Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) *complete* 3/12/14

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Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) *complete* 3/12/14

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Title: Steal Me Away
Author: jake17
Couple: Z/L
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing
Rating: hard adult, you have been warned
Summary: His goal was to disappear, fade into a vast nothingness of the backwoods of farm far from painful memories and strangers that judge, away from a world he never belonged and even worst understood. His life was a lonely solitary existence, but she would change all that, bringing him right back to everything he never wanted to be, to a life he risked everything to escape from.

Chapter one

It was dusk, his favorite time of day, marking the end of another sweltering August afternoon but not yet the endless stretched out lonely hours of night.

The sky was dark teal with puffy pink clouds dotting the horizon, the mysterious creatures were just beginning their nightly concert of haunting sounds that echoed along the surrounding mountains that hid his tiny home in the seclusion he had no choice but to endure.

Slamming down his ax into the last block of wood for the day he bent over to add the split log to his growing pile for the on coming winter.

His grey tee shirt was soaked with sweat that also dripped down the sides of his forehead matting down his jet black hair that hung down over his eyes,

It was then that he saw her, she was just a form at first, a shadowy figure bathed in the oncoming darkness that was quickly approaching.

Squinting his eyes he instinctively reached for his shotgun that was never far from his reach.

He had lived in the wilderness long enough to know it wasn't an animal and the old woman who ran the farm could never have made the long journey by herself.

“That's far enough, I'm an excellent shot, so I suggest you turn around and go back where you came from.”

His gruff deep commanding voice was usually enough to shake up anyone he had come across in the past, but it seemed strangely to have no affect, heightening his suspicions.

At first glance his six foot, incredibly muscular toned body and daunting fierce attitude usually saved him from using any real violence out in these parts, which made him more curious as to why this person didn't even pause from their stumbling path towards him.

Clenching his strong jaw he let the intimidating shot gun fall against his broad shoulder before cautiously and against his better judgment make his way towards the frail stranger that seemed completely undeterred from any of his warnings.

“You're trespassing, whatever you need I can't help you, so please turn around and go back.”

It was then that the last glimpse of light flickered against her long dark hair that was stuck to her slender golden shoulders.

Watching in shock as she fell to her knees then hard onto her side he dropped his gun and ran towards her.

Muttering obscenities to himself that this was the last thing he needed his boots dug into the high grass until he finally reached her.


Wiping the sweat from his forehead he immediately knelt down to her.

She was unconscious, barefoot, filthy, covered in dirt and blood and for a moment he wondered if she was even alive.

Checking her pulse he breathed a sigh of relief before pulling down her stained white sundress past her thighs protectively.

Lifting her up carefully in his arms he tucked her knotted hair under his chin as he reluctantly carried her back to his cabin.

This was bad, she was young, alone, definitely in some kind of trouble, this was everything he had been trying to avoid.

Kicking open his front door he laid her on his bed in his one room rustic home that he had built himself and grabbed a cup of water.

When he returned she was still out, with no phone it would be a two hour hike to Elma's farm.

That would mean leaving her alone with unknown injuries and a long explanation to the police explaining that he had a blood covered young girl unconscious on his bed.

Deciding to find out if she was seriously hurt before involving the sheriff he gently squeezed the water from a wash cloth and smoothed it over her forehead, arms and legs, hoping the cool water would bring her back.

The strange thing he began to discover was that the blood was not hers, in fact the more dirt he removed he found that there was no evidence of any cuts or abrasions.

She looked young no older than eighteen he imagined, and incredibly beautiful, naturally pretty, even exotic in an innocent could totally ruin your life sort of way.

Confident that she was dehydrated and exhausted and not hurt he reached for a clean towel and soaked it in cold water.

Pressing the cool small damp cloth to her lips he leaned closer watching as small droplets of water made their way past her slightly opened mouth that for some reason he couldn't take his eyes away from.

His eyes widened hopefully as her breath became more even and her long dark eyelashes began to flutter open.

Suddenly she let out a huge gasp before reaching out and slapping him hard several times as she scooted back into the corner of the bed against the wall.

She was like a wild animal, terrified but far from helpless.

Standing back with his hands in the air he shook his head trying to signal to her that he meant no harm.

“Listen I'm not going to hurt you but you have to calm down. You came onto my land all disoriented and passed out. I'm only trying to help you.”

Breathing hard the girl pointed to the cup on the nightstand almost commandingly.

He couldn't help but smile at her boldness as he carefully handed the water over to her.

Grabbing it roughly she scurried back into the corner and downed the cool liquid so hard it slipped down the edges of her mouth.

Gasping for air she held it out to him bobbing it up and down as if asking for more.

Stealing a glance as he filled the cup again he watched her wipe her dirty chin with the back of her hand.

“So you got a name?”

His voice was softer now but still on edge, in the morning she was gone no matter what, tomorrow she was going to be Elma's problem and nothing was going to change his mind.

Staring back at him with wide ebony distrusting eyes she reached for the water less aggressively this time but refused to answer him.

Pulling up a chair he pulled out a cigarette and struck a match taking his time lighting the tip as he continued to stare at her trying to figure her out.

“I'm Zan, which is as familiar as you and I are going to get. I don't know who's blood is all over you and I don't want to know. I have no phone here and the nearest is Elma's farm two hours from here.”

Taking a long drag he waited for any reaction from her but she just stayed in the corner knees up to her chin clutching the cup taking smaller sips this time completely silent and emotionless.

“I can tell you understand me, can you speak?”

She just glared back at him as if it was obvious she could she was just choosing not to.

Trying to force another smile away he nodded as if he understood, but he couldn't help but secretly admire her stubbornness.

“Well maybe that's for the best, the less I know the better. I don't want any trouble and no offense but that's all I see when I look at you.”

He meant what he said, at least the rational part of him did, but deep down he couldn't help but wonder what the hell happened to her.

At the very least he longed just to talk to another human being, it wasn't safe, especially with her and he knew that, but it didn't change how he felt.

Walking over to a tall dresser he shuffled through a pile of clothes before pulling out a white tee shirt and a black pair of sweatpants.

Throwing them on the chair he turned towards her holding his hands in the air while purposely speaking very slowly hoping to agitate her enough to talk to him.

Stay...I'll be right back.”

Narrowing her eyes she brushed back her hair from her forehead clearly pissed off at his demeaning command.

Filling up several buckets of hot water he carried them out onto the small back porch dumping them into an old fashion steel tub.

Throwing the buckets in the sink he pulled off his shirt and wiped the back of his neck that was achy and tight from working outside all day.

As exhausted and drained from the events that led her to him she could help but notice the body that had been well hidden beneath his shirt.

Sweat covered her small frame causing her thin dress to stick to her curves as did the edges of her raven hair to cling like molasses to her heated skin.

Bringing the white mug to her mouth as her eyes drank him in she pooled the water on the tip of her tongue slowly licking it across her dry lips.

He was more than handsome, he was rugged that was clear, seen a lot of the hard side of life.

With scars and tattoos scattered across muscles that appeared to be carved from stone and a face that seemed hard and mean but was clearly a facade he didn't seem real.

A beautiful walking contradiction, the shell of steal forged from a rough marred past with a gentle kind heart.

If it was one thing she knew it was people, like some kind of sixth sense, she could see right through to their soul.

From the kind smiles that showered you with sugary words like 'honey' and 'sweat heart' while sizing you up to see how deep they could stab you in the back, to the straight out heartless cold bastards that took what they wanted and tossed you aside like a sack of garbage.

There wasn't a person she hadn't come across in her life that she couldn't read, sometimes it was a gift others a curse.

Unfortunately that day was the latter.

Leaning over the sink he took a handful of water and splashed it over his face smoothing his longish black hair out from his eyes straight back leaving it slick and wet.

It was then that she saw his piercing eyes, like golden honey that her mom used to jar when she was a child.

Striking, full of secrets, most of which probably best left hidden in the past.

Those eyes gave him away, passion, pain, loneliness, the amber glow that shone behind dark eyelashes told his story probably better then he could.

Still, he wasn't asking, and she wasn't telling.

Tilting his head towards the tub outside as he lit a number of candles he took another drag.

“It's not my business what happened but when I bring you to Elma's tomorrow it probably would be smart if you weren't wearing the evidence.”

Looking down at her dress covered in blood she flashed her big brown eyes back up towards him causing him lose his train of thought.

“Tub's outside on the porch, I left a bar of soap and a towel beside it, I'll have to burn the dress but I may have something you could wear, I'll leave it out for you in the morning.”

Reaching for a sleeping bag he flipped it out onto the floor.

“You take the bed tonight, I'll be fine right here.”

Releasing the button fly on his jeans he gazed up at her hesitating for a moment as he following a drop of sweat slip down from her collarbone down between the valley of her breasts.

Turning away he swallowed hard trying push down feelings that made no sense for a girl he hardly knew, a girl who hadn't even spoken a word to him.

“I'd get outside and make use of that bath before the coyotes start to come out those woods searching for some food.”

Her expression was tough, she didn't want him to feel for her, she didn't want to get close, she had her own secrets, but hers were very much in the present, and far more dangerous than anything he could have imagined.

Too hot to sleep in anything but his boxer briefs he laid facing away from the bed staring at the wall wide awake listening to the water skim off her body just a few feet away.

Sighing she stood free of him, the smell of his whiskey breath, the harsh metallic scent of his blood, and the filth from the miles of woods she ran through to get away from him.

Drying herself off as best she could feeling as if her legs could give out from under her at any second she grabbed the tee shirt before walking back into the cabin.

Standing in front of the bed thinking he was asleep she dropped the towel as she closed her eyes raking her wet hair back with her fingers enjoying the cool air that was finally flowing in off the mountainside.

Listening to her every move he suddenly heard a broken twig making him reach for his shot gun, but it was the second one that had him throwing her down on the ground with his mouth to her ear.

“Don't move, don't make a sound.”

Edging his foot out the door he aimed his gun in the direction of the noise when he spotted the ten pointed buck scrapping his antlers along a nearby tree.

Leaning against the cabin he breathed out closing his eyes as that familiar feeling drifted back like it was yesterday.

Tomorrow, she's gone, he thought to himself as he walked back in to find her pulling the tee shirt over her head as the towel laid wet on the floor.

Her back was to him but what he saw would be burned into his memory forever.

He took a deep breath in as he followed her slick black hair that came to a point right above the arch of her back leading to places below too beautiful to even be found in dreams.

He braced his hand against the wall forcing himself to look away.

Tomorrow, this is over tomorrow, he repeated in his head as he laid back down with his gun by his side.

“It's Liz.”

Shocked to hear the soft whisper of her voice he turned back towards her.


The tips of her long wet hair fell just above her breasts soaking the white shirt he gave her straight through leaving nothing to the imagination.

“My name … is Liz.”
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Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 2 9/1/13

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thank you so much for your fb

chapter two

Liz knew the power she possessed over men, and Zan was no different or at least she thought …

Standing barefoot on that sweltering hot summer night with nothing but his white tee shirt stuck transparently outlining her perfect breasts where beads of water from her bath were still sliding through tempting dark eyelashes.

‘No sense in fighting sweet boy, the battle has already been won, save your strength; you’re going to need it’

The message although unspoken was quite clear even though he refused to give in, the illusion of his willpower was something he refused to give up so easily.

There was a definite purpose to all of this, a means to an end you could say but it wasn’t as cut and dry as she wanted it to be.

Before him she stood swaying slightly dripping wet as tiny reflective puddles formed by her feet she stared back at him with a definite purpose in mind.

No matter what she was not going back, whatever it took, no matter what consequences she would have to face, it wasn’t going to happen.

His fists were clenched tight by his side, every muscle tense and tight, heart pounding to the point where he had to bite the inside of his cheek from shivering from the sheer vision of her.

