Finding Family, Finding Home (UC, AU, Adult) Ch 34 8/28

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Re: Finding Family, Finding Home (UC, AU, Adult) Ch. 28 7/23

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AN: Also... last chapter was sad, and I didn't want to leave you, dear readers, hanging.

Chapter 30

One month later, Liz sat mostly alone in a hotel room an hour north of Sao Paolo, Brazil. They were lucky to find roadside hotel with a suite and kitchenette and for that Liz was at least somewhat grateful.

Along with James, Scott, and Renato, she’d buried Serena in a cemetery in Yazoo city a few weeks earlier. The funeral was small, with only Caroline in attendance outside of the group. It wasn’t safe to have any other members of the Guerin company fly out and attend the small services. Even sending for Jim and Brody would have been sketchy.

Staring at the wall in the old but clean hotel room, Liz wondered what would happen next. Would she really be forced to travel throughout the world just to keep the weapons hidden? She wasn’t even sure if Michael wanted her to be a part of this group. What if he’d already forgotten her?

No, she thought, looking over at the empty pack and play in the corner. Michael wouldn’t have wanted any of this to happen, and she was now inexplicably tied to the conspiracy, whether she wanted it or not. Besides, she didn’t want to sit around just waiting for Rath or the skins to find her again.

That very fact was why she’d crossed the border with her companions, weapon hidden in the back, and they’d driven down through Central America and settled a few hours away from Renato’s assignment. They bought land in cash, not wanting anything tied to the Geurin name, and would be living in this hotel for a few months while the house was being built. The weapon was being stored temporarily in the bunker where Beatriz had originally been assigned.

When the three companions decided on Brazil, Liz began studying Brazilian Portuguese with Renato. She wanted her accent to be non-existent if she were required to live in this South American country. Her coloring already made her look at least somewhat South American, maybe of Spanish descent, and Liz for once was glad that she’d inherited her father’s darker features and her grandfather’s rich olive-toned skin.

This afternoon, the men were spending a few hours on the site where the house was being built. The construction crew, being well paid to work quickly, was being supervised by a trusted friend of Renato. But that didn’t mean that the guys didn’t want to ensure the quality.

Liz glanced over at the sleeping baby in his temporary bed, the child seat she’d picked up at a store along I10. She sighed, thinking how much her life had changed over the past two years. She couldn’t believe how lonely she’d been when she got the job at Origins or how lonely she was now, but life had a cruel way of twisting the knife in her gut.

She’d confessed most of her story to Jim on the drive through Texas, over a new disposable cell, and he knew enough to tell her parents should anything happen to her. For now, if her parents asked she was working with the company on a project that took her to China. The paperwork in the files at Origins would also state that fact, in case the government came looking.

The journals that she’d so desperately protected back at the estate were sitting in a safety deposit box along with the pictures and videos they’d managed to save from the house fire. Everything that tied her to the life before was locked behind vault doors in a bank in Florida. She prayed that one day she’d be able to get those memories back.

Now, Liz had a new identity and fingerprints. Liz refused to change her looks, but agreed to Renato’s suggestion of changing her fingerprints. The pain had been minimal when he burned the new pattern into her skin, and the scars were almost gone, Liz thought, looking down at her hands.

In just another day or two, Liz Parker would cease to exist as far as the United States was concerned, and she would be Catarina Penha, born and raised in Sorocaba, located 60 kilometers west of Sao Paolo.

The guys didn’t remember, she was sure, that today was the one year anniversary of the granolith’s departure. It was a year since she’d said goodbye to Michael and Liz wanted nothing more than to cry herself to sleep.

Jonathon stirred in his sleep and began whimpering, calling Liz to her new responsibilities as the nanny for the Prince. She crossed the room and picked him up carefully, hugging him to her chest and rocking back and forth. So far his powers had been latent and Liz was thankful. After Beatriz and Caroline had shared horror stories of the magically inclined infants on Antar, Liz was glad not to have to deal with exploding baby food jars and melting plastic.

Baby Jonathon, or Prince Poopypants, as Serena had affectionately called him during his first few months, was a happy baby and rarely fussed. Within his first few nights, he’d already been sleeping six hours through the night and had steadily increased his sleeping time since they’d begun their journey to South America. Granted, Liz woke him up for formula bottles every two hours as Serena had been doing; but the boy seemed content with his lot in life.

“If only you knew,” she said, cradling him against her chest and rubbing his back.

An hour or so later, Scott and James came into the hotel room carrying a few bags of groceries.

“How’s the house going?” she asked in a whisper.

“Fine,” James said, placing his bags on the small counter of their kitchenette. “How’s Poopy?”

“Slept most of the day,” she sighed. While he slept, she’d merely stared at the wall and counted the flower pots on the wallpaper; bored out of her mind.

“Thought we could make some Chinese tonight,” Scott said quietly, pulling out a few fresh peppers. “How about some fried rice and some steak and peppers.”

“Sounds good,” Liz said.

“Renato coming study tonight,” Scott said, switching to his broken Portuguese.

Liz nodded, wincing slightly at his wrong verb use. With Renato’s help, she was already beginning to automatically translate the words in her head. The more studying they got in, the better it would be when she was allowed outside with civilization again.

Checking on Jonatas, he would never again be Jonathon, Liz could only stare blankly at the small vulnerable child. She wished that Serena had never been killed by that Skin and the Shadow; but there was nothing she could do now.

“The house should be ready in about two months,” James said. “Will you be alright staying here that long?” He looked over from the two burner stove where he’d set up a pot to boil the rice.

“I’ll do whatever I have to,” Liz said, glancing down at the sleeping baby. “We can’t keep moving around.”

“I know this is rough, Liz. I can’t imagine how hard it’s been on you. We’ve been asking a lot of you these last few months especially.”

“Let’s not talk about it please,” she said, feeling tears threaten to fall. “We just need to keep looking forward.”

She caught a look that Scott sent James from across the room and knew that they pitied her.

“I need to take a walk,” she said, walking to the door and stepping into the sandals she’d bought in Austin. “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

She closed the door behind her, not surprised that neither male put up a fuss. She knew that the illusion of privacy was just that, James would be tailing behind her as she walked around the corner. He would make sure she was safe, but give her just enough distance that sometimes Liz even believed she was alone herself.

Liz sighed, hearing the telltale squeak of their hotel room door. She just needed some time, and her memories were quickly catching up with her. There had to be something, ANYthing, that she could do to suppress her sadness. She’d thrown her mind and soul into raising Jonatas since Serena’s death, but even the joy she had at seeing the little boy smile and coo wasn’t enough to erase the memory of the gun shots from her mind.

