Dancing along the reality line (XO,SPN,MATURE) End Ch. 4/16

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/2

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Chapter 31

Two weeks later, Liz is standing in front of the bathroom sink, one hand is over her mouth while the other is holding onto a long pink applicater. Positive. Two lines. This was why she was having those dreams. Why her powers were being so wacky. She was pregnant.

"Oh my God."


Serena had picked Liz up early 2 weeks later. She had planned a best friend's day for them but all Liz could think about was her secret. No one knew but her and of course, her doctor. She had went to see him last week and he had confirmed it. She was pregnant. 3 months pregnant.

"So I was thinking mani/pedi then we'll go and get our hair done?" Serena said as she led the way down main street. "What do you think?"

"Food first. Please." Liz told her as she rubbed her slightly round stomach. She had started wearing loose shirts, hiding her belly in the process. Like today, she was wearing a loose gray tank with black capris and her black vest. She just needed some time until she was ready to tell Dean.

"Okay." Serena said giving her a weird look. "What do you wanna eat?"

"My mom's bakery is just around the corner. I'm in the mood for one of her grilled cheese sandwiches with broccoli Alfredo and breaded chicken on the side." Serena turned to Liz making them stop short. "What?"

"Okay, you know I love you but I have to ask. Are you pregnant?" Liz blanched and Serena gasped. "Oh my God. You are!"

"You can't tell anyone S. Not even your mom." Liz begged. "Please."

"Why not?" Serena asked dropping her hands that had been covering her mouth. "This is a good thing." Then she looked at Liz. "Isn't it?"

"This is an amazing thing but," Liz took a look around to make sure no one was listening to them. "I haven't told Dean yet."

"Why not?!" Serena yelled and Liz slapped her on the arm.

"I haven't figured out how." Serena rolled her eyes. "What?"

"First we're going to get you something to eat because I know for a fact that all you had to eat today was a buttered roll and a cup of coffee." A small smirk slid onto Liz's face. "Then we will find your fiancée and you're going to tell him your secret." She threatened but then she giggled. "Oh my God. I can't believe you're pregnant. How far are you?"

"Shh." Liz said with a laugh. "Not too loud." Then she looped her arm with Serena's. "And I'm three months yesterday."


After lunch, Serena made good on her threat and found Dean. He had been in the bar with Sam and John about to eat lunch. She had stayed close to Liz but she knew once she saw Sam, that she'd have to play it cool. He had a steady girlfriend and she...well she was still playing the field.

"Hello Mr. Winchester. Sam." Serena greeted and then she looked at Dean. She couldn't stop the smile that spread across her lips. "Hey ya Dean."

Dean gave her a confused look that only had her smiling even bigger. "Hey Serena." Then he looked at Liz who was nervously tugging on the hem of her gray shirt. "You okay babe?"

Liz looked up from her shirt and nodded at him. "Um, yeah I am. I just...can we talk in private for a minute?"

"Yeah. Sure." Dean stood up as Liz walked towards the back, her gray and black heels tapping against the wooden floor. "I guess I'll be right back."

Serena nodded at them before taking Dean's seat. "So," She felt so awkward. "How have you guys been?"


Liz walked into her father's office. It was basically hers but she couldn't seem to make it official. All of his things were still exactly where he left it. Then she heard Dean walk in behind her so she turned to him.

"Okay. What's going on? Serena's huge smile and your nervousness is telling but I don't know if that's a good thing or bad one."

Liz took a deep breath. "I um, I took a test and I um, it was positive."

"Okay." Dean said slowly. "I don't understand."

Liz covered her face with her hands. "Why can't this be easier?"

"What? Why can't what be easier?" Dean asked walking over to her. Then he pulled her hands from her face. "Just tell me babe."

"I'm pregnant."

"Huh?" He took a step back and dropped her hands.

"I'm pregnant Dean." Liz repeated but instead of reacting right away, Dean just stood there. No movement. No talking. No nothing. It was very unlike him and that scared Liz. "Dean?" Nothing. "Dean? Please say something."

"Are you sure?" Dean asked.

Liz nodded her head. "Yeah. I went to the doctor to find out." Liz took a deep breathe in. "Are you okay with it?"

Dean looked at the ground before looking at Liz. "We're gonna have a baby?" Liz nodded her head and a huge smile appeared on Dean's face. "I'm gonna be a father?"

"Yeah. You are." Dean suddenly scooped Liz up and spun her around. "Dean, please. Stop!" She giggled.

"Oh sorry." He said as he put her down. Then he checked her over. "Are you okay?"

Liz smiled. "I'm great, daddy." Then she kissed him.


As they walk out of the back, both were all smiles. Dean had his arm draped over Liz's shoulder and Liz had her arms wrapped around his waist.

"You told him?" Serena questioned as the two got to the booth.

"Wait. Serena knew before I did?" Dean asked but he was smiling so Liz knew he wasn't mad.

"She kind of figured it out this afternoon." Liz said with a shrug of her shoulders.

Dean looked at Serena and she copied Liz's movements. "What can I say? She's my best friend. I notice everything."

"But I live with her." Dean suddenly said and both girls smiled. "How come I didn't know?"

"That's a great question." Sam said. "Can we know?" Liz smiled at him.

"Of course." Then she looked at Dean. "Would you like to tell them or should I?"

Dean smirked. "I'll tell them." Serena got out of the booth so that Dean could sit down. "So, dad. Sam." He nervously wiped his mouth but he couldn't wipe away his smile. "Dad what do you think about being called Papa Winchester?"

John looked from Dean to Liz and then back again. "Are you sure?" He looked at Liz. "Are you sure?" He repeated and Liz nodded. "Oh my God."

"What?" Sam said a little confused. "What the hell does that mean?"

"You know, once your niece or nephew comes, you won't be able to talk like that anymore." Liz joked and she could see it click in his head.

"I'm gonna be an uncle?" He asked slowly.


"I'm gonna be an uncle!" Sam yelled as he shot out of the booth and pulled Liz into his arms. "I can't believe it!"

"Me either." Liz said with a smile as John got out of the booth. "Is that alright with you Papa Winchester?"

Instead of saying anything, John just pulled Liz into his arms and Liz could feel his tears on her shoulder. She should have known they'd all be happy about this. She felt so stupid not telling them sooner.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/2

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Chapter 32

(2 years later)

"Isabella Marie Winchester come here right now." Liz yelled from her room.

A few seconds later, Dean walked in with their daughter in his arms. "Do you have to call her by her whole name?" He asked.

Liz smiled. "Only when she doesn't answer me the first few hundred times I call her." Then she walked over to her two loves and pushed a strand of dark brown hair behind her daughter's ear.

Bella was the best of both her parents. She had Liz's dark brown hair, her nose, her ears and her teeth. Everything else was her father's. She had Dean's green eyes, his lips and his inability to stay still for more than a few seconds. Her little angel.

"Are you almost done packing? Cause Sammy just got here and he is bi-I mean Sammy is complaining in the livingroom about you taking forever." Liz rolled her eyes as she took their daughter from him and sat her on her hip.

"I highly doubt that but yes. I'm done." Then she walked out of their room and into the living room. As soon as Bella saw Sam, she wiggled out of Liz's arms and ran straight to him.

"Unka Sam. Unka Sam." Sam scooped her up and smiled.

"There's my girl." He kissed her on the cheek, making Bella giggle. "So, you ready to see where mama grew up?"

"Yep. Yep unka Sam. I ready." And Liz shook her head with a laugh. Her daughter was such a ham.


The drive to Roswell was a peaceful one. Dean drove the impala while Isabella slept in her carseat in the back. Liz took the quiet time to read the book Serena had given her a month ago in the passenger seat. They only had a few hours til Roswell and even less til Bella woke up recharged and ready to play.

"So." Dean started and Liz put her book down. So much for reading.


"Bella looked pretty upset when we left, don't you think?" Liz smiled.

"Bella or Sam?" Dean smirked.

"Yeah I guess. Sammy was always into his feeling and," Dean took a quick look in the back to make sure Bella was sleeping and then back at the road. "Shit."

Liz laughed lightly. "Who would have thought that bad ass Dean Winchester was actually a softy at heart and wouldn't like to curse in front of his daughter?"

"Hey. I'm not a softy. I'm still a bad ass. I just-." He looked in the back seat again and Liz could help but laugh again. "Come on babe. That's not cool."

But instead of saying anything, Liz just kept on laughing.

"Women." Dean scoffed as he pushed in a Cd.


They got to the Crashdown at around 8 at night. The place was busy so Liz and Dean were able to slip in without anyone seeing them.

"Is it always that busy?" Dean asked as he put both suit cases on the bed.

"Yep. Pretty much." Liz told him. "I'm just gonna put her down in the room my mom made up for her, okay?"

"Yeah babe." Dean kissed her on the forehead before walking towards the kitchen. "I'm starving."

Liz shook her head as she walked across the hall to what had once been the guest room. When Liz had first given birth to Bella, her mom had come down for a visit and while she was here, she had decided to turn the guest room into a baby's room for Isabella.

"For when you guys go down for a visit." Her mother had told her. Sometimes Liz thought her mom was the one with powers.

Liz gently placed Bella on the toddler bed, took off both her clothes and shoes and pulled the blanket so that it covered her. When she was done, she walked out the room, leaving the door slightly open.

"Dean?" Liz walked into the kitchen to find her husband drinking a beer she knew he had brought with them. "No food?" She asked.

"No food what so ever." Liz smiled.

"How about I go to the supermarket and get some things while you hold down the fort?" Dean nodded.

"I can do that."

"Good." Liz walked over to him. "I'm gonna need the keys for the impala then."

Dean's beer froze on his lips. "Are you kidding me?"

"Nope." Liz couldn't help the smile that slid onto her lips. She knew Dean was thinking about the bug. A few weeks back, she had accidently backed her car into a pole. She had been arguing with Serena about going up to visit her in New York when it happened so now her car was in the shop and Dean refused to let her drive his car.

"Don't crash my car babe." He finally said as he handed her the keys. "It's the most important thing in my life."

"But I thought Bella and I were the most important things in your life?"

Dean shook his head. "No. Not things. You and Bella are the most important PEOPLE in my life. The car is the most important thing." When her eye brow rose in question, he shrugged. "The house is the second."

"Oh." Liz smiled. "I'll try not to crash the car." Dean grabbed her by the elbow, stopping her before she could get away from him.

"Not funny."

"It was a little bit." Dean shook his head. "You're no fun." She said before she kissed his lips and left.


The supermarket was pretty much empty when Liz got there so she was able to get everything they would need for the week real fast; breakfast, lunch, dinner, milk and beer. She had even gotten a few snacks for Dean and Bella because they just needed their pie.

Liz shook her head. They were too much alike. It kind of freaked her out sometimes.

"Liz. Liz Parker?" Liz turned and saw Kyle walking over to her. He looked nothing like the Kyle in her reality and looked even less like the Kyle she had dated once upon a time.

"Kyle Valenti?" He stopped in front of her and Liz had to take a step back. He had long shaggy hair that sat on his shoulders and a beard that seriously needed to be shaved. He was overweight and reeked of booze and cigarettes. She didn't even know he smoked. "Hey Kyle. How are you?"

