Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) [COMPLETE] 8/25/08

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 68 p.9 8/12/08

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Part 70: Banishment XIII

Amy looked at Nancy as the red head gently added the last ingredient to the hissing pot that now smelled of a sweet garlic and something darker, more human. “There we go.” Nancy said and the two watched as the thick paste of a liquid turned into a pearl color. A soft thump filled the room but neither witch paid attention to it until it sounded again.


“I hear it Ames.”

“Is it?”

“The potion yes, it is thumping.” Nancy said looking at the pot perplexed.

“No Nancy that is not thumping.” Amy said taking a good step back.

“What is it?”

“A heart beat.” Amy whispered grabbing her friend and racing out of the room. They needed the others.

In the gym of the Garwin home Max was learning to control and summon his powers and he was making more progress in those few hours than he had his entire life. The progress was largely due to Pogue’s sheer determination and willingness to use any means necessary to get results, enter Chase. Max knew that Chase had no qualms about hurting him and did so regularly throughout the session forcing Max to be faster and summon stronger powers.

Max had already found that Chase had darker powers than the others let on but at the same time he knew that Chase was holding back. “Break!” Chase called moving to the wall for support.

“You okay man?” Pogue asked and Chase nodded.

“Just fighting a strong urge.” Chase said and Pogue nodded confusing Max.

“What urge?” Max asked.

“Sometimes when we use our powers for a long time we get the urge to ah go darker.” Pogue said trying to explain an urge and feeling that all of them had felt at one time. “The powers we have been using on you are basic and not individual, but when we are fighting for practice we sometimes get the need to pull out our destructive powers that we know the other person can’t take.” Pogue said and Max nodded a sick feeling and compassion welling inside him, he knew it had to be rough fighting your nature.

“What ah power did you want to use on me?” Max asked.

“Something not very nice.” Chase chuckled running his hands through his hair. “I can put my enemy into this coma like state and then slowly sap the life out of them. It is a painful death but easy on my part. I also really, really want to use creation.” Chase muttered.

“Well it is a cool power, and if it hadn’t almost killed my ex I would probably love it.” Pogue said.

“Yeah I was surprised that the two of you broke up.” Chase said looking at Pogue as if appraising his worth. “But I have to say Liz is a much better choice, she does not play petty games.”

“I know which makes her even more appealing.” Pogue said.

“Liz plays games.” Max grunted before he could think. Chase pushed off the wall and Pogue turned to glare at him.

“Really? How so?” Chase asked fighting the need to kill the alien in front of him.

“She tells you she will be there for you and then in your moment of need she bails on you. Then when she comes back to town she looks hot and then throws it in your face for months on end that you can’t have her.” Max growled. Pogue just looked at Max and shook his head.

“From what the others tell me it was you who were into games. I have known Liz all my life and she has never been one for games, she detests them. Kyle and the other guys she dated including you played them with her.” Pogue said.

“Name one time when I played games.”

“Tess comes to mind.” Chase said startling Pogue and Max. “Serena and Liz are close as are Serena and Maria. Liz and Maria told Serena everything and she in turn told me everything, it’s not like we had much else to do except talk when we were in the shadow world.” Chase said.

“What about Tess?” Max asked defensively.

“Hell of a lot of what you did when she first came to town was playing games. Lucky for you Liz was not in a relationship with you at the time otherwise she would have kicked your ass to the curb.”

“This is true.” Pogue nodded.

Max glared at the two of them not liking how they were ganging up on him. “Let’s get back to work.” He huffed making the other two smile.

“Just what I was thinking.” Pogue said once again getting into the ring. Max had a feeling that he was not going to be done for awhile.

Liz and Maria looked at their mothers not knowing if they should laugh or cry, it seemed they had finally cracked under the pressure. They kept babbling on about the potion and a thump thump, eventually they figured out it was a heartbeat. “Mom…” Liz tried grabbing the taller woman’s shoulders. “Deep breath.” Liz hissed and Nancy took a deep shaky breath looking down at her daughter fearfully.

“Liz I swear the potion is making a heart sound.” Nancy sighed.

“Come on let’s go take a look.” Maria said grabbing her mother’s hands and leading the way down the stairs and towards the kitchen not wanting to wake a sleeping Serena up.

“Maria we swear we are not trying to trick you it really does have a heartbeat.” Amy said clutching her daughter tightly as they approached the kitchen. A soft deep thump made the four stop short of the kitchen, it was soon followed by another.

“Holy crap.” Liz breathed looking at her mother. “You were right.”

“Of course we were right!” The two woman yelled.

“Well there has to be a reason it is making heat tones.” Maria sighed.

Liz bit her lip as she worked out why the hell a potion to banish a pagan god would have that sound. “I don’t know if this is right but what if the potion is what connects Acolmiztli to the mortal world and with the spell we bind him to it and then with the banishment part we kill the ‘heart’ or potion and it kills him?” Liz asked.

“You know Lizzie that sounds just crazy enough to actually be true.” Amy said.

“We are working blind here. I guess anything is possible.” Nancy admitted.

“So see there is nothing to be afraid of. It is just a noise.” Liz said and the two adults nodded. A deafening scream filled the air sending ripples of fear through the four witches.

