Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) *complete* 1/15/16

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Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) *complete* 1/15/16

Post by jake17 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 2:25 pm


thank you to my beautiful, amazing daughter for making this banner :)

Title: Winter's Chill
Author: jake17
Couples: L/Z
Rating: adult
Disclosure: I own nothing
Summary: Liz is alone, until she's not
Author's note: I stopped by the UC board and my heart sank when I saw that it was down to three stories, Zan wouldn't have it, this just came to me.

Chapter one

A bitter cold wind ripped through the poorly insulated old farm house rattling window panes, slamming shutters, whipping broken tree limbs against the roof making it impossible for Liz to sleep.

Tossing and turning over her recent breakup she grew tired of staring at the ceiling listening to the powerful blizzard battering the house.

Exhausted from an on and off again struggle with insomnia since she was a kid, she slid out of bed and wrapped a flannel robe around her long johns.

Shuffling to the kitchen she reached for a bottle of brandy that was left over from the people who owned the small modest home before her.

Pouring a drink she scooted up on the counter taking a long slow sip sighing as a warm burn spread through her chest.

It was a rash, emotional, decision to leave everything she knew back in California, her job, friends, family, one that flew in the face of how she had ever behaved her entire life, but that’s what happens when you find the man you’re engaged with in bed with your best friend.

She figured it was fate when she found the little house on the hill on the internet that day, foreclosed by the bank it was dirt cheap and as far as possible from anything that would remind her of all that she had lost.

Bangor Maine couldn’t have been more opposite than her life on the west coast, and that suit her just fine, no reminders, no constant run in’s with people she knew forcing her to explain Ben's constant absence.

High school, college, they were inseparable, in fact she had been with Ben so long she no longer saw herself as an individual, just the other half of a couple that was destined to be, Ben and Liz.

It was how she was defined, part of her identity, which is why she now felt as if she had no sense of self, why she was so lost and deeply alone.

It’s also why she took the inheritance her grandmother left her and bought the little house in the woods, but distance didn’t take the pain away or fill the void left by who she thought was the love of her life.

With a good amount of money left over she decided to take it slow, get her head together before looking for a job.

Leaning her head back against the old wood cabinets her eyes drifted to the framed pictures arranged neatly on the dark paneled walls.

The Realtor didn’t give her a straight answer when she asked why the house was abandoned with everything left it its place, as if the owners just packed up their clothes and left, or maybe she did and Liz wasn’t paying attention.

Either way it didn’t matter she supposed, in fact she liked the feeling of having someone’s life surrounding her, it made her feel even further away from anything familiar but at the same time not completely alone.

Everything was old fashioned, covered in floral prints, dishes, furniture, wallpaper, it was sure not at all her taste, but it saved her from the chore of shopping for all new stuff, something she had no energy for.

Snow was falling pretty heavily now as she slid off the counter to stare out into the forest through the sliders that led out to a small porch.

It was then that she saw him appear through a haze of blinding snow, stepping out from the forest like a ghost he walked towards the door slowly with his head down as if he knew the path by heart.

Panicking Liz grabbed her cell off the kitchen table, finding it too late to lock the door she braced herself against the wall beside the doors out of view.

Hearing a click of the door release she dropped her phone stunned that he was standing before her that fast.

Looking as confused and startled as she was he backed away letting his eyes wander over her before falling to the ground shyly.

Breathing out a sigh of relief she recognized him immediately from the pictures on the walls, dressed in camo from head to toe he stood silently with a large duffel bag slung over his shoulder.

There were pictures of him ranging from all ages from a child throughout high school, but the one in his Marine dress uniform was the most memorable.

She often found herself staring at it as she passed by, he was handsome, that much was obvious, but it was his eyes that fixated her, sad, distant, as if he was as lost as she was.

Maybe it was the stark contrast to Ben that drew her in she wondered. He was the exact opposite from the laid back, blonde blue eyed surfer slash intern that she had been supporting through medical school.

He was clean cut, jet black hair shaved short, golden honey eyes that seemed to stand out even more against his clean shaven tanned square jaw and perfect skin.

Only now standing before her he appeared drastically different from those formal pictures proudly displayed for everyone to see.

His hair was grown out, not long but obviously untouched for a long time, he had a five o’clock shadow, and tattoos that peaked out from the collar of his beige and white camouflage uniform.

He looked as if he had been traveling for days, as if he was dead on his feet, and maybe a little inside.

“Excuse me Miss, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

His voice was deep, soft, halting as if it took all the energy he had just to speak.