If she didn’t figure something out soon, Liz knew she’d be spending yet another night crying herself to sleep. The guys had been great, but there’s only so much that their platonic hugs and words of fake reassurance could do.

It was half an hour later when Liz finally walked through the door into their hotel suite. James seemed to know exactly when she decided to go back and had beaten her to the room. Scott had the five month old in his arms, feeding the boy with a bottle. Liz knew Serena would be sad to see the formula in the bottle, Serena had been so happy to breastfeed the little boy; but there was nothing Liz could do for him. It would still be another few months before she started feeding him baby food, but maybe by then she’d be living in a house and could make the food herself, instead of buying the sometimes questionable food at some of the markets.

“Dinner’s ready,” James said from his spot back at the stove.

“Do you mind if I grab a shower first?” she said. “Then I’ll take over baby watching again and eat dinner.”

“Sure, Liz,” James said, glancing over at Scott.

Liz ignored the silent conversation and nodded.

“Thanks.” Liz moved to the small bathroom, grabbing the long nightshirt she’d packed and a new set of underwear. She’d sweated heavily in the summer heat, despite the date on the wall. It may be the end of spring in the United States, but the sweltering heat of that lingered from the southern hemisphere summer was upon them in Brazil.

Turning on the shower, Liz stripped off her clothes and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She’d lost weight, enough for her ribs to poke out slightly; even her pelvis had grown more prominent over the last few weeks. She wondered if that’s why the guys had been cooking more often since they reached the outskirts of Sao Paolo.

Stepping inside the cold stream of water, Liz let go of her flimsy control and began bawling in the shower. She hoped that the water would be loud enough to drown her sobbing from the men in the other room. She didn’t want them to know how rough this was on her, Liz felt like the weak link and that she would only bring danger to them.

She didn’t know how long she cried in the shower, but it was long enough for the water pooling at the bottom of the tub to prune her toes. Drying off, Liz changed into her oversized t-shirt and checked herself in the mirror. Her eyes were blood-shot from her crying, but maybe she could say she’d gotten conditioner in her eye if the guys asked.

Her stomach growled and Liz took a deep breath. It was time to face the men again.

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Re: Finding Family, Finding Home (UC, AU, Adult) Ch 29 & 30

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Carolyn: I learned to drive on the Natchez Trace, my grandparents live two minutes from one of the on-ramps. Such a beautiful place. The guards did their best but weren't expecting the shadow aliens :(
Princess Poopypants is the nickname my sister-in-law gave her daughter. I loved it too much not to borrow it :)

Sarah: Thank you for the birthday wishes. I was sad too when my muse had me kill off Serena :( As for their travels to South America, I figured that the further off the map they'd be, the safer the group.

Sorry it's a little bit late, I kind of forgot it was Monday a few days ago... :lol:

Chapter 31

“Tia!” the boy yelled out.

Catarina Penha turned around to see the young prince hanging upside down off his swing on the large oak tree. She’d gotten used to having summer during December; but sometimes the fact that it was nearly a hundred degrees Fahrenheit the week of Christmas still bothered her.

“Careful, Jona’,” she said, walking toward him. “You don’t want to get hurt, do you?”

“No, titia,” he said, responding with the term of endearment for his auntie.

“Very well,” she replied, picking him off the swing and setting his feet on the ground.

“Uncle Jaime told me that you’d already eaten breakfast,” she asked, kneeling down to look him in the eye.

“Yes,” the brown-eyed boy smiled. “He even let me get the eggs myself.” The five year old puffed up his chest and looked proudly up at her. Catarina’s heart soared seeing another sign that the little boy was growing up before her eyes.

“Come, you can have an orange while I eat my own breakfast,” she said, holding out her hand for him to take.

Jonatas took her hand and with his little feet and tiny gait led the way back to the house.

Catarina grinned as she entered the covered terrace of her home. Since the day that Jaime and Silvio brought her to the completed building, Catarina had worked hard to make this quickly constructed house into a home where she could live.

It had been nearly five years since the attack on the house in Mississippi, and though she remembered Serena fondly, Catarina tried not to dwell on her emotions of that long ago time.

She was the only mother that Jonatas had ever known, but she insisted that he call her tia, instead of mamãe. She knew that one day Jonatas would ask about his mother, and she hoped it would be a long long time before she had to explain how his mother had given up her life to save his.

Jaime and Silvio, the names James and Scott had picked out respectively, kept themselves busy with above the board jobs at Geurin Energy Solutions, in downtown Sao Paolo. They worked sometimes long hours in the buildings that housed their secret charge deep inside an underground bunker. Renato had even staged fake interviews and references and everything, in order to make their appearance as normal as possible.

Her job was to be nanny and mother to the prince, at least until Zan returned. She was barely allowed to leave the house, not only as a precaution but for her own mental wellbeing. Paranoia was a cruel mistress.

To entertain herself, Catarina painted in a studio they’d built for her in the northern wing of the new house. With windows on three sides of the room, the space allowed for plenty of natural light for her to work in. Mostly Catarina used oils and water paints, but occasionally she found herself drawn to stenciling.

When she was watching the young boy, Catarina would try to teach Jona as much as she could. With the help of the guys, she’d collected many homeschooling books and guides, not wanting to sign up for anything online, just in case they were being tracked.

Jonatas was smart and gifted, well above what normal children his age would be working on. It wasn’t surprising to Rina that the boy was learning quickly. If Zan had been anything like Michael, she would soon be teaching the Prince his multiplication tables, he’d already mastered addition and subtraction of numbers in the hundreds. One good thing, Catarina found was that Jona loved drawing, to emulate her or simply because he loved coloring, she did not know. Often when she’d go into the studio in the evenings, he would spend hours sitting next to her coloring with his crayons while she worked.

Even his motor functions were ahead of the curve. On the weekends, when he could, Renato would stop by and play a game or two of soccer with the little guy. Teaching him hand-eye coordination and running around with the ball. Rina would make dinner for the group of them and they’d sit out on the patio and talk, often well into the night after Jona was laid in his bed to sleep.

Once every quarter year or so, Caroline managed to get to Brazil. As newly appointed President of Marketing for Guerin Energy, she’d left Origins not long after their move south, Caroline had the ability to travel to the South American office without being questioned.

Catarina enjoyed the week or so every few months that she could share with the other woman. Terrified of making friends who were not in on the secret, she refrained from doing much other than watching Jonatas, so the visits with Caroline were a godsend.

