Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch75(Final) 6/26

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch14 8/31/12

Post by MelissaD » Fri Aug 31, 2012 6:24 pm

Busy weekend ahead so I got this finished today! :D

HypnotiqBlueEyes : Hmm but if something does happen will Dean tell her or be more convinced he shouldn't? Oh hell yes! lol Liz did throw tess back against the wall in this story and in Chapter four she used something like it to throw max against the wall and hold him there. :) If you discovered the ability to throw things around and were being chased by FBI and crazy psychopathic aliens, who wouldn't experiment with that ability? Thats what I asked myself when I was developing Liz's post roswell character, for a girl who always wants a plan.. guns are nice but a backup plan that's secret to most enemies in case a gun fails or is kicked away? Priceless. :)
AvalonRose: Lol yea specially since Serena already has with Ava so she would definitely know what she's doing.

Chapter Fourteen.

A few weeks later.

Sam put the map down at his feet and started flipping through some printouts of possible cases he had on his lap while Dean drove. He wasn’t too sure about going to Atlantic City to blow through the cash Bela had given them but Dean wouldn’t be swayed. He tried to keep his mind off of Dean's refusal to talk but he found himself failing miserably. He knew how his brother acted, how he hid from serious topics but this just seemed like he was pushing it too far. The thought of Liz entered his mind and he wondered if she'd be able to get him to talk because obviously Dean wasn't going to give him anything. Sam’s phone started to ring. He pushed papers around trying to find it in the mess finally he heard it fall to the floorboard and grabbed it.


"Sam.. Thank god."

"Maria?" Sam glanced at Dean and saw his eyes quickly dart back to the road, "okay slow down
Maria I can't understand. Wait what?"

"She's gone, Sam." His entire body froze when he heard the tears clogging her throat.

"Where are you?" Sam held the phone in place with his shoulder and picked up his laptop from the floor. He flipped it open then typed in an address quickly and figured out where they were. "Okay we're close. Maria we’re coming." Sam closed the phone and glanced at Dean again then started typing on his laptop. "Change of plans."

"Sam.." Dean watched him from the corner of his eye getting nervous from his behavior since he answered that call. "What is it?"

Sam looked up from his laptop not quite sure if he should let Dean know yet. "They were in New York just outside of the city checking out a skin camp when I talked to Liz last. Something went wrong."

"Why did Maria call you?" Dean looked at Sam watching his face for the answer although he was pretty sure he already knew as Sam's behavior clicked into place with his own question. The impala raced forward as Dean looked back to the road knowing they had to get there fast. "Is it bad?"

"They don't know." Sam kept his eyes on his laptop looking for the fastest route and a search running in the background about the area.

"How do they not know? It doesn't take that much to figure that out." Dean’s knuckles went white as his grip on the wheel tightened.

"It does when you can't look at her." Sam felt the impala lurch forward again and prayed they wouldn't get pulled over, he wouldn't put it past Dean to ignore the lights and siren and keep going.

The impala screeched to a stop in front of an odd building in a deserted area of town. At first glance it seemed old and worn down but when Sam looked at it for a longer amount of time it looked well cared for. The boys jumped out of the car as they saw Maria leaning against a dark blue suv with Michael standing next to her.

"What the hell happened?" Dean asked Michael who looked like he'd just gone a couple rounds with some heavy hitters.

"Everything was going fine and then they didn't meet us at the check point, we headed back and found the car." Michael rubbed Maria's arm as she looked at Sam with tears starting again.

Sam started around the suv and saw Kyle's black mustang. "Shit." There was blood staining the seats and the doors looked like they were practically ripped off the car. He turned around and saw Dean staring. Sam looked over to Michael, "What do we know?"

"Not much, Max thought there was only one group here but it seemed like it was supposed to look unimportant to keep someone hidden. There was barely anyone here, they were strong and could fight but there were maybe fifteen, not even close to the other camps we've already dealt with. We were leaving and took precautions as usual but we all left here together then took separate routes. They either came back for something..."

"Or someone forced them." Dean filled in the rest as his eyes slid to Michael's.
"Where's all the information you've collected about the area?"

Sam looked at Dean and caught his train of thought. They might be able to track it just like demon omens, there were always signs pointing the way. Michael told them he’d take them to their checkpoint as they got into their respective vehicles and the impala followed them to a small building with a ‘For Sale’ sign in the front window. They parked in the back and walked in through a back door. The moment they were inside, Isabel appeared from a long hallway.

"Thank you for coming, we could use all the help we can get right now." Isabel gave a small smile then led them further into the building to a room with a table full of maps and print outs covering the surface.

Dean could tell she was having a hard time but seemed to have a lot of fight in her. She reminded him of some of the girls he met in various high schools, cold as ice on the outside but burning hot underneath. Sam went straight to the maps and started looking at what they had so far. Dean picked up some print outs and tried to clear his head. This wasn't how it was supposed to be, she wasn't supposed to be in danger. He was danger. Her being with him was danger. He tried reminding himself that she had to learn to fight like he’d seen from somewhere.. for something. No normal girl would be able to maneuver like that without real world experience. This was her world, one she didn't tell him too much about but it was the world she tried telling him wasn't much different from his. He never really believed her.

"What are these things that have her? I mean everything you know about the skins." Dean said it to the room to whoever would answer. When none came he looked up from the papers in his hand and saw Maria and Isabel looking at each other. Michael wasn’t in the room anymore. "If we're going to help we could use whatever information you have." He stared at Isabel watching her fidget.

Isabel’s eyes finally met his, "We know they wear husks because they can't handle our atmosphere, the air is toxic to them. That's why you saw Liz.. pop them when they attacked before. But we don't know much more about them then that and that their.." Her eyes fell to the table, "leader wants us dead. We haven't been able to figure out their thing for Liz except that maybe the connection.. the old connection to my brother." Isabel sat on the table folding her arms over her chest as her eyes came back to his. "This wasn't supposed to happen to her."

Maria placed her hand on Isabel's arm, "We knew what we were getting into Isabel. This is Liz we're talking about here."

Sam started arranging maps together, "What are these circled areas?"

Dean walked over to look at what he was putting together and the girls followed, Isabel speaking as she walked. "It's activity that was flagged, different things we found they always do like high water usage, high power usage. Different things like that along with the type of towns they usually settle in or create when they takeover. When they came to the east coast we did get a little tripped up because it’s humid here so we didn’t know how different it was for them." She looked down at the pattern he was creating then looked up at Sam and smiled, "I can see why you and Liz get along so well."

Maria called out for Michael who came in the room a few moments later followed by Max. Dean eyed him as he moved to look at what Sam was putting together. There was something about him that bothered Dean when they first met in that bar months ago that Sam had brushed off as jealousy but something rubbed him the wrong way. Maybe it was that he put Liz in danger and maybe it was the fact that Liz wouldn't talk about him. As he was taking stock of the man the air seemed to waver in front of him, he shook his head and rubbed his eyes. He opened them and quickly shut them again rubbing harder for a few seconds then slowly peeked one eye open. She was standing right in from of him but it couldn't be real. His eyes opened wide and he saw her lips start to move and his brow furrowed, "Liz?"

Everyone's head twisted towards Dean, Sam in confusion while the rest were in shock. Isabel stepped towards him, "You see her?"

Dean was so focused on Liz’s lips forming words that he didn't hear Isabel. He started to get frustrated. "What the hell is going on?!"

Liz's image flickered and she shook her head slowly. Her eyes met his and he saw the bruise marring her skin clearly, "Dean.. You can't."

His face scrunched up, "Can't what?"

Sam looked at Dean then the others and saw Isabel and Maria's eyebrows shoot up. He looked back at Dean confused wondering what the hell was going on and then it clicked. What had she called it? Astral projection. But she only did it with Isabel's help and because of her.. Oh shit. Her connection to Max. His eyes slid to look at the man standing behind Isabel and he was surprised to find his face schooled and blank instead of angry or surprised. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not.

"The hell I can't!" Sam's eyes went back to Dean. Leave it to him to fight with her in this type of situation.

"Liz! Liz!" Dean looked around quickly, "Fuck!"

"What did she say?" Isabel stepped in front of him, "Did she give any details of where she’s at?"

Dean looked at her, "No, Nothing that helps. I don't think she knew I was with you."

"Then what did she say?" Max was looking down at the papers in front of him like he didn't really care but the scowl that appeared on his face gave him away.

"None of your business." Dean stalked out of the room throwing a glance at Sam who followed.

Isabel threw an angry look at her brother that he was obviously doing his best to ignore. Maria glanced at Michael then followed the brothers before Isabel could unleash on Max.


Sam followed Dean into another room further down the hall and just watched as his brother paced doing things that probably made him feel more in control than he actually was at the moment. Dean came to the last window dipped his hand into his pocket pulling out a small amount of salt and sprinkling along the sill, “She told me I couldn’t be the hero.. that I couldn’t save her this time. But I got the feeling that she wasn’t talking about what’s happening right now. Does that make any sense?” Dean looked back at Sam and turned from the window.

Sam shrugged, “Why wouldn’t she be talking about what’s happening now though? I could see her wanting us to stay away from their problems.. just like she lets us keep her away from ours.”

“She said Lilith… I couldn’t catch what she said around it but I caught Lilith loud and clear like I should know the name. Does it sound familiar to you?” He didn’t know what to do with his hands so he shoved them in his jeans as if the action itself would calm him and help him think.

Sam’s face scrunched up, “No. Dean maybe it was a vision.”

“Why the hell would that matter? That doesn’t help us get her out of there!” He turned and kicked the wall, the salt he poured on the sill jumping from its resting place.

“She doesn’t have any control when she gets them.” They both looked to the doorway seeing Maria leaning against the door jam. “I take it she really didn’t have anything about right now?”

“No.. I know the words but they don’t make sense right now or with what’s going on here.” Dean shook his head and watched Maria walk further into the room.

“She doesn’t really choose when she gets premonitions. Sometimes it’s just a touch of someone or something or sometimes it comes in her dreams.” She stopped in front of dean. “Did you see her clearly? Did she look okay?”

Dean looked into her eyes which seemed so much stronger than the girl he saw earlier that seemed to be falling apart. She didn’t seem like she was going to rest or stop until she got her friend back. The fire in her eyes made him feel a little bit better, Liz’s friends would stop at nothing to get her back. Liz was lucky to have them but the only question was did they know enough to be able to find her?

“Dean.” Sam brought Dean out of his head.

“I could see a bruise..” He brought his hand up to cover one side of his face, “about here but I didn't really look at much more. I was trying to concentrate on her lips and what she was saying because I couldn't hear her at first and then it started to get a little easier but then she was gone."

Maria's eyes went wide, "You heard her? Like actually heard her voice?"

"Yea, isn't that how she does it?" Dean looked confused.

"Um.. well Max never heard her, he just saw her. He's the only other one that she's done that with. As far as I know." Maria looked to the floor thinking about Sam dying and how Liz swore that she was there. "There was one other time she swore she did it with you two but we just thought it was a vision."

"What do you mean? We've never seen her do that before." Sam looked over to Dean as he shook his head in the negative.

Maria took a few steps back so she could see both brothers easily. "She said she woke up in this weird town and no one was around but she heard Dean's voice so she ran towards it only to see some soldier stab you in the back.” She watched Sam’s face seeing the recognition. “She saw dean run to you and she tried to heal you but it didn't work. We heard her scream from all different parts of her apartment, she swore you were dead but we told her it was just a dream. And obviously it was since you’re still here." Maria took in both their faces and thought about Liz saying they were hiding something. She knew it was something to do with what she just said, neither one of them were good enough to hide their emotions and the shock that was quickly hidden. "But like I said she gets the premonitions at random times and they don’t come with time frames. She thought she could save your life then and maybe she thought the same this time. Even though she’s in trouble she couldn’t stop herself from warning you, that’s just Liz. She always puts her family before herself. It’s an irritating quality.." Maria laughed a little then calmed, “But she’ll be able to tell you herself when we get her back, Lord knows Kyle will be complaining about how long it took us.” She gave them a small smile and walked out of the room.

Dean and Sam looked at each other with a million thoughts running through their minds.

Liz woke up in a small room that she vaguely remembered being tossed in after what felt like a long drive. A dirt floor with nothing in the room, she kept thinking it must be a basement since there was only a small rectangular window in the upper right corner. She crawled to the wall and banged her fists a few times to see if she’d get a response. She hadn’t seen Kyle since they were pulled from his car and she was worried about him. A few of them were afraid of her and she could use that but she didn’t know what they thought of Kyle, did they know that he had powers? She heard no response and crawled to the other wall ignoring the pain in her ankle and shoulder. She tried to pinpoint other places she had pain radiating from since she was pretty sure the throbbing in her face was overriding some other injuries. She banged a few times and waited. Instead of a response she heard the door behind her open and she turned putting her back against the wall. A man she hadn’t seen before stepped into the room and she tried pooling energy but it felt like there wasn’t much there.

“Hello Liz, long time.” He smiled down at her, “You look better.”

“Better than what you will look like..”

“Now now Liz, don’t you think we’re past that?” He strolled over to her and leaned down, “And don’t worry about your little power surges. My time with the FBI taught me a thing or two to help with that.” He smirked at her.

“How nice for you.” Liz leaned back and kicked him hard in the middle of his face.

He stumbled back throwing his hands over his nose, “Bitch!” He glared at her and stormed out of the room.

Liz slumped against the wall and let the tension leave her shoulders. Then she heard a faint knocking to her left. She turned her head placing her ear against the wall and heard it again along with the vibration against her ear. “Kyle?” She whispered as she slid her body along the wall towards the noise. She heard the knocking get slightly louder. “Kyle? Are you okay?” She heard two knocks in return. “One knock means no, two knocks means yes?” She raised her voice slightly. Two knocks in return. She shook her head understanding what Kyle couldn’t tell her with his voice. She tried to remember what happened in the car but all she could see was blood. Did Kyle lose that blood or did she? She ran her hand along her face again feeling the swelling maybe a broken facial bone or two but she didn’t think there were any cuts. “Kyle did you lose all that blood? Do you remember?” Two knocks. “Were you shot or did the blood come from a head wound? It could bleed a lot without being serious.” She didn’t hear anything, “Sorry. Were you shot?” Two knocks. “Shit.. please tell me you can’t talk because you got your jaw broken or something and not because you lost so much blood your dying.” Two knocks surprised her. “Really?” Two knocks again. “Thank God.” Liz could almost hear Kyle’s voice in her head, thank god that I got shot and a broken jaw? Yea thanks. “It’s better than the alternative, Kyle.”

She heard a door open but it wasn’t in her room. She shoved her ear against the wall trying desperately to hear what was going on. She heard some muffled words and some rustling and then it sounded like something being dragged. She pictured Kyle being pulled out of the room. She stood up banging on the wall, “Why don’t you mess with someone that has the strength to fight back!!”

The room went silent and she slid down the wall. She felt the throbbing in her wrist but didn’t want to look at the damage she knew would be visible there. She held it with her other hand as she closed her eyes and banged her head back against the wall to keep the tears at bay. Her eyes popped open when the throbbing in her wrist ceased. She looked down and opened her hand, her wrist looked fine with no sign of anything that would have caused the pain. She flexed her hand and still no pain in her wrist. She looked down at her ankle that was swollen and already bruising and placed her hand gently on it. She felt the pain slowly ease and lifted her hand assessing the remaining damage. The bruising was still there but the swelling and pain had lessened. A small smile broke across her face, “So much for your time with the FBI, asshole.” She didn’t want to waste any more energy so she closed her eyes and tried to rest. She tried her best to push the thoughts about Kyle to the back of her mind, probably just moving him away from her to get her on edge. Yea, that’s all. She fell into a restless sleep.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch15 9/10/12

Post by MelissaD » Mon Sep 10, 2012 12:45 am

Hey guys! I have a really long chapter here for you that I'm posting in two parts because my laptop is being annoying and Im too tired to fight with it. :roll: Hopefully if I can't get the next chapter up in a week then you have this big chapter to tide you over! :)

HypnotiqBlueEyes,booktv-girl2310,AvalonRose: A bunch of very good questions will be answered in the next couple of chapters!

Thanks for reading guys!

Chapter Fifteen Part A.

Dean paced the halls after Sam had finally passed out from exhaustion. Maria had given them two sleeping bags to use in one of the rooms but Dean couldn’t sit still. He was exhausted, beyond exhausted but his mind wouldn’t shut off and he’d never experienced that before. So he walked the halls thinking maybe that would do something to help him sleep. He heard soft footsteps behind him and slowed his pace.

“You should really get some sleep, you won’t be any help if you pass out right when we need to leave.” Maria caught up with him.

He turned to her and noticed Isabel was walking up behind Maria. “I couldn’t get to sleep.”

“I can help you with that.” Isabel gave him a small smile.

Dean lifted his eyebrow and Isabel rolled her eyes, “I can increase the melatonin output in your brain and help you get to sleep.”

Dean’s face scrunched up, “The what?”

“Your Pineal gland secretes it to help you fall asleep, all I’ll do is stimulate it to produce more so you can get some sleep.”