Zan did he best to keep focused on her eyes, to avoid the rise and fall of her sumptuous soaked breasts and detailed pointed nipples that he suddenly found himself dreaming of tasting.

It had been years since he had been this close to anyone that affected him this way, usually it took no effort at all to just move on, never giving anyone a second glance, especially after what he had gone through.

But see that’s what makes this story different from any love story that came before…

She wasn’t just any girl…

Shaking his head attempting to get his mind at the task of getting her back through the two hours
Zan’s plan was to shut himself off from her, stay cold, distant, uninvolved… indifferent.

But ignoring her was like disregarding the magical presence of a comet soaring, streaking in front of his face taking his breath away, igniting all the space between them with gold dust and shimmering lustful heat.
She wasn’t just a pretty girl; she was gloriously complex, armed with an intelligence that far exceeded his own, clever and cunning far beyond the coolest criminal, yet her heart beat with the coyness of the young woman that she was, at the same time her eyes held the wisdom of an old soul onto any tricks you had up your sleeve.

Like a riddle that would take you a lifetime to figure out and just when you thought you were close you realized you had it wrong the whole time.

Clearly tough, a true survivor he guessed, but at the same time buried deep inside he suspected loomed a very intensely guarded heart as fragile as the gentle flutter of butterfly wings.

Her beauty was unparalleled, like a character from a grim fairytale, as if she escaped from an enchanted realm of fairies and mystical woodland creatures from forests and majestic castles where dreams are realized not full of disappointment and pain.

He imagined her as a siren or a muse caught up in a tale of jealously and rage.

A love story woven out of men driven made by her charms and beauty, maybe she killed them both and ran or maybe she showed up at the wrong time, in the middle of an argument of who would have her.

Grasping his thick hair frustrated at himself he turned quickly away amazed at how quickly he was caught up in her spell.

It was then that she reached out and gently touched his back.

It was only her fingertips but the warmth that spread throughout his body straight to her intended destination was startling almost paralyzing.

“Thank you Zan… for not asking questions … I mean. You are a true gentleman.”

Her soft whisper brushed across the back of his neck flushing his skin to a deep red making her grin devilishly as she twirled her wet locks slowly around her finger.

Zan stood staring emotionless, stoic, seemly unaffected by her obvious attempt of gaining control over him.

Wordlessly he climbed in his sleeping bag on the floor and faced the wall away from her knowing that another sleepless night was ahead of him only this time he had a new demon to contend with.

His act of being unaffected by her faded as he gripped the pillow beneath his head and gritted his teeth.

He couldn’t help but picture the purposeful exhale of her breath heavy and deep causing her bare wet breasts to press unapologetically against the worthless cotton material of his damp tee shirt that he had given her.

His painful erection was almost a welcome torture, a painful reminder that indeed he still was alive.

It had been so long since Zan had felt the touch of another he was beginning to wonder if his heart had turned to stone along with the emptiness deep and endless residing in his soul.

He could almost feel her soft lips pressed against his mouth, her sunburnt thighs straddling his hips, her hot wet center thrusting against him as the tips of her raven hair grazed his chest.

The hours slipped away as slowly as ice melting in a tall glass of lemonade left out on a steamy summer day.

He listened intently as her soft slow erratic breaths drifted over him like mist rolling secretively, mysteriously over the lake just past the woods by his cabin.

As dawn broke over the valley Zan had already prepared a light backpack including extra shells for his shotgun leaving nothing to chance.

Liz had taken the hint and put on the clothes left by the bed for her as she quietly walked around the back of the cabin to find him burning the dress that was soaked in blood.

“There’s coffee on the stove and toast on the counter, we’re leaving in fifteen.”

Soon she would be gone, so would the blood soaked problems he didn’t want to be involved with.

He didn’t know how it was possible but she smelled like lilacs and honeysuckle as she seductively leaned against the doorway edging her fingers along the hem of the pink flowered dress he had left for her.

Deep and husky his voice did little to hide the obvious effect she was having on him.

Picking at her short chipped red nail polish she smiled mischievously, knowingly … it was almost too easy.

“If you lace up those sneakers real tight they’ll fit you good enough to get you out of these woods.

Go on now and get ready, day light’s burnin’.”

Light effortless laughter left her as she turned on her bare feet to go back inside causing him to turn towards him just in time to see the tips of her wavy long raven hair dance high in the humid dense air behind her.

“If you say so, but I don’t really see the hurry, I mean it must get pretty lonely out here all by yourself.”

Before he could respond she was gone leaving him to awkwardly wipe the sweat from his forehead as he threw his pack over his back.


It was almost an hour into their trek through the thick woods before he finally gave in an agreed to take a short rest.

Sitting on a large rock perched between two tall pine trees she reached for a canteen of water that he offered as she brushed her dark hair from her sweaty face.

His amber eyes were fixated on the cool water as it slipped from her full lips sliding down her flushed flawless skin skimming along her jawline to her cleavage below.

“We better get going; I bet the entire sheriff department is out here looking for you by now.”

Before giving her a chance to respond he was off carving out a wide stance through the over grown path leaving her to stumble clumsily behind in her oversized sneakers.

With his quick stride it wasn’t long before he could make out the tip of Erma’s barn.

Suddenly he stopped as if he had seen a ghost before whipping around to plaster his big hand securely across her mouth.

Breathlessly he raised his finger to his lips signifying her to keep quiet before pointing through a thick patch of trees.

In the distance there were police surrounding Erma’s body that was tied to a tree covered in blood.

Zan’s face twisted in anger as he pulled Liz close to his chest and backed silently away in a different direction from where they came from.

When he was satisfied that they were far enough to talk he shoved her hard against the rough bark of a tree pinning her by her shoulders so she couldn’t move.

“What the hell kind of trouble are you mixed up in? Erma was an old harmless innocent woman who never harmed a living soul in her life!”

Liz was quiet for several seconds before lifting her dark eyes smudged with mascara from the night before.

Her voice was but a whisper as her eyes gazed over his shoulder at a turquoise iridescent humming bird hovering in midair.

“Now there’s where you’re wrong Zan… no one is innocent.”

Taking a shuddered breath she connected with his golden eyes before breaking away from the strong grip of his hands.

“Not even you.”

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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 3 9/5/13

Post by jake17 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:04 am

Sptfire :wink:
Totally needing and deeply appreciating your sweet fb, as always thank you so very much.

Chapter three

Startled by her remark Zan stood frozen and speechless wondering how much she knew or if she knew anything at all before snapping out it.

“What the hell does that mean?”

His voice was fiercely intimidating to say the least still reeling from the sight of poor Erma tied and stabbed to death to a tree.

He watched stunned by Liz’s callous reaction as she pushed away pricker bushes and thick branches lazily sighing as if aggravated by the inconvenience of it all.

Twisting her long dark hair into a messy pony tail held by one hand on the top of her head she waved the back of her neck with the other as the humidity began to get the best of her.

“It means we all have bones buried deep in the ground somewhere that we wouldn’t want anyone to know about, and you’re no exception. I can see it in your eyes. Pain, regret, shame, guilt and may I say major paranoia, I mean you carry that gun around like it’s a third arm.”

Grabbing her by the wrist he twisted her body around roughly tired of the riddles and vague responses.

“I need answers and I need them now, what the hell is going on? Whose blood was all over you last night? Who did that to Erma!”'

His voice was deep, gravely and fucking sexy as hell, he was definitely going to be fun to play with for awhile she thought to herself as she felt his grip on her getting tighter.

Releasing her hair she cocked her head to the side giving him a smile that would bring most men to their knees.

“Well look who’s suddenly full of questions, funny, coming from someone who barely wanted to speak to me last night.”

Pulling herself flush to his chest she gazed up into his vibrant brandy eyes making sure he felt every inch of her body move against the thin material of his tee shirt.

“All I see when I look at you is trouble.”

Her whisper was slow, deliberate and to the point as she mimicked the words he spoke to her the night before.

“Now thinking back Zan, that wasn’t a very polite thing to say to a girl in need of help… wouldn’t you agree?”

Locked in her gaze for what seemed like forever he shoved her back but kept his grip on her wrist leading her quickly down a path that was overgrown and very difficult to walk through much less at the speed he was walking.

Breathless and exhausted she stopped about two hours into their more than brisk walk planting her feet refusing to take another step.

“Not that I’m not loving this cave man routine you’ve got going here but do you mind telling me where the hell we’re going? This is the opposite direction of your cabin, not that you’re foolish enough to go back there, I’m sure the police are all over that place by now.”

Releasing her wrist he slowed his pace pulling off large branches and other natural debris to reveal a small one room shack hidden by a thick patch of pine trees.

“It doesn’t matter we’re here.”

Once inside he lit a few gas lamps and did his best to cover the entrance back up.

Folding her arms across her chest she sighed heavily glaring at the small table two chairs and a full size bed that basically filled the small structure.

“Let me guess, this is your secret hide out from the mob that’s after you for snitchin’ on one of the boss’ when you got pinched by the coppers.”

Closing his eyes he rubbed his temples trying to ease the massive migraine that was coming on.

“Do you ever stop talking?”

Twisting her hair around her finger again she leaned forward trying to read his face.

“Hmm, I’m thinking you were a small time lackey, just in the wrong place at the wrong time but the threat of jail with that handsome face of yours and you sung like a canary. Now you’re stuck hidin’ out like some hick named Billy Bob or some shit like that.”

Kicking off his boots Zan laid down on the bed covering his eyes with his arm exhausted.

“Yep you’ve got me all figured out, I need to think, why don’t you sit in one of those chairs and let me rest for a while.”

Liz sat down for less than a minute with her foot shaking nervously crossed against her knee before she was up pacing the creaky floorboard.

Reaching for the doorknob Zan was up and standing behind her before she could turn the wooden knob.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?”

Feeling his hot breath against her neck she closed her eyes trying to talk herself out of doing what she knew was inevitable.

“I’m too hot, I heard a stream nearby when we walked up here, I need to cool off.”

Brazenly she opened the door only to have it slammed shut from his hand that remained just above her shoulder still flat against the wood.

He spoke calmly gruffly close to her ear making it feel as if the temperature just rose twenty degrees.

“I don’t get you, you act as if nothing has happened, you’ve obviously have been through some serious shit. Why is this not affecting you? These people tortured and murdered and old woman, aren’t you the least bit afraid of what’s going to happen if they find you?”

Turning slowly to face him her lips shivered with fear, her eyes filled with tears that she quickly wiped away.

“You don’t understand, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ they find me, it’s when.”

Zan’s hand was still braced against the door making them mere inches apart as she stared up at him her entire body trembling.

“You don’t know these people, what they did to that old woman is nothing compared to what they’re going to do to me once they find me.”

Zan’s mind went blank, this was everything he didn’t want, he moved heaven and hell to get as far away from his past as possible and here he was right back where he started.

Even worse it was already complicated, he cared, he swore he would never feel for any woman again but damn it there she was looking up at him with those big eyes that ripped right into his heart.

“Kiss me.”

Her breathless words weren’t a request but a desperate demand as she boldly slid her hands up his chest rising up on her toes moving closer to his parted lips.

Pushing away from the door he backed up shaking his head.

“No, this isn’t what you want, you’re scared I get that, but it’s not gonna happen with us, you should know that now.”

Walking slowly up behind him she pressed her body against his resting her cheek along his strong back.

“I think you got that backwards, I think it’s you who’s scared. I think maybe the girl who wore this pretty dress before me hurt you real bad.”

Breaking away from her he took one of the chairs and jammed it up underneath the doorknob.

“So what now, I’m your prisoner?”

Nodding towards the bed he told her to sit down.

Taking the one chair left he turned it backwards and straddled it lighting a cigarette.

“Do you want to live Liz?”