"I'm good." He ran his hand through his hair. "How are you?"

"I'm good."

He gave her a once over and Liz wished she wore more than just her purple tank and jean shorts. "You look good." Then he wiped his mouth. "So how long are you staying in Roswell?"

"Just a week. Actually me and my husband are here to see my cousin give birth."

"Husband?" Kyle started looking around as if Dean would just pop out of the floor or something. "Where is he?"

"At the apartment. He stayed with our daughter while I came to get the things we would need."

"You have a daughter?" There was a slight pause where it looked like he was thinking things over but then he shook his head. "I miss you Liz." He said and he reached out to touch her hair but she took another step back.

"Don't Kyle." She pushed her bangs from her eyes. "It sucks how things ended between us but I moved on. I found someone I love. You should too." She turned to leave but he grabbed her by the arm.

"That's it." He snapped and Liz had to bite the inside of her mouth.

"Let go of me Kyle." She told him evenly. "You really don't wanna do this."

"I think I do."

Before she could push him away, a voice shouted out. "Is there a problem here miss?" Liz turned and was shocked to see Max and Tess standing not that far away from them.

Max looked good. Sure he was good looking at 17 but he just got better with age. His hair was shorter than high school and he had filled out nicely. He wore a pair of dark fitted jeans and a black muscle shirt that showed off his well toned arms. The only piece of jewerly he wore was a ring. On his left hand. And when Liz looked at Tess, she could see the matching one on her finger.

Liz quickly pulled her arm from Kyle's grip and smiled at Max and Tess. "There was but thanks to you Max, there isn't anymore." She tried to leave again but was stopped. Again.

"Liz Parker?" Liz had to grind her teeth.

"Actually it's Liz Winchester but yes. That's me." She said looking at the man who use to hold her heart.

"How are you?" He asked, walking over to her and Liz could see Tess looking slightly put off.

"I'm great Max. Just visiting with some family. How are you?"

"I'm great. I'm working with my dad in the law office so...I guess all that help you gave me in bio class was for nothing." It was meant to be a joke but it fell flat. Plus it kind of sounded like he meant they hooked up.

"I guess not." Then Liz pushed a strand of hair that had managed to escape from her messy ponytail, behind her ear. "So...who's this?" Liz asked. She had no reason to be mean to Tess here. Dean held her heart, she didn't want Max anymore.

"Oh." Max turned red from embarrassment. "This is Tess. She's my, um, my..."

"I'm his wife." Tess said with a bit of an attitude. Liz just smiled at her, letting Tess' bitchiness just roll off of her.

"Lucky girl. I know a lot of girls who use to fawn over Max here." Then Liz felt her butt vibrate. "Oh," She pulled out her cell phone and looked at it. "I'm so sorry. This is important." She opened her phone. "Hey babe. What's up?"

He chuckled into the phone. "Nothing. I was just wondering where you were."

"Oh." Liz smiled but it didn't calm her down. Ever since she had that nightmare of the Winchester men being attacked by that yellowed eyed demon, Liz had been on her toes. She didn't know if it was a dream or if it was a flash from her old reality but she didn't want anything happening to her family. "Okay." So she did the only rational thing she could think of. "I just bumped into a few people I knew from high school and we were catching up." She did her research, salted the windows and doors, painted demon catchers onto her rugs and carried holy water every where with her. Dean never questioned her.

"Okay. Well Bella is still asleep and I'm still starving." Liz smirked.

"Okay babe. I'm almost done." Then she rolled her eyes when he grumbled something. "I love you too Dean. Bye, babe." She turned back to Max and Tess and saw that Kyle was gone. "I hate to do this but that was my husband. I have to go."

"Husband?" Max looked both a little sad and a little confused.

"Yeah. Husband." Liz cocked her eyebrow when Max stayed clueless. "Mrs. Liz Winchester." She said slowly.

"Oh." Light bulb. "Oh. Okay. Bye Liz. It was nice seeing you again." Max said as he nodded his head.

"You too Max." Then she smiled at Tess. "And it was nice meeting you Tess."

The small blond just rolled her eyes and walked away.

"Sorry about that. I don't know why she's acting like...that."

"Don't worry about it Max. Just go after her." For a minute there, Liz thought Max was going to stay with her but he soon nodded again before going off to find Tess.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/2

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Scenes inbetween ~ are from 'No Rest For The Wicked.' From Supernatural.

Chapter 33

"I cannot believe you guys actually came." Lexie said as she opened the door.

"Of course we would come. We're family." Liz pulled Lexie into a hug while Dean and Alex shook hands. Dean held Bella while Alex and Lexie's son, AJ stood behind Alex. AJ was going to be 4 soon and had been the ring barrier at her and Dean's wedding.

"I know but," Tears glistened in Lexie's eyes and Liz steered her cousin out of the main hall and into the living room that was on the left. "My mom didn't come."

Liz and Dean shared a look that had Alex covering his laugh with a cough. Today was going to be a long day, Liz thought to herself as she sat both her and Lexie onto the couch.


"I hate to admit it but Alex is right." Dean said as Liz walked into the room.

"About what?" She asked as she walked into the bathroom. She had just put Bella down for the night and checked the salt lines. If Dean had seen it, he didn't say anything.

"About waiting to have another kid until the first is already using the toilet." Liz turned to him.

"You and Alex talked about having kids?"

"Yeah. What else would we talk about?" Dean asked as he folded his arms over his chest.

Liz shrugged before walking to the tub and turning it on. "I don't know but I didn't think it was that."

"Okay. So what do you think?"

"About what?" Liz turned on the shower and felt the water with her hand. When it got to the perfect temperature, she turned to Dean.

"About having another baby once Bella is potty trained?" A small smile slipped onto Liz's face.

"I guess we could." Liz grabbed at the hem of her black half sleeve top and pulled it over her head leaving her in her black lace bra, her black and white striped skirt and her black pumps. "You wanna start trying?"

"Don't have to ask me twice." Dean said and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of her. He lifted her with ease and kissed her quickly. "This is your last chance to back out Mrs. Winchester." Dean said as he nuzzled his face inbetween her breasts.

"Yeah right." Liz let out a soft moan when Dean pulled her covered breast into his mouth. "Do your worst Mr. Winchester."

He chuckled but never stopped his assault. He slowly moved them to the wall and used it as leverage. There, he was able to unhooked Liz's bra and peel it off of her, her nipples standing at attention. Her breasts had gotten bigger when she was pregnant with Bella but they never went back to her original size and Dean loved it.

Their lips collided and their tongues dueled. Dean's hands ran up Liz's thighs, along her ribs, over her breasts and finally to her face. His lower body rubbed against her own and Liz had to pull her lips from Dean's so that she could suck in air.

His lips were on her neck, nibbling and sucking his way down to her pulse point. There he took his time until Liz was begging for him to be inside of her.

"Patience baby." Dean whispered in her ear as he slowly took off her pumps. "I want you nice and wet before we get that far."

"Trust me." Liz said as she pushed his navy blue button down off his shoulders. "I'm already nice and wet." Then she lifted his gray tee shirt up and over his head. "Fuck me already Dean."

Dean smirked at her as he pushed her skirt up around her waist. "Don't worry baby. I'm a fuck you alright. I just wanna take my time."

A soft sigh slipped pass Liz's lips as Dean kissed her collar bone. With nimble fingers, she undid Dean's jeans. "We don't always have time. Bella can wake up at any moment from a nightmare or something as simple as wanting a drink."

Dean's eyebrow rose. "Using our daughter to get what you want." He was about to shake his head but Liz impaled herself on his hard, throbbing length. "Oh God."

"I needed to distract you." But instead of answering her, he just nodded his head.

Then he started to move and Liz was in heaven. The cold tile wall against her back contrasted perfectly against the heat of Dean's body and with the hot shower still on, it was doing wonders on her senses. No wonder Lexie was always telling her to try this.

Dean's fingers gripped into Liz's leg and she could feel her eyes rolling in the back of her head. He was hitting all the right spots and after 7 years of them being together, it was only getting better.

When Liz slammed her head against the wall, Dean stopped. "Are you okay babe?"

"I'm fine." She told him as she wrapped her arms around his bare shoulders. "Keep going." Dean chuckled.

"Yes ma'am." But instead of starting up again, Dean grabbed onto her legs and backed up until he was sitting on the toilet. Liz gasped at how deep he was and after a moment of adjusting, she started moving. "God I love you on top." He mumbled as he kissed her lips, her neck and her chest. Then he had one of her breast in his mouth while his hand held her close.

"Oh God." Liz started moving faster as her climax came ever closer.

"Just like that babe." Dean whispered against her skin. Then he switched to her other breast.

"Dean, I'm-." But the words never left her mouth. Liz's head fell back and her mouth dropped open while her body shook. Dean managed to stay still while she came down from her orgasm. "Wow."

Suddenly Liz was on the sink and Dean was in front of her. He was moving and the cold against her ass was probably just helping him because Liz could feel her second orgasm coming faster than the first one.

"Oh babe." Dean groaned. "It's so good." Liz nodded. "I'm not gonna be able to hold on much longer."

"That's okay." Liz managed to say before she saw stars. Her second orgasm was stronger than the first and all Liz could hear was her heart pounding. That's when she felt Dean start to move faster and soon he was ridged over her. Liz kissed him all over his face until he came down.

"Damn Liz." Dean chuckled as he helped her off the sink. "How come we never tried the bathroom before?"

Liz smiled as she pushed off her skirt. "We have, except only in the shower and the jacuzzi. " Dean smirked as he kicked off his boots and jeans that had fallen to his ankles.

"Well, we're gonna do that more often." Then he grabbed Liz's hand and pulled her to the shower. "Let's get dirty in a clean way."


Liz lay on her old bed in one of Dean's shirts, spent. Dean had taken his time in the shower, pushing her body to it's limits before finally coming himself.

"I love you babe." Dean whispered to her before kissing her on the shoulder.

"I love you too Dean." And soon both were off in dream land.


~Liz opened her eyes and glanced around. She was in a nice livingroom except there was a dead body on the floor in the hallway and one at the table in the dining room. Where the hell was she?

"Alright. No matter what you hear, you, your husband and your daughter stay in the basement." That was Dean's voice, she thought to herself. She looked around but couldn't see anyone.

"Okay." Was that a woman's voice?

"Well, I hate to be I-told-you-so." Who was that?

"Alright Ruby, where is she?" Sam! Thank God. She'd know her brother in law's voice anywhere. Liz tried to leave the room but hit an invisible wall and fell to the ground. What the hell was that?

"I don't know."

"Well, can she get pass the sprinklers?" A second later as she was getting off the floor, Sam and a blond Liz had never seen before, walked into the room and she knew that she was in a dream. She was having one of those dream/flash things again. Great, she thought to herself. Just great. Now she had to make sure she didn't hurt herself because then she'd never be able to explain that to Lexie and Alex. She had had a hard enough time explaining the last bruises to her family and friends.

"Her pay grade, she ain't sweating the holy water." Liz rolled her eyes. The bitch was obviously being just that. A bitch.

"Okay. You win. What do I have to do?" Liz's head snapped to Sam. What was he talking about?

The girl gave Sam a confused look, a look that mirrored Liz's. "What do you mean?"