Her calls to the United States had all but stopped over the last few years. She called her parents when she could; giving them fake updates of the joy she had living in Asia. She’d tell them that she’d come home when she could, but always managed to have some other project pop up that made her cancel her visit. Catarina hated lying to her parents but in her heart, she knew it was the only way to keep them safe.

Valenti called her the day he became a grandpop a few years ago and Liz had cried for joy knowing that Alex and Maria had finally started having children. The last time she spoke to Valenti, he told her that Kyle had been dating a woman that looked like it would be serious. She wished him well and hung up the phone soon afterward. It was hard hearing that her few friends were moving on. While she cared for Jonatas a lot and Silvio and Renato and Jaime were great, she was as lonely as ever.

“Titia?” Jonatas said, catching her attention. “Are you okay?”

Rina looked down at the plate of eggs and sausage she’d cooked, her fork dangling from her fingers. She must have lost herself in thought. Catarina sighed.

“I’m fine, baixinho,” she said, looking down at him. “Just a little tired.”

“Do you need to nap?” he asked, with a grin.

“No, silly,” she replied. “But maybe I’ll go do some painting today,” she said.

“Can I help?” he asked, crossing his legs on the chair.

“Of course,” Rina grinned. “You know I love your help.”

Jona hopped off the chair and raced out of the dining nook in the kitchen.

“Don’t run in the house, criança!”

Catarina ate a few bites of her breakfast, having lost her appetite, and picked up the orange peel that Jona had left on the table, shaking her head.

It took only a few minutes for her to dump the leftovers in the bin and straighten up the kitchen and head toward the studio. Later tonight she could run the bin to the compost heap and dump whatever egg shells and orange peels and leftover meat into the designated area. She knew she needed to clean and mop the downstairs today, a few hours work at best; but seeing how happy Jona had been to go into the studio, the housework could wait until later.

Reaching her sanctuary, Catarina was not surprised to see all of Jonatas’ crayons spilled out on the kid’s table in front of the small easel Silvio had made for him.

“You know you need to clean those up when you’re done,” she said, glancing at him.

“Yes, Tia,” he said, looking over his shoulder at her.

“Are you going to draw the man again?” he asked, seeming to catch her uncertainty at her own easel.

Rina knew she’d drawn and painted Michael far too obsessively over the last few months, but she couldn’t help but draw him when she began to feel her memories of him fading into oblivion. There was nothing in the house that reflected her past outside of a painting in her bedroom. Each and every one of her other studies on Michael’s form, something she’d had to do from memory, was burned in the fire pit when the work was completed. She didn’t want there to be any other proof that he existed just in case they were found again.

“No,” she replied after a moment.

“What will you do then?” Jona asked.

“I’m not sure yet,” she said. She needed to stop obsessing, Catarina urged herself.

A few hours later, Catarina sat back to admire the work she’d been doing. She hadn’t planned to do a landscape, but the nearly completed piece of art was a replica of the gardens outside her window. Without realizing she’d done it, Catarina emulated the Monet that hung in the hall and painted with an impressionistic style.

“Can I go outside and play now?” Jona asked.

“We should probably work on some lessons,” she said, turning to look at the prince.

“But,” he started.

“Tell you what,” she said, standing up and starting to clear away her materials. “We’ll make lunch and you can play outside for half an hour, then we’ll start some school work.”

“Okay, tia,” he grinned.

The afternoon passed quickly, as it normally did. Jona worked on lessons and Catarina would stop her dusting or mopping when he had a question and she would tell stories and try to relate the information to the real world.

Catarina was on her knees, scrubbing the toilet near the living room when Jona started screaming. She ripped off her gloves, throwing them to the tiled floor, and raced out to find the crying boy.

“What is it?” she asked, finding him in the kitchen with a towel over his hands.

She knelt on the ground next to him, seeing tears streaming down his cheeks.

“Tia,” he sobbed, scrubbing the towel in his palm. “Make it go away!”

She took the towel from him and her stomach dropped at the sight of the familiar green energy sparking across his hands.

“Get it off!” he screamed.

“Hush, Jona,” Catarina said, pulling him into a hug. “Hush, its okay.”

“What is it?” he asked, sobbing into her shirt.

She sighed, worrying her bottom lip. So far they’d had no signs that Jonatas had any power, but Jaime said that sometimes their abilities took a while to show up. Now she had to explain to the child just what he was.

“Come here,” she said, standing and holding her arms out. She picked him up and put him on her hip and walked out to the living room.

“Do you remember how I told you that Jaime was special?” she asked, putting him on the couch and sitting next to him.

He nodded, quietly letting the tears fall. It was reasonable that he was scared, but she needed to make sure he calmed down.

“You and Jaime are both special in the same way,” she said, trying to be sure her words wouldn’t frighten him.

“Is he my papai?” he asked, wiping away a tear with the back of his hand.

“No, Jonatas,” she said. “Do you remember the story that Silvio tells you about the man from the stars?”

The boy nodded, looking shyly up at her face.

“You, my little prince, are like that man. Your papai lives very very far away, and like Jaime, he can do things that most people cannot. Just like you probably will too.”

Catarina paused.

“That green light that dances on your arms is your power,” she said, trying to sound awed. “It does not hurt you, does it?”

“No, Titia,” he said, sullenly. “But it’s scary.”

“You do not need to be frightened of it, because it is part of you and who you are.”

“Why haven’t I seen it before.”

“Jaime, Silvio and I, we did not know if you would be blessed with the power, but today, seeing the green lines, shows me that you are.”

“Power?” he asked.

“I don’t know what you’ll be able to do with it, but from now on you’ll get special play time with Jaime to work on it. Ok?” she asked.

Jonatas nodded.

“You know what?” she said. “Even Tia Caroline will get to have special time with you to help you.” Catarina poked his little belly in play, hoping he’d stop looking at her with those tear-brimmed brown eyes.

“She will?” he asked.

“You betcha,” Catarina grinned, knowing how much the boy loved visits from the matronly woman.

“Will we get special time, Titia?” he continued.

“We get special time everyday, criança,” she said, smoothing some of his hair. “But no, not like you’ll get with Jaime.”

“Why not?” he asked, his bottom lip quivering.

“Because, Jona,” Catarina felt like sobbing. “I’m not from the stars like you are. I’m just a normal everyday girl.”

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Re: Finding Family, Finding Home (UC, AU, Adult) Ch 32 8/13

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AN: Ladies!!! Thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoy this chapter of Jonatas' birthday!!!!

Chapter 32

A few days later it was the weekend, Christmas Day was on Sunday and Saturday was Jonatas’ sixth birthday. It was Friday night and Catarina was busy preparing fresh vegetables for their big birthday meal. As a surprise for the birthday boy, Caroline was flying in for the week and Catarina was grateful that Jona’s powers decided to manifest while all of the Pod Squad was going to be in town.