The corner of Dean’s mouth quirked up.

Maria yawned, “Shut up you horn dog, she’s not gonna do anything with you besides being Liz's friend.. she’s married. God if you weren’t so damn sexy I’d forbid Liz from seeing you. Just let her help so you can get some sleep.”

Max walked out into the hallway and heard Maria’s comment. “You should just leave.” Max quipped as he passed them, knocking Dean’s shoulder with his own.

“Max!” Isabel scolded him.

“I get the feeling you like to act like top dick but you don’t seem to be able to back it up.” Dean threw out like daggers at Max’s back then Max turned to face him and Dean continued, “and that’s why Liz isn’t here right now and I am. I’m here to make sure she gets out.”

Max tensed, “You don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

Maria stepped in front of Dean to make sure he didn’t go at Max as Isabel did the same to Max.

“Oh really? Then why aren't you all full of yourself anymore? You play the part of leader but don't take responsibility when those you lead in don’t get out!” Dean spoke with a tense building rage over Maria’s head.

“I wasn't leading anything, we work as a team!” Max shouted back.

Maria started to push Dean further down the hallway as he continued to argue with Max, “Then how come you seem to be the only one with a problem that Sam and I are here to help Liz?”

Max didn’t respond and Maria was able to get Dean to willingly move along the hallway back to his room.

Isabel controlled her anger but couldn’t hide it from her brother. "What is your problem?"

Max’s angry facade fell as he looked at Isabel, “did I lead us in there too soon? Was this all my fault?”

Isabel’s face softened slightly. “No Max, we all looked at the information and we all decided to go in. But we need their help, Sam is good at this.. Just like Liz. I've heard some stories from Liz about what they do.. we could use their help especially since the skins won't expect them. Yes, they could possibly be a little outmatched but we can make sure they're with us, not on their own. Two more people determined to get Liz is not a bad thing. Liz trusts them.”

Max was quiet for a moment and then looked directly into Isabel’s eyes, “If Liz trusts them so much how come she didn't tell them the truth?”

After Isabel remained quiet for a few moments with no answer to give him, he said goodnight and continued on through the hallway.

Liz jerked awake when she felt her body yanked off the wall. Through bleary vision she saw two hands wrapped around her arm pulling her forward and a figure by a bright light. She blinked a couple of times trying to clear her vision. She was pulled out the door and her eyes finally focused, seeing two men each holding onto an arm and were dragging her down the hall. She was itching to jump up and run but didn’t want them to know that she was able to fix her ankle. No point in giving away that advantage until she was within reach of Kyle and at least had a shot at an escape plan. She memorized the movement through the halls until she was pulled through another doorway and pushed down onto a chair and they walked out of the room. She looked around the small nondescript room, no different than the one she had been in except for the chair and the window was lower in the center of the wall. The door opened again and the man she kicked in the face appeared looking even more smug than last time. Seeing him clearly in the better lighting she knew she had never seen him before. Tall but not as tall as Sam, maybe Max and Dean’s height, with a medium build. Dark non-descript hair that reminded her of the FBI agents that she has had the pleasure of meeting but she knew he was no ordinary FBI agent, no this was a skin in the devil’s clothing. She leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs giving him a smile of her own. “How’s the nose?”

“Perfect. Thank you for clearing the blockage for me.” He continued into the room his smile never leaving his face.

“Let’s cut to the chase, what is this all about anyway? You’ve already made it very clear that you hate it here and Max has given up the crown, the Granolith went to Khivar with Tess so what the hell do you want here?”

The man stood in front of her laughing. She raised an eyebrow trying not to show any fear although his reaction frightened her more than she wanted to admit.

“Oh little girl, you really are in the dark. You don’t even know who I am, do you?” He leered at her from his full height.

She didn’t bother hiding her disgust, “You’re a ridiculously tacky asshole who has no right messing with my life or my friends’ lives. I think that pretty much covers it.”

He leaned down closer to her face, “Oh Liz.. still as fiery as ever. I was afraid after everything that happened with your dear king and his past queen you might have lost that spark, but luckily for me you’re hotter than ever and look like you’ve gained even more aggression which I find..” He paused as he brought his face against hers, his lips to her ear, “extremely attractive for a human well.. kind of a human.”

She felt his smirk against her face and tried pulling away but gasped at the force holding her in place as his lips first pressed against her ear and then her cheek. He came eye to eye with her and smiled just before pressing his lips forcefully against hers. She closed her eyes and tightly sealed her lips afraid of what else he might try. He pulled back, his sickening smile made her feel like gagging, “The ladies love this face but you make it so much fun. A pleasure to meet you again.” He turned and started walking towards the door.

The anger welled up inside her coloring her face as she spit at him, “Who the hell are you?”

He turned from the door. “I know this body is so much different from that nightmare I used to walk around in. Women respond more favorably to this.” He ran his hand down his suit jacket, a gesture so reminiscent of Pierce Liz felt the bile rise and tried harder to keep her anger under control.

“It’s nice having more strength in the body and the height helps too.” His smile grew as he saw the realization break across her face.

“Still stuck on this hell hole Nicky? Shame you’re still a little squirt to me.” She scoffed.

He walked around the room throwing glances at her. “Yes, I’ve gotten the reports about your new freakishly tall friends, interestingly none of my men can find out what exactly they do except that they are wanted by my friends in the FBI. They won’t have to deal with them since we already have the granolith keeper and when the other idiots try to come rescue you in the wrong location.. again, we’ll have Michael. But if your new friends try to get involved.. I’m sure the FBI would love the tipoff, specially my friend Henriksen. The thing he has for your boys.. It’s inspiring really.” He smirked as he stopped in front of her seeing the anger boil to the surface, “Anyway.. Once I have you two I won’t need the others so you’ll have to say a quick goodbye then I can leave this filthy planet and won’t have to return because of an oversight.” He rested his hands on her arms locking her to the chair.

“What the hell are you talking about? What do Kyle and I have to do with the Granolith? It’s not even HERE!” She struggled against his hands and tried to kick him again but her legs stayed in place.

“Sorry honey, I learn from my mistakes.” He smiled and stepped back shaking his head back and forth, “it’s so boring that you have NO IDEA what is going on!” He pulled a square object out of his pocket looked at the top of it then slid it back into its hiding place. “The granolith never left, it merely created a mode of transportation for your friend and then hid itself for protection and you know where it is. Probably only you.”

Liz’s forehead raised and then she burst out in laughter, “You’re expecting me to believe that I’m somehow tied to something that I’ve only ever been in once?!”

He took a step forward and smacked her hard in the face. “I’m not part of the bunch of fumbling fucking idiots walking around with no idea of what is really going on here. You and your friends have learned nothing! Did Tess tell you all about the granolith and what it does? What it is?” His smile came back with the look of disbelief written on Liz’s face. “Didn’t think about that fun little fact, did you?” He walked around her chair stopping directly behind her then grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. “Little Liz didn’t even know that in fact she would be the one linked to the granolith not big Maxie because well..” He leaned down and licked along her exposed neck, “he gave her the connection in the first place.”

Liz had closed her eyes against the onslaught but they slowly opened when she heard the word connection. Her eyes found his and saw no deception. “It’s not possible I don’t have antarian DNA. How could I possibly be linked to an alien artifact?”

“Oh Liz.. you said it yourself.. he changed you.” He whispered in her ear.

Liz closed her eyes trying to focus on anything else. She thought of Kyle and felt along her connection with him. He was close. She took comfort in that and then felt a different pull, one that felt familiar to her. She followed along the line in her mind and her eyes popped open, Sam. She looked back at Nicholas still standing behind her, his eyes wandering as he looked down at her. She broke his perusal, “Why Michael?”

“What?” His face scrunched up and he straightened, letting go of her hair.

She rolled her head trying to soothe the pain that still throbbed in her neck. “Why Michael and not Max?”

“Tell me you’re not serious?”

“What? That’s a fair question.”

He watched her for a second then laughed, “He has the only active seal.”

Liz smiled, “Max took it back from him a long time ago.”

He laughed at her again. She was getting seriously pissed off by that.

He sobered and looked directly into her eyes. “Max no longer has the.. how should I say this? Necessary blood line to hold an active seal. He may have a seal but it won’t be able to do anything with the granolith. God, it’s like your all children!” His eyes went back to her chest, “You thought we wouldn’t catch on to the death of the king?” His eyes traveled slowly back up to hers, “It doesn’t matter how he came back. The hybrid king is dead. You know on my planet women lined up to be with me.. really Liz we could have so much fun together now that I have a real body..”

“Over my DEAD body.” She clenched her teeth and looked away from his stare.

His hand shot out and wrapped around her neck, “That can be arranged.”

“Then arrange it and try to find the granolith yourself.” She smiled up at him and winced as he grabbed her hair again.

“Don’t push me princess.” He yanked her head back and brought his face down to hers.

“I thought you’re people called me queen..” Her whole body tensed waiting for what he’d do next.

“That was a slight overstatement but you could be a queen if you wanted.” He kissed her lips and she bit him in response. His fist tightened in her hair and threw her forward with more than just his physical strength. The chair followed after her as her face smashed into the ground. She heard more popping and knew he broke a few more bones.

“You stay there and think about what you want to do.. the hard way or the easy way. It doesn’t matter which you choose because I WILL get what I want and your friends will die.” He stalked out of the room and slammed the door.

Liz felt along the connection to Kyle again, feeling that he was still close then she reached out to the other pull. Sam.. please tell me you’re close. There’s dirt everywhere.. nothing much to the building other than wood.. please tell me you’re close... I don’t have a lot of time..
Then the pain that blossomed in her face and chest was too much for her body to handle and she surrendered to her body’s need to shut down.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch15 9/10/12

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Chapter fifteen Part B.

The men stood around the table covered with papers while Maria was helping Isabel try to dream walk Liz or Kyle in a corner of the room. Sam had taped the maps together showing the developing pattern and placing points with pencil that made sense to the pattern. Max had printed out a few more papers with the data points that Sam had suggested.

“Sam, this is amazing. How did we not see this?” Michael looked at the pattern of small camps that looked to be surrounding the one they thought was their hideout for Nicholas. Looking at it this way, it definitely looked like a set up.

“I was basically raised as a researcher for hunting so this is just simple homework for me.” Sam shrugged as he maneuvered papers around the table looking for more connections.

“Thank you, it would have taken us a lot longer to find these.” Max spoke up from the end of the table.

It was the first time Sam heard him talk since they had come back into the room, at least out loud. He saw him whispering to himself and to Michael a few times. Sam just nodded his head, “Anything for Liz.”

Sam watched as he just kept doing his work as if Sam hadn’t really answered. What was it with this guy? Liz wasn’t allowed to have friends outside of them? He was the only one who seemed to act that way and it was starting to bother him that he felt he had the right to control who Liz spoke with. Sam raised his voice a bit to make sure he’d get his attention this time. “You know we’re going in there together to get her out, Dean and I are not just going to sit back here and wait.” Sam looked right at Max and waited as the others in the room looked between the two.

Max looked up from the papers in his hand to Sam, taking in his defensive body language. He didn’t bother looking around to see what anyone else would say. “I’m sorry it’s too dangerous for you two, you don’t know what you’re up against. You’ll just be a liability and distraction for us.”

Dean stalked up to Max stopping right in front of him. It was one of those times where Dean had actually wanted a bit of Sam’s height just so he’d have a few inches on Max instead of coming eye to eye. “We’ve been doing dangerous since you were learning to read and if you think I’m going to sit back while Liz sits in danger that you put her in than you’ve got another thing comin’.”

“You don’t know what you’re walking into.” Max didn’t flinch or back down.

“I know enough, I’ve fought a few before with Liz so you can’t tell me I don’t know what I’m going into and I’ve gone into worse with less.”

“They’d throw you against the wall before you had a chance to lift your gun.”

Dean smiled, “That’s a normal Thursday for me, chief.”

The room seemed to stand still as the two stared at one another. Sam wasn’t sure if it was just his imagination or if he was actually feeling tension in the air, that feeling when a thunderstorm was moving in as if the air around him came alive. Sam decided he’d break the staring match before one of them hit the other, “Is that all that they can do? Throw us? Can they hold us in place as well?”

Max’s eyes didn’t move from Dean’s, “They have a few ways to torture but we don't know all that they can do. We can't be worrying about you when we need to be focused on Liz and Kyle.”

Sam gazed around the room, everyone was on edge watching the standoff in the middle. “What about you then? Liz said her friends had psychic abilities, offensive and defensive. As long as we’re with at least one of you we can hold our own.”

Isabel answered after a few moments of silence, “We have similar abilities and we can block them. If you are with us you should be fine, right Michael?” She glanced at Michael and nodded toward Max.

Michael nodded, “Yeah.”

Dean smirked, “You guys from the village of the damned? What is with all the psychic shit?”

Maria took a step towards Max, not liking how tense the room was getting. “Liz trusts them, Max. They could help us.”

“They could help us get Liz killed.” Max fired back as Dean’s hands tensed into fists, neither man daring to look away.

“I’m going in and getting her out and you just need to stay out of my fucking way.” Dean used every ounce of self-control he had to force himself not to hit him. He turned and stormed out of the room leaving Max staring after him.

Max’s eyes slid to Sam who was still watching him.

“We’re her friends too Max and we’ve hunted all our lives, this is no different. We know about the psychic powers and we won’t be the ones holding anyone back.” Sam kept his gaze level.

Max nodded and looked a little defeated as his gaze shifted back down to the papers in his hands. Michael looked between the two and then to Maria and Isabel who looked more relieved than he felt. He left the room looking for Dean and found him in a small room down the hall sitting at a worn out table taking apart his gun.

“He doesn’t mean to shut you out, he’s just worried something could go wrong and she could get hurt.” Michael walked into the room, “I know Liz trusts you so I want you in there with me, I trust you to have my back and I’ll have yours.”

Dean continued to put his gun back together feeling himself slowly calming down.
Taking it apart and reassembling it always calmed him, something that never changed and he was always in control. The thought that only his mistake would make it go wrong and only his hands making moves controlled the outcome. He looked up at Michael, "No one is stopping me from getting her out of there."

"Good to hear." Michael took a seat in a chair across from him with a glance at Dean’s gun. "I’ve never been very fond of those."

"Because you never had the right person teach you." Dean looked at Michael's calm facade and knew that there was a storm brewing underneath the soldier's front he put up, knew it because it was the same thing he had done for so long.

"Same person that taught Liz." Michael shrugged as he caught his eye, "What's going on with you two? You haven't been around and Liz seems to avoid talking about you."

Dean's face turned hard, "That's for the best. Sam cares about her a lot. He treats her like a little sister he never had even though they're about the same age."

"Funny, what I just heard in there didn't seem like Sam was the only one that cares about her a lot and it sure as hell didn't seem like brotherly love."

Dean met his stare and shook his head, "It might have had a chance once but it's complicated."

"Yea, I remember saying that a few times and I almost lost my complicated to someone else."

"That would be the best thing for her."

"You know if she were here right now she'd kick your ass. She hates people telling her what she should and shouldn’t do or have." Michael lifted an eyebrow at him.

"Yea.. I’ve heard that before.” Dean gave a small smirk to Michael.

"Dean I like you, I really do. You don't find too many in this group that share a few interests let alone your taste in music.." He smirked before he sobered again, "but Liz has been through enough, she doesn't deserve to be dragged through the dirt again. So you need to make up your damn mind and let her know. No more of this avoidance shit, man up and tell her what the hell is going on so she can move on with or without you and live her life happy for as long as she can. I'm not one to normally say this.. but I wasted enough time and I watched Liz waste hers and on a guy I consider a brother. I should have done something then but I kept my mouth shut and told myself it wasn't my business but things are different and I'm not going to make that mistake again." Michael kept his eyes on Dean making sure he knew that he wasn’t kidding.

"If Max hurt her so bad before why is he so worried about her now?" Dean felt himself get defensive.

"He knows what he did and he's been trying to make up for it. He still has feelings for her, I'm sure. But he knows she doesn't feel the same."

Dean looked at Michael and felt like he was getting read the riot act from a girl’s father or brother like people talked about in high school and on tv. "So.. this is what it feels like to get summed up by the big brother huh?"

Michael smiled, "And this big brother can do some serious damage.” He glanced at Dean’s gun, “Without a gun."

Dean quirked his eyebrow, "Were you all part of some firestarter experiment or something? How did you all end up with the psychic crap?"

Michael's smile dropped a bit, he forgot Liz hadn't told them what was really behind their powers. "An experiment of sorts."

"DEAN!!!" Sam’s scream ripped through the air from down the hall.

Both of them jumped from their seats and ran towards the other room coming around the corner of the door to the main room to see Sam kneeling on the ground with everyone else standing or kneeling around him. Dean went straight to Sam's side, "Sam! What the hell happened?"

Isabel was holding Sam's head and answered, "He was just standing there then he grabbed his head and screamed then he just dropped."

Dean shook his shoulders, "Sammy! Sam.. come on!"

"Dean.. what's going on?" Maria couldn’t take her eyes off Sam.

"He gets visions.. like Liz. He just doesn’t take them as well as she does.. well the small ones I guess and he hasn't had them since.. since before that bad one Liz had."

