Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE] 8/25/08

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 29 p.6 4/27/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I am glad you are all liking this! Thanks...
Jensen Lover 37
KiaraAlexisKlay- Kyle's reaction will be explained, let's just say he has a reason to fear Caleb

Plesae let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 30: The New Fear VIII

Isabel sat up in the hotel room bed her chest heaving as she gasped for breath. “Oh god.” She gasped out wiping a bead of sweat off her forehead. Three disturbed faces stared down at her making her feel self conscious.

“Isabel?” Tess asked her blue eyes running over the taller girls form worriedly.

“I think Max and Michael are in serious trouble.” Isabel gasped out.

“What do you mean?” Tess asked helping Isabel get comfortable.

“Well I was able to get into Liz’s dream bubble but there was something off with it different than usual. At first I felt like I was dying and then it just shifted and she was next to some dead girl and then some other guy came in but that was not important what got me was that Liz looked right at me and told me that Max was some place where he would not be able to cause any more trouble. I got the impression that she was very serious.” Isabel rushed out.

“Sounds like Liz let Caleb have his way.” Alex mumbled.

“What?” Tess asked.

“I mean sure Liz would want to have fun with Max but she would never do any lasting damage. Caleb and the others though they would do whatever necessary to avenge Liz.” Alex said.

“You make it sound like this Caleb guy thinks the sun rises and sets out of Liz Parker’s rear-end.” Tess said rolling her eyes.

“That’s because to him and the rest of the Covenant it does. Liz is probably the one person they would do anything for and I mean anything.” Alex said.

“Does that include murder?” Kyle asked already knowing the answer.

“If they thought it would keep Liz safe then yes.” Alex said.

“Oh god we have to go and find them.” Isabel said racing out of bed and towards the door.

“No good they would know we were there before we could do anything.” Alex said.

“We have powers Alex we can sneak in, we have Tess for crying out loud.” Isabel said.

“Isabel listen to me very carefully.” Alex said grabbing the hysterical blonde by her shoulders. “These people are not stupid and a mind warp would set off their wards and they would come after us. They probably caught Max and Michael because the two of them used their powers.” Alex said his dark eyes imploring her to understand.

“There has to be a way.” Isabel tried.

“We can always call Maria and see if she will let us in.” Kyle suggested.

“Hey good idea Valenti.” Alex said pulling out his cell phone to call his best friend. The phone rang for a few beats before a groggy male voice answered.

“Hello?” He croaked and Alex pulled the phone away from his ear.

“Yah hi is Maria there?” Alex asked.

“Who is this?” The voice asked more awake now and sounding defensive and a little bit territorial.

“Alex, Maria’s best friend. Who the hell is this?” Alex asked.

“Oh hey man it’s Reid. Here she is.” Reid said and Alex heard him wake Maria up.

“Alex?” Maria asked her voice thick with sleep.


“I know you are here in Ipswich Michael let it slip earlier when he and Maxwell broke into Caleb’s place for the second time today.” Maria huffed.
“They broke into his house!” Alex yelled gathering the attention of the room. Isabel looked sick while Kyle started laughing, Tess just looked annoyed.

“Yeah and Caleb and Pogue are pissed beyond belief. Reid almost had to intervene when Liz blasted Max to kingdom come. Right now Max is locked in the dungeons suffering unspeakable pain and Michael is knocked out in the guestroom next to Caleb’s room.” Maria said.

“They locked him in the dungeon?” Alex asked nearing hysteria he could not believe things had gotten out of control so quickly.

“Well the guy was seriously pissing off the boys so they did what they had to do. I mean come on Alex, Caleb warned the two idiots not to come back but they did not listen and they broke into his house to look for us, not exactly a plus in the Danvers book.” Maria said.

“Alright Maria can we come to Caleb’s and at least pick up Michael?” Alex asked massaging the bridge of his nose. He heard her ask Reid who grunted his affirmation. “Great just give me the directions and we will come and get him.” Alex said quickly writing the directions down on the hotel notepad and ripping the sheet off. “See you soon Maria.” Alex said before ending the call.

“Okay so what happened?” Tess asked.

“Well the two idiots decided to break into Caleb’s place got caught and they are now going to keep Max over night but they are willing to release Michael to us until they are done with Max.” Alex said heading for the door.

“No way I want my brother as well.” Isabel said as she got into the car.

“No can do Isabel they are serious about keeping Max we are lucky that we are even getting Michael out of this deal.” Alex said.

“We will work something out when we get there Isabel.” Tess said trying to calm the hysterical girl down. It did not take too long for Alex to find the street that Caleb lived on, right off the bat it was obvious to the car’s occupants that the people who lived around there were wealthy. Several large houses later and at the end of the street Alex found himself at a private driveway that led to the Danvers home. Alex pulled up next to the gate and rang the bell, moments later the gate swung open allowing Alex to drive up and pull in next to a yellow motorcycle. Isabel raced out of the car and up to the giant front door and pounded away the other three running up to the door behind her glaring at the back of her head. Moments later a disgruntled brunette opened the door rubbing the sleep out of his blue eyes.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Caleb Danvers I demand you release my brothers.” Isabel said pulling herself up to her full height but the brunette still towered over her.

“And you are?” He asked.

“Isabel Evans.” Alex looked at the guy in front of him and chocked, that was not even Caleb.

“Tyler.” Alex said pushing Isabel out of the way ignoring her huff. The brunette smirked when he saw Alex.

“Maria said you were coming, Reid woke me up and demanded I stay awake with him.” Tyler said motioning for the four to come inside.

“Wait that’s not Caleb?” Isabel asked and Alex shook his head loving how scared she looked.

“The name is Tyler Simms.” The brunette with sparkling blue eyes said glaring at the blonde in front of him, he really hated to be woken up at ungodly hours.

“Tyler?” A soft feminine voice asked from at the top of the stairs.

“Down in the sitting room Caleigh.” He called and moments later a stunning blonde in PJ’s was revealed to the room followed by a blonde guy and Maria.

“The others will be down in a moment. Liz and Caleb had to beg Pogue not to go manic.” Maria said giggling when she saw Tyler wince.

“Great just what we need, Pogue is bad enough when he is tired add this crap in and he is going to be a ticking time bomb.” Reid grumbled resting his head on top of Maria’s his eyes drooping shut.

“Where is Michael?” Tess asked eyeing the two boys and strange girl in front of her, she was getting a weird feeling just being in that house as if she was walking on her own grave.

“We will get him later.” Caleigh said looping arms with Maria staring down the two girls in front of her.

“Cal!” A raspy female voice called. Kyle turned around just in time to see a stunning brunette enter the room looking rumpled and tired but still drop dead gorgeous.

“Hey Faith.” Everyone chimed and Alex laughed.

“Hey Faith looking good seeing as how last time I saw you, you were going through your head banger faze.” Alex said and the brunette’s eyes lit up.

“Alex good to see you, sorry you got dragged into all of this.” Faith said.

“Ah no problem, I am used to being dragged into strange situations with Liz and Maria for best friends.” Alex laughed.

“Hey I resent that.” Liz said coming into the room with a giant glowering male attached to her waist.

“Caleb Danvers I presume.” Isabel said throwing her worst look at the man. He let out a hiss and tightened his hold on Liz.

“Ah Isabel that is Pogue remember him from Roswell?” Alex asked and Isabel studied him closely taking in his dark eyes and long hair and protective stance behind Liz as he held her to him. An image from Liz’s dream flashed in her mind when the shadows were pressing in on her and Liz was on the floor next to a male body, it was Pogue.

“Oh right.” Isabel said hating that it was twice now that she was wrong.

“I am Caleb.” A deep voice rumbled from next to Isabel making her squeak and jump back into Alex and Kyle. Kyle nervously looked at the brunette in front of him and willed himself invisible.

“I am Isabel Evans and I demand that you release Max and Michael to me.” Isabel said trying to put on a brave front even though everything inside of her was screaming for her to back off and get away from danger.

“Oh really?” Pogue asked raising a tick eyebrow.

“I don’t think you are in any position to be making demands little girl.” Faith smirked sending a bolt of cold fear through Isabel’s stomach.

“No position at all.” Caleigh added.

“You really should not have come here Isabel.” Liz said.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 30 p.7 4/29/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Thu May 01, 2008 4:28 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Darkstar had asked what Caleigh and Faith look like so I composed a small listg of some possible actors for you to picture for the girls.

Faith: If you want to go Buffy you can do that too
Anna Van Hooft
Katharine Isabelle
Deanna Casaluce
Laura Donelly

Caleight: Lindy Booth
Elizabeth Harnois
Blake Lively
Amanda Seyfried

You can just google them and check for images to get an idea. Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37
LizMichael 4 Ever

Plesae let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 31: The New Fear IX

He hated waiting that was never an option for him and usually the bosses agreed with him but not this piece of work she had taken on the sit and wait approach and it was driving him and the others up the wall. “We should be out there hunting them down and taking them out not sitting around waiting.” He said darkly the others stared at him as he paced the cabin floor, their new base of operations since the she bitch took over.

“We agree but we have to do what she says and she wants to wait.” The girl tried only to be cut off by the man next to her.

“Do we really? I mean we were under Aaron’s rule not hers we owe her nothing.” He said and the man pacing nodded in agreement.

“But she was next in line…”

“Does not matter we are not bound to her, we can do things our way if we wanted.” The man pacing said.

“Well what exactly is our way?” The woman grudgingly asked. The man pacing stood still his yellow eyes gleefully sweeping the room.

“I am so very glad you asked that.”


“You really should not have come here Isabel.” Liz said her voice cold and commanding.

“I want my brothers.”

“They broke in here and tried to force us to comply with their wants, which does not sit well with us.” Liz said feeling Pogue pull her tighter against him.

“We felt that Max needed to learn a little lesson before we released him. We are perfectly willing to release Michael to you after Maria rips him a new one.” Reid said feeling Maria giggle. Kyle stared at the two blondes his eyes narrowing.

“Hold it!” Kyle yelled glaring at Reid. “Are you dating my Maria?” Kyle asked crossing his arms over his chest noting the way the tips of Reid’s ears turned red.

