Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE] 8/25/08

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 39 p.17 5/18/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! I really love reading what all you have to say it keeps me writing and the ideas in my head flowing! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 40: The Secret IV

The phone rang shrilly on the hook startling Michael and Isabel out of their silence. They waited for one of the other three to answer but no one did so Isabel reluctantly picked up. “Hello?” She asked rubbing her forehead.

“Isabel?” Liz asked.

“Liz!” Isabel shouted her brown eyes wide with anticipation as Michael scrambled up from the bed.

“Max is awake and we are ready to hand him over to you, hold on…” Liz said and Isabel heard a voice in the background. “Oh and you all are requested here for a meeting we have something to discuss with you.” Liz said.

“Fine we will be there soon.” Isabel said not really hearing the last part of the conversation all she heard was that she could come and get max.

“Press the bell on the gate box and Caleb will let you drive up.” Liz said before hanging up.

Isabel turned to Michael her eyes darting all around the room. “Liz said we can go and pick up Max but all of us have to go apparently they need to talk to us about something.” Isabel said.

“Well if Liz said something it must be important Isabel you know Liz she does not want to talk unless she has something to say.” Michael said feeling as if a weight has been lifted off his chest when Liz called.

“I don’t like this Michael she is different when she is with them.” Isabel said.

“No Isabel, Liz is the same it’s just she has put her interests and theirs above ours.” Michael said. “You know as well as I do that when she was involved with us that she put us above herself on more than one occasion.” Michael said.

“Well it was her fault our secret was let out in the first place she has a duty to protect us.” Isabel said.

“No Isabel she does not and she has a secret to protect as well.” Michael said. “Now come on we need to get the others and go.” Michael said walking into the other room to see Kyle passed out on the bed, Alex and Tess nowhere to be found.

“Where is Alex?” Isabel asked “And Tess?”

“No clue.” Michael said opening the door hoping they were sitting outside the door. He stepped outside and did not see them but he heard voices below and walked over to the railing and looked down by the pool. He could see Alex’s unmistakable form and Tess snuggled up next to him the two of them laughing softly. “Well that is interesting.” Michael mumbled looking back at the room where Isabel was pinching and hissing at Kyle to get him awake he quickly went down to the pool to get the other two.

As he approached the two from behind Michael could hear gentle whispering coming from the two. “Hey guys.” Michael said watching as the two jumped. Alex had reflexively pushed Tess behind him impressing Michael.

“Michael.” Alex said the tension in his shoulders melting away.

“Liz called we can go and pick up Max. Apparently she wants to talk to us as well.” Michael said.

“That worked out so well for us last time.” Tess grumbled.

“We got Michael.” Alex pointed out and she reluctantly nodded.

“Come on you two we need to get going before Isabel has a meltdown.” Michael said watching as Alex got up first and then turned to help Tess onto her feet as she gave Alex a shy smile. Michael watched as the two raced back to the room to deposit their things.

“This really is an interesting turn of events.” He grunted.

Danvers Home

She knew he was watching she could feel his eyes on her trailing over her as she moved around the kitchen. The others had gone to wait in the sitting room for the humans and aliens to come and pick Max up. “What?” She asked softly turning towards him.

“What am I going to do?” He whispered his dark eyes flashing with deep pain.


“Faith I don’t know what I am going to do I feel like I am in a pool treading water waiting for someone to come and help me but no one is coming and I know I can’t stay above water for much longer.” Caleb whispered. “Faith I need help.” He whispered.

“I figured as much. God you and Liz are more alike than you think.” She let out a dry laugh. “The both of you take the world onto your shoulders and when you get out to deep you never call for help.” Faith said.

“Well I am asking for it now.” Caleb said. “Faith I have been living in this damn shell for too long and so has Liz. Look at us we are broken there is nothing to us we just exist.” Caleb growled. “The two of us keep saying over and over that we want to go back to our old selves but the truth is neither of us know how to get there and I am too afraid to take the steps to get there.” Caleb said.

“I know. Pogue came to me and told me that Liz has said the same thing. He is going to work with her on letting herself go and I am going to help you.” Faith said patting his hand. “We need the two of you Caleb and not just in this fight but in general we need you two.” Faith said.

“I am weak and nowhere near the power level I should be.” Caleb grumbled.

“Caleb our powers are connected to us on a deep level, we survive by our powers they keep us alive. By you not fully accepting yourself and not opening up you are stunting your powers just like Liz.” Faith said. “Pogue and I have been working on a few ideas…”

“Since when?” Caleb asked the hurt coming through.

“Since we first arrived in Ipswich. Pogue loves Liz and hates that she hides herself and the two of us love you and hate that you do the same thing.” Faith said.

Caleb let out a deep sigh as he closed his dark eyes resting his head on the cool table. “What have you come up with?” He asked his voice muffled by the table.

“Several things some of which we know are not an option and a few that might work.” She said purposefully avoiding giving him a direct answer.


“Alright fine sheesh you are worse than my mother.” She grumbled.


“Okay. Liz is the easier one to work out since she now has a connection to Pogue we were able to find a few things that will awaken her and her powers through Pogue. He is her center now and a key player in whatever is going to happen to her.” Faith said and Caleb nodded in understanding.

“I take it I don’t want to know what some of those things are.” Caleb said and Faith nodded her cheeks going pink. “What about me?” Caleb asked finally looking at her his eyes dull.

“We had to work carefully on you because of your relationship with Sarah we knew that you…” Caleb held up a hand silencing her.

“You all can work as if we are not together.” He sighed. Faith looked at her friend through sad eyes. “It is not fair to her to be kept in the dark this much but it is what we have to do to survive.” Caleb said reading into her look. “I need to break things off with her so that she is not stuck in the same position my mother was with my father, always waiting around for any little bit of news always living on the edge of her husband’s life never living in it.” Caleb sighed.

“So you can make a conscious decision to include her just…”

“Just not too much, the story of our life. Besides we still do not know who the Horaci are and as much as it kills me to say this, Sarah could be one.” Caleb said.

Faith looked down feeling terrible for her friend but at the same time she knew in her heart that it was for the best. She had grown to like Sarah and if Sarah had remained as involved in their lives as she was it was more than likely that she was going to be either killed or begin her decent on a dark path. “Alright.” She sighed. “We did look up ways to help you without Sarah as a consideration.” Faith said.

“An example please?” Caleb asked raising one of his thick eyebrows.

“There is an ancient Greek ritual from the pre Hellenistic era that Pogue wants to try with Liz.” Faith said.

“Greek that sends up red flags.” Caleb laughed. “It involves sex.” He stated and Faith nodded. “I was wondering when that was going to pop up.” He let out a dry humorless laugh. “My dad had warned me that a lot of the powerful rituals involve sexual acts.” Caleb sighed.

“More than I think you realize. I was a little sickened and shocked by some of what I read. I can safely say I understand why so many stopped the ancient ways and stuck with basic power manipulation.” Faith said blushing.

“Hey ah Faith.” Caleb said turning towards her.


“For the ah rituals who ah did you have in mind to help me out?” Caleb asked trying to get past the dry lump in his throat.

“Well at first I was looking at Liz but Pogue nicked that one. Caleigh and Maria are not taped into your powers since they are from the last two blood lines. It would ah have to be it would ah well you see…”

“It is going to have to be you right?” Caleb asked taking pity on the small girl next to him and filled in for her. Faith nodded her face flaming red. “Alright that works for me. Thanks for offering to do this.” Caleb said not quite sure what to do in this sort of situation.

“No ah problem.” Faith mumbled. “So you interested?” She asked.

“Yeah I think we should try something, anything at this point.” Caleb said standing up offering her a hand up.

“Good ah great.” Faith squeaked and the two of them quickly left the kitchen heading towards the sitting room.

“Faith.” Caleb said grabbing her arm gently as she twisted around her eyes meeting his. “I really am glad I have you to help me out.” He whispered pulling on her arm so she was closer to him Caleb tilted his head down and watched as her eyelids lowered slightly as he rested his forehead on hers. “I have a feeling you are going to be the one to save me when I am drowning.” He whispered as the doorbell rang.

“They really do have bad timing.” Faith whispered and Caleb laughed in agreement dragging her to the front door where Liz slowly opened the large door revealing the Roswell group minus Max.

“Where is my brother?” Isabel snapped barging into the Danvers home the others hot on her heals.

“Isabel…” Alex tried.

Max sighed when he heard his sister enter the home and he rolled his eyes making Maria and Reid laugh. “She really annoys you sometimes doesn’t she?” Tyler asked and Max nodded as he slowly stood up.

“Time to face the music.” Max grumbled. “You ready to talk Maria?” Max asked and she nodded.

“Talking is what I do best Maxwell and with your help we are going to convince the other three that helping us is a good move.” Maria said.

“I have no doubt in your skills Maria it seems you have a way with words.” Max said as he stepped out into the foyer blinking his eyes several times to adjust to the dark light of the foyer.

“Max!” Isabel shouted before she latched onto him.

“Isabel I am alright.” He said feeling it best to leave out the torture he had endured.

“No thanks to them.” She hissed her eyes lingering coldly on Liz and Maria who remained indifferent.

“Come sit down we have a few things to discuss.” Liz said.

“No thanks we are going to get the hell out of here.” Isabel spat yanking Max towards the door. Liz raised her hand and sent a wave of energy in front of Isabel forcing her to freeze in place. Isabel turned hotly towards Liz her golden eyes screaming fury.

“That was not a request.” Liz said a ring of fire flashing in her brown depths before they changed into solid black pools. “Come and sit down.” Liz said leading the way into the sitting room where Reid, Tyler and Caleigh had remained seated.

Isabel glared at Liz as Max pulled her to sit down on a dark green couch, Michael and Tess choosing to sit with them while Kyle and Alex chose to sit near Liz and Maria. “I don’t see why we owe you anything after all you were the ones who kidnapped my brother.” Isabel said.

“Isabel I was the one who broke into their house.” Max said squeezing his sister’s hand. “Listen to them please for me. What they have to say is important.” Max said turning to Maria.

“Why thank you Max.” Maria said sitting forward in her wingback chair. “It has come to my attention that our two groups are both in trouble with two very formidable enemies.” Maria said.

“And?” Michael asked.

“I propose a sort of trade. We will help you keep the skins away from you if you help us fight our enemy.” Maria said.

“And what enemy is that prey tell?” Isabel asked.

“You do understand that we would be breaking a blood oath by telling you that right?” Tyler asked. “We would need to make a blood pact with you in order to divulge that information.” Tyler said.

“Why don’t you tell them how you plan to help us.” Max said hoping that the others would go along with it.

“You know?” Tess asked and Max nodded.

“How?” Michael asked not liking the secret look Maria shared with a bleach blonde on an adjacent couch.

“Why Michael I am so very glad that you asked that.” Maria smirked.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 40 p.18 5/20/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the replies this is the last part before things get even worse for our friends! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 41: The Secret V

Tess looked back and forth between their two groups more confused than she had ever been in her short life. She did not like being kept in the dark but she believed Maria’s friend when he said that it was a matter of life or death and that they were unable to tell. Max though was what stumped her the most she could not understand why he was going along with this it was just so unlike him.

“Why Michael I am so very glad that you asked that.” Maria smirked looking to Liz to continue after all her best friend knew how to get the facts out and Maria knew how to spin it in the aliens favor.

“As Michael and Max have seen we are very good at what we do. The wards we have in place were triggered by Max and Michael using their powers.” Liz said watching three of the four aliens. Tess looked confused and then her blue eyes widened.

“You mean…”

“Yes Tess we could work our wards to your advantage.” Maria said.

“I am confused.” Michael admitted looking sad.

