Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch75(Final) 6/26

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch22 10/18/12

Post by MelissaD » Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:17 pm

mary mary: Exactly Ginger! Specially the break down laugh til you can't breathe laughter.. one of the the best feelings!
AvalonRose: Our best friends always are.. but for some reason it takes time for us to see it specially when we're stressed out. :)
HypnotiqBlueEyes: Well Sarah hmm will she be able to save him? That is the big question.. that my answer would totally take away all your enjoyment and suspense! :lol: I think you will like this chapter though.. it might be the one everyone has been waiting for.. :wink:

Here's this weekend's chapter early! I got it done this morning because I'm heading to my brother's for the weekend and wasn't sure if I'd get the time there with five kids running around. Yes I'm crazy! lol

Chapter Twenty Two

*This chapter has lines from Episode Dream a little dream, quotes in italics.*

The big family reunion in Roswell ended up being harder to pull off then everyone thought. They all decided that the group should stay close just in case anything happened with the Granolith or any other developments so Serena and Ava headed back to Portland to move out of their place and tie up some loose ends. Isabel and Jesse had to be in Roswell the next week because of a case Jesse was working on with Mr. Evans and Max and Michael were able to tag along but Liz, Maria, and Kyle couldn’t get out of work. Liz and Serena decided that the rest of them could go together when Serena and Ava got back to Albuquerque that way they’d have more than enough time to get out of work.

Max, Isabel, and Michael had went straight to the desert when they reached town and checked the area where the pod chamber once stood but found nothing different from the last time they had searched. Max and Michael had stopped in at the UFO center to talk with Brody and asked about anything going on then used his computer to search for anything out of the ordinary but came up empty handed besides the normal ufo banter between the enthusiasts. They met back up with Isabel at the Crashdown for dinner and so they could keep their ears open for any chatter but besides talking with the Parkers and Sheriff Valenti that had been a bust as well.

Michael figured as much before they came since all the parents had said Roswell had been quiet but not coming and checking it out for themselves was out of the question even though it felt like a huge waste of time. The Crashdown had been a little awkward because Michael was trying his best not to think about Liz’s latest run in with their enemies. Liz has once again made them swear not to tell her parents just like the FBI incident and of course Michael and Max had caved right away but Maria and Serena had seemed a little on the fence. Michael knew that nothing helpful would come from any of the parents knowing since they didn’t take it too well when they had told them a small amount of Max’s experience. If they hadn’t been so strongly united back then the parents probably would have sent them all away into hiding for their own “protection”.

After a few days of exhaustive searching with nothing to show for it Michael needed some time away from the others. Mr. Evans seemed to notice and gave him a chance to slip out after dinner. He sat in the Evans’ backyard with a beer in hand thinking back to the days where he was terrified to have any adult know his secret. If only he had known then how much easier it was when he actually had others on his side. Even after Mr. Evans helped him get emancipated he was still wary of the man when all he wanted to do was help him. Now he had six parents that all tried to protect them fiercely even though sometimes it was overbearing but mostly it was just nice to know that others were looking out for them.

He chuckled slightly remembering the way Mr. Parker had run two FBI agents from the Crashdown shortly after graduation because they were harassing Michael and Liz. He didn’t care what they said they were doing the sheriff told him that they were shady so Mr. Parker wasn’t going to let them in his establishment if they were going to harass his kids. His kids. That was when he finally felt like he could really trust them and they all came clean to the parents shortly after. Michael couldn’t remember if he ever saw Isabel as happy as she was that day or Maria as worried. As he was remembering all the parents sitting around the Crashdown on edge his thoughts were interrupted.

“Care if I join you?”

Michael looked up to see Mr. Evans at the back door with two beers. He smiled, “hey it’s your back yard.”

Mr. Evans chuckled softly as he took the chair next to him. “Nice night, isn’t it?” He handed the second beer to Michael. Michael realized the beer in his hand was empty and accepted the bottle with a nod of his head and small smile.


Mr. Evans and Michael opened their bottles, “I see you boys worked out the alcohol tolerance.”

Michael let out a short bark of laughter, “yea no hard stuff unless we want to see fireworks.”

Mr. Evans laughed along with him. They sat quietly for a few moments until Mr. Evans spoke, “So what really brings you kids here? I know you didn’t miss Roswell.”

Michael glanced at Mr. Evans with a smirk, “should’ve known we couldn’t fool the lawyer.”

“Stalling Michael?”

Michael chuckled, “Nah just paying you a compliment.” He sighed and leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees. “We found out that Tess didn’t take the granolith, that it’s still here and it’s nothing like we thought.”

Mr. Evans watched him closely, “how did you find out?”

“The skins have been back for a while now. We thought we were a step ahead of them but they were leading us right where they wanted. Nicholas told Liz about it. He said she’s the keeper, some position Antar gives to someone to watch over the granolith. The king appoints them.. Max appointed Liz without knowing.”

“Let me get this straight, your main enemy.. as far as you know.. just told you all this?”

Michael sat back, “believe me, I’ve been questioning it too. But I don’t think he thought Liz was going to be able to tell us. He thought he had everything planned out but for once we finally got the upper hand thanks to Sam.”

Mr. Evans kept quiet while he waited for Michael to explain the new name.

Michael looked over when the silence stretched out. He wondered if Mr. Evans wanted to know why Liz wouldn’t have been able to tell them and he really didn’t want to be the one to talk about it. “We had a bit of a hiccup but we resolved it.”

“I get that but who is Sam?”

Michael shook his head, “right. I forgot you didn’t know him. They’ve been a part of the group for so long now.”


“Sam and Dean are brothers that Liz and Kyle met while they were on the road. Fit in pretty well with us for being outsiders.”

“Ah yes, Liz’s hiatus from the group.” Mr. Evans smiled at Michael’s description. “You must like them to consider them part of the group already.” He paused a moment before getting to his main reason for coming to Michael. “How is Max really doing? He’s seemed better recently.”

“He’s doing pretty well. This whole keeper business has him worried about Liz. I’m afraid that’s also making him think things are all his fault again and if he can fix them then everything will go back to how it used to be. There’s just too much between them and he knows it, he just doesn’t want to admit that their relationship will never get back to what it used to be.”

Mr. Evans nodded his head. He loved his son but he knew the boy didn’t have another chance left with his high school sweetheart. He wasn’t the first Evans to ruin that type of thing. He’d have to have a talk with his son, he was fond of Liz and he didn’t want Max to lose her friendship by chasing her away. He knew her friendship would be irreplaceable. She may not be by his side as a lover but she would stand by his side as a friend and a fighter. She was a huge asset for his son and he didn’t want him to lose sight of that.

Michael smirked, “Dean and Liz actually have something, although they’re both running from it.”

Mr. Evans laughed, “really? Liz Parker run from something? She stayed with an alien so what made her run?”

“You’d never believe it but he hunts demons and monsters.. things that stories are made of.. well supposed to be just stories. You’d think as a hybrid of alien and human DNA I’d be completely open minded but it actually took some proof to get me to believe but I’m still a bit skeptical to be honest. They’re really good guys though, they came right away and helped us when the hiccup happened.”

Mr. Evans shook his head, “the things you learn. I always wondered if I’d be that guy that had a mid-life crisis after my children moved out of the house because I was bored but you kids like to keep me on my toes.”

Michael looked at him and laughed, “on your toes is definitely a good way to describe it. You and me both, Mr. E, you and me both.”


Two weeks later.

Maria and Liz got to Roswell a few days earlier than planned because Liz got a lucky break through a phone call from her parents. They talked about taking a trip to Florida and were thinking of asking Amy to watch the restaurant. Liz had jumped on the perfect opportunity to get her parents out of town while they scoured the apartment and the Crashdown for anything that may lead them to the Granolith. At first her mother didn’t want her to take the time off work just to deal with the restaurant but after Liz explained that she and Maria were going to be in town and staying at the apartment anyway her mother finally relented. Liz found it incredibly ironic that she actually had to fight her mother to help with the restaurant.

Maria had talked with Michael about where they had searched and felt confident it would be around the Crashdown. The glaring problem was they still had no idea what they were actually looking for. Both girls knew it was a long shot but hoped it would come to Liz in a vision from touching the right object. So far they hadn’t had much luck and decided to wait for Serena and Ava to get there, hoping that with aliens present around Liz it would show itself or maybe they would just have a better idea than they had come up with so far. Liz was frustrated and Maria was trying her best to keep Liz’s mind off it until Serena, Ava, and Kyle arrived.

After a long day of helping with the restaurant and “cleaning” the apartment again, Maria had resorted to her tried and true stress reliever and their favorite past time. Girl’s night ice cream. They sat on the couch in the apartment spooning ice cream as they talked about anything that didn’t involve the Granolith. As usual, Maria had no problem keeping Liz distracted by talking and finally getting her to relax.

"You know how Michael is, Ria. Sometimes he just needs to blow off some steam." Liz laughed at Maria's face.

"Well, if he ever thinks he can ditch me that easily while we’re in the same town, he's got another thing coming." She stabbed her spoon into the pint of ice cream.

Liz got up from the couch rolling her eyes, "I'm sure Michael knows that. Of course I've heard he has ways of silencing.. that thing." She glanced over her shoulder on her way to the kitchen to catch the shock on Maria's face and laughed.

"Why do I tell you anything?!" Maria flung the ice cream on her spoon at Liz.

"Because you love me," Liz put her ice cream in the freezer. "And I don't really know who else would listen." She smirked as she looked in the cabinets for a glass.

"Chika, you've been hanging around Kyle too much." Maria smiled, “Speaking of Kyle, do you think Ava will stay with him at his dad’s house this time?”

Liz laughed as she poured herself a glass of water, “You mean your mom’s house?”

“Can we please stay on topic here, Liz?” Maria grimaced into her ice cream.

“Maria, it’s been two years. I know you’re over that whole thing.”

“I’m happy for my mother but that doesn’t mean I need you to refresh my memory of the last time I went there to visit..”

Liz laughed, "Why are you snapping your fingers at me?" She turned to Maria.

"I’m not, what are you talking about?"

"You don't hear the snapping?" Liz looked around as she started to feel lightheaded and a little dizzy. "Maria.." She reached out her hand for anything to stabilize her as time seemed to slow she heard the glass slip from her hand and smash against the tile floor.

Maria jumped up from the couch and ran over to her. "Is it a vision?" She led her to the couch and sat her down.

"I don't think so, maybe I should just lay down." Her eyes slid closed as her head hit the pillow.

Liz opened her eyes and found herself laying in the backseat of the impala. She sat up and saw Sam and Dean sitting in the front seat. "Dean?"

Sam glanced back at her and then looked to Dean, “You know the picnic thing was fine but if you have a dream of Liz getting naked in the back of the impala I am out. Out! You hear me? Dean.. Hey wake up.."

Liz was about to yell at Sam but felt something off balance, she looked at Dean and saw a different face. "Sam, that's not.." Liz watched horrified as the guy hit Sam with a bat and Sam bailed from the car. The guy got out and followed after him. She tried to get out of the car but the guy shut the door and when she went for the door handle her hand passed right through. "What the hell?" She listened to the talking going on outside and yelled for Sam while trying to figure out how to get out of the car. She stopped when she saw Sam’s arms and legs get pulled taut and spikes in the ground anchoring his hands and feet appeared out of thin air. Her anger spiraled out of control as she felt energy build in her chest and she slammed her fists on the window then tumbled out onto the ground. She looked back to see the car door was still closed. She didn’t know what was going on but she didn’t have time to think about it. Her eyes went back to Sam as she stood up and rushed over to him. The guy didn’t seem to notice her moving or really notice her there at all. She whispered as she got close to him, "Sam, what the hell is going on?"

He glanced at her and the next thing she knew she heard Sam in her head, "You’re in Dean's dream. Don't let this guy see you."

She glanced at the man then bent down next to Sam’s head. “Your abilities are mental. Why aren't you using them? I don't care what your problems with them are, we'll deal with that later. I'm getting pulled away Sammy. You need to get out of this. You can do this.."

All of the sudden she was in a hallway with trees painted on the walls. She looked around at all the doors, "now what?"

She heard Dean's voice echo through the hallway and walked towards where it seemed to be originating.

"You are nothing.."

She slowly walked down the hallway listening intently near every door. She reached the last door and tried to turn the doorknob but once again her hand passed through. "Damn it, DEAN! Let me in!" She banged on the door as she heard him yelling and fighting on the other side. She tried her powers on the lock then a shot rang out. She fell through the door landing on the floor behind Dean.

"…You’re gonna die and go to hell and this, this is what you’re gonna become."

"WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Liz screamed from the floor, unable to move.

Dean turned and saw Liz on the floor staring at the black eyed version of him. His face fell when he saw the look on hers, his heart stopped at the fear in her eyes. "Are you really here? Really you? Or is this another nightmare?"

"Dean, what is that about?" She finally shook herself and pulled her eyes from it to look at Dean. "What did it mean you’re going to hell?" She picked herself up and took a step towards him.

"I wouldn't do that Lizzie. Don't get too close to the dead man walking.." Black eyed Dean taunted with a sick grin as he strolled over to her with his eyes on Dean. "How could I forget about Parker? The one you won’t let yourself have.” He turned his eyes on Liz and grinned, “Pity.. the things I could do to you.." He reached for her hips.

"BACK THE FUCK OFF!" Dean punched it in the face, knocking it back against the wall. He turned back to Liz without looking her in the eyes, afraid of what he'd see. "You need to go."

"No dean, you brought me here. What’s going on? What is this?!" She grabbed at his jacket to keep him from pushing her away. "Tell me now!" She stared into his eyes forcing him to make contact.

"I.. never get to keep anything good Liz. I.. You wouldn't understand, I can't have anything." His eyes looked away from hers and his voice dropped into a whisper. "I'm not worth anything.. and I had to save Sammy."

"You’re not worth anything? Your worth something to Sam! And Bobby! Why?! Why do you think of yourself like trash just waiting to be thrown out?!" Her voice started to get louder and she couldn't control the tears building in her eyes. "YOU’RE WORTH SOMETHING TO ME DAMN IT!" Her eyes searched his face looking for the man she knew. She put her hand over his heart as her voice softened, “You’re worth a lot of something to me, Dean.” Liz looked into his eyes still seeing the conflict there and slammed her mouth to his in a searing kiss.

Dean forced himself to pull back when he felt an overwhelming feeling and the hot tears hitting his face. He felt a tear of his own slip down as he stared into her brown eyes that pleaded with him for the truth. This was so much harder than he imagined it would be. His voice came out small and broken, "I sold my soul to save Sammy."

The hard slap echoed around the room. He jerked awake in the impala trying to get his bearings while still feeling the sting on his cheek and hearing the deafening echo in his ears. He glanced at Sam then looked out the window trying his best but failing to get Liz's face out of his mind. No doubt that he had truly lost her and that was for the best. At least that’s what he tried to convince himself.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch23 10/24/12

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barbara87413: lol I didn't even think about how that could be a surprise! :) Fun little surprise for me! Thank you!
AvalonRose: We'll delve into that in the next couple chapters.. may not be resolved right away though, life tends to get in the way. :wink:
Appleprincess: :D I was hoping everyone would love it as much as I did!
HypnotiqBlueEyes: How did I not catch the Granolith possibility? lol They both have a bit of fear from their own complicated status'.. now they just need to get it together and maybe it'll be something to laugh about in time. ;)
Twilighteyes: My butt is back!! :) Hope you like this one too! lol
mary mary: Yes answers are coming although some sooner than others. Max has definitely grown up and we'll be delving into that as well but I'm not sure how soon.. too much else going on right now. :)

Chapter Twenty Three
*This chapter plays heavily off the episode Jus In Bello, this being the first and only episode where my characters play a part in the events of the entire episode instead of on the periphery. Quotes will be in italics.*

Two weeks later.

Liz sat at the counter in her favorite diner sipping her coffee while waiting for Maria to meet her. Her mind hadn’t been quiet since that night she dream walked Dean, at least that was the only thing she could think of. It bothered her that she couldn’t figure out how or why she was pulled in when she knew Dean couldn’t have done it. Add in the fact that Dean was answering or returning any of her calls and you had the perfect combination to drive someone absolutely crazy. If he wasn’t dead maybe she could help him complete that stupid mission.

“Thinking that hard will rot your brain.” Michael’s voice ripped her out of her downward spiraling thoughts as he took a stool next to her.

She smiled at him thankful for the intrusion, “That’s rich coming from you.”

“How so?” Michael watched her closely, knowing something had been off with her since Roswell and he knew it wasn’t all about the Granolith.

She quirked an eyebrow, “Do I really need to answer that?”

Michael looked offended and she laughed. He ordered a coffee from the waitress and looked back at Liz, that quickly she seemed only half there again. “So, you going to talk about it or what?”

Liz looked up at him and frowned, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t bullshit me Liz, I’ve been around you for years and you’ve avoided talking about Dean or Sam for weeks. You think we don’t notice you pretending not to hear or changing the subject whenever their names are even close to being said?”

Liz took a deep breath and looked away.

“Like that. You’re doing it again.”

“It’s complicated.” Her eyes came back to him and he barked out a short laugh.

“It’s the Winchesters. When are things not complicated?”

Liz looked down into her coffee cup not wanting to think of how complicated this really was when her phone vibrated in her pocket. She saw the goofy picture she took of Sam pop up on the screen of her cell and was considering not answering it but she couldn't punish him for Dean being.. well Dean. She flipped the phone open and smiled at Michael to calm his building tension as he watched her. "Hey Sam, what's up?"

All she heard in return was yelling but when she really concentrated to the words she realized they were Miranda Rights. Then her stomach dropped when she heard Sam say Henriksen. The call dropped.

"Shit." She looked up at Michael. "Speaking of complicated, I need your help."

"Liz, do you know how fucked up it is that we are posing as FBI?" Michael tugged at the tie around his neck as they walked up to the police station.

"It's pretty poetic right?" Liz smirked at him.

"You have a sick sense of humor Parker." A bright smile broke out on his face.

"Whatever brings a smile like that to your face is worth it." She laughed as she opened the door at the police station and walked in, throwing on her game face.

Right away she saw a man walking around a corner and Henriksen looking at paperwork then saw the sign for holding cells. Liz pointed and they walked around making it by while Henriksen was focused on his paperwork and smiled at the others with her FBI badge visible on her jacket. She came around the corner and grinned when she saw Sam and Dean through the window on the door. She opened the door, took a step forward then froze as the gasp escaped her mouth when she heard that voice. The boys and FBI agent turned toward her at the sound, Sam with a smile, Dean with shock, and the FBI agent with a frown that turned into a demented grin.

"You.." Her voice dripped with hatred. Sam and Dean glanced at one another in confusion then slid their eyes to the agent and back to Liz.

Michael started to raise his hand but Liz held it down, her eyes never leaving the agent.

The agent cocked his head as he grinned at Liz, "Well well well.. Look what we have here. Love to catch up but I have some business to deal with." The agent raised his gun and turned towards Dean while Michael threw his hand up and pushed the agent with a small shockwave of air. The shots kept ringing out while Michael and Liz ran at the agent. Sam grabbed the gun and met black eyes. Michael and Liz grabbed a hold of him and Sam hurried through an exorcism chant but black smoke erupted from the agent’s mouth and they were left to deal with the aftermath.

Michael paced the small space while running his hands through his hair. "What the hell are we gonna do? It's not going to take long for him to figure out we didn’t come with the dead guy and aren't really here as extra protection to keep these two from escaping. We're lucky we fooled him this far. Shit Liz, what if this Henriksen dude knows about the special unit?"

"Michael, you’re not helping." Liz was staring at the gunshot wound in Dean’s shoulder, trying to keep her mind off of Agent Groves on the floor and form a plan.

"How did you know that guy? What's the special unit?" Sam kept trying to get Liz to look at him.