“Your Maria?” Alex asked raising a slim eyebrow.

“Well she is practically my sister and if my dad had his way she would be.” Kyle mumbled.

“Oh.” Maria laughed looking kind of miffed.

“Yes they are together.” Tyler said making the others stare.

“Since when?” Caleb asked through narrowed eyes.

“Oh I know!” Liz said jumping up and down.

“When baby?” Pogue asked.

“Since we got sucked into the, you know where, the first time.” Liz said darting a look at Isabel and Tess.

“That long?” Pogue asked eyeing Reid.

“That long.” Reid grumbled.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Faith asked.

“I know!” Tyler said pulling a Liz as he bounced on the balls of his feet.

“Why?” Caleb asked.

“Because they wanted to feel the relationship out first, see if they were a good fit. Also they did not want to piss you off.” Tyler said making Reid blush even more as Caleb and Pogue laughed.

“Oh Reid you are so wrong I am not mad.” Caleb said grinning at his best friend who looked relieved. “I am furious.” Caleb said in a sugary sweet voice stopping the room cold.

“Caleb…” Tyler tried.

“No.” Caleb said cutting off his friend as he zeroed in on a shaking Reid stalking silently towards him. Right when Caleb stood in front of the blonde his stony face broke into a huge grin. “Ah I am just messing with you man of course I am okay with you and Maria being together you two are perfect for each other.” Caleb said slapping his shaking friend on the back.

Kyle just laughed at Isabel and Tess’s shocked face. “That right there is why I am afraid of Caleb Danvers.” Kyle said.

“No you are afraid of him because he caught you kissing Liz one summer and threatened to burn your balls off if you even so much as tried to have sex with her.” Alex laughed. He looked at Liz who was bright red rubbing the arm of a huffy Pogue while Kyle tried to cover himself from Caleb’s wrath.

“Oh. Yeah. Right.” Kyle mumbled.

“Hey I never knew that you threatened him.” Liz said.

“That’s because I did not want you to know, if you did you would have just slept with him to piss me off.” Caleb said and Liz nodded guiltily.

“Got ya there chica.” Maria giggled.

“Oh please you are so the same way Ms. Deluca.” Liz laughed.

“So we are in agreement that you four can take Michael with you but leave the other?” Pogue asked making sure he glared extra hard at Tess and Isabel.

“No.” Isabel said huffing as she crossed her arms.

“Do you want to join your brother little girl?” Pogue growled as he hung over Liz.

“I think she does.” Faith hissed.

“No she does not none of them do.” Alex said glaring at Faith.

“Michael or no deal.” Caleigh said.

“But you can’t do that it is kidnapping.” Isabel shrieked.

“Ah but they broke into my house and I am sure you will find that if you were to go to the police around here the mere mention of my name would have them looking the other way. You will get no help from them and then you are back to square one except this time the deal would be off the table and you would never see either of them again, I would make sure of that.” Caleb growled.

“You don’t have that kind of power.” Isabel said.

“Yes he does.” Liz said rolling her eyes. “They all do. Isabel you are looking at four of the wealthiest heirs in the world, old money.” Liz said.

“People around here have their suspicions as to what we are so they are more afraid than you can imagine crossing us. Putman was nothing compared to us.” Pogue growled.

“Take my advice and take Michael.” Liz said looking tired. “Sure Michael is not completely innocent in all of this but I do know that Max probably forced his hand. Just go and let us deal with Max.” Liz sighed hoping Isabel would agree.

“It sounds like a good offer Isabel.” Tess said quietly as she studied Liz. This Liz was different than the one she knew in Roswell; she looked older and surer of herself. Tess’s eyes flickered to the man behind Liz and she saw a silent support and love coming from him all directed at Liz who obviously reciprocated it. Tess let her eyes linger as she took in their dynamics and saw an almost silent communication going on between Liz and Pogue.

“Tess…” Isabel looked sickened at the thought of her only ally siding with the enemy.

“Isabel we both know Max is off his rocker at the moment. Maybe this will do him some good and get his head on straight.” Tess whispered. She felt a body come up behind her giving her silent support and she knew without turning around that it was Alex.

“They will give Max back eventually Isabel. Right now just take Michael.” Alex said. Green lights flashed twice in the house and instantly the rooms occupants were awake looking scared.

“Caleb?” Liz asked as Pogue released her. Tess watched as their eyes turned black.

“It’s the Horaci.” Caleb said.

“Four teams of two pair up according to powers.” Liz instructed. A bolt of fear went through the four new comers not knowing what was happening.

“Liz?” Alex asked.

“They need to go in the dungeons with Max, they will be safer there.” Pogue said and Liz nodded.

“Maria, Tyler you two take these four downstairs they are no good against an unknown enemy.” Liz said.

“Guys two red flashes if you need help. Blue flash if you found an enemy.” Caleb instructed. “Meet back in my room when you think it is safe.” Caleb said.

“Be safe.” Liz said and then if flash bodies were moving everywhere and in a panic Isabel, Tess, Kyle, and Alex found themselves being shoved down a hallway into the basement.

“Where are we going? What is going on?” Isabel asked hysterical as Tyler used his powers to herd them down the stairs as Maria ran to open up another door at the other end of the basement.

“We are trying to keep you all from getting killed or from getting us killed.” Tyler said as he forced them through the other door and down another flight of stairs to an old dungeon. Isabel shivered at the sudden temperature change and the whimpers were coming from a cell at the end of the hallway. “Put them across from him.” Tyler instructed and Maria opened the cell and shoved them in before locking the door with her powers.

“What is to stop us from opening the door with our powers?” Tess asked.

“Go ahead and try. These cells were made to contain magical entities you will not be able to get out unless one of us lets you out.” Tyler said before he and Maria took off running. Once they made it to the top floor the sounds of blasts and shouts met their ears.

“Let’s go.” Maria said and the two took off towards the back of the house wanting to make a clean sweep before they met up with the others.

Caleb and Liz raised their hands and allowed the green light to rush from the palms of their hands connecting with the tall burly man in front of them who hissed in pain his yellow eyes never leaving them. Liz rolled out of the way as a second Horaci shot a blast of white light at her. Liz felt her core heat up and grinned as she concentrated on building up her power as she circled the second man while Caleb took care of the other when she saw the man raise his arm to shoot Liz raised her and released a jet of fire hitting the Horaci in the chest. He looked at her through confused eyes before screaming in pain as he burned before exploding into black dust.

Liz cringed when she felt heat singe her face as the Horaci fighting Caleb sent a blast her way that narrowly missed her. Liz raced at Caleb and held his arm as he prepared to fire again, she let her powers flow through him before in a deafening blast electricity sparked towards the Horaci who tried to duck out of the way before he too was turned to dust. Caleb and Liz fell to the ground gasping for their breath.

“I…hate…these…guys.” Caleb panted.

“I know. They just won’t die.” Liz sighed.

“We need to go and do a sweep make sure there are no more.” Caleb said helping Liz up. The two witches made their way around the large manor before heading inside to check all the floors and rooms. Eventually the two made it back to Caleb’s room where the others were congregated.

“Oh thank god.” Maria sighed seeing the two of them enter as Pogue pulled Liz into a crushing hug running his hands down her small back.

“Are you all alright?” Caleb asked checking over the occupants of the room.

“We are good, we took out a girl but that was it.” Reid said.

“Liz and I took out two males. We are pretty sure that we took all of them out.” Caleb said sitting down on his bed looking dead tired.

“Why did they attack tonight?” Faith asked sitting down next to Caleb seeking comfort. Caleb quickly put and arm around her and pulled her tight into his side to send her some reassurance that she was safe.

“I think they were hoping to take us by surprise. If the others had not woke us up I am sure they would have.” Caleb said feeling a ripple of fear go through Faith. “Sh we are okay.” Caleb whispered into her hair so only she could hear.

“We should probably let the others out of the cell now.” Maria groaned.

“I will go do it. The rest of you get to bed we have school tomorrow.” Caleb groaned and the others left to go to their rooms none of them seeing Faith stay behind. When he was sure that the others were out of earshot he turned to the small brunette, “I will be back in a few minutes wait here.” He whispered before slipping down to the dungeons.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 31 p.8 5/1/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Sat May 03, 2008 10:25 pm

Hey guys thanks so much for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

KiaraAlexisKlay- Michael was in the room next to Caleb's passed out and out of the way unlike the others who could have run around and gotten into trouble.

Please let me know what you think of this next part!

Part 32: The Calm

Sarah stood anxiously in front of Caleb’s lecture hall waiting for him and the others to arrive at Spencer. She had been trying to call him all day yesterday but he must have had his phone off since he never called her back. Through the crowd of heads she could see Reid’s tell tale blonde hair and she could hear Maria’s bubbly laugh. The two arrived around the corner and screeched to a halt when they saw the girl. Maria and Reid shared a look before they made their way over to the girl who was waving them over.

“Hey guys, have either of you seen Caleb?” Sarah asked not liking how the two once again shared a look.

“Uh yeah we just came from his house.” Reid said wincing when Maria sent an elbow to his stomach.

“What was that for?” He hissed as alarm bells went off in Sarah’s head.

“You guys were at Caleb’s why?” Sarah asked.

“Oh we just had a bit of a Roswell problem that needed to be taken care of.” Maria said but Sarah could tell she was leaving something out it was something in Maria’s eyes that gave her away.

“You’re lying.” Sarah said when she saw Pogue round the corner, no Liz in sight.

“What is going on?” Pogue asked his dark eyes taking in the three, Maria’s flighty expression.

“Where are Caleb and Liz?” Sarah asked.

“Liz was too drained to come to school today she and Caleb had a long night last night and need to rest.” Pogue said.

“What happened?” Sarah asked shooting a glare at Maria and Reid.

“Nothing you should concern yourself with.” Pogue said in his usual direct manner his eyes shifting back to Maria and Reid trying to find out what is going on.

“He is my boyfriend of course it is a concern of mine.” Sarah said not understanding why all of the sudden her friends were cutting her out of the loop, her eyes snapped to Maria. There was a time before the Scions arrived when she was filled in on everything that happened with the Covenant and now with the four girls there it was as if she was an afterthought and that hurt her more than she was willing to admit. She saw Maria shift next to her and a pained look across her face.