“Michael our wards are just the tip of the iceberg we can extend them to fit any area and we can manipulate them to alert you to any kind of threat, human and alien.” Liz said.

“Michael we can use our wards to protect you four in Roswell from the FBI and the evil aliens who always seem to be after you, hell Liz and Caleb can even create portable wards for you.” Maria said.

“Portable how?” Isabel asked hating to admit that this had caught her attention.

“The wards we carry are all personal and we have them in certain objects that are always on us such as rings, watches, necklaces and bracelets.” Liz said. “My mother and Gorman taught Caleb, Serena and I how to make them and we are willing to make them for you if you agree to help us.” Liz said.

“Help you how?” Isabel asked not liking how silent her brother has been.

“You all have interesting and unique powers, powers that our enemy has not seen in a long while.” Caleb said with a devious smirk. “It would be interesting to see what happens when he realizes what bloodlines he is messing with.” Caleb sighed not realizing he had once again peaked the aliens interest.

“Is helping you dangerous?” Michael asked.

“Very.” Liz said.

“How dangerous?” Tess asked.

“Well on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being mortal danger it is like a 32.” Liz said.

“A bit exaggerated?” Isabel huffed.

“No.” Caleb said. “Look without breaking out oath all we can tell you is that what we are going up against has no problem taking on immortals.” Caleb swallowed hard.

“But you guys aren’t immortal…” Isabel stopped when she saw Liz’s guilty look.

“We kind of are.” Liz said shrinking back slightly. “When I was shot I could have easily used my magic to make it all better.” Liz said.

“Most of us have been in situations and done things that would have killed a normal human.” Pogue supplied.

“Like jumping off cliffs.” Tyler grinned.

“Taking our cars head on into a semi truck.” Caleb said.

“Jumping off the roof.” Maria said.

“Getting hit by a subway.” Caleigh said her cheeks going red.

“The point is our powers prevent us from getting killed by man made errors. Magic can kill us.” Liz said.

“So we exposed ourselves for nothing?” Isabel asked.

“No Max exposed you to save me or what he thought was to save me he had no way of knowing at the time if I could save myself and he reacted before I could make it all disappear.” Liz spat. “Again though you are missing the point. The thing we are up against is very powerful and can kill us and we need your help. He has not seen your powers for awhile and it will catch him off guard.” Liz said.

“Wait our powers are unique he would never have seen them.” Isabel huffed.

“No they are not.” Tess said her porcelain cheeks tuning apple red.

“Excuse me?” Isabel asked.

“Our people are just very advanced humans we have the same gifts as humans.” Tess said. “And like humans we have people who have special gifts, like us.” Tess said.

“So we are like the Antrian version of witches?” Max asked and Tess nodded.

“We are nowhere near as powerful as we used to be but yes I guess you could call us that. We were royal because our powers were unique and different from the general population.” Tess explained.

“So you know people who have had our powers?” Michael asked Liz.

“Not directly, my great great grandmother had Tess’s ability to manipulate what a person sees but not to Tess’s extent without some help.” Liz said.

“My dad had Isabel’s from what I understand.” Caleb said remembering what Liz had told him about the alien’s power. “Except our people don’t call it dreamwalking we call it walking on Sonoros a dream plane said to be ruled by Darlishai or something like that.” Caleb said his face screwed up as he tried to remember what little his father told him as a child.

“There have been others with healing abilities and all of us can blast similar to Michael.” Maria said. “It just looks different.”

“Back on topic though we need your help and it sounds like the four of you need ours to keep your enemies off your backs. We are willing to help you if you help us.” Pogue said. The witches and two humans watched as the four aliens shifted about until Max finally spoke up.

“We need to discuss this. One of us will give you a call when we decide. The problem is we only have a little over a week to help since we still have school.” Max said.

“Oh crap school!” Liz screamed her hands flying to her head.

“What is it baby?” Pogue asked.

“Oh no!” Caleb groaned his hands flying to his head as well.

“God the two of you are alike.” Faith muttered.

“I have so much homework to do and like an hour or two left to finish it. Oh and I have a six page paper to write on Rose Red.” Liz moaned.

“Shit!” Reid moaned and Maria giggled.

“You forgot.” She snickered.

“Hey I did not forget.” He denied.

“Yeah because he was asleep when the assignment was announced.” Tyler said.

“Yeah thanks for filling me in there pal.” Reid grumbled.

“Listen we should get going so they can discuss this.” Alex said as he and Kyle stood up. “Kyle and I will give you a call with their answer.” Alex said heading to the door forcing the aliens to scramble after him.

“We will be in touch.” Max mumbled before they left the house Caleb leaning against the large front door in relief.

“That was brilliant Maria.” Reid snickered kissing her cheek as he held her to him.

“Well I try.” She blushed.

“How did you get Max to go along with you anyway?” Faith asked her eyes narrowing when Maria shared a look with Reid and Liz. “Oh you didn’t.” Faith hissed.

“What?” Caleb asked.

“She put something in his water.” Faith hissed.

“Well what else was I supposed to do he was so not compliant so I just gave him a little magical help. Don’t worry I am monitoring his doses it should last until late tomorrow, I just have to find a way to get him another dose.” Maria said.

“Liz you went along with this?” Faith asked.

“She was the one who ground up the ginger and apple seeds.” Maria huffed Caleb looked between the girls and grinned at Liz.

“I don’t think I have ever been more proud in my entire life.” He sighed and Pogue nodded in agreement.

“You fems and Reid of course are evil when you want something.” Caleb said.

“Question Liz.” Tyler said. “What is this little magical assist going to do to Max? I mean he is an alien and you all said he could not handle alcohol who knows how he is going to handle one of our little quick fixes.” Tyler said.

“We had no other choice.” Maria whispered.

“Besides it’s not like we are really going to let them go into the thick of the fight without knowing all the facts and letting them know what Max was on.” Reid said.

“We so cheated this time.” Caleigh whispered.

“Yeah I do have to admit I feel bad about doing this to Max but…” Liz trailed off.

“He is not my main concern right now you all are and based on how he was in the dungeon earlier he is more of a risk than an aid right now and if getting him magically compliant is the way to ensure our safety I am all for it.” Caleb said before heading up the stairs. Pogue pulled Liz to him and lead her upstairs.

“Liz you know as well as I do that the herbs just calmed his mind they did not take away his freewill or sway him to our side in any way that was all him. You did nothing wrong.” Pogue whispered in her ear warming her heart.

“Thanks for saying that it’s just I can’t quite shake the feeling that something is off.” Liz whispered.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 41 p.18 5/22/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Wed May 28, 2008 2:57 pm

Hey guys thanks so much for the replies to the last part I am very sorry that I did not get this part out sooner but RL was a pain this week. Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 42: The Secret VI

She kept turning in her seat to look at him making him more and more uncomfortable as the ride continued. After the last hurt look from her he had enough, “What!” He shouted startling the others.

“Max why did you agree to listen to them?” Isabel asked the muscles in her neck twitching as she spoke.

“Several reasons actually.” Max laughed dryly. “The main one being I have seen just how powerful they are and I know that they could be very helpful in our fight. Also Maria slipped something into my water.” Max laughed causing Michael to slam on the breaks causing screams and yells of panic in the car.

“She did what?” Michael asked in a strangled hiss.

“Relax Michael it is nothing dangerous just some herbs to help me relax. It was like this fog cleared from my head sort of like brushing away the cobwebs.” Max said not seeing the streak of fear flash over Tess’s face.

“What?” Tess asked gaining everyone’s attention. “You said your head was in a fog, how long?” Tess asked.

Max looked confused for a moment his amber eyes squinting in concentration. “A few months why?”

“Because that is what it feels like when you are waking up from a mind warp or mind block.” Tess said her blue eyes wide. “I don’t understand though I mean the only other person who can do that besides me is…” Tess trailed off.

“You were mind warping him?” Michael barked.

“No she did not say that.” Alex huffed “Tess said it sounded like someone was doing it not her people!”

“Who do you think it is Tess?” Kyle asked.

“Nicholas.” She whispered.

“The timeline does fit.” Isabel reluctantly agreed. The others in the car watched waiting for it and then they saw it flash in her dark eyes, panic. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Isabel moaned her breath coming out in short pants as her panic settled in her chest.

“There is a plus side to all of this.” Tess whispered.

“What?” Michael barked.

“With Liz’s help we can keep him away from us.” Tess said.

“She has a point. I think we need to get back to the motel and talk this out.” Max said running his hands over his face as he took in his surroundings his eyes taking in the world around him differently. It was as if for the first time in months he was free.

Elsewhere in Ipswich

She stood in the woods the damp mold smell filling her nostrils as she sat in the thick dark. The bitter cold wind was her only companion as she waited for the others. She was lucky that her master was so forgiving and understanding and was merciful enough to send replacements for the dead foot soldiers and then some. She had underestimated the witches a mistake she was not going to make again. As the time drew closer her mission became all the more important she needed to remove the threat before her master had to do it for her.

A twig snapping behind her altered her to their impending presence and she readied herself. “Took you all long enough.” Her cold voice cut through the night stabbing the new Horaci in front of her. She watched as they bowed their heads in defeat as they gathered around her, twenty in all.

“We beg for your mercy we were delayed by humans.” The closest one to her spoke never meeting her eyes.

“I will only forgive you once. We have a job to do and you know what it is. Follow my orders and you will succeed fail to follow orders and you die just like the others.” She hissed her yellow eyes taking in the new beasts in front of her.

“We will not fail.” They hissed back.

“Good.” A wicked smile spilt on her face. Her plan was coming along very nicely.

Spencer Academy

Even though it killed them all eight witches managed to drag themselves to school the next morning, after all they had to get into Harvard. Liz sighed as she trudged to her next class with Maria trailing behind her; gym was their least favorite class. “Is it just me or are our suits getting smaller?” Maria grumbled as she pulled on her skin tight blue suit.

“Caleb did laundry.” Liz muttered.

“So?” Maria asked neither of the two girls realizing most of the teen girls in the pool locker room were focused on their conversation.

“Oh Caleb shrunk your suits.” Caleigh laughed as she slammed her stuff in her locker. “Reid did the same to us. Tell me please why we let them do our laundry?” She pouted as she pulled it on.

“Because he begged.” Liz groaned. “Now I know why. I swear if he shrank anything else…”

“Relax Liz it was just our suits in the wash.” Maria said.

“We stopped letting Pogue do the laundry when he shrank our tops.” Faith grumbled making Liz laugh.

“No wonder Caleb never tried that.” Liz laughed just as Sarah walked into the locker room dark circles under her eyes.

“Hey Sarah.” Caleigh said giving the girl a brilliant smile only to cower when the other blonde sent her a death glare.

“Sara?” Liz asked trying to hide her displeasure over Sarah hurting Caleigh.

“I just don’t get it.” Sarah whispered.

“What?” Faith asked.

“He kept telling me that all of you were just his best friends that there was nothing going on and I was willing to go along with that after all your families have been friends for so long. Hell I was willing to accept that when I saw Caleb in bed with Faith and Liz dry humping him. Hell I was even willing to go along with being kept in the dark about certain aspects of your life.” Sarah fumed confusing the four girls not even caring that she had a large audience. “But what I don’t get is how you can pretend to be my friend when you are sleeping with my boyfriend or excuse me my ex boyfriend.” Sarah spat as she pulled on her swimsuit before marching out of the locker room.

“Wait, what the hell just happened?” Maria asked.

“Looks like Caleb broke up with Sarah.” Liz said never taking her eyes off of Faith who looked sick. “Hey you alright?” She asked wrapping her arm around her best friend.