Sam dropped his hands to the ground to steady himself and took in gulps of air.

"Sammy! What the hell?!" Dean pulled his head up to face him.

In-between deep breathes Sam was able to get out, "It was Liz.. she's close. Dirt floors.. No time. She doesn't.. have a lot of time."

Maria ran over to the cooler grabbing a water bottle for Sam and coming back to him handing the bottle to Isabel who helped him drink. Isabel looked at Michael and Max, "Why isn't she contacting us? Showing us pictures? More information in less time."

Maria looked at Isabel, "Maybe she can't, they know about us. Is it possible they could block you from her and her connections to them remained outside of that?"

Dean was looking at the map Sam had made. "Sam, I need your help I don't know what these buildings are."

Michael and Max pulled out the real estate papers and started looking for buildings that could possibly have dirt floors. "There's a good amount that would fit that description." Max looked up from his papers.

Sam pulled himself up with Isabel's help and looked at the table. "We need to plot them out, she said there wasn't much to the building. I got the feeling it was on the bigger side though but I don't know why. Dirt floors.. Wood building.. With rooms?"

Maria grabbed pens and they all took the real estate listings plotting anything that could fit that description on the map laid out before them. They all had the same thought, this had to work because Liz and Kyle were counting on them and they didn't have much time.


Liz woke up strapped to the now upright chair facing the wall. She tried her best to keep her movements minimal as she looked around seeing two men standing slightly behind her one on either side. She tried thinking about how long they had been there and saw darkness out of the window again. Had another day passed?

Nicholas walked into the room looking pissed off, for some reason that made her feel better than him coming in with a smile. He went straight to Liz slamming his hands onto her arms crushing them into the chair. “No more games, get the location and tell me now!”

Liz cringed at the new pain but kept it from showing too much, “Just take it yourself. I’m not helping you.”

He leaned into her face caressing her lips with his fingers knowing how much she’d want to pull away, “I would but you know it’s not a memory and I can’t pull out your connection to the granolith. Be a good little girl so I can stop breaking this adorable little body of yours.” His voice sent a cold chill down her spine.

She opened her eyes as much as she could, fueled by her anger, “Fuck you.”

He looked into her eyes then slammed his head into hers smiling as he heard her cry out in pain with tears slipping out of her clenched eyes. “Well.. obviously your willing to die for your asshole boyfriend. You do remember he knocked up Tess right?” He threw his hands in the air in frustration, “This is ridiculous!”

He started to walk around the room as he spoke, “But what about your friend? Will you let him die just so a stupid secret can be kept for them?” Nicholas waved his hand and the man to Liz’s right ran out of the room then came back in dragging Kyle behind him. “That’s right, your closest and most trusted best friend Kyle. Just because I can’t harm that precious little mind of yours doesn’t mean I couldn’t go roaming in there when I wanted.”

Liz tried opening her eyes but only one would respond, the other was already swelling to the point that she couldn’t open it. Through blurry vision she saw that smile that she so quickly grew to hate and averted her eye. She saw Kyle with something wrapped around his head covering his mouth. The man dropped him on the floor in front of her and Kyle looked up at Liz and winced. Nicholas walked over to Kyle placing his hand above Kyle’s head.

“So Liz, how bout it? I can rip every memory out of your friend’s mind most likely killing him from the trauma or you can give me the location of the granolith.”

“Why do you want it so bad anyway Nicky? It’s just a relic.” Liz was trying to think around all the pain threatening to shut her mind down again. She needed to give them time, she had to believe that they were close to getting them out. They had to have gotten close to them and Sam was with them. He could find them, she just had to hold out long enough.

“LIZ! YOU HAVE FIVE SECONDS I’M TIRED OF WAITING ON YOU!” Nicholas placed his hand on Kyle’s head as Kyle tried to shake him off.

“NO! Wait.. wait.. please.. stop.” Her voice cracked as the tears she tried holding back finally started to choke her. “Just tell me what I need to do.”

Kyle’s eyes went wide as he looked at her trying to figure out what was going on and what they had been doing to her before he was dragged in. She looked like she’d been used as a punching bag since they had gotten there.. how many days ago? He looked around the room and didn’t see anything he could use, maybe he could try his powers again but there was nothing to throw. Nicholas had walked over to Liz but kept his eyes on Kyle.

“Oh Kyle.. why didn’t I think about you from the beginning maybe I wouldn’t have had to beat up little Lizzie girl here so badly.” He leaned down and caressed the side of her bruised face. “I kept telling her we could have so much fun together if she just cooperated with me.” He smiled at Kyle struggling harder at the rope around his wrists. “What was it you told your dead friend? That you’d protect her? Bang up job kid. It’s so odd how you people talk to your dead.”

“Leave him alone and just tell me what to do.” Liz was having a hard time keeping her head up and she was terrified of what they would do to Kyle if she passed out.

“I’m sure you could figure it out, you know how to use your other connections. I’ve heard about your little warning to Max when I told the others to kill him. Follow your connection to the granolith.”

“I’ve never felt a connection to it... I told you.” Liz shook her head and closed her eyes at the pain as her breathing became labored. She was quickly losing her own battle.

He walked back to Kyle, “Then I guess we can have some fun while you figure it out.” He watched her face as he placed his hand on Kyle’s head and Kyle closed his eyes thrashing about as much as he could. “You give me a location and I can stop. Maybe your friend here will have some memory of you when you’re done.” He smirked at her then looked down at Kyle, his hand firmly gripping Kyle’s skull.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch16 9/17/12

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booktv-girl2310: I always pictured Micheal being just that for Liz.
HypnotiqBlueEyes: I love Kyle too! Don't worry he's not going anywhere! The granolith is going to get a lot more attention now that Liz has this new info. The boys will get to see a few things but the pod squad knows their origin is still a secret so they'll still be a little secretive. Now khivar.. well let's just say he may be one of my dirty little secrets.
AvalonRose: Very good question.. it depends on how well Nicholas knows the granolith and how it works. Remember he thinks Liz can only find it and that he would need Michael to do anything with it. It comes down to the question of does Nicholas really know the truth about the granolith? Is his intel correct or just what someone wanted him to think?
barbara87413: A lot of research is coming for both groups.

Thanks for reading!! :) :)

Chapter Sixteen.

Liz forced her eye to open and saw Kyle’s whole body tensed as Nicholas’s hand gripped his skull. She summoned every ounce of strength she had left, “WAIT.. stop.. I’ll do it. You’ve done enough to him.. anymore and I’ll die before I give you a thing.” She was starting to have trouble keeping conscious as she struggled to fight.

“You’re in no position to give demands..” He didn’t budge from his position.

“Without me.. you’ve got nothing.. I’m in an excellent position.” She tried to smirk but her face hurt too much to move.

His head jerked toward her, “You little..” His face contorted with rage but he quickly reeled it in, “Fine. You get me the location and your friend here lives, you don’t and he won’t remember a thing by the time he finally dies.”

Liz closed her eye and tried to focus even though her mind was already shutting down. She found it hard to remember what she was even trying to focus on. She tried to take a deep breath but her insides screamed. She felt the dizziness start as the fireworks blew up behind her eyelids then a light at the end of the tunnel, she followed the familiar warmth. It was so close, so warm and safe. Her eye snapped open to look at Kyle. “Dean..” She whispered as her eye fluttered closed and her head slowly lowered.

Kyle’s wide eyes shot to Liz’s face and Nicholas walked over to her, leaning in close. “What did you just say?”

Kyle looked around and then saw something in Nicholas’ pocket start to vibrate. He watched him pull the square object out, a red light flashing on top of it.

“Not possible!” Nicholas growled then looked confused when he stared at the object as if reading something. He turned to the two men and spoke in a language Kyle had never heard before and then went out the door. One of the men walked to the window and looked out. Kyle tried to slowly scoot towards Liz in the commotion trying to speak through the cloth in his mouth but the words were too muffled for even him to understand. He tried getting close enough to nudge her leg or anything to get her to look at him but the man by the window turned and grabbed Kyle’s shirt dragging him to the corner of the room. The other man grabbed Liz roughly and his stomach dropped when she didn’t respond. Kyle started to panic when he saw her body drape against the chair, her head hanging down probably only the straps around her arms keeping her from falling to the ground. He started to thrash about hoping something would come loose enough for him to get to her and then he heard a loud crash followed by an eruption of noise coming from outside the room farther down the hallway. He fell to his back and kicked at the wall trying to make as much noise as possible as the two men scrambled around the room. He looked up at Liz while kicking and saw the men trying to get her out of the chair while the same object Nicholas had must have been vibrating in their pockets.

Just then the door was kicked in and Kyle didn’t think he’d ever been so relieved to see Michael and then Dean burst through the doorway. He dropped his feet as Michael and Dean went straight for the two men, Michael blasted the one as Dean raised his shotgun to the other’s head. Michael glanced at Dean and nodded then Dean took the shot. The man burst into flakes as Dean knelt in front of Liz. He lifted her head and tried calling her name to get a response but there was nothing. Kyle felt the cloth in his mouth moving and glanced to his side to see Michael working at the gag and then the rope, freeing him. Michael noticed the blood soaked shirt and Kyle pulled the shirt away from his shoulder revealing some bandages. Kyle nodded towards Liz then Michael helped him up and they both went over to her.

Dean was trying to get the straps off her arms and Michael waved his hand over them releasing them immediately. Dean glanced up at him gratefully as he lifted Liz easily into his arms and started for the door with Michael walking in front of him to take point.

“Kyle, get the gun from the back of my waist band.” Dean turned as Kyle glanced at him then grabbed the gun and flanked Michael.

They both looked down the hallway and Kyle waited for Michael to lead the way as Dean stayed behind them with Liz in his arms, his shotgun peeking out under her legs. Dean kept whispering to Liz trying to get her to respond as they made their way through the halls then an explosion rocked the ground. They only stopped for a minute to get their bearings, look around, and then continued on.

Kyle whispered to Michael as they moved, “They have those anti power pentagon things everywhere so keep your eyes open. The last thing we need is to lose our biggest weapon.” Michael nodded.

“Dean..” The small voice made Dean’s eyes snap to Liz’s face, the bruise he saw such a short time before was nothing compared to the devastation he saw now. Her eyes were closed, one definitely swollen shut. Her face was barely recognizable. He held her tighter as they moved through the last hall to their exit.

“Dean..” He heard her whisper again as they got to the door. Dean noticed Kyle favoring his left arm as he held the door open with his back and watched Michael as he looked out.

“Liz, it’s alright we’re getting you out of here, you’re safe.” Dean lifted her face closer to his to hear his whispers.

“Please.. don’t go.”

“I’ve got you, I’m getting you somewhere safe.” Dean followed Michael out of the doorway and Kyle covered his back.

They moved quickly to the SUV parked on the side of the building. They saw the smoke billowing from the far side of the building and climbed in the car. Dean climbed in the back with Liz still in his arms, “Michael, send the message to Isabel.”

Michael started the car then sent the clear message on his cell. He didn’t like the fact that it seemed so easy to get out. He looked over at Kyle, “How many guys were in there, do you know?”

Kyle shook his head, “I only saw the two that pulled me out of the room they kept me in and then the two they had in the room that Nicholas was tortur..” Kyle stopped and looked back at Liz.

“Nicholas?” Michael stared at Kyle.

Kyle’s gaze came back to Michael, “Yea, he was there. He wanted Liz to give him the location of the granolith.”

“Damnit.. Sam was right. The guy’s good.. we didn’t see it at all. Nicholas had us following a maze he created.”

Kyle nodded, “Makes sense he flipped out when you guys got here, they sent out a warning signal I guess on some kind of communication device. I don’t think he wanted to believe it but he wasn’t sticking around to see.”

Michael glanced back at Liz, “Why didn’t he take Liz with him?”

“Your guess is as good as mine. She had already passed out maybe he didn’t want anything slowing him down.”

Dean looked down at Liz taking in the damage he could see with his eyes, “Damnit.. Liz.” He felt her hand squeeze his arm and his eyes followed her hand as it slid up his arm and then cupped his cheek.

“Dean..” He winced at the pain he could tell she felt just by moving her jaw to speak. It looked like it might be broken in two places. Then Images flashed in front of his eyes.

“Shit!” Dean felt the message she was getting across, trying to block out the pain he got along with it. “Michael.. get out of here now!”

“What? What about..” Michael turned around to see Liz’s hand on Dean’s face and the look in Dean’s eyes sent a chill down his spine.


Michael stepped on the gas and threw his phone to Kyle, “Tell me the second you get the green light from Isabel.”

Kyle looked at the phone then looked back at Dean. His eyes were shut and his jaw clenched, he held Liz tightly with one arm while his other hand covered hers that remained on his cheek. He watched him slowly lower her hand placing her arm in a more comfortable position across her stomach. He couldn’t tell if the pain on his face was something to do with what Liz just did or the state that Liz was in. Kyle didn’t understand why Dean was hiding from something that was so completely evident in everything he did when no one seemed to be looking. He jumped when the phone in his hand vibrated pulling his eyes away from the couple in the back. He read the short message out to Michael, “All in. On our way.”

Kyle looked out the side mirror and saw more explosions and smoke billowing up from the building. He prayed to whatever God that would listen that Nicholas was in there but knew with their luck, he wasn’t. He probably jumped ship at that first sign of trouble. Once a coward, always a coward. He just wanted this over with and as he looked back at Liz he prayed that she’d be able to forget whatever they did to her in there.

Max, Isabel and Sam jumped into the car seconds before Maria had them speeding away with flames and smoke filling the sky behind them. Maria looked in the rearview mirror to see Sam staring at the back of Max’s head in the passenger seat. She couldn’t read his face for once and it worried her. She glanced at Isabel to see her looking out the window at the burning building. Isabel had said they got Liz out when she jumped in the car but that was it. Maria’s eyes went back to the road as she told herself that Liz and Kyle were okay and safe with Michael and everything was going to be fine but no matter how many times she told herself it didn’t change the heavy feeling in her gut.

She broke the silence in the car, “Everything go as planned?”

Max glanced at Maria but didn't say anything.

"We were able to do enough damage for a distraction." Isabel glanced at Max.

Maria raised an eyebrow at Isabel in the mirror. Isabel glanced at Sam then looked back to Maria. "Sam tried to protect Max and almost got hit, Max used his shield."

Maria's forehead rose as she glanced at Max and back to Sam.

Sam shook his head and looked to Isabel, "sorry.. I've just never seen anything like that and I've seen some crazy things."

Maria smiled at Sam, "neither had we until he did it the first time. Scared the shit out of all of us."

“The important thing is that you handled it really well. You didn’t let it trip you up, you kept fighting.” Isabel gave him a small smile.

Sam gave her a tight smile, "I don't mean to offend or anything I'm just curious.. have you ever tried to find out why you have your abilities or where they came from?"

Isabel furrowed her brow and couldn't look Sam in the eye, "we hid from it for most of our lives and then we had to learn to use what we had to protect ourselves when we started getting attacked. We didn't know why these things wanted us dead and it was us or them."

Sam nodded, "I know how that is. At least you had others with abilities that you could work with. That had to be nice. Did you meet Liz because of her abilities?"

Maria kept her eyes on the road as she listened to Sam fish for answers. She wasn't sure if he was trying to find out what Liz wasn't telling him or if he really was just curious how their “psychic” group came to be. This could be end badly, at least in Liz’s opinion. Maria spoke up, "we all went to school together when Liz and Max crashed into each other. Our groups kind of merged when they became inseparable and we found out about Liz’s psychic thing after. Kinda chance encounter.. I mean meeting. You know high school groups and stuff." Maria laughed as Isabel stared daggers at her.

Isabel smiled at Sam, "what Maria is trying to say is that we weren't in the same social groups at school and so our group coming together was a little odd but Max and Liz were both science geeks so no one questioned it too much when we stayed together. They didn't know about our abilities and how they kind of intertwined our lives and we ended up becoming really good friends."

Sam knew something was off with what they were saying but had nothing to prove to the contrary so he nodded and looked at Max again. If he really wanted to find out he was pretty sure Max would tell him, he didn’t know why but he knew he could get answers from him.

Isabel whispered to Sam, "don't mind him he's just worried about Liz and probably still pissed we didn't let him go with Michael and Dean."

Sam nodded again. He was against Dean and Max going into a hostile environment together from the beginning. He knew how badly things could turn out if you went into something with someone you didn't trust, let alone someone you have come close to wanting to kill and he was almost positive Dean was close enough to that feeling.. maybe beyond it. He looked out the window and pulled out his phone checking if Dean had answered his text about Liz but there was still nothing. He was hoping that was because he was talking to Liz and Kyle, that they were all too busy finding out what happened in there. Maybe talking about what this skin person wanted and why they took Liz and Kyle in the first place. He was still lost at how these skin creatures had nothing written about them anywhere. How could these things have stayed under the radar for so long that he or Bobby couldn’t find a thing about husk people? Stumping Bobby Singer was something he never thought he’d hear and new things didn’t just pop up out of nowhere.