“We don’t mean to hurt you Sarah by not telling you what is going on its just it is probably safer for you not to know.” Maria said trying to fix Sarah’s overwhelming hurt that she could sense thanks to her powers.

“You all never cared about that before.” Sarah pointed out hitting Pogue with a fierce glare.

“That’s because before the threat was from one of our own and as scary as it is Chase was nowhere near as dangerous as the Horaci.” Reid tried sighing in relief when he spotted Tyler coming down the hall his face in book. The blue eyed beauty looked up when he sensed a war of emotions on his right and met Reid’s anxious gaze.

“What?” Tyler asked.

“Tyler what happened last night?” Sarah asked.

“The Horaci attacked Caleb’s place.” Tyler said shrinking away when his three friends made hissing noises.

“They what?” Sarah asked not seeing Maria and Tyler wince as her panic began to rise.

“The Horaci attacked last night.” Tyler muttered his cheeks going red when he realized why his friends were remaining silent on the issue.

“Why the hell did he not tell me?” She asked.

“Well he has been kind of passed out since four this morning.” Pogue said.

“Speaking of, was Liz still asleep when you left this morning?” Maria asked.

“Yeah her and Caleb were passed out cold, usage like that will keep them out for a day.” Pogue said. “Faith is going to be coming in later today when their parents get back to take care of them.” Pogue said. The group noticed that Sarah was headed away from them and out the doors.

“Crap where is she going?” Tyler asked.

“My guess would be Caleb’s.” Maria said her green eyes wide as she looked at the three boys in front of her knowing that they were all thinking the same thing she was…Sarah was going to be in for a rude surprise when she got to the Danvers home.

Danvers Home

Her small car pulled up to the large estate anger coursing through her. She could not believe that he did not tell her that he had been attacked. She saw a strange car sitting in the driveway but brushed it off as she pounded on the door waiting for Liz, Caleb, or Faith to answer the door. Moments later Caleigh opened the door looking shocked to see Sarah there.

“Sarah.” Caleigh squeeked.

“Where is he?” She demanded hating to be mean to the girl who had always been nice to her but desperate times called for desperate measures. They had lied to her and kept important information from her and she wanted to know why.

“He is asleep…” Caleigh was pushed out of the way by Sarah as she barreled into the house. She knew it was rude but she wanted to rip Caleb a new one for doing this to her, she thought they had an understanding. She made her way up the large staircase with a protesting Caleigh hot on her tail. Sarah went right to his room and thrust the door open before heading in.

“Sarah stop.” Caleigh hissed but it was too late. Sarah stopped dead when she entered the room. Caleb was obviously asleep but that was not what made white hot tears spring to her eyes it was Faith in his bed fast asleep with him, in an unusual state of undress for the time of day.

“Oh god.” She whispered.

“Sarah it is not what you think.” Caleigh hissed dragging the stricken blonde from the room.

“So Caleb was not in bed with Faith?” Sarah asked tears filling her eyes.

“They just fell asleep that way. Nothing is going on.” Caleigh said this was exactly why no one wanted Sarah there, she did not understand magical bending or energy transference. It was something only witches could do but it helped them through the ages during great times of battle. When a witch used too much energy they would share physical energy with another witch so that their systems would not shut down form over use.

“Really because that in there did not seem like nothing. Did you see how close they were holding each other?” Sarah asked no longer able to mask how hurt she was.

“It’s called magical bending.” Liz croaked from behind Sarah making the girl jump. Liz looked pale and had deep purple circles under her eyes, her lips unnaturally pale almost bluish.

“Liz!” Caleigh shrieked ushering her friend back into her room Sarah trailing behind her eyes wide as she stared at Liz’s weak form.

“Magical bending?” Sarah asked as Liz was tucked into bed.

“It is what witches do when they use too much of their own energy up. Another witch can step up and a ritual is performed so that their bodies are connected on a limited basis so that energy can be siphoned between the two. It prevents the witch who used up so much of their own energy from dying.” Liz said.

“Liz and Caleb used a lot of magic last night, more than any of us realized at the time.” Caleigh said shooting a glare at Liz who gave her best friend a weak smile.

“We did not feel the stress on our bodies initially.” Liz explained to Sarah. “We were still on our adrenaline high from the fight.” Liz said.

“The two of them wiped out two Horaci on their own, that is a huge magical drain. Normally one is straining, Faith felt it when she took Aaron out. The two of them though were in the fight for so long and were so tire they almost killed themselves while killing the Horaci.” Caleigh said reprimanding her friend.

“So Faith and Caleb are sharing energy?” Sarah asked.

“Right.” Liz wheezed.

“So why couldn’t he have done this with Tyler, Reid or Pogue?” Sarah asked.

“Because I highly doubt Reid would get in bed with Caleb, Tyler would be overwhelmed by Caleb’s emotions weakening him and Pogue was in with Liz.” Caleigh said.

“So why is Pogue at school?” Sarah asked firing yet another question at the two.

“He has a test today and we shared enough that I won’t die. After his test he is going to come back here, hopefully before my parents get home so my mom does not freak so much.” Liz said.

“So I am being like the biggest bitch aren’t I?” Sarah asked sitting down on the bed looking deflated.

“Just a bit but under the circumstances it is understandable.” Liz whispered.

“Go to sleep Liz we are going to go downstairs.” Caleigh said rubbing Liz’s cold hand.

“Okay.” Liz said her eyes already closed.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 32 p.9 5/3/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Mon May 05, 2008 7:23 pm

Wow guys thanks for all of your replies I loved reading them. Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 33: The Calm II

Pogue shifted in his seat for the billionth time during his test his mind elsewhere the whole time. All he had to do was make it through the test and he could go home to Liz and make sure she was alright. He could feel through their connection how tired and weak she was and it was killing him to just sit there and take a history test.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen please put your pencils down and pass in your tests and please vacate the room.” The teacher said and Pogue quickly handed in his crappy test and raced out of the room. He could feel Liz going in and out of consciousness as her body tried to recuperate.

As he pulled into the Danvers driveway Pogue saw Sarah leaving the house or more like Caleigh pushing her out. “Hey ladies what is going on?” Pogue asked itching to race upstairs to Liz.

“Sarah was just leaving to go back to school.” Caleigh said shooing the other girl off the steps.

“Just tell Caleb to call me later please.” Sarah begged and Caleigh nodded as Pogue slipped inside and raced up the stairs. He first opened Caleb’s door and checked on his leader and saw him and Faith peacefully resting allowing him to spend the rest of his time with Liz and making sure she got better.

“Hey.” He called out softly when he entered her room as he removed his uniform down to his boxers. He saw her eyes flutter open and she looked at him in a blurry daze, he gave her one of his infamous smirks before he crawled into bed with her. “I will you my energy.” He whispered into her ear.

“I will share your energy taking some into my body until I have all of my own.” She whispered back as he pulled her flush against his chest.

“I will you my energy.” He whispered again as he placed his hand over her abdomen a soft green glow spreading out of the palm of his hand.

Caleb groaned as reality crashed down on him in his room across the hall. He felt Faith stir beside him and held tight to the hand resting over his stomach a familiar pull in his groin awakening him.

“How ya feeling champ?” Faith mumbled obviously tired from sharing her energy but he was much better now that he had some of hers running through his system.

“Like I was hit by a speeding train and my magic was not there to save me.” Caleb groaned as she rolled away from him pulling down her tank top that had risen up in their sleep.

“I can safely say I know the feeling.” She smiled.

“I wonder how Honey Bear is doing.” Caleb mumbled.

“Probably as well as us right now.” Faith said laughing when he pulled a face.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!” a loud male voice boomed from across the hall. Caleb and Faith scrambled out of their beds and into the hall where Jeff and Nancy Parker stood looking horrified and angry.

“Mom dad this is not what it looks like.” Liz shrieked before falling back on the bed whimpering slightly. Caleb pushed past the two adults and saw Liz slumped over and a barely dressed Pogue holding her.

“Shit why the hell is she still so weak?” Caleb asked rushing over to the bed.

“She forced me to go to school and take my test, I never should have let her talk me into going she was too weak.” Pogue growled holding Liz to him in a fierce grip.

“What is going on?” Nancy asked.

“Liz and Caleb took out two Horaci by themselves last night and used up almost all of their own energy. Pogue and I have been trying to get it back up.” Faith explained coming into the room the sight of her best friend so frail hurting her more than she showed.

“I am fine I just need more time with Pogue.” Liz groaned trying to sit up again.

“Liz take it easy.” Pogue soothed.

“Pogue go on back to school I will finish the magical bending with Liz.” Nancy said getting ready to undress but suddenly stopped when she felt the change in the air. She looked at the bed and saw the ring of fire shoot through Pogue’s eyes before they turned magical black.

“Mom back up a bit.” Liz hissed and Nancy did as she was told her instincts screaming at her.

“No.” Nancy whispered shaking her head at her daughter who just closed her eyes and nodded.

“What?” Jeff asked looking back and forth between his daughter and his wife.

“They are connected.” Nancy whispered.

“What is going on?” Caleigh asked as she raced into the room looking like a scared deer when she saw the Parkers. “Oh crap.” She squeaked.

“Wait hold on here people back it up.” Jeff said his eyes glaring daggers at Pogue. “What did you mean when you said they were connected?” Jeff asked his wife who sent an apologetic look at her daughter.

“Can we discuss this later please? Liz needs more of my energy?” Pogue asked. Caleb got up and motioned for the two girls to come with him and sent a look at Nancy and Jeff who reluctantly left as well.

“Oh this is going to be so bad when we get done.” Liz groaned snuggling up to Pogue who kissed her shoulder. Soon the familiar green glow was coming off of Pogue’s hand over her stomach as he fed her energy.

Jeff stared at his daughter’s door wondering what exactly he was missing. All he knew was that his little girl had been in bed with Pogue Parry and from the looks of things they were comfortable enough together in bed that let him know they had slept together before, he just hoped that sleeping was all they did.