“Not really. No one has ever said something like that to me.” Faith whispered as she grabbed her towel. “Come on we need to get out there.” Faith said rushing out of the locker room. The four girls walked over to the bleachers and sat next to the boys. Faith glared at Caleb before she purposefully sat next to Pogue and Tyler.

“What did I do?” Caleb asked Maria who just huffed at him.

“Does telling Sarah that you and Faith were doing the horizontal mambo rig a bell?” Maria asked waiting for the look of understanding to cross his face but it never came.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Caleb asked.

“Faith he does not know.” Maria hissed confusing all four guys. Faith turned to look at Caleb her sad eyes knocking the air out of him.

“What happened?” He asked.

“Kate came into the locker room and said that she knows that Caleb and Faith are sleeping together oh that the two of you are now ex’s.” Maria said watching as the color drained from his tan face.

“What would make her think that?” Faith asked her sad face stabbing at Caleb.

“No clu…oh she didn’t.” Caleb hissed running his hands through his hair.

“What?” Pogue asked.

“My mother.” Caleb huffed. “This sounds exactly like something she would do. Knowing her she probably let it slip to Sarah the nature of some of the spells we do.” Caleb ground out.

“But why would she tell Sarah that and what would make Sarah think I was the one you would sleep with?” Faith asked.

“Because my mother is not fond of Sarah and Sarah knows me better than I thought and knows that I would for you.” Caleb muttered.

“Hell any of us could have told you that.” Pogue laughed. “So our little Sarah thinks the two of you are together now or something?”

“Apparently and she seems to think it has been happening behind her back.” Faith said.

“She has to know I am not like that, that Faith is not like that.” Caleb sighed.

“Caleb when a woman’s feelings are hurt she does not exactly see reason. Right now all she knows is what your mother has told her and as far as she knows Evelyn has no reason to lie to her so she is taking your mother’s word as gospel. She thinks you cheated on her and that is clouding her judgment at the moment.” Maria said.

“But taking it out on Faith is not exactly fair.” Pogue pointed out.

“Well from her point of view I am the other woman.” Faith grumbled. “And she thought I was her friend. In her eyes that is a huge betrayal since I know how she feels about Caleb.” Faith said.

“It is for the best in the long run.” Reid muttered not faltering under Caleb’s dark look. “Don’t Caleb don’t give me that look because you know I am right. You know how dangerous things are going to get for us and the less she is involved with us the better. Right now you can’t afford to be distracted by her.” Reid said knowing that even if his friend did not want to hear what he had to say it needed to be said.

“She is not a distraction.” Caleb spat.

“Yes she is Caleb and it was not too long ago that you were starting to realize that.” Reid said as Caleb let out a deep breath.

“Fine you are right it just…”

“Hurts.” Maria added and Caleb nodded.

“So are the two of you going to just go along with the story?” Liz asked looking to Faith who it seemed the boys were over looking.

“It’s your call Faith.” Caleb said feeling terrible that he had to do this to her. “You are friends with Sarah.”

Faith sighed not meeting his gaze. “You’re right Sarah and I are friends but we are new friends. The two of us and this group have been together forever and that means more to me. I am going to go along with the story if anything it will keep her safe.” Faith whispered.

The rest of the day dragged by for the witches until they found themselves back at the Danvers home waiting for a phone call from Alex and Kyle. Liz and Pogue had disappeared right when they walked in the door and soon after Maria and Reid left as well leaving the other four to sit and wait.

Pogue watched her as she sat there on her bed biting her lip softly as she highlighted her text book twirling the florescent pen in her nimble fingers. Gone was her uniform and instead she wore her gray sweat pants and a white tank top or what Liz called her relaxing clothes. “What?” Liz asked startling him out of his musing.

“What, oh nothing sorry.” Pogue said grinning knowing that she had caught him staring at her the light blush in her cheeks gave her away.

“Something you need?” Liz asked closing her book when Pogue continued to stare at her.

“Yeah you.” He said giving her one of his patent dark smirks sending her into a full body blush.

“Ha ha very funny.” Liz mumbled looking down again. She felt the bed dip behind her as his arms snaked around her.

“Liz I was very serious.” Pogue whispered.

Caleb looked down at the phone buzzing on the glass table trying to decide if he should answer it but Caleigh beat him to it when she snatched up the buzzing phone. “Lizzie’s phone.” Her soft voice sang ignoring Caleb’s indignant huff.

“You are coming over?” Caleigh asked darting a look around the room her eyes landing on Caleb who nodded. “Alright you all can come over.” She squeaked before hanging up.

“That was Alex he said they had reached a decision and are coming over to deliver it. Apparently the aliens insisted on that.” Caleigh huffed.

“Well good.” Maria said her sudden appearance causing the four witches to jump. “Maybe they can help us stop this.” Her green eyes darted about the terror in their depths shocking her friends.

“Ria?” Faith asked.

“We have a major problem.” Maria whispered. “Gorman is dead.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 42 p.19 5/28/08

Post by Ansleyrocks » Fri May 30, 2008 2:54 pm

Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part I was sad about killing Gorman as well but it had to be done even though he was a favorite of mine! Thanks...

SnowyOwl-17: I understand school is hard and sucks up loads of time! Thanks for the reply!
LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 43: The Secret VII

The air felt thick and oddly warm for the middle of winter. His chest burned as she took in each breath his eyes stinging was salty tears built in their corners. “What?” He asked in a painful whisper.

“My mom just called. Gorman is dead he was killed sometime last night at the ancestral home.” Maria whispered as she crumpled to the ground Reid latching onto her to prevent her from getting hurt.

“How?” Faith asked. “How did he die?”

“Mom said that the wards did not go off so no one broke in but…” Maria looked away.

“What Maria what is it?” Caleb asked.

“Her mom found Gorman in the attic…there were claw marks on the floor next to him as well as dark black animal hairs…” Reid said.

“Horaci, they did it.” Caleb snapped.

“How can you be sure?” Caleigh asked.

“Cal the black hairs are part of the other form the Horaci take.” Maria whispered.

“The dog.”

“Oh god.” Caleigh moaned.

“How the hell did they even get into the ancestral home?” Faith asked. “I mean there are more wards around that thing than any other place.” Faith said tears rolling down her cheeks unchecked.

“It has to be someone we know.” Caleb sighed looking sick. “The wards we set up are tricky in that if we invited the person in there is a chance they would be able to get through without a problem.” Caleb said.

“So it really could be one of our parents?” Tyler asked.

“It looks like it.” Caleb sighed.

“So wait does that mean one of us is like half Horaci or something!” Maria screamed her cheeks flaring red in her hysterics.

“Maria you know that is not possible.” Reid whispered in her ear hoping to calm her down, he knew that she tended to go crazy when she was upset but he was hoping that she held off until Liz at least got downstairs.

“I know it is just…”

“Scary.” Caleigh whispered and Maria nodded giving her friend a teary look.

“Where is Liz?” Caleb asked. “And Pogue?” He looked around the room when he was finally able to comprehend that his two friends were missing.

“Upstairs in her room.” Tyler said.

“Someone has to go and get them and tell them what is going on.” Caleb sighed not seeing the look Maria and Tyler were sharing.

“You should go and do that Caleb.” Maria said and Tyler nodded in agreement.

“It would be better coming from you.” Tyler added.

“Alright I will go and talk to them. God this is going to kill Liz she always thought of Gorman as a grandfather. Hell all of us did god what are we going to do he was the go to guy for all of us.” Caleb sighed his dark eyes drooping with sadness.

Maria checked to see if Caleb was heading up the stairs before she allowed a small smile to come over her sad face. “Think he is going to scream?” She asked softly.

“More like cry.” Tyler sighed. “If Gorman is not bad enough, what he is about to walk in on will kill him.” Tyler said.

“What is he about to walk in on?” Faith asked.

“WHAT THE HELL! POGUE GET THE HELL OFF MY SISTER!” the group heard a slight thud. “OH MY GOD!”

Maria and Tyler started to laugh softly through their tears. “What the hell?” Faith asked.

“Caleb got his surprise I take it.” Reid said and Maria nodded.

“What surprise?” Caleigh asked.

“Let’s put it this way. There was a reason Maria and I were in the lounge upstairs and not in her room.” Reid chuckled softly.


“Liz is a screamer.” Reid mumbled making Maria and Tyler laugh as Faith nodded in understanding.

Motel Ipswich

Alex sighed as he shut his phone he had a bad feeling all of the sudden as if something terrible was about to happen or as Maria would say his spider sense was tingling. He and Kyle shared a look as the group piled into the car. “What is it?” Tess asked her blue eyes darting around to see if she could find what he was enthralled by.

“Nothing just a funny feeling.” Alex said giving her a weak smile. Something was changing and he knew that it had to be bad for him to feel it.

Danvers Home

Caleb slowly trudged up the stairs dreading having to give Liz and Pogue the bad news. He knew that Liz and Pogue were in her room studying so he felt it was alright to just walk into her room, boy was he never going to make that mistake again. The image of Pogue naked and on top of Liz doing unmentionables was seared into his eyeballs for eternity and then what they were doing hit him.

“WHAT THE HELL! POGUE GET THE HELL OFF MY SISTER!” Caleb roared feeling the blood rush to his head. He saw Liz slam upwards as Pogue flinched back and was knocked to the floor as a naked Liz stared at him in horror her chest very visible to him. “OH MY GOD!” He roared his large hands flying to his face to cover his eyes as Liz scrambled to cover herself.

“Oh fuck.” Pogue growled.

“Caleb!” Liz screamed.

“Get dressed young lady!” Caleb yelled not removing his hands.

“I will not, not until you tell me why the hell you are in my room!” Liz yelled back.

“I have something to tell the two of you and it will be better for all of us if the two of you are not screwing while I tell you. Put some clothes on Parry.” Caleb snapped and Pogue scrambled to do so.

“Damn he is scary when he is mad.” Pogue muttered.

“Damn straight.” Caleb growled making Pogue blush.

“We are dressed daddy.” Liz snapped and Caleb removed his hands blinking at the bright light. “Now what did have to talk to us about?”

Liz and Pogue watched as Caleb’s angry expression turned pained as he leaned against the wall to afraid to go near the bed. “Maria’s mom just called. Gorman was killed last night.” Caleb said bracing himself knowing that Liz was not going to take it well.

“He what…no that…no” Liz chocked out as Pogue hugged her tightly his dark eyes clouded over as he stared at his best friend.

“How?” Pogue asked.

“Not sure as of yet but I know our parents are going to figure it out. Right now the general consensus is the Horaci.” Caleb said feeling terrible when he saw Liz sobbing on her bed. Liz looked up from Pogue’s shoulder at Caleb glaring at him.

“Well are you waiting for an invitation get over here and hug.” Liz sobbed as Caleb joined his two distraught friends on her bed the three of them holding each other like they had when they were kids. “Why him?” Liz whimpered.

“Because he was our knowledge center the one we went to when we had a problem. By taking out our keeper they knew that we would be destroyed. They are coming after us.” Pogue growled.

“I am going to miss him.” Liz whispered.

“Me too.” Caleb sighed. “Me too.” The doorbell sounded throughout the house making Liz groan.

“They have stupid timing.” She grumbled and her two boys nodded in agreement. “Come on let’s go and greet our guests. I have a feeling they are going to be sticking around for awhile.” Liz grumbled as the two trailed behind her.

Faith pulled open the front door and motioned for the six to enter her domain. Michael looked around wearily as Isabel sniffed at her surroundings. Tess and Max were the more subdued ones followed by Alex and Kyle. Caleb sighed wearily when he saw the two humans not looking forward to what he was about to do to all of them but he really liked Alex and Kyle.