Leaning back on her palms she crossed her legs whipping her long hair back off her shoulders.

“Yeah, I wanna live.”

Taking a long drag he wiped the sweat from his forehead and passed her the smoke which she eager took.

“Then start from the beginning and don’t leave anything out.”

Blowing the smoke sideways she huffed sarcastically.

“And what makes you think you can save me from these animals?”

Rubbing the back of his neck he glared up at her suddenly looking anything but innocent.

“Because it’s what I do… now start talking.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 4 9/6/13

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thank you so much for always being here, and to all those lurkers thank you so much for reading. Sptfire there is a little nod to you in this update if you can find it. :wink:

Chapter four

Tilting her head to the side she kicked off her oversized sneakers and leaned back against the hand built wooden beams behind the bed.

Scooping up her long wavy dark hair she pulled it over to one side of her neck taking another long drag off his smoke.

Zan tried hard to keep his emotions out of this but his eyes couldn’t escape the golden skin of her shoulder shiny from sweat as the dress slipped slowly down her arm.

The curve of her breast peaked out from the three buttons she left open making it even more difficult for him to concentrate.

She was pure sex, sultry, sensual the most exotic woman he had ever laid eyes on.

I wasn’t as if she was even trying to be this way, it was who she was, it was in every move she made, the glint deep gaze of her eyes, the way her full cherry lips parted and curved upwards ever so slowly.

There was a desire right on the surface; he didn’t think she could’ve hidden it if she tried.

A certain heat that pulsated off her glistening silky skin, sex was a deep seeded need, maybe to calm her nerves or just for a moment to forget whatever demons plagued her.

Serious harm was nipping at her heels, breathing down her neck, it was only a matter of time in her mind and no amount of sarcastic quips or lame jokes at his expense was going to change that.

Handing over the cigarette she began twisting her hair around her finger again as her heavy sleepy eyes bored straight through him.

“What do you mean ‘this is what I do’, are you some kind of body guard of somethin’ cause no offense but I sure don’t get that that vibe from you.”

Standing up from the chair he hovered over her bracing his hands on either side of her face letting her see just how serious he was.

“Look Liz, if that’s even your real name, you brought this mess into my life, I’m offering to help you, so for right now I’m going to ask the questions and you’re going to answer them or I can just walk away and disappear into another town and you can face these men on your own.”

Biting her bottom lip hard drawing blood she shoved his arm out of the way and laid flat out on her back on the bed.

“Women don’t like to be cornered, just so you know, at least I don’t, and my name really is Liz. Elizabeth Grace Parker to be precise, and just for the record I don’t take orders, and although it’s obvious that I need your help that doesn’t mean you get to treat me like you own me. I talk how I like, and I do what I want, I can’t be any other way. So if you’re expecting me to act all grateful and hang on your every word like some pathetic damsel in distress you best be movin’ on to that next town.”

Sitting at the end of the bed he once again bit back a smile at her insatiable spitfire personality; it was as if just by looking at her he could tell she could survive anything, and maybe he thought she just might had. She definitely wasn’t like any woman he had ever met. Which only made him want her more, but that wasn’t gonna happen. Not this time, at least that's what he kept telling himself.

“Point made, Ms. Parker, now anytime you’re ready please… start from the beginning.”

Gazing down at him through dark long eyelashes she pressed her toes onto his thigh, her expression lost in a story it was obvious she wasn’t comfortable telling.

“It’s Liz; Ms. Parker is my momma, in the smallest sense of the word if you get my meaning.”

Her eyes were glued to the ceiling but she noticed a small nod as he leaned in closer already engrossed in her tale.

“I grew up in this piss poor town, genuine trailer trash just like in the movies. Never knew my real daddy but as momma tells it’s it that was a good thing, who knows, she’s told me more lies then humanly possible, he could’ve been the god damn mayor for all I know.”

Rolling her eyes she sighed heavily gripping the headboard harder now so much that her knuckles were pure white.

“Sorry, you don’t need to hear my sob sorry; I’ll get to point as they say. Momma went through her share of boyfriends over the years; for sure they were all losers, drunks, gamblers, your basic pillars of society. But one night she brought home this one guy. It was my eighteenth birthday, we were supposed to celebrate, just me and her but there he was sitting at the kitchen table looking like he owned the place.”

Tears filled her eyes but she choked them back, something she learned early on Zan suspected.

“His name is Simon Blake; he owns the slaughter house off the highway near Hillside River. He likes to own things, businesses, people… I guess I caught his eye because that day he came calling wantin’ to make a deal.”

Gently taking a hold of her foot Zan softly spoke. “What kind of deal Liz.”

Taking a big shuddered breath Liz closed her eyes.

“Well momma told me that since I was eighteen and legally an adult, it was time I got out on my own, got a job, said that Mr. Blake had the perfect opportunity for me.”

Scoffing she wiped a stray tear quickly from the corner of her eye.

“That’s when I saw my bags all packed by the door. I don’t know how much he paid for me, but the next day she was gone.”

As she talked night fell leaving just the soft light of the lamps and their shadows dancing along the walls.

“Being stupid and naïve I thought the job was for real, but I should’ve known better, I felt it the moment I laid eyes on him, it was like looking into the eyes of the devil. Black like coal, hard, cold as ice… I swear there’s no soul in that man. He knew it too, knew that I could see through him.”

Leaning up on her elbows she finally looked Zan in the eyes.

“He brought me to his house which was connected to this huge warehouse where they slaughtered the cows.”

Digging her heel into Zan’s thigh her voice became shaky.

“He introduced me as his future wife, I was to cook and clean and basically keep my mouth shut.

The first night I ran, ran as fast I could to the police, could barely breathe by the time I got there.”
Liz began picking at the little blue flowers on her dress distracted briefly.

“Seems he owned them too because that very night I was back in that house, he grabbed me by the back of my hair and dragged me into the slaughter house, made me watch, told me the next time I tried escape he’d do to me what he done to those poor cows.”

Laughing she shook her head thinking back at risk she was going to take.

“I swore up and down I’d never try and leave again, even thought I was thinkin’ up another plan as he still had a grip on me. That night he tied me to the post out in the back yard, whipped me till I passed out. The next morning he carried me to bed, told me he’d give me a few nights to heal then he was coming to take what was promised to him.”

She connected to Zan eyes again needing him to understand.

“I rather die than let that bastard touch me, that night I could barely walk but got out of there. I jumped a cargo train with nothing but the clothes on my back. I ran for two years, town to town, not staying long enough for anyone to get to know me, waitressing, cleaning motels, doing whatever really just trying to survive.”

Zan gently smoothed his hand over her ankle. “He found you didn’t he?”

Shrugging she nodded slowly.

“It had been over two years, I thought I was safe, thought he’d give up, get some other young girl… but once you belong to Simon, you’re his for life.”

Pulling her knees up to her chest she began to twirl her hair again.

“We drove for five hours straight in total silence; I knew I couldn’t go back, I knew what he was going to do to me. That’s when I remembered this knife he always kept strapped to his ankle. He said it was a gift from the Sheriff, for bringing so much work to the town. He was so proud of that damn knife.”

She went silent again biting her lip till it bled.

Wiping the blood with the back of her hand she looked down at her knees.

“We were right by Erma’s farm, I asked him to pull over, said I wanted to prove to him just how sorry I was for leaving, and just how much I was willing to make it up to him. He smiled wide nodded like he knew he had broke me. He pulled the truck over and grabbed me by the back of my hair and shoved his tongue down my throat as he pulled his zipper down.”


She stared up at Zan like it was happening right before her eyes.

“I knew I had one shot, that as soon as he felt my hand on that knife I had to be quick or I was dead or worse. So as soon as he pushed my head down I reached for it. The rest was just a blur, I think I stabbed him at least four or five times but it didn’t kill him.”

Covering her hands with his tenderly Zan whispered softly.

“Liz, how did you find me? How did you even know I was there?”

She stood suddenly clearing her throat taking several deep breaths before turning to face him.

“I didn’t, I just ran … I knew if I stopped I was dead, so I just ran until I came out into that clearing. I saw you standing there, and for some reason I just knew… I knew I was safe.”

Turning around Liz grasped the hem of her dress pulling it up past her small pink cotton panties before Zan jumped up and stopped her.

“Liz, no – "

Looking back at him she gazed up into his sympathetic eyes almost pleading with him.

“I need you to see what he did to me; I need for you to believe what I’m telling you.”

Letting her go she raised the dress up to the back of her neck revealing at least twenty deep red scars crisscrossing along her small back.

“He won’t stop till he finds me, he’ll kill everything in his path to do it and there’s no one that can stop him, Erma’s death, how she suffered… it’s my fault Zan. She died because of me.”

Clenching his jaw he gently pulled her dress back down as gently as possible before turning her slowly pressing his forehead to hers.

“Listen to me, none of this is your fault. And I promise you, he will never hurt you again. I swear on my life… on my life Liz.”

She wanted to believe him, she wanted so much to feel safe and free but she couldn’t shake those dead cold eyes, his threats, she knew she would pay for what she did.

Placing her small hands through this thick dark hair she breathed out hotly brushing her lips against his mouth as she rasped hoarsely, desperately.

Please, I need to feel something other than… this… these memories… this pain.”

Taking his hands she smoothed his calloused palms up her thighs as she swept her mouth over his parted lips waiting for him to take her.
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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 5 9/7/13

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I have no idea why I'm so driven to write this, but It wont leave me alone, promise to be back with Vanished next week. Thank you a million times over to my angels above and those lurkers out there, you are all helping me more than you know. Oh and those who are not familiar with my stuff, this is adult, very adult, I like to see it as fiercely romantic, but I may be the only one who views it that way :wink: Anyway you have been warned :!:

Chapter five

Zan felt his heart beating, thumping, hammering like drums in his ears as his body began to betray him.

Her small hands, not shaky, nor indecisive, not the least bit hesitant, steadily held him to her blazing hot skin.

This was no frail, vulnerable girl; Liz was clear on her intentions, she was confident, assertive, there was no fear or doubt to the scape of her abilities, in the gifts that she possessed, in the art of her seduction.

Again this was all new to Zan, never had he been up against a woman with such fierce determination in getting what she wanted when it came to satisfying what her body craved.

With a firm hold of both his hands she slid them up the back of her thighs as she lightly brushed her lips along his mouth watching him all along panting breathlessly.

His whisper hanging on a thin thread of the last of his willpower was deep but fading.

Zan locked in her sultry hungry gaze was torn, he wanted so much to feel, to know again what it was like to be alive, not the empty shell of a man he was sentenced to three years ago after

“Please… don’t do this.” It was more a plea then a request.

Running her tongue lightly over his bottom lip she moved against him as she slipped his fingers beneath her panties curling them around her firm ass.

And then she felt it, hard, big, throbbing, desperate for her.

She glanced down knowingly once then back up into his copper tinted intense eyes.

Unable to restrain himself he cupped her cheeks lifting her, pressing her hard against him groaning as they connected.

She was on fire, explosive, rutting ever so agonizingly slowly against him driving him to the point of insanity.

It was that moment, she knew…

He was hers.

Releasing one of his hands from her ass he grazed his fingers ghosting them up the sweat glistening skin of her neck feeling her pulse racing in time with his.

Grasping her jaw he tilted her face roughly up towards him as she continued to move brazenly along his cock, her hips fixed in a dance, mimicking, showing him how good she could make it for him.

As is he needed any more evidence.

Lightly pressing his fingers into her flawless face he rasped with an intensity that could possibly set the room ablaze with emotion.

“This isn’t a game for me.”

Pulling on the back ends of his thick black hair she turned his face to the side pressing her mouth hotly to his ear.

“Does it feel like I’m playing?”

Closing his eyes he could feel himself losing control, his grip was slipping but he couldn’t make love to her… not yet… not after what he had been through.