Dean looked up at Liz and saw where she was staring and looked to Sam. "Leave it alone Sam, we need to figure out what we're going to do."

"Damn straight." Michael nodded at Dean, once again appreciating his style.

"We need the rosary. Nancy had one on her desk." Sam didn't drop his gaze from Liz. She looked at him and nodded. Great, just add that to the shit to deal with list.

Michael walked to Liz and whispered in her ear, “This is probably a good time to heal his shoulder, at least a little bit. He’d be a little more useful with his arm.”

Liz glanced at the brothers out of the corner of her eye catching Sam staring at them. He had too many questions as it was right now and she had other things to deal with. She pulled Michael further away from them and whispered, “And how the hell will we explain that to Henriksen or to them if they freak?”

“I don’t think they’ll freak out Liz, they saw what max did for you and there’s a lot more going on here to deal with. I think they can keep their shit together.”

“Well then maybe I’d like him to suffer a little bit.” Liz smirked then all of a sudden the lights went out. Liz glanced back at Sam and Dean then brought her focus back to Michael, “Stay here with them just in case you need to get them out of the cell. I’m going to see what’s going on out there, I’ll be five minutes tops.” Liz walked quickly out of the holding area with Michael calling after her.

Michael ran his hand through his hair and walked back to the cell, “Damn it, I hate when she does this.”

Dean smirked and Sam came close to the bars, “What’s the special unit, Michael?”

Michael gave him a sympathetic look, “I’m sorry man, I can’t go against her. Just know that if they knew that Liz and I were here.. it wouldn’t be a good thing.”

Dean caught Michael’s gaze, “Believe me whatever is happening right now is not a good thing. Specially with us stuck in these.” He lifted his hands in the shackles.

Michael smirked, “Don’t worry if we need you out of those, it won’t be a problem. But I can’t pull something that will make them question us anymore.”

Dean and Sam nodded.


Michael pulled Liz to the side while Henriksen and the deputy were grabbing the list of supplies Dean gave them. “So this demon stuff is for real and it’s that easy to possess someone?”

Liz’s eyes were still on Dean in the next room while Nancy wrapped his shoulder. “Yes, that’s why I have this.” She lifted her charm on her necklace. “Dean gave it to me.”

Michael looked at it, “You want to give me something like that? I don’t need any of that black shit in me.”

Liz let out a short laugh then sobered quickly, “Yea.. that would be extremely bad. Pull your sleeve up.”

He did as she asked and she grabbed a sharpie from the closest desk. She quickly drew the symbol as best as she could, put the marker down and then held the charm in one hand while she placed her other palm over the mark she drew fixing any inaccuracy. She pulled her hand away and smiled. “That should work, at least for now.”

Michael pulled his sleeve down and gave her a serious look, “How possible do you think it is that the demon that possessed agent Groves knows all about us and what the special unit has on us.”

Liz sighed, “I’ve been trying not to think about that until we’re out of here but I know that Sam said demons can access memories when they possess someone so even if the demon wasn’t there when it happened.. he obviously remembered me which means he knows what we are and that we’re working with the Winchesters. Believe me the thought scares me enough that I’ve tried to put it on the back burner just so that I can focus on getting us out of here.”

She heard the deputy say something about the impound lot and looked back towards Dean to see him moving and then the deputy ask him if he was going out there. She moved quickly over to the door of the room to hear Dean confirm he was going to his car. She blocked the doorway as he moved towards her, she noticed his jaw clench.


She looked up into his furious eyes, “You’re not going out there alone.”

“Like hell I’m not.” He lifted her easily out of the doorway and put her down near Michael. “Stay in here.” He turned and quickly moved towards the back of the station as she followed after.

“Screw you Winchester, this place is crawling with demons! You’re not going out there alone.”

He got to the back door but instead of opening the door, he spun to face her as she tried to halt her forward progression and slammed into him. He grabbed her arms to steady her and looked down at her face as he angrily whispered, “Damnit Liz! You shouldn’t even be here! Can you please just stay inside?”

She looked into his frantic gaze with a determined stare, “No, I’m going out there with you whether you like it or not.”

His jaw clenched again, “Fine but stay close and listen to me okay? Do as I say out there.”

She simply nodded and he let go of her arms and moved out the door. He got to the gate and pulled out the key but she placed her hand over the lock, it popped open and she pulled the gate open with a smirk. He rolled his eyes and moved quickly to the impala when she tried to place her hand over the lock on the trunk he grabbed her hand, “I got it.” She rolled her eyes and he opened the trunk as he mumbled about his baby being psychic molested.

“You wanna hurry up and finish we’ve got company coming.” Liz looked around as the wind kicked up and the lights in the lot went crazy.

Dean stuffed the remaining things into the duffel and looked over his shoulder as he shut the trunk seeing the cloud of black smoke. “Shit.. GO! GO!” He ran behind her as she took off like a bullet for the door and opened it before he could get there. Once inside, he yelled that the demons were there and then looked to Liz as he stopped for a second.

She shrugged with a smile, “What? I make sure I’m in shape at all times.. being able to outrun the FBI or whoever is after us is imperative.” She grabbed a gun from the bag and walked away with a smirk as she cocked the gun. Dean realized he was just standing there staring at her ass and shook himself out of his stupor reminding himself he had a job to do.


Great. Just perfect. Liz was already pissed because of Dean avoiding her with all he had, Michael worried about special unit connections, Sam with special unit questions, and now she's got the bitch from hell talking about Lilith of all people. Could this day get anymore fantastic? Ruby. Her blood still boiled because she couldn’t figure out that demon’s motive but it definitely wasn't good and without proof she couldn't get Sam to see the truth. Dumbass male. He can't even see that she’s trying to pit him against his brother. What the hell is her damn end game? Wait, what? Cut the heart out of a virgin?

"All the people out there, will it save them?"

"No Nancy, this is not going to happen." Liz stood up from the desk she was sitting on.

"If their bodies are okay, yea."

"I'll do it."

"No not happening.." Liz walked over to Nancy while the arguments went on around them. She looked in her eyes and saw the conviction.

"Sam, tell her."

"I'll do it." Liz spoke up and stood in front of Nancy. She saw Dean look directly at her but she couldn't figure out what he was thinking. She also noticed Henriksen’s confused gaze flicking between her and Dean. What was that about?

"What?!" She could hear the concealed rage in Michael’s voice.

"Liz no.." Oh now Sam was going to speak up?

She turned to Sam. "What's wrong? You were just going to let Nancy here give up her life, at least I've lived a little more. Oh yea and I'm here by choice, not by accident." She stared hard at him, pissed and wondering what the hell was going on in that head of his. Ignoring the other voices in the room, she stared in his eyes and watched for anything that said something was wrong. Maybe it was just wishful thinking but this wasn't Sam. He didn't let people get hurt especially not letting innocents give up their lives.

"Sam, I need to talk to you."

She watched Dean lead Sam out of the room as Michael pulled her aside no doubt to tell her she’s crazy and admonish her for putting her head on the plate. All she could think was someone better have a damn good idea because she was way out of her element and floundering.

"I tried, I really did but clearly I bet on the wrong horse."

Liz stepped into the room and seethed, "Good riddance bitch. Get the hell out of my sight." Liz scratched the paint and kicked the salt as Ruby stared at her again. Liz could tell she was trying to figure her out but couldn’t.

Dean smiled at the little spitfire he'd come to love. His face dropped again as his mind rebelled against the thought.

Liz and Michael snuck out while everyone else cleaned up. She had to hand it to Dean the mass exorcism was pretty genius. When Liz got to the car she was hit with a vision and turned to look back at the building. As the dizziness and the majority of the vision passed, she could see flames surround the building but then the vision fizzled out completely and the building stood in the early morning light. Liz looked to Michael in the driver’s seat and climbed into the car, “We need to wait for a bit.”

Liz watched Sam and Dean leave in the impala and as Michael pulled out into the road behind them she called Henriksen. "You need to leave right now. If you meant what you said earlier tonight to her then take Nancy and leave. No questions Henriksen, you got it? I’ll explain later." Liz heard his approval and hung up.

Michael was pacing around the small room while Liz watched, waiting for him to explode or wear out. Whichever came first.

"Why the hell did you get him out of there? You know we can't just trust FBI when we feel like it!" Michael sat on the bed in the motel trying to stay relatively calm in front of Liz. He knew she felt like she had her reasons but sometimes she didn't seem to be thinking clearly. He couldn't fly off the handle or she wouldn't listen to him at all. Where was Kyle when you needed him? At least he could get her to see reason, most of the time.

Liz took a deep breath and closed her eyes. After a minute, she looked up at Michael and saw him rolling his shoulders, trying to get rid of the tension. She smiled at the man she'd come to look at as a brother. "Didn't you ever feel like maybe if we had a man on the inside then we'd have the advantage?"

"Liz.. Just because he helped the Winchesters doesn't mean if he knew about us that he'd give the same support. He feels a connection with them because what they do is kinda similar. You think he’s going to find a commonality with us?" He thought about the possibility but didn't want to get her hopes up. People with a badge rarely saw them as a worthy cause after their green status was revealed.

"Valenti did." Liz caught his eyes.


She gave him an incredulous look. “I know where your thoughts were going. I know you fear the kind of people who work for the government but not all of them signed up to hurt good people. Valenti saw something wrong with the way the FBI were treating kids in his town. He was watching Max and all of us so closely that he knew we were hiding something but we were still just kids.. so when the FBI started snooping he was on our side because he saw what they were doing wasn’t right. Some people are like Valenti, Michael. They signed up to help people who were being wronged."

"I'm taking a shower." He got up from the bed and grabbed his bag before stalking into the bathroom. He hated when she threw logic at him.

Liz sat on the bed thinking about what he said but it didn’t take long before her mind went back to Lilith. The name Dean had asked her about the night he walked away while she was stuck in that damn bed. The name he said she had come to him with. She never just completely forgot a premonition before so what the hell was with this Lilith one? Ruby had said that she wanted Sam dead so why would she go to Dean about her instead of Sam? Dean, who was in the next room and had yet to talk to her about that admission in his dream. As much as she tried to push that annoying fact out of her mind the more it clawed at the foreground. Her anger started to boil again when she heard the knock. She got up and went to the door and saw Ruby walking into Sam and Dean’s room. She slipped out of her room and went in front of their door and heard the TV.

"What about Henriksen and Nancy?" Sam looked to Dean and saw the door open.

"I can answer that." Liz walked in and smiled at Ruby. “You left out that little tidbit about Lilith coming.”

Ruby ignored her and threw two bags at Sam. "Something that will protect you." She looked straight at Sam. "Do you know how to fight a battle?"

"I'm sure you do, Ruby. Walk away when things aren't going the way you want them to." Liz walked by her and stood in between her and Sam.

"Stay out of my way bitch. I'm trying to save his ass." Ruby stalked out of the room and slammed the door.

Both brothers looked at Liz as Sam spoke, “You knew?”

She looked at Sam, “I got a vision as Michael and I were leaving. I called Henriksen and told him to get Nancy and get out of there. I didn’t know how much time he had.”

Sam nodded, he probably would have done the same. He glanced at the door, "Liz, you shouldn't be so hard on her, she’s only trying.." Sam reached for Liz's arm from the bed and she spun to stand over him.

"She's only trying to what Sam?! Kill innocent people.. innocent virgins? Get her way when it comes to you? Pit you against your brother? Which one would you like to choose? I don't know why the hell you are so blind when it comes to her! Did you really hear yourself today? You were going to let an innocent girl give up her life for what? Because Ruby said she knew a spell? But when I say I'll do it, you aren't in with that plan? What was the difference? You knowing me makes more important?! The Sam I know wouldn't let some poor girl give up her life to take the easy way out. Where's the humanity in that Sam?!" By the end of her rant she was breathing hard using every ounce of energy she had to keep from lashing out at him because she was so frustrated. She looked over to Dean with his mouth rigid just staring at her wide eyed.

She turned to move out of the room when Sam jumped up and grabbed her arm then pulled her back to him. He hugged her tight as he felt her shudder once. "I'm sorry.. I just didn't know what to do. I heard what she was saying but I just couldn't process it and then I heard you speak up and I.. I don't have an excuse. I thought it would be the best way.. I'm sorry."

Dean watched his brother try to calm Liz down and wondered if he was really being sincere. Thinking about the argument they had in the hallway of the police station, letting Liz give up her life was out of the question but Nancy.. He talked him off that ledge. Maybe Liz was right, his judgment seemed skewed with Ruby around. What the hell was going on? His eyes fell to Liz and found her looking right at him. It was hard to hide from someone right in front of him in a tiny motel room especially when it was becoming increasingly harder to fight the urges that arose every time he saw her. He didn't think he'd be able to avoid her too much longer. But that would mean actually talking about the fears that consumed him. Fears that he knew he couldn’t voice, couldn’t admit to. That was just dangerous territory. He shook his head and tried not to connect with her gaze again.

Liz pulled out of Sam's arms when she heard a knock at the door. "That'll be Michael." Her eyes slid to Dean again and then she went out the door to join Michael leaving the brothers staring in her wake.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch24 10/28/12

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HypnotiqBlueEyes: Well.. Liz may have been just trying to get Nancy not to be so willing to offer up her own life.. Don't worry Dean's gonna be all about getting to the bottom of that. :lol: Oh and Sam won't really have any time to research.. with Liz and Michael staying in the room next to them in the motel, he's not really going to let her get away without answering some questions this time. And Dean's reaction.. well we'll be delving into Dean's mind in this chapter.. :D
mary mary: I'm so sorry you got confused, I hope you got my message and hopefully that helped clear some things up and again if you have any questions feel free to ask!
barbara87413: New answers and new questions.. lol yea that sounds like me. :)
AvalonRose: Ruby ruby ruby.. I actually loved her in the other seasons.. but she's gonna have to be dealt with.
Wooh for my first bump.. lol

Chapter Twenty Four
A few hours later.

Liz woke up after a couple hours of restless sleep to Michael standing by her bed calling her name. "Maria called, she's here in town. Evidently, when we didn't answer any of her calls last night she called Kyle and Isabel." Michael smirked at her squinting eyes.

She rolled over shoving her face into her pillow as his words sunk into her sleep fogged mind. She popped her head up, "She brought both of them?" She didn't want to think about how worried she would have been if they had arrived in town last night so she just focused on the image of Maria dragging Isabel and Kyle out in the middle of the night. A smile spread across her face.

"Just Kyle. She called Isabel and told her what was going on just in case they got here and we were gone or something. You know how she can get a novel out in a few minutes. I only caught the main details." He backed up and sat on his bed scratching his eyebrow.

Liz smiled at Michael. His affection for her best friend shone through his mild irritation with one of her crazier, slightly annoying qualities. "So, where are we meeting them?"

"She said they're at a bar in town. Something about Kyle not wanting diner food and that you would appreciate it. I think he just wanted to try out some new pick-up lines."

"Kyle and I became fond of bars when we were on the road. Most of the time the food was better, people didn't really ask questions, and sometimes we just straight up needed a drink." Liz threw back the thread bare blanket and stood up stretching out her body. “Like right now. Let me get changed and we'll go. Who knew answering that call led to a weekend out of town?" She smirked at Michael and grabbed her bag.

They headed to Liz's car in the parking lot and saw Sam leaning against the impala.

"You guys heading out?" Sam pushed off and walked to meet them.

"Nah, heading to the bar to meet up with Kyle and Maria. She brought reinforcements when we didn't answer our phones." Liz rolled her eyes allowing her frustration at Sam slide. There were more important things to deal with.

Sam gave a short laugh then thought about the unanswered questions he still had. "Mind if we join you?"

"Sure. Maria said it was just up the road from the motel." Michael answered then headed for the car leaving Liz with Sam.

"You okay with that?" Sam gave Liz his puppy dog eyes.

"Oh good grief like I could stay mad at you, Sammy." She smiled as she punched him in the arm then looked away. "I know there are things you still want to know. I wasn't deliberately brushing you off, I just had too much going on in my head.” Her eyes came back to meet his, “You know that I would never lie to you."

"Yea, don't worry about it. We will talk.. right?"

"Of course, I'll see you there." Michael had pulled out of their spot and stopped the car next to her. She got in and threw Sam a wave as they pulled away.

A few minutes later, Dean came out of the room scanning the parking lot not seeing Liz’s car then walked to the impala and slid into the driver’s seat. Sam watched him and got into the car. Dean revved the engine and turned to Sam. "Where to?"

"There's a bar in town just up the street." Sam answered with a secret smile.

"That's my boy, Sammy!" Dean looked through the rearview mirror checking for her car again. As he backed out of the spot he kept telling himself it was better that she was gone but he couldn’t seem to get himself to believe it.

Liz leaving was for the best because he couldn't control his feelings with her and he'd never had that before. Even with Cassie there was chemistry but he knew they would never work and that made it easier to keep her at arm’s length, to keep it from getting too real. But Liz.. No, Liz Parker came barging into his life and stood her ground no matter what he said. Damn if he didn't find that hot as hell. She pushed him, fought him for control, worked her way under his skin and drilled her memory into his mind. It irritated him as much as it turned him on and he wasn't sure if it was because for the first time he had someone who could go toe to toe with him or because she fit him so well that it was terrifying. For the first time he couldn’t easily say why it wouldn’t work out, he had nothing to distance himself with except for the whole going to hell in a few months.

More proof that the Winchester men were cursed. Twenty seven years of life and now he finds someone that he knows he couldn't get past, someone that could not only handle him but push him to become more. Damn, that woman was too much for him. If she stayed around him, he just wouldn’t have the strength to turn her away and how would that work out if he was just going to end up in Hell? No.. he couldn’t do that to her. This was why it was better that she left because he knew this time he didn’t have the strength to and he promised Sam he wouldn’t let her get hurt. He just had to keep reminding himself that it was better this way. Better just to let her go.

“Dean? Are you coming or you just gonna sit in the car all night?” Sam stood in front of the impala watching him suspiciously.

Dean nodded as he got out of the car and followed him into the bar. Dean was so far in his head, he completely missed Liz’s car parked only three cars down from the impala.

Music was playing from a jukebox in the back corner next to the pool tables as Dean walked in the door. The only thing on his mind now was the need to get rid of the thoughts of Liz that were haunting him. Dean took stock of the female distractions in the bar when his eyes fell on an appealing specimen. He knew that he’d never be able to go through with it. Hell, he hadn’t been able to go through with it even when he tried for longer than he cared to admit because her face would kill whatever he had building. But flirting with a stranger was the best thing he could think of to help him forget or try to, at least for a couple hours. He heard Sam say something about ordering and getting a table so he nodded his head and walked towards his distraction of choice in the back by the last pool table. Winding through the tables and people in the way, he hoped this time his brain wouldn’t mess him up again. No thinking Winchester. No thinking, not tonight.

“Hey sweetheart.” Dean put his charming smile into place as she turned around. His smile fell. Shit.

“Now, it’s sweetheart? Funny a little while ago you couldn’t bother talking to me.” Liz smirked at the look on his face. “Still picking up random chicks, Winchester? I thought you were too grown up for that?”

“And I didn’t know you were a virgin.. I thought I heard something about you and Kyle.” It was a low blow but he couldn’t think well past the idea that he just hit on the one person he was trying to forget. Leave it to him to be attracted to what he was trying to avoid. He really was cursed. Her face went from pissed to quiet fury. Now, he really screwed himself.

“Guess you’ll never find out.” She turned sharply and went to the farthest pool table. A man was standing there with a pool cue in hand, she nodded at him and he set up the table.

“Shit.” He stopped staring and turned around, his gaze sweeping the bar looking for Sam only to find him sitting with Michael. He cursed Sam under his breath as he walked over, grabbed his beer and tried to take a seat where he wouldn’t be facing the pool tables. Maria came out of nowhere and plopped down on his target, leaving him two stools next to Michael facing the wrong way. It was going to be a long night.

“So, what crazy shit am I going to have to bail you out of next, Winchester?” Michael pointed at Sam with his beer.