“We are going to work with you but only because you are going to help us.” Isabel said trying to take charge the way she always did in Roswell, her voice had to be the top one. Liz and Caleb shared a dark look knowing that the aliens were going to need to learn a lesson and they were just the witches to teach them.

“Yes we gathered that when Alex called and told us that you were going to work with us.” Faith sneered.

“So we need you to…” Isabel was cut off by Caleb who waved a strong and hand and sent a small mass towards Isabel.

“What the?” Michael asked when Isabel suddenly started to scream only it was oddly muffled as she jumped up and down pointing at her mouth.

“That should keep her quiet for awhile unless she would prefer I remove her vocal cords.” Caleb said as he and Pogue shared an evil smirk.

“Undo that now!” Michael barked not seeing Max’s distressed face.

“Please don’t make them mad.” Max whispered his amber eyes darting around the room.

“Now!” Michael roared.

“No.” Liz said standing up her small form shaking with her anger as she extended her arm forcing Isabel and Michael into their seats magically keeping them there. “You all do not run this meeting we do. You will sit there while we discuss this and you will not make demands.” Liz growled her black eyes glaring dangerously at Michael and Isabel.

“Now Max was there something you wanted to say?” Caleb asked.

“Yes. We think it would be a good idea to work with you and contrary to what some people might say…” Max sent a pointed glare at his sister and best friend. “We are not just in this because of what we are getting out of the deal. We really want to help you.” Max said.

“I know Liz, Maria and I are not the closest of close but I don’t want anything bad to happen to them.” Tess added her pale cheeks going pink at her admission making Alex smile.

“Are you all really willing to work with us?” Maria asked suddenly looking like the youngest as she sat next to Tyler and Reid her hopeful expression breaking Michael’s heart.

“Yeah we want to work with you.” Michael said and Isabel nodded her head in agreement. “But no more drugging Maxwell.” Michael added.

“But he needs one more dose.” Maria said looking flustered.

“What was the drug supposed to do?” Tess asked.

“Ah herbs actually and they just clear the mind.” Liz said.

“Well they worked.” Max gave them a small smile. “Apparently I have been mind warped.” Max said looking sick. “And before anyone jumps to conclusions it was not Tess.” Max said sending a pointed look at Liz.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Liz asked not loving the look.

“Well come on Liz we all know that you hate Tess…” Max said.

“That is so not true!” Maria growled. “Liz is not like that she might not trust Tess but she is willing to work on that.” Maria snapped looking as if she wanted to charge the amber eyed alien.

“You will not judge my girlfriend.” Pogue growled as Caleb sat up in his chair looking worriedly at his friend as the other witches shifted in their seats all sensing the change in Pogue, his fiery temper bubbling to the surface reading to burst at a moment notice.

Liz’s hand extended to his arm gently rubbing the fevered skin that threatened to blister as his powers manifested. “Pogue…” her gentle voice broke through his anger induced haze. The aliens and humans watched as the glowering male seemed to melt under Liz’s touch it was like watching a lion go from roaring rage to a purring kitten in a matter of moments.

“Alright people back on topic.” Caleb said waving his arms to get the people at attention. “So you four swear to help us?” Caleb asked noticing Kyle and Alex share a confused look.

“We swear.” Tess said.

“Would you four be willing to make a blood oath?” Liz asked.

“I would be willing.” Tess said.

“So would I.” Michael and Max said and Isabel nodded vigorously.

“What about us?” Kyle asked motioning to him and Alex neither of them liking the pained looks the witches were sharing.

“We have to close ranks.” Maria whispered. “We have already lost two of our friends we are not willing to risk more. With the aliens their blood is different enough that our enemy can’t shift into their form but you two are human…” Maria whispered tearfully.

“And you could be our enemy right now and we would never know.” Caleb said.

Kyle and Alex shifted in their seats looking disgusted when suddenly Kyle looked up at the eight witches his cold eyes startling them. “Well it’s funny that you should mention that…” His yellow eyes sparkling with mirth.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 43 p.20 5/30/08

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Hey guys thanks for all of your replies to the last part! Yes I am mean for doing this to Kyle and yes it does kill me becasue I love Kyle he is one of my favorites. Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 44: The Secret VIII

Maria could not believe what she was seeing and yet the evidence was grinning at her in a manic way making her stomach turn. She could feel the others tensing beside her as their powers activated unconsciously as the threat before them laughed.

“What is going on?” Max asked when suddenly Kyle turned to look at him.

“You people are so pathetic I could have easily killed you all numerous times. Never knew the snake was in the pit with you.” Kyle growled whipping himself off the couch to stand in the center of the room. “I almost had you two.” Kyle said glaring at Liz and Maria.

“What do you mean?” Maria asked her voice betraying her brave front.

“Oh please the entire time I was in Roswell I was trying to find a weakness but you two were always with your mothers and the others and I could never make a move.” Kyle snarled his form blinking for a second revealing thick black fur on his body.

“Where is the real Kyle?” Liz asked standing up with her friends fear clawing deep within her. “What happened to him?”

The Horaci wearing Kyle’s face smirked at the small brunette as he advanced towards her. “You will find that Kyle is missing in action so to speak.” He smiled. “I believe you all started to notice the difference when he came back from camp this summer.” Kyle said.

“Yeah you had a new look on life ever since Max saved you.” Michael said.

“No more like I was a whole new person.” Kyle laughed.

“You killed Kyle?” Liz asked her black eyes raging. “He never did anything to you!” She shouted.

“He was a means to an end.” The Horaci shrugged. Caleb looked at Liz and Maria and knew that they were not going to be able to hurt the Horaci since he wore the face of their friend. He glanced at Pogue and the two of them nodded at each other. A slight movement out of the corner of his eye caught Caleb’s attention and he saw Michael protectively prowling in front of Alex and Tess as Max stood in front of Isabel. Caleb subtly nodded at Michael who seemed to have gotten the message.

“Why are you trying to take us out?” Liz asked her voice oddly steady.

“Because your lines are the only thing standing between my masters return and the end of the world.” The Horaci snapped before Kyle’s face turned carefree once more. “Besides I would think that you of all people would not want to stand in our masters way.”

Liz looked confused looking to Caleb to see if he knew what the monster was talking about but he shook his head.” What are you talking about?” Liz asked not liking the nasty smile that formed on her friend’s face.

“You mean your mommy never told you?” The Horaci asked looking much too gleeful for the groups comfort. “I am shocked I would have thought Nancy would tell the leader of the Scions this right away since it is important information.” The Horaci said. “I mean why would your mother and the other elders keep something like this secret from all of you?” The Horaci asked.

“Well obviously we don’t know so why don’t you fill us in?” Reid growled in an almost inhuman way.

Kyle laughed coldly sending shivers down their spins at the unnatural sound. “Oh but this is the best little secret of all.” Kyle laughed.

“What?” Maria asked.

“Did your parents ever tell you how they defeated my master?” The Horaci in Kyle form asked his gaze roaming the room.

“No.” Tyler ground out.

“Well let’s see which part should I tell you first? The one where Liz’s mommy committed murder or the one where Amy and Mark screwed each other’s brains out conceiving a child?” The Horaci asked. Maria, Liz and Tyler stared in stony silence not knowing if they should believe the demon before them or not. The air crackled around the room when suddenly the sitting room door burst open and seven adults appeared a black haze around them.

“Expello malum pro mihi quod nunquam permissum reverto absentis suus visio quod permissum exuro!” They chanted raising their collective hands towards the Horaci who just smirked.

“My damage is done death is nothing.” Kyle laughed when the black haze surrounded his laughing form. “My master will rise and all of you will die.” He growled before the haze covered him completely and then it was gone and so was Kyle.

The room was deathly still as everyone tried to process what happened. Liz was finally the one who broke the calm. “Parents in the library now!” She roared not even caring that as she spoke the room shook dangerously causing the others to stumble.

“Liz…” Mark Simms tried but was silence by Liz’s dark eyes.

“I said now!” She roared her voice magically magnified. The witches and aliens alike could feel the power in the room and it was unlike anything they had ever experienced. When Liz saw that no one was moving she took matters into her own hands, literally. Her small hands raised up and large jets of what looked liked energy waves streamed towards the parents at an alarming rate making them stumble out of the room. “Do not make me say it again.” She thundered getting ready to raise her hands again but the parents quickly scrambled towards the library.

“Bit of an over kill baby.” Pogue said wrapping an arm around her hoping to calm her down if not for her sake his because he could feel the rage of magic pouring through their connection.

“Ah you five wait here and make yourselves comfortable. There are drinks over there and the bathroom is three doors down the hall.” Caleb said waving his hand to replace Isabel’s mouth. “We will be back in a bit.” Caleb said as the eight charged out of the room towards their parents demanding blood.

The eight walked into the old library six of them taking a seat leaving Liz and Caleb standing looking more than a little irritated. Liz and Caleb shared a look and he nodded for her take the floor and Liz began to pace. “Mark what are the rules for the Covenant regarding the passing of leadership?” Liz asked her voice oddly cold.

Mark looked at the small girl trying to decide if she was really looking for an answer and when he saw her rigid form and dark eyes he had his answer, “When the eldest son reaches his eighteenth birthday he becomes the new leader of the Covenant.” Mark replied.

“Who is the current leader of the Covenant?” Liz asked looking at Mark for a reply.

“Caleb Danvers.” Mark ground out.

“Right that would be my equal right?” Liz asked and Mark nodded. “Nancy who is the leader of the Scions?” Liz asked addressing her mother in a disturbingly formal manner.

“Y yo you are Liz.” Nancy stuttered her childhood aliment coming back in her distress.

“Right and what is the number one rule both of our lines have? What is the one rule that has existed since the old world? What is the silver rule for our lines involving the eldest heirs?” Liz asked not caring that everyone was cowering now besides Pogue and Caleb.

“That the eldest are let in on all of the secrets and nothing is held back for their benefit.” Paul sighed.

“And what have you all done?” Liz asked.

“Ba br ba brrr brrro broken that rule.” Nancy stuttered. Liz sighed she hated seeing her mother like that but she knew all of this needed to be said.

“And did none of you think it was important to tell us this so that we would not be blindsided?” Liz asked quietly sending a glance at Amy who looked crushed. “Our parents and teachers should have told us not some monster wearing our friend’s face.” Liz said before sitting down next to Caleb and Pogue.

Caleb let out a deep sigh before looking at the adults. “You all need to stop pretending that danger is not here and start explaining what all you have left out of the equation. There is more going on here than you are letting on and it is putting us in more danger.” Caleb said. Paul Parry looked at his son and sighed before he looked at Caleb his best friend’s son and wished things were different for them.

“You are right Caleb.” Mark sighed feeling terrible that his son Tyler was not even looking at him. “We need to stop stalling and tell you everything.” Mark said as Tyler scoffed.

“Yeah like that is going to happen.” Tyler grumbled and Maria nodded.

“Excuse me?” Mark looked at his son not liking the disrespectful tone he was taking.

“Please we can feel what you are feeling and you all are being less than honest right now.” Tyler said.

“No we are not…”Amy tried.

Maria rolled her eyes at her mother willing away the furious tears that were forming. “Oh save it. I can feel the deceit all the way over here.” Maria snapped startling her mother.

“Fine we will tell you our secrets…all of them.” Mark said knowing nothing less than that would ever get his son to look at him again.

“Start talking.” Reid said and Nancy took the floor.

“W wh when we fi first encountered the Horaci we were fifteen. We hhh hhaa hhad no idea what theey really were then. There were just a few of them at first and were only in small groups.” Nancy said closing her eyes hoping to control her stutter.