Slamming his mouth down on hers he ravaged her giving her all he had, showing her that the need was there, as strong as hers, just so they were clear.

Releasing her they both gasped for air as she mouthed the words, ‘Touch me.’

Spinning her around he glided his fingers down beneath her panties dancing over her clit before delving deeper.

An almost feral moan escaped from her moist lips as she let her head fall back against his chest, her knees coming very close to bulking.

Looking down he watched her face twisting, cheeks flushed, her raven hair wet plastered along her forehead, neck, clinging to her breast that had escaped from the confines of her dress.

Marissa’s dress…

His head was spinning, becoming cloudy, distorted images clamoring to find their way back into his mind, memories he fought so hard to forget.

As she rode one hand the other curved around her throat holding her against him as a storm raged inside his heart battling the reality of the goddess he had on the verge of coming and the one that tormented his nights in ways that nearly killed him at times.

Liz began to tremble, convulse reaching for his fingers with both hands she sped his rhythm needing to get there as if her life depended on it.

Shaking his head as if to detach Marissa from his mind just in time everything came into focus as he once again saw Liz, clear, pulsating, crying out for him.

Her hands fell as if boneless to her sides as he wrapped his arms tight around her waist holding her there tasting her neck to the side of her cheek over to the edge of her sweet mouth.

Eyes that had been squeezed tightly shut shot open as she came to her senses once again.

Turning slowly she backed up still whimpering softly until the back of her knees hit the bed forcing her to sit.

He stood there staring, admiring … falling. “Fuck, no… I can’t”

Swallowing hard he reached for a flashlight in his bag and ran for the door.

“Zan – “

“Try and sleep, I gotta make sure we haven’t been followed and cover our tracks, I’ll be back. Be prepared to leave at dawn, we can’t stay here, it’s not safe.

Slamming the door behind him he ran through the trees letting the branching whip him in the face, feeling as if he deserved the pain.

Hearing the river she talked about he knelt at the edge and stared into his reflection casted by the light of the moon.

Punching the face looking back at him he splashed ice cold water over his burning cheeks slicking back his hair.

Standing against the rough bark of a tree he fought the undeniable urge to go back and delve deep and hard inside her.

It had been so long since he had felt that sensation, the utter bliss of slipping inside, so warm and wet, so much comfort; he could get lost in that place … that secret slick heavenly place deep inside Elizabeth Parker.

Clenching his jaw he felt like a coward but he couldn’t do it, the risk was too great, the fall to steep, he couldn’t take that plunge again… the cost was just too high for someone who’s heart was already in pieces, a wasteland of a yesterdays too painful to stand.

Never taking orders from anyone Liz slipped quietly outside following the dim glow of his flashlight that had been thrown alongside the water casting an eerie glow on the rim of the rippling clear water.

Her eyes widened as she saw his strong thighs braced against a tall pine.

She stood opposite the tree carefully, silently leaning her still shivering shapely frame close to him without him knowing.

Her curiosity rushed through her body that was still not sated as questions frustrated her even further.

Why didn’t he take her, she knew the desire was there, she felt it, witnessed the rock hard evidenced with every thrust… so why…

Grasping the blue flowered sundress in both hands it dawned on her.

There had been another woman, just as she suspected before when he became so defensive.

Now she was even more intrigued, as she intently listened to every breath, every movement coming from the opposite side of the large tree.

Her mouth fell open as she heard the unmistakable sound of the metal clang of his belt as he released it unbuttoning his jeans harshly shoving them half way down his legs in an almost aggressive shameful way.

Closing her eyes Liz’s heart clenched, he was thinking of this girl, that’s why he didn't want her.

Sounds began to emerge, skin slick, deep guttural groans, bated breaths.

Hanging her head she was just about to soundlessly step away when she heard her name.

Strangled, urgent, fiercely he growled her name if he was imaging himself hammering into her, driving with the force of a man who was in need… in need of her.

Biting down hard on her bottom lip she couldn’t stop herself.

Her knees clung together trying to keep her stable as she worked her clit digging the other hand into the bark to trying to keep silent.

Faster and faster she heard him stroking himself rasping her name breathlessly until she was hovering there with him on the edge.

Suddenly his other hand slammed around the corner of the tree as he fell over the cliff tumbling unknowingly with her.

Shocked by how unexpected and close his hand came to touching her she let out a tiny almost soundless gasp, but it was enough.

As quickly as he fastened his jeans and belt she adjusted her dress, but just as she was about to tip toe away he harshly spoke to her.

“Liz, wait.”

Picking up the flashlight from the ground he aimed it at her face.

She was soaked with sweat, breathing hard, trembling, her cheek flushed red, her hair wild, unruly like a dark angel’s halo in loose waves down her shoulders.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Next time you disobey my orders, we part ways… understood.”

Any other woman would’ve nodded shamefully, grateful for the help that she so desperately needed not to mention humiliated for spying on such a private moment.

But Liz wasn’t just any woman.

“I told you, I don’t take orders…”

Taking a brazen step towards him with her chin held high eyeing him slowly up and down she pressed her palm against his heart.

“Feel how fast your heart is pumping… well… if you can’t I most definitely can, and I know it’s for me. So let’s make a deal, I take you’re… suggestions into consideration… and you let me take care of … you.”

Turning on her heels she was gone disappearing like a ghost back into the darkness of the woods leaving him speechless and for the first time in his life grasping for the discipline and focus that he always prided himself on.

Pushing open the door to the shack he found her laying on the bed on her side with her elbow dug into the thin mattress while her palm supported her glowing face.

Grabbing his bag he began packing his belongings.

Sitting up tucking her hair behind her ears she pushed him back hard away from his stuff.

“What the hell are you doing?”

With a deadly serious expression hardening his face he gruffly rushed towards her backing her up to the wall.

“I can’t protect you if you’re going to pull this shit! This man is going to find you if you don’t listen to me, to every fucking word I say. It’s obvious you have no intention of doing that, and I can’t watch you die. I can’t… not again.”

As he reached for the door knob she whispered more to herself then him. “Not again… but I-I … “

Then it clicked, the woman, the girl from his past. He lost her somehow and blames himself.

She knew she didn’t have a chance without him, deep inside she knew there was no chance at all she was going to survive, but she couldn’t imagine spending her last days without Zan.

“OK! I’ll freaking listen, I’ll do what you say. I swear to God, just … look don’t go. I don’t want you to go.”

Chest heaving, eyes on fire he stood thinking, in reality there was no way he would leave her alone to face that animal, but she had to believe he would. Her life depended on it, and as much as he hated to admit it, his life now depended on her living.

“Every God damn word, I’m not fucking around Liz. Say it, I need to hear you say it.”

Placing both hands gently on his back she pressed her forehead against him.

“I will listen to every word you say, do exactly what you ask of me. I promise, on my life I promise.”

knowing this wasn't a promise she could realistically keep, he still had to hear it, still had to know she would at least try.

Releasing a heavy sigh he nodded.

“I need to set some traps outside, go to sleep, you’re going to need you’re rest. We’ve got a long walk ahead of us tomorrow.”

And with that he was gone, just outside out of her sight leaning against the small shack knowing that it was too late.

He wouldn’t stop until she was safe.

Even if it cost him his life.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 6 9/16/13

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Thank you, seriously thank you so much for your continued support :wink:

Chapter six

Exhausted Liz’s legs buckled breaking stride with his brisk pace as they trudged through the thick forest.

Down on her knees she fell back against a huge Oak tree trying to catch her breath and his attention.

“Wait, Zan… hold on…I… need a… break.”

Gasping for air she brushed her damp hair away from her eyes watching as he stopped dead in his tracks obviously frustrated.

It was midday and they had been going at it since dawn walking over the roughest most dangerous terrain imaginable.

Wearing still the only thing she had, the blue flowered sundress given to her by Zan, Liz was torn to pieces and obviously hurting.

Her exposed skin was marred with scrapes and gashes, she was tired and hungry and not at all happy that he had been giving her the silent treatment the entire way.

Turning towards her he knelt down offering his canteen which she eagerly took downing the water so fast most of it went past her lips over her dirty face.

“Hold up, not so fast, just try to relax.”

Pissed she glared up at him causing an actual emotional response, the first one today to work its way across his handsome face.

His plan was simple, to see this as a job, purely professional.

The entire way he had been planning his next move, supplies, food, shelter, every move had to be calculated precise.

There was no time for distractions, they had to move fast if they were going to make it to the river before dark.

But there she was staring up at him with those huge brown damning eyes; cheeks flushed bright pink, lips vibrant cherry red, hair jet black and wild like the feathers of a raven.

Irresistible, dangerous, and helplessly addictive…

She was incredibly sexy all dirty and sweaty not to mention all worked up and mad as hell.

He had to hide; he couldn’t let her know what she was doing to him, just how much he cared.

It made no sense, he had only known her a few days, these feelings couldn’t be real he thought to himself as she bit back at him furious at his gentle request.

“Did you just tell me to relax?!”

Screwing the top back on the canteen she threw it at him making sure to hit him in the gut as he took a seat on a rock across from her.

“You really should save your strength; we have a long day ahead of us.”

Wiping the excess water from her cheeks with the back of her hand Liz shook her head as she inspected her bloody knees.

“Seriously… you don’t speak a word to me all day, drag me through rivers, up mountains, by passing every viewable trail there is and you have the nerve to tell me to relax?”

Rubbing the back of his neck he attempted to reel in his emotions as she kicked a rock in his direction.

“Did you hear the dogs Liz?”

His voice was calm and surprisingly soothing as he caught her hard gaze.

Taken off guard Liz was shocked at how composed and coldly detached from the situation he was.

At the same time his tone was hypnotically sensual, igniting a slow burn, and itch that she was becoming desperate to scratch.

His voice was like velvet wrapping around her most secret places as if knowing just how to stroke and caress her.

Fixated on his mouth, the shape of his lips, the warm color of his amber eyes she found herself doing exactly what he wanted, relaxing.

“You heard dogs?” she spoke more calmly taking a deep breath.

Nodding he took out a granola bar from his bag and tossed it to her before taking a bite himself.
“It was distant, a faint echo but yes, it could be nothing but I don’t believe so.”

Finishing the snack like she hadn’t eaten in weeks she reached for the canteen again shrugging casually.

“So that’s bad right? I mean police use them all the time to find people, hell they probably belong to the damn police.”

Nodding he stood again putting his hand down to her offering some help up, or rather letting her know that their break was over.

“We have to assume that it was him; he’s got your scent, it makes sense, it would be the quickest way to find you. That’s why I made you cross the river and hike up into the mountains. Dogs will hunt you down in a matter of hours Liz, I had to lose them. Let’s just hope they lost your scent in the water, if not the mountain lions around here should be enough to deter them. At any rate we have to keep moving.”'

Liz pulled back her hand glancing around as if the notion of wildlife and dangerous predators hadn’t occurred to her up till now.

Mountain lions… ok, so what else are we dealing with? Bears? Are there bears?”

Edging his mouth upwards in a snarky smile he grabbed her roughly by the hand.

A flicker of fear ran through her, it was enough for him to notice

Thinking quick he decided it was better when she was mad, at least then she was concentrating on him and not the dangers surrounding them.

“None that would want a piece of you, not to worry, with that mouth of yours you’ve got every animal running for the hills, which reminds me; if you insist on talking keep it to a low roar, we’re trying to be stealthy here, remember?”

Avoiding her heated stare he yanked her up to her feet unintentionally using too much strength which sent her falling hard into his chest.

His body went stiff as he felt her again, her soft curves molding into him, the quick beat of her pulse ricocheting off his fevered skin.

“Better yet… maybe we should just concentrate on walking.”

Before giving her a chance to speak he was off again in front of her setting a quick pace doing his best to clear a passage for her.