Closing her robe tight watching as he shivered, his lips blue from the frigid temperatures outside, she dragged out the chair behind her motioning for him to sit.

Stepping back he seemed almost disoriented. “Y-You must be a friend of my sister, Jessie, forgive me I didn’t know my family had company.”

Her stomach dropped, how could he not know?


“No actually my name is Liz, Liz Parker… you must be Alexander Evans, I recognize you from the pictures all over the house.”


It was barely a whisper but she caught it just the same making a mental note.

“Zan, I don’t know how to tell you this but your family moved, I bought this house just a little over a week ago.”

Still avoiding eye contact he became instantly agitated shaking his head back and forth as a pool of melted snow gathered around his worn boots.

“I don’t understand.”

Feeling horrible for him she ignored the warning bells that were screaming in her ear ‘stranger! call the police, ask him to leave Liz, you know better than this!’

Instead she cautiously approached him, his broad shoulders were slumped over, he was frozen to the bone, clearly he had been walking a great distance.

“Here let me help you with that bag, just have a seat, you need to get warm, I promise we’ll find out what happened here. “

He seemed to recoil as she neared him letting the bag fall to the floor before she could help it off his shoulder.

Slamming with a thud they both jumped causing his eyes to finally connect with hers.

Struck almost leaving her unable to think he glared straight through her, the sparks that flew between them was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

It was explosive, an immediate, intense deeply intimate attraction, leaving them both speechless for what seemed like forever.

Swallowing hard she did her best to come to her senses, she was hurting, vulnerable, this was all it was, nothing more, she was being ridiculous, or that’s at least what she told herself.

“Listen, there must have been some kind of confusion, the house was in foreclosure. Did your family speak of money problems or the possibility of moving at all?”

Shaking his head he tore his eyes away from her nearly collapsing in the chair she had pulled out for him.

“I’ve been in Afghanistan for the past four years, we … my parents and I had a... falling out. I haven’t been home in a very long time.”

Sitting beside him she poured another glass of brandy sliding it slowly into his freezing hands before refilling her glass.

“It’s none of my business, but these walls are covered with you, it’s almost like a shrine in here. I can’t believe parents that would be cold enough to abandon their son would do that. It’s obvious that they care very much, no matter how it was left between you. Whatever you may be thinking I don’t believe they did this on purpose. I know there must be a logical explanation why you didn’t know about the move.”

Gripping the glass hard, a little too hard he raised it to his mouth downing it in one gulp before gently setting it back on the table.

She couldn’t keep from staring, wondering what he had been through, if he was suffering from some form of post traumatic stress disorder, it was like she instantly cared, it felt good to think of someone else besides her own fucked up life.

Liz also couldn’t help notice how vastly different he looked from the photo’s on the wall, she had seen stories on the news about the horrible things soldiers were forced to do, how it changed them.

He looked as if he’d been through hell itself, and now he was home only to find out he had no home and his family gone.

Lifting those haunting eyes to her once again he reached for the handle to his bag dragging it to him.

“I’m sorry to have disturbed you, I’ll be on my way now, I appreciate the drink.”

Before he could move she reached out to touch his arm. “Are you crazy, there’s a blizzard out there, it must be twenty below zero, I’m not even sure how you got here, I didn’t hear a car.”

There were dark circles under his eyes, white frost still edged along his hair, his clothes were stiff from the sleet collecting within the fabric.

“I walked from the bus, I’ll just walk back, I’ll be fine.”

The bus station was a town over, a trek straight through thick woods, there was no way she could let him go, it was obvious he wasn’t thinking clearly.

Tucking her chestnut hair behind her ears she shook her head as if the subject was closed.

“No, sorry, you’ll freeze to death out there, you’re staying here for the night. In the morning we’ll clear this all up.”

Slowly standing he reached down for his bag. “That’s very kind but I need to go.”

Lifting his bag he swung it over his shoulder, the weight of its contents was enough to bring him quickly down to his knees.

Running to him she placed herself between his broad shoulders and the door as his head hung low.

“Look at you, you're too weak to take another step. You’re staying. What I imagine is your room has been left untouched. Go upstairs, get some sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.”

His eyes slid shut as the ends of her silky hair grazed his cheek, his chest seized in response, he was barely able to breathe, he knew he should leave, he knew it should be now, right now, but she was so close, it was too late.

“Just for tonight.” he whispered unevenly as if fighting himself.

She watched as he kicked off his wet boots and neatly placed them by the door.

Turning he hesitated before heading towards his old room.

