Dancing along the reality line (XO,SPN,MATURE) End Ch. 4/16

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/2

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Chapter 21

Dean parked in front of a nice house. It wasn't that big but it wasn't small either. It was a one floor house with a front yard and a decent sized backyard. At least that's what the realitor sign said. Liz followed after Dean as he got out of the impala and stood next to him, waiting for him to say something. Anything.

He had been pretty quiet after telling her what Ben had said and done in the shop while they waited for her and Serena to show up. While she wasn't happy with Ben's childish comments, she was happy Dean managed to control himself. She didn't think Ben was like that. He was so nice to her whenever she went by the shop and while she knew he wasn't a saint, him muttering about how crazy it was she and Dean were dating or how fucked up she must really be, didn't sit well with her. Then she remembered the way he just stood by his car and stared at them. Liz shivered but not from being out at midnight.

"So? Why are we here?" She asked, taking a quick look around. She suddenly felt like she was being watched.

But then Dean smiled at her and it was gone. "We're home."

"What?" Liz had been leaning against the passenger door with her hands in her jacket but as soon as he said that, she stood up straight.

"We're home." He repeated. "Well, we're at my new home."

"What?" Liz moved in front of him, shock written all over her face. "You're moving out of your parents' house?"

"Yeah. I'm 22 years old, Liz. I need my own place. I can't keep living off of my parents." Then he smiled another smile. "I mean I can but how will I ever be able to hear you scream if I still live at home?"

"Haha." She playfully shoved him while a faint blush tinted her cheeks. "Very funny. But seriously. You bought this house?"

The smile on his face only grew as he took out a pair of keys. "Yep." Then he held up his hand. "You wanna see the inside?"

Liz thought about it for a second before she slipped her hand into his. "Lead the way."


Dean's house was amazing. It was a 2 bedroom and 2 bath house. When they first walked in, they were in a small hallway. A closet was to her right and up a few feet ahead was two large openings on either side of the house.

On her left was the living room. It was big with a fireplace and double glass doors that lead to the backyard. But it was also empty, so they wouldn't know the true amount of space he'd have until there was furniture in the room.

To her right, was the dining room. It was much smaller than the living room but would easily fit a table, some chairs and maybe a China cabinet. Next to the dining room was the kitchen. It was a decent sized kitchen with an island in the middle and a bar dividing the kitchen from the dining room. Both Mary and her mom would have said it was cooking acceptable.

Liz shook her head. What the hell was cooking acceptable? Only their moms would think of something as crazy as that.

Across from the front door was the first bathroom. It was small with just a toilet, sink and stand up shower. Not very big but big enough for Sam to move around in. The bathroom sat between the two bedrooms doors, a small hallway dividing it all.

The mancave (as Dean had called it) would most likely be Sam's room whenever he wanted it. Though Dean was talking about adding a big screen and video games, Liz knew if Sam asked, Dean would happily give his little brother the room. And it was big enough. It would easily fit Sam's whole room back at John and Mary's AND half of Dean's.

"This is my favorite room." Dean said before opening the master bedroom and when Liz saw it, it became her favorite room as well.

It was the biggest room in the house. (Basically the dining room and the kitchen put together.) And it was the only room he had actually furnished.

At the far end of the room, on a small rise that had a few steps built in was a mahogany wooden, four post bed with what looked like a king sized mattress on it. A mattress Dean had sworn he'd get once he got his own place. Navy blue blankets and pillows lay messy on the bed with matching curtains on the windows. It was obvious he spent a few nights here.

A large Tv set sat on a waist high mahogany Tv stand next to the matching dresser on the right side. Dean's side. Then a mahogany bookshelf stood on the otherside.

Liz smiled. While most of Dean's things littered the room, she could clearly see spaces and small spots where her things would easily fit. The nightstand on the left was void of everything but a lamp. The bookshelf was empty except for one or two shelves that held his B rated movies. She could even see into the slightly opened closet and could clearly see that he had made space for her clothes.

Was he gonna ask her to move in with him?

The thought suddenly popped into her head but instead of freaking out like she thought it would, she was eerily calm about it. Did she want to move in with Dean? Did she see them as forever?

"What do you think?" What did she think? She loved the house. There was no doubt about that. It was small but perfect for him and even her if she was to move in. But was she ready to leave her parents? "Babe? What do you think?" Dean repeated looking at her more carefully.

"I, um." Liz shook her head to clear her mind. "I like it. A lot. It's very...you." His left eyebrow rose. "Well, it will be once you get all your things moved in."

"So you like it?" He asked her.

"Yeah. I do." Then she moved up the 2 steps that led to the bed and more into the room. "I thought you said the house has 2 bathrooms?"

"It does." He walked over to the closet door but instead opened the closed door next to it. A door Liz hadn't even seen. "Here it is."

Liz walked down the steps and moved closer to Dean as he opened the bathroom door and wow what a bathroom. It was big, with both a stand up shower and a jacuzzi.

The jacuzzi took up most of the left side of the room. It was long and deep. Perfect for whenever Dean came home from work. The stand up shower was in the shape of a triangle and was on the right corner of the room. It would easily fit the two of them if they wanted. Then the toilet was right next to it and the sink...Liz suddenly couldn't breathe. The sink was a double sink. His and hers.

"Dean, I-." But there were no words.

"It's great right?" He asked with a smile. Liz could only nod her head. "Great." Then he grabbed her hand. "Let's go. Sammy's probably already home, waiting for us."

Then he led the way back to the impala, locking the doors behind them.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/4

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Chapter 22

"So, did he ask you to move in yet?" Serena asked for the fifth time in five minutes.

"No he hasn't and I don't think he's going to." Liz told her.

The days after her trip to Dean's new house had been spent in utter confusion. When they left the house, everything had been normal. She had helped him pack the rest of his stuff once they got to his parents house, they had had dinner with Sam and then they had relaxed in the living room watching different shows until they had fallen asleep on the couch together. Not once did he ask her to move in with him.

Nor did he ask her the next day or the day after that. Hell, the entire week had gone by and not once did he bring up her moving in with him. Serena, however, has asked her each and every day if Dean finally asked her to move in with him.

"I can't believe he got this amazing house that sounds like it was made for two and he hasn't asked you to move in with him yet."

Liz was on her break at the moment. Though today was Sam's birthday, it was also Saturday. Ever since school finished, the bar was almost always packed so when she asked for today off, her father had apologised but said no.

Shaking her head, Liz rested her hand under her chin. "I don't think he's gonna ask me to move in with him, S. I mean, come on. We've only been dating for 6 months and I'm still only 17."

"Your birthday is next month so don't even try that age crap and don't even with the 6 months bull." Serena snapped a bit. "Do you love him?"

Liz's hand dropped onto the table but because the bar was so noisy, neither girl heard it. "You know I do, S."

"And do you see a future with him?"

"Yes but-."

"But nothing." Serena said with a slight huff. "Lizzie look, everyone knows how you feel about him and it's the same for him. You both are crazy for each other. You guys are it for each other. I see it. Sam sees it. Hell, even his parents see it. So just step up and ask him about the living arrangements."

"Do you really think so?" Liz asked tucking a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Definitely." Serena started but Jas cut her off.

"Sorry honey bear but your shift is over." She yelled from the bar and Liz covered her face with her hands.

"Okay Jas."

Jas and Andreà were both working the bar. It was no wonder why there were only guys in the bar. Two hot bartenders with killer smiles and amazing mixing skills were how to bring in the big bucks. Her father was probably getting fat in the back.

"Look, I hate to do this to you but can I get the bug? I really don't wanna wait 2 hours for you." Then she gave Liz her best puppy dog look. "Please?"

Liz rolled her eyes. "Fine but can you please tell Dean to come and pick me up?" Liz asked as she pulled her keys out of her small apron. "I'd hate to take the bus at one in the morning.

"Of course." Then she smiled as she walked away. "Honey bear."

"Ha. Ha." Liz yelled before getting back to work. Just 2 more hours, she thought to herself as she grabbed her tray and pulled out her order book.


Dean waited by the bar as Liz got ready in the back. She had greeted him with a smile that had both melted his heart yet made him want to punch himself in the face.

It had been a week since he missed his chance to ask her to move in with him. He had wanted to ask her the moment she saw the place but there were 2 reasons he hesitated. The first one was the obvious. She was still only seventeen years old. He would have bought the house on her birthday but the realitor had said the place would be gone by then. So he bought the house on the spot.

Then there was the second reason. Sammy. His little brother had gotten to him the day he showed his family his new home.


(2 weeks ago)

"Dude. This place is freaking awesome." Sammy gushed as he, Dean and their parents looked the house over.

"I love the kitchen." Their mom said as she walked into it. "It's very cooking acceptable." Then she ran her hand over the smooth wooden surface of the island in the middle of the room. "And very easy to clean."