“Jeff.” Nancy called and he turned to the end of the hall and saw the others waiting for him as he stared at the door in front of him willing it to open but it remained firmly shut.

“I am coming.” He grumbled as he shuffled down the carpeted hall his hands in his pockets as he kicked his feet wishing death on the young man in his daughter’s bed.

Caleb led the small group into the familiar sitting room and motioned for the adults to take a seat. It was three teens facing two anxious adults, not exactly fun odds.

“What happened while we were gone for one night?” Nancy asked rubbing the bridge of her nose the stress in her body creating a headache.

“Well besides a visit from our favorite friends from Roswell the Horaci attacked.” Caleb said.

“Who came from Roswell?” Jeff asked praying that it was not who he thought it was.

“Max Evans…”

“Ah horse poop.” Jeff spat making Caleigh jump and Faith giggle. “Sorry continue.” Jeff motioned running his hands through his dark locks.

“Michael Guerin…”

“Son of a gun.” Jeff growled before shooting another apologetic look at Caleb.

“Tess, Isabel Evans, Kyle Valenti, and Alex Whitman.” Caleb said and Jeff let out a moan of agony.

“I should have known they would drag Alex and Kyle into this those four just won’t leave them alone.” Jeff grumbled.

“Anyway after we dealt with the Roswell bunch the alarms went off and since the Roswell people were with us we knew that it was not them this time and that it was a real attack so we locked the Roswell people in a cage and went on the hunt. Liz and I encountered two Horaci and took them out.” Caleb said and Nancy gasped.

“By yourselves?” She asked her hands covering her mouth in horror.

“Yeah by themselves.” Faith said pinching Caleb who winced at the sting.

“That was incredibly foolish of you two.” Nancy chastised.

“We really did not have a lot of time to call for help and the opportunity never came up they just came firing at us never giving us time for help. Liz and I just reacted and tried to get out of there alive.” Caleb said.

“That must have been an intense magical drain.” Nancy sighed and Caleb nodded.

“Neither of us felt it until the rush was gone.” Caleb said.

“That must have been some magical high.” Nancy said.

“Like you would not believe.” Caleb said confusing Jeff.

“What?” The father asked turning to his wife.

“Using so much magic at one time and in such an intense way creates this powerful rush that is very addictive. It is similar to a heroin rush.” Nancy said.

“So my daughter could become what a magical junky?” Jeff asked a spike of fear hitting him.

“If she used like that enough yes.” Caleb said.

“Oh boy.” Jeff sighed rubbing the sides of his head.

“Liz is smart and she knows the risks, she is not about to go and use like that whenever.” Caleb said the girls nodded in agreement.

“Besides Pogue would kick her butt if she hurt herself like this again.” Faith said.

“What is their relationship exactly?” Jeff asked almost afraid to hear the answer. He knew that they were dating that much was obvious to him a while back but he wanted to know if he had anything to worry about.

“They are dating.” Caleb shrugged.

“I know that I mean how serious are they?” Jeff asked.

“Ah I don’t know.” Caleb said uncomfortably.

“Jeff I don’t think this is something you want to discuss with them.” Nancy said placing her hand on her husband’s arm in a restraining manner.

“Alright.” He sulked.

“So when are they going to be done?” Nancy asked.

“Not for a few hours yet.” Caleigh said dreading those few hours with Liz’s parents. Man her friends just picked the perfect time to use all of their energy.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 33 p.11 5/5/08

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Hey guys thanks for your replies to the last part it always warms my heart reading what all you have to say! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 34: The Calm III

His head was pounding as he started to come back to the land of the living. The last thing he remembered was an angry Liz sparking and then a blinding white light and then darkness. He heard distorted voices, it sounded as if someone had stuffed cotton in his ears.

“Michael?” He knew that voice, it was Isabel. Slowly he opened his eyes and started to panic, he was blind he could not see a thing.

“Isabel it would probably help if you removed the towel from over his eyes.” Tess laughed.

“Oh right.” Isabel said and she quickly removed the cloth from his eyes. Michael winced at the sudden light but slowly reopened his eyes and saw four worried faces looking down at him, well Kyle looked to be laughing but he did not really count.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Liz knocked you out. It was a sort of get out of jail free card mixed with mild punishment for following Max into an absurd situation.” Alex said.

“Who knew Parker packed that much of a punch.” Michael groaned sitting up shrugging of Isabel’s arms as she tried to help him sit up. “What have I missed?” He asked

“Well Liz and Maria are witches and they locked Max in a dungeon.” Tess supplied.

“They were also attacked by bad guys last night and locked the rest of us minus you in another dungeon where we had to hear Max whimper all night until Caleb let us out.” Kyle said.

“Then he gave us you and sent us on our merry way and now here we are.” Alex said.

“So where is Maxwell I need to rip him a new one for getting me into this mess.” Michael grumbled.

“Well see that is a slight problem.” Alex laughed nervously scratching behind his left ear his face turning a nice shade of pink.


“Well ah see they made a deal where we could take you but ah we had to leave Max with them until they felt it was time to give him up and that he learned his lesson.” Alex said shrinking back when Michael’s eyes darkened in anger.

“You left him there? What are you all crazy or something?” Michael snarled standing up but instantly regretting it when black spots swan in his eyes.

“We had to Michael or they were not going to give either of you back.” Isabel said tears swimming in her brown eyes.

“Well you and Tess have powers did you even so much as think of using them?” Michael snapped.

“They are more powerful than you Michael and we were outnumbered.” Alex said not liking how the glowering man was attacking them for getting him out safely.

“When are they going to give up Maxwell?” Michael asked sitting down and rubbing his tired eyes.

“We don’t know we thought it was going to be today but so far they have not called us.” Tess said.

“Great just what we need, Max in the hands of an unknown enemy. We have no idea what they are going to do.” Michael said.

“What we do best.” Alex said.

“Oh and what is that?” Michael asked.

“Wait.” The other three chorused.

Cabin in the woods

She stared at the empty cabin and growled, they had ruined all of her well thought out plans and wasted all of her hard work. She had to move up her plans if she was going to stop the Covenant and the Scions. Hell was coming to town and she was going to make sure that the eight of them were not alive to see it.


Liz slowly blinked as she started to wake up, Pogue’s arm around her tightening bringing her even closer to his chest if that was possible. “How are you feeling?” Pogue asked his deep voice rumbling in her ear as he kissed the back of her neck.

“Like I have the flu.” She groaned.

“Yeah that just about describes it.” He chuckled.

“So my parents.” She sighed. “My mom knows a little of what is going on but my dad is in the dark but when he finds out what our connection means he is not going to be a happy camper.” Liz said as she sat up in her bed leaning against the headboard.

“Just what I need a scary father on my ass.” Pogue laughed.

“I take it this happens often.” Liz said.

“Liz you know it does, when you live the life I do mothers and fathers tend to worry.” Pogue laughed but she could sense through their connection how it hurt him.

“My mother loves you and so does my father they have known you since you were a baby they know what kind of guy you are and are not so easily swayed by appearance.” Liz said wrapping her arms around his middle as best she could in their position.

“I just don’t want a repeat of what happened with Kate’s parents.” He whispered feeling her stiffen mentally kicking himself for bringing up his ex while in the bed of his current girlfriend.

“Yes well that won’t come on get dressed the others are expecting us.” Liz said swiftly getting out of bed. Pogue wanted to strangle himself he knew that he just did a very bad thing.

“Liz.” He called getting off the bed and catching her arm to yank her towards him.

“We need to get downstairs now.” Liz said not meeting his eyes, another sign that he messed up big time.

“No wait a minute Liz. You are upset because I mentioned my ex I know that so out with it.” Pogue said.

“No problem at all Pogue, meet me downstairs when you are dressed.” Liz said quickly leaving her room.

“Damn.” He groaned running his hands through his long locks, this was all he needed right now. Pogue quickly got dressed and raced downstairs to face the firing squad. He went into the kitchen where he heard voices and found everyone there sitting around the table, Liz sandwiched between Caleb and Reid.

“Morning sleepyhead.” Maria sang as she popped a piece of popcorn into her mouth.

“Morning.” He grumbled as he sat down next to Caleigh and Faith. He felt someone’s eyes on him and he looked around the table until his eyes connected with Tyler’s. Pogue shivered when he saw the ring of fire flare in Tyler’s eyes letting Pogue know that Tyler was using his powers on him.

“Hey Pogue can I talk to you for a second outside?” Tyler asked standing up leaving no room for discussion as the younger son forced Pogue out of the kitchen and into the hallway off the kitchen.

“What?” Pogue asked.

“What the hell did you do to Liz to make her so angry?” Tyler ground out. “I hurt and angry vibes coming off of her are way out of the norm for Liz.” Tyler said.

“I messed up Tyler but I did not think it was that bad.” Pogue said sliding down the wall, Tyler moving to sit with him.

“What did you do?”

“I mentioned Kate in bed.” Pogue said when suddenly he felt Tyler’s fist connect with his stomach.

“You really do know how to screw up a relationship Parry.” Tyler barked.

“It is not what you think I did not call out Kate’s name or something during sex if anything it would have been the other way around.” Pogue wheezed.

“What?” Tyler asked.

“Oh please Tyler I know that you knew I had it bad for Liz way before anyone else did. When I was dating Kate I had such a hard time just being with her, the image of Liz’s face would pop into my head and I had to work overtime to make sure that I did not accidentally slip up and call out Liz’s name.” Pogue said having the grace to blush.

“Ouch.” Tyler laughed.

“Liz had been talking about how her parents are going to react to our connection and then I went and stuck my foot into my mouth and said it would not be any worse than when I met Kate’s parents.” Pogue said and Tyler nodded his head.

“Okay there is some good news and some bad news.” Tyler said.

“Okay and that is?”

“Good news is this is not as bad as you think it is just wounded pride and you bringing up your ex in her bed, not a good thing. The bad news is she is really pissed about this.” Tyler said.

“What do I do Ty? I need to fix this. I can feel how upset she is and I actually want to cry.” Pogue said.

“Welcome to my life.” Tyler said giving him a huge grin. “When you feel that many female emotions in one day and are constantly bombarded by them you want to curl up in a ball in the corner of the room with a bowel of ice cream and cry.” Tyler said.

