Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch75(Final) 6/26

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch32 12/3/12

Post by MelissaD » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:06 am

HypnotiqBlueEyes: :D Agents in roswell question will be touched upon in this chapter..
AvalonRose: someone is trying to start a fire that's for sure.. :wink:
roswellian love: Welcome to the abyss my friend! :)

Sorry I haven't been posting as fast as I was hoping.. haven't gotten much time at all to edit and post with planning a 3 day drive up to jersey for the holidays. Hopefully once that's out of the way and the trip is behind me I'll be able to post faster but until then I'm trying hard to get at least one chapter a week or maybe three posts before I start the trip on Dec 10th. But enough chatter and on with the show. :)

Chapter Thirty Two
*Lyrics used in this chapter are Missy Higgins, “Where I Stood”*

After a few hours of driving with music as a constant background, Serena and Liz now sat in companionable silence. Serena knew from the first ten minutes of the trip that Liz was once again sorting through things in her head and at their first pit stop Serena had taken the wheel and forced Liz into the passenger seat. She hoped she would get some sleep but knew that was probably a lost cause. Once they were back on the interstate at a comfortable speed, she flicked on the cruise control, turned off the music, and waited for Liz to finally start talking. It was only a matter of time before Liz would feel the need to talk it out and see if she could get more out of another perspective. Serena felt Liz’s eyes glance in her direction a few times and smirked. "Let's hear it then."

When Liz didn't laugh like usual, Serena threw a quick glance at her and saw the frown marring her face.

After a few more quiet moments, Liz finally spoke up. "Could you tell I opened a connection with dean?"

Well, that's not what she had been expecting but she couldn't hide the small smile that broke out on her face. "Yes. It was faint but there."

"Would other aliens be able to tell?"

Serena frowned following Liz's line of thought, "I'm not sure. I mean I noticed because I know you, I know your aura in all different states but someone who doesn't know you probably wouldn't be able to distinguish another's aura within yours."

"I only opened it slightly. I've never had.. never opened a connection with someone that had no.. Alien factor. I was afraid, not knowing how he'd be able to handle it. Do you think it would hurt him? Opening it all the way?"

"My mom has a connection with my dad and he's completely human. I thought I told you that before? And what about Maria and Michael or Isabel and Jesse?"

Liz shook her head. Then grew quiet, "I don’t know.. My connection with Max was always more than what Maria said she experienced.. well when it was completely open anyway. And now with the whole granolith connection.. I don’t know. Have you ever?"

Serena quirked her eyebrow but Liz didn't look her way, "no. I've never been that close with someone. Not enough to let them in completely."

Liz glanced at Serena, "is it possible to block certain things once the connection is made?"

Serena glanced at Liz a few times, "you’re thinking of the flashes you got from Max, the ones that proved he was lying to you. Why would you want to block things from dean? I thought you were all about complete honesty?"

Liz kept her eyes on the road, "there's just some things I'd like to keep from being re-lived.. by anyone."

Serena watched Liz carefully from the corner of her eye but decided not to push. She knew Liz was serious about making this work and all the little troubles going on in that mind of hers would work themselves out or she would just smack some sense into her if need be. A small smile bloomed on Serena’s face. "It compliments you, balances you out somehow. The energy created an interesting.. vibrancy to your aura. If you only opened it slightly, I'm actually pretty interested to see what it looks like when you've created a bond."

Liz smiled, "you seriously think I'd jump into something so you can have your little variables to study?"

Serena grinned, "oh please, like I'd be forcing you into it."
Serena and Liz walked into the Crashdown and immediately saw Kyle and Ava sitting at a back booth with Sheriff Valenti and Mrs. Parker. They sat down and got caught up with what Max, Ava, and Kyle had found out so far since they got in a day earlier. By the time they had arrived it seemed the agents were nowhere to be seen and with nothing else out of the ordinary they only had theories to go on. Max thought it had to be Nicholas trying to draw them together yet they hadn’t seen anything to really solidify that idea.

Michael and Maria had stayed in Albuquerque and after a few phone calls back and forth, everything was still quiet there. After getting the girls caught up, Valenti and Mrs. Parker excused themselves and the four ordered dinner.
Liz was frustrated that they had made the trip for nothing but Ava had a bad feeling that she couldn’t shake, it was the only thing that kept Liz from going back right away. Liz may have had premonitions that came randomly but Ava’s intuition was always reliable. Liz barely touched the food in front of her and Ava and Serena exchanged a concerned look.

Ava looked back to Liz, “Liz, what if this was a move to get us to come here? Maybe they think the Granolith is here and figured we would go right to it if we heard of something in town.”

Liz glanced up and met her gaze as well as catching Kyle and Serena’s look, “yea but why pretend to be FBI? Why would we go to the Granolith for FBI?” Liz shook her head, “it just doesn’t add up.” She picked up a couple of fries and threw them in her mouth hoping maybe that would get them to stop with the looks.

Kyle threw one of his onion rings at Liz, she glanced up at him and caught his smile, “So Winchester huh? He’s that hard to leave?”

Liz tried holding back her smile but ended up laughing instead, “shut up.” She shook her head, “we got in a fight because of this.. coming here.”

Kyle raised his eyebrow and Serena answered, “Max. He’s all hung up that he’ll get her in trouble again.” She rolled her eyes.

Kyle shrugged, “well, it’s not completely unfounded and he doesn’t even know..” Liz’s quick look stopped him.

Ava and Serena glanced at each other and then at Kyle. Kyle cringed, “sorry Liz.. I didn’t know.”

Both girls looked to Liz who rolled her eyes, “not that it’s any business of yours but I decided to leave out a few details from the past..”

They both turned their heads to Kyle and gave him their death stare, “Jesus.. come on!”

Liz felt her leg vibrate and realized she left her phone on silent and pulled it from her pocket when she heard Kyle whisper, “she didn’t tell them about the Tess baby.”

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she answered the call, “parker.”

“It’s Henriksen. I got your message.”

Liz ignored the looks she knew Serena and Ava were sending her and leaned down to keep her call as private as she could from others around them, “okay, you got anything?”

“It’s not the special unit. They don’t have any people in Roswell but they are still very interested in you. They don’t even have much on you but you are top priority and for some reason they’re interested in the Winchesters now as well.”

Liz was confused but then it hit her, if Nicholas had connections in the FBI and had looked into Dean and Sam, why not put their heads on the unit’s radar? Could Nicholas have a contact in the Special Unit itself? It would be seriously messed up but something that he would probably get a major kick out of. Son of a bitch. Keeping the heat on them from the FBI would give them more things to worry about and that would just fit into Nicholas’ plan perfectly. Keep them looking in all different directions and on edge, off focus. “How are you? You sure you’re still clear?”

“Groves apparently had talked about me before so it was pretty easy. After some of the stuff you told me and then saying that Groves had talked to me about it helped. I’m still probationary but my years in the FBI help.”

“Okay, but you have to stay on guard. If you get even the slightest bit of a weird feeling from anyone, you get your ass out of there.”

“Don’t worry about it. Believe me Parker, I’ve seen some of the files.. enough to know how deep I am.”

“Stay safe.”

“You too.”

Liz ended the call and placed her cell on the table, “it wasn’t FBI but I think Ava may have been onto something. It’s gotta be about the Granolith. There’s no other reason to come to Roswell, they’re either trying to draw it out or try to figure out where it is and Roswell is ground zero. Nicholas told me himself he had spent time in the FBI and I know he has at least one contact within the special unit.”

“How?” Ava watched Liz’s face, seeing the tired look that she quickly hid after the call.

“Because Sam and Dean have been added to their list.”

Serena looked at Liz, “we need to move the granolith. If they think it’s here then it’s too close for comfort. The whole plan of having it away from you won’t be worth anything if it’s sitting right where they suspect.”

Ava nodded.

Liz glanced towards the back room, “we can’t go far though.”

Kyle followed her line of sight, “why? What’s up?”

“Just in case.. I don’t know. Just Ava’s feeling and us not being able to figure out exactly why Roswell and who's poking around.”

“Albuquerque then, it’s close enough and won’t seem odd because we’ve been living there. If they have been watching us anyway.” Ava glanced around and Serena nodded.

“Okay, I’ll get the necklace and we can head out when Max is done whatever he went looking into.” Liz glanced around the room for maybe the tenth time since they sat down seeing if anyone seemed to be watching them. She didn’t know if it was Ava’s feeling that was making her feel on edge or if it was something else but she felt her instincts in high gear and maybe her paranoia as well.

Liz walked into her room seeing everything where she left it the last time she was there. Some things were still haphazardly stacked on the floor and thrown in boxes from when she and Maria tore apart the room looking everywhere for anything that could give them a clue. Of course they hadn’t looked everywhere and she didn’t know how it slipped past her. She walked straight over to the far wall and knelt, running her hand down the wall feeling the familiar grooves in between the bricks then stopped at her very own special lock box. She watched the faint glow from her hand as she unsealed the brick and then wiggled it out of its place. Inside rested her journal and she could see the black rope of the necklace exactly where she left it so many years ago.

Max followed her through the Crashdown once again as she tried to run from the fight she felt brewing. “You didn't give me a chance, Liz!”

“Are you kidding me? I didn't give you a chance? When DIDN'T I give you a chance, max? Do you want me to list them all? Hell, half of them can be summed up in one damn NAME! I've given you nothing but chances and I'm tired.. I'm tired of fighting, max. Of feeling like I don't even know you, feeling like I'm being forced to be what someone else wants.. I'm so tired of this. I can't do it anymore.”

“Come here, It's fine. It's all going to be okay. Please just let me hold you, Liz. We've gotten through worse.. We can get through this too and everything will be just like..”

She spun to face him, “Like what? Like before? That's never going to happen. God, why can't you get that? We're never going to be that couple anymore. We fight over every little thing because you still want me to be this girl that I don't even know anymore! I'm not her.. I can never be her again. I don't even know who I am because I just keep trying to make you happy.. To be this person that you want me to be but I can't do it anymore. I can’t keep playing some part because I’m losing myself.”

“You’re talking crazy, you’re just upset about Harvard and that's okay.” He reached out to touch her hair, “you’re allowed to be upset.”

Liz slapped his hand away and took a few steps back, “STOP! JUST STOP! Do you even hear yourself? I'm allowed? I’m sorry I didn’t know I needed your consent..” She stopped herself and shook her head slowly, “I'm done don't you get it? I'm done, Max.”

"Is this about the college applications again? I told you I was sorry why can't you just get past that? So I made a mistake."

She shook her head, "all we are anymore is a mistake." Liz turned and started to walk away but felt Max’s hand wrap around her arm, jolting her back towards him before coming to a stop.

"You stop and listen to me, damn it!" He paused and his harsh tone softened, "You can't leave, you’re everything Liz."

The anger that flared in Liz's eyes faded a bit, "that's not going to work this time because we both know that's not true. I don't even want that to be true." She tried to move away but his grip tightened.

Her eyes snapped back to his, "let go."

He pushed her away, "fine.. Go. Run away. It's what your best at."

She stumbled backward a few steps before she caught her balance again. The quiet fury burning in her eyes, “like I said all we are anymore is a mistake.”

Liz stormed into her room and the brick flew from its resting place in the wall. She grabbed her journal off the desk and hurled it into the hole and then ripped the whirlwind pendant necklace over her head and threw it into the hole as well. Her anger still boiling through her veins as she grabbed the brick and shoved it back into the wall. Placing her hands over the brick, she pushed some of the heated energy out into the wall, sealing it in place. She pressed her forehead against the cool brick wall willing herself to steady her breathing, to cool the fire in her veins. She heard the music from the radio and realized she had turned on the electronics in her room again. She closed her eyes as the lyrics washed over her.

“I don't know what I've done
Or if I like what I've begun
But something told me to run
And honey you know me it's all or none”

She pushed off the wall heading straight for her closet and grabbed the bag she had already packed and threw it on the bed then went around grabbing the last minute things she would need, throwing them into her back pack. She took a final glance around the room and realized her vision had become blurry then dropped onto her desk chair, releasing the sobs that were choking her.

“There were sounds in my head
Little voices whispering
That I should go and this should end
Oh and I found myself listening”

She looked at her desk and grabbed a pen with one hand while opening the notebook with her other. Then she let her words flow onto the paper.

Max, I knew you would come back and want to apologize because I know you think I wouldn't leave.. that the Liz Parker you love couldn't leave. But that's the problem that you don’t seem to hear.. I'm not that person anymore. You keep wanting it to go back to the way it was but too much has happened and I don't even know who I've become.. All we do is fight. Don't you ask yourself why that is? Sometimes just your touch feels like a lie. We keep pretending that this will work itself out but it can't because all we’re doing is playing a part that we lost years ago.

“Cause I don’t know who I am, who I am without you
All I know is that I should
And I don't know if I could stand another hand upon you
All I know is that I should
Cause she will love you more than I could
She who dares to stand where I stood”

I love you max but I'm afraid it's not the kind of love you want it to be. Without trust.. I can't be in love with you. I know it's confusing.. I don't completely understand it yet either but the one thing I know for sure is that I have to leave. I can't just pretend anymore.. I have to find myself and I need to move on. We've been stuck and I know you've felt it too. You said you changed.. that you want to become a better man.. then you have to listen to what I need. I need time. Time to find out who Liz Parker really is and I can't do that here pretending to be that 16 year old girl. By the time you get this I’ll be gone and I hope that you can find yourself. I know you've been having trouble with your powers and you need time to heal from whatever it is that is tearing you apart, our fighting is only making that worse, so stop thinking about me and concentrate on yourself. Goodbye Max.

Liz heard Ava call her name pulling her back to the present and she reached her hand in for the journal and then the necklace. She wasn’t sure what she thought she would feel but it felt like just a plain old necklace, nothing different. She slipped it over her head and tucked it under her shirt, a slight glow pulsed for a second as it made contact with her skin, a light that she didn’t seem to notice. Liz glanced down to see if anyone could tell what type of necklace she was wearing through her shirt and was satisfied that it couldn’t be detected. She pushed the brick back into its place and sealed it once again. She stood from the floor and put the journal in her bag as she left the room.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch33 12/7/12

Post by MelissaD » Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:29 am

HypnotiqBlueEyes: lol Sarah your so cute! The Roswell mystery I'm afraid is gonna take a while..
AvalonRose : mmm the connection. We'll get to that soon. :)
mary mary : I get that every now and then.. the post just disappears.. alternate universe maybe.. LOL

So I realized when I came on to post this chapter that I accidently had this chapter in the main title line already.. lol obviously a little tired when I did that last post. :) So here is the real chapter thirty three!

Chapter Thirty three

*Songs used in this chapter are "It's not my time" by 3 doors down and "Waiting for a girl like you" by Foreigner. Lyrics in italics.*

Liz found herself standing in a dark hotel room with two small beds and looked around confused as to how she got there. Then a woman she recognized as Bela quietly walked into the room and raised a gun firing off two quick shots into each bed as Liz screamed.

Liz bolted awake clutching her chest then realized she was in her own bed and reached for her cell off the night stand, hitting Dean’s number while quietly praying that she had time. Dean answered and she interrupted him yelling quickly into the phone, “get out now, wake Sam up and get out!

Dean chuckled softly, “I felt her hand in my pocket. I figured she’d come.”

Liz was thrown off, “what? You’re not in the motel, are you? Because she’s coming with a gun.”

“Wow.. wasn’t sure she was going to go that far but no, we’re not in the room. I did leave her some company though.”

Liz could hear the humor in his voice and tried to calm herself. They were safe, nothing was going to happen. She took a few deep breathes. “So, you took my advice, you didn’t kill her?

“Not that she didn’t deserve it, she killed her own family but I saw something in her hotel room, devil’s shoestring above her door. She’s hiding from hellhounds, seems she didn’t kill her family herself like I thought, she got a demon to do the job.”

“She didn’t strike me as the killing type.. well, not until I had that vision.”

“Yea I was thinking the same thing, she made a deal.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Nothing. She made her bed. We just got on the road about twenty minutes ago.”

“Where are you going now?”

“We’ve got nothing, I’m coming home.” She could practically hear the smile spread across his face.

She laid back down, “I love the sound of that.”

“So, where are you?”


Two days later

Dean walked into the bar and heard the music blaring from the jukebox and glanced around not seeing anyone. He started to walk toward the bar when he saw Liz come out from the kitchen singing along with the music and almost dancing while carrying a bucket of glasses. Dean ducked down and moved to a table towards the back and watched her as she put glasses away behind the bar. He couldn’t hear her voice over the music but could tell she was actually singing and he glanced around with a smile.

