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Growing up Blake (Anita Blake XO Mature) Complete ~ 10/13

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:34 pm
by Whimsicality
Title: Growing Up Blake
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing, all characters and original Roswell/Anita verse settings belong to other very lucky people.
Pairings/Couples/Category: UC/Crossover. The main characters are Liz, Tess, and Alex from the Roswell verse and all the main Anita verse characters. As this will largely be set with the three Roswellians as children, pairings will not be shown in these drabbles, for Anita the pairings will be canon.
Rating: Adult, there will be violence and sex; this is crossed with Anita Blake after all!
Summary: Scenes of the Blake Triplets growing up. Sequel to Wander Into Darkness

Author's Note: Just some drabbles depicting events between the ages of six after Wander Into Darkness leaves off, and thirteen when the sequel picks up. Also, as a note on their memories: as you can tell by the end of Wander into Darkness, almost all of their memories of their prior lives had faded, though they still acted like a mix of adults and children. Those memories start to trickle back as they get older, but aren’t in the front of their minds, more like déjà vu. So by the end of these drabbles, and the beginning of the sequel, they all will remember most of what happened in their prior lives, but it won't really influence anything in the stores (for now), nor do they think about it very often, just a few nightmares.

AN2: Also, feel free to still suggest/request any drabbles you’d like and if I haven’t already written them I’ll give them a shot :-D

Drabble Note: So since I know people were disappointed that I never had Richard interact with the kids in Wander Into Darkness, here’s his first meeting with the triplets.

When Richard met Liz

The first time Richard met her kids, well, she should have known it wouldn’t go well. It was soon after Anita officially adopted them, and Richard showed up to scream at her some more about the marks without warning, so she couldn’t make sure they were out of the house.

Anita was standing in the kitchen, hands on the counter as she tried to keep herself from pulling her gun. The kids were in the living room with Nathaniel and a few other pard members, all of them watching with large eyes as the Ulfric gesticulated wildly, his voice rising in volume with every word.

Before anyone realized what was happening, Liz had jumped to her feet and made her way to Richard’s side, tugging on his pant leg.

Richard stopped mid rant and looked down bemusedly at the tiny brunette, who despite the lack of relation, looked so much like her mother that it plagued him with visions of what could have been.

“You are a bad man Mr. Richard.”

Richard’s mouth fell open in shock and the other adults in the room were nearly as surprised. Of the three, Liz was the peacemaker, rarely showing any temper unlike the other two children, and she was unfailingly polite to adults she didn’t know.

She wasn’t done either, and her eyes had that peculiarly luminescent sheen that meant she was seeing things other people didn’t. “You’re not a bad man because you’re a monster, everyone here is and they’re all good people. You’re a bad man because you care more about you and your stupid monster issues, than about protecting the people who depend on you. I don’t like you and I think you should stay away from my family.”

Her young sweet voice was iron hard with determination and she met his gaze unflinchingly before turning and marching back to the living room, taking a seat between Alex and Tess. Her chocolate brown eyes were cold and icy as she continued to stare at the werewolf, and the resemblance to Anita had never disturbed him so much.

The room was silent for a moment before Anita sighed. “I think you should leave Richard.” When he looked about to protest she raised her eyebrows, “Do you really want to keep making a scene in front of my children?”

The pointed barb at his desire for a normal life with the white picket fence took the wind out of his sails and he left without another word, just a parting almost wistful glance at the living room, and a glare for the woman he both loved and hated.

“What a prick.” Tess said flippantly as the door closed behind him, her blond curls bouncing as she tossed her head. Zane laughed and Nathaniel couldn’t hide his grin, but Anita frowned.

“Watch your language young lady.” She said, feeling like such a mom in that moment that she almost pinched herself to make sure she was awake.

Tess muttered an unconvincing sorry and Anita sighed, doing her best to hide her own smile.

Out of the mouth of babes.

