Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE] 8/25/08

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 19 p.29 4/2/08

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Thanks for the replies to the last part! As for what the group saw in the book, that will be taken care of later. Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 20: Date Night IV

Faith and the others watched as Caleb paced the basement floor biting his lip the way Liz did when she was worried about something. Suddenly Caleb stopped and turned to Caleigh and Faith his eyes gleaming with unmasked hope.

“Faith you any good with an Ouija board?” Caleb asked.

“Yes but that was always more Maria and Serena’s specialty but I know enough.” Faith said.

“Good I want you and Caleigh to use that to contact Serena.” Caleb said instantly feeling sorry when he saw the pain in her eyes.

“We will do it.” Caleigh whispered she knew that Caleb did not want to be mean and that it was a way to get information but that did not stop the stabbing pain in their chests at the mention of their dead sister.

“Do you even have an Ouija board?” Faith asked and Tyler nodded and went over to the other side of the basement where a large wooden door sat shrouded in darkness.

“You all coming?” Tyler asked and the others scrambled to follow. Sarah shrank back not liking the feeling she was getting from the door, she knew that whatever was on the other side was dangerous and evil.

“I have never been in the chamber.” Caleigh said.

“Yeah only Liz, Faith, and Serena have been and that was only when they were younger.” Caleb said before he turned to Sarah stopping her progression.

“You might want to wait out here, there are things in there that are not so fond of people who don’t have powers and would willingly hurt you.” Caleb said closing his eyes off so that they would not betray his emotions.

“Alright I will wait out here.” She said giving him a small smile hoping to reassure him and not betray that she felt hurt that he was yet again choosing the others. Caleb nodded and went into the darkened room with Tyler, Caleigh and Faith before he pulled the door closed.

Tyler was over at a shelf on the far wall removing a wooden box with a glass case, it was apparent from the strain on his face that the box was heavy. Caleigh stared eagerly as Tyler removed the cover to reveal an ancient stone Ouija board but it was not in the standard rectangle kids around the world play with. It was a circle with the standard yes, no, sun, moon, alphabet, and numbers but there were a few symbols on there that were not typical. There was an inverted pentagram in a circle in the center, and four triangles similar to those of the pentagram. One triangle was upside down with a line through the base representing earth, a mirror image of the earth triangle was air and next to that was a triangle pointing up representing fire and above that its mirror representing water.

“Amazing.” Faith breathed as Tyler pulled out a flat red transparent crystal in the shape of a triangle.

“It has been with the families since the old country.” Caleb said as Tyler handed Faith the crystal. Tyler grabbed a black felt table cloth and spread it over the table as Caleb went over to a wall of candles, there was every color from red to orange and black each had a different color wick.

“What type do you need?” Caleb asked Caleigh.

“Serena and Liz prefer white with black flame.” Caleigh said as Caleb grabbed 4 candles with a purple wick and placed them around the table as the two girls took their places.

“Are you two going to be alright in here?” Caleb asked wanting to get back out into the other room with Tyler so that he could work on another angle.

“We are good.” Caleigh said once the candles were light sending the now darkened room into an eerie blue/gray light that left the occupants with a haunted feeling in their chests.

“If you find anything write it down, when you are done come and find us.” Caleb said as he closed the door. Caleigh stared at Faith across the table her sister Scion mirroring her terrified look. The two reached across the table and clasped hands focusing on the red crystal on the center of the Ouija board.

“Ready?” Caleigh asked and Faith nodded taking a deep breath.
“There is a land where we all go, Whence ne'er the frost nor cold wind blow, And friends remembered reunite, And those who hate, forget their spite, In glow surround these gentle beings, We call you now to bless our meetings, Heaven's promise, our spirits thrive, So now for the living, let the dead come alive. Greetings spirits, Speak thee to us?”

The two girls shivered when the room slowly started to descend into frigid temperatures, their breath puffing in front of them in the bluish light. They had noticed early on that there was no hello or goodbye on the board which was alarming because it meant that whatever came through was able to stick around but good because it kept an open channel. Caleigh shivered when she saw the red crystal shiver on the board.

“Are you in the shadow world?” Faith asked in a calm steady voice and it began, the endless series of questions and empty answers.

Elsewhere in the woods in a small cabin devoid of all necessities Pogue held Liz’s small form close as another bone crunching seizure tore through her body. With each new jerk a small cry emitted from the small girl sending a wave of panic through Pogue. He did not know how to help her and felt useless as he clutched her hoping to lend her strength as her body fought the poison of the Horaci blood.

“I think they are getting weaker.” Liz ground out through clenched teeth as Pogue held her tighter. She used him as an anchor and used his solid form to stay warm now that the blood had drained her small form of all warmth.

“I think so too.” Pogue said which, was a lie.

“I wonder how the others are going to find us.” Liz said but stopped talking when her body began jerking again her extremities twitching randomly.

“Well you know Caleb and Faith they probably have the others working like mad to come and find us.” Pogue said gently rubbing her back now.

“I know but how are they going to get past the wards?” Liz asked.

“No clue but you know our friends they are determined. Just think Liz what would you do if one of the others were out here instead of you and what you would do.” Pogue said and he felt Liz nod.

“So Parry are you ever going to ask me out on a date?” Liz asked.

“You would go out on a date with me?” Pogue asked unable to hide the awe in his voice.

“Well not right away because that is in bad taste you did just break up with Kate.” Liz said before pushing back slightly to look at him. “You did break up with her right because if not I am so going to kick your ass.” Liz said.

“Don’t worry I broke up with her I did not like the person she was turning out to be and I really want to be with you. Yes we can wait.” Pogue said but it was obvious to Liz that he was not too happy about having to wait.

“Good because one I don’t like sharing and two, I am not Tess.” Liz huffed but whimpered when her body went into another fit.

“Shh Liz it will be alright you are going to be fine we are going to get out of here and we are going to kill Aaron for this.” Pogue said.

“I can’t believe I was so stupid to go out on a date with him. All I wanted to do was go out and have a good time I mean he seemed alright sure a little on the sleazy side but I dated Sean Deluca nothing could be as bad as that but no Aaron has to be one of the bad guys. My life sucks.” Liz pouted.

“Who is this Sean guy?” Pogue asked.

“Maria’s cousin on her dad’s side. I went out with him before he got shipped off to juvie, not the brightest person but he was nice.” Liz said.

“So when does he get out?” Pogue asked.

“Not for another year, he will be twenty then and the state has agreed to release him.” Liz said.

“Wait this guy is older than you and he did those things with you?” Pogue asked trying to mask the raging jealousy that was a problem of his in his other relationships, he was a very jealous boyfriend.

“Yes but now it does not matter.” Liz said crying out when she felt her stomach muscles clench painfully in another wave of pain.

“Liz just know that if I do ever see him there is a good chance I will hurt him.” Pogue said and was rewarded with a strained laugh.

“I will keep that in mind.” She said.

Meanwhile back at the ancestral home Faith and Caleigh released hands both had matching looks of terror on their faces. “We need to tell Caleb.” Faith said as she blew out the candles plunging the room into darkness. The two quickly found their way into the outer chamber of the basement where Sarah was sitting in a corner and Tyler and Caleb were standing over the fire pit looking grim. Caleb turned when he heard the two girls enter the room.

“What did you find out?” Caleb asked.

“Not much.” Faith said looking distressed. “We got someone who was not so friendly.” Faith said.

“All he wanted to do was jerk us around but when he found out we were witches he was more cooperative. He did tell us that we would not be able to find Serena since whoever put Liz and Pogue in the shadow world found out she was helping them and now that person is blocking her. The spirit did let us get in contact with someone though who was willing to help.” Faith said sharing a look with Celigh.

“Who?” Caleb asked.

“Chase.” Faith said plunging the basement into silence.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 20 p.30 4/4/08

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Thanks for the reivews on the last part! As for Chase well you will all have to wait and see what is up with him. Thanks...
LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 21: Date Night IV

Sarah could not stop the chocking feeling that came over her at the mention of Chase she knew it was silly to be afraid of him because he was dead but the illogical part of her did not care. Caleb and Tyler shifted around for awhile both had a war of emotions going on inside of them. “How do you know it was him and how could you trust him?” Tyler finally asked.

“I know it was him because he gave me a message for Caleb. He said I wanted to make you my witch but I guess it was the other way around. Oh and something about an ultimate weakness.” Faith said and Caleb closed his eyes.

“That’s Chase alright.” Caleb said rubbing his eyes.

“Was he able to help?” Tyler asked.

“Yes but again it was in riddles, you know the dead they have to make things a challenge. We asked him who the Horaci was.” Faith said.

“He told us that it was a friendly face and someone who likes ice.” Caleigh said looking confused.

“No it couldn’t be.” Caleb said looking appalled. Tyler had a sick look on his face, obviously the message from beyond the grave meant something to the two.

“What?” Faith asked.

“Aaron Abbot is the Horaci.” Tyler said.

“How do you figure that?” Sarah asked.

“Because before you moved here Sarah, Aaron was considered the Ipswich hockey star a real up and comer. He is notorious for…” Caleb cut Tyler off.

“His love of ice.” Caleb said.

“Well then that takes care of that. We think that Pogue and Liz are in a cabin in the woods someplace. Oh and there are wards around the house, Chase said he was not able to get in to see them.” Faith said and Caleb nodded having expected that hitch.

“Tyler and I have been working on a way around the wards. If it is Aaron that we are dealing with we are going to have some problems.” Caleb said.

“How so?” Sarah asked feeling incredibly stupid.

“Aaron is smart and cunning more so than you probably realize.” Caleb said.

“We have known the guy since middle school, how could we not notice?” Tyler asked.

“They are everywhere. Besides you know as well as I do that there is a chance Aaron is not the Horaci and that it just…”Faith trailed off swallowing hard.

“What?” Sarah asked.

“Ancient nahualli legends say that the Horaci are shapeshifters.” Caleb explained.

“It’s possible that the Horaci killed Aaron and then took his place.” Faith said.