“Cause all of this time I've just been too blind to understand
What should matter to me
My friends this life we live, it’s not what we have
It’s what we believe in”

He was about to move from his hiding place when she hoisted the bucket up onto the bar then jumped up on the bar throwing her head back and forth. His jaw dropped as she danced while using the glasses she was putting up as microphones and guitars.

“Cause it’s not my time I'm not going
There's a fear in me but it’s not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
But it’s not my time I'm not going”

Dean watched the show in front of him as she danced along the bar. “So this is what she calls setting up?” He whispered to himself, amazed at how she was so completely into the music and going full out dancing on the bar. The song faded out and another started. He looked towards the jukebox wondering if someone changed it as the piano intro for a classic rock ballad filled the room. His gaze went back to the bar where Liz was slowly swaying her hips as she filled the last two rows of hanging glass holders.

“So long
I've been looking too hard, I've waiting too long
Sometimes I don't know what I will find
I only know it's a matter of time
When you love someone
When you love someone”

“You’ve gotta be shitting me.” He whispered. There was no way this song just happened to come on. He glanced around the bar again looking harder in the darker areas, Serena got a hold of Maria telling her he was coming and she was punking him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Liz jump down from the bar and disappear below the counter for a few seconds. He watched waiting for her to jump up and call him out but instead she came back up with a few bottles and started placing them on the shelves.

“Maybe I'm wrong
Won't you tell me if I'm coming on too strong?
This heart of mine has been hurt before
This time I wanna be sure”

He started to get the very distinct impression that she knew he was there because there was no reason for her to be stretching like that for so long. Her movements lifted her shirt enough to show glimpses of her lower back and there was no way she needed to bend like that. Was he being set up?

“I've been waiting for a girl like you
To come into my life
I've been waiting for a girl like you
A love that will survive”

There it was. She definitely just threw a quick glance over her shoulder in his direction. She knew he was there. What. A. Tease. He stood from the stool he was perched on at the table and moved towards the bar watching her as she continued the smooth swaying of her hips as she wiped down the bar top.

“I've been waiting for someone new
To make me feel alive
Yeah, waiting for a girl like you
To come into my life”

He placed his hands on her hips when he reached her and whispered into her ear, “yea. I think you came on a little strong, tease.”

She continued to sway her hips trying to get him to fall into her rhythm as she finished with the bar top but he stood still. “Winchester, I thought I was the only one out here.” She smirked. “You’re kinda of slowing me down here.”

“Okay stella, didn’t know I was killing your groove but I don’t dance.”

Liz chuckled as she moved down the bar and dean let her slip from his fingers. “This isn’t like all out dancing this is called feeling the music.” She quickly finished, feeling his eyes on her. Her gaze met his as she walked back to him and wrapped her arms around him giving him a quick kiss then slid her hands down to his hips pushing them side to side.

He glanced around and then looked down into her eyes, “I look like an idiot.”

Liz laughed softly, “no, you don’t. Just move with the music or with me, whichever works.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. “It’s not rocket science.”

He followed her movements and just focused on the feel of her body moving with his. The corner of his mouth quirked up, “should have known this was a set up. Serena called you, didn’t she?”

“Nope. I felt you when I was at the bar. You really think I wouldn’t be able to tell someone was watching me.. specially you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can tell when you are near me. I’ll admit I didn’t notice at first but when I was on the bar, I definitely felt you.”

Dean looked at her in question, “what do you mean felt?”

She gave him a small smile as she looked up into his eyes, “it’s the connection. I can feel you.. kinda like turning on a switch.. I don’t really know how to explain it better.”

“Should I feel anything?”

“I don’t know, did you?”

“I don’t think so. I was a little distracted.”

Liz laughed, “yea, I got that. Here sit down and I’ll get you a beer.” She pushed him onto the stool and walked around the bar grabbing a beer from under the counter and placed it in front of him. “So, I’m guessing you talked to Serena when you dropped Sam off?”

“Yea. I thought Maria and Michael were here with you?”

“Maria had to pick up some things and Michael’s in the kitchen getting everything ready. We kinda ditched out early last night without doing everything since we knew we were opening tonight.” Liz popped the top on his beer and pushed it closer to him. His fingers brushed hers as he wrapped his hand around the bottle and she was hit with a series of flashes. She laughed as she picked up the empty bucket from the floor and shook her head. “Amateur..” She took the bucket to the end of the bar and placed it under the counter where she could easily throw empty bottles.

Dean watched her curiously as she came back towards him. “What?”

The corner of Liz’s mouth quirked up, “who’s Jo?”

His face scrunched even more, “a hunter. Why?”

“Hmmm more than just a hunter to you?”

“What? No.” He shook his head as she quirked an eyebrow.

“Really? Didn’t seem that way with what I just saw.”

He raised his eyebrows, “a flash?” He shook his head and took a swig. “I may have thought about it for a couple of seconds but she’s a kid and her mother terrified me.” His brow furrowed again, “why the amateur comment?”

She chuckled, “Reo Speedwagon?”

He smirked, “like I said she was a kid.” Then he raised his eyebrow, “like you do better? With what Maroon5?”

“Like you don’t love Foreigner.” A smile bloomed on her face, “I could do better easily.”

Dean smirked, “Hypothetically.. How would you?”

Liz leaned forward on the bar, “would I be hypothetically trying to seduce you into bed or making you fall in love with me?”

He quirked an eyebrow, “Isn't that the same?”

She shook her head. “Nope, not at all.”

He smiled, “Okay so give me both. Impress me.”

A wicked smile slowly appeared on her face, “easily seduce you with Shook Me All Night Long or Cherry Pie.”

He laughed, “those were easy.”

She leaned back, “Oh the moves I could pull with those. And if I wanted to make you fall in love with me I'd play Ramble On..”

Dean looked at her suspiciously, “Where..? How did you..”

Her smirk grew, “or Traveling Riverside Blues.”

His eyebrows shot up, “sometimes you scare the shit out of me.”

She leaned forward on the table again, “and the funny thing is it completely turns you on.” She smiled, “You know I find it extremely odd Traveling is still one of your favorites considering it was originally done by Robert Johnson, who is widely rumored to have gotten his talent from a Crossroad Deal.”

Dean leaned over the table bringing his face to Liz's and looked in her eyes, "you’re sexy and not just for a nerdy little thing either."

She quirked an eyebrow but before she could speak he grabbed her face and sealed their lips. When they broke apart, dean didn't move away but watched as her eyes slowly opened and rubbed his right thumb over her bottom lip.

"I know you dean. No point in questioning that." A smile slowly gracing her face.

Liz walked into Maria's kitchen carrying the ice chest for a refill. She smiled as she could still hear all the noise everyone was making in Michael’s man cave. She had to hand it to Maria for the idea of getting everyone together again to help smooth over all the tension even Max seemed to be having a good time, letting everything else fall to the side just for the night. Of course Michael had more than enough to distract them down there between the foosball, air hockey, and poker tables.

She placed the chest on the floor in front of the fridge and started filling it with beer bottles. Satisfied she had enough, she closed the fridge then bent down and lifted the chest up. She felt the body against her back, a body she would know anywhere and then hands slid down her arms from her shoulders to her hands wrapped around the handles of the ice chest. She breathed in his scent and smiled as she leaned her head back. His lips touched her neck softly then she felt his hands lift the chest up and slide it onto the counter.

"What are you doing?" Liz whispered.

"What I can't take a little time out to say hi?" She felt his breath against her neck and smirked.

"We've been hanging out for hours.. Days really. Why would you need to say hi?"

His hands went to her hips and slid into her front pockets. "So, I wanted a little time away from the crowd to show a little appreciation."

Liz giggled, "I've gotten a lot of that recently too."

She felt his short stubble rub against her neck.

"Seriously? Can I ever walk into a room and not bump into you two wrapped around each other?" Maria stood in the kitchen entryway with her hands on her hips unable to keep the smile off her face.

"Shut up Maria." Dean and Liz replied in unison not bothering to move from their position.

Maria laughed and moved around them to pick up the ice chest. She turned seeing both their eyes on her and she gave them a smile, "starting to talk in unison? Now we're really in trouble, I thought she was bad when she was around Kyle too much." She chuckled and started out of the kitchen, "carry on!"

Liz relaxed into Dean and tilted her head so she could see his face and he brought his lips down to hers. Kissing her a few times before he turned her slowly then held her tightly as she continued to kiss his lips softly in between her words. "I think. This. Is nice."

He smiled against her lips, "I think I prefer naughty."

Liz quirked an eyebrow, "yea.. That's not happening here."

He smirked, "later then. I've got a poker game to win."

Liz chuckled as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and they walked out of the kitchen. "Ah yes and you need me to make sure no alien hoodoo is happening. You’ve been here for two days and already trying to rile up the locals huh?"
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch34 12/10/12

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Had to get this up before we left in the morning because I knew I'd just be itching to finish editing it during the trip. lol Enjoy!

Chapter Thirty Four

After spending the evening reading and looking through books and printouts, Liz and Dean said goodnight to Sam and Serena then went off to their room. Dean stretched out on the bed as Liz curled herself around him, laying her head on his chest. He ran his hand through her hair as they talked about different things and told stories from growing up in two very different ways. After Liz finished the story about her first crash festival with the pod squad, he grew quiet.

He broke the comfortable silence that fell between them. "Can I ask you something?"

Liz felt his hand go through her hair one last time and come to rest on her shoulder. She glanced up at him with a small smile, "of course." She studied his features, trying to get a read on what he was thinking.

"If you don't want to answer you don't have to but I saw something the other night and it’s been bugging me."
Liz hesitated but finally nodded for him to go on.

"You said when the FBI had custody of you.. that Groves had shot a man in the face. What were they doing to you when that happened?"

Liz could tell he was worried about asking her and her eyes fell from his as she thought about the nightmare she had a couple nights ago. She had a feeling she had accidently pulled him into the dream from the look on his face when he finally got her to wake but he didn’t say anything about it. She sighed, "they were trying to harvest my eggs. They wanted to see if they were viable and thought that trying to get me pregnant would take too long. Agent Jones had come into the room and tried to stop them, questioned their methods and what they were doing."

She felt his muscles tense and she looked up at him as she continued, "but you know what the worst part was?"

Dean watched her closely.

"Watching that man die all because he felt compassion for me. Because he didn’t see me as some lab rat but a person, a girl being abused and Groves shot him in the face like he was nothing more than a tin can lined up for target practice. I could do nothing.. but I was so mad at him at the time because all I kept thinking was he didn’t have to speak up, he could have walked out of there and maybe complained to a higher up, an agent outside of the unit and got me out. But because he was an idiot and didn’t realize how ruthless the men he worked with were, he had to get himself killed. Afterwards, when I had time to think clearly, it killed me. Not only that he died trying to stand up for me but how I felt towards him." She tilted her head back down and traced his tattoo.

He squeezed her shoulder. "You can't blame yourself for how you felt in an impossible situation. You should know yourself well enough to know that was most likely a coping mechanism. A man got shot in the face in front of you like it was just another form of torture."

"He had a family.. A wife and child."

Dean tilted her face to look him in the eye, "you are not to blame."

"I know I just.."

Dean took a relieved breath as he ran a soothing hand down her arm. If he didn’t already know there was so much more to Liz Parker and too much going on in that mind of hers, this would probably baffle him. Everything that she has been through hadn't diminished her compassion but broadened it, that amazed him. His mind went back to Groves. "Do you think that Groves was possessed at the time?"

“I don't know.” She shook her head softly. “Part of me feels like that's just a lame excuse for his extreme behavior but he wouldn't be the first. Pierce took max and did worse.. but part of me doesn't want to think that he was possessed. I’ve been praying since that night in the jail that he didn’t really remember who I was, just my face because the idea that the demons coming after you know about me and Max. That terrifies me more than anything."

As the realization of what she was thinking dawned on him he felt his stomach drop. It was his ultimate fear that they would find out about Liz and everything that came with her. "Do they know what you can do?"
She shook her head. "They said they knew I had powers but I didn't do anything. So they know that I can do something although I don't know what they think that is."

"Good, at least we have that much." Dean still couldn't get rid of the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. The idea that they knew Liz had powers at all, that demons could know because of Groves. This made things way more complicated.

Liz’s whisper pulled him from his thoughts, "I pulled you into my nightmare that night, didn't I?"

Dean nodded, "yea. I thought I was just crazy but I couldn't explain why I would dream of that.. Not knowing the details."

Liz looked up at him, "the connection is getting stronger."

"I think I’m starting to understand what you meant. Last week at Michael's, I felt you leave. I didn't understand it at first, almost like my body temperature dropped slightly or something. If that makes sense, I looked around and realized you were gone. I went looking for you and it was almost like following a compass pointing north. I told myself that was crazy but when I saw you in the kitchen and the warmth was back, it just clicked."

"Does it freak you out?”

He chuckled, "you know if someone told me I'd have something like this with someone I would have laughed in their face or maybe worse.. But it doesn't. With you, I don't know. Like I finally feel at home and my mind has something tangible to tell me that it’s real. How much stronger is this going to get? I mean, I'm not going to start reading your mind or something.. am I?"

"Honestly? I don't know. Maria and Jesse can't. But I've only had a connection with max.. And this was kind of the extent of that." Liz thought about future max but didn't think that was possible with dean, not even a probability really. She wondered if she had to create the bond but she wasn't exactly sure why she hadn't done it yet. Was it even something she could control or did the bond just form when they both gave in? She was still confused with that whole thing but she wasn't worrying about it, she didn't really want to think about it until dean's contract was dust.
Two days later.

Sam sat in a booth towards the back of the bar with a beer in hand with Serena on the other side of the table. Isabel had just left to grab a couple more drinks as Sam leaned back and glanced at his brother playing pool with Michael, Kyle, and Jesse.

"I'd say penny for your thoughts if they weren't written all over your face." Serena leaned forward on the table.

Sam looked to her with an apologetic smile, "sorry just spaced there for a couple seconds."

"It's okay, you’re not the only one thinking about it. The books Liz and I brought with us might have something but if we spent all our time bogged down.."

Sam gave a subtle nod, "I know. Dean wouldn't want that either. I just.. I feel like this is my responsibility. This is my turn to protect him, to help him and no matter how much research I do, nothing is helping. We only have a week left."

Serena smirked, "you and Liz both. Believe me she's the most stubborn person I've ever met in my entire life. There's no way she's going to let this go. She won't stop until that contract is null and void."

"I can't lose him Serena, he's the only family I've got left."

Serena reached over and laid her hand on Sam's, "we're not going to stop, I mean that. I don't know who I should worry about more, you or Liz. I can't let it happen because I'm terrified what Liz will do if we lose him. And Sam he may be the only blood you have left but he's not your only family. You have to know that by now." Sam's eyes came up to hers as she continued, "yea. You’re in the alien abyss now so good luck trying to get out of that." She smiled as he chuckled but Serena could tell she didn't really pull him out of his funk. She knew that probably wasn’t even a possibility at this point. They were too close with no viable leads to anything.

Isabel came over to the table with three drinks. “Alright Sam, How did I not know you were pre law? Tell me how the hell you thought that would work out with all you know of the hidden evils of the world? I object your honor based on the fact my client was possessed by a demon!”

Sam looked at her curiously and then burst out laughing.

Serena smiled. There was always hope with this group that never ceased to surprise her. She knew out of anyone they could certainly pull off a Hail Mary, they had to.

Dean’s kiss was torturously slow and deliberate. Slowly building the fire and stoking it instead of lighting her ablaze and spinning out of control. No, this was a deliberate meeting of lovers. Driven by a need to touch, to taste, to memorize, to fully delve into another and come out on the other side as one.

A hint of sadness crept into Liz's mind but she shoved it back as she concentrated on Dean’s calloused fingers and strong hands, on every caress of her heated skin. There was no battle tonight, no sparing for control, she felt his need to fully immerse himself in her and she handed herself over to him freely.

She felt his scattered urges and demands for comfort, oblivion, salvation. Things that he felt he could only find in her. For tonight, she would give him what he wanted, what he felt he needed. She would let him have his temporary haven from the burden that weighed him down in the light of day. But tomorrow, tomorrow she would find what he really needed. An answer, a solution, no matter the cost because they were running out of time. But tonight, tonight was just for them.