Dean shook his head before looking at his dad. "What do you think, sir?"

"I like it." Then John wrapped his arm around Dean's shoulders and pulled him close. "Liz isn't pregnant, is she son?"

"What?!" Dean asked pulling back. "No. She's not."

"Oh." John looked around the house again, his hands now in his pockets. "Then it's perfect for you. I'm proud of you, son."

"Thanks." Dean said as his dad walked towards his mom. "I think."

"Dude. This place is freaking awesome." Sammy repeated as he walked over to Dean but Dean was watching their parents. His dad was whispering something to their mom and her hand suddenly grabbed her heart, a huge smile appearing on her face. "Dude. Did you just hear me? This place is freaking awesome. Just think of all the things you can do. The freedom."

"Yeah. Yeah." Dean said with a laugh. Then they slowly walked out of the living room and into the master bedroom, away from their kissing parents who were probably happy they dodged a bullet. "Hey Sam, do you think I should I don't know...ask Liz to move in with me?" Dean suddenly asked.

"Are you kidding me?" Sam questioned and Dean shook his head. "No. Man. I mean she's about to be a senior in high school and then she's going off to college." Sam shook his head. "Don't ask her, man."

"Why not? She could say yes?" Dean told him.

"Dean, look." Sam ran his hand over his face. "I know you love Liz but come on. Would you think about her future for a minute?"

"There are colleges here in Kansas, Sammy." Dean snapped. He knew Sam would say no because he had always wanted to leave Lawrence but he didn't think he'd argue on her behalf. His little brother should be a fucking lawyer.

"Just because you wanted to stay close to home doesn't mean she does." Sam told him evenly but he could see that Dean wasn't listening to him. So Sam instead of going on, he ran his hand over his face before speaking again. "Just...just wait until she turns 18. Then if you still want to, ask her. Okay?"

Dean nodded his head. "Okay."

Sam looked around the master bedroom and suddenly felt dirty. If Liz said yes, this would be her room too. "Um, let's go check out the other bedroom. Maybe we can make it into a mancave?"

Dean chuckled. He had a pretty good idea as to why Sam had a disgusted look on his face. "Sure." He then lead the way out but not before laughing at Sam's expense.


"You ready to go?" Dean shook himself out of his memory and looked at Liz. She was dressed in a simple, white dress that had a white lace netting over it. She was wearing a brown bracelet and matching knee high boots. It was the first time she hadn't worn heels while they were together and he liked it. Plus she wore a white flower in her hair that sat messy on top of her head. Damn his girl was hot. "Dean?"

"Huh? Oh." Dean got off of the bar stool. "Yeah. I'm ready. Let's go."

"Okay." Liz grabbed his hand and led him out. "So, how many people were actually at Sam's birthday party?" Liz asked as she got into the impala. Then she pulled down her vizier to apply her brown lipgloss.

"Just Serena, me and our parents so you can't really call it a party."

"That's it?"

"You sound shocked?"

"I am. I mean, Sam does have a lot of friends but what about family?"

Dean ran his hand over his face as he started the impala. "We don't really have any family other than my mom and dad. Both sets of grandparents bit it a long time ago and neither of my parents have any brothers or sisters al it's just us." Then Dean started driving. "And my mom doesn't talk to any of her other family."

"Really?" Dean nodded. "Why?"

"Don't know. She just doesn't." Then he smirked. "And like you said, Sammy doesn't have any friends so...yeah. It was pretty lame."

Liz laughed as she playfully shoved Dean. "Jerk."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/7

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Chapter 23

(Back in the old reality)

Ava slammed the jeep door closed and stomped her way to Michael's front door. She knew Max wasn't stupid enough to follow her in and sure enough, she heard the jeep drive off just as she used her powers to open the door. Ava didn't care if Michael yelled at her. In fact, she was in the mood for a fight.

"What the-?" Michael stormed out of his room ready to blast whoever dared come into his apartment at 2 in the morning but stopped when he saw that it was Ava. She was pacing back and forth in the living room with a scowl on her face. "What happened?"

He knew it could only be one thing, or more like one person. She had been gone for a whole week with only Max as her company. Poor girl. But Michael wouldn't feel bad for her. He did warn her.

"That asshole actually threaten my protector because he couldn't bring Liz back." Ava snapped.

"What?" Michael sobered. "Does he know where she is?"

Ava stopped pacing and looked straight at Michael. "Yes. He knows that she's in another reality but like I said, he can't bring her back."

"Why not?" Michael demanded.

"Because the spell or power or whatever Nickolas used to shift the humans, placed her in a completely different reality."


"Because Max saved her. She's different now and because she's different, the alien cells that are inside of her body put her somewhere else." She pushed her growing blond hair out of her face. "Somewhere safe."

"I don't get it. Why didn't it do the same thing to Kyle? Max saved him too."

Ava dropped onto the couch, her huge platform heels hitting the top of the coffee table with two loud thumps. "I don't know. You're gonna have to ask Buddha boy."

"So what happened after your protector told king dumbass he couldn't bring Liz back?" Michael asked as he walked over to the recliner but he didn't sit down. Not yet.

"Max snapped just like you said he would. He started yelling at Kal about how useless he was and said that if this was Antar, he would have had Kal beheaded." Ava scoffed. "Then he had the nerve to order Kal into finding a different way in bringing Liz back. Apparently, king asshat can't wait."

"Wait for what?" Michael dropped into the recliner with a sigh.

"Kal said in a few years, the granilith would fix whatever Nickolas had done. The only problem is, he doesn't know how many years. It could be in a year or two or-."

"It could be in 20 or 30 years." Michael finished for her. Then he ran his hand over his face. "Great. Just fucking great." Michael said as he leaned back in the recliner.

"Tell me about."


The next day, Michael had called a meeting. Alex and Kyle were the first to arrive. Michael was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for the group while Ava took a shower. Apparently she had been so pissed at Max that she forced him to drive through the night without making any stops. So there had been no food or bathroom stops.

"Ok, so is it good news or bad news?" Alex asked as Kyle stole a few pieces of bacon from the plate next to the stove.

"You're gonna have to wait for everyone else." Michael told him.

"Great. Bad news." Kyle said with his mouth full.

"Bad news?" Maria had just walked in when she heard the end of Kyle's sentence. "Oh my God. Liz is dead, isn't she?" She panicked. Then she started waving her hands in front of her face. "Oh my God. Oh my God."

"Come down Ria." Ava said as she dried her hair with a wave of her hand. "Liz isn't dead."

"Oh thank God." Maria walked over to Michael's little coffee nook and dropped onto one of the bar stools.

"Where's Is and Tess?" Ava asked as she watched Michael put a plate full of bacon, eggs and toast onto the table. She happily took her share and dug in just as fast. Kyle and Michael were the only other two who mirrored her actions.

"Right here." Isabel said as she walked into the apartment. Alone. "But apparently Tess had other plans and Max is wallowing. So what the hell happened in LA?"

"Kal can't help us." Ava swallowed the eggs she just put into her mouth before looking at Maria and Alex. "I'm so sorry."

"What do you mean he can't help us?" Maria asked sadly. Ava could see tears in her friend's eyes and she wanted to punch herself in the face.

"I mean, there is nothing he can do to bring Liz back." Ava told them.

"Does he know why she never came back?" Isabel asked.

"Yeah. Since Max saved her, he changed her and instead of her going to the same place everyone else went, the alien cells inside of her, put her in another reality."

"How come that didn't happen to Kyle?" Alex asked.

"Yeah. Max saved him too." Maria said.

"It's because I wasn't gone for long." Kyle suddenly said.

"What? Kyle, that makes no sense. You shifted. I saw you disappear."

"Yeah but then you blow up the green rod. That took what? 5 minutes? Liz was gone for a half an hour before we even made it to the billboard."

Maria jumped out of her seat. "So what? Liz is just gonna stay in this other reality?" She snapped.

Ava shook her head. "No."

"No?" Maria glanced around at the others with hope in her eyes. Michael hated being the one to kill that hope but looking at Ava, he knew she wouldn't be able to.

"Apparently the granilith will fix it." Michael told them and Ava dropped her fork onto the table. Then she just stared down at her plate.

"When?" Maria demanded. Her hands were on her hips and she was trying to act tough but everyone could see through her.

"That's the thing. We don't know." Ava looked at Alex. He was more level headed than Maria. "It could fix it today or tomorrow." Ava said as she wiped her eye.

"Or?" Alex suddenly added. He knew there was a but.

"Or it could also be 10 or 20 years from now." Ava finished.

"Oh my God." Maria slipped to the ground but Alex caught her half way. Then he just held her as she cried.

The news hit the others just as hard.

For Kyle, it was not only his friend that was gone but his first love. Liz had been an amazing girlfriend. When she wasn't mooning over Max. And she had been an even better friend.