“Or there is the other possibility that Aaron is the Horaci human form.” Tyler said and the others nodded. Sarah shifted around a bit afraid to ask her next question not really wanting to know the answer.

“So what was in the book that had you all so freaked?” She asked wanting to scream when Caleb and Faith shared another look.

“Sometimes when we are really desperate the book will help us out. The book flipped to one of our families more unsavory spells.” Caleb said shifting around slightly his golden face reddening.

“What kind of spell?” Sarah asked the ball of dread in her stomach increasing.

“One that is not an option.” Faith muttered.

“What?” Sarah asked getting frustrated.

“Our families were not crazy about humans.” Caleb whispered. “They were seen as the enemy for the longest time so there are naturally a lot of unfriendly spells in our books.” Caleb said not looking Sarah in the eye.

“The book found us a solution on how to find Liz and Pogue.” Tyler said.

“Well that’s great why haven’t you guys used it?” Sarah asked not seeing the connection.

“The spell is very pagan.” Caleigh whispered not meeting Caleb or Faith’s eyes.

“What does that mean?” She hated that they were talking in riddles.

“Pagan rituals date back to the old country.” Gorman said coming down the stairs with Maria and Reid the old man looked angry. “Pagan rituals are rooted in our magic and yes I am a witch as well, but nowhere near as powerful as the others.” Gorman said.

“Pagan rituals in the old times involved sex and sacrifices of the virgin kind.” Reid said.

“The spell in the book involves taking the heart of a virgin who loves one of us, a human girl.” Caleb said finally meeting Sarah’s eyes. She fought the sick feeling inside hoping that she was jumping to conclusions.

“Wait what does that mean?” Sarah asked.

“It means that Caleb would have to bed you and rip out your still beating heart girlie.” Reid said.

“Again not an option.” Faith said.

“Right…” Sarah said feeling sick.

“We did not tell you because we knew that we could not and would not do that.” Caleb said.

“Why did your families hate humans so much?” Sarah asked.

“Look at what they did to us and our kind in the past.” Tyler scoffed.

“Burned at the stack.” Reid snapped.

“Drowned.” Maria hissed.

“Beaten and hung.” Faith snarled.

“Humans have always feared what they do not understand and magic is just one more thing on a long list.” Gorman said. “With fear comes hate and that leads to terrible actions. To protect ourselves we have learned to hide, but still to this day remain those of our kind who have a blind hate for humanity.” Gorman said.

“Chase was one of those people.” Caleb said.

“We need to move on guys, Liz and Pogue need our help.” Maria said ignoring the sullen look on Sarah’s face; they would deal with her later.

“Right so since the spell was not an option we had to look elsewhere, like the shadow world. From what Faith and Caleigh found out Liz and Pogue are in a cabin in the woods and the place is heavily warded. Also Aaron Abbot is the Horaci.” Caleb said shrinking away from Maria knowing she was going to explode. He saw Tyler close his eyes and cover his ears and prepared for the roar of the witch.

“AARON ABBOT I AM GOING TO MURDER THAT JERK!” Maria screamed and Sarah swore she felt the foundation shake.

“Well if you tell them what we found it might help.” Reid said looking surprisingly calm after one of her outbursts.

“Oh. Right. Well Reid and I found that Pogue followed the old mill road out of town heading towards Salem.” Maria said showing the group a map with a black burn mark on it.

“Then suddenly we lost him.” Reid explained knowing that Sarah was confused.

“What would cause that to happen?” She asked.

“Wards.” Caleb said.

“Did you figure out a way around them?” Gorman asked folding his wrinkly arms.

“Yeah actually we did.” Tyler said pulling out a fist full of scarab shells with ancient symbols on them.

“Oh you guys are genius.” Maria squealed looking happy for the first time since hearing the news of Liz going missing.

“We know.” Tyler smirked.

“So what do we do?” Sarah asked.

“There is no we in this equation.” Reid said glaring at her.

“What Reid was trying to say.” Caleb said glaring at his friend. “Is that it is not safe for you to come with us. You are going to stay here with Gorman and wait for us to come back with the other two.” Caleb said hating the hurt look that came over her face.

Meanwhile in a cabin in the woods Pogue was keeping watch over a deathly pale Liz. The shakes had stopped but now she was still and not waking up. He was bingeing to fear that the blood was killing her and that she was just sparing him the pain of knowing he was going to lose her.

Pogue trailed his hand down her side and neck feeling her rapid heart-beat. “Wait.” Pogue said placing his hand on her neck again. There was no heart beat. Panic rolled through him as he shook her.

“Liz.” He said but still nothing.

She opened her eyes and instantly regretted it. The now familiar tight feeling was settling in her chest and the air was almost nonexistent. “Liz?” She heard a gruff voice ask. She opened her eyes and was startled to see two hazel eyes gently roaming over her.

“Who are you?” Liz asked hating how difficult it was to speak.

“My name is Chase.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 21 p.31 4/6/08

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Hey guys thanks for the reviews on the last part! Yeah I know no one likes to hang at the end but they are so fun to write! Chase well he will be in and out of this fic from time to time but he is not a main character as of right now, later on he might be it all depends. Thanks...

christable- I am trying to get into the character of Reid and work him more into the fic
pandas2001- I did try getting into the mind of Reid, I really want to do more with his character in this fic
LizMichael 4 Ever

Part 22: Date Night V

“My name is Chase.” Liz swore that if she had blood in this plane it would have left her face.


“Don’t worry I am not going to hurt you, she would blast me if I even tried.” Liz was amazed when she saw the ghost of a smile flash over his face.

“Who?” Liz could not help but ask.

“Serena.”Liz wanted to cry but she kept strong.

“Where is she?” Liz asked trying to stand up but Chase placed a hand on her shoulder keeping her down.

“Careful you have Horaci blood in you that is dangerous.” Chase said and Liz was surprised at how worried he sounded.

“Can I see her please?” Liz asked.

“I wish you could but someone is keeping her form us.” Chase said.

“Us?”If Liz guessed his look correctly he looked a little flustered.

“Ah it seems that Serena and I have a few things in common, I was here when she crossed.” Chase said. “Then suddenly she was blocked from me, Liz there is something evil here that does not want Serena to get to us.” Chase said.

“She can identify him.” Liz muttered.


“Serena knows that the Horaci is Aaron.” Liz said.

“Well he is one of them probably but he is not the one who went after Serena.” Chase said.

“How do you know that?” Liz asked shrinking closer to Chase when the shadows started to press closer to her.

“Because Serena said that the Horaci that came after her was a female two of them actually.” Chase said.


“Right but she said she had no idea who they were but they sure knew who she was.” Chase said.

“What do you mean?”Liz asked.

“Well apparently one of the girls kept going on about Pogue and Caleb and how they belonged to her and not Serena and that they were more than glad to take her out.” Chase said.

“So this was a petty killing?” Liz asked feeling sick.

“No but that just made the kill that much sweeter for them.” Chase said Liz could hear the disgust in his voice.

“Why are they after us?”Liz asked.

“Because you eight are the only ones that stand between the Horaci and their masters from bringing hell to earth. Blending the worlds so to speak.” Chase said. Liz stared at him fear bubbling in her chest, she knew that he was telling the truth. Suddenly she gasped when she felt a searing pain in her head.

“Pogue!” She screamed clutching her head, she felt Chase grab onto her.

“Liz fight!” Chase roared. “If you die he dies.” Chase said shaking Liz slightly to get her to look at him.

Pogue pumped her chest hoping against hope to get her heart beating again. He tried to ignore the searing pain in the back of his head because that would mean acknowledging that he was losing Liz. “Don’t do this to me Liz come on and fight.” Pogue ground out wishing that he had his powers so he could at least zap her.

They were not supposed to die from silly things but magical ailments were an entirely different story. He noticed that the pain in the back of his head was increasing and slowly but surely the pain was sending black spots in front of his eyes. “No Liz please don’t go please!” He screamed breaking down not caring to wipe the tears as they gushed from his eyes. His vision shifted and the cold seeped into his bones he pulled Liz close to him and curled into her side as the lights went out.

Tyler’s Hummer raced down the dirt road, the group of six formed their plan while they were driving and it was not much at that. Faith was finishing the last minute details of the spell they were going to use to knock down the wards around the cabin, but first they had to find said cabin.

“Hey do you guys feel that?” Maria asked and Tyler closed his eyes letting the feeling wash over him.

“It’s Pogue.” Tyler said his blue eyes wild with fear.

“What is it?” Caleb asked as Reid raced down the road.

“He is heartbroken and scared.” Maria said.

“I can’t feel Liz.” Tyler said looking pained, he noticed Reid’s eyes changed to black as he added magic to the car to get it to move faster. It looked like their time just ran out. Reid saw a clearing just up ahead and slammed on the breaks, seeing Pogue’s yellow bike out front let them know that they were in the right spot.

“Can you feel that?” Caleb asked Faith who nodded her head.

“Get to work.” Reid said as he started laying down the scarabs. Caleb and Faith jumped into action, Maria and Tyler stood guard not wanting to be caught unguarded.

“All set.” Faith said and the others nodded.

“Do you feel that?” Maria asked Tyler who nodded the others stared at the two knowing that if the two of them were feeling something than they had to be careful.

“What?” Caleb asked.

“Someone is out there watching us, waiting.” Tyler said.

“They are trying to mask themselves though.” Maria said her fear evident in her voice.

“Come on guys the sooner we get this done the sooner we can get Liz and Pogue and go home.” Caleb said. Faith handed the paper to Caleb as his eyes turned black he latched onto her hand and the two began the chant, the others stared at the cabin waiting for the flash that would let them know that it was alright to go in. The Latin words licked the air around the witches as it charmed the wards around the cabin, and suddenly the air felt heavy and full of electricity and was followed by a blinding white light.

“It’s safe.” Reid said and four of the six made their way inside, Maria and Caleigh stayed outside to keep watch.

Caleb stumbled into the cabin and his eyes instantly went to the bed where two bodies were laying. “Liz, Pogue.” He croaked going over to the two of them both looked deathly pale, Liz more so.