Mark took pity on the fiery redhead and took over. “It took us another year after numerous attacks to figure out what the Horaci were really doing.” Mark explained. “We knew that they were shape changers but we did not know how they went about getting a shape and how to tell if they were really dead.” Mark said looking grim.

“We thought we had killed so many of them.” Faith’s mother Pearl whispered her lower lip trembling. “We thought we had it all under control but we had started to notice something was wrong.” Pearl groaned closing her eyes fighting away the memories.

“What?” Faith asked forcing her mother to open her eyes.

Pearl took in a shaky breath her thin neck shook with the effort. “We noticed that each time we fought the Horaci it was getting harder that they were better prepared and could almost predict our actions.” Pearl whispered.

“It was then that we figured it out.” Mark said looking to Caleb and Liz knowing that they were the heart of the group. “The Horaci we kept fighting were actually the same bunch the same ten to be more precise.” Mark said.

“How is that possible?” Reid asked.

“Reid they are shape changers.” His father whispered.

“So?” The blonde asked and turned to Liz the analytical person for answers.

“Of course.” Liz whispered her now brown eyes shadowed in fear. “They shifted before death and took on someone else’s form.” Liz said.

“The black dust they turn into is just ruse of sorts it hides their getaway.” Nancy said more composed than earlier. “It was not until this morning when we figured out how to get rid of them once and for all.”

“The spell.” Liz said and her mother nodded.

“It kills the ‘dust’ if you will.” Nancy said making Liz snort.

“Is Kyle dead?” Maria asked suddenly gaining the rooms attention once again.

Amy looked at her daughter sadly before nodding her head. “The only way for them to take a persons’ form is to take their life. The only comfort we can gain from that is knowing that they kill quickly.” Amy said.

“When they are not injecting you with their blood.” Liz muttered.

“So Abbott is dead?” Pogue asked and his father nodded.

“Oh god Kyle.” Maria whispered her green eyes filling with tears knowing Liz was once again hiding her outward pain.

“Are they going to look like Gorman?” Caleigh asked her blue eyes darting around the room tearfully.

“No sweetie since Gorman was a witch.” Her mother April said softly.

“Now out with the rest.” Tyler said his snappy stance shocking the adults since he was the most laid back out of all the teens.

“Did you kill someone?” Liz asked and her mother nodded. “Spell?” and her mother nodded again. “Which one?”

“Banishing, Aztec.” Nancy replied and Liz nodded.

“Fair enough.” Liz let out a small sigh. “A lot of the ancient Aztec spells involve ripping out hearts and spilling blood. Since Acolmiztli is an Aztec god it is only reasonable that a banishing spell would involve something of that nature.” Liz reasoned and Caleb nodded in agreement.

Nancy looked confused and stared hard at her daughter. “Wait you are not destroyed that I killed someone?” Nancy asked and Liz shook her head.

“I have done and caused far worse.” Liz replied ominously. Suddenly Liz’s eyes shifted to Amy and Mark and the two knew that they needed to clear up what was said.

“So I have a sibling?” Tyler asked hoping to hurt someone and when he felt the spike of pain and sadness go through the two he was happy.

“No.” Amy said looking desperately at Maria who just rolled her eyes at her.

“How old were you?” Maria asked.

“Maria I am the youngest of my line.” Amy pointed out.

“I know.”

“By two years. While the others were nineteen when they had all of you which hell is very young I was seventeen with you. But when I was pregnant for the first time I was sixteen and it was right before I met your father.” Amy said.

“Go on.” Tyler said.

“A lot of the spells we use are pagan you know that…” Amy tried.

“Amy I believe you misunderstand why we are upset.” Tyler said stopping the rambling woman.

“Excuse me?”

“We are not upset that you two had sex because come on let’s be realistic here you two are not the only ones and that can be said for our group as well.” Tyler said. “No. We are angry that you two never saw fit to tell us this, yes it is personal but it is also ammunition against us.” Tyler said knowing that the adults knew he was right when he saw his father go pale.

Sitting Room Danvers Home

The four aliens and Alex sat there in shock for what seemed like forever until Tess finally had the nerve to speak. “Wow I so do not want to piss Liz off.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 44 p.21 6/1/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for all of the feedback on the last part! I know I am mean for killing Kyle but it needed to be done even though I love him. Oh and the baby thing will be explained in this part! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever - I wish I could raise him back from the dead but...we shall see

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 45: The Secret IX

The eight teens sat tensely across from their parents not knowing if they wanted to continue but they knew that they needed to. Maria rubbed her head feeling the warring emotions in the room bombarding her with so much anger, sadness and pain and it was enough to make her head hurt. “Okay so what happened to the baby?” Maria asked feeling the emotions from Tyler and their parents spike.

“We were going to keep the baby and had even told our parents what had happened.” Amy said not meeting her daughter’s eyes. “They were not thrilled but knew that it was a risk from the spells.” Amy said.

“We know that is a possibility since no form of protection is allowed.” Liz grumbled.

“One might think that they wanted this to happen.” Pogue sighed.

“Continue.” Caleb motioned trying to be sensitive but at the same time his priorities were with his group and their well being, not the parents.

Amy shared a look with Mark his blue eyes showing defeat. “Everything was fine for the first few months but at four months Amy started to notice that something was wrong.” Mark said.

“I went to the doctor and apparently all fetal movement had stopped.” Amy whispered. “At first they thought nothing was wrong but then they could not find a heartbeat. After several tests it was determined that the fetus had died.” Amy said her eyes unfocused as she remembered the horrible day.

“They told her that she had to ah to ah give birth to the fetus.” Mark sighed.

“That’s terrible.” Liz gasped and Amy gave her a small smile for her sympathy.

“It was all they could do.” Amy croaked.

“My dad told the doctor about our ah family tradition for a midwife to birth our children and we asked if Gorman could do it and the doc reluctantly agreed.” Mark said.

“That was the worst experience.” Amy whispered her eyes roaming over her daughter. “But Gorman made it bearable inducing labor and coaching me through everything.” Amy sighed.

“It was later when Amy was resting at the hospital when the doctors told us what had gone wrong.” Mark said.

“What?” Maria asked feeling terrible for her mom.

“I was young Maria and my body might have been ready for sex but it was not ready to carry a baby to term. That coupled with a genetic defect caused the baby to die.” Amy said looking pained even worse her daughter and Tyler could feel her pain. “It took me a while to finally accept that it was not my fault that we lost the baby and that there was nothing I could do.” Amy said.

Out of nowhere a mass barreled towards Amy lifting her off of her seat. It took the group a moment to comprehend that it was Tyler hugging Amy tightly willing away the pain he was feeling from her. His father looked at him stunned as Maria launched herself at her mother and Tyler as well hugging them both tightly. “It’s okay Amy I still love you.” Tyler said shocking the woman but also warming her heart.

Mark stared at his son confused at his sudden turnabout but was just going to count his blessings. “That is really nice of you son I hope…” Tyler glared at his dad shocking the senior Simms.

“Nope still pissed at you.” Tyler said his silky voice would fool anyone and convince them he was just joking but his father knew better and knew that a pool of fire was raging within his son and that he was not going to be forgiven easily.

Liz stared hard at her mother before she too took off towards her knocking her backwards with the force as she hugged her fiercely. “I love you mommy.” Liz whispered.

“I love you too baby.” Nancy cried happy that her daughter still loved her. Finally the three teens returned to their seats and faced off with their parents once more.

“Alright there is more we need to know and let us have it.” Liz said and Paul nodded.

“What spell did you use in the sitting room?” Caleb asked.

Mark sighed rubbing his forehead before he continued. “A banishment spell, it has no name other than what the Aztec’s called the spell to send the darkness back. Real helpful that name was.” Mark grumbled rolling his blue eyes. “It was only after trial and error that we found that this was the spell we needed. Apparently our powers are enough to break them of their human bonds but not enough to kill them so the spell is sort of a bigger bang.” Mark explained.

“How is the drain?” Liz asked.

“Intense the first few times.” Ryan said and the other adults nodded.

“After your body gets used to the magical aid it gets better.” Pearl said laughing slightly “Think of it like a sour candy. When you first eat it the candy makes you pucker and cringe but the longer you suck the sweeter it gets to where you can tolerate it.” Pearl said.

“Okay you all are going to have to teach us the spell. Moving on.” Caleb said ignoring Reid’s groan. “How did you get rid of the god the first time?”

“We thought another banishment spell would do him off but apparently that just banished him from this reality and did not kill him.” Nancy said.

“Human sacrifice part of the ritual?” Liz asked and her mother nodded.

“We might need to look up other Aztec rituals and stay away from the banishment spells they might not be powerful enough. We will concentrate our research on strengthening our powers and ways to kill a god.” Caleb said.

“Check the Maya records and then the Romans and Greek since they were more into controlling their gods than being controlled by them.” Maria said.

“No stay away from Mayan they are too tricky, a little snag could be involved in the spell and we would be in even more trouble.” Liz said.

“How about Hindu? Their gods were nicer and more willing to work with the people. They might have a spell or two that could help.” Reid added none of the children seeing the shocked looks the parents were sharing until Pogue nudged Liz.

“What?” She asked and he pointed to the seven adults gaping at them.

“Where the hell did you all learn that?” Mark asked.

“School.” Tyler ground out.

“The research is going to be the hardest part of all this. Make a list of all potential spells and then we will get together and break them down and see which ones we are going to try.” Liz said.

“We should also focus on how to stop the Horaci since they are the ones who are going to raise this god. I am hoping that if we stop them we stop the raising.” Caleb said and Liz nodded.

“Anything else we need to know?” Faith asked and the adults shook their heads to stunned to speak.

“Great now we have to go and talk to the others.” Caleb said and the eight stood up and left leaving the older generation of witches sitting there in stunned silence. Amy was the first to move as she got up to pace in front of her friends.

“Were we ever that organized?” She asked “I mean like not just at their age but ever I mean look at them.” Amy rambled.

“No Amy we were never that organized. I guess they really are more prepared than we are. Maybe they really can win this fight.” Mark said.

“So those kids in the room are aliens?” Pearl asked making Nancy and Amy laugh.

“Only four of them, the other is Alex.” Nancy said.

Danvers Sitting Room

The five of them waited anxiously for the others to come back and after a couple hours the doors finally opened and the eight teens were there looking tired. Max bolted up right and rushed to a drained Liz trying to usher her to sit next to him, but a sharp hand on his arm made him look up. Pogue Parry’s dark eyes glared at him as he pulled Liz into his arms leaving Max to watch as Liz melted into the larger guy and cuddle close.

“Is Kyle alright?” Isabel asked looking worried for the first time in their presence.

“No.” Maria whispered.

“What do you mean?” Tess asked looking sick.

“He is dead and had been for awhile apparently.” Liz whispered. “Apparently he has been a Horaci since he came back from camp.” Liz said.

“But that does not mean he is dead I mean he could just be missing or in a holding cell someplace.” Michael tried.

“No, the only way for a Horaci to take someone’s form is if they are dead.” Caleb said.

“Your parents are witches too?” Max asked looking confused.

“Yes it is genetic.” Maria said.

“The girls pass it on to girls, boys to boys.” Liz explained.

“Well that is interesting.” Michael huffed.

Tess stared hard at Liz trying hard to figure out how to word her question before she gave up and blurted it out, “Liz are you powerful?”

The brunette stared at the small blonde in shock but it was Pogue who answered. “Of course she is after all she is the female leader.”

“That display earlier was cool.” Tess said.

“And to think that is her weakened.” Reid muttered but Tess heard him.

Her blue eyes widened comically, “That was weak?” She asked and Liz nodded her cheeks reddening.

“I have not exactly been myself for a while and well I am still trying to grasp my new powers.” Liz explained.

