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Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 4:35 am
by xmag
Title : Reawakening

Author : Tasyfa ... /6485.html

Summary : picks up after Chant down babylon. Max and Liz are back in Roswell but things aren't easy for them.

Posted: Sun May 28, 2006 12:46 pm
by Cinder
Amaranthine by roswellianprincess16
Summary: Liz Parker finds herself visiting her parents new restaurant in Roswell New Mexico, when she meets a handsome stranger. Something about him strikes a very familiar chord, and when he explains why, the reason is far beyond anything she could have ever imagined.

Splitscreen by Tasyfa
Summary: Season 1, Season 2, and Busted through Four Aliens and a Baby happened. After Tess died and Max gave up baby Zan for adoption, Liz's powers began to affect her health dangerously. It wasn't something Max, or any Earthly remedy, could heal. They discovered that the piece of spaceship that Michael took from the military base in Crash was a fragment of the granolith. Max used the fragment to travel back in time and prevent Liz from getting shot, thereby preventing the changes that resulted in her developing powers.

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 9:21 pm
by jbangelo
Title: An Imperfect Life
Author: Breathless
Rating: MATURE
Summary: This is a future fic – the year 2014 - with first few parts flashing back to 2001/2002. The prologue begins with the closing scene from “Control”, season 3. Max returns from California, determined to make things right with Liz, just as she’s come to an entirely different conclusion as to where their relationship is headed. Will the very forces that drove Max and Liz apart ultimately bring them back together?

Title: The Promise
Author: willowbv
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Liz couldn't keep Future Max a secret from Max and one night a week after Future Max's visit, Liz tells her Max the truth...

Title: Revising Destiny
Author: Devil Kitty
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Post Destiny - Liz still leaves for Florida, but Max goes after her. No EOTW, No Future Max and definitely no TEX! Although this story begins just a couple of weeks after ‘Destiny’, (which I have set in June so the kids will be out of school) I have borrowed liberally from the other seasons.

Title: One Flew East, One Flew West
Author: rie481
Rating: MATURE
Summary: Basically it takes place the day after Departure. Liz wakes up in a white room, not knowing how she got there. She's alone and scared, thinking about the horrors Max faced in the white room at the hands of the FBI special unit. Here enters a woman who should be a friend - just for her to tell Liz, she's crazy; that she made up the aliens, Nasedo, the Granolith and Future Max. She's told that she made it all up, that it's all in her head - a self defence mechanism after the shooting. Soon the lines between reality and make believe start to blur. Was it all some sick fantasy she had made up in her mind after the trauma of the shooting?

Title: Ghost
Author: Doublestuf
Rating: ADULT
Summary: Liz is done with the world of aliens until a familiar face calls her back, forcing her to face her past as she tries to do the impossible.

Posted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 2:08 am
by xmag

By Jen

: Liz never came home after the events in the episode ‘Destiny.’ Aliens Rel and Anni come to Roswell, along with Max and Isabel’s mother in search of the Royal 4. Instead, their lives become much more complicated as the evil alien Tarnus uses his second-in-command to brainwash Max…

Link :

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 7:42 pm
by Lizzie_Parker17
All For You

by: LIVE

Wow just amazing. I was off all day and read the entire thing!
This is an AU with aliens fic. Its completed. Beautifully written.


Posted: Wed Oct 18, 2006 11:53 am
by Coccy
*Regular Canon *

*Innocent* by mockingbird39 ... D=44.topic
or ... 86477.html

Summary: It’s been ten years since Liz Parker brought Max Evans back from the dead, evening the score between them. But now Max needs one more favor.
Rating: MATURE


*Captive Hearts* by Breathless ... rts01.html

Summary: This story begins right after the events of Sexual Healing, from season 1. Nothing that happened after Sexual Healing is relevent to this story. Max is not a king. Tess does not exist. There are no skins, or dupes or Graniliths.

Think back to a time when Max only had eyes for Liz, and his biggest desire, and his greatest fear, was that she might somehow love him too...

(best dreamer ff IMO. It's not just a ff.. it's a novel.. a book *___*)
Rating: ADULT


*The Experiment* by livE

Summary:This takes place two weeks after Season One’s “Destiny”. Someone from the alien’s race contacts them and takes them to a camp where they were to receive training before returning to their planet. Or maybe for something else! Read and find out…
Rating: MATURE


*The first year*
by by EmilyluvsRoswell ... tYear.html

Summary: Post-Graduation. Max and Liz’s first year of marriage, spent on the run.


As the World Falls Down by Selena

Summary: Takes place during Viva Las Vegas. What brought Max back after his "memory flash" in the taxi? And what happened after Liz nearly told him the truth?