“Serena!” Liz yelled darting off towards the room. Maria, Nancy and Amy headed that way when Chase raced past them and up the stairs with Pogue hot on his heels.

“Rena.” Chase said catching her as she bolted into his arms sobbing her blonde hair matted with sweat. “Shh Rena what is it?” Chase asked rocking her back and forth as the others watched from the doorway not wanting to overwhelm her.

“I keep keep hearing them whisper whispering.” She sobbed. “I hear their voices hissing at me telling me things.”

“What things?” Chase asked.

“They kept saying the ones I love are going to die they are going to die like I did and it is all going to be my fault because I am not strong enough to protect them. They showed me terrible things.” She sobbed burying her head into his neck clinging to him for dear life.

“Serena listen to me sweetie.” Chase whispered but the others could hear him just fine. “The shadows are gone you are no longer there. You are here in the mortal world again and you can fight for your family. Those things they were whispering to you are not true. You are strong Serena and we will win this fight.” Chase said kissing her cheek as he cuddled her close.

“They showed me Liz dead, they said that she was going to die for taking me away. I can’t let that happen I would rather die than let them have her.” Serena cried.

“And I would rather die than let them have you back.” Liz said startling Serena who turned to look at the others through blurry tear filled eyes.


“No Serena! You are not leaving us again and neither is Chase. I will be damned if I am going to let the Horaci or anyone else take away another member of my family because the next person to do so will know what it feels like to be in eternal hell!” Liz shrieked startling the room before she took her leave Pogue trailing after her leaving the others to deal with Serena and Chase.

“What just happened?” Chase asked.

“Who else did Liz lose besides me?” Serena asked fear welling inside her again.

“Her father.” Nancy whispered. “A few nights ago, the Horaci attacked Caleb’s home and Jeff was killed in the explosion.” Nancy muttered her lower lip trembling as she left the room Paul and Amy heading after her.

“Oh god.” Serena whispered.

“You didn’t know Rena. Liz will do just about anything now to make sure she loses no one else. As it is she has the fighting furry in her and is ready to kill but losing you and then her dad just gave her a final push.” Maria said.

“As you know she was kind of broken there for awhile, we had to use magic to un do the damage.” Tyler said as the adults pushed the aliens minus Alex out of the room to give the kids time to talk.

“Yeah Max really did a number on her.” Serena muttered.

“But it was not just Max.” Maria said pacing the room. “There were just so many things pressing in on her that she just gave in and became what she thought everyone wanted her to be.”

“You should have seen her Rena she was so shy and timid.” Faith said scrunching her face in disgust.

“I saw. I got to experience the new Liz first hand when the Horaci sent her and Pogue into the shadow world. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what. I am glad she is back to normal.” Serena said giving her friends a small tired smile.

“Well as normal as she can be in this situation. We have come to accept that while she is back to her spunky self there are some personality traits that have changed through her growing up and as clichéd as it is, life experiences.” Caleb sighed.

“Don’t sound so happy there champ.” Serena said and Caleb rolled his eyes.

“She is more closed off than before but that also has to do with her not knowing who to trust.” Alex said.

“Once again thank you Horaci you make our lives so much easier.” Reid grumbled.

“You going to be okay now Rena?” Caleigh asked and the taller blonde nodded.

“Caleb could you finish up with Max please? I don’t think Pogue or I want to leave Liz and Serena alone right now.” Chase said.

“Sure man, how far along is he?”

“He just needs to get quicker at accessing his powers, he knows how to now all you have to do is give him practice on drawing on those defensive and offensive powers.” Chase said and Caleb nodded.

“Alright night you two.” Caleb said ushering the others out of the room. Faith turned back quickly moving over to Serena and Chase. She hugged the two tightly and then left the room.

“Was it a vision?” Chase asked once he was sure the others were out of hearing range.

“Not sure.” She mumbled snuggling closer. “It could be anything, the Horaci messing with me, memories from the shadow world anything.”

“I promise Serena, I will do everything I can to make sure the others are alright. I will not let anything happen to you or them as long as I am around.” He whispered kissing her forehead.

“I know and neither will I.”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 68 p.9 8/12/08

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Part 71: Banishment XIV

Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess sat huddled together in the sitting room of the Garwin home, one of the only rooms in the large home they were familiar with. They did not like that the others were so scared and worried, it made them worry because when something as big and bad as the Covenant and Scions were scared than it had to be bad. “Wonder what they are talking about.” Michael muttered making Tess laugh.

“They are either talking about us or something personal that they do not want us to know about.” She said but it was obvious to the others that she did not care that she was being left out like they did.

“It does not bug you?” Isabel asked.

“No. People have talked about me behind my back all my life I mean I have always been the new girl and the odd girl out. Even when I came to Roswell you all talked about me behind my back, I have just gotten used to it. Besides if we needed to know what they were talking about if it was important to us and our survival they would tell us. We just have to give them some of the same trust that they are giving us I mean it’s not like we have ever really given them a reason to trust us.” Tess said.

“Maxwell!” Caleb’s deep booming voice rang throughout the room as he hung in the doorway. “We need to finish you up.” Caleb said.