“Oh that is girly.” Pogue laughed.

“You try being around a school full of females all either suffering from PMS, getting dumped, depressed, or just had an all around bad day.” Tyler growled.

“So that is why you are always spending time at home.” Pogue laughed.

“It is safer being around my mother than around those people.” Tyler shuddered.

“So how am I going to fix this?” Pogue asked.

“Well Parry do what us sons do best.” Tyler said giving his best friend a large grin.

“And what exactly is that?” Pogue asked blowing out a deep breath.

“Grovel on your hands and knees until she forgives you and be your charming self.” Tyler said and Pogue nodded.

“We do, do a lot of apologizing don’t we?” Pogue asked looking disgusted.

“I think all of us are born with the infamous foot in mouth disease.” Tyler grumbled.

“That we are.” Pogue said standing up extending a hand to Tyler.

“Come on Romeo let’s go start kissing your girls behind.” Tyler said laughing. The two walked into the busy kitchen and retook their seats Pogue never taking his eyes off of Liz who seemed animated and happy but it was obvious to Pogue that she was faking it and it was not because of her lack of energy it was because of him.

“Liz Pogue might we see you in the library?” Nancy asked poking her head into the kitchen. The two teens nodded sharing doomed looks with their friends as they followed Liz’s mother into the cozy library. Liz sat at one end of the couch and Pogue quickly sat next to her feeling her stiffen next to him. He could tell this was going to be a long conversation.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 34 p.12 5/7/08

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Hey guys thanks for all the replies to the last part! Yup Liz really did take it a little too hard but I had her do so for a reason not to worry! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 35: The Calm IV

Nancy and Jeff stared at the two teens sitting in front of them not knowing who was more nervous about the conversation the parents or the teens sitting in front of the parents. Nancy stared hard at the two in front of her and she noticed something different in their dynamic that sent her mom alert into overdrive. Liz was biting her lip as she sat before her parents another flag for Nancy and her stiff posture and how she seemed to lean away from Pogue.

“Alright you two now that Liz is not going to drop dead in front of us form energy want to tell us what is going on?” Jeff asked having calmed down considerably since seeing the Parry boy in the bed of his daughter.

“We know that the two of you are connected and we know what that means.” Nancy added silently praying that her husband did not contradict her. She had told her husband a few things in the past about connections but she did not tell him everything and all that it involves. “Pogue we have spoken to your parents and they feel that Jeff and I are capable of handling this discussion with the two of you on our own.” Nancy said watching as Pogue cringed knowing that he was going to be in this alone with Liz angry with him.

“What I want to know is how this connection affects the progression of your relationship.” Jeff said making the other three cringe.

“Jeff I thought we…” Nancy was cut off by her husband.

“I know what you said Nancy but I want to hear what they have to say about the progression of their relationship.” Jeff said realizing that there was more to their relationship than what his wife was telling him and he did not like being kept in the dark.

Pogue looked at the older man through wide scared eyes wanting to know what he knew so that he would not spill too much. He desperately wanted to turn to Liz and have her tell him what to do but he knew that was not an option. Liz sighed and took a deep breath knowing that if her father wanted the truth nothing was going to stand in his way of getting it and she was better off telling him the whole truth from the start, all she could hope for was that he took it better than he took the news of how far her relationship with Max had gone.

“Daddy.” Liz said catching her father’s attention. “The connection between Pogue and I is like any other connection between witches in that it is different. Each connection affects each pair differently.” Liz said.

“Liz and I were already close and had strong feelings for one another, this just solidified them and let us be aware of how the other person was feeling.” Pogue said.

“Okay but how is this going to affect your relationship? How fast is this relationship going to progress?” Jeff asked looking at his daughter dead in the eyes knowing she hated it when he did that.

“To be truthful dad we are not sure but we do know from what others have gone through that a connection does make the relationship progress on a more intimate level.” Liz said blushing furiously. Pogue looked at her in horror making her turn an even deeper shade of red.

Jeff sat across from his daughter in a high wingback chair blinking slowly at his daughter and her boyfriend trying not to get sick. “So that means what?” Jeff asked taking deep breaths in through his nose and slowly out through his mouth trying to fight the black spots fighting for control of his eyes.

“It means that physical intimacy is a serious aspect of the relationship and it comes into play more quickly in a connected relationship than in others.” Nancy said rubbing her eyes feeling a tension headache coming. Jeff was silent as he took in this new bit of information.

“No.” He whispered startling the three.

“What?” Pogue asked looking at the two women confused.

“No.” Jeff said his jaw clenched it was then that the others noticed his posture; fists clenched and back ramrod straight. They could tell that this was not good.

“Ah dad…” Liz did not know how to take this or approach this situation and she could feel Pogue’s raging fear through their connection. She could feel his despair that she was angry with him and not going to comfort him breaking her heart. Liz placed her hand on his thigh and gave his leg a small squeeze. She was surprised when she felt his joy through their connection at the small contact and she unconsciously leaned closer to him and she felt Pogue’s arm tighten around her.

“Liz you are too young for sex and you are not ready for that step it changes the whole dynamic of a relationship.” Jeff said.

“Jeff I think it is too late for this conversation.” Nancy said shooting her daughter an apologetic look and Liz nodded knowing her mother needed to do this.

“What?” Jeff asked tuning his harsh glare on his wife.

“Liz is not a virgin Jeff and she has not been for awhile.” Nancy said not meeting her husband’s gaze.

Jeff sat there paralyzed praying that this was all a dream. “Dad?” Liz asked shaking slightly.

“Oh boy.” He whispered his eyes wide.

“Mr. Parker?”

“Oh boy.” This time a little louder his eyes focused on the floor. “Oh boy oh boy oh this oh boy.” Jeff said over and over his voice getting steadily louder. “Oh no oh boy.” He gasped out his chest now heaving.

“Daddy?” Liz asked with panicked doe eyes.

“Oh boy” He belched out standing up suddenly making Liz and Pogue jump. Nancy looked at her husband worriedly. “Oh no oh boy oh my oh oh oh I think oh boy.” Jeff heaved sweat beading on his tan forehead. Liz looked at her mother worriedly and Nancy looked back at her daughter with the same worried expression. They had never seen Jeff like this. Pogue and Liz did not know if they should stay and wait for him to explode or just tough it out.

Liz did not understand her father’s reaction. Sure it was not exactly the type of news a father wanted to hear but Liz not being a virgin was not exactly the end of the world. “Dad?” Liz tried again and this time Jeff turned to look at his daughter.

“How could this happen? Why would you sleep with that boy?” Jeff asked in a furious whisper as he sat back down.

“Who?” Liz asked wanting to know who exactly her father thought she had or was sleeping with.

“Max Evans.” Jeff spat and Nancy flushed her blue eyes staring into the deep brown of her daughter.

“Jeff.” Nancy said softly, her husband turned sharply toward her. “That is not the boy Liz ah gave her flower to.” Nancy said making Liz turn a sickly and painful red.

“Let me die now.” Liz hissed squeezing the life out of Pogue’s thigh, she so did not want him to hear this.

“I am alright.” Pogue whispered in her ear when her dad was not looking and she gave him a weak smile.

“Then who? I mean it is not like our daughter is sleeping with the whole damn town!” Jeff shouted his temples turning a purple red color in his anger. Suddenly he darted an angry look at his daughter, “You aren’t are you?” He asked in a deadly sharp voice.

“Hey Liz is not like that.” Pogue roared the witch in him was not a happy camper. Suddenly he understood why Liz had gotten so upset earlier, he did not like hearing about Max and that boy who slept with her.

“Jeff please.” Nancy said sensing the Covenant magic in the air which meant Pogue was getting angry and the situation was escalating quickly.

“Who?” He asked not noticing the warning signs.

“Sean Deluca.” Nancy whispered watching out the corner of her eye as Pogue swept Liz’s hand on his thigh into his larger hand clenching it tightly as he crushed her to his side fighting for control of himself.

“Shh.” Liz tried to sooth without her father noticing.

“Deluca!” Jeff roared.

“Dad can we please not discuss this it has happened and is over and done with bringing it back up is not going to help at all if anything it is going to make this situation worse.” Liz tried watching as her father deflated slightly.

“Why didn’t I know this was going on?” Jeff asked quietly his head falling into his hands.

“It’s not exactly something you talk about with your parents.” Liz mumbled.

“No but your mother knew.” Jeff whispered.

“Ah that was an accident actually.” Nancy said looking guilty.

“What happened?” Pogue asked.

“Mom came to pick me up from Maria’s because I had told her and my dad that I was having dinner at Maria’s and well mom was impatient and walked in like usual.” Liz whispered hoping to death that she would not have to continue, there were just some things Pogue did not need to know about.

“Wait you walked in on them and did not tell me?” Jeff asked looking horrified.

“I was not the only one who walked in on them.” Nancy laughed suddenly making Liz moan in horror.

“Who?” Pogue asked trying to find the humor and not cry.

“Amy god I am going to die.” Liz groaned.

“Amy that is too good.” Pogue laughed.

“No it is not I do not want to talk about this it is mortifying.” Liz huffed.

“For all of us sweetie.” Nancy said and suddenly the room was once again plunged into an uncomfortable silence.

“Are the two of you having sex?” Jeff asked the lines around his eyes more pronounced in his distress.

“No.” Liz said watching as her father let out a sigh of relief.

“Just please…please.” Jeff let out a huff and licked his upper lip before continuing. “Please be careful when you do.” Jeff whispered before standing up and leaving the library his wife quickly following leaving Liz and Pogue to think.
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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 35 p.13 5/9/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 36: The Calm V

“Think we should wake him up?” Maria asked in a stage whisper.

“Are you crazy?” Reid hissed back but he poked the man anyway.

“Will you two stop that.” Faith whispered.

“It’s fun.” Reid giggled poking the prone figure again.

“All of you stop it.” Caleb said making the three jump. Maria gave a nervous squeak and inched closer to Reid.

“Hey Caleb, been there long?” Reid asked.

“Long enough Garwin.” Caleb snapped moving to check on Max.