"To save Dean?" Wait. Save Dean. Liz looked around the room. What does he need saving from? "What do you need me to do?"

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Dean demanded as he pulled on Sam's arm but Sam pushed him off and Liz is somehow pushed away from both of them. Damn it.

"Just shut up for a second." He looked at Ruby. "Ruby?"

"You had your chance. You can't just flip a switch. We needed time."

"Well there's got to be something; there's got to be some way. Whatever it is, I'll do it." Dean grabbed Sam from the back to turn him around and Liz moves away from the pair. She won't be caught in the middle of another one of their fights. Not again. "Don't. Dean! I'm not gonna let you go to hell, Dean!" Liz stopped short and turned to Sam.

"Wait? What?" She demands.

"Yes you are!" Dean yelled and they stop fighting. "Yes you are." He says more calmly and Liz wanted to run up to him and ask him what he meant. What they both meant. "I'm sorry. I mean, this is all my fault. I know that. But what you're doing, it's not gonna save me. It's only gonna kill you."

"What-?" Liz starts but Sam cuts her off.

"Then what am I suppose to do?" And she can hear the tears in his voice.

"Keep fighting." Pause. "Take care of my wheels." A tear slips from both Liz and Sam's eyes but only Liz chuckles slightly. "Sam, remember what dad taught you...okay?" Liz can see that Dean is trying not to cry. Just like when Bella was first born. Her husband. So macho. "And remember what I taught you." The clock chimes and Dean turns his head to stare at it.

"Okay. What the hell is going on, you guys?" But no one can hear her and Liz was getting tired of being in the dark. This was her husband. The father of her child. Why could she be touched but not heard?

"I'm sorry Dean." Ruby says and Liz turns to her. "I wouldn't wish this upon my worst enemy."

"Okay. Someone better start-."

Suddenly Liz can hear a dog growling, snarling. She turns and sees one in the dining room between the table and the China cabinet. It's big and black and kind of reminds her of a picture she had seen of a dire wolf once.

"Hellhound." Dean says and Liz takes a few steps towards the livingroom entrance but isn't stopped this time. Hellhounds? Really?

"Where?" Sam asks with tears in his eyes.

"There." Dean looks directly at the hellhound. It snarls for a second then starts chasing after them. Liz is the first one out and she can feel Dean behind her. She runs into the first open door she can see. It's the study.

When she turns, Sam and Ruby are holding the doors close while Dean opens a small bag and starts pouring black powder in front of it. As he finishes, the dog suddenly stops barking. Dean looks around before running to the window and starts pouring the powder along the sill. It's not salt but it was doing the job.

"Give me the knife. Maybe I can fight it off?" Ruby says as she turns to Sam and Liz can feel something off.


"Don't do it Sam." Liz tells him but then bites her tongue. "He can't hear you, stupid." She snaps at herself.

"Come on! That dusk won't last forever." Sam is breathing hard and Liz can see that her brother in law is about to give the knife over.

"Sam, don't!" She said in that voice he had always joked about reminding him of his mom.

"Wait!" Dean yells and Liz knew she couldn't love him anymore than she did right now.

"You want to die?" Ruby demands and Liz can see something shift in her eyes.

"Sam, that's not Ruby. It's not Ruby." Sam tries to hit her but is thrown against the wall with a wave of Ruby's hand. Liz has to jump out of the way so she won't be pinned under him. Demon. Oh shit.

"Ahh." Sam groans and Liz looks at him. He's okay. Got the wind knocked out of him but okay none the less. She turns to Dean but it's too late.

Ruby pushes her hand out at Dean and he hits the table behind him. "Ahh." He starts struggling to get up but he can't so he ops for just looking at her. "How long you been in her?"

"Not long..." Ruby looks down at herself. "But I like it. It's all grown up and pretty."

When she looks up, her eyes are white like milk and Liz has to cover both her mouth and her stomach. Sure she knew about demons but this was only the second demon she had ever seen.

"And where's Ruby?" Sam asks and Liz hits the wall behind her. She hadn't even known she was moving until she hit it.

Ruby's eyes went back to their normal color as she started to talk again. "She was a very bad girl. So I sent her far, far away."

"You know, I should have seen it before, but you all look alike to me." Ruby figgits for a second then her head snaps towards Sam and Liz jumps a little.

"Hello Sam." She says as she walks over to him. "I've wanted to meet you for a very long time." She then grabs Sam roughly by the face and kisses him. "Your lips are soft."

"Blah." Liz says in disgust.

Sam turns his head, also disgusted and Liz has to bite back a smile. "All right. So you have me. Let my brother go."

"Silly goose. You want to bargain, you have to have something I want." Then she clicks her tongue in a no nonsense type of way. "You don't."

"So is this your big plan, huh? Drag me to hell, kill sam. And then what? Become queen bitch?"

Wait what? Liz's head snaps to her husband. Hell? As in the fiery pits? Dante's inferno? But the only way he would be going to hell, was if he made a deal? Suddenly the conversation from the living room came to her. Sam asking what he could do? Dean getting mad at him. The pain in her husband's eyes.

He was going to hell because he made a deal. Dean sold his soul for something and it was time for the demon to collect. All love for Dean evaporated in that moment. How could he do something so stupid?

"I don't have to answer to puppy chow." Ruby says before she walks away from Sam and to the door. Liz's eyes never leave the bitch's moving form. "Sic him boy." Then she opens the door and the hellhound comes running in.

"No!" Liz yells but her screams fall on deaf ears.

She can only watch as the hellhound's teeth grip into Dean's jeans and pulls him right off the table. Then it rips through the jeans, his right arm and chest. Blood can be seen shooting out of his wounds.

"No! Stop!" Sam yells but it doesn't stop. The hellhound continues to rip through Dean. There is blood everywhere. On the floors. The walls. In the air. "No! Stop it!" Sam is yelling but all Liz can see is Dean.

See his chest being ripped open. See the hellhound biting and gnawing at his leg, his arm. He tries to get away from it but he can't. The damn thing won't let him go. Suddenly he's on his back and the hellhound is pulling Dean's insides out.

"Dean?" Liz yells but she knows he can't hear her. He can't hear anything anymore. "Dean!"

"No." Sam yells again and Liz can't feel her legs anymore. They're jelly and she falls to the ground a few feet away from Dean's body.

"Please God, no." She begs quietly but no one hears her. Liz can feel a piece of her heart break into a thousand pieces as she stares at her husband's motionless body.

"Yes." Ruby's hand shoots up as if she's about to kill Sam and Liz snaps.

"STOP!" She yells and her green electricity consumes her in this blinding white light. She already lost Dean. She refuses to lose Sam as well. Bella needed him in her life. They both did.

Ruby's hand slowly lowers and her eyes go from milk white to normal. Liz is staring at her and can see that she is shocked. Then Liz looks for her brother in law and finds him. Sam in cowering in the corner but he's okay. Thank God. The green in her veins are gone but she doesn't care. She needs to get to Dean.

"Back." Ruby says but there is no fight left in her. "I said back." Liz spares Sam a quick look as she crawls slowly to Dean's body and can see him picking up the knife.

"I don't think so." He says but when he swings at her, black smoke shoots out of her mouth. Just like it had with John in her last nightmare. The demon is gone but the damage was already done.

When she finally reaches Dean's body, Liz is at a lost of both words and emotions. There's no where to touch him that she won't get his blood on her hands. His body is in shreds.

"Oh God." The tears fall freely and Liz can barely breathe. "Why?" Sam is suddenly in front of her. "Sam?"

"No." He says quietly. "No. Dean. No." He pulls Dean's head close to him and when he starts to cry, all Liz can do is bury her head into her dead husband's shoulder and cry with him.~

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Re: Dancing along the reality line... (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/2

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Chapter 34

Liz shot up in bed, crying. That nightmare. It was the worst so far. All that blood. All that pain. She could still smell the blood. Could still see the hellhound rip its way through her husband. Dean!

Her head snapped to the side and there he was. Laying on his stomach with his peaceful look on his face. He was alive. Sleeping but alive. Liz shook him awake.


"Huh?" He slowly gets up when he sees her tears. "Are you okay babe?" Liz shakes her head because she knows if she speaks, she'll break down. "Another nightmare?" She nods this time and Dean flips over. "Come here."

Liz lays in his open arms and cries until she falls back asleep.


When she wakes up again, she's alone but she feels better. Not a lot better but much more than when she first woke up.

Thinking Dean was probably making breakfast, Liz gets out of bed and walks into the bathroom. She goes about her morning routine, just trying to keep that horrible nightmare from her head. When she's done, she quickly gets dress in a white spaghetti strapped dress that was tight on top but loose at her thighs. Then she pulls on her green ankle boots and walks over to the mirror.

Not wanting to do her hair by hand, Liz waves her hand and her hair is in perfect waves that frame her face. She quickly applies green eyeshadow and then white eye liner. A little blush and a touch of peach flavored lipgloss later, Liz is done. Knowing that Dean and Bella are probably waiting for her, Liz grabbed her tight army green half sleeved jacket and walked out of the room.

The first thing Liz noticed was that it was quiet. If Dean and Bella were in fact here in the apartment, it shouldn't be so quiet. The second thing was no smell. Liz walked quickly into the kitchen and saw that it was empty. No Dean. No Isabella.

"Guess, I'm making breakfast." She mumbled to herself before she started.


Half an hour later, Liz was done. Scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns and cut up fresh fruit sat on the table waiting to be eaten.

"Now to my monsters." Liz walked to Bella's room and opened the door.

"Mama!" Sitting at the little princess table her mom had bought was Bella. She sat alone, looking through a book. Something else her mom just had to get for her granddaughter.

"Hey bunny." Liz went over to her baby and quickly changed her pamper. "I made breakfast."

"Yay!" Isabella clapped before she shot out of the room and too the kitchen. Liz happily followed after her and lifted her into her high chair. "Eat. Eat."

Liz laughed. "Okay bunny." She put a little bit of everything onto a plate and gave it to Bella. "Here. Eat." Liz took a quick glance around the kitchen. Where was her husband? Even if he hadn't been with Bella, the smell of food alone would have pulled him here. "Dean?"

"Dada?" Bella called through a mouthful of food.

"Where could he be?"


Hours had passed and Liz was really worried. She called his cell but nothing. The same thing with Lexie and Alex. No matter how many times she called each of them, there was no answer.

"I'm done waiting."

She quickly got Bella dressed in a yellow sun dress and white sandles and put her hair into two ponytails. Then she packed Bella's baby bag, slipped on her army jacket and left with her daughter hopping behind her.


Walking into the Crashdown, was like a slap in the face to Liz. It was empty except for plates full of food, hot coffee cups and watery sodas.

"Maybe everyone left in a hurry?" Liz wasn't into lying to herself and hadn't been that way for a very long time but she really hoped what she was saying was true. Because if it wasn't, history was about to repeat its self.

As Liz and Bella left the Crashdown, Liz gasped. Cars were in disarray on the street. Carriages, carts and anything else a person couldn't carry was either on the floor or where the person left it. Just like the day she had disappeared from her reality.

The skins. They were in Roswell and they had done something to make all the humans disappear. Only this time, Liz had been in Roswell when they struck so why didn't she disappear with Dean? Why hadn't Bella?