For Isabel and Michael, it was completely different. Liz had been someone they hated. Someone who wormed her way into their lives and forced them to deal with her. Someone who stood by them when they needed her. Someone loyal to a fault. She had become a friend they didn't know they needed. A sister who didn't look or treat them any different than anyone else and because of them, she may never come home.

Ava was the only one who didn't really react to the news. Instead, she reacted to the effect. She had come to think of the roswellians as friends. As family and she had hurt them just by telling them the truth.

"Wow. What a mood killer?" Kyle joked. Then he ran his hand over his face and stood up. "Okay, so a priest and a rabi walk into a bar and-."


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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/9

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Chapter 24

(4 years later)

Liz quickly got out of her bug and managed to get to the front door of her and Dean's house with a ton of books in her arms. She loved saying that. Her and Dean's house. Though it took him two years to ask her to move in with him, Liz was more than happy for the wait. She loved Dean with all she was worth but 6 months was just too soon to move in. Plus Liz had still been waiting to return to her old reality.

She didn't want to move in with Dean then suddenly disappear without a trace. But when two years had passed and she was still in Lawrence, she just stopped worrying about it. Then Dean had asked her to move in and she never looked back.

"Dean?" Liz yelled as she opened the front door. "Are you home?" She quickly closed the door behind her with her boot covered foot. "Dean?" No answer.

Shrugging her shoulders, she walked into the dining room and dropped her things onto the dining room table; her books, keys and her bag. She was finished with her classes for the day and since she had a few hours before work, she was going to take a bath.

Between school, work, helping her mother with her new bakery and trying to figure out what was up with Mary, Liz was running on a low battery.

School was, believe it or not, the easiest thing in her life. College was exactly how she thought it would be and Liz absolutely loved it. She was majoring in biology and was studying to be a bio chemist. Being the over achiever that she was, Liz was close to finishing her masters degree and in June would be graduating.

Liz walked into her bathroom and turned on the jacuzzi. Normally she would just take a shower but her muscles were sore and a nice, hot bath was a must have right now.

Work was a little more complicated. Her father had had a heart attack a few months ago. So he was on bed rest and she had to run the bar. Running the bar was the same as running the Crashdown. It was easier than she thought it would be and though she worried for her father's health, she rather enjoyed the extra responsibility.

Quickly, Liz pulled off her purple sweater dress and took off her brown leggings. Since it was the beginning of November, it was getting colder outside and her clothes weren't doing their job in keeping her warm. Her bones felt brittle. Like they were going to break. Sometimes she wished her parents hadn't moved to Lawrence but then she'd remember her old life and knew she could handle the cold.

Her mom's bakery was actually a good thing. She was so proud of her mom. She had finally done something for herself. In both realities, Nancy Parker was a house wife who sometimes helped with the business but because she had her dream kitchen in this reality, she was able to do something for herself.

Liz smirk as she turned on her radio. Maroon 5 came on and Liz could feel herself relaxing.

Her mom had apparently been holding out on her and her dad for the first 17 years of her life. Her mom was an amazing cook and an even better baker. She could make all different kinds of tarts, pies, and cakes. If you named it, her mom could make it.

After putting her hair up, Liz slowly got into the water. The heat instantly relaxed her aching muscles the deeper she sank. Thank God, she thought to herself. Even her bones were warming up.

Then there was Mary. For the past month, Mary Winchester was always on the verge of tears whenever she saw Liz and it was making Liz a bit uneasy. Did she know something Liz didn't? Was something going to happen or did something already happen that Liz didn't know about?

Liz chewed on her lower lip. She just hoped whatever it was, had nothing to do with Sam.

Sam. Liz missed him. He was living it big in Stanford. He had met a nice girl named Jess and was taking classes to become a lawyer. Liz smiled. When he had first told them that he wanted to be a lawyer, Dean had laughed.


"Why are you laughing, man?" Sam asked. They were all sitting around the dining room table for thanksgiving. Liz and Dean were on the left, Sam and Jess on the right while John and Mary sat at the ends. The girls sat on one side while the guys sat on the other.

Dean looked up from his food. "Dude, I always knew you'd be a lawyer."

"Really? How?"

"You love to argue." Liz shook her head while John rolled his eyes and Mary chuckled softly. Jess was the only one who sat silently, just watching the Winchester boys as they interacted.

"No I don't."

"Yeah you do."

"Sorry about this." Mary apologized to Jess, her hand lightly squeezing Jess'. She was whispering while Sam and Dean continued to argue. "They do this a lot." And Liz nodded along while she took a bite out of her food.

"No, I don't." Sam snapped but then he saw Dean's smirk and couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Jerk."



That had been a year ago. Liz sighed. Ever since he and Serena had left to go to college, (him to Stanford and she to Brown) Liz had no one to really talk to. Sure she still talked to them on the phone but it wasn't the same. She was just use to seeing them everyday.

Hell, even Lexie had left Lawrence. She had moved to Roswell once she and Alex made it official.

"Babe? You home?" Dean bellowed and Liz couldn't help the smile that slipped onto her lips.

"Yeah Dean. I'm in the bathroom." She yelled and 20 seconds later, he was leaning against the bathroom door, his arms folded in front of him. "How was work baby?"

Dean smirked. "It sucked." Liz's eyebrow rose in confusion. Dean loved work what could have possibly happened that he'd say it sucked. "Ben."


Ben had been a pain in the ass ever since he found out they were dating. First it was the staring. Where ever she had went, Ben's eyes would follow. It made her skin crawl and her stomach turn.

Then he was stalking her. Showing up at her school, unannounced. Hanging out in the bar on the nights he knew she was working. It had gotten to the point where Dean would pick her up from work so Ben wouldn't try anything. But it wasn't herself she was worried about. It was Dean.

Ever since Ben found out about them, he had been more aggressive towards Dean. He'd shove him with his shoulder whenever Dean would walk pass him. Ben would say or do crude things to Dean but then act like he didn't. Hell he had even tried to start a fight with Dean and ended up in the hospital for a week.

But did that stop him? No. Did he give up? No. He'd never gave up. He just wouldn't. No matter what and both Liz and Dean were more than tired of it but John needed him at the shop. So they sucked it up.

"What happened now?" She asked as she ran one of her hands along the jacuzzi top.

"Nothing." Dean told her nonchalant and Liz wanted to rip her hair out. He only avoided her questions when he did something he knew she'd object to. "But let's forget about him."

"Fine." Liz pushed the clear bubbles around. He didn't want to talk about, so they wouldn't talk about it. "So what-?" When she looked back at Dean, his brown and black flannel was gone. So was his black under shirt and he was unbuttoning his jeans. "Dean, I have to go to work tonight."

"Then it'll be a quickie."

Suddenly he was by her side and lifting her out of the tub, his mouth crashing onto her own. Liz was quick to respond and automatically wrapped both her arms and legs around him.

His mouth attacked her own. Sucking and nibbling until she knew they'd be bruised. His tongue tangled with her own, memorizing a flavor he already knew by heart. When air became a must, Liz pulled away only to have Dean kiss his way down her face, over her chin and onto her neck.

A moan was torn from Liz's mouth as he sucked on her pulse point. There was no doubt in her mind, he was marking her. Leaving a hickey to make sure every man, woman and child knew she was his and instead of it pissing her off, it turned her on.

Suddenly Liz was on her feet, her back to Dean's front. He fondled her breasts, pinching and rubbing her nipples as his mouth feasted on her neck. Then he was kissing the side of her face, her ear, her neck and her shoulders as one of his hands made its way between her legs. She was wet. He rubbed her slowly. His long fingers building her up. And it wouldn't take long. Liz could already feel the burning in her core. The white hotness that was sure to wash over her again and again and again if Dean had his way.

"You like that baby?" Dean suddenly asked and Liz shivered from his hot breath on her neck.


"You want me to go faster?" He asked. Liz nodded but Dean shook his head. "No. I wanna hear you say it."

"I want...I need...just go faster Dean." And he obliged. Liz's hand shot up and grabbed onto the back of his head as her first orgasm hit her. Her knees gave out under her but Dean scooped her up.

"Let's get into the tub." He told her and she just nodded. The hot bath she had been in minutes ago was now Luke warm so Dean let some of it out before adding more hot water. Then he shifted her and in one swift motion, he was inside of her.

"Oh my God." Liz moaned. With her on top, Dean felt incredibly and impossibly deep.

"That's it baby." Dean encouraged her. "Just like that."

Liz moved on instinct, her hips rotating in small circles. Her hands were gripping onto the sides of the jacuzzi, keeping her up right. She was riding high on her last orgasn but she knew her second one wasn't as close. Dean was kissing his way across her chest, one hand on her breast while the other held onto her hip. The slow build of heat inside of her had nothing to do with the water they were in and everything to do with Dean.