Swiftly he had her pinned against the cold glass of the sliders, it was only now that she noticed his body, that even through his uniform was a towering, solid, powerful presence.

He was all muscle, broad shoulders, lean and tall hovering over her, his breath shallow drifted along her temple as he reached around her waist grazing the curve of her hip purposely with his fingertips as he locked the door behind her.

They stood this way for several seconds, with nothing but the unforgiving cold wind howling against the house, and the soft back and forth of their breath, his steady and strong, hers broken and shaky.

Before finally backing away to make his way to his room, he rasped hoarsely by her ear, visibly moved by her beauty that he had been struggling against since the moment he laid eyes on her.

“A word of advice Liz, never let a stranger into your house.”
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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 1 1/8/15

Post by saori_1902 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:59 pm

Great start!!!! :wink:

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 1 1/8/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:29 pm

Carrie, I had wondered if you were frozen or snowed in without a computer??
But thank goodness you took mercy on the almost empty UC board and gave us your magic words to read.

I don't blame Liz for leaving the cheater, and worse than anything she was helping him get through medical school. What a jerk.......even he was a handsome surfer jerk.
Poor Zan had a falling out with his parents.......sounds like a sad situation for all concerned.
Loved the idea of the marine uniform.......nothing like a man in uniform.

Can't wait until we find out more about this interesting situation.

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 1 1/8/15

Post by begonia9508 » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:43 am

Oh my! Carrie, what it a menace, about her letting a stranger in? :shock: :?

Anyway, it started really greatly and I am waiting impatiently for more... EVE
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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 1 1/8/15

Post by HypnotiqBlueEyes » Sat Jan 10, 2015 12:54 am


I'm so excited to see you back with a new story, and a Zan/Liz one at that! I am instantly intrigued with this. So poor Liz has had to escape & start a new life thanks to a cheating fiance. What a piece of crap he turned out to be, having her support him through medical school then sleeping with her best friend! Then there is mysterious Zan who comes home after 4yrs serving his country, only to find his family has disappeared! What kind of falling out could make them do that!? I can already tell there will be great chemistry between Zan & Liz, and maybe they can help each other heal! Please hurry back with more. I'm dying to know what happens next!

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 2 1/15/15

Post by jake17 » Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:46 pm


thank you so much

Chapter two

Lying in what she now assumed was Alexander’s parents bed, Liz stared up at the ceiling as the hours ticked by like seconds dragging on as they always do.

Nights were the worst for Liz, always going over and over in her head how she could’ve missed the signs, the obvious clues that now thinking back were there all along.

The way Clare laughed a little too hard at his jokes, the way she’d catch Ben holding Clare’s gaze just a little too long.

There were so many tiny moments like these, tiny insignificant events that made Liz feel as if she were being petty, a horrible friend, an insecure girlfriend, or worse just plain crazy.

It was building up though, these strange moments that wouldn't leave, gnawing at her unconsciously in her mind, until she could no longer dismiss it away.

It was the night she got off work early to find Clare at their apartment with Ben under a blanket together watching a movie.

Liz could hear them giggling, talking softly as she turned the corner to see them curled up together, Clare’s head tucked sweetly beneath Ben’s arm as he held her close with his arm securely around her.

Clare fumbled for an excuse for a split second, but they weren’t nervous, because they were friends, and friends are affectionate, it was nothing, except it was.

'I thought I left my sweater here, Ben was watching an old movie, we just got caught up … come sit with us, get under the covers.'

It all was explained away nicely, except that Clare didn’t have a key and no one was supposed to be home, so how did Clare expect to get into the apartment? And why didn’t she call Liz to ask her about it, and why was Ben home when he told Liz he had rounds till midnight?

The movie they were watching was Gaslight, how ironic considering that Ben hates old movies and also called Liz crazy that night in bed for questioning any of this.

He vehemently accused her of having no trust in him, he was furious with her for even entertaining the thought that he would ever cheat after all they’d been through and to even think he would do that with her best friend, but in the end he did, and it was with her.

She felt like a fool, lower than pathetic.

Huffing Liz flipped over on her stomach, needing to think about anything besides the past she found herself staring at the edge of a book sticking out of the bottom of the closet.

Being so wrapped up in the life she was trying to leave behind she left everything basically as she found it, but all she remembered being in the closet were a few boxes secured closed with packing tape, which she hadn’t disturbed.

As she opened the closet not only was one of the boxes open but there was a photo album on the floor, the corner had edged the door loose just enough she could see it.