"You there!" Liz turned and saw a man with half his face peeling off. "Come here." He was by her side in the blink of an eye and his hand was on her forearm. "You're not one of them but you're not quite human either." He looked down at Bella who was hiding behind Liz's legs. "And neither is she. Nickolas would just love to see this."

At the sound of the 13 year old monster's name, Liz began to struggle against the skin. "Let go of me."

He laughed at her struggles. "You don't even know your potential. How sweet."

"Actually," Liz snapped. "I know all about it." She slammed her hand on his chest and let out a small green ball of electricity. The skin was shocked and collapsed into himself. Only his skin was left behind.

"Mama!" Bella reached up with her hands. "I scared."

Liz quickly picked her up. "It's okay bunny. Mama's got you." Liz took a quick look around to make sure they were safe and saw a shocked podsquad. "It's okay." She repeated as they slowly made their way over to them. "Guys."

"How the fuck did you do that Parker?" Michael demanded making Bella jumped in her arms.

"It's Winchester now and I'll answer whatever questions you have but scare my daughter again and you'll be joining the skin I just dusted." She told him evenly.

"How do you know what they are?" Max asked.

"Let's just say I've dealt with them before." She took another look around. "Look, we need to go somewhere. It's not safe out here in the open."

Max looked at the others before looking back at her. "We know a place but you have to come with us?"

Liz nodded her head before following after them.


"So how can you do what you did?" Isabel asked. They were all in Tess' suv, driving through the desert. They were going to the pod chamber, Liz realized.

"Because of Max." The tall blond looked at Liz confused. "When he saved me, he accidently created a bridge where his alien Dna was able to mix with my human Dna, accessing the part of my brain that is capable of creating electricity with my hands."

"English." Michael said from the front seat.

"I have powers because Max saved me from death." Liz said with a roll of her eyes.

"How did you know about us?" Tess asked. She had been the only one who refused to talk to her. That is, until now.

"That's a little bit more complicated." Liz told her as she looked down at Bella. Her daughter had fallen asleep some time between them leaving the front of the Crashdown and now.

"Uncomplicate it." Michael said and all Liz wanted to do was slap him but this was how he was when she first found out about them so if was understandable. Annoying but understandable.

"I'm from a different reality where I never left Roswell and we all became friends." Max looked at her in the rearview mirror before looking back at the road.

"We were?" Liz nodded. "Then how did you get here?"

"In my reality, we dealt with the skins when we were 17. Because a bunch of little things that I can't really get into detail right now, everything happened earlier. Tess coming to Roswell. Nasado. Everything. The skins had come because we destroyed their harvest."

"We just did that." Michael whispered.

"Yeah. Well in my time, it was done when we were still teenagers."

"So how do we make everyone come back?" Isabel asked.

"Easy. The skins put a green rod in a billboard just outside of town. All you have to do is destroy it. That will bring everyone back. In my reality, I disappeared from Maria's car as she, Kyle and I were going to destroy it. I wasn't there to see them do it but knowing my friends like I do, they definitely did."

"Kyle Valenti and Maria DeLuca?"

"Yeah," Liz tried to look out the window but Tess was on her left while Isabel was on her right. "Um, after I was shot, I told Maria because she was threatening to tell the sheriff. Then Alex later because he got-we got arrested for you guys."

"Alex Whitman?" Michael questions.


"How did Kyle find out and why did we allow so many humans to know?"

"Kyle was shot trying to save his dad so Max healed him too. So the sheriff knows as well and because we proved that we were loyal and that you guys could trust us." Then she smirked. "We even coupled up for a while."


"Me and Max, you and Maria and Alex and Isabel."

"What about me?" Tess asked.

"You only wanted Max." A small smile slipped onto Liz's face. "You never even noticed that Kyle had a thing for you."

Max parked the car at the bottom of the cave and everyone got out. A weird silence had fallen over the group and while Liz knew it was because of what she had told them, they needed to snap out of it. They had more pressing issues at hand.

They started towards the pod chamber slowly. Each in their own thoughts.

"Ah, King Zan and Queen Ava." A voice said from behind them. Liz was the first to turn and saw Nickolas standing with about 15 to 20 skins behind him. Maybe more. "Thank you so much for bringing us to the granilith.

"Crap." She mumbled to herself.


She didn't know who shot first but it was safe to say it wasn't her. Different color alien blasts flew around in a display of beautiful lights but once it hit someone, the beauty was gone. Blood and death hung in the air but Liz knew she had to keep fighting.

Her green electricity no longer burned in her veins as she used it but whomever was hit, didn't stand a chance. Skin floated around as if it were fog but it didn't stop her, Michael or Tess. Their active alien powers were just as dangerous as her own.

In this reality, Michael was much more in control of his powers. And wow what power. In one clap, half the skins were dead and the other wounded. Tess' ability to create fire was small but still amazing. She was able to hold herself against 5 or more skins at a time and when she could no longer use it, she used her mind as a weapon.

Even Max and Isabel were active in the fight. Max held up his green shield that had apparently grown with age. It was at least 7 feet high and wrapped around the six of them, making sure none of the skins' blast got through. Though she held Bella for Liz, Isabel kept a hand on Max's shoulder, feeding him energy so that he could keep the shield up.

"To the cave!" Max yelled when only Nickolas was left.

He lay broken on the desert ground, shaking from Liz's electricity and singed from Tess' fire. But it was Michael who had done the most damaged. Nickolas was missing his left leg, his right arm and he had small holes all over his chest. Michael had somehow shot Nickolas every time he killed one of his soldiers.

"We have to finish this Max!" Michael yelled back.

"No. We're not like him." He looked at Isabel who was gripping onto Bella as if Liz's daughter were her lifeline. "We actually have souls."

"No." Liz walked over to the evil alien and stomped on the button of his husk. Nickolas exploded with one last scream and then he was gone. Only his dark red blood stains left. "No survivors."

Then she walked over to Isabel and grabbed both her baby bag and Bella.

"Liz? Why would you-?" But couldn't hear what he was saying. Instead she felt herself flicker for a bit and then she was gone.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 10/31/1

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Chapter 35

Liz blinked a few times and the first thing she realized was that she was still in the desert. The second thing was that she was still holding both Bella and the baby bag. Thank God. That means...the aliens pulled through and her husband was waiting at the Crashdown for them. Thank God.

"Mama?" Liz smiled down at her daughter.

"It's okay." Liz took a quick glance around before putting Bella back on her feet. "Let's go home bunny."


Easier said than done. Because they had no car and none of the pod squad thought to stay behind for them, Liz and Bella were stuck in front of the pod chamber. That meant walking back to the Crashdown.

Liz quickly looked through her pockets. "Thank God." She mumbled to herself as she pulled out her cell. "Now to call Dean. He'll pick us up."

Bella nodded. "Yep. Yep."

Pressing 2 on her cell, Liz waited for her cell to ring but it didn't. Pulling it from her ear, she saw that she had no bars. Go figure.

"So much for calling daddy, bunny." Liz took another look around. "I guess we're walking." That's when Liz realized it was a 3 hour walk back to Roswell. 3 hours walking with a 15 month old and no carriage. "Oh joy." Liz said to herself.


About an hour and a half into the walk, Bella stopped. "I hungry, mama."

"Here baby." Liz peeled a banana and gave a piece to her daughter. She was surprised Bella had lasted as long as she did. Usually, after a few blocks, she would complain that she was tired.

"Thank you mama."

"You welcome baby." But here she was, running, jumping, skipping and doing whatever else her tiny legs let her. Liz smiled. She had Parker Dna inside her after all.

"I tired mama." So much for that.

Liz bent down in front of her and smiled. "Okay bunny. Come here." She picked her up and continued walking.


About a half an hour later, Liz heard a car slow down next to her.

"You need a lift to town ma'am?" She turned her head to snap at whoever it was but instead felt her face drop. "Liz?"

"Kyle?" She asked in a strangled voice.

"Oh my God." Kyle stopped the car and jumped out. "It's really you." He pulled her into his arms and held her there. "I can't believe that you're back."

"I'm back?"

"Yeah." He pulled back. "You're back." Then he realized what she said. "Wait. You didn't know you were back?"

Liz shook her head. "No. I thought..."

"What? What did you think?" He asked. Liz looked down and closed her eyes. She was back in her old reality. She was home. So much for God looking over her.

"You know what?" She asked slowly looking up at her once friend.

"What?" He was trying to read her face but she wasn't the same Liz as before.

"Can we have that lift, Kyle?" His shoulders dropped in defeat. He wasn't gonna get anything out of her until she wanted him to.

"Of course. Get in." He led her to his car and held the door open for her. "I know just the place." He mumbled.


The ride to Roswell was silent. Liz had blacked out from all the questions that spun around in her head. How did she get back here? Why did she come back here? What was going to happen when Dean came back to the Crashdown but they weren't there? What would he think? A tear fell from the corner of her eye but Liz made sure to wipe it away before Kyle could see it.

Kyle. Her friend. He had changed so much. His hair was slightly longer and he had this sexy goatee around his mouth. His arms looked firm under his shirt and so did his legs. Who was this man sitting next to her? Sure he had been changing which she shifted but this? She never knew he'd end up like this. Gone was the cocky jock and in his place was a relaxed deputy. Liz smiled. Who would have thought? Whom ever had him was a lucky girl.

"You mind not staring at me like that?" Kyle asked pulling Liz from her head. A blush tinted her face.

"I'm sorry. I'm just...I guess I'm just shocked at being back." Then she smiled. "You look good, Kyle. I'm happy for you."

His eye brow rose in question. "Thanks I guess. But didn't I look good whereever it was you were?" Liz looked away from him.

"Not really." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "You um...let's just say things were very different." Then she looked at him.

"Okay." He said slowly as he stopped in front of a nice house. "Well, we're here."

"Where's here?"

"Alex's house."

"Oh." She turned from Kyle. "Why didn't we go to your house?" She asked as she looked at her best friend's two story house. It had a huge front yard and a nice little patio. A huge tree sat in front with a two person swing on it. Not bad Alex. Not bad.

"Um, I would have taken you to my house but I have two kids who make a lot of noise." Liz nodded. Good. She didn't make him feel uncomfortable with what she told him.

"Thanks." She opened the door and was about to get out when Kyle stopped her.

"Um, Liz?"


"I know this is all a shock to you and everything but I'm really glad you're back." He said with a smile.

"Me too." She smiled but it didn't reach her eyes.

"Do you mind having a meeting tomorrow so that we can all talk?" Liz shrugged her shoulders.

"Sure." Again she smiled. "Night Kyle." Then she walked up the pathway to Alex's front door and rang the bell. A second later, Alex opened the door. "Hey buddy." She gave him a half wave. Or what looked like a half wave since Bella was passed out on top of her. "Can we stay here?"

"Liz?" He looked so shock.

"Yeah, Alex. It's me." Then she smiled at him crookedly. "So can we?"

"Of course. Of course." He moved away from the doorway. "Come in."

"Thanks." Liz waited for it to happen and she wasn't disappointed. Alex pulled her into his arms and squeezed both her and Bella.