“But not to worry we are so going to unlock her powers.” Caleigh said making Liz turn an even deeper shape of red.

“Good to know.” Michael grunted. “But now we need to get down to work.” Michael said.

“And sort out the Alex situation.” Reid muttered they could tell it was going to be a long night.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 45 p.22 6/3/08

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Hey guys thanks for the replies to the last part! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 46: The Warning

Liz and Pogue stumbled into her room far too drained to even comprehend that her parents would not be happy to see their only daughter in bed with the bad boy. Sorting out Alex had been more work that they had thought but after hours of deliberation and trial and error, with Amy’s help, the witches and aliens were able to bring Alex into the fold. Amy was the one who actually came up with the solution and left the rest of them kicking themselves for not thinking of it sooner.

It was their blood that made them who they were and it was their blood that kept them safe and made it so that the Horaci could not look like them. Amy’s solution was the equivalent of a magical blood transfusion. By having witch blood flowing through his veins Alex was going to be not only a member of their family but he was going to reap the physical benefits as well by having small defensive powers and one strong offensive powers like normal witches, nowhere near the level of the two bloodlines but it was enough to keep him safe in the fight. The actually application of said idea was a lot harder done than said.

It took Caleb and Liz hooked up to each one of Alex’s arms sharing blood, which was not sanitary and safe. While the blood was flowing Pogue and Faith had to create the magical bond while the other four performed the bloodletting ritual. It was an uncommon and dangerous ritual at the best of times but since they people performing it were a bunch of teenagers still getting used to their powers it was even more dangerous. After three hours and three sick takes later the ritual was done and Alex and the aliens were pulled into the ranks and the oath was taken.

“I hate spells.” Liz whined as she crawled under her covers.

“I hate powerful spells even more.” Pogue grumbled as he pulled her to his chest.

“I don’t want to go to school.” Pogue blinked at that and cracked a smile.

“Liz Parker not wanting to go to school it is official the world is coming to an end.” She slapped him half heartedly.

“Too tired to function.” She muttered.

“Same here. Go to sleep Parker.” He grumbled.

“You first Parry.” She whispered as her dark eyes dropped closed before the two were dead to the world.

Liz blinked as she came to understand what was going on around her as the panic started to set in. The tight feeling in her chest and the thick still air and whispering shadows gave her location away immediately. “Oh god.” She gasped as she fell to her knees looking around for help.

“Liz?” A familiar voice sounded close to her. She stilled instantly when she realized who it was. Her mind was screaming at her telling her she was just dreaming but her heart was telling her something else.

“Rena?” She choked out her doe eyes welling with salty tears.

“Yeah Lizzie it’s me.” The golden voice sang.

“Hey what am I invisible?” Liz laughed when she recognized the voice. She wanted nothing more than to launch herself at the girl in front of her and wrap her arms tightly around her and breathe in her familiar comforting scent but Liz knew that was not possible. She had to content herself with just staring avidly at the woman in front of her, her best friend and sister.

“Yes Chase you actually are.” Liz laughed.

“Damn she is right.” He grumbled before their shadow like forms appeared before her. “So I guess I owe you huge thanks.” Chase said in his slow drawl.

“For what?” Liz asked.

“Giving me back Serena. You freed her.” Chase said not liking how confused Liz looked.

“But I didn’t.” she looked between the two clearly confused. “Who how did you get freed?”

“We thought you and the others did it.” Serena said her eyes wide with terror.

“No that was our next project.” Liz said trying to stand which was proving to be much more difficult with the weight of the world literally pressing down on her.

“Well the only other way this could have happened was if you killed the person keeping me captive.” Serena said.

Chase’s dark eyes flashed with understanding as he looked at the small brunette in front of him. “It was him.” His dark voice rumbled. “It was the one posing as Kyle he was the one keeping Serena back.” He growled. Serena watched as Liz’s dark eyes filled with even more pain and regret at the news.

“We were so stupid Rena we did not even realize he was one of them until he told us. Just like Aaron he tricked us.” Liz whispered.

“Liz you could not have known.” Chase said feeling bad for the living witch. “But that is beside the point you all killed the Horaci but something good did come out of this.” Chase said trying not to smirk at the little brunette.

“Oh and what is that?”Sarcasm dripping from her voice.

“Serena was in the enemy camp Liz.”


“And she was unconsciously let in on a few of their secrets.” Chase said studying Liz closely as she stared silently at the two of them.

“What did you find out?” Liz asked almost afraid to ask.

Serena’s face changed from her pinched unease to downright terrified in seconds. “They did not realize that I could hear them when they spoke and that by connecting with me on this level that I was connected to them in the physical world some of the time.” Serena said. “Liz they are planning something, something big and it is going to be very, very bad for all of you.” Serena said.

“We know they are trying to raise the Aztec god Acolmiztli.”Liz huffed. “Apparently our parents have faced him before and did not bother to tell us and then opps sorry kids looks like we sucked at our job and now you all have to help clean it up.” Liz grumbled.

“Yes well see Liz that is only part of the plan.” Serena said.

“You mean there is more than raising the really evil god of the underworld?”

“Yeah but I drifted out before I could hear, but Liz I do know that Kyle was not the only Horaci in your midst. There is someone else there who is leaking your secrets and has been for a really long time.”Serena said.

“Who?”Liz asked.

“I am not sure but I do know that it is a female and that she is your age, I think she was dating one of the boys. It was either Caleb or Pogue I am not sure I just know she is really mad that they broke up.” Serena said hoping Liz knew who it was.

“Well that describes two people. Sarah and Kate.”

“Damn I liked those two.” Chase muttered.

“Great now Caleb is really going to be broody.” Liz grumbled.

Pogue felt something was wrong deep in his sleep, it was the throbbing feeling in the back of his head that warned him Liz was in trouble. Slowly his golden eyes blinked open fighting the white spots behind his eyes from the pain. “Liz.” He grumbled blindly reaching over towards her as the sleep coma drained away. He sat up looking down at Liz and he knew, something was not right.

“Liz.” He tried again this time shaking her but she would not wake up. He could feel the panic starting to rise and the sick feeling rose in his stomach. Her grabbed her arm and felt how cold she was her skin slightly clammy. “Lizzie!” He yelled willing her to wake up. He did not know how this was happening all they were doing was sleeping in her room and suddenly she was like this. “Liz!” He roared louder.

“What is going on?” Caleb asked barging into the room. Originally he was going to ignore Pogue’s yells thinking that it was in the heat of passion but the desperation and fear in his voice told him otherwise and he came running. He saw Pogue shaking Liz trying to wake her but it was obvious she was not even stirring and her pale complexion was even more troubling.

“She will not wake up.” Pogue said. “Something is wrong I can feel it.” Pogue said as Caleb raced over to the bed.

“Get her to the tub maybe cold water will wake her.” Caleb said not knowing what else to do as Maria and Reid entered the room.

“Liz?” She asked rubbing the sleep out of her eyes only to be pulled out of the way by Reid as Caleb and Pogue carried the limp brunette into the bathroom and filled the tub with cold water. “What is wrong?” She asked fear coursing through her.

“We don’t know.” Caleb ground out.

She felt different it was getting harder to see in the shadow world and the air was getting harder to breathe. “What the?”

“Someone is trying to wake you up.” Chase explained and Liz nodded

Liz gasped for breathe as the sharp pains shot through her body. It was as if thousands of needles were jabbing into her skin at the same time forcing the wind from her body. Slowly she started to register that she was in a tub of freezing water and that three people were looking at her as she splashed around.

“Liz?” Maria asked.

“I hate you.” Liz gasped out.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 46 p.23 6/7/08

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Hey guys i know I am very late on this part but it would not come out right for the life of me it just would not work so after four rewrites I have it where i want it. Reading all of your FB on the last part kept me writing so thank you all very much! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 47: The Warning II

The four gaping teens stared at Liz darkly as she tried to climb out of the deep tub but kept slipping until finally Pogue gave in and helped her out. Maria stewed silently as Pogue and Caleb helped Liz back into bed, Reid purposely staying as far back as possible knowing a blow out was coming. Maria marched over to the bed and grabbed Liz face making said girl yelp.

“Maria!” She did not listen her green eyes glowing dangerously before she released Liz’s face.

“Don’t you ever do that to me again Liz Parker.” She growled her anger and fear pouring off her small frame.

“Do what?” Liz asked still confused.

“Leave like that. Do you have any idea what I was going through what we were going though?” Maria asked her pouty lower lip tembling.

“What do you mean leave? Maria I was in the shadow plane again. I got pulled in by Chase and Serena they had information for me, valuable information.” Maria let out an exasperated scream.

“Liz you keep leaving and I keep on thinking that maybe this time you are not going to come back and it is killing me!” Maria yelled.

“I did not mean to worry you Maria, any of you.” Liz looked pointedly at Pogue feeling him stew in through their connection.

Caleb knew that she did not mean to worry them and knew that Pogue was going to talk to her later so he felt it was best to move on. “What did they want?”

“Well Serena is free.” Maria squealed making Liz smile. “Apparently the Horaci holding her captive was the one posing as Kyle.”

“Figures the one messing with us on the inside was the one keeping her out of contact.” Maria grumbled.

“But there is more.” Caleb inched forward when he heard that.


“Apparently while Serena was held captive she could hear some of what was going on and found out what they were planning.” Liz said looking at Caleb and Pogue. “She found out that Kyle was not the only Horaci in our midst.”

Caleb let out a dry laugh hating that they had let so many of the enemy close to them and never knew it. “So which of the parents is it?” Caleb asked not liking the pained look that crossed her face.

“Caleb it is not one of the parents.” Liz whispered.

“Then who?” Reid asked.

“Well I was pulled out before she could tell me but Serena said it was one of the girls you and Pogue were dating. Chase said it was either Kate or Sarah.” Liz whispered feeling terrible that she was dealing her best friend yet another painful blow.

“It could be Kate?” Pogue asked looking unsure but when Liz nodded he just sighed.

“Sarah?” Caleb chocked out.

“It could be either one.” Liz whispered.

“But I mean they might not be right?” Pogue asked.

“No they were sure it was Kate or Sarah.” Liz said getting annoyed. Sure she knew that the two were a great part of their lives but if her ex was a Horaci it was possible one of theirs was as well.

“It would make sense.” Reid added moving away from Caleb and Pogue when their hostile glares registered. “Oh come on guys think about it what better way to get to us than by being with us?” Reid asked.

“Get close to us and then sneak attack.” Maria sighed. “Just like the one posing as Kyle.” And Liz nodded.

“So ah how exactly do we go about figuring this out?” Caleb asked.

“Well for right now we all go to sleep. We are all tired and not going to be thinking at our best. We will tell the others what is going on in the morning, go to school, come home and work this out.” Liz said. “We have to take this step by step and stick to solid plans.” Liz said.

“She is right we already have ground work down this is just another snag that we have to work out. The main goals stay the same.” Caleb said. The three reluctantly left Liz and Pogue in her room to get some rest knowing that the danger around them just increased tenfold and that they were going to be going after yet another friendly face.

Pogue looked at Liz sharply finally letting his fear catch up with him and he pulled her tightly to him. “Don’t do that to me again.” He ground on as he crushed her against him burying his head in her neck. “Every time I see you like that I go crazy, worse than Maria since I can feel you Liz. You are a part of me and when you go away like that I just…”

“I am sorry I did not know I was going to get pulled in. I am sorry that you were so worried.” She whispered rubbing the back of his head now that she focused she could feel his distress through their connection and she felt like kicking herself. “What can I do to get you to calm down?” Liz asked looking into his soft brown eyes.