“So sad isn’t it?” A voice asked from the doorway. Caleb and Faith whipped around and saw Tyler and Reid with their hands raised, Maria and Caleigh’s prone bodies visible from behind the person in the doorway.

“Abbot.” Caleb growled.

“Danvers and friends so glad you all could make it, I just knew that if I set the right bait the rest of you would follow.” Aaron said his yellow eyes taking in the room.

“What have you done to them?” Faith asked.

“I injected Liz with my blood of course, but I did not expect it to affect the other so much.” Aaron said staring at Pogue curiously. “Well unless…” Aaron’s eyes flashed with glee. “They are connected.” When he saw Caleb’s face he had his answer.

“You killed her?” Faith asked in a strange voice that sent warning bells off in Caleb’s head.

“What?” Reid asked looking out the corner of his eye at Faith who had a strange energy around her.

“You killed my best friend, my sister, my leader.” Faith spat in an oddly monotone voice. “So now I kill you.” Faith said suddenly a black light roared out of her hand and struck Aaron in the chest not even giving the others time to react. Aaron raised his hand and shot a blast at Faith who just shrugged it off before she threw up her hands, bolts of light raining from her palms onto the Horaci in front of her.

“You are not going to win little girl.” Aaron said brushing off her hits just as she had done.

“Yes.” Faith kicked her foot sending out a shock of power. “I” Her arm raised sending another bolt of light at Aaron. “Am!” She screamed raising her hands again pouring all of her angry, frustration, and pain into the hit. The others stared as they watched Aaron scream in pain, his yellow eyes locked onto Caleb.

“You think that by killing me you win but you won’t there are others out there and we are not going to rest until the Scion line and the Covenant has been broken.” Aaron roared before he burst into a ball of light and then dust.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 22 p.32 4/8/08

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Hey guys thanks for the FB on the last part! Many of you are wondering who the 2 female Horaci are, not to worry you will find out who they are but here is a hint. It could be Sarah or Kate but not both :wink: Thanks...

KiaraAlexisKlay- I think of Faith from Buffy sometimes for this character.
JensenLover 37

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 23: The New Fear

Caleb pulled Faith over to the bed so she could rest, using her powers like that had to have drained her, not that she would admit to that. Reid and Tyler were dragging Maria and Celigh inside the two had yet to regain consciousness. “Check Liz and Pogue.” Faith muttered and Caleb went and felt the two his hand recoiled when he felt how cold Liz was. His eyes looked wildly at the others before he felt Liz’s neck.

“No.” He whispered.

“What?” Faith asked.

“No pulse.” Caleb muttered moving Liz’s body so he could get to her better.

“Oh god.” Tyler whimpered as he crawled over to Pogue whimpering when he felt his friend was cold.

Liz whimpered when she realized what was happening. “I have to get back and get to Pogue.” Liz whimpered and Chase nodded his eyes wide.

“Who knew that when I was trying to kill the long haired perplexing young lad that I would want to save him now.” Chase muttered rolling his dark eyes.

“Can you help me get back?” Liz asked.

“I think so.” Chase said a look of intense concentration coming over his face. She felt a warmth in her chest and a small tug in her stomach.

“I will find a way for Serena to be freed.” Liz promised as she was thrown back into her body.

“No she can’t be!” She heard Faith sob, Liz stilled and took in the noises around her. She heard Maria, Faith and Caleigh warming her heart. She felt Caleb, Reid, and Tyler and Pogue next to her.

“She has no pulse.” Reid whispered.

“No I don’t want to believe it.” Maria whimpered.

“Will you people shut up already.” Pogue groaned from next to Liz. Caleb whipped around and saw Pogue and Liz with their eyes open staring at their friends.

“Liz!” Maria screamed as she flew at the two on the bed peppering their faces with kisses and pinching them for worrying her.

“Move it!” Tyler barked and Maria scampered away his blue eyes looked over his wary friends before he too catapulted himself onto the bed and crushed Liz and Pogue to him. “Why is it that the two of you always end up in these messes?” Tyler asked getting off them.

“Because where Liz goes I go.” Pogue said he had yet to release Liz from his grip afraid that she would go away again well that and he did not like how Tyler was hugging her and wanted to make it known that she was his.

Caleb took one look at his two best friends before he hauled Liz into his arms and grabbed Pogue with the other. “I swear if either one of you do this to me again I am going to kill you myself, I swear I am going gray before I am supposed to.” Caleb growled his black eyes taking in the two making sure they were alright.

“We promise to be more careful dad.” Pogue grumbled.

“You better.” Faith said looking more alive now that Liz and Pogue were alright.

“What happened?” Caleigh asked sending the room into an unnatural quiet.

“Well I guess you know that Aaron is one of the Horaci since you are all here.” Liz said and Faith nodded.

“I felt Liz’s fear and I took off, sorry Reid.” Pogue said his voice gruff from the torture of the night. The blonde nodded at his friend and Pogue continued. “When I got here Aaron had Liz on the bed, I went to fight him only to discover there were wards around the place. Aaron blasted me a few times and then took off. Liz had already been injected with Horaci blood.” Pogue said causing Maria to whimper.

“What are you alright?” Faith asked and Liz nodded weakly.

“He did not give me the full amount just enough to make me sick, or so I thought.” Liz whispered and Pogue wrapped another arm around her.

“I could feel something changing in her and I was helpless to do anything other than hold her and wait for help. Then I felt her go still and then…” Pogue looked at the ground not wanting to meet their eyes, he knew that he was close to tears. “She was not breathing. I tried to bring her back but I couldn’t. Then it was like the lights in me went out with her.” Pogue said and Caleb nodded in understanding.

“You two are connected what happens to one affects the other, normally to a lesser degree.” Caleb said.

“I wound up in the shadow world.” Liz told them about Chase and what he said about Serena.

“No.” Caleb ground out he hated all of this.

“What are we going to do?” Maria asked.

“First we need to find the two female Horaci that killed Serena. They are close because they said they knew Caleb and Pogue we have to find something that can track them. Next we have to find out who the Horaci’s are working for and how to take them down so that they can’t succeed in whatever the hell it is that they want to do.” Liz said her eyes hard as she held onto Pogue. “And then we go after whoever the hell is preventing Serena from resting.” Liz said and Caleb nodded.

“Excellent plan.” Caleb said.

“Hey guys can we go now? I feel I like I could sleep for a week.” Pogue said.

“Yeah we should go in case one of Aaron’s buddies comes looking for him. Gorman is going to want to see all of us so that he can give us herb mixes to make us feel better.” Tyler said rolling his eyes but there was a small smile on his face.

“Oh I love his teas.” Maria laughed as Reid helped her outside. Tyler stared at them, he noticed the way Reid hugged her to him was different than before. He reached out with his powers to read his friend even though they had agreed he would not do that. Tyler’s eyes suddenly widened in surprise as he looked to Faith who was smirking.

“Do you think he would let me take a bath?” Liz asked and Caleb laughed a welcome sound to the occupants of the room.

“I am sure he would.” Caleb said as Pogue hoisted her up off the bed, the two of them heading out. Pogue glared at his bike.

“Want to hook it up to the back of the Hummer?” Tyler asked and Pogue nodded. Pogue, Caleb and Faith sat in the back seat with Liz on Pogue, and Caleigh on Caleb. Reid was in the drivers seat again with Tyler riding shotgun, Maria on his lap.

“We need to get a bigger car.” Liz muttered making the others laugh.

“I have to agree, having Maria in my lap on the way over was not fun.” Caleigh laughed when Maria stuck her tongue out at her. Caleb stared at his friends feeling better now that they were all together. He needed them, they were his best friends, and his family and without them an empty hole started to develop and he was willing to do anything to make sure that nothing took them away from him.

“Hey Caleb, do you think Sarah is going to give you a victory kiss?” Reid asked slamming reality back on the group.

“God I hope not.” Tyler grumbled making Caleb frown.

“Leave him alone.” Faith hissed swatting Tyler’s head.

“Hey watch it woman.” Tyler shrieked.

“She does not understand Caleb.” Reid finally said sending the car into silence.

“She does not understand what is on the line and who you are.” Tyler said.

“Do you really think that she is going to accept you for who you really are? What do you think she is going to do when she finds out what the real you is like?” Reid asked looking at his friend through the rearview mirror. Caleb glared at his friend not liking what he was implying.

“There is nothing wrong with Caleb.” Liz huffed.

“No but he is not the Caleb that Sarah is used to.” Pogue admitted.

“Hey guys leave him alone.” Faith hissed.

“He needs to hear this.” Tyler said and the girls shrank away not wanting to get caught up in the confrontation they knew was brewing.

“Couldn’t you lot have picked a better time for this?” Caleigh muttered as she shifted on Caleb not liking the anger radiating from him.

“We will discuss this later.” Caleb ground out and Pogue nodded not really caring since he had done the same thing with Kate.

“Alright but I think the Scion’s should be there for the conversation.” Reid said.

“I don’t think that is such a good idea.” Liz muttered.

“It involves all of you and you all have been raised on the same principles I think you should be there.” Reid said. Liz looked to Pogue and Caleb who nodded and Liz groaned.

“Fine we will be there.” Liz grumbled.

“But no Sarah.” Tyler added.

“What? Why?” Caleb asked his eyes stormy with anger and hurt. “She is involved with this.”

“No she is not Caleb and that is the problem.” Maria whispered stunning the car.

Sarah stood anxiously at the wooden gate with Gorman waiting for Caleb and the others to return. She had to admit that she felt uncomfortable in the older man’s presence; he seemed to look through her as if she was not really there, not even worth a second glance. She heard the roar of a vehicle down the road and moments later Tyler’s headlights came into view. She stood there until she saw the group piling out of the car sending looks at Caleb, she knew she would have to ask him about those later. When Sarah saw Liz she took off towards the girl and wrapped the small brunette in her arms.

“Oh Liz I am so glad you are alright.” Sarah said not seeing Reid and Tyler hold Pogue back.