The hand that was on her breast was now in her hair, pulling it free from the bun she had had it in to keep her hair from getting wet. Oh well. Dean's fingers gripped onto her hair before his lips crashed into her own. His kiss was possessive and every time his tongue would swipe across her own, Dean would push up into her.

Something flashed before her eyes but it was gone before Liz could see it. Then Dean took control of her, claiming her and Liz knew that whatever happened at work with Ben was the cause of this. Dean was showing her that she was his but she already knew that. Hell, she had gotten his name tattooed on the inside of her left wrist. It was her first but not her last.

Dean's left hand ran down her back while his right hand stayed on her hip. He was moving her faster, pushing her closer to the point of no return and while it scared it, it also excited her. Liz could feel the tingles starting up. Could feel the heat pumping through her veins as she moved faster above him.

"Oh God." The blinding white light was getting closer the fast she moved her hips and she could feel Dean's grip tightening on her hips. He was close to. Thank God. Anymore and she'd never be able to get to work.

"I'm coming baby." He told her. "I'm coming."

"So am-." But her orgasm ripped through her and Dean was not to far behind. When they finally came down, Liz laid her head on Dean's shoulder. "So much for a quickie." Liz said and Dean chuckled.

"Last time I check, that was a quickie." Liz lifted her head to look at him. "For us." Then he kissed her lips again.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/1

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Chapter 25

Liz moved around the bar as quickly as she could. With Lexie gone, Michelle on vacation and Jenna five months pregnant, Liz was basically doing it all on her own. Even Lexie's replacement wasn't doing much.

As she walked away from one of her tables, Liz lightly rubbed the inside of her right leg. Fucking Dean. She could still feel him.

Once they finished bathing, he carried her to bed and worshiped her body until she had to go to work. It was completely opposite from how he had been in the bathroom. He had been slow and took the time to bring Liz to the brink over and over again while in the bathroom, he had just wanted to claim her. How she managed to leave the comfort of both her bed and Dean's arms, she didn't know. But she did.

"Hey there baby. What time do you get off?" And as she turned to see who had just spoken to her, she completely regretted leaving Dean.

"Ben." She folded her arms over her chest. "What are you doing here?"

"I needed a drink. You see, that aggressive boyfriend of yours can't seem to take a joke. He's a real keeper that one."

"What was the joke about?" Liz asked, holding back an eye roll. "Because Dean wouldn't just act without being provoked."

Ben smirked. "You sure about that?" This time Liz did roll her eyes. "Why don't you get me a beer and I'll tell you all about it? Huh?"

Rolling her eyes for a second time in a span of 5 seconds, Liz walked to the bar and grabbed him a beer. Then she opened it and walked back to his table. When she put the beer in front of him, Ben opened his mouth to talk but instead of staying, Liz turned on her heel and went back to work.

Dean had given her a natural high and she wouldn't let anyone ruin it. Especially not Ben.


About an hour and a half later, as Liz was cleaning off one of her tables, Jenna wobbled towards her.

"I'm sorry Liz, but can I please go home? My feet are killing me and so is my back." Jenna asked.

"No problem Jenna. You've been here since five. Go. Me and um..."

"Missy?" Jenna filled in with a smile.

"That's her name?" Liz asked as she shook her head and Jenna laughed. "Wow. Me and Missy got this. Go." Then Liz rubbed Jenna's belly. "Night. Night Jason."

Jenna laughed again but started walking away. "Thank you so much Lizzie. We really appreciate this." And she was gone.

"So you give your time to prego but not to a paying customer?" Ben snapped from behind her.

Don't let him ruin your night. She told herself. Don't let him.

"Order up Liz!" Shane yelled from the kitchen and Liz couldn't help the smile that slipped onto her face.

"Coming Shane." Liz started to walk away but, someone had grab her by the arm. "Can I-." But her words died in her throat when she saw the look on Ben's face. "Let go of me Ben."

"Stop avoiding me then." He snapped.

"I'm working not avoiding you." She snatched her arm away. "And even if I was, so what? You're not my boyfriend nor are you my friend. You're just some guy who can't seem to take no for an answer."

When he tried to grab her again, Liz swung her other arm just like Dean had taught her but there was something else. Something that burned through her veins and shot out of her fist when it connected with Ben's face.

"Holy shit." The new girl shouted from a few feet away. She was staring at Ben's unconscious form then shot a look at Liz. "I'm never messing with you."


For the next couple of days, Liz was having trouble concentrating and was a tad irritable. Well, a tad was stretching the truth a bit. In fact, it was flat out lying. Everything would piss her off. It didn't matter who or what it was, if it made some kind of noise, Liz would freak out.

Then she was having hallucinations. Whenever she looked in the mirror, her entire face would disappear. But then seconds later, everything would be normal again.

There were times when she talked to someone, their voice would come and go. She would lose pieces of the conversation and end up having to ask them to repeated themselves 3 or 4 times.

At first, Liz had thought she caught something. Like the flu. But a trip to the doctor on Wednesday had squashed that idea. Then she thought she may be pregnant so Liz asked the doctor to do a test. That too had fallen through. It wasn't until she woke up Saturday morning with green electricity running up and down her arms, that she knew whatever was happening to her was alien related.

"Even in another reality, I'm still wrapped up in the alien bullshit."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/1

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Chapter 26

Liz spent a week in her lab at school testing both her blood and skin cells. The last thing she needed was to turn completely green or start lighting up in public. But then a miracle happened. When she woke up Wednesday morning, everything was back to normal. No more green blood cells or green lines in her skin. No hearing or seeing things. Just plain old Liz.

While her alien crisis was over, she still wanted to know why it happened in the first place. Sure, Max had still saved her in this reality but she had no contact with him or any of the other aliens. So what was it?

Did his healing touch add some of his alien Dna to her own? Did it change her Dna? Was she an alien now? Looking at her cells in the microscope told her no, so what the hell was going on? What?

Right now, she wished she could just call them and asked them all of her questions but she knew she couldn't. Max, Isabel and Michael were all safe in this reality. They didn't have to worry about the FBI or evil aliens trying to kill them. They were living normal lives just like she was. So going to Roswell and telling a bunch of 22 year olds what was happening to her, was useless. Especially because they didn't even know she knew about them.

Liz slammed her hand onto the lab desk in front of her. She needed answers but without the right tools or right people, she wouldn't get them. Not here and not now.

"Hey babe?" Liz spun around and came face to face with Dean. "You ready?"

"Ready for what?" She asked as she looked him over. Dean was dressed in a nice red button down with a black blazer over it. He had on clean dark blue jeans and not only was his shirt buttoned but it was also tucked it. Why was he so dressed up?

"You don't remember?" He asked, looking confused.

"Remember-?" But before she could finish her sentence, she remembered what today was. "Holy crap. Today's our 4 year anniversary." Liz's hand flew to her face and covered her eyes in shock.

Dean chuckled. "Hey. Don't worry about it. We can always do it another night." He told her but Liz dropped her hand and was shaking her head before he closed his mouth.

"No. No. I have an outfit in my locker." Dean smirked. "Just give me a few minutes. I'll shower and be ready quick. Okay?"


"Okay." She pressed her lips to his for a quick kiss then went running towards the locker room. Since she was in a lab room, she had to wear a doctor's jacket over scrubs so she had a locker where she kept her things.

Liz had made sure to put a cute outfit in her locker just before everything happened. She was known for getting wrapped up in her work and she wanted to be prepared. She even left a pair of heels, makeup and Dean's gift in her locker. Better safe than sorry, she always said.

Grabbing a towel and her outfit from her locker, Liz ran into the shower room. Why the science building had a shower room, she didn't know but right now she was greatful for it. She smelled like chemicals and sweat. Not exactly an aphrodisiac.

When she was done, she wrapped the towel around her chest and took a quick look in the mirror. Did she have time to do her hair? She didn't think so. Of course she washed it but she didn't want to leave it loose. She wanted to put it up in a nice hair style but whatever. Liz turned and grabbed the yellow strapless dress she had bought on sale last month and put it on.

It was a short sweetheart dress that stopped at her knees. It had a red tie around her waist and shaped to her curves. Then she slipped her feet into her red opened toe pumps. There was a reason she picked them and it wasn't only because they matched both Dean's shirt and her simple ruby jewelry. They made her legs look amazing and she knew Dean would love them on her. Next she put on her ruby drop earrings and then her ruby drop necklace. When she looked back at the mirror, Liz suddenly wished she could just wave her hand like Isabel and her hair would already be done.

As a joke, Liz thought of her hair in a very vintage 50's style ponytail and waved her hand across her face. When she opened her eyes, she was shocked. Not only was her hair the way she thought of but her makeup was also done. Her eye shadow was done in a smokey yellow with a touch of red in it. Her face glowed from a golden blush and her lips were red. She didn't even own red lipstick.