“Just hold me.” He mumbled as the two cuddled up on her bed Liz hugging Pogue as tightly to her as she could never wanting to be the cause of such distress in him again. She could feel his hands lifting under her tank top searching for her bare skin as he pulled her close his head resting on her chest. No she never wanted him to feel that again.

Caleb had put up the aliens and Alex in another wing of the house feeling more comfortable with Max and Michael as far away from him as possible. He knew that they were working together and that they were now part of a blood oath but that did nothing to ease his fears. So that left Max in a room with Michael and Isabel and Tess sharing with Alex in a room by himself.

Max sighed and looked at the clock for what felt like the hundredth time that night. He could hear Michael softly snoring beside him on the Queen sized bed. He sat up and was startled when his feet came in contact with the cold wood of the floor sending chills up his legs waking him up further. He knew that it was no use he needed to get up and move around in order for him to burn off some of his nervous energy. Chancing a glance back at the bed Max slowly opened the large heavy door of the bedroom and stepped out into the hall.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Max jumped and whipped around at the soft voice only to see Isabel standing before him in her red silk pajamas looking bed rumpled.

“Pretty much.” He grumbled, “Feel up for a walk around the house?”

Her brown eyes lit up at the thought of exploring the mansion. “Oh this should be fun.” She giggled and the two siblings were off never giving it a thought that maybe sneaking around the home of a powerful wiccan family was not exactly wise in the dead of night.

“This place is kind of creepy.” Max whispered as they turned down another hall. From the outside the house looks ordinary and block like but it was apparent to the alien twins that there was more to the house than met the eye especially after the halls started winding, almost as if the walls decided to play with them.

“I know it almost feels like the walls are watching us.” Isabel shivered as they passed a large oil painting of Caleb sitting in a chair, a redhead standing beside him. Isabel stopped and went back to the painting feeling drawn to it. She could feel something strange emitting from the painting almost songlike.

Max leaned forward and read the gold plate at the bottom. “Lord Lajos Danvers and Lady Ravelyn Danvers. 1520.”

“Old.” Isabel muttered.

“Is it just me or does that guy look exactly like Caleb?” Max asked taking in the dark eyes and stormy expression on the man’s face.

“No they look exactly alike, right down to the scar on the eyebrow.” Isabel said, she shook her head to clear it of the foggy feeling and pulled Max along as they continued down the hall. She felt Max tugging on her hand and turned to look at him.

“Look at this.” He whispered the awe in his voice spiking her interest. She walked next to him and felt her eyes go wide. It was another painting but it was obvious that it was extremely old and well loved. There were ten dark figures in the painting all staring darkly in front of them. It was as if the twins were looking into their friends past as their hollow eyes stared at them. “This is in another language.” Max said pointing to the worn plate on the bottom. Isabel bent closer to see if she knew it.

“I think it is Latin.” She hissed.

“You took four years of that.” He hissed back, “What does it say?”

She studied it closer irritated that the words were not coming to her and then suddenly it clicked. “Through ancient blood ten families bound together in secrecy. Death will never stop us and the world will bleed in our misery.” Isabel breathed. “There is no date on this one.” She whispered.

“That is because it is ageless.” A voice hissed from behind them. Max pushed Isabel behind him and raised his right hand ready to fight when a figure moved out of the shadows. It was Caleb’s mother. “This was done around 1350, before these techniques were even around in paintings.” Evelyn said her horse voice grating against the teens.

“How is that possible?” Isabel asked not liking the dark smile that spread over the older woman’s face.

“My dear anything is possible when it comes to the Covenant and Scions. It was created with magic, a sort of snapshot of history if you will.” She said coming closer to look at the picture. “I know that the kids did not tell you this but the Covenant and Scion lines were not the original covens.”

“What?” Max asked feeling his anger rise that the others had left out information once again.

“Oh no they were created hundreds of years later as a last resort to stay alive. No originally there were ten covens in England, Ireland, Scotland, France, and Spain each ruled by a certain family and larger than you could possibly imagine. Sure there were smaller covens around Europe but there were ten dominant ones.” Evelyn said. “They were Danvers, Parry, Simms, Putnam, Garwin, Lax, McCullum, Aires, Hawksworth, and Killian.” Evelyn said pointing to each of the figures in turn. Max was fascinated when she pointed to a woman who looked like the perfect combination of Liz and Nancy Parker and said that she was Lax.

“What happened?” Isabel asked.

“The witch burnings and the Inquisition happened. Thousands were killed in Europe and those who were left of the ten families fled to the New World and settled here in Ipswich. The five female lines formed the Scions and the five males formed the Covenant. The two most powerful magical lines made up of ten of the world’s most powerful witches. Slowly even here in the states their kind were hunted until only the ten were left. The ten most powerful.” Evelyn said her eyes tracing each of the figures in the picture. “Your friends are more powerful than you realize and doubting them and their abilities will not help you.” She whispered.

“We are not doubting them…” Isabel said but her response lacked passion or truth.

“We want to trust them but we grew up trusting no one but ourselves.” Max said and Evelyn nodded.

“They have as well.” She whispered. “It is not wise to wander this home alone at night especially when you are unfamiliar with it. The Danvers have a warped sense of humor and would gladly trick you in the dead of night.” Evelyn chuckled.

“Huh?” Isabel asked making Evelyn laugh harder.

“Go back to bed you two, tomorrow is going to be a trying day.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 47 p.24 6/12/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the replies to the last part! Thanks...

LizMichael 4 Ever

Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 48: The Warning III

She chased after her following closely but somehow she always managed to fall behind only catching glimpses of her blonde hair around the corner before she disappeared again. The air was crisp and bit at her skin as she ran it felt as if a blade was sliding over her skin repeatedly creating painful shallow cuts. The whispers grew louder the more she ran each hall becoming dark and dark until she could not see in front of her and had to feel her way along the walls.

She could feel wood under her fingers cracked and moist but hollow to the feel, slightly warped in some spots. The air smelled stale and musty with a hint of ginger and lavender a scent she knew so well growing up. “The ancestral home.” She muttered feeling around for one of the doors her small hand coming in contact with a cold brass knob which she eagerly grasped pushing against the door.

Light spilled out in front of her blinding her as her dark eyes adjusted to the roaring fire in the fireplace. She recognized the room as the work room in the attic the wooden floors creaking in familiar spots. Gorman’s solid hunched figure loomed in front of her over his worktable the sound of his knife hitting the table in a rhythmic pattern etched in her memory, slice tap slice tap slice tap.

“Darn root withers.” He grumbled reaching for a small glass vile on his left. She moved closer and saw the vile was full of a thick red substance, blood she guessed but species she was unsure of. “Mullein and calf blood make the base of all banishment potions. Add gallium arsenide powdered and a pinch of yarrow and let it simmer, careful now or you will poison and wither.”He grumbled as a purple flame appeared below the potted mixture.

She watched as the keeper suddenly stiffened and then stepped away from the table and turned towards the door. “I was wondering when you were going to show up.” Gorman said his calm voice strong and controlled.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” A familiar voice purred. She gasped recognizing the source. Kate stepped further into the attic a victorious smile on her face. “What ya making?” She asked strutting over to the work table sniffing the mixture clucking her tongue. “Oh you are a smart one, how did you figure this out?” Kate asked standing up.

“I have been around a long time, I figured you all would return again.” Gorman sighed.

“So you did your research like the good little keeper you are. You have been living in the Covenant’s shadow for so long, don’t you want to break free and show them what you are, prove to them that you are just as powerful and that they have no claim over you?” She asked her eyes glowing viciously.

“I protect my family and I am loyal to them till the end. They are the masters and they will banish you once and for all.” Gorman growled the sound oddly strong and dangerous coming from a man his age. She watched as Kate laughed her brown eyes flashing yellow. She watched as the girl grabbed the mixture from over the fire and threw it to the floor she watched as its red color turned a murky brown as it bubbled on the ground seeping into the wood. Gorman closed his eyes willing away the pain knowing his master’s hope was seeping into the floor along with his life.

“Well then what do you say we make that end tonight.”

Liz sat up with a yelp making the others in the room jump at the sudden noise. The others looked at her putting aside their books noticing her panicked eyes. “Liz?” Her brown eyes swung to Pogue knowing that he knew how terrified she was.

“I know who killed Gorman and I know who the other Horaci on the inside is.” Liz said.

“Who?” Caleb asked.

“It’s Kate.” Pogue whispered startling the room but when Liz shook her head yes the room flew into a fit.

“That little…I always knew that there was a reason I wanted to wring her neck every time I saw her.” Maria growled.

“Who is Kate?” Max asked noticing how stiff Liz was whenever she was mentioned and the dark look on Pogue’s face.

“Pogue’s ex girlfriend.” Alex supplied shrugging when Pogue gave him a look.

“How the hell did you know that?”

“Liz and I are girlfriends.” Alex said.

“And girlfriends tell each other everything.” Faith said and the other girls in the room nodded in agreement.

“But he is a guy.” Michael pointed out for what felt like the billionth time. “What is it with you fems calling Alex and Maxwell girlfriends?”

“Well Max was only a summer girlfriend, Alex is a lifetime member.” Maria said not seeing the pained expression come over Alex’s face.

“Ah baby you might want to hand Alex back his balls there.” Reid muttered.

“Okay people back on track. My ex girlfriend is trying to kill us remember.” Pogue growled.

“Right.” Caleb sighed. “Liz how did you find this out?”

“Caleb do you remember what our base power was when we first started getting powers at thirteen?” Liz asked watching as her friend thought back to the frightening time in his childhood.

“Ah it was ah post cognition of sorts ah premonition post cognition.” Caleb said.

“Right and like all of our base powers it only comes out when we really need it and it is usually the weakest of all.” Liz said and the other witches nodded in agreement.

Maria gasped her green eyes lighting up, “You saw it.” She breathed and Liz nodded.

“I must have dozed off or blanked out because one minute I am reading about the Mayan Empire and the next I am running down numerous hallways following this blonde girl and the next I am in the attic of the Danvers ancestral home watching Gorman doing something and the next Kate was there.” Liz said.

“Liz what was Gorman doing?” Reid asked.

“Ah he was at his work table making something he was cutting up an herb of some kind and he was muttering something about the base for every banishment potion and then he grumbled a bunch of ingredients and put it over a potassium flame.” Liz said suddenly her eyes widened.

“What?” Tyler asked.

“It was something that Kate said…damn what was it…oh, oh, oh she said Gorman was smart and she wanted to know how he figured it out. Gorman said that he thought that they might come back and had done research.” Liz said.

“Wait a minute you mean Gorman found the banishment spell and not only that but was making the potion?” Caleb asked and Liz nodded her head vigorously.

“Liz this is huge!” Faith yelled making the others wince.

“I know but the freaky part was that Gorman seemed to be expecting her like he knew that she was going to show up it was almost as if he knew that Kate was the Horaci all along.” Liz said.

“How the hell is that possible?” Maria wondered.

“He was our keeper.” Caleb whispered.

“What does that mean?” Tess asked.

“The keeper knows all.” Liz replied and the aliens did not question them anymore knowing that this was one of the things they were going to be left in the dark about.

“Okay Liz do you remember what all Gorman was making. We know that the base of all banishment potions is Mullein and fresh calf blood but what else did he add?” Pogue asked watching as his girlfriend closed her eyes and thought back to what she saw.

“Ah he mumbled something about arsenic.” Liz said.

“What kind?” Caleb asked startling the aliens.

“There is more than one kind?” Michael asked making the witches roll their eyes.