“Michael, behave.” Maria laughed, “Don’t mind him, this is just how he unwinds.”

“Right because we haven’t been called to help you?” Sam quirked his eyebrow with a smirk.

“Touché.” Michael glanced at Dean, “Having a problem there, Dean?”

“What?” Dean pulled himself out of his thoughts.

“What’s got you all twisted up?” Maria looked at him with a wicked smile.

“Hey, who pissed off Liz?” Kyle dropped himself on the last available stool at the table.

“What do you mean?” Sam turned and looked at Liz sauntering around the pool table. “She looks fine.”

“Ahh the intricacies of our little miss parker.” Maria gave Sam a listen up look then they both looked at Liz. “It’s really about the small movements that she makes unconsciously. They have a hard edge instead of her normal easy flow. She’s even flirting with that guy a little more than she normally would with a mark.” Maria threw a glance at Dean catching his hands tightening around his beer and his grimace while everyone else was still focused on Liz. They watched Liz walk over to the jukebox and look in the window with her hand on the glass for a few seconds then walk back to her game. Maria’s eyebrows shot up, “Someone really pissed her off.”

“What?” Sam looked to Maria then heard the beginning strings of ‘Spirit In The Sky’ by Norman Greenbaum play from the speakers. Sam’s eyes went wide and he glanced at Dean.

“She loves her music. She also loves to use music in many ways, for example as a weapon when she’s pissed or to fuel her anger. I think I rubbed off on her with that one.” She smiled at Michael.

“Good song!” Kyle banged the rhythm out on the table.

“Shut up Kyle.” Dean stormed off.

“Annnd we have a winner!” Kyle laughed and then looked at Sam. “What’s with the song choice?”

Sam furrowed his brow, his eyes on the table then shrugged his shoulders. “Beats me.” He took a pull from his beer as the conversation turned to lighter topics and he glanced back at Liz. What the hell did he do now?

Liz left the pool table after doubling her winnings and took a seat at the table. She smiled seeing her four friends laughing and having a good time. She took the drink offered by Maria, ignoring her inquisitive look. She let the laughter soothe her mind and sipped her drink. She started to feel bad that she chose that song, not only was it a really low blow but it probably raised questions Dean wasn’t even close to answering. He might have deserved it from her in a private setting but damn that was harsh. The look from Maria just confirmed her thoughts and Maria didn’t even know how hard of a hit it truly was. She knocked back the rest of her drink, once again ignoring Maria’s look. Damn her for knowing her so well.

“I’m going to walk back to the room, I need some fresh air to cool down. Michael, I’m guessing you’re staying with Maria?” She gave him a smile then looked to Kyle. “Looks like it’s you and me again roomie.” She tossed Kyle a smile and he threw her the room key.

“Be careful Liz and don’t break anyone on your way, alright?” Kyle grinned and nodded.

She wiggled her fingers at him, “I make no promises.” She smiled at their laughter and left the bar.

Sam was about to get up to follow when Maria put another beer in front of him. “Let them settle their differences. Believe me, you getting in the middle would be a bad idea. She won’t hurt him, I promise.” Maria smiled at him and pushed the beer closer, “Besides Liz said I can answer some of your questions. She thinks you have a small idea anyway and you can’t take it any worse than I did.” Maria laughed.

Kyle leaned in towards him, “And you didn’t get initiated first then told the whole aliens are among us thing.”

Sam glanced between the two with a laugh and then sobered at their indulgent smiles, “You’re serious?”

Kyle nodded with a grin, “as a gunshot.”

Maria swatted his arm as Michael rolled his eyes with a small smile.

Sam raised his eyebrow and looked at all three of them, “So.. Liz.. and you guys?”

Kyle ordered another round of beers and a margarita for Maria from the waitress that came by and then waited for her to be out of earshot, “nah.. he’s the only full blown Czech and Maria’s the full blown human. Liz and I are..” Kyle glanced to Michael with a smirk, “converted.”

Michael and Kyle burst out in laughter and Sam just looked between the three of them, “I knew there was no way all of you just had psychic abilities without being related. So alie..”

Maria put up her hand to stop him, “Even though its loud in here.. we don’t really say that in public. Czechoslovakian or Czech works.”

Kyle quirked his eyebrow, “He takes it that well and you are nitpicking his words in a bar?”

Sam smiled at their banter, “Czechoslovakian? As in the country that broke apart after the fall of communism?”

Maria raised her eyebrows and Michael chuckled, “Maybe you guys should just start at the beginning.”


Liz walked down the street noticing the similarities of this small town compared to Roswell. Her mind wandered to times when she had thought her small world had been blown up into a whole universe of new things. She laughed lightly thinking once again how that young girl had no idea how much more was going on in the world and that she would one day be involved in it. Small worries like SATs had changed into aliens and FBI and life or death. College applications turned into training to come out of a fight alive. Now demons and other crazy things that go bump in the night and once again a man brought out the worst in her. After Max she swore she would never let a man have that much of her in their hands and yet without much at all another man held her heart and she had no idea when she gave it to him. It scared her how easily she seemed to do that. Of course Dean was so much different from Max yet so much the same, at least to the Max she fell in love with.

“You keep doing that and you’re gonna get caught in a bad situation.” She heard the words coming from her side and realized she was already at the motel. She glanced over to see Dean sitting in a chair in front of his room. A few empty beer bottles sitting on the ground next to him.

"Well, if it isn't Dean Winchester, recently deceased FBI target. Are you looking for me or someone to take in for the night?" Liz walked over towards him and leaned against her door, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Would you hurt me if I said both?" Dean turned up the charm and gave her his best smile as he looked up at her.

“Damn it Dean.” She tried to keep her anger in check. “Why? Why do you pull this shit and then just act like nothing happened?”

“Come on, Liz. It’s been a pretty crazy couple of days. I was shot! Then someone decided to use music as a weapon.. in a bar.” He leaned forward with his elbows on his legs although he was still favoring his left shoulder.

“Don’t even go there Dean. I’m sorry I did that, you had me beyond pissed and I lashed out without shooting you. I see that as a compliment. I know you don’t know the whole story with that night but how could you throw that at me? No, you know what? That’s not even the big problem.. you’ve been avoiding me for longer than just today!”

"Shit Liz, I've been busy. It's not like I haven't been thinking about you." He stood and moved closer to her, she leaned back slightly. “I went into that bar trying not to think about the thoughts of you that were once again taking hold of everything in my head. After everything that happened in that police station.. Liz I just.. I was trying to not think about it. I went into that bar hoping I could forget about everything.. about you and how much you scare me. I went in there hoping that for once in the past how many months I’d actually be able to take someone back to my room without my head screwing it up, leaving me going to my room alone. Honestly.. I didn’t even think it’d get that far but thought I might be able to forget about everything for a couple hours.” He brushed her hair behind her ear and was just a breath away from her lips. He looked into her eyes, “Are you really a virgin?”

Damn him if he thought he could play this game on her. Liz licked her lips and saw his eyes flare as well as the bob of his adam’s apple then she bit her bottom lip. "I guess you'll just have to wait and find out." She turned the knob of her door as he went in for the kiss that she knew he desperately wanted and she couldn't lie, she wanted it too but she could wait. She let her weight on the door open it into the room leaving Dean stumbling in after her.

"Son of a.." He ground his teeth against the pain of his shoulder jarring with the action and looked at Liz with her grin firmly in place. "Okay.. okay I deserved that."

She quirked her eyebrow.

He held up a hand and cradled his injured arm against his stomach. "Okay maybe more than that but what the hell did you expect from me? There's nothing I can do. You come barging in my head and confess all that shit and I can't change it. I didn't want to have any attachments! I wasn't supposed to .." His eyes snapped up to hers. "I don't get to keep good things and now I don't get to keep anything so why do you want to torture me? I want to enjoy my time left without hurting people and I thought the best way to help you was to stay away. To just try to forget you and let you live your life.." He sat heavily on the bed and looked at her. “I know that didn’t work very well..” He glanced at her, her face remained impassive as she watched him. "Say something."

Why did she always have to hear that? What was her obsession with that damn self-sacrificing quality? She shook her head, "Did you really think that you wouldn’t hurt me by just disappearing one day and I'd have to hear it from Sam? Hell? That was the secret you were keeping? I just.. Are you guys even doing anything about it?"

He shook his head, "Sam’s been saying the same for months. We've been trying but there's nothing about how to get out of it and Ruby says there's no way."

Liz scoffed, "Yea, like she'd tell you. She just wants you out of the way." Liz walked over and sat on the bed next to him. She brushed her hand over his shoulder healing it a bit to ease the pain. She looked into his eyes, "Dean, you can't get rid of me that easy but I needed you to say it. To admit it to yourself."

"Admit what?" He drank in every feature of her face trying to memorize everything just in case this was when she finally walked away from him. The one thing he’d been both hoping and terrified she’d do.

"That there is more here than you've been letting on, more than you've been letting yourself realize. I'm not going to back down but I'm not going into this fight alone." Liz placed her hand on his cheek and pulled his face towards hers then moved her hand down to his chest. "I can't do that again."

He caught her hand, his eyes connecting with hers. "Liz.. My brother lost Jess.."

She gave a subtle shake of her head, "That's not the same and you know it."

He placed his hands on either side of her face, "I don't want you to get hurt because of me. I’m not going to put you in anymore danger. If a demon got even a hint of what you could do.. let alone.."

She pulled away and stood up from the bed staring down at him, “I'm so tired of hearing that! Put me in anymore danger? Do I look like a porcelain doll?!” She started to pace about the room trying to diffuse the anger that felt like it would make her explode, “The skins, remember those bastards.. that you helped get me away from? They're an evil alien race that came here to take out an ex-king they killed but was engineered and combined with human DNA by his family and sent here to be safe.” She stopped at the end of the bed and looked at him, “Max, Michael, Isabel, Ava all aliens.. Hell Serena's a 2nd generation alien! I would have died at sixteen of a gunshot wound to the stomach but because a boy from school was in love with me and was an alien with healing powers, I got to live and learned about aliens and on top of that.. secret government groups and evil enemy aliens! Hell, my time with the skins was a holiday compared to what the special unit has done.” She put up her hand when she saw him going to interrupt, “But both parties would love to use me either to get my friends or study me then take me apart piece by piece to see how I tick because Max changed me. I learned really quickly that I was an amazing liar,” She started to count them off with her fingers, “that our government does some sick messed up shit in secret, and that I needed to be able to kick some ass to keep me and mine safe.”
She felt the energy bubbling at the surface and needed to do something with her hands so she pulled out her gun and started to disassemble it, dropping pieces on the ground as she fluidly took it apart while Dean watched her, holding himself back. “In high school things became life or death situations and now I'm a changed, highly evolved human that's in love with an asshat demon hunter who doesn't have a damn clue what he wants from me. So, yes I understand really fucked up positions and situations but I am not a child that needs protection!” She stood with her chest heaving taking in much needed air, her gun in pieces around her feet with a small bit of steam rising from them.

Dean stood slowly watching her with wide eyes, trying to process all she just threw at him. “Why didn't you just tell me?”

She rolled her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her, “Please, I saw the way you looked at your own brother because of a completely human psychic ability. You think that I would just tell you I was friends with aliens or changed by one? You’d probably try to kill me and say I was some monster. You thought Sam was going to turn into a monster and he was completely human!”

He took a step towards her his eyes softening, pleading. “Liz, I was trying to deal.. I came around. I trusted him not to go dark side.”

She took a small step back, eyeing him. “But you still thought he was a freak. What does that say about what you'd think of me? My abilities didn't come from human hands, they're mainly human yes but my blood is practically alien because of the changes.”

He moved to her swiftly and pulled her against him wrapping his arms around her. He whispered into her hair, “That doesn’t matter to me Liz, it doesn’t change who you are. When I found out about Sammy, yea it scared me.. alot but I know he’s still my brother.” He pulled back slightly and looked into her eyes, “You being alien.. Part alien.. part fucking terminator I don't give a shit because you’re the woman that totally screwed up my life and gave me something I never thought I'd ever get to have.” He could see the fear dissolve from her features then her eyes were shining with unshed tears and the smile that grew made him give her a smirk of his own.

Suddenly her face fell, “You sold your soul to save Sam because that soldier killed him that night, didn’t he?”

His eyes looked away for a moment and then came back to her face, “I made a crossroads deal. The woman you saw that night at the bar..”

Her eyes slowly moved down to his chest, “It’s all my fault.. if only I told you before then.. I could have been there. I could have healed him enough to get to a hospital, I could have had max there!” Her eyes came back up to his full of pain, “We wouldn’t have needed a hospital.. it’s Alex all over again because of the same mistake..” She shook her head as the tears started to build up again, the anger she had thrown at Dean only minutes ago now turning on herself.

He lifted her chin to force her to look at him, “It wouldn't have mattered Liz. Don’t you get it? I wouldn't have let you go in there with me. I wouldn't have put you in danger no matter what you said, the same reason I tried to keep you from knowing. I.. I knew it then and there's no way I would have let you get anywhere near that demon. He took my mom and he took jess, there's no way in hell I was going to let him take you too. I’m still terrified what could happen to you because of what you are to me, what you mean to me.” He felt a little odd actually saying what he felt.

She reached up and placed her hand over the gunshot wound in his shoulder. Dean watched her face and felt a warming sensation in his shoulder. His eyes snapped to her hand and saw the faint glow and then she slowly slid her hand back down to his chest. He pulled the sleeve of his shirt up and saw nothing but clear perfect skin then his eyes snapped back to hers. “So.. you’re really going with the alien thing, huh?”

“It wasn’t an experiment, Dean. I just use pathways in the brain that most people don’t have access to. Although, I think the healing thing is probably alien.. I don’t really know about that. I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.” He watched her face scrunch up.

The corner of his mouth quirked up, “Always the scientist?”

She looked up into his eyes, “You remember that night?”

“Yes.” His hands framed her face, “I may have lied when I said I wasn’t drunk but I remember most of what we talked about and pretty much all of what I wanted to do to you that night.” He leaned down and sealed their lips together. His hands running down to the bottom of her shirt yanking it up and over her head, “you were wearing less clothes.”

Liz felt the shiver run up her spine as she heard the soft giggle come from her mouth then their lips crashed back together. Her hands went to his belt furiously working to get it undone as the heat started to unfurl from low in her stomach. Dean guided them back to the bed as they continued ripping and yanking at clothes, blindly devouring each other. He felt the back of his legs hit the bed and he pulled away slightly. He looked at Liz, his eyes raking over her flushed face, puffy lips, black bra and panties, and all the deliciously exposed skin. His eyes came back up to her darkened brown irises with a question written all over his face.

The corner of her mouth quirked up as she shoved him back onto the bed shaking her head, “No I’m not a virgin, sorry to disappoint.” She climbed up the bed on her hands and knees softly brushing his skin with her hair and warm breath.

“Not disappointed.” His voice was husky and low as he watched her ascent up his body.

She paused with her face over his lap with an innocent smile, “Are you going to take these boxers off or do I have to do all the work?”

He looked down at the image she was creating and couldn’t stop the groan that escaped his throat. He reached down and yanked her up his body taking her mouth hungrily. He deftly undid her bra and let it fall before flipping her underneath him, “Does this answer your question?” He smirked down at her, knowing exactly how to make sure she couldn’t think straight enough to talk for the rest of the night.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch25 11/2/12

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My parents arrived yesterday and I'm excited to have babysitters on hand now so I can have some breaks to get some real writing time in! Hopefully, I'll be able to get chapters out faster if nothing else gets in the way! :) I got this edited today during my birthday break lol. My parents told me to go out and see a movie but I wanted to get this done first.. now onto see what is out that I'd like to see!

booktv-girl2310, HypnotiqBlueEyes, Twilighteyes, AvalonRose, barbara87413
Thanks for all your awesome feedback!
mary mary: I love that song too! LOL That definitely sounds like more of a New Orleans funeral! A party to celebrate someone's life! :)

Chapter Twenty Five

Liz started to wake, feeling the remnants of another vivid dream. She kept her eyes closed hoping she would fall back into the dream that left her muscles sore. She smiled remembering all the things that dean did, that she did, then as more awareness filtered into her mind she felt a solid weight on her stomach. Her smile grew as she realized that weight was Dean's arm draped over her stomach and that was most definitely not a dream. Her eyes fluttered open trying to adjust to the morning light leaking in through the blinds. She turned under Dean's arm ending up with her face in his chest. She kissed him softly then gently touched his hip with her right hand. Carefully maneuvering under his arm, she slowly ran her fingers up his stomach to his chest. She felt the various scars in her path and laid her palm on the last one she came to on his chest. A faint glow then she moved her hand and kissed the now clear skin. Dean made an unintelligible noise and rolled to his back bringing her with him. She looked up from his chest to see his eyes still closed and she giggled softly. His arm was now wrapped around her back, even in sleep he was pinning her to him. She laid her head down on his chest and traced his tattoo with her finger, recognizing the symbol from the charm he gave her. She started tracing patterns with his freckles then added a little trail of light as she started to make bigger symbols.

"What are you doin’?" Dean's voice was low and still gruff from sleep.

She glanced up, "Why don't you open those eyes and see for yourself?"

He cracked an eye open and watched her finger dance across his skin tracing patterns he couldn't see until the trail of light almost completed it. "I find it strangely odd that I'm not freaked out that you’re using me as your own personal lite bright."

Liz giggled, "I remember those."

He smiled, "I can see that."

She pulled herself up to cover more of dean’s body with her own, feeling the skin heat up from the contact. She put her left arm under her head on his chest to get a better angle at his face and kept up her patterns with her right hand. Dean lazily stroked her back with one hand and slipped the other under the sheet to rest on her hip.

She smiled at the relaxed contentment on his face. "I don't think if I've ever seen you this relaxed before, maybe at Christmas but you were still secretive. It weighed on you."

His hand came up from her hip and ran his fingers through her hair. "I don't really remember the last time.. But I don't know how long this can last."

She rolled her eyes at him but kept her smile, "I don't really get that life either debbie downer but I still live for what I can get and the only thing that matters right now is that we're both here and we're both naked." She gave him a devilish smile as her right hand slid down his stomach and under the sheet.

His smile grew as he pulled her face up to his, "I knew there was a reason I stayed away from you. You know how to speak my language.. that's dangerous."

His phone vibrated on the nightstand and Liz straddled his stomach as she knocked it off and smirked at him, "No distractions Winchester. I don't allow it."

Dean stepped out of the shower wrapping a towel around his waist then grabbed the other one off the rack and held it out for Liz, wrapping it around her as she stepped out. They heard her phone ringing from her bag on the floor and he smirked at her, "Someone's getting desperate."

Liz walked over and picked up her phone, "This is Parker too early in the morning."

"Too early in the morning? Woman it's lunch time!"

"Kyle? What do you want?" She watched Dean get dressed with a smirk on her face.

"Well for starters, Sam here is looking for his brother who must have lost his phone last night.."

Liz laughed, "You’re awful, you know that?"

"Oh he IS with you? See we were about to send out the search party last night but figured we'd just check with the most likely bunk mate first.. but there was so much noise going on we didn’t want to interrupt."

Liz cringed for a second, "Shut up. Where are you guys?"

"Like I said it’s lunch time, we're at the diner across the street getting lunch. You’re welcome to join us if you’re not too busy."

"We'll be there in five."

"Don't forget to bring dean, don't keep him locked up in there all day, it isn't nice."

Liz shut the phone and threw it on the bed. She dropped the towel and leaned down to grab her clothes from her bag on the floor.

"Do you want to keep your promise?" Dean's voice was a little tight.

Her face scrunched up and she turned her head to look at him, "what?"

He leaned back against the dresser and crossed his arms not taking his eyes off her ass, "If you stay in that position we're not going to make it there in five."

She saw his eyes shift from her ass to her face and she straightened as she turned to him, "What? Is there something wrong?" She slowly stalked towards him.

