Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch75(Final) 6/26

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch72 6/15

Post by MelissaD » Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:19 pm

Since tomorrow is Father's Day, I rushed this to be post ready today! Enjoy!

barbara87413: :) might have to watch instead of hear what Cas thought would work.

Chapter 72

Dean Winchester wasn’t exactly a pessimist, he was a realist. Most things in life were not handed out freely, most things for hunters weren’t handed out at all. They fought for what little they had and didn’t care about the rest, they did the job and moved on to the next. He had his moments of weakness but for the most part he moved on without turning back because his dad would remind him there were just some things hunters couldn’t do unless they wanted to get someone killed. He knew his dad had regrets, the way he raised his boys being one of them but Dean couldn’t blame him. If the demon had killed Liz, he probably would have done the same but now that he knew what it was like growing up that way, he could never do that to Jude.

He walked into their bedroom and dropped himself onto their bed. It was so much worse now sleeping alone after knowing what it was like to share the bed with someone who knew you inside and out and still wanted to be by your side. It wasn’t even just the bed, being in the house they spent so much time together, what he wouldn’t give just to argue with her again. He sighed and thought about the next part of their plan. Before they did anything he really needed to talk to her. He knew she had been trying to figure out what Khivar wanted with Jude and he forgot to tell Cas or maybe he just wanted to be the one to tell her but he couldn’t do the whole projection or dream walking thing to contact her.

He closed his eyes, “Cas you listening? I need to talk to Liz, I need to see her. It’s important. Tell her to dreamwalk or whatever. How am I supposed to know that you can even hear me? This is ridiculous.” He stood up from the bed, patting his pockets then looked around the room, “where did I leave my damn phone?” He walked out of the room muttering about the stupidity of angel radio.

A few minutes later Castiel and Liz appeared by the bed. Liz held a carefully swaddled Jude and looked around. Not seeing Dean she looked at Cas in question. The angel shrugged, “he was just here.”

Liz moved into Jude’s nursery, “dean?” She walked to the crib and placed the sleeping infant on his bed. She noticed the light on the monitor and hoped the battery hadn’t died on the other end. Whoever was near it would know she was there and come to her. She heard movement and turned around walking a few steps to get a better viewing angle into the hallway. She felt a chill and turned back towards the crib only to have her view blocked by a man, “who the hell?” She felt the heat rise in her hands and pushed the man to the side with a little extra force, moving towards the crib her only thought on Jude. She froze at the sight in front of her, Jude in another man’s hands. “NO!”

She sprang forward but the man next to her expected the movement and had recovered enough to grab her arm, “we have other plans for you, your highness.”

Cas appeared in front of her and she frantically glanced at the crib but the man was gone. Before she could say a word the angel in front of her had grabbed her arm and the two disappeared.

Dean came through the arch way at the same time that Sam stepped through the doorway from the hall both aiming a gun at the man standing in the middle of the room. The man smiled as they moved slowly towards him, “you did everything we needed. It’s only a matter of time until we have the keeper, your angel won’t keep her hidden for long.” The man made a break for the window as Dean and Sam fired, the man smashed through the glass window. Dean and Sam rushed to the window expecting to see the man either dead on the ground or injured and trying his best to get away but there was nothing. Not even a speck of blood on the sill.

"Shit." Dean pulled the phone from his pocket hitting a number then raising the phone to his ear. He waited for a voice, any voice would do. “Get everyone and their crap together. We leave in ten.”

There were multiple duffle bags on the ground in between the four cars as they stood around the impala with two maps with various red circles spread out over the hood. Kyle looked at the map closest to him pointing to the area they had circled, “so the A team and I will head here. Nicholas will most likely make some noise. They’re trying to draw us out, he won’t be able to help himself.”

Sam rolled his eyes but had a small smirk when he spoke, “really? We’re heading into some serious shit and you’re cracking jokes?”

Kyle grinned, “gotta keep it together Winchester. Confidence isn’t a bad thing my friend.”

Michael cleared his throat as he looked down at the first map, “alright Max, Isabel, Sam, and Serena will head to the safe house in Kansas. The demon said they had a group around there with her leader who had contact with Nicholas’ men. Rachel and Zan will follow you.” He looked up at Rachel, “you’re sure you’re good with this?”

She nodded, “we’ll be safer with them. Liz said that Zan would always be a target for Nicholas and probably the demons as well. I need to end this just as much as you.”

Dean added, “you don’t need to be there if you don’t feel comfortable.”

Zan lifted his head, “no. I’m not just going to hide while they mess with my family.”

Rachel placed her hand on her son’s shoulder, a small smile on her face. Dean could see the small hint of nervousness but she hid it pretty well. Part of him feeling sorry that they got dragged into this just because of Zan’s family line, he knew exactly how that was but another part of him was proud of the kid.

Michael folded the map and handed it to Max then folded the other map as he looked at Dean and Kyle, “the rest of us will head east and wait for Nicholas to show his ugly mug.”

Everyone picked up their bags throwing them in their respective vehicles. The air seemed heavy but they knew they were going into volatile situations. Dean felt they had the advantage and he was clinging to that. Dean stopped Sam on his way to Serena’s car, “Sammy.”

Sam turned and looked into his brother’s eyes seeing more than his brother would actually be able to say. “I know, Dean. I’m going to bring him home. You heard that guy they know Cas is an angel, they either know enough to follow him or there’s an angel working with them. It’s the only variable we don’t know. We do know what Liz said, Nicholas is key. She’d go after him. So either way he’s your best bet so go kill the bastard.”

Dean nodded then pulled his brother to him hugging him hard. With a stiff double pat on the back he let him go. “I’ll see you in a few days. Watch your ass.”

Sam smirked, “you too, jerk.”

Dean started to turn towards the impala with a grin. “Bitch.”

Sam turned and jumped, “really? You gotta sneak up on me?”

Serena smirked, “you two are so weird.”

Sam lifted his bag again and moved towards the car, “yeah yeah.”

She beat him to the trunk and waited for him to drop his bag in, "it's cute." Sam rolled his eyes and she laughed as she closed the trunk.