Max groaned looking at his new torturer. “This is so not fair, the rest of you had it easy.” Max grumbled.

“Yeah well the rest of us did not date Liz Parker.” Michael said grinning at his best friend knowing he was once again going to get his ass handed to him on a silver platter. He did not want to be Maxwell right now.

Liz lay on her bed curled up in a tight little ball letting the emotional trauma of the past few days crash upon her. She could not believe that so much had happened in so little time, her only comfort was that it was all soon going to be over she was going to make sure of that. She could feel Pogue through their connection coming towards the room they were now sharing at Reid’s and felt him enter the room. The bed dipped behind her and she felt his warm solid mass of a body before his arms snaked around her holding her to his chest. His breath tickled her ear as he nuzzled the side of her head bringing her instant comfort. He did not say anything knowing that she did not need words at the moment just for him to hold her and hold her tight never letting go letting his presence do all the work.

He could feel the tension and stress in her small body start to melt away until just sadness flowed through their connection. Liz sighed turning over to face Pogue, his dark eyes glowing slightly as the roamed over her. She loved the magical light that always shown behind them. Liz tilted her face up and placed a kiss on his pouty lips the soft smack the only sound that filled the room. “I feel like such a baby.”

“What makes you say that?” He asked tucking a piece of her chocolate hair behind her ear in a familiar gesture.

“Every time something bad happens I run away and cry.”

“Well again this is how you deal, though I could do without the running part.” Pogue said kissing her forehead. She tilted her face up again and sought his lips humming when they met he slowly deepened it pulling gently on her bottom lip.

“I need you.” She whispered against his lips as he gently brushed hers again.

“You have me.” Pogue breathed and captured her lips again his hand sliding under her top to brush the soft warm skin of her stomach as he trailed his hand higher seeking her curves. Liz traced her small hands down his back working her way to his front and down again to the bottom of his shirt slipping her hands under the fabric to play with the band of his jeans, her knuckles brushing over his abs feeling them softly contract under her ghost touch.

“Liz…” He groaned loving her soft touches that danced across his bare skin. He sat up and pulled his shirt over his head attacking hers next having it off faster than she could process and then he unclipped her bra sending that to the hardwood floor as well. Liz laid down again pulling him down with her wrapping her leg around his waist pulling his hips closer. Liz moaned when she felt his lips his a sensitive spot on her collar bone sucking slightly to intensify the sensation coursing through her. Her hand tangled in his long hair as his lips tickled down her chest the rolling wave of pleasure forcing her eyes closed.

“Oh Pogue…” He grunted in response spurred on by her reaction. A harsh rap on the door followed by said door opening shocked the two but they were not fast enough as the door swung open.

“Hey Liz I was wondering…” Max stopped seeing the two half naked, Liz’s full chest glaring at him.

“What the hell man!” Pogue growled slamming on top of Liz flattening her on the mattress as he covered her up from Max’s prying eyes.

“Whoa sorry.” Max said slapping a hand over his eyes while trying to burn the image of Liz into his mind hoping Pogue will not realize how turned on he is by the image of Liz partially naked on a bed. “I ah needed to talk to Liz. I can come back later.” Max said.

“Good idea.” Liz huffed.

“Later Max.” Pogue growled as the alien stumbled out of the room. “Why do people always interrupt us when we are getting to the good part?”

The adult witches sat together in the Garwin solarium at the large glass table, Nancy nursing a strong cup of coffee with a healthy shot of rum. “Better Nan?” Paul asked.

“No but I will be, we have other matters to discus other than my emotional state.” Nancy said and the others reluctantly agreed.

“The spell to banish the Horaci is not strong enough to take on the wave we are expecting. The spell can kill one or two at a time, three is pushing it. It is not going to be enough to take them all on.” Ryan said.

“What else can we do Ryan? We have looked in all the books, there is not much on Horaci as it is and there is even less on killing them and killing them for good. The only other spell we found involved ritual sacrifice and we know the children will not go for that.” Amy spat rubbing her temples in frustration.

Pearl shook her head at her friends knowing that they were all thinking the same thing but none of them were willing to voice it. “So either we go behind their backs again and do the ritual or we pray that our children are strong enough to hold their own while we take the Horaci out bit by bit.” Pearl said sending waves of unease through the group gathered around the table.

“We can’t do the ritual.” Mark whispered.

“Why not?” Paul asked.

“Because we have less than a day before this bitch is going down and it is not enough time to sneak behind our kids backs and do the ritual. Our children need to rest up, we are doing it the way we know works and all we can do is hope for the best.” Mark said.

“Mark is right.” Nancy sighed taking a hearty drink of her coffee. “We stick with what we know. Besides we already promised them no more secrets and at this point in the game keeping something else from them could get them killed and that is not a chance I am willing to take.” Nancy said.

“So tomorrow night it is.” Amy sighed.

“Tomorrow night.” Mark nodded.

“I will begin the banishment ritual at seven. Where are we going to fight?” Amy asked.