Sam groggily followed Dean out of the house and into the impala where he passed out once he hit the seat. He woke up when he felt a jerk and looked around realizing he was in the car and tried to remember why he was waking up here instead of beside Serena. He had stayed up most of the night with her and he was pretty sure he had just gone to sleep when Dean had called him out of bed. He barely remembered Dean waking him saying something about a lead for the colt maybe, he was just too tired to catch everything. After spending so many nights staying awake too late researching and exhausting every lead he could find he knew he had never experienced this type of exhaustion.

He heard the trunk shut then saw Dean walking by his door and continuing towards a cabin. Sam got out of the car
rubbing his face, “Dean, what the hell are we doing here?”

“Laying low.”

Sam shut his door and walked towards the cabin where Dean had just opened the front door. “What do you mean laying low? I thought you said something about the colt?”

Dean walked into the cabin and dropped two bags on the floor before going over to the fridge, “Nope, just needed to get you out of the house without waking anyone.”

Sam followed him inside and realized one of the bags Dean dropped was his own. “What the hell is going on? Are you seriously telling me you tricked me into sneaking out?”

Dean sat down on the small couch and pulled off his boots. “Yes, I knew you would bitch about leaving so this was the best way to get you out.”

Sam felt his anger flare, “so this is your big plan? Run from the people who can help you? Spend two weeks with her and then throw her to the side at the last minute? What the hell is going through your head right now?! Where are we?” Sam patted his pockets looking for his cell phone.

Dean stood from the couch staring hard at Sam, “what am I thinking? You really want to know because I don’t think it’s that hard to figure out. There’s no way I’m going to let Liz get hurt by trying to save me so she’s not coming and I’m not giving her the chance to follow us.”

Sam stopped looking for his phone and really looked at his brother, “are you kidding me? She’s probably..”

Dean interrupted him, his face hard. “You want to see Liz end up like Jess? Another victim of a demon that wants to see us suffer. You really want Serena going in there with her when all we know about Lilith is she’s a badass demon?! We don’t know what she can do and we have no positive kill shot. If we find her and she figures out what they mean to us.. you know they’ll be her number one playthings just to screw with us. You seriously want to take that chance Sam?” He watched Sam’s face cringe and twitch, “I didn’t think so. Unless we have a sure fire way of killing Lilith we are not going anywhere near her and they are not going to get themselves killed trying to save my sorry ass, you got that? And do not bring her up again, she is out of the question. Got it?” Dean watched the conflict written all over Sam’s face, “call it my dying wish Sammy.” He grabbed his bag and disappeared down a hallway leaving Sam standing in the living room with nothing but the sound of a slamming door.

“Liz, you’ve been calling them for more than two hours, they’re not answering just let it go.”

Serena sat next to Maria on the couch and watched Liz pace the living room, her phone clenched in her hand.

Maria’s worried look went from Liz to Serena, “I don’t understand. They just up and leave without warning in the middle of the night a week before his deadline?”

“He’s scared.” Liz threw out as she tried Sam’s number again.

Maria looked at Liz in question and when she didn’t answer Maria clapped her hands to get her attention. “Chika, would you just sit down and enlighten the class?”

Liz looked towards her friends and sat heavily in the big round chair next to the couch. “He’s worried we won’t find an answer. He’s afraid I’ll somehow get caught in the crossfire.. or Lilith will find out about me and do something.”

Maria looked to Serena who shrugged then brought her gaze back to Liz, “so you’re telling me he snuck off to protect you?”

“What better way to keep me from following.”

Maria rolled her eyes, “Winchester have I got some things to teach your dumb ass.”

The girls heard quick footsteps and then Ava came into the room. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Serena nodded and bit back a laugh. She and Ava had known this was bound to happen, they had talked about it just after Dean and Sam had shown up. Of course Ava was the more optimistic one but Serena banked on Dean’s personality and his past actions. With the deadline looming and no answer in sight, he was trying to put his loved ones at a safe distance. Little did he know, all he was doing was gearing Liz up even more. He seriously had no idea how determined Liz was and when someone she cared about was in trouble she stopped at nothing and fought til the bitter end. She tried to explain that to Sam and he may have gotten it but Dean, well Dean had that fatal Winchester flaw of sacrificing himself. She really needed to talk to him about that. His father didn’t give his life for Dean’s just so Dean could give up.

“What about the hierarchy, did we ever find out more about it?”

Serena heard Liz ask her and she looked towards her confused. “I’m sorry, what?”

Liz watched her curiously, “you okay?”

She shook her head and gave Liz a small smile, “yea, just tired. What were you saying about hierarchy?”

The confusion on Liz’s face deepened but she continued without pushing Serena, “the stuff we read about crossroads demons, did we ever find anything about the hierarchy? If the crossroads demons had one?”

Serena thought about it for a second then nodded, “yes. At least in Bobby’s book, there were stories of the holder and the enforcer. They were at the top. Why?”

“Something I’ve been thinking of.. what if we can get ahold of a boss or top tier and find out details about the fine print? It’s the best shot we’ve got if we’re going to try to get him out of it.”

Maria looked at Liz like she was crazy, “how do you think you’re going to get that kind of information out of a demon?”

Liz smiled, “come on now, you don’t think I’ve learned some tricks to get information out of demons yet?”

Ava and Serena shared a glance and saw Maria throw herself against the back of the couch, “of course you did. Alright, how are we going to do this?”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch35 12/16/12

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So Sorry this took longer than I thought to get up! It was pretty much ready to go since I got time to edit on the road and get some more writing done but getting the time to post the past two days eluded me with friends and family making their unexpected rounds. Good times though. Just got some time before dinner to sneak away and post! lol :) Happy Holidays guys! ( :) Don't worry I'm definitely going to be getting the next couple of chapters up faster and definitely the next two before Christmas *fingers crossed*)

Chapter Thirty Five

Twenty seven hours until deadline.

Dean stormed out of the cabin after arguing with Sam and Bobby about going after Lilith again. He drove aimlessly just needing to get out because he felt like the walls were closing in. He didn’t know why they thought they could just go in and treat Lilith like any other demon. It took Dad close to twenty years to find the colt that killed Yellow Eyes and that went out the window with Bela. There was no way he was going to rely on Ruby, another demon who was playing Sam like a fiddle and there was no way he was going to let Liz put her life on the line when he made his bed. He offered his life for Sammy’s and no one else’s, why couldn’t they understand that? No, Lilith wasn’t getting freebies because they wanted to run in there like a bunch of idiots. Not on his watch.

Suddenly, a black dog ran across the road and he hit the breaks, swerving to the side of the road. When the impala finally came to a stop, he looked around but didn't see a trace of the black dog that streaked in front of him. He slammed the wheel in frustration and climbed out of the car slamming the door behind him. He walked to the front of the car, his hands gripping the back of his head as he looked out at the endless landscape surrounding him. He felt the burning in his lungs and finally took in the air his body needed, breaking the dam that he was choking back.

"I thought that we could do this.. That maybe we had a chance. Why did I even fool myself into thinking that something would finally go right?" Dean dropped his arms and fell to his knees. His body felt like dead weight, which was more truth than anything else these days.

"Why did you put her there? Why did you put her in my life?" He bowed his head as his chest constricted. "What did I ever do?” He shook his head as he took in a trembling breath, “I know I don't do this. That I've never asked you for anything.. but she believes.. maybe it’s enough for both of us. Please, just keep her safe. Keep her out of my mess. Please.. That's all I ask. I know I’ve made my bed and I’ll lie in it.. but she didn't. She doesn't deserve.. any of this. Keep her safe. Please God.. just keep her safe."


Once Sam found himself alone in the cabin he pulled his cell phone out and debated with himself for a second then dialed Liz’s number.

“Thank God, tell me you finally found her.”

Sam smiled hearing her voice, “we know where Lilith is but dean doesn't want to go after her without some positive way of killing her.”

He heard her take a deep breath. “The dreams are getting worse Sam. He’s pulling me in more often and he doesn’t even realize it. The hell hounds have been at him in his dreams for two weeks.”

“I just need to get that knife and we could do it. Wait.. did you say he’s pulling you in? Even now when you’re apart?”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s probably just because I’ve been reaching out to him in sleep or something.. our connection might be getting stronger and I’m sensing his distress. Sam, not to change the subject but I don't trust Ruby. She's playing you, I know I can't tell you why or what for but she has her own agenda. I know it.”

“Her knife is the only option I have. That we have of saving him.”

“Just make sure you have some kind of backup plan. Where's Lilith?”

“New harmony, Indiana.”

“Ok, make sure you tell me when you guys are heading there.”

“What about..”

“Please, I'll deal with him when we get him out of this. See you soon.”

Sam chuckled at her confidence as he put his phone back into his pocket. Dean definitely met his match with her and he has no idea what he is seriously up against. When he pushed away, she pushed back harder and Sam was damn happy she did. It was exactly what he needed.

Serena watched Liz as they walked back to the car from the crossroads. "Liz, you need to prepare yourself for this not going our way."

Liz's head snapped towards her, "how could you say that? No. My plan will work and I have a backup just in case. We're not going to fail.. not at this."

"Being confident isn't a bad thing but being overly confident can be. We need you to keep it together if this doesn't play out the way you want it to."

Liz reached the car and turned to her. "Just what the hell are you trying to say to me?!"

"I'm saying we need you to be prepared that we may have to figure something else out. Liz we can't lose you. Most of all, Sam will need you."

The controlled calm facade fell from Liz's face. She eyed Serena noticing once again the worry in her eyes, the uneasiness that she thought she was hiding so well. Liz knew that worry was mainly on Sam just like hers was. If this whole thing didn’t go their way she was afraid he’d drown. Liz had a feeling most of, if not all, Serena’s stress was on the thought of having to keep both Liz and Sam afloat and that was exactly why she couldn’t fail. "I can't Ser. I just can't."

Serena watched her sympathetically, "you of all people know we can plan the crap out of this and it may not go our way and you are our best resource for getting a plan b together quickly."

Liz dropped her head for a moment letting the thought of losing him slip in and then came back up shaking no. The stubborn determination back on her face. "It's not a possibility, not this time. I can't go through that again."

Serena quirked her eyebrow, "what are you talking about?"

Liz opened the passenger door and slid into the seat. Serena rolled her eyes and walked around the front of the car then got in behind the wheel and waited.

"The connection isn't what.. it’s not..” Liz shook her head slowly, “I can't do that again."

"You’re talking about the bond with max, aren't you?"

“This Max and I never actually created a bond in this.. timeline. In the beginning, we were close, I could feel it but I don’t think I ever regained that complete trust I had in him and I think we both felt how unbalanced the connection was. Maybe neither one of us had complete trust anymore. The connection was there kind of like before but.. I don’t know if he knew since he honestly never felt a bond like ours.. well like ours would have been. The main reason I’m afraid of what could happen to Dean, it’s the bond I felt with Future Max. Just from the small amount of time future max was with me, I understood what he meant by cemented. I could feel him the entire time he was here. Even when he wasn't in the same room and when we touched.." She dropped her head and took a shaky breath, "when he left, it was the most painful thing I've ever felt in my life. To be filled with something like that and then have it ripped away. It left a hole inside me. I knew I had to stay away from max because of the secret I was keeping.. but it was so much more than that. I couldn't even be around him because it hurt so badly and if I stayed away I wouldn't have to feel that again.”

Serena watched as Liz held herself tightly almost as if she tried hard enough she could disappear within herself. Her mind wondered if maybe that was possible, if Liz would somehow figure out how to bend the light around her or maybe just take on something like Ava's mindwarp and make the person think she disappeared. Serena shook herself from her own wandering thoughts, "are you saying you don't want one at all?"

Liz's eyes snapped up to Serena's, "no. I couldn't with max, not after everything. But I think I could with dean. I don't think the bond will be the same but.."

A small smile warmed Serena's features, "but you love him."

Liz gave her one small nod of her head, “the connection is already a little bit like what this Max and I used to have years ago.. before everything went to hell.”

Serena hated giving in but she could see the fence Liz was teetering on and with the façade down she was struggling. She was telling herself they could do this but there was still that part of her that was terrified. Serena sent a quick prayer to whoever was listening that they could do this. That Liz’s plan would work and not blow up in their faces. She started the car with a smirk, "Well, let’s get this crap settled and give you the chance to figure it out."

Liz smiled and leaned back in the seat letting her mind go through her plans once again. She picked up her cell, quickly dialing a number. She let it ring once then ended the call and dialed again, hearing the call pick up after the second ring. “Hey bobby”

“Hey kid.”

“His dreams are getting worse.”

“Yea, I'd figured as much.”

“Keep close, you know he'll try going off by himself.”

“This isn't my first rodeo, kid.”

“You know, at first I was against your little endearment but now I'm starting to like it.”


She laughed, “Serena and I are meeting Ava then we’ll head in, hopefully get into town around the same time as you and the boys.”

“He won't let you go in there.”

“Please, like his wishes have stopped me before. You and Sam act like he can actually control me.”

“I think that's why I like you kid.”

“Love you too, bobby. See ya there.” She hung up with a smile before Bobby could say anything.


Serena pulled up next to Kyle’s mustang in front of the safe house and Liz jumped out of the car as Ava came out the front door. Serena saw the look on her face and got out of the car as well making her way to Ava. Liz and Serena met Ava at the door just as Kyle came out behind her.

“What’s going on Aves?” Serena watched her face seeing the worry there.

Ava gave an apologetic smile to Liz, “we have company.”

Liz watched her with confusion then a smile formed when she saw Michael and Maria behind her in the house. A smile that quickly dropped when she saw Max arguing with Michael. Liz walked into the house and Maria came to her, “we don’t know how he found out.”

She saw Max look her way over Maria’s shoulder and then start towards her, “why are you going somewhere dean obviously doesn't want you? He left you again Liz!”

Liz knew they didn’t have time for this and her anger flared, “yea because he's terrified for me! Sound like someone you know? Max, I'm going and you shouldn’t be here. We don’t have time for this.”

She recognized the look of fear on his face, “why?! Why are you so willing to do this!?”

“Because I love him! There are you happy? Did you want me to throw that in your face? I love him and I'm not going to let him die when I can get him out alive!”

Pain flashed across his face, “Liz..”

She shook her head. “No. This has been over for years and you know it. I've moved on and you should too.”

“That’s not what this is about Liz! This is..”
Liz interrupted him, “that’s always what it's about because you always make it that! We've both done things we can't take back, it's too much. Our story is over.. let go Max. Find yourself someone and just move on.”

He grimaced, “So I should just find some jackass and just forget all about you?”

Liz couldn’t keep the disgust off her face as the words slipped from her mouth before she could stop them, “it wasn't that hard for you before.”

His face fell and his voice came out softer. “Liz.. I can't.”

She was done. They needed to leave now. “Well, you don’t have me anymore. You haven’t for a long time.. not the way you want. How many times are we going to play this out? To go through this? It’s over. I don't want you to waste your life alone but that’s up to you. Find someone or don't but live your life the way you want to max. I am. I found someone and I’m not going to let him die and if I can't find a way to help him then I'm going to be the last face he sees. So, you can come help me or you can stay out of my way!” Liz spun on her heel and walked out of the front door. “Whoever is coming with me, we’re leaving now!”

The rest of the group still stood just staring in the wake of another fight but this time there seemed to be finality to it. Kyle was the first to shake out of it and walk out joining Liz at the car and then Ava and Maria followed, leaving Michael and Serena in the room with Max.

Serena looked at Max reading the conflict all over his face and throughout his posture. “You don’t have to forget all about her or lose her. You can still have her in your life but not if you keep doing this, Max. I know you’re worried about her but you can’t protect her by trying to change her decisions. You know her, you know how stubborn and driven she is. The only way you can protect her is if you be a friend and help where you can, not try to hold her back.”

Max’s eyes finally came up to meet Serena’s. She nodded and walked out.

Michael walked over next to Max and they both watched the group through the open front door take supplies out of Liz’s trunk and split it up. “That’s holy water in the jugs, some other things that should help us just in case we run into trouble.” Michael turned towards max, “So? The balls in your court Max, you coming with us or staying behind?”

Max glanced at Michael then continued to watch Liz as she talked and waved her hand over Ava’s arm and then Maria’s, a black symbol showing up. He recognized the look on Liz’s face, the look he saw anytime one of them were in trouble, the look that told him she would die fighting for them. The look that terrified and amazed him from the first time he saw it. But it was that spark in her eye that reminded him of the first time she came up with a plan to keep them from running during that first crash festival so many years ago. When she fought for them even though she barely knew them, not really, but she was willing to fight no matter the risk.