He stood watching her, “what?”

She moved to him wrapping her arms around his neck, “everything’s going to be fine. We’re going to kick some ass and get our nephew back.” She pressed her lips to his, soft but full of promise. She pulled away slowly, “now get your ass in the car. Max and Rachel are waiting for us. Just look at him, he’s itching to lean on that damn horn.”

Isabel poked her head out of the passenger window, “and I’m going to gag. Let’s go.”

Serena laughed then asked Sam, “you want to drive or should I take the first shift?”

Sam glanced at a grinning Isabel then moved to the back door, “no thanks I need to look into a few things.”

Dean and Michael took turns looking through the pair of binoculars at the building they had followed two skins to. They felt confident they had kept a good enough distance until they drove into a more open area and they had to turn off and watch from the binoculars until they noticed the only building the car could possibly be moving to. They kept their distance while they watched just to make sure the skins hadn’t noticed them and so far they hadn’t seen any type of alarming movement. They either had no idea or were playing a very good game of cat and mouse. Michael glanced at Dean, “has she contacted you?”

Dean didn’t look away from building, “no. Nothing.”

“Can you feel anything?”

“Nothing but the normal buzz. She’s too far.”

Michael nodded then they both walked back to the trunk of the impala, grabbing weapons they thought would work for the situation. Ava pulled her satchel out of the backseat and threw it over her shoulder as Kyle pulled his rifle from its bag and laid down with it just beside a bush. He looked through the scope watching the movement inside the building from one of the two windows on the side facing them. Ava moved to the trunk beside Michael. Dean glanced up from checking and loading his gun, “well you want to just go through the side door and put your hoodoo on them and walk right by?” Two quick shots went off to his right, “shit Kyle! A little warning first.”

Kyle moved the gun to the side slightly, "fire." Two more quick shots went off and then Kyle looked up with a smirk. "Both side rooms are clear I don't see any more movement. At least not in these side windows." Dean’s eyes dropped from Kyle’s face to his rifle then moved back up. Kyle shrugged as he got up from the ground. "What? I’m a junior rifle champion."

Dean rolled his eyes at Kyle's grin while Ava smirked at Dean as she shut the trunk. "We like to do things the easy way. I don't like to use too much energy if I don't have to. Oh by the way when I say flash, close your eyes."

Michael grinned while Dean responded a bit nervously, "why?"

She opened her bag revealing small canisters. "Homemade flash bombs. Don't worry Michael and I will throw up our shields so the bomb shouldn't affect your ears. It won't block all the light though so close your eyes."

A grin spread on Dean’s face, "we are so the A team right now."

Ava slid into the back seat as Kyle got in on the other side. “We should get moving before they realize those guys are down.”

Michael chuckled and slapped Dean on the back. "Let's go get our girl back."
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch73 6/18

Post by MelissaD » Wed Jun 19, 2013 12:00 am

AvalonRose: A lot happening.. definitely. Liz's vision seems to be coming true but the only answer to the question is it a good or bad thing of them splitting up.. well that would just ruin the fun of the story! :)

Chapter 73

A small quaint house sat on the quiet street of Ancora Court. Heavy curtains covered the windows at all times and the only sign of life appeared to be the porch light that burned brightly in the otherwise dark night. During the day the house might seem welcoming, just another well cared for home in a pleasant neighborhood but without the light of day it had a somewhat foreboding feel to it. It was the type of house that children would make up stories about with no background except for the feeling they would get passing by in the darkness of night. There was nothing to explain the rampant rumors spreading around from child to teen that seemed to spring out of nowhere two months prior when the empty house became occupied with no sign of a normal move in. There was nothing to explain the creepy, ominous feelings the house seemed to give off unless of course one knew who had resided inside the house for the last two months.

Two teenaged boys approached from a neighboring house, slowly inching their way to the property they were dared to enter. The boys bickered in whispered voices when it came down to who would venture first into the yard and who would follow when a breeze from nowhere brushed past them and they froze. In the blink of an eye, two figures appeared in front of the monster house only a few feet in front of them.

“Holy shit, it’s all for real.” The older of the two boys whispered with fear tinged awe. He turned to his friend only to find him running away from the house, already half way back to the house they had come from. The boy turned back to the monster house and crouched behind a bush next to him, peering through the gaps at the man and woman who just stood there staring at the house.

The woman whispered, “you sure this is it Cas?”

The man in the trench coat said, “yes. There are demons everywhere.”

The boy snickered, “demons? What the hell are these two on?”

A man came out of the shadows from the other side of the house and sprinted towards the two. The man the woman had called Cas slammed his hand down on the sprinter’s head and a bright light flashed before the runner fell to the ground. The trench coated man eyed the surrounding area and the boy fell backwards to the ground almost feeling the man’s eyes on him. He crab crawled a few feet before recovering his bearings, jumping up from the ground, and running away as fast as his wobbly legs would take him while whispering to himself, “stupid stupid. You’ve seen too many horror movies to be doing this shit.”

Liz glanced at Cas."You’re sure they weren't at the safe house?"

"Yes. There were signs of a fight outside and a mess left behind in the kitchen. They left in a hurry."

Liz nodded stiffly as she stared at the small house. She had felt like she was just going through the motions all night. They had been following the leads, picking up the bread crumbs that had been too carefully laid until they finally found the one that lead them here. She didn’t sense any of the others but she could feel him. It was just like in her dreams, that small feeling of simmering anger with a hint of arrogance or maybe that was just in her head. Maybe she just wanted this nightmare to be over so badly she was just imagining things.


She turned to her friend who was still eyeing the area around them. “Don’t worry about them. We fight our way in if we have to. You ready for this?”

The angel nodded and the two moved calmly to the front door of the house. Not bothering to knock or ring the doorbell, a slight glow over the doorknob and the door opened easily. The two walked cautiously inside. Liz was shocked by how normal the inside of the house looked as if someone’s family could walk into the room at any moment. She heard Cas whisper, “there’s something off in here, something I’ve never felt before.”

