A Realization (Liz/Isabel Mature)

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A Realization (Liz/Isabel Mature)

Post by Forensicschic » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:06 am

Title: A Realization
Rating: MATURE
Pairing: Isabel Evans/Liz Parker
Summary: a trip back to town opens Liz's eyes
Prompt: "in the back of the jeep" for the Porn Battle
Warning: Sex between two women, if that bothers you, hit the back button.
Disclaimer: I don't own Roswell, or its characters, I just play.
Note: It's not very long, but it makes me amused.


Liz kicked the tire and sighed. Her cell phone was dead, and so was Maria’s car. She was in the middle of nowhere, and town was about 5 miles down the road. She hated this car. She hated that she had felt the need to get out of town. Max’s obsession with Tess was getting old. They were done, and soon Max would be calling Tess his soulmate.

Liz saw a vehicle coming and she grinned. As it pulled closer she stopped smiling. It was the jeep. As it pulled to a stop Liz felt some relief. It wasn’t Max, it was Isabel. “Hey, Maria’s car crap out again?” Liz nodded.

“Give me a ride back to town?”

“Hop in.” Isabel took off as soon as Liz was in the jeep. Liz sat back, thinking of how Maria was going to freak out that her car was dead again. She didn’t notice Isabel pulling off of the road and heading into the desert.

“Isabel?” Liz didn’t know what was going on, but Isabel smiled and killed the engine. “What are you doing?” Isabel took her seat belt off and turned to Liz.

“I’m sick of seeing you like this.” Isabel leant in and pressed her lips to Liz’s. Liz’s eyes flew open as wide as they could go and she pulled back. Liz’s head was reeling and she didn’t pay any attention to Isabel watching her. Her lips had been soft and Liz stared at them, she could still taste Isabel’s apricot flavored lip gloss. Liz licked her own lips, not noticing she did it until it was done. “Liz?”

Liz knew she shouldn’t, she knew it was wrong. She didn’t know why it was wrong, but she knew it was. But she didn’t care, she did it anyways. Isabel’s voice was cut off by Liz’s mouth crushing against hers. Isabel pulled her as close as she could with the emergency break between them. Liz wrapped her arms around Isabel, tangling her fingers in the long blonde hair and pulled gently. She smiled into the other girl’s mouth when her actions caused Isabel to moan deeply.

“Liz…Liz… I…” Isabel nipped at Liz’s lower lip and Liz’s brain was turning to mush. Isabel’s hands were wandering over Liz’s tank top, and her fingers were every now and then brushing the skin between her tank top and her jeans. Liz let Isabel gently guide her to get out of the jeep, barely noticing the way Isabel scrambled over from the driver side to the passenger’s. They climbed into the back and Isabel pulled Liz’s tank top off, straddling her hips.

“Isabel?” Liz’s mind was coming back to her in spurts and she could see again. She could see in a new way. The way the blonde hair fell over slender shoulders, the breasts that Liz had the urge to lean up and nuzzle, all of it. And Liz wanted Isabel.

“I’m not going to hurt you Liz. Not like him.” Isabel’s eyes were angry, and Liz reached up, cupping the other girl’s cheek. “I’ve watched you too. I want you.” Liz gasped softly and then smiled up at Isabel. She tugged on Isabel’s shirt, which came off quickly, and started to kiss her way up Isabel’s chest.

Liz is happy that they are in the middle of the desert, miles away from any prying eyes, because she doesn’t want anyone to see Isabel the way she is seeing her; panting and grinding, her eyes closed and head tossed back. Liz pulls the lacy, obviously expensive bra off of Isabel and licks both nipples, making Isabel bite her lower lip. Liz smiled and pulled away from Isabel to just stare at her for a moment.

The blonde looked down, confused. “Are you okay?” Liz nodded and pulled Isabel down for a rough kiss. There was no more need to talk, and they didn’t. Both girls were completely dressed and grinning when they pulled up to the Evan’s house.

They didn’t need to discuss it, they just got out, took hands, and walked in, into the house to face Max, both their parents and the world, because they both understood. Isabel would never hurt Liz, would always love Liz. Just as Liz understood that she did belong with an Evans, one that made her heart skip a beat, and that made her feel alive.
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