky for me that Chase was so set on going against all of you otherwise I would have had to do to him what I did to Serena.” Aaron said laughing when he saw pain flash in Pogue’s eyes.

“We will kill you for this.” Pogue said chancing another glance at Liz who had yet to wake up.

“Oh she is quite out of it, but then again my blood does have that nice toxic affect on her body.” Aaron laughed when Pogue let out a gasp.

Pogue did not have time to react when Aaron released a blast of black energy at him knocking him to the ground after it his him in the chest. It felt as if his lungs were on fire as he tried to such in a shaky breath long enough to try and use his powers only to find them not working.

“Funny thing about you witches, you don’t pay attention to your instincts.” Aaron said blasting Pogue one more time. Pogue looked around him only to see the room glow when he was hit with the blast, it was then that he saw it, the ancient demonic ruins all around the cabin that glowed when Aaron used his powers and then disappeared. The room was blocking his powers, Aaron was actually smart enough to come up with a way for them to not be able to fight back at all.

“Now you see it.” Aaron laughed Pogue looked and saw the teen was at the door and suddenly it was closed. Pogue ran at the door and yanked on it trying desperately to get it open but it would not budge. Pogue raced to a window and looked out only to see a laughing Aaron pull away. Pogue looked around the one room cabin for something to throw at the window, his eyes landed on a paper weight. Pogue gripped it and threw it at the window only to cringe when the heavy object just bounced off the glass, not even nicking it.

Pogue felt the tingle in the back of his mind and became aware of Liz once again and rushed over to her on the bed. He ran his hands over her to make sure she was alright, aside from the fact that she had been injected with Horaci blood. “Liz.” He said shaking her slightly wanting to see her beautiful brown eyes to make sure she was alright.

“Liz.” Pogue tried again and was rewarded with a small groan and the flutter of her eyelids.

“Pogue?” Liz asked her voice strained from her earlier screaming.

“Yeah it’s me. Liz how are you feeling?” He asked as he brushed a hand over her forehead moving her hair out of the way.

“Like I have been hit by a truck.” She groaned.

“Same here. Liz what happened?” He asked sitting down next to her pulling her closer now that her eyes were open.

“I should have followed my instincts Pogue, they were screaming at me all night when we were alone that I was in danger. Here I thought it was someone else watching the two of us and it turns out it was Aaron himself.” Liz huffed looking disgusted with herself.

“Liz you could not have known. We have gone to school with the guy since middle school we should have picked up on it and didn’t, there was no way you could have.” Pogue said. He felt like kicking himself, he and the others had not noticed that Aaron was not human after all of these years.

“Wait Pogue how did you get here? Where is Aaron?” Liz asked sitting up looking around wildly.

“Aaron took off after locking the two of us in here, he used spells and wards to make it so we can’t use magic to get out of here.” Pogue whispered feeling terrible at her horrified look. “Also I felt you in my head and I knew that something was wrong so I followed the pull and it led me here to you.” Pogue said.

“Pogue the others.” Liz said her brow eyes wide with terror. Pogue closed his eyes feeling sick at the thought of leaving his friends to the slaughter, Liz and him unable to help.

“We can only hope that they will figure out what is going on and stop Aaron and come and find us.” Pogue whispered.

“So we are really stuck here?” Liz asked her brown doe eyes welling with tears. Pogue flinched when he saw her tear filled eyes and pulled her into his lap crushing her to his chest wanting to keep her safe.

“Yeah Lizzie we are stuck.”


Tess, Kyle and Alex sat rigidly in a booth at the Crashdown waiting for Michael to finish up with Jose, who was going to be in charge until he got back. Max was still determined to go to Ipswich and was leaving tonight for the long drive. Michael of course could not let his best friend make a butt of himself by himself so he went with him. The others did not want to leave Michael alone with Max so in the end they all decided to go with Max.

At the Valenti home Tess and Kyle had voiced their objections to Alex and Isabel but they still agreed that they needed to be there to make sure that Max and Michael did not expose them. “How come I never saw it before?” Tess asked quietly Alex and Kyle turned towards her in the booth confused.