Liz scanned the room again and felt the hairs on the back of neck stand on end. A short man with graying hair and glasses walked into the room and Liz followed his movement across the floor towards the other side of the room. Cas leaned towards Liz, “that is no demon.”

Without looking towards him the man simply said, “it’s about time. We were getting tired of waiting.” The man reached the other side of the room and threw a glance their way, “your service is no longer needed Castiel.” With a wave of his hand, the curtain moved aside revealing the angel banishing sigil painted in blood on the window. The man slapped his hand against it before Liz had any time to react. A bright white light caused her to cover her eyes.

Before Liz opened her eyes she knew Cas would be gone, having seen the sigil in more than a handful of visions from Castiel’s other timeline. She looked the man in the eyes and felt the shiver run down her spine, “where did you learn that?”

His voice had that repulsive, fake jovial tone that reminded her of Pierce undercover. “Don’t worry darling, he just went home. No one’s hurt. We know more about your strengths and weaknesses than you think.”

She felt her patience start to slip, “where is he?”

He answered with a thin lipped smile, “you mean the hybrid child? You have a thing for very respectable mates. A fallen king and another from a very fine bloodline on this planet but I expect nothing less from a Keeper even a human one.”

Liz quirked an eyebrow then froze as another voice broke their standoff. “That’s enough Salar. The poor woman has been through a lot today.” She watched as the newcomer practically sauntered into the room. She’d recognize that bow legged walk anywhere, she tried to cover her gag as her eyes moved up. She felt the bile rise to the back of her throat as she stared horrified at the face in front of her that somehow combined small complimentary features of Dean and Max seamlessly.

“Elizabeth, I finally have the pleasure of meeting you in person.” He grinned as if the horrified look on her face did nothing to deter him. “Do you love it? It was difficult but very much worth my scientists’ time and energy.” He looked down admiring himself in a tight fit black tee shirt then flexed his arms. “I thought this would please you.” He moved towards her and she moved back, stumbling slightly. She cursed her moment of weakness and steeled herself at his smile. “I was hoping it wouldn’t be like this Elizabeth.”

She practically snarled, “it’s Liz, not Elizabeth.”

He smiled even wider and she tried not to think of Max. “There’s no need for that venom, not here.” He walked confidently towards her as she found her feet stuck to the ground just like in her dream. “You, Elizabeth, are very important to me. I know we’ve had our disagreements.” He stopped in front of her, his hand cupping her cheek then sliding down to her chin. His thumb brushed over her lips, “I’m sorry your son had a different destiny unfortunately it’s just business. I needed to secure you and well.. I did warn you. You just didn’t want to listen. You forced me to make other deals.” She bit his thumb and he pulled it away with a scowl.

She stared angrily into the eyes of her husband trying to ignore the feel of blood running down her chin. She choked back the bile that rose in her throat again. She sneered, “don’t touch me.”

A surprised grin appeared on his face, “that’s my feisty girl.” At her flinch his grin widened. “I guess now is the best time to tell you that Nicholas, yes you’ve seen his new appearance. He was actually my scientists’ first break through with this cloning technology. Brilliant, isn’t it? I thought you might be intrigued by it. Anyway, he met some of your lover’s friends in his agency and they made a deal. The child for you and Michael. I’m afraid many of them didn’t survive.”

Her face turned hard, “you’re lying.”

His eyes lit up with excitement. “Your lover and friends that went after Nicholas. What? You didn’t think I would know? I set it all into motion after all. Although I was very surprised about how many they took out, even Nicholas himself but I’m afraid your lover perished while doing it. He actually did me a favor since I’ve been told how rough Nicholas was with you.” His hand caressed her face as the image of Nicholas punching the same area flashed in her mind. “I would have preferred he suffered more but to die by your lover’s hand seems more.. appropriate. Don’t you think?”

She stared at him trying her best to keep up the brave face. He smiled at her silence, “I couldn’t have you falling apart and going to the wrong location, you needed to come to me. Your angel only interfered slightly but I took into account your little secret weapon. My man grabbed your arm for a reason my love, I hope the loss of those precious connections didn’t affect you too much.” His hand passed over her arm and a symbol appeared, “I have back up plans as well. You’ve already taught me so much. So much brilliance in such a small, beautiful package.” His hand moved up towards her face again and she flinched away. “I warned you and I tried to make a deal with you. They could have been safe, I could have made him forget about you but you just had to be so stubborn. Just like Vilandra, beautiful stubborn Vilandra. I must admit I actually loved you more for it.”

Her eyes went wide and she doubled over groaning, “oh god.”

“You have nothing holding you back from taking your place at my side. Queen Elizabeth, it has a nice ring to it. You’d be the first in Antar’s history to be Queen and Keeper. I know you strived for perfection in your younger years, why shouldn’t you take this position with pride?” Her shoulders started to shake and he frowned. “What is this? Crying? We’d have to get rid of some of these more useless human emotions. They won’t do on Antar especially in your position.” He cringed at her show of emotion, “I’m sorry for your loss but it was destiny my love. You have to accept it. We all have our destinies and like it or not we fall into them. You'll learn that in time, just like you'll learn to love your new position and me. I mean really? Who wouldn't?" He slid his hand under her chin then tilted her face up.

Red rimmed, angry eyes peered up at him. “No. I will never do anything for you.”

His face went blank for the first time she could ever remember. “Oh Elizabeth, you will and you know it. This is your destiny.” A small smile suddenly appeared, one that she remembered on Max late one night in the desert so long ago. A smile that had told her he believed whole heartedly in the words he said that night. Her stomach dropped. “I am your destiny Elizabeth.”
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch74 6/22

Post by MelissaD » Sat Jun 22, 2013 1:12 pm

So sorry guys!! This was supposed to be up yesterday but its been a very crazy week! Sorry for ending it there but originally 73 and 74 were one chapter but it was eleven pages long so I had to figure out where to cut it without cutting off the dialogue and leaving it in a weird place. ;)

roswellian love: Lol when I saw your comment I laughed a little and then told myself I should have put an apology or at least a warning..
barbara87413: Sorry I didn't get this up sooner!! Stupid hubby's work throwing him on twelve hour shifts at night. My boys went bonkers! lol But I'm here!!
AvalonRose: Yes. Yes it does. ;) She was in the Granolith for quite sometime though..