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Posted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:06 am
by Whimsicality
garcia88: Definitely Go Liz...I have wanted to say those things to RIchard forever :lol: Thanks for the feedback!
tigerr100: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you're loving it so far and I am hard at work on the sequel which has lots of twists and turns :twisted:
Yasmania: Yeah, I don't think I'd want Liz's gifts if it meant hearing what's going on in his head...*shudder* As for Death's Sweet Caress...I'm getting there, the next few parts in the book are just very ANita heavy and figuring how I want to work them with Liz as the leopards protector is giving me a headache :(
booktv-girl2310: Thank you! I'm so glad you're enjoying it!
KiaraAlexisKlay: I wrote that line and it still makes me grin everytime I read it, lol, I love writing miniTess and I definitely am having fun showing how Anita's influence would resurrect and reinforce Liz's backbone :D Thanks for the feedback, as always! More Liz/Rath, pretty please?
Emerald_iceus: Thanks for the review! And I promise, I will have more of Death's Sweet Caress soon :-)
Ashita: Seriously, he was so overdue for a verbal ass if only I can figure out a way for the triplets to give him a physical ass kicking! Thanks for the feedback, and the awesome betaing!
cjsl8ne: Thank you for the feedback! My goal with these was definitely fun since the stories themselves are more on the angsty side (except for the sappy endings :-D)

A/N: So I will be dropping one of these off every few days since they are small, definitely feel free to make requests for ones you want to see! And here is the long awaited story behind why Bert let Anita off so easy. :D

Bert’s Revenge

Anita walked across the small stage towards the half circle of armchairs, cursing Bert viciously under her breath. He had pulled some low moves and heartless stunts before, but this was quite possibly the worst thing the man had ever done, and she would never forgive him for it.

A blond woman dressed in pale pink gave her a sunshine bright smile topped with empty, disturbingly perky, green eyes. “Welcome Ms. Blake, we’re so happy to have you on our show!”

Anita just nodded, taking her seat without speaking as she didn’t trust herself to not say what she really felt. Just an interview to promote her and the company, that was the deal right? Wrong. Instead of an annoying reporter asking her pointed questions about her personal life interspersed with the occasional work-related inquiry, he had signed her up to participate in a televised panel.

A televised panel discussing the rights and wrongs of Zombie raising, a televised panel on a religious network where every single person present other than her, thought that what she did was the devil’s work. She might have to start looking a little more seriously at the other job offers she got, or at least threaten to.

Maybe if she brought a few lunches and some of the other free treats that a few employers had offered into the office Bert would get the point.

The next two members of the panel filed in, one good old boy politician, and one priest with a square of starched white at the center of his collar. The first man gave her a condescending smile that managed to be both leering and judgmental; it would have bothered more if it hadn’t been followed by a look of outright hatred from the priest.

She bit back a groan and resolutely turned her to gaze back to the perky host; even that vision of Pepto-Bismol was better than those two. Then the woman introduced the first caller, whose question was for “That zombie raising chick, I want to know her stance on necrophilia,” and Anita realized that Miss Pink and Perky was the worst of them all.

She was so going to kill Bert for this.

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Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 3:18 pm
by Whimsicality
tiger100: Thanks for the feedback! I definitely have a lot of fun writing Anita's internal thoughts so I'm glad you enjoy reading them :D And thank you very very much for the requests, I will do my best to get all of those turned into drabbles!
garcia88: Thank you! Hope you enjoy this one too :D
Ashita: Thanks! I'm still tempted by doing an Anita payback drabble, just have to figure out how to do it since I agree with K that Anita's just too busy/lazy to bother with actively finding another place to work, or starting one of her own. And I know, my DSC muse has just not been functioning lately, unlike literally every single other muse I have :? But I will try to kick it into gear!
cjsl8ne: We will definitely see about getting some Bert payback :lol: Thanks for the review!
KiaraAlexisKlay: I have to agree that Anita is just too busy/lazy to start her own company, and your plot to have her kill, then raise him totally cracked me up! :lol: Maybe I could write a spoof where she did just that, heehee. She might get some payback but there won't be any true quitting although I have some surprises up my sleeve in the sequels that lead to interesting things, muahahaha. And I'm still waiting for my Rath/Liz fix!!!!