“I heard Caleb and Liz talking earlier they are thinking the ancestral home. The land is familiar to all of us even Chase and Serena and the layout is easy enough for the others to get used to. We can draw on the power of the land and the home is the perfect spot for the banishment spell.” Nancy said.

“Good spot, those two work well together.” Ryan said.

“I would feel safer doing the spell there.” Amy admitted feeling foolish.

“It is alright to be afraid Amy you would be a fool not to be.” Pearl said.

“Come on we should go and tell the kids what we have decided and run it by Liz and Caleb and then tell them all to turn in for the night. Tomorrow is going to be a hard day and an even worse night.” Mark said.

Spencer Academy

Sarah felt numb she could not breathe. None of them had return her calls and she had long given up hope of hearing any news from them. It seemed like the whole school knew that Caleb was dead and now rumors were swirling that the others might have been hurt. Kate though, she seemed far to calm and content for her liking. Caleb a friend of hers was dead and she was acting as if it was an everyday occurrence.

“Hey Kate.” Sarah said watching her roommate bounce into the room. She had been coming and going at all hours the last few days, Sarah thought she probably had a new boyfriend and didn’t think Sarah would approve.

“Sarah.” The other girl chirped.

“Where were you?”

Kate grinned at the little blonde, “Out with some friends of mine that flew in to see me.” Kate said knowing she had to be careful what she said to the little human if she did not want important information leaked to the enemy but with Caleb dead she really did not think it was a problem.

“Oh I didn’t know you had people visiting.” Sarah said hating that Kate was keeping secrets.

“Well it was a spur of the moment kind of thing they will be leaving in two days. Tomorrow they have one more thing that we need to take care of then they are getting the hell out of Ipswich and on to bigger and better things.” Kate said.

Sarah just nodded pleased with the answer even though she secretly wished to meet them. Kate seemed to know what she was thinking though, “I would introduce you but these friends of mine are not the nicest they are stuck up snobs. Think Aaron Abbot but with a mini skirt. I wouldn’t normally be friends with them but we grew up together and we have been through so much as a group that I can over look their faults, but I don’t want to subject you to their scrutiny.” Kate said hoping the blonde would forget that she even had friends in town.

“Thank you I understand.” Sarah said giving her roommate a dazzling smile. “Here I thought you had a new boyfriend and were just trying to break him in before you introduced him to your crazy roommate.” Sarah laughed and Kate gave a fake laugh as well.

“I wish.” Kate laughed. “I guess part of me is still hoping that Pogue will come to his senses and come back to me and after weeks of begging and pleading I would take him back.” Kate sighed hoping she was putting on a good show for the little human.

Sarah sighed inwardly, “He and Liz are great together. I know that the two of us are roommates but Kate he is so happy with her. Besides when Chase was here weren’t you shopping around for a new boyfriend saying that you didn’t think that the two of you were going to make it that you were tired of him?” Sarah asked.

Kate paused feeling like an idiot, she knew that the human she was posing as really did say that earlier that year. “That was then when Pogue was going through his possessive phase.”

“Kate I hate to tell you this but that is not a phase with Pogue he is just that possessive all the time. I think that once you get some time under your belt you will realize that these feelings are just residual can’t have him I want him feelings that does not mean that the two of you are meant to be together.” Sarah said.

“You know you are probably right. Only time will tell.” Kate said applying another coat of lip gloss before she got up from her chair yet again and switched winter jackets. “Well I am going out again, ah see you around.” Kate said leaving the room waving at Sarah one last time.

Sarah didn’t know why but as her roommate left she had a sudden feeling of dread in the pit of her belly. Something was telling her that those last words of her roommate would haunt her forever. “By Kate.” She whispered not realizing that she had just bid her friend goodbye for the last time.

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 68 p.9 8/12/08

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Part 72: Banishment XV

The chilly biting air of an Ipswich winter nipped at them inside the ancient home where witches from their lines had congregated for centuries. Amy rolled the last bundle of herbs ignoring the constant beating of the hear that was coming from the black pot in front of her. “Okay kids now all I have to do is light this baby and we are set to go. Tell Mark to start the summoning spell the faster we can get the Horaci here the quicker we can get this all done.” Amy said using a match to light the bundle on fire. Hissing in Latin she threw the bundle into the pot.

Maria and Tyler nodded heading up the stone steps of the basement towards the kitchen where the others were waiting. Chase was looking out the window with Michael both keeping a wither eye on the shadows of the forest not wanting to be caught off guard.

“Mom says you can begin the summoning spell.” Maria whispered as Serena squeezed her hand.

“Okay everyone. Tonight is the night we have all been preparing for.” Caleb said gaining their attention. “We are strong and we can win this fight. We know our strengths and we know our jobs. This is your last chance to back out if you are having second thoughts because in a few minutes we are heading into battle for our lives and that is not the time to get cold feet.” Caleb said looking at everyone in the room. “Are you with me?” Caleb asked.

“I Liz Parker head daughter of the Scion line will fight with you.” Liz said shaking his hand the power flowing through their hands in a magical contract.

“I Pogue Parry of the Covenant your captain and brother will fight with you. Brothers to the end.” Pogue said shaking Caleb’s hand.