Chapter 74

Her stomach dropped. “I am your destiny Elizabeth.”

Liz closed her eyes and he allowed her head to drop. Her shoulders started to shake again and Khivar rolled his eyes as he walked away. A sudden bark of noise came from her hunched over figure that sounded remarkably like laughter. Khivar turned and moved slowly back towards her, listening intently as he watched her still convulsing back. Another bark of laughter erupted from her and he paused, his anger flaring. “I don't know much about how you humans handle personal loss but this seems highly unprofessional!”

Her head snapped up, her eyes glistening. “I was laughing at your view of destiny. Or maybe it was just your view altogether.”

Khivar took a step back at the look on her face, the complete opposite of fear or sadness. She looked amused, she was practically radiating.. delight. A sound at the door had his head snapping towards it.

The front door opened and Dean stepped inside. "So you’re Khivar huh? You know I expected you to be taller..” He grimaced at his face, “wow. You really shouldn't have messed with a good thing."

Khivar took another stumbling step back, glancing back and forth between Liz and Dean. "How is this possible?!"

Max stepped in next with Michael and Sam following close behind. Khivar shook with anger, "what the hell is going on here?! This is not possible. YOU’RE DEAD! YOU’RE ALL DEAD!"

Max smirked. "Yeah, see you thought that once before and we all know how that worked out for you." Max stepped up behind Liz flanking her right side while Dean took up the left. Michael and Sam taking up flanking positions behind them.

Khivar lifted his open hand, "I killed you before and I can kill you again."

Liz and Max raised their hands, easily deflecting the ball of energy sent from his hand. Max smiled, "now now Khivar, we were just getting started."

Three days previously.
The group around the table turned their attention to the dark haired, blue eyed angel standing just outside the dining room. Zan stood from his chair, “is Liz okay? Jude?”

Castiel smiled at the second smallest member of their group, “yes. Hopefully we can keep it that way.”

Max voice seemed hesitant, “what’s going on?”

Cas smiled at the slightly off balance alien, “we have a plan. One that can get you all up close and personal with Khivar without him knowing thus giving him no chance to run. She said and I quote, I know how to end this war once and for all”.

Max seemed a little skeptical. “How? He’ll see, maybe even sense us coming a mile away.”

Cas replied with a grin, “not if we make him think you’re.. elsewhere.”

A chorus of voices from around the room said, “what?”

Cas looked to Ava and to Zan then nodded his head. Zan and Ava closed their eyes as the rest of the occupants passed glances to each other. Suddenly, Liz appeared standing next to Cas before all their eyes. Then another Liz appeared behind Maria and yet another right in front of Dean.

Dean's eyes grew as he stared at the woman in front of him. "She looks so real." He reached out and touched her hair expecting it to go right through like before with her projected image but it was solid. He felt her hair and smelled her shampoo. "What the hell?" She smiled at him.

Sam watched the scene taking place in front of him and could barely believe it then looked at his brother’s face. He looked so conflicted and confused. All the visions of Liz in the room looked real. Dean could even touch the one standing in front of him. This was insane. Sam glanced around the room, everyone's face showed the same confusion and then his eyes darted to Cas. "Deception."

Cas smiled, "she thought you would be the first."

The Liz in front of Dean turned to Sam and grinned mischievously, "all war is deception."

Sam noticed the question in Dean's eyes just behind Liz and answered. "Sun Tzu."

Dean scoffed, "Sun what?"

All of the images of Liz in the room disappeared and the group looked around the room. Michael threw a glance at Dean, "he wrote the art of war." Michael turned to Cas, "what's her plan?"

“A demon is going to show up for the baby and an alien for Liz. This is the tricky part. We're going to place a doll in the crib and we need Ava to make the demon think the baby is real. Zan you will make Liz appear just like you did for Dean and the alien will grab Liz, when the demon has the doll, I will appear and grab Liz and both of us must disappear. Then you all fake a fight or anything that makes sense with you splitting up. Just in case he has someone watching the house or any of you, there can be no talk of this plan before or after you go in separate directions."
His gaze connected with each of them waiting for a nod or any sign of acknowledgement before continuing. "Zan you will stay with your father, Isabel, Sam, and Serena while Ava you will go with Dean, Kyle, and Michael. Once you are all gone in your own directions we have two points. Aliens will attack you when you’re going after the demons and Zan when they come we need them to believe they killed everyone except for Isabel, once the message has been sent to Khivar if they are still there, the rest of you will be free to make the decision to take them out. Dean, you will take Michael, Ava and Kyle towards Nicholas. East coast. Nicholas will taunt you and you will find his location, so don’t worry. You will go but Ava when you get to the last room no one but you will go in. Once you have Nicholas and his right hand man thinking that Dean and Michael are in the room and you are confident it is holding, give Kyle the signal and the rest can file in. Through the connection Kyle will see what you are playing out. When you have Dean go at Nicholas, Kyle will give the signal to Dean and Michael to come around behind Nicholas, a bullet to the head should suffice but Liz wants a bullet to the head and the heart, just in case. Nicholas' partner will leave in the fray. Let him go once you have him see Nicholas and Dean kill each other. Hopefully this will all happen within the same two days. If either one of your groups are behind, I will have angels watching who will be able to bring you to us for our confrontation with Khivar.”

Dean was not okay with Sam going with the other group but when he started to open his mouth he was interrupted by Liz appearing in front of him again, only this time it was like her projected image he'd seen before. Her voice spoke softly in his head, “Dean, you have to trust that he can do this. He can handle himself and he’ll be an asset to the others. It has to be this way. Trust me and trust him.” Dean looked around and noticed that everyone else was still looking at Cas, some talking parts of the plan out with each other, some arguing about a different way. No one had noticed Liz. His eyes came back to the translucent image in front of him, the feel of her along the bond letting him know it was really her. Instead of speaking, he let his argument fall from his mind and looked at her knowing she would be gone again soon. “I love you.” The thought was just a whisper but the small smile that graced her face let him know she felt him loud and clear. Her voice smooth as cream returned the sentiment then she disappeared.