All in a Name

The adoption papers had been filed, renovations were being made to turn Nathaniel’s room (which he never used) into a room for the triplets, and every detail of making them official parts of her life had been taken care of. Except for one.

“If you don’t like Mommy, they can call you Mother, or Mama Anita?” Jean-Claude suggested. His voice and face were serious, but his gorgeous blue eyes were twinkling with suppressed mirth, and Anita ground her teeth, still not comfortable with the discussion.

“How about Mommy Dearest?” Jason suggested, laughter in his voice as he leaned into the entranceway to her living room from her dining room, earning a scathing glare from the animator.

“What are you doing here?” She demanded, crossing her arms over her chest defensively as she shifted on the couch.

He shrugged bonelessly and draped himself over the arm of the couch, invading her personal space with utter disregard for her comfort. “I still haven’t met your kids, and since everyone else has, I decided to take steps.”

She squinted at him and then casually shoved him off the couch, rolling her eyes when he landed on his feet with easy grace before dropping into a comfortable sprawl. “Who said I wanted you meet my kids?”

He pouted and she sighed, her gaze softening slightly. “They’ll be up from their nap in a half an hour, you can stay.” He grinned and waggled his eyebrows at her, causing her to roll her eyes again before shifting her attention back to Jean-Claude, who had been watching the proceedings with an amused and tolerant expression.

An expression that shifted to thoughtful as he tilted his head to the side in an endearingly sexy manner, “Maman.” He stated and she frowned slightly, turning the French word over in her mind.

“We like it!”

Anita’s frown deepened and she turned towards the piping voice, spotting all three of her children poking their heads around the corner from the hallway. “You’re supposed to be sleeping.” She said, aiming for severe but knowing she failed. She was better at parenting Jason than the three of them.

“We know.” Liz said with a winsome smile as she led the other two into the room, hand in hand. “But we wanted to meet the wolf too, and help you pick your name.”

Anita smiled, unable to even pretend to be angry, and patted the couch next to her, causing all three to race towards her and crawl onto the couch, cuddling around her in an embrace she still found entirely unnatural and yet somehow right.

Alex’s eyes drifted closed, his face still sleepy, and Tess stared down at Jason fascinatedly while Liz turned her face up to the Executioner turned mother. “I think Maman suits you.” Her smile was sweet at first, but a mischievous twinkle soon lit her dark brown eyes and she tilted her head towards Jean-Claude. “And we can call Nathaniel and Jean-Claude Papa so we’re French all around.”

Jason snorted and Jean-Claude’s eyes widened ever-so-slightly in surprise. Anita grinned. “I think that’s a great idea Liz. A great idea.”

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Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:46 am
by Whimsicality
booktv-girl2310, Ashita, garcia88, barbara87413: Thank you so much for your feedback, I will reply individually next time but I am desperate for sleep right now :) Also, I apologize for how tiny this one is and I'll post the next one without so long a gap.

A/N: So this very short one is set at the beginning of Obsidian Butterfly, with the difference that Edward came to get Anita instead of meeting her in New Mexico. And yes I know, some bits might seem OOC given what we learn of Ted, but I am choosing to see Edward and Ted as basically two separate people so…yeah, enjoy!

Uncle Edward

The three children came into the room, running and chattering at full speed until they saw Edward, then stopped cold. He glanced at her amusedly for a moment before meeting their unusually cool, serious gazes, with a blank face.

Liz cocked her head to the side and stepped forward, her eyes probing as they searched his face. “Are you going to kill us?” She asked calmly, and Anita felt her heart stop even as she saw Edward stiffen in surprise. “That’s what you do right? Kill monsters?”

The room was silent for a long moment as Anita struggled to come up with something to say.

Edward beat her to it. “I only kill monsters when they hurt people.” He said solemnly and Anita winced, foreseeing nightmares of the blond killing them every time they broke the rules.

But to her surprise Liz smiled at him, eyes bright and disturbingly empty of fear. “Don’t let Maman get hurt.”

Then she turned and led the other two out of the kitchen, a few last words from Tess trickling back to the adults as she muttered, “Shouldn’t he have a sickle and black cloak?”