“Yeah.” Caleb said staring at his friends. “We all are.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 23 p.34 4/10/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37
LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 24: The New Fear II

Caleb stared ahead his dark eyes empty as they stared at the wall of dancing shadows in front of him. He could hear the others in the kitchen as they drank their teas that Gorman made them, each one designed to cure whatever ailed the person. Caleb’s tea was made to relieve stress, relax him, and help heal any torn tissue. So far the stress and relaxation had yet to kick in.

“Hey.” A soft whisper from the door pulled Caleb out of his brooding, he saw it was Liz and Pogue. Caleb sat up on the old green Victorian couch his great grandfather had put in the library.

“How are you two feeling?” Caleb asked as the two sat across from him on the matching green loveseat.

“Tired but grateful to be alive.” Liz said Caleb noticed some color was slowly returning to her golden features.

“Yeah the headache has gone away now that Liz is getting better.” Pogue said smirking at Liz who ducked her head.

“Yeah connections will do that.” Caleb said catching their attention.

“What exactly does that mean for us?” Liz asked.

“Well from what I have read it does not change your relationship much, the feelings had to be there in order for the connection to take.” Caleb said looking closely at his two friends; everyone knew they had it bad for each other. “The connection starts off weak and takes years to build to its full strength. The first few months are the hardest because the connection is taking place. At first it is just whispers of what the other person is feeling.” Caleb said.

“We have already experienced that.” Pogue said looking uncomfortable after all there were just some things guys did not share.

“To what degree?” Caleb asked wanting to know how far this relationship had progressed.

“Just to where we feel uncomfortable if we are not around each other and stray emotions here and there that are really strong.” Liz explained gazing curiously at her friend when she saw him deflate in relief.

“Why?” Pogue asked having seen Caleb’s action as well.

“Well um see when the couple has consummated the relationship the ah bond strengthens.” Caleb stumbled out looking embarrassed.

“So when I sleep with Pogue what will happen?” Liz asked hiding her smile at how uncomfortable Caleb looked.

“Ah well the strengthening will increase, emotions and locations should come quicker and stronger.” Caleb said not wanting to think about Liz and Pogue having sex, that was just too much for him to handle at the moment.

“Will we be able to hear each other’s thoughts or something?” Pogue asked.

“Ah there is no telling for each pair it is different.” Caleb said.

“Thanks Caleb.” Liz said hugging him before she sat down again.

“Now to you.” Pogue said his dark eyes taking in his now brooding friend.

“Don’t do that.” Liz snapped startling Caleb.

“Do what?” Caleb asked.

“That, that thing where you get all broody.” Liz said her dark eyes blazing. “God you and Max are so alike, when something does not go your way you go into this silent ‘oh the world is against me’ mode.” Liz said color rising to her cheeks in her frustration.

“Do not.” Caleb growled.

“Yes you do.” Pogue said smirking at Caleb loving that Liz called him on his crap.

“Talk to us Caleb.” Liz said unconsciously leaning into Pogue. Caleb leaned forward his elbows on his knees holding his hot tea.

“I don’t understand why everyone is so against Sarah all the sudden.” Caleb huffed.


“No Liz.” Caleb barked startling the small girl. “All of you are against my being with Sarah. What has she done that is so bad?” Caleb asked his eyes glowing black before changing back to their natural brown.

“Caleb we are worried about how deep she is getting into our world.” Liz snapped hating how antagonistic he was being.

“She is not going to know when to stop Caleb.” Pogue whispered in his slow controlled tone stopping Caleb cold. “You know the stories of what happens when we let them too far into our world.” Pogue said.

“Caleb there have always been rules with Sarah she is getting too much too soon and she is not going to be able to process and take into account all of the risks that she is going to be taking. It took my mother two years of dating my father to tell him her secret that she was a daughter of Scion. Then slowly my dad was introduced to the magical world so he would not go off and do something stupid.” Liz said.

“The book tells us plenty of examples of witches who told humans too much too quickly and what happened.” Pogue said leaning forward so he and Caleb were eye to eye. “The witch hunts were started that way but you and I both know that is not the more dangerous of the outcomes.” Pogue hissed as a candle in the corner went out. Caleb closed his eyes, memories of the atrocities of past actions of witches flashing in his mind.

“Humans love power Caleb.” Liz whispered gently. “Those who are exposed too soon go out and seek it, never knowing what the magic will do to them.” Liz said.

“They go out and get powers and then the magic consumes them.” Pogue said his dark voice washing over his friend.

“Caleb we are not saying that the two of you need to call it quits we are just saying that you have to back off with the magic a little, she can’t be involved and taken into account in all of our actions, that is not how our families are run.” Liz said grabbing his wrist. She stared hard at him for a moment before releasing him from her grip. “I am going to go and bathe.” Liz said before leaving the two brothers to talk.

“Is this what Reid and Tyler want to talk about?” Caleb asked.

“Yes. They are worried Caleb they have seen the lengths you will go to for Sarah and they are not willing to have others like themselves killed in the process.” Pogue chuckled.

“Have I been that blind?” Caleb asked.

“We all are little blind when it comes to our hearts Caleb.” Pogue said slapping his friend’s shoulder as he too left.


They paced the dirt floor anxiously waiting for news roaring to make a move. The door opened and she walked in her eyes raging with hate and furry. “They killed him.” She spat.

“Are you sure?” He asked biting his thumb nail.

“Positive I saw it happen.” She said.

“And you did not try and stop them!” The other girl snapped.

“I was outnumbered they were all there, more than I could have taken in my weakened state. Soon though I will be able to take them all on and they will not know what hit them.” She breathed.

“That’s if you don’t get the rest of us killed.” Another man muttered.

“What was that?” She asked her dark eyes blazing.

“I said that is if you don’t get the rest of us killed. You are being far too reckless.” The man said looking down at her. She raised her hand and grabbed his throat pulling him down to her level.

“What was that?” She asked her yellow eyes flashing dangerously.

“Nothing.” He spat.

“That’s better.” She said releasing him turning to face the room. “I call the shots now. We make our move when I say we make our move and not a moment sooner. Understood?” She snapped.

“Understood.” The room murmured.

Out In the Middle of Nowhere

The group of six pulled out of the two cars thanks to the Evan’s family. Max looked around the rest stop assessing the danger and saw none. He then motioned for the others to follow him into the roadside diner. The others rolled their eyes at his behavior, he had been acting that way since they left Roswell and they thought it was getting ridiculous.

“What do you think he is going to do once he gets to Ipswich?” Tess asked hooking arms with Alex.

“Go off the deep end.” Kyle supplied.

“Max an ass of himself.” Michael grumbled.

“Get his ass kicked.” Alex said confidently.

“What makes you say that?” Isabel asked smiling.

“Oh let’s just say I have met Caleb and he is very protective of Liz.” Alex said stopping to look at his friends. “Very protective.”

“What about the other three that you mentioned?” Michael asked.

“Just as protective, be careful what you do and say around them, they tend to be a little trigger happy.” Alex said making the others laugh. Michael saw Alex was not laughing and he thrust his arm out stopping the groups progression.

“That was a joke right?” Michael asked. “They aren’t really dangerous are they?” Michael asked Alex just stared at him.

“Oh shit.” Kyle whistled. “Evans is going to get his ass kicked.” Kyle laughed.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 24 p.35 4/12/08

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Hey guys thanks for the reviews on the last part I love reading what all you have to say! Thanks...

elfangel01- Either Kate or Sarah is the Horaci it is one of them and only one of the girls, the other has a different part to play but is NOT a Horaci. As for which is which you will just have to wait and see :twisted:


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 25: The New Fear III

Monday morning rolled around and the Roswell gang was just pulling into Ipswich after driving all day and night with few rest stops. To say Isabel and Tess were not pleased would have been an understatement. They had a week off from school and they were going to put it to good use. They did not want to be spending all of their time chasing after Liz and Maria in a strange town full of threats.

“Where to first El Presidente?” Kyle asked.

“Alex?” Max asked hoping for help from his lanky friend.

“Yeah like I am going to tell you where to find Liz and Maria.” Alex said crossing his arms over his chest leaning against the side of Isabel’s mom’s car.

“Guys it is a school day and knowing Liz she is probably at school.” Michael said knowing that where Liz was Maria was sure to be there as well.

“They go to Spencer right?” Tess asked.

“Yeah.” Alex grumbled not wanting to give Max a way to get to Liz.

“Maxwell I seriously doubt a swanky school like that is just going to allow us to walk right in there and talk to Liz and Maria.” Michael said.

“Michael is right, Spencer is high security no getting in without a code.” Alex said.

“Do you have it?” Max asked.

“No.” Alex said.

“Well then we are going to wait outside for her to leave.” Max said not seeing the others roll their eyes.

“Maxwell all of us sitting outside all day is going to draw some looks that is not the brightest of ideas.” Michael said.

“Yeah as much as it pains me to say this I agree with Guerin us sitting outside is going to look very bad.” Kyle said not wanting to get arrested in a strange state.

“Max, Spencer has some of the nations best and brightest who have money coming out their butts. The school is not going to risk anything happening to them.” Alex said his dark eyes boring into Max.

“Fine then just Michael and I will wait outside.” Max said hating that his friends were being so stubborn.

“Oh joy.” Michael muttered.

Spencer Academy

Liz slowly made her way down the hall hating how people kept looking at her, the guys looked disappointed and many of the girls looked jealous. Apparently Kate told the whole school about Pogue breaking up with her and had started a nasty rumor that Liz was the cause of it since she was sleeping with both Caleb and Pogue.

“Hey.” A girl said stopping her progression in the hall. “You alright?” The girl asked her brown eyes searching Liz.

“Ah yeah I just hate the gossip.” Liz mumbled.

“Tell me about it, can you say someone is jealous. Everyone knows Kate is just pissed that Pogue was more interested in the new girl than her and is taking it out on you. For the record no one believes Kate.” The girl said before leaving. Liz stood there for a moment letting out an unconscious sigh of relief, she had no idea why she cared so much what these people thought of her but she did.

“You alright chica?” Maria asked looping her arm through Liz’s.