Michael started walking out but when he reached the door he turned, “well Maximillion, what’s it gonna be?”
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch36 12/19/12

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HypnotiqBlueEyes, mary mary, Queen Fee, AvalonRose: LOL I'm just as excited to post as I am to write and read! :) Whenever it's ready it's just itching at me to post. I was just going fast so I didn't get to answer any feedback.. :( But I can today! Well.. kinda.. Will someone get hurt? Will Dean die? Those questions will be answered in the next couple of chapters.. hmm maybe I should apologize now.. :twisted:

Chapter Thirty Six
*A few lines from “No Rest For The Wicked”, in italics.*

Liz glanced down at the map Serena held next to her in the backseat of Kyle’s mustang and double checked the address in her text message from Sam. “Kyle, make a right at the next street and then another right into a cul de sac. We should be right around the corner.” She grimaced at the map, “I hate these weird pretend gated communities.. it’s like driving through a maze.”

Kyle laughed, “missing the desert street plans of Roswell?”

“Watch out!” Liz and Ava yelled as they pointed at the front windshield.

Kyle hit the breaks and swerved around the car sitting in the middle of the road. As they passed by, they saw a man sitting in the car watching them.

“What the hell?” Serena looked out the window with Liz trying to get a better view of the man sitting in the dark. Ava stuck her head out to yell when Liz yanked her back in.

“Speed up.” Liz told Kyle as Ava looked at Liz in question. “His eyes.. they were black.”

Kyle sped up and hoped Michael wasn’t too far behind and that he would see the car in time. They seemed to know they were coming or they set out traps just in case. Then two people walked out into the street a few blocks ahead. “Son of a bitch!” Kyle hit the breaks again bringing the car to a screeching halt then glanced in the rearview mirror seeing a pair of headlights coming up and prayed it was Michael and not the demon they just passed. The mustang sat idling in the road and Kyle hated feeling like a sitting duck. “What’s the plan, Liz?”


Kyle turned around in time to see Liz shoving her cell in her pocket and tucking her gun behind her back. “What?”

“Go. You and Michael get the cars to at least the entrance of the cul de sac.”

“What the hell kind of plan is that?!”

“Distraction, now go!” Liz jumped out of the car and ran for the treeline as Serena and Ava screamed her name.

“Seriously?! Damnit! Ava go with her, Kyle step on it!” Serena commanded pulling Liz’s door shut as Ava jumped out and Kyle hit the gas.

“What about Michael?” Kyle almost hit the two people standing in the street, one jumped out of the way at the last minute while the other tried jumping onto Kyle’s door but Serena threw up a shield giving the demon nothing to grab a hold of but a wall to smack into.

“He’s right behind us, just get to the cul de sac. We need to follow the plan as much as possible. The only reason the demons would be on the offensive like this is if the guys were noticed and that’s not a good thing with fifteen minutes til midnight.”

Kyle glanced at the dashboard clock and pushed harder on the gas pedal. “Damnit.. I’m not losing another friend.”

“You mean like two or three friends.”

Kyle glanced into the rearview mirror catching Serena’s gaze. He didn’t want to think what Dean’s death would do to Liz. Liz loved Alex like a brother and when she lost him she was a complete mess but that wasn’t like the love she felt for Dean. He could see it in her eyes, the way she looked at him, he knew it very well because it was how he felt for Ava. It was all encompassing.. and to lose that would be like tearing the lungs out of the body. The bond may not be there yet but she was too far gone, too close to creating one that the effects would be way too close. No. Not again. He never wanted to see her lose herself again and this time it would be so much worse.

Bobby’s phone vibrated in his pocket as he checked his watch. He flipped it open knowing it was Liz. "You’re cutting it a little close, don't ya think?"

"She's got demons all over the place, I'm heading in on foot. I'm close to the cul de sec Sam mentioned, I’ll be coming in from the back. What house?"

"Middle house. The one with all the demons standin’ around out front?"

"Shit.. "

"They can't get past the sprinkler system. Just stay in the water til you’re past them."

"Thanks bobby."

He looked out the window watching for movement hoping the demons standing in front of the house were all Lilith had on hand this close. He looked at his watch again, knowing he'd probably have to go down there as back up soon.

"Sorry Dean, I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy."

Liz stepped into the room breathing heavily, "That's funny because I'm pretty sure you did."

Dean's head whipped to the side hearing Liz's voice. Fear and surprise flickered across his face as he stared at her but her eyes never left Ruby. "Liz.. What are you doing here?" He heard a hell hound growl and his eyes left Liz as he slowly looked behind him. "Hellhound."

"Where?" Sam's focus left the staring match between Liz and Ruby to look towards Dean.

Liz walked further into the room coming in between Ruby and Dean. "Call them off." Liz spit out.

Dean grabbed Liz's arm and pulled her into the next room yelling for Sam to follow. Sam and Ruby ran into the room slamming the doors and held them as dean pulled a bag out of his jacket and spilled the contents in a line in front of the door. Then he turned to Liz and pulled her to the other side of the room with an angry whisper, "what the hell are you doing here? I had a very good reason for you not to be here!"

Liz still hadn't taken her eyes off of Ruby. Dean grabbed her other arm and shook her to get her attention, "Liz!"

Liz heard Ruby ask for the knife and pushed Dean aside, "Sam don't!" She started towards Sam but both she and Sam were thrown up against the wall, the knife clattered across the floor.

Dean looked over, "you’re not Ruby!" He started for the knife but found himself thrown onto the table next to him. "I should have seen it but you all look the same to me." He sneered.

Ruby's eyes rolled back revealing the whites. Liz stared her down, "you know Lilith, I thought you were creepier as a child now you just look like a little bitch. Ironic, don't you think?"

Lilith threw a glance her way then focused back on Dean. “I'd tell you to keep your bitch on a leash if I thought you could." A sly grin appeared of Lilith’s face as he struggled against the invisible bonds trying to see Liz just out of his sight.

Lilith walked over to Liz, turning the table as she went so Dean could see Liz pinned against the wall. Liz stared at the blonde demon. "Little Lizzie Parker, thinking she's such a badass." Lilith stopped directly in front of her, caressing her face.

"Leave her alone, you've got what you want you stupid bitch!" Dean struggled harder with the bonds.

Lilith glanced at Dean then looked back to Liz. She leaned in close her face only a breath away from Liz's. "You know I can see why he has the hots for you. I like your body too." Lilith kissed her hard.

"So, what's your plan Lilith?" Sam yelled trying to take her attention off Liz. "Get Dean out of the picture and then take me out so you aren't compared to me anymore?"

Lilith pulled back from Liz seeing the look of shock in Liz's wide eyes. She smirked then walked over to Sam. "Oh Sam, I was never compared to you. Please.. you were just some sad attempt to take over my position because I didn't exactly like being bossed around by Azazel. But I have wanted to meet you for a very long time." She leaned in to kiss him but was flung away, slamming into the opposite wall and falling to the floor. She looked up surprised seeing Liz standing off the wall with her hand raised in her direction.

"You’re not the only one with tricks up the sleeve, skank." Liz smirked as she walked towards her.

Lilith threw her hand up, opening the doors. "Sick 'em boys."

Liz stood in front of the table Dean was on and smiled at her. "Sorry, your mutts got distracted..."

"What the hell is going on?" Dean yelled from the table.

Lilith stood slowly staring at Liz, her face contorted with confusion and rage as Liz turned waving her hand over Dean. He sat up quickly and saw Lilith over Liz's shoulder, his eyes going wide. Liz spun around and saw the knife in Lilith's hand. "Seriously coming at me with that? That kills demons, not me.”

"As long as I cut you in the right spot, it won't matter." Lilith smirked advancing towards Liz.

Liz pulled out her gun and pointed it at Lilith noticing the look of shock that briefly crossed her face at the sight of the colt. "And all I have to do is pull the trigger." Dean got off the table and tried moving in front of Liz only to be slammed into the wall next to Sam. Liz threw a glance at him but couldn't be distracted.

"Oh that's cute, you seriously think that toy will scare me?" Lilith laughed.

"And you seriously think I let these boys keep the real colt?" Liz quirked an eyebrow and smiled.

Lilith glanced between the gun and Liz's face. "Well, it seems we're at an impasse. So what do you want?"

"Dean's contract."

"You seriously think I'm going to give that up? You’ve got to be kidding me. He's worth more to me in Hell then what you can give."

"Like your life?"

"Please you think that thing could really kill me? It will just send me back home." She smirked at Liz.

"Then why aren't you fulfilling your contract and leaving?"

"If you say so." She smiled as Liz's arm started moving, turning the gun on Dean.

Liz's eyes went wide, "No." She closed her eyes trying to focus more energy on moving her arm back. She opened them and looked at Dean, his face schooled staring directly at her. She glanced out the window then her eyes slid back to Dean's with tears threatening to fall.

"NO! Don't do this!" Sam yelled at Lilith. "I'm the one you want!"

Lilith smiled at him as she placed the knife on a side table on the other side of the room. "Don't fool yourself, this is just too good to watch."

"Liz, it's okay.. It's not you." Dean was forcing Liz to keep her eyes on his. A solid tear gliding down his face as he watched her struggle to move the gun away from him.

"Dean I'm so sorry.." Her threatening tears now falling freely.

"This is like the cherry topping on the best ice cream." Lilith laughed and clapped at the scene before her.

"Break the contract. You’re getting more than you want right now." Liz's eyes slid away from Dean to Lilith.

"Oh Lizzie, this is the best part. Not only do you kill him but you’re sending him to hell." She smiled as Liz's eyes grew.

Liz felt a pulse of energy and took a step towards Lilith swinging the gun away from Dean back to her. "Break the contract or you won't get to enjoy it anyway."

"You’re so cute when you’re pissed. Did Dean ever tell you that? Or Max maybe?" Lilith took a step towards her, "Let's point that gun elsewhere, shall we?" Lilith lifted her hand and smacked the air in front of the gun pointing it back at Dean.

"Shut up you filthy.."

"Oh now Lizzie no need for name calling, things were just getting fun! Reminiscing about old times and all.. about your love life. You know girl talk. I mean you sure can pick ‘em!" She walked around her and stood in front of Dean. "Good looking guys in good shape." She placed her hands on Dean's chest and slid them down to his belt.

"Hands off Bitch." Dean sneered, wishing Liz could get him free again so he could get his hands around Lilith's neck.

"Although I gotta say, Max was definitely more ripped.. and less of a whore but then again.." Lilith stepped behind Liz, her lips inches from Liz's ear, "Dean never crushed you by knocking up some other bitch and shoving it in your face for so long."

Liz closed her eyes tightly and Sam and Dean glanced at one another then back at Liz who was trembling.

"What is it about the men in your life, honey?" Lilith continued her walk around her, "Pushing you away, the lies.. They also don't seem to believe you can do anything." She stopped in front of Liz face to face with her. "And Max was a piece of work.. I mean your best friend dies and he sleeps with the bitch who did it! You can't write that shit! Believe me, I thought it had to be a demon's work when I first heard that whole story."

"Shut up." Liz's voice held a quiet fury.

"Oh Liz, I'm just getting started." Lilith looked over at Sam. "Did she ever tell you what he did? Max, I mean. You guys are such pals I'm sure you've heard the story." Her eyes danced with delight.

"Leave her alone. She has nothing to do with this!" Sam stared hard at her.

"Oh please she came here to join the party!" Lilith laughed then walked back to Dean. "Did she tell you how after Max found out his baby mama killed her best friend.. oh you didn’t know? Yea, he knocked up the little blonde bitch and then he not only let her live but also get away without having to deal with anything!” She leaned into his face, “And get this.. then he wanted to get back with our lizzie girl!" Lilith glanced back at Liz seeing her tremble with her eyes closed and tears coursing down her face. "And of course she did.. Oh our Lizzie just loved that crap. He said he changed but he didn't, did he?"

"Stop! Just stop! I'm what you came for, so end it!" Dean yelled at her as she closed in on Liz.

"Dean calm down, I know you want to hear the end of the story. Right Lizzie? What's better than him using and abusing you for a year? I need to save my son.. wah wah. Oh yes and then giving you to the FBI as a peace offering now THAT was pure genius as payback for breaking up with him." Liz's eyes snapped open and looked directly at Lilith.

"Who.. Who told you all this?" Liz's eyes glanced at Sam and Dean then focused on Lilith.

"Honey.. how do you think I'm controlling that arm of yours? You may have a few voodoo powers going on but I've been around a long time." She wiped away some of Liz's tears. "You sure did teach Max a lesson by dangling Dean in front of him. Of course Dean did push you away and lie to you.. But I mean next to Max, it's kinda hard to top that."

"Just end this now. Break Dean's contract and you can have me." Liz looked directly into Lilith's eyes. "Yea, I thought you might like that."
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch37 12/22/12

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HypnotiqBlueEyes: Liz split from the rest of the group when they hit the first group of demons.. they're fighting their way in. Where did Lilith get her info? That's one of the questions Liz has too.
Twilighteyes : :wink:
AvalonRose : Liz is going to want to know who Lilith's informant was as well.
mary mary : Double tap.. I like. :)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you all have an awesome holiday!!

Chapter Thirty Seven

"Just end this now. Break Dean's contract and you can have me." Liz looked directly into Lilith's eyes. "Yea, I thought you might like that."

There comes a moment in every plan where Liz wished she could freeze time, just a small amount of time to really think clearly. A moment to take a step back, take a breath, and see everything laid out and know this is the right move. This was that moment. This was her last resort plan and she was trying to think fast and hoping, praying that it worked out the right way. Of course it was a lot easier said than done when focusing on so many things at once.

She closed her eyes as she spoke to herself silently. ‘Keep her attention and for the love of God keep her out of your head. She CAN NOT see your end game, come on Liz you can do this. Dean’s life depends on you, Sam.. everyone’s life depends on you.’

"The hell you will!"

"NO Liz, Don’t do this!"

Dean and Sam yelled, pushing at their invisible bonds. Liz’s eyes snapped open and focused on Lilith once again.

"Settle boys, the adults are talking." Lilith flicked her wrist and their mouths shut. "I'm listening." Lilith stood in front of her crossing her arms over her chest.

"You've only seen a little of what I can do.. and I know you'll love this body more than Ruby's sloppy seconds." Liz smiled trying to block out the sounds of the boys' screaming against sealed lips.

Sam was the first to notice the knife rising slowly from the table pointing at Lilith. He kept fighting the bonds afraid of Liz's plan failing if Lilith noticed anything amiss.

"You break Dean's contract and you can have all these powers. I've been told how much enjoyment you'd get from them." Liz smirked.

"Aren't you quite the little martyr?" Lilith quirked her eyebrow.

"Take it or leave it..."

"Oh Liz you know we have to kiss to seal the deal." Lilith leaned in.

"No," She shook her head away from Lilith. "This isn't a deal, I'm not an idiot. I'm giving you my body but you’re not collecting my soul. I’m not going to hell, I’m sure I'll get my own version with you.” Liz threw a glance in Dean’s direction, “I want proof Dean's contract is broken then and only then will I give access."

"Well, I honestly didn't give you enough credit in the smarts department." Lilith leaned back and stepped over to Dean as Liz followed her with her eyes. Lilith pressed her lips against his as he struggled to pull away.

"You really expect me to believe that's it? I know you demons are sticklers for details. I want to see the contract."
She saw the shock written on Lilith's face for a split second before it disappeared. "Don't give me some bullshit answer either, I had a little conversation with a very powerful demon who.. well we’ll just say he knew a lot about those practices and he was really chatty. Nothing like a hell lover scorned, apparently." Liz gave her a genuine grin. “That’s the problem with you demons, you’re all looking out for number one in the end.”

Lilith threw a sneer at Dean, "why do you get so lucky?" She turned her attention back to Liz. “How do I even know you’ll hold up your end of the deal?”

“Because I know if I don’t, you’ll kill us. There’s no way all of us will get out of here alive.”

Lilith smiled and snapped her fingers. An old parchment appeared in her hand and she held it out in front of Liz.
Liz looked it over, it had everything Crowley described. Luckily, the king of the crossroads was true to his word. Satisfied, she focused her energy on her hand feeling the heat she smiled as she reached up to touch the parchment and it burst into flames. Seeing Lilith's face behind the flames, Liz's smile grew. She glanced at Dean’s fore arms and noticed the small print that appeared on his skin that wasn’t covered by his jacket and then faded.