"Oh God." Liz hand flew to her mouth, careful not to mess up her lipstick.

Suddenly someone was banging on the closed door. "Babe, you done?" Liz dropped her hand and quickly packed up all her things. Then she grabbed her perfume and sprayed some on. She was going to deal with this new development tomorrow. Tonight was about her and Dean. When she opened the door, Dean's hand was in the air about to knock again. "Wow."

Liz smiled despite what she just did. "You like?" She asked and Dean gave her a quick once over.

"I love." She rolled her eyes as she moved pass him and put all her things into her duffle. "Here. Let me get that." Dean grabbed her duffle while she grabbed her yellow clutch and Dean's gift.

"Thanks babe."

"No problem." He kissed her quickly. "Now let's go. We have reservations and we do NOT want to lose them."

"We don't?" Liz joked as she followed Dean out of the building.

"No smartass." Liz laughed as she got into the impala. Dean tossed her duffle into the trunk, then got in. "We don't."


The restaurant was unlike any they had gone to and Liz was suddenly happy she dressed up. They had a small table near the back, just like she liked and her favorite pink wine was brought to the table.

"Um, this may be a stupid question but why did you choose this place?" Liz asked as she opened a napkin to put on her lap.

"I uh," Dean scratched the back of his neck and Liz knew he was nervous. But why? "Dad mentioned it once and I wanted to check it out."

Liz wanted to bite her lower lip but she didn't want to ruin her lipstick. "Okay." She looked down at the menu and wanted to scream. The prices were unbelievable.

"Don't worry babe. I got this." Dean told her and Liz's head snapped up. A faint blush tinted her cheeks. She hadn't even done anything and yet he still knew her.

"Okay." She reached over and grabbed his hand. "I love you so much Dean." She whispered and Dean smiled.

"I love you too babe." Then he kissed the palm of her hand and looked back at the menu, never letting go of her hand as he did.

When the waiter came over to ask them what they wanted, Dean order a steak with mashed potatoes smothered in gravy and broccoli per Liz's request. He declined on the side salad and instead ordered nachos with the spinach dip.

"And for the lady?"

Liz ordered the chicken with a baked potato and vegetables on the side. She decided on a small Cesar salad and a glass of lemonade to wash it down. Dean smirked and ordered a beer. But instead of telling the waiter to take the wine away, he left it there. Something fishy was going on and instead of her catching on like she normal would have, Liz was in the dark.


Dinner went by without a hitch and Liz loved it. They made small talk and Dean had Liz laughing about his day. When the waiter took away their plates, Dean ordered 2 slices of chocolate moose cake.

"We don't have to." She told him but Dean waved her off.

"Stop it. I want some and I know you do too." He nodded to the waiter and the waiter walked off.

"Fine." Then a small smile slipped onto her lips as she pulled out a small box. Dean's gift. "Okay. So I know we said no gifts but this was my grandfather's. My grandma Claudia gave it to him and when he passed, she told me to give it to the man I loved. I love you Dean and I want you to have it."

She passed the small box over and watched as he opened the box. Inside, just like she had said, was the plain silver ring Claudia had given to James the night he proposed to her. She hadn't known he was proposing but she wanted him to have it anyways. It was suppose to protect him and it did. Now it would protect Dean. From what, she didn't know but Liz was suddenly glad she never gave it to Max like she had always thought she would.

"Wow." Dean put the silver band on his right ring finger. "This is just..." He looked at Liz and laughed.


"Nothing. I just..." Dean got up and moved in front of her. Then he ran his hand over his face and smiled at her. "Liz, I've never felt for someone the way I feel for you. You are the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. I'm so in love with you that it scares the living shit out of me but then you smile and I'm not scared anymore." He slowly lowered onto one knee and Liz felt her mouth drop opened. "I wanna spend the rest of my life with you and I wanna be able to call you my wife." He took a small velvet box out of his pocket and held it in front of her. "Will you marry me?" Then he opened it and Liz felt her heart skip a beat.

Inside the small box sat grandma Claudia's wedding ring. The same wedding ring Liz had always dreamt she'd wear whenever she got married. But she never told Dean that. Only her parents, Lexie and Maria knew about that.

Liz looked up at Dean. "Yes." She cried. "Yes I'll marry you."

Applause broke out as Dean slid the ring onto her finger. Then he pulled her out of her seat and slanted his mouth over her own. The kiss was quick but it meant more than anything else to Liz. They were engaged.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/1

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Chapter 27

"Engaged?!" Serena yelled into the phone and Liz was glad she had her phone on speaker or else she would have swerved and likely crashed. She had just came from her mom's bakery and was dropping off lunch for both John and Dean.

"Yep. Dean and I are finally engaged."

It had taken a few days after they became engaged for Liz to realized it was really real but once it set in, she was telling everyone she could.

Her parents had been the first to find out. Her father had had another heart attack so he was staying in the hospital. That's where Liz and Dean told him. He had taken it pretty well, smiling and congratulating them. It was her mother who put on this big performance and burst into tears.

The Winchesters had been next. John simply patted Dean on the back and pulled Liz into a hug. Mary reacted just like her mom. Tears, hugs and baby talk for some reason. Liz had a feeling both women had a role in the proposal. Schemers.

"Finally. What took so long? You've two have been together since we were juniors in high school. That's way longer than Sam and I would have lasted if we would have gone to the same college." And there it was. Liz knew Serena would bring Sam up, she always did but she didn't think it would be this fast.

Back when they were still dating, they had gotten into an argument about college. Sam wanted to go to Stanford while Serena was set on going to Brown and since neither wanted to give up their dream college, they broke up. Liz hoped it was on good terms but highly doubted it because neither really talked to the other since the break up.

"Um, yeah."

"How is he, by the way?"

Liz bit her lower lip as she drove. The answer was easy. Sam was doing great. He was happy and in love. Hell, he had even gotten into law school last week. But did she want to tell Serena that?

"Um, he's...well he's Sam, so you know how he is." Liz tried to be nonchalant but knew she came off a little twitchy.

"So he's happy?" Serena asked.

Liz didn't know what to say or do. They were both her best friends. How was she to pick between them? She wasn't. If Sam asked her about Serena, she'd tell him so why not the other way around?

"Yeah. He's happy and he's, um, he's seeing someone S."

"Oh?" Now Liz felt like the worst best friend in the world. She could hear the sadness in Serena's voice.


"Have you met her?" Liz pulled up in front of the garage but didn't look in. She was too into her head to notice anyone.

"Yeah. We met her for tthe first time on Thanksgiving last year, then again at Christmas, and Sam brought her home for both John and Mary's birthdays this year." Liz could practically see Serena tugging at the hem of her shirt. "On to lighter matters, I have something to ask you."

"Nice subject chance, Lizzie." Serena laughed but it sounded a little strange. "So what's up?"

"I was just wondering if, you would do me the favor of being my maid of honor." Then Liz paused. "Please?"

"Of course." Serena laughed again but this time Liz knew why it was strangle. Her laugh was wet. Fuck. She was about to cry. "I'd love to." Then there was a pause and Liz heard Serena take in an unsteady breath. "Um, Lizzie, I have class soon."

"Oh." She was lying. "Okay."

"I'll call you back when I can okay?" Another lie. Liz would have to call her.

"Okay. I love you Serena. Bye."

"I love you too Elizabeth. Bye." Then she hung up and Liz stared at her phone for a second. Damn it. She hated it when ever Serena would cry and she wasn't even there to comfort her. How the hell did Sam come up in their conversation anyway? Liz ran her hand over her face.

This was bad. Serena was still in love with Sam while Sam was no doubly moving on with Jess. He had even bought an engagement ring for her. He had told her as much the last time they talked.

Shaking her head, Liz pulled the keys from the ignition, grabbed the bag of food from the passenger seat and got out of her bug. She'll worry about that when the time came. Right now, she had other things to worry about. Like two very hungry Winchesters.

It was cold out again so she wore a long sleeve shirt with dark and light gray stripes on it with a pair of her favorite black jeans and a comfortable pair of gray high heeled boots that were calf high and had a black bow on each boot. Over it, she wore her black pea coat, her gray scarf and a gray knitted hat that sagged a bit in the back. She wore her gray mittens and was as warm as she could be. Her engagement ring was the only thing on her that was cold because of silver it was made out of.

As she walked towards the garage, Liz could clearly see John talking to his friend Don Guenther. They had been in the marines together and once they got out, Don opened the garaged but begged John to be his mechanic because he knew next to nothing about cars. John had agreed and hasn't looked back since. That was about 28 years ago.

The next thing she noticed was Dean under the hood of a car. His jean covered ass was to her and all she wanted to do was bite it. Even with all the oil stains.