Sam really hoped they'd give him some real answers but he knew they were all kicking that to Liz, probably afraid to break their friend's trust and as much as he was happy that Liz had that loyalty from them it also drove him crazy. He sobered as he thought of what Liz must feel thinking of him keeping the secret for Dean. He had to get him to agree to tell her or maybe he'd figure out a way to get him to slip up in front of her. He was tired of this and if Liz felt half as frustrated as he did.. It needed to end. A fresh pair of eyes can help tremendously. This whole situation was a huge example of that. He didn’t want to think of how badly this could have ended if he hadn’t caught the fact that most of their readings were false. They were being led somewhere else like mice to the cheese and whatever these things were they would have had them all by the balls. He had to remember to thank Maria for calling them. This was just way too close of a call.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch17 9/23/12

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AvalonRose and HypnotiqBlueEyes: Don't worry we'll be delving further into the liz/dean moment in the next two to three chapters. :)
Dean did see some powers but between all his focus on getting Liz out of danger and keeping his own secrets undercover he didn't really have much to push the explanations given. And the group may want to come clean to the winchesters but their loyalties ultimately lay with Liz and this time it's her secret to tell.

Chapter Seventeen

Michael pulled up to their safe house and jumped out of the SUV to open the back door for dean. He got his first real look at Liz's face, "Jesus.." His eyes grew and he looked up at Dean. "Why did you want us to leave? Did she tell you something?"

Michael helped Dean get Liz out of the car as gently as they could as Kyle came around waiting to hear his answer. Michael started to worry that Dean was still mad from the fight they had earlier because they wouldn’t take her to a hospital. He hoped the FBI story would work, not that Liz wasn’t on any of their lists but it wasn’t their only worry. The last time Liz checked her blood it was different enough that people would ask questions in the best case scenario.

Dean finally looked up from Liz, "It was images with.. feelings. I don't know how to explain it exactly except that you were important and she didn't want the two of you there together." He watched Michael's face to see if any of that made sense to him but he seemed just as confused as Dean was. "It wasn't exactly written on the wall."

“Flashes, she gave you information through flashes of her memory most likely.” Michael nodded and led the way to the door and held it open for Dean and Kyle. He shut the door and locked it looking around out the window then walked down the hallway. Dean had placed Liz on a bed in a back bedroom and Michael found Kyle and Dean standing by the bed. Kyle turned to him as he walked into the room, "How long til Max gets here?"

Michael shrugged and looked at Kyle's shoulder but he shook him off, "it's just a gunshot, it's not too bad they stopped the bleeding while I was out.. I guess I was worth more alive. Wasn’t it nice of them to use bandages?" Kyle smirked.

Dean looked at Kyle, "Let me take a look at it. At least that is something I know how to fix up."

Kyle nodded to Dean and understood his need to do something, anything. Dean left the room looking for the kitchen to find some supplies and Kyle looked at Michael on his way out, "You'll stay with her?"

Michael simply nodded and pulled a chair from the corner next to the bed, knowing the only thing he could do was keep an eye on her breathing until Max arrived.

Kyle walked into the kitchen and found Dean with a first aid kit on the table and a few other things. He picked up what looked like a pair of small tongs, "what are these for?"

Dean glanced back at him from the cabinet, "in case the bullet is still in there. They’re the best thing I could find." He went back to searching the cabinets as Kyle's eyes grew.

"Maybe I'll wait for Max to get here." Kyle started to back out of the room.

Dean finally found a bottle of liquor and briefly wondered why there was only one with so many in the group then dropped it on the table and looked at Kyle, "You going to act like a little girl or let me fix that?"

Kyle looked at his bottle of whiskey and walked to the chair dropping himself into it, "Let's get this over with." He pulled his shirt over his head and grabbed the bottle.

Dean pulled the bandage off and stared in shock at an odd looking burn scar, "what the hell?"

Kyle looked and shrugged as he took a swig from the bottle, "I guess they decided burning was the best way to stop the bleeding and give me pain at the same time. I mean what's the fun in keeping me alive?" Kyle smirked and took another swig.

Dean dropped into the chair, "Hell.. why use the bandages at all?” He scrubbed his hands down his face, “I don’t know why I’m surprised around you guys anymore. I deal with crazy shit for a living. My entire life in fact and I've never come across this.." Dean just looked at the table and Kyle handed him the whiskey bottle. Dean grabbed a glass and poured a finger then downed it and poured another.

"Liz has told me a little about what you guys do.. you know besides the demon part I got to witness. Just think of it like two supernatural groups battling each other, like star wars." Kyle grinned.

Dean raised his eyebrow, "Why do I always get the feeling that I'm being left out on the joke?"

Kyle was thinking about how to answer and how much bodily harm Liz would give him for answering honestly when he heard the front door and got up from the table. He heard the commotion and walked out into the hall to find himself crushed by female arms and yelped. Maria looked up at him and smiled then she saw the mark on his shoulder. Kyle waved her off and caught Max's eye, "last bedroom on the left.. It's bad."

He followed them down the hallway. He knew all of them would never fit in there and stood just outside the door. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sam and Dean quietly talking at the kitchen doorway seeing Sam's head snap towards him, from the look on his face he knew dean didn't sugarcoat it. Sam started down the hallway his long legs not taking much time to eat up the space and stopped next to Kyle looking in at Liz.

"What.. happened in there?" Sam's eyes slowly came to Kyle.

"They wanted something from her. Liz being Liz wouldn’t give it to them until they dragged me into the room but that was after being there for.. what I’ve been told was… like 3 days?" Kyle watched Sam's eyes go back to her. She looked so small on that bed.

"What.. Who are these things? I can’t find anything like them or on them." Sam's eyes didn't leave her as Max and Isabel were kneeling on either side of her and Maria sat next to her legs softly rubbing the closest one.

"It's.. a long story but they think we have something that someone took from us and they think she can find it."

"Because of her visions?"

Kyle shook his head and figured that was the best way to explain it with or without knowing the truth. Which he didn't understand why Liz had kept it from them but with Dean keeping his own secrets he guessed it made some sort of sense in Liz's mind. He saw Max look back at them a few times and didn't know exactly what he was thinking. There was no way he was going to tell them to leave. Dean finally walked up to them and glanced at Liz, "What are they doing?"

Kyle looked at Dean, "He's a healer."

Both the brothers’ heads snapped to Kyle, "A what?"

"He can heal her injuries." Kyle shrugged. There were stories of human healers so no reason to twist that one at all especially when they saw what he could do.

"Like heal heal.. really heal? Like a shaman?" Sam looked at Max and saw his hand hovering over her face.

"Those are real?" Dean's gaze was jumping between Max and Kyle. His mind was throwing up a red flag with memories of his own time with a supposed healer.

"I didn't believe it either until I saw him do it." Kyle left out the part of the healing hands on himself. He shivered slightly.

Dean and Sam watched as the worst parts of the swelling and bruising came down and Sam noticed Max starting to look worn out. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Healers were a part of many cultures but it was always more witchcraft, lore, or just a medicine man that knew his herbs. He glanced at Dean quickly. In their experience there was always a serious catch but Max was healing Liz's injuries right in front of them yet he was still looking for something, waiting for the other shoe to drop. He heard a sharp intake of air and Liz's eyes opened slightly. The right eye that used to be swollen shut looked only slightly bruised. Her hand moved slightly, softly brushing Maria's hand and her eyes touched on her friends closest to her and then landed on him, "Sam.."

He smiled at her whisper, "Hey."

Kyle caught the look of jealousy that crossed Dean's face quickly and then heard Liz say Dean's name. He smiled a genuine smile at her and moved next to Sam with a nod at Liz, "Parker."

Kyle looked at Liz, her eyes struggling to stay open as they finally connected with his.

"Safe." She whispered as her eyes slid closed. Kyle glanced at Max who sat back in the chair Michael had vacated.

"There was a lot of damage. Surface and internal but I couldn't get it all. I need to rest before I try again." Max's eyes slid closed as Michael pulled him up.

"You need to lay down on one of the other beds." Michael walked him out of the room as everyone moved out of their path. Isabel and Maria shared a concerned look.

Isabel went to Kyle and hugged him. "Are you hungry? I'll make you something to eat."

Kyle smiled, "That's the best thing I've heard all day.. maybe week." They left the room together.

Dean and Sam stood just inside the door and Maria was still on the bed. She turned and stood up, "One of you can stay in here right? I'm going to help Isabel, everyone is going to need something to eat."

The brothers nodded as she walked to the door glancing at Liz one last time before heading out. Dean took the chair farthest from the bed and sat, leaving the chair closest to Liz for Sam. He watched Sam sit down in the chair next to the bed and look over Liz. Dean thought about the images that flashed in front of his eyes in the car. Images that told him that Michael and Liz couldn’t be found together.. that they couldn’t be there. It brought up thoughts he didn’t want to think about, thoughts that also drove him crazy. It reminded him too much of when he was looking for Sam and had received images of him in Cold Oak, bringing up memories he couldn’t think about, especially around Liz.

Dean looked at his brother and Liz and thought about how they had gotten along from the very beginning. Where he kept a watchful, suspicious eye on her, his brother welcomed her with almost starved arms. Sam had acted like he found a long lost friend and Dean had always wondered why Sam so quickly accepted the stranger, a hot but secretive stranger. What he couldn’t understand at the time was that Liz shared something with him. He couldn’t understand because he was running from the fact that his brother had.. abilities that he didn’t understand, abilities that usually meant bad things but that was something they shared. Sam found a kindred spirit in Liz not only because they were so much alike but also because they shared a secret that not many even admit they have. Hell, he still worried about his brother yet he was no longer wary about Liz.

What kind of person did that make him? The looks he gave his brother when he first found out and for a long time the way he treated him where Liz treated him like he was nothing but normal. He scrubbed his face exhausted from the lack of sleep and the path his mind started to travel. He was such a dick. His own flesh and blood and he was so blinded by something that he even caused his brother to doubt himself.. well even more than he already did anyway. He tried his best to fight it and fight Sam when he was so in his head about the special children crap. It just wasn’t natural, it scared him that it had to be a part of Sam but he met Missouri. Someone his father trusted. Someone who had supernatural abilities that didn’t make her a bad person or something that needed to be killed. So why couldn't that be enough?

“Dean.” Sam’s voice brought him out of his downward spiral. He looked up into his brother’s gaze. “What you feel right now for her.. what do you think she’s going to feel when she finds out your in hell and you never let her try to help get you out of it?”

“Jesus Sam, I’m too tired for this.” Dean looked at Sam with tired eyes, too much had happened the past week. He needed sleep not a fight about his decisions. He leaned back in the chair trying to rest his head as comfortably as he could then glanced at Sam and saw his angry ticks, the clenching of his jaw and the pursing of his lips.

Sam turned his head back to Liz, watching the soft rise and fall of her chest that reassured him that her heart was still beating, that she was still alive. “If you don’t give a damn about yourself Dean then maybe just maybe you’ll give a damn about her. You promised me you wouldn’t let her get hurt but just pretending that hiding everything will keep her safe.. you’re just lying to yourself.”

Dean closed his eyes trying to block out everything. Trying to ignore his brother's looks and everything he had to say, it was hard enough to ignore himself then he had to have Sammy yapping on top of it all. As hard as he tried to quiet his mind, it still spun all his thoughts and fears together until exhaustion finally drug him into a fitful sleep.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch18 9/28/12

Post by MelissaD » Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:10 pm

To thank all my wonderful readers here is a nice big chapter on a friday for your weekend! Can you believe Monday is October? Craziness.
AvalonRose: Kyle does need a little fix.. but I'm not so sure he's really waiting for Max to do it. :) Sam's not the only one getting fed up with the secrets but Dean and Liz are nothing but stubborn.
HypnotiqBlueEyes: lol same thing I told Avalon.. stubborn control freaks. :) And Yes Michael and Liz are the two keys that Nicholas says he needs for the Granolith. One to find and one to use so both of them being in his grasp would be a dangerous mix.
mary mary: I just found out about Supernatural in January off the recommendation from my Sister in law. She knows I'm a huge horror fan and love urban legends/folk lore thanks to two older brothers that had me hooked on the horror genre as a toddler.. lol So Supernatural was right up my alley. Thanks! I try my best with the weekly updates. I know how excited I get when new ideas and chapters flow in a timely fashion so I try to give that back to the readers. :)
Enough of my chatter and on with the show!

Chapter Eighteen
*The song at the end of this chapter is “In My Veins” by Andrew Belle, lyrics in Italics.*

Dean woke up slowly, clawing his way out of a nightmare that cut too deep. He opened his eyes and jumped in his seat. Sam stood directly in front of him with a satisfied smile spreading across his face. “Jesus Sam..”

Sam smirked, “There’s food in the kitchen if you want some. It’s kinda cold but I told them you needed some sleep.”

Dean scrubbed his face, “How long?”

“Just a few hours. I’m going to try to get some sleep myself but I’m using the couch instead.” Sam cringed at Dean trying to crack his neck then saw his glance at Liz, “She hasn’t really moved but they said she’s just sleeping. She really wore herself out with.. everything that happened and reaching out to us.” Sam glanced at Liz’s prone form in the bed with Maria by her side and then looked back at Dean.

Dean lowered his voice. “Did they ever find out why she was able to do that to us? I overhead Isabel ask why she wasn’t contacting them before.” Dean looked up at Sam knowing if he stayed up he most likely asked questions or kept his ears open.

Sam glanced at the bed again seeing Maria’s eyes closed. He crouched in front of Dean, keeping his voice down. “No one would answer any of my questions directly but I overhead Kyle telling them about something that they had all over the compound that took away their powers. Trithium something I couldn’t hear everything he said. It didn’t make any sense but they seemed to know exactly what he was talking about.” Sam glanced at Liz and back to Dean.

“Ever feel like you’re in some bad movie about a secret government experiment gone wrong? They seem to know a lot about their enemy and the enemy knows all about them. And here we are sitting in the middle knowing absolutely nothing. I’m just waiting for the zombies to come out.. there’s always zombies in those movies.”

“Dean, if we tell Liz then she will tell us everything, you know that.”

Images of Liz from his nightmare flashed in his mind. He closed his eyes and shook his head trying to rid himself of the remnants of images that never happened and would never happen as long as he kept her out of their world. He needed to think of something else or do something, anything to help force the images from his mind. “No Sam.. this wasn’t something they were just thrown in, if she was going to tell us she would have months ago.”


“I need something to eat.” Dean stood and stretched his back, knowing it would probably take a few days to work the kinks out that he acquired from falling asleep in the chair. Sam clenched his jaw and jerked his head then walked out of the room. Dean looked over at Liz and saw Maria sitting in the chair next to the bed with her head in Liz’s lap and her eyes closed. The darkened window behind Maria caught his eye, revealing just how long he had slept. He turned and followed Sam out of the room and down the hall. As they got closer to the front of the house he heard muffled voices coming from outside. Sam turned into the living room as Dean continued past and looked out the window beside the front door. He saw two girls arguing with Michael while Kyle stood to the side, “Who’s that?”

Sam looked at Dean from the entranceway of the living room, “That’s Ava and Serena, they’re Liz’s friends. They got here while you were passed out.”

“What’s all that about?” Dean watched the scene taking place in the front yard.

“Apparently, the group wasn’t supposed to go into that town before they got there to go in with them and they’re pissed about it.”

“Clearly.” Dean looked at the two dark haired girls. Thanks to the porch light he could see one had long curly almost black hair with red streaks and the other had shoulder length black hair with a few piercings on her face. Dean didn’t really see them fitting in with Liz’s group of friends. He grinned at Sam, “More friends from outside the fold, huh? I bet Max loves that.” Dean heard Sam’s laugh as he turned from the window and went back towards the kitchen. He made a plate of food and warmed it in the microwave, thankful that for once it didn’t come from a package at a gas station. He looked across the hallway at Sam laying out on the couch in the living room and wondered if Max and Isabel were still there sleeping in other parts of the house he hadn’t seen yet.

After he finished eating, he walked back into Liz’s room and found Maria sitting up. She looked toward him and smiled, “Will you stay with her? I think I need to get some real sleep or I’ll be no help to her when she wakes.”

“Yea.” He shook his head as he walked over to help her up then took her seat.

Maria stopped at the door and watched Dean as he situated the chair and looked over Liz. “It’s normal for her to need her sleep. After just reaching out to you alone with her astral projection would have taken a lot out of her and then add in if she had a premonition and contacting Sam and.. everything else. She just needs to recuperate.”

Dean looked over at her, “You sure you don’t have any of that psychic..” He stopped himself from saying crap, “stuff?”

She gave him a soft smile, “I’ve always been really good at reading people. Thank you for coming when I called. I don’t know if we would have found her before..” She looked down and shook her head and then her gaze rose back up to meet his. “I know you guys have your issues to work out but I know she feels you here and it’s helping her sleep.” She looked at Liz once more then left the room.