"Baby, ain't nothing wrong with that." He watched her as she stopped right in front of him then pressed her body into his, pulling his head down to hers.

"I'm hungry so you’re just going to have to wait on that." She kissed him then took her clothes into the bathroom with her.

"Aww come on. You don't have to do that!" He laughed.

He heard her yell through the door, “And don’t call me baby, that’s your friggin’ car!”

Liz sat in the back seat of the impala as they headed to Albuquerque. She knew Sam was dying to ask her questions after Kyle initiated him into his favorite club but something was holding him back and she had a small inkling it was the fact that she slept with his brother.

“So, what do you want to know?” Liz looked at Sam with a small smile, she caught Dean’s curious gaze in the rear view mirror. “You keep your eyes on the road and just listen.”

Sam glanced at Dean and then turned himself so he faced Liz comfortably but didn’t know where to begin, “So.. Czechs are aliens?”

“Yea,” Liz laughed, “That was the cover Maria used so we didn’t say alien around people. It’s really hard to talk about this stuff with people everywhere. We were keeping the secret from everyone at that point.. even Alex.” Liz sobered and her eyes fell from his.

Sam’s face grew concerned, “It’s wasn’t a regular car accident, was it?”

“Maybe I should just start from the beginning. When I was sixteen and shot in my parent’s restaurant..” Liz gave them the rundown of the main things that happened to her and her friends up until right before graduation where she started to get quiet and looked out the window. She took great detail to make sure some things weren’t spoken of, it was bad enough she even had to say Tess’s name but she didn’t have to bring up everything she did before she left. She told herself she was keeping the baby out of it for his own protection.
Sam listened to her side of the story and knew that Dean would be curious since he was sure they didn’t do much talking last night. He cringed slightly and tried to shove that thought out of his mind and focused on Liz’s voice.

“So, what happened after she blew up the air base?” Liz’s eyes came up to see Dean’s watching her from the rearview mirror.

“We thought she destroyed everything, we thought we were finally free from the FBI.”

“Wait, when we met you that was.. what? Four years after you graduated high school?” Sam watched her face as she seemed to struggle with something.

Her eyes came back up to Sam’s, “We tried living normal lives but it just didn’t work out for very long. The first time I broke it off with Max, I went to Stanford to get away for a while and live like a normal person. Of course that didn’t last long because Kyle’s abilities started to emerge and he had a little trouble dealing then we had FBI sneaking around us again. It was only right before I met you that the skins popped back up on our radar, we don’t really know how long they had been poking around.”

“The special unit you and Michael talked about.. is that FBI?” Sam asked.

“Yea, that’s what they call themselves. It’s a secret group within the FBI. You ever see Men In Black? Well, the reality is way less family friendly comedy and way more sadistic.”

“So that FBI agent that shot Dean?”

She kept her eyes down. “He was the man in charge when I was.. in custody. After that Kyle and I got away for a little while and we met you.”

Dean glanced at Liz looking over her features briefly before forcing his attention back to the road.

Sam asked, “Custody?”

She sighed and her gaze finally met Sam’s concerned one, “being secret they can overlook certain laws pertaining to people. The reason Kyle and I left was because of mistakes that were made and I was in the special unit’s custody for a short time before the group got me out.” Her eyes fell to the bottom of her shirt where she was playing with the hem, “It wasn’t pleasant.”

Sam understood her trying to go around the subject and could tell she didn’t want to talk about it so he changed direction. “What’s the granolith?”

Liz’s eyes shot up to Sam’s, “where did you hear that?”

“Kyle and Michael talked about it when we were at that safe house in November.”

“Oh.. you’ve been keeping this list for a while huh?” Sam nodded and she gave him a small smile, “it’s an energy source, kind of a very important relic to the Antarian people and the skins want it.. badly. It can be pretty powerful.”

Sam furrowed his brow, “what can it do?”

“We don’t really know exactly but I know that it has been used for time travel.”

Dean laughed and Sam looked at him, “What? You’re not serious, are you?” His eyes flicked to Liz’s in the mirror. “Come on, you’re saying this thing is like an alien delorean?” Dean shook his head, “I can’t believe I’m saying that word and being serious.”

"Nice dean." Sam rolled his eyes.

Liz laughed, "not exactly. I don't think it's one of its main uses but it shows that the energy can be used for some unimaginable things. When I found out about that little ability, it worried me but also gave me the knowledge that we couldn't let just anyone get a hold of it."

"How did you find out?" Dean glanced at Liz.

She caught his gaze in the rear view mirror, "someone used it to come to me and give me information." She dropped his gaze, "I knew that we couldn't hand it over to the people who were trying to get Max to give it to them at the time. When that didn't work I guess they went to Tess and got her to get it for them. We never knew she was basically a double agent until it was too late."

Dean watched her suspicious by her aversion to a straight answer. He made a mental note to ask about that later.

Sam's eyes widened as the realization dawned on him, "She was the one that set up Alex's accident."

She looked up at him, "Yea but she had already killed him. The accident was a cover up to hide her involvement."

"You sure this chick wasn't a demon?" Dean glanced at Sam and then at Liz.

Liz gave a tight smile, "if you ask Maria she was."

"Why did you even stay?" Dean asked without taking his gaze from the road.

"Because I was a part of the abyss by then and truthfully they were my family. Things got really confusing and we all hurt each other but there was still that connection. Whenever I needed time away from them or anyone, I took it. Even Serena and Ava would come or take me in if I really needed to get away."

"How did they come into the picture if they weren't apart of this mess? Are you just an alien magnet?" Dean smirked at her.

"I met Ava when the doubles came to Roswell, she took off from them and luckily bumped into Serena and found out more about herself. Ava kept in contact with me and when I needed an escape they always gave me one." Liz smiled, “I don’t think I was ever so thankful to have someone that really knew me that was away from everything so I could really get a break. I didn’t have to hide who I really was from them but could still be away from whatever was bothering me back home, it gave me time to straighten things out and get centered. Being around me when things are crazy.. it’s a little like being around a live wire. I’ve gotten better at controlling it but when that control slips, I’m a walking taser.”

Both brothers’ eyebrows shot up.

“Not as bad though.” Liz laughed, “It’s a little bit stronger than say a static shock, not enough to do anything serious to you.” Her smile grew, “That’s only if I do it on purpose.”

Sam looked intrigued, “So, what can you do?”

“The thing that seems unique to me is the astral projection and premonitions. Well and the electricity type thing which is basically just using my body’s energy in a focused way, like pushing the air in front of you or sending the energy away from the body.”

Dean quirked an eyebrow, “sounds a little too much like what a demon can do.”

Liz nodded, “I’m pretty sure it’s because they know how to make the connections between specific parts of the brain. I asked Sam about some of the things they can do and a lot of it lines up with what I think is from more pathways being up and running in your brain and actually firing. Just a little bit more connection could possibly open up other senses too. Haven’t you ever wondered why there are so many stories about people that can do random things like telekinesis and having other senses like mediums and psychics? The ones that aren’t faking it anyway.”

Sam quirked his eyebrow, “That whole humans only use ten percent of their brain thing?”

Liz shook her head, “No, that’s just a myth that most likely came from the misinterpretation of the fact that the brain only uses 20% of the body’s energy.”

“It’s pretty easy to just chalk it up as demon possession.” Dean threw out.

“What about the ones that don’t use it for evil?” Liz countered.

Dean smiled and kept his eyes on the road.

Liz looked to Sam, “So what do you guys really do with all this time on the road?”

Dean and Sam spoke in unison, “Sleep.”

Liz laughed at their unified answer. Liz’s cell started ringing and she had to dig through her bag to find it. She finally pulled it out and answered, “Parker.”

“Is there a reason you placed a burner phone in my car with your number programmed in it?”

“I see you and Nancy got out in time.” Both Sam and Dean glanced at her and she lipped Henriksen.

“So how did you know that was going to happen?”

“I saw it when I was leaving and I needed you alive.”

“You saw it?”

“Yes, as in I had a premonition of the building going up in flames and everyone inside dying.”

“Okay, say I believe that.. why do you want me alive?”

“Well for one I like you. You helped us so I wanted to help you and I could use a man inside in the FBI for once. I need you to look in your system and see what they have on me and maybe my friends but you need to make sure no one knows you’re poking around.” Liz felt Dean and Sam’s gaze on her but she continued to look out the window.

“What do you mean have on you? You get into some other trouble like the Winchesters?”

“You could say that.”

“So what am I looking for?”

“They probably wouldn’t have blood samples on file in the system but see whatever you can find under Liz Parker, I’m sure they probably have my friends under known partners but if not look into Max Evans as well. See if anything seems off to you.”

“Blood samples? What are you thinking they have on you Liz?”

“Henriksen.. listen there’s a small group that’s part of the FBI but separated. They call themselves the Special Unit and they like to investigate people like me. Let’s say they don’t take too kindly to people who are different. They happen to have blood samples from me because they poked and prodded me to see why I was different from them.”

“You’re expecting me to believe that the FBI kidnapped you and ran tests on you?”

“I wasn’t the first one. They took my friend Max Evans when we were sophomores in High School and the things they did to him were torture by anyone’s definition. And no, our parents didn’t know.. no one knew. The government you work for isn’t infallible Henriksen.. actually they can be extremely disgusting when things are kept well under wraps. You ever hear of the Tuskegee syphilis 40 year study? 600 men were lied to for 40 years and weren’t given the medicine that would have cured the disease that was killing them and your government knew about it and yet they did nothing. Even after World War 2 and the Nuremberg Code was created because of the horrors that happened to the Jews under Hitler’s scientists and even though they were breaking every single principal, nothing was done until the press found out about it and splashed it all over the media. That’s what your government is capable of.. yeah President Bill Clinton made a public apology twenty years after the study was shut down but that does nothing for the hundreds of men that died of a curable disease. Now imagine what your agency could do when no one could find out what they were doing. Believe me they keep it nice and secret.. a man that spoke up was shot in the face the minute he said he wasn’t sure what they were doing to me was necessary.” She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Sam watching her with that face that told her everything was okay, he squeezed her shoulder and she realized she was shaking and tears were in her eyes. She took a deep breath and smiled at Sam, she couldn’t bring herself to even look in Dean’s direction.

“Liz.. I’m sorry.. I had no idea.”

“It’s okay Henriksen.. I know you had no way of knowing. I’m sorry I just went off on a tangent there.”

“I’m guessing that’s why the burner phone was in my car?”

“I couldn’t take the chance.”

“I’ve worked in the FBI for a long time..”

Liz interrupted him, “I’m sorry but you worked under Groves and on his pet project the Winchesters, so it’s extremely likely he had every single line of yours tapped.”

“Okay, so you just need me to see if they have anything on you in the system? But if they’re as secret as you say then why would they have anything on the system?”

“I don’t know.. we destroyed files at one of their bases.. we thought we destroyed everything but I need to know if that’s all they had. You also have to know how dangerous this is, you need to find a way to do this so that no one can be able to trace it to you. I need you to try to find out as much as you can without getting yourself in trouble.”

“Why do you think that wasn’t everything?”

“Because Deputy Director Groves was the man in charge and he was the one who shot the agent.”

“Okay Liz. I’ll see what I can find.”

“As carefully as possible.”


She heard the phone disconnect and she shut her cell, dropping it onto her bag. She didn’t bother looking up at either of the boys, she just laid down in the back seat. “I think I’ll take that road trip advice.” She hoped that enlisting Henriksen wasn’t a horrible idea. She knew she needed to know what they still had but worried that she might be sending him to his grave. No, she needed him, he couldn’t get hurt. She told herself if anything were going to happen to him, she’d know first. She’d have a vision and she could get him out. She prayed that she was right.

Sam and Dean looked at each other with a range of emotions flitting across their face. Neither one knew what to say so they kept quiet, throwing glances back at Liz every now and then as what they overheard played over and over in their mind.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch26 11/7/12

Post by MelissaD » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:57 pm

LOL Thanks for the birthday wishes! I wished I was going to get more editing done and get some more chapters written but not so much. :( But here's a new chapter! Haha Sarah you didn't have to!
Actually got a new laptop in the mail as a bday present from my husband, I was really excited and then found out it didn't have microsoft word on it which I use for writing. Is it awful that one little thing like that totally killed my excitement because I couldn't write on it right away? :lol:

Chapter Twenty Six
*There are two lines of lyric from two Bon Jovi songs, "You Give Love a Bad Name" and "Wanted Dead or Alive". I don't own them.. all credit goes to Bon Jovi.*

The next night

Liz walked out of the back room carrying two books with her and sat at the bar across from Dean and Sam. Kyle came from the other end of the bar and sat next to Liz with a small notebook in hand.

Dean glanced at the books in front of Liz and smirked, “Isn’t the owner supposed to handle inventory?”

Liz glanced up from the ledger, “Yea but I do it for her every now and then. Definitely when I owe her, it’s a great way to pay her back for say.. skipping out of work at the last minute.” She returned his smirk before her focus went back to the task at hand.

Kyle laughed, “and the fact that Liz gets it done almost ten times faster than anyone else has nothing to do with it.”

Liz ignored him as she glanced between the notebook Kyle gave her with the liquor count and her ledger. Sam looked around the room, “Where did Maria and Michael go?”

“Michael is taking inventory in the kitchen for me and I guess Maria is helping him.”

Kyle and Dean smirked but before they could make a comment Liz spoke up, “would you two go away. I’m almost done so go play pool or something.” Liz waved with her free hand without lifting her gaze.

The boys did as they were told, Kyle grabbing a few beers before heading over to the tables. Sam shook his head as he watched them crack jokes on their way, most likely at Michael’s expense. “You probably want to subtract four more beers.”

Liz smiled, “already did.”

Sam watched as Liz quickly filled out the ledger and was amazed once again how she seemed so normal even though the reality was very much the contrary. Sam heard the jukebox kick on and the loud cracks of the balls from the pool table. Everything seemed so run of the mill that he could almost forget that they were just stuck in a police station surrounded by demons only three nights ago.

“Sam, I can hear you brooding..”

Sam chuckled softly and shook his head, “just kinda jealous how normal this all seems.”

Liz glanced up from the ledger, “What do you mean?”

He glanced down at the bar top before meeting her gaze again, “there’s been so many times where I just wished that I had some normal again because this life can just wear you down but here you guys are with all this.. alien stuff going on and you still have this relatively normal life. I mean three days ago we were being attacked by people possessed by demons, stuck in a police station states away and now you’re here doing inventory for a bar that you work at and Kyle is playing pool with my brother like this is a completely normal Friday night.”

Liz watched the emotions that passed over Sam’s face and smiled, “how many people do you know that get to have their friend’s bar all to themselves to play? And it’s Wednesday.. if it was Friday this place would still be packed.”

Sam looked straight at Liz and she laughed, “I’m kidding..” She put her pen down and gave him her full attention. “Sam, it’s not exactly easy. Yes, our lives come with.. difficulties and a fight that wasn’t originally my own..” She gave him a small smirk, “two fights.. but I choose to fight and I will win. But one of the battles that I win almost every day is living my life the way I want. I’m not going to let them take away my humanity and my love for life. Is it completely normal? No and it never will be but it’s mine and I live it the best way I can. A friend once asked me what’s so great about normal and at the time it held a completely different meaning but one thing that I have learned during my short life is normal isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be. I have everything I need and normal isn’t really a part of that. If my life was normal I’d probably be working my life away in some lab with little to no social life because the hours would be ridiculous. I wouldn’t have met you either Sammy. Now you tell me how great would that be?” She squeezed Sam’s hand and smiled, “if you really think about it, everyone has their own form of normal. The definition can depend on who you ask.”

Sam raised his eyebrows, “you really know how to simplify the shit out of it, don’t you?”

Liz smiled, “sometimes it’s just that easy. Overanalyzing every little thing just leads you to miss all the good things that your life throws in your path. It’s up to you whether you take the chance to enjoy it or let it pass you by.”

Maria walked out of the kitchen catching the end of Liz’s conversation then squealed when she heard the song playing from the jukebox. She ran over to Liz and grabbed her arm, pulling her from her stool. “Maria!” Liz shouted as she was dragged towards the jukebox.

“No one can save me, the damage is done!” Maria sang as she danced around Liz.

Sam laughed as he watched Maria’s antics and Liz started to loosen up. Michael walked out with a beer and sat on Liz’s stool shaking his head. Dean and Kyle walked over putting their beers on the bar. Sam looked to Michael, “Bon Jovi?”

Kyle laughed, “Yea, Liz is a Jovi fan and I think Maria just likes the man.”

Michael shot Kyle a look, “Shut your trap.”

Dean watched the two girls and smiled, “One of the great things about rock and roll.”

Sam rolled his eyes and Michael nodded as he watched Maria. Kyle’s cell rang and he walked away as he answered. Dean sat down next to Sam as he watched Liz dance with Maria and finished his beer. The song changed to another Bon Jovi hit and Dean sang along, “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride.” He threw a glance to Sam next to him with a smirk to find his seat empty. He looked around the bar searching for his brother and found him by the door with Serena who was shrugging out of her jacket. “You sly dog.” A small smile slipped onto Dean’s face as he watched the way Sam took the jacket from her and hung it up on the hook. The way their eyes connected as they spoke told him there was definitely a mutual attraction between them. He turned his head back to the jukebox to see Liz walking towards him laughing. His smile grew, “I didn’t know I was dating a Jovi groupie.”

Liz straddled his lap, her arms wrapping around his neck, “so that’s what we’re doing now? Dating? Does Dean Winchester date?”

Dean smirked even though that word came out without thought but as he took in the smile playing on her face and the mischief in her eyes, he realized it was the truth. “Considering you’re the only woman I’ve slept with in.. longer than I care to admit and let’s face it you’ve been trying to get in my pants for what.. a year?”

“Oh it was all me, huh?”

He laughed as she quirked her eyebrow at him then pulled her against his chest, “I’m sorry, do I have to ask you or is there some alien ritual?” He smirked.

She leaned against him and kissed him softly then whispered against his lips, “if you wanted to be probed all you had to do is ask.”

“If I wasn’t so distracted right now I think I’d be offended.” He took her lips gently.

“Seriously, what is with you guys and bars?” Maria’s voice filtered through but they ignored her.

“Come on Maria, let them have a little fun. They’ve been denying each other for months now.” Serena laughed.

Liz pulled back and looked towards Serena’s voice, “What are you doing here?” She saw Sam beside her and smiled.

“Ava and I just got in a little while ago, I heard there was some breaking news and obviously Ava wasn’t kidding.” She smirked, “don’t worry, Sam gave me the cliff notes.”

Liz blushed when she realized she was still straddling Dean and when she went to move, Dean’s hands tightened on her hips. She smiled and kissed him one more time. “I promise we will finish this later, I still need to finish up in the kitchen.”

Maria laughed as she followed Liz into the kitchen.

Maria leaned against the wall next to Liz as she filled in the ledger. She promised she’d let her finish the inventory before bombarding her with questions again but she was getting bored. “Alright Chika, spill.”

Liz didn’t bother looking up from Michael’s kitchen count that she had laid on the counter in front of her, “spill what?”

Maria rolled her eyes and leaned against Liz’s side, “you know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t play innocent with me.”

Liz laughed, “I’m never going to get this done if your hanging all over me whining about details.”

“Ok so what happened? How did you two end up in your room? It was explosive, wasn’t it? Did you fight or go right in for the kill?”

Liz continued with the inventory but the smile that was spreading across her face only encouraged Maria since she knew she was breaking her down. “Come on girl, you gotta give me something here! You looked like you were about to castrate him at the bar. How did you get from there to what we heard when we got to the hotel?”

Liz’s eyebrows rose, “I’m sorry what?”

Maria smirked and waited for Liz to look up so when she didn’t Maria pushed, “I mean I think the entire motel could hear you.”

Liz’s head popped up with wide eyes, “what?”