"Well if it isn't little Lizzie Parker." Liz's eyes broke away from Dean's ass, to the voice. Both Don and John were walking towards her and both were all smiles. Don was the first one to her and pulled her into a tight hug.

"Ah Don. Wanna stop crushing my daughter in law?" John joked and Don let her go.

"I still cannot believe you said yes to Dean-o." Don said but there was a smile on his face so Liz knew it was a joke. "Can I see the ring so I know it's not a lie Johnny here is telling people?"

"Of course." Liz pulled off her left mitten and showed it to him.

"Well I'll be damned. He really did it."

Liz smiled. "It was my grandmother's wedding ring."

Don chuckled. "Never knew Dean-o was a romantic but I guess we all change for the ones we love." Then he noticed the bags in her arm. "You brought them lunch?" He turned to look at Dean who was smiling at them. "What did you do to get an angel like this and where can I get one?"

Liz smiled. "I got lucky, Don. Don't know how but I'm one lucky son of a bitch." Dean said as he wiped his hands on his jeans. Then Don looked at her and she shrugged her shoulders.

"What can I say? I have a weak spot for the Winchester men." Then she laughed as John pulled her close.

"That's what I like to hear." Then he smirked at Don. "And she's one of a kind, Donny. One of a kind." Both men smiled while Liz stayed by her future father in law's side. She loved him like she did her own father and was so happy he loved her back.

"Okay, dad. You wanna let go of my future wife before I have to tell mom?" Dean joked as he walked over to them.

"You know, they say when your son gets married that you gain a daughter and I'm fine with that but can I lose the son?" John joked back and Liz laughed.

This is what she loved. Her family. She couldn't wait to start her own.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/1

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Chapter 28

(Thanksgiving - 2 weeks later)

Liz waved her hand across her face and instantly her hair was in soft curls and her makeup was done. Giving herself a once over, Liz smiled before walking out the bathroom and into the bedroom. Now that she had a better handle on her powers, getting ready was much easier.

Her purse was sitting on the table between the bathroom and closet doors so she walked over to make sure she had everything inside.

"Wow babe. You look...amazing as usual." Dean said as he wrapped his arms around her from behind. "You sure we have to go to my parents' house right now? I mean we can always go later." Then he began slowly kissing his way down her neck. "I'll make it worth your wild."

Liz smiled. "I have no doubt about that Dean but we promised your mom that we'd be there by 4 and it's already 3:30." She turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. "But think of it like this. The sooner we leave here, the sooner we can come back and finish what you started."

Dean smirked. "I like your way of thinking." He gave her a quick kiss before slapping her on the butt and walking away. "Get the lead out babe. We've got places to be."


"There they are." Mary said as Liz and Dean walked into the house. "The soon to be married couple." She gushed as she pulled Liz into her arms first.

"Oh I see how it is. Now that we're engaged, I'm chopped liver." Dean joked and Mary chuckled as she let Liz go.

"Don't be silly Dean. You're my first born. My baby. I will always love you." Mary said as she pulled Dean into her arms. "But I've always wanted a little girl and now I have one." She said, slapping Dean on the arm so the he'd let go of her. "Liz Winchester. I like the sound of that."

Liz blushed. "Me too."

Dean shook his head as he took off his jacket and then Liz's. "Wow, Liz. I love that outfit." Mary told her.

"Thank you. I didn't want to get too dressed up since we're going to the hospital after this but I still wanted to look nice."

"And you do."

Liz wore a black sleeveless top with a cream colored skirt that was long in the back but short in the front. On her feet she wore black wedged strappy heels and her jewelry consisted of a long gold necklace that had two hearts on it (one in the middle and the other on the bottom) and black stud earrings.

"Liz?" Sam walked out of the kitchen that was next to the dinning room but was separated by half walls on each side.

"Sam!" She rushed over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He picked her up and spun her around. "Hey! Oh my God. Have you gotten taller? What the hell?"

"Hey back." Then he let her go. "And we can't all be tiny like you." He joked. "So what's this I'm hearing? You're gonna be a Winchester?"

"Yes I am." She held out her hand and showed him her ring. "Can you believe it? We're gonna be family." She giggled.

"We're already family but I'm happy for you." He pulled her into his arms again.

"Me too. Now you wanna get your hands off my girl and say hi to your older brother?" Dean joked as he pulled Sam into a hug. "It's nice to see you Sammy."

"It's nice to see you too Dean."

"Awe. How cute?" Everyone turned and saw Jess standing by the refrigerator. "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt the family moment."

"Don't be crazy." Dean said as he pushed Sam away, giving him a funny look. "Dude, we're family but not that kind of family." Then he smiled at Liz. "Plus I'm into chicks."

Liz rolled her eyes and went to Jess. "What he means is, you're family too." She pulled Jess into a hug. "Hello Jess. Nice to have you home." Then she stood back and smiled.

"Thank you Liz." Jess said with tears in her eyes.

"Come on." Liz looped her arm with Jess' and lead her to the dining room where everyone was standing.

"John! Get the camera. I want a picture of our boys and our two daughters." Mary yelled and you could hear the tears in her voice.


Dinner was nice. Everyone talked. Everyone laughed. It wasn't weird like the last time.

"So, how did the lug propose?" Sam asked. They were sitting the same as last year except Jess looked more relaxed.

"It was very sweet. Fancy restaurant, sweet words and then he was on his knee asking if I wanted to get married." Liz told them quickly. She knew Dean didn't really like people to know he had a romantic side to him.

"Nice." Then there was silence and everyone continued to eat.

"Actually, I have to ask you something Sam." Dean suddenly said and Liz's head snapped up.

"What's up?"

"Well, I was gonna ask Jimmy from the garage but you're my baby brother and my best friend so, um, you wanna be my best man?"

Sam started choking on the piece of turkey he had just put in his mouth. "You okay honey?" Mary asked with a slight smile.

"Yeah." Sam finally said once he spit the turkey out. "I'm okay mom." Then he looked at Dean. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah man. Why not?" Dean looked at Liz, then back at Sam. "So will you?"

"Hell yeah." Laughter broke out and Liz gently rubbed Dean's back, soothing him because she knew that had been a big deal for him.


The hospital was awkwardly quiet. Dean felt weird as he followed Liz to her father's room. He didn't know why but he hated hospitals. They were so sterile and so bright. It wasn't until they got to Jeff's room that he actually felt better. Normal. Nancy was all smiles and Jeff greeted them with a nod.

"Come. Come." Nancy gushed as she grabbed the bag of food his mom had packed for them. "Sit. Sit." She pushed her things off of the couch that was in the corner.

Liz laughed as she sat next to Jeff. "How are you feeling daddy?" Dean watched as she grabbed his hand.

"I'm feeling better, honey bear." He slowly brought her hand to his mouth to kiss it but Dean could see that he was struggling to move.

"So, sweetheart," Nancy suddenly said pulling Dean to sit with her on the couch. "Have you done any planning for the wedding?"

Dean chuckled. "I think it's a bit early for wedding plans, don't you Nancy?" But neither Liz nor her mom laughed with him. "Liz?"

"Son, a little word of advise." Jeff spoke with a smile. "It's never to early for women to have plans."

Dean looked from Jeff to Liz to Nancy and then back again. "Are you serious?" Liz shook her head before smiling at her mom.

"I was thinking a spring wedding. Maybe in April or May with aqua and green as the colors. I wanna get married in a park near the water under an archway." Liz said in an almost dreamy tone.

"That sound beautiful." Nancy said with a smile. "What about flowers?"

"I want lilies and roses of course but I'd like the roses to be aqua while the lilies will be white."

"Your girls?"

"Just Serena and Lexie. Maria still won't call me back and I don't really have too many girl friends." Nancy nodded. "I want Serena to wear an aqua dress and Lexie will wear the green dress. Simple silver for their shoes and jewelry."

"Did you find a dress yet?" Dean was shocked that Liz had so much planned already but there was no way she already had a wedding dress picked out. Was there?

"Not yet. I haven't found one I like." Liz said with a slight blush.

"Well, it's still early and I just know you'll find it, sweetheart." Nancy said as she patted Liz's hand. "I just know." Then she turned to Dean. "Do you at least know who your guys will be?"

Dean smirked. "Sammy and I guess Jimmy from the shop."

"At least you know that much. I didn't even have that when Nancy and I first got engaged."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/1

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Chapter 29

(In the old reality)

Maria walked through her front door after a long day at the studio. Though she hadn't become a famous singer like she always wanted to be, she did get to write songs for famous singers. She was too busy enjoying the little things in life to worry about anything else.

"Mommy!" Plus she couldn't bare to leave her family alone.

"Mia!" Maria dropped to her knees as her two year old ran into her opened arms. "I missed you ladybug."