“I am now.” Liz said giving her a small smile. The two made their way to their next class with Faith and Caleb. Faith smirked when she spotted her girlfriends and waved them over.

“So Honey Bear word is the two of us are bed buddies.” Caleb said laughing when Maria smacked him upside the head.

“I know we have been sneaking into each others’ rooms every night. Oh and Pogue has been bedding me as well. I am a dirty nasty wench.” Liz said nodding her head making Caleb laugh.

“Good news is no one believes that and they just think Kate is full of it. Bad news is the girls are taking sides.” Faith said rolling her eyes.

“What?” Liz asked her brown doe eyes wide with worry.

“The upperclassmen are all on your side, they have known Pogue and Kate the longest and have gotten to know you better and think that this is a total crock. The underclassmen on the other hand see Kate as their ticket in and are siding with her.” Faith said.

“God I really hate girl drama.” Caleb muttered.

“Try being the center of it.” Liz groaned slamming her head on her books.

“Hey careful Liz.” Caleb said lifting her head off the desk. “You don’t want to hurt the books.” Caleb said ducking when three small hands dived for him. “Jeez women watch the claws.” Caleb said the four not realizing they had an audience until their instructor came in and the four broke away looking sheepish.

Class went by in a whirlwind and soon the four friends were walking outside in the bitter cold that Ipswich was known for, or at least bitter cold compared to Roswell. Liz and Caleb had a free hour before lunch and were going home to eat with their parents. Liz glared at Caleb when she saw that he had the top down on his flashy car. “What?” Caleb asked.

“Caleb it is like sub zero outside.” Liz snapped.

“I can heat it up for you.” Caleb purred his black eyes flashing at her. The witch in them wanted to play.

“I don’t know if you are up to the challenge, I know Pogue is man enough for the job.” Liz said her black eyes flashing as the air around the two crackled.

“I taught Pogue everything he knows.” Caleb purred back.

“Oh no he has moves you have never seen Danvers.” Liz said getting into the passenger seat.

“I am still not sure I like the idea of him putting moves on you.” Caleb grumbled as he got into his car heading for the front gate.

“I thought you would be happy Caleb. Pogue is a great guy and one of your best friends…”

“Right best friend. I know what he is like with girls and how fast he moves.” Caleb grumbled as they waited for the security guard to open the gate for them. Liz shifted in her seat slightly a tug at the back of her mind alerting her to something off.

“What is it?” Caleb asked glaring at the security guard and the car in front of them that was taking forever to show identification and a pass.

“Something is off, my senses are going crazy.” Liz said her eyes flashing black as she let her magic wander but the voice of a security guard knocked her back to reality.

“Alright you two may go.” The guard said waving them away. Neither Caleb nor Liz saw Max and Michael staring after their car and they did not see the two aliens hop into the car and follow them.

Max watched through angry amber eyes as Liz and some guy raced down the road, the dumb guy was even driving on the wrong side of the road half the time. “Who is that?” Michael asked.

“No idea.” Max ground out but he intended to find out. Neither of the guys paid attention to the winding roads and where they were taken but suddenly the two Roswell aliens found themselves pulling up to a large iron gate that the silver car Liz was in had just passed through. Max and Michael waited until the two were inside before they got out inspecting their surroundings.

“Michael.” Max said hitting his friend in the side pointing towards the house. Michael’s mouth fell open when he caught his first glimpse of the house Liz had entered, if you could even call it that.

“That place is huge.” Michael breathed.

“How does Liz know this guy? I mean it’s not like the Parker’s can afford a place like this.” Max said walking up to the gate.

“Come on Maxwell let’s go take a look around the perimeter so we can gage what we are dealing with.” Michael said not really looking forward to the task but an alien could never be too careful after all Alex did say that the guys Liz were involved with her dangerous and he had a sinking feeling that this was one of those guys.

Liz smiled at Amy who was helping her father cook lunch. Caleb was lounging on the couch next to her in the breakfast nook his head on her shoulder. His hands dancing across her leg making his mother laugh. “Careful my little darling or Pogue will think you are moving in on his territory.” His mother laughed obviously having heard of the new Covenant, Scion relationship from Nancy and Amy who were bouncing off the walls with excitement. Jeff on the other hand was brooding not liking that his baby girl was dating again, he still liked to think of her as his little girl and he was the center of her small world.

Max and Michael found themselves back at the front gate amazed at the size of the compound. Max let out a disheartened sigh as he gripped the bars of the gate seeing the security system attached. “Michael. Most people are not home during the middle of the day so it is safe to assume that it is just Liz and that guy in there right?” Max asked.

“Right.” Michael said instinctively knowing that he was not going to like where this train of thought was headed.

“So that means if we were to disable the alarm system and storm the place we would not be seen by anyone else?” Max asked.

“Right.” Michael said hating that Max was inching towards danger zone.

“Good.” Max said his hand suddenly glowing over the small metal box. Michael watched in awe as the system shut down but out the corner of his eye he saw lights in the house flash green twice.

Caleb bolted upright the wards in the house flashing. Someone had disabled the alarm with powers.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 25 p.36 4/14/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for all of your replies to the last part! Yup Max showing up is never a good thing, but don't worry the boys will show him what happens when he steps on their toes. Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever
ReidsLdy27- I hope RL gets better!

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 26: The New Fear IV

Caleb’s eyes were black as he raced to the front of the house followed by Nancy, Amy having stayed with Liz. The two of them worked quickly checking the wards and found the disturbance had been from the front of the house. “Wait here.” Caleb said and Nancy nodded he could tell she was reluctant to do so but obeyed.

Max and Michael quickly moved not wanting to be seen until they were ready. “Well what do we have here?” Caleb asked stopping the two aliens cold. He recognized their essences, Max and Michael. “A little far from home aren’t we?” Caleb said hell he had even seen pictures from Maria of these two.

Michael and Max stopped sensing the danger. There was something wild and dangerous about the man in front of them his dark eyes glaring at them. “We are here to see Liz and Maria.” Max said.

“Oh really and what makes you think Parker and Deluca are here?” Caleb asked the beast inside raging against the human wanting to rip, shred, and tear. He wanted out and he wanted to play he was so sick of hiding all the time so tired of being human and denying the other side of him and suddenly it snapped.

Max and Michael watched somehow seeing the change in the man in front of them. Michael swore when he saw that he was no longer looking into deep brown eyes but explosive solid black eyes. “We saw Liz with you.” Max said not seeing Michael tense next to him; Michael knew how bad this situation was.

“Oh so you have been watching us?” Caleb asked sensing the others thanking Liz silently for calling them, he knew that it was just Reid, Pogue and Tyler though but that meant it was just going to be them messing with the two.

“No we just got here man we wanted to make sure that Liz and Maria were alright.” Michael said knowing that he and Max had walked into a dangerous situation.

“Trust me they are more than alright here they are finally where they should be.” Caleb said.

“No they belong in Roswell.” Max said. “They belong with us.” Max said. The beast in Caleb roared not liking that they dared claim his girls as theirs, they were his they belonged to his coven they were HIS. Liz was his equal and was with his second and Maria was the baby of her group, they were his.

“No Liz and Maria are mine.” Caleb purred.

“Whoa there buddy Liz and Maria are people they belong to no one.” Michael said not liking the tone Caleb was using there was something strange in it a warning of sorts that had the alarms in his head going crazy.

“They are with us.” Caleb snapped the witch in him wanting to strike out but Tyler’s calming presence was keeping him in check. Pogue on the other hand, his raging emotions were not helping him at all.

“Liz is my girlfriend she…” Max stilled suddenly when a humorless cold laugh sounded close to his ear. He shifted his head to the side and found his face centimeters from a teen with an angry face, his black eyes accented by narrowed brows and long hair.

“She is mine.” Pogue said his voice soft but the tone sent Max’s hackles up. Pogue backed away and took his spot next to Caleb knowing that Reid and Tyler were not yet spotted by the aliens.

“Alright who are you two?” Michael asked.

“Caleb Danvers.” Caleb said noticing Michael’s relieved look and Max’s cringe.

“Danvers as in the founders of the Ipswich colony?” Max asked dreading the answer.

“Yup that is the one.” Caleb said knowing that the guy in front of him had obviously heard the stories. Michael looked at Pogue recognition flashing in his eyes.

“Wait you were in Roswell with that blonde guy.” Michael said.

“So he was.” Someone from behind the aliens laughed. Max jumped and turned around seeing two more boys there, the blonde biting his thumb nail.

“The name is Pogue, Pogue Parry.” He finally filled in and Michael nodded feeling slightly more comfortable knowing that they were the good friends of Maria and Liz. Max on the other hand was more unsettled by this news he did not like that these four had such a strong connection to Liz.

“And I am Reid Garwin.” The blonde said doing his little half wave as his hand went back to his mouth. It was not a nervous gesture but more of a controlled action used to reign himself in. Michael could sense a controlled furry within the blonde who appeared calm and cheerful.

“Tyler Simms.” The last guy said as he circled the two silently taking them in. Michael could not place it but he could have sworn that the temperature outside dropped a few degrees.

“Tyler…” Reid said and the brunette backed off. Michael sighed in relief when he felt the temperature return to normal.

“What are you?” Max asked taking in their black eyes.

“What we are is not something you should concern your little head with.” Reid said.

“Leave Liz and Maria alone.” Pogue ground out just barely containing his magic that wanted to unravel around him. “They want nothing to do with you right now.”

“Well I would rather hear that from Liz.” Max said crossing his arms over his broad chest hoping to intimidate the two in front of him deeming Reid and Tyler the back up. Caleb looked to Pogue and when his second nodded curtly an evil grin spread over the older teen’s face.

“That is never going to happen.” Caleb said nodding at Pogue who suddenly rushed forward and grabbed Max holding the alien king by his neck off the ground while Reid pulled Michael into a vice like grip. “You are going to leave my property and stay away from us. You are not going to come to our school or any of our homes looking for the girls you need to leave them alone. If I find out you even so much as were in the same neighborhood as Liz and Maria I will let Pogue and Reid do to you what they have been itching to do since they first heard about you.” Caleb said noticing Pogue’s grip tightening around Max’s neck as Max’s face turned red. Pogue released the alien king and Reid let go of a struggling Michael who stumbled once free.