"I can't believe you home."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 11/2/12

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Chapter 36

Liz woke up the next day to the smell of breakfast. She easily stretched in one of Alex's shirts and got out of bed. Not much happened after Alex hugged her. He just showed her the guest room and gave her a few of his old clothes. Liz happily took them and closed the door behind her. She didn't want to be rude but she needed some time alone. She needed time to wrap her head around the fact that her life was once again turned upside down.

She wanted to be mad at the Lexie and Alex of the other reality but she couldn't. It wasn't their fault. She didn't know who's fault it was but she knew it wasn't their fault.

When she was done in the bathroom, Liz looked over the clothes Alex had given herband sighed; a plain black tee and the smallest pair of jeans he owned which still fit her like parachute pants. She suddenly wished she had packed an extra pair of clothes for herself.

"Time for a little voodoo." She mumbled to herself. Bella was still asleep on the bed and would be up anytime soon, so she had to be quick.

Putting on the black tee, Liz walked over to the full length mirror and looked it over. His shirt was long. It stopped mid thigh and was loose. The only thing she could think of making was a dress. Waving her hand across her body, the shirt changed into a dress. The sleeves shrunk until they became tank top thin. The middle tightened and the bottom flared

"No bad."

Then she waved her hand again and her hair was in perfect curls that framed her face. A hair style Lexie had perfected. One last wave and her make up was done. Smokey with a touch of green and cherry lip gloss. Nice. She then used the brand new deodorant Alex had given her and sprayed her favorite perfume that she always kept in her bag.

When she was finally done, she woke Bella up and got her baby dressed in the extra pair of clothes she always had in the baby bag. A floweral pink dress that matched the white sandles from yesterday. Then she combed Bella's hair into a ponytail. Simple.

"Knock. Knock. Can I come in?" Alex asked as he knocked on the door and Liz couldn't help but smile.

"Sure you can Alex." When he walked in, Bella's face lit up.

"Unka Alex. Unka Alex." She jumped off the bed before Liz could stop her and launched herself at Alex's legs.

"Um, Liz?" A smile spread across his face. "Never mind." He picked Bella up and tickled her belly. "You know me but I don't know you. What's your name pretty girl?"

"I Isabella." Alex looked at Liz. "Duh."

"You can call her Bella." Liz said as she walked over to them. "Everyone else does."

"Well. Okay then." He looked back at Bella. "You hungry Bella?"

"Yeah. Yeah." She wiggled out of Alex's arms and ran out of the room. "Eat. Eat." She yelled.

Liz laughed. "Sorry about that. She has an appetite like her father." Then she rubbed her hands together, feeling a bit uneasy. "Can you please stop staring at me? It's a little creepy."

"Sorry." Alex said with a small smile. "I haven't seen you in 7 years and then you just show up on my front steps. I'm just..." He ran a hand through his short hair. "I'm just happy you're here."

Liz walked over to him and wrapped her arms around him. "I'm happy I'm here too." Then she looked at him with a side smirk. "But Bella and I did just see you two days ago." And left him standing alone in the room.


After breakfast, Liz asked Alex to call everyone. When he asked her if that was such a good idea, she shrugged.

"Might as well get it over with."

So Alex called the others but only told them that he had a surprise. Since no one had rushed to his house, he figure Kyle had kept his mouth shut about Liz's return. Smart, considering how messed up Liz had been yesterday.

"This better be a really good surprise Whitman." Michael snapped as he, Maria and their 5 year old daughter, Mia, walked in without knocking. "I was just about to get-." His words died on his lips when he saw Liz sitting on the couch with Bella. "Liz?"

Her head snapped towards him and she smiled. Then she turned back to Bella and whispered something Alex couldn't hear from his spot near the window.

"Hey Michael, hey Maria." Liz greeted as she got off the couch. "How are you guys?"

"Oh my God!" Maria threw herself at Liz and crushed her in a tight hug. "I can't believe you're back."

"Yeah. Me either." Liz looked at Michael and begged with her eyes for him to help her.

He chuckled as he gently pulled Maria off Liz. "We're good." He pulled her in real quick and then backed away. The look of shock on Liz's face was priceless. "How are you?"

Liz shook herself out of her shock and smiled that Parker smile. "I'm as well as to be expected."

It amazed him how strong Liz was being. She had told him how her life had been in the other reality and everything she had lost from coming back here. Her husband, her family, her friends. She had also told him how his life had been in the other reality. So different from what it was now.

Here he had his dream job and dream home but no family. His parents had moved once his older brother and wife had their first child and he and Serena had broken up a week ago. They just wanted different things. He was ready to settle down and have a family while she just wanted to have fun.

In the other reality, he had everything he wanted. A beautiful wife, a goofy son and a daughter on the way who would no doubly be as beautiful as her mother. Sure he didn't have either dream job or dream house but Liz had said that he loved his job and that his house was a mixer of what both he and Lexie had wanted.

Lexie. Alex had always thought she was beautiful. He always wondered what if-.

"Liz?" Someone else said and in walked Isabel, Ava and Kyle. Jimmy was sitting on Kyle's shoulders while Ava held a 2 year old Chloe.

"Hey Isabel." Liz waved. "Kyle." Then she looked at Ava. "I want to say Tess but you look too happy to be her."

"I'm Ava."

"Ava." She smiled at her before taking her hand and shaking it. "It's nice to meet you Ava."

"You too Liz." The girls shared a moment and Alex knew they would be the best of friends. He then looked over at Isabel who stayed against the large entrance way of the livingroom.

"Are you okay Iz?" Alex asked and everyone turned to her.

"Yeah. I just can't believe she's-."

"Liz?" Max and Tess walked in and Alex could see Liz's whole persona change. "Is that really you?"



When Max walked in, Liz was shocked to see how different he looked. Gone was the teenager she once knew and in his place was a gorgeous man.

Though he had lost most of his muscles, he was still toned. His hair was short just like in the other realm and he was clean shaven. He wore a white shirt with a black vest over it and black jeans that fit nicely on his hips and legs. God had been very good to him but her heart belong to Dean and it always will.

"Yeah. Max." She finally answered. "It's really me."

"Thank God." He was in front of her and hugging the life out of her before she even knew what was happening. "I've missed you so much. I'm so happy you're back."

Liz smiled but gently eased herself out of his arms. "That's nice that you missed me but it's a little weird for you to be hugging me like this."

"What?" Max asked confused. "Why?"

"Because I'm married and only my husband hugs me like that."

"Your...your husband?" Max studdered. "Your married?"

Liz nodded as she held up her left hand. "Yep. Would have made 2 years in December if I hadn't come back." Then a small smile slipped onto her lips. "But we've been together for longer than that."

"What about us?"

"I'm sorry but there was no "us" in the other reality." Liz shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't even live in Roswell."

"What do you mean?" Michael asked.

"Maybe you should start from the beginning, Liz?" Alex suggested.

"Okay." Liz nodded her head as she moved to the fireplace. "Well after I shifted, I woke up in my bed. In my room."

"Sounds normal enough." Kyle said.

"Yeah. That's what I thought. My mom was even yelling at me to get up or else I would be late. I was just happy she was back that when I left my room I didn't even notice all the differences."

"Like what?" Maria asked.

"For one, we were in a house and not the apartment above the Crashdown. It was only until I told my mom that was gonna call you to tell you that I was running late that I found out that I wasn't here in this reality."

"What happened?"

"Can you just leave your questions for the end?" Liz asked her softly. She didn't want to be rude but if one more person interrupted her, she'd flip. And she didn't want to do that. "All of your questions?"

"Okay. I'm sorry."

Liz nodded at her before slowly walking over to the window so she could look out of it.

"Any ways, my mom was the one who told me I wasn't in Roswell anymore. We had moved to Lawrence, Kansas right after the shooting and because we left, I never found out about you guys. No Fbi, no Riverdog, no alien heat, no nothing. My life had been completely normal." She took a deep breath. "It didn't take me long to meet her-my friends and the guy she-I was crushing on." Liz pulled on a curl. "Sorry. It's still a little weird to know that there was another plane of existence where I lived for 7 years." Then she smiled. "Moving on. It was nice not having to be paranoid all the time. I mean I had normal friends, a steady boyfriend and I had my family. My cousin, Lexie and her mom, Jasmine lived there also. It felt good to see them both."

"I'm sorry to interrupt but why was that a good thing?" Tess questioned. "Don't you see them here?"

"Actually no. In this reality, Lexie lives by herself in Ipswich, Massachusetts in some boarding school while Jas is a drug addict who we can barely keep track of." Liz let out a slow breath. "I, um, I fell in love with that reality. It was everything I never knew I always wanted." She then started to mess with one of her green bangles. "My life had been completely normal. It wasn't until I was 22 that I got my first taste of alien weirdness."

"What do you mean?" Michael asked and Liz turned to him.

"I got my powers."

"Powers?" Max said slowly.

"Yep." Liz closed the curtain and held up her hand. The green lines danced along her hand and down her arm in seconds. "My powers."

"Holy crap." Maria yelled and Liz closed her hand, making them disappear.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." Maria shook her head.

"You didn't. I was just..." She looked at the others before looking back at Liz. "Shocked."

"Imagine my shock when I knock out a guy twice my size with one punch."

"You punched some guy?" Kyle asked with a smirk and Liz couldn't help but smile.

"I'm not the same person I was here." Then she shrugged her shoulders. "Plus he was getting grabby in my bar."

Kyle burst out laughing while Michael ran his hand over his face. "Okay. What happened after that?"

"It took a few days for the green lines to stop dancing along my veins and another two to realize the lines were actually electricity. I stayed in my lab for the whole week I was "lighting up" and also the few days after it was gone. It wasn't until my anniversary that I figured out that I was still human." She smiled at Kyle. "We're still human. The alien Dna just attached to the dna strands that trigger our powers."

"That's nice to know." Kyle said with a nod.

"Yeah." Her smile slowly disappeared. "That was also the day my boyfriend proposed. It was..." A tear fell from her eye. "It doesn't really matter now but it was a good day." She wiped away the tear. "Moving on. A few weeks after thanksgiving I had a nightmare that was just too real to be a dream. For some reason, I didn't know realize it was a flash until I had another one four months later."

"What happened this time?" Isabel asked.

"It was horrible. The second flash I woke up with 3 fractured ribs, scrapped knees and blood on my hands that belonged to..." She closed her eyes. "Just to someone I knew." She didn't want to get into too much detail. All they needed to know was the basics, they didn't need to know the details.

"When did you get married?" Max suddenly asked.

"5 months after the second dream and 4 months after I found out I was pregnant." Liz said looking at him.

"Did you love him?"

"With all of my heart."

Before Max could ask another question, Michael jumped in. "If you lived in Lawrence, how did you get back here?"

This time, Liz smiled as she glanced at Alex. "My husband and I came to visit Alex and Lexie. She was pregnant with their second child and I wanted to be there to see my cousin being born." The smile fell as she looked away from Alex. "Yesterday I woke up and my husband was gone. At first, I thought he had gone out for a second but then he never came home. So I got Bella dressed, grabbed her baby bag and left the apartment." She crossed her arms over her chest. "The Crashdown looked exactly like it did the day I shifted. So did the rest of the town. I was attacked outside the café but defended myself and in doing so, exposed myself in the process."