Dean looked back at Liz and pulled the chair close to the bed so he could touch her easily without having any weight rest on her from his position. He looked at her small healing bruises and shook his head. He thought about the images that flashed in his mind again, images that she sent him from her own memory that were now a part of his. He had so many questions for her but knew he had no right what so ever to ask any of them, not with his own secrets weighing heavily between them. He knew that Sam had dealt with some pain when he got those premonitions before but from looking at the bruises on her face he knew that the pain he felt wasn’t from getting the images but what she felt when those memories actually happened.. when he hit her. Nicholas. His face twitched as he recalled the ugly mug that flashed before him throwing a punch that broke Liz’s cheek bone, the answering pain exploding across his face as it did hers. The image of him forcefully pressing his lips against her face, bruising her lips. It made his blood boil and he knew if he got the pleasure to meet him he’d gladly bash his face in with his bare hands. Dean knew he had to shake his muscles loose and calm himself before he ended up punching a hole in the wall.

He wished he knew why Michael couldn’t be found with her. He felt that Michael was important but there were no words to understand why. Was she just that out of it that she couldn’t get the memories together or did she deliberately jumble them all up so he wouldn’t know why Michael couldn’t be with her there? It was confusing and frustrating at the same time. She sent so many images at once, how does she deal with that.. let alone do it? Just like Sam. A part of Dean wished that Sam was there, saw what happened so that he would look him in the eye and say ‘now you know how it feels jerk’. But Sam would never do that, never look at him any differently. His brother would just want to know how he could help him. Dean shook his head trying to clear his thoughts but he kept coming back to one fact. He couldn’t help Sam so what the hell would he do for Liz? He couldn’t do anything good for her so why was he even still here?

His gaze traveled back up to Liz’s face, “I have no idea why I’m still here, there’s nothing I can do for you. I don’t know how you got yourself in this mess but I’m happy you have friends that really care about you. You don’t need someone like me when you have these people that would do anything to help you.. that can do more to protect you.” He reached out and held her hand lightly, “I wish it could be different Liz. I wish that I could be the one to protect you. That I could have the chance to make you happy.. to experience..” He shook his head forcing back the moisture building in his eyes, “but I wasn’t dealt those cards even without what happened this year, it wouldn’t have been safe for you to be with me. The Winchesters don’t have a great track record.” He felt a few tears roll down his face but ignored them. “Sam and I won’t be able to stay long, we have some things to do and only so much time left. I don’t know if I’ll be able to see you again and I don’t even know if it’s better that you wake up before we leave.” He quickly glanced at the door before settling his eyes back on her small hand in his. “But I don’t think Sam will leave before you do or if I’d have the strength to.. before knowing you’re really okay. It might be better that you hate me though.”

He laughed lightly, “Even in sleep you seem to get me to admit things I don’t want to think about.” He felt her stir and looked up at her face. Her eyes moved under her eyelids and he felt her hand squeeze his but he couldn’t tell if it was a spasm or if she did it deliberately. Her body jerked and she whimpered.

“Liz.. hey it’s okay.” He tried to calm her as he felt her hand tense and he touched her face, “It’s okay Liz, it’s me.. you’re safe..” He lightly ran his fingers down the side of her face brushing the invisible hairs to the side and her eyes slowly opened.

“Please don’t go dean.” Her voice came out scratchy as her eyes touched every inch of his face before meeting his watery green eyes.

“I.. I’m sorry I can’t stay. Sam and I have to go soon.” His body tensed as he watched her reaction as if he just caused her as much pain as the bruises still marring her face.

“I need you.” She whispered as her eyes fell to his hand on hers.

Dean closed his eyes trying to fight the tears again and shook his head, “No.. you don’t need me Liz, you have a whole support team here.. friends that have your back. You don’t need me… I’m just more trouble.” He tried hiding his fear at her words.

“You need me.”

His eyes snapped up to hers. He studied her face trying to figure out what she meant, “Liz, I can’t stay. Sam and I have some things to do.”

“I know.. I can help.” Her gaze bore into his eyes.

“Do you remember what you tried telling me about Lilith?”

Her face scrunched up, “Who?”

His eyebrows furrowed, “When you came to me? When we were looking for you and you tried telling me about Lilith.”

She shook her head slowly but he could tell the movement still hurt, “What are you talking about?”

Dean’s eyes fell to the bed. She didn’t remember. Why didn’t she remember? Because of everything that happened in there? Did she block it out with everything else? He reminded himself what demons would do to her if they knew he had any attachment to her. If they found out about the things that she could do.. images from his nightmare flashing in his mind again. They’d be all over her, hell she’d be their number one prized meatsuit. He felt his resolve harden, that would never happen. He wouldn’t allow it.


His eyes came back up to her questioning gaze. “Don’t worry about it. It’s nothing.”

“Who’s Lilith?”

“That’s what I was going to ask you.”

Liz let out an exasperated breathe, “Why won’t you just tell me?” Her eyes fell to her hand still in his. “I’ll tell you everything. I’ll fill in all the half truths.” Her eyes came back up to his.

“I.. don’t..” Dean tried looking everywhere but at her, “I can’t. It’s just something I need to do.” Dean heard her breathing change and looked back to her face. He saw the tears building and closed his eyes. Shit.

“Damnit Dean! Why? Why won’t you just let me in?” She angrily whispered.

“Because... you don’t need me and I don’t need you. I can’t stay here and be what you want just like you can’t just learn all my secrets and be able to fix them.” He felt her hand squeeze his and his eyes came back up to hers. “We’ll have to leave tomorrow and I don’t know when I’ll get to see you again. I just wanted to know you were okay.”

“Yea, I get it. You didn’t get dealt those cards, you think I don’t see how you run from that life or real life at all? Your dad brought you up like this and it’s all you know. You should have the choice to decide if you get anything else. He got to enjoy a real life, at least for a while but he didn’t give you the opportunity to have the same. Oh wait.. you did get the chance but commander general said hunts over, we’re leaving and you decided the best way to end it was to tell her the truth because she’d think you were lying and break it off. ” Liz knew her words were harsh but she was pissed that he wouldn’t get past whatever was holding him at arm’s length. She was too damn tired.

He pulled his hand from hers. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Liz watched his face and knew she hit a nerve, “That’s what happened with Cassie, isn’t it? No blood on your hands for the end of that relationship.. Nice clean break for Dean Winchester.”

“Where did you?” He pushed the chair back and narrowed eyes staring at her.

She saw the shock written on his face change to hurt before he schooled his expression again. Her face and voice softened, “That’s why you told her, isn’t it? But you were hoping she’d accept you no matter what. That she loved you enough to believe.. to accept you.” She felt like a complete bitch as everything that Sam told her and what she had found on her own fell into place.

He stood from the chair his face still hard.

“Dean.. I’m sorry I didn’t..” She reached out for him from the bed but the pain in her sides made her dizzy and she laid back into the pillow cursing her injuries.

“I’m glad to see you’re getting better. Max can do his healer thing and you can go back to fighting your demons and I’ll go back to mine.” He turned and started walking away from the bed.

“Dean.. you know I didn’t know.. I didn’t mean to.. you just make me so frustrated why can’t you just let me help you?!” She slammed her fists into the mattress, frustrated that he could get away so easily with her stuck in the bed.

He stopped and closed his eyes, reminding himself why this couldn’t happen. “Sweetheart.. I don’t need any help.” Without looking back he continued walking.

“Fine. Do it your way! Run and just avoid me again and keep telling yourself that it’s my help you’re really running from. Just remember I’ve seen inside that mind of yours. I know that you wish you had a place to call home, a place to come back to! A home with a light on in the window.. with me waiting for you!” Why did every movement have to hurt so badly? Her lungs were starting to burn. She felt the pain in her side intensify and her eyes get heavy. If she wasn’t so damn drained she’d force him to sit in that chair and listen. If only she had the energy.

He stopped at the door but still didn’t turn around to face her. “The only problem there Liz.. is your light would go out someday and I still wouldn’t be able to come home.” Dean walked out of the room hoping that he pissed her off enough that she wouldn’t try to follow him when she had the strength. That she wouldn’t care to ask where he was when he doesn’t show up with Sam anymore. He found Sam sleeping on the couch and considered sleeping on the floor but decided the impala was a safer distance and probably more comfortable. He needed to get some sleep because they needed to get the hell out of there tomorrow. He needed to get out of there before she had the chance to try to get him to stay.


Liz woke to see Max and Ava hovering over her. She tried moving and didn’t feel any pain so she sat up and took the open water bottle Ava held out for her. She drank greedily from it then took a deep breath smiling that she no longer felt any pain in her ribs.

“Thanks Max.” She gave him a small smile then looked to Ava, “How’s Kyle?”

Ava smiled, “He’s fine, just a little gunshot wound to deal with. Well.. and him trying to milk it for all it’s worth.”

Liz shook her head with a smile, “Good.” She glanced at Max and debated whether she should tell him what she learned. She reminded herself that secrets only got them killed. Her gaze slid to Ava, “Is Serena here? I need to talk to you two about the granolith.” Then she turned her head to Max, “We need to get everyone together because I know what they’re after and everyone needs to hear it.”

Ava’s eyebrow shot up and she nodded, “Do you want me to get her? She was in the living room talking to Sam before I came in here.”

Liz’s eyes snapped to the door, “Dean’s still here?”

Ava’s forehead scrunched together as she put a hand over Liz’s, “Sam said goodbye to you just ten maybe twenty minutes ago, you don’t remember?”

Liz’s eyes slid to Ava’s trying to understand, “what?”

Ava looked concerned, “When we came in here, Sam had just left you and went to say goodbye to Serena. They have a job in New York. Dean said something about vampire signs.” Ava rolled her eyes.

Liz jumped up and ran through the door as Max and Ava watched her go, Max looking annoyed and Ava worried.

Ava glanced at Max, “Well, at least we know she’s patched up enough to run.”


Nothing goes as planned.
Everything will break.

Dean walked to the car not looking back at the house. He got in and started her up waiting for Sam to come out so they could get going. He tried not to think about Liz in there resting and maybe even in her dreams cursing the day she met him. No, he shook his head, Liz wasn’t that dramatic. He should have let Sam do this on his own, he shouldn’t have come.

People say goodbye.
In their own special way.

Dean felt like a complete ass leaving while she had no way of stopping him or even having a say in the way he ended it. She had what she needed here and she didn’t need him screwing up her life anymore, this was for the best. Finally, Sam got in the car and he drove away. Glancing in the rearview mirror he was shocked to see Liz appear in the driveway. This was just how it had to be to keep her safe. His gaze went back to the road and he didn’t look back.

All that you rely on
And all that you can fake
Will leave you in the morning
But find you in the day

A week later Dean is walking along the street while working on a case and thinks he sees Liz walk past him. He stops and turns to look in her direction but only sees a blonde girl walking down the sidewalk. He shakes his head and continues on to meet Sam.

Oh you're in my veins
And I cannot get you out

Liz wakes up hot and bothered from an extremely vivid dream. Her fingers gently touch her lips where she can still feel Dean’s lips lingering.

Oh you're all I taste
At night inside of my mouth

She climbs out of bed and heads to the bathroom to wash her face but then decides on a cold shower instead. As she turns on the water and strips her clothes off she tries to shove dean as far from her mind as she can. She tries to forget the dreams that plague her at night.

Oh you run away
Cause I am not what you found

Sam and Dean are sitting in a diner eating while Sam goes over some research he had and Dean hears Liz’s Maroon 5 song play from someone’s cell phone. He tries to focus every fiber of his being on Sam but fails as thoughts of Liz that night playing pool fill his mind.

Oh you're in my veins
And I cannot get you out.

Everything will change.
Nothing stays the same.

Maria comes into the bar and sees the look on Liz’s face, “He’s an ass.”

Liz looks up at her with a sad smile and shakes her head, “We both kept secrets and we both made mistakes.”

And nobody here's perfect.
Oh but everyone’s to blame

"Still you didn't leave him while he was unconscious without a say."

Liz just shook her head and walked into the kitchen with a bucket of dirty glasses as Maria stared after her with a concerned look.

All that you rely on
And all that you can save
Will leave you in the morning
And find you in the day

The waitress Dean had been flirting with for almost an hour hands him another beer and their fingers brush against each other. She smiles at him and he smirks but his mind travels to another time with a different set of eyes, different hair, and a different smile. She walks away and Dean downs the beer and leaves money on the table, walking out of the bar shaking his head trying to get Liz’s face out of his mind.

Oh you're in my veins
And I cannot get you out
Oh you're all I taste
At night inside of my mouth

Liz sits down at a table outside her favorite coffee shop and pulls out her book as she waits for Isabel. She lifts her coffee to her lips and has a flash of a rare genuine smile on dean’s face as he brushes her hair behind her ear and leans down to kiss her lips. Then Isabel is in front of her calling her name a few times, she asks if Liz is okay. Liz shakes her head and smiles as she tries to shake the picture from her mind.

Oh you run away
Cause I am not what you found

Dean sits in the impala looking through old text messages from Liz. He thinks about hitting reply but shuts his phone when Sam gets in the car with two bags of food.

Oh you're in my veins
And I cannot get you out.

Liz sits in her apartment curled up on her couch with a cup of steaming tea on the table in front of her. She has her phone in her hand looking at Dean’s number in her contact list. She hits the call button but then ends it immediately and throws the phone down.

No I cannot get you out.
No I cannot get you.

Everything is dark.
It's more than you can take.

Dean sits in a motel room drinking a beer while Sam runs for food and his phone vibrates on the table next to him, Liz's name comes up on the screen with the symbol notifying him of a text.

But you catch a glimpse of sun light.
Shinin, down on your face.

He opens the text and reads, “I miss you”. He smiles and texts back, “yea I know what you mean”.

Oh you're in my veins
And I cannot get you out
Oh you're all I taste
At night inside of my mouth

His phone vibrates again and he reads the text, “I don't care what it is dean. Keep your secrets, I don't want to waste any more time. I know what I want.”
He quickly texts her back, “you don't want me. I can't be what you need.”

Oh you run away
Cause I am not what you found

His phone vibrates and he reads, “I don't care. You’re who I want and I don’t give up that easily.” Dean closes his eyes and bangs his head back against the wall. Sam walks in with to go bags and Dean saves the message then slides his phone into his pocket, a small smile pulling at his lips.

Oh you're in my veins
And I cannot get you
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch19 10/4/12

Post by MelissaD » Thu Oct 04, 2012 2:39 pm

AvalonRose: She is wearing him down but she was also in a bad state at the time..
HypnotiqBlueEyes: She's definitely not going to give up but she may rethink her motivations when she can actually think clearly.
Twilighteyes: lol for some reason when I read that I heard "your killing me smalls!" but dean doesn't really fit that nickname.. LOL
Both Liz and Dean are extremely protective of their family and while a part of them does want to have something more with the other, the protective side is telling them to hold back to not put the other in danger or make their situations anymore complicated.
mary mary: :) Not only be able to enjoy it but not have to be terrified that it's their fault that the other might get hurt or worse every time they leave the other's side.

Chap Nineteen

**Flashback in italics**

A few weeks after the skin camp rescue.

Liz sat at her kitchen table going over a few papers filled with her own writing when her phone rang, she answered without looking away from the paper in her hand.

“Liz, where are you?”

“Serena? I’m at home, why?”

“Good.. I can’t really talk about this over the phone but remember what we talked about at the house after your business trip?”

Liz almost laughed at her cover word, her and Maria really had a way with those. “Yea, I remember.”

“You’ll never believe what I found out. You guys are still meeting at Isabel’s on Christmas eve right?”

“Yea, Ser you can’t leave me hanging like this. You have to tell me something.”

“Well, I have some very good information because my mother just happened to be el presidente’s chief advisor. They were friends, Liz.”

Liz almost dropped her phone as Serena’s real meaning sunk in, “You mean..”

“Yes. We have a lot to talk about. I’ll see you in about a week?”

“Yea, I’ll see you soon.” A smile bloomed on her face, “Give your mom a kiss for me.”

She heard Serena’s laughter, “She said you are due for a visit, she almost didn’t tell me because she said you should have come yourself. I told her about work but you know her.”

“Yea, I do need to get up there to see her. Thank you Serena and seriously give her a hug and kiss for me.”

“Will do. Take a couple days off from your obsession okay? Go have fun or do something.”

Liz laughed as she shut the phone. She looked at the papers on her table filled with dreams that she has had about the granolith, she brushed them into a pile as her mind wandered back to a few weeks prior.

Liz stood in the dirt road watching the impala drive away from the safe house, from her. Part of her couldn't blame him, how many times had she run when things just seemed too complicated and she couldn't deal with it right away? But the other part of her cursed him for not being straight and putting all his strength into pushing her away when things would be so much easier if he just let her in, if he just admitted what she knew was there in his heart. But then again would it really be easier? Could she make that argument with him without knowing what the hell was going on in their screwed up world of hunters and demons? What had him so scared that he felt the need to hide it from her? Especially after coming face to face with what her own demons could do. That thought alone scared her to her very core. The impala was out of sight and only dust remained in its wake. "What the hell are you running from Dean? What happened in South Dakota?"


She turned to see Ava standing only a few feet away. For a second, she thought of forcing a smile on her face but it was Ava, there was no need to pretend. Her eyes started to water as her fear of what Dean was hiding started to choke her. Ava ran to her and held her tight, "It's alright. You’re going to be okay."