"Now onto the fun part. Do you want to say goodbye to Dean and Sam before or should I just jump right in once you get rid of that tat?" Lilith walked up to Liz looking up her body and settling on her eyes, "sorry but the gun stays on him until I get my part of the bargain."

"I understand the need for it." Liz nodded then let go of her hold on the knife she had hovering above Lilith’s head.

Lilith stepped to the side towards Dean as the knife dropped, sticking into the floor. Liz's eyes went wide as Lilith turned and looked at the knife then leaned down and picked it up, "that time I didn't underestimate you." She turned and threw the knife into Sam's stomach.

Liz screamed as she dropped the gun and tried to run to Sam. Lilith picked up the gun and put her hand up towards Liz, stopping her mid run. Liz's eyes snapped to Dean.

"Say your goodbyes, Dean." Lilith smiled at him and then looked at Liz as she snapped her fingers and curses flew from Dean's mouth. "This trigger finger's getting itchy Dean, you have ten seconds."

His face fell as he realized what she was saying. He looked to Liz, the tears streaming down her face as she struggled with the hold while her eyes burned furiously at Lilith. "I love you."

Liz's eyes shot over from Lilith to his gaze, the shock apparent on her face.

"Awe Lizzie! Isn't that perfect.." Lilith tilted her head, "and he has no time to hurt you or you know.. knock someone up. Perfect ending to your screwed up love story."

"Dean.. I.." Liz tried to make a connection but too much energy was keeping Lilith out of her head.

"Times up, goodbye Dean." Lilith pulled the trigger, shooting dean in the chest.

"NOO!!" Liz screamed as she watched Dean gasp for air then her head snapped to Lilith, her eyes seething rage. "You filthy bitch!" Liz broke free of the invisible bonds quickly making her way to Lilith and grabbed the gun forcing it on Lilith and pressed it into her chest.

Lilith's eyes went wide as she noticed a slow glowing pulse start from Liz’s chest then spread throughout her body. Lilith threw her hand up, her voice came out shaky. “Back!”

"Oh no, all my attention is on you now! I told you that you didn't see half of what I can do.." Liz waved her free hand towards the boys and they dropped.

"They're bleeding out, you'll want to look at that." Then Lilith threw her head back but Liz slammed her glowing hand over Lilith's mouth.

"No, you die today." Liz stared hard into her eyes, "Oh and by the way I can heal so Sam and Dean won't be going anywhere." Lilith's confused gaze stared into Liz's eyes as she lifted her hand and the knife flew to her palm. "This is where YOU say goodbye." Liz curled her fingers around the knife and the glow slowly crept up the handle then the engravings on the blade shined until the entire weapon was engulfed, “all those plans you had for Sam becoming your little blood sucking pawn, yes I saw your plans for the future.. sending dean to hell and molding Sam into Lucifer’s perfect vessel but you can forget them because you get to die tonight by my hand with your precious knife!” Liz drove it into Lilith’s chest and gave the knife a quick twist as she stared into Lilith’s wide eyes. “Audi nos, bitch.”

Liz turned to the doors and screamed for Ava as Lilith's body lit up and dropped to the floor. She ran over to Dean and placed her hand over the wound clotting it to stop the blood flow as the slow pulsing glow faded quickly. "Come on Dean, stay with me." Liz turned her head to see Ava and Michael run into the room and she pointed to Sam. "Where's max?!"

"We got caught up, he was only a little ways behind us." Michael looked out the door as Ava leaned over Sam placing her hand on his stomach.

"I'm sorry Liz, I was giving you all the energy I could without losing the hounds.” Ava put pressure on Sam’s wound, “he's lost a lot of blood."

Liz barely heard Ava as she tried to get Dean to open his eyes. "Damn it, look at me!" She placed her hands on his face and tried forcing the connection when his eyes popped open as he gasped for air. She felt the connection flare to life at full strength and concentrated on pushing away all the images that came at her. "You have a bullet in your chest. I just.. you need to look at me." Liz placed her hand over the wound and tried to see how much damage it had done.

Dean watched her curiously as he felt strength flowing into him that he didn’t understand and heard Liz chanting ‘please’ over and over. He was confused because he didn’t see her lips moving and then looked down at his blood covered chest and thought he must be dying. His eyes came back up to her face and watched her try to put as much pressure on his chest as her small stature could. He knew her attempts to patch a chest wound were virtually impossible but at least she would be the last thing he saw.

Max ran into room and went straight to Liz, kneeling next to her. Her eyes flicked to his and then back to Dean. He placed his hand on her shoulder feeding her energy as she repaired the damage and brought the bullet out of the hole then healed the wound completely. She breathed out a sigh of relief before settling back on her feet.

"Max!" Ava yelled for his attention. He got up and ran over seeing all the blood soaking Sam’s shirt and surrounding him. "His stomach, he was stabbed."

Max pulled up Sam's shirt and tried to wipe away some of the blood to find the wound then placed his hand over the spot the blood flow seemed to be coming from. He closed the skin right away then worked on fixing the internal damage with the help from Ava’s energy. There was so much blood loss he looked around for other injuries and didn't find any but his blood seemed odd. "Liz.. he’s lost too much blood. He needs a transfusion or he won’t make it. Maybe I could manipulate it to rapidly increase to boost his supply but there’s not enough there to work with."

Liz looked at Dean but he was already getting up. She helped him and they kneeled next to max in front of Sam.
"What do I have to do?" Dean looked at Max, doing his best to push away everything he learned recently and the other images that confused the hell out of him just so he could focus on Sam. He felt Liz’s concentration on his brother and he clung to it, helping him focus.

Max pulled out his knife, "This will sting a little. Just like a transfusion but a little different.” He pulled dean's arm over to Sam's and made a small cut in both. He pushed Dean’s arm directly next to Sam’s then placed his hand over both, he manipulated the blood flow into Sam's wound and focusing on what he learned about transfusions, forced the blood into Sam’s bloodstream. Once he thought he had enough, he healed both wounds and focused on making the blood multiply and upped Sam's t-cells hoping they would fight off whatever foreign body was in there making the cells die. Then he pulled back and glanced at Dean who looked lost as he stared at his brother lying prone on the floor. Then his eyes slid to Liz, noticing she had her hand on his shoulder as well as Ava. They were feeding him energy. He gave them a tentative but thankful smile "Liz something is wrong with some of his blood, the cells are dying too quickly. I upped his t-cell count to fight off whatever virus is causing it and with dean’s blood, his system should be able to deal but we have to watch it. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Liz’s eyes grew and she placed her hand on Sam’s skin where Max had just removed his own. She closed her eyes and felt his blood flow and the cells that seemed to be dying off, more like burning away to nothing. She could hear Dean asking her what was going on and she opened her eyes, “it was the knife.. she stabbed him with that knife and it’s killing the cells..” She trailed off as she saw Dean’s face. The demonic cells, she thought to herself. So what she saw from Lilith wasn’t a lie, it was a flash or premonition.

“What are you talking about? That knife only kills demons..”

Liz’s face softened, “I’m sorry, I’ll explain later but we need to get out of here.”

Max watched the exchange with confusion then looked at Dean, “He should be fine but that was a lot of trauma." Max tried to stand but fell back a bit before Michael caught him and lifted him up.

Ava tossed a glance to Liz. "We'll get him out to the car then come back for Sam."

"Where’s Serena?” Liz glanced between Michael and Ava.

“She went with Kyle and Maria to help Bobby. They were going to clear that line in front of the house so we’d be able to get out.”

“They should be able to help, we should clean up the blood before she gets in here though." Liz told Ava then she turned to Dean, his eyes were moving back and forth between his arm and where Sam just had a fatal wound. She knew even though he had accepted the alien thing a long time ago, he still had trouble when it came to seeing the more unbelievable aspects in action. "It's okay. It's over." She placed her hand on his cheek and turned his face to her. "It worked. It's going to be okay. Sam just needs a little rest."

Dean stared at her still dazed, "I was fine.."

"Sam lost a lot of blood and from what I could tell Max did something.. to help speed along the blood's recovery."

"That was your plan?"

"No, not exactly. She was stronger than I thought but Ava wouldn't have let it get.. Well I didn't think they'd get jumped either. But it's done and we’re gonna be fine." She looked into Dean's eyes and they started to clear.

"I'm not going to the pit." He looked in her eyes then watched her growing smile. He cupped her face in his hands. "If you ever do something so shithouse crazy again.."

Liz raised an eyebrow, "Oh yea like saying I love you for the first time in that type of situation? You’re just lucky I didn’t drop my block on her."

He brought her face closer then kissed her softly. "I swear I'll lock you in Bobby’s panic room."

Liz laughed, "I love you too."

"You may have to keep Max away from me for a while. Was all that stuff Lilith said.." He saw her face tense as images popped in his mind, "yea that's what I thought, I might kill him."

"It's in the past. It doesn't matter.." He went to say something but she put her fingers over his lips, "don't you know when to just shut up?" She smiled then kissed him. "Come on, Let's get Sam out of here."

Dean glanced at the blood surrounding his brother and felt the panic rise again. Liz waved her hand over the thick dark liquid and the evidence of how bad it really was, disappeared. Dean’s eyes came up to hers again and she nodded. “I can.. feel you.. like your emotions.”

Liz watched him carefully reading his scattered thoughts, “it’s called a bond. The connection is sealed..” she felt his confusion, “at full strength. Remember when you asked how much more..”

He nodded as his eyes drank in every inch of her, reveling once again in the fact that he wasn’t going to die, that he and Sam were finally free. He wouldn’t have to say goodbye to her. He felt her desire spike at his perusal and the corner of his mouth quirked up as his eyes met hers. “This could be fun.”

A bark of laughter erupted from Liz. It seemed extremely odd in the setting and maybe a little uncalled for. His brother was lying unconscious on the floor right next to them and the images that were floating around in his mind would make his brother blush maybe even gag. Probably gag. Call it delirium from the relief that washed over her, the high of the bond flooding his energy into her own, or just plain old exhaustion mixed with the feeling of victory. She didn’t care because she had earned the right to forget about everything else and dwell in their happiness. At least for now until everything else crashed in once again.
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch38 12/29/12

Post by MelissaD » Sat Dec 29, 2012 3:32 pm

HypnotiqBlueEyes: Your so sweet chika! :D Thank you!
AvalonRose : Yea I was actually debating back and forth while writing this story that after I settled the hell factor I would start a sequel here but I hate leaving things left unanswered so it's just gonna be a long story. This is kind of just the middle. lol
Twilighteyes: Thank you! :)

Sorry it was a longer waiting period than my recent posts.. I might be back to once a week for a while but hopefully this long chapter makes up for it! :) Oh! And Happy New Year! I can not believe this December.. this year is almost over!

Chapter Thirty Eight

Michael walked into the kitchen going straight to the fridge and reached into his secret spot for the last Snapple he hid so no one could take it. He felt a weird pulse that made the hair on his arms stand up for just a second. He thought maybe it was just the cold from the fridge but the pulse was too familiar. There was no way he could just write it off as a chill. He looked around the kitchen, he knew he’d felt it before but couldn't remember where or even when.

He walked around the house trying to see if he would feel it again while also checking on everyone. Max and Kyle were playing cards in the living room while Maria and Ava were talking quietly on the couch. He went to the end of the back hallway checking Serena's room finding both her and Sam sleeping then passed Liz's room where Dean was still sleeping but no sign of Liz. He went to the back door and the minute he took a step out of the house, he felt the pulse again. He scanned the yard but didn't see anything out of the ordinary. He closed the door behind him and walked into the yard scanning the area then headed towards the trees beyond their property.

He walked straight into the woods for about thirty yards until he found himself standing at the edge of a clearing. Liz stood directly in the middle with rocks scattered all around her. "Blowing up rocks, Parker? I thought that was my thing."

Liz turned towards him. She gave him a slight nod, "hey."

"What are you doing out here?" He walked into the clearing.

"You wanna see?" Michael's forehead rose and Liz smiled, "of course, stupid question."

Michael chuckled as he came up next to her, "well go on young skywalker, show me what you got."

Liz looked at the rocks scattered all around them then slowly brought her right hand up, palm flat facing the sky. The rocks around them started to mimic her movements, slowly rising off the ground.

Michael looked around, "interesting."

Liz smirked, "we've only just begun." She snapped her hand closed and all the rocks smacked together in front of them with loud cracks as they knocked into one another creating a large sphere of rocks.

Michael glanced at Liz seeing the concentration on her face then noticed her other hand next to her closed one and she opened her fist with both hands cupped facing each other, acting as if holding a ball. He looked up at the sphere of rocks and noticed a shimmer around them almost as if they were incased in a bubble. Then she slowly pulled her hands apart and he noticed the bubble expanding.

"Watch the rocks."

Michael threw a quick glance at her and was about to say ‘what else would I be watching?’, but the quip was lost when he felt the pulse again. His eyes were drawn back to the rocks that exploded inside the bubble, not one going outside of it like they were hitting a shield. The bubble dissipated and the rocks fell to the ground. He turned to her, "okay.. that's new."

Liz chuckled, "yea, just a little."

"So, you've just been out here messing with rocks?"

Liz looked at the rocks and waved her hand over them, creating two square rock formations. "You want to sit?"

Michael quirked an eyebrow as he watched her sit in her homemade chair. "Look at you, the helpful little camper." When all he got was a small smile in retort, he sat down trying to read her face.

She brushed her hair behind her ear, "I came out here to think and stuff started moving so I decided to do some.. testing instead of thinking."

"There's a first." Michael smirked when he got a real chuckle out of her, "what's up? What's running through that mind of yours?"

She looked intently towards him. "How did you find me when Groves had me?"

Michael’s eyebrows shot up. "Well then just dive head first.. You've never asked about that before. What brought that up?"

Liz shrugged, "Just trying to figure something out and it came up."

Michael looked out at the trees around them and thought back to a time he had pushed to the deepest parts of his mind ever since it happened. "We were going to leave the base.. We saw some black SUVs speeding away and thought for sure you were in one."

"What stopped you guys?"

Michael looked back at her catching her intense gaze. "I did. I knew you didn't leave.. That you were close."


He was quiet for a few moments, "I felt you. Like a beacon.. I'd never felt anything like it before."

Her brow furrowed as her eyes went out to the trees.

"Are you going to let me in on the storm in there, Parker?"

Liz kept her eyes on the tree line as she started. "I think I might be onto something. I just can't stop thinking about how everything went down last night. I shouldn't have been able to take her down." Her eyes slid back to his, "I don't even know how I did it.. I just felt the fear and rage explode in my chest and just started going through motions. Motions that I should’ve had no idea would work but somehow had every fiber of my being confident that they would. Yet.. I keep thinking there’s no way I should have been able to take her out."

Michael watched her as his own brow furrowed, "so, why are you thinking about Groves?"

"Did you ever feel the beacon thing again? After that?"

Michael thought about it, "yea. When Dean and I went to get you from the skins. I told him we'd find you on that side of the building and I had nothing to back it up.. I just knew."

She nodded. "Yea, that's what I thought." Her eyes wandered off again.

He waited but saw her mind going a mile a minute and she wasn't talking. "You seriously going to leave me hanging like that?"

"Think about it, where could I have gotten power to do stuff like that?"

"You think it's the Granolith? But I thought it was hibernating or whatever."

"How else would I have overpowered and been a step ahead of an extremely powerful demon?"

He shrugged, "don't ask me, I'm not the scientist. Hell I’m still relatively new to the whole demon crap."

She finally met his gaze again. "Evy told me that there's no operator’s manual to the Granolith. That with my connection to it, I'll just know what to do. So, what if I've been tapping into it in times of distress and I didn't even know it? It's the only thing I've got to explain it."

Michael nodded, "it's not like we have anything that goes against it. What did Serena say before.. that it transferred itself and the keeper to a safer place in times of danger? Maybe they just wanted that and so the granolith did as that person wanted?"

Her eyes fell to the rocks. "Maybe. I don't know. Evy had warned me that if something happened.. The Granolith is only known to transfer it and the keeper, no one else."

"Maybe the other keeper was just a dick."

Liz looked at him incredulously.

"What? We don't know and you’re not really the self-saving type."