"To who?" Ava asked.

"The other reality aliens. They had seen me kill the skin and of course demanded answers. I managed to convince them that we needed to leave and we went to the pod chambers. We hadn't known that we lead the skins to the granilith but defended it none the less. We had killed most of the skins and I had even had the pleasure of killing Nickolas." Everyone's had snapped towards her.

"What?" Max demanded.

"Impossible." Tess said.

"How?" Isabel questioned.

"How do you know he was really dead?" Michael asked and Liz looked right at him.

"You had hurt him pretty badly so I didn't really do much. All I did was stomp on his back and watched as he turned to dust. You had shot off his left leg and his right arm." Suddenly she laughed. "I don't know how you did it but you even managed to shoot holes into his chest every time you killed one of his men." All laughter disappeared as Liz shrugged her shoulders. "After that, I grabbed Bella from Isabel and as Max was yelling at me, I shifted." Then she turned from Michael and looked at the others. "When I came too, I was still in the desert and I still had Bella but we were alone. I figured the others had destroyed the rod and that all I had to do was call my husband to get a ride home." She pulled out her cell that was still in her jacket pocket. "Except, this doesn't work here so my daughter and I ended up walking half way to town." She dropped her cell on the coffee table making the others jump. "That's when Kyle found us and drove us here." She took a quick look into everyone's eyes. "I don't know why we shifted. I didn't even know we shifted back here until I saw Kyle. I was kind of hoping one of you would know how?"

"It was the granilith." Ava said. "Once you killed Nickolas, it set everything right."

"I wouldn't say right. It made everything much more complicated. Especially for me and my daughter." Liz turned to look at Bella who was playing with the little girl Ava had carried in. "We've lost everything. My husband, her father. Our family. My friends. Everything I worked so hard for and on, just down the drain. My degrees, my bar, my home." She dropped into the chair next to Alex. "I'm gonna have to start all over again. School. People." Liz covered her face.

"I know it sucks but you can do this Liz." Then he pulled her hands from her face. "And we're all gonna be here for you."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 11/4/12

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Chapter 37

A week had passed and Liz felt like she was going stir crazy. The first thing she and Alex did was work on getting her high school diploma. Because she was at the top of her class and had all of her credits when she shifted, all Liz had to do was pick it up. The second thing was all her college diplomas. She had a masters in biochemisty and a minor in business. Somehow Alex was able to get both of those as well. The only thing left was seeing her parents.

That's what she was suppose to be doing today.

"You ready?" Alex asked as he walked into her room. He was letting her and Bella stay with him until she got back on her feet.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Liz said as she looked herself over. She was wearing a white shirt with a black camera on it with blue cut up jean shorts. Over it, she wore a short, black leather jacket and on her feet she wore matching leather ankle boots that zipped up the front. It had taken her forever to pick out the outfit. Nothing looked good enough to see her parents in. Though she was thankful for her powers, she couldn't wait until she could actually buy her own clothes. "Let's go."


20 minutes later, Liz, Alex and Bella stood in front of the Crashdown because Liz couldn't take the steps needed to go inside.

"Liz, I know you're scared but you have to do this. When you disappeared all those years ago, your parents almost didn't make it." Alex told her quietly.

"I didn't mean to disappear. It just happened." Liz whispered back.

"I know." He shifted Bella from one arm to the other. "I also know that that isn't the reason you can't walk through those doors." He looked around. "It's because in the other reality, your father has been dead for almost 2 years but here, he's both healthy and alive."

Liz looked up at Alex. "Even after all these years, you still know me like a book. How?"

Alex smirked as he shrugged his shoulders. "I'm your best friend. It's my job to know you so well." Liz smiled as she squeezed his arm.

"Let's go in before I lose my nerve."


"Oh my God! Lizzie? Is that you?"

"Yeah ma. It's me." Liz said.

She and Alex had walked into the Crashdown but her parents were no where to be found. So Liz asked one of the waitresses and she had pointed to the back. After saying thank you to the young girl, Liz and Alex walked into the back just as her mom was coming down the stairs.

"Oh sweetheart. I'm so happy you're home." She said as she pulled Liz into her arms.

"So am I, ma." Liz said with a smile. "So am I."

Bella started wiggling in Alex's arms until he put her down and then she ran to Liz's mom. "Gama! Up. Up Gama." She whined as she stretched her arms in the air.

Her mom pulled away from her and looked down at the little angel calling her grandma. Then she looked at Liz. "Is, is she yours?" Liz nodded.

"Yeah ma." Then she bent down. "Mom, this is Isabella Winchester. She's your granddaughter."

Her mother's hands flew to her mouth as she let out a sob and dropped to her knees. "Nancy?" Liz froze as her mom pulled Bella into her arms. "Nancy are you okay?" Her father came down the stairs but stopped once he saw Liz. "Lizzie, is that you?"

"Daddy?" The tears fell before she even reached him but she didn't care. Her father was alive. "Oh daddy I missed you so much." She cried.

"I missed you too Lizzie." He cried. "I missed you so much." He kissed her on the forehead. "I'm so happy you're home."


"When did you get back?" Her father asked her calmly.

"A week ago actually." Liz told him as she stood in the kitchen doorway. She was watching her mother as she played with Bella in the livingroom and was shocked at how different her mother was from her mother in the other reality.

Though she was hurt by the lost of her husband, Liz's other mother had still been full of life. She was always laughing or smiling and she made sure to make herself happy. Especially after Bella had been born.

But her mother here was nothing like that. She looked so old and so sad. Her vibrant red hair was dull and she had worry lines all over her face. It was as if she were just going through the motions and that killed Liz inside.

"Why didn't you come straight to us? I know we can be...a bit much at times but we would never turn our backs on you. And definitely not on our granddaughter." Her father's voice pulled her out of her head and Liz looked at him.

He too was different but only in looks. His once similar raven hair was more salt and pepper than black and his dark eyes were filled with worry and sadness. Her disappearance had done more to her parents than anyone could have ever imagined. Stupid, fucking alien bullshit.

"I know daddy. I was just...I was scared." Liz told him, easing her way into the lie she and Alex had come up with. "I didn't know how you and mom would react to me coming back after being gone for so long. And with a child no less."

She hated lying to her parents but she knew she had too. The truth was just too impossible to believe and she didn't want someone taking her daughter away from her because they thought she was crazy.

"I understand." He said quietly. "Where are you staying?"

Liz spared Bella a look before looking back at her father. "At Alex's." She said with a shrug. "He just went through a bad break up and I don't feel right leaving him alone."

"What happened to Bella's father?"

"He um, he died last week." Liz tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. Alex had said lying about Dean being dead was best. Little did he know how true it was.


A tear slipped from her eye as she remembered how the hellhound ripped through him. "It was an animal attack. A wild animal attack." She wiped it away not looking at her father but not looking at Bella either.

"I'm so sorry." Her father gave her a thin smile. "I'm sure you loved him."

"Very much."

She watched as her father nodded. "I know this is probably not the right time but um, do you want your money?" Liz stood up straight for that.

"What money?"

"When she died, Claudia left everything she had in your name except for a house in Ipswich. She left that to your cousin Lexie." Liz could feel her legs go week as she wiped away the rest of her fallen tears.


Her father nodded. "Everything." Liz dropped into the chair next to him.

"Even grandpa James' bar and the house she grew up in, in Lawrence?"

"Yeah. Here." Her father stood and disappeared down the hall. He returned a moment later and handed her a small stack of papers. "This is everything that's yours."

Liz started reading the first page and realized it was grandma Claudia's will. Her father was right. She had left everything to Liz except for the house in Ipswich. A house Claudia had bought on a whim and furnished but never lived in. She had said something about it being too cold up there.

That was the only thing left to Lexie but both girls knew that Claudia had someone build a safe in the basement. A safe where she had left everything she had gotten when grandpa James had died. That meant Lexie was sitting on a hefty amount of money and as she read on, so was she.

Liz got both the house and the bar in Lawrence, a penthouse apartment in Queens, a manor in San Francisco and a beach house in Miami. Plus she got whatever grandma Claudia had left in her life saving.

Then there was the account Claudia had already opened for Liz when she was born. An account her grandmother had wanted Liz to have to do with as she pleased. Being her only other grandchild, Lexie had the same account. Liz just wished she knew how much was in said accounts.

"Wow." She said as she sat back. "This is just...wow."

"I know but she loved you." He said as he covered her hand. "And that's why I thought-WE thought you were kidnapped. You didn't touch any of it over the years." Then he father smiled. "We should have known you could survive without it."

"Daddy, I...there are no words daddy." Liz said before she hugged her father. Though she was surprised about what had just fallen in her lap, Liz was still happy she was able to be in her father's presence.

"I know honey bear. I know."


When they got back to Alex's house, Bella was asleep and Liz's mind was working on overload. At her parents' house, they had made a few phone calls and made sure that everything was ready for Liz to do with as she pleased. Though she had a good idea of what she wanted to do, she wanted to talk to Alex first.

So after she put Bella down in their room, Liz grabbed the papers and went looking for Alex.


"I'm in the back Liz."

She went to the back of the house and stood in the doorway of his home office. Computers covered the left side of the room while the right side was covered in bookshelves. The wall across from the door was covered in pictures and certificates. Her friend had taken his nerdiness and had done something with it. Good for him.

"Here there buddy."

"Hey right back." Alex took off his glasses and Liz smiled at him. "What's up?"

"Well, my parents took it pretty well and we were able to smooth everything over."

"That's great." Alex said as he turned in his seat so that he was facing her. He had left when her parents had said they wanted to talk in private.

"Yeah it is and there's more."

"Really?" He cocked his eyebrow in interest.

"Really." She handed him the will.

"What's this?"

"Read it." Alex gave her a funny look and Liz couldn't stop her eyes from rolling. "Just read it. Please Alex."

"Okay." He put his glasses back on and started reading. Liz dropped onto the couch near the door and waited. She knew once he read it, he'd be-. "Wow!"

"I know." She shot out of her seat. "I couldn't believe it when I first saw it." Then she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I still can't."

"Why not? Didn't you know about this in the other reality?"

Liz shook her head. "No. I only owned the bar because my dad left it to me. My mom lived in the house and Dean and I lived in this small starter home he had bought a month before I turned 18. If I would have known about this, I would have helped Dean buy the garage he wanted so badly. Though we weren't poor, we did have money problems. Thank God for all the scholarships I got or else we would have been sinking instead of just floating by."

"Do you think your parents kept it a secret for a reason?" Liz shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess I'll never know."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 11/6/12

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Scenes between ~ are from "I know what you did last summer" in Supernatural.

Chapter 38

~Sam is kneeling in the middle of a crossroads and he's digging up the dirt with his hand. Liz can see a bottle in his other hand as he grabs a tin box and puts it in the hole. Slowly, he pushes the dirt back into the hole and is covering up the box. What the hell was he doing?

He then stands up, takes a swig from his bottle and starts to kick dirt onto the already disappearing box. Her brother in law was going crazy. Poor Sammy.

