Binding Souls (Heroes, XO, UC, MATURE) 1/1 6/3/10

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Binding Souls (Heroes, XO, UC, MATURE) 1/1 6/3/10

Post by lizandzackfan » Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:43 am

Title: Binding Souls

Author: lizandzackfan

Pairing: Liz/?

Set: After "Ch-Ch-Changes" in Roswell, and AU in Heroes.

Rating: Mature

Category: Roswell/Heroes X-Over

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don't own any of the characters from "Roswell", or "Heroes”

Summary: Sometimes you don't have a choice in love. Even if that person has a darkness darker than anything you've ever encountered before buried deep within them, you can't help but continue to love them.


Part 1

I looked at him in shock at what he was telling me, this man that I had managed to fall in love with, despite all that Max had put me through I still found it in me to do what I had once deemed impossible. To fall in love with someone else, and that alone had shocked me enough but add that to the fact I had fallen so deeply in love with him, deeper than I ever did with Max and it had seemed unfathomable.

But no matter how hard I had tried to fight my feelings I gave into them, all the while trusting him not to break me. He had proved time and time again how much he loved me, how he would never leave me.

That is until today.

He had begged me to stay with him just for that day, and usually I wouldn’t oppose because nothing was ever better to me than spending the day in his arms. But today Max and the others had needed me, they needed me because Tess had come back from Antar with Max’s baby and they needed my help to ensure the baby’s safety.

If I were to be honest that wasn’t the only reason I went, I went because I wanted, no needed to make sure Tess was punished for what she had done to Alex. My dear friend who for all intents and purposes was my brother in every way that mattered.

I was so consumed with my need to see that Tess pay for what she had done that I didn’t see the desperation in his eyes when he had begged me to stay, the desperation that would have told me that something was seriously wrong. That if I had left something terrible would happen but unfortunately I hadn’t seen it. I hadn’t noticed the way his hands started to shake when I informed him that I had to leave to Roswell for a couple of days. I hadn’t noticed his resigned expression when I had headed towards the door to leave, the expression a man who was about to face something he feared the most and had no choice to do otherwise.

No I hadn’t noticed any of this, so I had walked out that door and made my way to Roswell. I had gone to Roswell ignoring the small voice in the back of my mind that was telling me that my dark, handsome fiancé was in pain; that he was in trouble. I hadn’t seen any of the signs to back this up so I just ignored it.

That was my first mistake.

My second one came when the Pod Squad and I were voting on whether or not we should turn Tess in to the government, and were interrupted by the incessant ringing of my phone coming from my purse. Without even glancing at the caller id I shut the phone off and made my way back to the others to continue the voting.

Looking back on it now I wish I could’ve just stopped making any more mistakes there and then maybe I could’ve continued to be kept in the dark, maybe that would have been better but I knew deep down that as bad, no as horrible as the truth was I preferred to have known. That no good would have come from being kept in the dark.

I wondered how I hadn’t seen this in any of the flashed I received from him when we were together but the more I thought about it the more it made sense that I hadn’t. He was so used to repressing that part of him, that part that yearned to learn how the others abilities to work, so much so that he would kill them to find out. Even I inadvertently helped repress that side of him; all of this was what kept me from seeing any of it in the flashes. This part of him was so closed off I couldn’t access it.

It wasn’t until after Tess was gone, having sacrificed her life for her son, that I found out what those many mistakes had cost me.

I had decided to check my phone to find out who had called earlier and upon turning it back on I was shocked to find that I had over 30 missed calls and at least 15 voicemails.

Frowning, I listened to the first voicemail, only to hear his frantic voice on the other line. “Liz please pick up, dammit why the hell aren’t you answering your phone. I need you Liz I NEED you. I know I should have told you this once you told me about your less than human status but I didn’t want you to hate me, to be disgusted by me. So much so that you would leave me but I can’t do this to another person again-“

The voicemail had ended.

Hurriedly I dialed his number, trying not to let myself panic, now that I knew something was seriously wrong with him.