It was dusk when they finally reached the edge of large lake which was only half visible through the dense mist that hovered over the water.

The seemingly endless body of water was as still as glass stretching out into a white haze that was almost too beautiful to bear as the violet sky loomed above.

Liz was close to collapsing as she sat on a log by the water’s edge, her fingertips outlining her reflection sadly as her hopes of surviving this began to disappear like the ripples she impressed upon the black liquid that spread out into nothing.

Zan consumed with the task at hand climbed up the embankment and uncovered a row boat that had been hidden with long branches and ferns.

Grunting he used his powerful upper body strength to pull it down into the water all the while moving quickly as if time was running out.

Turning fast towards her when he was ready for her to climb in he stopped in his tracks unprepared for what was happening before him.

Liz was crying, not openly sobbing, actually not making any noise what so ever.

It was just one tear after another falling from her jaw left untouched as if there were too many to wipe away.

Kneeling in front of her face he had hoped to get her attention by softly speaking to her knowing how important it was that they leave immediately.

“Liz … we have to go. We have to cross the river before dark.”

Still fixated on her image in the water it was like she didn’t even hear him as she sat there unflinching, not making a sound.

He didn’t have time for this; he spoke to her again with no results and after waving his hand in front of her face a couple of times with absolutely no reaction he knew he had to do something.

Carefully he lifted her up in his arms as if she were weightless and held her close.

Gingerly he placed her in the boat where she continued to stare off into space as if a part of her just turned off.

About an hour of rowing downriver Zan came upon a small path on the shore that would be hard to detect if you weren’t already aware of its presence.

After lifting her out and onto a rock with the same lost expression still on her face he went onto disguise the boat the way he had found it.

It was nighttime now and with no moon they were in complete darkness.

Unable to carry her, his duffle bag and her stuff he lifted one arm around her and helped her walk hoping his memory would guide him.

Another two hours brought them to a small log cabin surrounded by tall pine trees that hovered around it casting their long branches over the roof.

Once inside he lit as gas lamp and set up a fire in a small wood stove in the corner of the room.

Liz sat on the edge of a full size bed staring into the flames still as if she had checked out.

She didn’t move as he continued to work around her as if locked in a dream.

Zan set some traps and makeshift alarms up the path leading to the cabin and along the perimeter before turning his attention to her.

Retrieving some water from a pump outside he placed it on top of the wood stove until it was bordering on too hot.

After washing his hands he wrapped her in a quilt that was folded neatly at the foot of the bed.
Taking a towel and a first aid kit he knelt down in front of her.

Gingerly he began cleaning her scrapes concentrating on her arms, hands and cheeks first before getting fresh water and moving onto the deeper cuts on her knees and legs.

After cleaning her wounds he went to dab a little antibiotic ointment on one in particular that must’ve burned because she snapped out of her daze and pushed his hand away defensively.

“What the hell!”

Easing her back down on the bed he once again stepped between her thighs to tend to her wounds.

“Welcome back, I thought I lost you there… want to tell me what happened?”

Wincing as he continued to work she gripped the edge of the bed.

“I can’t run anymore.”

There was no emotion in her simple words, just a fact she had come to on her own as she sat staring into her reflection by the water a few hours ago.

Placing a white bandage over the most severe cut he edged her chin up to look at him.

“What are you talking about? Of course you can.”

His deep husky voice sounded so comforting, she just wanted to crawl in his lap and let it happen, let the darkness take her, she didn’t want to fight any longer.

Zan could see that he was losing her, that in her mind she was already dead.

Still perched between her legs he grasped her hips clutching the thin material of her dress in his fingers pulled her flush to him to get her attention.

“Look, you’re tired and scared, after I get a good meal in you and a good night’s sleep you won’t be talking this shit anymore.”

Scoffing she pushed him away and stood pacing the small dimly lit room.

Leaning against the wall she grasped a hold of the filthy dress he gave her in her fists.

“Look at me! I can’t hike in this anymore – “

Reaching under the bed he pulled out a plastic bag full of woman’s clothes.

“I have something different here, better … jeans, a sweat shirt – “

Laughing sarcastically she shook her head.

“So this is a thing for you, hiding pretty girls away from big bad monsters, playing the hero?”

Gazing around the room she ran her hand through her matted wavy dark hair.

“She was here, the mystery girl that you refuse to talk about… wasn’t she, those are her clothes.”

Glaring up at her his voice became very serious. “Let it go Liz.”

Crossing her arms in front of her she lifted her chin in defiance. “No, I don’t think I will… you loved her didn’t you?”

Rising from the floor he grasped her wrists slamming them against the wall.

“What do you want from me! I’m trying to help you!”

Fury rose in her tear filled eyes as she looked down at the dirty dress then back into his wild stare.

“I’m not her!”

His face twisted into a state of confusion staring back at her as if she was crazy.

She knew there had to be a motive for his heroic deeds, surly it wasn’t to be a good boy scout to a girl he hardly knew, she wasn’t going to play the fool, Liz wanted the truth.

“Is that what this is all about? Some pathetic attempt at redeeming yourself, a second chance to do things right this time. You think that saving me is going to allow you to move on from the fact that you failed her.”

Releasing her wrists he slammed his fist hard against the wall.


“Then why are you doing all this! Why are you helping me!”

Pressing his forehead to hers breathlessly he closed his eyes trying to compose himself.

“Because… I care.”


He was so close she could feel his hot breath on her face puffing her hair away from her fiery eyes in rhythm to his pounding heart.

Lifting up on her toes she brushed her mouth to his harshly whispering against his parted lips.

Bullshit… no one has ever cared about me. I’ve been hiding for two years, begging for jobs, having to do things you can’t imagine just for a warm place to sleep and a hot meal.”

His brilliant honey eyes flickered intensely to hers in that moment meeting her accusation.

“If all I wanted was to fuck you I could’ve done that yesterday, and we both know it.”

Shaking her head slightly still moving against his mouth she whispered again.

No, you wanted to fuck her. Fuck the girl in this dress, I’m just a replacement.”

His breath came out in heavy gasps now as she pushed him further.

“You are wrong.”

Tilting her head to the side she hovered teasingly over his mouth her fingers now clutching his thick hair behind his head.

“So it’s me that you care for, me that you want, the girl you've known for all of three days.”

Exhausted mentally and physically he nodded preoccupied with her satin laced voice and the way she tugged hard on the back of his hair.

The evidence was there like velvet steel pressed against her center moving on a will of its own.

She needed it, the release, to feel the pleasure of the truth in his words.

Her question going unanswered caused her to clench her teeth as she raised her voice to a harsh aggressive tone pulling harder to get his attention.

“Is it me you want?”


Licking her lips she kissed him hard biting his bottom lip as she pulled her panties off her hips down her legs kicking them off to the floor.

Running her tongue along his she moved to his ear as her hands went firmly to his shoulders pushing down hard until he fell to his knees.

“Prove it.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 7 9/30/13

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Thank you so much, wanted so much to watch the end of breaking bad right now, but once again my life is taking a dark turn, so this is written out of insane frustration and sadness, I'm aware that most everyone is struggling with how fucked up life is, I'm no one special, it just really sucks when you feel totally helpless. ok now that I've probably over shared and bored you all to death, remember adult, my writing, warning warning... if you are easily offended turn back. But then again if you are easily offended you're probably not here to begin with huh? Can you tell I'm out of my mind upset?? lol

Thanks again for reading, and sitting through my senseless ramblings...

Chapter seven

His shaky breath vibrated the thin cotton dress against her stomach as he slowly rose his sultry hot brandy gaze up to meet her fiery eyes.

Chills spread throughout her heated pulsating skin as her words hung in the air, a demand, not even close to a polite request.

‘Prove it’

Skimming his rough fingertips up along her glistening thighs he knew, he knew just as he was aware of his own name that she would be his ruin, his ultimate destruction.

Zan was helpless to her wicked ways and desperate needs; it was as if she has cast a spell on him the day she appeared like a dark angel stepping out of the woods.

As he leaned in close her desire for him hit him like the strongest aphrodisiac imaginable causing his painfully hard cock to twitch in fevered anticipation.

Taking her dress with both hands he ripped it slowly up the middle until his prize was revealed.

Liz’s breath quickened still locked in a game of dare as they stared each other down both fighting for power, a fight he knew he had already lost.

For a moment he just hovered against her, his puffs of hot air sending shock waves of pleasure almost too intense for her to handle as she reached for the wall on either side of her shivering body.

Her jaw clenched tight as she waited impatiently knowing he was going to take immense satisfaction in making her practically beg for it, since it was all the control he had.

Zan's fingers dug into her hips slipping further down as beads of sweat gathered along her temples.

Her parted lips trembled mouthing a silent word he understood perfectly but was going to demand to actually hear.

Taking the two halves of the dress in his strong hands he tore it completely apart releasing her breasts, a sight that nearly broke him.

“Say it!”

Liz lifted her chin in defiance; she initiated this act for him to prove his devotion to her and only her.

Begging would defeat the whole purpose, besides she didn’t beg, ever.

In a bold move she gripped the back of his thick black hair fisting it in her hand digging her nails into his scalp roughly.

Whipping her head to the side she sent her long wavy wild hair over one shoulder brushing along her pointed nipple biting down hard on her bottom lip while shoving his mouth within a breath of her pussy.

Zan was caught, snared in an inescapable trap like an animal lured in by temptation too powerful for cautiousness or intellect.

Staring up at her twisted tanned stunning body, back arched, flawless skin glistening with sweet sweat of the gods his will crumbled like broken glass by her feet.

His head spun as he tasted her for the first time, dizzy, drunk, blissfully inebriated on her almost immediately he took one long swipe swirling his tongue around her clit as if it was precious.

Blood trickled from her lip as her teeth ripped into the tender skin biting back a wave of delicious delight.

Her head fell back against the wall as she slipped her other hand threading into his dark mane with an increased amount of aggression rushing through her veins.

A low groan rumbled in her throat as he parted her with his thumbs tracing her opening carefully with the tip of his tongue doing his best to tease her into madness.

Liz’s ebony eyes slid shut as she did her best to push his face into her desperate for a release that promised to be mind blowing but he resisted her not so subtle cue.

Zan was going to draw this out for as long as possible, for it wasn’t just her that was in heaven, he never wanted this moment to end.

Having her there spread before him, shivering at his will, vulnerable wet and hot against his mouth, melting in his hands, dripping on the tip of his tongue…

It was the most erotic moment of his life; she was wrapping herself around his heart, like barbed wire, tight and unforgiving, painful and permanent.

Zan was falling… hard.

Liz was now calling out his name, a shrilled breathy cry for more, harder, faster…

“Fuck! Don’t stop!! Don’t… st..op… “

Curling his tongue angling it just so as he lightly flicked her clit quickly he reached up to pull at her nipple causing her knees to buckle…

Falling to the ground as spasms ignited her flushed convulsing body she reached down to his belt buckle fumbling with shaky fingers.

Lying on her back Liz’s bare knees rose up to lock his waist still as she sat up to slide the leather out from its confides.

Slamming her mouth against his she easily dominated an aggressive kiss as she worked to open his jeans with lightning speed.

She moaned as she bit down on his lip pulling it hard as she felt him for the first time.

Wincing in shock as he felt her tiny hand wrap around him with an appreciation expressed with a sly grin impressed by her full lips against his parted mouth.

As big and hard as he felt all the times he was pressed against her it paled in comparison to the real thing as she ran her fingers over his velvet skin skimming her thumb over the tip.

There was no hiding the fact of how bad he wanted her as a slick wetness was felt along her thumb.

Brushing her lips against his ear she stated her need.

“Inside me…now.”

Taking a deep breath he shook his head as he pulled her hand from inside his boxer briefs falling to her side with a low growl.