After taking a better look at him, she realized he wasn't going crazy. He was sad. So very sad. And drunk. She had never seen Sam so drunk before. Not at prom when she and him had finished that entire bottle of Jack Daniel's together since Serena didn't want any. Not at her and Dean's wedding where Dean had the waiters pour Sam only whiskey instead of the red wine she had picked because Dean had said Sam needed it and definitely not when he and Dean had that stupid drinking contest the night before Bella was born. A contest Sam had lost and ended up vomiting all over the livingroom floor.

"Come on!" He suddenly yelled and Liz jumped out of fear. Was he trying to wake the dead? "Where the hell are you?" He throws the bottle and Liz had to move out the way so that she wasn't hit by it.

"I was wondering whether to come or not. I mean you shot one of my co-workers." A man in a suit a few yards away yelled back. As Sam walks towards him, the man says; "Don't take this the wrong way, Sam, but you don't look so hot buddy." He pauses and Liz can see his eyes turn red. "I guess burying your brother didn't agree with you."

Sam stops in front of a table and Liz stands next to him. She doesn't know where they are but she does know that this is a flash. It's either going to happen, is happening or already did. He spreads out his arms and smirks sarcastically at the demon.


"Well, let's see that special little knife of yours first." Her brother in law stupidly takes the knife out of his pocket and puts it on the table. Liz has to grip onto the sides of the table so that she doesn't slap him with the damn knife.

"No devil's traps, either. I'm not here to play games."

"Well, let me guess." The man starts moving towards them and it takes everything inside of her not to move away. "You want to make a deal." He smiles. "And round and round the Winchesters go." He stops and when he puts his hands flat on the table, Liz removes her own. "I'm sorry, Sam. That's not gonna happen."

What happens next, happens so fast it's in slow motion. The demon smirks at Sam and they stare at each other until Sam suddenly picks up the knife and slams it into the demon's hand. The demon grunts in pain as he tries to get the knife out but Sam is holding it in place.

"I don't want 10 years." Sam snaps. "I don't want one year." The demon grunts. "I don't want candy." And Liz rolled her eyes. Sam was being a bit dramatic. "I want to trade places with Dean."


"Just take me. It's a fair trade!" Sam yells and Liz can see that her brother in law has gone completely off the deep end. She has to stop him. Now.

"Sam, look at me." Nothing. "Sam!"

"No!" The demon yells back and he's smiling. What a douchbag.

"Why not? Lilith wants me dead. Just let Dean go and she can have me."

"No, Sam. Stop." Liz started pulling on his jacket but he wasn't listening to her. He couldn't even see her. "Sam. Think. Please. Bella and I need you. Sam! Please! Don't do this! Just hold on until I find you. Please Sam. Please!"

"Don't you understand Sam? It's not about your soul." Liz's hands fell from his jacket. "Dean's in hell, right where we want him." The tears are falling freely down Liz's face as she listens to her husband's fate. A fate he gave to himself when he made his deal. "We've got everything exactly the way we want it. You wanna kill me?! Go ahead! I've made peace with my lord." And the look on Sam's face is one Liz never wanted to see ever again. It was the look of complete defeat.~

Suddenly Liz is back in her room. She's alone and can feel the tears as they fell from her eyes. Sam was in so much pain. Just like she was. She had to find her brother in law and she had to find him now.


"Where are you going?" Alex asked as he watched Liz move around her room so that she could pack her bag.

"I'm going to California first, then New York, and finally Florida. I want to check out the houses grandma Claudia left me before I sell them." She lied easily. She was going to find Sam. How? She didn't know but he needed her just as much as she needed him. "I shouldn't be gone for longer than 2 weeks."

"You're lying." Alex stated making Liz stop short. "And you know how I know you're lying? Because you haven't stopped to look me in the eye. So I'm asking you again Liz, where are you going?"

Liz dropped the clothes she was holding onto the bed and turned to Alex. It freaked her out how well he knew her sometimes. "I'm going to find Sam."

His arms fell from their spots on his hips. "Your brother in law, Sam?" Liz nodded. "Why?"

"Because he needs me, Alex. He needs both me and Bella." Liz could feel the tears but she refused to let them fall. "He's all alone right now and for some reason, his parents are no where to be found."

"How do you know he needs you?"

"I had a flash last night. He was...he wasn't taking Dean's death as well as he should be."

"Dean's dead?" Liz nodded. "How do-?" Liz looked away from him. "Another flash?" Again Liz nodded and Alex ran a hand over his face. "Oh God. I'm so sorry Liz but you're not thinking clearly right now."

"What?" She snapped. "Yes I am. My brother in law and best friend since high school needs me, Alex." She started packing again. "I'm going Alex and you can't stop me."

"Did you ever stop to think that maybe he won't know who you are?" Liz froze. "I mean, you haven't even met them yet in this reality. You didn't even know they existed until you shifted to the other reality."

Alex's words swam around inside of Liz's head. Would he know who she was? Doubtful. Alex was right. She hadn't met Sam in this reality. She hadn't met any of the Winchesters in this reality. What was she thinking?

"Oh God." Liz dropped onto the bed. "I'm so stupid."

"No you're not." Alex said as he sat next to her. "You are one of the strongest and smartest women I have ever met, Liz. You're just...You just have to focus on what's important here." Liz smiled a watery smile. "And that's Bella."

"When did you get so smart?"

"Hey, I've always been smart. You've just never recognized my genius." Liz laughed as she wiped her eyes.

"Yeah. Okay." She bumped shoulders with Alex playfully. Then she stood up and finished packing.

"What are you doing?" Alex asked, worried he didn't get through to her. "I thought you weren't going after Sam anymore?"

"I'm not." Liz said with a small smile. "But my lie was kind of true. I do have to check out those houses to see if Claudia left anything I may want or need before I sell them."

"Then I'm going with you." Alex told her.

"Fine by me. My parents already agreed to stay with Bella until I came back so all we have to do is get you a flight."

"Nah. I got us covered." Alex said as he got up and walked out of her room.

"What does that mean?" But he was already gone. "Alex?"

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 11/8/12

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Chapter 39

(1 month later)

Liz filled out the last of the paper work that needed to be done on the apartment in Queens. Apparently a woman named Bela was living there when she just up and disappeared a few months back so all Liz had to do was sign the apartment over to the building landlord. A task that didn't come easily. Thank goodness the other two houses were not lived in and much easier to sell.

The manor in San Francisco was bought by a couple named Henry and Paige who had been married for a while and were expecting their first; a son they wanted to name Henry Jr. The beach house in Miami was bought by some detective. She really couldn't remember his name but he had sandy blond hair and wore black sunglasses the whole time they talked. It was a little weird and kind of freaked her out.

"I see you're done with business." Ava said as she walked into the kitchen with paint on her hands, face and clothes.

"I see you're done with...is finger painting business or pleasure?" Liz asked as she put the papers for the New York apartment in a manila envelope. Now all she had to do was mail it.

Ava laughed. "With Kyle, it's pleasure. With the kids, it's mommy business."

"Ewe." Liz laughed as she stood up. "TMI Ava. TMI." Then she looked at the clock. "Ooh. Lunch time. I'm starving."

"I'm guessing the paper work took longer than you thought it would?" Ava asked as she sat down at the table.

"Much longer." Liz pulled out the block of cheese she used for her grilled cheese sandwiches and then she grabbed the b
ich house?"

"New York. Because the tenant is missing, it has taken longer for me to sell but I did manage to sweet talk the landlord into buying the apartment earlier than usual."

"Go. Liz."

When she and Bella had first came back, Liz had wanted nothing more than to be friends with Maria again. While Serena had been the bestest friend in the whole entire world, a part of Liz had always missed Maria and she was just hoping that things would go back to normal. Boy was she wrong.

had hung out with Liz the first week she was back, Maria sort of just disappeared after that. No phone calls, no playdates for their daughters, nothing. And when Liz had tried to go over to her house, Michael had told her that Maria was busy. So much for being friends again.

Apparently Ava had gone through the same thing with Isabel. Before Isabel had started college again, she and Ava were constantly together. But now, she had friends who weren't married and had no kids so she was able to do grown up things. Ava just shrugged her shoulders and told Isabel to be happy but with Iz gone, Maria acting like she had better things to do and Tess being weird, Ava was left alone.

Then one day when Ava was dropping something off for Alex, the pair had got to talking. They had a lot in common and their girls just loved each other. So they planned a play date for the girls and coffee time for themselves. When everything went over great, they made another date and another. That had been a month ago.

Liz cut thin slices from the block of cheese, sprinkled a tiny bit of salt, pepper and squeeze some lemon juice on it before placing the slices in between the bread. Then she turned on the stove, placed the frying pan over the fire and added the butter.

"I have such a craving for these stupid grilled cheeses." Liz suddenly said.

"A craving?" Ava asked as she hopped onto the counter next to Liz. Liz didn't even hear her get up from the table. "Don't you only get those when you're pregnant?"

Liz shrugged as she watched the butter melt before adding three sandwiches. Alex's frying pan was huge. She just loved it. "I don't think so." Then she smirked. "Plus you have to have sex in order to be pregnant."

"When was the last time you did it?" Again Liz shrugged as Ava nibbled on a piece of bread.

"I don't...oh." A blush tinted Liz's cheeks. "Dean and I had sex the night before we shifted back here." Liz said with a smile as she flipped the sandwiches over.

"How was it?" The blush spread and Ava smiled. "Wow. That good?"

"If you knew my husband, you'd know that every time we had sex it was amazing. He had unbelievable stamina and loved to take his time."

"Are you telling me you had slow, mind blowing, earth
quaking sex, Liz?" Ava questioned and they heard a groan behind them. Both girls' heads snapped towards the groan and saw Alex covering his eyes, Kyle covering his ears and Max covering his mouth. "Hey guys." Ava slid off the counter with a huge smile on her face while Liz just shook her head and took out the sandwiches. "How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to know things about Liz's sex life we never needed to know." Kyle groaned in disgust.

"I agree." Max whispered but they heard him.

"Why didn't you guys make a noise or something?" Liz asked before taking a bite from her food. Then she moaned. "So good."

"Is that what you would tell your husband whenever you guys...you know?" Kyle asked with a mischievous smirk on his face.

Liz took another bite. "No comment." Then she added the others so that the kids had something to eat.

"So what are you guys doing here?" Ava asked as she stole a new grilled cheese from Liz's hand and smiled at Liz's huff. But then she bite into it and moaned as well. "Wow Liz, this is amazing. I don't even have to add Tabasco to it."

"Okay. My wife likes everything so I don't trust her judgement." Kyle snatched a sandwich from the napkin where Liz had just added 3 more and bit into it. "Holy crap these are incredible." Then he smiled at Liz. "Is this an after sex snack?"

"Kyle?" Ava slapped him on the arm. "You don't have to answer that Liz."

"Yes. Please don't answer that." Alex said as he poured himself something to drink.

Liz rolled her eyes as she set a plate of 6 on the table. Max had sat himself down next to Kyle who was already eating another. "Actually, I only ate these when I was pregnant. My mom owned a bakery and this is how she'd make them." Then she shrugged her shoulders and went back to making more. "No big deal."

"Your mom owned a bakery?" Max asked and Liz could hear him talking with food in his mouth.


"Jimmy, Chloe, and Bella! Come and get lunch before your dad and uncles eat it all." Ava yelled.