Dean turned to Castiel and raised his voice above the conversations going on around him. “And you think that will work?”

Cas nodded and seemed relieved. "Liz believes it will." This seemed to quiet the other questions and conversations.

Maria spoke up, “what about Jude?”

“He will stay with the granolith.”

Maria scoffed. “He can't just stay with the granolith. That's not someone to hold him and feed him and..”

Cas appeared in front of her stopping her rambling immediately. He grinned, "Liz wanted you to stay with him. Only if you wanted to. She can't bring him anywhere near Khivar. She doesn't want him to leave the granolith especially once the demons find out the baby they have is fake.”

Maria nodded. “I’m his aunt of course I’ll take care of him.”

Liz and Max raised their hands, easily deflecting the ball of energy sent from his hand. Max smiled, "now now Khivar, we were just getting started."

Isabel and Ava stepped through the open door. Khivar’s eyes widened as he whispered, "Vilandra.."

Isabel stepped up behind Liz, "I told you before, the name is Isabel."

Ava stepped behind Liz to the left of Isabel. "Hey K, so nice to see you again."

Khivar took a few steps back as he watched the full inverted v shape come together before his eyes. "This isn't possible. You.. You all were.."

Liz took a step forward, "what? Somewhere else? Dead? Which is it?" Liz smirked at the anger that burned so clearly on his face and took a few more steps towards him closing the space between them, "it's not pleasant being in the blindsided position, is it?"

Khivar bolted to Liz grabbing her arm, "you! You think you’re so clever?! You think you can just ruin ME?!"

Dean moved forward but felt a hand grab his shoulder holding him in place. He looked back following the arm to Sam’s concerned face. Max moved into Liz's place and Michael moved behind Ava and Isabel creating a diamond that Sam and Dean now stood beside.

Max spoke up, "you have failed Khivar and it's time you paid for your sins."

Khivar’s burning gaze moved to Max, "you think you can pull a half assed four square in those monkey suits? HA! Even if you could summon half the power.." He pulled Liz in front of him, "you'd never hurt your precious keeper!"

Dean’s hands curled into fists as he watched the disgusting being in front of him hold Liz to his chest. She said nothing about this. This was not part of the plan. Liz's eyes connected with Dean's and she opened the connection, I know what I'm doing. You have nothing to fear. She smiled at his shock that she could feel flow to her through the connection then turned her head up to the side to look at Khivar. "That's where you made your worst mistake Khivar. Thinking I would need protection. Thinking I was nothing to fear!" Her free hand grabbed his thigh and a burst of energy exploded.

Khivar howled in pain releasing her as he grabbed at his burning thigh. Liz stumbled forward into Max, Ava, and Isabel. Once steady, she looked into their eyes then turned facing Khivar as Max and Isabel flanked her front while Michael and Ava flanked behind her.

Max spoke up staring hard at Khivar, "for the crimes committed on Antar."

Liz continued, "and on Earth."

Khivar's head whipped up facing the four square in front of him with Liz directly in its center. "It can't be. That's not possible! It's merely a legend.. a fairy tale!"

Isabel stared hard at him, "for the death and destruction you've caused."

Khivar tried moving to the side but the fire in his thigh only spread causing him to drop to his knee. He looked up into Ava's eyes, "dear sister, you can not do this to me."

Ava raised her eyebrow, "just because I'm nothing like you does not mean I will not carry out Antarian law." She scowled, "dear brother. Khivar you have committed crimes against the royal house of Antar and against your own people."

Michael continued, "therefore you are sentenced to death by the hand of the royal house."

Sam and Dean stared at the scene playing out before them then watched in awe as a glowing pulse began in Liz's chest and grew brighter as it spread throughout her body.

Khivar stood facing them and laughed, "you have no authority here! You are no longer King you fool!"

Liz spoke, her voice vibrating the energy in the air. "The Granolith crowns her king and you, Khivar were never bestowed such a crown."

Khivar’s eyes left Max and saw the translucent green glow pulsing from Liz's entire body. The amusement fell from his face as the shock took over. Liz raised her hands out to her sides and the glowing pulse shot out of her palms towards the bodies in front and behind her hands. Translucent green walls formed connecting each body as a corner creating a box with Liz inside. Liz's hands slowly dropped but the walls stayed in place as Max, Michael, Ava and Isabel raised their hand closest to Liz, palm facing directly at Khivar.

Liz raised her right hand and locked eyes with the man who had invaded her dreams creating her nightmares. "This is for all the people of Antar and Earth. I've seen what you would have done. I've seen what lies in your heart and this is far easier than you deserve but I do not select the punishment."

He sneered, “you’re just a human, what could you possibly do?” He closed his eyes and Liz felt him pressing against her mind. She smiled as she realized he definitely couldn’t get in, couldn’t get a hold of her like he had done to Vilandra in her dream.

Liz saw the amazement cross his features as his eyes opened once he realized the same. A wide smile spread across her face. "I let you see what you wanted to see because even though it took me longer than it should have, I figured you out. It was your anger that betrayed you. I just couldn’t get over the fact that you were so angry yet you tried to cover it like it wasn’t really there. It led me to wonder why you’d be so angry when you acted so superior and then those dreams you wanted me to see gave me all the answers I needed. You’re all hype. I couldn't figure out why you wanted me to understand you so badly, why you wanted me to somehow feel for you but then I looked at the dreams and I got it. You spread those rumors of how powerful you were, you spread fear because you knew you couldn't beat Zan in a fight. You didn't have the combat or power skills to beat him so you spread fear that your power was so devastating and you built upon the story of your sister stabbing herself. The one thing that you didn't let anyone know is that it only works on those who have trust in you or at least have some small connection with you. You have to have some kind of crack in their armor to force them to do your bidding. If you truly were so powerful you could have just gotten Zan to kill himself or even Rath to do it, hell even your sister was close enough but like you said, she never trusted you again. You lost your way in. You need a means of connection, something that even the simplest form can’t be made without trust. That's why you needed the granolith so badly because it was only a matter of time before enough people rose up against you. People that didn’t fall for your fear tactics anymore and found out that you were full of shit. You needed my guard down to be able to get anywhere with me, to manipulate me. So I let you see what you wanted to see. Just like you let all those people believe what they heard. You’re nothing but a brat with the smarts to use fear as a weapon. A weapon that won't work on us because we know you're nothing to be afraid of.”