Closing his eyes he sat up with his head in his hands trying with all his might to get a grip.

It was all he wanted, all he needed, to fill her, to get lost inside her wild untamed spirit he found himself addicted to.

Wet warm safe, rocking against that naked body of perfection, staring into a face that most men only dream of knowing, all fire and heart, raw and soft, void of games or tricks, she was honestly at its most painful point.

Liz was real, flesh and bone, pure emotion and passion.

A kind of pure heavenly beauty that transcended all the shit and grim that crawled across this ungodly world he had grown so numb to.

But he couldn’t, intimacy was off the table, it wasn’t an option.

She gazed at him breathless, dazed in disbelief.

Her voice hoarse from repeated cries of his name rose and fell in lovely broken tones was like music to his ears.

“No, there’s no way you don’t want to… I don’t believe you.”

Still taking several deep breathes to calm himself down he shook his head again.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to… I can’t get… involved.”

Raking her raven damp hair from her forehead she became very still, thinking, figuring him out.

Trying to catch her breath she understood, his focus, his past, her life, the danger of it all.

They talked about this before but still, she couldn't except what she knew to be true.

They belonged together, it was beyond reason or rational thinking or even the value of her life.

Liz’s fiery eyes flashed over to him as he began to fasten his jeans.

Something inside just snapped.

Flipping on top of him she knelt between his knees and stared up into his shocked expression.

Her long black eyelashes flickered up and down his beautiful body, every muscled flexed, contracted, hard with the task of holding himself back from her.

Liz’s eyes edged to the left and right watching as the muscles in his massively toned arms curved like stone etched by an artist of long ago.

Flicking the tip of her finger up onto the hem of his black tee shirt she edged her chin up motioning him to take off his shirt.

Suspiciously he bore his bright amber eyes into her, “No.”

Rising up on her knees she gripped her tattered dress that was now in two pieces and shrugged innocently.

“It’s only fair, don’t you agree?”

“Liz – “

“Fuck, just do it, or I’ll talk to you the entire night and you won’t get a wink of sleep.”

Raising her eyebrows upwards as if she had won she gave him a cunning smirk that caused a nest of butterflies to flutter inside his stomach.

“God damn it, this is ridiculous!”

Flustered from his previous endeavors and clearly not thinking straight he reached back with one hand and pulled off his shirt with one motion.

Falling back on her heels she gazed over his golden smooth hard stomach breathing out a whispered swear in utter amazement.


Rolling his eyes he stared at her as she followed his stomach upwards to his broad chest and impressive shoulders that looked as if he benched pressed tree trunks.

“Ok, shows over.“ he grumbled lowly as he began to feel self conscious.

Zan proceeded to put back his shirt only to have it ripped from his hand and thrown across the room.

Pressing a heavy hand against the center of his chest she pushed him down onto his elbows as she leaned over him.

Her lusty eyelids were heavy with intent as she licked her lips while her other hand quickly and without hesitation undid his belt and unfastened his jeans.

“Sorry to inform you but the show has just started, sit back and relax Zan.“

Her throaty seductive tone was like hard liquor sliding down his dry throat burning its way into his chest warming his body from the inside out.

Before he could protest she engulfed him entirely causing his head to fall back and his eyes to flutter closed.

A strangled groan fought its way upwards as he gasped for air.

She was unforgiving lending him no chance to recover as she caressed him swirling her tongue along his entire length giving special attention to the tip all the while sucking as hard and deep as she could.

Panting hard he forced his eyes open to see dark goddess perched over him, her raven feathers spilling over his stomach and thighs, her cherry lips working him with the upmost dedication.

Zan was helpless as he called out her name in an almost surrendering nature as his strength wavered against her mesmerizing skills.

Unaware of what he was doing he reached into her mess of wavy tresses and fisted a handful away from her flushed face so he could watch her.

Fascinated he was hypnotized by the look of pure devotion to her task as she glared up into his brandy tinted eyes humming with every stroke letting him know how much she loved it.

Grunting hard he tensed as he felt the vibration of her mouth strike him evoking the beginning of the end.

The hand tied up in her hair fell to her shoulder as he groaned out a warning to her.

“Fuck, Liz… I can’t hold back… you need to stop!”

His cautionary plea to her was no deterrent as she increased her speed and pressure.

The fact that he was about to come turned her on beyond her imagination causing her to moan louder as her hand slipped down between her legs.

His body began to tremble hard as he witnessed her touching herself never once letting up on him.

“Fuck! Liz! Please!”

Squeezing her eyes shut she began to shudder once again her wet mouth shivering tight around him committed on taking him with her.

With one harsh push he shoved her away just in time before two hard strokes by his own hand brought him over the edge as she sat to the side once again with a look of confusion across her face.

Quickly he stood pulling up his jeans before grabbing a blanket off the bed wrapping it around her shoulders to cover her up.

Exhausted he slumped down on the bed once again with his head in his hands, heavy thoughts obviously filling his mind.

Pulling the blanket tight closing the gap to her naked body she blew the hair away from her eyes.

Softly she spoke spooked by the intense look across his face.

“I wanted to; you didn’t have to push me away.”

Reaching in the bag he had pointed out to her before he pulled out jeans and a sweatshirt tossing it gingerly to her.

“Here, you can wear these to bed.”

Blowing out the oil lamp leaving her on the floor in the dark he laid down on the bed turning towards the wall.

Scoffing Liz pulled off her ripped dress and pulled the dark blue sweatshirt with big letters across it spelling out NYU over her head.

Leaving the jeans on the floor she got into bed with him and turned towards his back carefully laying her hand on his shoulder.

“I wanted to.”

They laid there in silence for what seemed like forever before he whispered to her in the darkness.

“Tomorrow we go into Meadow Brook; it’s a bigger town with a string of motels near the interstate, I’ll check in then sneak you in later. We’ve got to change your appearance. I’ve got different aliases, ID’s, I put a ball cap on and let my hair grow and I’m all set, but you… how do you feel about red hair?”

Still stuck on what just happened between them she shrugged distractedly, “Fine I guess.”

Nodding he closed his eyes moving more towards the wall away from her.

“Goodnight Liz.”

Rolling over on her back she stared up at the ceiling now more than ever determined to break through the wall that he was so hell bent on putting up between them.

‘It’s only a matter of time.’ she thought to herself as a smile spread across her face.

“Night Zan.”

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 8 10/1/13

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Thank you so much for your fb and especially for your well wishes, they really mean more to me than you know...Carolyn you are absolutely right, I think I feel like I have a voice with Zan that I can't possible have in real life. especially when I'm feeling this way. Thanks to the lurkers, and whoever is getting anything out of this. It's two thirty in the morning and this is just flowing from my crazy mind. Can't really type it fast enough, very strange. I see I'm rambling again so I'm going to go and lay in bed and stare at the ceiling again.

Chapter eight

Peering through the row of tall white birch trees at the dilapidated faded green motel Liz sighed as she thoughtlessly leaned against Zan’s arm tired from their ten hour trek.

“So that’s it huh?”

Her voice wavered slightly as she whispered close to his ear eyeing the chipped paint and the neon blue sign.


As hungry and exhausted as he was the warmth of her body close to his evoked memories of the previous night that ignited a flame too hot to withstand as his jeans tightened uncomfortably.

Nodding he moved away from her as his training kicked in.

Scanning route 61, the road that ran between the woods were they stood and the Pine Motel he weighed his options.

His eyes focused closely in on the office that was in clear view noticing the balding pudgy man flipping through a magazine.

Reaching for his binoculars he patiently read over the six license plates of the cars that were parking sparingly across the parking lot.

All were New Hampshire, which was good news considering that Simon and the farm were both located in the state of Maine.

After hearing the news Liz backed against a particular large tree sighing as the filth of three days began to work on her.

“I didn’t even realize we had crossed over into New Hampshire.”

Pulling the sleeves from her sweatshirt over her hands as the night air nipped at her skin she glared at him confused.

“Wait, isn’t this exactly where he’d expect me to go?”

Zan shook his head still concentrating on the bald manager as his binoculars focused in on his hustler magazine.

“When you ran away from him where did you go?”

Twirling her hair around her finger, something he hadn’t seen her do since that first night she shrugged.

“All up and down the east coast, here, Vermont, Massachusetts… but it was Connecticut where he found me. Connecticut is where I found hell again or rather hell found me.”

Her voice was distant and sad as if remembering a horrific nightmare of which she could not awaken from.

Zan was watching her now, staring at her wide watery ebony eyes full of terror and regret, of innocent lost and a loneliness so deep it was painful to witness.

Liz’s matted almost black dirty hair was twisted tight now around her finger as a faint hint of purple circled her skin.

Snapping out of her spell his voice deepened to a serious tone glancing once again across the street.

“Well any sane person wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, he won’t be expecting you to go the same route, plus he might have figured out by now that you’re with me, and if that’s the case a professional wouldn’t take you back here.”

Furrowing her eyebrows her lips edged upwards forming a rare smile enjoying just how good he really was at his former job.

“So, Mr. badass bodyguard where would he be expecting you to take me?”

Spotting a vacant room that hedged off into the wooded part of the motel at the end of the building Zan answered her as he threw the large duffle bag over his shoulder.

“Up North, Canada, out of the country.”

Liz covered her face with her dirty sleeves absolutely furious.

“Why didn’t we do that?? You don’t need a passport for Canada, just a birth certificate! I could’ve been far away from here by now… why the hell are we here of all places!?”

Frustrated and eager to have her safe inside the room across the street Zan grabbed her by the shoulders glaring darkly into her eyes instantly silencing her.

Not now, Liz you promised to do exactly what I told you to do remember? No questions asked.”

“But – “

Now angry Zan shook his head shoving her roughly against the tree.

“Do you trust me?”

She gazed up at him as his grip on her shoulders slowly loosened up along with the hard lines edging along his intense noble eyes.

Breathing out softly Liz nodded, “Yes, I trust you.”

Without willing it he found himself moving closer to her.

As if drawn in by the heart shape of her ruby lips and the peachy hue of her cheeks that flushed brightly in the dark cool night.

There was but a breath between them as an impending kiss felt inevitable from the chemical pull charging like lightening between them.

A loud drawn out horn of an eighteen wheeler broke their trance causing Zan to back away.

“Listen, this is very important. I’m going to check into room ten over on the end, when I open the curtains I want you to walk over to where the motel ends and the forest begins again and cross the street. It’s gravely important that no one sees you.
Wait till you see no sign of headlights and until the curtains are drawn. It looks as though there’s a convenience store attached to the gas station on the other side of motel. I need to get a few things, when I’m in the room and I think it’s safe I’ll give you the sign. Got it?”

Reaching out she touched his hand letting her fingers drift slowly through palm as she stared solemnly back at him.

“Hurry... please.”

Savoring the touch of her fingertips against his he nodded before turning to step onto the black tar worn road.

With impressive coolness Zan walked first past the gas station to the small store as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

Liz watched safe behind the trees huddled low to the ground waiting for him.

After casually gathering everything he needed and cashing out he made his way to the motel.

She could see him talking to the man with the fat stomach that was adorned with a plaid shirt with lime green suspenders.

Liz smiled as Zan cleverly handed over a magazine to the man that by the look on his face was full of naked big breasted women.

The two of them laughed as the man held up the room key Zan had counted on without incident.

He took slow long strides as if he was in no hurry as he walked to room ten off in the corner near the woods exactly where he wanted to be.

Liz sang two songs under her breath to calm herself down before she saw the curtains pull open wide and the lights turn off inside.

Taking a deep breath she took off running alongside the road through the trees as her lungs burned and her muscles weakened from her frantic pace.

Once she was sure that both sides of the road showed no signs of lights she took off running, her wild raven hair flying high behind her like the tail of a kite rising and falling in her wake.