Not a second later, they all came running in. Chloe went straight for Kyle while Jimmy sat in the empty seat next to him. Liz watched as Bella looked for Dean before sitting with Alex. Her heart broke a little.

"Here you go." Liz cut two in half and gave them to the girls while Jimmy took a whole one. Ava was pouring juice and soda into cups before handing them out.

"Thank you aunt Liz." Jimmy said through a mouthful of food. "These are much better than grandpa's."

Liz looked at Ava and Kyle who were laughing. "Thank you. I think."

"No. That's a good thing. My dad can only cook grilled cheeses." That made Liz laughed.


"You okay bunny?" Liz asked as she cleaned Bella's face with a wet napkin.

"I miss dada, mama." She told her quietly.

"I miss him too Bella." Then she kissed her on the forehead. "I miss him too."

"Come Bella. Come." Chloe yelled and Bella's frown disappeared.

"I coming." And she left Liz alone laughing in the kitchen.

"Kids, huh?" Max said as he walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah." Liz smiled as she stood up and started to clear the table. Alex had gone to his office while Ava and Kyle went to have their "couple time". Her smile fell. God how she missed Dean. They use to have those. "Gotta love'em."

"So, um." Liz stopped to look at Max with plates in one hand and cups in the other.


"Um, do you need help?" Liz smiled.

"Thank you but I think I got this." She put everything into the sink, quickly wiped down the table and then started on the dishes. When she was done, she heard Max clear his throat.

"You've changed." He said and Liz turned to him as she dried her hands on a rag.

"Not really. I just...I grew up and became a mother."

"That's not what I meant. Your hair is longer, your clothes are tighter, your shoes are higher and you wear a ton of makeup. I've even seen the tattoo on your wrist and the one on the back of her shoulder. The Liz I knew didn't need any of those things."

The first thing Liz did was rub her wrist. She had gotten Dean's name for his birthday a few years back. The one on her shoulder was of two small bunny rabbits holding a banner with Bella's name in it. She had gotten that a few months after Bella had been born but she also had a infinite best tattoo on her hip and shooting stars that danced along her lower back and went half way up her spine. The infinite best tattoo was a matching set that she and Serena had gotten together but Serena's said infinite friend. The shooting stars were just something she liked and wanted so she got them.

Then she looked down at her clothes.

She was wearing a black one shoulder Led Zeppelin shirt that was a bit tight with a pair of teal colored jeans that hugged her ass and her black wedged heels. The only jewerly she wore were silver hoop earrings, the silver charm bracelet Mary had given to her on her last birthday and her wedding ring. Her makeup was light and her hair was curled and in a side ponytail while her bangs lay over her eyes. She had specifically bought this outfit because not only did she have the same one in the other reality but it was also Dean's favorite. Something about seeing his favorite band across her chest turning him on.

When she looked back at Max, she just shrugged her shoulders. "I'm sorry but the Liz you knew is gone. I like the way I look. I feel like me." Then she walked pass him. "Plus Dean loved the way I looked."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 11/11/1

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Chapter 40

(3 weeks later)

Ava held Liz's hair back as she barfed up both her breakfast and lunch.

"I hate to say this but maybe you are pregnant?" Ava said as Liz finished.

"I can't be pregnant." Liz groaned as she wiped her mouth with the napkin Ava handed her. "You have to have sex in order to be pregnant and I haven't had sex in almost two months. Since the beginning of May. It's already July." Ava helped Liz up. "Thanks."

"Come on Liz. Now I definitely think you're pregnant. Just...just let me check." Liz looked at her weird. "What?"

"How can you check?" Ava wiggled her fingers as Liz leaned against the other side of the stall. "Oh." Liz bit her lower lip. Should she check? It wouldn't hurt to know. "Okay. Do it."

Ava rolled her eyes but playfully pulled Liz's black tank out from in her colorful skirt before placing her hand on her lower abdomen. She then closed her eyes and concentrated. It took her a minute to find him but there he was. Ava smiled as Liz's son connected to her.

"I knew it." Ava opened her eyes and looked at Liz. "I just knew it. You are pregnant, Liz."

"Oh my God." Liz grabbed onto Ava's hand and felt the pricks of tears at the corner of her eyes. "I'm really pregnant."


"Home so early." Kyle said as his wife and friend walked in. "And with little to no bags, I'm so proud." He joked as he wiped away fake tears.

Today was suppose to be a mommy's day out. Liz and Ava were suppose to go out and do whatever it was they did while Kyle and usually Alex stayed with the kids. Only this time, Alex was out of town working so Max had volunteered to help Kyle out.

While it wasn't exactly weird for Max to offer to stay with the kids, it was weird that he wanted to do so with Kyle. He usually only offered his help when it was Michael who was baby sitting. He was still holding onto all that crap from high school.

"Yeah, um, something came up." Ava said and Kyle took another look at the two women. His wife was holding onto Liz's arm while Liz had a hand over her belly.

"What?" He asked, not realizing Max had just walked into the livingroom.

"Hey guys. Home so soon?"

"Not now Max." Kyle snapped. Then he looked at his wife who refused to move from Liz's side. "What came up Ava?" Both women shared a look. A look that didn't go unnoticed by either male.

"Maybe we should talk about it later?" Ava had been staring at him the whole time when her eyes suddenly flashed to Max before going back to Kyle.

She didn't want Max to know. That meant whatever was happening was happening to Liz. Message received.

"Okay babe." Kyle smiled at her to let her know he understood.

"Okay." Ava looked at Liz who suddenly looked really pale. "Let's go lay you down."


"What the hell is going on Ava?" Kyle demanded once Ava walked into their bedroom.

"Shh." She said pointing to the door. That meant Max was listening in. Fucking Max. "Come here." Kyle walked over to his wife and let her wrap her arms around his shoulders. "I love you so much." She told him and Kyle smirked.

"I love you too, babe."

The kiss started out slow, like all their other kisses but there was something different about it. Ava was taking control, relaxing him so that she could get through to him. That's when it happened.

Different flashes of what happened in the bathroom of the JC Penny's in the mall flashed across Kyle's eyes. Liz throwing up. Ava asking her if she was pregnant. Liz telling her to check. Ava lifting the bottom of Liz's shirt and pushing down her skirt before putting her hand just above Liz's red underwear. The connection flaring to life when Ava found the fetus. The fetus telling Ava it was a boy.

Ava pulled back first. When she looked at her husband, she could see the tears in his eyes. "That's why we came home so early."

"Is she gonna keep him?"

"She says she doesn't know but once she finds out it's a boy, I know she will." Ava moved away from him and adjusted her white racer back top in the mirror. "She just needs some sleep to think things over." Then she smoothed out the front of her jean capris. "But I know for a fact that she's gonna keep him though."

"How?" Kyle asked as he wiped his eyes.

"Because she loves her husband and will keep anything she can get from him." Ava turned to him. "She still wears her wedding ring and tells men she's married even though in this reality she's not."

"Do you think she'll ever get over him?"

"I wish I could say yes but if it were us, I wouldn't be able to get over you."

"Awe. Thanks babe." Kyle wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her softly. Then he laughed.


"You had your hand on Liz Parker's underwear." He smirked. "That is so going in the spank bank."

"Kyle!" Ava slapped him on his chest. "Yo sometimes I'z don't knowz why I'z still wit ya ass."

"It's because you love me." Then he smirked. "Well that and I give the best loving."


Liz lay in bed in the guest room. She kept one hand on her belly while the other rest over her head. Was she ready to have another baby?

Sure she and Dean had talked about it a few times and yeah, she would love to have another baby but Dean isn't here to help her. He's dead and Liz didn't know if she could raise two kids on her own.

Liz felt a sudden pull in the back of her head and before she knew it, she was standing in a dark room. All alone.


Liz turned and saw a little boy about 2 or 3 years old, running towards her. He had dirty blond hair, a round face and these pouty full lips. But what caught her attention was his eyes. He had the same hazel green eyes as Dean.

"Mattie!" The name slipped from her lips as he finally reached her.

"Please keep me mama." He cried into her hair as he held her tightly. "Please."~

And suddenly Liz was back in the guest room. Back on the bed. She was having a boy; a son and his name was going to be Matthew Xavier Winchester.


Max watched as Ava and Kyle worked together to feed both their kids and Bella. Bella. She looked just like her beautiful mother. The hair, the nose, the smile. But her green eyes and her pouty lips weren't Liz's. They must have come from her father.

Lucky bastard. Max thought bitterly as he watched Bella bite happily into a chicken nugget. It had never entered his mind that Liz would have moved on let alone have a family but it didn't really matter to him. He could easily step in and be both a father to Bella and a husband to Liz. This was what he had been working for as long as he could remember.

Once Isabel left, he took a step back and took a good look at his life. When he realized he didn't like what he saw, he did everything in his power to change it. He knew that if he didn't like his life then neither would Liz and he wasn't going to lose her because of something as stupid as a few bad choices. So he did what he had to to get his life back on track.

The first thing he did was clean himself up. He cut his hair, shaved his beard and stopped going to the gym so much. Instead he hit the books and got a better job. When he could afford it, he moved out of the apartment he had been sharing with Tess and bought himself a two bedroom in a nice condominium. He had to make sure that when Liz got back, she had everything she needed to feel secure.

"Want?" Max looked at Bella and saw her offering him one of her nuggets.

He smiled. "No thanks. You eat it."

"Okay." And she ate half of it in one bite.

"How can someone so small, eat so much?" He asked with a smile.

"She has her father's appetite." Liz was standing in the doorway of the kitchen in only her top and skirt. No bulky heels, no tight red blazer, no smokey dark make up and no round earrings. Just plain old Liz. Utter perfection.

"How you feeling?" Ava asked as she walked over to her and Max shook his head.

Ever since Liz came back, Ava had been slowly going back to the person she had been when she had first came to Roswell. Gone were the baggy clothes and flat sneakers and in their place were tighter clothes and higher heels. Didn't she know that she was a mother to not one but two children?

He would have said something to Kyle but of course Kyle didn't care. He liked that his wife dressed like a whore. As long as he was getting some, he didn't give two shits how his wife dressed or acted. What a shame. Once he and Liz got together, her woredrobe would be the first thing to go.

"Better." Liz smiled a small smile and Max could see that something was up. The talk in the livingroom hadn't skipped his mind. Nor did the 20 minute "couple time" Ava and Kyle had once Liz was alone in the guestroom.

"Good." Ava rubbed Liz's arms and Max was shocked to see Liz let her. When did they became so close? And how come he didn't know anything about it? "You need to eat. What would you like?"

Liz smiled and Max couldn't help but smile too. "I'll have whatever the kids are having."

"Are you sure? Because we can make whatever."

"Yeah Ava. I'm sure." Then she smiled at the blond. "I'll be okay with whatever. We'll be fine."

"We'll?" Ava asked with a smile and Liz nodded. "Oh Lizzie." The small blond pulled Liz into her a hug. "I'm so happy for you."

"Me too." Kyle said with a smirk.

"So am I." Liz replied as she shook her head.

"What are we happy for?" Max asked as he rubbed his hands together. He had a feeling he wasn't going to like what she was about to say.

"I'm pregnant."