“Is eh supposed to look like that Caleb?” Faith asked fear evident in her eyes. Caleb nodded and motioned for Reid to get closer.

“We need to remove the garanknar.” Caleb said looking annoyed and Reid groaned.

“Already?” Reid asked and Caleb nodded poking at Max like the others had previously.

“If we leave it in any longer it could kill him.” Caleb said, “As it is there is no telling what the garanknar did to his alien system. This was not exactly one of Pogue’s and my better ideas.” Caleb said giving the others a weak smile.

“Great so you killed him.” Maria said pinching Caleb who looked like a well chastised child.

“I don’t think we did.” He muttered.

“So how are you going to remove it?” Reid asked grinning like mad his blue eyes gleaming as if he knew a juicy secret.

Caleb’s dark eyes darted around madly not meeting anyone’s eyes. “Ah…well…” Caleb stammered making Reid laugh.

“You have no idea do you?” Reid laughed leaning against the stone wall as he laughed.

“None.” Caleb muttered letting out a shaky breath.

“Oh you have got to be kidding me.” Maria hissed her green furious eyes boring down on Caleb who had the sense to shrink away from her.

“Caleb.” Faith groaned banging her head against the wall. “Liz is so going to murder us.” She moaned and Maria nodded in agreement.

“You and Pogue are so in deep if he is dead.” Maria nodded.

“Why?” Reid asked looking miffed. “From where I am standing Liz should be thanking them for getting him out of her hair. This guy has only caused you and Liz problems, Caleb and Pogue getting rid of him can only be a good thing.” Reid said.

“It’s not good Reid because it would get the other three on her case see the pod squad has this thing where they like to blame Liz for all of their problems even when she has no control over the situation.” Maria said rubbing her eyes.

“Besides you know how Liz is about killing people.” Caleb said letting out a shaky breath.

“Don’t kill unless you have to.” Faith filled in poking at Max as well. “I think he is still alive just unconscious.” Faith muttered.

“So how are we going to get it out of him?” Maria asked.

“The good old fashioned way.” Caleb said glumly.

“Oh and what’s that?” Maria spat.

“An extraction ritual.” Caleb muttered sending the dungeon cell into an unnatural silence.

“Those are banned.” Faith said in a shaky voice tucking a dark strand of hair behind her ear the way Liz did when she was nervous.

Caleb nodded letting out a deep breath not meeting their eyes as he stared down at Max. “I know it is but we don’t have any other options at the moment and we can’t leave this thing in Max any longer.” Caleb said.

“We are going to have to move quickly if we are going to do an extraction ritual.” Reid said brushing off Maria’s angry glare.

“You are not seriously thinking of going along with this are you?” Maria asked her green eyes flashing in her anger.

“As much as it pains me to say this.” Reid groaned shooting a look at Caleb, “Caleb is right it needs to be done and it needs to be soon.” Reid agreed making Caleb snort.

“I knew this was going to happen.” Caleb laughed standing up.

“What?” Maria asked giving Caleb the same frosty glare she was giving Reid.

“I knew eventually Reid was going to see I am always right.” Caleb said ducking out of the cell when he felt Reid get ready to zap him.

“Who is going to do the ritual?” Faith asked as the three followed him after locking Max back up, not that he was actually able to go anywhere.

“It takes two.” Reid said and the others nodded.

“I think the two of us should do it, or if you don’t want to I can go and get Tyler.” Caleb said.

“I will do it.” Reid agreed and the two quickly headed away from Maria and Faith to Caleb’s father’s study where he used to keep all of his spell books and the instructions for different rituals he used before he was unable to stop.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Maria said once Caleb and Reid were out of earshot.

“I know but you know Caleb.” Faith sighed “There is no talking him out of something once he sets his mind to it.”

“Should we tell Liz about this?” Maria asked.

“Right now she needs to worry about her parents and Pogue, once all of that is taken care of then we can worry her with this.” Faith said. “She is too weak right now to handle this.” Faith said.

“Which brings us to our next problem.” Maria said rubbing her forehead. “Is Caleb strong enough to handle this?” Maria asked.

“No.” Faith whispered.

“Come on you go and stall Caleb, I am going to find Tyler he is going to fill in for Caleb and he is not going to put up a fuss. Caleb is risking not only his life by doing this but Max and Reid’s as well.” Maria said and the two raced away.

Liz and Pogue were left in the library to think as her parents left. She slowly removed her hand from his and turned to face him feeling even more tired now than before. His eyes flicked all over the room never meeting hers but she could clearly feel his emotions washing over her through their ever strengthening connection.

“I am sorry you had to hear that.” Liz whispered when his eyes finally rested on her.

“S’okay.” He said his eyes flicking away again.

“No it’s not, no one wants to hear about that and I am sorry that my past relationships were dragged up before you that was not fair to you, especially since I had just gotten mad at you for bringing up Kate.” Liz said and she felt the turbulence in his emotions shift again.

“Well I do have to admit hearing about you with other guys is not exactly easy for me to listen to.” Pogue said still not meeting her eyes not wanting to show her what he was really feeling.

“No that had to really suck Pogue.” Liz said itching to grab his hand again but she knew that he did not want that. “I am sorry Pogue for getting angry with you earlier, I had no reason to be angry.” Liz whispered hoping he would at least look at her. Pogue finally turned and looked at her and then closed his eyes at the pain he saw in her doe eyes.

“Why did you get so angry?” He asked.

“I don’t know I really don’t there is just something about her that gets to me and I can’t put my finger on it. Pogue I have never hated someone for no reason but her I just…”

“Do you hate her because she used to date me because right now I hate Max, Sean, and Kyle because they dated you?” Pogue asked.

“That might be part of it but Pogue you have dated other girls and I don’t hate them and you were more serious with them than Kate. I don’t know I just know that there was no excuse for me to get so angry with you and I am sorry it’s not like she is never going to come up.” Liz said.

“You just walked away.” He said his temper flaring slightly, Liz could tell that he was just holding onto it.

“I did and I was wrong.” Liz said “I am used to running away whenever I have a problem it is going to take some time and getting used to on my part but I know that I don’t have to run away from you.”

“I think you running away hurt a lot less than you emotionally moving away from me. Liz when I came in here with you to talk to your parents you moved as far away from me as you could and even when we were touching I could feel you closing yourself off from me and that hurt…a lot.” Pogue said.

“I know.” She whispered fighting tears. “I could feel how upset you were but I did it anyway. When my parents were talking to us and you started getting more upset all I wanted to do was hold you but I let my stupid pride get in the way.” Liz said she felt him move next to her and she felt his hands move to her waist as she was pulled into his lap his arms securely around her holding her to his chest.

“The two of us need to work on talking out our problems and not running away when things get tough.” Pogue said warmth shooting through him when she rested her head on his shoulder cuddling closer.

Suddenly Liz sat up looking worried. “Do you feel that?” She asked and Pogue nodded the two of them running out of the library into the main part of the house.

“Caleb!” Pogue yelled and moments later the others including Caleb rushed into the foyer.

“What?” Caleb asked.

“Do you feel that?” Liz asked watching as the other’s used their magic to strengthen their senses.

“What is that?” Reid asked his eyes changing back to their shocking blue.

“I don’t know we need to get our dads on the phone.” Pogue said and Caleb nodded. Something in the air was different, it sang with magic and whispered danger and death. It looked like their calm had just ended.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 36 p.14 5/12/08

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Thanks guys for the reviews on the last part I know you all did not like being left hanging! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 37: The Secret

Paul Parry, Ryan Garwin, and Mark Simms raced into the Danvers home where Nancy and Amy were waiting. “What is going on?” Paul barked his wife Cecil having shoved him awake not long ago.

“Dad.” Pogue winced at his father’s angry tone.

“What is going on?” Ryan asked throwing an arm around his son’s shoulders leaning against him as he fought off sleep.

“We are not sure but we know that it is something bad.” Reid said.

“What are the signs?” Mark Simms asked as Nancy closed the library doors shutting out Jeff and Evelyn Danvers.

“Feel for yourself.” Faith said her and Caleigh sulking because their mothers were once again the only ones missing. The others watched as their parents closed their eyes and concentrated on their surroundings.

Nancy summoned her inner strength and released a deep breath as the magic escaped her. The air smelled different and she concentrated on the changes, the soft sweet must was stronger and the gull scent stung her nose. The air sang and then her eyes snapped open meeting those of Ryan Garwin who’s blue eyes sparkled with fear.

“That is impossible.” Amy breathed sniffing the air. It was a scent and feeling familiar to the older generation and they knew that their children would never recognize the feeling and scent of their surroundings. There was no way the young Covenant and Scions could detect the subtle growling in the air as death stirred around them calling out for them.

“Mom?” Maria asked.

“You all might want to sit down.” Paul whispered not meeting his son’s eyes

“What is going on?” Caleb asked his gruff voice unusually soft.

“Mom you are scaring me.” Maria whispered as everyone took a seat. The adults looked to Mark the current oldest in their midst.

“There is something you all need to know.” Mark whispered looking at Tyler praying his son would forgive him.

“What?” Caleb asked trying to control his fear.

“When we were teenagers something happened something that we have kept secret all these years.” Paul whispered sharing another look with the adults. “A secret that threatened to destroy us all.” Paul said.

“What?” Liz asked.

“A magical secret.” Nancy whispered.

Sarah drove as fast as she could to the Danvers home kicking herself for falling asleep earlier and not getting to Caleb sooner. She knew she had over reacted earlier but she wanted to see Caleb and he had yet to call her back and her gut was telling her that something was terribly wrong with him. Her blue car pulled up the driveway and she was stunned by the number of cars already there increasing the size of the ball of dread in her stomach.

“What is going on?” She mumbled as she raced up to the front door and rang the door bell waiting on bouncing feet for someone to open the door. Evelyn answered the door and was surprised to see the young blonde standing on her stoop.

“May I help you my dear?” She asked in her liquor induced gravelly voice.

“Is Caleb here?” Sarah asked knowing that he was.

“He is unavailable at the moment but you can come on in and wait with Cecil, Jeff and I.” Evelyn said ushering the small girl inside her home. Sarah walked in and saw Liz’s father and Pogue’s mother in the sitting room in front of a roaring fire.