Maria laughed, “you’re still so easy.” She saw Liz’s unease, “I’m kidding.. you weren’t that loud. We didn’t hear it until we went to knock on your door. Thank God Kyle didn’t just walk in.” Maria broke out into laughter again as Liz’s blush spread across her face. “At least it sounded like you had a good time.”

“I’m not saying a thing, you heard too much anyway.” Liz went back to the ledger double checking that everything was filled out and ready for Pam.

“Aw come on Lizzie”

Liz laughed as she closed the ledger and placed the smaller kitchen notebook on top. “Let’s just say you were right.” She turned away from Maria and started walking towards the door to the main room.

Maria followed behind her, “right about what?”

“I definitely needed more time than I would have gotten in that hallway.” She could hear Maria laughing behind her as she grinned.

Liz walked out of the kitchen into the main room to find Michael, Sam, Ava, and Serena sitting at the bar talking while Kyle and Dean were sitting at a table further in the room. Maria’s laughter caught the attention of the four sitting at the bar and Liz just shook her head. Ava nodded her head towards the two margaritas sitting in front of her on the bar. Liz picked up one and took a sip, confirming it was definitely Kyle’s handy work. Maria stopped beside her grabbing the other glass as Liz looked closer at the laughing table occupants. From her new angle, she could see a shot glass in front of each of them and two liquor bottles in the middle of the table. So much for her inventory count.

Liz glanced at Michael and Sam, “what are they doing?”

Without looking away from Maria, Michael answered with a shrug, “they’re drinking.”

Sam looked at Liz with a forced smile, “they’re bonding.”

Dean’s slurred voice interrupted Liz’s response, “I’vveee.. gotten to second base with Liz..”

Liz and everyone else looked over to the table to see Kyle knock back a shot and both guys crack up.

Liz scoffed, “they’re drunk!”

Sam laughed, “It started out as I never. I don’t know if they got confused or just lazy.”

“Maria and I were only in the kitchen for like fifteen minutes!”

Michael looked at the clock behind the bar and laughed, “you two were back there for forty five minutes.”

Ava grinned, “Kyle said you’d only be ten so of course they started with the hard stuff.”

Dean straightened a bit as the laughter died down, “but not recently though, right?”

Serena tried hiding her laughter as Liz narrowed her eyes at Maria, “I told you that you would make it take forever by distracting me.”

Kyle shook his head and wiggled his eyebrows, “sixteen year old Liz.”

Liz felt the blush climb her face.

Dean smirked, “that’s hot. I think I’m jealous.”

Liz felt her face go bright red as everyone around the bar laughed along with the two table occupants that had no idea they were entertaining everyone.

Sam smirked at Liz, “so you did have a thing with Kyle..”

The next afternoon they all met back up at Michael and Maria’s house. Sam helped Liz pull out dishes in the very large kitchen talking with Michael and Maria while they cooked. Dean and Kyle sat at the dining room table with their heads down on their arms still nursing their hangovers. Sam had asked about the house and Maria was telling him all about Michael’s success in the art world.

“He just did it to relax because our Michael here used to have a bit of a quick temper and some anger issues. Painting helped him center himself and I entered a few of his paintings into a local art show, under a pseudonym thanks to Liz, just for fun. Little did I know, it was going to blow up and his paintings were the big money makers of the show.” Maria beamed with pride while Michael continued to cook just nodding his head.

Sam whistled, “that’s how you got the house?”

“Well, we made so much and had no idea what to do with it so when we decided to settle in Albuquerque Michael surprised me with buying this place.” She kissed Michael on the cheek and he rolled his eyes.

“It wasn’t that big of a deal, we needed a place and I had the money to burn.”

Sam smiled watching the two move together fluidly in the kitchen. It reminded him of Sunday mornings with Jess and he was surprised that the thought didn’t hurt anymore. “So, how did you guys settle down if you were worried about the FBI?”

Liz answered, “all of our places are under pseudonyms. We weren’t really that worried but we took precautions just in case.”

Serena and Ava walked in with bags in their arms and placed them on the countertop. They pulled out the extra food and Michael and Maria finished cooking while everyone else took the essentials to the table. Kyle and Dean picked their heads up as the smells of coffee and bacon entered the room. Plates were piled with food as everyone tucked into their lunch with small talk going around.

“Where are you guys off to next?” Michael asked Dean and Sam.

Dean took a sip of his coffee and answered, “Morton house. Liz you should come with us.”

Sam turned his head to Dean, “What?”

Liz shook her head, “sorry. Serena and I are heading to Portland to see her mother about the granolith.”

Dean shrugged then looked to Sam, “What do you mean what? It’s a leap year and next weekend is the 29th. We can’t pass that up The Morton House is like our grand canyon, a must do before you die.”

Liz smacked Dean upside the back of his head and he winced as Sam laughed. Dean narrowed his eyes at Liz, “What the hell was that for?”

“Watch your mouth. And I don’t want to hear about anymore kamikaze shit either.”

Sam grinned at Dean, “Thank God I’m not alone anymore!”

Dean glared at Sam and rubbed the back of his head then closed his eyes. Kyle looked sorry for him, “Damn Liz, the man has a headache. Give him a break.”

Liz rolled her eyes then placed her palm gently on Dean’s forehead. He looked at her as he felt the warmth radiate from her hand and then the pain throbbing in his head began to fade. “How did you do that?”

Liz ran her hand through his hair then pulled his face to hers, “my secret.” She kissed him softly.

Kyle scoffed, “hey if he gets the hangover cure I get it too! Why do I always forget you guys can do that?”

Sam glanced between Kyle and Dean, “what is he talking about?”

Ava placed her hand on Kyle’s forehead, “quit your whining.”

Serena answered Sam, “basically just curing the headache by loosening the constricted muscles and getting more oxygen to the brain. It’s all about blood flow.”

Kyle grinned, “that’s what he said.”
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch27 11/10/12

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HypnotiqBlueEyes: if/when.. yes.. :wink: Me too! I'm pretty much in love with it!
barbara87413: Thank you so much! :) That is definitely what I strive for.
AvalonRose: mm calm before the storm.. and what a storm my muse is brewing.. I'm getting more and more excited to get it out as the story develops from my growing outline. :D
mary mary: Yup got it figured out for now.. might be changing to a recommended one but we'll see. LOL I feel older every day my boys keep me up too late and I still want to write.. but at the end of the night I feel pretty good since I can still stay up into the wee hours if I have a groove and still get up with them in the mornings. (Although it helps that they seem to take after me with the whole sleeping in thing.)

Crazy fast update.. not sure if I can keep up with this but I'd definitely like to!


On the flight to Portland, Liz had too much on her mind while Serena slept silently in the seat next to her with her head on Liz’s shoulder. There was so much Liz wanted to know and she wondered how much Serena’s mother really remembered and how much she would know about what Liz was supposed to do, if she knew at all. She played with her necklace absently as she stared out the window seeing the endless sky of clouds. She had decided to tell Serena not to let the pod squad know about her mother’s true relationship with Zan just yet. She was afraid they would be too concerned with their past lives to allow her to focus on the present and what Max had bestowed upon her. The Granolith. She didn't even know what it could really do, just things that it had done and she was supposed to be responsible for it? How was she qualified for this at all? What type of power or energy or whatever it is would let itself be protected by some girl from a different planet? For a sentient being it wasn't looking too smart.

Was it all Max? Did it sense the faith that Max put in her at the time? But Max was always the one protecting her so how could it see her as some kind of protector? How did that even work? It was all too much to think about. As if she wasn't worried enough when future Max told her they couldn't let it get into the wrong hands and now she was the main one responsible for that? He had to have known he made her the protector so why didn't he tell her more? Warn her? Maybe that was why he told her about Serena? Knowing she would meet her and be pulled towards her and towards her mother? She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples. There was so much going on in her mind she thought her head might explode. She took slow calming breaths as she tried to focus on something else. She felt the charm in between her fingers and realized that her right hand had gone back to her necklace. She smiled as her mind automatically went to Dean. She pictured his smile and heard his laugh. She felt herself relax into the seat as she remembered her last few days with him, mainly last night.

They lay together tangled in Liz’s sheets, sated and tired but neither wanting to go to sleep. Dean slowly ran his fingers up and down Liz’s back as she rested her head on his chest.

“So.. now that the secrets are out of the bag, can we not do that again?”

Dean chuckled softly, “no more secrets. Does that mean you’re going to tell me what you were hiding from Sam by skirting those answers in the car?”

She took a deep breath as she thought about what to tell him. “I don’t really like to remember it let alone talk about it. It’s just something from my past, it’s behind me.”

“I meant your vague answers about mistakes.. the reason you were caught in the first place. I can read that much in between the lines. It was someone in the group, wasn’t it? You know I may be running in the wrong direction here but Sam told me that you and Kyle left because you and Max had a fight, a blow out, if I remember correctly. So, how did he screw that up so badly that you got caught?”

She debated whether she should tell him the truth or not. His hand continued its comforting path up and down her back and the warmth of his body against hers started to remind her that if she wanted to keep this, she couldn’t keep any secrets. She knew it didn’t matter how well intended they were, they always destroyed everything. She sighed, “He basically handed me over to them under some stupid idea that they wouldn’t want me if he and I weren’t involved. He just couldn’t get it through his thick skull that they didn’t want me to use as bait for him anymore. They knew I had powers and they wanted to study me. He said he didn’t think they’d actually find me before he got there but I was gone when he got to the control room he left me in. Where he told them they could find me.” She felt his body tense yet his movements were still gentle.

“How long did they have you?” She heard his controlled anger.

“Just a couple hours, they didn’t move me from the facility we were in so Michael and Kyle found me pretty quickly but Groves didn’t want to waste any time. They had me long enough to know for sure that I wasn’t normal even though I was born human. They were interrogating me to find out how Max changed me when the cavalry arrived and all hell broke loose. Max and I had that blow out after and I was getting ready to leave when Kyle came and said he wasn’t going to let me go off alone. I argued with him but I knew he would just follow me if I didn’t let him.. hell Michael probably would have too if he found out I wouldn’t let Kyle come.”

“Michael cares about you a lot. He gave me the “I’ll kill you if you hurt her” speech a couple of months ago.”

Liz laughed, “yea.. if you ask my dad he’s the son he never had. He worked at the crash for years and my dad grew to love him. Even without my father pulling him into the family it was bound to happen with him practically married to Maria.”

Dean’s free hand came up to her chin and tilted her face up to his, “ok. No more secrets.”

She smiled and pulled herself up to kiss him softly. “You know I think we can make this work.”

“Liz.. Liz!”

Liz felt a hand shaking her and opened her eyes, “what?”

Serena smirked, “the flight landed, we have to get off. I mean if you want to just stay here and moan some more then you can but I think the stewardess might get pissed.”

Liz rubbed her eyes, “shut up.” She grabbed her bag from the floor and stood, “I wasn’t really doing that, was I?”

Serena laughed and grabbed her hand pulling her up the aisle, “come on lover.”

Liz felt the blush creeping up her face as the other passengers looked towards them at Serena’s words. “You just love doing that, don’t you?”

Serena grinned, “aw come on now Liz. There is no reason to hide our love.. you weren’t keeping quiet during the flight, why pretend now?”

Liz shook her head as they moved up the walkway into the airport, “you’re incredible.”

Serena noticed the smile Liz was trying to hide. “I love you too.”
Serena’s parents owned a few houses throughout the world thanks to the success of their engineering company but their house in Portland was their first purchase. Serena’s mother, Evelyn, cherished it not only for being her and her husband’s first home but also where they had Serena. She sat in her living room looking out her bay window sipping on her favorite chai tea as she waited for the girls to arrive. Evelyn never knew if she’d be able to have children, she knew the engineers had thought it would be possible with the DNA being so compatible but there was no way to know for sure. Evelyn remembered when they were working on the first DNA comparisons, how excited the scientists were that they finally found a match with such high comparisons. Little did they know, they had found it just in time.

They had just enough time to create the hybrids for the royals before Khivar had gotten wind of the project. Luckily he never found the location of their laboratory, the Queen had made sure only a few loyalists knew the location and didn’t hold back when it came to protection. Cloaking devices as well as some of their best men kept the lab heavily guarded. They barely had time to mourn the death of their friends before they needed to get them safely away but that was life in war. If you didn’t keep moving, staying one step ahead of the enemy there was no way you or your best laid plans would see the light of day.

It had been the Queen who came to her after the royals had been sent to earth telling her that she had a final wish for her son’s trusted advisor and closest friend. That she go to earth as well and be her son’s last resort should anything go wrong, that he would have someone that he could trust should everything fail. She had created a hybrid for her and it was already awaiting her on the second ship that was bound for Earth. The Queen was known to make plans but this time she had back up plans on top of back up plans.

Unfortunately, those plans couldn’t change the outcome of sabotage and treachery. Evelyn had gotten word before ever reaching earth’s atmosphere that there had been a traitor on the royals’ ship and their pods had not only been tampered with but cloned. She found out once they landed that the ship had been shot down and the royals and the crew had vanished. They had searched for ten years without any sign of where the royals had ended up or if they had even survived. Evelyn had spent much of that time searching for the protectors only to find Kalavin in California who said the project had failed miserably and he had lost the royals while in captivity. Kal had created a life for himself when his searching had turned up nothing and everyone had suspected that their charges hadn’t survived the crash.

The only thing to do was assimilate. Without the royals there was no mission and no reason to go back where Khivar was ravaging their once peaceful planet. The Queen’s last transmission was telling because she was leaving Antar and taking as many loyalists as she could with her. Some wondered if she too would come to Earth but she knew it was safer if no one knew. Evelyn had taken Kal’s advice and started a life for herself by enrolling in a college nearby where Kal had given her an identity and paid her tuition. Kal had been a friend on Antar but seemed to become her protector while on Earth. She suspected it was in his nature even though his charges were gone he found his own to replace the missing pieces. At first she resented the thought but she allowed him to care for her because she enjoyed the idea that she wasn’t alone.

She met her husband during her third year of college and after a year of dating they had married just after graduation. Thomas had caught her using her powers only three months into their relationship and after hearing her story and knowing who her “father” was, he thought she was joking about one of his upcoming movies. It took him some time to actually believe her even after seeing her powers multiple times but he brushed them off as parlor tricks. Evelyn smiled every time she thought about how easily he brushed off something that happened right in front of his eyes. One of Thomas’ quirks was his way of turning a blind eye to things he didn’t understand at least when it came to someone he loved, their faults fell by the wayside.

When Evelyn found out she was pregnant, Kal had become extremely protective and when Serena was born that had transferred to her. Though he watched her like a hawk, Kal came alive with her sweet baby. He personified a proud grandfather in every way and with Thomas not having any surviving parents or grandparents, Evelyn was extremely grateful that Serena would have a sense of family. Serena had grown up strong with her parents’ smarts, her father’s wit, her mother’s looks, and Kal’s training. Evelyn had no doubt that Serena would not only be able to handle herself with a common street thug but also an alien attacker. Although there had been no sign of Khivar’s forces, she still couldn’t write off the chance that there were some here on Earth.

When Serena had brought Ava home one weekend after bumping into her while at college, Evelyn couldn’t believe her eyes. She had called Kal to come right away and they listened to Ava’s story about her upbringing along with meeting the second set in Roswell. Kal had enlisted a private detective to get information on the royals in Roswell and a few loyalists living in the area to keep an eye on them. They weren’t happy with the idea of Nicholas not only being on Earth but had confronted the royals. Evelyn had felt guilty that she had been living a happy life while the very people she was sent here for were dealing with enemies that according to Ava they didn’t understand or even know why they were enemies. Kal had to pull her out of that downward spiral of guilt and let her know that they were being taken care of now without interrupting the lives they had built for themselves.

They brought Ava into their family and the real shock had come when Liz Parker came home with the girls for the first time. Liz was quiet around her at first but she could tell the girl was dealing with powers she didn’t completely understand at the time. Ava had told her about Zan changing the girl and how her powers were slowly emerging but Evelyn wasn’t worried knowing the girl would gain control of them in time. It was the seal that no one seemed to know about that worried her. The girl was carrying the seal of the Granolith, it appeared that not only had Zan changed this slip of a girl but had also sanctified her as the Keeper. Even Ava didn’t seem to know and when she talked with Kal they had come to the conclusion that they didn’t know because they didn’t remember. Zan had somehow accidently appointed her or his alien side had come out when they were under threat and had given her the status without the conscious part of his brain truly knowing. They decided the best thing for all of them was to keep it a secret and hope that without it being known, it wouldn’t get out. Only the king’s advisors and protectors had the ability to see the seal and since they were the only two left they had been confident that the knowledge would stay with them.

The recent events that Serena had filled them in on during her visit for Christmas had been confusing. No one should have been able to see the seal so how did Nicholas find out? Evelyn had been angry with Kal since he had promised her the kids were being watched but he didn’t have anything to say because they did have loyalists in the area keeping an eye on them. He had gotten ahold of them and found that his orders were taken a little too seriously. No action was taken because they seemed to have it under control and for them to intervene meant disrupting their lives that Kal had explicitly warned them against. Evelyn knew these men followed orders to a T so she couldn’t necessarily blame them but still she had felt helpless that Liz had to endure Nicholas’ wrath.

The fact that the Granolith was still here placed the royals in danger because she knew that was one thing that Khivar wouldn’t stop until he got his hands on. If Nicholas got the information to Khivar, Liz Parker would become his number one obsession. She didn’t put it past Khivar to have found a faster way here by now. Their only saving grace was the fact that Khivar would never leave Antar unless he was positive that the Granolith was within his grasp. Until the day he thinks he has that opportunity, he would never take the risk of leaving the throne empty. He wasn’t stupid enough to think that all the loyalists were gone or dead.

Evelyn was pulled from her thoughts as she watched the rental car pull up the long drive and took a deep breath. She had a lot of things she needed to go over with Liz, information that should help her find the Granolith and fully take on her role as Keeper. She only hoped that Liz was finally ready for the information and that she would understand why she had to keep this from her until she was ready for everything it entailed.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch28 11/15/12

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Sorry this is all rushed.. I wanted to get this up today and craziness ensued but here it is! okay it's not the "today" it was supposed to be but for me it's still the same day.. lol I need to go to sleep!

barbara87413, AvalonRose,mary mary,HypnotiqBlueEyes : Thank you for the feedback! Only a few answers come in this chapter. :) Ginger, The little ones may tire me out sometimes but they do help me and they're just too adorable to get me down for long! ;) Sarah, mmm I love your enthusiasm! I hope this long chapter helps! Lol I've been playing with cutting it into two or part of it going onto another chapter because of so much going on but I'm sticking with it. It may not have everything here but there's definitely enough to think over.. :lol:

Chapter Twenty Eight
*flashback in italics*

Serena and Liz settled in the living room with the coffee that Evelyn had made for them. They sat in comfortable silence as they relaxed and Evelyn smiled at the ease the two fell into. She was surprised at how easily they had gotten along at first. With Ava she knew Liz had some background but Serena was always so guarded with new people yet she and Liz almost acted like sisters from the beginning. Seeing the three girls interact was always her favorite part of having them all together at the house. Evelyn was always grateful that Serena got such a full life here even with friends that knew her and everything that came along with her. She never thought that her baby would have friends with similar secrets let alone share similar powers.

Evelyn pulled herself from her musings and looked at Liz with a mischievous glint in her eye. “Liz, you must tell me about this mysterious boy that Serena refuses to talk about.”

Serena coughed on her coffee as Liz laughed, “Evy..”

Evelyn raised an eyebrow, “what? A mother can’t find out if this boy is worthy of her daughter’s attention?”

Serena rolled her eyes, “yea right. I’m sure that’s really why you want to know.”

Liz smiled, “Sam is a gentleman and a very good friend of mine. I think they complement each other nicely.”