Thinking back she knew the Realtor had been through the house once or twice since she had been in there to have Liz sign some documents, she figured maybe she got a little curious or the owners needed something.

At any rate Liz was wide awake and in need of a distraction, she figured it wasn’t snooping if it was out of the box and more to the point left behind, it was her house now if she really thought about it.

Jumping back up on the bed she tucked her chestnut hair behind her ear and gently flipped the first page over.

Along with everything else the cover had a floral design, an obvious signature of his mother.

Written in beautiful script along the top of each page was a description of the pictures.

Alexander, eight pounds, five ounces

Liz smiled instantly at the pudgy baby wrapped in a blue blanket.

He was the cutest thing with a full head of jet black hair and the biggest golden eyes she’d ever seen.

She felt a little twinge recalling how her and Ben would talk about having children, they even picked out names, as soon as my practice is established I’m knocking you up babe, he would tell her all the time.

Liz wondered briefly if that was all a lie too, but that thought began to fade as she flipped through the next few pages to see the life of little Alexander.

Age two, Halloween

Age five, first day of school

Age seven, swimming in the ocean on vacation at Cape Cod

On and on, one sweet smiling picture after another, most taken alone, but there were a few with his mom.

Liz laughed at the eighties hairstyles and clothes, his mom was hysterical with her big perms, and shoulder pads.

He seemed like a happy child, always smiling, through camping trips, school plays, Christmas, opening presents.

It was only when she came to a page that was titled Kennedy, High School Prom, that things got strange.

The pictures had been removed, the pages blank, as was the rest of the album, High School Graduation, and so on all empty pages, until the very last one.

Afghanistan, Johnny, Chris, Joey, Zan and Tim

It was clear these were his Marine buddies, all huddled together, arms wrapped tight around each other’s shoulders as if they were family.

They were in the desert, kneeling down, all with the same camo that Zan had walked in wearing just a few hours ago.

She couldn’t help but ghost her finger over his image, he seemed so different from his childhood pictures, his face was tense, his usual wide smile was but an obvious forced grin, his eyes sad and distant, it was like he was a different person.

“Where did you get that?”

Liz jumped scared out of her mind leaving the album to go flying in the air onto the floor.

“Alexan- I-I mean Zan, is everything ok? I didn’t hear you - ”

Reaching down he picked up the album quickly, “I asked you a question.”

His voice was stern, but he spoke quietly, calmly, as if he was still in a daze, almost confused.

It was more of a defensive demand, like he was upset that she was prying into his private things.

Feeling horrible Liz pointed to the closet, “I’m sorry, I haven’t touched those boxes, they were left behind for some reason, I couldn’t sleep, that photo album was on the floor pushing the door open, it caught my eye, I guess I got curious. I didn’t mean to snoop.”

Nodding once he held the album tight before turning to walk out, without looking back he whispered softly as if he felt bad for sounding cruel. “Sorry.”

Before she could answer he was gone, back in his room, without another word.

First thing in the morning Liz found some packing tape and sealed up the open box in her closet realizing that although it was technically her house, these were his things and she had no right to look through them.

As the day wore on Liz was too tired to do anything really besides stare at the snow that was still piling up outside and think about the sad Marine who seemed more lost than she was.

It was well after six when she heard the shower kick on, she had left some old clothes she had found on the hamper in the bathroom, and an extra toothbrush she had bought for a vacation that her and Ben never took on the sink.

All day she had been planning on what to say to him, how to help him find his parents, she wanted to help, it was a good distraction, plus she couldn’t help caring about him, maybe it was seeing snapshots of his life, at any rate she was happy in a strange way that he was there with her, that she wasn’t alone.

Liz wasn’t much of a cook but she did manage to find some pasta and a jar of sauce, she knew he had to be starving as she set the table with the pink and yellow rose plates she found in the cabinet.

Standing at the stove stirring her pasta she once again was lost as her eye caught the eight by ten professional photograph of Zan in his dress blue uniform.

Flipping her long hair to one side she began to twirl it focusing once again on the despondent downward stare of his eyes, she could tell from the year etched along the bottom of the frame that this was his graduation from boot camp.

She could tell from his appearance that he had not seen any kind of combat yet, she couldn't help but wonder by the despair in his expression if it was all his decision to become a Marine in the first place.

His face was clean cut, so young looking, completely innocent, and there was no hint of the tattoos she witness peeking out from his collar from last night.

She could only imagine what he went through, but whatever it was it definitely changed him.

“I hate that picture.”