Liz smacked his shoulder as he laughed, "shut up."

He quirked an eyebrow, “go ahead and try to tell me I’m wrong.”

Liz stood and stretched, “I’m starving. Let’s go eat.”

Michael’s laughter continued as she started to walk away . Liz waved her hand towards him and he found himself hitting the ground amid a pile of small rocks. “Real mature, Liz.”

Liz carried two coffee cups from the kitchen to the back bedroom of the safe house where she knew Sam was still sleeping. She stopped at the doorway and peeked in. Serena lay on her side next to Sam with her eyes closed.
Liz was about to leave when she heard Serena whisper, “you can come in as long as one of those is mine.”

Liz smiled as she walked over to one of the two chairs in the room. “Why do you think I brought two?” She sat down and waited for Serena to join her. “How is he doing?”

Serena slipped off the bed as carefully as she could. “He hasn’t woken up yet. It’s been two days.” She glanced back at Sam.

Liz handed her the second cup made exactly how Serena loved it. “Dean slept for twenty four hours and he didn’t lose as much blood as Sam did and then add the demon blood dying off and being stripped from his system. His body is recovering from physical trauma plus like the worse flu virus ever. He’s going to be okay.”

Serena sipped the coffee and smirked, “did you see that in a vision, Dr. Parker?”

Liz chuckled softly, “no. I just know. You would know that his sleep is normal too if you weren’t so close..” Serena raised her eyebrow and Liz smiled, “I’m just pointing out an observation.”

Serena decided to change the subject, “what were you saying yesterday about seeing something that night?”

Liz eyed her for a few seconds but let her quick shift go. She had come in here wanting to talk about that vision and the thing that was really bothering her. “I got it off of Lilith and the thing driving me crazy is I can’t figure out if I just got a flash off her or if she triggered a premonition. Did I just get a glimpse at her plans or was it really something that would have happened if we didn’t stop her?”

Serena leaned forward, “what did you see?”

“A lot. It tripped me up at first because it started with Dean being torn to shreds by her hounds and then Sam..” Liz glanced at his sleeping form. “It got bad.. and that demon blood inside him was like a ticking time bomb. Ruby was working with Lilith and she had plans to get Sam addicted. He was.. drinking demon blood like an alcoholic.”

Serena looked at Liz like she was crazy, “that’s nuts why would he even.. no. It had to just be her plans. There’s no way we would have let him and why would he? No.” Serena shook her head.

Liz nodded, “could be.” She took a sip of her coffee and looked back at Sam.

Serena settled back in her chair and watched Liz. She knew she never just dismissed her visions like that but Sam drinking demon blood? Was she serious? She saw the guilt pass over Liz’s face and then disappear as she closed herself off. Serena let out a slow breath,“what is it, Liz?”

Liz’s eyes came back to Serena’s, “nothing. Just a lot to sift through. Some things that she said are bugging me and then the vision. It’s just a lot for my mind to just over analyze.. you know the drill.” Serena eyed her and she gave her a small smile, “I’m fine, really.”

Serena knew that was never a good sign. Crap. She squeezed Liz’s knee with her free hand. “Whatever you saw.. it’s not going to happen. You made sure of that by changing it, Dean didn’t die, Lilith did, and now whatever she had planned or whatever happened in what you saw.. if it was a premonition, it’s changed. It’s over, Liz.”

Liz gazed in her eyes and saw her certainty. She smiled and nodded her head. A part of her knowing Serena was right and a part of her fearing what could go so wrong to make the things she saw come to pass.

Dean woke up to darkness. His heart skipped a beat and then he felt it. He felt her. Then the softness of a mattress under his back seeped into his consciousness. He wasn’t dead. He glanced next to him and saw the other form with dark hair splayed on the pillow next to him. He turned on his side and wrapped his arm around her, pulling her against him. Her quiet sigh broke the silence in the room. She was awake. He wondered briefly how long he would wake terrified that he was no longer topside but waking from a dream in the pit. Could you dream in hell?

“I’m sorry.” Her soft voice seemed loud in the quiet room.

The need to have skin to skin contact over took his control as his hand slid under her shirt and rested on her stomach. “What do you mean?” His voice sounded tired to his own ears but he didn’t care.

“For waking you.”

He noticed that she still had the filter on.. or whatever she had called it when she tamped her radio waves down so he could sleep before. Kyle was the one who was able to explain it in a way he completely understood, he spoke car language. Cylinder deactivation. Some crap new vehicles were using that cut back on gas by only having a few cylinders run when the full power wasn’t needed. Fancy crap that wouldn’t come near his baby. Kyle told him it saved gas and money like he’d actually care, nobody was touching his baby. She was perfect the way she was. He steered himself back to the problem at hand, well he’d ignore the whole filter thing for now. He wasn’t sure he was quite ready for the unfiltered yet, talking worked just fine for him. “Why are you awake?”

Her hand came down from under her pillow and covered his on her stomach. “Bad dream.”

He tightened his arm around her, “what about?”


He rubbed his thumb slowly back and forth across the skin of her stomach. “She’s gone.”

“I know. It’s what she said.. it’s kind of invaded my mind.”

He tried thinking back to that night but it was still hazy. “What is it?”

“I don’t know. It’s probably just me overanalyzing too much.”

“Liz.. I trust your instincts. What did she say?”

She took a deep breath as she threaded her fingers through Dean’s, “when she was messing with me.. about max and everything. She said the first time she heard the story. Like someone told her about it all, the story of the worst parts of my life. She said she got the information from my mind when I asked but then why would she have said the first time? I think it was a slip.. that she was too into the moment of hurting me. If she got it from me.. if she was actually in my mind then wouldn’t she have seen my plan? That Ava and everyone else were close, that the colt wasn’t real, that I planned to get her to show me the contract and burn it.. It’s just not possible. There’s no way I could have tricked her if she was really in my head. She could have easily moved my arms without being in my head.. but if she wasn’t in my head.. then who the hell was it? Where did she find out?”

Dean listened quietly as her worries spilled from her mouth and her emotions flowed through their connection. He felt her worry, confusion, and most of all her fear. “Could another demon have found out and fed her the information when they found out you were working with us? There were more than enough demons that saw you help us get out of the jail with Henricksen.”

“I don’t know. Not even the special unit know about that stuff..”

“Does it really matter now? She’s dead.”

“I don’t know. It just keeps playing over and over in my head.”

“Is that why you can’t sleep?” He felt her head nod slightly under his chin, “well maybe I can help you out with that problem.” He easily turned her to face him then pulled her up to rest her head on his pillow. “I know just the way to turn that brain of yours off.” He kissed her deeply as he pulled her against him once again.

Maria knocked softly on Serena's half open door peeking in to find Sam still asleep and Serena sitting in a chair next to the bed with her phone in her hand. "You really should eat something."

Serena glanced up from her phone and Maria questioned her with her eyes. "I've been meaning to call my mom but.. I don't know what to say."

Maria walked over and sat on the edge of the bed in front of her. "What do you mean? You called her when we got here right?"

"Well no.. I called her right after everything and just said that we were heading to a safe house and that I’d call her when we got settled." Serena glanced at Sam, "she's going to ask about him and it’s been three days and I don't.."

A knowing smile slipped onto Maria's face, "oh girl you are so far gone." Maria laughed softly at Serena's shocked face. "You’re not foolin' me, chika. I don't care about your doctorate or whatever in psychology. Not only am I observant but I played your role for far too long with Michael to not notice it right off in others. And stop worrying about him, both Liz and max have checked him and they said he's perfectly fine, no trace of anything bad. He just needed some major rest, you know more than anyone that he wasn't sleeping much the past couple of weeks." Maria glanced back at Sam and then stood up, "so what can I make you?"

Serena stood and stretched, "you’re so bossy.” She smiled, “I'll come with you."

As they walked out into the hallway they bumped into Liz and Dean. Dean glanced into the room and Liz looked at Serena.

"Not yet. Hopefully today though." Serena offered a hopeful smile.

Liz nodded, "his brain was more active this morning when I checked on him."

Maria and Serena continued towards the kitchen as Dean stood looking in on his brother. Liz took his hand and pulled him into the room. She sat him down in the chair next to the bed and placed Dean’s hand in hers on top of Sam's. He looked at her in question.

"Do you want to connect with him?"

His eyes grew, "you could do that?"

Liz nodded, "the way I check on him, through our connection.. I can pull you in."

Dean looked at Sam as he shook his head, "yea.. I don't want to see.."

Liz laughed softly at the look on his face. "You’re not going to see images from him like you do from me."

Dean felt Sam's fingers move under his hand and looked up at his face, his eyes were still closed. "Sam? Sammy, can you hear me?"

Sam grimaced and his free hand moved slowly up to his head, his voice groggy. "What the hell happened to me? I feel like I was run over by a truck."

Liz turned towards the door and yelled, "Serena! He's awake!"

"Shit Liz.."

Liz turned back to Sam, seeing him hold his head in both hands and gave him an apologetic smile. "Sorry." She placed her hand on his forehead and after a soft glow, she pulled it away. "Better?"

Sam blinked a few times and smiled, "that's.."

"Awesome." Dean answered with a broad smile and Sam chuckled.

Serena came into the room and her face lit up when she saw Sam trying to sit up. He finally settled with his back against the wall when Maria came into the room with a plate of sandwiches and a bottle of water she handed to Sam. He drank greedily then wiped his mouth. He looked around the room trying to figure out where he was and then his eyes snapped to dean. "What happened?"

Dean grinned, "yea.. I'm not in the pit."

Sam's gaze slid over to Liz and she smiled, "it's alright Sam. Lilith's gone, Dean's fine with no strings attached this time. It's over."

A deep, gruff voice came from the doorway. “I’m sorry but I'm afraid that’s not entirely accurate.”
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch39 1/5/13

Post by MelissaD » Sat Jan 05, 2013 5:28 pm

barbara87413: :)
AvalonRose: That's going to be a big thorn in Liz's mind.. would it be a pod squad member? I don't know.. :wink:
HypnotiqBlueEyes : One problem down but we know they still have others.. and now Lilith's slip. What else could be thrown onto their plates? :twisted:
roswellian love: Mystery person.. answered in this chapter :) The informant.. that may take some time.
Queen Fee: A lot of people thinking Castiel.. :)
mary mary: There might be a lot in store for them.. :) Happy New Year Ginger!

Chapter Thirty Nine
A deep, gruff voice came from the doorway. “I’m sorry but I'm afraid that’s not entirely accurate.”

Serena spun towards the door with her hand immediately up facing the intruder while Dean had pulled Sam’s gun from the top drawer of the nightstand. Maria moved behind Serena while Sam just stared not knowing what to do from his spot on the bed. Liz slowly stood from her seated position on the bed next to Dean’s recently vacated chair. Her head cocked to the side as she eyed the dark haired, blue eyed man curiously. She started walking towards the man who would only stand a couple inches taller than Kyle, just slightly shorter than Dean, oddly wearing a trench coat in May in Missouri.

Dean put his hand out trying to stop her movement but she easily maneuvered around him. “Liz.. what the hell are you doing?”

Serena and Sam didn’t take their eyes off the man while Maria was staring at Liz, silently willing her to stop whatever harebrained scheme she thought she was pulling. She wished both she and Serena were on the other side of the bed next to her and dean then all three of them could have blocked her progress. “Liz.”

Liz ignored her and continued towards the man. “Cas?”

The man standing in the doorway tilted his head to the side, his brow furrowing.

This time Serena’s stern voice scolded her. “Liz!”

Liz stopped in front of him and reached her hand out, touching the man’s cheek. “You’re real.” It came out as a surprised statement confusing everyone in the room even more. Serena and Dean exchanged a quick glance, both silently communicating they were not okay with this.

Liz threw her arms around him, “it’s so good to see you.” The man slowly brought his arms up to return the hug even though his face still clearly showed confusion.

"Don't move!" Dean commanded taking a step towards them. "Liz, what the hell?"

“Want to fill us in chika? Maybe they could stand down..” Maria tried moving in front of Serena only to be pushed back. Serena eyed her and was about to say something until they heard Liz gasp and all attention went back to her.

Liz pulled back slightly looking the man in the eyes, shaking her head. "No.. That's not right. That can't be right.. It's because of Tess.. And Khivar!" She took a step backward as her eyes rolled up in her head. She started to fall back but the man caught her before she fell.

The man looked at her in his arms. "Fascinating."

Watching Liz fall, everyone in the room erupted.

"What did you do to her?!" Dean moved towards the man.

"LIZ!" Maria once again tried to move around Serena only to be held in place by Serena’s force field.

"What is every.. What the hell?" Michael and Max appeared just outside the door in the hallway throwing their hands up towards the man, their eyes automatically going to an unconscious Liz in his arms.

The man holding Liz finally spoke up. "My name is Castiel. Please there is no reason to be afraid for I am an angel of The Lord."

"What kind of joke is that?" Michael spoke as he and dean shared matching faces of disbelief with hints of anger.

Max and Serena kept up their game face waiting for a chance to get Liz as Sam and Maria looked on amazed.

Castiel looked dean in the eye answering his question, "I did nothing, I would not hurt her."

"Then why is she unconscious huh angel boy?" Dean wanted to shoot him but he was afraid of what would happen to Liz so he held himself in check but wasn’t going to move his gun away.

Castiel lifted her up into both arms and started to move towards the bed when dean fingered the trigger. Castiel stopped directly in front of Dean. "Your weapons are not effective on me. Human or alien." He continued towards the bed but no one lowered their hands. He laid her gently next to Sam, "hello Sam." Castiel gave him a small smile.

Sam checked Liz's pulse then glanced at Dean, "her pulse is good."

"As I said." Castiel turned around to face Dean who had followed closely behind him. He saw Max and Michael just inside the door still with their arms raised in his direction. He felt Serena eyeing him cautiously from the other side of the bed but had lowered her hand. "Dean, if it would make you feel better you could pull the trigger but it will not answer your questions."

Maria climbed on the bed and leaned over Sam to check Liz for herself. She looked up at the man who claimed to be an angel. "What happened to her?"

Castiel turned back towards the bed with a sad smile, "I know that you will not believe me so it would probably be best if she explained." He reached down and touched Liz’s fore head gently with two fingers.

Liz's eyes opened slowly. She saw Castiel and sat up. "2014? You came from.." her eyes dropped and her brow scrunched together, "no.. That's not right." She looked back up at the angel.

"Can someone tell me what is the hell is going on?!"

"What the hell is going on?!"

Michael and dean both yelled while Castiel looked at Liz confused.

The angel’s head tilted again as he watched the tiny muscle movements on Liz’s face. "You saw both timelines?"

Dean threw his arms out to the sides, "are we deliberately being ignored here?!"

Serena, Maria, and Sam were focused on the conversation between the supposed angel and Liz while Max and Michael still stood on guard not knowing what to think but ready for any sign of threat.

Liz stared at Castiel pleading with him for the truth. "The apocalypse? 2014.. He told me Khivar came and it was the end of the world because Tess wasn’t with them to complete the four square.."

"Oh my god.." Maria whispered and Sam glanced at her.

"It was an alien takeover that caused the end how.."

Castiel gave a subtle shake of his head, "I'm sorry maybe that is what he thought. His enemy might have come but this world's apocalypse was already in motion. I don't understand how you saw that.. I always believed that was just a creation of Zachariah's. I had only seen it from dean's perspective."

"We are definitely being ignored." Michael threw in, glancing at Dean.

"What about what I saw from Lilith? The plan for Sam to kill her. Sam would start it but she's gone now. Was that a premonition? You came from.. Cas, how are you here?"

"I've come back to set things right."

Her eyes widened, "you don't know what that could.."

He nodded, "I'm aware of the mishap with your experience of time disruption but I assure you this is different." A small smile appeared on his face, "you are quite an interesting human being Liz Parker. Alex speaks very highly of you."

Liz heard Maria’s sharp gasp before she whispered his name. “Alex?”

Liz cringed and cradled her head in her hands as images exploded in her mind.

Dean felt Liz tamp down the connection almost to the point where it felt completely closed. He moved to Liz’s side, feeling the need to touch her to strengthen the connection so he could ease his fear. “How the hell do we know you’re really an angel? If there is such a thing?”

Liz grabbed his hand and spoke softly, “he is what he says.”

Serena nodded, “I’ve never seen anything like his aura but it’s not bad. I don’t know about the angel thing but there’s no.. darkness. No evil intent.”