Jaime and Silvio sat down with Jonatas the other night, giving Catarina a few minutes to herself, while they explained about some of Jonatas’ possible abilities. Silvio had spent his younger years working with Zan after he left the gang and knew a lot of Zan’s powers even though he didn’t have powers of his own. The conversation she’d had with Jonatas a few afternoons ago, had left Catarina shaken.

Now, she stood in the kitchen, making stuffed tomatoes and dough for pasta. A rare treat for all of them, Catarina had learned from Serena how to make her own fresh pasta and tonight she’d make macaroni and cheese for Jona and a meatballs and red sauce for rigatoni for the adults.

Renato was picking Caroline up from the airport around five and they planned to go to the beach tomorrow.

Glancing over at the clock on the wall, Catarina pulled the extractor out from the cabinet. The dough had rested enough and she needed to get started.

It was pushing 6 pm when the door bell rang.

“It’s Renato!” Jonatas shouted, running down the curved stairs toward the front door.

Catarina could hear his shoes squeaking on the marble steps as he ran to answer the bell.

“What have I told you about running in the house, criança?” she called out from the kitchen, pulling the baked macaroni dish out of the oven.

“Titia,” he whined.

Catarina laughed, glad that he wasn’t in the room to see her reaction.

“Tia Caroline!” he cried out from the hall.

Rina closed the oven door and walked around to the front door to see Renato and Caroline in the entry way. Jonatas was wrapped around Caroline’s legs in a hug.

“Renato,” Catarina smiled, taking off her oven mitts.

“Boa noite, Rina,” he said, dipping his head in greeting. “Dinner smells wonderful.”

“I hope so,” she grinned, walking toward the newly arrived couple. “How was traffic from the airport?”

“Meh,” Renato replied with a shrug.

Catarina laughed and gave her friend a hug. It had been too long since he’d made the trip over to the estate. She’d missed his company.

“Where’re Jaime and Silvio?” Caroline asked.

“Out back with the grill,” she said. “We’ve got a big meal planned.”

“Come on, tia,” Jonatas said, pulling at Caroline’s arm. “I want to show you my swing!”

“Now, Jonatas,” Catarina scolded. “Dinner is almost ready. Why don’t you go wash your hands and show Caroline your swing later.”

Jonatas mumbled and sulked back to the bathroom, but didn’t say a word to Rina in protest.

“He gets bigger every time I see him,” Caroline replied in English.

“He’s a handful,” Catarina said, switching easily to her native tongue. “But I love him.”

“I can see that,” Caroline smiled.

“How was the flight?” Catarina asked, seeing the bags that Renato had carried in.

“Long,” she sighed. “The airport was swarmed with Christmas travelers.”

“Come on in the kitchen. I’ve got a few things to finish up and then we can enjoy this birthday meal.”

The four adults were sitting, ready for dinner, twenty minutes later. Catarina already fixed Jonatas’ plate and he was sitting next to her in a booster seat at the big table outside.

“What do you say?” Silvio said, stopping the boy from grabbing his fork.

“Oh,” Jona turned to look at Catarina. “Thank you for my birthday meal,tia,” he smiled. Though the boy’s birthday wasn’t technically until tomorrow, the adoptive parents liked to give Jona the day before Christmas Eve as a special birthday, so their attentions wouldn’t be divided on the holiday.

“Anything for you, Jona,” Catarina smiled. “Alright, go ahead and eat.”

Jonatas’ eyes grew wide and he dove into his plate, eating his macaroni and the bits of steak that Jaime had cut up and put on his plate.

“How’s Iowa?” Catarina asked Caroline.

“It’s fine. We’re busy putting up a couple hundred wind turbines this quarter. The guys are exhausted.”

Catarina nodded.

“Do you think it will produce the energy you need?”

“No doubt,” she said. “Technology has come far in the last ten years. I’d be surprised if congress doesn’t start mandating wind power for larger cities here soon. We’ve even managed to make turbines that are low maintenance. They won’t need to be replaced for nearly thirty years.”

It took just a few minutes for Jonatas to finish his dinner, while Catarina had barely started in on her stuffed tomato.

“May I be excused?” he asked, in his adorable begging voice.

Rina nearly laughed at the puppy-dog eyes the boy gave her.

“Sure, but take your plate into the kitchen.”

“Yes, titia,” he said, climbing off his chair and heading for the house.

“Will you be willing to kick the ball around with him?” Catarina asked Renato, turning to look at him.

“You know I will,” the alien replied with a smile. The grin caused Catarina’s stomach to flip in her gut and for a moment she thought about his offer.

Renato knew she was still in love with Michael, probably never would give up her flame for her boss; but that hadn’t stopped him from offering his heart to her. It had been a year since he’d bared his heart and confessed his love for her; knowing she’d never feel the same way.

But there in the twilight of dusk, for a moment, Catarina wondered if she should give into his Latin desires.

The adults finished their meals soon afterwards and Caroline and Catarina watched as the men played two on two on the makeshift field in the backyard.

It wasn’t until the sun was nearly gone that the ball game was called.

Catarina told the guys to clean up while she got the cake out for the birthday boy.

He’d wanted a cake in the shape of the Hulk and Catarina had spent hours after Jona had fallen asleep the night before to mold the sheet cake into something resembling the face and chest of the radiation poisoned man.

While she was putting the candles into the cake, Catarina heard the doorbell ring.

“That’s strange,” she muttered under her breath.

With Caroline sitting out on the deck still, and the three men upstairs washing up with Jona, Catarina had no idea who could be at the door.

Putting the small wax candles down, she walked past the hidden panel in the kitchen and grabbed her pistol, not knowing who could be at the door.

Tucking it against her back, just in case, she called out to the guys that she would answer the door.

Swallowing hard, she could see a couple shaded figures in the textured glass.

Time seemed to slow as she opened the door and the faces of the visitors became clear in her eyes.

Her stomach dropped and her mouth went dry. With her hands trembling, Catarina looked at the four people who’d shown up at the house.


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Re: Finding Family, Finding Home (UC, AU, Adult) Ch 32 8/13

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AN: Not much more left... Enjoy this penultimate chapter!

Chapter 33

Catarina felt her legs collapse beneath her as she stared at the two couples that had appeared.

Bile rose in her chest, as she prayed desperately that this wasn’t some sort of sick joke that the Skins were playing on her.


His voice wrapped around her like a blanket.

“Tia, who is it?” Jona said, coming up behind her and wrapping an arm around her waist.

“Jonatas,” she said, trying to hide him behind her, just in case.