Edward chuckled and turned to face her, a faint smile on his face. “I never would have pictured you with children but I must say they suit you. Mommy.”

Anita glared and finished packing her duffle bag. “Let’s go before they start calling you Uncle.”

He paled ever so slightly and left with just a touch more speed than was really necessary.

The Executioner, also known as Maman, smirked. So there was something Death was afraid of.

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Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:25 am
by Whimsicality
garcia88: I love Edward too and just had to include him, we will see him again both in this drabble series, and in the sequels :-) Thanks for the feedback!
booktv-girl2310: Thank you! I just couldn't resist the kids meeting Edward :D
Emerald_iceus: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
cjsl8ne: And I so enjoy reading feedback so thank you! :wink:
Ashita: They're my favorites too, although that one with Alex is now creeping up the list :wink: Thank you for the betaing and reviewing, you are awesome!


Nathaniel felt his eyes drift open, a strange noise impinging on his senses. Zane and Cherry both shifted restlessly beside him on the bed and he cast them a brief glance before gracefully unwinding himself from the tangle of limbs and padding towards the door. He stopped to slip on the loose drawstring pants Anita made him wear to bed when she was there, and headed down the hallway.

He peeked into the triplets’ room and saw that it was empty as he had expected, another faint noise reached his ears and he smiled, turning towards the kitchen. The three of them were sitting in the middle of the linoleum floor with the leftover muffins from yesterday’s breakfast. Crumbs were scattered here and there, and the tinfoil the muffins had been wrapped in was serving as their makeshift plate.

Alex had almost half a muffin in his mouth and was chewing happily, Tess was eating a lot more daintily, one portion at a time, and Liz was just picking at her muffin, eyes staring off into space.

Nathaniel cleared his throat softly and sat down next to them, pulling Liz into his lap and ruffling Tess’s hair. “Midnight snack attack?” He asked gently, and Alex shrugged while Tess shook her head, blue eyes shifting towards the small brunette cuddled in his arms.

“Liz had a nightmare.” Tess said softly, expressive face showing her worry, and Liz huddled deeper into him.

Alex finally managed to swallow and scooted closer, resting his head on Nathaniel’s arm. “We miss Anita.”

The auburn-haired shifter smiled sadly and wrapped an arm around the blond to pull her into their little huddle, “I miss her too.”

They all stayed silent for a moment, enjoying the closeness but mourning the missing piece of their puzzle. “Want me to stay with you tonight?”

Liz looked up at him for the first time, her large, dark eyes lightening as she nodded and smiled. He smiled back, brushing a kiss against her forehead, and then helped them clean up the muffin mess before leading them back down the hallway to their room, curling up on the one large bed the triplets had insisted on with his arms around Liz and Tess and Alex huddled into his back.

A moment later two more heads peeked into the room, and after he determined that they too had put on bottoms, and in Cherry’s case a t-shirt, he gestured for the other two shifters to join them on the bed. Before long they all drifted off, safe and secure in their family, but still wishing that their mother, their protector, their almost lover, would come home.

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Posted: Mon Jul 05, 2010 6:02 pm
by Whimsicality
booktv-girl2310: Thanks! I love the funny ones but sometimes my sap tendencies can't be ignored :D
garcia88: Thank you for the feedback! I love Nathaniel too, and with his childhood I can just see him being the perfect Papa.

The Vampire in the Basement

“It sounds like some kind of creepy horror movie.” Alex muttered, squinting at the red-haired vampire suspiciously.

“Alex.” Anita admonished as she rested her hand on Damian’s arm. “Be polite.”

Jason chuckled from his place in front of the couch where he was lounging on the floor and occasionally tickling the triplets’ feet, eliciting high-pitched squeals that made everyone in the house smile and wince. “The kid has a point Anita. A vampire living in the basement is a bit B-Movie thriller.”

“But he’s so pretty.” Tess interrupted, her blue eyes wide as she stared at Damian’s blood red hair and emerald green eyes.

Liz nodded vigorously, clearly agreeing with her sister. “You have lots of pretty men Maman.”