“Saw what?” Alex asked.

“That Max was so controlling and so not for me?” Tess asked looking sad.

“Tess you were brought up told that you had to be with the guy, I think that you were so obsessed with the image of Max that you had in your head that you never took the time to get to know the real Max Evans, the control freak.” Kyle said rolling his eyes slightly.

“I’m sorry.” She blurted out her pale cheeks turning red slightly.

“Sorry?” Kyle asked looking to Alex who just shrugged.

“I am sorry that I told the others to stay away from you and that you made us weak.” Tess said looking down at her plate feeling terrible. “I just wanted to feel like I was important and that they could turn to me instead of all of you but that did not work. I don’t know the exact event that caused it but somewhere this past week I saw that you all are good for the group and great friends.” Tess said shocking the two human boys in front of her.

“Who are you and what have you done with our Tess?” Kyle asked wincing when Alex hit him in the chest.

“Thanks Tess that means a lot.” Alex said trying to make nice.

“When this is all over and the others are back here in Roswell with us, I would really like for us all to be friends again.” Tess said smiling slightly.

“We would like that too.” Kyle said giving her a cheeky smile.


Caleb shifted around in his wooden chair yet again that night irritating his girlfriend who was leaning against him. He had been on edge all night and could not get rid of the feeling that something terrible was about to happen.

“Caleb you’re vibrating.” Sarah huffed as he moved to retrieve his phone from his back pocket, he saw it was Reid on the caller id.


“Caleb we have a problem, Liz is in trouble and Pogue has gone after her.” Reid said

Sarah watched as the blood drained from Caleb’s face and she knew that whoever was on the phone said something that terrified her boyfriend. “Reid stop him.” Caleb growled.

“I tried but he is too damn fast and took off like a bat out of hell. I have no idea where he is and now neither of them are answering their phones.” Reid sounded borderline hysterical.

“Alright Reid listen to me. Calm down.” Caleb instructed. “Now I want you to get in your car and meet me and the others at my house. We are going to find them.” Caleb said before hanging up. Sarah looked at him with worried blue eyes and he felt instantly guilty.

“Caleb what is it?” Sarah asked.

“Liz is in trouble and Pogue has gone after her, the problem is I think he just walked into a trap.” Caleb said while dialing Faith’s number as they headed out to his car, Sarah running to keep up with his long strides.

It did not take long for Caleb to call the others and tell them to meet at his house and before Sarah knew it they were pulling up the driveway of the Danvers home only to see the others standing in front of the gate looking terrified.

“Why are you all standing out here?” Caleb asked Reid who looked sick.

“That’s why.” Reid said pointing to a place above Caleb’s home. Caleb stumbled when he saw the green symbols in the sky. There above his family home was an inverted pentagram in circle next to it was a pentagram with five little dots attached to it and following that was the symbol that made Caleb’s blood turn to ice, it was the chaos star; a circle with eight spears protruding from it and a giant dog next to it.

“Caleb what is that?” Sarah asked.

“They are our symbols. The inverted pentagram and circle is the Covenant. The circle meaning our lines continue and magic born from son and father. The pentagram with the dots on it is that of the Scion’s. Each dot represents a family and their place in the hierarchy each one also representing an element they have a connection to. It’s the other two that have us worried.” Faith said for Caleb.

“What are the other two?” She asked.

“The circle with eight spears is the chaos star commonly associated with chaos magic but that alone is not dangerous it’s what is next to it that made us jumpy.” Caleb said.

“It’s a dog.” Sarah pointed out.

“But not any dog it is the Nagual dog a symbol the Aztec’s used to represent an ancient evil magic called Nahuatl or nahualli. Nagual magic is ancient and dangerous.” Caleb said looking at the small blonde. “Very dangerous.”

“Nagual magic is also the magic that the Horaci practice, it’s believed that the Horaci are actually the decedents of the nahualli.” Faith said.

“Caleb does this mean what I think it means?” Maria asked tearfully.