“I Faith McCullum of the Scion line captain of Liz Parker, will fight with you to the bitter end.” Faith said shaking Caleb’s hand smiling when he grinned at her.

Chase stared hard at Caleb before he began in his ethereal deep voice, “I Chase Collins of the Putnam line long thought dead will fight and give my life for you for the good of our family. You have my word.” Chase said sticking out his hand when the two male heirs clasped hands a clap of winter thunder sounded shaking the ancient house.

Serena grinned at her boyfriend before turning to Caleb. “I Serena Aires daughter of the great Aires line of the Scions will fight with you.” Serena said shaking his hand.

“I Reid Garwin of the Covenant your brother and constant pain in the ass will fight with you.”

Maria giggled at his words before turning serious. Caleigh smiled at her friend before turning to Caleb. “I Caleigh Killian the rattalen of the Scion line will fight with you.”

Tyler turned to Caleb next. “I Tyler Simms of the Covenant will fight with you brother Danvers.”

Maria stared at Caleb feeling a deep sense of pride that she was able to be a part of such a monumental task. “I Maria Deluca of the Scion lines will fight with you.”

One by one the adults, aliens and Alex all pledged their loyalty and abilities to the fight. At last Caleb turned to Amy and Mark who grabbed Tyler and Maria to join them. “Mark and Amy, our success this night depends on you two completing your task of completing the ritual. Should you fall your heirs will take your place. Do you swear?” Caleb asked the four.

“We swear.” They choursed.

“Alright summon the Horaci.” Caleb said.

“Ah Danvers you might want to cancel that.” Chase hissed looking out the window looking to Michael who nodded as well.


“Because the Horaci are already here.” Michael said. “And there are a lot of them.” Caleb raced to the window and groaned.

“Shit we need to get out there, you know where to go people.” Caleb said and the others took off pairing off according to rank leaving Caleb and Liz in the kitchen.

“Ready Caleb?” Liz asked.

“Ready.” The two were the only ones to head out the front door and when they did the Horaci stopped their progression grinning at the two witches.

“Oh look the cavalry has arrived.” Kate sang as not seeing who was standing in front of her the shadows hiding their faces.

“Gee Kate why am I not surprised to see you?” Caleb asked stepping into the light watching disbelief cross her face.

“I thought you were dead.” Kate said.

“Nope maybe next time you should go and check to make sure the person you are trying to kill is actually dead.” Caleb said making Liz laugh.

“Well she has never been very good at keeping track of who is dead or not.” A deep voice chuckled from the left of Liz.

“But honey that would make our jobs so much harder.” A soft feminine voice laughed.

“Who the hell are you?” Kate asked watching with unease as the two stepped into the light. “No I know that the two of you are dead.” Kate said.

“You see Kate that is the funny thing about magic.” Chase said his voice cheerful but the underlying hate was quite clear. “What is supposed to be is not always what is.”

“Are we going to stand around all night or are we going to fight? After all you have to kill us to please your master.” Serena said and Kate sneered.

“Fine then.” Kate said and as one the Horaci moved forward.

“Here we go.” Liz muttered feeling the air thicken with magical energy before the waves of magical energy burst from the Horaci furiously rushing towards the four witches practically sucking the air away from them.

Caleb lifted his hand and deflected the brunt of the energy while Liz concentrated on getting her fire ready. Seconds after Caleb surged the Horaci power back at them she had a wall of fire ready and charged it at the Horaci’s Liz concentrated on sending the wall where she wanted it being mindful of Chase, Serena, and Caleb who were now actively throwing their energy around.

Serena grinned at Kate remembering the girl from before. Serena shot her arms out in front of her and let the energy form tendrils at the ends of her fingers before she wiggled them and sent them shooting at Kate. Kate snarled when she saw the biting strands of energy and grabbed onto one of the strands before using her magic to surge a searing pain through Serena. Serena released her magic and shrieked feeling the burn in her arms spreading through her body.

“Come on Rena push through it girl.” She scolded herself grinding her teeth as she produced a fireball and shot it at Kate who ducked out of the way shooting an energy ball back at her. Tyler and Maria appeared suddenly both raising their right hands and surging all of their energy into a blast that knocked three Horaci away.

Nancy and Paul appeared chanting the spell directing it at the three Maria and Tyler had distracted waiting as the spell struck two of the three turning them into dust and then nothing. The third one just stumbled a bit before turning towards the two adults even more enraged.

“Uh oh!” Maria screamed grabbing Tyler’s hand. She raised her right hand and shot everything she had at the Horaci watching in gasping awe as flash after flash of energy shot out of her hand in the fashion of a gun stunning the male Horaci coming after them.

Ryan and Pearl came around the other side of the house chanting targeting the Horaci Caleb was fighting catching it off guard when Caleb made it burst apart only for the adults to kill it for good.

In the Basement

Amy held the diamond tipped dagger in her hands holding it high above her head as she faced the alter resembling an ancient Aztec temple. “Ancestors give me strength.” She muttered and she nodded at Mark who began the chant.

“Antepasados…” His deep voice rattling off the incantation they found that started off in modern Spanish and then transformed into an ancient tongue hoping it was close enough to the never recorded Aztec language to get the job done.