She never slowed her steps as the door opened just in time for her to practically jump inside into his arms as he gently but swiftly shut the door behind her.

Breathless she buried herself inside his chest sighing as she felt his hesitant strong arms surround her pulling her in safe and sound.

“Not exactly stealthy Liz, I was hoping for a little less drama, lucky for us everyone here seems to be caught up in their own scandals to notice.”

Pushing him away Liz shivered backing against the wall.

“Sorry, this shit doesn’t come natural to me; I can’t be a fucking robot like you feeling nothing, lying to everyone around me. This isn’t a job for me, it’s my life, it’s my fucking life!”

Grabbing a bag off the bed he approached her carefully.

“Lower your voice Liz, please. Lay into me all you want just do it quietly.”

Snatching the bag out of his hand she peaked inside than back up at him.

“I’m done, you just touched a nerve, the drama is real, you act as if I’m supposed to feel nothing.”

Nodding he backed away feeling ashamed at how callous he had been.

“Poor choice of words, I apologize. I just need you to be a bit more inconspicuous. Why don’t you take a long hot shower, the faster you color your hair the better. I hope the shade I picked out is ok, they didn’t have much to pick from.”

Lifting the pair of scissors from the bag her shoulders slumped.

“It’s really necessary for me to cut it too?”

Handing her a couple of towels he nodded.

“It doesn’t have to be short, just … different.”


Her voice defeated and drained she turned to walk into the less then hygienic faded yellow bathroom.

Resting his hand lightly on her shoulder he stepped close bringing his mouth to her ear in an earnest effort to comfort her.

“It’s going to be alright Liz, this is just temporary.”

She never broke her stride leaving him as she closed the door behind her.

The amount of relief she felt as the hot water hit her sore muscles was indescribable as she leaned against the pale butter colored tile for support.

Her heavy eyelids fluttered as she soaped up her tired body watching the dirt and grime swirl around the drain by her feet.

It was as if she were watching her wasted life peel from the shell of her body down rusted old pipes along with her hopes and dreams.

Feeling too old for her age in mind and spirit she felt the sting of tears well up quickly.

Hopeless, helpless dead inside, numb from betrayal and the fear of being hunted down … this was all she felt now.

After an entirely too long shower she stood in front of the fogged mirror watching her blurred image waver back at her.

Rubbing her forearm across the glass she sobbed as she took a handful of her long black hair in one hand and the scissors in the other.

Liz’s raven feathers floated wistfully around her onto the floor along with her salty tears.

Flipping her head over with her gloved hands she applied the color he gave her as another piece of her identity was stripped away.

Taking the small travel size hairdryer that was attached to the wall she dried her new hair that rested just below her shoulders.

Once done she edged closer to the mirror finding herself almost unrecognizable.

Digging into the bag she found a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and a handful of mix matched makeup obviously picked out by a guy, but just the same greatly appreciated.

After she was finished she gripped the side of the sink feeling boneless, as if gutted, as if Simon had gotten to her somehow.

The fear washed over to her like ice water rushing inside her veins, unforgiving, relentless, forever.

She was sure that after Zan took one look at her even the glimmer of relief she felt when he touched her would be gone.

Wishing she could just disappear rather than emerge from the bathroom she clutched the dingy white towel around her and stepped out to find him sitting on the bed.

His hair was wet and he had a towel wrapped around his waist, his body still glistening from a fresh shower she looked down at him confused.

“Larry, the manager let me use the shower in the empty room next door, I told him mine was broken, you kind of took a long time … which is fine, I-I just really needed to… shower.”

Zan spoke in broken sentences too transfixed on the woman standing before him to string his words together in a coherent fluent form.

Liz’s eyes fell to the floor, her auburn wavy hair sliding across her golden shoulders hiding her face like a chestnut silky curtain.

“Don’t look at me… I’m hideous.”

Her voice was small, heartbroken, lost as the pieces of who she was laid still on the floor in the bathroom.

Standing Zan walked slowly to her as he tenderly lifted her chin revealing her tear stained glowing flawless face.

Water droplets fell one by one from his lips as he smoothed back her red hair gently cupping her cheek.

“Liz, you’re beautiful.”

Shaking her head she averted her gaze away from him.

“I don’t feel like me.”

Tilting his head to the side he placed his hand firmly against her heart as his lips brushed sweetly across the corner of her mouth.

“Nothing can change this; I can feel it, its beating fast, like a wild animal. Your passionate fiery spirit is something that can never be taken away. It’s who you are. You are fearless, a fighter... you're amazing Liz.”

Zan’s voice was gruff, hoarse with emotion and a depth that was unmistakable.

Sliding his hand from her breast to the back of her neck beneath her soft hair he pulled her close wrapping his other hand against her bottom holding her close.

His eyes closed feeling her towel fall to the ground as she rose up on her toes pressing her lips to his ear.

Liz left sinful kisses along his neck as she whispered words that would take him to a place he swore he would never go.

“Take me away from all this …"

“… steal me away, take me somewhere safe and warm … “

“…make love to me Zan.”
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) chpt 9 11/13/13

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please forgive my absence and my many spelling and grammar mistakes here, its very late
thank you for the fb, and for anyone who is still interested in this ...

Chapter nine

Touch by Daughter
Love hunt me down
I can't stand to be so dead behind the eyes
And feed me, spark me up
A creature in my blood stream chews me up

So I can feel something
So I can feel something

Give me touch
'Cause I've been missing it
I'm dreaming of
Kissing me in the night
Just so I
Just so I

Can feel something

You steal me away
With your eyes and with your mouth
And just take me back to a room in your house
And stare at me with the lights off

To feel something

In the night
In the night
In the night

When we touch
In the night

'Cause I've been missing it

Her whispered request lingered like the electricity in the air after a lightning bolt pierces the sky during a storm leaving everything buzzing and alive, a vibrating charge that pricks your skin and shakes the ground beneath your feet.

What was it about that one raspy demand among so many others that finally did him in, that made him break his one rule that would change everything inside him, he’d never fully understand.

Maybe it was her standing before him completely stripped of her identity, naked in every way, vulnerable, broken so utterly alone or maybe it was the pure fact that he had fallen in love with her.

In any case she did the impossible, destroyed his defenses, crumbled the powerful walls he painstakingly constructed over many years to protect a heart that had been shattered.

Powerless to fight her enduring endless need to be intimate any longer he nodded slowly staring deep into her wide tear filled eyes as he flicked the switch to the lamp off leaving her in the bluish glow of the neon sign that filtered through the bend and dusty blinds.

Running the pad of his thumb over her bottom lip he lilted his head brushing his mouth along her temple tenderly.

This would not be like all their other sexual encounters; there would be no forceful moves or games proving who possessed power over the other.

Zan knew she was that way because she had to be, because so much had been taken from her she needed to feel in control, that she was running on pure need and lust, a demand that had nothing to do with love.

Love was a dangerous word, a weapon used to hurt and destroy lives, a tool of manipulation that could turn an innocent young girl into nothing but a toy, a thing to be owned.

Love was a lie, a fairytale told to children read from story books with dreamy pictures and happy endings.

A lie that twisted a sweet naïve girl into a hardened heartless predator who’s only thought was her very own survival.

Zan would prove her wrong, show her how real love could be, how it did the very opposite she had always thought, how it made you stronger than you ever thought possible.

Lacing his fingers through her flaming red wavy hair he gazed into her wide ebony eyes seeing someone new, reborn in a strange and magical way.

Edging her face upwards he breathed out struck by how badly he needed her, how she had slipped her way unknowingly, unconsciously inside his heart in ways he had not understood until that moment.

It was then that he realized that she was different, that there was a reason beyond her looks that was so drastically changed why she felt unlike herself.

Moving his parted lips to the shell of her ear he gingerly gripped her fiery tresses in his hand holding her close to him.

“You’re right, you are not the same girl who fell into my life that day… you’ve found the courage to continue on when you were convinced you couldn’t. You sought out the strength to trust in a stranger after the people closest to you betrayed you … and without even realizing it you opened up to me. You stopped pretending to be this tough girl that no one could break. You were honest with me, vulnerable.”

Shaking her head slightly tears fell from her eyes slowly sliding down her cheeks onto his bare smooth chest.

“A weak little girl…”

Cupping her face he swiped her tears away pressing his forehead to hers so she could see the seriousness glowing in his eyes.

“A beautiful woman, who is deserving of someone who loves you for exactly who you are…. “

Pressing his lips to hers he lowered her onto the bed covering her body with hers breathing in deep as she wrapped her legs around his strong thighs arching up to meet his mouth once more.

“… let me be that someone Liz… let me love you.”

Lacing his fingers in hers he held her hands tight as he slowly moved inside watching her eyes widen as she nodded in response to his question.

As if she would break beneath him he touched and kissed her gently, tenderly adoringly as he continued making love to her throughout the night.

Brightly colored leaves fell like rain outside the window as he carefully turned her over whispering words of devotion and forever as he kissed down her spine with each powerful thrust causing her to moan his name into the crisp autumn air.

Hearing her knowing that she was giving herself fully without fear or hesitation to him drove him over the edge as he flipped her over to gaze in her eyes groaning one last time as she held him deep inside her.

Both shaken by a level of intimacy that they had never experienced before they did little for a very long time besides holding each other tightly afraid to let the other go.

Finally after what seemed like hours she spoke needing to know the secret that he had held so close to his heart, and kept her so far away for so long.

Laying on his chest staring between the slightly open blinds the led out onto the parking lot she spoke softly almost carefully not knowing what he would say.

“Zan… who is Marissa?”

She could feel his body instantly tense as he continued to hold her close.

A few seconds that seemed like forever drifted by before he placed a kiss on her forehead brushing away a few strands of her auburn hair from her cheek…

"It's a long story and I'm sure you're very tired."

Staring up at him through long black eyelashes he already knew he would do anything she'd ask from this point on.

"Please Zan, I know nothing about you."

Nodding he began spinning his own tale of woe full of tragedy and pain not unlike her own.

“I was raised in a tough neighborhood in South Boston, we were poor, a big family that put a lot a strain on my dad's already failing health. I didn't help, I was always getting into fights, too proud to back down from stupid bullshit that I should've just shrugged off. I thought of myself as just another mouth to feed. So after high school I joined the Marines. It wasn’t long before I became one of the most elite snipers in the core. It was one of the benefits to having to defend yourself against thugs your entire life I suppose.”

Snuggling closer to him she hung on every word engrossed in a life that up till now she knew nothing about.

“I decided to make the military my career, it made sense to me, I was given orders and did what I was told. Life was simple, organized, no emotion. I did my job, served my country and stayed out of trouble.”

Stunned that he was divulging so much to her she pressed on. “So why did you leave?”

Sighing Zan stared up at the ceiling as if watching a movie of his life being played out before him.

“My father owned a deli; it was just a small shop. The entire family worked there, my mother, two brothers and my sister Annie. For years the neighborhood mob were after us to pay protection money. The head of the family respected me, from time to time I'd handle a certain ... problem, for him and in exchange he'd leave my father alone. I didn't want my dad to worry so I never told him of our agreement.”

Zan’s voice lowered slightly as his sister’s name fell sadly from his lips.

“I was the one who always handled these situations, the tough one, I knew how to deal with scumbags, only I wasn’t there anymore. While I was away the head of the mob, the father I always dealt with was knocked off putting his much younger and more brutal son in charge of the neighborhood.”

Liz closed her eyes fearing where his story was leading to.

“How it was explained to me was that my brothers stood up for my family. Enzo, the son and the new boss felt an example had to be made so people would respect him. They burned the deli to the ground with my family inside. The only survivor was my sister who to this day lays in a hospital back in Boston in a coma.”

Lifting her chin to rest upon his chest she looked up at him crying at this point while he continued to stare at the ceiling.