Catarina swallowed hard, feeling frozen to the ground as she looked at Michael for the first time in almost seven years.

His hair had started to gray at the temples, no doubt from all the stress they’d been through while battling their war. But, she had to admit, he still looked the same and still immediately sent heat pulsing to her intimate areas.

Catarina heard the guys coming up from behind her. She was sure they were as nervous as she felt.

“Come here, Jona,” Caroline said, calling the boy away from the door.

“Who are they?” he asked his aunt.

“We’ll talk to them in a few minutes,” she said. And Liz could hear the woman leading the boy away from the door.

“Your Highness,” Jaime whispered, reverting to English for the first time in years. His voice was thick with his Brazilian Portuguese accent.

Liz could only stare mutely while the two aliens bowed to their king.

“James,” Zan said, “can we come in?”

“My name is Jaime, sir,” he said, confirming for anyone else that their cover could not be blown. There was no guarantee that their enemies weren’t out there.

Zan nodded and looked over at Liz and she was kicked out of her stupor.

What an idiot, she thought to herself. The men had known instantly that they weren’t imposters, or the four people at the door would have been incinerated on sight.

Catarina moved out of the way and let the guests inside. Before following the guests through the hall, she tucked the gun back into the safe and locked it tightly.

The door closed behind the Royal Four as Renato led them to the formal dining room they used for the occasional visit from board members and government officials.

“We weren’t expecting to see you so soon, your Highness,” Jaime said, almost struggling to pull the English together

Catarina took a seat on a long couch, Renato sitting beside her and taking her hand and wrapping his arm around her shoulder. She gripped it tightly; afraid that at any moment the four would disappear again.

“We couldn’t wait any longer,” Zan replied, looking around the room. The royal four took seats on a couch next to them, sitting on the other side of the rug’s corner.

Silvio nodded and Catarina turned to see his eyes glistening with unshed tears. She knew they were all in shock and were so happy to see their missing friends.

“How did you find us?” Jaime asked.

“Caroline,” Michael said, and Catarina turned to look out the doorway. Her friend had known about this?

“Larek contacted Brody a few weeks ago, when your communicators couldn’t be accessed,” Zan explained. “He hacked into the systems with our passwords and found out that Caroline had been visiting Brazil consistently for the last few years. We knew we’d find you here.”

“Zan,” Catarina started, not sure how to tell him that Serena had died.

“I already know,” Zan frowned, looking at his hands.

She nodded.

“Is Jona,” he started.

“He’s your son,” she said, feeling an unexpected flood of relief wash over her. She loved that boy with all her heart; but now, his father was here and he could be with his real family.

There was an awkward silence throughout the room.

“Are you here to stay?” she asked, carefully avoiding Michael’s eye. If she looked closely at him, Catarina was sure she’d lose the thin hold she had on her heart.

“The war is over, for now. We’ve come to an arrangement on Antar,” Isabel said. “In order to allow us to return home, we set up a parliament system, not dissimilar from the British one. Zan is king in name and has some powers that he will have to report on, but for the most part there is a congress and senate that will be able to rule in his stead. This will allow the planet to progress without us being there.”

Zan placed a hand on his sister’s thigh, stopping her rambling.

“Sorry,” the blonde woman blushed.

Catarina only smiled, unsure if she could trust her voice.

“We will move out of the estate as soon as you wish,” Jaime said. “This is after all your new home.”

Catarina felt her stomach squeeze, this was her home, not theirs! This was where Jona had taken his first steps and gotten his first boo-boo and…

A hand rested on her knee, pulling her from her thoughts.

“This is your home,” Zan said from across the couches, looking into Catarina’s eyes. “We will not force you from it.”

“What about the weapons and your duties here?” she asked, unable to stop the words from spilling out of her mouth.

“For now everything is safe. We’d like to just enjoy some time back on Earth, if that’s alright.”

Catarina nodded, wordlessly, feeling relief fill her. At least they wouldn’t immediately cast her aside now that the King had returned to Earth.

“Titia, is it true?” the small voice said from the doorway.

Catarina turned to see Jona standing just a few feet away, Caroline behind him, holding his shoulders.

“Is it true what Tia Caroline said about that man?” he asked, pointing at Zan.

“Jonatas,” Catarina said, holding her arms out for him to come to her.

The boy shyly scooted across the tiled floor and sat on her lap, looking nervously over his shoulder.

“This man’s name is Zan, and he is your papei.”

“Really, titia?” he asked, looking brightly up at her.

“Yes, my prince. That is your father.” She placed a kiss on his forehead as he turned to look at the visitors.

“Rina,” he whispered, addressing her with her name for the first time. “Is that the man?” he asked, pointing toward Michael.

“Yes, baixinho. That’s him.”

Jonatas hugged Catarina’s neck tightly for a moment or two.

Catarina struggled not to start sobbing while she held the boy as the mother she’d been for what she feared might be the last time

“Go on, criança. Say hello to your papei.”

She dropped him from her lap and watched as he nervously crossed the small distance to his father.

“Hello, papei,” he said, quietly.

“Meu filho,” Zan replied, his accent nearly perfect.

Catarina shot eyes at Jaime. The Royal Four had known for what, a week, that they were coming to Brazil?

“I told you they learned quickly,” he grinned.

Zan held out a hand for Jona to take and pulled the boy into a hug.

“I’m so happy to finally meet you, my boy,” he said, squeezing the little form against his chest. “Your father has missed so much, but he promises to be at your side from now on.”

Jonatas laughed and returned the hug.

Liz coughed, clearing her throat.

“We were just about to have cake,” she said, looking around the room. “It is Jonatas’ birthday tomorrow. If you give me a minute, I’ll make some coffee and we can all celebrate.”

Catarina moved to get off the couch. She needed breathing room and she needed it now.

Without waiting for affirmation, Catarina rushed from the room and toward the kitchen. Reaching the room, she grabbed onto the edge of the counter and heaved, bent over the edge, as her stomach rolled.

“Deep breath,” she said.

“Calm down,” she said.

“You’ll be okay,” she said.

She wiped away a few tears that slipped from her eyes unbidden and swallowed back the lump in her throat.

“Coffee,” she said, going over to the machine. Pulling out the bag of fresh beans, she scooped a couple spoons out and put them in the grinder, quickly chopping them to size and putting the powder into the coffee maker on the counter.

“You okay, Rina?” Renato said, his voice smooth.

Catarina spun around to look at her companion, leaning against the wall next to the refrigerator.

“I just,” she started, looking him over. After everything, the aliens had decided to return today. Though, somewhere in her mind, Catarina acknowledged that if they’d shown up at any other time, she’d be reacting the same way.