The phone had ringed five times before he answered and I knew that wasn’t a good sign.

I was proved right when he answered the phone; it wasn’t what he said but the way he sounded, defeated. Like a man who had lost so much. I couldn’t understand it at the time. I questioned him on what was going on but all he said was to come home before he hung up the phone.

Frantically I tried to call him back only to have him not answer, so ignoring the others concerned gazes and questions, I gathered my purse and keys and left. I drove the 8 hours it would take me to get to our apartment, trying not to let myself succumb to the panic and fear I felt inside.

By the time I reached our apartment I thought my heart would explode it was beating so hard against my chest.

As I walked through our front door and shut it behind me the lights were turned on and I stared at the scene in front of me in shock. The walls were covered in blood, and there were two people on the floor, both covered in blood but that was not the worst part of it, no the worst part was that the top of their heads were cut off so much so to where you could see the top half of their brain.

I blinked hoping this was some sort of hallucination, or mindewarp, that maybe Tess was alive and was just messing with my head. All that hope was in vain as I turned to where the light switches were only to come face to face with my beloved fiancé drenched in blood and a dead look in his eyes. The only thing I could manage to say was his name, Gabriel.

Upon hearing my name he quickly strode over to me and pulled me into his arm, all the time whispering how sorry he was that he knew he should’ve just followed me no matter how badly I hadn’t wanted him anywhere near Tess. That maybe if he had this wouldn’t have happened.

As he pulled away I couldn’t form any words I could only stare at him in shock and horror over what he had done, over the people he had so ruthlessly murdered. I didn’t understand it.

Seeing my confusion and horror he looked at me with a pained expression as he backed up a few step and then proceeded to tell me who he really was. How he had once went by the name Sylar, at the time killing people with abilities so he could take them for himself. How he had even taken a woman name Elle’s life, someone he had cared very deeply for at the time, and he had done it all with a smile on his face and for the power.

That it wasn’t until a man named Peter Petrelli and a girl named Claire had forced him to see what he was, how horrible of a person he had let himself become that he had tried to repress the monster inside.

Not too long after we had met. He had said that he had practically fallen in love with me the first time I talked to him, that not only him but the dark side of him, Sylar had as well.

He said he knew I was special that I was unlike anyone he had ever met, that how with just one touch I calmed the beast inside of him.

As long as I was around him he didn’t feel the urge to kill and it wasn’t until then that I realized we had never spent more than a day or two apart from each other and this was why he had panicked. He knew if we were apart for too long and not to mention the distance apart as well that the beast would emerge. Compelling him to take another life.

He knew what would happen that’s why he had begged me to say, trying to tell me that something horrible would happen if I didn’t without actually saying the words. I was just too distracted and blind to see it.

As he finished his story he just looked at me with a broken expression, telling me all he couldn’t say.

That he knew I couldn’t stay with him, after seeing the monster he was. Letting me know in his own way that he understood what was going to happen to us.

It could felt like hours but what was actually only a couple of minutes before I made my decision.

If I could in some way forgive Tess for what she had done, at least enough not to sentence her to death then couldn’t I do the same if not more for the man whom I loved.

With what I knew to be a determined expression on my face I slowly made my way over to the bodies and with a wave of my hand I reduced them to ash and then to nothing. Turning to the wall I erased all evidence of what had taken place merely hours earlier.

As I turned in his direction and slowly made my way to him I watched him expression turn to one of shock at what I had done.

Once I reached him I waved my hand over his clothing and skin erasing the last pieces of physical evidence of the crimes he had committed.

Looking into his eyes as I placed my hands on either side of his face, I forced my pushed the flashes to him. Telling him what I couldn’t say with words at the time.

That I wasn’t going anywhere, that no matter what happened I belonged by his side.

Because from day one I was his just as much as he was mine and there was no going back from that. Not ever. I knew it from the moment I told him I loved him.

Our souls were binded to the others, no matter how much we fought it we would always drift back to each other.

So we would face whatever lied ahead together.

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