Once again she jumped causing the wooden spoon she was using to go flying out of her hands.

Holding her heart over her black v-neck sweater she shook as boiling water spotted her jeans.

It was the first time in weeks that she had wore actual clothes other than her pj's or sweats, she told herself that it was just time, that she was moving on, but a small part of her couldn't deny it had something to do with him.

She also had taken time with her hair, making it straight and sleek, she figured as she got ready that a little gloss and mascara wouldn’t kill her either.

“Oh my God, you have to stop doing that! You’re going to give me a heart attack.”

The attention to her looks didn’t go unnoticed as he stumbled backwards, finding it impossible to hide his attraction to her.

It was definitely not one sided as Liz found herself staring a little too long letting her gaze rise and fall warmly to a man that had never been her type.

Still unshaven, he was wearing the clothes she put out for him, it was just a black tee shirt and pair of jeans, but it was enough to give her a better view of the muscles he was hiding under his bulky uniform, not to mention the tattoos that covered both arms and as she suspected much more.

He was slim, definitely thinner than the picture she saw of him with his friends in the desert, but she could tell with each movement he made that he was all muscle.

Just standing there she could feel his intensity, like a powerful presence trying to figure her out, it was written all over his face that he didn’t trust easily.

Ducking his head under a low beam in the living room he moved closer to the image staring back at him.

“Are you hungry?”

Zan was unresponsive as he fixated on the photo, as if he was reliving something painful, terrifying, something that would strip him of that innocence forever leaving him scarred and damaged.

“Zan? Are you hungry?” Liz repeated a little louder as she dished out the ziti placing his mother's china carefully on the table.

Tears welled in his eyes as he ripped the frame from the wall sending the nail it hung from bouncing across the floor.

Busy in the kitchen Liz hadn’t noticed anything until she heard glass shatter on the floor.

Rushing into the dark living room she gasped sharply as she found herself running straight into Zan’s broad chest.

Holding her breath she tried to stay calm as he grabbed her by the arms thrusting her roughly against the paneled wall inside the dark living room.

Shocked but not fearful she gazed up at him through long dark eyelashes struck by the heightened emotion bearing down at her.

He stayed that way for several seconds just staring deeply into her eyes as if he needed her, as if was desperate for something that he couldn’t reach himself.

His fingers were like ice even through her sweater as he pulled her closer forcing her shoulders upwards as he brought his mouth to her ear.

His gruff, gravelly voice touched her in places private, secret, even to Ben, evoking a side of her she always forced down deep.

“I should go… it’s not safe for you, with me here.”

Shaking her head slowly she placed her hand on his chest feeling his heart race out of control.

Whispering soothingly she captured his eyes keeping him focused on her.

“No, you need to stay. I think you’re in shock, something must’ve happened, you were disoriented last night, and seeing all these pictures has obviously triggered something traumatic. Do you even have somewhere else to go?”

Looking down at his tight grip on her he was shocked as if he didn’t even realize what he was doing.

Immediately he released her, but stayed close almost feeling a sense of relief by just being near her.

She shivered inside trying hard to keep it together as his strong body kept her pinned to the wall, his mouth inches from hers.


She could feel his heart calming, returning from a frantic, rapid beating to a slower rhythm.

“I’ll take them all down, I’ll pack them away until you’re ready, there’s no rush, just take one step at a time, you’re going to be ok Zan.”
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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 2 1/15/15

Post by saori_1902 » Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:09 pm

Poor Zan, whatever has happened to him. Thanks. :wink:

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 2 1/15/15

Post by AlysLuv » Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:44 am

I'm curious as ever. I'm wondering if Zan is even in a living human. Maybe that's why the house is the way it is? Why he's so cold and doesnt know much about where his family went? Interesting. I hope I'm wrong lol :roll:

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 2 1/15/15

Post by jake17 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:23 am

AlysLuv wrote:I'm curious as ever. I'm wondering if Zan is even in a living human. Maybe that's why the house is the way it is? Why he's so cold and doesnt know much about where his family went? Interesting. I hope I'm wrong lol :roll:
He's not a ghost, I'm sure if he died his family would've wanted his pictures, instead of leaving them behind, but I did leave some hints as to what did happen.

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Re: Winter's Chill (UC,L/Z,Adult) chpt 2 1/15/15

Post by begonia9508 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:16 am

Hey Carrie!

The poor guy seems to have had a really bad time, because of the way he reacts...
Was it in the army and at war, like a soldier or something likes that...?

Anyway, not easy to live with... EVE :? :wink:
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