*Dying Embers* by Breathless ... ers01.html

Summary: This fic begins where season 2 ended. (this fascinating is about their past life too.. you know antar. ndme)
Rating: ADULT


*A Special Kind of Love* by Breathless ... ove01.html

Summary: Post 'Max in the City'. (Alternative season 2)
Rating: ADULT


*Echoes of Tomorrow* by Breathless ... oes00.html

Summary: I thought there were a lot of questionable things in "Busted" so here is how I think the 3rd season of Roswell could have started. The following prologue starts exactly where "Busted" started, it's just my version of the opening scene...
Rating: ADULT

*Alternative Universe*

*Shattered pieces* by RavenSprite

Summary: the premise of this fic was inspired by a Spanish Soap Opera. It is called, translated in English, 'The Lie.' I take it in a different direction and the original plot is NOT mine. Thank you.
(my summary: Max hate Liz but Max love Liz. why? read this amazing ff *__*)
Rating: MATURE


*A walk in the park* by breathless

Summary: This story takes place in New York City. Liz is 23. She’s quiet, a little shy, the girl next door type, and a bit of a mystery. Max is 27 and a lawyer, and be warned, he's not mama's virginal little boy. He's a ladies man, what you might call a player, that is until he meets someone during a chance encounter in the park . . .
Rating: ADULT


*Before it's too late* by RebeccaBehrEvans


Summary: Max and Liz met when they both were children but only really talked once they were in High School (sounds familiar, doesn't it?), they fell in love (that too? … oh boy, you already know everything then Laughing ), got married and so on and so forth, but something got definitely wrong because now they're living apart and their marriage is only hanging by a thread. (blame it on Max, he's the man… j/k Laughing … I guess no one is really more responsible than the other. Lack of communication is! Rolling Eyes ) … if you want to know what happened and why… I'm afraid you'll have to read now Wink
Rating: Adult


*Elisabetta and Massimiliano* by Deejonaise ... iliano.htm

Summary: This story has no aliens. I was inspired for this fic a while back when I saw Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun but the only similarities will be Liz's travel to Tuscany. Everything else is the product of my and mareli's imaginations. Liz inherits a villa from her great aunt and she decides to move to Tuscany and live there. There's just one small problem, not everyone is okay with that decision, namely one Massimiliano Ricci aka Max Evans.
Rating: ADULT


*When Love Isn't Enough* by Deejonaise ... enough.htm

Summary: This story is in response to a challenge placed by talena. What happens when the person you love doesn't love you back? When does love stop being enough? Read and find out.
Rating: ADULT


*Regarding Max* by Deejonaise

Summary: This fic is based off the movie Regarding Henry. I have only taken the premise and nothing else. It's taken from a challenge posted by Lillie.
Rating: ADULT


*Yours* by Deejonaise

Summary: So this is the follow-up story to Stay the Night. The quick summary is that Liz doesn't go home when she goes to see Max in Cry Your Name. Instead he asks her to stay, she does and, in their shared grief over Alex's death, they make love.
Rating: ADULT


*All for You* by Live ... 2/726.html

Summary: Khivar is basically in control of earth (as part of a war he is waging against the Antar Royal Family) after convincing earth authorities that he was their savior and would protect them against the aggression of Antarian efforts to colonize earth. Humans that have tried to cross him are being kept in secret prison camps. An underground human resistance movement has started, but there are also humans who have chosen to work with Khivar (like Liz and Alex). Max and Michael have managed to escape earth and are living in a space ship at the moment, on the run from Khivar. Isabel has been caught by Khivar and Max has to act to get her back. (None of the 6 knew each other before apart from Max and Isabel.)


Posted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 8:01 am
by Lulù
*Risqué Business* by Applebylicious ... 51&start=0

Summary: Sort of like Cruel Intentions, but not. Tess Harding proposes for the school player, Max Evans to seduce her virginal cousin, Liz Parker so that she can be the sole inheriter of her rich grandfather's assetts. Um... just try it out? ( my summary: this is an AU without aliens fic. I't's completed, both Max's and Liz's POV. I just loved it!)
Rating: ADULT

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2007 8:45 pm
by trulov
Pieces of the Past by Brreathless

Summary: This story is post Departure, except Max, Tess, Isabel and Michael did fly away home to Antar in the Granilith. Liz never found out who killed Alex. With high school behind her, Liz begins a new chapter in her life, but can she let go of the past? Can she open up her heart to someone new, or will Max forever haunt her? ... 80155.html


Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 8:32 am
by Max/Jason Luver
The story "Money or Love ??? ",is a alternate Universe where Liz is a small town girl and Max is a hot shot millionaire ,they meet and sparks fly.

The story "Oral Engagement " is the sequal to "Money or Love ??? " where things pick up where it left of. ... highlight=

Posted: Sat Apr 07, 2007 7:31 am
by Coccy
Alternative Universe ff:

Title: Of Cabbages and Kings
Author: WR
Url: ---> fanfiction here
Summary: Everything happens up to Max's proposal in 'Graduation'. Things progress a little differently from there when Liz finds her friends' reaction not what she'd have hoped for.

by me: WB is simply a genius! *_________* this story made me crazy :lol:

Title: Parisienne Walkways
Author: WR
Url: ---> fanfiction here
Summary: An Alternate Universe. No one is an Alien. Liz was supposed to be on her honeymoon with the man of her dreams, in the capital of romance, Paris. But things did not turn out as expected.

by me: ADULT! damn it's really lemon :shock: you can't read 2 parts at once :lol: but it's a beautiful story and Max is just --> *thud*