Mark nodded to Amy who brought the dagger down slicing through the human heart blood spattering over her small frame. She took the heart and poured the blood into a dish before slicing her hand and dropping two full drops of her blood into the mix. Amy held the blood in the bowl over her head while Mark chanted. When the word ‘muerte’ left his mouth Amy dumped the blood into the pot watching as it hissed and the heart beat sounded faster. Mark nodded at her one last time and Amy took over the chant as he waited.

“I summon thee Acolmiztli god of the underworld, destroyer of worlds. I call on thee Acolmiztli come before me.” Amy chanted hoping that she was able to raise the god before his followers could. Amy watched as Mark staggered a bit before continuing. “I summon thee Acolmiztli god of the underworld, destroyer of worlds. I call on thee Acolmiztli come before me.” Mark staggered and jerked around more than before knowing it was time now. Mark dipped his hand into the potion and took a hearty drink fighting the urge to bring it all back up.

“With my blood and the blood of my allies I summon thee Acolmiztli I summon thee into my world and into my body.” Mark chanted taking another drink as Amy chocked back a sob as she watched her friend take in more of the noxious liquid. “With my life I will finally banish thee.” Mark ground out his eyes glowing an ethereal gold as a light shone from behind them.

Amy watched as a black puma in a shadow like form paced the ground in front of the alter a devious smirk on its face which should have been impossible. The puma watched as Mark drank and drank the paste like potion. Amy could feel in her bones that the puma was trying with all its might not to go anywhere near Mark but as more of the potion entered his system the closer the puma got. Finally the last of the potion was swallowed and the puma paused.

“Acolmiztli god of the underworld I come before me. With my life I will finally banish thee.” Mark wheezed out. The puma as if pushed by an unnatural force charged at Mark looking ready to pounce when its spectral form went through him making the light in his eyes glow brighter. Amy handed him the diamond tipped dagger and watched in sick terror as Mark slid the blade across his throat in a precise manner. She willed her eyes closed at the grizzly sight but knew she had to watch to make sure it was done.

Max watched as the enemy flooded the area behind the house he concentrated on the warm feeling in his chest and whipped out his shield willing it to stay strong. Tess concentrated on the Horaci in front of her and tore into its mind as Isabel began chanting to get rid of it while Alex took care of the other side. Max felt the blasts of the Horaci slam against his shield at the same force Chase had used on him, after seconds it collapsed. Michael blasted the closest thing to him and watched as it burst into a haze instead of the usual dust.

“Holy crap.” Alex breathed. “Michael you can kill them without the spell.” Alex said sending a surge of pride through Michael. He raised his hand again and let all hell lose on the Horaci in front of him. He was going to make sure all of them got out of this alive.

Alex ducked as a laser like blast shot towards him, he shot a blast back at the Horaci before starting the chant hoping that it worked in time. Isabel raised her hand and watched as the Horaci she was fighting disintegrated the way the Congresswoman had before turning into a black haze of death as well. “I can kill them too.” She whispered.

“Isabel!” Tess screamed sending a telepathic blast towards the tall blonde, Isabel jerked to the right just in time for the blast to connect with a Horaci sneaking up on her. Isabel was livid.

“Hey!” She growled. “My friends taught me that that is not nice!” She thundered raising her hand.

Max surged his energy towards his hand hoping to push the enemy back so that Alex could begin the chant and take out more. He knew from trying that he and Tess did not have the ability to kill the Horaci with a blast but he knew he could keep them busy.

At the front of the house Chase growled as he slammed out of the way of a high energy blast. He thrust his hand into the air letting his power was over the creature in front of him as the two blasted back and forth each dodging the other’s fire power. Serena screamed as she was thrown into the air using her powers to stop her furious path as she landed on her butt. She raised her hand and let the red raw energy funnel out into the Horaci who groaned at the impact as Nancy used the spell to kill it for good.

“These things just keep coming!” Liz groaned as she took yet another blast to the stomach.

Pogue ducked as Liz shot a blast at a Horaci behind him. He twisted around and came face to face with Kate. “Oh great.” He muttered as she grinned at him.

“What’s wrong Pogue, you don’t seem happy to see me.” She pouted but the yellow glow of her eyes made her look less than human.

“Oh I don’t know maybe I am mad because no one has killed you yet.” He snapped.

“Oh they sure tried but the one I really wanted to fight is over there.” Kate said sending a blast towards Liz who happened to shift at the time making the blast hit the side of the house. Pogue could not stop the hot fury running through him. He did not even use his powers he just tackled the girl to the ground.

“I know I have this thing about not hitting girls but since you are not really a chic I can make an exception.” He growled punching her putting magical force behind it. She kicked her feet and knocked Pogue off of her getting up to fight him.

“That was not very nice.” She spat.

“Well you are not very nice!” He felt the fire crawl up his arm and before he knew it his arm was ablaze ready to go. He extended his arm towards the girl and watched as the fire shot off him in a raging jet at the tall girl catching her off guard. She deflected most of it to the side but took some of it to the face.

“Okay that hurt!” She snarled. “You want to fight Parry well you have a fight!”