Anita blushed and Jason howled with laughter, bringing Nathaniel and Zane, the only other two people currently in the house, rushing into the room. Nathaniel placed his hands on his hips and took in Damian’s uncomfortable expression, Anita’s red cheeks, and the triplets’ grins. “I see you decided to introduce them to Damian.” He said after a moment, voice calm though there was a hint of a twinkle in his violet gaze.

“I think we should have been told that there was a vampire living in the basement!” Alex exclaimed, his small hands waving in the air so enthusiastically that he almost hit his sisters in the face.

Liz and Tess each grabbed one of his hands and the blond rolled her eyes. “Don’t be silly Alex, everyone who lives here is weird, and we all know Jean-Claude spends the night sometimes, what’s the difference?”

Anita flushed brighter, completely uncomfortable with her children discussing her love life so calmly, and Alex yanked his arms away from the girls, crossing them defensively over his chest. “It just is.”

Tess huffed and Liz ignored him, jumping off the couch to walk up to the redheaded vampire. She stared at him for a moment, the vampire returning her gaze unblinkingly, before giving him a blinding smile and reaching up to grab his hand. “Come color with us.” She tugged on his hand until he started to follow her towards the kitchen, giving Anita a startled look which she returned with a shrug and a small smile before glaring at Jason, whose laughter was still echoing through the room.

He caught her glare and managed to mostly stifle his hilarity as Alex and Tess headed for the kitchen, Alex apparently willing to overlook his grumpiness if it meant a chance to color. “I’m so glad you’re a mommy, Anita. Damian, coloring.” He gasped out, then lost it again, making Nathaniel grin and Anita pout. It could have been worse she told herself as she tried to tune Jason out, the kids could have run screaming from the room. This was better, really.

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Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2010 12:42 am
by Whimsicality
garcia88: Thank you! I do love writing wee Alex :D
Ashita: Alex, and Damien, were just too fun to write, lol, and I would be put out, but only because I couldn't ogle the vampire sooner :wink: lol, thanks for the betaing and feedback!
cjsl8ne: Thanks for the feedback! And lol, that's a good idea, I should have him do that :D
barbara87413: I'm suddenly glad that my grandparent's done have a Thanks for the feedback!
Yasmania: Well I'm glad I could make your day better! Thanks for the feedback!


School did not work out so well for her kids at first. They tried, more than once, at more than one school both public and private, but eventually it became clear that it was useless to put them in with normal children when they were so far out of the norm. She'd still never lost the feeling that they were older than they appeared, and while they frequently acted as nothing more than your average rambunctious six-year-olds, there were moments that showed that to be incorrect. School was one of the places that brought out those moments.

The first problem was that they were highly advanced for their age. They were well above the average percentile for just about every skill set, and in fact tested in the genius range for most things. But that wasn't the only problem. They were also more mature than most other six-year-olds, and had a greater knowledge of the world around them, including the bad things, than the other kids they were supposed to befriend, leaving almost no common ground.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they weren't very good at hiding their abilities. Liz in particular didn't always realize when she was replying to something she heard in someone's head instead of what they had said out loud, and more than one schoolyard fight was started as a result, fights that due to their talents they tended to win.

But the worst of it was her; she caused her kids problems simply by being who and what she was. Everyone knew her name, even the triplets’ classmates, and they had no problem repeating every last nasty rumor about her to her own kids. Her overprotective and very loyal children, who had no problem making it clear that they would not tolerate one word against her. It was an unmitigated disaster.

Unfortunately so was home school. The shifters were the only ones with the time to spend with the kids, but that was asking ADD teachers to teach ADD children, in other words no work got done.

Jean-Claude had offered to hire professional tutors, but Anita still thought it was important for them to interact with other children, other people, who were not a part of the supernatural community. Luckily for them Louis Fane, who she still considered a friend despite the rapid deterioration of her relationship with Richard, referred them to special program for gifted children at the University where he worked.

There were still some moments that were touch and go, and a few parent-teacher conferences that Anita shuddered at the memory of, but in the end, it was the right choice and afterwards Anita felt that she had successfully passed one of the most important tests of parenthood. Even though she still wanted to strangle Zerbrowski every time he called her Mommy.