Her daughter had curly blond hair and big hazel eyes like Maria but everything else was her daddy. His nose, his lips. Mia even had the same head shape as her father.

"I miss you too, mommy." She told Maria then she kissed Maria's cheek and ran off.

"I guess she didn't miss me that much." Maria joked as she stood up.

"But I did."

Michael stood a few feet away from her. He was leaning against the wooden panel of the living room, shirtless and in a pair of sweats. Maria smiled as she walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"That's good to know." She whispered before giving him a quick kiss. "So how was thanksgiving with Kyle and Ava?"


"Dat nasty." A little boy with brown hair and blue eyes whined as he watched his parents kiss.

"Yeah it is kiddo, so let's go watch cartoons in the livingroom."

"K papa." Then the pair walked off, leaving the couple alone in the kitchen.

When they finally stopped kissing, the couple just stared at one another. "I'm so thankful I gave you a chance." The small blond whispered against her husband's lips.

"So am I but Buddha teaches us to never give up. To never surrender. So I'd still be after you."

The blond rolled her eyes. "Yous always gotta ruin a good moment, don't you Kyle?"

Kyle chuckled as he let his wife go. "How come your New York accent always comes back when ever you're mad at me, Aves?"

"Don't know. Guess it's cause I only haves da accent when I's gets mad." Then Ava took a deep breathe. "I'm sorry. I'm not mad." She waved her hand in front of her face. "I just feel a little irritated." She had her back against the counter so Kyle walked over to her and rubbed her shoulders from the front.

"It's okay. Remember when you were pregnant with Jimmy?" Ava nodded her head. "You were the same way. I'm sure Chloe here is gonna be the same way." A small smile slipped onto Ava's lips as she relaxed into her husband's arms.

"God I love you."

"Good because I'm not ready to train another wife." Kyle said before Ava hit him on the arm. "Ow babe. Violence really? Come on."


"No." Isabel yelled. "I can't do this anymore, Max. I'm sorry but Liz may never be coming back and you need to realized that. I won't continue to ruin my life for you. I won't." She grabbed her bags and was about to leave their apartment but stopped at the door. "Everyone else has moved on. Why can't you?" Then she walked out.

"Did you do it?"

Alex was standing in front of his car with Serena, a tall blond he had met and started dating in New York when he had left for college. Though Isabel had hated her in the beginning, they were practically best friends now.

Serena had been there to help Isabel realize what her life had become. It was Serena who helped Isabel realize her dreams and it was Serena who helped Isabel find her own path. Well Serena AND Alex but he didn't deserve most of the credit.

"Yeah I did it." She told them as she stood in front of them. All she had was a small duffle and a book bag.

Over the last four years while everyone else was going on with their lives, Isabel and Tess had stood by Max's side.

After high school instead of going to college like everyone else, the trio went out and started looking for a way to bring Liz back. First, they went to Kal but he was no help. He kept saying there was no way they fouls bring Liz back. Max would just have to wait til the granilith did it. Next they fought, tortured and killed as many skins as they could. When that didn't work, they tried to tap into the granilith's power to bring Liz back but it didn't work. None of it worked and while Isabel had wanted out a long time ago, it wasn't until Mia was born that she actually realized she needed out.

She hadn't been there for Michael and Maria's wedding or for Kyle and Ava's. Nor had she been there when Mia and Jimmy had been born. But she wouldn't do that again. She wouldn't miss Chloe's birth for the world.

"How does it feel?" Serena asked her softly.

"Like I'm free but at the same time, like I'm abandoning my little brother."

"Don't worry." The blond said with a small smile. "That feeling will lessen over the next few months." Then she took Isabel's duffle from her. "Let's get you back to your parents. I'm sure they can't wait to see you."


Max stumbled into the bedroom that he shared with Tess. Isabel was gone. She had left him. How could she? She was his big sister. How could she just abandon him?

"Is she gone?"

"Yeah." Max dropped onto the bed and felt a pair of tiny hands slide up his back then down his chest.

"Finally." Tess pressed small kisses along Max's neck.

"Stop. I'm not in the mood." He told her.

"Oh come on Max. We're finally alone." She wrapped her arms around his neck this time. "No more Isabel to walk in on us. No more Isabel to tell us what to do." Max felt her smile against his ear. "Or what no to do. Just you and me." Then he felt her lips on his ear. "Like it's suppose to be."

"No!" Max thundered as he shot out of bed. "We are NOT suppose to be together. I belong with Liz and once I get her back to this reality, we WILL be together again." Then he was gone, leaving Tess naked and alone on the bed.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/2

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Scenes in between ~ are from episodes 'Faith' and 'Devil's Trap'.

Chapter 30

(Back in the new reality)

~Sam and Dean were looking in the trunk of the impala. Words are traded but Liz couldn't hear what they were saying. Suddenly they were going down into someone else's basement with a gun and a flashlight in each of their hands.

Whimpering can be heard in a large wooden closet and the boys are standing in front of it.

"On 3." Dean tells Sam and he nods. "One. Two. Three." They throw open the closet door and inside are two young children; a boy and a girl.

"Is it still here?" Sam asks and the little boy nods his head.

"Okay. Grab your sister's hand. Okay. We're going to get you out of here. Okay?" Dean grabs the little boy's hand as the little boy grabs his sister's hand. "Come on. Let's go."

Once again, Sam and Dean start looking around with their flashlights and guns held out. When they get to the staircase, Sam says: "Okay. Let's go."

The kids run up the stairs with Sam behind them when something grabs Sam's leg. Sam falls and Dean yells his name. Then Dean moves to the side and shoots under the staircase but misses. "Get them out of here." Dean yells to Sam.

"Here take this." Sam tosses his gun to Dean and scurries up the stairs after the kids. Dean stays behind and continues to look for whatever pulled on Sam's leg.

"Come on." He groans angrily and suddenly he's attacked. Liz can't see what the thing is but she knows it's evil. She can feel it.

The thing is suddenly gone and Dean is on his back on the floor. He scurries for his gun and shoots when the thing is standing over him, just staring down at him. Dean hits the thing dead on, electrociting it. The only problem is the thing is standing in water and Dean is laying in said water. So as soon as he hits his target, he too is electrocuted.~

Liz woke up shaking as if she too were being electrocuted. Dean is awake next to her and is shaking her shoulders.

"Babe? Babe? Are you okay?" He's asking and then, everything is normal again. No more burning. No more pain.

"Oh my God." She wrapped her arms around him, tears falling from her eyes. "You're okay. Thank God. You're okay." Dean just runs his hand up and down her back, trying to relax her.


Months. It had been 4 months since she had that horrible nightmare of Dean almost dying and since then, Liz had a lot to worry about.

A month after the dream, Liz's father died in his sleep. A heart attack. The doctor said he didn't even feel it. But her and her mom did. It had taken Liz 3 weeks to stop crying and focus on her upcoming wedding. It had taken her mom a month.

Once she got her mom to agree to helping her, slowly but surely, they were able to get everything done. Now they were in July and the last things to do were getting the dresses and suits.

"I'm home ma." Liz told her mom as they spoke on the phone. They had spent the whole day looking for and surprisingly finding Serena and Lexie's dresses.

Both dresses were long but were different. Serena's dress was a one-shoulder satin dress with a asymmetrical skirt. It would definitely fit to her curves and since it was dark blue, it would also make her skin glow. Lexie's dress was an aqua blue satin spaghetti strapped dress that had a dark blue tie around the waist. They matched perfectly and Liz knew they would look amazing on both Serena and Lex.

"That's good sweetheart. I just got home as well."

Liz quickly put both dresses in the back of her closet. "Is Jas there?"

After her father passed, Liz's mom didn't want to live alone but she didn't want to sell their home. It had been in the family for years and she didn't want to give up the memories. So Jasmine had offered to move in.

"No sweetheart but I'll be fine on my own."

"Are you sure mom?" Liz asked as she pulled off her gray stripped pumps with coral heels.

"Yes I'm sure honey." There was a quick pause before she heard her mom sigh. "So what are you going to do tonight?"

Liz smiled. "I'm gonna take a quick shower and then I have to go to the bar tonight."

"I really wish you'd let me sell that bar." Her mom huffed.

"Mom." Liz groaned as she walked into the bathroom with her towel. "Daddy left me the bar and I don't wanna sell it."

"Okay. Fine." Her mom almost snapped. "I have to go." Then her mom's voice softened. "Goodnight sweetheart."

"Night mom." Liz hung up her cell and quickly turned on the radio. Maybe she'd take a bath instead? Her body had been killing her ever since her birthday and she doubt it was the amazing sex Dean had given her that night.

Liz turned on the jacuzzi and added her lavender bath salts and oils. When it got to the right height, she turned off the water. Then she pulled off her coral mini cloud top that had a racer back and shimmed out of her white shorts.