“What if we decide we don’t want to listen to you?” Max gasped out rubbing his neck knowing he was going to have to heal that latter.

Caleb’s dark eyes flashed letting his powers thread around Max. Max shifted feeling anxious and scared all the sudden as he looked at Caleb. “Trust me when I say that would not be wise.” Caleb said before pulling his magic back in. Max stared at the four friends in shock before squaring his should and walking away.

“Come on Michael let’s go.” Max barked at his second who rolled his eyes.

“Coming.” Michael grumbled.

Pogue looked at Caleb who again nodded at the second who grinned. Pogue walked quickly and grabbed Max’s shoulder in a vice grip making the alien groan. “Just one more thing.” Caleb said giving them a cold smile as he stood nose to nose with Max. “Use your powers again around my home and you will find out why everyone in this town is so damn afraid of our families.” Caleb said before Pogue pushed the alien king outside the gate snapping it back in place.

“Have a nice day.” Pogue said laughing at the thunderstruck look on their faces as he headed inside with the others.

Max glared at their four retreating backs hating how they had just been manhandled. Everything inside of him screamed danger when he was around them and his suspicions had just been confirmed when Caleb had threatened him, they were aliens, after all they knew about his powers. Michael stared at Max not loving the look of determination on his face, last time he saw that look he ending up driving across the country with Max to go after Liz and Maria who wanted nothing to do with them.

“What?” Michael finally asked.

“We are going to come back here tonight for Liz and Maria.” Max said his tone clipped and controlled.

“What?” Michael asked his eyes wide this was just too much for him.

“We are going to come back tonight and rescue them, I was afraid of this all along and now my suspicions were just confirmed.” Max said staring hard at Michael. “Liz and Maria were taken by our enemies.” Max said not seeing Michael’s shocked look.

“Look Maxwell I really doubt that they are skins I mean the Parker’s really have known them for awhile and even Alex knew them.” Michael said.

“Michael I know what I saw and heard. They are skins and tonight we are going to come back and take them all out.” Max said before turning away from the house a plan forming in his head.

“More like the other way around.” Michael muttered hoping he could talk to the others and warn them about Max and his stupid assumptions.

Pogue stormed past the others and into the Danvers home where Liz was calming down a hysterical Amy. “I am sure it was nothing, Caleb would have called for us if it was something.” Liz whispered rubbing the back of the woman who was like a second mother to her.

“She is right it was nothing major, just a couple guys who were new to the area.” Caleb said noticing Nancy’s pinched look and Amy’s relieved face.

“What are you boys doing here?” Nancy asked noticing Pogue, Reid and Tyler.

“Oh we have lunch now and we wanted to come here.” Tyler muttered his cheeks turning an interesting shade of pink.

“She daddy I told you your burgers were famous.” Liz giggled making the others laugh. Pogue broke away from the boys and went over to Liz pulling her out into the hall while the others went about getting their lunch together.

“I missed you.” His deep voice rumbled over her as he held her to him. Liz closed her eyes letting a small smile grace her face as she took him in.

“Missed you too.” She said fighting the urge to giggle when he kissed her.

“Are you alright?” He asked his dark eyes searching her up and down. “When I sensed your panic I made Tyler speed up that is how we got here so quickly.” Pogue explained and she graced him with a small smile.

“Yeah I am fine I just had a scare there for a moment.” Liz said wrapping her arms around his neck to pull him closer as he rested his forehead on hers. “It’s weird though, James was infamous for his wards.” Liz said not seeing the dark look pass over Pogue’s face. “It is not normal for them to just react that way to a couple of guys stumbling into the yard.” Liz said and Pogue groaned hating to lie to her so he decided to tell her the truth.

“Liz it was not just a couple of guys who wandered into the yard.” Pogue said feeling her stiffen against him. “It was Max and that Michael guy.” Pogue said looking down at her trying to sense her reaction. He felt anger and hurt coming through their connection and was scared that she was mad at him for not telling her sooner.

“I can’t believe him!” Liz shrieked. “I mean come on I did not leave him a forwarding address for a reason.” Liz huffed and Pogue instantly relaxed realizing her anger was at Max and not him. “I mean how the hell did he even know to find me here?” Liz asked.

“Not a clue.” Pogue said rubbing her back hoping to release some of the tension from her back. Liz stopped her rant and concentrated on the feel of his hands. Pogue smirked when he felt her loosen up and melt in his hands, he loved that she trusted him enough to be so open and let go. She let out a soft moan when he worked a knot out of her back.

Caleb and Jeff Parker suddenly appeared in the hall way. “Hey you two cut that out.” Jeff said waving his spatula at them forcing them to break away.

“Daddy…” Liz tried.

“No.” Jeff said before going back into the kitchen.

“You moaned.” Caleb said through narrowed eyes.

“Yes I did.” Liz admitted smiling at Pogue next to her who was looking to get out of harms way.

“Well at least you were not doing what I thought you were doing.” Caleb grumbled before he too went back into the kitchen.

“Sometimes it is a pain having eyes and ears everywhere.” Liz muttered.

“And damn scary.” Pogue said rubbing his face making Liz laugh.

“Hey it was not that bad they did not catch us doing anything wrong.” Liz laughed.

“I know but your dad hates me. Anything I do with you is going to be under scrutiny.” Pogue said wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Yeah but that is because you remind him of himself as a teenager.” Liz giggled remembering a picture of her father that her mother had shown her when she was a little girl.

“And that is a bad thing?” Pogue asked raising an eyebrow with a thick scar running through it.

“When it comes to dating his little girl yes. They used to call my dad the gardener.” Liz laughed when Pogue shot her a confused look.


“You know because he sowed so many seeds.” Liz laughed when he pulled a face before dragging him into the kitchen.

“That is just wrong on so many levels.” Pogue muttered.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 26 p.38 4/16/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I loved reading what all you had to say! Thanks...

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 27: The New Fear V

Liz and Maria lay curled up on Caleb’s bed waiting for him to get out of his shower so that they could go to start. Liz’s parents were keeping an extra close eye on her and that meant that Pogue was unable to sneak into her room that night to sleep, so to make her feel better Caleb said they were going to have a girlfriends night with her, Maria and him much to Jeff’s amusement. A harsh knock on Caleb’s door startled the two girls in their PJ’s. Liz slid off the small bed heading for the door.

“Who is it?” Liz asked.

“It’s Faith and Reid.” Faith said and Liz opened the wooden door. There stood Reid looking rumpled and grumpy in his sleeping pants without a shirt and Faith in her boxers and tank top.

“Hey guys come on in.” Liz laughed as the two headed for the couch in Caleb’s room.

“What are you two doing here?” Maria laughed as she sat up on the double bed.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Reid grunted looking dead on his feet. Another knock sounded on the door and Liz opened it revealing Tyler in his flannel pants holding a pillow.

“Trouble sleeping?” Liz asked and the brunette nodded heading into the room stopping when he saw how full it was but shrugged it off taking Liz’s place on Caleb’s bed. Liz suddenly went over to the door again and opened it revealing Pogue and Caleigh mid knock.

“Come on in the gang is here.” Liz said as Caleigh took the other seat on the couch and Pogue the fluffy chair pulling Liz into his lap. Moments later Caleb walked out of his bathroom and froze as seven pairs of eyes looked at him.

“Damn way to make a guy feel self conscious.” Caleb muttered staring at his friends in confusion. “Now does anyone want to tell why the hell you are all in my room?” Caleb asked.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Pogue muttered.

“Girls night.” Maria and Liz chimed.

“Sleep.” The others grumbled.

“Any particular reason no one can sleep?” Caleb asked noticing how Tyler cuddled his pillow closer and Reid looked anywhere but at Caleb.

“We don’t felaphm.” Tyler mumbled into his pillow.

“What was that?” Caleb asked.

“He said ‘we don’t feel safe.’” Maria said nodding her head Caleb’s dark eyes flashed with worry.

“Why not.” He asked his senses going into overdrive.

“I feel like I am being watched all the time.” Faith whispered.

“What?” Liz asked going stiff in Pogue’s lap.

“It started at school today but it has not gone away. Everywhere I go even in the bathroom at school I feel as if someone is watching me even when no one is there.” Faith said.

“It started when we left here after lunch today.” Reid said his rough voice sounded strained to Caleb and Liz’s ears. Liz had to fight the urge to go over and hug and mother the blonde.

“Have either of you felt it?” Caleigh asked Caleb and Liz. Liz closed her eyes and nodded.

“I have felt that way ever since I set foot in Ipswich.” Liz admitted.

“Since last week.” Caleb said.

“So someone is watching us?” Maria asked.

“More than one person I am willing to bet but they are not great at their job if we are sensing them.” Pogue said rubbing his hand up and down Liz’s spine he did not like that someone was watching him let alone her.

“They are probably new at it then.” Caleb said his brow furrowing slightly. “Or they are not cloaking themselves at all.” Caleb said confusing the room. Suddenly Liz’s eyes lit up.

“Oh no.” She breathed looking Caleb in the eye and he nodded.

“What?” Maria asked.

“We go to school with them.” Liz said. “We go to school with whoever is watching us. Just like Aaron.” Liz said causing the panic level in the room to climb.

“Great so we have more enemies hiding in plain sight.” Reid growled.

“You know whoever came up with that brilliant plan should be wiped out.” Faith snapped.

“Okay guys calm down we need to slow down and figure this out.” Liz said in her soothing voice, always the voice of reason. Caleb watched as Faith, Maria, and Caleigh relaxed with Liz at the helm. He smirked when he saw Pogue relax as well and was startled to see Reid and Tyler relaxing as well. It looked like Liz was getting good at her role as a leader.

“We need to figure out how to identify them.” Caleb said.

“Right and we would need to breech their wards and spells.” Liz said as she got up to pace.