Serena grinned as she brought her cup back to her lips then threw a glance at Liz, “If we’re going to talk about Sam we might as well bring up his brother, who Liz just happens to be sleeping with.”

Liz gasped and looked to Serena then heard Evelyn laughing softly. They both turned to her with a raised eyebrow.

Evelyn realized they were watching her and laughed harder at their shared expression. She finally calmed herself enough to clear her throat and answer their question. “Leave it to you two to date brothers.”

Serena sat back into the couch, “who said anything about dating? Sam and I are just getting to know each other, that’s all.”

Liz and Evelyn both smiled, “mmhmm.”

Evelyn noticed Liz fiddling with her necklace, “what is that charm?”

Serena looked at Liz and grinned, “Dean gave it to her.”

Liz laughed, “yes. Dean gave it to me because it wards off demons and they can’t possess the wearer.”

Evelyn raised her eyebrow as she looked at both girls. “Why would he have that and give it to you?”

Liz threw a glance at Serena, “they hunt demons among other things. They were brought up in the life after their mother was killed by a demon.”

Evelyn’s face fell, “that’s horrible.”

Liz continued, “they were children. Sam was only six months old and Dean was four years. It was tough on them although they don’t really talk about it.”

The room remained quiet for a few moments until Evelyn decided to break the dam. “How have you been doing with the Granolith?”

Liz shook her head and put her cup down on the table in between them, “it’s hopeless. I couldn’t feel it when I was in Roswell and where else would it have gone?”

Evelyn saw the frustration on Liz’s face. “If it created a ship, sent it to Antar and transferred itself then it used a lot of energy. It might have hibernated or powered down after such an event.”

Liz and Serena raised an eyebrow and Evelyn continued, “do you feel drained after you use a lot of your energy? Zan had said there were times when it couldn’t be found which he always thought was a security measure but I thought about it biologically. When we use a lot of energy, our bodies grow tired and we need to shut down to recover that energy. It may be the same with the Granolith. And it may not be as hard as you think to find. It is limited to where it could transfer, the material would have to be able to handle the energy but I don’t really know of any earthly material that would be able to do that, at least not for the Granolith. A nuclear reactor needs walls that can hold it from going nuclear.”

Liz once again began to rub the charm on her necklace as she listened to Evy and then she felt her mind pull her back to the day Max said goodbye so many years ago. The memory clearly appearing as if happening right before her, Max handing her the whirlwind pendant necklace and then flashing to her inside the Crashdown looking back at him one last time seeing him crying quietly in the jeep. She rubbed her thumb over the raised whirlwind symbol and then shoved it into her back pocket as she walked towards her room. She felt her mind snap back to the present and let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding as her eyes snapped to Evelyn, “like material where the Granolith originated? You said it could fit into something small, what about like this?” She held up her necklace.

Serena and Evelyn watched her curiously and Evelyn nodded, “Yes, it’s possible. What are you thinking in that pretty little head?”

Liz rushed on, “I had a necklace from Antar or at least we thought it was.. it had the whirlwind symbol stamped in metal. I had it on me when we went to the pod chamber to tell them about Tess. The necklace was in my pocket when we went into the chamber before the Granolith took off or what we thought was the Granolith. I have it somewhere in my old room, I’m sure of it.”

Evelyn’s eyes grew and she nodded, “It’s very possible. The granolith would be attracted to it just for being a familiar metal.”

“Evening ladies.” Kal walked into the room and walked towards Liz with his hand out, “It’s nice to finally meet you, Liz.”

Liz stood from the couch and watched him cautiously, “Kal? What are you doing here?”

Evelyn and Serena looked at Liz as Serena spoke, “How do you know Kal?”

Kal noticed her body language along with the slight rise of her energy and could tell that she didn’t take too kindly to him so he stood down. Taking a few steps back and raising his hands, “it’s okay.”

Liz’s eyes never left Kal as she slowly backed further from him, “Max.. he went to see you in California. You tried to help him leave and then turned him away.”

Evelyn saw the mixed emotions that crossed Liz’s face, “Liz, Kal and I didn’t know the royals survived until we met Ava.”

Kal continued, “I’m sorry Liz but I’ve never met this Zan.. Max. Not face to face.”

Liz shook her head, “I saw you.. through a flash from Max. You got into an old ship and tried to fly it but it was too damaged.”

Kal watched her confusion, “if I may.. I can show you I am telling you the truth. I have never met Max. I’m sorry.”

She looked at Serena and Evelyn then sat down slowly in the nearest chair with her confusion written clearly on her face. She shook her head, “no. I believe you because they trust you. But who was it then? He looked like you.. older and shorter but still.. he even sounded like you.”

Serena watched the scene playing out before her. She didn’t remember Liz ever saying anything about knowing of Kal or any protector other than Nasedo. She could tell that whatever these memories were that Liz was accessing weren’t pleasant. The room had gone too quiet and she looked to her mother to see her exchange a worried glance with Kal. “What is it?”

Evelyn looked to her daughter, “Liz’s question is a very good one. Who was it and why did they pose as Kal?” She then nodded at Liz and Serena walked over to her as Kal and Evelyn left the room.

Serena kneeled in front of the chair Liz was perched on, “What is it?”

Liz gave her a small reassuring smile, “I’m fine. It’s just seeing him.. it threw me but also took me back. That was when things really started to fall apart.” Liz’s eyes fell as she trailed off.

Serena stayed silent knowing Liz wasn’t finished.
“Remember when I told you that one of my mistakes was just shoving down all the things that I thought I could get over in time until it exploded when my powers started to emerge?” Liz glanced up at her.

She nodded and Liz continued, “One of those things was the flash I got of Kal. Max was telling me that he was sorry, that he would never leave me. Yet I got a flash of him ignoring my phone call and was about to leave the planet with Kal. He lied to my face and instead of saying anything, I thought that maybe it was an eye opener and he would change.” She shook her head, “it doesn’t matter anymore but seeing Kal just.. I don’t know.. scared me a bit I guess. The shape shifter I saw in those flashes had hated Max so much.”

Serena waited for Liz’s eyes to meet her own, “I’ve known Kal all my life, Liz. He has never spoken a bad word towards Zan. It had to be another shape shifter. But who the hell would have something to gain from being Kal and doing that to Max?”

Evelyn and Kal walked into the kitchen making sure they were out of ear shot of the girls.

Evelyn looked worried, “you don’t think he survived and that’s how Nicholas found out?”

Kal nodded, “It would explain how the pods were hidden and so far apart. He could have been the one that cloned them in the first place and faking his death was part of the plan the whole time.”

“So not only do we have Nicholas to deal with but one of our own helping him. Didn’t you say Telvan was captured with you?”

“Yes, they told me he died. He must have escaped and they thought it would scare me into cooperating with them.”

Evelyn looked towards the living room where the girls had yet to leave. “I don’t have a good feeling about this, Kal.”

He gave her a small smile trying to comfort her, “I trained him, Ev. I know how he thinks and works.”

She shook her head, “It’s been years since you’ve seen him..”

“That doesn’t matter, his training is too deeply engrained. He betrayed us so he is still an outsider in their ranks and in time he will realize Nicholas only has so much use for him until he’s expendable.”

Evelyn met his gaze, “That’s the part that scares me the most.”

Liz had wanted to go straight to Roswell when she remembered putting the necklace in her favorite hiding place along with her journal before heading to Stanford but she didn’t feel anything when she was in her room and thought maybe it was still powered down. If that was what the damn thing had been doing all these years. It wouldn’t be of any use at the time and after talking it out with Serena, they had decided maybe for right now it was safer if it stayed in its hiding place. God forbid if anything happened and they got a hold of her again they wouldn’t have the Granolith as well. Another step to get a hold of it would always give her the extra time and the upper hand. Liz knew that a part of her didn’t want to revisit the memories that came with how the necklace and journal got thrown in there in the first place and that she might be acting a little childish and selfish for not wanting to touch the subject just yet but Serena had agreed that the Granolith being in a different location was a great idea so it wasn’t just her. No, it wasn’t just her.

Liz paced in the guest room that Serena and her family had started calling Liz’s room after the second time she came to unwind from the abyss. One thing crossed off in her mind for the time being and then once again it went to the next item on the list. Her mind started spinning who could possibly benefit from Max staying away from the other shape shifter who obviously had connections that would help them, that wouldn’t leave them in the dark. Nasedo was the only one that she knew but he died so who would have taken his place in his death? The skins weren’t shape shifters but then they had be able to turn Nasedo to their side, there could have been more. Every time her thoughts shifted to Max she pushed them away knowing there was no point delving into that pool again, it was over so why did her mind keep going there and trying to analyze something that was already dead and buried? Liz and Serena had been there for almost a week and she was already starting to go stir crazy. She sat on the bed and pulled out her cell hitting Dean’s speed dial number.

“This is Dean’s other, other cell so, you must know what to do.”

“Hey.. I just wanted to hear your voice. Don’t worry, everything’s fine, just another revelation.. you think I’d be used to getting them now.” She sighed, “sorry I’ll just talk to you later.”

She fell back on the bed as she shut her cell. She closed her eyes and tried to forget about everything but she felt herself being sucked into the memories she was trying so hard to keep at bay.

Liz shot up from her seat at the counter in the Crashdown, the pendant necklace jumping from its resting place around her neck. "I gave up everything for you and you can't give me this one thing?! How selfish do you have to be? You know you said you changed, that after your whole crazy experience of dying whatever that you had changed and knew what your priorities were and that I wasn't the fifth on the list but you’re still pushing me to the back and just think that I’ll follow you but I'm done. I'm going to Stanford. It may not be Harvard but its mine!”

Max still sat on the stool next to her recently vacated one, shaking his head. “You won't go, Liz. There are colleges here that are fine. I need to stay..”

She interrupted him, “that's right YOU.. You need to stay. Not me!” She felt her anger boiling to the surface and decided to just walk away before she said something she’d regret.

“If you leave..”

She stopped but wouldn’t turn around, “IF?”

She heard his slight pause then his quiet threat, “then we're over.”

She was too tired for all this. “If that was a threat then you've lost your touch because it already ended.”

“What? When? What are you talking about Liz?” She heard him move towards her. Finally, he wasn’t so sure of himself.

“The day you sent in applications for me to the colleges of your choosing.” She continued towards the back room.

She heard him follow behind her. “No Liz.. this isn’t over. I was just.. upset.”

She turned towards him so he could see she was serious, “Max, all we've been doing is fighting. That's not a relationship.. this thing we have.. I don’t even know what it is anymore. I’m leaving and it’s time you stop pretending that we can go back to how it used to be!” She turned and went into the apartment, leaving him behind.

Her cell vibrated in her hand ripping her out of her past. Without looking she answered, “Parker.”

“Hey.” Dean’s voice immediately melted some of her tension.

Liz smiled, “Hey yourself.”

“Sorry I didn’t get your call, we just left the ghostbuster nerds. Oh and Sam got a copy of their video for you, he’s confident that flash drive you gave him worked.”

Liz laughed softly as she remembered Sam telling her about the group filming everything from the Morton House and she knew when they called Sam to come see something that they’d put all the video together. She couldn’t help herself when she talked Sam into getting the video for them, even going so far as telling Kyle about it and getting him to talk Dean into making sure they got it. “That should make an awesome movie night.”

“It wasn’t half bad.”

Liz laughed harder and felt her body finally relax. “Serena and I are going to head to Bobby’s in a few days to help him research.”

“Did you clear that with him first?”

Liz felt the smirk creep onto her face, “Yea, why?”

“Just wondering..”

“Just because Bobby makes a fuss about you guys messing up his house, doesn’t mean he hates all company.”
She heard him chuckle, “yea, like we could mess up that house. It’s barely a house, more like a library with rooms.”

Liz smiled, “So, are you going to be visiting Bobby’s library any time soon?”

“Well now that it’s part brothel..”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch29 11/19/12

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mary mary: Seriously! That always bothered me too. I wondered if the writers really wanted people to hate max because ever since the second season he really stepped it up in the jackhole department.
HypnotiqBlueEyes: Don't worry there are a few more liz/max flashbacks coming. :)
AvalonRose : Liz got quite a bit of info from Evelyn, more revealed in this chapter as a matter of fact! The other alien.. well he's for a later date.

I got a lot of writing done recently and filled some holes in the outline and I'm pretty excited about it. Should be able to keep up the quick posts for a couple more weeks.. *fingers crossed* Hopefully! Driving to my brother's for thanksgiving on Wednesday, hoping to get another chapter up on Tuesday night but just in case I don't until I'm at my brother's house.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!! Enjoy some pie! :D

Chapter Twenty Nine

When Serena and Liz landed in Albuquerque, Michael and Maria were waiting for them at the airport. Liz spent the drive back to the house filling them in on the information Evelyn gave them, the necklace, and about Kal. Maria let them know that she kept their bags in the extra room so they could head to Bobby’s as soon as they were ready without any other stops. Although Michael wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea, he understood Liz’s need to help them and Serena made a pretty great case about their safety against aliens or demons.

When they arrived at the house, Michael and Maria had said that they would make dinner so they had something in their stomachs before they left. Serena and Liz gave in then headed into their room and started packing what they needed to take with them to Bobby’s. Liz finished first and told Serena she was going to take a hot shower now so they could hit the road right after dinner.

After her shower, Liz came out of the bathroom to find their room empty except for the two packed bags on the bed. She got dressed quickly and heard raised voices traveling from another part of the house. She walked out of the room and down the hallway, following the voices to the living room by the front door. She saw Michael, Max, Serena, and Maria all standing in the middle of the room and she could tell they were arguing from the parts of conversation she caught on the way towards them. Apparently, Max wasn’t happy that she and Serena were leaving.

Max and Serena looked like they were in a standoff as Maria and Michael were standing close most likely just in case they needed to get between them. Max’s voice filled the room, “we should be getting the Granolith in our hands and trying to turn it on! You and Liz don’t need to be running off and messing around when there could be a shape shifter following you for all we know!”

Liz took a step into the room, “I’m not messing around, I’ve got something to do and it doesn’t concern you.”

Max’s head snapped in her direction as he scoffed, “please, we know you’re just going to see Dean.”

Maria tried to take a step towards Max but Michael held her back as Serena crossed her arms and just watched, knowing Max didn’t stand a chance. Liz kept a straight face and level voice, “I’m helping a friend with a problem because I have the skills to do so and nothing better to do right now.”

Max argued, “you shouldn’t be getting involved in something else when we have our own problems to deal with right here.”

Liz felt a burst of anger that contorted her face for just a second and then her controlled façade came back, “what are you going to do Max? Forbid me? I’m not going to argue about this, especially with you. Just because it doesn’t line up with your agenda, doesn’t mean it’s not important to others!” She turned quickly and walked away down the hallway.

“Liz! I wasn’t..” Max tried following her but Serena stepped in front of him, blocking his path. Serena saw the panic in Max’s eyes but ignored it.

Max’s wild gaze met hers, “get out of my way.”

Serena rolled her eyes, “you want to tackle this so badly, do you have a plan?” She pushed him backward when he tried to move around her. “You know what we should do next?”

His gaze went back to the hallway but Liz was out of sight. He let out a frustrated breath and brought his focus back to the woman blocking his path, “I don't know.. turn it on and go after Nicholas?”

Serena lifted her eyebrow, “really? And how do we turn it on?”

“Yea and where's Nicholas?” Maria threw in from her spot next to Michael.

Michael walked to Max to get his attention, “Liz isn't just ditching us to help Dean and you know it, Maxwell. There's nothing that we can do right now. She's going to make sure the necklace is where she left it and we'll try to find out what we can about Nicholas but right now we don't have anything except the Granolith and that puts us ahead if you want my opinion. We'll still be on guard, we're not just going to throw ourselves into the fire. But let's face it, there's not much we can do right now. What happened to not running in halfcocked?”

Max looked to Michael and felt the fight drain out of him. “It just seems..”

Serena interrupted, “weird? Yea, we get that. It's been quiet for a while though.”

Max glanced back to Serena, “too quiet.”

“Probably because they think we have the granolith and they're terrified to come near us.” Maria added with a smirk.

“Maybe.” Max walked over to the couch and sat down.

“Maxwell, we’re staying active and cautious, we’re keeping our eyes and ears open, there's nothing else we can do until we know more.” Michael watched Max rub his face, wondering if he was more upset about what was going on or what he just did to Liz, whether it was on purpose or not.

Sometimes he still ran too hot and always ended up saying things before he thought them through. No matter how hard he tried he still couldn’t get that out of his system, he wanted it over now and he didn’t want to stop until it was. Maybe it was something in his DNA left over from Zan, always being in charge and not giving up but sometimes he just needed to know when to stop.

Michael thought that after everything they’d been through, Max would have learned by now that the idea of being in control was just a joke when they never knew the whole story. Hell, it was why Michael was able to let go and take a step back. They were never in control, they could form plans and try to keep a step ahead but control was just an illusion for them. It always has been and will always continue to be. The thought that they knew something that the enemy didn’t just wasn’t a luxury they could afford. It wasn’t a card they were dealt in this life.


Liz walked around the back of the house, going in and out of rooms as she tried to cool herself down. Max shouldn’t be there right now, not while her memories were so fresh in her mind. She should have known when Michael told him on the phone about the Kal thing that he would come over but she wasn’t expecting him to try to stop her from leaving. She still had so much to process and she didn’t need him fighting her. She needed the break, some time to think about other things for a while, so she could come back to this with a clear head and be able to concentrate. She couldn’t do that while she was still worried about Dean, while she knew that she could be helping Bobby find an answer. The Granolith wasn’t going anywhere and as Evy said, the Granolith just might be waiting for her.

Liz found herself in Maria’s music room and sat down on the couch remembering the conversation she had with Evelyn just before they left.

As she was packing, a soft knock on her door alerted her to another presence. She turned and smiled at Evy, “come in.”

Evelyn walked over to the bed and took a seat next to the suitcase, handing Liz the bathroom bag she held. “There are a few things I wanted to discuss with you before you left.”

Liz nodded as she continued packing then noticed her silence and really looked at her. She could tell she was struggling with something. Liz pushed the suitcase aside and sat next to her, “what is it?”

Evy took a deep breath, “as keeper, you have a connection with the granolith. If it hasn't been gaining back its energy then it may have been in hiding on purpose. You not being ready would be a very good reason for that, your powers being out of control.. the connection to the granolith at full power could have been dangerous for you. The Granolith not only looks out for itself but for the safety of the keeper. I’ve never heard of it hiding before but if it detected a danger to you through the connection because of your powers.. I think it's very possible.”

Liz nodded, “I could see that.” She laughed softly, “I was a bit of a mess in the beginning. Well, for a while.” She glanced at Evy and noticed that the anxiety was still there. She reached over and placed her hand on top of Evelyn’s and squeezed, bringing Evelyn’s eyes back to her own. Liz looked at her in question.

Evelyn placed her other hand on top of their hands, sandwiching Liz’s small hand between her own. “Liz, there's something you must know because I'm afraid you staying in the dark would only get you into a dangerous spot. Khivar will stop at nothing to get and keep the granolith in his possession.”

Liz gave a subtle nod of her head, “Yea I know but Serena said that the granolith denied him so how does he even think that can happen?”

“I'm afraid that's where you come in, honey.”


“If he has you by his side then the Granolith would be within his power at all times.”

Liz laughed a little nervously, “how the hell would that even be an option?” She shook her head, “I would never..”

“Liz, Khivar was Ava's brother. A disgraced brother but blood none the less. He shared powers with his sister, an ability that wasn’t held in high regard on Antar because of its darker side. Her mind warps couldn't do too much damage especially to other Antarians because most could sense it but Khivar had twisted his ability not only to make you see something that wasn’t there at the time but to actually change people's memories, make them believe something about themselves or others that wasn't true, essentially messing with one’s true perception to the point where your most trusted ally became your worst enemy. His mother had tried to have the ability blocked but most believed it couldn't be done permanently.”