“What is going on?” Sarah asked.

“We are not sure.” Cecil said as she took a sip of the amber liquid in her glass.

“What we do know is that they are closing ranks.” Jeff mumbled as he swirled the clear drink he was holding.

“And that means what?” Sarah asked sitting down.

“It means that if you are not a direct member of the covens you are not getting let in on what is going on.” Evelyn said giving a sarcastic laugh as she downed the rest of the alcohol in her glass.

“Well Caleb will tell me what is going on.” Sarah said feeling confident. Jeff snorted into his glass and Cecil chuckled.

“Darling it does not matter how great a relationship you and my son have. If they decide to close ranks you are not going to be put first he will leave you in the dark. It is the Covenant and Scion way.” Evelyn barked as she got up from her chair in a whirl stalking over to the liquor decanters she always kept full.

“What is this closing ranks thing you all keep talking about? I mean I get that no information is leaked but why?” Sarah asked.

“Closing the ranks is what the magical lines do when they sense a war coming or something big and magical is going down that they feel is too dangerous for us to know about.” Jeff said.

“They stay together and only turn to each other for comfort. It can really hurt a marriage but it is what their families have done since the old world.” Cecil said letting out a bitter laugh.

“When was the last time they did something like this?” Sarah asked.

“When my husband was losing control they started to close ranks. They were the ones who got him under control before he killed himself and others.” Evelyn whispered. “My own husband was unrecognizable to me by the time they had gotten him under control.” Evelyn said her dark eyes going blank as she lost herself in her memories.

“So this is something like that?” Sarah asked.

“I get the feeling that it is worse.” Cecil said giving Sarah a strained smile.

“What makes you say that?” The small blonde asked.

“Normally when they close ranks just one of the generations is involved. This time around it is our kids as well.” Jeff said.

“Hell they were the ones who called the damn meeting.” Evelyn spat bitter to the very end about all the magic her son was involved with. She did not want to see her son end up like his father; a shell of a man.

“Something is going on and they are making damn sure that no one outside the covens knows.” Jeff said.

Back in the library the atmosphere was tense for a gathering of friends and family. The eight kids sat facing five adults. “What magical secret?” Liz asked her voice colder than anyone had ever heard.

“You have to understand baby we did not think that he would ever come back, we thought we had taken care of him for good.” Nancy said her lower lip trembling her worst fears coming true. Her actions as a teen have placed her daughter in mortal danger and a danger her baby never saw coming.

“Who?” Liz asked her voice oddly commanding.

“Acolmiztli.” Nancy whispered making Amy whimper.

“What kind of demon are we dealing with?” Pogue asked looking at his father who held his furious gaze.

“See Pogue that is where you are mistaken.” Paul whispered.

“Oh yeah and how is that?” Pogue asked his dark eyes daring his father to speak up.

“Acolmiztli is not a demon.” Paul said his eyes snapping to the others in the room. “He is a god.”

Motel in Ipswich

He was sick and tired of waiting for them to call and he was not about to leave his king in the hands of an unknown enemy a moment longer. The others wanted him to wait they wanted him to wait around for a stupid call that never came. He listened as they tried to reassure themselves that they had made the right decision in leaving Max behind and he could not take it a moment longer. He could not believe how gullible they were how trusting they were when they knew that their enemy came in all shapes and sizes. For all the others knew Max was in the hands of Khivar already.

“Michael?” Isabel called from the other side of the door.

“Come in.” He grunted and her tall blonde form was revealed to him.

“What are you doing in here?” She asked sitting Indian style on the double bed next to him.

“Thinking about how incredibly stupid we all are.” Michael grunted. “How could you all leave him there Isabel?” Michael asked.

“Michael we had no other choice!” Isabel cried indignant that he was once again questioning her actions.

“I don’t know!” He roared running his hands through his hair. “I don’t know.” He whispered looking at the floor. “And that is what kills me. I am supposed to be this great second in command to the king of this great planet and I can’t even keep him out of harm’s way. I let him go in there Isabel and I blindly followed I did not even put up a fight to make him listen to me I just shut up and followed.” Michael whispered.

“Michael.” Isabel said hating how her brother was beating himself up, her delicate hand found its way to his shoulder. “You and I both know how stubborn my brother is and that once he sets his mind to something there is no talking him out of it. Michael an entire army could have been there trying to convince him that breaking into Caleb’s was a bad idea after he warned you two not to come back and he would not have listened.” Isabel said squeezing his shoulder. “Max listens when it suits him otherwise he pulls the king card and claims he does not have to listen to us even though we were sent here for him to listen to.” Isabel said.

“You know sometimes I wonder if we were all killed in our past lives because Max would not listen to our people.” Michael said not seeing the look of fear come over Isabel’s golden face her big brown eyes wide with terror.

“I somehow highly doubt that.” Isabel whispered but Michael never heard her.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 37 p.15 5/14/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part, I swear some of you have read my notes! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 38: The Secret II

The library was basked in an unnatural silence. Maria leaned forward clearing her throat, “A ah what?” Maria asked her voice a soft whisper.

“A god an Aztec god to be more precise.” Ryan said rubbing a hand over his mouth a familiar gesture to his son that meant his father was worried.

“We should have known we should have seen the signs but we were so intent on trying to forget that we did not see the warning signs.” Nancy whispered a tear rolling down her pale cheek.

“What signs?” Caleb asked.

“The Horaci should have been a large neon sign.” Paul growled pulling at his hair. “But we thought we had taken care of Acolmiztli but the Horaci showing up just…”

“How are the two connected?” Liz asked her scientific mind taking over.

“They are both Nahuatl. Acolmiztli is the Aztec god of the underworld. His minions are the Horaci.” Mark said sounding disgusted. “They are both dark shapeshifters.”

“What shape does this god take?” Liz asked.

“A puma, a black puma that has the most…unnatural roar.” Nancy said her voice shaky.

“So what does all of this mean?” Tyler asked finally speaking up.

“It means we failed all those years ago.” Mark said his blue eyes meeting his sons matching blue eyes. “When all of us were eighteen we went against Acolmiztli and we banished him back to the underworld where he could never interfere in this world again.” Mark said closing his eyes as images of the battle long ago played in his mind. “We never told our parents and significant others what was happening.” Mark added

“Why?” Liz asked.

“Liz the Horaci are shapeshifters.” Nancy said.

“And that means…?” Faith asked

“Shit.” Caleb breathed.

“Oh god.” Liz said covering her mouth her does eyes wide with terror.

“What?” Caleigh asked looking terrified.

“They thought one of our parents was a Horaci.” Liz whispered and Nancy nodded.

“Oh god, who?” Maria asked Reid wrapping an arm around her when he saw she was becoming hysterical.

“We did not know.” Mark said.

“So we closed ranks.” Ryan said.

“Only Evelyn was around back then to remember it she and James had just started dating.” Paul said.

“So we are closing ranks again?” Pogue asked and his father nodded.

“Guys we have no idea who the enemy might be all we know is that they can’t look like one of us. Your mother’s and father’s are fair game as well as your friends and girlfriends.” Paul said.

“Damn.” Caleb muttered. “So my mother and girlfriend could be the enemy?” Caleb asked.

“It is possible and unfortunately it is hard to tell unless the Horaci reveals their true self.” Mark said.

“Caleb don’t worry we will be here I am not going to let anything happen to you.” Nancy said feeling terrible that the boy she considered a son was suffering alone. Liz grabbed her best friend’s hand and laced their fingers together.

“So we close ranks.” Faith whispered.

“We close ranks.” Mark nodded looking to Caleb and Liz the new leaders of the bloodlines.

“I hereby declare the closing of our ranks our bloodlines.” Liz said her eyes flashing black as the pentagram appeared on her forehead, the Scions bowed their heads.

“I hereby declare the closing of our ranks our bloodlines.” Caleb said his eyes flashing their magical jet black as the Covenant bowed their heads.

“The Scions and the Covenant work together as always.” Liz said sticking out her hand the air crackled with an unseen energy.

“Our bloodlines fight together and close ranks together, we are one.” Caleb said grabbing her hand again a large energy wave emitting from their hands rippling around the room and jetting out from the room.

Sarah sighed as she sipped the water Evelyn had given her as she and the others waited for the meeting to be over. The air around the room crackled and she saw the other three sit up alarmed. “What?” Sarah asked when she saw the three slam to the ground.

“Get down!” Jeff roared and she did so when out of nowhere a powerful energy wave swept through the room smashing several of the glasses in its path. Seconds later the wave was gone.

“What the hell was that?” Sarah asked from on the ground next to Cecil.

“That was the solidifying of the closing of the ranks.” Jeff muttered.

“Excuse me?”

“Closing ranks is a magically binding contract.” Jeff said.

“The bloodlines stick together.” Cecil said her dark eyes watering.

“And those of us who are not witches are left out.” Evelyn said sitting back up in her chair.

“I don’t understand what that means.” Sarah huffed.

“Neither did I when James’s mother told me what was happening all those years ago. I noticed that James…” Evelyn swallowed hard and closed her chocolate eyes. “I noticed that James was moodier and started to push me away, he turned to Nancy and Amy more and more each day and he and Mark would hold up in his father’s study for hours on end.” Evelyn whispered. “He started to push me away and when I confronted him about it he pushed me away harder saying he was doing it for my own good and that the others needed him.” Evelyn said.

“The will not turn to us when they have a problem they are just going to go to each other.” Cecil muttered.

“Turn to each other for what?” Sarah asked.

“My dear many of the rituals they use involve powerful magic that their bodies cannot handle alone.” Evelyn said angry tears forming in her eyes.

“What does that mean?” Sarah asked feeling like the biggest idiot ever.

“It means that a lot of their rituals that they use to enhance their powers and get results involve ancient pagan practices.” Cecil whimpered.

“She means sex.” Jeff ground out.

“What!” Sarah screeched.

“The pinnacle of their power can be released and harnessed in sexual acts.” Evelyn said not at all phased by that.

“What so they like have one giant orgy?” Sarah asked getting up to pace and Jeff let out a laugh.