“I couldn’t stay away after that, my four years were up so I left the military hell bent on revenge. It was almost too easy; I took out all of Enzo’s men leaving him fearful every day that he would be next, until the day he was. I tied him to a chair, poured gasoline over him and lit him on fire. I thought that killing him would somehow take the pain away, but it only made it worse. I craved vengeance after that, needed it like drug. I began working as a hit man, but only to those who deserved it. I'd help the helpless, knocking off criminals who brutalized the innocent.”

Zan shook his head remembering what a fool he was, hating the boy he was back then, wishing he could’ve changed so many bad mistakes.

“One day this man met with me, begged me to protect his daughter. Told me that he had crossed some very dangerous people and they were after her. He pleaded with me telling me how she knew nothing of his gambling debts, that she was nursing student, that all she wanted to do was help people... and because of him she was going to die. I refused, no emotional ties I explained to him. I wasn’t a babysitter, and I worked alone, period. Then one day I opened my door to find this girl covered in blood crying.”

Liz whispered her name. “Marissa.”

“I took her in; they killed her father, she barely got away but now they were after her. She had seen their faces, knew who they were. Feeling responsible for not helping him when he had asked me I swore to protect her, we went on the run, for six months I kept her safe but they were always one step behind us. Then one day I … I fucked up. One stupid mistake, but that’s all it takes. I came back to the hotel we’d been hiding out in. I heard the water running in the bathroom, thought she was taking a shower but when I looked she was lying on the bottom of the tub in her own blood. They left her there, she must've been stabbed twenty times. It was an aggressive kill, she wasn't supposed to suffer, she was supposed to be a clean hit. They did that for me, so I would know that I had no place in their fucking business. She suffered because of me, she died alone probably calling out for me, and I wasn't there to save her ... “

Holding him tighter Liz pressed her lips to his chest. “Shh… it’s ok, you don’t have to explain. You loved her …. I shouldn’t have - “

Zan pulled her up to him kissing her lightly.

“I thought it was love, but now I know what I felt was a sense of responsibility, a debt owed to someone who needed me. I cared for her..."

Running the back of his hand down her cheek he whispered softly, earnestly.

"I love you Liz. “

Tracing his strong jaw with the tips of her fingers she gazed up at him as the ends of her red hair swept across his neck.

“I love you Zan.”


A wicked smile curved along his sweaty upper lip as the fat man in the next room chewed roughly on his cigar.

'My, my ain't that just the sweetest thing you ever did hear...'
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Re: Steal Me Away (UC,Adult,Z/L) *completed* 3/12/14

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thank you for your fb throughout this fic, and those who stuck with me, hope you enjoy their ending.

Chapter ten

Awaken by the cool liquid of whiskey being poured over his face Zan startled attempted to sit up only to find his wrists bound to the headboard.

Blood drained from his face as his eyes lifted upward to the horrifying sight of Liz tied to a chair at the end of the bed.

Shaking, bloody, mascara running a constant stream down her face as she quietly sobbed, she connected her wide terrified eyes back to him.

Quickly assessing the situation Zan's eyes attempted to convey to her that somehow he would get her out of this, that he would save her.

His eyes flickered to her wrists that were tied behind her back and her ankles that were also bound to the legs of the chair.

A filthy white sheet was wrapped around her neck twisted into a makeshift noose that was being held tightly by a large fat man wearing a dirty white suit chewing on a smelly cheap cigar.

“Well hello Alexander Evans, or do you prefer Zan, I would think so since that's the name she's been crying about for the past hour as I was teaching her a very over due valuable lesson.”

The man pulled hard on the sheet as Liz gagged choking hard from lack of air.

Both eyes were black and swollen, her nose definitely broken, fingers too, along with several lacerations to her breasts, stomach and thighs.

Lost as to how Zan could have slept through all of this he edged his eyes down to his arm that still had a needle sticking out of it.

Sighing long and hard the fat man leaned against the wall blowing smoke rings up towards the rotting ceiling.

“She's a good fuck, definitely not hard on the eyes, but you have to admit she does have a slight problem with knowing her place. Still I can see why you felt the need to risk your life to save the little slut.”

Zan wasn't taking the bait, he wasn't about to waste his energy verbally fighting back adding fuel to the fire of the enjoyment this man was getting out of this little show of power.

He just stared directly into her eyes, willing her to stay with him, believe in him, not to ever give up.

Annoyed by the attention he wasn't receiving the fat man gripped her hair pulling it hard yanking her head backwards to look up into his bloodshot eyes.

In this moment Zan began to rub the rope back and forth slightly inconspicuously against the edge of the headboard that was broken off.

He imagined it happened during Liz's fight to get away, it was just a small shard of wood but it was sharp enough, he just needed to distract him, to stay calm, controlled, no matter what happened.

Liz cried out as she felt the roots of her hair being pulled roughly backwards forcing her to stare into the eyes of the man who had possessed her, owned her, bought her from her very own mother.

“Not too pleased with the red hair though, but that can be easily fixed, when you are back home of course.”

Gritting her teeth she growled up at him, “You'll have to kill me first, that's the only way you're getting me back to that shit hole with you.”

Grimacing against her wounds she spit up into his pudgy cheeks refusing to play the victim any longer.

Laughing loudly, eerily, he punched her square in the mouth spraying blood across the room causing Zan to wrench hard against the ropes tying him down.

With this action he caused a pillow to fall against the wrist that he was attempting to get free hiding his actions.

“So I take it you are the infamous Simon Blake.” Zan growled catching his attention.

It was killing him to see her this way, to be forced to watch as this madman beat her as he laid helplessly just mere feet from her.

He had to distract him, knowing how much abuse she could take, how much of a wild card she was, there was no telling what Liz would do or how far she would push him.

Bowing as if he were on a broadway stage Simon nodded waving his arm outward fisting the sheet tighter around his fist causing her to struggle to breathe once again.

“Why yes I am you very brave young man, to tell you the truth I'm feeling slightly dejected that you haven't heard of me.”

Engaging his stare onto the bastard before him hoping to put the attention back to him Zan shrugged nonchalantly.

“I don't get out much, I guess you could say I'm a loner.”

Zan licked his lips as whiskey slipped down his face onto his mouth working hard to hold back his rage clenching his jaw tightly.

Nodding causally as if they were sipping lemon aid on hot summer day shooting the breeze, Simon chuckled maniacally.

“Yes, yes that is what that old farm woman told me as I slipped that pointy pitchfork in her belly like a nice stick of creamy butter. She was very loyal to you, wouldn't give up a lick of information on you, even as her intestines were oozing out around her.”

Liz cried out shaking her head back and forth fighting against the ropes as they cut like knives into her sweaty skin turning the brown rope to a bright crimson red.

Zan breathed out blocking out the imagery as best he could concentrating on getting loose as he continued to cut into the rope with the broken wood from the headboard.

Raising his grey bushy eyebrows Simon shook his head surprised at Zan's lack of reaction, this wasn't nearly as much fun as he thought it would be.

Clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth he pulled out a six inch knife and began waving it around sinisterly thinking he needed to raise the stakes.

Sure the end game was to eventually kill Zan and take back the object that was his but none of the chase would have been worth it without a spectacular ending, something that Liz would never, ever forget.

He would make sure that she would never run again, that was for sure.

“You know I was thinking, the need for finger prints isn't really necessary, they even might be problematic for me if any law enforcement should come sniffing around looking for you. So I believe we should take care of that.”

Zan's eyes immediately connected with hers knowing what he was going to do.

Lifting her broken fingers Simon placed the blade along the pad of her thumb slicing into the skin lifting a thin layer away as if he was at a deli cutting meat for a customer.

The muscles in Zan's neck tensed, veins bulged outward as he vigorously cut into rope against the screams bouncing off the walls of the small dingy motel room.

Pulling the knife suddenly away from her Simon knelt down to her level to gaze into her swollen eyes.

Waving the blade back and forth he looked back at Zan as the blood dripped down onto the ugly green shag rug.

“My lovely dear if this is too much I can always start torturing your beefy boyfriend over there, maybe we should see just how much you love this brainless muscle head.”

Standing up quickly as if loving this idea he began to pace back and forth as the wheels in his sick mind began to spin.

Stopping suddenly holding his finger up he raised his voice excitedly as he bounced his bloodshot beady eyes back and forth between them.

“How about this, I promise to stop punishing you. I swear to leave you completely alone on the condition that Zan endures your punishment instead.”

Waddling over to Zan, Simon ripped the sheets off of Zan leaving him exposed in only his briefs as he slid his tongue over his lips slowly figuring out exactly where he should begin.

Screaming Liz begged coughing up blood, straining against her bruised throat pleading for him to continue with her.

“Simon, please … you know it's me you need to punish, I disobeyed, I deserve the pain. I was using him to get away, he means nothing to me. Think about it, what lesson will you really be teaching me if I'm not the one suffering.”

Suddenly she saw Zan moving his wrist back and forth, she knew immediately what she had to do.

She had to be brave, because in the end it wasn't her life she wanted to save, it was his.

Breathlessly Liz gathered her senses, calming herself down, knowing if she showed emotion he would see right through her.

“You know what? I think your afraid.”

Scoffing Simon turned towards her grasping the end of the sheet choking her once again.

“Afraid? Of what exactly you dirty little whore.”

Release the sheet slightly so she could speak he bent down mere inches from her bloody face.

“I escaped you twice, the second time it took you forever to find me. Maybe down deep you know your not man enough to keep me. It must just kill you to know that a little girl nearly a hundred pounds wasn't afraid of you, thought so little of you and what you're capable of that she wasn't scared to run... not one little bit.”

Simon clenched his teeth so hard it snapped his cigar in half sending it tumbling to the ground as his jaw gnashed together in fury.

Whispering close to her ear as he pressed the edge of the knife to her heart Simon wrapped the sheet around his fist several times cutting off all air to Liz's throat.

“You know what I couldn't understand little girl, you were almost free, all you had to do was cross the border into Canada, your boyfriend had connections, ways of getting you there. So ask yourself this as you sit suffocating feeling the air leave your lungs straining dying. If he loved you so much, why, why didn't he take you there?”

In that instant shards of wood went flying across the room as Zan broke through the rope binding him to the headboard.

Reaching for the gun he had under the mattress he aimed it at Simon's head expertly missing Liz shooting five times until the chamber was empty.

Standing over his body Zan's deep gravelly voice spoke to the dead body beneath his feet.

“Because I knew she'd never truly be free until you were dead, you fucking prick.”

Shaking still pulling the trigger Zan finally dropped the gun as his eyes lifted to her.

Grabbing the knife away from Simon's hand Zan cut her loose breathing out hard as she collapsed into his arms.

Lifting her up against his chest he slid down against the bed pressing his lips to her cheek as his heart pounded outrageously fast in his chest.

“I love you... I love you so much. It's over Liz, it's finally over.”


Six months later


“We're lost aren't we?”

Rolling his eyes Zan wielded his machete through the thick tropical brush trying to keep his mind on his destination and off the tiny red bikini she was wearing as she swung her lovely hips back and forth.

“No, we are not lost.”

Sighing she lifted her short once again brunette hair up off her hot neck closing her eyes.

“Uh huh, that's what you said in Alaska, Spain, and Morocco... why should I believe you now?”

Yelping as she found herself lifted off her feet and into his strong muscular tan arms she held her breath watching as the teal cool water spilled down from the hundred foot waterfall just feet away.

“Do you think you will ever stop running that pretty mouth of yours?”

Walking her in so they were directly under the cascading clear refreshing water she kissed him slowly, deeply before edging back to gaze into his beautiful amber eyes.

“No, not ever!”

Kissing her back just as hard he whispered against her lips holding her closer than anyone's been held before.

“God I hope not.”

~ the end ~
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"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare