Dancing along the reality line (XO,SPN,MATURE) End Ch. 4/16

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 12/8/12

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Chapter 51

Missouri paced the length of her small living room waiting for the Winchesters to get home. Liz had called her when they were an hour out of town but something wasn't right. She could feel it in her stomach.

Ding dong.

The psychic's head snapped towards the front door. That wasn't them. She knew what Liz's magic felt like and that wasn't it. Whoever was standing at her door felt like evil. Evil and pure death.

Ding dong.

But Missouri also knew that if she didn't open the door then one or both of the babies would wake up and she didn't want them to see what was about to happen. Her future was black but theirs were bright. As long as she didn't scream.

"Oh Missouri!" An unfamiliar voice called out from the other side of the front door. "I know you're in there." She could see the person's hands sliding up and down the door frame. "I just wanna talk."

"No you don't." She snapped. She was standing in the hallway just staring at her front door. "How stupid do you think I am? Just go away!"

The door flew opened and a shadowy figure stood in the doorway. "I don't think so."


Liz sat in the back of the impala and watched as Dean drove straight to Missouri's house. It was so great to be back home. She loved the way Lawrence smelled. Like freshly cut grass and a hint of fresh bread baking. It was a truly homey smell. Safe.

~So sweet.~ A voice whispered into Liz's ear. ~Don't worry, little angel. I just wanna talk to your mama.~

Liz suddenly felt her eyes get heavy but she knew she wasn't tired. She was being pulled into something. Something that was in between a flash and the dream plane.


When she opened her eyes, she wasn't in the impala anymore. Liz glanced around. She was standing in the middle of what looked like a...a forest?

"Well. Well. Well." The voice from before said. "You are nothing like what I pictured for Dean's wife." Then the person chuckled. "Then again I never pictured Dean Winchester getting married. Ever."

Liz turned and saw a man in his mid thirties with dirty blonde hair. He wore a gray flannel shirt that hung open revealing a puke green under shirt and dark blue jeans. His face was...peeling and he looked sick but somehow healthy.

"Who are you and how did I get here?" She asked, taking a quick look around. They were by the lake just outside of town. The same lake she and Dean would go to for special accusations, like the anniversaries. How the hell did she get here?

The man chuckled as he rubbed his 5 o'clock shadow and took a step towards her. "Let's just say I'm a friend of a friend and how you got here is not important. In fact," He rubbed his hands together. "The only thing that is important is what I brought you here for."

"And what did you bring me here for?" Liz took a step back as he took another step towards her.

"I know you've been working with my brother and the psychic to help the Winchesters." He smiled as he folded his arms over his chest. "Naughty, naughty."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Liz backed up until she hit something solid and the man stood tall in front of her.

"Lying is a sin, you know." He said, his voice just above a whisper. Then he trapped her between his arms, put his nose to her hair and took a deep breath in. "You smell like fresh laundry and sugar cookies." He raised his hand to her face and let his fingers caressed the side of her cheek. Liz could feel her stomach drop and her body start to tremble in fear. "No wonder Dean and Sam like you. You smell like home to them." He chuckled again. "Different homes but home none the less."

"Please just leave me alone." Liz begged as the man's hand ran down her neck and stopped over her heart.

"I'm sorry sweetheart but I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"Because I need Sam just the way he is and if you did anything to him, I will be forced to do something," He snapped his fingers and Liz could see an image of Bella and Mattie asleep on the bed in Missouri's guest room. "That may leave these sweet babies without both their parents."

"I didn't do anything to Sam. I would never."

"Tsk. Tsk. Now didn't I just say lying is a sin?" He pushed the hand on her chest a little bit deeper and Liz cried out in pain.

"I swear I'm didn't." She cried.

~Liz!~ Dean's voice rang in her ear. ~Liz!~

"This isn't over sweetheart. I may not be able to find the Winchesters but you, I could find with my eyes close." Then he chuckled. "Well, you and your children." Liz tried to move but the man's hand wouldn't budge. "So here is a little message I want you to tell the boys. Stop trying. Time is running out and saying yes is the only way. Especially when there are so many..." His other hand curled a strand of her hair around his finger. "People involved."

~God damn it, Liz. Wake the hell up!~ Dean demanded and Liz could feel someone shaking her.

"Well, it seems our time is up." He took a step back, his hands falling to his sides and smiled at her. "This was so nice." He then raised his hand and Liz turned her head, her eyes closing on instinct. "I'll be seeing you Winchester." And she heard him snap his fingers.


Liz opened her eyes and came face to face with Dean. She couldn't breathe for a second but then felt her lungs burn so she took a deep breath in.

"Oh thank God." Dean said as he pulled her into his arms. "I thought something happened to you." He pushed back and stared at her. "What the hell happened?"

She stared at him for a second remembering what just happened. She didn't know who the man was but she didn't care. He threatened her. And he threatened her kids.

"Liz?" Liz turned to Sam who was standing behind Dean. That's when she realized they weren't inside of the impala anymore. Instead, they were out front of Missouri's house. "What just happened?"

"The kids!" She shot up and ran into the house. She went straight up the stairs and down the hall until she was in front of the guest room. She took a deep breath in before slowly opening the door. "Please God let them be alright." She turned on the light and walked over to the bed. There lay her two babies. Bella was laying on her back while Mattie cuddled into her side. They were safe. "Thank God."


"Are they okay?" Sam asked as Liz came down the stairs.

"Yeah." Liz nodded her head. "They're sleeping." She walked passed him and towards the kitchen.

"What happened in the car Liz? Are you okay?" Sam asked from behind her.

"Yeah, I just-." Her words died on her lips when she saw blood on the floor of the kitchen.

"Liz?" She pointed to the blood and Sam pushed by her. "Oh God." He dropped to his knees. "Dean!" He yelled. "Dean get in here."

She could feel her husband coming into the house and walking up behind her but she couldn't hear him. All she heard was this buzzing as her wobbly legs carried her to where Sam was kneeling.

"Liz, I don't think-." Dean started but Liz quickly cut him off.

"I don't care." She snapped. There on the floor was Missouri's body. "Oh my God." Her knees buckled and she fell to the ground, her sobs the only thing heard throughout the room.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 12/16/1

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Chapter 52

(A week later)

Liz laid in her bed while Bella and Mattie slept. Today was Missouri's funeral and she was all alone. No Sam. No Dean. No Cass. The guys had to leave before the police came and Cass, well he wasn't answering any of her calls. Whatever he was doing was obviously more important than answering her.

The phone rang but Liz refused to pick it up. It was probably just the funeral home calling. She'll get there when she got there.

Liz got out of bed and started her morning routine. Use the toilet. Wash both her hands and her face. Brush her teeth and then she took a quick but hot bath. She needed to get ready before the kids got up. As she wiped the fog off the mirror, Liz was brought back to the night they found Missouri's body.


"How the hell did this happen? Who would want Missouri dead?" Dean questioned.

Cass slowly made his way around the room. Sam had called him first. Then he called Bobby to let him know what happened. Once Cass found out what he could, they would call the police. "Lucifer."


"He was here." Cass looked at Liz. "Did he get to you?"

She nodded and Dean's head snapped to her. "When?"

"In the impala." She mumbled. Dean had moved her to a kitchen chair once Cass appeared in the hallway behind her. "I didn't know it was him but I should have."

"What did he want?" Sam asked. He was trying not to look down at Missouri's body but was failing horribly. They both were.

"He wanted to meet Dean's wife." She said as she wiped away a few tears. "And he had a message." She paused for a second to take in a shallow breath. "Stop trying. Time is running out and saying yes is the only way. Especially when there are so many..." Her eyes went straight to her friend's body and Liz had to choke back a sob. "People involved."

Dean looked at Cass. "You have to do that thing with the symbols to both her and the kids."


"No. We already lost Missouri. I won't lose them too."

"Do what thing with the symbols?" Liz asked confused.

"Cass can do this thing where he sort of brands you with these Enochian symbols." Sam explained.

"What is it for?"

"The symbols make it impossible for angels to find you. Even the devil."

Liz looked at the angel. "Why didn't you do it before?"

"I didn't think Lucifer would find you. No other angel has."

"Well he has, so do it." Dean demanded. Cass gave him a look.

"Please Cass. Me and the kids need to be safe. Especially with how he connected to me." Liz begged.


"Wait." Sam said. "How did he connect with you?"

"First the brand, then the answers." Dean snapped. Liz rolled her eyes but got up anyway so that Cass could get to her easier. The angel hesitated for a second but then walked over to her and gently pushed his fingers into her chest. A burning raced through her bones and Liz had to bite back a cry. Then it was gone.

"Ow." She said as she rubbed her chest. "That hurt."

"Yes." Cass shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it."

"Let's do the kids." Dean said.

"And I'll call the police." Both Winchesters looked at Liz. "We've waited long enough without it looking suspicious. If we wait any longer, we'll be screwed."

"Fine." Dean and Cass walked out of the kitchen leaving Liz and Sam alone with...the body.

"I'm just gonna..." Liz walked over to the phone and quickly called the police. It took a few seconds for them to pick up but once they did, Liz was able to tell them everything and then she hung up. "They'll be here soon."

Sam nodded. "Okay." He moved away from his spot just as Dean walked in. Alone. "Where's Cass?"

"He had something to do." Dean looked at Liz who was still by the phone that was hanging on the wall near the window. "You called?" She nodded. "Damn." He looked at Sam. "Let's hit the road." Again Sam nodded and then walked out with nothing but a slight smile to Liz.

"Bye Sam." But he was already gone. Liz looked at Dean. "I guess..." She wiped away the lone tear that betrayed her. "I guess this is...goodbye?" Her voice cracked at the end and Dean's head dropped.

"Our lives-." He ran his hand through his hair and let it sit on the back of his neck before looking up at her. "Yeah. This is goodbye." Another tear threatened to slip pass her barrier but Liz refused to let it.

"Yeah. I get it." She turned away from him. "You lives aren't simple. At least you got to meet the kids and...um..." She wasn't going to cry. She wasn't going to cry. "You should be going. The police'll be here any second."

"Liz I-."

"Don't. Just...don't." Liz waited for Dean to say or do something but all she heard was him sigh and leave. Once she heard the front door close, Liz slowly slid to the floor and let everything out.


Half an hour later, Liz was dressed in a black Kimono sleeve dress that fell mid thigh. The neck line had a slight plunge to it and it clung to her curves. Missouri had given it to Liz on Christmas but Liz hadn't had a chance to where it yet.

"Mama I done." Liz looked down and saw Bella in a black dinner dress that had white hearts on it and a red strip around the belly. Her hair was in soft curls around her face and a red bow headband sat in her hair.

"That's good bunny." Liz took one last look in the mirror, waved her hand across her hair and face and was done. "Come on."


The funeral was beautiful and the burial was sad. Liz stood in front of Missouri's grave, Mattie in her arms and Bella by her side. This was...is one of the hardest things she ever had to do.

"I'm gonna miss you Missouri." She could hear the tears in her voice. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there to save you." She choked back her tears. "Or at least there to protect you. I'm so sorry."

"It wasn't your fault." Someone suddenly said behind her.

"No?" Liz turned to the person. Cass.

"No." He glanced around but no one was around. Liz had stayed behind so that she could say bye alone. "It's my fault."


"I should have known that I couldn't keep you, the kids and Missouri hidden from Lucifer. Especially with my search for God."

"Wow. That's...how is that going?" Liz snapped.

"Not well."

"I'd like to say I'm sorry about that but I shouldn't lie. It's a sin." Cass' eyes snapped to her. "What?"

"What did you say?"

"I said that I shouldn't lie. It's a sin." She didn't know why he wad looking at her like that but-. Oh shit. Liz was pulled back to her dream and what Lucifer had said to her.

~Lying is a sin, you know.~

A cold shiver ran down her spine as Liz remembered how close he stood. How he smelled her. How he touched her. Disgust. That's the only thing she felt when the devil had been that close to her.

"You need to be careful, now." Cass suddenly said. Then he handed her a card. "Here."

"What is this?" Liz asked as she let go of Bella's hand to take the card.

"It's an address. You'll be safe there."

"Why can't I stay here?" Cass gave her a look. "Fine. But what about Roswell? Can't I go there?"

"Not if you wanna keep your family safe."

Liz growled. "Fine. We'll leave tonight."

"Good. I'll tell Sam and Dean-."

"Don't." She snapped. "Just...don't. We'll go to the stupid address but I don't wanna be around the Winchesters right now." Cass cracked a smirk. "I meant them."

"Okay." The smirk was gone. "I must be going." He walked Liz over to her car and watched as she strapped both kids in. "Be safe."


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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 12/20/1

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Scenes between ~ are from 99 problems.

Chapter 53

"Oh Missouri!" An unfamiliar voice called out. "I know you're in there. I just wanna talk."

Liz opened her eyes and saw that she was sitting on the bottom steps of the staircase in Missouri's house. She could see a shadowy figure outside the door and when she pressed herself up against the wooden bars of the stairs, she could also see Missouri standing in the middle of the hallway.

"No you don't." Missouri snapped. "How stupid do you think I am? Just go away!" What was this? She slowly pulled herself to her feet. When was this?

Suddenly, the door flew opened making both Liz and Missouri jump and the shadowy figure moved into the doorway. "I don't think so." He took a step into the light and Liz instantly recognized him.

"Lucifer." The name slipped from Missouri's lips in a soft whisper but Liz heard it anyway.

"Ding. Ding. Ding. Someone give the psychic a prize." He said sarcastically. "Then again you always knew this was how it was going to end, didn't you?"

Liz's head snapped to her friend. "I always knew I would meet my end sooner rather than later." What?

"Well then. I'm just too happy to help." Liz blinked and he was in front of Missouri . "I wanna hear you scream."

"Never." She slowly backed up and Liz noticed blood dripping down her friend's hand. What was-? Suddenly Missouri closed the kitchen door and some symbol was drawn on it. In blood? Liz felt her stomach turn. "See ya sugar." Then she slammed her bloody hand dead center and a white light burned Lucifer from the inside out. He was gone. For now.

Liz slowly made her way to the kitchen where Missouri had disappeared to. She was sitting at the kitchen table, writing something. Liz couldn't see who it was to but she could see where Missouri had hid it. In the cookie jar on the counter behind the spices.

"That hurt." Liz jumped and hit the wall behind her. Lucifer was leaning in the doorway of the kitchen, a huge smile on his face and his arms folded in front of him. "I see the Winchesters have taught you well."

"Those boys wouldn't know their assholes from their elbows." She said shaking her head. "I do have other friends." Then she smiled. "In higher places."

"Ahh. Castiel." He nodded slowly. "I should have known. Well," He claps his hands together a bit dramatically as he pushed off the door frame. "You ready to die?"

"I've made my peace. I can only pray you do too."

"Oh I will. Don't worry." And suddenly he was in front of her. "Sorry but I can't have anyone else getting in my way." Before Missouri could speak, his hand was through her chest. Her heart in his hand.


"Missouri!" Liz shot up in bed and took a quick look around. She was safe. Slowly, the images from the dream came to her and Liz felt her stomach turn. "Oh my God." She jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom where she emptied out her stomach.

Had she just seen Missouri's death? And if so, why? Why now? It's been weeks. 6 weeks actually. Nothing could change what's already happened. Nothing could bring Missouri back. Nothing.

When she was done, Liz closed the toilet seat and flushed it. Then she turned on the faucet, washed her mouth and brushed her teeth. Today was already starting to suck.


~Dean followed behind the small firetruck and ended up parking next to it, in front of a church. He and Sam got out of the impala and as Dean went back to the trunk, Sam tossed him his bloody shirt. He quickly dumped it into the trunk, closed it and walked over to Sam who was putting on his jacket. Then together, they follow the others into a church, walking over a demon trap.~

Inside the church, a wedding was going on and something in Dean's chest constricts. An image flashes pass his eyes. It's of Liz. She's in her bar and she's laughing at something the blond waitress was telling her.

~As the preacher was talking, Sam noticed that most of the people were holding shotguns.

"Wedding?" Sam scoffed and Dean spared him a look. "Seriously."

"Yeah." Paul, one of the men who saved them said. "We've had 8 so far this week." Both Sam and Dean give him a weird look. Eight. That was a lot.

When the ceremony was over and everyone was outside, the preacher walked out and stood near them.

"So Roy tells me you boys hunt demons." He says it as a statement. Not a question.

"Uh...yes, sir." Sam answered him anyway and when Dean nods to confirm, he notices the gun strapped to the preacher's leg.

"You missed a few." He joked.

"Yeah, tell us about it." Sam chuckled. "Any idea why they're here?"

The preacher shakes his head "no". "They sure seem to like us, though." Dean nodded, slightly confused. "Follow me, gentlemen." He turned and went back into the church. Dean followed right behind him and Sam behind him.

"So you're a preacher?" Dean asked as they went down a flight of stairs, deeper into the church.

"Not what you expected, huh?"

"Well, dude, you're packing."

"Strange times." Then he opened a pair of doors and walked through. Inside the room, there were a ton of people. Some were pouring holy water into jugs, others were fixing guns and some were...

"Is that a 12 year old packing salt rounds?" Dean asked as he and Sam follow the preacher towards the front of the room.~

An image of Bella at the same age doing the same thing flashed across his mind. Her long brown hair tied back so that it doesn't get caught. No. He told himself. She'll never have to do that. And neither will Mattie.

~"Everyone pitches in." The preacher told them, pulling Dean from his dark thoughts.

"So the whole church?" Sam questioned.~

His thoughts were running along the same lines as his brother's.

~"The whole town." Then the preacher turned to them.

"A whole town full of hunters? I don't know whether to run screaming or buy a condo." Dean joked but deep in his heart, he knew he couldn't do either of them.

"Well, the demons were killing us. We had to do something."

"So why not call the national guard?" Sam questioned.

"We were told not to."

"By who?" The preacher says nothing.~

Something wasn't right and Sam could feel it. As soon as he could, he was gonna call Cass. Then he looked at the little girl packing the rock salt. And maybe Liz.

~"Come on, padre." Dean stated. "You're as locked and loaded as we've ever seen. And that exorcism was Enochian. Someone's telling you something."

The preacher shook his head. "Look. I can't discuss it."

"Dad, it's okay." A feminine voice said from behind them.

"Leah-." Both Sam and Dean turn and see a pretty brunette in a blue top, jeans and a gray sweater.

"It's Sam and Dean Winchester, they're safe." She tells him. "I know all about them." Dean raised his eyebrow in confusion, looked at Sam and then back at Leah.

"You do?"

"Sure." She smiled. "From the angels."

"The angels." Dean looked at Sam. "Awesome."

"Don't worrying they can't see you here. The marks on your ribs right?" Dean looked down confused as to how Leah may know that.

"So, you know all about us because angels told you?" Sam questioned.

Leah smiled again. "Yes. Among other things."

"Like the snappy little exorcism spell." Dean said.

"And they show me where the demons are gonna be, before it happens. How to fight back."

"She's never been wrong." The preacher said proudly. "Not once." He walked over to her, the back of his hand gently caressing her face. "She's very special."

"Dad." Leah said shyly.

"Let me guess. Before you see something, you get really bad migraines? You see flashing lights?" Dean questioned.

"How'd you know?" She asked confused.

"'Cause you're not the first prophet we've met." Dean told her. "But you are the cutest." Sam's head snapped to Dean while Leah smiled and her father gave him a look. "I mean that with total respect, of course."~

He's flirting with her? Sam shook his head. Unbelievable.


Liz stood in front of the small table preparing for dinner while Bella and Mattie watched Tv and played in the next room. As she cut up the potatoes and carrots for the stew, her mind wandered.

The safe house Cass sent them to was small. A one bedroom home with a livingroom, kitchen and a tiny bathroom that Mattie and Bella barely fit in together. But what did she expect? Really. She was living on the run or whatever and her spacious home was too dangerous to stay in. If things stayed as bad as they were, she and the kids would have to start moving constantly just so they were a step ahead of who ever wanted them dead.

No. Liz shook her head. Though she was still a little pissed at them for everything that happened, she knew Sam and Dean would do whatever they needed to do in order to keep her and the kids safe.

Moving on. Liz started stirring the pot.

She missed her friends. She took a quick look at the clock on the stove. Since it was around 5 at night, Ava was probably getting dinner ready while Kyle hung out with the kids. Alex was probably still in New York, on business while Isabel was probably in one of her night classes. The only person she had no clue what they may or may not be doing was Michael. She hadn't spoken to him in a while. Why? She didn't know but she missed him. Maybe she'd call him after dinner?

Actually, she hadn't spoken to anyone other than her parents to let them know she was okay and about...well about M. And the only person she's seen other than her two kids was Cass and that wasn't exactly a good thing. Not that the angel wasn't a joy to be around but he barely came around and when he did, it was to tell her how Sam and Dean were doing.

Sam and Dean.

She'd be lying if she said she hadn't thought about them. Though they were pains in her ass, they were also family. The only Winchester family she and the kids had. Maybe she should just-.

"It was all a lie." Liz jumped as Cass fell into the chair next to the table.

"What was?"

"God. My destiny. Being able to stop the end of the world. Take your pick."

"What happened?" The angel looked up at her and motioned for her to sit in front of him. She did so on shaky legs. Something wasn't right. She could feel it in her gut but what? "Okay Cass. You're scaring me. What the hell happened?" She made sure to keep her voice down. The last thing she needed was for her kids to come running in now.

"Sam and Dean were in heaven and found out that though God knows what has been happening, he just...he doesn't feel that it is his problem."

"Wow." Liz sat back in the chair but shot back up. "How did Sam and Dean get into heaven?"

"Please Elizabeth. Don't ask stupid questions." He slumped down into the chair.

Liz shook her head. "You need a drink." She stood up and walked over to the cabinet. "So do I." There she pulled out an almost empty bottle of Jack. "This...won't do." She put the bottle back in the cabinet and pulled out a second one. A brand new bottle. "Better." She grabbed two glasses, the new bottle and walked over to Cass. "Here." She poured him some in the first glass and some for her in the other. Then she handed him his.

"Thank you." In one gulp, it was gone. "Another." Liz poured him another and that to was gone in a gulp.

"You just want the bottle so you don't have to keep asking?"

"Please." Liz gave him the bottle and instead of using the glass, Cass began downing the brand new bottle of Jack Daniels.

"Wow." She said taking a sip from her glass.

When he was done, he slammed the bottle down making Liz jump. "More."

"I don't have more."

"Fine." Then he was gone.

"That can't be good." She whispered before shaking her head and finishing her glass. Then she got up and went back to dinner. She hoped Sam and Dean were doing better than her.


Dylan is dead. That was the only thing Dean could think of as he and Sam sat in the back of the church. Dylan is dead and it was all his fault. Dean shook his head. If he couldn't keep Dylan, who knew what he was doing, safe, then how the hell was he suppose to keep Liz and the kids safe? How was he suppose to watch over all 3 of them when he couldn't even watch over 1 kid? How the-?

Leah suddenly fell to the floor and both Sam and Dean jumped out of their seats, as did most of church. Her father was saying something to her but all Dean could see was Liz as she fell to the ground. He saw her falling after she healed Sam and he saw her falling when they found Missouri's body.


Another casualty in a war she had nothing to do with. All because she knew them. Dean slowly sunk into his chair as Leah stood before the church. Her words fell on deaf ears. Hell, Dean wasn't even in the church anymore. He was back in Missouri's kitchen, talking to Liz.

He should have stayed. He should have held her. He should have kissed her. He should have done a million things that night but instead, all he did was leave. Dean shook his head. At least he got to say goodbye to Bella and Mattie.

~Dean opened the doors of the church as he and Sam walked out.

"No drinking. No gambling. No premarital sex. Dean, they basically just outlawed 90% of your personality." Sam joked but Dean didn't laugh.

"Yeah, well, whatever. When in Rome."

"So uh, you're cool with it?"

"I'm not cool. I'm not not cool. It's...look man. I'm not a prophet. We're not locals. It's not my call." Dean and Sam shared a look but it was quickly broken when Dean looked back at the church. "I'll catch up with you." Then he walked back into the church.~


It was mid afternoon the next day and Liz still couldn't get in touch with Cass. Where was he? Why wasn't he picking up his damn phone? Liz rolled her eyes at the phone message he had.

~"You have reached the voice mailbox of..."

"I don't understand...why does it want my name?" Then there were a few beeps as if he was pressing buttons and then the final beep.~

"I can't take this anymore." Liz snatched her cell up and dialed the first number she could remember. She waited a few seconds but then heard the voice mailbox again.

"This is Dean. You know what to do? Beep."

"Damn it!" Liz snapped before closing the phone. Then she reopened it. "Sam." She dialed Sam's number and waited but a few seconds for him to answer.

"Sam here."

"Oh thank God. Sam."


"Yeah. I just called because-."

"I um, I know why you called but we're on a case right now. We can't-."

"Shut up Sam. I'm not in Lawrence and even if I was, right now, I really don't want to see either of you."

She heard Sam sigh. "I understand." He paused. "Then why did you call?"

"It's Cass."

"What about him?" That caught his attention.

"I can't get in touch with him and I was wondering if either of you have seen him."

"Oh. No. We haven't. We've actually been looking for him."

"Please call me if you see him."

"No problem."

"Thanks Sam." Liz bit on her lower lip. She wouldn't be the first one to break. Not this time. "Bye Sam."

"Bye Liz." Then she hung up. Shaking her head, Liz went to the room she and the kids were sharing and started packing their things. 6 weeks was long enough. She was going home. Devil or not.


Sam looked down at his phone and couldn't believe what just happened. Liz was looking for Cass too. What the hell was going on? First this crap and now a missing Cass? That can't be good.

He grabbed the nearest book and started looking through it. He had to find something. Nothing felt right right now and with Dean on the edge...

~Sam stood up and walked over to the other side of the room, the book still in his hands. As he reached into his bag and pulled out another, someone opened the door.

"I got your message." It was Cass. He stumbled into the room, swayed over to the frig and opened it. Sam let out a sigh he didn't even know he was holding. "It was long, your message and I find the sound of your voice...grating." Cass closed the frig door.

"What's wrong with you?" Sam asked. Then he watched as Cass swayed back and forth. "Are you...drunk?"

"No." Cass turned to Sam but grabbed onto the small ugly wall thing. "Yes."

"What the hell happened to you?"

Cass leaned his head against the wall. "I found a liquor store."


"And I drank it!" He said with a attitude as he pushed off the wall. "Why'd you call me?"

Sam moved closer to help him. He was swaying on his feet. "Whoa." Sam laughed. "There you go. Easy. Are you okay?"

Cass smiled and then motioned for Sam to come closer. Unsure, Sam leaned down so that Cass could whisper into his ear.

"Don't ask stupid questions." Sam stood back up, a dirty look on his face. "Tell me what you need."

"T-there have been these...these demon attacks. Massive. Right on the edge of town. And we can't figure out why they're..."

"Any sign of angels?" Cass asked, actually listening.

"Sort of. They've been speaking to this prophet."

Cass looked down. "Who?"

"This girl, Leah Gideon."

"She's not a prophet." Sam put his hand on Cass' shoulder to steady him.

"I'm pretty sure she is. Visions, headaches...the whole package."

"The names of all the prophets..." He was staring up at the ceiling. "They're seared into my brain." Then he looked Sam dead in the eye. "Leah Gideon is not one of them."

Sam waited for Cass to continue but he didn't. "Then what is she?"~


Liz finally pulled into her driveway after driving for God knows how long and smiled up at her house. Her home. They were home. Finally home.


~Dean closed the trunk of the impala and saw Cass holding his head on the bench. He walked over to the driver's side, reached in and pulled out a bottle of aspirin.

"Heads up." He tossed the bottle to Cass and the angel caught it.

Cass held the bottle for a second and then looked down at it. "How many should I take?"

"You?" Dean asked. "You should probably just down the whole bottle."


"Yeah." Dean looked down. "Don't mention it." When he looked back up, there was understanding in his eyes. "Yeah I've been there." He took a look around as if he was uncomfortable. "I'm a big expert on deadbeat dads, so...yeah, I get it." Dean looked straight ahead and shook his head. "I know how you feel."

"How do you manage it?" Cass asked, sparing Dean a quick look.

Dean shook his head but didn't really look at him. "On a good day, you get to kill a whore." Cass looked up at and when Dean looked down at him, he smirked.~


(The next day)

Liz was preparing for lunch when the house phone started to ring. Smiling, she picked up the closest rag, dried her hands and picked up the phone.


"Hey Lizzie. How are you?"

"Alex?" The smile on her face grew. "Oh my God. How are you?"

He laughed into the phone. "I'm great. I just got back from New York and..."

"And?" Liz asked excited.

"I'm getting married."

"Oh my God, Alex. That's...that's great!" Suddenly there was a knock on her front door. "I can't believe it. Who's the lucky girl?" She slowly walked over to door and when she opened it, her smile fell. Dean was standing at the door with a sad look on his face. "I have to go Alex. I'll call you back. Bye." She hung the phone up before he coulf answer her and moved outside so that the kids wouldn't hear whatever he was about to say. "Dean."

"Hey Liz." He smiled his perfect smile at her and she couldn't help but smile back. "I was gonna call but I left my phone at the hotel room."

"No, it's..." Her heart melted at the soft, lost boy look he had on his face. "It's okay." It was the same one as Mattie's. "I'm just...I didn't know..." She shook her head. "I'm just surprised. That's all." She said with a smile.

"How's Bella and Mattie?"

"They're good. Playing right now but good." Dean looked down and smiled.

"I'm glad." He glanced around and Liz automatically knew something was wrong. Her smile instantly disappeared.

"What? What happened, Dean?" He chuckled silently for a second before looking up at her with a completely sober face. "What's wrong?"

"Look, I have no illusions, okay." He stopped as if to gather his thoughts. "I know the life that I live." He shook his head. "I know how it's gonna end for me." Her eyes closed for a second, knowing exactly what he was talking about before opening again. "Whatever. I'm okay with that." Then he took a breath in and Liz had to bite back her tears. "But I want you to know..." Again he paused. "That when I do picture myself happy..." Another pause. "It's with you." Then he smiled his sexy smile. "And the kids."

A tear fell from Liz's eye. "Wow. I just-."

"I mean, you don't have to say anything." He told her as he shook his head. "I just thought you should know."

"No. I mean...I know. I want to." Liz let out a shaky breath. "Come inside. I'm making lunch." She turned but Dean's voice stopped her.

"I wish I could." They stare at each other for a few seconds before Dean looked away. "Take care of yourself, Liz." He turned to leave and through she knew she should just let him leave, she couldn't. She had to try and make him stay. Even for a few minutes.

"No. Wait." She grabbed him by the arm. "Wait. You can't just drop a bomb shell like that and then leave." Dean nodded slowly.

"I know." Then he turned to her. "I'm sorry. But I don't have a choice."

"Yeah. Yeah, you do." Liz let out another shaky breath. "You do. You can come inside and let me feed you. I can give you a beer and we can talk while I cook." Liz tried to go back into the house but Dean stopped her.

"Liz, wait a minute." He turned her back to him. "Things are about to get really bad." Liz bit her lip as she wrapped her arms around her waist.

"Like how?" She gave him a look. "Like you saying yes to Michael bad?"

Dean shook his head and scoffed. "I should have known you'd know."

"Of course I know Dean. Cass filled in the blanks a couple of weeks back." A tear fell from her eye. "Please don't do it Dean. Don't do whatever it is you're about to do. Just..." She wiped away the tears that have fallen. "Just come inside and spend sometime with your kids."

"I'm sorry but I can't." He pulled her close and leaned down so that their foreheads were touching. "I promise you that you won't have to worry about a thing though. You won't. I'm going to make arrangements for you, Bella and Mattie."

"Are you kidding me?" Liz asked through her tears.

"Whatever happens, you're gonna be okay." He told her and Liz could hear the tears in his voice.

"Dean please." She grabbed the labels of his jacket as his hands fell to her hips, both holding onto the other tightly. "I love you. Please. Please, just come inside and we can talk about this."

"I can't. I'm sorry." He slowly leaned into her and their lips met in a soft but brief kiss. "I love you too." Then he turned, went back to the impala and drove off, leaving Liz standing on her front steps alone. Crying.

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 12/24/1

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Thanks so much for the love :D

Scenes between ~ are from Point of No Return.

Chapter 54

(A few days later)

"So, no answer from him yet?" Alex asked.

"No." Liz pulled out her brown leather pants and an emerald green open back top that had thin strings that so happened to tie in the back. "And I think I've called him about a dozen times."

"What about Sam?"

"He doesn't know where Dean is but said once he finds him that he'll call me."


Liz nodded. "Tell me about it." Shaking her head and wiping away her fallen tears, she smiled. "Enough sadness, let's move on to you. So who's the lucky lady and when is the special date?"

"Great way to avoid the subject Liz." He said with a laugh."And um, you know her." That caught Liz's attention. "Kind of."

"Oh my God." Liz dropped her clothes onto her bed. "Is it...Serena?" There was a pause but Liz already knew the answer. "Oh my God! I can't wait to see her Alex."

"She can't wait to see you either Liz but I'm not marrying Serena." She sat down on the bed.

"Not Serena? Then who?"


"Wow. How did I not see that coming?" Liz asked with a roll of her eyes.

"Normally, I'd be saying the same thing but with everything you've told me and what I've learned through Ava, thanks by the way, you've been through a lot this year."

"I'm sorry about not telling you everything. Ava was just available." Liz told him. "Not that I don't love Ava but I always think of you first."

"That's nice to know." Alex let out a soft sigh and Liz knew she was off the hook. "What about you? Other than everything that's been going on with Dean, how are you doing?"

"I'm...getting by." Liz got down on her knees and began looking through the bottom of her bed for her strappy green pumps.

"I'm so sorry about Missouri. I know how close you guys were."

"Thanks." Finding her pumps, Liz pulled them out and heard a beep on her phone. "Alex. I'm a call you back."

"Okay. Love you. Bye."

"I love you, too. Bye." Liz quickly switched to the other call. "Hello?"

"Hey Liz."

"Sam." She stood up, her attention completely on her brother in law.

"I found him."


~Dean walked over to a desk that had a mirror over it and in his hand was a paper bag. He pulled out a bottle of whiskey, opened it and took a couple of gulps.~

He was going to do this. If not for himself, for his family. An image of Bella and Mattie playing in the livingroom at Missouri's flashed through his mind. He was doing this for them. They didn't need to grow up in his world. No demons, ghosts or monsters were going after his kids.

~He grabbed his leather jacket, folded it up and put it into the box he had picked up before he got here. His car keys were next. He went back to the desk, pulled out some paper and wrote a letter. ~Three letters actually. One to Bobby. One to Sam and the last to...Liz.~

When he was done, he took another drink from the whiskey bottle and stared at himself in the mirror.~

Disgust. Self loathing. His profile made him sick to his stomach. How could Liz marry someone like him? How could she love him? Hopefully him saying yes will make him worthy of her love.

~He checked his gun and after making sure it was loaded, put it into the box. The last thing in the box was the letters.~

Bobby'll give the other letters to Sam and Liz. He was sure of it.

~He taped the box close and wrote Bobby's info on the top. Needing another drink, he walked back to the desk and poured himself another glass.

"Sending someone a candygram?" Someone asked, the glass of whiskey stopping seconds from Dean's lips. He turned around, shocked to see Sam standing in the open doorway.

"How'd you find me?"

"You're gonna kill yourself, right?" Dean looked away. "It's not too hard to figure out the stops on the farewell tour. How's ~Liz~ doing anyway?"

Dean shook his head. "I'm not gonna kill myself."

"No?" Sam questioned looking slightly pissed. "So, Michael's not about to make you his muppet?" Dean looked down before finally drinking his drink. "What the hell, man? This is how it ends? You just...walk out?"

He poured himself another drink while trying not to look at Sam. "Yeah, I guess."

"How could you do that?"

"How could I?" Dean snapped, just as equally pissed as Sam was. "All you've ever done is run away."

"And I was wrong. Every single time I did." Sam exhaled sharply, trying to contain himself. "Just...please...not now. Bobby is working on something." He knew he sounded desperate but he was.

"Oh really? What?" Dean demanded and Sam looked down. "You got nothing and you know it." Sam let out a deep breath while Dean drank his third drink. Or fourth. He wasn't counting.

Sam sighed. "You know I have to stop you."

Dean sniffed back his tears, put his empty glass down and slowly moved away from it, his hands by his sides. "Yeah, well, you can try." He stopped so that he was facing his little brother. "But just remember, you're not all hopped up on demon blood this time."

Sam nodded. "Yeah, I know." He took a slow breath in. "But I bought help." Dean gave him a confused look but then heard a whoosh of air and turned. Cass was standing behind him and a second later, his fingers touch Dean's forehead and all was black.~


The bar was in full swing and though Liz wished she could called Sam, she barely had a free second to breath. It seemed half of the customers were drowning their sorrows away while the other half were partying their night away.

A group of frat boys laughed and drank in True's section while the older, more self contained bar patrons were quietly eating and drinking in Melody's section. Liz was stuck behind the bar with a mixture of both.

"Well. Well. Well. What do we have here?" Liz looked over her shoulder and smiled.

"Hey Donnie. What's up?"

"What's up? Lizzie. Lizzie. Lizzie. It's been almost 2 months since the last time I've seen you and what's up is the only thing you have to say to me?" Liz smiled and shook her head.

"Oh Donnie." She walked around the bar and gave him a tight hug. "How are you?"

"How am I? How are you?" He asked holding her at arm's length.

"I'm...getting by." Liz went back behind the bar, opened a beer and handed it to him.

"Who's with the rugrats?" He asked before taking a sip from his beer.

"I left them with Melody's cousin. She's in high school and needs the extra cash."

"I'm glad you guys are doing okay after..." He shook his head. "What a way to go." He suddenly said. "And she was such an amazing woman." Donnie looked up at Liz. "Did you know that she was the one who helped John after Mary died?"

Liz stopped. No. She hadn't. "Wow. Really? I didn't...I didn't know that."

"Did you ever find him or his boys?" He took a another sip of his beer.

"Um, yeah." Liz began pouring a line of shots for True who was laughing at something one of the college guys were yelling to her. "Poor John is dead." She spared Donnie a look as she loaded the shots onto True's tray. "Heart attack." Then she smirked when Melody asked for a round of beers for the two men huddled in the corner.

"What about the boys?"

"Oh um, Sam and Dean?" She gave Melody her order and then gave one of the regulars another beer.


"They're, um, I guess you can say that they're traveling 'cross county." Finally having some down time, Liz began wiping down the bar top. "They were actually in town for a couple of weeks back, before leaving."

"That was them?" Donnie asked after he finished his beer. "So grown." He shook his head. "Should have known though. Dean looks like Mary and Sam is the perfect mixer of both of them."

"Yeah." Liz handed him his second beer.

"Did I ever ask you why you were looking for them?" He asked just before drinking some of his beer.

"No. I don't believe you did." A man with brown hair and a pointy nose sat at the bar, right in front of her. "What can I get you?"

"Two shots of whiskey and some of your time." He smiled slowly at her and Liz felt her stomach tighten.

"I can give you the shots but my time is pretty much taken." She pour the two shots in front of him. "Sorry."

"Not a problem." The man took his shots, drank one and then went to a table in the back of the bar.

"Who was that?" Donnie asked, his beer empty in front of him.

"I don't know but that was weird, wasn't it?"

"Yeah it was." Both took a quick look at the guy, then back at each other. "I hope he's not another Ben."

"Oh my God." Liz covered her eyes with her hand. "How is he? Ben? I haven't seen him since our date on Valentine's day."

"Ben? He's doing okay and he understands." Donnie nodded and Liz knew he wanted another beer. "First it was work and then with..." He nodded his head as she put his third beer in front of him. "He understands."

"I um," Liz chewed on her lower lip wondering if she should or shouldn't tell Donnie the truth. "That's good. I'm glad."


~"Yeah no," Dean stated sarcastically as he went from one side of the room to the other. "This is good. Eight months of turned pages and screwed pooches but tonight," He sat on the edge of the dresser near the window. "Tonight's when the magic happens."~

He knew he was being a pain in the ass but he shouldn't be here. He should be out there, about to say yes so that his son and daughter had a better life than he did. So that Liz would be safe. So that he wouldn't feel like such a failure.

~"You ain't helping." Bobby told him.

"Yeah well, why don't you let me get out of your hair then?" Sam slowly looked up from the book he was looking at to look at Bobby who looked up at Dean.

"What the hell happened to you?" Bobby asked.

"Reality happened. Nuclear's the only option we have left. Michael can ice the devil and save a boatload of people." Dean pushed off of the dresser and walked over to the other side of the room.

"But not all of them." Bobby said. "We got to think of something else."

"Yeah well, that's easy for you to say but if Lucifer burns this mother down, and I could have down something about it, guess what," Dean slammed his hand on the dresser before sitting back on it and pointing to himself. "That's on me."

"You can't give up son."

Dean scoffed, his head dropping for a few seconds before he shook it and looked at Bobby. "You're not my father." Bobby looked at him shocked. "And you ain't in my shoes."~

As soon as the words left his mouth, Dean wanted to take them back. Bobby was more his father to him than John Winchester had ever been and here he was telling him that he wasn't. If Liz was here, she'd slap him. Liz. He'd say he had to stop thinking about her but she was the push he needed to say yes to Michael.

~Sam looked at Dean, shocked and Dean looked away. Bobby opened up the draw next to him, pulled out a gun and slammed it in front of him on the pile of books. Next, he went into his shirt pocket and pulled out a small silver bullet. After that, he just stared at it in his hand.

"What is that?" Dean asked both a little scared and slightly confused.

"It's the round I mean to put through my skull." He said before slamming that too on the desk in front of him. "Every morning I look at it and I think, "Maybe today's the day I flip the lights out." But I don't do it. I never do it. You know why? Because I promised you I wouldn't give up!" He yelled the last part shocking all of them, even Cass.~

Damn, Dean suddenly wanted to punch himself in the face. Here he was about to give up when he told Bobby that he better not. What a hypocrite he was.

~Suddenly Cass groaned as he clutched his head.

"Cass, you okay?" Sam asked, concerned.

"No." His hands slowly drop from his face.

"What's wrong?"

"Something's happening."

"Where?" Dean questioned but Cass didn't answer him. Instead, he just disappeared in a gust of wind.~


As Liz was closing the bar, her mind went straight to Dean. Sam still hadn't called her back and though she wanted to call him, she didn't want to come off like a crazy person. They would call her when they could. She just hoped everything was okay.


About an hour later, Liz was done. Everything was restocked and ready for tomorrow. The only things left were the crates of empty beer bottles that needed to be brought outside.

"Let's do this." She mumbled to herself before picking up two crates, one stacked on the other, at a time. It took her about ten or eleven trips to get all the crates outside but she did it. "Done." She huffed as she stacked the last crate.

"Finally." Liz spun around, her hand up in front of her just in case. "Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Don't shoot." It was the man from inside the bar.

"What do you want?"

"What do I want?" The man repeated, his finger tapping on his lower lip. "Nothing."

"Then what are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to see if it was true."

"If what was true?"

"That Dean Winchester had a wife and that she was one tough bitch." His hands fell to his hips. "Not really seeing it."

"Who are you?"

"Just someone who knows the Winchesters."

"Everyone knows the Winchesters. Now tell me your name or get the hell out of here. I'm not in the mood for this bullshit. Not tonight." She dropped her hand, walked over to the bar, locked it and then went to her car.

"Fine." Liz stopped short. "My name is Gabriel but they call me Loki." She slowly turned to him. "At least," He cocked his head to the side. "They do now."

"Gabriel? As in the ark angel, Gabriel?"

He nodded his head. "The same but call me Loki." He raised his finger to his lips. "I'm on the run."

"From who?"

"Does it matter?"

Liz shook her head. "No. It doesn't." She opened her door. "Bye Loki." But before she could get into the bug, a painful headache slammed into her making her drop to her knees.

"This can't be good." Gabriel ran over to make sure she was okay but was zapped back by the green electricity that was running up and down her arms. "What the fuck?"

"Dirt." Liz suddenly yelled. "Dirt. Digging." She stammered. "Hands. Angels." Then everything stopped just as fast as it began. "Oh God."

"What the fuck was that?" Gabriel snapped. He was still on the floor where he was thrown.

Instead of answering him, Liz opened her phone and dialed Sam's number. He picked up on the second ring.

"Hey Liz, I'm sorry I haven't called you but Dean isn't making it easy on us."

"Sam! Shut up for a second." She rubbed her forehead. "I saw something." She paused for a second. "A lot of things actually but the only solid thing I got from it was a name."

"What name?"

"Adam. Adam Mulligan."


(A few hours later)

The call from Liz got to him. Why would she see Adam climbing out of the ground? How could she see that? Was she psychic or was that just another power from her alien ties? That was impossible. Sam shook his head. Nothing in their life was impossible. He should know that by now. He shook his for a second time as he took his book and walked into the kitchen.

Maybe them being in a small room for so long was getting to him? He just...he needed some time to himself.

~"I'm gonna get a beer. Do you mind?" Sam huffed a bit but moved aside so that Dean could get into the frig. When he opened it though, a gust of wind blew around them, sending papers and pages everywhere.

"Help!" Cass snapped as he carried something over to the cot under the window.

"Boys!" Bobby yelled. Both Sam and Dean walked over to help Cass but stopped when they saw that the thing he was carrying was not a thing but a person. "Who is it?"

Both Winchesters shared a look before looking back at the new comer. "That's our brother."~


"How did you see it?" Sam had called Liz once they had some down time. Unfortunately with Adam gone and Dean resting on the cot in the livingroom, this was the only down time they had. "How did you see Adam climbing out of the ground?"

"I don't..." Sam could hear the confusion in her voice. "I don't know, Sam. I just...I just saw it. He was stuck in the dirt, barely able to breathe, then someone grabbed his hand and when he broke the surface, he could breath again. And he clasped to the floor."

"Where are you?"

"I'm home."

"Were you there when you..." He looked right at Cass who looked like he was trying to listen in to what Liz was saying. "When you got your...vision?"

"No. I had just closed the bar when it happened."

"Did anyone see you?"

"Just the ark angel Gabriel." She took a slow, deep breath in. "Look, Sam, I'm...I'm really freaking out here. I mean, I haven't had a vision in a long time. Especially not in Lawrence. Why is this happening and why is it happening now?" He could hear the tears in her voice and his heart broke.

"Just...just calm down. You have to calm down and stay strong."

"Stay strong?" She scoffed and Sam smiled. Liz was just as hard headed as Dean sometimes but Sam knew how to handle both of them. "Why should I stay strong Sam?"

"For Bella and Mattie. You have to stay strong for your kids."

"Fine." She snapped before calming down. "I have to go. Bye." Then she hung up the phone.

"We have a problem." Sam said as he hung up his phone.

"Another one?" Bobby snapped.

"After Cass left, Liz called me to tell me that she had a vision of Adam." Both Cass and Bobby looked at him confused. "She saw him crawling out of the ground.

"This is not good." Cass said. "Elizabeth shouldn't be receiving visions. At least not in Lawrence."

"Why not?" Bobby asked.

"Because her magic is linked to the Winchesters." Then Cass shook his head. "Or at least most of it is."

"That's not the worst part." Sam said as he folded his arms over his chest.


"Loki is there." Then Sam stopped. "Or is it Gabriel?"

"Does it really matter? Dean's wife is a freaking psychic and a runaway angel is following her. I know what it is and it ain't good." Bobby snapped.

"Tell me about it. If Dean finds out that he's in Lawrence with Liz and the kids, he'll flip."


Dean couldn't believe it. The angels were actually using Adam to get him to say yes. He suddenly felt better that only Cass and Lucifer knew about Liz and the kids.

He took a deep breath before opening the door and walking into the beautiful room. Once in, he took a quick look around and saw his little brother laying on the floor with blood all over his mouth and down his neck. Though they didn't grow up together, Adam was still family and something in his stomach tightened at the sight of him.

~"Adam. Hey, hey." Dean said as he made his way over to him.

"You came for me." Adam stated confused.

"You're family." Dean threw Adam's arm over his shoulder and pulled him to his feet.

"Dean, it's a trap."

"I figured."

"Dean." Both Dean and Adam look up at Zachariah. "Please. Did you really think it would be that easy?" He asked condensingly.

"Did you?" Sam ran up behind him but Zachariah was faster and had Sam across the room with an opened palm to the chest. "Sam!"

"You know what I've learned from this experience, Dean. Patience." Then he opened his hand again and Adam started coughing up blood.

"Adam?!" He slipped from Dean's arm and fell to the floor. "Let him go, you son of a bitch."

"I mean I thought I was downsized for sure, and for us, a firing..." Zachariah laughed. "Is pretty damn literal." Then he started chuckling. "But I should have trusted the boss man. It's all playing out like he said..." Dean looked down at Adam who was withering in pain, blood still coming out of his mouth. "You, me, your hemorrhaging brothers." Zachariah turned his hand at Sam and he started vomiting out blood. Just like Adam. "You're finally ready, right?" Dean looked at Sam and then down at Adam. "You know there's no other choice."

"Stop it."

"There's never been a choice."

"Stop it right now."

"In exchange for what?"

"Damn it, Zachariah." Sam and Adam's gagging filled the silence before Dean continued. "Stop it, please." Then their panting filled the silence. "I'll do it."

Sam looked up at Dean but said nothing.

"I'm sorry. What was that?"

"Okay, yes." More panting. "The answer is yes."

"Dean!" Sam managed to beg through his pain.

"Do you hear me?" Dean said a little bit louder. "Call Michael down, you bastard!" His voice breaking. He looked at both Sam and Adam who stared back at him.

"How do I know you're not lying?"

"Do I look like I'm lying?" Dean snapped.

Zachariah turned with a smile on his face and started speaking in another language. As he called for Michael, Sam and Dean stare at each other and though Sam was scared and in pain, Dean winked at him.

"He's coming."

"Of course, I have a few conditions." Dean told him.

Zach turned to Dean confused. "What?"

"A few conditions. A few people whose safety you have to guarantee before I say yes."

"Sure fine. Make a list."

"But most of all...Michael can't have me until he disintegrates you."

"What did you say?"

"I said..." Dean took a step towards Zach. "Before Michael gets one piece of this sweet ass...he has to turn you into a piece of charcoal."

Zachariah chuckled nervously. "You really think Michael's gonna go for that?"

"Who's more important to him now?" He gave Zach a half smirk. "You...or me?"

Zach grabbed Dean by the collar. "You listen to me. You are nothing but a maggot inside a worm's ass. Do you know who I am? After I deliver you to Michael?"


Again Zach chuckled. "Michael's not gonna kill me."

"Maybe not." Dean let the silver sword Cass gave him slide into his hand. "But I am." Then he slammed it in through Zach's throat and stared at him, the angel's face frozen in shock.

After a few seconds, Dean was thrown away as Zachariah hit the other wall, dead. Slowly, a buzzing filled the room and Dean knew what was about to happen. They all did. Quickly, Dean got to his feet and helped Adam up first.

"Can you walk?"


"Okay. Come on." Dean ran over to Sam and helped him up while Adam stared at the light. Shaking out of it, Adam took a quick look at the body of Zachariah and started to move towards his older brothers. Dean and Sam made it to the door and Dean spared Adam a quick look. "Come on, move it!" He yelled as he and Sam went through the door.

But Adam wasn't as lucky. As he got to the door, it slammed closed on him.

"No!" He started banging on the door. "Dean, help!" Dean put Sam down and ran back to the door but was burned when he touched the handle. "Dean, help!" Adam was banging on the door like crazy but Dean couldn't get it open. "Dean. Please. Help!"

"Hold on. We'll get you out!" Dean yelled but the buzzing was getting so loud that Adam could barely hear him. "Just hold on." Adam slowly turned away from the door. "Adam. Do you hear me? Hold on." Suddenly the buzzing and the light died down. "Adam?" Dean was finally able to open the door but the room was empty.~

"Fuck!" He snapped turning to Sam who pushed himself up. "He's gone."

"Damn it."


Liz was in her livingroom, pacing back and forth. Two days. She hadn't heard from Sam or Dean in two days. Something was wrong. She could feel it in her gut. But what?

Not knowing what to do, Liz walked out of the livingroom and into the kitchen where she started pulling out ingredients. When she was younger, writing helped to clear her mind. Now that she was a mother, baking cleared it.

Milk, flower, sugar, butter, oil and eggs. She didn't know what she was going to bake but those were the main ingredients to everything. Well, almost everything.

As she opened a draw for a spoon, she realized it was the wrong draw but noticed a letter. It was the letter she took from Missouri's when she was cleaning it out yesterday before work. But she had shoved it in the back pocket of her jeans. How did it get here? She didn't know but it held her attention.

Slowly, Liz pulled the letter out and walked over to the kitchen table. Once she was comfortable, she opened it and then read it.

Dear Liz,

If you are reading this, then I am already dead. I'm sorry but it was my time. My last gift to you is two things. The first is the knowledge that it was I who Lucifer used to connect with you. How? I'll spare you the details but know he will not touch a hair on either of your babies.

The second thing is this. Don't let Dean do it. Don't let him say yes. Adam has to be the one to say yes because only then can you save all 3 Winchesters. You may not understand me now but you will. Soon.

Love always,


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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 12/28/1

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Happy New Year everyone!!!

Chapter 55

Shocked. Liz was beyond shocked. Missouri always had the answers. Even after death. Grabbing the house phone off the charger, Liz dialed Dean's number. She waited for a few seconds and then hung up. Sam was next. She dialed his number and waited but again, no answer.

"What the hell?" She snapped. "You have got to be kidding me?" Shaking her head, Liz put the house phone back on its charger and started putting everything she took out away. If they wouldn't answer her while they were awake, then maybe they'd answer her when they were asleep.


(Dean's dream)

Dean sat in Liz's livingroom and watched as Bella and Mattie played in front of him. Normal. He felt normal and it was nice.

"Babe, you still want that beer?" Liz called from the kitchen and Dean smiled.

"Yeah. Thanks." He watched as she walked over to him, open beer in her hand and boy, did she look good. She wore a simple white dress with black ankle boots and a black belt. Her hair was curly and pulled back into a high ponytail. It was simple yet sexy.

"Here you go." As he went to grab the bottle, a line suddenly appeared across her neck and it was bleeding.

"What the-?!" He jumped up from the chair and stared at her. "Liz, what the hell happened to your neck?"

"You didn't say yes and the angels found us."

"Us?" He looked down at the kids and both were bleeding; Bella from her side and Mattie from his head. "Oh God."

"We're not the only ones you let down." Adam slowly walked into the livingroom.

"Fuck." Dean said, taking a step back.

"You said you were going to help me." He said, his hands by his sides. "I called for you and called for you...but you never came."

"Adam, I swear. I tried but I couldn't get in. The door was too hot." He held up his hand. "I burned myself trying to get to you." But his palm was perfect. No burn scar.

"You told me not to worry." Liz said as she ran her finger along her wound. Blood coated the digit as she held it out so that he could see it. "But I shouldn't have listened to you." She walked over to Mattie and picked him up while Bella held onto her leg. "You have done nothing but put my life and the lives of our children in danger." She told him. "We were perfectly safe before you and Sam came along."

"So was I." Adam said with a smirk. "And it didn't matter that you didn't know about me. Because they did."

"And they knew about us too." Liz continued.

"No!" Dean snapped. "They haven't found you and the kids yet."

"No, but they will." Liz shook her head. "How could I fall in love with a man like you? How could I marry you?" Her voice slowly rose and by the end, she was yelling.

"Please don't say-."

"What the hell is all of this?" A different Liz walked into the livingroom. She looked more real and actually wore something he'd seen her in. Her batman pajamas. "Really Dean?" She snapped her fingers and they were alone in a small apartment.

"Whoa. What the hell just happened? How did you do that?" He asked, backing up.

"Dean, this is a dream." The new Liz told him. "I just..." She took a quick look around. "You needed to get out of there. I think you were having a nightmare." Then she shook her head. "It had to be a nightmare."

"Where are we?" He questioned.

"In the dream or in general?"

"The dream. I know where I am."

"Oh." She looked around sheepishly. "This was our apartment in the other reality."

"So this is really-."

"A dream?" Dean nodded. "Yeah, it is."

"So I can change it into anything I want?" He asked and Liz gave him a confused look.

"Yeah." Suddenly the room changed. They stood in the middle of Parker's bar and Liz was no longer in her pajamas. She wore blood red leather pants and a shredded Metallica shirt that showed off everything but her breasts. Even her hair was different. Instead of it being in a low ponytail, it sat in big curls, framing her face. "Really?" She asked him. "You like me looking like this?"

Dean laughed. "Hey, I couldn't think of a better outfit." Then he slowly walked over to her. "Plus I know you own the exact same outfit."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." He ran his finger from her cheek down to her lips and then over her bottom lip.

"And how do you know that?" She stammered. He was turning her on. Fast.

"You wore it once. I think it was a few days before we left and Sam and I were watching the kids at Missouri's while she dealt with a customer." His whole right hand pushed back her hair and rested on the back of her neck. "You came in after work wearing this and it took everything in me not to push you up against the wall but then again...we're all alone here."

He slowly back her up against the wall and pushed her legs apart with his boots. Then he slowly ran his left hand down her chest, over her belly and to the button on her leather pants. With a flick of his wrist, the button was undone but he wasn't. He then pulled down the zipper, his index finger trailing over her underwear.

Liz had to bite on her lower lip to stop herself from shaking.

"Do you want me to touch you baby?" He asked and Liz nodded. "Tell me you want me to touch you."

"I want you to touch me Dean."

"Good." He pulled back her underwear with his right hand and was palming her with his left. "You're so wet." He whispered as he kissed the side of her face. "Do you want me to finger fuck you?" Again Liz nodded. "Say it."

"I want you to-." Her words were cut off when one of his fingers entered her. "Oh God." Her hands slammed into the wall behind her and her nails bit into the wood.

"Does that feel good?" He asked, his finger moving slowly in and out of her.

"Yes, God, yes." She moaned. Then he added a second finger and Liz felt her knees buckle.

"Do you want me to fuck you on one of these tables?" His dirty words were driving her to the brink and Liz didn't know if she could hold on any longer.


"I'd love to do nothing else but," He stopped fingering her and pulled his hand from her pants. "I wanna do it in reality. Not a dream."

Liz sagged against the wall. "Holy crap."

"Like that, did you?" Liz nodded.

"You never talked to me like that in the other reality." She said completely out of breath.

"Good." He looked her dead in the eye. "I don't wanna do anything like him. In three days, I'm a show you what I can do." Then he raise the fingers that were inside of her to his mouth and sucked on them. "Um. Much better than I thought."


Liz shot up in bed, sweat clinging to her body and a humming that hummed along her veins. Three days. She had three days til Dean finished what he started and nothing was gonna interrupt them this time.


"Dude, what the hell? Get up!" Sam grumbled as he punched Dean in the arm. "You were groaning in your sleep again."

Dean sat up and wiped his face. "I was?" He smirked. "Damn. What a dream."

"I don't wanna know." Sam sat up and fixed himself. "Let's go. We still have a few places to go and I think..." He looked out the closed window. "It's gonna rain."


(3 days later)

Liz got up bright and early and started her morning routine. Today was the day. Today, Dean was coming home and he promised her the ride of her life.

Smiling, she went downstairs to start breakfast.

For the last three days, all Liz did was get ready for tonight. On the first day, she did both her grocery shopping and all the laundry. Day two was a day of pamper and relaxation. First she went to the spa and got a mani/pedi, a mud bath and a deep tissue massage. Then she went and got her hair done and before work, she went lingerie shopping. Her husband loved her in a wife beater and boyshort panties. Who knew what this Dean liked?

Plus, she wasn't as small or as thin as she had been when she and her husband had been together. And though Bella and Mattie were technically his, this was their first time together. Her first time with someone other than her husband.

Shaking her head, Liz poured the eggs she had been scrambling into the pan that was ready. She couldn't really think about that. She had other things to worry about. Like the rest of today.

Today was already planned out. After breakfast, Liz was gonna take the kids out and make sure that they stood busy so that when bedtime came, they would just fall out. She was also going to cook a big dinner because Sam was likely to come with Dean and both were known for their appetites. And the guest room was ready. Everything was ready and all Liz had to wait for was-.

Suddenly there was a knock on the front door that had Liz jumping out of her skin. She had been so far gone in her head, that she didn't even realize that she had finished breakfast and was setting up the table for the kids.

More knocking.

"I'm coming!" She yelled. Who could that be? Surely not Sam and Dean. They would have called once they got outside. So who? Slowly, Liz opened the front door and was shocked to see who was there. "Oh my God. You guys? What are you doing here?"

"We wanted to surprise you." Ava pointed to Alex when the look on Liz's face didn't change. "It was his idea."

"You've just been so sad lately, we just thought you needed family around." He told her and Liz couldn't help but smile.

"This is the best surprise ever." She told him before pulling him into her arms.

"You sure?" Alex asked as he pulled back. "Because you didn't look happy when you saw us."

"I was just surprised to see you guys." Then she pulled Ava into her arms. "All of you guys." Smiling, she took a step back when she and Ava broke apart. "Come in."

"Thanks." Alex and Ava were the first ones in. Behind them was Kyle, Jimmy and Chloe. All whom hugged Liz tight. Michael and Mia were next, no Maria and though she wanted to ask why, she kept her mouth shut. And last but not least was Isabel and-.


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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 1/2/13

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Chapter 56

Without thinking, Liz threw her arms around Serena shocking everyone. Everyone but Serena.

"Hey there, stranger."

"Oh God." Liz let her go. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't...I wasn't thinking." She ran her hand through her hair. "Let's start this all over. I'm Liz, Liz Parker."

Serena smiled and shook her hand. "Don't worry about it and don't you mean Winchester?" Liz stopped mid shake, frozen in place.

"What did you say?"

"Which part?" Serena said with a smile. "The "don't worry" part or the "Winchester" part?"


Dean watched as Sam got into the impala. After getting away from all those gods AND seeing the video Gabriel left them, Dean felt like he could actually breathe again. They had a plan-b. Finally.

"To Bobby's house?" Sam asked as Dean got into the impala.

"To Bobby's house." As they drove off, Dean suddenly felt like he was missing something. He began patting himself down. "Dude? Am I missing something?"

"I don't know. Are you?" Sam asked as he opened his laptop and then his phone. "Hey Bobby, it's Sam. We're coming." Pause. "Yeah, right now." He typed something into his laptop and then waited. "No but we did just get a break. Not a big one but it's something." Sam spared Dean a look before mouthing; What are you doing?

Dean waved him off before rechecking everything. Gun. Keys. Phone. Id's. Bag of clothes. "What am I missing?" He mumbled to himself.

"Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Bye." Sam looked at Dean who was still patting himself down. "Did you find what you were looking for?"

"No and it's pissing me off." He kept on driving, one hand on the wheel while the other went searching in his leather to make sure he still had everything.

"Well whatever it was must not have been important, or else you would have remembered. Right?" Sam wasn't even paying attention to him. He was typing away with the go anywhere Internet someone had gotten for him.

"Yeah. Maybe."


Liz sat in the livingroom, shocked. Serena had just told her everything and it was a little unbelievable. After her supposed running away, Serena and Dean had went looking for Liz. While Dean followed the trail the aliens set up, Serena went to Roswell.

"It was pretty easy once I got my bearings." Serena told her.

It took her only two months to figure out who was who and what was happening behind closed doors. Especially since no one would let her in.

"I can't believe you figured out the aliens secret." Liz mumbled to herself.

"It wasn't really me figuring it out on my own as it was me shamelessly following them around until I caught one of them using. After that," She shrugged her shoulders. "It wasn't that hard to put two and two together."

"You were always way smarter than you let on." Liz said with a small smirk.

"Thank you." After figuring out what the aliens were, she confronted them. "I basically told them that either they bring you back or I tell their secret."

"What did they say to that?" Alex asked. He had been sitting quietly by the window, one hand on the arm rest while the other picked at his lower lip.

"Max, Michael and Isabel wanted to tell me everything but Tess..." Serena rolled her eyes. "Tess wasn't having it. Any of it."

"What did she do?"

"She said that she wasn't going to let me or my little slut of a friend ruin everything she had worked so hard to build. So she waved her hand over the wall and pushed me through it." Serena shuddered. "It felt like acid was on my skin. It burned and itched at the same time. It was..." Her hands ran absently over her arms. "Unforgettable. When I opened my eyes, I was laying on the grass in the front of Alex's house."

Liz looked over at Alex who just nodded his head. "How long have you been in this reality?"

"A few weeks. Maybe 3 tops." She shrugged her shoulders again. "It can't be more than a month."

"We wanted to make sure she was really who she said she was before we brought her to you." Ava said as she walked into the livingroom. She had been taking care of Bella and Mattie while Serena and Alex told Liz everything.

"Thanks you guys. That means a lot." Liz said as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Especially after everything I've been through."

"About that..." Ava sat on the coffee table in front of Liz and Serena. "You wanna talk?"

Liz took a deep breath in before looking at Serena. "Do you know everything about Ava and them?" Serena shook her head. "Let's start there and then work our way up." She looked at Ava who nodded. "Okay?"

"Okay." Liz took a deep breath in.

"Okay. When I was 16, I was shot in my parent's restaurant."

"Oh my God. Is that why you left?"

Liz nodded. "Yeah it was but let me finish. I'm gonna tell you everything that happened here and then tie in the other reality after."

"Oh. Sorry. Go on." Liz smirked.

"So when I was..."


Sam and Dean walked into Bobby's house and found him sitting in front of the desk in the livingroom. His head was in the books as usual and he was writing something down in a notepad that sat to the right of him.

"Hey Bobby." He looked up from his books and shook his head.

"You boys look like crap."

"Thanks." Dean said with a smirk. "We feel like it too."

"Do you have anything on pestilence?" Sam asked moving over to the desk.

"Nothing yet but once I do, you will too."

Dean nodded. "Okay. Well, I'm gonna shower and then nap."

"Okay." Then he was gone. "What's his problem?" Bobby asked.

"Don't know." Sam said as he opened his laptop. "He thinks he forgot something and he's been a little jerky ever since."

"You think it has something to do with Cass?"


"I wish we knew where he was." Bobby said as he closed the book in front of him to open another. "This would be so much easier with his help."

"Tell me about." Sam ran his hand over his face. "Maybe Liz knows where he is?"

"Doubtful. That girl has other things to worry about."

Sam looked at Bobby. "You don't like her?"

"I never said that. I just..." Bobby drank from his flask. "I don't think this life is the life for her. Or her kids."

"But they're Dean's family. His wife. His kids."

"Exactly. That alone is a death sentence but then she has those powers of hers. It's only a matter of time before something happens to her and those kids."


Liz tucked Bella in.

"Mommy, is Rena staying?" Bella asked.

"I don't know bunny but I hope so."

"Me too." Liz smiled.

"Goodnight bunny." She kissed Bella on the forehead.

"Nite. Nite, mommy."

Liz got up and left. Mattie had fallen asleep about a half an hour ago so she was sans baby. Perfect. Now all she needed was Dean.

Dean. She tried calling him all day but he was either busy or he just didn't want to talk to her. Either way, she was a little worried. Cass was answering any of her calls either and he almost never did that. Something was up but what?

"Hey there buddy." Liz turned and saw Serena coming up the stairs. "You okay?"

"Oh yeah." Liz smiled. "I'm fine. I was just thinking about something."


"Nothing really." Liz waited until Serena reached her. "Did everyone else leave?"

"Yeah they did." Then Serena folded her arms over her chest. "And whatever you were thinking about had to be pretty important since you were just biting on your lip." Liz's mouth dropped open.

"I was?"

"Yep. So come on." Serena unfolded her arms and rested her hands on Liz's arms. "You can tell me anything."

"How are you taking this so well?"

"Taking what?"

"Everything? When I first told Maria and Alex, she freaked out and he thought I was going crazy. You...you're acting like this is completely normal."

"And it is." Liz's eyebrow rose in confusion. "Well, for you it's normal and after everything I've seen and been through...it's kind of hard not to believe it." Then she smiled. "Plus I have my best friend again. That automatically makes all of this better."

Liz smiled. "God I missed you."

"Good. Now tell me what's going on in that head of yours."

"Fine but no laughing."

"I promise no laughing on my favorite pair of Sam's underwear." She said with a smile.

"That's still so weird." Liz said before grabbing her hand and leading her to her room.


Dean sat in the livingroom with Sam and Bobby looking through book after book. Something was off. He could feel it. But what

"Nothing." He pushed the book in front of him away and huffed. "Damn it. Where the hell is Cass?"

"Dude, he did go nuclear on himself so we can save Adam. He's probably just laying low for a while." Sam told him as he typed away on his laptop. "Maybe Liz knows."

"Liz?" Dean demanded. "Why would she know anything?"

Sam looked up. "I don't know but she's smart. Maybe she's heard or seen something?"

"Maybe." Dean stood up. "Fine. I'll call her."


"So he hasn't called you yet?" Serena asked. She and Liz were laying on Liz's bed just staring at the ceiling. "That doesn't sound like Dean." She scoffed. "Then again, I don't even know this Dean. He could be completely different from the other Dean." She sat up and ran her hair through her long blond hair. "So could Sam."

"They're different, S but not that different. Family and loyality is still big for both of them." Liz sat up next to her. "I just...I have this feeling like something bad is about to happen and I'm afraid I won't be able to help."

Suddenly the phone started to ring, making both girls jump. "That's freaky." Serena said as Liz got up to get the phone by the window.

"Tell me about it." Then she picked up the phone and pressed talk. "Hello?"

"Liz? It's Dean."

"Hey Dean." Liz looked at Serena. "Is everything okay?"

"I um, I don't know yet. Is Cass there?"

"What?" She turned back to the window. "No. I haven't seen him since..." She ran her hand through her hair. "Wow, I haven't seen him since I offered him a drink when the kids and I were living in the safe house."

"Wait. Where?"

"After Missouri died, Cass sent me and the kids somewhere to be safe."

"For how long?"

"I think it was 6 weeks maybe 7. What does it matter?"

"But you were home the day I..." A small smile slipped onto Liz's lips as she remember the day he was talking about. The day he told her he loved her.

"Yeah. I um, I didn't want to stay in the safe house after Cass drank all of my whiskey so I packed the kids up and left. The next day is when you..."

"You got Cass drunk?"

"No. No. He wasn't drunk when he left the safe house." She ran her hand through her hair. "But he was looking to be." The smile fell from Liz's lips as she realized what this phone call meant. "So I'm guessing you're not coming this way?"

"Why would I-?" Liz heard him stop and knew exactly what it meant. It meant he forgot about tonight. God how stupid was she? "Oh fuck."

"You know what? It doesn't even matter anymore. I have to go. Bye Dean."

"Liz wa-." But she hung up on him. She was so stupid. She should have known he'd forget but she was so happy that she forgot. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Liz put the phone down, turned and sat down on her bed. Serena silently moved over to Liz and wrapped her arm over her shoulder. Instead of saying anything, they just sat in silence while the tears Liz had been holding back fell.


Dean stared down at his phone, shocked. He forgot about her. How could he forget about Liz? She was...

"Dean?" Dean turned and saw Sam standing on the front porch.


"Did you call her?"

"Yeah I did."


"And I fucked up big time." Sam gave him a confused look. "I don't wanna talk about it. What do you want?"

"I'm guessing she hasn't seen Cass."

"You guessed right."

"We found pestilence." Dean looked at him impressed. "Well, we got his scent so to speak."

"Great. Let's go."

"What about Liz?"

"What about her?"

"Aren't you worried about her and the kids?"

Dean took 4 long strides and was on the front porch next to Sam. "If we do this right, I won't have to worry about them anymore."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 1/8/13

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HypnotiqBlueEyes: Other Reality Dean won't be coming to this reality. He's gonna stay looking for Liz and Bella in his reality. It sucks but two of the same person can't be in the same reality.
cupcake_55: Yes other reality Tess did know how to open the portal but she didn't know it was to the other realities.
AvalonRose: Maybe :-)
Pandas2001: Max may be making an appearance ;-)

Scenes between ~ are from The Devil You Know.

Chapter 57

(3 days later)

Sam watched as Dean drove off with Crowley and he felt his blood begin to boil. How could he believe a demon? How? After everything they've been through! He turned and stomped back into Crowley's crappy safe house. There, he grabbed Dean's bottle of whiskey from his bag and just started drinking it.

Half an hour later, he was talking to Bobby.

~"And then Dean just walks..." He scoffed before downing another gulp of whiskey. "Right out the door with Crowley."

"Well look, Sam, I got no love for demons, and yeah, this whole thing is crazy but...I don't know. After a year of chasing up zilch, maybe it's time to go crazy." Bobby told him making Sam scoff again.

"Yeah. Maybe." Then he sighed. "Hey Bobby?" Sam took another drink from the bottle.


"Ah. Remember that time you were possessed?"

"Yeah. Rings a bell."

"When Meg told you to kill Dean, you didn't. You took your body back."

"Just long enough to shank myself, yeah."

"Well, how'd you do it?" Sam stood up and walked away from the fireplace. "I mean, how'd you take back the wheel?"

"Why are you asking Sam?"

Another drink. "Say we can open the cage. Great, but then what? W-we just lead the devil to the edge and get him to jump in?"

"You got me."

"What if you guys lead the devil to the edge and I jump in?"


"It'd be just like when you turned the knife around on yourself. One action--just one leap."

"Are you idjits trying to kill me?!" Bobby thundered.


"We just got done talking your brother off the ledge, and now you're lining up to say "yes"?"

"It's not like that. I'm not gonna do it. Not unless we all agree. But I think we got to look at our options."

"This isn't an option, Sam."

"Why not?"

"You can't do it. What I did was a million to one, and that was some pissant demon I was brain wrestling. You're talking about taking back control from Satan himself!" Bobby snapped.

"Yeah. Yeah, I am."

Bobby scoffed. "Kid, it's called "possession" for a reason. You of all people, ought to know."

"I'm strong enough."

"You ain't. He's gonna find every chink in your armour, Sam and use it against you; your fear, your grief, your anger. And let's face it, you're not exactly Mr. Anger Management. How are you gonna control the devil when you can't control yourself?"~

"You're..." Sam took a quick drink from the dwindling bottle. "You're completely right Bobby. Let's...let's just forget about it."

"Yeah. Sure." He could practically see Bobby nodding his head as he calmed down.

"I, um, I have to go Bobby. Bye."


Sam took a quick look around the crap safe house and thought about what Bobby just said. Maybe he was right? He wasn't exactly the same Sam he was say 2 years ago. Everything made him mad. Everything.

But what if Bobby was wrong?

Not thinking about what he was going to do, Sam took another gulp from the bottle before dialing a number he now knew by heart.


Liz smiled as she poured each of her friends a different drink. Tonight was their last night in Lawrence and though she had to work, she wanted them to have a good time.

"Thanks a lot, Lizzie bear." Alex slurred as he grabbed his fourth beer. Isabel stood next to him with her Shirley Temple and smiled.

"Okay, I'm cutting you off Alex." Liz said as handed the others their drinks. "That's your last beer."

Both Serena and Ava laughed while Michael just smirked. "I think that's a good idea." He said before drinking some of his coke. "I don't think anyone wants to hear him throwing up tonight or tomorrow morning for that matter."

"Lightweights." Kyle gloated before taking his shot. "Ah. That hit the spot."

"As did the six before that." Ava told him as she sipped on her sprite.

"You three are the three hottest chicks here tonight." Some guy said as he slid up behind Serena. "That is, not including the staff."

"Thanks." Serena said giving Liz a funny look before sipping on her margarita. "I think."

Both girls shared a laugh before Liz went back to work. The last few days had been exactly what she needed. She got to spend some much needed time with her friends which helped her to move forward with...well with just about everything.

It was nice.

Liz laughed as Michael, Alex and Kyle played quarters on the bar. Or at least they tried to. Neither Alex nor Kyle were sober enough to make the short distance and Michael was laughing to much to make a decent shot. Even the girls were having a ball at the guys' expense. The only thing missing was Max's mothering. The smile on Liz's face slowly disappeared.


Neither Isabel nor Michael had heard from him since Kyle and Ava threw him out of their house. He left only a letter behind saying that he needed to find himself. As she wiped down the bar top, her mind wandered. What did he need to find? Did he not already know himself? Or was he so invested in her that once he found out that she was pregnant, that his entire world turned on its side? Was her being pregnant really that big of a deal?


And what would he find? Would he find the shy yet sweet guy he once was? Or would he find the man Tess wanted him to be?

"Oh Liz?"

Tess. What a mistake she was. In both realities, she got Max and in both realities, they were both miserable. That had to mean something. Maybe destiny wasn't all that it was cracked up to be?

"Hello!! Liz!!" Liz stopped wiping down the counter and looked at the person who was calling her. True. She was holding the phone in one hand and her carrying tray in the other.

"Oh wow." She dropped the rag in her hand down and turned fully to her barmaid. "I'm so sorry True. What's up?"

"The phone."

Liz dried her hands on the clean rag over her shoulder before walking over to her. "Who is it?"

"Don't know," She handed Liz the phone. "But he sounds hot."

"How can someone sound hot over the phone?" Liz asked with a smirk. True shrugged her shoulders before walking off. "Okay then." Liz put the phone to her ear. "Parker's bar, Liz speaking. How may I help you?"

"Liz. It's Sam."

"Sam?" Liz spared Serena a quick look but her best friend was flirting with the guy who hit on her. "What's up? Are you okay?"

He laughed but it was strained. "I'm getting by."

"Okay." She pushed one of her curls behind her ear and leaned against the wall next to the phone, her back to the bar.

"I just...I needed to talk to someone who wasn't really...someone who was not on the inside of things."

Liz paused. "Okay." She took a deep breath in. "What's up?"

"I know you don't know anything about possession but when a person is possessed-."

"They lose all control of themselves and are basically backseat drivers in their own bodies. Yeah, Sam, I'm not exactly knew to all of this. I know about possession. What's this about?"

Sam let out a soft sigh. "Some people are strong enough to take their bodies back when their possessed and I was just-."

"You were just wondering if I thought you were strong enough to do the same thing?" Liz asked, finishing his sentence.

"I know you said that we were best friends in the other reality but you finishing my sentences is a little annoying." Sam joked or at least she hoped it was a joke. She could hear a slight slurr to his words which meant that he was either drinking or already drunk. Never a good sign for the Winchesters in this reality. If he was drinking, he was mad and was trying to calm his nerves.

"I'm sorry. I'll stop. I just...I know you Sam and even through you're not exactly like the Sam in the other reality, you're still Sam. Sweet and strong willed Sammy. Whatever you put your mind to, I know you will pull through." Liz waited a beat. "Did that answer your question?"

"Yeah um," She could practically see him smile his stupid Sam smile. "Thanks Liz. That means," He paused. "That means a lot."

"It's the truth." Then Liz realized why he was asking her this. "I know what this is about Sam and I'm not gonna tell you what to do. We're both adults and while I can give you advise that doesn't mean you'll follow it but can you promise me one thing?"

"I'll try. What is it?"

"After everything is said and done, please come home. I know you probably don't think of this place as home but I have an extra guest room and it's yours if you want it. I just...I miss my best friend." She paused for a second. "Plus you're the only blood relate uncle Bella and Mattie have and I'd hate for them not to know you like I do."

Sam was quiet for a little and Liz thought he may have hung up on her. "You're really too good for Dean." He suddenly said and Liz smiled.

"Thanks but I think I'm just right for the lug head." Sam let out a small chuckle that had Liz smiling.

"Yeah. I guess you are. Thanks again Liz."

"No problem, Sam." She was just about to hang up when something stopped her and told her to say; "It's all going to be okay Sammy. I promise. I love you." Then she hung up and went back to work.


Sam stared at the phone shocked at what Liz had said a few hours ago. *It's all going to be okay Sammy. I promise. I love you.* Someone else had said that to him once. But who?

He sat on a bed on the second floor, the half empty bottle of whiskey left forgotten on the floor near the bed. His thoughts were consuming him so much that he didn't even wanna drink anymore. Where the hell was Dean? Maybe he knew who said what Liz said to him.

Suddenly, Sam heard a car approach the house. He slowly got off the bed and walked over to the window and looked out. It was the impala. They were back. Finally, he thought. Turning around and leaving the room, Sam raced down the stairs only to find Crowley standing in the hallway. Alone.

~"Where's Dean?" He asked, looking towards the back of the house. Crowley gestured with his head at what would have been the pallor before speaking.

"Now...for the record, I'm against this. Negotiating a high-level defection--it's very delicate business." Sam gave him a slightly confused look and tried to walk by him but was stopped.

"What are you talking about?"

"I begged Dean not to come back. We should be miles away...from you." Slightly, Sam rolled his neck to calm himself down. "He replied with a colorful rejoinder about my "corn chute"." Sam scoffed and Crowley rolled his eyes. "So. Go. Ruin our last best hope." Sam nodded before side stepping pass him. "It's only the end of the world." He said before Sam was out of ear shot.

Sam walked into the room where Dean was and watched as he tightened the knots on the rope around the demon's body. He stopped in front of the demon and just stared at his brother. Slowly, Dean stood up and walked around the chair that held the demon.


"What's going on, Dean?"

"I need you to stay on mission," Dean paused. "Okay? Focused."

"I don't understand. What's all this about?"

"I'm doing this 'cause I trust you." The demon groaned behind Dean making Sam look at it.

"Trust me to what?"

Suddenly the demon spoke. "Sam?" Then it cleared its throat. "Sam, is that you?" Dean gave Sam a look before he walked back over to the demon, waited a few seconds and then pulled the bag off the demon's head, making the demon groan in the process.


The demon chuckled. "Brady hasn't been Brady in years. Not since, oh...middle of our sophomore year?"


"That's right." Sam looked at Dean to see if this was a joke but it wasn't. "You had a devil on your shoulder even back then." Sam glanced around the room, taking everything Brady just said in. "All right, now, let it all sink in."

"You son of a bitch." He snapped as he started towards Brady. "You son of a bitch. You introduced me to Jess!" Dean had to push Sam back to stop him from getting to Brady.

"Ding, ding! I think he's got it!" Brady yelled sarcastically.

"Damn it Sam!" Dean yelled as he pushed Sam back.

"I'm gonna kill you!"

Dean had to forcefully push and shove Sam out of the room and back into the hallway.

"Hey! That's enough!" He yelled as he pushed Sam back.

"Get out of my way!"


"Get out of my way Dean." Sam said, one hand in front of him ready to fight while the other lay dormant by his side.

"There is only one way to win, and it ain't by killing that thing in there." Dean told him as Crowley walked over to them.

"Well," Crowley said as he stood next to them. "Sounds like you got him nice and fluffed." Sam rolled his eyes. "Thanks so much." Then Crowley was gone.

"Listen to me. We need pestilence to get at the devil and we need Brady to get to pestilence."

"Why? Because Crowley said so? Because we trust him now? Like I trusted Ruby? Or like I trusted Brady back at school?"~

"I get it Sam." Dean ran his hand over his face. "I really do but we have other things to worry about." He looked back at where Crowley had disappeared to and then back at Sam. "Other people to protect. Remember?"

"Yeah I remember but-."

"But nothing. It sucks that he fucked with you in school and I know you want him dead and so do I but not yet. We need him." Dean told him, making Sam storm off.


"So, are you staying here with me or are you going to go back to Roswell with the others?" Liz asked Serena as they walked home.

Serena, Alex and Kyle were all so drunk that they needed to walk home so Liz, Isabel and Ava were walking with them. Michael had left a half an hour before to check on the kids.

"Of course. Where else would I be going?" Serena slurred her words as she leaned her 5'9 frame on Liz's tiny 5'2 frame. The worst part is that they were both in heels so that made Serena about 5'11 and Liz 5'5. Still not a good thing.

"I was just wondering."

Serena suddenly stopped and looked directly at Liz. "I will never leave you again, Liz. You're my best friend and I don't ever wanna lose you again." Liz smiled.

"You won't, S. I promise you."

"Good." Serena muttered as she nodded her head. "Whoa. No nodding. It's making me sick."

Liz laughed. "Okay. Let's get home."


The guys drove as far as they could and into the next town. They needed some kind of alleyway or something.

"There." Sam mumbled as he pointed to an opening.

"Good." Dean parked right in front of the opening, got out of the car and pulled Brady with him. It wasn't until they got to the wall that they stopped. "Now where is he?"

Brady gave Dean a look before grabbing his cell from his pocket and calling someone. It took him about 15 minutes but soon his phone was closed and he was writing something down on the piece of paper Crowley had handed him.

~"Yeah. I'm sure pestilence will be there." Brady said as he handed Crowley a piece of paper. "Thanks."

Crowley looked at it and walked over to Dean.

"What do you think?" Dean asked.

"It's good." Crowley said as he handed the piece of paper to him. Then he looked at Brady. "You got no reason to lie, have you?" He asked. "Like I said before, you're in my boat now."

"You've screwed me--for eternity."

"Nah. Won't last that long." Then Dean walked away. "Trust me."

"Where are you going?" Brady asked.

Crowley stopped next to Sam who stood tall a few feet away from Brady, the knife in his hand. "I'm going to do you a favor." They share a look before Crowley turned to Sam. "I expect we'll be in touch." He said sparing Brady a glance before walking towards Dean who was salting the alleyway closed.

Dean stopped, stood up straight and looked at Crowley. Crowley smirked before side stepping pass the salt and leaving. Then Dean finished the line and slammed the salt can down before turning to Sam and Brady.

"What is this?" Brady asked with a smirk on his face.

"All the angels. All the demons. All those sons of bitches--they just don't get it, do they, Sammy?" Dean questioned never moving away from the salt line.

Sam shook his head slightly. "No they don't, Dean."

"You see, Brady, we're the ones you should be afraid of." Dean stated making Brady scoff. Then Sam went into predator mode, both body and knife ready to attack.

"I bet this is a real moment for you, big boy. Gonna make you feel all better?"

"It's a start."

"Gonna make up for all the times that we yanked your chain--yellow eyes, Ruby, me?" Brady started as he slowly backed up. "But it wasn't all our fault, was it? No, no, no, no. You're the one who trusted us. You're the one who let us into your life, let us whisper in your ear over and over and over again." Sam matched him step for step as Brady continued to back up towards the wall. "Ever wonder why that is, Sammy? Ever wonder why we were so in your blind spot?" Brady questioned. "Maybe it's because we got the same stuff in our veins and, deep down, you know you're just like us." They stared at each other for a few seconds before Brady threw himself at Sam only to have Sam cut the back of his arm and his stomach. Then he was panting in pain. "Maybe you hate us so much because you hate what you see every time you look in the mirror. You ever think of that?!" Brady yelled. Then he was laughing. "Maybe the only difference between you and a demon...is your hell is right here."

Sam quickly slammed the knife into Brady's stomach, left it there for a few seconds and then pulled it out and let him fall to the ground. Dead. He just stood there for a few minutes, not moving. Just breathing. Thinking.

"Interesting theory." Sam sighed as he turned and walked away from Brady's body.~

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 1/15/13

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Scenes in ~ are from Two Minutes To Midnight.

Chapter 58

Liz was the first person up the next day and after going through her morning routine real quick, she was downstairs and in the kitchen. Coffee was the first thing she made. It was the key ingredient to her late nights and early mornings. Plus most of the people staying over needed it just as much, if not more than she did.

As she started on the blueberry and banana pancakes, Michael made his way to the coffee machine. He mumbled something inaudible as he poured his first cup. By the third one, he looked more like the grumpy alien she had come to trust and later love like a big brother.

"Pancakes for breakfast?" He asked as he glanced over the island. Then he picked up the syrup container. "With your specially made syrup for those of us who have unique tastes?" He took a sip from his coffee cup. "I think you're trying to spoil us."

Liz smirked. "Thanks for the compliment but I'm sure Maria spoils you."

"Maria." Michael huffed. "I think she's having an affair, Liz."

"What? Why would you think that?" She questioned as she poured in the last of the pancake batter.

Michael took another sip from his cup before speaking again. "Because she's been working twice as much at the studio ever since school finished." Then he paused. "And we haven't had..." He looked at Liz. "Well we haven't made love in a while."

"How long is a while?" He looked around the kitchen, then took another sip from his coffee. "Michael? How long-?"

"Two months."


"Dude! Two months is a long time to go without sex." Kyle said as he walked into the kitchen. "No wonder you're so grumpy." Then he stopped pouring coffee into his cup. "Well, grumpier than usual." And he went back to pouring himself his coffee.

"Thanks." Michael mumbled as he dropped onto one of the bar stools.

"No problem man." Kyle said before drinking his coffee. "Mmm. God I love your coffee Liz. What's in it?"

"That's a good question. Even I can drink it without adding extra sugar or hot sauce." Michael agreed.

"It's a mixture of dark and light coffee beans, a splash of vanilla extract, a pinch of cocoa powder and a dash of jalapeño Chili powder."

"Amazing." Liz watched as he finished his coffee and then looked at Michael.

"How is he so perky right now?" She asked him. Michael shrugged his shoulders. "Kyle, how are you so perky right now? You had more to drink than Serena and Alex combined. There's no way you can be this...cheery."

"Ever since Max saved me, I've been like this. It takes a lot to get me drunk but with a good night's sleep, I'm completely good the next day."

Shaking her head, Liz turned off the stove and grabbed the plate of pancakes. "I don't know if that's a good or bad thing but I'm sure Ava is happy about that." She smiled at Michael as she walked pass him and put the plate on the table. "Breakfast is done so let's rally the troops." She clapped her hands together. "Come. Come."


The drive to Bobby's was filled in silence. They finally had an exact location for Pestilence but they needed to restock on things. Extra bullets, extra rock salt rounds and lots of holy water. Maybe they could even restock on weapons. They had no clue what to expect when it came to Pestilence.

"At least we'll have a little time to relax before we go head first into everything." Sam muttered as they drove down the road.

"Yeah I guess." Dean kept both of his hands on the wheel but Sam knew his mind was somewhere else.

"I'm sure they're okay, Dean." His brother looked at him real quick before looking back at the road.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Sure you don't." Sam smirked but when Dean didn't continue, Sam did. "Okay. Whatever. But if she could have a promotion about Adam while dealing with Gabriel, I think Liz can handle being without us or Cass for a few weeks." Dean suddenly slammed down on the breaks making Sam hit his head on the dashboard. "Dude, what the hell?!"

"Liz what?"

"What?" Sam asked, blinking the blur out of his eyes.

"What did you just say about Liz?"

Sam sat up straight. "I um." He looked around the car trying to come up with a good enough lie but Dean knew better.

"Tell me the truth, Sammy." Dean snapped. "Now!"

"Fine. Back when you were trying to say "yes" to Michael, Liz had a premonition." Sam ran his hand through his hair. "It was about Adam. All she saw was dirt and hands but she heard his name and called to let us know."

"What about Gabriel?"

"He was..." This was what was going to make Dean flip. Sam just knew it. "He was there when she had the premonition."

Dean took a slow breath in. "Why wasn't I told about any of this?"

"You were too busy trying to say yes to Michael, remember?"

Dean nodded his head. "Yeah. I do." Then he restarted the car and continued driving. "But you still should have told me."

"When? When we were trying to save Adam? When we were surrounded by Gods? When Dean? Cause I gotta tell you, right now is the only free time we've had in...forever." Sam argued.

"I don't know, okay. I just..." Dean rolled his head, trying to calm his nerves but it wasn't working. "Damn it." He slammed his hand against the steering wheel. "I just...I want her and the kids to be okay."

"They are Dean." Sam told him, truthfully. "I'm completely sure of it."


"Serena!" Liz sang as she walked into her room. "Oh Serena, wake up!" She was the last person to wake up. Even Bella and Mattie were awake and downstairs eating.

"Stop yelling Lizzie." Serena grumbled as she put the pillow over her head.

"I'm not yelling. Get up." Liz shook Serena to try and wake her up but she just pushed Liz away. "Hey."

"Go away."

"No Serena." Again Liz shook her but this time Serena pushed her into the room divider. "Damn it S."

"Leave me alone." She whined. "I'm so tired and my head is killing me and your morning cheeriness is a bitch to the head."

"Then maybe next time you won't drink so much." Serena just grunted to that. "Okay." Liz walked over to the foot of the bed and grabbed onto Serena ankles. "It's time for you to get up." Nothing. "Serena?" Again nothing. "Okay." Liz pulled on her ankles only to be stopped by Serena grabbing onto the head board. "Are you serious?" She pulled again but again Serena's hands were wrapped around the metal head board. "Fine." Liz let go of her ankles. "Fine. I'm gonna go and eat. You can stay up here by yourself."

It took her a few seconds but just like she knew she would, Serena sprang up. "I'm up. I'm up."

"Good." Liz said with a laugh. "Now change into this and let's go." She tossed Serena her new superman pajamas and left the room.


Dean stood by the impala as he filled it up, just staring at his cell phone. One simple phone call and all his fears about something happening to Liz and the kids would either disappear or be revealed.

"Just do it." Sam said as he walked up behind him.


"If it'll keep your head in the game, Dean, call her."

Tapping the phone against his other hand, Dean finally nodded and dialed her number.


Liz laughed as Kyle told them some story about work. Alex had stumbled in just before the story began and was resting his head on Isabel's shoulder while Serena eat heartily next to her. Ava smiled, obviously having already heard the story, as she cut Chloe's pancake and Jimmy was staring at his dad as if he were a superhero. And to him, Kyle was.

"So I tell the guy, "The only places you should be naked is if you're a) at a spa or b) at home" and then he looks at me and says, "This isn't a dream?" Of course I burst out laughing and so does everyone else within earshot." Everyone was laughing and everyone was having a good time when suddenly the phone rang.

Since Michael was the closest to it, he looked at Liz who nodded at him to pick it up.


"Hello? Who's this?"

Michael glanced at Liz who was laughing at something Serena was now saying. "Who's this? You called here."

"I was looking for someone but I think I got the wrong number."

"Who you looking for?" Michael asked.

"Liz." There was a pause. "Liz Winchester?"

"Oh. No problem." Michael turned to Liz who was now wiping the syrup off of Mattie's fingers. "Hey Liz. The phone."

She shook her head as she got up, a huge smile on her face and walked over to Michael. "Who is it?"

"Didn't ask and don't take long. The kids are definitely gonna need a bath before we go."

"Okay." She shook her head as she took the phone from him and watched as he told Mia to follow him. She had been helping Liz feed Mattie so there was syrup all over the both of them. "Hello?"

"Forget it."


"I shouldn't have called."

"But wa-." The dial tone reached her ears before she even finished her sentence.

He called her. Dean actually called her. But for what? She hung up the phone and dialed his number but he didn't pick up. So she dialed again but again, nothing.

"Who was it?" Ava asked as she cleared away her kids plates.

"It was Dean." Liz told her making Ava stop short and Serena look up from her plate. "But he hung up."

"Why would he do that?" Ava asked as she walked over to Liz. The others were now quiet and listening in on everything Liz and Ava said.

"I don't...I don't know and he wouldn't pick up when I called him back." Liz looked at Ava. "You don't think he thought there was something going on between me and Michael, do you?"

"I think the only person who can answer that question is Dean."

"Damn it." Liz whispered before she redialed his number.


Dean was mad. No. He was more than mad. He was fucking pissed off. Who the fuck was that guy answering Liz's phone and who's kids were he talking about? It better not have been his kids.

"Dude, why are you so tense? Didn't you get in touch with Liz?" Sam asked as they pulled into Bobby's place.

"Yeah. No." He paused to calm himself down a bit. "I was just thinking, how the hell are we gonna get the devil to jump into the cage once we get it open? I mean, he's not gonna just jump in because we ask him to. And he sure as hell ain't gonna do it because we say so. So how?" He lied as he parked next to Bobby's house. His thoughts were with Liz and the dickhead that picked up her phone.

"I actually had a solution to that problem." Sam said a bit shady.

"Oh good." Dean got out of the impala and Sam followed after him. "How?"

"What if," They walked into Bobby's through the back door and were in the kitchen. "I jumped in?"

Dean turned and stared at Sam. "Are you serious?" Sam nodded.


~"What the hell is wrong with you?" Dean bellowed.


"No, don't "Dean" me. I mean you...you have had some stupid ideas in the past, but this..." Dean turned to Bobby who was watching them from the comfort of his chair in the livingroom. "D-did you know about this?"

"What?" He asked as he rolled closer to the kitchen.

"About Sam's genius plan to say "yes" to the devil?" Bobby waited a second before he nodded. "Well, thanks for the heads up!" Dean thundered.

"Hey, this ain't about me." Bobby said.

Turning to Sam, Dean pointed right at him. "You can't do this."

"That's the consensus." Sam told him.

"All right. Awesome. Then, end of discussion." Dean's phone rang. "This isn't over." And without looking at it, he picked it up. "Hello?"



Sam pushed off of the counter he was leaning on. "Is he okay?"

"We all thought you were dead. Where are you, man?" Dean questioned as he turned from Sam's question.

"A hospital."

"Are you okay?"


When he didn't continue, Dean asked, "You want to elaborate?"

"I just woke up here. The doctors were fairly surprised. They thought I was brain dead."

Dean rolled his eyes. "S-so, a hospital?"

"Apparently, after Van Nuys, I suddenly appeared, bloody and unconscious on a shrimping boat off DeLacroix." Dean shook his head. "I'm told it upset the sailors."

"Uh, well, I got to tell you man...you're just in time. We figured out a way to pop Satan's box."

"How?" Cass asked weakly.

"It's a long story, but, look..." Dean could hear Cass grunting in pain through the phone. "We're going after pestilence now. So if you wanna zap over here..."

"I can't "zap" anywhere."

"What do you mean?"

"You could say my batteries are...are drained."

"What do you mean? You're out of angel mojo?"

"I'm saying that I am thirsty and my head aches. I have a bug bite that itches no matter how much I scratch it, and I'm saying that I'm just incredibly..." Cass chuckled and Dean knew what he meant.

"Human." He finished. "Wow." He sat down. "Sorry."

"Well, my point is...I can't go anywhere without money for...an airplane ride or food and more pain medication, ideally."

"All right." Dean looked at Bobby real quick. "Well, no worries. Uh, Bobby's here. He'll wire you the cash."

"Dean wait."

"I will?" Bobby demanded.~

He wasn't exactly happy about it. He didn't have money like that. When he looked at Sam, he was already on the phone. But with who?

~"You said "no" to Michael. I owe you an apology."

"Cass. I-it's okay."

"You are not the burnt and broken shell of a man that I believed you to be."

"Thank you." Dean thanked him sarcastically. "I appreciate that."

"You're welcome." Then he hung up.~

Dean nodded into the phone before hanging up as well. Then he turned to Sam who had his back to him. And was on the phone.


Liz, Serena and a now clean Bella and Mattie waved bye as their friends from Roswell drove off. After calling Dean 3 more times, Liz had given up and went to her kids. Mattie needed a bath badly and she needed something to keep her mind off his stupid, childish father.

When the kids were bathed and dressed, Liz helped Ava pack. Her's, Chloe's and Jimmy's things were easy since all their things were neatly folded in the draws. Plus the kids each had their toys so it was basically one, two, three with their things. Kyle's on the other hand, not so much.

For some reason, his things were thrown all over the place and the only reason Ava could think why was because of last night. Liz shook her head when Ava offered her an explanation and laughed when Ava joked about it so being worth it.


"I miss them mommy." Bella said as they turned to go back into the house.

"I'm going to miss them too bunny but auntie Rena is here so we'll still have fun." Liz told her as she herded both of her children into the livingroom.

"You got that right." Serena dropped onto the couch and pulled Bella into her lap while Liz put Mattie in his playpen. "Now let's watch some cartoons."

As she put on Nick Jr, the phone rang. Being the only one up, Liz ran to the kitchen and picked it up. Privacy was rare and she was going to savor it.


"Hey Liz. I have to ask you for a favor." Sam said getting right to the point.

"Okay. What is it?"

"We found Cass."

"You did?" She smiled. "Where is he? Is he okay?"

"Not really." Sam sighed. "He's in the hospital." Her smile instantly disappeared.

"Can't he just...I don't know, zap himself out of there?"

"No. Apparently, he's completely human."

Liz sighed. "That's just..." She shook her head. "Just tell me what you need." She grabbed the notepad off the counter and wrote down everything Sam told her. "No problem. I'll send him the money Sam, I just hope he'll be okay."

"Me too." Sam paused. "Is everything okay over there?" Liz leaned back so that she could see what Serena and the kids were doing. Bella was coloring in her coloring book while Serena played cars with Mattie who was now outside of his playpen. She smiled.

"Yeah. We're good." She stood up straight and put the pen next to the pad on the counter. "Um, is Cass' being in the hospital the reason Dean called this morning?"

"No. He just wanted to see if you guys were okay."

"Then why did he hang up?"

"He hung up?"

"Yeah." Liz pushed the loose strands of her hair behind her ears. "And he isn't picking up any of my calls."

"Huh? That's weird." Then Sam was quiet for a while.


"I have to go Liz." And he hung up before she could say bye.

"Okay. Well," Liz walked over to the coffee machine and poured herself the last of the coffee. "Now I have to send money to an angel who is now somehow a human while wondering why my husband is mad at me." She shook her head before taking a sip from her cup. "Can't I have just one normal day?"


The drive to the place where Pestilence was hiding out was made in silence. Both Sam and Dean were too inside of their heads to talk to each other. It wasn't until they got to the Convalescent home and were both looking at it through binoculars, that one of them finally spoke.

~"So this is Dr. Evil's lair, huh?" Dean asked as he watched a nurse push some old guy into the building in his wheelchair.

Sam sighed. "It's kind of more depressing than evil."

"It's like a four color brochure for dying young. Of course to Pestilence, it's probably Dollywood in there." Dean said making Sam scoff.

"Great." Sam took a deep breathe in. "A whole building full of people and we don't know who's human, who's demon and who's Pestilence." Sam paused. "So what do we do?" As he shook his head in defeat, Dean noticed the cameras.

"Hang on."~ Dean looked at Sam with a smirk. "Jackpot."

They both went into the Convalescent home and started looking for the security office. It took them but a few minutes to find it and once they did, it was Dean who went in first.

~"Hey. Hi. Uh, I'm looking for my nana. Uh, her name is Eunice Kennedy." He said as he stood in the doorway, the door pressed against his chest.

"Go around front and see the nurse." The security guard told him.

"You mind just helping me out, sir?" He walked into the room and closed the door behind him. "Uh, she's about, uh, about that small," His hand hovered at his waist. "And gray hair, wears diapers." Then he punched the security guard out, knocked on the door and pulled the guy out the way.

"Eunice Kennedy?" Sam questioned after he walked into the room.

"That's the beauty about improv, Sammy." Both moved to stand in front of the security screens. "You never know what's gonna come out of your mouth." Both chuckle then sat down and stared at the screens.~


The drive to the western union place was fast. Serena and the kids had stayed back at home, playing and what not while Liz made the trip alone. Dressed in a gray tank top, black shorts with a black and white flannel top over the tank and her black wedged heels, Liz walked into the building.

She quickly filled out the right papers and was just about to get on the short line when someone called her name. Turning to the voice, Liz blanched.

"Max? What are you doing here?"

"Would you believe that I was in the neighborhood?"

Liz pulled her lips into a thin line. "I'd like to say "yes" but with how we left things, no." Max chuckled.

"Okay. Fair enough. So I wasn't in the neighborhood but I was in town and I did see you get out of your car and walk in here." She folded her arms over her chest.

"Any reason why?"

"I just...do you think we can talk? Alone maybe?"

Liz shook her head. "No." Max looked down, defeated. "Not alone," He looked at her. "But I guess we can talk." She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before dropping her arms. "I just have to do something real quick."

"No problem." Max said, perking up.

Nodding, Liz walked to the front where the people were sitting behind the glass windows and handed one of them her papers. The place was basically empty except for her and Max and it made her feel a bit uneasy. She hadn't seen him since the argument about her being pregnant. When he tried to kill Mattie. A shiver raced down her spine but she shook it off.

That was a year ago and so much has happened since then. She's dealt with a psychic, two annoying angels, and the devil. Max was nothing.

When she was finally done, Liz opened her phone and dialed the number Sam had left her.


"Bobby?" Shaking her head, Liz sighed. "Of course he gave me your number."

"Liz? Is that you?"

"Yeah Bobby. It is. I sent the money for Cass. All he has to do is pick it up."


"You welcome." Pause.

"You okay, kid? You seem...I don't know...distracted."

Liz looked at Max and then nodded. "I'm just worried about the guys, you know." And she heard him chuckle. "What?"

"It's nice not being the only one who worries about them." Liz smiled at Bobby's words.

"Bye Bobby."

"See ya kid."

Max walked over to her as she closed her phone. "Everything okay?"

"Yeah." Liz tucked her phone into the pocket on her chest. "Let's go. I know this great place."


~Sam and Dean stumbled through the halls, coughing and clutching onto the walls. Then Dean slumped forward and continued to cough on a covered radiator.

"Get up." Sam coughed stumbling over to him.

He managed to pull Dean up but with both of them coughing and getting weaker, Dean's body slipped from his arms. He hit the floor, still coughing and in pain. Sam tripped over his brother's body, his vision blurring but he was determined.

As he made it to room 210, the door swung open and a brunette nurse was standing by it.

"The doctor will see you now." She told them in a sweet voice. Swaying back and forth, Sam tried to stay on his feet, the knife ready but he could barely see in front of him. Then the nurse moved out of the way and there, on the bed was Pestilence.

"Sam." He slanted his head to the side. "Dean." He raise his hand to invite them in when Sam fell face first onto the ground. "Come right in." The tiny nurse then went out into the hallway, dragged Dean into the room by his arm and let go of him right next to Sam who was still coughing. "Hmm. You boys don't look well." Pestilence shook his head and watched as Dean rolled slowly onto his back and Sam coughed up blood.

"Ahh." Sam moaned.

"It might be the, uh, scarlet fever." He told them as he stood up. "Or, uh, the meningitis. Oh!" He chuckled. "Or the syphilis." Both Winchesters looked at him but only Dean covered his crouch. Then Pestilence clicked his tongue. "That's no fun."

"Ohhh." Dean groaned, holding onto his stomach now as Pestilence walked over to Sam and grabbed him by his hair.

"However you feel right now? It's gonna get so very, very much worst. Questions?" He then let Sam's hair go and walked away to clean his hands. "Disease gets a bad rap, don't you think?" Both coughed. "For being filthy. Chaotic. Uh, but, really, t-that just describes people who get sick. Disease itself...very...pure..." Dean coughed onto the floor. "Single-minded. Bacteria have one purpose--" Dean reached for the knife but Pestilence stopped him by stepping on his hand.

"Ow." Dean groaned in pain.

"Divide and conquer. That's why in the end...it always wins." Then he slid the knife away before removing his foot from Dean's hand. "So, you've got to wonder why God pours his love into something so messy..." Pestilence yelled as he moved away from them. "And weak." Sam groaned. "It's ridiculous." Pestilence let out a deep sigh. "All I can do is show him he's wrong," Then he put on the glasses he just cleaned. "One epidemic at a time. Now...on a scale of 1 to 10, how's your pain?"

Suddenly the door was pushed opened and Cass walked in.

"Cass?" Dean groaned.

"How'd you get here?" Pestilence questioned as he took off his glasses.

"I took a bus. Don't worry, I..." Cass started coughing and gagging and fell to his knees. Then he spit up some of his blood onto the floor.

Pestilence leaned forward. "Well, look at that." He said. "An occupied vessel, but powerless." Cass looked at Sam and Dean. "Oh, that's fascinating. There's not a speck of angel in you, is there?" Pestilence asked, his hand on the tray next to him. Sliding his hand forward, Cass grabbed the knife and cut off both Pestilence's ring finger and his pinky. "Oh!" He yelled.

"Maybe just a speck." Cass told him and as Pestilence was yelling, the nurse tackled Cass to the ground only to fall right into the knife. Killing herself in the process.

Dean was the first to his feet and grabbed the finger with the ring on it.

"It doesn't matter." Pestilence told them. "It's too late." Then he was gone in the blink of an eye.~

"Let's get out of here." Dean whispered as he walked pass Sam and Cass and out into the hallway.

"Back to Bobby's?" Sam muttered as he picked up Dean's shotgun.


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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 1/19/13

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Scenes between ~ are from Two Minutes To Midnight

Chapter 59

Liz sat across from Max in the diner where she and Serena use to go to whenever S would visit during her college breaks and looked him over.

He looked good. A bit sad but good. His hair was slightly longer but still looked good on him. He had a 5 o'clock shadow and looked to have put on some weight but it wasn't bad weight. It was more muscle than fat and damn him for looking so damn good in a dark pair of jeans and a dark v neck.

"So...what did you wanna talk about?" Liz asked as she lifted a fry to her mouth. She needed something to do to distract herself from her ex. Damn, she must be really horny if she was actually thinking about doing something with Max.

"I just..." His eyes were glued to her mouth as she chewed on the fry and suddenly, Liz's blood felt like it was on fire.

"Can you not stare?" Liz asked him. "It's..." She shook her head. "It's a bit...uncomfortable." And it was. All of this was. It felt...wrong.

"Sorry." He smiled. "I'm sorry." He reached for her hand and when he touched it, another shiver ran down her spine. But not from passion. It was...something else. "I just...you're so beautiful. I can't help it sometimes." Liz slowly pulled her hand from his and laid both of them in front of her. "Am I making you uncomfortable?"

"Kind of."

"I didn't mean too." He sat back. "I promise. Let's just move onto something else."

"Like what?" Liz asked mimicking his movements.

"Like how you're going to help me get Sam to say yes."

"What are you-?" Max snapped his fingers and they weren't in the diner anymore. They were in the middle of an abandoned apartment. "What the hell Max?" She snapped at him.

"I'm not Max." Again he snapped his fingers and right before her eyes he changed.

His hair went from dark brown to a dark blond. His amber eyes lightened and mixed until they were a clear blue and his clothes went from fitted sexy to comfortably rugged.



Needing to get out of the house, Dean went straight to his car. He needed something to do. Something that would help calm his nerves and since he couldn't clean his guns like he'd normally do, he'd have to settle for reorganizing the trunk.

He opened the trunk, picked up the closest things to him (which was a pair of books and the metal box where they left both their hex bags and their fake ids) and started stacking them in the back. That's when Sam walked pass him but stopped by the car. He stood there for a second before sighing. It was Sam's way of letting Dean know he had something on his mind.

~"Let me guess. We're about to have a talk." Dean said as he walked over to Sam.

Sam chuckled softly. "Look, Dean, um..." He cleared his throat. "For the record, I agree with you. About me. You think I'm too weak to take on Lucifer. Well, so do I." Another chuckle. "Believe me, I know exactly how screwed up I am. You, Bobby, Cass...I'm the least of any of you."

"Oh Sam..." Dean rolled his eyes.

"No, it's true. It is. But...I'm also all we got. If there was another way...but I don't think there is. There's just me. So I don't know what else to do. Except just try t-to do what's got to be done." He finished, completely ready for a fight. Or at least an argument.

"And...scene." Crowley said from behind them, startling them both in the process. Both Sam and Dean shared a look of annoyance as Crowley walked around the impala to stand in front of them. Smirking, he handed Sam a newspaper. "There's something you need to see." Sam took the paper and looked at it.

"Niveus Pharmaceuticals is rushing delivery of it's new swine-fly vaccine to "stem the tide of the unprecedented outbreak". Uh, shipments leave Wednesday." Sam read, uncaringly and detached from what was in front of him.

"Niveus Pharmaceuticals. Get it?" Crowley asked them but neither Winchester knew what he was talking about. "You two are lucky you have your looks." Crowley huffed annoyed. "Your demon lover, Brady? V. P. Of Distribution Niveus." The light of knowledge went on in both of their eyes. "Ah, yes, that the sound of the abacus clacking? We all caught up?"

"So Pestilence was spreading swine flu." Sam started.

"Yeah, but not just for giggles. That was step one. Step two is the vaccine. And you think--." Dean was saying.

"I know. I'll stake my reputation...that vaccine is chock full of grade A, farm fresh Croatoan Virus." Crowley finished.

"Simultaneous, countrywide distribution." Sam nodded his head in frustration. "It's quite a plan."

"They don't get to be the horsemen for nothing. So, you boys better stock up on...well, everything. This time next Thursday, we'll all be living in zombieland." Crowley told them as they shared a pissed off look.~

"Let's get ready then." Dean stated. Again he and Sam shared a look that had Dean turning to Crowley. "Can you give us a minute?"

Crowley smirked at them. "Fine. I have something to get, anyways. You two can talk about the wife and children you think I don't know about."

"What?" Dean snapped grabbing Crowley by the arm. "You know about Liz and the kids?" The demon nodded. "How?" He simply looked down at Dean's hand and then back at Dean.

"If you remember the coin I left in your car..." He took a step closer to Dean, his voice lowered slightly. "You talk in your sleep about her." Then he backed up. "A lot." Then he was gone.


"I think that's an understatement, Dean."


"No one is to touch her." Lucifer told to two very big and very dangerous looking demons. "She is a very important bargaining piece for us to have in order for me to get my true vessel. Do you understand me?"

"Yes father." They answered in union and Liz suddenly felt sick.

She should have followed her gut but instead ignored it. Her instincts were practically yelling at her that something wasn't right with Max. Lucifer. Whatever. Her heart knew the truth but her head was just to stubborn to listen. And now she was paying the price.

Liz let out a soft sigh.

She was handcuffed to a pipe in a room in the abandon apartment that was ironically in the middle of Detroit. Lucifer had given her that much.

"Now to the beautiful Mrs. Winchester." Lucifer walked over to her and gently caressed the side of her face with the back of his hand. "You truly are a magnificent creature." Then he smirked. "So smart. Such talent." He slowly stood up. "It's a shame you're human. I could have done some great things with you."

"Why am I here?" She demanded.

"Because apparently, I need something to sweeten the pot in order for Sam to say yes to me."

"He doesn't even know I'm here." She told him.

"No." He stated with a smile. "No he doesn't. But trust me, he will." Slowly, he started to walk towards a window she hadn't even noticed. "You see, right now, Sam, Dean, Bobby and presumably Crowley are either in Chicago looking for death or trying to stop Pestilence's plan for spreading the Croatoan virus. Either way, I have two demons that will be waiting for them." He turned to her. "See where I'm going with this?"

Liz nodded. "So the demons tell Sam that you have me and are willing to trade my freedom for him saying yes." Lucifer nodded his head. "Sam'll never do it."

"You don't know Sam very well, do you?"


Sam, Bobby and Cass were driving in a beat up van so that they can get to the warehouse where the "vaccine" was being held. Not wanting him to hear it from someone else, Sam told Cass about his plan to say yes to Lucifer.

~""Yes" to Lucifer. Then jump in the hole." Cass summed up rather quickly. "That's an interesting plan."

"That's a word for it." Bobby scoffed.

"So? Go ahead and tell me it's the worst plan you ever heard." Sam told him sarcastically.

"Of course. I am happy to say that if that's what you want to hear." He told him. "But that's not what I think."


"You and Dean have a habit of exceeding my expectations. He resisted Michael. Maybe you could resist Lucifer. But there are things that you would need to know."


"Michael has found another vessel."

"What?" Sam looked at Bobby but he kept his eyes on the road.

"It's your brother Adam." Cass paused. "You must have considered it."

"Yeah. We were trying not to." Sam told him.~

Dean wasn't gonna like that, he thought to himself.

~Cass looked down and waited a few seconds before he continued. "Sam...if you say yes to Lucifer and fail...this fight will happen. And the collateral..." He let out a breath in astonishment. "It'll be immense." Both Sam and Bobby looked out their windows, shocked. "There's also the demon blood."

"What? What are you talking about?" Sam asked.

"To take in Lucifer, it would be more than you've ever drunk." Sam and Bobby stared at each other, again in shock.


"It strengthens the vessel. Keeps it from exploding."

"But the guy he's in now--."

"Is drinking gallons." Sam shook his head in disbelief.

"And how is that not the worst plan you ever heard?" Bobby questioned making each of them look at each other before looking out the windows.~

"It was just a thought." Sam mumbled. Everything Liz had done for him. To him. Her healing would be for nothing if he said yes. Resting his chin on his hand, Sam stared out the window. There was just so much to consider. So much to do for one simple action.

Hopefully Dean was having better luck than them.


~"Hey, let's stop for pizza." Crowley said in a childish tone as they walked side by side under a freeway.

"Are you kidding?" Dean asked confused.

"Just heard it was good. That's all." They rounded a corner and stop. "Up ahead. Big, ugly building. Ground zero. Horseman's stable if you will. He's in there."

"How do you know?"

"Have you met me? 'Cause I know. Also, the block is squirming with reapers." Though Dean couldn't see them, there were dozens of reapers just staring at the building. "I'll be right back." Dean watched as he walked off only to jump when Crowley said something from behind him. "Boy, is my face red. Death's not in there."

"You want to cut the cute and get to the part where you tell me where he is?"

"Sorry. I don't know."

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Wait a minute. You don't know." Dean asked as he grabbed Crowley by the arm.

"Signs pointed. I-I'm just as shocked as you." Crowley told him.

"Bobby sold his soul for this!" Dean thundered.

"Relax. All deals are soul back or store credit. We'll catch death in the next doomed city."

"Millions Crowley. Millions of people are about to die any minute." Dean yelled.