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Re: Magical Secrets, (Cov,XO,UC,Adult) Pt 68 p.9 8/12/08

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Part 73: Banishment XVI

Faith screamed as yet another blast hit her in the chest before she rolled away. She wished she could call out for help but the others were busy fight as well and she was stuck on her own fighting two very angry Horaci. Faith stuck her arms out on a v making sure to aim at the two of them and then she released an acid spraying them hoping to distract them long enough for someone to help her. Ryan and Pearl saw that Faith had an opening and they struck.

Suddenly the Horaci stopped an eerie stillness settled over them. Kate stopped and sniffed the air before she released a pitiful shriek looking distressed. “What did you do?” She growled her yellow eyes wild with anger.

Amy slowly walked out of the house onto the still battle field. “We banished your master for good. He can never enter this world again.” Amy said.

“That is impossible.” Kate snarled.

“Nothing is impossible for us.” Amy said.

“We will kill you for this!” Kate hissed and Amy nodded.

“We never expected any less.” Amy said and the fighting restarted. Amy ran towards the back of the house only two see three Horaci left. Isabel and Michael aimed and fired at two of the three while Alex chanted at the other and in no time the three were dead.

“How the hell…” Amy stopped when the kids turned to look at her.

“Isabel and Michael can kill them with a blast.” Tess deadpanned.

“Neat, now come on we have a lot more out front.” Amy said hurrying them towards the front of the house. “Have any of you seen Reid and Caleigh?” She asked.

“We thought they were out front.” Alex said making Amy stop.

“No they were supposed to be out back with you.” Amy said her heart racing. “Oh god, get out front and help the others I need to go and look for them. If you get a chance tell Paul that Reid and Caleigh are missing.” Amy said and she took off in the other direction fear coursing through her blood freezing it in place. Her limbs felt stiff as she ran looking for any sign of the two blondes as she stayed vigilant for any remaining Horaci. She came around the side of the house and she saw foot prints in the half melted snow as well as drag marks from what she guessed were heels.

“Amy!” Paul hissed running towards her looking incredibly like an older version of his son in that moment. “What is going on?”

“Reid and Caleigh are missing.” She said as the two followed the path.

“Amy this is leading to…”

“The old Swann home I know.” She hissed as the two jogged along the path. “Why the hell would someone go there?” She asked.

“Because it is the only other place around here shielded.”

“But Paul it reacts to powers, in a negative way.” Amy huffed.

“I know but I am thinking that whoever went there didn’t know that.” Paul grunted.

“Or they do and they are using it to their advantage.”

Pogue ducked as Kate sent another powerful energy wave his way, the debilitating wave just barely missing him. He plunged his hand into the ground staring hard at Kate before using one of his darker powers. He concentrated on her hard and watched as moments later when she was unaware roots shot up from the ground wrapping around her. He pulled his hand out of the earth and then stood up clapping his hands together to create a sizeable ball of potential energy before he propelled it towards a bound Kate just as Nancy turned in his direction and began her chant and just as the blast hit the struggling girl Nancy’s spell took action getting rid of the Horaci posing as Kate for good.

“Bout damn time.” He muttered before he took off towards Faith who was yet again trapped by Horaci.

Amy and Paul came to the end of the path that led to the Swann house not knowing if that was a good or bad thing. Paul motioned for her to be alert and the two cautiously moved towards the house trying to control their racing heart beats. A light was on inside the house and the two moved towards a window to see inside. Paul peered over the windowsill and saw two blonde heads ducked as if the people were asleep and two males pacing the room.

“Are there more than two?” Amy asked reaching out with her senses knowing that Paul was doing the same.

“Just one more I can sense them nearby.” Paul said and Amy nodded.

“Take him out and then get the other two?” She asked and he nodded.

“Alright let’s go.” The two made their way through the thick trees surrounding the house following their internal pull towards the evil. “There he is.” Paul whispered and sure enough there was a tall beast of a Horaci waiting on the other side of the Swann house his yellow eyes glaring furiously into the night.

Amy darted out before he could alert the others and shot a blast at him while Paul chanted. She shot blast after blast at him never giving him the chance to get a round off as he dodged and tucked about. Finally Paul finished and the Horaci disappeared.

“One down two to go.” Amy whispered hoping that the two inside had not been alerted to their presence but they were not holding their breath.

“So we go in the front door?” Paul asked.

“We go in the front door.” She nodded the two heading in being quiet.

“About time you two got here.” A male growled his yellow eyes oddly tinged with orange as he and his goon of a friend hovered over an unconscious Reid and Caleigh.

“What did you do to them?” Paul asked.

“Made them go bye bye.” The other laughed.

“Far away from here.”

“Put up a hell of a fight they did but we were able to overpower them soon enough.”

“Why bring them here? Why come here?” Amy asked “I mean this is the place where both of our enemies resided, doesn’t exactly make sense.”

“Oh when you think about it little Amy Deluca daughter of Miamaria. It makes perfect sense.” The orange and yellowed eyed monster hissed.

“Even ground.” Paul hummed. “We are on even ground. Neither of us has the home advantage here.”

“That might be true but there is something you don’t know about this house.” Amy said inching towards the kids.