Liz held onto Ava like an anchor keeping her afloat. She felt the soothing energy that Ava sent her as the tears slipped quietly down her face. "What about him Ava? What has him so scared that he still won't tell me?"

Ava's eyes went wide as Liz voiced her fears. Ava was so concerned about what Liz had just gone through, she didn't think about what else could be keeping her mind preoccupied. "Liz.. All that you just went through.."

Liz shook her head, "He did it again. Pushing me away but he's afraid. I got that so clearly this time aves.. He's terrified.. for me."

Ava pulled back and looked Liz in the eye, "Liz, we all were.. The way you looked. God.. We could only imagine what happened to you.. Your face alone.."

Liz was pulled out of the racing thoughts and took in the worry on Ava's face, "I'm fine."

Ava shook her head, "you may be all healed now but that still doesn't erase what happened to you in there."

"What do you know about the granolith?"

Ava was taken aback by her abrupt change of subject and watched Liz's expression change, all signs of vulnerability gone. If she didn't know any better she would seriously think Michael was blood related because he was the only other person she knew who could throw up a stonewall that fast. "If you think I'm going to let this drop.."

Liz smiled at Ava, "I don't think you will but later okay? I still have a lot of other things to deal with."

"You don't have to do everything right now you could rest, take it easy." Ava wasn't sure she wanted Liz to push past this one so easily, not after she had found out what really happened to her in the FBI raid that she brushed off like nothing happened. Liz was strong but this was insane, this time her captors had powers and were no strangers to finding creative ways of using them.

"It's okay Ava, I promise. I know what the skins want now.. it's not good but I don't completely understand it yet either and that's where I need you and Serena."

Ava watched her transform back into the soldier, another battle behind her and a war still to be won. She knew she wouldn't get anything from her now, she would have to play along for the moment. "Why the granolith? It's gone, what would it have to do with anything?"

"Because it's not gone and I have a feeling that everything we knew about it was a lie. Did you guys know anything about it?"

"I didn't remember anything except that it was important to our people. Lonnie and Rath said it was our only ticket home and Zan didn't talk about it but I always felt like he knew more than he let on. Most of the stuff I know I learned from you."

"We need Serena, maybe her mother told her something."

"Told me what?" Serena walked up to Ava and Liz. They turned to her and saw Maria not very far behind.

"Where are the others?" Ava asked.

"Inside, probably trying to grill Kyle after Max told Michael that Liz found out something in there."

Maria looked at Liz concerned and Liz rolled her eyes but smiled at her friend.

Liz looked to Serena, "What do you know about the granolith?"

Serena furrowed her brow, "What? Why?"

"Is it just a spaceship.. A mode of transportation to get the royal four back?" Liz stared straight at Serena, ignoring the looks from Ava and Maria.

Serena laughed, "Why the hell would you think that?"

Maria and Ava stared at Serena with wide eyes and she stopped laughing. Serena looked between the three of them, "What? Seriously? You guys thought it was a ship? I thought you said Tess took it to antar" Her gaze landed on Liz, her face impassive.

Liz nodded her head and closed her eyes. Serena confirmed Nicholas' words and her heart sank. "Tess didn't leave in the granolith, It's still here." Her eyes opened and she looked to Maria, "She lied to us about what it was." Her gaze swept between the three girls, "We've been in the dark all this time and it's exactly what the skins want. We need everyone together, I don't want to have to explain it again and I think everyone needs to hear what Serena knows about the granolith." Liz headed for the house and the rest followed behind her exchanging looks from concern to worry. "Would you guys stop that, I'm fine."

They got to the house and Liz opened the door for them waiting for Ava and Serena to walk through, "Can you guys get everyone together? I want to talk to Maria for a minute."

Ava raised her eyebrows but Serena grabbed her arm pulling her along, throwing Liz a smile.

Liz gave her a grateful smile then turned to Maria who already had her hands on her hips.
"Maria, I'm fine. Listen there's something else that Nicholas told me but I'm worried how it'll impact.. certain people."

Maria looked at her suspicious that she was just trying to get her off the subject, "Like what?"

"Like the reason Nicholas is after us in the first place. After me and someone else specifically.. "

"You and max."

Liz shook her head, "no.. Not anymore."

Maria's eyes went wide, "Liz, You know what secrets have done to the group.. I know what you’re thinking and keeping it quiet won’t help anyone. We swore we would never do it again.. not after last time."

"Yea I know. I just needed another push, I guess. I'm just worried how Max will take it. Maybe how a few others.." Liz couldn't look Maria in the eye.

Maria grabbed Liz's hand bringing Liz’s eyes up to her own, "We're all in this together. Whatever it is, we can’t be in the dark anymore and we need to be unified. We’ll deal with it.. whatever the impact might be."

Liz gave her a small smile, "I'll see you inside. I just need a minute." She looked to the road and took a deep breath.

"It'll be okay, Liz. I saw the way he looked at you, he just needs time." Maria squeezed her hand and walked inside.

Liz watched the door shut and listened to Maria's fading footsteps. "What if it doesn't make us unified but breaks us apart?" Giving the full undisclosed truth is what started a long downward spiral before, who’s to say it wouldn’t cause another when things were finally starting to get easier with everyone. Why was there always something else? When was it their time to just be? Her eyes went back to the road where the dust from the impala had long since settled and thought about what Maria said about time. A cold chill slithered down her spine and she shivered. All she could see when she thought about it was a time bomb about to explode. "One problem at a time Liz, you can only solve one problem at a time."

All eight of them were strewn about the living room some on the couch, some on kitchen chairs, some on the floor while Liz leaned against the wall telling them what she learned about the granolith from Nicholas.

Michael was the first to speak up when she finished, "Liz, how do you know he wasn't just making it up to get to you.. Or just as an excuse to do whatever he wanted, knowing you didn't have the answer."

Serena looked at Michael, "I hate to be the one to tell you this but Nicholas wasn't lying, Michael. The granolith is not a ship. It has a lot of power, that’s one thing I know for sure and it could possibly create a ship but it's definitely not a ship. That's just ridiculous. Think about it, why the hell would Khivar and all the other planets of Antar's system want a ship so badly? Why would Khivar waste resources and men on some old ship?" She watched the logic of her words seep into his mind as his face fell.

"But the book.. the book said it was a one way ticket home and that's all."

"What better way to get you to bring it right to him without thinking about the power you have in your possession."

Liz looked softly at Michael, "For all we know Khivar gave that book to nasedo.. Or nasedo himself made it so you would follow his plan even if he wasn't there to tell you what it was."

Maria's face paled and she looked at Liz, "Liz.. Your saying.. Al.." Maria couldn’t say his name.

Liz turned to Maria and shook her head, the idea that Alex was used as a pawn for some little play didn't change the hatred that she had for the whole situation. Knowing that all his work was full of lies and manipulation was no different than everything that happened surrounding his death so why should they be surprised? But for some reason it just made it hurt so much more, it was so unnecessary. "It was probably all set up from the beginning whether Tess knew about it or not. We never thought to question what the book said because we were all so torn apart that we never clued in to how off the explanation of the granolith was from what we'd already learned about it ourselves."

Max finally looked up from the floor, "I don't understand, how does this help us? If the granolith didn't go with Tess then where is it? The cave was demolished there was nothing there. Michael and I searched for days."

Everyone looked to Serena, "Don't look at me, I wasn't there and I told you pretty much all I know about it. I could ask my mom when I see her for Christmas next month, she won't talk about that over the phone."

Liz smiled at Serena, "thanks.. she's the best lead we've got. She would at least know stories.. maybe not everything but enough. If this thing was well known on Antar I'm sure there would have been enough talk.. Stories, legends.. Something we could find some truth in.”

Serena gave her a small smile in return, "Yea, she would know legends but she may know much more than that." Her smile grew as she thought of where Liz's mind was going. "I'll find out as much as I can."

“Liz, Sam and Dean had fished a little. Not that I blame them after some of the things they saw. Don’t you think it’s time to tell them?” Isabel watched Liz and glanced at Max knowing he’d probably argue against it.

Before Max could even try to voice his opinion Liz ended the subject, “Don’t worry about it, I can deal with them. It’s just.. not the right time.” The words felt right when they came out of her mouth. It was a moment of weakness that’s all. To bring them in now while they still had their own huge problem to deal with could make everything harder for them. It wasn’t the right time.

Isabel didn’t look satisfied and glanced at Maria who shared her worried gaze.

Kyle looked a little nervously at Liz, "Liz.. You know I hate to be the one to say this but why did Nicholas think you could give him the location? He seemed pretty confident that you could."

Liz looked down at her hands that she had started to wring together, "Well that kind of leads into the other thing.."

"The other thing?" Serena, Ava, and Isabel chimed in at the same time then exchanged looks with each other.

"The reason why he set the trap for me and.. us in the first place. He said I was probably the only one that could find the granolith.. because I'm the keeper. I fought him because I'm not alien but.." she turned to max, "he said you gave me the connection to the granolith.. Making me this keeper. I don't know what he meant but he said I had to follow the connection to find it but I've never felt a connection so I couldn't do it."

Max looked at Liz in confusion, "He's been coming after us all this time to get to you so he could take the granolith?" Max watched her face and knew she wasn't saying everything.

"Liz.." Maria spoke up from Michael’s side.

"Not just me, they need me to find it. But also he said they needed the active seal."

Maria's eyes shot up as the pieces fell into place with what Liz had already told her. Her eyes slid to Michael.

"You and Max." Isabel looked to her brother.

"No." Liz said softly as she shook her head, her eyes once again on the floor.

A chorus of “what” broke out around the room but Liz still kept her eyes down and then slowly brought them up to meet Michael's deep brown, "and you."

Michael's eyes went wide even though he was already thinking of himself, "Me? Why me?"

Everyone's gaze went back to Liz except for Maria whose attention never left Michael.

As she started speaking her eyes moved around the room, "When Max died the seal passed to Michael. Even though Max took it back and it will pass for certain things I guess.. He said that Michael still carries the only remaining active seal." Her eyes came up to Max, "You no longer carry the Antarian DNA or royal bloodline to be able to use the seal for something like activating the granolith. You may have come back but not in your hybrid body."

Everyone's eyes moved to Max. He shook his head, "That's.. That's not possible.. I still have my powers. Michael no longer has the seal on his chest, I took it back."

Isabel stood up and walked to her brother, "It does explain a few things Max. Your powers have never been at the level that they used too. Just take yesterday for example. You healed Liz from a fatal gunshot wound in minutes without breaking a sweat before but last night you couldn't heal her injuries completely before needing rest to continue and they weren't really fatal."

Max stared into his sister's sympathetic gaze. He looked to Serena, "do you know about this? Could it be true?"

Serena took in the lost look on his face that made him look so young, "I don't see how it could be true if you died and Liz brought you back, what would have changed your body? It doesn't make any sense."

His eyes went wide and he looked to the floor.

Isabel looked at Serena’s confused face, "when he died.. his body burned to ash. He somehow was in this old man's body but the old man's body became just like Max's.. We never figured it out." Isabel looked to Liz.

Liz continued for her, "he showed up at my school. The man and he was trying to kill me but max got control of his body and tried to save me. We fell from the top of my dorm building and I thought max died.. but he came back and the other guy was gone. We could never explain any of it so we just forgot about it."

Serena looked between them, "Like Soul transference or something? Jesus.. I've never heard of anything like that actually happening. Could you guys ever just have... normal alien problems?"

Liz and Kyle glanced at each other and then burst out laughing at the absurdity of her statement.

Everyone looked between Kyle and Liz with varying looks of confusion and amusement.

Kyle opened his eyes feeling their stares, "Seriously? We’re the only ones that find that funny?"

Maria smirked, "Okay, I think that’s enough for these two today.” Maria looked around, “Can we agree to lay low until we know more about all this?" With everyone’s agreement Maria led Liz out of the room with Ava trailing behind her with Kyle.

Liz was brought back to the present by the sound of her apartment door closing. She looked to the hallway seeing Isabel and Maria coming into the kitchen.

“How did we know you forgot about meeting us because you were elbows deep in your own head?” Isabel looked at the table with the papers in a neat pile, she gave Liz a confused look.

Liz smiled, “Sorry I forgot about the shopping trip. Serena called, I think I can curb the obsessive focus for a while.”

Maria smiled, “Good, you won’t mess up Isabel’s schedule anymore. I don’t know what would happen if she had to amend the Christmas shopping window again.” Maria looked at Isabel and laughed as she rolled her eyes.

Isabel looked at her phone with a small smile, “Well let’s go, hurry up and get a quick shower so we don’t have to change this one either.”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch20 10/10/1

Post by MelissaD » Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:56 pm

Thanks for tuning in and for the feedback! :) I hope you all like where the story is going.. this chapter is a bit of a christmas present. :)even though we're a couple months off but in the storyline we're right on time! lol

Chapter Twenty

*This chapter has a line from Supernatural episode A Very Supernatural Christmas. I have changed the timeline a tad but since they never technically said it was Christmas when they celebrated I’ve technically only played with semantics. :D *

Two days later.

"You feel like watching the game?"

After turning on the television, Sam's cell phone rings as he sits back. He sees Liz's name flash on the screen and smiles as he answers, "Merry Christmas Liz."

Dean looked over at Sam lifting his eyebrows as he heard Liz’s laughter.

"You are aware you’re two days off, right?"

He threw a glance at Dean. "We were celebrating."

"I was actually just calling to see if you guys would be able to celebrate with us. I promise it'll be the biggest thing you've ever seen. Isabel is kind of.. obsessed. And she wanted you guys to be a part of it this year."

"Well, Dean was getting on my case about having a real Christmas..” Sam looked at Dean, “maybe that's exactly what we need." Dean watched Sam with a question on his face and Sam smiled back.

"Really? I told Isabel it probably wouldn't happen especially so last minute but do you think you could be here Christmas eve? I mean if you can't, I'd be happy with Christmas but.. it'd be nice to have you guys for the full holiday. I honestly don't think it'd feel like Christmas without you."

Sam laughed, "Really trying to lay on the guilt there, don't you think? It'd probably be like a day of driving and that's if we drive straight through."

"Don't kill yourselves. I'll take whatever Christmas present I can get, eve or day."

Sam laughed, "Ok, I'll try my best."

"Thanks Sam. Believe me this will blow your mind." He heard her laugh and then end the call.

"What are you doing?" Dean eyed him.

"What? You said you wanted Christmas. You spend Christmas with your family and friends and Liz wanted to see if we could be there. Apparently Isabel is big on Christmas and she asked Liz to invite us." He took a sip from the eggnog and winced. "It'll be more of this with some good laughs. We always have a good time with them." Sam watched him from the corner of his eye knowing things hadn’t really ended well last time, not that Dean would tell him what exactly happened. He hoped Dean wouldn’t keep up with his stupid avoidance tactic. They were getting too close to the wire.

"Yea." Dean smiled a little, "I guess I can deal with a short visit." He wasn't exactly sure how good of an idea it was but he couldn't stop himself from wanting to be there. He wanted to see Sam smiling and having a good time and to see Liz doing the same. The thing he didn’t want to admit and would never admit out loud was that he would probably take any excuse to see her.

Liz and Maria were doing some final touches on their makeup when Liz's phone vibrated on the dresser. She answered while grabbing her sweater off the bed. "Yes Isabel, we are walking out the door." She rolled her eyes as she pushed Maria out of her room.

"Okay well, that answers that question."

"Sam! Are you guys here?" She smiled following Maria out of the apartment.

Maria watched her friend’s face, she was a little hesitant about the boys coming at first but Liz had been so excited that she couldn’t say anything to bring her down.

"Yea, I was calling to see where you were and where we should meet you."

"Maria and I are leaving for Isabel's house, Are you close? You can follow us or I can give you directions."

"We're coming into the city from I-40."

Liz rattled off directions as she tossed Maria the keys and they got in the car.

"We'll see you soon." She shut her phone.

"Liz.. you can stop bouncing in your seat now." Maria laughed at the huge grin on her face.

Liz narrowed her eyes as she looked over at Maria but couldn’t wipe the grin from her face.

"You are so easy to read chika!" Maria smiled, "Are you getting your Christmas miracle?"

Liz’s face lit up as she looked out the windshield. "It'll be nice to see them get a real Christmas experience."

Maria sobered, "Yea and it won't feel like Christmas without the whole family huh?"

"They do feel like long lost brothers, don’t they?"

Maria shook her head, "I'm sorry no. I wouldn't think those thoughts about a brother."

Both girls burst out in laughter.

Dean pulled in front of the address Sam gave him. "Holy… Christmas."

"Liz did say Isabel was kind of obsessed." Sam looked at all the decorations that covered the house and lawn. "At least it's tasteful. A little elegant compared to what we saw in Michigan."

Dean looked at Sam, "Did you just describe something as elegant?"

"Shut up… jerk."


Sam got out of the car with a smile and walked up the driveway with Dean close behind. They got to the door and knocked. A few seconds later Isabel opened the door with a smile, "I was about to take bets for when you two were going to leave the car."