"True. So I strongly suggest we get out of here." He said as he walked away.~


Liz was startled awake by someone slamming the door shut. She blinked her eyes open and glanced around the room. Neither one of her two demon guards were in sight. Where did they go? She thought to herself as she tried to roll the crick out of her neck and shoulders.

"Sleep well?" Liz looked up and saw Lucifer sitting on a chair across the room.

"Oh God. I thought I was alone." She muttered to herself, slightly annoyed.

"Sorry sweetheart but that ain't gonna happen until I get what I want."

"Oh goody." Lucifer chuckled but before he could say anything a demon walked in.

"They just entered the city father."

"Good." Slowly, Lucifer stood up. "Now, to set my plan in motion."

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Re: Dancing along the reality line (Spn, XO, Mature) 1/23/13

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Scenes between ~ are from Swan Song

Chapter 60

(A day before that)

~Sam was sitting alone on the hood of the impala, drinking a beer, when Dean walked over.

"Hey." Sam greeted his older brother as he opened the cooler, pulled a beer out and closed it with his pinky before sighing as he opened it. "Dean? What's going on?" He asked innocently.

"I'm in." He finally told him as he threw the beer top away.

"In with...?"

"The whole "up with Satan" thing. I'm on board." Sam sat up, surprised.

"You're gonna let me say yes?"

"No. That's the thing. It's not on me to let you do anything. You're a grown..." Dean cocked his head to the side in jest. "Well, overgrown...man. If this is what you want, I'll back your play."

Sam let out a short breath. "That's the last thing I thought you'd ever say."

"Might be." Sam chuckled. "I'm not gonna lie to you, though. It goes against every fiber I got. I mean, truth is...you know, watching out for you...it's kind of been my job, you know? But more than that, it's...it's kind of who I am. You're not a kid anymore, Sam, and I can't keep treating you like one. Maybe I gotta grow up alittle, too. I don't know if we have a snowballs chance. But...but I do know that if anybody can do it...it's you."

"Thank you." Sam said with a nod.

"If this is what you want...is this really what you want?" Dean asked him, a completely serious look on his face.

Sam inhaled deeply. "I let him out. I gotta put him back in."

"Okay. That's it then." Dean stated before drinking his beer.~


Dean was driving the impala down the road with Sam riding shotgun and Cass in the back. Asleep and unfortunately snoring.

~"Aw, ain't he a little angel?" Dean joked. Sam looked back and then back forward.

"Angels don't sleep."

Dean looked at Cass and then at his little brother. "Sam, I got a bad feeling about this."

"Well, you'd be nuts to have a good feeling about this." Sam joked.

"You know what I mean." Dean said, seriously. "Detroit. He always said he'd jump your bones in Detroit and here we are."

"Here we are." Sam repeated.

"Maybe this is him rolling out the red carpet, you know? Maybe he knows something that we don't."

"Dean, I'm sure he knows a buttload we don't." Sam laughed. "We just gotta hope he doesn't know about the rings." Sam let out a soft sigh. "Hey, um..." He fixed himself awkwardly. "On the subject, there's something I got to talk to you about."


"If this thing goes our way and I...triple Lindy into that box...you know I'm not coming back." Dean looked at him and then back at the road.

"Yeah, I'm aware."

"So, you got to promise me something."

"Okay. Yeah. Anything."

"You got to promise not to try to bring me back."

Dean looked from the road to Sam and then back to the road. "What? No. I didn't sign up for that."


"Your hell is gonna make my tour look like Graceland. Y-you want me just to sit by and do nothing?" Dean demanded.

"Once the cage is shut, you can't go poking at it, Dean. It's too risky."

"No. No. No. No. No. As if I'm just gonna let you rot in there?"

"Yeah. You are. You don't have a choice."

"You can't ask me to do this." Dean told him as he shook his head.

"I'm sorry, Dean, you have to."

"So what am I suppose to do?" They sat quietly for a few seconds as Sam thought it over.

"You go find ~Liz~." Dean scoffed. "You pray to God she's dumb enough to take you in, and you--you have barbecues, ~ you go to school dances for Bella and pep rallies for Mattie.~ You go live some normal, apple pie life, Dean." Sam told him. "Promise me." He bellowed.

Dean looked at Sam, stared at him in disbelief and then looked back at the road.~

"What do I tell Liz when she asks about you?" Dean asked as he kept his eyes on the road. Looking at Sam right now was a sure way to make him cry.

"The truth." Sam said with a smirk.

"She's gonna love that." Dean muttered to himself as he rolled his eyes.


Liz let out a soft sigh as she sat on the floor next to a cot spring. She had been brought into the next room (which also was a bedroom) and had her hands tied to the metal frame. Lucifer didn't want the guys to see her just yet. He wanted to blindside them. That's probably why he had the demons duct her mouth closed.

He was so sure that Sam would actually say yes to him but she didn't. Or at least she hoped he wouldn't.

But then again, family had always been Sam's weakness. Both of their weaknesses. Suddenly Liz remembered the phone conversation she and Sam had a few days ago. He wanted to know if he was strong enough to go against Lucifer. Oh no. Sam was gonna say yes anyway.

Please God, she prayed silently, don't let that happen.

~"All right." Sam yelled. "We're here, you sons of bitches! Come and get it!"~

What? Liz tried to pull herself more up but her arms burned and her ass hurt. How the hell did they get here so fast? Weren't they in the middle of Detroit? Lucifer gave a slight nod and her two demons guards left the room making Liz's stomach drop.

How stupid were her husband and brother in law? Really?

A few minutes later, the door was thrown open and Liz watched as Sam was pushed in first. The bigger demon held him by the back of his jacket and his arm as they walked right pass her room. Dean was basically dragged in the same way. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

~"Hey guys." Lucifer said from his spot in front of the window. "So nice of you to drop in." He blew on the window ~and Liz shivered from the bitter cold. ~"Sorry it's a bit chilly. Most people think I burn hot." He was drawing something ~but Liz couldn't see what it was. ~"It's actually quite the opposite."

"Well, I'll alert the media." Dean said ~and Liz couldn't help but roll her eyes at him.~

"Help me understand something, guys. I mean, stomping through my front door is...a tad suicidal, don't you think?" ~Yeah, Liz thought to herself sarcastically. Just a tad suicidal.

~"We're not here to fight you." Sam told him.

"No? Then why are you?"

"I want to say "yes"."

"Excuse me?" Suddenly a golden light erupted from demon number one and then demon number two, killing them both. ~Liz jumped at the sound of their bodies hitting the floor.~ "Chock full of ovaltine, are we?"

"You heard me. Yes."

"You're serious."

"Look, judgment day's a runaway train. We get it now. We just want off."


"Deal of the century." Sam started. "I give you a free ride, but when it's all over, I live, he lives, ~Liz and the kids live,~ you bring our parents back--."

"Okay, can we please drop the telenovela? I know you have the rings, Sam."~

There was a pause and Liz knew that both of them knew about the rings. How stupid could they be to think he didn't know about the rings? Wait. What rings?

~"I have no idea what you're talking about." Sam told him ~and Liz rolled her eyes. Sam never could lie under pressure.

~"The horsemen's rings? The magic keys to my cage? Ring a bell?" He paused. "Come on Sam, I've never lied to you. You could at least pay me the same respect."~ Lucifer walked out of Liz's line of sight and all she could do was listen. ~"It's okay. I'm not mad." Another pause. "A wrestling match inside your noggin...I like the idea. Just you and me, one round, no tricks. You win. You jump in the hole. I win...well, then I win. What do you say, Sam? A fiddle of gold against your soul says I'm better than you-ou." He finished in a sing song voice.~

There was a pause where no one spoke and Liz wished her mouth wasn't covered so that she could yell or something.

~"So he knows. Doesn't change anything."


"We don't have any choice."

"No." Dean begged ~and Liz felt her heart break.

"We have people to think about Dean. Remember?"

"Speaking of." She heard Lucifer say and suddenly she was being pulled up, her hands now tied in front of her and a demon by her side. "I have something that may sweeten the pot for you."

"Oh really?" Liz heard Sam say as she was dragged from the room.

"Really." As they walked through a small hallway, Liz realized how weak she now was. Her arms felt like they were being pulled down by weights, her legs like jell-o and her wedges felt like cement blocks on her feet. When they finally reached Lucifer, she had never been so happy to see him. Ever.

"Liz." Sam and Dean both took a step forward but were stopped by Lucifer's hand raising.

"Ah. Ah. Ah. I don't think so." He grabbed her by her arm and pulled her over to him. Then he turned to the demon Liz noticed was a woman. "Go." She bowed her head respectfully before disappearing.

"Don't you dare hurt her." Dean snapped.

"Now why would I hurt her, Dean? When she means so much to you guys?" The back of his hand caressed the side of her face and Liz flinched. "Such a lovely creature, isn't she?" She could see Dean's fists clenched. "Sam? Are you ready now?"


"I'm sorry," He put his hand to his ear like he couldn't hear him. "What was that?"

"Yes." Sam repeated.

With a straight face, Lucifer let Liz go, looked up and closed his eyes. A blinding gold light suddenly filled the room and though her hands were still tied, both Liz and Dean covered their eyes. When the light was gone, Sam was on the floor. As fast as she could, Liz ripped the tape off of her mouth as Dean looked in his pocket for something.

"Dean?" She croaked out but he wasn't listening to her. Instead, he found what he was looking for and glanced around the room before throwing whatever was in his hand against the wall. Then he started to chant in a strange language.

~"Bvtmon...Tabges...Babalon." There was a rumbling that came from the wall and then the plaster started to rip away.~

"Dean?" For some reason, she couldn't get the rope untied from her wrists so Liz just held her arms to her chest. "What the hell is that?" A huge hole quickly appeared and Liz took a step back. Her eyes widened in shock.

Then Sam started to move, catching both Liz and Dean's attention.

~"Sammy!" Dean ran over to his fallen brother.~


~"Dean." Sam groaned.

"Sammy!" Dean tried to help Sam up but he looked like he was in so much pain. The fighting in his head must be unbearable.

"I can feel him." Sam groaned in pain. "Oh, God!"

"You got to go now!" Dean helped him to his feet but Sam was still fighting Lucifer. Still trying to win. "Come on." He finally got Sam to his feet. "Go now, Sammy." Then Dean yelled. "Now!"

Sam let go of Dean and walked to the wall where the hole was but he didn't jump in. Instead, he turned to Dean and smiled.

"I was just messing with you." ~Both Liz and Dean stood back shocked. ~"Sammy is long gone." He turned back to the wall and started chanting in the same language as Dean had. "Chdr bvtmon tabges babalon." The hole closed and Sam/Lucifer slowly grabbed what looked like four rings connected off of the wall. Then he slowly turned back to Dean. "I told you...this would always happen in Detroit."~

Suddenly he was gone and Liz could breath again. He lost. Sam lost. She looked at Dean who not only looked shocked but on the verge of tears. Slowly, she walked over to him and tried her best to wrap her arms around his waist.


Quietly, Liz and Dean left the apartment building. Dean held her close while Liz walked with her heels in her hand. He had cut her ties and helped her take her shoes off before giving her his jacket.

"What do we do now?" She asked as they neared the impala.

"We regroup and then move from there." He told her as Cass and Bobby came into sight.

"Oh God." Liz let go of Dean and ran right to Cass, crushing him in a hug.

"Elizabeth? What are you doing here?" He asked as he pulled away.

"I don't know how he found me but he did." She said, tears in her eyes.

"Lucifer?" Cass asked.

Liz nodded. "Yeah."

"When?" Bobby asked and when Liz looked at him, she was shocked. "What?"

"You're so..." A small smile spread across her lips as she wiped away her fallen tears. "Tall."

"Yeah." Bobby smiled softly before getting right to business. "Now when did he grab you?"

"Um, right after I called you. He was either possessing someone I knew or something because one minute he was Max and the next he was himself."

"Crap." Bobby let out a deep sigh.

"What?" Dean asked coming up behind Liz.

"That was a week ago Dean." He told them and Liz's legs gave out.

"Whoa." Dean easily caught her and held her up. "Easy babe."

"The kids, Dean. I was only suppose to be gone for a half an hour tops. My friend must be freaking out."


Serena paced the width of the livingroom with the house phone in her hand. She was waiting for someone, anyone to call. Sam. Dean. Some guy named Bobby that Liz had mentioned a few times. Hell, Serena was even waiting for the angel Cass to call her. Someone had to know where the hell Liz was.

"It's gonna be okay." Alex said as his hand slid into the crook of her arm, haulting her movements.

"I hope so."

She had called him the day after Liz disappeared. She didn't know what else to do. High level panic situations were more Liz's thing than her own. Sure she could keep a clear head but with her best friend's kids looking to her for some kind of guidance, nope. Serena was not the right person.

Thank God for Alex. He knew what to do. First he called the Parkers and ask them to pick up the kids. He told them that Liz had asked him to do it but that he had other plans and so did Serena. She had never been happy to see either Parker as they showed up at the house hours later.

The second thing he did was call the others.

"You need to calm down." Alex whispered into her ear as Ava and Michael walked by them.

"Anything else?" Ava asked and Serena grounded her teeth.

Apparently, the same day that Liz had disappeared, Max had appeared bloody and beaten on Michael's front porch. They don't know how he got there or who had hurt him and neither did he. The only thing they did know was that who ever kidnapped him, needed him to get to Liz.

Damn it Liz. What the hell is going on? Serena thought to herself.

"Serena?" Alex had pulled her outside to the backyard without her realizing it. "Are you okay? You're kind of freaking me out here."

She blinked a few times. "I'm sorry. I'm just..." She pushed the hair on the top of her head back. "I'm not use to this Alex. I mean, the biggest disasters we ever dealt with in the other reality was Liz's unplanned pregnancy." Then she tilted her head to the side. "And then when her father died. And later when my little brother came out. And you see where I'm going with this."

Alex chuckled. "Yeah I do. Your lives were completely normal. Liz told me."

"Exactly and this! This isn't normal, Alex. I mean, don't you miss Lexie? Don't you want your kids?" She was on the edge of her seat, about to lose her mind.

"Yeah, I do. I do want my kids Serena but in this reality, Lexie is alone in Massachusetts. We never fell in love. We never go together." Serena looked at him confused. "She and I met maybe once. Twice at most."


"In this reality, Jasmine is a drug addict and because of that Lexie's dad was the one who had custody of her. But he was a dirt bag who only cared about himself and when she was old enough, he put her in boarding school and never looked back."


"Yeah. I'm sorry but Lexie and Liz haven't spoken in years in this reality. Not since..." Alex scratched the back of his head trying to remember when but Serena already knew the answer.

"Since grandma Claudia's funeral."

Alex looked at the pale girl in front of him. She was so unlike the Serena he had dated. So caring and down to earth. To this Serena, things were to be earned and money wasn't everything. Maybe if his Serena was more like this one then they'd be getting married instead him and Isabel? Alex shook his head. He shouldn't be thinking like that.

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"Liz mentioned it once. I thought she was just being loopy but...I guess not." She dropped down into the white wicker patio couch. "This is just too much. Liz doesn't need all of this."

"I know-." Suddenly the phone in Serena's hand rang. She looked from the phone to Alex and then back again. "Pick it up."

Nodding, Serena pressed talk. "Hello?"

"Oh thank God, S, it's me Liz."

"Liz?" Tears sprung to Serena's eyes. "You're okay?"

"Yeah. I'm okay. I just...I was kind of kidnapped."

"Gee, you think?" Serena answered her sarcastically.

"Look. Dean saved me but I have to help him." She paused. "Serena, it's Sam. He needs me."

"Please be careful Liz. My heart felt like..." She shook her head. "Please just come home in one piece."

"Of course. I love you Serena Van Der Woodsen."

Serena choked on her tears. "I love you too, Liz Winchester." When they hung up, she burst into tears.

"Shh." Alex whispered as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "It's okay. She's okay, right?" Serena nodded. "See. You did good, S. You made it through your first disaster." She laughed but it sounded watery.

"Shut up."

"Let's go tell the others." Alex said with a smile.

"Okay." They stood in union and walked back into the house.


As Liz spoke on the phone, Dean, Bobby and Cass watched the news on a bunch of Tvs in the window of a Tv shop. She couldn't hear what they were saying to each other as she called her parents but it couldn't be good.

Turning to them, Liz could see the tears in Dean's eyes as he repeated Bobby's name.

~"Bobby?" The older man looked lost. Destroyed almost. "Bobby!"

"There was never much hope to begin with." He said slowly, tears in both his eyes and voice. "I don't know what else to do."~

"Uh, guys?" All three turned to her. "Why can't we just find out where Sam-I mean Lucifer-is gonna go next?" They all shared a look as if none of them had thought to do that.

"How?" Bobby asked.

"I don't know." Liz said as she shrugged her shoulders. "But I mean, don't you guys know a psychic or something?" Cass and Bobby shared a look while Dean cracked a smirk.

"Yeah babe, we do." He pulled her close and kiss the top of her head. "Let's get going."