“What?” They asked.

“The Swann family hated magic very much so much that they would even curse their own bloodline to keep magic out of their house.” Amy said.

“So when someone uses their powers like say us the house will react.” Paul said.

“So when I do this…” Amy let off a large blast at the two Horaci before tackling the two blonde witches to the floor in their chairs as Paul jumped on top of her. The air crackled to life and then rushed out of the room as a blast overtook the ancient home.

Paul groaned in pain as debris lodged in his skin and the heat of the explosion ripped at his flesh. From the sounds coming from Amy she was suffering as he was. It felt like forever but seconds later it was over. “Expello malum pro mihi quod nunquam permissum reverto absentis suus visio quod permissum exuro!” He croaked, he heard two shrieks and knew the Horaci were gone.

“Paul.” Amy croaked.

“I am alright nothing a few days rest won’t cure. How about you?” He asked.

“I could be doing better if you got off me, I can’t breathe.” She wheezed. Paul moved off her as quickly as he could in his state working hard not to pass out from the pain.

“What about them?” Paul asked.

“Knocked out. They are not going to wake up anytime soon I have been trying to get them up.”

“They are probably in a magically induced unconscious state we need to get them back to the ancestral home.” Paul said.

“Why and how?” Amy asked.

“Because we happen to have a witch who specializes in magically induced comas fighting for us.”

“Chase.” Amy breathed and Paul nodded gingerly. “Okay then how are we going to get them there?” Amy asked standing up in the destroyed house.

“Easy, magic, but first we have to drag the two of them away from the house. We don’t want to set off another alarm when we go to float them.” Paul said.

“Great you take Reid I take Caleigh. For once I am glad the girl is paper thin.” Amy grunted carefully dragging Caleigh outside while Paul took Reid. Once outside it was easy to manipulate the two teens bodies to levitate them. It took longer to get back to the ancestral home than leaving since they were not running and they were in an intense amount of pain.

The home loomed before them and Amy and Paul quickened their pace hearing the Horaci spell ring out. The two adults followed by floating teens entered the clearing in the front yard in front of the stone fence looking at the scene in front of them. Max and Michael stood together breathing heavily as Isabel, Tess and Alex leaned against the wall Nancy patting Alex on the back. Pogue was holding Liz off to the side and Caleb was holding Faith as Tyler and Maria babbled back and forth watching Chase and Serena slumped against a tree being looked at by Ryan and Pearl.

“There they are!” Maria yelled followed by her scream. “Mom!”

“I am alright Maria.” Amy said.

“We need Chase.” Paul grunted catching said teens attention.

“What?” Chase asked coming over to them dragging a worn out Serena with him.

“Reid and Caleigh were knocked out by the Horaci. We were hoping you could do your thing and revive them.” Amy said and Chase nodded motioning for them to move Reid and Caleigh over in front of him. Serena and the others moved back as Chase held his hands over the two his black eyes glittering in the night. The two glowed a heavenly white as he concentrated his powers on them pulling his arms back. The others watched as Reid and Caleigh’s eyes blinked open.

“Aw.” Reid groaned as his dad ran over to him and Pearl over to Caleigh.

“What happened?” Caleigh asked.

“Well you two were sleeping while we won.” Caleb laughed.

“Ouch.” Reid winced.

“Yeah sorry about that.” Chase said. “The ah reentry process is a bit painful. You are going to be feeling that for a week or so.”

Tyler stared at the house moving away from the others. Amy cautiously moved towards the teen knowing he could sense her there. “Was it quick?” He asked in a soft whisper.

“Yes.” Amy said. “He was gone in seconds.”

“Why do I feel so sad?” He asked as she put an injured arm around his waist. “I mean I hated the guy.”

Amy squeezed him slightly feeling for the kid. “Maybe because even if he was an evil bastard he was still your father and you know that on some level he loves you. He did this for you to fix his mistakes that almost cost you and the others your lives.” Amy whispered.

“Yeah he died for us.” Tyler whispered a crystal tear falling from his blue eyes. “For us.”


The others were dead to the world once they got back to the Garwin home, except them. He looked at his father who nodded his blonde hair falling into his eyes slightly as he motioned for his son to get going. He road in his black car down the familiar road that he had just traveled. His car came to a halt in front of the stonewall the house dark and silent before him surrounded by debris and scorch marks mixed with blood.

He walked to the house and undid the lock on the door going inside the dark tomb of a house. The stench of blood filled the air from the drops left from when they had removed Mark. He went upstairs to the attic and over to the window that over looked the front yard; the place Gorman used to sit to watch for any intruders. A large stone sat on the sill and he picked it up taking it with him as he left the house and drove back to the Garwin home.

Closing the front door softly so as not to wake the others he made the trek through the winding halls. He reached the door at the end of the hall and went inside the dark room setting the large rock on the floor. He reached down and grabbed the handle on the floor and wrenched up revealing a chamber of quartz that whispered in the dark with ghosts of the past. He picked the rock up and set it inside setting it into a bed of salt and iron before he closed the hatch.

“Just one more magical secret.” Reid whispered as he closed the door to the gym. “Night dad.”

“Goodnight Reid.”