“We need to find a way to tell them apart from their other forms, after all they are shapeshifters.” Pogue said.

“Right a mirror spell should do the trick.” Liz said and Faith nodded in agreement.

“We would have to tweak it a bit but we could probably swing that.” Faith said.

“What if they do what we do and wear wards?” Tyler asked motioning to his watch on his left wrist. If a person looked closely at the item they would notice faint symbols on the face of the watch. Each of them had a personal ward they carried to hide them from their enemies. Caleb, Pogue, and Tyler wore watches and Reid an earring. Faith’s was a star necklace she always wore, Caleigh a watch, Maria a ring she wore on her right ring finger, and Liz a ring on her right thumb. Most did not see the wards or did not realize how important they were thus their ingenious nature.

“Never thought of that.” Caleb grumbled closing his eyes.

“We might be able to detect the wards.” Liz suggested.

“Yeah we could find out if they have any and then check the books to see if there is a way to get around them or dismantle them.” Reid said.

“I like that idea.” Caleb said and Liz nodded.

“Are we doing this tonight?” Maria asked motioning to Tyler who was now asleep on Caleb’s bed. It appeared that being in the presence of his friends made him relax long enough to fall asleep.

“No we can do it tomorrow after school.” Caleb said pouting when he saw that he was no longer able to stay in his bed.

“Alright everyone to bed.” Liz said grabbing Pogue’s hand to lead him to her room. If her parents asked she would tell them that they had a late meeting and he just fell asleep since her parents would not be home until the morning, all four had gone to the Simms home for a small party which was code for drinking the night away see ya in the morning.

Caleb watched as everyone filed out of his room, taking note of where everyone was heading. Reid in with Maria, shocking. Caleigh in with Faith which just left him. He glanced back at Tyler on his bed and sighed. “Oh what the hell it’s not like we have not slept in the same bed before.” He grumbled before heading over to his bed. Caleb pushed on Tyler and moved him over just enough so that he had room to climb in, Tyler of course remained dead to the world making Caleb chuckle, some things never changed. With his friends close by he felt safe and soon Caleb was enjoying the sleep of the dead.

Green lights flashed in the house followed by a high pitched chirp and a flash of red. Caleb and Tyler bolted up right looking at each other before scrambling out of bed and into the hall where the others were opening their doors. “The wards have been breached!” Caleb hollered as a deafening tone sounded letting the eight know that another barrier had been crossed.

“They are in the house.” Liz said her eyes wide with fear.

“Alright teams of four.” Caleb said and the others nodded automatically splitting up. Liz took Pogue, Maria and Reid. Caleb took Faith, Caleigh and Tyler. The two teams split up knowing that their converging point was the first floor stairway. Black eyes stared unblinking at their surroundings taking in every crack of the home. Pogue paused when he saw a flash of skin out of the corner of his eye, foreign flesh. Before anyone of the others could react Liz threw her hand up and sent the figure flying through the air. Maria cringed when she heard the persons body hit the floor.

“Holy shit!” A familiar voice yelled around the corner. Liz’s group rounded the corner by the first floor landing and saw Michael leaning over Max’s unconscious body.

“Back up.” Liz snarled her hand still raised. Michael’s head snapped in her direction his eyes wide as he too raised his hand getting ready for battle.

“I wouldn’t do that if I was you.” Maria said raising her hand as well her black eyes never wavering.

“What the hell is going on?” Michael asked.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that question?” Liz asked a defiant sneer on her face. “After all you are the one that broke into my home.” Liz said.

“Wait I thought this was Danvers place.” Michael said remembering the guy from earlier.

“It is, but my home is her home.” A cold voice rang from behind Michael. Michael jumped at the new voice and saw four imposing figures standing behind him and Max.

“Liz who are these people?” Caleigh asked even though she knew.

“The unconscious one is Max, the one awake is Michael. People from Roswell who don’t know how to stay out of other people’s business.” Liz hissed noticing that Max was coming to.

“What happened?” Max asked groggily as he sat up. His amber eyes stared hard in front of him at the tan palm in line with his face, as he traced its path he saw that it was Liz, her solid black eyes angrier than he thought was possible.

“Take a guess.” Maria hissed as he looked around him.

“Oh crap.” Michael muttered.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 27 p.3 4/18/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Sorry I have not posted for a week I have been busy with finals this week and next week but I am hoping that next week is not as bad and that I can keep to my posting times :roll: but soon I will be done with school! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 28: The New Fear VI

“Get up.” Liz snapped and Michael scrambled to his feet not even looking at Max who slowly got up off the floor his amber eyes never leaving Liz’s jet black ones.


“No!” Liz snarled. “You two are going to sit there and listen to what I have to say got that?” Liz asked and Michael quickly nodded his head.

“Liz…” Max tried again but backed off when he saw her hand crackle with green energy.

“Max now would not be the right time to test my patience.” Liz growled. Pogue stared hard at the guy in front of him looking him over taking him in. He could not deny that the man in front of him was attractive but the witch in him knew that he was weak power wise and that this Max guy was nowhere near as powerful as him.

“Michael.” Maria said her voice soft as the alien looked at her, he shrank back when he saw the pain in her black depths. “Why are you two here?” Maria asked.

“A couple of reasons on my part.” Michael said knowing he had to be careful, “I wanted to make sure you and Liz were dealing alright and also to make sure Max did not get himself killed.” Michael said and Maria nodded her head, her abilities letting her know that he was telling the truth.

“Max how exactly did you find us?” Liz asked lowering her hand enough so that she could circle the alien king in front of her. In the back of her mind she could feel the fury boiling in him not to kill Max for even setting foot near her and she knew that Caleb’s witch was feeling the same way.

The alien remained quiet his eyes daring her to force the answer out of him. “Come on Max don’t be stupid you don’t want her to make you say it.” Pogue taunted loving how his amber eyes hardened when they looked his way.

“We got it out of Alex.” Michael said glaring at his best friend for not saying anything.

“You forced it out of Alex?” Maria asked sounding scandalized.

“We forced it out of him, he did not want to tell us but we kind of backed him into a corner.” Michael said but Liz and Maria both knew that it was Max who backed Alex into that corner it was not Michael’s style.

Max watched as Liz’s hand crackled green before suddenly he found himself pinned to a wall. It felt as if thousands of needles were poking his skin repeatedly. He opened his eyes and blanched when he saw Liz below him her arm raised as streaks of green light flashed from her hand sending pain throughout his body.

“I told you to stay away.” Caleb said from below moving to stand next to Liz as she dropped her arm letting Max fall to the ground. He looked to Pogue who nodded and Caleb smirked. “Hey Lizzie don’t you have some issues to work out with this guy?” Caleb asked pointing to the shaking form of the alien king who looked fearfully at the eight in front of him.

“Oh I know she does.” Pogue’s deep voice rumbled.

“Yes.” Liz said.

“Well then work them out.” Pogue whispered in her ear his hot breath tickling the sensitive skin. Max watched as her black eyes flashed with unknown emotions before she finally stopped on one he could recognize. Rage.

“Good idea sweetie.” Liz said. “Hey Pogue remember when we were kids and what Serena taught us?” Liz asked sweetly her eyes never leaving Max’s form.

“Yes.” Pogue said his black eyes flashing happily knowing what Liz was going to do.

“I wonder if that applies to aliens.” Liz said before opening the palm of her hand and releasing a blinding white light. The light stunned Michael knocking him out as Max screamed in pain before Liz retracted it laving Max in a gasping heap on the floor.

Caleb and Pogue watched as Tyler and Reid went over to Michael’s form and grabbed his arms and legs carrying him to a couch downstairs away from Liz’s furry not wanting the poor guy to be permanently damaged.

Standing on the stair landing Liz circled Max trying to contain some of her blinding anger at the man in front of her. “Max you sure have put me through a lot of crap.” Liz whispered but she knew that he could hear her.

“Don’t get me wrong I know you saved my life but that does not mean anything if all you do after that is hurt me. I mean come on our short relationship was just one heart break and lie after another.” Liz said her black eyes flashing to her normal eyes for a moment before turning back to black. “I could not even tell you what I was.” She whispered.

“What are you?” Max asked.

“I am a witch Max.” Liz said closing her eyes when she heard his strained laughter.

“She is telling the truth.” Pogue said not liking that his girlfriend was being laughed at.

“See this is why I could not tell you. Is it so hard for you an alien to believe that there are those of us who are more powerful than you on Earth?” Liz asked.

“Liz I doubt you are more powerful than me.” Max said.

“Oh no but I am.” She whispered. “I am the leader of the Scion’s a coven of women who are some of the most powerful beings in existence.” Liz said.

“I don’t believe you.” Max said.

“Um hello have you not felt what she can do to you?” Pogue asked.

“That was not Liz.” Max tried to justify but her outraged scream stopped him cold.

“Will you just open your eyes Max and see what the hell is right in front of you. I am Liz and I have always been this way. My mother is a witch and so was her mother and her mother before her all of the women in my family are it is who we are we are witches and there is no changing that. Maria and I knew that you would not be able to accept us for who we are as people so we decided not to tell the three of you our secret.” Liz said.

“Max.” Maria said softly drawing his attention away from the pacing form of Liz. “We have lived our lives knowing that there are bigger and worse things out there than what most little kids can dream of. Then the three of you come along and drag us into deadly situation after deadly situation never once wondering how we were. If we did not have the powers we have we would have been dead long ago Max thanks to you.” Maria said.

“I never heard you tell us that you did not want to be included.” Max spat.

“That’s true.” Maria said nodding her head shaking her blonde curls. “Because we felt obligated.’ Maria said slicing right through his heart. “Liz felt obligated because you saved her life and the three of you never let her live that down never stopping to see what all she has done for you.” Maria said. “Max, Liz’s life is dangerous enough without you dragging her into more danger.” Maria said.

Caleb and Pogue looked to Liz seeing if she was going to make a move but she shook her head. “I don’t know if I could torture a person just to exact my own revenge.” Liz whispered before grabbing Maria, Faith and Caleigh leading them away too emotional to stay. Pogue watched her retreating form until he was sure she was out of sight before he nodded at Caleb who grinned coldly at Max.