Sam laughed and Dean smiled, "Sammy here was admiring your.." Dean looked to Sam, "what did you say Sam? Oh yea, elegant decorations." He looked back to Isabel with a huge grin.

Isabel smiled even brighter at Sam, "Thank you."

Sam gave her a small smile until she turned around then eyed Dean who just smirked as he walked into the house. She led them inside to the living room where they saw Kyle and Michael sitting on the couch watching a game on TV. The room surprisingly wasn't overwhelmed with holiday decorations but just little pieces here and there. "This is the man cave, you'll probably be comfortable here." She laughed a little, "These two certainly are. Do you want a beer or egg nog?"

"You don't have to, we can get it ourselves." Sam started but heard Kyle snort.

"If you don't let the lady do her thing she might hurt you." Kyle spoke up from the couch and Sam saw Dean take a seat on the neighboring couch.

"Some eggnog will be great." Dean smiled.

"The good kind, Iz." Kyle looked up at her shaking his small glass. She rolled her eyes in answer then looked to Sam.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked. She smiled at him and nodded. "Ok eggnog's fine, thank you."

She turned and left the room as Sam sat next to Dean.

Kyle looked at Sam, "Seriously dude, you want to keep that smile you let the woman do what she wants."

Michael grunted, not taking his eyes off the game, "Nazi."

Dean raised his eyebrows but didn't respond. A few minutes later Liz came into the living room with two eggnogs in hand, "Hey, how was the drive?"

"Not too bad, Michigan was having a warmer than usual winter." Dean smiled and took the eggnog.

Liz raised an eyebrow and Sam responded while taking his glass from her. "Thanks to two pagan gods taking a few sacrifices from them."

Isabel popped her head in, "There will be no shop talk at Christmas festivities." She smiled and disappeared again.

Sam and Dean looked at each other while Kyle and Michael laughed. "Welcome to your first taste of the Christmas Nazi."

"Michael, you better watch it." Liz tried to smother her laugh as Ava strolled in with two beers handing one to Michael as she sat in between him and Kyle.

Sam looked between a laughing Liz, Michael, and Kyle then shrugged. He smiled at Ava with a nod of his head then glanced at the doorway. Ava smiled at him catching his gaze she leaned forward, “She’s with her parents. She’ll probably get in later tonight.”

Sam raised his eyebrows and then nodded. Was he really that obvious? He sipped his eggnog when he saw Dean do the same.

"Shit, this is good." Dean stared at the drink in his hand.

"The reason we deal with it all." Kyle nodded at him.

"Nice." Dean smiled and took another sip, "great idea Sammy."


Dean had no idea how he and Sam got roped into coming to a church service. He was moving to a seat with everyone else shaking his head, "that chick is a Nazi."

Liz watched everyone getting seated for the service and heard Dean grumbling next to her as they moved along the aisle. She laughed and poked him. Dean glanced at her, "Sorry."

"What? You've never been to a church service before?" She smiled as they took their seats.

Dean just raised his eyebrows.

"Didn't have the time in your busy schedule?" Liz laughed at his incredulous look. "If you want to know the big secret, most of these people only come on Christmas."

Dean looked around, "why come if this holiday isn't even really on Jesus' birthday?"

Liz shrugged her shoulders, "I'm kinda surprised you know that. For most people, it's just tradition. They don't know the holiday was timed as a way to get the pagans interested and coming to the church, they basically needed to replace one of the pagan’s oldest traditions and biggest holiday with something the church considered good. But people don’t need to know all that really, their family comes every Christmas so they dress up and smile and spend the time with their families. Some people come and celebrate their faith with their family but not everyone is here because they want to be, some are just here because someone's making them.. sometimes that's family. We go with them because it makes them happy to be together." She points at the teens she sees a couple of rows over, "those kids are probably here because they knew the other would be so they dressed up and came with smiles making their parents happy that their kid wants to be here. When really they’re just here hoping they’d get to sit next to each other and spend the service secretly touching."

Dean watched her as she spun the tale. "Something you know from experience?"

She looked back at him her smile faltering a little, her eyes sweeping over the crowd again. "Maybe. A few times when it felt like my life was spinning out of control, the routine made me feel better and.." Her eyes fell to her hands, "just sitting through the service holding that warm hand like a life raft made me feel that maybe everything would work out, it would all be okay, and I'd live to see another year."

Dean slipped his hand into hers and her eyes rose to meet his. "Maybe you had the right idea."

She smiled at him and squeezed his hand, "Thanks for coming."

"Yea well, I was trying to give Sam a nice TV Christmas. Of course Isabel’s is more like the movies." Liz laughed then quieted down when she heard the talking around them get softer and saw the pastor walking to the middle of the stage. She settled back against the seat and smiled as she felt Dean settle while keeping her hand in his, bringing them to rest on his thigh.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch20 10/10/1

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After the service everyone was standing around talking and Maria saw Sam standing off to the side looking at the big Christmas tree. Maria walked over to him, “That’s a pretty nice tree, although you don’t look like you’re admiring it.”

She smiled softly at him when he looked to her with a forced smile, “Yea.. just caught in my head I guess.” He turned back to the tree and she waited patiently next to him.

“What did that tree do to make you so mad?” Maria asked looking at him from the corner of her eye.

Sam laughed at her statement and turned to her with a real smile, “Dean was right about you, you may not have the psychic mojo but you know everything going on with those around you.”

She turned to him with a smile. “It’s a gift. Women’s intuition and a little observation is all you really need. It really helped in high school because I always had something to talk about.” She gave him a wicked smile then her face softened again as the pensive look slipped back over his features when he looked to the tree, “So what is it that’s got you all brooding and isolated over here?”

He glanced at her without moving his head, “I had a Christmas like this as a kid, my dad left us with his friend Pastor Jim. We had the whole church thing with all the bells and whistles but besides that one and the few we spent with bobby, Christmas was just dean and I in some crappy motel. I’d watch the shows on TV with the warm family moments and miracles of family getting home just in time.. but my dad was rarely there and I never got to experience one with my mom. So I guess the holiday is lost on me and I don’t really care for celebrating it.”

Maria watched the changes in his face as he spoke. “Have you always spent Christmas with your family though?” Maria asked with a soft smile, already knowing part of the answer from what he just told her.

He turned to her, “Well yea, Dean was always there with me except when I was in college but I had Jess. To be honest a part of me missed Dean but I figured he probably didn’t even know it was Christmas anyway.” Sam’s eyes went back to the tree, Maria noticed he seemed to have a hard time looking her straight in the eyes. He was definitely tiptoeing around something but she couldn’t put her finger on what it was that was truly bothering him so badly.

“Holidays are all about family whether it’s chosen or blood. Liz taught me that.” She looked at the tree thinking back to her not so happy memories of Christmas past. “When I was young, my dad left so I didn’t always enjoy the holidays either. It just always reminded me of how broken my family was until Liz really opened my eyes. She had this picture perfect family but she always wanted me there. I never understood until in a bad moment I snapped and asked her why she tortured me every year and she told me that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without me. We were like sisters by then but I guess I didn’t see what she did.” She smiled fondly at the memory. “As long as you’re with them, it doesn’t matter how you celebrate. Case in point,” She nods towards Isabel who was talking with Jesse, Michael, and Max. She sees Sam follow her line of sight, “letting your crazy sister or wife plan the hell out of it and drive you very close to murder each year.” She chuckled softly thinking mainly of Michael and then looked over and pointed to Dean who was laughing with Kyle and Ava at something Liz just said. “Or sitting in a motel room with a crappy glass of eggnog with the one person you’ve trusted your entire life.” She placed her hand on his arm waiting for his eyes to meet hers. “Or driving a full day to be someone else’s Christmas miracle.” She watched the confusion bloom on his face, “You are like family to her, Sam.” Maria looked over at Liz. “We don’t know when it happened or how or even why but that doesn’t matter. She feels connected to you two and whoever is family to Liz, is married to us.” She smiled warmly at him, “Merry Christmas Sam.”

He looked over at the two groups of people they were just talking about. "You guys are one crazy group, you know that? I guess we fit in well with that kind of thing." Then he brought his gaze back to her and smiled, "Merry Christmas Maria."

"Welcome to the family." Maria saw Isabel trying to get everyone to the cars, "Looks like it’s time for Christmas Eve presents."

Sam furrowed his brow and Maria waved him off, "never fear Sam, the nazi is here." Maria giggled softly at the fear written on his face then pushed him towards everyone else. “Come on big boy.”

They all sat around Isabel's living room. Maria, Michael, Kyle, and Ava on the long couch and Liz sandwiched in between Sam and Dean on the small couch making her look like the little kid trying to fit in at the adult table. Max came in with Isabel and took a seat in an overstuffed chair then Isabel handed out a present to everyone with Jesse's help. As she placed a perfectly wrapped gift in Sam and Dean's hands she smiled, "Don't worry, Liz picked them out." She winked and moved on.

"This is just weird." Sam glanced at Liz and saw her laughing. His eyes continued onto Dean as he stared at the small wrapped gift in his hand. Sam briefly wondered if their mom was the last person to give him something like that.

"Open them." Liz whispered as she opened her gift.

Dean tore into his and grinned at the silver flask with a finely engraved DW on the front. "Classy."

"And if it ever gets damaged you can just melt it down and use it for bullets." Liz giggled.

"Thatta girl!" Kyle smiled at Liz and handed Dean a beer. "Hey! How come Sam gets a laptop?!" Kyle looked to Isabel who shrugged.

"It's my laptop." Sam looked up confused.

Liz smiled and leaned towards him, "Open it."

Sam opened it and let it start up. "Umm.." He looked at Liz.

"Do a search."


"Oh Good grief!" Liz plucked the laptop from his lap and clicked on the icon she placed on his desktop. A search window popped open. She pointed things out to Sam showing him the different parameters she had set up and the other specialized spots she put together within the program then described how the program would run faster and cover more things.

"Wow Liz, this.. is incredible." He stared at the screen. "How did you even get it on here?"

"I already had it created, I just had to upload it onto your computer. I snuck into the car when you guys were coming in. It's just a little spin on what I created to find the skin camps and track some FBI stuff." She shrugged.

Sam quirked an eyebrow at her, "I thought you were into science not computers?"

"Well, certain parts go hand in hand although most of this stuff was created by Alex, I've just expanded on it. It should cut your research time down a bit."

"Wow, Thanks." He smiled as he played around with it.

She placed her hand over the band aid around his finger and whispered, "Merry Christmas." She healed his finger and smiled. Sam’s head snapped up to hers in question and she put her finger to her lips.

Dean laughed, "Your right Sam, it is a little weird but it’s not too bad either." Dean clinked his beer with Kyle’s as they watched the game.

Sam looked over realizing Dean hadn’t noticed what just happened just like he hadn't even noticed Dean had moved to a vacated spot on the other couch next to Kyle probably for the better view of the TV. It wasn't anything like their kind of Christmas but it was definitely nice.

Just as he was leaning back to watch the game, movement in the hallway caught his eye. He looked towards the hallway and heard Ava talking to someone then saw Serena move into his eye line. He smiled when she glanced at him, gave him a smile then she turned back to the conversation. Liz got up from the couch and joined them in the hallway and they moved further into the house. Sam got up and walked towards the hallway noticing he was the only one who saw the exchange of looks between the girls with the other guys focused on the game. He glanced down the hallway and didn’t see them so he slowly walked down listening for voices. He stopped towards the end when he heard Serena’s voice filtering out what he suspected was the kitchen.

“It’s an energy source but there are also stories of it being a sentient being. She said there was an old legend that during some old war the palace was breached and it sensed the danger and transported itself along with the keeper to a safer location, she said it was one of the oldest stories though she never knew anyone that could confirm it. Other stories say it had transported itself to a location the keeper could retrieve it later or straight to the keeper. It’s a common theme so I would say it’s pretty safe to say that’s what probably happened.”

“It has to be in Roswell, we need to go.” Liz.

He heard footsteps against tile then Isabel’s voice, “We have guests ladies we can talk about this later.”

Sam backed away and swiftly moved back to the living room and sat on the couch. Dean, Kyle, and Michael were yelling at the TV about something that happened in the game and Sam just stared at the television thinking about what he heard and adding questions to his ever growing list that one day soon he was going to get answers for.

Serena and Liz walked into the room and Sam smiled as they sat down on the couch. Serena sitting directly next to him, turned to him with a grin, “how’ve you been?”

When the first weak signs of daylight started to sift through the windows, the group began to break up. After a long night of enjoying each other’s company, everyone slowly headed to their cars or beds. Liz had offered the boys her guest bedroom and couch and even though Dean wanted to refuse, Sam had agreed before he could open his mouth. It was a quiet ride back to Liz’s place and Sam went straight to Liz’s guest bed and passed out as Liz headed to her room to change. She came into the kitchen for a bottle of water and passed Dean sitting on the couch. She glanced out of the corner of her eye watching him as he sat in the relative darkness with only the soft light coming from the corner window. She sighed and walked into the living room sitting down on her favorite chair across from the couch. She eyed him when she had the distinct feeling that he was fighting something. There could only be two things he was fighting at that moment, the itch to leave or the itch to go to her. A small smile grew on her face. “Do you want to talk about it?”

He still wouldn’t meet her eyes but he relaxed into the couch. “Not really.”

She stood up and yawned, “Well.. I guess I’ll just go to sleep then.” She started to walk towards the hallway but as she passed the couch his hand shot out and lightly caught her arm. She looked down into his tired eyes that were pleading what he couldn’t let himself voice. She smiled as she came around the couch and laid down, placing her head gently in his lap looking up at him.

He ran his fingers through her hair as he looked down at her then his gaze wandered around the room. “I have things that I need to do and if I can fix this mess then I can tell you everything but right now it’s just not safe for you and you have to believe that. You have to believe me.”

She gazed up at him and could tell that this was killing him, his internal battle on top of his fear. “I do. I believe you. I can feel your fear Dean but for the record I wish you’d just tell me so I could help.”

She felt his other hand softly running up and down her arm. She felt her eyes grow heavy at the work of his two motions, her eyes closed as she listened to the timbre of his voice. “If I knew you could help then I would have told you way before now but I can’t pull you into this when right now there’s nothing you can do. Sam and I have a few options and if they don’t pan out.. then I’ll come to you and tell you everything.”

Liz read between the lines of what he wasn’t saying, “If you’re not already gone.”

His hands stilled, “What?”

Her eyes opened slowly and looked up into his, “You were going to say if you’re not already gone.”

A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, “You frighten me.”

She answered with a sleepy smile, “That’s a good thing.”

“And why is that?”

Her eyes fluttered closed as he continued his movements, “Because no one has ever frightened you like I do.” A small smirk broke out on her face as she felt him lean down.

She felt his hot breath on her face as he whispered, “I wish this could be different. You have no idea how badly I wish that.”

She waited a few moments then felt him straighten and realized she had been holding her breath. “I can’t say I understand but I respect you. I respect your wishes.. for now. I have some things to do and focus on right now anyway but I will find you if you don’t tell me before whatever deadline you’re facing. Sam may keep your secret but he will tell me how long you have left. If you don’t come to me then I will find you, you can count on that.” She felt herself falling asleep so she forced her eyes open and saw his amulet, she reached up and rubbed it between her fingers feeling its weight and roughness. She got a flash of a young shaggy headed boy watching as small hands opened newspaper with the amulet sitting inside. “Consider this time my gift to you.” She released the amulet and relaxed again as her eyes closed.

She felt his lips softly press against her forehead, “Merry Christmas Liz.”

A sleepy smile broke across her face and she murmured, “Merry Christmas love.”

He smirked as he felt her breathing start to even out. He told himself that he’d wait for her to slip into a deeper sleep as he watched her face and continued his caresses but really he was savoring the time he had her in his arms. Memorizing the softness of her hair between his fingers, the smoothness of her skin under the palm of his hand, the smell of strawberries and leather that for some reason made perfect sense with the thought of her. When he started to fall asleep himself, he lifted her head as easily as he could and maneuvered out from under her and lifted her off the couch then carried her into her room. He laid her on her bed, pulled her covers up, and brushed her hair off her face. He leaned down and whispered, “I hope everything plays out the way you want it to but things never end well with us. Winchester curse, I guess. I can’t let you get caught in that.” He softly kissed her lips then went back to the couch and passed out.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch21 10/15/12

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barbara87413: Thank you for your sweet words!
Twilighteyes: Stubborn and protective are not always the best two qualities together.. lol
booktv-girl2310,AvalonRose: Glad to see you guys are enjoying the story!

Chapter Twenty One

Two days later.

Serena drove in silence for a few minutes then started to glance at Liz who had been staring out the passenger window ever since she got in the car. “Alright, business or pleasure?”

Liz turned her head to Serena, “What?”

Serena rolled her eyes, “Well we could drive all the way to Isabel’s in silence while you stew over whatever is bothering you or you could voice it, Granolith or Dean? I am, as you know so well, an amazing sound board with incredibly amazing reasoning powers.”