Rage twisted his features and his eyes slid to Dean and Sam, “I’ll show you fear!” His hand shot out towards them sending a beam of blue energy directly at them. Max quickly threw out his shield as the boys dropped to the ground. The energy bounced off of Max’s shield and Liz’s fiery gaze came back to Khivar. She closed her eyes and felt the energy pulse around her. The green energy shot out of her hand and the four raised hands around her hitting Khivar directly in the chest. The glow dissipated and for a moment everything seemed oddly quiet before Khivar's body burst into flames and turned to ash.

Dean's gaze shot to Liz when he felt something off buzz through the connection. Her eyes met his and her voice was soft again, "it's done. It's finally over."

It was the sound of her voice more so than her words that caught everyone's attention. Dean saw a flash in front of his eyes of her falling to the ground and he bolted to her. Michael saw her legs start to buckle and moved behind her but Dean’s arms wrapping around her halted her descent. Dean kneeled down carefully with her not willing to let her go as the panic welled in his chest. The connection was fading and he couldn't figure out why. Dean saw from the corner of his vision Max’s hands hovering just above her skin scanning her for injuries. Dean stared into her eyes that seemed to be slowly dimming, "you stay with me Liz. You hear me?"

A small smile was all he received before her eyes rolled back and his connection with her that constantly flowed, reassuring him she was still alive and well, was completely quiet and cold. It was gone and it left a large aching hole in his chest that made it hard to breathe. His eyes shot up to Max, "you need to save her! It's gone! Do something!"

Max stared at his friend, "I don't know what's wrong. I can't feel anything."

"Don't you tell me that! Fix her! Use your hoodoo and save her now!”

Max knelt down in front of him holding his hands over her head again then his eyes met Dean's. "I'm sorry but there's nothing to fix Dean. There's nothing for me to do."

~~Okay see you hopefully Monday? The next chapter is kind of in pieces as I've been working on it through emails to myself.. lol I should be able to get it done between tonight and tomorrow. *Fingers crossed and positive thoughts!*
When Drifters Collide.
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Re: Angels Watching Over Me (XO,SPN,D/L,Mature)Ch75(final) 6

Post by MelissaD » Wed Jun 26, 2013 11:56 am

barbara87413 : I am so sorry this took longer than expected!! :) I hope if you do need a Kleenex its a good cry and not a bad one.
AvalonRose: :)

Okay so this final chapter really killed me. I've scratched out, rearranged, added and deleted parts.. Endings are hard especially when I realized I've been working on this story for a whole year. It's insane! I went at least two years without writing anything but emails and letters until this story jumped in my head and wouldn't leave me be without putting my pen to paper (then later fingers to keyboard) and now a year later it's finished. Thanks to all of you who read, questioned, conversed, gave feedback, and lurked. You are the reason this was seen through to the end because I don't know if I would have kept trudging without the knowledge that others were enjoying it along with me. So a HUGE thank you to you all and I hope you enjoy the epilogue of Angels. :mrgreen:

Chapter 75. Epilogue.

The first thing Liz noticed when she started to come to was the lack of pain. Normal aches that she'd gotten used to waking with were completely gone and there were no stiff muscles or joints from the mattress in the Granolith. Max does good work, she thought briefly then her attention was caught by the sound of laughter. Children's laughter to be exact. Her eyes popped open and she realized she was outside lying on grass. She sat up scanning the area around her, "where am I?" She waited for an answer as she gazed at the small playground in front of her. She waited for someone to jump out and say surprise but none came.

She stood up and moved towards the playground then realized she knew this place, she knew it well. Her eyes were drawn to the three children playing on the jungle gym laughing as they ran around jumping over obstacles and climbing onto the jungle gym. Two girls and one boy playing like only children can and she smiled as they moved to the highest point over the monkey bars. She felt a chill run up her spine then the boy fell and she heard the sharp crack of the bone. She froze. She didn't only know this place, she knew those children.

The girls quickly maneuvered down the metal structure and ran to the fallen boy, the small blonde trying to calm him as she slowly freaked out at the sight of his arm. The dark haired girl eyed the injury then quickly took her small pink sweater and wrapped it around the boy so his arm wouldn't move when they got him up on his feet to walk him home. Her eyes began to fill with tears as she watched the memory play out.

"I thought I'd find you here."

She spun around quickly at the soft voice she hadn't heard in almost a decade. Her mouth fell open as her eyes landed on the very boy from that memory although he was older but not as old as he should be. Her voice quivered as the tears that built during the memory fell, "Alex?"

He smiled, "yes Lizzie. It's me."

She bolted to him, wrapping her arms tightly around him as she wept openly. It couldn’t be real, the feel of his long arms around her, his large hands patting her back slowly as he rested his head on top of hers. "I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too but you don't need worry about me. I'm happy here."

"Alex.. Where are we? What is this place?"

"This is one of our memories."

Liz pulled away slightly as she looked up at him in question. "What? Wait.. where am I?" She turned and looked back at the scene that had changed to the three children in a living room playing a board game, the boy now had a cast on his arm.

"This is one of my favorites. Sometimes I like to sit back and watch instead of relive them."

She glanced back at him, "getting your arm broken is a good memory?"

He smiled as he watched the girls taking turns helping him with his game pieces or snacks or drink. "Are you kidding? You guys waited on me for six weeks." He chuckled softy, "it was one of the best times of my life."

Her lips curved into a small smile as Maria cheated so Alex's piece would move ahead. "You never were very good at those board games."

"That's because I'd never hear the end of it if I beat Maria."