“What’s going on then? I swear to God if you don’t start talking I’m going to test your little bulletproof theory.” Dean didn’t turn away from Liz, feeling her struggle with something that he couldn’t figure out. Funny how much he wanted to be able to open the connection now to know exactly what was going on with her. The fact that he was completely okay with her filtering just a day before was not lost on him.

Castiel watched as Dean brushed the hair away from Liz’s face and held her against him. He was amazed seeing the way Dean was with her up close and knew that this was still the better option or at least maybe that was just what he needed to believe. He had to hope he was right. Dean’s eyes turned to him and Castiel answered, “she has a lot in her mind right now. Thanks to the alien hybrid DNA changes from his hand,” he pointed quickly to Max, “she can handle it but she needs time to process. If I'm correct she has two timelines and a portion of a third going on in there right now and her mind is trying to straighten it all out. I thought by giving her a boost she would be able to handle it but I shouldn’t have mentioned Alex. I believe that was too much for her current state.”

"I'm sorry what?" Dean looked back at Liz, all he could feel was her concentration which wasn’t an odd thing coming from her but it was all he could feel and that unnerved him. He couldn’t feel her emotions and after a few days of easily feeling them he felt cold without it. He cursed those times he was weirded out by the connection and now any fear he may have had for it was gone, he just wanted to feel her again.

Max and Michael finally dropped their hands and moved closer to the bed both taking a position on either side of the angel, still in a strategic mindset. The room suddenly felt extremely small with eight people all crowded either on or right next to the bed.

“She received.. what you call a premonition triggered by Lilith and she picked up one timeline and a portion of another off me. I don't know how she could get the second.. but that’s a lot for even her brain to handle easily.” He looked at her with concern.

Sam’s gaze moved from Liz to the angel. "You said Liz wasn’t right, what did you mean?"

Castiel glanced at Dean and then his gaze settled on Sam. "When I put Liz in your path to change events, I didn't foresee the demons looking for revenge. It seems they were extremely upset to hear of Lilith’s death."

Dean looked at the angel, “when you put her in his path?”

Castiel noticed the shocked look that passed over Dean’s face, “yes. I sent her on a path to bump into the two of you. I was.. well let’s just say I had hoped that she could stop things before they started.”

Dean’s eyes went back to Liz and he remembered that late night conversation from what felt like years ago. He remembered their talk about fate, about angels, and about her receiving visions that lead her on a crash course with him. An angel had placed her in his path.

Serena spoke up from beside the bed, “so the things Liz saw from Lilith?”

Castiel turned towards her, “was a future without possibility in this one with Lilith dead but for the past three days I’ve been watching and getting reports that a few groups of demons are trying to find another way to start it and if they cannot find one, they will come after those responsible.” He glanced at Dean and Liz.

“Awesome. Just what we need.” Dean rolled his eyes.

Castiel reached down and touched Liz’s abdomen, “it’s imperative that we keep the demons from finding out about him. He will be a strong, powerful force and if the demons get wind of him..”

Dean’s head snapped towards him as Liz’s hands slowly lowered, her eyes staring at the angel’s hand on her stomach.

“What?” The word echoed around the room coming from a few of the room’s occupants.

Castiel glanced between Liz and Dean as he straightened. “You weren’t aware of the child?” He took in Dean’s shocked face and saw the blood drain from Liz’s. “My apologies.”

Liz’s eyes slid closed and she fell back. Sam caught her easily then lowered her head to the pillow carefully as Dean’s eyes stared, transfixed on Liz’s abdomen.

Maria pushed herself off the bed, “what episode of twilight zone am I in? An angel is Liz's pregnancy test?” She started backing away, bumping into Serena. “I'm drunk right? I’m dreaming.. none of this is real.. I’m going to wake up and Sam will still be asleep..” Maria started fanning her face as she rambled.

“Can someone get Maria please?” Dean spoke but his eyes had yet to leave Liz.

Michael started towards Maria when Castiel suddenly appeared directly in front of her and touched her forehead like he had done with Liz. Serena caught her as she fell, Serena’s eyes wide on the angel. Castiel looked to Dean, “is that better?”

Michael rushed the last few steps to Maria, “what did you do to her?”

Castiel spoke as if it were common knowledge. “I put her to sleep.”

Michael took Maria from Serena’s arms, lifting her easily. “Max come with me and open our door so I can put her down.” When Max didn’t answer he looked over to find him staring at Liz. He shook his head, he didn’t have time for this. He walked towards the door hitting Max’s shoulder with his own as he passed him, “Maxwell.”

Max felt the hit to his shoulder and then Dean’s face came into his line of vision, blocking Liz. Dean tilted his head towards the door and Max nodded with a tight lipped smile. Max turned seeing Michael walk out of the room with someone in his arms. He quickly glanced around the room on his way to the door, noticing Maria missing. What the hell happened? What else did they get themselves involved in? But the biggest question taking over his mind was how the hell were they going to protect Liz and a baby in their screwed up world? This was no life for a child.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch40 1/11/13

Post by MelissaD » Fri Jan 11, 2013 1:20 am

HypnotiqBlueEyes : I love him too! Something about that baby in a trenchcoat. LOL Yea Liz definitely got a lot thrown at her in that chapter.. a lot to take in and deal with. Of course everyone else did too but they don't have timelines playing out in their head. Dean.. well he deals in this chapter. :)
AvalonRose: Nice pick up on Alex.. we'll get around to his meeting with Castiel. :)
Queen Fee : Sorry I couldn't get this up faster.. :) I LOVE your new pic by the way!

Chapter Forty
Three days later.

After everyone finally retired for the night, Ava had quietly crept to the basement door and started down the stairs. She had seen Liz sneak down there just before everyone went to bed. She had been quiet all night and then instead of go to bed with Dean, she snuck away so no one would notice she wasn’t. Everyone else was either letting her have her space or just ignoring her little disappearances all day because of what happened days ago but she wasn’t on either of those bandwagons. As she descended the stairs she saw Liz sitting in the middle of the floor with papers scattered all around her. "Liz, what are you doing down here?"

Liz didn’t move from her place or even look in her direction. "Couldn't do any more damage than I already have."

“Oookay.." Ava reached the bottom of the staircase and walked further into the dimly lit room. "When was the last time you got any sleep?"

"I don't need any. I have alien DNA." She still made no move to acknowledge her other than answer her question.

"We still need sleep." Ava took a closer look at the papers all over the floor, all filled with frenzied handwriting. "What is all this?"

Liz picked up a few pieces of paper in front of her, "I thought if I could get it out on paper it would help.. that maybe I could get it to stop." She lifted them in front of her face then let them fall from her hands and watched them float back to the floor.

Ava picked a piece of paper off the floor but she could barely read the words and looked down at Liz. She could clearly see she was having a hard time keeping it together. She didn't blame her. So much had happened so quickly and on top of that she had an overcrowded mind. Ava tossed the paper and smiled as she sat in front of her friend. She just needed to get her mind off of everything long enough to fall sleep. "You need a bedtime story to help you sleep, little Lizzie?"

Liz's eyes finally came up to meet hers but Ava couldn’t read her at all. "A story? You know the thing about stories? They can be wonderful and beautiful and inspiring. Always with a happy ending or at least some meaning.. Usually toting that whole true love conquers all tagline but real life is never that clean or happy.. or even meaningful! The reality is true love just kills everything that surrounds it!” Liz shot up from her place on the floor, throwing her arms in the air as she started to pace. Papers around her repelled away like the wrong ends of two magnets as if they were scared of what she would do. “I killed Alex because I thought I was protecting everyone! Because I loved max so much that I trusted his every word.. Trusted Romeo so much that I followed through with a plan I didn't even believe in! I gave up everything and look what that got me! My best friend is dead! All for what? The apocalypse still came! Great job saving the world Liz!"

"Liz! Look at me!" Ava jumped up into Liz’s path and tried to get Liz to look at her but she seemed so far off, her gaze going right through her.

Liz suddenly stopped and looked up at the ceiling. "And him! He loved his brother so much that he gave his own soul for him.. Just like his father did for him!"

Ava grabbed Liz's shoulders. "Liz.. look at me. I’m right here." Ava watched Liz’s eyes water as tears threatened to spill. She felt her own eyes start to react as she felt hopeless to break Liz out of whatever she was stuck in.

Liz’s eyes seemed to clear as she looked at Ava then continued, "I think I’m protecting him by keeping him in the dark about my green card and he thinks he’s protecting me by doing the same damn thing! All we do is hurt the ones we love, Ava. Push them away and screw the casualties because we'd die before letting them get hurt.. but truth is we just get everyone killed in the end!”

Ava gave Liz a rough shake and her eyes focused on her. Ava tried to lighten the mood. It was honestly the first thing that came to her mind. She’d never seen Liz like this before. Ava smirked, "I didn't know dean had a green card."

Liz frowned, "don't be cute with me, Ava."

Ava studied Liz's face. She looked like a little girl with that frown. The thought almost made Ava smile at the silliness of Liz as a petulant child. "You know if I didn't know any better I'd say you were drunk."

"Yea.. wouldn't that be nice.. but I've learned my lesson with that. Well more like I'm terrified what would happen if I had absolutely no control."

Ava sighed, "Liz.. You really need sleep. Your body can't run forever without it. You think alcohol is the only thing that will make you lose control? You’re already running out of energy.. that’s why your starting to sound drunk. You seem to be in and out of it. How long do you think you have left before your body freaks out on you and things really get out of control?" The fear that bloomed on Liz's face worried her. "Should I get dean?"

"No!" Liz grabbed Ava’s arms.

Ava raised an eyebrow.

"Please... I can't. Not right now. He needs his sleep."

Ava crossed her arms over her chest. "You really think I'm going to fall for that?"

Liz closed her eyes, "please Ava. I just need some time."

"Some time for what?"

Her eyes opened and she looked like a small child again, "to figure things out."

"Liz.. What you said about max.. You’re not trying to figure out if you still.."

She interrupted her, shaking her head vigorously, "nooo.. No no no." A small smile actually appeared on her
face. "No, I know where my heart lies or who it lies with. That's not my problem."

Ava nodded, "okay. Sorry.. You just kinda went off there and scared me. I know you have a lot going on but I'm always here for you. I know Serena and Maria would say the same. You’re not going through this alone."
Liz gave her a small smile, "I know. But this is something I need to straighten out before I do anything."

Ava walked over to the small makeshift bed. "Is this where you’ve been sneaking off to all day? Were you trying to sleep at some point?"

Liz followed behind her and nodded her head, "yea but I couldn't. It just kept coming and playing like a movie I couldn't turn off."

Ava sat down, "I could probably help you. Maybe block everything.. Or at least try. Maybe I could do something similar to a mindwarp. Create a dream for you so the rest can't creep in."

Liz watched her cautiously, "have you ever done anything like that before?"

Ava smiled, "I may have tried it on Kyle. I threatened to make him dream about gay porn once and when he told me I couldn't, I accepted it as a challenge. Although I created something that he wouldn't notice just to see if I could do it. I kind of thought of it like Isabel’s dreamwalking mixed with a little of my creativity."

Liz's jaw dropped, "wow.. I don't even want to know what that would be punishment for."

Ava shook her head, "nope. You don't."

Liz sat on the bed next to her, "okay. What's the worst thing that could happen?"

Ava looked at her, "you get woken up by whatever is keeping you awake in the first place and we have to figure something else out."

Liz nodded then laid down placing her head in Ava's lap. "I'm ready." Liz looked up into Ava's eyes and then closed her own.

Ava brushed her fingers through Liz's hair as she created the image. A park in Albuquerque that Liz loved to run in during the spring before it got too hot. She heard Liz's breathing even out and added dean into the mix. Liz bumping into him on her path, fresh from a hunt that kept him away for sometime. She let Liz's mind take over from there knowing at that point it should be able to easily weave its own magic. Ava didn't want to leave her down in the basement by herself so she gently held Liz's head as she moved her legs out from underneath and swapped for the pillow next to her. She then stretched out next to Liz hoping that her own warmth may be able to keep whatever inner demons Liz was dealing with at bay. At least for a couple hours.

Dean woke to an empty bed. Again. Liz had slept for two days after the angel had appeared in Serena’s room and then even though she wouldn’t admit it, she had been avoiding him for two solid days. Maria told him he was imagining it, she was sitting with them all and she didn’t shy away from him, she was just quiet because she had a lot going on and was still adjusting like everyone else to the bombshells dropped by Castiel.

After talking to Maria he got the feeling he was the only one who had noticed it until Sam talked to him last night. Serena admitted only to Sam that she noticed Liz shying away from Dean’s touch, coming close but not enough for skin contact. Sam had noticed her sneaking out of the basement that morning when he had been getting ready for an early morning run. From the different times he was hearing of people in the house seeing her it almost seemed like she wasn’t sleeping at all or just for very short periods of time.

Dean had shrugged it off at first, giving her time to readjust from whatever was going on in that head of hers but he felt himself slowly going insane. Had the space been all she asked for he would have gladly given it but she barely spoke to him and to make things worse, she still had the connection almost completely closed. He couldn’t even find her like before and he felt his skin starting to crawl. He started to wonder if maybe it was more than the things she pulled off Castiel, if it was something she didn’t want to talk to him about because it involved him, was because of him.

It terrified him too. The angel had just told them they had demons after them and then about a baby that the demons could possibly want if they knew about it. And that’s just from his side, they still had aliens to worry about. It was truly petrifying to really think about bringing a child into this situation with demons alone and he'd had four days to obsess about it. Well.. two days trying to ignore it and two days with nothing but time to obsess about it.

A baby. A son. A luxury he never thought he'd get to experience. The image of him with a kid was insane. Knowing that his life always seemed to have some kind of evil after him and he was always on the move, it just didn’t work. A man like him who had seen what he has seen, done what he has done. Who in their right mind would put a child in his care?

No one would even look at him and think father material. To put it lightly, he was a mess. As much as he once thought it would be nice, he also knew it wasn’t a possibility. It was just a dream for someone who was tired of his life and wanted a change. But how could he possibly change?

He heard the noises coming from downstairs which meant someone made breakfast and the guys were moving towards the smell of coffee and food. Maybe things could change. He never thought he'd be able to work well in a rag tag group like this. He could never picture these random types all working together at all let alone as friends.
Maybe there was hope. An angel thought they were worth the sacrifice.. That had to mean something. He wasn't quite sure he could jump on the 'God is on my side' band wagon but he was warming up to the idea.

As Dean pulled himself from the bed with determination, he had one goal in mind. He was going to find Liz and end this. If she thought she had the strength to keep away longer than this then she was going to have to fight him for it. He was no longer going to stand to the side because frankly, he wasn’t strong enough to deal with it. He needed her and he wasn’t afraid to admit it. Hell, he needed the connection to flow freely again like a junkie needed another fix just to function. Today was judgment day. He had a good feeling that she didn’t want out and he was hoping that she wasn’t completely mad at the situation.. or him.

He dressed quickly and caught his reflection in the mirror by the door. A slow smirk grew on his face. He went back to the bag on the floor yanking his shirt off and grabbing her favorite black tee, pulling it on as he came back to the mirror. It wouldn’t hurt to remind her exactly what she had been missing the past couple days. He smiled as he walked out of the room knowing this was something he should have done that first night instead of going to bed alone. If she wanted to play with fire he could play just as hard.

He walked into the kitchen and nodded to Michael and Kyle at the table. He poured himself a cup of coffee and then Sam came into the room heading right for him. Dean poured another and handed it to Sam. “Morning.”
Sam nodded as he took the cup, “seen Liz today?”

Dean shook his head in the negative as he leaned against the counter. “You?”

Sam gave him a small sad smile that made Dean roll his eyes. “Yea, I saw her coming in the back door this morning.”

Dean took another sip from his cup as he thought about his plan of action. “You have any idea where she is now?”

“Serena said something about them looking into new safe houses. Castiel told Serena we could have been followed and if not we’re a little too close for comfort if they really dig into their history they could see this was the closest safe house they had to Indiana. Serena was taking her laptop upstairs when I got out of the shower ten minutes ago.”

Dean nodded. Again with relying on this angel for information. It still didn’t sit right with him. What the hell did they know? After all the years fighting the crap he has and he never heard of anyone seeing an angel. “Where is his holiness anyway?”

Sam rolled his eyes this time, “that’s not really a term for angels.” He shrugged. “He was checking in with the other angels he had watching the groups of demons. We’re lucky to have him Dean. At least this time for once something is going our way.”