“Benziho,” he said. “We both knew they’d come back some day.” He looked almost sad as he spoke and Catarina felt guilty. She’d never even kissed the man other than a platonic kiss on the cheek, but his words, calling her his darling, Catarina knew his heart was breaking. She had no choice though, she still harbored feelings for Michael and he knew that well.

“You’ll always be my friend, right?” she asked, taking an unsure step toward him.

“As Silvio and Jaime protect you, I protect you as well,” he said. “I would not leave your side unless you asked me to.”

She nodded, thanking him, then turned back to the cake.

“Will you help me with the serving?” she asked, putting their intimate moment behind her for good.

Renato grinned at her and began gathering the cups and saucers from the cabinet near the sink.

It didn’t take long for Catarina and Renato to set the table and prepare for the boy’s birthday.

While they ate cake and watched Jona unwrap his few birthday presents, the bulk of the gift having been Caroline’s visit, Catarina tried not to focus on the man who sat across the table from her. She was surprised at first to see him avoiding her gaze; but after her talk with Renato, Catarina was grateful for the space.

Her cheeks would flush with heat occasionally, and she was sure Michael was watching her as she sat next to Jona and helped him unwrap his gifts.

“Thank you, Tia,” he said, unwrapping a couple of books from Caroline.

“You’re most welcome,” Caroline said, with a grin.

Catarina glanced up and caught Michael looking at her, his eyes flashing with something she couldn’t define. Her stomach rolled as she wondered what would happen the first time that they had a few private moments. Would he want to be friends again? Would he want to return to their relationship before his trip? Would he even want her around? She couldn’t guess.

After putting away all the gifts, Jona climbed onto the couch in the living room with his father and cuddled with Zan. Catarina was surprised and already missed her nightly cuddle session; but she couldn’t begrudge the boy time away from his father.

The tattooed man ran his fingers through his son’s hair, as the little boy struggled to stay awake. It was hours past his normal bedtime.

“So,” Jaime asked Zan, “what happened with Max? We haven’t heard anything from Larek since he told us you’d been crowned.”

“Max died when Khivar invaded,” Isabel said. “He didn’t betray us like the council thought, he just wasn’t strong enough.”

“So, you had the seal all along?” Silvo asked Zan.

The man only nodded.

“You haven’t heard anything more from Rath?” Ava asked.

“We haven’t seen him since the attack on the estate. But,” Caroline said. “Our intelligence came back to report that he’d been tracked to China.”

Liz twisted to look at her guardian.

“China?” she asked, her stomach knotting.

“There may be a leak in the company,” Caroline admitted. “But we’ll have it sorted before the New Year.”

“You think so?” Silvo asked, sounding as shocked as Catarina felt.

“I sent a team of guardians from Russia over the border earlier this week. They will track him down and take care of the issue.”

Shivers rushed down her back at Caroline’s words. Catarina never expected such a cold tone to come from her friend.

Half an hour later, Catarina was showing her guests their rooms on the compound, happy that Jaime and Silvio had insisted on the extra bedrooms when the Spanish style bungalow had been built.

“Catarina,” a smooth voice called out as she walked down the hall. She’d just tucked Jona in for the night and was hoping to get to her room before collapsing.

She turned, seeing Michael standing in the doorway to his bedroom. He looked almost pathetic as he scratched at his eyebrow.

“Please,” she said, taking a breath. “Can we do this tomorrow? It’s been a long day.”

If she didn’t know better, Catarina would have sworn she saw tears in his eyes. Could she really hurt him by asking for just one more night? She’d waited years for him to come home; but now she was terrified about what he would say to her when he got her alone.

“Sure,” he said quietly, taking a step back into his bedroom.

“Michael,” she called out, already feeling the twinge of regret.

He looked out into the hall at her.

“I’ll see you in the morning.”

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Re: Finding Family, Finding Home (UC, AU, Adult) Ch 34 8/28

Post by Europolarist » Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:26 pm

AN: Just a quick post saying thanks to all the lurkers and feedbackers. I had such a great time with this story, something I'd never really done before. Never expected the image of a hot guy in a tux walking into a bar to turn into this crazy thing... haha!

With the rate things are going, this is probably the last Rosfic I'll be writing. Time to move on, I guess. All great things must come to an end, right??

Anyway... on with the show... and warning... this story is 'Adult' for a reason. :twisted:

Chapter 34

The next morning, as the sun rose high in the eastern sky, Catarina pulled herself out of bed. Though Jona had been up late last night spending time with his father and new uncle and aunts, Catarina knew the boy would probably be awake within the hour wanting to go hiking or climbing or playing one of his hundred games.

Pulling on a robe over her yoga pants and tank top, trying to maintain her normal routine, Catarina put her hair in a loose ponytail and headed down to check on the sleeping Prince.

Peaking her head inside his room, she smiled seeing Zan asleep on the floor on a palette they’d made. But Jonatas was not in bed.

She swallowed in a moment of panic, and then remembered. The studio, he would be in the studio coloring on his papers.

Panic not yet settled in her chest, Catarina raced down the nearby stairs and into the wing of the estate where her studio was, stopping just outside the door. Already she could see Jona lying on the ground, legs kicked into the air, as he doodled on the pad of paper on the floor.

“Good morning, criança,” she said, leaning against the doorframe.

“Titia,” he grinned, looking over his shoulder.

“You should still be in bed,” she scolded.

“Wasn’t sleepy,” he popped up from the ground and started padding over to her in his slippers, sheet of paper in his hands.

“You didn’t get to sleep until after midnight,” she said, ruffling his hair.

He shrugged.

“I made you something,” he said, holding up the paper he’d been carrying.

She took the paper and looked at the drawing. Crude as it was, she could make out her skirt and shirt from the night before on the stick figure, standing next to her was Michael in the black pants and deep blue t-shirt he’d worn last night. The two figures were holding hands. Nothing like that had happened last night, but the young boy had clearly picked up on her feelings for Michael.

On the other side of the page was clearly Zan, his hair black and spiky, with Jona sitting on his shoulders.

“I’m not done yet,” he said, blushing. “I wanted to put everyone else on it, but there wasn’t room.”

She swallowed the knot in her throat and bent down to his level.

“It’s wonderful, criança,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“Are you happy?” he asked, looking back.

“Jona, you make me happy.” She reached over and rubbed his bare arm. “Don’t ever forget your old Tia,” she said, feeling tears begin to form.

“Won’t ever,” he grinned. “Besides, when I’m old and have a job, you’ll always live at my house.”

“Oh really?” she laughed, loving his innocent answer. “Will I have my own pool?” she asked.

“Nope, we’ll have to share,” he said, “but it’ll be humungous, like the ocean!”

A noise, like shoes against the tile, caught her attention and Catarina turned to see who was coming.


Her heart raced and Catarina took a deep breath.

“Go see if Silvio is up yet,” she said, to Jonatas. “We should make a big breakfast for our guests.” She stood and patted his butt to get him moving. She could tell that Michael wanted to talk.

“They’re not guests,” Jona said, turning to look at her. “They’re family.” He turned back and raced down the hall.

“No running, criança,” she called out behind him.

The boy disappeared around the hall and suddenly she was along with Him.

“Liz.” His voice was like a sigh as he spoke her name, almost reverently, moving closer to her.

Her heart raced.

“My name here is Catarina,” she insisted, and for the first time in nearly seven years she looked into his eyes.

“Catarina it is, then,” he nodded.

She returned his nod and waited.

“I don’t know where to start,” he said, rubbing at his eyebrow with a finger. “I’ve thought about what I would say to you, a million times.”

Swallowing the lump in her throat, Catarina waited.

“Are you with Renato?” he asked, suddenly.

She shook her head, unable to speak.

He looked immensely relieved.

“There’s so much that I,” he tried again.

Catarina licked her lips, her mouth dry.

His eyes flashed and he advanced on her. Catarina was frozen to the ground as he pushed the door shut with his foot and closed the distance between them.

His lips pressed against hers as her back collided with the nearby wall. She wanted to protest, now was not the time for this, but the warmth, his scent, his touch set her body immediately on fire.

Her arms wrapped around his neck as he picked her up off the floor and guided her legs to wrap around his waist. He moaned as his tongue ran along her lips and she opened for him. They tasted each other again for the first time and her fingers dug into his skin.

They were desperate for each other and neither wanted the moment to end.

He pushed his hips up toward her and she could feel his rapidly hardening cock press against her entrance through her clothing.

“Wait,” she said, pulling away. “We can’t.”

His ministrations stopped immediately, his hands dropping from where he’d been pawing desperately at her chest.

“I mean, we can’t right now,” she corrected. “It’s the morning, people will start waking up and Jona is wandering around.”

His face dropped, he looked guilty.

“Besides,” she said, not really wanting to speak the words. “Shouldn’t we talk first?” her English halted from years of disuse.

“You’re right,” he replied, taking a step back. “You’re right.” Michael seemed to catch his breath and calm down, but she could only concentrate on the walls of her pussy rippling with disappointment and the juices that pooled in her underwear.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “I.”

“No, Michael,” she said, reaching out to stop him. “You don’t need to apologize now. Let’s just go have breakfast and get caught up. Then tonight, after Jona is in bed and we can have the time we need, we’ll get reacquainted.

He nodded.

After everything, she thought looking at him; all Catarina, all Liz, wanted was the love of her life back. She’d had years to get mad, to be in denial, to be depressed. Now was her time to feel alive again, to feel like she was worth something, and if Michael wanted to have a relationship with her as much as she wanted one with him, then she was going to take it, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

A smile crossed her lips, hopefully the bad and the ugly were all behind her now. She’d done her duty to the crown, and now she hoped she had nothing but good times ahead.

“What is it?” he asked, catching her attention.

“I know we have a lot of catching up to do,” she said. “But us, this, do you really want it?”

“No matter what has happened to you in the last seven years, if you can forgive my disappearance, then I want us to spend the rest of our lives together.”

Liz closed the distance between them and placed a kiss on his lips, moaning into his mouth as he opened for her. This wasn’t a definite promise of spending their lives together: but it was a good start and the chance she’d been waiting for.

A few minutes later, they broke away, struggling to catch their respective breaths.

“We should go to breakfast,” she said.

He nodded, then before leaving the studio, he took her hand and led the way down the hall.

The day moved quickly as Catarina spent the day with her old friends. Silvio and Jaime spent much of the day with Zan and Jona, playing in the woods and showing the King the area where his son had grown up.

Isabel and Ava, though Catarina had seen their desire to get close to their nephew, stayed in the house allowing the father and son to bond. Catarina spent a lot of time talking with the three aliens, learning what she could about their time on Antar. Wisely, she avoided the topic of the war itself, and asked questions that her inner scientist wanted to know about the planet and the creatures inhabiting the lands.

Michael spent a lot of his time sitting close by, holding her hand, touching her cheek, and laughing at the stupid questions she asked. She knew he was trying to understand what she was thinking; but Catarina refused to answer any personal questions that the trio had. She told them the details of the exile from Roswell and how the Skins had followed them to the Mississippi delta, she even gave them the peculiars of traveling in the van with the weapon in the back and the four month old in the car seat. But the memories of her depression remained locked away, hopefully never to be revealed to any of them.

It was late in the afternoon when Catarina was working on their modest Christmas Eve dinner. The son and the father returned around five, with their guardians. Jona looked exhausted as Zan carried him in his arms into the living room.

“So much for Christmas Eve meal,” she said, looking at the content boy. “He probably won’t wake up again until the morning. I’ll take him up to bed.”

She saw the hesitation in Zan’s eyes and felt like bawling. Of course he didn’t want to let his son go, she didn’t want to let him go either.

“Nevermind,” she said, taking a step back.

“No,” the King said, and Catarina cursed herself for not hiding her emotions better. “You can take him up, you know what he needs.”

Rina nodded, struggling not to cry, and took the sleeping boy out of his father’s arms and carried him up the hall and toward the stairs

After changing him into his pajamas and tucking the boy into bed, Catarina kissed him good night and closed the door behind her.

Not really ready to face the group again, she hugged arms to her chest. She felt lost, Rina thought, wandering through the hall. Now that Jona didn’t need a nanny, what was she going to do? She’d never be happy again living in a lab, or moving back to the United States. Sao Paolo was home now, this Spanish styled building was home now, Jona was home.

Lost in thought, Catarina found herself in her bedroom, facing the fireplace near her door and looking up at the first painting she’d finished of Michael Guerin. He was dressed in a suit and leaning against a post at the Mud Lake Bar and Grill. It had taken her weeks to perfect the light that shone down on his face and portrayed the glow he’d had when she caught his eye.

A movement at her side distracted Catarina and she turned to see Michael standing in the doorway. Her room was dark and the light that flooded in from the hall made him glow.

“Catarina,” he said, voice a whisper.

He closed the distance between them and crashed his lips against her as he pulled her body flush to his.

Immediately she melted into his embrace, returning his kiss and moaning as his fingers slipped underneath her tank top.