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Posted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:28 pm
by Whimsicality
garcia88: It would definitely be difficult to be the executioner's child :) Thanks for the feedback!
booktv-girl2310: Thank you! I'm glad you're still enjoying :D
cjsl8ne: Thank you very much! I was very tempted to write one of those parent teacher conferences...and still may end up doing so :lol: Thanks for the feedback!


The triplets had a large and definitely unique family, none of whom they were actually related to by blood, and all of whom they loved completely and were loved by in return.

Zane and Jason were like their really older brothers or close cousins. The cool ones who didn’t really see themselves as adults, and who were always good for stories and fun that Maman wouldn’t approve of.

Vivian and Cherry were the favored aunts, and though Vivian was more nurturing, and Cherry more playful, they were both the best bets when Tess and Liz needed girl talk, or Alex wanted advice from a female he wasn’t sharing most of his brain with.

The other members of the pard were all considered extended family, although they were closer to some more than others, and the same was true for many of the shifters in town especially Rafael, who was always good for treats, automatically earning him a place in the triplets’ affections.

Uncle Asher was one of the few who got an actual title and they went to him to talk, for comfort, for anything they needed, almost as often as they did their Papas.

He was the only one outside the triplets that Tess shared her memories of Antar and betrayal with. He was the one Alex went to when he got tired of being surrounded by females, and when he needed to vent about his bitter feelings towards the world they’d left behind. He was the one Liz shared her guilt with whenever flashes of the world they’d come from crept through her shields, or she saw something too late to stop it.

And in return they helped him wash away the last of his own old guilt and bitterness, helped him take the risk of opening his heart again.

None were as important to the triplets as Maman or their Papas, but all of them were an integral part of their lives, and all three children knew how lucky they were to have such an accepting, diverse, and amazing family.

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Posted: Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:16 pm
by Whimsicality
booktv-gril2310: Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad you're still enjoying :D
garcia88: Asher's one of my favorites too so he will definitely be seen again :D Thank you very much for the feedback!
Ashes: Well at the moment just Jean-Claude and Nathaniel, they were given those titles in the All in a Name drabble, but there will be one more we'll find out about in the next few drabbles :D Thank you very much for the feedback, I love seeing new readers, totally makes my day!
cjsl8ne: I'll go over it a bit more in an AN over the sequel, but no, the kids don't talk to anyone but Asher about their past, and they don't think about it most of the time, they do remember most of it by the time they're 13, but not in an immediately present kind of way, only if they really think about it or a dream triggers something. Thank you as always for the feedback! :D

A/N: This was written in response to a request for a drabble involving Anita's family, it's not exactly lighthearted and only mentions them rather than featuring them so sorry if it's not quite what you intended :?

Not as Thick as Water

Anita barely resisted the urge to slam the door and fumed as she walked down the path towards their car, barely aware of Micah herding the triplets behind her. How dare they treat her kids like that? How dare they treat Micah like that? The kids, Micah, and Jean-Claude had all been quietly pushing her towards this meeting, telling her that no matter how distant her relationship was with her family, that they would want to meet her children.

Well, she had finally given in, and now she clearly had the right to say ‘I told you so’. Oh her father and her stepmother had agreed to the lunch when she called, though her father’s tone on the phone had left her in doubt whether they were happy about it or something else. So they had all dressed up in their ‘Sunday’ best and she’d chosen Micah as really the only possible escort of her children’s Papa’s, since Jean-Claude was asleep and her family really wouldn’t know how to handle Nathaniel.

Josh had been there along with Judith and her father and she had been hopeful that the day could be pulled off with a minimum of stress. Her hope had quickly died. The way her father and Judith had looked at Micah, had looked at the children, as if none of them were remotely human, it had raised all her hackles. And then the things they had subtly, and not so subtly, insinuated about her lifestyle, about all the ‘people’ who lived with her and what kind of environment the children were living in, about the ‘relationships’ that they were a part of. It made her sick.