Dean drank the rest of his coffee, put the cup in the sink and gave Sam a smile. “Whatever you say, Sammy.”

Sam watched Dean walk out of the kitchen then heard Michael throw a question his way, “what’s up with your brother?”

Sam shrugged, “Liz’s cold shoulder is messing with him more than he’d like to admit.”

Kyle nodded, “hey man not getting laid can really jack up your balance. Buddha says to keep your body in good health is a duty..”

Michael interrupted him, “getting laid is keeping your body in good health?”

Kyle looked at Michael like he was crazy, “are you kidding me?”

Sam chuckled at Kyle’s expression.

“Please you could practically kill people with the energy that comes off you..”

Michael’s brow furrowed, “have you met Maria? That doesn’t mean I’m not..”

Kyle shook his head interrupting, “please, I know Maria can be hard to deal with but we all live with her at times..”
Kyle trailed off as he saw Michael’s face drop. “She’s right behind me, isn’t she?”

Sam burst out laughing as Kyle turned slowly to see Maria standing in the doorway with her arms crossed, an eyebrow raised, and her eyes burning.

“Go on, Kyle. Just how do you live with me?”

Dean went from room to room with a determined stride. After passing the bedrooms upstairs without hearing their voices he headed back downstairs, checking the living room and then going towards the back of the house where he remembered a relatively small room with a couch and a couple of chairs. He knocked on the door before pushing it open where he found Liz, Serena, and Ava sitting around Serena’s laptop with papers strewn about on the floor in between them. Their heads popped up at the intrusion, He didn’t miss Serena’s eyes glance at Liz after she saw him. Dean connected with Liz’s gaze, “can I talk to you.. out in the hallway?”

Liz glanced at the girls, Serena and Ava nodding. She stood up, fixing her shirt as her eyes came back to his, “just a few minutes though.”

Ava rolled her eyes and looked at Dean, “take all the time you need.”

Dean gave her a small smile and nodded. Maybe Serena wasn’t the only one who noticed. So much for Maria being little miss observation. Dean followed Liz out of the room and closed the door behind him. Liz pressed her back against the wall in the hallway and dean lifted an eyebrow, “you okay?”

She nodded, “Yea, I’m fine. Why?”

He took a step towards her and she moved along the wall staying just out of his reach, “maybe we should sit down in the living room. It would be more comfortable.”

He followed behind her, taking a deep breath to keep his frustration down. “If you want to.”

She perched on the edge of the long sofa in the living room and Dean sat heavily next to her, knowing he’d have to go slow. “You going to talk about it or what?”

Her forehead scrunched together as she turned to face him successfully moving away from him at the same time. “Talk about what? If you are just going to keep asking me if I’m okay then I can go help Serena and Ava and we can talk later.”

Dean looked into her eyes, “talk later? Really because we haven’t talked in two days. In fact you haven’t really come near me in two days. This is the closest we’ve been since you woke up from your angel induced coma and you’re still moving away from me.”

Liz shot up from the couch when his hand moved towards her knee. “Dean, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’ve just been busy. I have a lot going on in here that I need to fix.. to get ready.”

Dean stood and moved towards her and she backed away. “Like what? What do you need to fix without me?”

Liz turned and walked into the dining room. “We need to find a new safe house, a few actually just to be on the safe side.” She walked around the dining room table and stopped behind a chair facing him with the table directly in between them. “We need to stay ahead of the demons and that’s just the problem right now.”
Dean felt some of the anger heat his face, “Really? Because the problem I’m focused on right now is you avoiding me like the plague.” He started to move around the table towards her and she walked in the opposite direction successfully keeping the table in between them.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Dean slapped his hand onto the table, “This isn’t something we can just ignore and hope it goes away! You think I planned this for the fun of it? You don’t think I’m terrified too? Jesus Liz!”

Liz jumped at the sound and her face showed real confusion, “what? Dean what are you talking about?”

“Come on, we both find out you’re pregnant and you won’t touch me let alone come close enough to me for skin contact by accident! You’re closed off and honestly it freaks me out just how much I feel that loss of you.”

Liz noticed the pain written all over his face and cut him off, “dean.. that’s not.” She shook her head as her eyes fell to the table, “I haven’t even had the time to think about the fact that I’m..” A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips, “pregnant with our son.” Her eyes came back up to his seeing the relief there, “a rug rat that might look like you.” Her smile fell as she shook her head, “I’m afraid you’ll see things.. I can’t control everything right now and there’s things.. I just don’t want you to see.”

His eyes grew and concern replaced the anger. “Liz, if it’s too much I can help.”

She shook her head again, “No dean, it's things that happened to you. Things that.. broke you.” Tears came to her eyes, “I don't want you to become that man.. I don't want you to have to.. experience it.”

His brow furrowed, “Oh but you can just deal with it on your own? Things that I would have gone through, dealt with if not for you?”

She took a step back from the table, “Dean I'm sorry I..”

Dean jumped over the table so fast she didn’t see it coming. He took advantage of her lack of reaction time and grabbed her arms pinning them behind her back, keeping her from pushing him away. "I never said I didn’t want to be saved but I'm sure as hell not going to let you deal with all my shit and walk on eggshells so you don't accidentally show me." He looked down into her eyes and saw the fear there, not fear of him but for him. His lips crashed onto hers and he pulled her against him. He felt her give into the kiss and her muscles loosen as she stopped fighting him.

He slowly let go of her arms as he pulled his head away slightly, watching her eyes slowly flutter open. “See that wasn’t so hard, how about you open that connection a little bit now?”

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist, knocking him off balance and into the table. Not fazed by the movement, she attacked his mouth. She started ripping at his shirt, trying to get it over his head and he chuckled. She pulled away for a second and he caught her gaze. The heat in her stare caught the chuckle in his throat and he felt the fire start in his veins as he actually felt it unfurl in hers. Dean carried her into the hallway towards their bedroom as she attacked his mouth again and continued to pull at his clothes. Neither heard the guys yelling from the kitchen for them to get a room or notice Serena and Ava poke their heads out of the back room watching them with secret smiles until Dean kicked their bedroom door shut behind them.
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature) Ch41 1/17/13

Post by MelissaD » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:21 pm

HypnotiqBlueEyes: Exactly. Dean didn't even get to the point where he was thinking about what could happen to the baby.
Twilighteyes : Thanks.. lol I think! ;)
Queen Fee: Thank you for your kind words! Makes me happy hearing that others get as excited about it as I do!
AvalonRose: Slowly but surely.. at least their type of normal.. or Liz's normal.. LOL

Chapter Forty One

They had found two houses together that had everything they were looking for but mainly a good chunk of land from any other neighbors. It was a perfect place that would give them some breathing room so they weren’t all on top of each other all the time and also gave them a good amount of practice area outside away from any prying eyes. Finding one house mostly furnished in the type of area they needed was usually few and far between but to find two was extremely rare. They got lucky because the family that had owned the lot had needed to leave relatively quickly because of the head of household taking a job in California. At least that’s what the realtor told Serena.

They had started packing right away and Liz noticed the looks and got annoyed with everyone telling her to go get some rest instead of helping. At first she thought it was all because of the pregnancy but half the time she didn’t remember so she started listening when everyone thought she was out of the room or sleeping but she couldn’t hear a clear reason for why they were so concerned for her. Maria came into her room with water and a bowl of soup.

Liz eyed her curiously, “I’m not sick Maria.”

Maria rolled her eyes as she placed the bowl and bottle on the small night stand. “I know chika, but this should help you sleep.”

“Why does everyone think I need sleep so badly?”

Maria sat next to Liz on the bed. “These walls aren’t sound proof.” Liz quirked her eyebrow and Maria raised both in return.

So, it was true. Everyone in the house had noticed her nightmares. She thought she had them contained and controlled when really she had been waking more than just Dean at night. “I thought I had it under control.”

Maria pulled Liz to her, “not everything can be controlled by your fierce determination. Some things just have to run their course.”

Liz held onto Maria tightly. “You and Michael should go home. You weren’t supposed to be a part of this, you shouldn’t have to stay away from your home just because you decided to help me. I’m sure they wouldn’t be onto you guys.”

Maria pulled back holding Liz at arm’s length to get a good look at her. “You going to try giving the rest of them this speech too?” Maria shook her head, “it’s just a house Liz. It’ll be there when I’m good and ready to go back. I already talked to Isabel about watching the place and locking it up.”

Liz’s eyes grew, “oh god Isabel! I didn’t tell her.”

Maria dropped her arms and looked away, “umm yea, about that.”

Liz’s brow scrunched together, “what?”

“Max may have accidentally..”

Liz grabbed Maria’s chin and turned her head to face her again. “What happened, ria?”

Maria huffed, “well, max called her to let her know everyone was okay.. Sam woke up.. so on and he just had a bit of a mental lapse and told his dear OCD sister that everything was mainly okay which of course he got a smack in the back of the head from me when I found out. Anyway she wanted to know what he meant by that and he had a little lapse in judgment and blurted out you were pregnant and we had to figure out how to keep you safe now which he received another smack in the head from me for.”

Liz took a deep breath, “he's right Maria. This is the worst possible..”

“You shut your mouth before I smack you too. Not every little detail of your life can be planned out. Life happens chika and sometimes the greatest miracle comes to you when you least expect it. Not all good things can be planned and honestly for you it's what you need. There may never be a time where we know we’re perfectly safe.”

Liz watched Maria’s face, “maria..”

Maria kissed her forehead, “don’t. You know you want this. Don’t let anyone or anything spoil it.”

A small smile appeared on Liz’s face, “I was going to say thank you. I am scared but I love him and I know I’m going to love this one too.” She placed her hand on her still flat stomach. She wondered if she would feel anything but then again she didn’t even know how far along she was. Would it be more like an alien pregnancy like Tess or a more human one?

Maria smiled, “I can’t believe I’m finally going to be an aunt!”

Liz sat by herself out in the field behind their new safe house. Once again, no one would let her help do anything because she supposedly needed her rest. Instead of pointlessly fighting with them, she found herself a nice spot to sit and think. Well, try to think of anything but the memories that caused the nightmares in the first place.
She didn't know how long she had been out there but she wasn't really thinking about time. At least not the present. Her mind was traveling through past and future, looking at events in time like fingering through a scrap book of lives she knew and ones she didn't.

"You’re progressing faster than I expected."

Liz glanced up at the angel's deep voice. "Hey Cas."

He walked towards her seeing the prism of light hiding her so well from the other's eyes. He waited silently by her side as she sorted out the questions he felt brewing in her mind.

"She was playing me the whole time. Using Sam as a backup plan to get a new contract out of dean. She was never going to let that go."

Cas tilted his head as he studied her, “you foresaw a future changed by your own variable. Your intuition has melded with.. what you call premonitions."

Liz glanced up at him, "I was wondering.. I was confused why she would try to kill him if she needed him for her plan to free Lucifer. I thought I was just trying to make her actions make some kind of sense with what she had already planned."

"You are very intelligent but that was not just estimation."

"So what, I can predict the future now?"

"Haven't you been doing that for some time?"

Liz shook her head, "no. Not like this. Like seeing footsteps laid out in front of me before I even take a step."

"Intuition with foresight. Your scientific mind handles your enhancements easily if you allow it to. Are you still having side effects?"

"You mean the headaches and black outs?"

He nodded.

"No.. Not since I woke up."

"That's good."

Silence fell between them and Cas sat on the rock next to her as he looked out at the field in front of them.
Her voice came out soft as she looked at him from the corner of her eye, "you mentioned Alex.. How did you?"

"He approached me while I was in heaven and was trying to figure out just how to go about changing things. He brought you to my attention and asked me to help you and after speaking with him we thought you could help me as well."

Liz glanced at him, “did he.. was he happy?”

Cas smiled at her, “he was concerned about your happiness.”

Liz laughed softly, “he always was. I just wish I..”

Cas shook his head, “he does not dwell on those things and you shouldn’t either. It would only make you unhappy which is the exact opposite of what he wants for you.”

She looked at him with a tight smile and nodded. He wiped the tear off her cheek as she watched him curiously. “You’re different from what I see in my visions. Maybe you spent too much time around Sam.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, although I think Dean would disagree.” A brilliant smile lit up his face as Liz laughed.

Ava and Kyle had disappeared into the second house while Michael and Maria went on a food run. Dean had seen Sam and Serena taking boxes into what they had claimed as their room and he didn’t want to think about what else they could be claiming in there. He knew Liz was in the backyard somewhere still a bit mad about them not wanting her to help which left him with Max bringing in the last few boxes even though Max would be staying in the other house. Dean had kept his distance and the tension had been building since everyone had skipped out. Dean placed the last box in the living room and went back out the front door onto the front porch.

“I get that you don't like me very much but you have to understand.. I thought I was helping them.” Max’s voice carried from inside the house and then he heard Max’s footsteps on the porch coming his way.

Dean threw a glance behind him. “You never put your family in danger.” Why did he come outside? Where the hell was he going to go now? He leaned forward on the front railing of the wrap around porch and looked out at the front yard.

Max stopped next to him, his hands coming to rest on the railing. “I thought I was protecting them. I thought that if I gave them enough orders.. structure that they needed.. That they would be safe. I thought that would protect them. But the more orders I dished out, the more I pushed them away.”

Dean kept his gaze down, refusing to show the fact that he was thrown by his statement. It made him think of Sam. When he left for Stanford his father was mad but he had breathed a sigh of relief because Sam would be safer out of their life. Sam could have what he wanted, that normal life that Sam had craved that didn’t include him. He ignored the stab of pain at the memory. But he knew now that his father wasn't mad. His father was proud of his youngest, proud of the backbone Sammy had shown, his smarts, the tenacity to do everything he needed so he could go to his school of choice even though they moved around like gypsies. Of course he also knew now that Sam wanted him to be a part of his life but thought that he was mad at him for leaving. All the confusion and frustration that came from assumptions on both their parts. He felt Max’s stare and focused back on the conversation. “Orders aren't always the best for everyone. I followed all my dad's orders but it wasn't for Sam. He didn’t want that life.”

Max sighed, “at least from what I’ve heard, your father knew what he was talking about and giving orders for. I was just a kid who didn’t know a damn thing about being a king. But everyone looked to me for answers, for what to do next. I was just guessing.”

Dean threw a quick glance at the man standing next to him that a few days ago he wouldn’t have given a chance to say a word to him before he threw a punch or maybe a few. He didn’t know exactly why he was at the moment but he had a feeling it had to do with Liz. For Liz.. But that didn’t mean he was just going to forget what the guy
did. “Yea well, there comes a point when you have to realize that you’re putting your family in danger. You don't just throw the ones you love at the enemy no matter what you thought the outcome would be.”

Max’s voice came out quiet, his eyes on his hands flexing on the railing. “I never stop hating myself for that day. You have to know I never wanted her to be within their grasp. To even get a glimpse of what I went through. I love Liz more than myself.. Loved. Everything was so confusing and messed up and I still don't know what I was thinking that day. I don’t know why I even thought that they wouldn't come after her just because she was no longer tied to me.” He shook his head, “I could never.. she will always be tied to me. Even if it’s not the way I want." His gaze traveled up to dean’s face, “just promise me that you'll take care of her.. better than I did.”

Dean looked towards him catching his brown eyes. “That's definitely something you don't have to worry about.”
Max dropped his gaze as he nodded his head. He didn’t know why he felt the need to find dean’s approval. Maybe a part of him knew to have any kind of relationship with Liz he had to have some kind of one with dean and a part of him wanted to find a friendship with this man that made Liz happy. A man that although he didn’t really want to admit, he respected.

Dean sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck, “look I know that everything that happened back then is new to me but Liz is over it. The past is the past and if she wasn't over it, you and I both know there's no way you'd be in her life anymore. You've got to let it go man, you've got to get over those mistakes you made as a stupid kid. I know Liz doesn't want to see you suffer for the rest of your life because you’re too busy punishing yourself to actually move on.” Dean couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth but he knew he meant them.

Max looked up at him surprised. He was afraid to approach him because of the anger he saw in Dean’s eyes every time he saw him since he woke up from a gunshot wound that should have killed him yet now he was telling him to move on. “You’re a great guy, dean.” Max held his hand out, “thank you.”

Dean looked down at Max’s out stretched hand for a second then shook it quickly. “Alright, enough of this chick flick shit. You want a beer?”
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

My pen to paper.