“No hun that is not what happens it is usually two of them having sex while the others perform the ritual.” Jeff said.

“Well who are they going to make have sex?” Sarah asked and the silence was her answer, Caleb. “Caleb.” She sobbed.

“Probably since he is the leader of the Covenant.” Evelyn said secretly thrilled she knew that if her son was to sleep with one of the Scions it would be the end of his relationship with Sarah.

“Who with?” She asked her breathing erratic.

“Liz I am guessing.” Evelyn said.

“No it will be Faith or Caleigh.” Jeff said.

“Why?” Evelyn asked sitting up straighter.

“Because Liz and Pogue are connected.” Cecil said and Evelyn closed her eyes. “Pogue will more than likely be involved in any power assistance with Liz.” Cecil said a sour look on her face she really did not want to think about her son doing those things.

“What kind of threat are they facing?” Sarah asked sitting down her eyes dulled with defeat.

“We don’t know and we probably never will.” Evelyn said.

“Do you think it has anything to do with the Horaci?” She asked not liking their shared looks.

“It is possible but again we will not be told their oath will not allow it.” Evelyn said effectively crushing Sarah.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 38 p.16 5/16/08

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Hey everyone thanks for all of the FB on the last part! Thanks...

Jensen Lover 37
KiaraAlexisKlay- Yup I love the Aztec culture and their mystical practices fit this story the best so I just had to use them.


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 39: The Secret III

Sarah sat up when she heard voices coming towards them. “We need to do the extraction now before it is too late.” Caleb said.

“Fine but I think Caleigh and Reid should do it. The four of us are too weak.” Liz said not giving Caleb any room to argue much to his displeasure.

“But I know I can do it.” He mumbled.

“I know you can and I know you would either kill yourself or someone else while doing so. Caleigh, Reid will you do it?” Liz asked turning to the two blondes who nodded their assent. “Good Caleb and I will get the supplies you will need.” Liz said sending a glare at Caleb.

“What are they going to perform?” Nancy asked.

“An extraction, it seems my boyfriend and best friend thought it would be a good idea to put a thing in Max.” Liz said.

“A garanknar.” Pogue mumbled shrinking back when he felt the hostility come through their connection.

“Pogue Alexander Parry.” His father huffed his hands on his hips. The others watched as Pogue curled in on himself under his father’s fierce gaze. “What the hell were you thinking?” Paul asked.

“I somehow get the feeling that it was Caleb’s idea and that Pogue just knew where to look.” Nancy said and Caleb had the grace to at least blush.

“She is right.” Caleb mumbled.

“How did you know where to look?” Maria asked.

“Gorman might have mentioned something.” Pogue said.

“Alright so Caleigh and Reid will take care of this and next time the two of you decide to do something this risky you two are going to be the ones to clean it up even if it will kill you.” Mark said and Pogue and Caleb nodded.

“Come on Danvers let’s go and get the supplies from your dad’s study.” Liz said grabbing his thick tan arm in a vice like grip.

“Pogue you can go and prepare Caleigh and Reid.” Paul said and his son dutifully nodded.

“I swear they get into more trouble than we ever did.” Paul huffed as Tyler, Faith and Maria went after their friends.

“Paul you know as well as I do that the nine of us got into far more trouble than they do.” Amy sighed. “Should we have told them?” Amy asked as the others crowded around her.

“I was wondering that as well.” Nancy breathed.

“I think one of our secrets was enough for tonight, there was no way they could handle the rest tonight.” Mark said his blue eyes haunted and cold.

“I am just afraid that what we did when we were their age is going to come back and haunt them.” Nancy whispered.


“No Paul you know as well as I do that what all of us did…it changed things and we have no idea what the repercussions might be this time around.” Nancy hissed.

“We were dumb kids.” Ryan admitted.

“Let’s just hope our kids understand that when they learn the truth.” Amy said.

Motel in Ipswich

Alex sat outside by the closed pool in his thick jacket thinking. He knew that Michael and Isabel were holed up in the room conspiring and it made him more angry than he felt was necessary. At one point not too long ago he fancied himself in love with Isabel but her actions recently turned him off in more ways than he could count.

“Hey.” A soft voice whispered from behind him a voice he knew so well that haunted his dreams.

“Hey, Kyle asleep?” He asked turning slightly to look at her.

“Passed out in front of the TV and since Michael and Isabel are busy hissing at each other in the other room I wanted to come and see you.” She said sitting down next to him on the pool chair wrapping a blanket she had brought down from the room around them.

“Thanks for not letting the others get too far Tess I really appreciate it.” Alex said wrapping an arm around her.

“Alex they are acting different or maybe…”

“Maybe you are seeing the real them for the first time and not the version of them you had ingrained in your head?” Alex asked giving her a knowing smile.

“When I was younger I was brought up on stories of how wonderful and caring my fellow aliens were and that the moment I met them they would welcome me with open arms and full hearts. It hurt a lot when I found out that was all a lie.” Tess whispered her big blue eyes full of pain.

“Sometimes people harp on something so much and build it up that when we finally get what has been promised to us it is not all that we made it up to be in our heads.” Alex said and Tess nodded.

“I came to Roswell only to find that everyone had a great life and was not even missing me and on top of that I messed everything up for them and they still hold that over my head. They hate me.” She mumbled.

“Hate is not the right word there Tess, they just don’t know what to think of you and are afraid that you are going to destroy the lives they worked so hard to build.” Alex said gently rubbing her arm. “I don’t hate you Tess and I know that Liz does not hate you she was afraid of what you would mean to her relationship with Max but I know she does not hate you and Kyle does not hate you. Isabel does not hate you either she just does not know how to show she cares.” Alex said.

“Really?” Tess asked her blue eyes unusually watery. “You don’t hate me?” She asked.

“I don’t hate you Tess and no one else does either.” Alex said.



“Thanks for being such a great friend.” She whispered before she let the silence sit between them as the two of them stared at the empty pool.

Danvers Home

Reid and Caleigh sat side by side Indian style on the stone floor with Pogue kneeling before them a thick balm in his large hands. “My blood is your blood.” Pogue said dipping his thumb into the balm before smearing it under Reid’s eyes the thick red liquid clotting like blood. “My powers are yours. Our blood lines connected we work as one.” Pogue said drawing symbols on the backs of Reid’s pale hands.

“Sisters and daughters.” Caleb muttered dipping his finger into the balm before drawing the lines under Caleigh’s eyes. “Powers amplified by the generations past united you stand and divided you fall.” Caleb said drawing the symbols on the back of her porcelain hands.

“We work together as one.” Caleigh and Reid breathed a blue glow emitting from them.

“Now remember what you have to do, concentrate.” Caleb instructed softly.

Caleigh extended her bloody hand and rested it over Max’s head her eyes open but staring blankly ahead. “I can see what is unseen.” she said grabbing Reid’s hand.

“I see it.” Reid muttered.

“Behind the optical nerve.” Caleigh said tightening her grip on his hand. “Begin the extraction ritual now.” She said and Pogue nodded as he lit the blue colored incense the scent of amber filling the air. Caleigh’s hand began to glow brighter and turned red the lower her hand traveled.

“Nice and easy now Cal.” Caleb muttered all of them holding their breath as her hand hovered over his eye before it glowed even brighter and she plunged her hand into his eye grabbed at something before she pulled her hand back out and her hand stopped glowing a small stone in her hand.

“It worked.” Reid sighed looking drained.

“Oh that was sick.” Maria said making the others jump.

“I hate you two.” Caleigh muttered looking darkly at Caleb and Pogue. “Because of the two of you I had to reach my hand into someone’s head and yank out a stone, I could have pulled out his eyeball!” She screamed even though she had lost all her strength.

“Yeah that was weird even for me.” Reid admitted.

“I had to reach in there.” She grumbled darkly.

“Now what?” Liz asked.

“He is supposed to wake up.” Pogue said.

“That is if Caleigh did not kill him.” Caleb added.

“I did not kill him if anyone killed him you did.” She growled throwing the stone at his head hitting him in the eye.

“Ow!” He moaned rubbing his stinging eye. “You people are evil when you are angry.” He growled as a moan was heard from the floor.

“Max?” Maria asked as his amber eyes slowly blinked open groaning at the dim light of the dungeon.

“Where am I?” He whimpered.

“Ipswich.” Liz said as Pogue moved to stand behind her.

“Liz…” He gasped out trying to reach towards her. “What happened to me?” He whimpered. “The things I saw were so terrible Liz please I need you.” He moaned his eyes not focused on a fixed pointed it was obvious to the group that he was not seeing perfectly yet.

“Max focus.” Caleb instructed his gruff voice breaking through Max’s haze.

“You.” Max said the fog around his eyes clearing and the face that haunted him glowered over him. “You are not real.” Max muttered.

“Max you need to focus. Now what is the last thing you remember?” Pogue asked moving away from Liz his deep voice finally penetrating through Max’s magic induced haze.

“I remember this thing crawling up my face and then…” Max sat up and scooted back against the stone wall pressing as close to it as he could. “I saw the most horrible things…” Max said his eyes shifting back and forth between the two standing in front of him and finally to Liz. “How could you let them do this to me?” Max asked.

“She did not let us do anything champ we did that all on our own.” Pogue said grabbing Max and pulling him close so that he could whisper and no one else hear him. “Listen and listen good Max. Liz and you are over for good she is with me and we have something you two never did.” Pogue whispered.

“Oh and what is that?” Max laughed bitterly confusing the others.

“A future.” Pogue growled.

“Okay Evans here is the deal.” Maria said pushing Pogue and Caleb back. “The others are in the motel in town and they are waiting for us to return you. You are going to go with them and never come back here because next time you come here uninvited I will not stop the others from killing you.” Maria growled.

“I will make the call to Alex and tell him he can come and pick Max up.” Liz said grabbing Pogue’s arm to drag him upstairs. Tyler turned to Maria when he sensed her emotions skyrocket.

“What is it?” Tyler asked his blue eyes dancing over her form. “Why are you so giddy?”

“I just had a brilliant idea.” Maria gloated.

“And that would be?” Caleb asked.

“How about we ask the aliens for a little help?” Maria asked her green eyes dancing.