“Yeah Ria it does.” Caleb sighed.

“What?” Sarah asked.

“It means that Pogue and Liz were taken by the Horaci.” Caleb said turning away from the sight of his house. He knew they needed to do something and quick before Liz and Pogue were finished.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 18 p.27 3/31/08

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Part 19: Date Night III

Sarah sat in the backseat of Tyler’s Hummer as the group raced towards the ancestral home of the Covenant, as they passed Putnam barn she cringed knowing that she was partially responsible for the destruction of a piece of her boyfriend’s history. She had been upset when Caleb had pulled Faith instead of her into his car but then Maria explained that the two were getting a head start on a plan to get Pogue and Liz and to figure out who the Horaci is.

“She shouldn’t be here.” Reid muttered to Tyler looking in the rearview mirror at a sullen Sarah.

“At this point having her anyplace else could be a risk to us.” Tyler whispered knowing that the blonde in the backseat was not going to be able to hear him.

“She should have never been involved in any of this, she can’t protect herself and she distracts Caleb.” Reid said.

“I agree but there is nothing we can do about it now. Our enemies know that she is involved with us and would use her to get to us.” Tyler said.

“After all of this is over we are going to have to sit Caleb down and have a little talk with him, a talk that we have held off for too long.” Reid said.

“That is if Sarah ever gets her hooks out of him.” Tyler grumbled.

“What are you two girls blabbing about?” Maria asked from next to Sarah.

“Nothing!” They chorused as they pulled in front of the ancient wooden gate. Sarah rushed out of the car and towards Caleb only to catch the last part of his conversation with Faith.

“She is not going to understand…” Faith hissed.

“I know but what else can I do?” Caleb asked.

“Caleb?” Sarah asked a shiver of fear ran through her when she saw his worried gaze.

“Let’s go inside we will talk in there.” Caleb said grabbing Faith’s arm leading her into the home. Sarah stared at the two feeling hurt but she was forced to follow by Reid and Tyler pushing her forward as Caleigh and Maria trailed behind.

“Master Danvers what is going on?” Gorman asked racing down the stairs at an alarming rate for someone his age. “Your mother called and told me about the symbols over the house, she and the others are staying at the Parry home.” Gorman said and Maria sighed in relief.

“The Horaci have Liz and we think Pogue walked into their trap as well.” Caleb said as the group headed into the basement, the scent of years of candle wax and mold overwhelming Sarah.

“Why would Pogue know to follow her?” Sarah asked as the three boys took their places around a fire pit, the three girls standing in order around the pit as well.

“Their connection, am I right?” Reid asked and Caleb nodded as he raised his hand towards the bookshelf and a large thick book flew off and floated towards the center of the circle, when it landed flames erupted in the pit.

“What connection?” Sarah asked as she moved to stand next to Caleb but Gorman held her back.

“It would not be safe to stand there.” He whispered in her ear freezing her in her place.

“The connection the two of them formed in the shadow world to save Liz.” Faith said.

“And that stuck here?” Maria asked her green eyes wide with shock.

“Maria remember when you and Serena would play with the Ouija board and you asked the board if what happened to them stuck here?” Faith asked and the small blonde nodded fearfully shuddering at the memory.

“Well think of that level, whatever happens there applies here. Pogue and Liz connected there so they are connected here.” Caleb said.

“So what is this connection thing?” Sarah asked not liking the looks the others were sharing.

“It is when two souls mate and form one and a link between the vessels or bodies is created. What one feels the other will experience, they have an almost constant awareness of each other and over time the bond strengthens.” Gorman said.

“Earlier at Nicky’s Pogue said he felt Liz and then he took off, he was on edge all night.” Reid said.

“He was probably feeling territorial.” Caleb said running his hands through his hair.

“So anyone can mate their souls together in this shadow world?” Sarah asked not liking the sound of that. Again she saw Faith and Caleb share a look.

“No, not just anyone.” Faith said.

“The two souls have to love each other and…” Tyler trailed off and Maria took it up.