Liz shook her head, “Ava tried warping me after I got a handle on my powers, it didn’t work because she couldn't get in.”

A pained expression covered Evy’s face, “I'm afraid Khivar is stronger than her but he wouldn't just rely on his powers either. He has most likely studied humans just like we did. If Nicholas has told him about you then he will find out as much as he can so that if he gets a chance with you.. if his ability doesn't give him what he wants. He will do whatever he thinks will force you to be with him.”

Liz's eyes grew as her expression and meaning sunk in and she thought about Nicholas’ threat against Kyle when she wouldn’t give him anything. “You mean hit me where it hurts.. he would do something to my family?”

Evy nodded, “He's done it before.”


Evelyn looked down at their hands, "V loved him. They were a cute young couple before things started falling apart. Zan had gotten wind of Khivar’s ability and about the cure his mother tried on him. He had known of the effects not being permanent and immediately suspected Khivar had used it on his sister. Zan never approved of Khivar before that so it just pushed him over the edge. Vilandra began seeing him in secret and Khivar started his rebel uprising. I don't know if he had gotten the ability back before but poor V, she had no idea why Khivar really wanted in that night. She killed her own brother but the tears in her eyes.. Her face as the dagger went into Zan’s heart. Her actions weren’t her own and you could tell it was killing her inside. It was terrifying. No one thought he'd be capable of something like that.”

Liz felt her chest tighten, “Were you there?”

Evelyn’s eyes came back up shining, “No. No I was in the lab, we saw it on the telecast.” Evelyn brushed the tears that fell, “we had cameras in the palace that came on when the security breach was alerted. We could do nothing but watch.”

Liz’s hand flew to her mouth,“Oh god.. Isabel.”

“I was going to ask you what I should tell them before they ask questions. Their mother wanted them to have good lives here. I don't want to tell them something they can't handle. Specially Isabel.. She's dealt with enough in this life.”

“She's already been told she was the reason the rebels got in and that she loved Khivar. He actually showed up at her wedding. He wanted her to go back with him.”

Evelyn sighed, "I had figured he would have found a faster way here by now. I just hoped he couldn't."

“Evy, you can answer them truthfully. We've always been tripped up when we're left in the dark. It's only a disadvantage.”

Evelyn nodded with a small smile, "you know.. I worried about you having the seal at first. But now that I’ve gotten to know you, he couldn’t have made a better choice here. You’re not only extremely smart but strong and logical. Liz as keeper.. Anyone who wants their hands on the Granolith will have their eyes on you. Your connection to it is powerful which makes you..”

Liz interrupted, “I know.. Not the first time in the alien abyss I was the bad guy’s favorite toy. At least now I’ll have the granolith on my side.”

“Yes. But remember the granolith has only moved the keeper and itself, no one else.”

Liz looked at Evelyn letting the information sink in. If anything happened and she and the granolith were truly at risk, if the others were with her.. They would be left behind.

“I understand.”

They grew quiet and Evelyn stood from the bed waving a hand over her face, erasing all evidence of the emotion that Liz just witnessed. Liz smiled up at her seeing Serena so clearly in her face and then furrowed her brow, “Evy.. how do I.. what do I do with the Granolith when it does turn on? How will I even know it has?”

Evelyn smiled and squeezed Liz’s shoulder, “your connection, Liz. There is no operator’s manual, just the connection. When the time comes, you’ll know.”

“Liz, you ready to go?”

Liz glanced up at Serena’s voice and saw her leaning against the door. Liz nodded and stood from the couch.

“You gonna tell me what that was about back there? I mean yea, he had no right to say anything but you haven’t been like that with him in a while.”

Liz glanced at her, “it was just a little too close to those memories that surfaced in Portland. I know it happened years ago but..”

Serena nodded, “yea I figured. Just wanted to see where your head was.”

Liz smirked at her, “you were testing me to see if I’d tell you the truth.”

Serena started out the door, “hey, I wasn’t exactly sure. You’ve been pretty quiet since we left so it could be a number of things. There’s always too much going on in that head of yours.”

Liz walked towards the door and let out a short chuckle. She wondered if Serena was fishing for what exactly was going on in her head since Liz hadn’t spoken about what Evelyn had revealed. She had a feeling Serena knew that was why Liz was so quiet but didn’t want to push and Liz wasn’t ready to talk about all the things she learned. Hell, she honestly didn’t want to think about some of them yet. She didn’t need to focus on that now because Dean had a deadline and if Evy was right, the Granolith would wait. She just prayed that everything else would too and then she saw Alex’s guitar sitting in a guitar stand by the door and smiled before catching up with Serena.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch30 11/24/12

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mary mary,HynoptiqBlueEyes,AvalonRose: Max is definitely starting to come apart a bit again with Liz back in the spotlight of their enemies and he can't seem to separate his need to fix things and let everyone make their own decisions. And lucky you Sarah! This is definitely a Dean/Liz chapter!

Luckily I thought ahead to send the next chapter to myself in an email just in case I forgot my laptop since that's what I did last time.. And of course even though I told myself ten times don't forget it I did and my back up plan came into play. Although uploading this and fixing it from my phone was a pain in the butt! Lol please forgive me of any mistakes.. Ill fix them when I get home on Monday!

Chapter Thirty
*lyrics used in this chapter, "Broken" by Lifehouse in italics*

A week later. Milan Ohio.

Dean sat at the table in the motel room staring at his phone, beyond pissed that Sam hadn't jumped on board with the chance to end this whole thing. He always had to fight dad on everything but this time it was to save his ass so why the hell couldn’t Sam just back him up? He picked up the phone and hit Liz's speed dial.

"I didn't think I'd hear from you this fast."

He smiled hearing her voice, "We got it Liz, we have the answer."

"What? How?"

"I got a call from my dad. He told me how to kill the demon and its here. It's been following us but he's here now and I'm going to kill him."

"What? Your dad? Dean.. slow down. How.. How is that possible?"

"It’s my dad, he doesn’t want me going to hell and he gave me things he's picked up. Please don't be like Sam.."

"What do you mean like Sam? I don't want you going somewhere halfcocked and get yourself killed, if that’s what you mean."

"Sam's butting heads with dad just like always. Why doesn’t anyone see that this could fix everything? This could get me out of the deal, I kill the demon that holds my contract and I’m free."

"Dean.. How do you know this is really your dad?"

"I know, okay?"

"Belief doesn't always make things real. Please.. don't go somewhere without knowing that all your facts are right. You’re scaring me right now. Please.. I just want you to get through this case without killing yourself. We can look at it together.."

Dean couldn't believe that no one but himself was taking this seriously. He felt his confidence start to waver, maybe they were right. Maybe.. then his phone vibrated against his cheek and he looked at the screen. SHA33 was calling, his dad found the demon. "I gotta go."

"Dean.. Come home to me. Please don't rush into something.."

“I'll call you when we're done. I promise."


He hit the accept button changing to the incoming call, "Dad?"

Liz stared at her phone, "Son of a bitch.."

Serena was sitting on the other side of the couch and looked up from her book, "what is he doing?"

Liz looked at Serena, "he's going to get himself killed!" She jumped up from the couch and looked into the kitchen, seeing it empty she headed for the study. "Bobby!"

Bobby looked up from his desk to see Liz coming down the hallway, "quit your yelling kid, I'm right here."

"Dean's going to get himself killed!" She made her way into the study and started scanning books.

"What's new?" Bobby picked up his coffee mug and took a sip.

"He said that John called him. Told him how to kill the demon and where it was going to be. But the town they're in, people are dying! If this correlates with the phone calls.. What the hell kinda demon does this?" She turned to look at bobby and his head was back in his book.

"Bobby?" She walked over to his desk watching him suspiciously, "What do you know?"

Bobby rolled his eyes and looked up at the petite girl. Well damn it if she didn't make him feel bad with that voice and piss him off with that look, like she knew she could get him to tell her anything. He shook his head and lowered the book, "Sam told me about the exorcism dean was given. There's no proof it actually works, the boy is grasping straws.."

Liz pushed off the desk, "You didn’t think I should know about this?!" She pulled her phone out of her pocket as she turned away from him and tried calling dean but it went straight to voicemail. She decided to try Sam and got the same outcome. "Shit!"

"Alright, cool it! You’re not going to get anything done that way." Bobby put his book down. "You were looking for something. What are you thinking?"

Liz looked up from her phone and saw Serena coming down the hallway towards the study and she turned back to bobby but her eyes were scanning the books again. "Sam told me about the phone calls somehow being connected with people dying the last time we talked. Now dean gets this call with a magic cure to his problem that also tells him where the demon is? It’s too easy.. too clean. I feel like I read about something similar here but I can't remember. It's not a demon, is it?"

"Wait.. Phones connected? What are you talking about?" Bobby leaned forward as Liz's gaze came back to him.

"The guy that killed himself.. Sam said the last call was SHA33, a number that hasn't been used since the beginning of telephones and the guy was talking to some old girlfriend. They thought it could be some spirit phone but it didn’t really pan out. Now Dean is ready to go out and.." Liz stopped and started to rub her temples, taking deep breathes to calm down.

"Aw hell, it's a Crocotta." Bobby got up and walked over to one of his bookshelves, grabbing a book and flipping through it then laid it down open on the desk and left the room.

Liz and Serena both walked over and looked down at the open book. Liz skimmed and read the last line out loud, "It imitates the human voice, calling victims by night, and devouring those who approach it."

Both pairs of eyes snapped up to each other then Liz tried calling dean again with no luck. She glanced back to Serena seeing her phone out as well and she shook her head side to side. Liz tried to keep the full blown panic tamed as she watched Serena. "Why does this always seem to happen?"

"Sam's there. They'll watch each other's backs." Serena spoke with more confidence than she felt and put her phone in her pocket. She went back into the living room and picked up her book. Liz followed her and glanced into the kitchen seeing bobby talking on one of his phones. She sat down on the couch and picked up her book knowing she wasn’t going to be able to read but didn't want to look as lost and angry as she felt. She saw bobby glance at her more than once and sent him a small smile while chanting a short mantra over and over in her head. I’m going to kill him myself.. please let him survive so I can strangle the life out of him myself.
The television played softly as Dean and Sam sat on their respective beds in their motel room. It seemed deafeningly silent after their short conversation where Dean finally stopped pretending and came clean with Sam about his fear of hell.

Sam took a pull from his beer and really looked at Dean. He'd never seen his brother so torn apart and broken. He also knew dean wasn't just scared about hell. No, it was so much more than that. He finally had someone that was a perfect fit for him, someone that understood him completely and still loved him. Dean finally knew what he really wanted but if they couldn't find a way out, she'd be in danger. Sam briefly wondered what dean was more afraid of, being in the pit and all that came with it or her topside when they find out about her and dean having no way of protecting her.

"Dean, we're going to find a way. You, me.. Liz. If there's anyone that can pull out a miracle.." Sam smiled, "it’s her. I mean I never thought I'd see you in a real relationship not while we were in the family business. But in comes badass Liz Parker and you’re tied up in knots and she's got you tripping over your own two feet."

A small smile slowly appeared on dean's face as he turned his head to Sam, "she is a badass."

Sam let out a short laugh, "and she's not giving up. Liz and Serena have been going hours on end reading and researching at Bobby's. She's not giving up hope that there's an answer."

Dean looked down at his beer, rubbing the cool glass with his thumb. When his gaze came back to Sam, tears were threatening again, "tell me I didn't waste all those months pushing her away, trying to keep her safe only to lose her.."

A hard determination fell over Sam's face as he stared straight into his brother’s eyes, "we're not going to give up and we're not going to let them lay a hand on her, Dean."

Dean's phone rang breaking the silence that filled the space between them. He pulled out his phone catching her name written on the screen, "it's Liz."

Sam smirked, "like I said she's not giving up."

Dean opened the phone his voice soft, “hey”

"Finally answering your phone? It’s not like I thought you could be dead or anything.. I take it that wasn’t your dad?"

Dean just shook his head but didn’t answer. He glanced at Sam then got up and left the room.

"Dean, come home."

He closed his eyes as he leaned against the door, "I don't have a home, Liz."

"You either come to me or I'm coming there."

He shook his head with a slight smile, "It'll probably take a day to get there."

"I don't care how long. Just get here, I'm waiting."

Early the next morning, the brothers were on the road heading to Bobby’s. Sam knew that Liz talked him into going even though Dean wouldn’t say much about the call but he didn’t mind. He knew Dean needed to see her and he knew Serena would be there. It would definitely be nice to see her again.

With hours of driving dean had nothing but time to obsess about what happened with this last case and with Liz. He heard the tape eject and the radio come on signaling the end of his tape. He reached over to change the channel but glanced at Sam seeing his eyes closed, he brought his hand back to the wheel and let the song play.

I am here still waiting though I still have my doubts
I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out

His mind continued on its playback of their last case and Liz. No matter what he did it always seemed to come back to her. The way she sounded on the phone the last time they spoke, how angry she was at first. He could hear her trying her best to hide it but it only lasted a few seconds before it turned to concern.

The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head
I tried my best to be guarded, I'm an open book instead

He could understand her being able to read him when she was in the room with him but the way she did it by the sound of his voice. He was still a little freaked out sometimes but he realized he was also kind of amazed. Someone knew him well enough to read the situation and his voice and know what was really going on even through what he wasn't saying. No matter what he was doing, how he was acting, she was thinking of him. He just wasn't used to it and he didn't want to admit that he liked it, at least from her.

The broken lights on the freeway left me here alone
I may have lost my way now, haven't forgotten my way home

Dean saw a sign for Sioux Falls, South Dakota 30 miles and felt himself getting nervous to see her. He was so sure his father was getting him out, that he finally had his answer, his get out of jail free card. He fought with her again pushed her thoughts aside, didn’t listen to her fears. As much as he wanted to see her right now, knowing how much her arms could heal him, yet still a part of him was worried. If he kept slipping up, if this small amount of time was all he had left with her then all her memories will be of phone conversations and arguments. What the hell was he really giving her?

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
With a broken heart that's still beating
In the pain, there is healing
In your name I find meaning
I'm barely holdin' on to you

He finally pulled into the familiar town and saw the sign for Singer Auto. He pulled into Bobby's and saw Liz open the door, watching him. He threw a glance at Sam to find him still asleep. He parked the car and stepped out as he watched Liz slowly make her way to the end of Bobby's porch. She wore a pair of sweats that were too big for her and a long sleeve shirt with a logo on it and as he got closer noticed it was actually a band name, Led Zeppelin, his favorite band to be exact. He felt his chest constrict as he walked up to the stairs, where Liz was standing quietly observing him. He slowly climbed the steps, pausing two from the top coming eye to eye with her.

“Hi.” She whispered with a small smile.

"I'm sorry." Dean watched her brow furrow.


"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.." his eyes dropped to her feet that were bare. "I'm sorry that I just ran off thinking my dad would.."

She gently cupped his face in her hands and waited for his eyes to meet hers.

She wasn't surprised to see tears that he was trying to hold back. "It's okay because you’re home." She leaned in close, kissing him softly on the lips then pulling away slightly to look in his eyes, "you came home to me and that's all that matters." She wrapped her arms around him as his arms did the same, pulling her tight against him. She felt the small shudders and his hot breath on her neck then saw Sam get out of the car over dean’s shoulder.

The sound of the car door shutting had dean pulling away slightly, wiping at his face. Liz smiled at Sam and pointed inside, "Serena's in the upstairs bedroom on the right."

Sam nodded and passed them quietly on his way inside.

Dean looked at Liz and kissed her softly at first but they quickly grew heated as he felt all his worries and fear melt away, getting lost in her.

They broke apart and Liz looked at him with a small smile then grabbed his hand pulling him inside, "come on. I know a good bed that's calling you. You must be exhausted."

Dean smiled but it wasn't completely there. As he followed behind her, he felt the fatigue start to hit him. They moved quickly through the house not seeing anyone on their way to her bedroom. He realized it was the room he had used many times over the years and he briefly wondered if Bobby gave her this room or if she picked it out herself.

She took his jacket off and pushed him on the bed, he chuckled softly as images popped into his mind of dreams and thoughts he had of her while they were separated then he felt his boots being pulled off.

"What are you doing? This is where you climb on top of me." He propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at her with his patented smirk in place.

She dropped his boots on the floor and climbed up the bed, kissing him softly as she finally came to his face. "I missed you too"

"How much?"

She chuckled at his attempt to seduce her, "I know you’re tired."

Dean scoffed, “like I haven't driven nineteen hours before."

She kissed him while pushing him down to the pillow then laid her head on his chest. "Okay. Do you want to talk about the Crocotta?"

His hands roamed under her shirt, fingers softly brushing against her back. "I'm just happy he didn't use you. He mimicked my voice to Sammy. If he had used yours and told me you were in trouble that you needed me somewhere right away.."

They fell silent for a few moments and Liz thought about his dad. “I know you wished it was him, Dean. It’s natural to hope that it was him, to be able to talk to him after you never really found out what happened. I know how much he meant to you even after everything, he was still your father and he loved you. Not knowing kills you but you said that he got out of hell and he disappeared in a light.. that sounds to me like he went to a better place and maybe I’m just a wishful thinker but I hope that he finally got to be at peace and be with your mother again. It’s his time to rest so if he was contacting you that would mean he was still hanging around, doesn’t that only lead to a vengeful spirit?”

Dean was quiet and Liz thought that he might have fallen asleep. She tilted her head up and caught him staring at her with heavy eyes. He was still fighting sleep even though it was apparent he was exhausted. His voice was quiet and deep, “What the hell did I do to deserve you?”

Liz smiled, “didn’t you know? You’re a hero.. and behind every strong man is an even stronger woman.”

Dean laughed and her smile grew then she sobered slightly, "I'm serious. What you do.. There's no recognition except from those that have witnessed it, those that have life or still have loved ones because of what you do. You’re the soldier in a war that most don't even know exists, yet you still go out putting your own life on the line to help others. You act like it’s no big deal but you sacrifice yourself for others all the time without a thought. The fact that you think you’re not worth a damn confuses me. You think your father is a hero.. Yet you don't count yourself in his ranks?”

“Liz, the man gave his life for mine.”

“And you did the same for Sammy. Why was that?”

“Because I always protected him, it was my job and I slipped up.”

“I'm sure your father would say the same.”

Dean was quiet and Liz continued, “My father once said that the man who gave his life for his country would never be forgotten, his worth never questioned, maybe not by the country he fought for but by those who fought next to him. Those who witnessed his courage, his commitment, his sacrifice, those eyes will never deny the man's honor.”

A small smirk bloomed on Dean’s face, “sounds like a marine.”

“I'm not the only one who knows your worth, Dean. If you would just take in what other people see in you maybe you would finally see the truth.” A mischievous smile spread on Liz’s face, “of course until then I don’t have a problem continuing to show you.”

Dean chuckled. A sound that warmed her heart and made her determined to make laughter a bigger part of his life. He rolled to his side bringing Liz with him and held her tight to his chest as his eyes finally closed. “Thank you Liz.” It came out as a soft whisper against the top of her head and she kissed his arm.

“Goodnight love.”
When Drifters Collide.
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Chapter Thirty One
The next morning.

Dean slowly woke up to the strong smell of coffee and opened his eyes to see Liz walking into the room with two mugs in her hand. He sat up and realized his shirt was gone then raised an eyebrow at her with a smirk. She just smiled and handed him a mug once he was settled against the wall.

She kissed him softly, “good morning.”

He took a sip from his mug and smiled, “a guy could get used to this.”

“So could I.. maybe.” She laughed as he tried to look offended.

Once the laughter settled, he took in Liz’s features as she sat down on the bed. He could tell that she hadn’t been sleeping much but she still looked amazing. He knew he looked like hell after days with little sleep so how did she pull that off? Liz noticed his inspection and narrowed her eyes.

A slow smile spread across his face, “how’s the bookworm stuff going?”