“I’ve missed you more than I could ever express,” he said, pulling away and resting his forehead against hers. “But I have to know, do you want this?”

Catarina worried her bottom lip for a mere moment. If they did take this step there would be no going back. If he had to leave again, she knew she would die.

Catarina nodded.

“Call me Liz,” she said, and pulled him close again.

Michael growled, letting his voice take on a feral tone as he pushed her toward the bed.

Before the back of her legs even connected with the mattress, he’d ripped off her shirt and had his lips wrapped around her nipple, sucking and biting with a ferocity that she’d never witnessed from him before.

His hands traveled along the length of her stomach and teased the waistband of her pants. The offending objects, including her underwear, disappeared into the air and somewhere in the back of her mind Liz made a mental note to ask about the powers he’d obtained since arriving in Antar, but now was not the time.

Lowering back onto the mattress, Liz allowed him to take charge. She needed him to take the lead on this, she wanted no more responsibilities.

“I’ve missed you, Liz,” he murmured, kissing his way up her chest and licking a trail along her collar bone. “I’ve missed your skin, I’ve missed the way you taste, I miss the way you feel pressed against me.”

His hands danced along her skin as he pressed her into the bed, straddling her hips with his knees.

She looked down, he’d gotten rid of his shirt and shorts but his boxers remained. In the dim light she could see the outline of his throbbing cock against the material and longed to see it again.

His hands pressed into the blankets around her head as he hovered over her, nipping and biting the skin along her jaw line.

She was hot, and surprised that there wasn’t a sizzle where his skin touched hers.

“Michael,” she whispered when his hand brushed along her side, teasing the skin.

He leaned back on his ankles and looked at her.

“Liz,” he said.

“I don’t want to wait,” she replied, glancing down for a fraction of a second at his covered parts. “I’ve waited seven years for this again, please don’t make me wait any longer.”

His hand brushed over his hips and his cock sprung free of the confines of the now gone boxers.

Liz nearly keened at the sight, her mouth dry. He growled and moved to spread her legs and climb between them.

“This won’t last long,” he whispered.

“We have all night to play,” she replied, arching her back as he covered her body with his. Her arms reached up and pulled his neck toward her, needing him close.

The head of his cock brushed against her lower lips, barely grazing against her clit and she cried out in pleasure.

“Wait,” he chuckled, and leaned back again.

“What?” she said, whimpering in desperation as he pulled away.

His arm waved through the air and he looked back at her.

“Scream all you want,” he grinned, “they won’t hear you.”

He crawled over her body and his hand spread the puffed lips between her legs, guiding his swollen length toward her entrance. She was slick, her juices leaking from her lower lips.

“Do it,” she ordered, surprised herself at the growl that came out of her throat as she spoke to him.

Michael surged forward, pressing the head of his cock through her opening in one swift movement.

Liz cried out, arching her body as he filled her tight passage. He pressed deeply inside of her, filling her completely. The shock of being filled again was agonizing and wonderful at the same time. The pain of his first movement, hitting the back of her cervix caused her to dig her fingers into the mattress and whimper, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure and she found herself attempting to get him even deeper as her hips bucked against his.

Michael’s hand rested between them, holding her stomach down, pressing her into the mattress as he began fucking her. Hard and fast, he picked up speed and she knew she wouldn’t last long before she came. His pelvis rubbed against her clit and within moments her climax exploded through her body.

He chuckled, but kept moving as her walls rippled around him.

“Ready for more,” he asked, but never stopped moving.

Her mouth was dry and she couldn’t form any words; but she looked at him and nodded.

He surged ahead again and Liz growled. Michael picked up speed once more, his fingers digging into her hips and he shuddered.

Liz was sure he was ready to explode, and eagerly awaited his cum.

Suddenly he pulled out of her tight passage and scooted away.

Liz whimpered.

He dipped his head between her legs and licked at her dripping entrance, teasing the hot skin.

“What’re you doing?” she managed to say as he shoved at least two fingers into her.

“I want this to last a little longer,” he said. His nose brushed against her clit and she cried out. "This is our reunion, Liz. I want to make sure you know where you belong." His words were possessive, but his tone was filled with love and reverence.

His fingers pumped into her, the texture of his fingers causing her body to shake as he moved within her. Michael pulled her nub into his mouth with his tongue and she shuddered, no longer able to feel her legs as another wave of pleasure ripped through her body. His teeth grazed against the sensitive skin and she felt her pussy flood with juices once more.

“Oh god,” she murmured, feeling tingles from her toes to her lips.

He chuckled, causing a wicked shudder to wrack through her body.

“Just take me,” she begged, nearly crying in agony, wanting to feel him explode inside her, wanting to feel him coat her insides and fill her to overflowing.

“Ask nicely,” he scolded, pulling his fingers from her.

Liz growled.

“Tut, tut, Liz,” he grinned.

“Please fuck me, Michael,” she said, trying not to scowl at him.

“With pleasure, my lady,” he grinned.

He flipped her over in a sudden move, lifting her hips so her opening was placed perfectly before him. Liz tried to glance back but Michael pressed against her, filling her channel in one smooth movement and hit her sweet spot, causing her to scream into her pillow.

Michael made her cum one more time before he shuddered against her ass, his fingers digging into her thighs as he pressed into her. Liz could feel his cock twitch and pulse inside her as he came.

Four, five times, she lost count as he whimpered above her, finally letting himself go.

He collapsed against her and Liz’s legs slipped beneath them as both of them fell into the mattress, trying to catch their breath.

She couldn’t help it when tears began to leak from her eyes. Michael rolled off her body and was running his fingers lightly over her back, his breathing ragged.

A sob ripped through her before she could stop it. She’d missed this, them, their bedroom antics, his caress, more than she’d realized.

“Liz?” he asked, sitting up and making her turn around.

“Are you okay?”

Liz looked up at him and melted as his eyes looked at her carefully, his hands resting on her hip. She looked away ashamed.

“Hey,” he said, warmly, tipping her chin. “What is it?”

“I’m sorry,” she said between sobs.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just never thought you’d come back,” she admitted looking away, trying to ignore the tears that streamed down her face.

He pulled her against his chest, placing a kiss on her forehead and rubbing his hand on her back.

“There’s a lifetime between us,” he admitted. “I regretted every single day that I woke up and you weren’t there next to me.”

He pulled away and looked over her. “Unless you want me to,” he said after a long pause, scratching an eyebrow.

Liz leaned across the small space between them. She placed a kiss on his lips, pulling his bottom lip into her mouth

“I can’t survive without you, Michael Geurin. Don’t let me spend another moment alone.”