Liz let out a genuine laugh and smiled at Serena, “Sorry.. It’s just a big mess of both. Mainly granolith because Dean and I did talk a couple nights ago but he was still secretive so I just told him I have things to do and I’ll give him some time. So now it’s mainly a mess of granolith crap and then Winchesters pop up in there. I almost told Sam at Isabel’s.. I wanted to tell him so badly but I don’t want to make things harder on him by keeping a secret from his brother.”

“Anyone who says you have an overactive mind doesn’t even scratch the surface.” Serena shook her head and chuckled. “It was nice seeing them relax, wasn’t it? Specially with them getting along so well with everyone.”

A small smile slowly grew on Liz’s face, “Yea, it was. You appeared to have a very nice time too.”

Serena glanced at Liz with a grin, “You think you can play psychologist with me? Really Liz?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I just mentioned an observation of my two good looking friends, having a good time together.”

Serena rolled her eyes, “Oh dear lord, give it a rest little miss matchmaker.”

Liz simply smiled and looked out the window as they turned onto Isabel’s street.

Liz and Serena pulled up to Isabel’s house knowing they were most likely the last to arrive by the number of cars filling the driveway. They moved quickly up the walk and let themselves in the front door. Just like a few days before, they were all strewn about Isabel’s living room talking. Michael and Maria sitting on the small couch while Kyle, Max, and Ava were perched on the long couch and Jesse sat in the overstuffed armchair with two empty chairs near him. Isabel came out of the kitchen with a tray of snacks and a bright smile bloomed as she spotted Liz. Liz shook her head as she moved quickly up the hall with a grin to help with whatever else Isabel had put together in the kitchen. Ever the hostess, Isabel also had another tray with two pitchers full of liquid, one definitely water while the other Liz knew was most likely tea. If Michael had anything to do with that option it was probably Snapple. There was a tower of cups on the counter that Liz placed on the tray before heading for the living room.

Once everything was laid out on the table and everyone was settled, all eyes turned to Liz and Serena. Liz smiled at Serena, “Well Miss Serena, I guess its story time.”

Serena rolled her eyes and decided the best thing to do was just start from the beginning. “The granolith is an energy source, a powerful energy source that much I knew, but according to my mother it’s also a bit of a sentient being.”

“And for those of us that didn’t pay attention in science class?” Kyle interrupted her and Ava swatted his arm.

Maria coughed slightly, “he makes a good point.”

Serena smiled, “it means that it’s capable of consciousness.. of feeling and perception. Like you and me.”

Maria’s eyes widened, “I’m sorry.. are you saying that the huge cone shaped thing could think?”

Serena nodded, “In so many words yes but it seems it will only intervene in certain situations mainly to save itself and the keeper. At least from the stories that's what it looks like. When I told my mom that you guys thought that it was a ship because of some book and about Tess.. she said they never would have sent a book. It would have been too dangerous. Any one of their enemies could have found it and knew how to activate the granolith. That type of information is never written down because it could too easily fall into the wrong hands. She also said that if the granolith felt its power was in danger, it has been known to transfer itself to a safer place usually with the keeper or somewhere the keeper could retrieve it. There is an old legend that during a civil war, the king’s palace was raided and the king and his group of advisors were slaughtered but the granolith felt the threat on its power and the keeper who was in the palace with the king so the granolith transferred itself and the keeper to another planet where they would be safe from the threat. But the only problem with that legend is it’s so old that she never knew anyone that could confirm it."

"So, if Liz is the keeper and she didn't go anywhere than where did the granolith go?" Max asked.

"If the keeper was out of danger and Tess was planning on taking the granolith to Khivar who the granolith had already rejected, it would have transferred itself to the keeper. The energy itself can transfer somewhere else so it most likely won’t be the same structure you remember. It probably used that material to create the ship you saw then found another suitable structure."

"What does that mean?” Isabel frowned.

Serena shrugged, “Your guess is as good as mine. Believe me, suitable structure was the best definition I could get.”

“Great so it could be anywhere." Michael rolled his eyes.

Serena kept her patience, "somewhere the keeper could retrieve it."

"It's got to be in Roswell." Liz looked around the room, “We need to find it."

Maria nodded, "The crash would be the best place to start."

Everyone else looked around at each other and then Isabel voiced her concern, "we have no idea what it looks like. How the hell are we going to find it? Roswell may be small but this is like trying to find a ufo in a heap of fake ufos."

Liz looked at Isabel, "I know but we have to find it. Not only in case the skins somehow find it but so we finally have the upper hand. Maybe we’ll get lucky and I’ll be able to feel it or something."

"If we have it what the hell is to stop them from torturing you for the location again?" Max caught Liz’s gaze for a second before she looked away.

Ava spoke up, "we will, Max. We’ll stop them from getting her again. This isn’t child’s play anymore or just trying to get rid of an enemy before they get rid of us. We know the game plan now and we just need to stay ahead of them."

Michael focused on Max, knowing he was probably the only one who was against finding it, "If we have it then that means we have the power for once Maxwell. They won't want to come near us. They know the power it holds, that's why they want it so bad."

“So we go to Roswell and try to find this thing?” Jesse’s voice broke through the tension.

Isabel turned to Jesse, “I don't know..”

He grabbed her hand, "Isabel this isn't some fight where I know I’d just get in the way, this is just a treasure hunt, I'm sure I’ll be fine. Anyway I have some work to do with your father. We can use that as a cover." He smiled, “I promise if at any time things get alien crazy I will get out of the line of fire.” A small laugh erupted from Isabel.

Kyle slapped his thighs with a goofy grin, “looks like a big family reunion in Roswell then.”

Ava rolled her eyes, “how in the world did you ever get me into bed?”

Kyle grinned, “you know you love it.”


Liz threw herself face down on her bed with an aggravated sigh. Maria walked in behind her with a smirk on her face then laid next to her.

“Chika you know Pam would give you the time if you promised to do the books when you got back or before you left.”

Liz pushed herself up on her elbows, “I can’t do that to her, I know there’s enough people around here that keep up the shifts when we leave but I need to give her time to make sure she can fill those shifts before I just up and leave again. I need those emergency trips just in case..”

Maria lifted her eyebrow, “just in case Sam calls and needs your help with this whole Dean secret thing?”

Liz wouldn’t meet her gaze but Maria knew that was exactly what she was thinking. She knew that Liz held that more important than finding the granolith right now even though she wouldn’t admit it. Maria just wasn’t sure whether she agreed with that or not. The granolith confused the shit out of her but Liz seemed pretty hell bent on getting a hold of it and she still had no idea what the whole Winchester secret was. At least she hadn’t said anything about it maybe she did have something in that mind of hers. “Do you have any idea of what the hell is going on with them?”

Liz’s eyes finally slid over to Maria, “of course I have ideas but it’s just slightly educated guesses.”

Maria raised her eyebrows and waited.

Liz rolled her eyes but then peaked with interest, “okay so maybe I’ve just tried to use some deductive reasoning to try to figure something out that would fit. What if it’s like a hunter’s mafia or something and that’s why Dean has this deadline hanging over him. And he needs to bring something to the top guy before they leave a zombie head in his bed and force him to work with them or something.”

“Why the hell are you two talking about The Godfather?” Serena’s voice made both girls jump as she walked into the room.

“Jesus Ser!!” Maria yelled as she grabbed the pillow under her head and threw it at Serena who easily caught it with a smirk.

“Think I was a zombie?”

Liz laughed, “don’t make fun of me! All that weird crap is real in their world, why not zombies?”

Serena sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at her, “Do I need to ask again or should I just guess?”

Liz quirked her eyebrow as Maria rolled her eyes.

Serena smirked, “So Dean then.”

Maria filled her in quickly, “Lizzie here was telling me her theory on the Winchester secret.”

“So the Godfather is the best you got?”

Liz flipped to her back and looked at her ceiling. “It’s the best I can come up with. They don’t tell me everything with their jobs but Sam mentioned before that they came across hunters that knew they were involved with opening that gate to hell in South Dakota but they were the ones trying to stop it from happening and they closed it but that part doesn’t seem to be circulating. So it got me thinking that if this is a hunter thing then maybe there’s like a Godfather type thing going on with some hunters and they’re the ones spreading the rumors. Maybe Dean needed some help during that whole thing and he asked another hunter for something.”

Maria glanced at Serena then back to Liz, “you mean like those occult objects? Like the gun Sam talked about?”

Serena watched Liz almost seeing her thought process spin like gears in her head just by the focused look on her face.

Liz finally spoke up, “maybe it was the gun. Sam said that Dean killed the demon with it but not where they got it. Maybe he owes payment for it or something?”

Maria’s face scrunched together, “like what? Money?”

Liz shook her head, “No, according to Sam hunters find their own money in a lot of different ways, they don’t really put a lot of value on it.”

Serena perked up, “maybe they want him to do something for them. Something dangerous.”

Liz thought it over then nodded slightly, “maybe. Sam did say they needed to find a way out or Dean would be in a really dangerous position maybe they needed something to trade or just something that would replace Dean doing whatever they want him to.”

Serena looked at Maria and shared her worried look, “that would make sense for why Dean would want to keep you out of it. If these hunters knew about what you could do.. even if they just thought you were a powerful psychic. If they found out about you and they wanted you or wanted you to do something? Hell I’d keep you away too. Your powers scare me sometimes and I know exactly where they come from.. Dean doesn’t. He doesn’t know everything you can do but he does know about your premonitions and the astral projection. I’m sure hunters would love having the ability to find out where and when things would go down with whatever they’re hunting and be able to have someone go in to check things out.. that’d be pretty valuable. So if they found out about you and said they changed the deal and wanted you to do something for them instead of Dean.”

Maria’s face fell and she looked to Liz, “that makes a lot of sense chika. I mean I could tell by the way he looked at you that he cares about you no matter how much he tries to deny that and if he was afraid that you could get caught up in that.. I would do the same. I’d keep you as far away as possible.”

Liz glanced between the two of them, “but we could get him out of it. Ava could mindwarp them to think that he’s given them whatever they want or do whatever.”

Serena and Maria both quirked an eyebrow.


Serena answered, “and how do you propose we explain that power when you still have them in the dark. And that’s if this is really the secret they are keeping. We don’t know for sure we’re on the right track here.”

Liz’s lips formed a tight line. “If they’d tell me what is really going on and we could help of course I’d come clean with them.”

Maria’s face softened, “how come we know you don’t fully believe that?”

Serena tried to read Liz’s face but when she shut down like this, even she could barely scratch the surface. “Liz what is it that really keeps you holding back from him? I know you almost told Sam but you seem.. almost afraid to tell Dean. Why?” Serena noticed the flicker of shock before it vanished under her schooled expression.

Liz shook her head, “that’s not it. I want to tell both of them but it’s a big deal and how can I trust them when they’re keeping this big secret from me?”

Maria’s face warmed and she held Liz’s hand, “we know that’s not it. They already know about your most.. otherworldly powers. How is the alien thing that much of a stretch?”

“Maria both of my powers are things that some psychics have done. That’s why Sam and Dean buy the psychic story.”

Maria interrupted, “slightly buy it. They weren’t asking questions because they thought our big group of psychics from the same town was a normal thing. Hell Dean even compared us to that horror movie of the killer white haired children.”

Serena watched their exchange rolling Liz’s words around and then she caught it. Serena looked at Liz as she lay there staring at the ceiling quietly. “You’re worried how he’ll take the alien part. That’s why you haven’t told him.”

Maria looked to Serena to see her unwavering gaze on Liz, “What?” She turned to Liz who wouldn’t meet her gaze.

Liz quietly answered Serena, “you wouldn’t understand.”

“Really? Because it’s so hard to figure out your fear that the man who hunts monsters might not take the whole aliens are among us fact very well but what the hell does that have to do with you?”

Liz snapped, “It has everything to do with the one who is practically part alien!”

Maria looked at Liz, “Are you kidding me? You didn’t freak out on Max so what the hell are you so worried about?”

“I didn’t hunt things my whole life, Maria. You really think that would go over well?”

Serena sighed, “Liz we’re not going to be able to change your mind but you have to realize the things he hunts are hurting or killing people. You save people when you can so how are you in any way like the things he hunts?”

Liz rolled towards the wall away from them, “like I said you wouldn’t understand.”

Serena shook her head knowing that she couldn’t change Liz’s stubborn mind no matter what she said. Maria looked her way while holding her hand out to Liz, Maria knew she couldn’t do anything but she didn’t want to give up either. “You know as well as I do ria, there’s no changing Liz’s mind when she’s in this kind of mood.” Serena stood from the bed, “we should just let her stew until she decides to stop being a child.” She turned from the bed and smirked at Liz’s response.

“I am not being a child.”

Serena continued out of the bedroom, “right because a confident woman stewing about a man not handling her status is completely different from a child afraid that the boy on the playground won’t let her play with him.”

Maria sat quietly on the bed looking at Liz’s back, “she has a point Liz. I know you haven’t seen the way he’s looked at you but we have.. I don’t think anything will change that. He’s seen what you can do and he knows that you use your powers to help people so how could knowing why you have those powers make any difference? You’re still Liz Parker. Amazing, beautiful, maybe slightly damaged but who isn’t under our circumstances? I’ve seen the way he looks at you Liz and I know that he couldn’t turn away not even if he wanted to. You’ve got that man hook, line, and sinker and we’ve already seen that.. hell even when he tries to stay away from you he can’t. You really need to force yourself to see that because I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you watch something good walk away again.” Maria stood from the bed and left the room.

Liz slowly rolled back towards the door seeing the room empty. Her anger, confusion, and fear mixing together creating a perfect storm in her mind as the tears threatened. She whispered to the now quiet room, “you may have seen the way he looked at me but you didn’t see the way he looked at Sam.”

Maria walked into the kitchen and sat across from Serena at the table. “I seriously just want to lock her and dean in a room and just wait for it all to come undone.”

The corner of Serena’s mouth quirked up, “oh things would come undone alright.”

Maria narrowed her eyes, “I mean with the secrets, get your mind out of the gutter.” A small smile appeared on her face, “of course Liz could probably use a little release maybe she wouldn’t hold so tightly to those damn secrets. Has she told you where they are?”

Serena chuckled, “You think you can get Dean here and lock them in her bedroom? Sorry I don’t think it’ll be that easy. Sam said something about a coven of witches, I didn’t ask where they were though.”

Maria’s eyebrow rose, “Sam said?”

A smile bloomed on Serena’s face, “What of it?”

Maria laughed, “Nothing just didn’t know you were sleeping with the younger Winchester.”

“Oh please ria, you can’t sleep with someone through the phone.” Serena scoffed then winked at her. “Hey, that horror movie you were talking about.. aren’t the kids in that movie aliens?”

Maria’s eyes grew and she nodded. They laughed at how close to the truth Dean had been. As the laughter calmed Maria smiled, “best of luck to you, Sam seems like the easier one of the two but he definitely has no idea what he is getting himself into.” They sat quietly together for a few moments both mulling over the conversation with Liz. Maria finally broke the silence, “Is that what you really think she’s scared of?”

Serena looked up from the glass in front of her and sighed, “I’m pretty sure but I don’t think that’s all of it. With all this granolith stuff on top of her troubled relationship with Dean.. I don’t know if she really can think clearly. I’m sure she’s nervous and confused about the whole keeper thing, I would be and I was born with Antarian blood in me.”

Maria smiled, “Liz has always been the strongest out of all of us. She’ll be fine once she solves the equation, that’s just how Liz is.”

“Yea, with the granolith but we all know Liz tends to have a little trouble when it comes to solving equations that involve men. Too many variables I guess.” Serena smirked.

Maria started laughing and Serena looked at her quizzically. Maria tried to stop but couldn’t, “I’m sorry.. just.. plural?”

Serena quirked her eyebrow as the laughter started to spread and she tried not to join Maria in her fit. “Spit it out girl!”

Maria calmed herself enough to speak, “yea cuz Liz has had so many men.. you have to admit that came out funny.. she’s dated two guys.. well.. I don’t even know if we can still count Kyle.” She burst out laughing again.

Serena couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled from her throat, “god maria.. are you still drunk? I don’t even know what we’re talking about anymore.”

Maria looked at Serena with tears blurring her vision and tried to talk around the laughter that she couldn’t seem to stop, “yea.. liz has had so many men.. she’s such a slut.”


Both girls’ heads snapped to the doorway where Liz stood looking horrified. Serena and Maria looked at each other then burst out laughing. Liz’s forehead scrunched together as she looked between the two of them. “What the hell is wrong with you two? What are you talking about? I’ve barely dated two guys.. more like one and a half because we all know Kyle and I barely dated!”

Her friends fell against the table banging on the top as their laughter echoed around the room. Liz tried to fight the smile tugging at her lips, “that is not funny!”

Maria tried looking up at Liz but only laughed harder and shook her head trying to tell her friend they weren’t making fun of her, that the words were completely out of context but she could barely breathe let alone get words to come out of her mouth. Liz just watched the two struggle for air as she fought not to join them.

“You’re both ridiculous!” Liz didn’t know if it was because of her lack of sleep, tension from her mind being so preoccupied, or just the plain silliness of her two friends laughing like maniacs but she ultimately lost the battle and found herself laughing harder than she had in a long time. She had desperately needed that loss of control but that was something she would never admit out loud.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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