“They have to want it to be magical beings.” Maria said feeling bad for Sarah.

“So Pogue and Kate would never have been able to be together on this level?” She asked.

“Not on this level, it is a lot for a system to handle and powers aid the struggle.” Caleb explained.

“In the old days connections were used as strategic maneuvers against the enemy.” Gorman said his old and scratchy voice heightening Sarah’s fears. “Two people would journey to the other side and connect and then a trigger would be used and they would be brought back.” Gorman said.

“Why didn’t you tell us this earlier when Liz and Pogue were stuck in the shadow world?” Reid asked.

“Because they were there by force and something was keeping them there. Also the trigger to reenter this world was lost centuries ago.” Gorman said and Caleb was shocked that he looked almost regretful.

“Okay so Pogue would have sensed Liz and known where to find her. Question is how do we find them?” Maria asked.

“I think I might know of a spell that can be used to locate a lost soul witch but it will only work on Pogue, but if there are protective barriers up than it might not work at all.” Gorman said.

“I will go with him and work on that.” Reid said and Maria agreed to go as well. Caleb and Faith waved them away as they thought of their next move.

“That still leaves us with a lot of holes, we have to come up with an alternative.” Faith said as the book in the center of the fire pit hovered in the air and its pages began to turn with a magical wind. Faith’s eyes widened when she saw what it landed on.

“Is that what I think it is?” Tyler asked looking mildly sick.

“Yup.” Caleb said with wide eyes. Sarah wanted to go over and see what it was that had them all so spooked but she remembered Gorman’s words and chose to stay where she was, feeling left out and useless.

Meanwhile in the cabin Pogue was worriedly caring for Liz who was still somewhat out of it. He had long ago removed his coat and held her to him on the bed not wanting to let her go, wanting to protect her from all of the bad things.

“Liz, did Aaron inject you with his blood?” Pogue asked his eyes running over her checking for any difference. Liz raised her hand to his chest and pushed back slightly so she was looking into his deep eyes.

“Yes…” Pogue whimpered slightly at the news. “But not enough to kill me, you showed up before he could finish.” Liz whispered she felt some of the tension leave his body but he was still weary.

“What will his blood do to you?” Pogue asked moving her up slightly so their faces were parallel.

“It will make me sick and weak and I will not be able to use my powers until it is out of my system. I am a sitting duck.” Liz whispered

“God Lizzie are you sure?” Pogue asked as he held her waist tighter.

“No but something in me is telling me that I am going to be alright.” She said her eyes running over his face. “Pogue…how did you know to find me here?” She asked the question that had been burning in her since he woke her up.

“I think our connection in the shadow world is permanent Liz.” He said not really answering her the way she had expected.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Liz haven’t you noticed that ever since we have come back to this existence that you have been able to feel me, know what I am feeling and where I am at without actually speaking to me. It is like this…”

“Awareness in the back of your mind.” Liz finished in a shaky voice.

“Yeah, you feel it too?” He asked.

“Yes but I thought it was just because we knew each other so well.” Liz explained giving him a watery smile.

“Well there is that but there is also this awareness of each other that is different. Liz I could feel how scared you were and that you were in danger and I just followed my senses and I arrived here.” Pogue said gently moving his forehead to rest on hers. He could feel the pain her small body was in because of Aaron’s blood and it was eating him up inside, all he wanted to do was take away her pain but he knew that was not possible.

“Pogue?” Liz asked she could sense a war of emotions going on inside of him but she could not pick out just one emotion.

“Liz I know now is not the most ideal time to tell you this or even remotely close to the right time, but…” Liz stopped him when she placed her palm over his mouth giving him a weak smile.

“Just spit out already.” She said and he nodded as she removed her hand.

“I like you Liz in a more than just friends way. I like you in the I want to kiss you so bad it hurts kind of way.” Pogue said not sure how to phrase his feelings he saw something spark in her doe eyes and that was all the indication he got that she understood before he felt her lips on his and then she pulled away.

“Good because I like you in a want you all the time kind of way.” Liz said giving him a killer smile even in her pain.