She laughed, "oh okay blame it on Maria." She turned to Alex, "is this heaven? Am I.."

Alex hugged her, "no my love, it's not your time yet although you came pretty close. Once again Liz Parker putting herself in her blind spot when it came to her friends and family. You pushed yourself a little too much with that plan Liz. You let him in. That wasn't the greatest idea."

Liz dropped her eyes, "I didn't think.. I didn't think it'd matter since I knew how to block him when the time came."

His voice became soft again, "blocking him while using the energy to create the four square and using the energy needed to destroy him. That's a lot, even with the Granolith helping you. That's a lot of energy to flow through one body."

Her eyes came back to Alex, "but I'm going to be okay? I'll get to wake up right?"

Alex nodded, "yes, thanks to the Granolith. Your body is gaining its energy back and your mind is resting from all that power usage. Your soul came here."

"How? Why?"

Alex shrugged, "I don't know exactly, maybe it was close enough to a near death experience. The amount of power and energy that went through you I wouldn't be surprised," he smirked, "although I think a certain angel might have helped."

Her eyes widened, "cas. You think he brought me here? Is this where you two met? He talked about you."

Alex let out a bark of laughter, "still the curious little Liz Parker. Yes. This is where we met, not this memory per se but a few of mine were some of his favorite spots to come and think." Alex glanced to the left and held out his arm, Liz wrapped her arm around his and he led her into another memory. She saw the sparkling lake first before she noticed the old blanket Max kept in the back of his jeep spread out on the ground with the group of six people on or around it.

"The day we went to the lake. Before everything went crazy." She remembered that if it wasn’t for Isabel’s planning and prep skills they probably wouldn’t have been able to stay out there all that long since none of them had thought to bring food. Isabel on the other hand had packed a whole feast for the whole group. A misty eyed smile accompanied her thoughts of how easy things were then.

"I saw him here. He was flustered to say the least, he wasn't used to people watching their own memories instead of living them let alone seeing an angel." A fond smile broke out on his face, "we started to talk that day. It sounds crazy but we'd trade stories and he'd tell me what was on his mind. I think he enjoyed talking with someone who had been through a similar experience, having everything you thought turned upside down. I told him about you and at some point I told him I thought you could help him. He's come back a few times with updates. Like you and Dean and that special little kiddo. We talk whenever he has the time to visit."

Liz smiled then looked around them curiously, "how did you.. break the cycle? Watch instead of relive?"

He shrugged, "wasn't that hard and I'm not the only one that can do it. I've met a few friends that can too."


Alex shook his head, "sorry can't tell all my secrets but I'll just say one of them knew the Winchesters. So when Castiel started talking about them too, well let's just say I figured it was fate." Liz couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up. Alex smiled, "come on let's check out a few more before you disappear on me."

In the Granolith, I remembered the dream that had Dean so worried and scared me half to death without any memory of it. The only problem I had after that was making sure that future didn’t happen, making sure that knowledge wouldn’t go to waste but how could I get everyone in the right place at the right time? Then I had an epiphany or whatever you want to call it that showed me the one thing I was missing. Faith. See knowledge may be power but faith is its fuel. Faith in yourself, faith in your friends, and faith in your cause; that was the answer I was missing. Faith can give you purpose, give you strength when there's nothing left. It's the one thing that can get you up when you feel you have nothing left. Anyone can have a plan but only the ones who believe in it can make it happen. That's something that I will never forget because above all things I had faith that we could pull this off, that we were doing the right thing. Without faith we’re lost, broken, and divided. I knew that as long as we had faith in each other’s ability, in everyone to play their part we could defeat the evil that had screwed with our lives for so long and we’d finally come out on top. It was truthfully the only thing I had because a plan has so many ways of going off the rails and it’s truly only as good as the ones hoping to pull it off.

Everything worked out like I planned, well except for one thing I didn’t see, the one thing I didn’t plan for. Apparently when I let Khivar in, with the dreams in the beginning and then for him to communicate with me I was opening myself a little too much to him. It took a lot more energy to keep him out again when he was in front of me. The energy needed between keeping him out, creating the four square, and the energy spent to kill Khivar was more than my body could handle at the time. I slept for five days and four of those days it was more of a coma than normal sleep.

Luckily, Serena and Michael were able to keep their heads together and keep everyone else from losing their minds. After I woke up and everyone was satisfied that I was actually okay, we tried to figure out what to do next. It took time for us to come out of combat mode that we had been in for so long. The realization that for the first time in ten years we had nothing to run from, we still had to keep an eye out for some crazy FBI agent but for the most part we were finally able to just live, to find our normal again. We could finally go back home. We still have a few of our safe houses, it’s kind of hard to completely rid ourselves of certain safe guards. It helps Dean and Sam when they’re on the road though specially when a few of us tag along, sometimes because it’s a big job, sometimes because we’re bored, and sometimes it’s just because they’re family and we always have our families’ back.

I did finally hear from Henriksen, he now lives on the road as a hunter because Nicholas burned his name with the FBI when his cover was blown but he says he loves it. Dean and Sam help him out with cases every now and then and he always stops by when he’s in the area. He’s become somewhat like a distant cousin we actually enjoy spending time with. It sounds weird to say that about an ex FBI agent but then again weird is just par for the course with us.

Michael and Maria were able to move back into their house and Kyle and Ava went back to our old apartment complex. They lasted there for about two weeks before they missed the spacious big houses we’d been living in for so long. They found a small house near Michael and Maria that had a good amount of space for them to feel like they actually had some room to move around without getting anything too big to take care of.

Sam and Serena finally made it official or as Dean likes to say finally stopped lying to each other or at least fighting what was right in front of their eyes and everyone else’s. They had a very small, quiet ceremony in Michael and Maria’s backyard planned to perfection by Isabel. We heard quite a few stories about their wild bachelor party but we ladies said nothing of the bachelorette party which drove the guy’s nuts. They’ll end up seeing bits of it in time through their bonds but until then we love to play on their imaginations.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone when we started to notice Max had a little something going on with Rachel although neither one of them have admitted it but even Zan sees it. Zan already looks to Max as a father figure, though he hasn’t forgotten the man that raised him, but I think that may be one of the things that has held Rachel back from moving on. It’s only a matter of time before one of us ends up talking to her and finding out what’s really going on if Maria or Serena hasn’t already. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zan says something to them soon with the amount of eye rolling that kid has been doing lately but things are always simpler from the outside looking in and definitely through the eyes of a child.