The sound of the door opening and closing again made her growl, and she spun around, dark eyes flashing, fully prepared to verbally rip them apart before they could say one more thing about the people she loved. Josh held up his hands in a placating gesture, a hesitant smile on his face. “It’s me Anita, I just wanted to apologize for them, although I know they’d be horrified that I did so, and see if it would okay for me to come over sometime.” His smile brightened as he tilted his face towards the kids and Anita felt something hard and cold inside of her begin to thaw. “I’d love a chance to get to know my nieces and nephew without interference.”

Anita took a deep breath to dissolve the last edges of rage from her tone and gave him a forced smile, the best she could manage at the moment. “That would be great Josh, not today, but I’ll call you and we’ll work something out.”

“Awesome!” He replied, the light in his eyes reminding her how young he was. He offered Micah his hand, shaking it firmly when the other man took it. “It was nice to meet you too Micah, and I hope you won’t judge our family too harshly because of those two.”

“I’m not big on judging people.” Micah said in that calm, quiet way of his, only the barest glint of irony visible in his green-gold eyes, and Josh chuckled, then bent down and shook each of her kids hands, correctly guessing that they wouldn’t be comfortable with anything else, before giving Anita a brief, startling hug, and vanishing back into the house.

Anita looked at Micah, and the kids, and then laughed softly, only a tiny trace of bitterness to be heard. “Let’s go get some ice cream, I need sugar after that.”

The kids very enthusiastically agreed, although she could still see shadows in their eyes, and as they all got in the car she thought to herself that maybe the afternoon hadn’t been a complete loss. Although she was still going to tell her men ‘I told you so’.

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Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:23 am
by Whimsicality
booktv-girl2310: Yeah I never really liked her family so...Thanks for the feedback!
garcia88: I'm hoping to bring her brother in again, in the sequel, and Micah's one of my faves too :D Thank you for the feedback!
cjsl8ne: Thank you! And I agree, I may have to bring Josh in again.
KiaraAlexisKlay: Thank you for the feedback! And you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers :) And whenever you get more Rath/Liz posted is fine with me, just heigtens the anticipation :wink:

A/N: Due to the presence of the kids I’m changing the shifter in need of rescuing in the beginning of Narcissus in Chains to Vivian from Nathaniel. Also, the last drabble revealed the presence of Micah before the introductory drabbles I had for him cause I forgot :oops:

First Impressions

Liz stared at the short man who was sitting on the chair across from her. They were in a waiting room type area in Lillian’s shifter hospital. Maman was sleeping; she had not woken up since she went to the club to save Vivian. The man with the gold-green eyes was a leopard, a leader like Maman. He was a good person, she could sense that, and he had offered to heal Maman before he learned that Alex could, but there was more to him than that.

His mind was hard to read, harder than the other shifters, but she had seen glimpses of things that made her afraid, afraid for Maman, afraid for Papa Nathaniel and the other pard members, afraid for her whole family. The man, Micah, was willing to do anything to protect those he was responsible for. She understood that; Maman was like that, but her family might be caught in the cross fire and he needed to understand that protecting them was important too.

Sliding off the bench she had been sitting on with her two siblings, who were still sleeping after healing Maman, she approached him, stopping a foot in front of him and waiting for his gaze to lock on hers as she folded her arms across her chest.

He was quiet, searching her face, and she gave him a ghost of a smile before speaking, her voice softer than a whisper so that only his enhanced senses would hear her. “I know you’re not going to tell Maman everything.”

He looked startled and she tilted her head slightly to the side, looking in and through him as she judged him by her own internal meter. “I know you’re trying to keep your family safe, but my family needs to stay safe too and if Maman, or anyone else in my family, gets hurt because of you, I will kill you, and my family will help.”

He blinked, twice, before giving her a respectful nod. “I want my family to become a part of your family and I will do everything I can to keep everyone safe.”

She nodded back and then turned and walked back to the bench, climbing back on and slipping her arm through Tess’s as she closed her eyes and reached for the warm buzz of her Maman’s mind, letting the safe feeling lull her into sleep while the leopard king watched over them, content that, for now, her family was in good hands.