“See Liz has a problem with hurting people…I don’t.” Caleb said pulling a small ring sized box out from his sweatpants. “I knew you were going to come back and I promised pain if you did but you of course did not listen.” Caleb said opening the black box to reveal a small silver stone that looked like a peanut. “See Pogue here wanted to make sure you got the message that Liz does not need you messing with her life so the two of us went to our buddy Gorman for some help and he came through with this, a garanknar.” Caleb said picking up the silver stone in his two fingers as he moved towards Max who stared at the stone wearily knowing this was not going to end well for him.

Max watched as the stone started to wiggle in Caleb’s fingers before Caleb placed it onto Max’s cheek. The stone turned into a small puddle and slithered up Max’s cheek towards his eye. Max screamed feeling the liquid burn his skin before it slithered into his eye, he screamed for another minute before his twitching body went still. Caleb felt her behind him and he turned and he saw Faith standing there with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Did you do it?” She asked and Pogue nodded a wicked grin covering his face.

“Good.” She said before she left. Pogue and Caleb hoisted Max up and dragged him down the stairs to the basement.

“You know there is one thing I love about old houses like this.” Pogue grunted as he dragged Max.

“What?” Caleb asked.

“The dungeons in the basement and the fact that no matter how loud you scream no one can hear you.” Pogue said giving Caleb a wolfish grin.

“My thoughts exactly.” Caleb laughed throwing the alien on the ground.

Liz sat on her bed with her knees drawn up to her chest, she felt weak, she was not even able to hurt Max who had broken her. She did not know how she was going to be able to fight if she was not even able to hurt someone who had hurt her.

“Stop.” A deep voice rumbled from her doorway. She looked up and saw Pogue leaning in her doorframe a lock of hair falling in his dark eyes as he stared at her.

“Why couldn’t I do it?” She asked looking at him with big sad brown eyes making him groan.

“Liz it is not like you to go after someone for a petty reason. Max hurt you and he knows it, your heart won’t let you hurt someone if you don’t have to which makes you a great leader.” Pogue said sitting down on her bed and pulling her into his lap.

“How come Caleb can do it?” She pouted making Pogue laugh.

“Because unlike you Caleb sees red when someone hurts you. Think about it like this Liz, if Max had hurt Maria what would you do?” Pogue asked running a hand through her hair. He watched as her brown eyes hardened.

“I would kill him.” She snapped and Pogue nodded.


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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 28 p.5 4/25/08

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Hey guys thanks for the reply to the last part! Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 29: The New Fear VII

Isabel paced the hotel ignoring the huffs coming from Alex, Kyle and Tess who were sitting on one of the double beds waiting for her to sit down. Michael and Max were not supposed to be gone that long all they said was that they had found something and wanted to go back and check it out. Michael had seemed less than thrilled about the prospect but she had seen a glimmer of hope in his eyes so the four of them let the two go, now they were late, three hours late and that was not like her brother at all.

“Isabel will you stop please you are giving me a headache.” Tess groaned surprised when she felt a hand gently rub her back. Tess turned her head and saw Alex gently rubbing soothing circles on her back, it felt as if her tension had suddenly turned to liquid and was rushing out of her at the soothing motion. She gave him a weak smile which he returned.

“Sorry I just can’t help but worry that my brother has gotten into more than he realizes.” Isabel whimpered.

“He did.” Alex huffed.

“What?” Isabel asked.

“If he found something about Liz and Maria and followed it chances are he is involved now with Caleb and no matter how much I stress this to all of you none of you seem to get that when I say messing with Caleb is not a good idea I mean it.” Alex said.

“What is with this guy that has you so scared?” Tess asked her blue eyes showing her confusion. Alex knew that if he wanted them to understand he would have to tell them about Liz and Maria’s world.

“Okay I am going to tell you something and I need you two to promise that you will let me explain and not go off alright?” Alex asked and the two girls nodded, Kyle just shrank back knowing that he wanted no part of this discussion.

“Alright.” Tess said.

“Okay so you remember the Salem Witch Trials right?” He asked and both blondes rolled their eyes, he took that as a yes. “Well what most people don’t know is that most of the myths and legends on Earth actually have some reality to them, you should know since you two are one of them.” Alex said giving Isabel and Tess a pointed look.

“Okay like what else then?” Tess asked.

“He means vampires, werewolves, demons, and witches the whole lot of them are real. Basically everything a kid fears growing up and all the stuff you see in the movies is actually real.” Kyle said grudgingly speaking up.

“Ha yeah right.” Isabel laughed not seeing the pensive look on Tess’s face.

“How do Maria and Liz fit into all of this?” Tess asked cutting off Isabel’s laughing fit.

“Wait you don’t actually believe this do you?” Isabel asked.

“Isabel we are aliens I think it is safe to say that anything is possible.” Tess grumbled.

“To answer your question Tess, Liz and Maria are witches as a matter of fact Liz is the leader of one of the world’s most powerful covens, the Scions.” Alex said.

“The Scions?”

“A coven of female witches, five families to be precise but with Serena gone the fifth line ended and the position of top dog fell to Liz. She is the most powerful female witch as of a few weeks ago.” Alex said.

“So Liz is like all powerful or something?” Isabel asked her voice tight as she got up to pace again. Tess stared at Alex her blue eyes calculating and then Alex saw it, she figured it out.

“You said female.” Her blue eyes shining with determination to get to the bottom of the situation.

“Right see there is another coven of males who match the Scions mano a mano.” Kyle grouched.

“Who?” Tess asked fear lacing her voice already knowing the answer.

“They reside in Ipswich they are the original settlers of the Ipswich colony and the cause of the Salem Witch Trials. The Covenant.” Alex said seeing fear flash in their eyes.

“The Covenant?” Isabel asked sitting down again running out of steam.

“Five families just like the Scions.” Alex nodded. “Four now since Chase died.” Alex amended. “Caleb being the leader.” Alex said hoping that the two blonde women in front of him would finally see why Max and Michael going after Liz and Maria on Caleb’s turf was a bad idea.

“So this Caleb guy is what to Liz?” Tess asked.

“Try the most over protective brother/best friend that exists.” Kyle grumbled.

“So Max going there to win her back would…”

“Piss him off in more ways than I can count.” Alex said.

“I need to do something I have to warn him.” Isabel said.

“We already tried Isabel all we can do now is sit here and wait.” Tess said.

“Maybe Liz knows.” Isabel said looking hopefully at Alex who cringed knowing he was going to do whatever she asked him to do; sometimes being under the spell of Isabel Evans was not a good thing.

“Possibly.” He said.

“Could you call her and ask?” Isabel looked hopefully at him. Alex groaned but pulled out his cell phone and pressed 2 on his speed dial and let it ring and ring until the voice of his best friend came over the speaker and he heard her ask him to leave a message after the beep so he hung up.

“She is not answering.” Alex said and Isabel looked defeated.

“You could try and dreamwalk her.” Tess said looking as if that was the last thing she wanted Isabel to do. Alex sent a steel glare at Tess who just shrank back looking at her hands in her lap.

“That is a good idea Tess I am going to do just that.” Isabel said kicking off her shoes to lay on the double bed. “Now shush I need to concentrate.” Isabel said not seeing the disbelieving looks on the others faces.

The fog around her was thick as she searched for Liz’s dream bubble. Isabel saw the familiar looking orb float towards her and grinned knowing Tess might have been on to something now all she had to do was go inside and ask Liz where her brother was. Isabel elongated the orb and stepped in.

Isabel looked around Liz’s dream knowing instantly that something was off. The air felt thick and chocking not like a usual dream and the shadows danced all around snickering at her, mocking her as if they were alive. There were no buildings only gray and black shapes. “Okay this is freaky.” Isabel said as she stepped further into the dream stumbling over something on the ground. Isabel looked down and saw Liz and one of the guys who came to Roswell on the ground not moving.

“Liz?” Isabel gently pushed the brunette and suddenly the dream plane shifted and no longer was Isabel in a gray haze but she found herself in a house. The large imposing foyer made her feel small and the intricate details were stunning but that was not what caught her attention, it was Liz on the floor sobbing with a girl on the ground next to her.

“Liz?” Isabel tried again but dream Liz continued to ignore her.

“Why did you leave me I need you.” Liz sobbed her small form heaving. “You were not supposed to leave me I can’t do this anymore Rena please come back. You and Chase need to come back.” Liz sobbed.

“Shh.” A gentle voice soothed startling Isabel she thought she was the only one there. A tall imposing figure stepped into view; he had short neatly trimmed hair and dark piercing eyes and a cocky smirk. The man walked over to Liz and pulled her into his arms looking at the dead girl next to Liz.

“She was not supposed to leave me here I need her.” Liz sobbed.

“She had to go Liz so that you could come into your powers. You and Caleb are the ones who are supposed to fight not Serena and me.” The man said catching Isabel’s attention.

“But Chase…”

“No Liz, you and Caleb are the ones who are supposed to lead everyone into battle and you will win.” Chase said cupping Liz’s face staring into her dark eyes.

“But I am so weak I feel as if everyone is always needing to save me.” Liz sniffed.

“You will adjust soon to Serena’s powers and when you do no one will be able to stop you. With Parry and Danvers at your side you will not let anyone get in your way.” Chase said and Isabel just watched.

“Chase I am going to make sure Serena is safe I promise.” Liz said.

“I know.” He said.

“Take care of her for me?” Liz asked her big doe eyes bright with tears.

“As long as you promise to take care of my brothers for me.” Chase said and Liz nodded. Isabel felt as if she was going to be sick when the scene changed yet again but it was the same house only now eight people stood looking down at two bodies, Isabel watched as a blonde guy shifted and Michael and Max came into view.

“Liz!” Isabel shouted and finally the brunette looked at her with dark black eyes.


“Yes oh thank god I have been able to get you. Liz do you know where my brother is?” Isabel asked.

“Some place he won’t be able to cause any more trouble.” Liz said before Isabel was thrown out of the dream.