She tried not to look too disheartened. “Not well. We haven’t really been able to find much on crossroad deals and the stuff we do find isn’t promising.”

Dean nodded his head, “I need to find Bella and get the colt. It’s all we have.”

“You know she’s sold it by now, she never holds onto things for long and she probably had a buyer before she took it from you. You think she just jumped in to take the gun on a hunch that she could sell it?”

He shook his head, “she has it or knows where it is and she’ll die if she doesn’t. That gun was my only saving grace and the bitch took it for greed.”

Liz laid her hand on his leg to get his attention, “killing her won’t change anything. It won't save you.”

Dean’s face was hard, “yea but it will definitely feel good. After what she did to my baby, shooting Sam, lying to us and taking the colt.. you’d think that she would have left it at that but then she got us arrested. Bitch.”

She touched his face, “Dean, it won't make you feel better.”

His gaze came back up to her face and saw the concern in her eyes, “I know.” He pulled her hand to his lips and kissed it lightly.

She gave him a small smile, “why don’t you just stay here with me?”

“You know I have to try.”

She smiled and nodded once, “I know. If something came up I’d have to go check it out too. Dean.. I can't tell you for sure that the gun is gone but I think it's highly likely.”

He smirked, “What? Can't make that alien hoodoo work on command?”

Liz chuckled, “you’re such an ass.”

He put his mug down and grabbed hers placing it next to his on the small nightstand next to the bed and pulled her against him, “a very good looking ass.” He kissed her collarbone and then his lips slowly climbed up her neck, “I didn’t get to tell you how much I missed you last night.”

Liz smirked as his lips came up to hers, “I always thought it was better to show someone.”

He pulled her shirt up and over her head in one quick motion, “I can do that.”

Sam, Dean, and Bobby were scattered around the study either reading a book or flipping through loose papers while Liz and Serena were in the kitchen cooking dinner. The tantalizing smells started reaching the study and Sam’s stomach growled.

“Having women in the house sometimes has its luxuries.” Dean and Sam looked at Bobby. He shrugged, “What? It beats eating food from a can. When was the last time you two had an actual meal?” Before Dean could open his mouth Bobby interrupted, “that wasn’t from a gas station or bar?”

Sam laughed as Dean went back to the book in front of him.

“You boys treat those girls with respect, you hear me? They’re good kids and I may keep them if you screw it up.”

Sam raised his eyebrows and looked at Dean, “he’s talking to you.”

Dean threw a glance at Sam, “that’s because your already a girl.”

Sam chuckled as Bobby mumbled, “idjits.”

Dean stood and put his book down, “well, I’m going to see if they need anything.”

Bobby and Sam exchanged a smile as Dean left the room.

After dinner, everyone was sitting around the dining room table talking over coffee or beer. Bobby was just complimenting them on being able to find the table to clear it off for dinner when Liz’s phone vibrated and she excused herself from the room. She answered the call in the hallway as she walked to the study. “What’s up, Aves?”

“We got a problem, looks like we may have some agents poking around in Roswell.”

“Really? I haven’t heard anything from Henriksen. Come to think of it, I haven’t heard from him in a while.”

“Valenti and your parents had agents asking questions. No names but asking about strange things around town, the questions the agent asked the sheriff hit way too close to us. Max was going to head there to talk with Brody and check it out but we didn’t want him going alone. It’s odd that it’s happening again after so much time. I don’t know but it almost seems too off, ya know? Why now and why Roswell?”

“Why the hell did Max think going on his own was okay? What is up with him? Nevermind..” Liz shook her head slightly and thought about Ava’s last question. “It might be FBI because of Groves.. but it could also be skins looking for the Granolith.”

“I don’t want to think it but it’s possible. Did you pick up the necklace?”

"No, I left it there. We thought it might be better if it was separate from me.. extra precaution. Don't worry we’ll be there. I'll see you soon Aves. Try to keep an eye on Max if you can." She shut the phone and slipped it into her pocket.

Dean stood in the doorway staring at her back. "You’re going to him, aren't you?"

She looked over her shoulder at him, "don't be so dramatic. You know it's not like that."

He strode to her, "you shouldn't be anywhere near him Liz, you need to stay here."

Liz kept her back to him and felt the heat of his body only inches from her. She knew he wanted to touch her, maybe shake some sense into her but he kept the small distance between them. She dropped her head and took a deep breath, “I need to be with them, this is my fight too. Just because things are getting crazy doesn't mean we can just pretend the FBI doesn't pose a risk as well. I don't know what you want me to say."

He gently turned her to face him, "come with me. You can help us."

"I'm helping here but I need to help with my fight too. I won't be safe until this is finished. I know its crappy timing but I have to do this."

"Damn it Liz.." he turned and walked the other side of the room trying to cool his anger. "How can I keep my head on straight if I'm constantly worried that he's going to throw you to the wolves?"

"That won't happen again, everyone will be on edge. This is the first time since then, there's no way we'd let that happen. I won't let that happen." She took a few steps towards him.

"How is that supposed to make me feel better? He's been putting you in dangerous situations for too long, I don't want you anywhere near him." His voice started to get louder, "I don't want him even knowing where you are."

Liz's anger exploded as she advanced on him, "Oh, so I should just be locked up but you can go out and face all the dangers of the world because what? You’re stronger than me?? You think I don't know about the demon you and Sam plan to go after and interrogate? I’m not stopping you!"

He turned as he yelled back, "That's completely different and you know it! I can't just ignore that opportunity!"

She went up on her toes trying to get height while poking him in the chest, "and you think I can just ignore my problem? Yes, it's my problem not just my friends!"

He grabbed her hands to stop her from poking him, giving him a small shock with each stab of her finger, "Yes and I should just wait to hear he's given you up or maybe that he just stood by stupidly while you were taken!"

She stared at him, eyes narrowing, "So I should just sit here on my hands like little miss damsel in distress while my friends fight my fight and you go off jumping into your own danger?"

He sighed, "Yes.."

She yanked her hands out of his grasp and strode angrily towards the door.

Dean grimaced, "No.. Shit that's not what I meant. Damn it woman, you added in all these words that I don't mean!" He quickly went out the door following her down the hallway passing a shocked Sam and Serena.

"Screw you, Winchester!" Liz threw over her shoulder as she made her way to the front door.

"Liz, wait! Where are you going?" Dean ran the last couple of steps to grab her arm.

"Sorry but I'm not susie sobstory, hiding in a secret house for the end of time!"

Liz tried pulling out of his grasp but he held tighter.

"Would you just listen to me?!" He spun her to face him and she punched his chest.

Serena and Sam came up behind them slowly.

"Why? You just want to me stay hidden and not fight.. you’re not giving any kind of real solution.. just a caveman answer!" She pulled at his grip again and he pulled her to his chest holding her tightly against his body so she couldn't move.

Serena spoke up, "she's right Dean. Her staying here won't help anything, actually it would probably be more like suicide. If the skins get wind that she separated from the group and alone they'll try going after her themselves. The only reason I agreed to her staying here was because I'd be with her and with you,
Sam, and bobby we'd have a good amount of ammo against whoever tried anything."

Dean's face fell as his eyes went from Liz to Serena, he looked defeated. "You heard us and you think I should just let her go to be around King douchebag?"

Serena watched him carefully, "what are you really afraid of? You know I wouldn't let that happen again, no one would."

Liz's eyes widened, "Are you kidding me?" She started to struggle at his hold again when she couldn't budge she sent a shock up his arm.

Dean yanked his arm up as he fell back into the wall, "son of a bitch!"

She turned to him, "You think I'd be stupid enough to hand myself over to the FBI?! How would that help anyone? I'm not sitting on my ass and I'm not playing stupid, who the hell do you think I am?" She opened the door and stormed out, slamming it behind her.

Sam looked over to Dean, "Nice."

Dean was still trying to shake out the tingling in his arm, "shut up."

They heard an engine rev and Dean pushed off the wall then ripped open the door and ran outside while Serena and Sam looked out the open doorway. Bobby poked his head out of the kitchen, "I didn't say you could stay to scream up the place"

Serena glanced back at him, “sorry bobby.”

He raised an eyebrow, “you’ve got nothing to be sorry for.”

Sam gave him a tight smile, “Sorry. You know dean. He's too protective and a bit hot headed.”

Bobby gave Sam one of his what the hell faces, "a bit?" He shook his head, "nothing ‘a bit’ with your brother." He picked up his mug and went back to his desk mumbling about stupid words.

Serena went outside and sat on the first step, looking out towards the road hoping Liz wouldn’t go too far. She heard footsteps and then Sam sat down next to her, handing her a can of cherry coke.

They sat in silence for a few moments until Sam’s curiosity got the better of him. “Why would you want Max anywhere near Liz if this is as serious as it seems?”

Serena threw a glance towards him and sighed. She kept her gaze on the yard as she tried to help him understand. “You don’t know Max. You don’t know how weird it was to meet someone your mother would tell you about in stories as a child and then one day by happenstance bump into a person from those stories and find out they were all real. My mother was a good friend of Zan, before he was Max.”

Sam watched her confused, “how can you be friends with him after what he did to Liz? I got the feeling you were closer to Liz, more of her friend.”

Serena looked at him, "I am closer to Liz but.. don't get me wrong I couldn't talk to him for a long time and I seriously wanted to jack him up.” She shook her head slowly, “I don't agree with what he did whatsoever but its.. I know what he thought he was doing."

Sam’s forehead scrunched together, “What do you mean?”

She tried to think how she could get him to understand the inner workings of Max’s mind like she did, "do you believe in second chances?"

“I guess to a certain extent.” Sam wondered where she was going.

Serena put the can down and rested her elbows on her knees clasping her hands together as she looked out at the yard in front of her. “In Max’s first life, when he was Zan, he was a good guy too but was lied to by a few people that he truly trusted. That in turn cost him not only his life but the three people closest to him. He didn't get any more luck in this life. His mother thought that his life would be easier here, that they all could grow up and have a real childhood before learning their full past. Instead for most of his life he was scared because he didn't know anything except he was different and then was lied to again just because it suited someone else's agenda. He made a lot of mistakes and it's just.. I feel awful for the cards he was dealt. At least in his other life there were always people there for him but here he turned everyone against him thanks to Ava’s evil twin and her manipulations.”

Sam listened intently but still couldn’t get past what he did, “that still doesn't give him an excuse for what he did to her.”

Serena smiled at him, “you’re an extremely loyal friend, you know that?” Then shook her head, “He thought he was helping her by taking the heat off of her because he still thought he was the only reason they wanted her but they wanted her to see how he changed her. They knew she was born human and that she'd developed powers. They don't want to use her to get him, they want to see how her body works. I don't think what he did was right but I see what he was thinking. It just didn't work out like he planned because he couldn’t get it through his thick head that he wasn’t the reason they were after her, that it wasn’t just about him anymore. I would never do it.. I don't make excuses for him but it's the same reason Liz can't just cut him out of her life either. She knows he never wanted her to get hurt, that he would never want her in their hands but they both made mistakes. His always seem worse.. no his mistakes were worse but he hasn't had an easy go of it to begin with. He always had the wrong information.”

Sam still didn’t like it but he could see what Serena was saying and how insane this whole story really was. “Wow.." he laughed softly, "I thought my life was complicated.."

"Don't think you’re so special Sam Winchester." She grinned, "welcome to the island of misfit children."

Sam leaned over and gently kissed her. Pulling back slowly, he opened his eyes and looked into hers. They watched each other for a few seconds before Serena pulled him back to her lips. Serena felt Sam pulling her towards him, taking the hint she maneuvered over to straddle his lap. She felt his hands find their way under her shirt and slowly skim their way up her sides then move over her shoulder blades pressing her against his chest. She felt like she was drowning in the sensations he was creating but a creaking brought her head up fast. She looked around still sitting in Sam’s lap, their chests heaving taking in as much air as they could get. She scanned the area around them but didn't see anything.

Sam listened but didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary, “what is it?”

"I thought I heard something.." she brought her attention back to Sam and felt his hands still underneath her bra strap against her back. "We probably shouldn't get too carried away out here.."

Sam looked back towards the front door, "Are you afraid bobby would kic .."

Serena laughed, "No I'm afraid bobby would see something he doesn't want to see."

Sam seemed confused. "Believe me, bobby doesn't have a problem with beautiful women.."

"Yea but I bet he wouldn't be too happy seeing one on his adoptive son." She stood up and held her hand out for him as she watched her meaning sunk into his foggy mind.

"Point taken." He took her hand and stood as he felt her tug on his arm. He looked at her in question.

"Oh I'm not finished with you. I just don’t like to be interrupted." She pulled him inside as he laughed.

Liz drove for a few miles watching the impala stay close behind her. She slammed on the breaks causing Dean to almost hit her. She pulled off to the side of the road to a spot that looked a little like an old rest area. He pulled the impala behind her and jumped out.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

“With me?! I’m not the one acting like a selfish asshole!” She climbed out of her civic.

He strode towards her, “I’m selfish because I want to keep you safe or is that the asshole part?”

“Why don’t you trust me?”

“Trust you? I trust you, I don’t trust the idiot who’s gotten you kidnapped by friggin’ aliens what twice? Three times? Oh yea and bartered you to the FBI! How the hell am I supposed to trust that guy to keep you safe?!”

“I don’t need him to keep me safe!” She sent a blast of air with a small electric current to push him back to emphasize her point.

“Shit! Would you quit doing that?!” He gained the ground back quickly.

“What about Michael and Kyle? Or Serena? You trust them, don’t you? You think they would let something like that happen?”

He stared hard at her, “what is so wrong with me wanting to keep you safe? It’s my job to keep you safe!”

The anger slipped from her face for a second, “What?”

He stood breathing heavily, taking a few seconds to think before answering this time. “I don’t think you’ll turn yourself over, I know you’re not stupid. You’re mine. It’s my job to protect you and I’m terrified that something will go wrong and I won’t be there.” He started to slowly close the small remaining distance, “yes, I trust them but it’s my responsibility.. and you shouldn’t be there without me. I can’t take it.. the thought.. if something happened to you and I couldn’t get there..”

Frustrated tears choked her but she swallowed hard and held them at bay, "don't you think I feel the same way every time you step out that door? Every time you drive away from me? That we won’t find a way out, that you might die before your time is even up? You’re not alone in that fear but I’m not going to let it interrupt your life or my life. Why can't you see that? My life is not more important than yours.”

“I beg to differ..”

"Damn it Dean.." She shook her head and looked at the ground taking a few deep breaths to ease her anger. She slowly lifted her head as an idea came to her, "can I show you something?"

"What?" He tried reading her but couldn’t figure out what she was thinking.

"Will you let me show you something? It won't hurt, I promise."

Dean eyed her for a second, wondering what she meant but nodded his permission.

She placed her hand softly on his chest then slid it up and wrapped around to the back of his neck pulling his head down to hers as she reached up on her toes. Her other hand cupping his cheek, she kissed him softly. He leaned into her, bringing her body closer to his and deepened the kiss.

Suddenly, he saw images flash behind his eyelids, he tried pulling away but Liz held him tighter and then he saw a clear picture of himself with a smile that reached his eyes. He thought it seemed odd because it didn’t seem like a mirror image and then the image shifted and they came faster. He saw himself messing around with Sam, then taking shots with Kyle, sitting in the impala looking up with a smile, the entire time he felt an overwhelming feeling of desire and happiness. The images shifted again, slowing this time as he saw himself walking away glancing over his shoulder while following Sam to the car, the impala driving away from a few different locations but he started having a hard time breathing, something welling up in the pit of his stomach that felt like it was choking him, suffocating him. He was finally able to pull away and his eyes snapped open to find Liz watching him. He sucked in as much air as he could and leaned over putting his hands on his knees as Liz rubbed his back. He felt the overwhelming suffocating feeling lessen until it seemed to fade completely and he glanced up at Liz. “What the hell was that?” Liz still eyed him with fear but he couldn’t figure out why.

“That was you.” She simply said, a small smile playing at her lips with tears still shining in her eyes.

His forehead scrunched together, “but I don’t understand. What was that suffocating..” He straightened and noticed that Liz’s hand moved from his back to his arm, keeping the small amount of contact.

“That was a part of me, I showed you how I felt when I saw those images, when I lived them. That suffocating feeling.. that was my fear. Fear that strangles me every time I think I may not be able to find an answer, a way to get you out of your deal or that I won’t even have the chance to find out because something else will get you. It’s what I feel every time I think about one of my friends being taken by the FBI or even the skins. It’s a fear I’ve lived with since I was 17, Dean. It’s just a little stronger now when it concerns you.” She looked up at him as if stripped bare before him for the first time.

He took in her face, her eyes, and her posture, “why are you afraid right now?”

Her eyes slid closed, “because what I just did to you isn’t exactly normal and if you decide to stay angry at me for my decisions then you might just hold that against me to push me away again or walk away for the last time.”

He grabbed her face and made her look up at him. “Nothing about you will ever scare me, Liz. I thought you understood that?” He watched her closely, waiting for a response but she didn’t give him one. He brought his face down to hers, “I don’t think you get it. You’ve done that before and it didn’t scare me. What do you call it.. what you just did? Do it again.”

Liz looked at him a little shocked, “Dean you don’t..”

“Open it.” He kissed her softly at first then he felt her respond and deepen the kiss as he pushed her back into the impala. He lifted her up onto the hood stepping in between her legs in one fluid motion. He continued his assault, drinking in all her small movements and noises as he felt something start as a buzz in the back of his mind.

She turned her head taking in air as Dean moved his mouth down to her neck, “Dean.. we’re out in the middle of nowhere..”

He trailed hot kisses back up her neck then tickling her ear, his voice husky. “And you’re bringing this up why?”

As much as she tried she couldn’t bring herself to make him stop. “It’s called indecent exposure.”

He nipped at her ear lobe, “do you ever stop thinking and just enjoy the moment?”

She could feel his smirk against her neck and shoved her hands in his pants, “just wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting yourself into.”

He chuckled softly, “that’s my girl.”

As his lips descended onto hers, she finally decided to open the connection slightly. She ignored her nerves about opening it with someone without alien enhancements and dove headfirst into the sensations he was creating along with the sensations he was feeling.

They broke apart and Dean rested his forehead against hers, keeping his eyes closed as the sensations from Liz crested over him. “Jesus Liz.”

She closed the connection and his eyes snapped open, “don’t. That wasn’t a bad thing.” He slammed his lips onto hers and urged her to open the connection as he lifted her from the hood and opened the car door.

She giggled at his fumbling, trying to do too much too fast then she caught his gaze and her breath hitched as the small connection flowed. The fire and arousal evident in his eyes only intensified the feeling coursing through the connection into her veins, “get me into that car, Winchester.”

He smirked, “whatever you say Parker.”

A few hours later, Dean and Liz finally made it back to Bobby’s. They quietly entered the house and as they made their way towards the stairs they heard soft laughter. Liz looked towards the kitchen and saw Serena covering her mouth. She pulled Dean’s hand as she changed directions to the kitchen.

“What’s so funny?” Liz whispered as she entered. She saw Sam sitting next to Serena at the small table.

Serena smirked up at her, “You guys make up?”

Liz quirked her eyebrow. “Yes, we’ve come to an agreement.”

“Hmm.. looks like more than an agreement..” Serena slid her eyes to Dean and smiled. He gave her a smirk in return. Sam looked at Serena wondering what she was getting at then looked back to Liz and smiled.

Liz had a feeling that Serena could see that she opened the connection with him. She had briefly wondered before if it would leave a kind of lasting impression that Serena might be able to see. She reminded herself to ask Serena who else might be able to detect that on their drive tomorrow. She smiled, “Well, I think we’re going to head to bed.” She grabbed two water bottles off the table and walked towards the stairs. Dean winked at Sam then followed her.

Serena called after them, “Oh and Liz? Your shirt’s inside out.”

Liz looked down and rolled her eyes as she heard the quiet laughter from the kitchen.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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