Speaking of children, Isabel is doing great and Jesse is dealing with pregnancy cravings. It didn’t take long for Isabel to get pregnant and lucky her she found out she had twins in there only a few days ago. Ava freaked that all the alien woman may end up with over active reproductive processes and that she could never handle it. The look on her face anytime she holds a baby though, we’ve taken bets that she’ll be the next to get pregnant and Kyle just happens to have the highest bet right now. I don’t know if he really knows what he’s getting himself into, he’s not a morning person and he stayed in the other safe house but he’s great with kids so I think he’ll take to it pretty well.

For most people when they have a child their whole world changes, turns upside down because this small being suddenly becomes their whole world, suddenly becomes more important than them. But Dean, Dean had that change when he was four years old and his mother was brutally ripped away from him making Sam the most important thing to him. It's not really a change for Dean but a gift. The one thing he never truly thought he'd get to have and now that all the mess is behind us he can really just focus on us. We settled down in a beautiful little house in Albuquerque not far from everyone (really I don’t know why we didn’t just buy a bunch of property and build our own damn neighborhood). The other night I heard him in the nursery with Jude, telling him angels were watching over him and that wasn't such a bad thing because not all angels are dicks. He told him Jude and I were gifts that for some crazy reason an angel decided he deserved and he was never going to forget that.

I think that's one of the things that I envy about Dean Winchester. While the rest of us started planning out our lives in middle school or high school when teachers gave us assessments and had us choosing our majors and colleges, Dean Winchester was just living life one day at a time. Maybe one hunt at a time but he wasn't worrying about grades or pulling his hair out over the lack of after school activities that didn’t involve science or how his time would best be spent to get into their university of choice. Dean Winchester lived life one day at a time and anything he got outside of the life of a hunter was a gift, almost a miracle.

Why do we start planning out our lives in school when we’re only starting to figure ourselves out in the first place? We don't even know exactly who we are and yet teachers and sometimes parents are pushing us to figure out what we want for the rest of our lives. I remember seeing the Harvard poster above my bed when I was seven and telling myself one day I’ll make my parents proud by graduating top of my class. Then moving along to being top researcher and have medical journals praised, ground breaking new findings published, and maybe even cures found. I don't remember when I started thinking about family and how I would balance kids with my job or if I ever really thought that far ahead at that point. It's funny to think that back when I barely had a handle on my life I was planning out this amazingly perfect future. It makes me wonder just how many people actually end up with the exact future they envisioned for themselves way back when? How many even wish that was what they had instead of what was in front of them now? I couldn't imagine being coped up in a lab for hours and hours on end, writing in medical journals when I wasn't staring down a microscope, trying to keep up with actual life outside of work instead of cruising the open road whenever I want to. I wouldn't trade that life for this one even if a crossroads demon told me it was free, not that I'd believe him. Even with Crowley’s information in my back pocket.

Of course my plan was originally knocked off course when I found out about aliens and had my first taste of how easily what’s most important in life can change. How easily plans are scratched out and rewritten as we tell ourselves it was all for the better. That things were meant to be, hell some people would say destiny. There have been times where I thought all that crap, like destiny, was full of shit. People make so many mistakes and their minds spin all the what ifs and should have’s, how could that be any version of destiny? Max had one thing right when we were younger though, we do make our own destinies but it’s not just us alone that create them, those around us help it along too.

Like when an angel placed me in the path of two brothers.. not only changing my life forever but there's too. I can say for sure that it was definitely for the better. Sam will get to have a relationship where he doesn't have to hide who he is or where he's been. He gets to live a real, better than normal life. He’ll get to have children and watch them grow, to have good friends, and most of all he’ll get to watch his children play with their family. He’ll get to have guy’s night with his brother who ended up being the one to show him what a great father looks like.

And Dean, Dean gets to be happy. The genuine smile I see on his face every day can cure any illness, not that I get many these days. Seeing him play with Jude, seeing him get to be the father and husband he never thought was a possibility, it makes up for everything I had to go through to land exactly where I’m supposed to be. There's so many things in life that I thought went wrong, (well one thing I know went wrong because I miss Alex every single day) but I'm so grateful for what I have and for what I see. I don't need to foresee the future to know that at least this story gets to have a happy ending all because an angel was watching over him. Because an angel that was placed in Dean’s life in another time, an angel that I proudly call friend. How many people really get to say that?

When I think about all of us, what we’ve been through, what we survived (thanks to an alien healing ability that has increased our survival chances on way too many occasions) it kind of amazes me that we’re all still sane. Ben Okri wrote, "The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering." The most amazing individuals are the ones who take that ability and turn it into an accomplishment. I'm grateful every day for those people in my life that helped me do just that and grateful to those who put these people in my life. This is our story. It may not always be pretty, it may not always be perfect, it may not be what we thought but it’s ours. It’s made us who we are and brought us where we are today. We're together and we’re happy. Isn't that what it's all about?

“Hey what are you doing out here?” Dean’s voice brought her head up from her journal.

Liz’s gaze returned to her leather bound book with a small smile. "I found my journal, I wanted to update it."

Dean stepped out the back door and strolled to her chair rubbing his hands together. "Oooh secret fantasies?"

"Yes definitely." She rolled her eyes as she closed the book in her lap.

He knelt down in front of her, "nice. You know with Jude staying the night at Michael and Maria’s, we have the house to ourselves so you can tell me a few.."

She chuckled as he wiggled his eyebrows then a small mischievous smirk curved her lips. "Wouldn't it be better if I show you?"

In one swift movement, Dean stood and lifted her out of the chair then carried her inside. "You’re perfect you know that?"
When Drifters Collide.
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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