“Several different kinds actually.” Pogue said as he moved to kneel in front of Liz. He grabbed the sides of her face cupping his hands behind her ears staring into her dark eyes. “Liz look at me, look into my eyes.” He watched as she did what he said. “Good now remember when we were kids and you and Caleb would see something scary?”

Liz nodded taking a deep gulp of air as Caleb came to sit by her as well. “Okay Liz now calm down and breathe through your nose.” Liz took in a slow deep breath and Liz focused on her dream.

“Okay after he created the base he said he said um he said add gallium arsenide and then oh what did he say.” Liz moaned feeling Pogue tighten his hands on the sides of her head. “Powdered he said it had to be powdered!” Liz shouted looking triumphant.

“How the hell are we going to powder that?” Reid asked not seeing how amazed the aliens were by this display of unity and working together. Sure they worked together to strengthen their powers but never like this.

“It is two elements together that is going to be hard.” Caleigh added.

“But it is possible.” Max said and Liz nodded.

“Okay Liz what else?” Pogue asked.

Liz took another deep breath and was once again taken back to the scene in the attic. “Okay after that he said to add something else he said to add a pinch of yarrow and let it simmer. Then he muttered something a warning it sounds familiar like something my mom and grandmother used to tell me it was something like be careful about killing yourself.” Liz sighed opening her eyes watching as a wide grin spread over Pogue’s face.

“Let it simmer careful now or you will poison and wither.” Pogue said and Liz nodded vigorously making the other witches laugh.

“Liz that is an old wives warning when making potions with arsenic, too much heat will release poisonous vapors and kill the cook.” Caleb laughed.

“Oh right.” Liz blushed but she smiled suddenly. “Guys do you know what this means?”

“Gorman figured out how to banish something.” Maria said.

“But what did he figure out how to banish?” Caleb asked.

“Who is this Kate girl though and is she dangerous?” Isabel asked gaining the rooms attention. Pogue let out a deep sigh as he turned to address the aliens.

“Like we said before she is my ex but I broke up with her to ah be with Liz.” Pogue said. “See I really liked Liz and did not want to cheat so I felt it best to break up and I have never regretted it.” Pogue said squeezing Liz’s hand.

“But what Pogue did not know was that Kate was insane and that she secretly had the hots for Caleb as well and she had this whole thing where if she could not be with Caleb or Pogue, no one could.” Maria said.

“We always knew she was psycho but none of us could convince Pogue of that.” Tyler said.

“She hates Liz with a fiery passion.” Reid added.

“Yeah because I have Pogue.” Liz said.

“Well that and Caleb is at your beck and call I mean you have control over the two guys she has always wanted.” Tyler said.

“Hey I am not at her beck and call.” Caleb groaned.

“Caleb can you please get me a glass of water?” Liz asked giving him her best big doe eyes.

“Sure.” He said getting up and heading to the kitchen returning moments later with a glass. Liz looked at him smiling as did the others in the room. He stood there for a moment wondering why they were all looking at him like that then it registered. “Damn.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 48 p.25 6/14/08

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Hey guys thanks so much for the reviews to the last part! I know that many of you thought it was going to be Kate! Thanks...


Please let me know what you think of this new part!

Part 49: The Warning IV

Caleb sighed as he stood at the wooden gate of his ancestral home. Gorman was not there leaning out the window with his shot gun, there was no warmth coming off the home. He felt Faith come up beside him and warmth instantly spread through him. “You don’t have to go in.” She whispered as Liz and Pogue stopped beside them.

“Yes I do.” He sighed looking darkly at the house. “Gorman knew the banishment spell and what we need is in there and possibly a clue for us as to what the hell is banishes. We need to go in.”

“Alright, but Faith and I will take the attic.” Liz said as they walked towards the front door. “You two take the basement he tends to frequent it and he might have left something out in the supply room.” Liz said and the two boys nodded as they walked into the silent old home.

The house was still and calm but the four of them could feel the rumbling undercurrent of magic, and death. “Something is wrong here.” Pogue muttered.

“It smells like a trap.” Faith agreed.

“Alright be on the lookout, you two are probably right.” Liz said as her and Faith quietly moved up the old winding stairs towards the attic. Liz stopped on the second floor landing her senses screaming at her she reached out and stopped Faith’s progression.

“What is it?”

Liz looked down the dark hall her eyes flashing. “We are not alone.”

“Who?” Faith asked in strangled whisper.

“Two Horaci both male, one on this floor the other in the room in the basement,” Liz said.

“How do you know this?” Faith asked.

“I can sense them and I know Caleb can as well.” Liz said moving back down the stairs cautiously. “We need to get out of here and get to our parents we need that spell and fast.” Liz hissed.

“They already know we are here don’t they?” Faith asked and Liz nodded.

“Going somewhere?” A gruff male voice asked making the two girls jump. Through the dark shadows Faith and Liz were able to make out a pair of yellow eyes.

“Yup.” Liz said before pushing Faith down the stairs almost making the girl fall but she quickly scrambled to stay up right as the two raced away from the Horaci who was hot on them. Faith wrenched the door open and ran out in front of the house with Liz close behind her as well as the Horaci the three stood facing each other the Horaci grinning manically at Liz.

“Let me guess you were the one pretending to be Abbott.” Liz said startling the Horaci who quickly brushed her comment off.

“So you figured it out huh. I guess you all really are smarter than the last bunch. It took them years to figure that one out.” The Horaci laughed.

“No more like you lot just get dumber with age.” Liz snapped wincing when she realized it was probably not a good idea to make the demon wanting to kill them angry. The Horaci growled dangerously his yellow eyes glaring at them, Liz swore she could feel her skin blistering under his stare. “Ah!” She screamed when she realized her skin was burning.

Liz threw up her right arm willing a jet of pure energy out of her arm and watched as it flashed towards the Horaci who easily deflected it. Faith whipped into action raising her hands calling on the most destructive power she had. It looked as if her hands were water jets when liquid suddenly burst from them and doused the Horaci who just laughed at her attempt his hoarse laugh slowly dying off as the liquid made contact with his skin and started to sizzle.

“Acid.” Faith breathed. “And not the cheep chemistry stuff either.” She yelped as she distracted the Horaci long enough for Liz to recover and send a ripple of blistering fire back at the Horaci. Pogue and Caleb raced out of the house and threw their hands up as well when they saw the fire and aimed at the Horaci. The sound of a motor behind them barely registered as Liz felt a pinching sensation in her stomach and then as if her blood had suddenly become magma she felt liquid fire running through her veins and watched in rapt fascination as it jetted out of her fingertips at the Horaci.

“Expello malum pro mihi quod nunquam permissum reverto absentis suus visio quod permissum exuro!” Two female voices hissed as a black haze built around the Horaci until it covered him completely and then in a screaming rage he too was gone. Liz sank to her knees feeling as if someone had kicked her in the gut but not before chancing a look behind her. Her mother and Amy were racing towards them their jet black eyes taking in everything around them.

“There is another.” Liz wheezed out.

“In the basement.” Caleb nodded.

“We a sort of detained him.” Pogue said as he rushed towards Liz her mother joining them also.

“How?” Faith asked her eyes roaming over Caleb to make sure he was alright.

“Well Gorman was smart and I guess he figured they were going to set a trap for us and well he set one of his own.” Caleb laughed.

“What do you mean!” Amy yelled hysterically.

“He turned the basement into one giant Horaci trap. The other one had no idea that his partner was contained. He is in the basement ready to be killed.” Pogue said helping Liz to her feet.

“Well let’s go send him off.” Nancy said and the six witches cautiously went back inside.

“There are no more besides him.” Liz whispered and Caleb nodded not noticing the shocked looks on Nancy and Amy’s faces.

“Okay let’s do this Nan.” Amy said and the two went down the stone steps cautiously. The two gasped and stopped stunned when they saw the large man floating several feet off the ground a large green energy band around him as he floated there unconscious.

“No this is not possible.” Nancy breathed.

“Gorman was powerful Nancy, anything is possible.” Amy whispered as she reached down to grab Nancy’s hand. “Okay, let’s do this and get the hell out of here.” Amy hissed.

“Expello malum pro mihi quod nunquam permissum reverto absentis suus visio quod permissum exuro!” They chanted and like before the black mist covered the still body and he too disappeared.

“Alright we are going!” Amy said grabbing Faith and Liz and racing up the stairs as Nancy herded Pogue and Caleb.

“No wait we need to grab a few things. A few items that Gorman left for us.” Caleb said causing the two mothers to stop in their tracks.

“What did he leave you and how the hell do you know he even left you anything?” Nancy asked.

“Post cognition.” Liz and Caleb said giving each other a look.

“Oh right I forgot that was your base power.” Nancy hummed.

“Gorman found a banishment potion and spell and Kate killed him for it.” Faith said her lip curling at the mention of Kate.

“Okay split up again I will take Amy, mom go with the boys.” Liz said and the two women nodded before they hurried to their locations. Liz went up the stairs first and cautiously made her way up to the attic. No longer was there a warm fire roaring in the hearth and the smell of ash and sulfur filled the air.

“Damn Kate sure is powerful.” Faith hummed.

“What makes you say that?” Amy asked as they moved towards the work table.

“The smell of sulfur is intense. Only someone using on a regular basis would smell like that.” Faith said watching as Liz got down on her hands and knees and moved to grab something under the wooden work table.

“Faith grab the ingredients I see something back here.” Liz’s muffled voice said and Faith pulled out her cloth bag and grabbed the ingredients listed as well as the tools. Liz wiggled back out from the confined space holding a sheet of paper that looked as if it had been removed from an old book.

“What is that?” Amy asked.

“Not sure, I don’t recognize what I am seeing. It is just a bunch of pictures.” Liz said handing the sheet to Amy who scanned it her eyes growing larger the father down on the page she got.

“Girls do you know what this is?”

“No.” Liz said.

“This is Aztec, ancient Aztec and not one of the newer Aztec spells.” Amy breathed.

“Amy nothing Aztec is new.” Faith pointed out.

“Not necessarily true.” Amy muttered. “The Aztec empire spanned for a long time and encompassed a large area. Right before it became an Aztec empire the indigenous people practiced similar magic’s that were later carried on into ritual practices for the empire, but at the same time the ancient practices were different.” Amy explained.

“How so?” Liz asked.

“Well the gods that they prayed to were just being created if you will the people were just finding out about them…”

“Which means they were just coming up with ways of controlling the gods.” Liz said and Amy nodded.

“Girls this is ancient magic way before the empire boomed. The fact that it was written down at all is a miracle but then again someone could have passed it down and then when pictography came about decided to record it.” Amy breathed running her hand over the page. She looked up at the two girls a wide grin on her face. “What all do you have in there so far?” Amy asked and then listened to Faith tick them off. “Okay you need a few more items.”

“What?” Liz asked turning to the table.

“Liquorices, Frankincense resin some pretty big chunks. Ah wow this is some weird list I had no idea any of this existed in South America.” Amy muttered. “You also need carob pods and if this picture is right you also need dog hairs” Amy said.

“Okay while I am not sure what the hell some of that is let alone looks like I am guessing it is all here on the table.” Liz said and Amy nodded dropping the items into the bag, careful not to let anything touch knowing how dangerous mixed ingredients could be.

“Alright let’s get downstairs and wait for the others.” Amy said hurrying the two girls down the stairs and into the kitchen to wait. They did not have to wait long for the other three to come running up the stairs, Pogue’s face was stark white and his golden eyes were unusually bright.

“Well that was interesting.” Pogue gasped out.

“Pogue!” Liz screamed running over to him his large arm quickly wrapped around her and pulled her to his chest.

“I think it is safe to say we know what Gorman has been up to.” Caleb whimpered.

“What?” Faith asked.

“Experiments.” Pogue whispered.