As she got into the tub, she could feel herself relaxing and once her head hit the soft pillow behind her head, she was alseep.

~Liz opened her eyes and saw herself in an old cabin. Sam was...salting the windows and Dean was no where to be found. Suddenly Sam looked at her. Or more like through her.

"How is he?"

"He just needed a little sleep. That's all." Liz turned and saw Dean as he walked into the room. Her boyfriend looked so different. So dark. Damaged almost. "How are you?"

Sam huffs a bit. "I'll survive." Then he turned to Dean fully and Liz gasped. He looked like he went a few rounds with a boxer and lost. His whole right eye was swollen and he was just barely opening it. "Hey. You don't think we were followed here do you?"

"I don't know. I don't think so. I mean we couldn't find a more out of the way place to haul up."

"Yeah." Sam looks down and then back at Dean. "Hey, ah, Dean, you um, you saved my life back there." Liz walked over to her best friend and tried to touch his face but her hand went right through him. Oh god. Not again.

"So, I guess you're glad I brought the gun, huh?" Dean said with a slight attitude and Liz's head snapped towards him. Why did he sound so bitter?

"Man, I'm trying to thank you here."

"You welcome." Sam walks away from him as Dean messes with something in his hands. "Hey Sam?"


"You know that guy I shot? There was a person in there."

Sam was standing by the other window with his back to Dean. He slowly turns around as Liz walks over to Dean. She can see he's hurting and all she wants to do is hold him. But she knows she can't. Fucking dreams.

"You didn't have a choice Dean."

"Yeah I know. That's not what bothers me."

"Then what does?"

"Killing that guy. Killing Meg. I didn't hesitate. I didn't even flinch. For you and dad, the things I'm willing to do or kill, it's just uh...it scares me sometimes."

"It shouldn't." A voice says from behind her. "You did good." Liz turned and was shocked to see her future father in law. He too looked fucked up. His lips was busted and he was walking with a slight limp. Where the hell were they and what the hell happened to them?

"You're not mad."

John slightly shakes his head. "For what?"

"Using a bullet?"

"Mad?" John shakes his head again. "I'm proud of you. You know, Sam and I," He pauses for a second. "We can get pretty obsessed but you," He chuckled softly. "You, you watch out for this family. You always have." Dean looked at Sam then back at his dad.

"Thanks." Suddenly it gets cold and the lights start to blink on and off. Liz can feel something shift and so can the Winchesters. All 3 men start to move around, looking for something. Or someone.

"It found us. It's here." John is by the window while Liz stood behind Dean.

"The demon?" Sam asks and Liz is shocked to see John nod. Demons? What the hell were they talking about? Demons didn't exist.

"Sam. Lines of salt. Front of every window, every door."

"I already did it."

"Well check it, okay."

"Okay." Sam turns and leaves and Liz is shocked. What the hell was going on? This wasn't the family she had grown to love. That wasn't her best friend, or the father in law she loved or the man she gave her all to. Who were these people and where the hell was Mary?

"Dean, you got the gun?"

Dean nods. "Yeah."

"Give it to me." Liz can suddenly feel that something was wrong with John. That wasn't John. Not her father in law or the man in this reality. This was someone else. Something else.

"Dad, Sam tried to shoot the demon in Salvation and it vanished."

"This is me and I won't miss. Now the gun. Hurry." Dean looks down at the gun while the fake John stays by the window. He looks up at his dad. "Son. Please." And if she hadn't known this wasn't John before, Liz knew it now. It was obvious Dean knew it too because he takes a step back making Liz do the same. "Give me the gun. What are you doing Dean?"

"He'd be furious."


"That I wasted a bullet. He wouldn't be proud of me. He'd tear me a new one." Then Dean pointed and cocked the gun at John and Liz took an unnecessary step away from her future husband with her hands in the air. "You're not my dad."

"Dean, it's me."

"I know my dad better than anyone. And you ain't him."

"What the hell has gotten into you."

"I can ask you the same thing." Liz watched Sam walk into the room. "Stay back."

"Dean, what the hell is going on?" Sam demands.

"Your brother's lost his mind." John snaps.

"He's not dad."

"What?" Poor Sam. He looked so confused but there was nothing Liz could say or do.

"I think he's possessed. I think he's been possessed since we rescued him."

"Don't listen to him, Sammy."

"Dean, how do you know?"

"He's, he's different."

"We don't have time for this. Sam you wanna kill this demon, you have to listen to me." Sam looks back and forth between his brother and his father. Liz had finally put her hands down and stood by Dean's side, even through none of them could see her. "Sam." He continues to look back and forth and Liz suddenly wished she was here for real. Then she'd be able to help them.

"No." Sam finally says but Liz isn't sure to whom. "No." Then he moves over to Dean.

"Fine. You're both so sure. Go ahead. Kill me." John looks down and Liz could see Dean second guessing himself.

"No Dean." She tells him. "Kill him. That's not John." But he doesn't hear her. He can't.

"I thought so." When John looks back up, his eyes are yellow and once again Liz gasps.

Suddenly Sam is thrown into the wall and Liz is somehow thrown as well. Except instead of going through the table behind them, she falls against it and hurts her ribs. Dean is then thrown against the other wall and the gun is on the floor in the middle of the room.

What the hell did I get myself in to? Liz thinks to herself before she passes out.


When she comes to, John is standing in front of Dean and Dean is screaming in pain.

"Dean!" Sam yells and Liz could feel her heart thumping against her bruised ribs that were still burning in her chest. "No!" Suddenly blood was coming out of Dean's chest as he screamed in pain. But she couldn't do anything and neither could Sam.

"Dad." Dean shouted in pain and Liz could feel her heart breaking. "Dad. Don't you let it kill me."

"Dean!" Sam yells again as Dean thrashes in more pain against the wall. More blood is coming from his wound.

"Sam!" Liz yells. "Make him stop. Please." She cries.


Blood starts coming out of Dean's mouth and Liz drops her head so that she won't have to watch anymore. But she can hear him. He's dying. She can feel it in her bones.

"Dad. Please." Dean begs before he passes out and Liz's head snaps up.

"Please God, no." She begs quietly.

"Agh, Dean!" Sam is trying to break free from the wall but can't seem to move. "No!" She had always said that she would never use her powers on those she loves but she needed Dean. More than he'd ever know. So on instinct, Liz raises her hand and out shoots a white ball. It hits John in the back and he suddenly has control.

"Stop." Blood is falling from Dean's lips and Liz knows she'll never get that image from her mind. "Stop it." Sam's off the wall and Liz uses all her power to push her way to her feet. Sam grabs the gun off the table and points it at John. The demon is back and Liz can feel her stomach turning as his eyes flash yellow. "Kill me, you kill daddy."

"I know." Sam says before he shoots John in the knee and watches as he falls. So does Dean. He hits the floor in a loud thump and he lets out a low groan. Liz quickly makes her way to him and her knees get scratched in the process.

"Babe? Babe? Are you okay?" Tears are falling from her eyes and when she touches his face, she can actually feel his 5 o'clock shadow. "Oh God. Dean."

Sam is in front of them a second later and Liz could feel her brother in law's hand brush against her arm as he grabs onto his brother. "Dean. Dean. Hey. Oh God. You've lost a lot of blood."

"Where's dad?" Dean asks as Liz rips a piece of her shirt off to hold it over Dean's bleeding chest.

"He's right here. He's right here Dean." Dean looks at John and Liz's hands are covered in blood. If only she could heal him.

"Go check on him."


"Go check on him." Dean repeats and Liz finally looks at her best friend.

"Go Sam. I'll stay with Dean." She tells him. He looks up and for a second, Liz thinks he can see her. But then he slowly gets up and walks over to John.

"Dad?" He calls out. "Dad?"

Suddenly John is yelling at Sam to shoot him. Telling him that he has the demon trapped but not for long. He yells at Sam to shoot him in the heart. That it'll all be over. Then Dean is now yelling at Sam not to and Liz jumps back surprised at her boyfriend's strength.

When she looks at her best friend, he looks like he's at a crossroad but before he could do anything, black smoke erupts from John's mouth. Then it's being sucked into the ground around her father in law.

No one moves for a second and then Dean groans and Liz is pulled back in to the situation at hand.

"Sam?" Liz calls but he doesn't look at her. "Sam!" She says more forcefully. If they didn't get out of here, Dean would die and so would a piece of her. "Sam!"~

Liz shot up in the tub, alone. It was only a dream, she thought to herself but as she looks at the water, she can see that it's red. Blood red. Dean's blood.

"Oh God." She tries to scurry out but has to stop because her ribs are hurting her. When she finally does get out of the tub and walks into her room, Liz passes by the mirror only to move back in front of it. Her knees are scrapped and her side is bruised. "What the fuck is happening to me?"